After Becoming The Tyrant CH 091 Effortless Victory

Bomari Castle.

All the important figures of the Rebel Alliance in Bomari had arrived.

This time, the rebellion in the North was led by Newcastle State, assisted by Balboa State and Chavos State, becoming an ally of Newcastle State. The Balboa State sent their “Vulture”, and the Chavos State sent one of their old marquises. At this time, the three parties sat down with clear boundaries, and the meeting did not have the joy and harmony of the past.

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General Vulture had high cheekbones and deep-set eye sockets. He looked like an eagle cold-bloodedly sizing up its prey.

At this time, the vulture was confronting the poisonous snake.

Lantoft, the King of Newcastle with a red beard, tightly grasped the armrest of the chair with his right hand and leaned forward slightly. The usual amiable smile on his face had long since disappeared without a trace. His voice lost that cheerfulness, and was as cold as a poisonous snake flicking its forked tongue: “I don’t doubt you, General Aldo, but the famous Balboa State Vulture lost the vital Blackstone Fortress so easily that I really can’t help to worry about Balboa’s sincerity in this rebellion.”

“Balboa’s sincerity?” General Vulture laughed angrily. He pointed to the blood-stained armor he hadn’t taken off, “I myself nearly lost my life, and you call this a lack of sincerity? Balboa State and Newcastle State participated in this rebellion together, and the covenant we signed at the beginning was to advance together and retreat together, to live and die together. Since Newcastle wants to accuse us of defeat, then I have to ask one thing——since we are allies, how can Newcastle stand by and watch your allied country be destroyed?!”

As soon as General Vulture’s words came out, all his soldiers stood up and drew their swords on the left side of the long table. As soon as General Vulture’s soldiers drew their swords, the guards behind Lantoft also drew their swords.

The cold light of the blades dazzled people’s eyes, and the brief peace was instantly torn apart. The meeting hall was suddenly full of hostility and tension.

The red-bearded Lantoft stared at General Vulture, and a trace of ferocity flashed across his eyes.

“Balboa Royal City is being surrounded by Legrand’s heavy troops, why didn’t you tell us?” General Vulture had no intention to back down, and said aggressively, “Where were your elite soldiers from Newcastle when our Balboa soldiers were defending the fortress? Having us and Chavos act as external human meat shields, while you sit back and relax inside the castle, what clever calculations!”

Hearing “Chavos”, the old Marquis of Chavos State’s eyes twitched. His eyes wandered between Lantoft and General Vulture, but he didn’t immediately express his opinion.

The loss of one of the Blackstone Fortresses in the main trunk of the Lacey River was equivalent to the loss of an important arm of Bomari Castle. No wonder Lantoft called everyone together in a hurry. It was normal for Lantoft to be angry, but the Vulture General of Balboa State was also not a pushover, and he was also full of anger.

Hearing General Vulture mention the siege of Balboa Royal City, the muscles on Lantoft’s face twitched slightly. His eyes quickly swept across the face of the old Marquis of Chavos State, and found that his expression did not even change, as if nothing had been heard.

Old fox.

Lantoft cursed secretly in his heart.

The soldiers on both sides were at a deadlock, waiting for their master’s order, and allies turning into enemies seemed about to happen at any time.

When the atmosphere was at its most tense, the sound of metal falling to the ground seemed particularly harsh to the eardrums.

All eyes turned to the direction where the sound came from. It was a general under the Marquis of Chavos who accidentally knocked over the wine glass.

The old Marquis of Chavos State bowed slightly: “The young man has never seen much of the world, so please pardon his rudeness.”

The string that was about to snap was buffered because of this episode.

Lantoft looked away from the calm old Marquis. He waved his hand and signaled his guards to put away their blades first: “If the Balboa State is lost, the alliance will cease to exist. Could it be that General Aldo thinks I’d do something stupid like this?”

With that said, Lantoft stood up, grabbed a guard’s sword, and pointed to the sky:

“I swear in the name of the Holy Lord, I have never received any news about the siege of Balboa’s royal city!”

He then looked at General Vulture: “Isn’t even the Holy Lord trustworthy now?”

General Vulture looked at him coldly, and with a wave of his hand, his soldiers also put away their swords.

“Exactly so.” The red-bearded Lantoft put on his smiling and amiable mask again. He clapped his hands and motioned for the maid to come over and pour wine for everyone. “We are allies sworn in front of the Holy Lord as close as brothers, and there is no unsolvable misunderstanding between brothers. The heroic reputation of General Aldo is well known to the world, it is I who misunderstood the general. Come, I shall punish myself with a cup of wine.”

The spirits were poured into the golden goblet, and Lantoft raised his cup high, saluting General Vulture before drinking it all in one gulp.

“Then it seems that I have also misunderstood you.” General Vulture also raised his cup with a smile on his face, and saluted Lantoft. Both sides returned to the harmonic atmosphere from before, “I am indeed responsible for my improper defense which has led to the defeat and capture of the fortress. But, as you know, the population of Balboa is far less than that of Newcastle. It is too difficult for the soldiers I brought to hold the outer defense. I heard that the royal snow cavalry guards of Newcastle are extremely brave, so I think, why not have Newcastle guard the fort from now on, and let us Balboa guard the internal defense?”

