After Becoming The Tyrant CH 086 Hell And Judgment

The sword in the white-robed angel’s hand was made of silver, with a long golden thread in the middle, and densely engraved holy runes forged during the forging faintly distributed on the sword body. When the sword was awakened by the white-robed priest, those holy runes erupted with radiant brilliance, as if there were ancient hymns in the air being chanted by a whole choir, and the solemn and grand majesty filled the entire space, driving away all the dirty and unclean.

As a Blessed One, this was not the first time that the white-robed priest had dealt with dark creatures, but it was definitely the most dangerous.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When the Devil, lurking in the shadows behind the King, looked up at him, he felt a chill that he hadn’t felt in a long time——he had rarely felt this way since he resonated with the angel.

Don’t touch other people’s treasures…..

When the Devil whispered these words softly, what the white-robed priest felt was endless viscous malice pressing down from all sides. What kind of existence could make him feel more pressure just from malicious intent?

No wonder when his mentor mentioned the ancient devils, he always used the most serious demeanor. They were indeed all the disasters in the world embodied——and those who danced with them were only the fallen!

The white-robed priest didn’t hesitate anymore. After he grasped the long silver sword, he thrust it down heavily, and the long sword sank into the table. The silver light flashed across like lightning, heading towards the King——he could see that just as he could briefly incarnate as an angel, the devil in front of him could stay in the human world because there was some kind of contract between him and the King. As long as the King, the other half of the contract was killed, the devil would be banished back to hell.

The Devil leaned over the back of the chair and hugged the King, and then with the King he instantly flew a long distance back.

The lightning-like silver light stopped very close to the King, and the Devil’s dark pupils reflected the trails of silver light, forcibly stopping it in mid-air.


The dispassionate voice echoed in the main tent, which had become a battlefield.

The map with many marks was floating in the air, but it was not completely burned by the flames just now. On the paper, all the patterns of crossed swords used as marks showed a dark red as if burnt by fire. At this time, those crossed swords flew up from the map one after another, circling and howling towards the white-robed priest at the other end of the long table. When those swords came towards him, the white-robed priest heard indistinct cries.

It was countless overlapping cries.

Men and women, the elderly and children…..It was like all the innocent people who died because of manmade disasters gathered together to let out mournful cries, with so much unwillingness and so much anger wrapped in their voices. At that moment, the white-robed priest saw battlefields unfold one after another. The battlefields were covered with scorched earth, bones and corpses, and the words of the King rang in his ears——that was their sin, they were bringing slaughter to those devout believers.

His mind being shaken only appeared for a short moment, the flames in the eyes of the white-robed priest jumped silently once, and he soon came back to his senses.

The moment he came back to his senses, he held the long silver sword across his chest and stepped back at the same time.

A tooth-stinging collision sounded.

The long silver sword in the hands of the white-robed priest collided with the dragon bone sword in the hands of the Devil.

When the white-robed priest was bewitched by the illusion of the crossed swords on the cloth of the world, the Devil drew back and attacked. At the same time, the holy flames on the ground swirled towards the King, but they were blocked——a group of black slender butterflies hovered beside the King, and when those butterflies flew up, they formed an insurmountable barrier. They were constantly burned to death by the holy fire, but new black butterflies kept flying out of the bone ring worn on the King’s finger.

It seemed to be a magnificent show of light and shadow.

The entire main tent became a stage, the swords in the hands of the Devil and the priest kept colliding, sparks bursting out. In the extremely bright holy flame, countless black butterflies danced gracefully, the light and darkness of the world currently in a duel together, and the human king sat silently in the middle of the light and darkness.

The white-robed priest jumped lightly back, and the long robe on his body was blown away by the strong air current, as if wings were unfolding behind him.

And indeed there was a pair of dazzling wings emerging behind the white-robed priest——the shadow of an angel once again appeared on the white-robed priest, and the gender-neutral feeling of his features became more and more intense, and his pupils became more and more clear, reflecting the whole world as clearly as a mirror.

The sword in the white-robed priest’s hand melted down little by little, turning into dazzling light and melting into his body.

The Holy Spirit revived in his body bit by bit.

The moment the wings emerged, the King, who was watching the battle, raised his hand, and the bone ring tightly worn on his finger became extremely hot at this moment. Thick black mist surged out in an instant, and the formations on the ground disappeared completely, leaving only the black fiendish flames that ignited out of thin air. A gate of hell rose slowly, and the vortex inside began slowly swirling.

