Source of Calamity CH 073 Is It Sweet Part 1

“Ai, Xiao Shen, how embarrassing, letting uncle take advantage of you, this isn’t very good.”

Shen Zhen smiled and said, “Uncle Zhao, this is simply a mutual benefit.”

After the negotiation, Shen Zhen walked out of the conference room, pulled his tie, and exhaled.

He won over all the companies that were in talks with Qin Yue.

But he had also let out a lot of blood.

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However, Qin Yue’s vision was not bad. He would only profit and not make a loss by cooperating with them. Not to mention unlike Qin Yue, he had signed the contract first.

Even if Qin Yue wanted to re-negotiate, the other party did not have the leeway to regret.

He wondered if Qin Yue now regret poaching away so many people.

After all, that amount of expenses was not small at all.

Shen Zhen returned to his office and saw the land quotation form brought by the assistant, and a smile appeared.

There were now a lot of bidding for the land he had stored. They were likely dazzled by the recent grandness in the real estate industry. Among them, there were no lack of small companies that had just been established bidding sky-high prices.

The land that was originally obtained at one to two million yuan was now raised to one billion, and it would only become even more crazy.

However, Shen Zhen was not interested in waiting for them to continue to rise in value. After all, these small pieces of land were not the main goal, no matter how much it rose it could not be raised much.

And as for the big land pieces, he had his own project in store.

“The best offer is made by Jianghe Real Estate.” Li Xiaolin said.

Shen Zhen: “Make an appointment to talk about the contract.”

Li Xiaolin was shocked: “CEO Shen, are you really going to sell? I think the situation can still wait some more, and the benefits will be maximized.”

Shen Zhen laughed: “Don’t be too greedy, there is no good end for greedy people.”

The boss having said that, Li Xiaolin could only shut up obediently.

In regards to real estate, if there was a market then the price could reach sky-high, and one couldn’t even buy it even if they had the money. When there was no market, it was a hot potato. No one wanted to have a piece of land that could not bring in profit.

This piece of land that had been raised to a billion was not small, but the location could only be considered average. However, recently it was rumored that there would be new urban planning in the area and it happened that the location of that piece of land would be in the center of the new city, thus the price soared.

However, Shen Zhen knew that while urban planning would indeed happen, it could not be completed within five years. This land would have to sit idle for five years, and it would also not be in the center of the city.

Since the price was already over one billion, he would also not be courteous.

Within the business circle, everything originally depended on one’s accurate judgment.

There were many people who went bankrupt every year.

Compared to Shen Zhen’s big profits on this side, Qin Yue was not so well-off.

The media, which had originally been contacted, all expressed that there have been recent policies that this kind of news could not be published.

He opened one of their mouths with money, and only then did he know that they received a notice from the Feng Group.

The early stage investment was directly a waste of money and energy. After all, these people would not refund the money to him.

Although the cost individually was not expensive, there were too many media he had contacted before, and the total expenses were not small.

While Qin Yue had a headache over this, an even more troublesome thing came knocking.

His company saw internal conflicts.

Although those newly poached people promised that they would not leak their salary with the company’s people, but after all, not everyone was tight-lipped. When the new people attended a social gathering with the company’s original employees, everything was revealed after a few drinks.

The old employees were naturally unhappy. In their opinion, they followed the company and worked hard from nothing to today’s accomplishments. But it turned out, their salary was not as high as these newcomers?

The mood of the old employees became extremely poor.

Many of them began to slack off at work.

“Where is the reasoning in this? Old employees who have been working for so long are not as high-paying as newcomers? They even live in high-end communities. We have been working here for so long, but we are still renting places to live ourselves.”

“That’s right, what is this? Since the newcomers are so capable, what do they need us for?”

“If you have the ability then you can go anywhere. I have never seen such a company that disrespects their employees.”

“If my treatment is not improved, I will also leave, who doesn’t know how to jump ship?”

“I will ask the manager tomorrow. If my treatment can’t be the same as theirs, I will leave after this month.”

“What the hell, this is so inexplicable, is CEO Qin’s head alright? Those newcomers have not yet even started to get used to the work but he is already thinking of driving away us old workers?”

“You think you are a senior worker but maybe CEO Qin still thinks that us seniors eat white rice and are a waste of money. We are just not worth giving a higher salary. Rather than increase our salary, why not use the money to give high salaries to newcomers.”

The dissatisfaction among Qin Yue’s company employees had risen even higher after several days of fermentation.

At the end of the month, there was a wave of resignation.

Most of the resignations from Qin Yue’s company were important pillars, who had contributed a lot to the company and had strong ability.

Those who had poorer abilities dared not leave, afraid that they would not find a better job after leaving.

Only those with strong ability had no scruples, after all, they would be fought over wherever they went.

