After Becoming The Tyrant CH 090 The Rose And The Fortress

The rebel army guarding the tower raised their shields and long swords in vain, trying to prevent Legrand’s soldiers from entering, but without the protection of the solid tower wall, the greatest barrier no longer existed.

Swords collided, shields were knocked flying and colliding against the tower, and blood cascaded from the necks of the slain, flying high and leaving behind cruel paintings on the walls. Under the command of General Sheehan, the soldiers swept up floor by floor, and the warm corpses rolled down the spiral staircase inside the tower.

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General Vulture retreated from the southeast tower of the fortress to the northwest tower under the escort of his own soldiers.

“Retreat, General!”

The captain of the guard said anxiously to General Vulture.

“We can’t hold the tower anymore! Let’s retreat to the fortress behind!”

“Look down.”

General Vulture replied coldly with a shield in one hand and a sword in the other.

The sound of fighting was getting closer and closer, and the octagonal Blackstone Fortress which had a tower on each corner, capable of resisting approaching enemies from all directions. But so long as any tower was breached and the enemy entered the interior of the fortress, their advantage would disappear.

The captain of the guard followed General Vulture’s words and looked down from an archery hole he passed.

His breathing suddenly stagnated slightly.

Under the high tower, the King and the Iron Rose Cavalry stood quietly in the northwest of the fortress. They held the uniform rose royal flag, which fluttered violently in the wind.

They were like a pack of lions looking down upon their hunting grounds haughtily and grimly.

The lions have completed the most dangerous part of the hunt, and the rest was just the struggle of the prey. Within the line they delineate, all the prey were simply just putting up a dying fight, their death was already determined.

While the captain of the guard was looking at them, the King in the center of the cavalry suddenly raised his head, and he involuntarily took a step back abruptly. At that moment, he got a feeling——the other party seemed to have keenly picked up on his gaze from such a long distance. But soon, the captain of the guard shouted in surprise: “General! Look! General!”

General Vulture gave him a strange look, and walked to the archery hole.

The Iron Rose Cavalry stationed under the northwest tower of the fortress turned around and headed towards the corner they had breached, and the path to the opposite fortress was opened up.

“They’re gone! Let’s go!”

Surviving a desperate situation, the captain of the guard exclaimed excitedly.

General Vulture frowned tightly. One who was able to make dangerous moves as soon as he stepped on the battlefield, and break through their outermost defenses with the cavalry who were not valued in siege battles…..He didn’t think the King would be so stupid that he didn’t know that they would withdraw unless…..

General Vulture recalled the letter that was carried into the tower by the arrow that day, and his heart jumped, but there was no trace of these thoughts on his face.


General Vulture gave the order, and he quickly ran down the stairs of the tower with his personal soldiers. Legrand’s army had captured all the towers on the south and east sides of the fortress, leaving only the tower in the northwest corner that had not been captured yet. General Vulture descended from the upper floors of the tower without any obstacle and lowered the drawbridge of the tower.

The group of people quickly ran towards the bridge connecting the opposite fortress.

They only destroyed the pontoon bridge before, but left a few small boats under the bridge as a back road. At this time, the group of people jumped on the boat and rowed with all their strength to reach the fortress in the wetland of the tributary of the Lacey River on the inclined side. Seeing that the general managed to escape, the rebels guarding this fort hurriedly lowered the drawbridge to meet them.

When General Vulture fled to the second fortress, the battle had already come to an end. Only a few rebels left who were abandoned by General Vulture fought stubbornly, while the rest had thrown down their weapons in despair and surrendered.

In the Blackstone Fortress at this time, blood could be seen splattering everywhere.

The King climbed to the top of the tower of Blackstone Fortress, his path paved in blood.

The wind came blowing with the chill of the end of winter. The King stretched out his hand and pulled out the white salamander flag of the rebel army that was planted on the flag stand of the tower.

In the next moment, he let it fall.

The King watched icily as the white banner tumbled from the tower and fell into the smoldering fire beneath the tower, which rose up and devoured the rebel banner.

The Iron Rose knight behind him took a step forward holding the brand-new royal flag in both hands, and walked to the King’s side.

The King unfurled the royal banner.

On the blood-red background, the dark golden iron roses were in full bloom.

The King firmly planted the royal flag on the flag stand of the tower, and the wind from the extreme north howled and whipped at the royal flag. After a thousand years, this flag had finally returned to its old place.

“I will take back everything that is occupied.”

The King whispered to himself, like an old promise.


The temporary pontoon bridge was reinforced and spanned the Lacey River. When night fell, the King had already rested in the conference hall in the center of the cleaned up fortress.

It was James who came to see the King first.

Holding a large stack of thick, densely written papers, James excitedly gestured at the King, explaining his ideas for the reconstruction of the fortress, and also mentioned again what he said in his letter about the role of iron crossbows in military affairs. He got some inspiration from the battering ram, and thought that he could place a siege crossbow on a fixed corner of the tower and use it as a defense.