——The magic circle on the ground was also just a disguise!

What the King and the Devil really wanted to do was bring the battlefield into hell!

Only in hell could an angel truly die, and would never be able again to recover and return to the Kingdom of God.

The white-robed priest was at a particular crucial juncture where the angel was waking up within him. He was aware of this, but he was powerless. The black fiendish fire surged up, and the Devil whipped around in mid-air, forcing him to retreat with the dragon bone sword. And at the moment he retreated, the black fire engulfed him, and the vortex burst out with a dark red light. In an instant, there was nothing left in the main tent.

The King, the Devil, and the white-robed priest all disappeared from the main tent.



The Devil carried the sleeping King in his arms. Different from the first time he took the King’s soul into hell, this time the King entered hell physically. Although he was protected by the bone ring of authority worn on the King’s finger, the chasm between mortals and hell and the pressure of crossing the gate of hell put the King into a deep sleep.

If the King were awake, he would find that the sky in hell was darker than when he was last here.

Large swaths of sulfurous fire rained down from the sky, and something terrifying was brewing in the blood-colored sky. The long river of dead souls on the ground was flowing faster than before, and the fierce wind above the wild land began to blow chillingly.

At this time, hell also welcomed an incongruous visitor.

The white-robed priest had completely transformed into an angel.

The snow-white wings spread out in mid-air, and the rain of sulfur and fire dripping from the sky disappeared completely the moment it approached the angel. The angel opened His eyes, and He faced the Devil at a distance away.

The Devil whistled.

The long waiting nightmare carriage rose from the lake of fire and brimstone closest to him, and quickly rolled over to the Devil. The four skulls on the carriage rattled their teeth up and down. The Devil placed the sleeping King in the carriage, and a crow circled from not far away and landed on the carriage.

The angel looked down at the Devil without any movement.

“How truly delightful.”

The corners of the Devil’s lips curled up, revealing a mask-like smile. The dragon bone sword in his hand disappeared at some point, replaced by a white bone scepter. He held the top of the scepter, and the sharp point of the scepter tapped on the scorched ground, the wind billowed at his black suit.

“The first drop of blood is from an old friend.”

Saint Val.

On that night a thousand years ago, Saint Val was pierced through the chest by a white bone scepter, and was crucified on the earth, His blood staining the silver holy emblem. And today, a thousand years later, the first angel to be dragged down to hell was Saint Val, who was summoned back to the Kingdom of God to be resurrected and became an angel.

See, sometimes fate was such a tricky thing.

The angel looked indifferently at the smiling Devil.

He spread His wings and flapped them lightly.

The next moment, he directly swept towards the Devil.

The Devil greeted him joyfully holding the bone scepter, and the tail of his suit jacket trailed into a faint mist. The scene thousands of years ago seemed to be replaying again, but this time the fight would become more thorough, more…..deadly.

Black butterflies hovered around the Devil and turned into dark clouds that covered the sky and the sun, and the angel in the clouds became surrounded by shrill wailing.

All of hell seemed to be cheering.

All of hell seemed to be anticipating.

Anticipating that drop of blood of the Holy Spirit to fall.

The clouds formed by the black butterflies danced like an evil dragon. On the head of the evil dragon, was the Devil holding the authority to decide death.

“So it’s you…..”

The angel finally uttered His first words, and a gleam of light belonging to humanity appeared in his pupils. It was a recalled memory. After a thousand years, the memory of the pure white Saint Val was revived.

“The one that should’ve been destroyed…..”

The angel’s words had yet to complete, when the torrent formed by the black butterfly roared and swept over him. He had to close his wings, and the diamond-like brilliance of the snow-white wings exploded, tearing apart the dark cloud of butterflies. At the moment when the butterflies were torn apart, the Devil darted towards him with the bone scepter in his hand, the tail of his suit jacket snapping furiously due to the rapid airflow, as if the light of thunder and lightning was flickering on his clothes.


There was a mask-like smile on the Devil’s face, and the scepter was like a sharp sword in his hand, cutting out a twisted arc in midair.

“The time has not yet come.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The angel’s words were interrupted, and the first round of collision between the two sides erupted in an instant. The strong wind rolled up in the air, and the rain of sulfur and fire falling from the sky was swept away obliquely in this storm. The angel pulled out his fiery sword, and armor quickly wrapped his body. The scepter in the Devil’s hand hit the armor engraved with ancient runes harshly, making an ear-piercing sound.

The angel raised His sword.


He declared sharply.

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