After Becoming The Tyrant CH 087 The Blood Of The Holy

The violent wind suddenly stopped, and all the sulfur and fire raining from the sky froze in an instant.

The long sword in the angel’s hand shone with an incomparably dazzling light, and a brilliant whiteness appeared in hell where dark red and black were the main colors.

The ancient hymns spread and rippled in circles with Saint Val in the center, solemn and majestic, as if a legion of angels crossed the boundary between the Kingdom of God and the human world, and descended on this hell of death. They stood behind Saint Val, adhering to the supreme will and sending down the prophesied judgment.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Devil withdrew, the bone scepter in one hand as he stood in the air, looking up at the brighter and brighter light.

He didn’t try to interrupt whatever Saint Val was doing, because “Judgment” was something he couldn’t interrupt.

The power of judgment did not come from Saint Val himself. It was the imprint left by God in the angel. It was also the reason why angels were angels, it was the source of their power. It was exactly because of this imprint that they possessed power that was above all mortals.

Hell was not within the boundaries prohibited by the “Code”, and all mysterious forces here would not be suppressed in any way.

And the failure a thousand years ago had let Saint Val know what kind of enemy he was facing.

All probing and attacks were futile. If he didn’t want to die completely, he had to use his most domitable power directly from the beginning.

The aura of God appeared in hell, like a light suddenly lit in the thick darkness, so dazzling and so clear. In other places in hell, one after another of the ancient lords were being constantly awakened. In the darkness and the wild, they whispered to themselves with some shock, “Which lunatic brought the angel here?”.

The swamp was rolling, the black sea was turbulent, the abyss was eagerly awaiting…..the hell that had been dead silent for thousands of years had begun to awaken and move.

The lunatic who led the angel to hell was facing God’s verdict.

Countless black butterflies surged behind the Devil, forming a sea-like black cloud again. The sounds of countless black butterflies fluttering together formed a melody that was harsh and cold in contrast to the angel’s holy hymn. The clouds of black butterflies meandered down from the sky, forming a road connecting the mid-air and the ground.

At this moment, this space presented a kind of terrifying chaos.

Distortions appeared in the space, and the sulfur raindrops in the sky disappeared immediately after falling into those spacial cracks.

Two laws were dueling.

The laws of the Kingdom of God and the laws of hell.

“Judgment” itself was equivalent to law.

The adjudicator held the laws and was their master, making a judgment based on the measurement of the laws. When the angel mobilized the seal of God, He began to tamper with the laws of hell.

He used the power of God to introduce the laws of the Kingdom of God into hell, thereby denying the meaning of existence of this piece of hell.

With the angel at the center, an invisible heavy pressure shrouded down from the sky, cracks began to appear in the scorched black rock on the ground, and red gold magma continuously splashed out of it. The jagged mountain walls began to disintegrate, and large boulders fell in various places.

This piece of hell was judged “should not exist”, and the angel was the one who would bring its apocalypse.

In the rumbling sound, the nightmare carriage passed through the spewing magma, and the skulls on the four wheels of the carriage spewed countless large and small bones from their mouths amidst the sound of colliding bones.

The bones that spilled out like a fountain from the skull’s mouth were reorganized one by one, forming four bone shields suspended around the carriage. The magma ejected from the ground and the boulders falling from above were firmly blocked by the four shields. The crow that was perched on the roof of the carriage flapped its wings and screamed nervously, its voice being drowned out in the sound of the earth-shattering waves.

The nightmare carriage arrived at the black butterfly road extending down from midair.

The King had awakened.

The King jumped out of the carriage and landed steadily on the long road formed by black butterflies. The moment the King stepped forward, the stream-like black butterfly road quickly retracted, bringing the King to the Devil.

The Devil handed the white bone scepter to the King, and opened the black umbrella with the long dragon bone sword hidden within.

At this time, the angel in the sky was suspended in mid-air, shrouded in light, like a sun rising in hell.

A group of black butterflies formed a huge throne, and the silver-haired king sat on the throne, facing the suspended angel a distance away. He was holding the bone scepter, and the hand with the “greed and ill-gotten wealth” ring of authority rested on the top of the scepter. He was clearly just a mortal, but the King was so majestic at this moment that he seemed to hold the authority over the entire whole world.

——It was as if he was the ruler of the whole world.

The strong wind blew the King’s silver hair fiercely, and the angel’s figure was reflected in his icy blue pupils.

In his pupils, even the angel had become small and insignificant.

“This place shall follow the old order.”

The King commanded indifferently, without a trace of emotion.

The icy cold command resounded throughout heaven and earth, like an ancient bronze bell being rung, the sound shaking the entire century.

On the black ground, magma flowed backwards, and the cracks closed again. The space was originally like a piece of crumpled paper, with countless twisted wrinkles, but now a pair of invisible hands brushed over, smoothing those wrinkles one by one. Mountains no longer disintegrated.

In this piece of hell, the distorted and chaotic order due to the angel’s “judgment” was rebuilt at the sound of the King’s voice.