The smile on Lantoft’s face subsided slightly, and he shook his head slowly: “Bomari is the royal city of Newcastle, and no one is more familiar with the structure here than the soldiers of Newcastle. Internal defense requires more manpower than external defense. You are short of manpower, I am afraid it is not appropriate to entrust you to guard the internal defense.”

The air began to faintly become cold again.

The Marquis of Chavos coughed lightly.

General Vulture was slightly taken aback.

In similar conferences of the three states, the old Marquis of Chavos State was generally taciturn, playing the role of a peacemaker, and seldom expressed his opinions actively.

However, General Vulture quickly came to his senses, and his expression became a little ugly.

In the past, the old Marquis of Chavos State did not speak because among the three rebellious Northland states, Newcastle had the strongest military strength, followed by Balboa, while Chavos State was the weakest. But now, Legrand had already taken back most of Newcastle’s territory, leaving only the last bit of forces to hide in Bomari Castle. It was precisely because of this that he dared to confront Lantoft head-on. However, he overlooked one thing:

It was not just Newcastle that had been weakened.

He lost a black stone fortress, and the royal city of Balboa was besieged as well.

In the current rebel alliance, the Chavos State had not been hit too much because it was located behind the two countries, and so its strength was almost the same as theirs now.

Lantoft was also aware of this gap, and the smile on his face became a little stiff.

“Alas…..the Blackstone Fortress has been lost, and Legrand’s army is far superior to ours. Sooner or later, Bomari Castle will not be able to hold on.” The old Marquis said slowly, “If you ask me, we can retreat to Cauchy Castle, as long as we defend the canyon outside Cauchy Castle, no matter how many soldiers they have, it will be useless.”

Old fox…..

Almost at the same time, Lantoft and General Vulture cursed in their hearts.

Cauchy Castle was in the state of Chavos, and the headquarters of the rebel army was originally set at Bomari Castle in Newcastle State because Newcastle State was the strongest. Now that the old Marquis proposed that they retreat north and move their headquarters, it was clear that he wanted to take this opportunity to give the Chavos State the upper hand in the rebel alliance.

These days, the old guy’s submissiveness was all fake. Once he had the opportunity, he was also a greedy opportunist comparable to Lantoft.

The meeting remained deadlocked for a while, the three parties each holding their own opinions, and it seemed that no one was willing to make concessions.

Finally, Lantoft slowly put the wine goblet on the table, and made a concession to General Vulture: He would not accept the proposal of Newcastle exchanging defensive positions with Balboa, but he allowed Balboa to enter the inner city of Bomari together with the soldiers of the Chavos State, and the three allies would then jointly defend the inner city.

At this, the Marquis of Chavos sensed that the Balboa State and the Newcastle State, which had just been on the verge of turning into enemies, had reached an agreement. He was afraid of the mysterious power behind Lantoft, so he also backed down.

The meeting ended here, and the three parties got up and left, each with thoughts and concerns of their own.

Walking in the icy wind, the head of the guards next to General Vulture couldn’t help asking him in a low voice: “General, are we really…..”

General Vulture waved at him.

The chief guard fell silent.

The group of people passed the corner, and General Vulture stopped suddenly.

He saw the old Marquis who was supposed to return to the castle’s outer fort defense was waiting in front of them. Seeing General Vulture, the old Marquis showed a smile on his face, and stepped forward quickly: “Good day, Mr. General. Please don’t take offense, I didn’t mean to target you just now.”

General Vulture also had a smile on his face, and he went up to greet him: “Good day, Lord Marquis, you came just in time, and I also have something important to tell you.”

“Oh?” The old Marquis showed a surprised expression.

General Vulture lowered his voice: “Actually, I agree with the Marquis. It is clear that Bomari Castle cannot be defended any longer. The reason why I forced Lantoft to switch defenses was because I suspect that there was a reason he did not allow our men to defend the inner city from the very beginning.”

“What could that reason be?”

“I only found out not long ago that hidden within Bomari Castle, there is…..” A mysterious look appeared on General Vulture’s face, “Treasure!”


In the center of Lacey River, Blackstone Fortress.

The night was dark, and this fortress stood facing a distance from the other Blackstone Fortress on the opposite side. Under the dim sky, the soldier patrolling at the bottom of the tower heard a soft noise. He looked for the source, and saw an arrow landed not far from him. The soldier walked over with the torch and picked up the arrow.

There was a ribbon tied to the arrow.

The soldier looked up and across at the opposite side.

He saw in an archery hole in the opposite fortress, the light of a torch flickering three times.

Ten minutes later.

The King unfolded the well-rolled silk satin, and the words on the silk satin were written densely and neatly. The King skimmed through it quickly, and handed it to General Sheehan who stood on the side.

After reading the letter, General Sheehan smiled and raised his head to look at the King: “It seems that we can easily take back Bomari, your plan has succeeded.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“It cannot really be described as such.” The King said flatly, with no joy on his face, “just a rabble of dogs in a dogfight.”

General Sheehan shrugged and put away the letter: “Three days later…..It seems that they can’t wait any longer.”

“Get ready.”

The King closed the book he was reading, and stood up.

“In three days, I will be bringing my uncle into the city.”

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