After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 071 Math Competition Reaction

Chenghua Private High School.

On the boulevard, high school second years who just finished physical education were discussing:

“Have you heard? He Qianjian, a senior in the math league, just gave up the math competition.”

“Of course I’ve heard. I’ve been browsing the forum all day during the National Day holiday. The whole forum is discussing this matter. There’s a lot of speculation. There’s a guy in the next class who shares the exam room with him. I asked him, and he said He Qianjian’s complexion was very bad while taking the exam, it seems he was not feeling well.”

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“No way, how come I heard that his complexion was ugly because the questions in this competition were too difficult. He originally didn’t take classes with the competition class, and he always studied by himself. Except for the two major exams, few people know his specific strength in academic competitions, so this time he couldn’t answer a single question, so he just gave up the exam.”

“How could that be?”



Several people refuted the classmate who had spoken before in unison.

One person said: “You forget who He Qianjian is. Since he entered Chenghua, he has never placed second place and would always be first. No matter how difficult the competition was, it is impossible for him to fail to write a single answer.”

The student who was questioned defended himself: “I guarantee that the source of the news is absolutely accurate. The one who told me this is my childhood friend. He sat at the desk next to He Qianjian during the competition. He said that when he flipped the page of the exam paper, the proctor happened to come down to patrol. He Qianjian followed after him in flipping the page and his movements were so big, he couldn’t help but glance out of the corner of his eye, only to see that He Qianjian didn’t even answer the previous question, and his expression was also a little panicked.”

“Study God He didn’t do a single question, but what can that mean?”

“Are you dumb, if he planned to hand in a blank paper from the beginning, why panic?”


The several people looked at each other in blank dismay, still unwilling to believe it.

“Study God He probably just turned the page because he didn’t want to cause trouble during the exam. If the proctor saw that he didn’t do a question and asked him why he didn’t do it, wouldn’t him directly saying that he was giving up on the exam affect other people taking the exam? I think your friend must have been mistaken.”

“That’s right, the Study God doesn’t need to panic at all, okay? Even if he really handed in a blank paper, he still has his father, uncle, and grandfather. Who dares to say anything about him? What does he need to panic over?”

Some people disagree: “Don’t bring up the He family, I heard that when Senior He Qianyang was still in Chenghua, he skipped class once to play games, and when he went home, he was beaten with a military stick, yet he still had to come to class the next day with a limp. Even He Qianmin from the junior high section who is rumored to have a bad temper has never been heard of being caught fighting or skipping classes or other violations of discipline, and even if He Qianmin’s grades are not as good as He Qianjian’s he is still in the top ten of his year, which shows how strict the He family’s family education is. Besides, He Qianjian has always performed very well in school before, it doesn’t look like he would do such a thing out of willfulness. So I think there should be a reason for this incident, no matter how willful He Qianjian is, he would not challenge the authority of his elders.”

“How is it impossible?” A boy passed by them, stopped in his steps when he heard these words, and interjected casually: “I think He Qianjian is much more pleasing to the eye now. Before, he had a good temper, good grades, and a good family background, his whole person coming off as pretentious and fake. If there weren’t too many handsome guys like me in our school, those girls would have named him the school hunk, but now that he’s rebellious, I have a much better impression of him instead.”

“Come on, you don’t even look as good as Senior He, okay?”

“I’m eight hundred times more handsome than him, okay, do you have eyes, woman?”

“You’re the one who doesn’t have eyes. Although Senior He is not the school hunk, his younger brother He Qianmin is the school hunk in the junior high section. His younger brother is so handsome, how could he be worse than you?”

“That’s right, that’s right, He Qianmin from junior high is really good-looking, with milky white skin and impeccable facial features, but it’s a pity that he went to Yan No. 1 High School…..”

“Right, I also think the younger brother is very handsome. He is handsome, milky and fierce. It’s just too much.”

“Hey, speaking of this, have you read the selection of school hunks on the forum? This year, Jiang Chen from Yan No. 1 High School is the first, He Qianmin is second, Yan No. 1 High school tyrant Huo Bo is third. Now that He Qianmin has transferred to Yan No. 1 High School, Yan No. 1 High School has taken all the top three spots in the school hunk poll.”

“Putting aside everything else, Yan No. 1 High really has a lot of handsome guys, and now the younger brother has gone over as well. If they all stand together, oh my god, I dare not think about it, I’m getting a nosebleed…..”

“What’s wrong with you girls?” A boy was dissatisfied: “We were talking about He Qianjian, why did the topic change so quickly?”

The girls ignored him and continued: “My cousin is in the same class as God Jiang. She said that God Jiang and He Qianmin have a very good relationship. She often sees God Jiang, School Tyrant Huo and He Qianmin together after school. Sometimes He Qianmin would go to wait for God Jiang outside his classroom.”

Several girls squealed:


“That scene must be so gorgeous!”

“Oh my god, mom, I want to transfer schools!”


Not only were the students discussing He Qianjian’s forfeit of the mathematics competition, Chenghua’s teachers were also very surprised.

The team leader of Chenghua High’s third year asked He Qianjian’s homeroom teacher: “What’s going on with He Qianjian?”

