Source of Calamity CH 074 Love At First Sight Part 2

After Su Shiqing hung up the phone, Liu Huan continued to process the documents. The secretary next to him asked him, “Mr. Liu, the information you want.”

The secretary gave him the folder, which contained Su Shiqing’s background.

“The reason Qin Yue is unlucky this time is because Shen Zhen set him up, right?” Liu Huan rubbed his chin, his eyes full of amusement, “Qin Yue is that stupid? Using this method to poach people, if I were Qin Xing, I would have snapped his leg.”

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The secretary said with exasperation: “The relationship between Mr. Qin and Qin Yue is not very good now. Young Master Shen has now seemed to replace Qin Yue.”

Liu Huan: “Looks like I have to find some time to meet this Young Master Shen.”

The secretary said suspiciously: “You wouldn’t really happen to feel anything towards Su Shiqing…..”

Liu Huan spread his hands: “To be honest, I do have a good impression. I like his type.”

The secretary stared with wide eyes: “Last year, you liked the type with big butts.”

Liu Huan laughed loudly: “It changes every year, why, are you jealous?”

The secretary rolled his eyes: “I’ve already become a jar of vinegar.”

Liu Huan: “Contact Shen Zhen and tell him that I want to talk to him about the business of the land on South Road, and make an appointment with him.”

The secretary reminded: “No matter how much you like Su Shiqing, don’t offend anyone for him.”

Liu Huan sighed: “Am I just a lecher in your heart? And a lecher without a brain to boot?”

Secretary: “Who knows? Isn’t Qin Yue quite brainless now?”

Liu Huan was stunned: “What you said makes sense, I’m actually speechless.”

“I just think Su Shiqing is very interesting.” Liu Huan stood up, stretched, and smiled at his secretary, “He must rely on others for a living, be meticulously cared for, and can’t stand even a little wind or rain. Whoever transplants him into their garden can make him grow into the type they like, but once transplanted out, he will die if he can’t adapt to the outside environment.”

The secretary was speechless: “So you want to raise a delicate flower? Then you might as well raise me, I am also quite a delicate flower.”

Liu Huan: “What you said is interesting. How can there be a delicate flower as big as you? If you stretch out your legs, the hair on your legs will be longer than mine.”

Secretary: “This is called masculine, sex appeal.”

Liu Huan swore without any psychological burden: “My ass, go and shave your legs.”

The secretary rolled his eyes and left, but still made an appointment with Shen Zhen for him.

“Six thirty in the afternoon the day after tomorrow.” The secretary said to Liu Huan.

Liu Huan nodded: “Okay.”

The secretary muttered in a low voice: “I’ve never seen you so interested in anyone, and even to the extent of vying to be a male mistress.”

Liu Huan: “Don’t think I can’t hear you. I heard it all. When you say bad things about people, speak louder.”

The secretary put away the documents and said without looking up: “I was praising you for being handsome, that everyone who sees you loves you.”

Liu Huan: “That’s more like it. By the way, go to my house after getting off work tonight and help me take my dirty clothes and underwear to the laundry.”

The secretary didn’t hold back: “Can’t you call and ask them to pick it up?”

Liu Huan: “I didn’t remember the number.”

Secretary: “I’ll send it to you.”

Liu Huan: “I won’t call them even if you send it to me.”

The secretary swallowed a big mouthful of blood, and turned his head to look at Liu Huan who was sitting behind the desk: “How much virtue have I accumulated in my previous life to be your secretary in this life.”

Liu Huan crossed his legs: “You also know that it is virtue, so you should treat me better, and don’t talk bad about me behind my back.”

The secretary continued to roll his eyes.

The secretary nagged: “Even if you meet Shen Zhen, so what? Tell him not to deal with Qin Yue? I didn’t know that you are quite considerate towards your rival in love. The radiance of the Holy Mother shines on the earth.”

Liu Huan: “Who said that? Am I the kind of person who sacrifices himself for others? I want to join hands with him and kick Qin Yue down in the mud.”

Secretary: “Damn, that’s amazing. They say a beautiful woman is a source of calamity, but I feel that male beauty is just as much so.”

Liu Huan waved at him: “Come here.”

The secretary walked over, and Liu Huan gave him a knuckle rap: “What do you know, I’m just planning in advance. Even without Su Shiqing, I will still have to attack Qin Yue.”

The secretary didn’t understand, and felt that his boss was making excuses, so he gave Liu Huan a contemptuous look, and left to do his own business.

“Remember you can’t leave first after getting off work today.” Liu Huan was still saying to his secretary.

Secretary: “I’m done! I’m resigning!”

Liu Huan: “I won’t approve it for you, so just give up.”

The secretary was speechless: “If you spend less time hooking up, I would be able to relax a lot more.”

Liu Huan: “When have I hooked up with anyone?”

Secretary: “Do you remember how many times you have flirted eith another this month, including this Su Shiqing?”

Liu Huan shook his head as a matter of course: “Why would I keep track of this, don’t I have you, otherwise I would be paying you for nothing.”

The secretary broke down and said, “Whose secretary has to deal with this kind of thing!”

