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“Da Bao.”

“Da Bao?”

“Qian Jian?!”

He Qianjian, who was talking with the system, abruptly looked up when a hand pressed against his forehead. After seeing that it was Yang Yun, he breathed a sigh of relief: “…..Mom, what is it?”

Yang Yun was also taken aback by his clearly frightened reaction. She retracted the hand on his forehead, pursed her lips and smiled, hiding the worry in her eyes: “You went to Wugu Village with grandpa and grandma to look at the house in the morning, how do you feel about it? I heard that you met Jiang Chen there as well, does he live there too?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He Qianjian’s forced smile stiffened and his eyes flickered for a moment. Eventually he said lightly, “The scenery is pretty nice.”

“What about the rest? That place is a hot spring village, how about the hot springs?” Yang Yun and He Yanfeng exchanged looks with each other and continued to ask gently.

“I didn’t look much.” He Qianjian lowered his eyes to avoid Yang Yun’s gaze, a trace of worry in his expression: “But it’s on the mountain, there are forests and hot springs, and it feels very humid. I think it might not be good for Grandpa and Grandma to live there.”

Yang Yun also began to pay attention to this. She thought for a while and then said: “In a few days, I will take the doctor there to have a look. If the environment is not suitable for the elderly, then Mom and Dad won’t live there for the time being.” This was directed at He Yanfeng.

He Yanfeng was watching the financial news, and said casually after hearing these words: “Don’t think too much, that house is allocated to veteran cadres, they must have considered the issue of health, and Mom and Dad like it very much. When they came back they even said that the neighbors are very nice. In my opinion, they’ll only be living there for a few weeks in the winter, and it’s rare that they are also willing to move their nest, so let’s not spoil their good mood.”

“How can this count as spoiling?” Yang Yun disagreed: “Mom and Dad are quite advanced in age, so they must take good care of their health. If the house is damp, it will affect the body. What should we do if they get sick?”

“Mom is right.” He Qianjian smiled and chimed in: “Dad, I think it’s really too humid over there. If Grandpa and Grandma live there, it would be bad if their rheumatism got worse. How about we persuade them not to live there?”

He Yanfeng said lightly: “You are becoming more and more exaggerated.”

He Qianjian was startled, but before he could figure out the meaning of He Yanfeng’s words, He Qianyu and He Qianmin came down from upstairs.

“Dad, what are you talking about?” He Qianyu ran to sit next to He Yanfeng and asked curiously, “What is too exaggerated?”

He Yanfeng rubbed her head: “What were you doing upstairs with your brother? You didn’t come downstairs all afternoon.”

“Brother helped me with my homework.” He Qianyu thought for a while, then leaned into He Yanfeng’s ear and whispered: “Brother is so amazing now, he isn’t mean to me when he explains questions like before. I can even understand after one explanation.”

He Yanfeng raised his eyebrows, looked at He Qianmin who was sitting alone on the sofa, and said: “I heard from your sister that you are very gentle in giving explanations to her study questions. Not bad, you have grown up.”

He Qianmin didn’t take it seriously: “It’s not that I used to lose my temper, it’s that she was too stupid in the past, everything must be explained several times, and yet she still didn’t get the hang of it. You would lose your temper too if you were the one teaching her.”

“That’s not true!” He Qianyu waved her small fists and said with puffed cheeks, “Brother used to be super fierce! And I couldn’t understand because he always explained too fast, and he wouldn’t teach me what I didn’t understand, just directly tell me the answer, so that’s why I couldn’t understand, now Brother explains to me step by step, explaining everything I don’t understand, so this way I understood.”

“I taught you the same as before.” He Qianmin didn’t feel that there was any difference between teaching He Qianyu homework now and before, and he insisted on his own opinion: “The only difference is that you have grown up a little bit, and you have leveled up from a stupid piggy to a little dummy.”

He Qianyu pointed at He Qianmin and complained with puffed up cheeks: “Dad, Brother is calling me names!”

He Qianmin rolled his eyes at her and mouthed: little, dummy.

“You’re the dummy!” He Qianyu jumped off the sofa and threw herself on He Qianmin to fight him to the death.

The two children on the sofa instantly became a mess of limbs, Yang Yun and He Yanfeng looked at each other with smiles.

Only when the financial news channel ended did the two of them finally die down. Seeing his daughter with disheveled hair and his son whose clothes were ripped open, he laughed happily, and after laughing, he mercilessly mocked He Qianmin: “Look at you being bullied so pitifully by Qian Yu, your combat power is too weak.”

“I went easy on her.” He Qianmin straightened his clothes and said, “I’m too lazy to quibble with her.”