Qin Yue was instantly busy attempting to clean up this terrible mess.

“I told you to deal with it! We can’t let them leave!” Qin Yue lost his temper at his assistant.

The assistant also had a belly full of anger, but he didn’t dare to show it. He could only say, “Then what about their condition for improved treatment? CEO Qin, we currently do not have much funds.”

With so much money, Qin Yue’s company was now bright and beautiful.

Qin Yue: “Isn’t this what you should be solving? If you take everything to bother me, then what do I have you for?!”

The assistant lowered his head, completely infuriated inside, but he could only say, “Then I’ll go  talk to them first.”

Qin Yue: “Go.”

The assistant couldn’t come to an agreement with them at all.

The old employees had made up their minds, they must have better treatment than those of the newcomers for them to remain.

“Brother Xiao Han, we aren’t trying to make trouble for you, but which company pays newcomers higher than senior workers? Where is the reasoning in that?”

The assistant persuaded again and again, but they had already made up their mind and were not planning to give an inch.

Either their salary was raised, or they would leave.

It was useless even if the assistant spoke to the point of getting a sore throat, and he could only go back to report this to Qin Yue.

“Forget it.” Qin Yue said, “Reduce the salary of the newcomers.”

Assistant: “Contract…..”

Qin Yue turned to look at him: “Isn’t the contract yet to be signed?”

The assistant wiped the sweat on his forehead: “But going back on our word…..”

This was a matter of reputation. If what the company promised employees could not be carried out, it would cause great problems for the image and management of the company.

Qin Yue: “Do you have a better way?”

The assistant didn’t speak.

Qin Yue: “I don’t believe they will resign from me and return to Huitong again.”

Qin Yue issued an order, and the assistant could only carry out Qin Yue’s instructions.

After getting their salary for the first month at their new company, the people who were poached by Qin Yue were all shocked, it was different from what was agreed upon!

They compared with each other and found that the salary was the same. The group of people were furious and asked the department manager to give an explanation.

What could the department manager say? He could only say, “You have made no accomplishment in the company, and the senior employees have expressed their satisfaction before. As a result, the company decided that during the first three months you will be issued a normal salary, and afterwards your salary will be what was promised.”

Of course, the employees did not believe this. After so long in the workplace, they also knew that this was just polite talk.

The new employees and old employees were both dissatisfied, and the trouble they raised caused Qin Yue to be so busy he barely had any time to rest.

After complaining to Su Shiqing, Su Shiqing had an idea: “Don’t other companies have a probation period? If the contract is not signed, it can also be said that their probation period is not qualified, and so they are not hired, and the contract won’t be signed. Isn’t this possible?”

Qin Yue used his knotted brain to think about it. It seemed to be the case. Without signing the contract, there was no legal effect. Without the protection of labor laws, they could only leave.

He told this to his assistant.

The expression of the assistant was as ugly as if he had eaten sh*t.

CEO Qin had iron in his head, and it must have gotten rusty, right?

Where did the savvy CEO Qin go? Was he eaten up by a monster?

However, as the instructions were issued by the boss, the assistant could only bite the bullet and carry it out.

When the new employees learned that they had not passed the probation period, everyone was extremely angry, and they rushed to the manager’s office to ask for an explanation. And the old employees of the company made sarcastic jibes on the sidelines.

The company became like the vegetable market. Qin Yue was not in the company, and so the unlucky ones became the management.

They left Huitong which had good potential and came to Wanju. Wasn’t it exactly because of the company’s higher treatment?

The salary at Huitong was not low, so if not for this, who would jump ship?

But now that they were here, Wanju burned the bridge after crossing the river, driving them out with a turn of the head. After leaving, could they return to Huitong? This was obviously impossible!

Go job searching again?

How could they find a company that had employee treatment as good as Huitong?

Once it had something to do with one’s interests, everyone couldn’t maintain their rationality. These newcomers couldn’t win in regards to legalities, so they could only sit and protest downstairs in the company every day. The security guards would not let them go up so they could only sit on the couches in the lobby and even brought drinks and snacks. Every day when someone seemed to come in to talk about business, they would go over and tell them how unreliable Wanju was.

Having said it too many times, naturally some people began to believe it.

So long as someone believed it, then Qin Yue would be met with losses.

The newcomers were not the only problem either, the mindset of some old employees also began to shift.

The original company’s good environment suddenly became tense and antagonistic.

Qin Yue did not often go to the company during this time. He spent more time on Su Shiqing. He had to take Su Shiqing to look at his leg and he even invited foreign experts to come to the country, which was also a big expense.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He just listened to the assistant relay the company issues to him remotely.

Of course, the assistant would not say anything unpleasant, and Qin Yue felt that these were only small problems.

However, the destruction of a company was often precisely due to these small problems.

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