After Becoming The Tyrant CH 085 The Devil Of Disaster

As the breeze blew through the curtain, the priest in white robe put the sword back into its sheath. He thought for a moment and then walked in.

On the mirror of his heart, the speck of dust left by the Duke of Buckingham shifted gently. He was walking on a dangerous string, because what should be regarded as “dirty” and “forbidden” to the Blessed One aroused curiosity in him, and original sin was born in the mundane. As early as when his mentor lamented over him, the seed named “curiosity” was planted in his heart.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

During his lonely penance, he would occasionally think of the family surrounded by bones and roses, and the scent of the sinful flowers they bloomed would fill the air. Although it was just a fleeting daydream, the sin still took root in his mirror-like heart. Otherwise, when facing the Duke of Buckingham, he would not have said that as long as he came over their side, he would let them go.

The white-robed priest intuitively felt that if he wanted to sweep away the dust in his heart, then he should accept this invitation.

Several candles were lit in the tent, and the King sat on a high-backed chair. The warm yellow firelight gilded the back of the chair into a blurred and dream-like gold. The King’s silver hair fell to his shoulders, he was shrouded in scarlet robes, contrasting against an overly young face with a complexion as white as snow. The moment he looked up, the white-robed priest thought he saw a dragon waking up.

The dragon slayer…..the dragon…..

As the white-robed priest pondered, he stepped into the King’s main tent.

On the table before the King was a cloth map of the world. The white-robed priest saw that there were different marks on the map. On the territory of the Bressi Kingdom, there were many symbols that looked like swords intersecting.

There was an empty chair opposite the King, and the white-robed priest stood facing the King across the long table. In the eyes of the white-robed priest, the shadow of the holy flame was slowly rising. The silence in the tent was like the moment before a great snow mountain was about to collapse. The flame on the sword at the waist of the white-robed priest had not been extinguished. As long as there was such a moment, the white-robed priest could pull out the sword and kill the King. There seemed to be an invisible airflow hovering between the two people.

After a while, the white-robed priest took a few steps forward and sat down in front of the King.

“I heard that Blessed Ones are the most devout believers, and all their time is devoted to meditation and prayer to the Holy Spirit.” The wind blew outside the tent, and the cold moon in the sky was blocked by the dark clouds drifting over. The King looked at the young priest sitting across from him, “Do you understand the meaning of the marks on this map?”

“The Blessed Ones are people who are destined to dedicate everything to God. If you don’t mind, please enlighten me.” The white shawl of the white-robed priest hung with golden tassels. At this time, the tassels were floating slightly, with a faint golden light.

“This is a slaughterhouse, you people brought it here.” The King pushed the map towards the white-robed priest. “Where every pair of swords meets is a huge battlefield, where at least hundreds of people die every day. Doesn’t the Holy Court exist to save the world? Your universality and salvation is to bring fire and swords to believers? Ferri III, his followers, and their knights are also devout believers.”

The white-robed priest looked down at the map.

Every pair of intersecting swords on the map unfolded and turned into a grinding pan of blood and flesh. The white-robed priest didn’t understand politics, but these days he had seen many maps where rebel generals discuss their battle plans, and he had heard about some of the actions of the Holy Court. Therefore, when he saw this map, the white-robed priest was faintly surprised——the Bressi battlefields marked on King Legrand’s map were extremely accurate.

How did he know the situation of the war on the other side of the Abyss Strait?

“Although Ferri III is a believer, he committed a sin. His Excellency’s decision is only to make him repent.” The white-robed priest bowed slightly, “The establishment of the Kingdom of God will spread the hymns further, we have a reason for doing so.”

“What reason? Interest or ambition?” The King’s eyes were as sharp as a knife, “You are also shaken, aren’t you? Otherwise you would not accept my invitation. If I were a member of the Holy Court sanctuary, I would not let you become a member… are too wavering.”

“That’s what my mentor said back then.” The white-robed priest admitted frankly, his eyes are as clear as a child’s, “So I want to ask you a question.”


“The Duke of Buckingham said that we don’t understand what you all want. He said we don’t understand at all.” The white-robed priest’s eyes held a trace of doubt, “Glory, wealth, power, authority…..The original sin of man originated from greed, whatever you desire, we can give you.”

“By asking this question, it truly means that you really don’t understand.” The King sighed, “The shepherd gave fresh grass to the sheep, and at the same time he used a whip to circle an invisible fence. Although there is everything inside the fence, those things are all fake, and each of them may become a sacrifice on the altar at any time. Therefore, there are always a few sheep who want to charge out of the fence and go to a place under another piece of sky, and even if it is to live on a cliff they do not care.”