He Qianyu turned her head away and snorted, but sat squeezed beside He Qianmin and did not leave.

“The way I see it, both of you have improved.” Yang Yun brought over a plate of fruit with a smile. She put it in front of them, rubbed the hair of her children, and said dotingly: “Qian Min has indeed grown up a lot during this time, Mom must praise you.”

He Qianmin blushed, avoided her hand, and changed the subject: “What were you talking about just now? What exaggeration?”

Yang Yun recalled the topic just now, sat down beside He Yanfeng, and said with a smile: “We were discussing whether to go and see the house in Wugu Village. Your elder brother said that the environment over there is too humid, and it may not be suitable for your grandparents to live there.”

He Qianmin glanced at He Qianjian who was sitting alone opposite, and looked away, his voice not even fluctuating: “Didn’t Grandpa and Grandma go to see it this morning? What did they say?”

Yang Yun: “They really like it.”

“Then isn’t that just fine.” He Qianmin picked up his vibrating phone, saw the text message, and a smile appeared on his face. He typed while saying: “That house is Grandpa and Grandma’s, as long as they like it then it’s fine.”

“That’s right.” He Yanfeng raised his eyebrows and smiled, his lips hooking up as he said to Yang Yun: “Have you heard what your son said, the elders have their own choice, we don’t need to nose in.”

Yang Yun was only just worried about the health of the two elders, and what He Yanfeng said just now made sense, so she smiled and said, “I can’t win against you father and son pair.”

He Qianjian didn’t expect Yang Yun to compromise without even a fight, and couldn’t help saying: “Even if Grandpa and Grandma have their own choice, it must be a choice good for them. If it is not good for their health, wouldn’t letting them choose by themselves harm them?”

He Qianmin snorted lightly: “Grandpa and Grandma are already so advanced in age, they have eaten more salt than you have eaten rice, and they would choose better than you with their eyes closed. No need to act like a dog who catches mice (TN: meddlesome).”

“Qian Min.” Yang Yun softly chided He Qianmin.

He Qianmin snorted coldly, bowed his head and continued typing on his phone. He Qianyu leaned close to He Qianmin’s hand, blinking: “I want to text Brother Jiang Chen too.”

“Don’t make trouble here.” He Qianmin didn’t lift his eyes: “My brother is explaining a question to me, don’t disturb my study.”

He Qianyu pursed her mouth and did not speak, quietly watching He Qianmin and Jiang Chen texting back and forth.

Yang Yun looked at He Qianjian and said softly: “Qian Jian, Mom knows that you are worried about your grandparents, but what your father and brother said makes sense, that house should be very suitable for the elderly to maintain their health. When the time comes, if you are really worried, just bring the doctor over when your grandparents live there to have a look, and listen to what the doctor has to say. If it’s not suitable, your grandparents will also follow the doctor’s advice.”

He Qianjian had nothing to say anymore, so he could only nod and smile, “Okay.”

While Yang Yun and He Qianjian were talking, He Qianyu watched as He Qianmin and Jiang Chen sent many text messages back and forth on questions that she couldn’t understand a word. After reading the texts, she only sighed: “Brother Jiang Chen is so gentle. Brother, you are so stupid, but even if you ask a question so many times, Brother Jiang Chen doesn’t think you’re stupid.”

He Qianmin paused and pinched He Qianyu’s face: “If you say anything more, then don’t sit here with me.”

“Hmph.” He Qianyu crossed her arms and said, “Brother Jiang Chen is much gentler than you, I also want Brother Jiang Chen to teach me how to do the questions.”

He Qianmin sneered, waved his phone and raised his eyebrows: “In your dreams, that’s my brother, he can only teach me.”

“You are my brother, and Brother Jiang Chen is your brother, so that means Brother Jiang Chen is also my brother!” He Qianyu had her own logic: “So Brother Jiang Chen is also my own brother!” She even sought validation from others: “Dad, am I right?”

He Yanfeng had been listening to them talking, and he said with a smile, “Yes, Jiang Chen is also your own brother, and you have three brothers.”

“Then I can ask Brother Jiang Chen to teach me, right!” He Qianyu said excitedly, “When are we going to call Brother Jiang Chen over to play at home! I miss him so much!”

Yang Yun said: “Then let’s find a time to invite your Brother Jiang Chen to come and play at home.” For some reason, she always missed that boy very much, and when she heard her daughter say that she wanted to invite him to the house, her heart was already filled with anticipation.

“My brother is very busy.” He Qianmin poured cold water on her: “Now he barely even has time to eat, so don’t make trouble.”

He Yanfeng raised his eyebrows: “Didn’t Jiang Chen already get early admission?”

