After Becoming The Tyrant CH 088 Capture The Fortress

While Legrand’s King led his soldiers to fight in the north, the King of Bressi, which was separated from Legrand by a strait, was also in the midst of war.

The new King Bressi with dark blonde hair was not having a good time these days.

After the Pope announced his excommunication, his dear brother, Prince Charles, couldn’t wait to raise troops to punish him. It was called a “punishment” but in fact it was actually a usurpation. The power of the Holy Court was deeply entrenched in Bressi so although Ferri III had made a lot of preparations in advance, the situation was still very bad.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Your Majesty.”

General Karl stood behind Ferri III in full armor.

Waiting near Ferri III was an elite army of knights. They stood quietly in front of the Palace of Bressi.

Ferri III, like them, wore armor.

He looked up at the Palace of Bressi, the palace marked by tulips, whose spire was as straight as a sword in the dark night.

After tonight, this place would cease to exist.

With the support of the Holy Court and most nobles, Prince Charles had crossed the important Kobia River and seized the royal castle in Nader City. After losing Nader Castle, the area controlled by Ferri III shrank rapidly, and now his good brother was approaching the capital aggressively.

General Karl sent letters to the major families, asking them to send troops to support them.

Ferri III said to his teacher with a smile that asking for help from these great nobles was the most stupid thing in the world. If they were not just biding their time, then they were already on their way to attack him. Facts have proved that Ferri III’s judgment was much more accurate than his teacher, or perhaps he was just more clear-headed than his teacher.

“When it has come the time for me to really leave here, I still cannot help feeling sad.”

Holding the torch, Ferri III looked around the familiar palace and sighed.

When he was young, he knew that he would inherit the throne one day, and once ran to the throne in the middle of the night to look at it. His father walked up from behind, put his hand gently on his shoulder, and asked him if he thought this chair was beautiful? He hesitated then, and replied frankly that he thought it was very impressive. His father picked him up, put him on the marble throne, and told him that this chair was colder than all the chairs in the world, and that if he wanted to sit on it, he had to be prepared to walk through fire.

His father was not a promising monarch, and he often gave in to the nobles and the church. It was more accurate to call him cowardly than to say that he was magnanimous.

Ferri III thought so when he was in his teens, and he didn’t realize until later that the prestige of that throne was all an illusion.

A real king did not just mean a chair and a crown. If being a king meant he still needed to kneel, just like his younger brother who had become the Holy Court’s lackey, then was such a king really a king?

“Your Majesty…..” General Karl wanted to say something.

Ferri III interrupted him with a smile: “No need to persuade me.”

He took the flaming arrow from the servant’s hand, pulled it full force, and shot it steadily into the palace. In the Palace of Bressi, oil had already been poured all over on the floor, and the flames shot up quickly as soon as the flaming arrow hit the ground.

“Let’s go.”

Ferri III threw the bow and rode forward.

Behind him, Bressi’s thousand-year-old palace printed a brilliant shadow in the raging fire——a vainglory prosperity was being burned by red fire.

“After Charlie captured Aseri, I wonder how furious he would be when he finds out that what awaits him is just a burned palace?”

The army headed by Ferri III went out from the north gate of the castle and headed northeast. On the horse, Ferri III still had the mood to crack a joke with General Karl.

General Karl couldn’t figure out what his former student was thinking, so he could only bow slightly: “Your Majesty, do you really believe they are truly reliable?”

General Karl was referring to the group of members of the Holy Court that Ferri III cooperated with.

The smile on Ferri III’s face disappeared.

He snorted coldly: “It is only the difference between a jackal and a poisonous snake, there is nothing trustworthy about them.”

“Then we…..?” General Karl asked worriedly.

They set fire to the palace, and left the capital of Bressi with the most elite troops in the middle of the night. This was tantamount to surrendering the entire country to Charles and the Holy Court. And the purpose of their journey now was to go to the cold region in the northeast, where there was a territory belonging to Ferri III himself.

Like Legrand’s Ingres State, the terrain there was dangerous and easy to defend but difficult to attack.

“As long as there are people, there will never be one voice.” Ferri III said lightly, “Is not the Pope’s throne also the most supreme throne among the believers? Servant of servants, king of the world…..Who wouldn’t want such a throne? There are far more people who died because of it than the secular throne, am I right?”

Under the more glorious the throne, the more bones and blood there were.

The selection of the pope was absolutely as intense as that of a secular monarch. In the last three hundred years alone, six popes died of assassination or other reasons. There were also different theological systems in the Holy Court. Though the Pope’s current intention to establish a nation had received the general support of the entire Holy Court and this faction held mucg authority, this did not mean that everyone would hope that things would develop as the Pope hoped.

Today’s Holy Court was like a moving steel chariot. Pope Julian drove this iron chariot to crush the earth, but in the shadow of the wheels, countless things were brewing, and everyone had joined in this torrent of chaos.

“How is Legrand now?” Ferri III asked, he knew that General Karl had just received a secret letter from Legrand a few days ago.

