After Becoming The Tyrant CH 084 The Blessed Ones

“If I sensed correctly…..” The Devil observed the King’s expression subtly, “The angel staying in Bomari Castle is Saint Val.”

Saint Val.

The King’s pupils dilated slightly.

In the prison of Benz City, the words left by General Ayton before his death told him the name of the white-robed priest, and said, “He is Saint Val”. And the angel who was hiding in Bomari Castle today was also Saint Val.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I’ve been told his name is Warwick Blyth, but he is also Saint Val?”

“Ah, this is how they deceive the Code,” explained the Devil.

After the war a thousand years ago ended, the mysterious forces between heaven and the earth began to retreat. All parties in the war signed an ancient contract, and the most terrifying and powerful contract in history became a “Code” that lay across the head of any existence between heaven and earth.

Taking the name of “Code”, it required the world to be orderly, and unable to be disobeyed.

From the moment the Code was born, no matter whether it was the gods or hell, no matter whether it was a creature of the light or a creature of the dark, it must be obeyed, and taboos could not be crossed. That is, since then, the war between angels and hell had evolved into a silent pantomime. The two sides fought in secret, wielding blades, and staging a play that they knew all too well.

The King understood that it was the chaos under this order that gave the Rose family an opportunity.

The more chaotic the situation, the more conducive it was for the weak to use means like grabbing a rope hanging from the sky to strengthen themselves and achieve their goals.

The Rose family presented itself as that subtle meeting point between hell and the gods.

At this point, the Devil’s words began to become vague.

“What is the Holy Court’s method?”

The King didn’t ask any further. The Devil seemed to be very respectful towards the King, but just like if given a chance, he would definitely take the King to hell by any means. He was not as harmless as he appeared on the surface. If he blurred his words, it would definitely be impossible to learn the truth from him.

“Using a proxy.”

The Devil answered.

The answer was within the King’s guesses.

The Pope of the Holy Court regarded himself as the spokesperson of God on earth, and the senior bishops of the Holy Court were also the representative of the will of God on earth. It was precisely because of this that all those who believe in the Holy Lord call themselves “Servants of God”, and the title of the Pope was “Servant of All Servants”.

Although the so-called “Servant of All Servants” and “Servant of God” seem humble, this kind of humility was humility towards the supreme being, which was actually a kind of arrogance itself——the arrogance of extraordinary power in comparison to mortals. In front of all extraordinary powers, everyone on earth was a servant.

In the Holy Court, there were some people who were known as “Holy Blessed Oness”.

It was said that the Holy Court would spend a lot of energy looking for a special baby among the people. After being selected by the Holy Court, babies identified as “blessed by the Holy Spirit” would be taken into the sanctuary by the Holy Court and raised from childhood. They were cultivated to be the most faithful apostles. After memorizing the holy books, the Blessed Oness would be guided to make contact with the holy objects. These people possessed an honorable and noble status in the Holy Court, but generally they did not participate in the various affairs of the Holy Court.

In the Devil’s words, compared with those adjudicators, these Blessed Oness were the real swords of the Holy Court.

Every Blessed Ones would choose an angel, and through day and night prayers and devout faith as a medium, the Holy Court would plant the angel’s holy spiritual power into their bodies. The moment these Blessed Oness summoned the angels and turned themselves into a part of the Holy Spirit, they were the angels’ representatives on earth.

In the battle that took the Duke of Buckingham’s life, it was this kind of character of the Holy Court who participated in the battle.

The one named “Warwick Blyth” was a Blessed Ones, he let the power of the angel come to him at the cost of the power of the holy object. With the human shell as a body, it hoodwinked the prohibition of the Code.

This method was somewhat similar to the Devil asking the King to open the gate of hell. It also used the mortal body to deceive the Code.

“One question.”

The King thoughtfully fingered the fine texture on the bone ring, and spoke in a low voice. The texture of the bone ring was very strange. When worn on the hand, he could feel a little warmth, but when he touched it, it gave off a cold feeling.

“How much do you know about Saint Val?”

When the King said these words, he lowered his eyes to cover up the hidden emotions in his eyes, and his voice was so calm that it seemed that there was no difference from usual. However, the Devil keenly grasped that when the words “Saint Val” was uttered, the killing intent contained in the King’s calm words were as sharp as a cold knife.

The killing intent as thin and sharp as a cold knife was suppressed in the bottom of his heart by the King, and day and night it was grinded sharper by hatred.

So like he said, his King was born to belong to hell.

The Devil smiled slightly: “Oh, Him…..He was the first angel to fall in that war.”

An angel who died under a scepter of bones.