“But he also has to take the college entrance examination. Our school’s teachers, leaders and principal have all put the burden of this year’s college entrance examination science champion on him. And also, his laboratory projects have to record data regularly, and he even has to stay in the laboratory on weekends. Every day at noon and evening self-study, he would help Brother Shen Xu and Brother Huo Bo with their homework. The questions I don’t know how to do are accumulated before being given to him on the weekend, and he will then teach me in the evening. Even this morning when he went to see the renovated house, it was squeezed out of his rest time, and now he didn’t even have any rest when he went home, he has been teaching me the whole time.”

“Why so tiring…..” Yang Yun said with distress: “You are only a freshman in high school, so don’t bother your brother with the questions you don’t know, and let him rest for a while.” Listening to He Qianmin saying “my brother this and my brother that”, Yang Yun also subconsciously said “your brother”, and she didn’t feel anything wrong after saying it.

On the other side where no one was paying attention, He Qianjian had already dug his fingers into the pillow, and lowered his head to hide his livid face.

“I don’t want to either.” He Qianmin pursed his lips slightly, and his tone seemed to be complaining: “But my brother has to check the Olympiad questions he assigned to me last week every week. If I didn’t do it, he would worry even more.”

“That’s right.” He Qianmin suddenly thought of something: “Let me tell you in advance, I won’t be back on the third weekend of this month.”

“Next, next, next weekend…..” He Qianyu counted with her fingers, blinked and said, “But isn’t that day Elder Brother’s birthday?”

“It’s my brother’s birthday that day too.” He Qianmin quickly sent a text message with his fingers without raising his eyes: “I want to celebrate his birthday with him.”

He Qianjian suddenly raised his head with a strange expression. Yang Yun also recalled that Jiang Chen and He Qianjian had the same birthday. She and He Yanfeng looked at each other with worry in their eyes.

He Yanfeng opened his mouth and said: “If there is someone’s birthday in the family, then the whole family must be there. This is the rule of our He family, and it is not negotiable. And this time is also your elder brother’s coming-of-age ceremony. When the time comes, all the relatives including your grandparents, uncles, and aunts will be there. It will be improper if you don’t show up.”

“It’s fine if you’re all there.” He Qianmin didn’t care. He glanced at He Qianjian coldly, curled his lips and said mockingly: “And I don’t think He Qianjian really wants me to be there, after all, every time this time of the year he always wants to show off. He gave up the competition this time, but I came first in the midterm exam, how embarrassing.”

“Qian Min!” Yang Yun frowned and said, “You mustn’t talk like that.”

He Qianmin snorted lightly: “I’m telling the truth.”

He Yanfeng put away his smile, and his tone took on a hint of warning: “This matter is not for discussion, don’t let me send someone to catch you at the gate of your school.”

“I won’t come back.” He Qianmin stood up and mocked: “I have a bad relationship with him so don’t mention being family. No one in the whole circle doesn’t know. So why pretend to be brotherly? He likes to act but I don’t. If you insist on me being there, then I’m afraid I won’t be there to give any blessings, but there to crash the party.”

“He Qianmin!” He Yanfeng stood up abruptly, and his face darkened: “I’m only saying it once, don’t let me hear you say such things again in the future.”

“Why can’t I say it?” He Qianmin sneered, and the rims of his eyes turned red a little: “For so many years, I have seen enough of you pretending to be nonchalant and muddleheaded! Why should I put up with him! Why should I look at his acting and fake smiles with knives hidden within! Why do I have to look at his attitude when I speak! Why can’t I say a single word when he wants to kill me! Why! You tell me why!” By the end, he almost screamed out.

The room was silent.

He Qianyu’s eyes were red with fright. She covered He Qianmin’s fisted right hand with both hands. Feeling the trembling of his hand, stinging tears fell from the tip of her nose, and she hugged him tightly in silence.

Yang Yun was at a loss, distressed and sad, she opened her mouth: “Qian Min…..” But after she called out his name, she didn’t know what to say, how to comfort him.

He Qianjian hid the darkness in his eyes, and broke the silence with a smile: “Mom and Dad, you don’t have to force Qian Min to come back if he doesn’t want to. It’s fine with me, let’s just forget about it.”

“He Qianjian, it’s a pity that you aren’t an actor.”

The corner of He Qianmin’s mouth curled into a sneering arc, and he coldly looked away. He pulled out his hand and gently rubbed He Qianyu’s head, then turned and left the He family.


In Li De’s laboratory, Jiang Chen was testing another version of the recognition system. This version was named after Jiang Chen’s usual naming method, and it was called “Changjiang Image Recognition System”.