Liu Huan looked his secretary up and down, and sighed: “Others’ secretaries have big breasts and big buttocks, look at you, your chest is as flat as your back, I haven’t even felt disdain for you yet, but you dare to be disdainful of me.”

The secretary had no expression on his face: “I’m a man, so I’m so sorry that my chest and back are equally flat.”

Liu Huan: “Forget it, although you are not as good as other people’s secretaries, but I have become used to you, and you must continue to perform well in the future.”

The secretary decided to make a voodoo doll to prick after returning home.

It would be even better if he could sew up his boss’s unreliable mouth.

On the day when he had a meeting with Shen Zhen, Liu Huan changed into formal clothes. He was in his thirties, the best age for a man. He looked at himself in the mirror and felt that he was as handsome as ever, the most handsome fellow in the room. Only then did he drive to the appointment location.

Shen Zhen had already been waiting for about ten minutes.

Every time Shen Zhen made an appointment with someone, he usually arrived about fifteen minutes earlier. He didn’t like being late, but it didn’t bother him if he had to wait for someone.

He was sitting on the seat by the window, and the sunlight shrouded his whole person in it, making his skin fair and his long eyelashes even more apparent. He was only in his early twenties this year, and his aura was a mix of boy and man, making him look even more attractive.

At least Liu Huan couldn’t take a single step right now.

He had seen photos of Shen Zhen and the video of Shen Zhen participating in the business awards ceremony, but he had never seen Shen Zhen in person.

In his impression, Shen Zhen should be the kind of person who looked very ruthless and sinister——after all, his methods of dealing with Qin Yue couldn’t be called upright and honest.

But the real person was completely different from what Liu Huan imagined.

It wasn’t until Liu Huan walked into the restaurant and sat opposite to Shen Zhen that Shen Zhen raised his eyes to look at him.

To be honest, Shen Zhen could barely remember the character Liu Huan, mainly because he didn’t appear much in the original novel.

He was not so much a male supporting role as he was Su Shiqing’s biggest golden finger.

Liu Huan was the only male supporting role who was close to Qin Xing in status. Whenever Su Shiqing’s harem group couldn’t solve something, Su Shiqing only needed to ask Liu Huan for help, and everything would be solved.

But that was Liu Huan in the later stage, and Liu Huan in the early stage was more like a passerby, there was not much description of him at all.

“Mr. Liu.” Shen Zhen greeted politely.

Liu Huan acted very friendly and familiar: “You don’t need to be so polite, you can just call me Brother Huan, and according to seniority, it’s fine if you also call me Uncle Huan.”

Shen Zhen: “…..About the land we were talking about.”

Liu Huan: “That piece of land is not important.”

Shen Zhen: “…..” Was this person here to make trouble?

Liu Huan said with a smile: “I won’t go around in circles with you, are you dealing with Qin Yue?”

Shen Zhen didn’t know how to answer, but he didn’t feel like lying, so he asked: “You have a problem?”

Liu Huan: “It’s like this, let’s join forces, and I’ll help you bring down Qin Yue’s company, how about it?”

Shen Zhen looked confused. Was there something wrong with this person’s brain circuit?

Liu Huan sighed: “Just take it as a greeting gift to Qin Xing after I return to China?”

Shen Zhen took a sip of tea: “Uncle Qin doesn’t care much about Qin Yue.”

Liu Huan: “That’s true, otherwise he wouldn’t just be watching you deal with him.”

Liu Huan said with a smile: “Smart people don’t play stupid, I want to buy Qin Yue’s shares in Qin Group.”

Qin Yue had one percent of the shares in his hand. Although it didn’t look like much, this one percent was enough for him to lie on a mountain of gold and silver for several lifetimes and just eat, drink and have fun.

Shen Zhen almost spat out a mouthful of tea: “As long as Qin Yue doesn’t go crazy, he won’t sell the shares.”

Liu Huan shrugged: “We won’t know until then.”

“Of course, I will not deny you benefits.” Liu Huan chuckled, “I heard that you are looking for a partner recently and plan to open a large chain shopping mall. Are you thinking this is not easy to do? And few people dare to invest?”

Shen Zhen smiled: “This you don’t need to worry.”

Liu Huan: “That’s right, I almost forgot, Young Master Shen is Mr. Qin’s favorite junior now. If Mr. Qin is willing, don’t mention a chain shopping plaza, he can even help you open a chain of snack bars all over the country.”

Shen Zhen looked at Liu Huan, his face was expressionless, indifferent like a piece of ice.

Liu Huan moved his neck and said to Shen Zhen: “I am different, we are a cooperative relationship of mutual benefit, don’t you think so?”

Shen Zhen looked away and down at the teacup in his hand.

“Mr. Liu, I want to ask, there is not a lack of people who have shares in Qin Group, why are you eyeing Qin Yue?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“If you choose another target, the difficulty will be much lower, right?”

Liu Huan suddenly looked directly at Shen Zhen. Sitting upright, with a serious and self-disciplined demeanor, he looked at Shen Zhen, his eyes full of tenderness: “If I said I fell in love with you at first sight, would you believe it?”

Shen Zhen: “…..” Excuse me?

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