He Qianjian’s homeroom teacher said helplessly: “I don’t know, team leader. I asked the teacher of the competition class, and he also said that He Qianjian had no problems before the exam. I don’t know why he gave up the exam so suddenly.”

“Student He Qianjian has always performed well. There must be a reason for forfeiting the exam this time. You can talk to him and express more care about his life outside of studies, but don’t blame him too much and put too much pressure on him. This time’s forfeit of the competition has already become a foregone conclusion, so don’t affect his subsequent performance on the college entrance examination.”

“I know, group leader.” He Qianjian’s homeroom teacher said: “I plan to talk to him at noon.”

“That’s good.” The year group leader said: “During this period of time, you should pay more attention to him, try to find out the student’s psychological problems, communicate with him more, and report to me at any time. It’s not long before the college entrance examination arrives, remember to never put pressure on classmate He Qianjian, we, Chenghua, haven’t had a top scorer in the college entrance examination for several years, and this time we’re all looking to him.”

“Yes, team leader, I understand.”

After the leader of the third year group left, the other teachers in the office no longer restrained themselves.

“Was Qianjian’s forfeit of the exam this time really just out of willfulness? I don’t think he is a willful child.”

“He is currently in the adolescence stage, maybe his rebellious phase has arrived.”

“But it’s a pity that he gave up the exam. Teacher Yang who took him to the competition told me that based on his previous exam results, he would definitely be able to win the silver medal this time. There is also a 70% chance of winning the gold medal. If it is true, then it is equivalent to giving up the opportunity to be admitted into Hua Uni and Yan Uni in advance, which is too willful of him.”

“There is also the college entrance examination.” A teacher said with a smile: “With He Qianjian’s grades, it is not difficult to enter Hua Uni or Yan Uni through the college entrance examination.”

“The group leader’s meaning just now is to regard your class’s He Qianjian as the potential top scorer. What do you think?”

He Qianjian’s homeroom teacher was just thinking about how to talk to his student later, and said directly, “It is unlikely.”

Some of the other teachers understood, while others were puzzled: “How do you mean?”

“This time, the candidates for the No. 1 Scholar in Science, includes Li Xiao from the attached secondary school and Jiang Chen from the Yan No. 1 High. Those two should not be underestimated, especially Jiang Chen, who ranked first in the two practice college entrance exams. Our class’s He Qianjian does indeed have good grades, but compared to Jiang Chen from Yan No. 1 High, he might still be a bit lacking.”

“Jiang Chen and Li Xiao’s recommendation for early admittance should be a certainty, and they may not take the college entrance examination at that time.”

“Yan University and Hua University do not restrict the early admission students from taking the college entrance examination.” A female teacher took a sip of water and said, “And do you think the Yan No. 1 High and the attached secondary school would be willing to let these two not take the college entrance examination?”

“That’s true…..”

From the corner of her eye, the teacher drinking water spotted the two teachers who had not participated in the discussion, and said with a smile: “Teacher Sun, Teacher Li, what are you two talking about? So mysterious.”

He Qianjian’s Chinese literature and language teacher Teacher Sun smiled, shook his head and said, “Just chatting about some minor things.”

The teacher was just asking casually, so after hearing these words, she only turned back around and continued to join the discussion with the other teachers. Teacher Sun in the corner stopped smiling and said, “I discovered this problem when I first taught him in the first year of high school, but I stood by his side in the next few exams, and the tests were indeed answered by him, no cheating, the results are indeed real.”

The mathematics teacher Teacher Li frowned and said, “I have observed him a few times, and there is indeed nothing suspicious, including the steps of answering the questions, I don’t see anything wrong. The only explanation may be that his way of thinking and logic is prone to jumping.”

Teacher Sun: “We are probably just making something out of nothing.”


Jiang Chen didn’t know about Chenghua’s discussion about He Qianjian. After school started again after the National Day holiday, he was as busy as a spinning top every day.

From Monday to Friday in the evenings, apart from the school homework, Jiang Chen had to spare time to tutor Shen Xu and Huo No. The monthly exam was coming soon. Fu Jinyu had said at the time that only when Shen Xu’s monthly exam scores were in the top 100 would he be able to be exempt from evening self-study in the future. On Sunday, Jiang Chen stayed at home or went to Li De’s laboratory, where he upgraded and perfected Changjiang 2.0, while also analyzing and cracking the multiple codes intercepted by Changjiang last time to simulate a barrier against the system.

The reason he was able to successfully intercept all the system’s signals and block its connection with He Qianjian last time was due to the superposition of three factors including knowing the fixed location, the help of C, and having caught the system by surprise. But in the future, Jiang Chen and the system still had a long battle to fight, and there would be no such favorable environment in the future.

Jiang Chen still didn’t know the danger of the system, but he could be sure that the system had abilities that modern technology could not have, so he must strengthen Changjiang, and must be surefire in his methods in order to fight this protracted war.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Busy time always flies by. Jiang Chen’s experiment was proceeding in an orderly manner, people on the street changed from short-sleeved shirts to jackets, and November had quietly arrived.

With the arrival of November, came the results of the math competition, two early admission notices for recommended students, and Jiang Chen’s first time as a parent invited to the office for a chat by the homeroom teacher of the first year high school students.

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