“The impact of Duke Buckingham’s death in battle has been completely suppressed by Pureland’s victory. As long as he can capture Bomari Castle, Legrand’s rebellion will be over.” General Karl replied.

Ferri III heard this and said: “I hope he will succeed.”

Would they be able to stop the chariot with their arms, or would they be crushed into dust by the iron wheels?


Legrand, Bomari Castle.

In the external fortifications of the castle, all the guarding soldiers of the Balboa State performed their duties. General Vulture of the Balboa State stood on the Blackstone Fortress in the center of the Lacey River, overlooking the Legrand army camp on the other side of the river from up high.

In the past few days, Lantoft, the leader of the rebel army, the King of Newcastle, had become a little irritable. General Vulture looked on coldly, thinking that some of the other’s plans that were thought to be surefire must have failed.

And this morning, Lantoft specially dispatched a messenger to relay the order to guard the castle to the death.

When he received this order, General Vulture couldn’t help subconsciously thinking of the letter shot into the fort with an arrow that day. For the past few days, General Vulture had been pondering over that letter.

He couldn’t make up his mind.

At this moment, the shrill sound of warning horns echoed throughout the fortress.

General Vulture was startled, and immediately looked out from the archery hole.

Legrand’s army, which had been standing still for the past few days, suddenly dismantled their camp and began to march forward, and a small fleet built temporarily from tree logs was pushed into the river. The soldiers on board were all wearing bright red smocks, obviously Legrand’s vanguard.

In the past few days, Legrand’s soldiers have been logging nearby, and for the rest of the time there was some seemingly small-scale tentative probing. General Sheehan also sent a team with axes several times into the Lacey River, braving the rain of arrows overhead to chop down the wooden stakes put by the rebels in the water.

These several actions have yielded no results.

General Vulture relaxed his vigilance a little because of this.

But, today, without any warning, Legrand launched an attack on the fortress!

The vanguard fleet on wooden rafts quickly approached the rows of erected wooden stakes along the current. The archers moved forward like several times before, and fired arrows at these soldiers from the archery holes on the tall black stone fortress tower. The torrential rain of arrows enveloped that fleet. But unexpectedly, the fleet did not come close to the fort and the stakes.

When there was still a distance from the stake, the soldiers holding their shields quickly threw the piles of branches and dry grass on the raft into the water. The rushing water carried these debris straight down, and the branches and dry grass were quickly stopped by the closely arranged wooden stakes in the water.

“What are they doing?”

Just when General Vulture was at a loss, amidst the rain of arrows, the soldiers lifted the barrels one by one from the rafts, and worked together to pour the contents of the barrels into the river. The poured liquid floated on the surface of the water, and was quickly carried to the front of the defensive line drawn by wooden stakes.

Only then did General Vulture understand what the soldiers had thrown down the branches and dry grass for.

Seeing the barrels of liquid they poured down being blocked by the branches and dry grass in front of the defense line of stakes, and were not washed away by the rushing Lacey River.

A bad premonition welled up, and General Vulture immediately ordered to shoot the vanguard fleet with all their strength.

On the wooden rafts in the Lacey River, the soldiers shot flaming arrows one after another.

The flaming arrows landed on the layer of unknown liquid blocked by the branches and dry grass in front of the stakes. General Vulture could hardly believe his eyes——the flames began burning on the water.

On the other side of the river, General Sheehan was directing the soldiers to prepare the pontoon bridge that had already been built. When he looked up, he could see the King reining in his horse and standing quietly in front of the army, and he was finally able to let out the breath he had been holding for the past few days.

——Only a very few number of people knew that during these days, the King was actually not in the main tent at all!

General Sheehan didn’t think about what the King did during the few days he was away, he just carefully did everything he should do as a general, and strictly blocked the news from leaking.

Fortunately, before the battle officially started, the King returned.

Holding a thick stack of paper full of numbers and symbols in his hand, James stood beside the King, gesturing to the opposite castle and fortress. After taking back Newcastle, the King did not let him continue to preside over the construction of the castle there, but brought him in as a military architectural consultant during the war.

The King’s evaluation of James at the beginning was not wrong——

This one should indeed belong to the Lunatic Academy.

“Although the ancient holy fire is powerful, it has too many limitations.” James shook his head in dissatisfaction. He looked at the blueprint in his hand, and then looked at the archery holes in the fortress. “If the danger of the cannon can be reduced, if the explosive damage can be increased, then we can create an unbreakable fortress! It will definitely be ten thousand times better than these piles of rubbish!”

Listening to James’ blabbering, the King raised his eyebrows slightly.

“There will be.”

He replied thoughtfully.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

While speaking, the wooden stakes that the rebels had planted in the Lacey River to stop them had been almost destroyed by the ancient holy fire.

The wooden stakes were burned, and the ancient holy fire was gradually no longer blocked in a line, and began to be washed away by the river. Large and small warm yellow flames floated on a section of the river, presenting an unreal, beautiful and dreamy image.

The King officially gave the order to attack.

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