“It’s not difficult to kill the host of an angel.” The Devil had no intention of explaining more, and he turned the topic over to the specific actions tonight, “But to make that one fall again, you need something else…..en, this is up to you.”


“Would you deign to be the bait? My dear majesty.”


Bomari Castle, high tower.

On the top floor of the tower, a white-robed priest knelt before a huge silver cross, his head slightly lowered. Compared with the first time he appeared on the land of Legrand, the white-robed priest’s face had undergone some changes at this time. It now possessed both male and female beauty, and there was a sense of gender ambiguity.

This was the impact of being the angel’s proxy that time.

After the daily prayers, the white-robed priest stood up and looked at himself in the mirror.

A faint platinum flame remained in his eyes, and the image in the mirror was becoming closer and closer to the angel he worshiped.

The white-robed priest lowered his head and looked at his hands, which were clean. But the white-robed priest felt as if there was always a coppery scent of blood lingering on his hands. The education he received as a Blessed Ones over the past twenty years made him know that he should maintain a “mirror heart” and not leave any traces of the secular world.

However, he was somewhat unable to do so.

These days, he would always think of that scarlet cavalry rushing towards the fire, and the proud descendant of the dragon slayer.

Compared with him who turned into the incarnation of the angel, the Duke of Buckingham and his knights were as insignificant as ants, but at that moment, the white-robed priest felt that there seemed to be another compelling and moving power hidden in them…..what kind of power was that? Why did that power make him, who had turned into an angel, feel fear intuitively?

During the meditation after that battle, the white-robed priest found that he could not integrate himself with the Holy Spirit as usual, his heart was no longer l dust-free.

His mentor once lamented that although he had outstanding talent, it was difficult for him to truly approach the angels.

The Blessed Oness generally only had a first name and no surname, but he had his own surname. Unlike the other Blessed Oness, he was not inducted into the sanctuary at birth. He was discovered by his mentor when he was giving alms on the holy festival.

He had already forgotten the memories before the age of five.

His memories ended at the moment when his mentor took his hand and walked into the sacred nave, the glorious divine light fell from the rose windows, and the mosaics of angel looked down on him from the dome. If he attempted to recall any earlier, only a foggy gray remained.

Maybe it was because his soul was not as pure as other people’s from the beginning, that was why dust was left on the mirror now.

“Please guide me, teacher.”

The white-robed priest muttered to himself.

Today, in the tallest tower of Bomari Castle, he clearly saw the King surrounded by his knights——he was much younger than he imagined. But the King’s silver hair and icy blue eyes were exactly the same as the Duke of Buckingham.

The dragon slayer…..

He remembered what his mentor said when he mentioned the Rose family:

“…..They are dragon slayers and conspirators, sacrificial, brave, insidious, treacherous, ruthless…..It is truly hard to understand how these human characteristics are concentrated in one…..”

He couldn’t understand, how could good qualities merge with the dirty ones at the same time?

Suppressing the doubts in his heart, the white-robed priest began to prepare for tonight’s cleansing operation.

Unlike reversing the entire battle situation, tonight’s action did not require the angel to descend directly.

The first divine descent had already given him a part of the divine power that belonged to “Saint Val”, and he could complete the cleansing operation by himself this time.

Everything was ready.

The white-robed priest stepped down from the tower.

As soon as he left the high tower, the cold wind blew in, blowing his white robe out like snowy wings. He passed by the soldiers patrolling the night. His white robe should have been very conspicuous in the dark night, but the soldiers didn’t seem to see him at all.

The drawbridge of the outer fortifications of Bomari Castle had been destroyed, but that did not deter him, he soon walked over the surface of the swift water and stepped onto the bank of the river where Legrand’s army was stationed.

When looking into the distance during the day, the white-robed priest marked the position of the King by virtue of the senses left by the baptism of the Holy Law. Now that the night was covering the earth, he directly followed that subtle sense to move forward.

Legrand’s barracks was patrolled very tightly, but none of the patrolling soldiers noticed a mysterious man in a white robe passing by unhurriedly.

The King’s main tent appeared before his eyes.

The white-robed priest stretched out his hand to hold the hilt of the sword, and a faint holy flame began to burn in his hand.

As long as he drew his sword, Legrand’s King would fall here, and the war would end. But the white-robed priest did not move.

Not out of hesitation or kindness.

But because he noticed that the King was not asleep, he sat upright behind the tent facing him, watching him through the heavy curtain.

——King Legrand was waiting for him?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

A trace of doubt flashed by, and the white-robed priest was a little surprised.

After hesitating for a while, considering the special attention the Holy Court had always attached to the Rose family, the white-robed priest did not take any direct action.

“Aren’t you going to come in for a chat? The envoy of the Holy Court who came from afar.”

A calm voice came from the tent.

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