The biggest difference between the Changjiang Image Recognition System and the facial recognition system authorized to Li De was the algorithm. Li De’s facial recognition system had a set of independent but fixed algorithms. The biggest use was to recognize faces, while the Changjiang Image Recognition System continued Changjiang’s deep learning algorithm and had an additional image repair function, which could restore blurred images using image super-resolution reconstruction technology.

In the future, Jiang Chen would install this system in Changjiang’s security system that was under development. All systems of the Changjiang series utilized the same database. When the Changjiang system finished loading the database, the Changjiang Image Recognition System would have an amazing effect.

At that time, if a stranger escaped the security scan by chance and breaks into the room with the security system installed, even if he covered himself tightly, the image restoration function of the recognition system could use the powerful database and algorithm to restore his facial features and original body shape. Then the monitoring and tracking functions of the Changjiang system would come into play. As long as the person was not planning to hide in the deep mountains and old forests for the rest of his life, the Changjiang system would be able to drag him out in the open.

At this time, the video Jiang Chen used to test the image recognition system was the surveillance video he had requested from G. The blurred parts in the video were restored frame by frame by the image recognition system, and the appearances of He Qianmin and the others as well as the blurred glass cups on the bar counter became clear. When He Qianmin reached for the glass cup, the high-definition picture made the scene of the glass cup being replaced by a fruit knife more clear.

His phone rang, and Jiang Chen picked it up. Without taking his eyes off the screen, he said casually: “What is it?”

“Big Brother…..”

Jiang Chen tapped his finger, and the video was frozen on the scene of He Qianmin holding the blade. He looked away and asked worriedly, “Did something happen? Where are you now?”

He Qianmin’s voice was hoarse: “Can I come to your house tonight?”

“Are you outside alone now?” Hearing the wind from the other end, Jiang Chen frowned and said, “Where are you, tell me the exact address.”

He Qianmin reported an address, and Jiang Chen got up. He picked up his coat and said, “Find a store nearby and wait for me, I’ll go right over.”

On the way to pick up He Qianmin, Jiang Chen received a call from He Yanfeng.

The unfamiliar number rang three times before Jiang Chen picked it up: “Hi, I’m Jiang Chen, who is this?”

“I’m He Yanfeng.” The voice on the other end of the phone was a little tired, but his tone was very gentle: “Today, Qian Min got in a quarrel at home, and I think he might come to you, so I want to call you in advance. If you see him, please send me a text message to let his mother and I know he is safe.”

Jiang Chen agreed, paused for a few seconds, and asked, “May I know why he got in a quarrel at home?”

He Yanfeng didn’t hide it: “The relationship between Qian Min and his elder brother He Qianjian has always been at odds. I think you should have heard about it. Today’s quarrel is also because of this reason.”

“In my impression, Qian Min is not a child who loses his temper for no reason.” Jiang Chen said indifferently: “He just looks willful, but after getting along with each other, what I see more is his tolerance and understanding. Uncle He, with all due respect, Qian Min’s decision to run away from home is definitely not a sudden impulse, people will only explode when their patience reaches the limit, and if the source of the conflict is not dealt with properly, then things will only get worse.”

He Yanfeng was silent for a while, then sighed softly: “This matter is very complicated, I can’t explain it clearly to you on the phone, but I want to tell you that his mother and I have never been partial to anyone on anything. We just want to try to adjust the conflicts and misunderstandings between Qian Min and Qian Jian to make this family more united and at harmony.”

“How can you be sure that the matter between Qian Min and He Qianjian is really just a misunderstanding? See who has evidence and who doesn’t, or whose words are more credible?”

He Yanfeng was a little surprised. In his impression, Jiang Chen was a very admirable and likable young man. He was gentle, polite and intelligent. It was precisely because he had a good impression of him that he explained so patiently and gently on the phone just now. But he never expected that Jiang Chen would be so sharp and direct.

But what made He Yanfeng feel even more strange was that he didn’t get angry at the offense of a junior who could be his son, and even wanted to explain things clearly to him.

He Yanfeng suppressed the desire to explain, and deliberately lowered his voice: “Then what do you use to judge the truth of a matter? You don’t rely on evidence or judge the credibility, it’s just because you and Qian Min have a better relationship?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen looked up and saw He Qianmin standing alone under the streetlight in front of him, told the driver to stop the car, and then said to He Yanfeng: “I found Qian Min.”

He opened the car door and walked towards He Qianmin. Before hanging up the call, he said lightly: “Uncle He, I will send you a video when I get back. Please check your email at about eleven o’clock. After watching the video, I hope your judgment of credibility will change.”

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