After Becoming The Tyrant CH 093 Glory Is Eternal

The King led the Iron Rose Cavalry to station outside the gate of Bomari Castle, and they watched the flames of the castle ignite from various places the entire night.

The King’s army surrounded the entire castle, and the castle became a cage for the rebels at this time. The lions circled their hunting grounds, and then watched indifferently as the prey in the hunting grounds put up the last struggle of a trapped animal. Conspiracy and betrayal, the armies of the three kingdoms who turned against each other ended up fighting each other in the inner city.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Any soldier who intended to leave the city gate would be accurately reaped by Legrand’s longbowmen.

This was the King’s sand table, and everything in the sand table obeyed the King’s will.

“It’s almost dawn.”

General Sheehan, standing beside the King, looked up and said.

In the deep shadows, a vulture circled and soared.

The vulture was a large bird of prey in the Legrand Northland high forests. It was fierce and greedy by nature. Balboa’s general was nicknamed “Vulture” not only because he had a huge hooked nose, but more importantly, his character was just like this black raptor in the Northland, greedy and cold-blooded.

General Vulture was not the kind of person who would rather die than bow his head. If he was just told about the crisis in Balboa Royal City, General Vulture would indeed surrender when the situation was not good for him.

However, the King did not need the surrender of General Vulture.

From the very beginning, the King ordered the Ingres State to assist Earl Henry in attacking the Royal City of Balboa, which was a “plot” on its own. But the target of this plot was not General Vulture or Lantoft the Red Beard.

The King’s ultimate goal was the state of Chavos.

Chavos State was located in the alpine region of the Northland, with a sparse population, insufficient food, and the weakest military strength. And all these years, the King of the Chavos State had always been greedy, but at the same time too cowardly. It was a chess piece that the King chose to keep from among the three rebel states.

With the defeat of the powerful Newcastle and Balboa to force Chavos State, forcing it to fear and retreat, making it feel that even Newcastle and Balboa have failed, and so they could not resist Legrand’s army at all. The storming of Blackstone Fortress the day before yesterday was also to strengthen this sense of urgency.

The reason why the King deliberately let go of General Vulture was to let the old Marquis of Chavos feel the power of Legrand more intuitively through General Vulture.

This was more convincing than the King directly and secretly contacting him.

In order to bring about complete turmoil in Bomari Castle, another fuse was needed, and this fuse was the treasure of the Rose family in the castle.

After learning from the Devil that there was treasure in Bomari Castle, the King realized why Lantoft was stationed here and insisted on holding onto it. There was a certain connection between the Rose family and mystery, and the fact that the treasure of the Rose family could be valued by the Holy Court——perhaps the treasure of the Rose family was one of the holy objects that the Holy Court was looking for. After Saint Val never returned, Lantoft was especially anxious to find the treasure of the Rose family, thus gaining angelic support for the second time.

When freeing the captives, the King took advantage of the presence of this treasure.

With the character of General Vulture, after learning that there was a treasure in Bomari Castle that could allow them to get help from the Holy Court, the choice he would make would definitely be to fake surrender first and then ally with the Marquis. After killing Lantoft and snatching the treasure, he would then take advantage of the confusion and make his escape.

Greed was an endless sin, and the King took hold of the knife called “humanity”, and gently placed it on the necks of General Vulture and ‘Red Beard’ Lantoft, just waiting for the time to behead them.

In the whole scheme, a small and insignificant person played an especially important role.

The King needed someone to act as a bridge between him and the Marquis of Chavos, and the King had made preparations early on. But after breaking the Blackstone Fortress, the King had a better choice.

——The soldier who was abandoned by General Vulture without hesitation when Blackstone Fortress was captured.

When faced with life and death, money, and aristocratic title, this soldier betrayed General Vulture and became a hidden pawn of the King.

Through this personal guard, the Marquis of Chavos, who was already in a state of anxiety, eventually chose to abandon General Vulture and defect to the King. And tonight, General Vulture’s original order was that after the King arrived at the Blackstone Fortress, to disconnect the bridge connecting the second Blackstone Fortress and the castle, and trap the King in the second Blackstone Fortress in order to gain time for their retreat.

But the personal guard and the old Marquis changed this order.

The betrayer was eventually betrayed by others.

The fire in the city burned until the sky became gray with smoke. When General Sheehan saw the smoke in the city gradually subside from outside the city, he knew that the internal strife in the city had ended. He took a deep breath, suddenly feeling a little nervous for some reason, and fixed his eyes on the city gate in front of him.

“It has opened.”

The King said flatly on horseback.

The suspension bridge was lowered little by little, and when the suspension bridge was laid flat on the moat, there was the sound of metal gears twisting. As the jewel in Legrand’s crown, Bomari Castle was composed of black stone and metal as a whole, so it was indestructible. The heavy boulder city gate slowly opened with harsh screeching sounds.