“You treat us as shepherds, but walking with hell is definitely not a good choice.” At some point in the tent, a turbulent night wind was blowing, and the priest in white robes stared at the King, “You have rejected the brilliance of the Holy Spirit, but accepted the aid of the power from the darkness. Aren’t you only throwing yourself behind another fence?”

The camp outside the main tent seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep. The soldiers seemed to be very tired after a day of marching, and they all fell asleep at this time. The patrolling soldiers seemed to be very far away. The sound of the turbulent water of the Lacey River not far away became very distant, as if the tent had lost contact with the outside and was alone in another independent space.

Under the cover of the dark night, the thick black mist had silently enveloped him.

“For example?”

The King asked with a smile.

“For example, the gentleman behind you.” The white-robed priest bowed slightly, “That is a remarkable existence, do you know what they all represent? A true disaster.”

The moment he bowed, holy flames instantly spread from his clothes and stretched forward along the long tablecloth. The flames swam like snakes, and the map with densely drawn marks on the tabletop suddenly made a crackling sound, bending and undulating in mid-air, and the color of the pairs of sword marks on the map turned darker in the fire. The fire leaped and grew larger with a howl, clearly illuminating the King’s entire spacious main tent.

The light of the holy fire was bright and white, and everything in the light of the fire seemed to be covered with a faint layer of holy light.

In the milky white light, some other things were also particularly dazzling.

A huge and complicated six-pointed formation drawn on the ground of the tent, with two triangles overlapped in an upside-down position. Under the glow of the holy light, these originally very hidden formations were exposed instantly, and Hell and the Holy Court were as incompatible as ice and fire. The complex and difficult magic circle used ancient languages, and those languages themselves carry mysterious and domitable power, but humans could not write such words.

It did not belong to earth.

Rifts of black mist rose from the magic circle, and the mist condensed and lingered, moving across the ground and snapping towards the white-robed priest like lightning.

Facing the black mist coming towards him, the white-robed priest remained motionless, and he only stared straight at the King. The moment the poisonous snake-like black mist approached the white-robed priest, it melted away in the holy light, leaving nothing behind. In contrast, on the long table in front of the King, the holy flame gathered together and turned into a sharp sword, stabbing straight at the King. The sharp sword condensed by the holy fire was invisible and intangible, and it could not be countered by mortals.

The shadow at the high-backed chair behind the King suddenly elongated, like a silhouette.

A pair of slender hands stretched out from behind the King, and when the sword of light was less than half a palm width away from the King’s forehead, those hands grasped the blade of the sword of light. With an audible “snap”, the sword condensed by the holy fire shattered into many light spots, large and small, scattering all over the place.

“Have some manners, sir.”

The Devil hiding in the shadow behind the King raised his head. He stood with his arms around the King as if in an embrace and looked at the white-robed priest opposite with a smile.

“Don’t touch other people’s treasures…..This is basic etiquette.”

“As expected…..”

The white-robed priest muttered to himself.

“One of the oldest devils.”

The runes of sword of fire and light faintly emerged in his pupils, making his pupils present an inhuman and otherworldly beauty.

When he set foot on Legrand, his mentor once gave him a special task:

Someone in Legrand had already fallen into heresy and signed a pact with an ancient devil of hell. He must seal the ancient devil before its power is restored, and cleanse the sinner who had become a bridge between hell and earth.

“…..Every devil in the legendary era symbolizes a type of disaster. The more ancient the devil, the more terrifying the disaster. They hold authority over different sins…..Don’t let their connection with the human world become close, otherwise their power will be able to infiltrate through any miniscule connection…..”

This was what his mentor said when he taught him.

Legrand’s Black Death was controlled and eradicated too bizarrely, the monarch’s touch could not have the ability to solve a city’s plague. The white-robed priest had locked his target on Legrand’s King from the very beginning, he also came prepared.

Before stepping into the King’s main tent, he held the hilt of the holy sword in his hand, and sensed a dark aura that was well hidden in the tent.

At the moment when the sword of light shattered, the formation on the ground burst into flames, and countless black chains shot out, sealing off the space around the white-robed priest.

“The fallen shall be purged.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The white-robed priest said sharply, and the sword hanging from his waist automatically unsheathed and floated in front of him. The chains closest to him were broken in an instant, and the white-robed priest reached out and grabbed the hilt of the sword.

The King and the Devil used words to delay time and complete the layout of the formation, but he also had the same intention!

He was also stalling for time to awaken the holy sword on his waist.

This sword was a holy object!

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