The King listened for a while, and felt that this gentleman seemed to have the intention of arming the fortress like a hedgehog.

Although they were both architectural designers, James and Mr. Architect from the King’s Lunatic Academy of Sciences chose completely different directions.

The King coughed lightly and interrupted Mr. James’s endless diatribe: “One question, sir, weren’t you a holy church designer before?”

General Sheehan, who had just stepped into the conference hall, couldn’t help laughing when he heard this sentence: “My God, Mr. James, you used to be a church designer?”

James said logically: “All architecture is art, the collision of cold rock and wood, they are eternally solidified, different types have different beauty…..If you can install some more powerful artillery, it will be a song of ice and fire.”

General Sheehan: “……”

For some reason, he felt that what James said made sense, but he also felt that something was also not right.

The King laughed. He shook his head and handed James another letter of appointment that had already been written: “Sir, now you have a choice.”

James took it over and saw that it was a letter of appointment for the chief research officer of the Legrand First Academy of Sciences.

“I noticed that you said it is a choice?” James glanced at the letter of appointment and then at the King.

The King looked at him with a smile: “Do you think there is a choice other than accepting?”

“If I refuse…..” James said as he folded the letter of appointment and put it away.

“Ah… must know, that you have knowledge of a lot of military secrets now. In the event of war, I must ensure that the military secrets will not be leaked, am I right?” The King said with a smile, his tone relaxed.

James snorted heavily, grabbed the stack of papers on the desktop, turned his head and left.

Just before he was about to leave the room, he could be heard complaining bitterly in a low voice:


General Sheehan glanced at the King.

The King didn’t take it seriously: “Go and tell him later that I need a batch of improved siege towers, and send him the essential gift all members of the Academy of Sciences are given by the way.”

Having said this, the King laughed.

When General Sheehan led his soldiers to blockade the southeast coast some time ago, he dealt with several scientists from the Lunatic Academy of Sciences. At this time, when he heard the “gift” mentioned by the King, his expression became extremely complicated…..Your Majesty, are you sure that’s really a gift and not a threat?

However, thinking about it, if Mr. James, the current war weapon maniac, was thrown into the Holy Court, the end would really be a burning stake.

Jokes aside, General Sheehan began to report to the King on business.

Mainly about what to do with the rebels they captured.

Before the battle, the King had ordered that the captives not be beheaded directly.

Over the past few days, General Sheehan had gained a deeper understanding of their King. Their majesty was disdainful of keeping a good image and reputation. He didn’t care about using the bloodiest means to achieve his goal. He possessed both kindness and cruelty. Since he ordered the six prisoners to be kept alive, there must be a reason.

“Wait until night, then let them go to the second fortress.”

The King pondered for a moment before answering.

General Sheehan nodded in agreement. After hesitating for a while, he still asked, “Your Majesty, I don’t quite understand why you let General Vulture go…..?”

The King seemed to have expected that General Sheehan would have this question. He picked up a letter from the table with the wax peeled off and handed it to General Sheehan: “Have a look.”

General Sheehan took the letter with both hands and opened it to read.

After reading only a few lines, General Sheehan’s face was immediately filled with joy, and he looked up at the King: “This was what you had been waiting for during these days?”

The King nodded.

The letter was a battle report sent by General Edmund of the Ingres State.

With the assistance of the Ingres army, Count Henry led Legrand’s left-wing army to break through the outer defenses of the Balboa State’s royal city, trapping King Balboa within the castle. General Edmund successfully intercepted a letter from King Balboa to General Vulture, requesting him to send troops back immediately to break the siege.

This important letter was sent by General Edmund together with his letter.

The King picked up the letter from King Balboa requesting aid, put it under the light, and said slowly: “We don’t have much time, if there is a better way to take back the Bomari Castle, why bother to have our soldiers shed more precious blood?”

General Sheehan bowed his head and saluted the King: “Thank you for your kindness, Your Majesty.”

“Are there any officers among the prisoners who are familiar with General Vulture?” The King asked.

General Sheehan thought for a while: “There is one, his personal soldier, who couldn’t escape because he was injured.”

The King handed a sealed letter to General Sheehan: “When he is released, let him take this letter to his general…..if his nickname ‘Vulture’ is true, then we just need to wait.”

General Sheehan understood. He took the letter, and left respectfully.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In the room where the King was alone, the King pressed his fingertips together. He was thinking about another thing that the Devil had mentioned to him before. When the Devil sent him back to the human world, he had suggested that he’d better try and take back Bomari Castle without doing too much damage to the castle itself. Although this was his original intention, the fact that the Devil would pay special attention to Bomari Castle showed that there was something up with Bomari Castle.

When he asked the reason, the Devil replied pointedly:

——The Rose family’s castle itself was a precious treasure.

What did that mean?

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