The King stood still, as did the Iron Rose Cavalry.

Those who survived came out of the city.

They threw the white salamander flag into the moat to show their allegiances, and then the group of people untied their swords and threw them on the ground. This meant giving up all resistance and surrendering in the Northland.

The Marquis of Chavos came out holding a wooden tray, on which was placed the head of the rebel alliance, Lantoft and the vulture of Balboa, the head of General Aldo.

The moment the city gate opened, the cold wind poured in with the morning chill. The Marquis of Chavos fought a shiver.

Outside the city gate.

The young King Legrand was sitting on his horse. The sun had just risen, and the first rays of sunlight fell on the King’s scarlet robes. The knights with roses engraved on their armor were neatly lined behind the King, their lances pointing straight to the sky, forming a ferocious forest of spears, glares of cold light reflecting off the tip of the spears. The north wind blew fiercely through this torrent of steel, fluttering hundreds of Rose Royal flags like a bloody undercurrent.

At that moment, the Marquis of Chavos felt that he saw a sea of burning fire, or an ocean of boiling red blood.

Austere, fearsome.

So long as his actions were even a little suspicious, these proud knights, led by their King, would charge ruthlessly and trample him into mud.

The chill ran up his spine to the top of his skull, and the Marquis knelt down in fear, raising the wooden tray high:

“Chavos State is willing to be at His Majesty’s disposal!”

The King urged his horse forward, and he looked down at the heads of the rebel leaders on the wooden tray. The Marquis only felt his heart beating like a drum, and even though he had surrendered, he still only felt fear.

“Nail it to the city gate.”

The King pointed at the heads of the rebel leaders on the wooden tray with his whip, ordering coldly.

The Marquis only felt the weight in his hands lighten, and a soldier had already taken the heads away.

When the soldiers were nailing the heads to the city gate, a group of Iron Rose knights in full armor stepped out from the ranks and solemnly lined up on the road leading to the city gate. The Marquis retreated to the side and prostrated himself on the ground. When he looked up it was to see in shock, the Iron Rose Cavalry suddenly parting down the middle.

A total of eight knights in scarlet cloaks walked out of the ranks carrying a black coffin.

At this time, the world was barren and cold, but around the coffin, there was visibly a ring of fiery roses.

No one spoke, and the world was quiet and solemn.

The King dismounted from his horse, and walked alone to the coffin.

Those who carried the coffin were former subordinates of the Duke of Buckingham. They used to fight side by side with the Imperial Lion, and earlier they had knelt before the King and begged the King to entrust them with this task——they failed to accompany their former general in death, so they must now personally bring him into the territory of Legrand he had wanted to recover all his life.

The coffin was heavy and contained the soil from the place where the Duke of Buckingham was last buried.

The King reached out and touched the coffin, and it felt as if a scalding fire was passed from the coffin to his palm. He withdrew his hand and ordered:

“Enter the city!”

He took his uncle to step on the road to Bomari Castle.

The world was silent.

This was Bomari Castle. The former Duke of Buckingham followed William III on an expedition and once made it less than twenty miles away from it. This was the territory that the Duke of Buckingham wanted to take back all his life. He had guarded Legrand his entire life, fought for Legrand until his death, but had never been able to set foot here.

The King walks behind the coffin.

The lion of the empire, the Duke of Buckingham, surrounded by his soldiers, was the first to step onto the territory that the Rose family had lost for too long.

After the eight old knights stepped through the city gate, they slowly lowered the coffin and placed it on the grounds of Bomari Castle. They knelt down on one knee, raised their hands and clenched their fists to beat their hearts: “My lord, we have taken back Bomari!”

“We have taken back Bomari!”

They shouted.

They were sent by the Duke of Buckingham to assist the King in the King’s army, and lost the chance to accompany the old general in his final battle. They fought silently all the way, and fought bravely at the forefront of all battles. They wanted to fight for their general, and to realize the greatest wish of the Duke of Buckingham when he was alive.

This was February 1432.

On the tail end of the biting winter chill, the lion of the empire finally set foot on the territory he always longed to recover. The King’s left-wing army broke through Balboa’s royal city, and the heads of the rebel leaders were nailed high on the city gate. The flames of war ignited on the last day of the old year finally came to an end in the north.

Roses bloomed in the embers of the fire.

The King reached out and took a brand-new royal banner from the knights, and held it up high: “The glory of Legrand is eternal!”

This was Legrand.

Legrand that was unmatched anywhere in the world.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In this land where the dragon’s bones were buried, a family marked by roses had ruled for generations.

The long wind was fierce, blowing the tail of the flag and fluttering it violently.

“The glory of Legrand is eternal!”

The knights raised their swords high and shouted loudly in unison.

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