After the first order was given, the King felt as if his strength was completely taken away in an instant, and a sharp headache occurred almost instantly. Gritting his teeth, he issued the second order.

This section of the still river of undead suddenly boiled, and one after another, the pale undead all raised their heads and uttered ear-piercing wails. All the corpses hanging on those jagged ridges raised their hands to pluck themselves off the ropes, and black wings stretched out from behind their backs. Cracks began to appear on the wall of hundreds of insects where countless bones were buried, those fossilized bones struggling to crawl outwards.

Hell had been dead for a long time.

But under the King’s order, hell began to revive.

However, at this moment of “resurrection” in hell, the long sword held tightly by the angel’s hands finally cut downwards. The sword light was like a surging river, everything it passed was ignited. Brilliant golden flames were left in the air, and in those flames were countless images of angels in armor.

This was a sword, but also an army.

God was the Lord of Armies. When Saint Val was still in the human world, he was His beloved one. When Saint Val was about to fall for the second time, He crossed the Kingdom of God with the help of the imprint in Saint Val’s angelic holy spirit and passed the borders of hell, descending an army.

The judgment of “Apocalypse” had come.

A torrent of flames swept from the sky, and the King’s pupils reflected thousands of swords contained in those red gold flames. God punishes heaven and earth…..the apostles of the Holy Court claimed that “God judges the world, and if it is unclean and false, it will be cleansed with fire and blood.”

So this was the sword of God?

“Yes, this is it.”

The Devil whispered. He stood beside the King, and he seemed to guess what the King was thinking. Holding the umbrella, the Devil had a rare expression on his face, and he glanced sideways at the King. While this god’s fire was about to burn the world, he bowed slightly in his usual manner.

“And I am your sword. Your Majesty.”

The crow named “Mela” that had been circling around the King uttered a loud cry, which was like the warhorn of a human army.

Behind the King, corpses with black wings and white bones crawling out of the wall of hundreds of insects soared into the sky. There were tens of thousands of them, like rolling dunes of sand and vast stretches of sea. They were like the Devil, serving the same person again after many years. They were the King’s army. And commanding this army was the Devil who stepped out first, and at this moment a faint afterglow flit across his black suit.

The Devil flew into the sky like a goshawk, and behind him was the torrent of hell.

They directly met the blow of the angel head on, and the two torrents collided in mid-air. The sound of the moment of collision was like countless thunderclaps sounding at the same time.

The two torrents collided, and the shadow of the angel and the corpses and bones fought in the flames and black mist. The Devil leaped from the stalemate in the front, the dragon bone sword in his hand tilted downwards. He split all the obstacles along the way, his eyes locking on the armored Saint Val.

Thick black mist rolled over the Devil’s body, and as he approached the angel, the black mist around him was continuously weakened by the bright holy light.

The Devil didn’t care, he used himself as a sharp knife, preparing for the final fatal blow. The person holding the knife only needed to care about whether it would hit the target in the end, not what kind of danger the knife itself faced. The Devil was indeed willing to be a knife and a sword, but there had always been only one person who could wield this knife and sword.

That person sat on the throne.

In hell, regarded as the abyss of evil and the nest of sin, black butterflies hovered around the King like thousands of worshippers. And his army was currently fighting at his will.

The King looked up.

He watched the flaming bones rain down, the corpses disappearing with the shadow of the angel, and the Devil meeting swords with Saint Val.

The world suddenly fell silent.

The Devil whose black suit was now full of rips nailed the dragon sword into the chest of Saint Val whose armor was broken. He drew out the long sword, fire and light burst out of Saint Val’s body, and the mirage of a legion of angels dissipated one by one. The armor on Saint Val’s body split and fell off, and His face began to change.

The face of the angel was disappearing, and what emerged in its place was a mortal, a not so perfect, handsome face.

That was Warwick Blyth.

The pupils of the young white-robed priest reflected the dark red sky and the golden flames that had not yet dissipated. His vision gradually faded, and the wings on his back were also disappearing. He would fall down, but he remained looking up to the sky.

“It turned out… be like this.”

He murmured to himself, as if he finally got an answer. The next moment his body shattered into thousands of specks of light, like a container that finally couldn’t endure the pressure anymore.

On the tip of the Devil’s sword, a drop of golden blood slowly slid down.

The drop of blood fell downwards and onto the scorched land.

The King heard the sound of the blood dripping.


The sound of an angel’s blood dripping turned out to be the same as the sound of a mortal’s blood dripping.


Bressi, St. Val’s Cathedral.

A white-haired archbishop stood silently before a statue of an angel.

He raised his head and looked at the holy St. Val, with tears rolling down his wrinkled face.

“Anil… are right.”

The old archbishop burst into tears.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In this world, who could be selfless? Who could restrain their love and helplessness? Warwick Blyth…..was his nephew! He was the last flesh and blood of his only brother left in this world. That pious child didn’t know until his death that his mentor was actually his only relative in the world.

“Mister Bishop.”

With a deep voice, the envoy sent by Ferri III stood behind him.

“Now, are you willing to join us?”

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