Source of Calamity CH 077 Breakup Part 1

It would take two months to treat Shen Yun’s leg, plus the recuperation period.

Of course, the money was paid by Shen Li. Shen Zhen deducted it from his salary, and now Shen Li was in negative equity.

“Are you coming back tonight?” After washing his hair, Shen Zhen wiped his hair with a towel, and stood on the balcony to call Qin Xing.

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Qin Xing said on the other line: “I will be slightly late, so don’t wait for me, go to bed early.”

Shen Zhen: “Okay.”

Though that was what he said, Shen Zhen still left the light on in the living room, took a book, and read for a while in the bedroom with the bedside lamp on.

Shen Zhen also lit the incense to help sleep. Don’t know where Qin Xing bought it but the sleep aid effect was first-rate. Shen Zhen had a bit of insomnia before. Now after lighting the incense and reading a book, it took less than half an hour for him to feel sleepy.

When he felt sleepy, Shen Zhen put the book on the bedside and tucked himself into the comforter to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Shen Zhen heard the slight sound of footsteps outside the door. He turned over and knew that it should be Qin Xing. Then he heard the sound of water, and knew that Qin Xing must be taking a shower.

Shen Zhen remained half asleep until someone hugged him together with the comforter.

Shen Zhen didn’t open his eyes, at the tip of his nose was the refreshing scent of shower gel, and he said softly, “Go to sleep, you’ve been busy until so late.”

Qin Xing didn’t speak, just slipped under the comforter as well.

As soon as Shen Zhen turned over, he hugged Qin Xing’s waist, with a leg even thrown over Qin Xing’s.

Qin Xing sighed leisurely in the dark.

When the sky became bright, Shen Zhen got up from the bed, opened the curtains, and let the sunlight penetrate into the room. He stretched and felt that the muscles and bones of his whole body were relaxed.

“Not sleeping anymore?” Qin Xing asked from the bed behind him.

Shen Zhen put on his clothes with his back to Qin Xing. Qin Xing got off the bed, stepped on the carpet with bare feet, and hugged Shen Zhen from behind.

Shen Zhen still maintained the posture of putting on his clothes: “I’m putting on clothes.”

Qin Xing: “I’ll help you.”

Shen Zhen’s ears were a little red, and they twitched again, causing Qin Xing to pinch an earlobe.

“It’s a little itchy.” Shen Zhen raised his hand to pull the other’s playful one away, but Qin Xing grabbed Shen Zhen’s wrist, and stroked his hand upwards along the wrist.

Shen Zhen finally understood what Qin Xing meant.

Shen Zhen suddenly asked, “Did you turn off the water in the bathroom?”

Qin Xing: “I did.”

Shen Zhen wanted to ask, then why can I still hear the sound of water, was it a hallucination?

But soon, he couldn’t think about anything, he just felt that he had turned into a piece of iron that needed to be forged, every inch surrounded by flames, and not a spot was left untouched.

When the hammer just started to come down slowly, the movement was very slow and soft, like the feeling of a feather falling on the body.

But slowly, the blacksmith seemed to lose his patience, and the hammer fell faster and faster, almost without stopping.

He wanted to call out, to tell the other to slow down, but he couldn’t speak, and could only turn into a puddle of water.

“Slow down,” he begged.

Sure enough, the speed of the hammer slowed down, and its movements became more gentle.

The blacksmith was still asking, “Still want it?”

He gritted his teeth and responded: “Yes!”

When he woke up again, it was already dark, and almost every corner of the house was tainted by them.

When Shen Zhen opened his eyes, Qin Xing’s face was still in his mind.

He still remembered Qin Xing’s expression when he was most excited, like an angry lion, completely lacking in his usual calmness and composure, his back muscles rippling, and his expression appearing ferocious.

Shen Zhen thought about it for a while, and felt a pain in the unspeakable place, so he stopped recalling immediately.

Qin Xing was not in the bedroom at the moment, so Shen Zhen touched himself, and found that what should be cleaned had been cleaned up. He put a bathrobe on and did not wear underwear, for fear of putting pressure on that sore spot. He walked in small steps, inching across the room step by step.

“You’re up?” Qin Xing’s voice came from the kitchen.

Shen Zhen was standing in the living room, he could only stand, he didn’t dare to sit——his butt hurt.

“I’m cooking porridge for you.” Qin Xing said, “Sit down for a while.”

Shen Zhen sat down on the sofa with difficulty, resisting the discomfort, and finally got used to it after a while. What Qin Xing cooked was mung bean porridge, and it was very thick. It was served with the pickled cabbage that Mama Zhang made before, and Shen Zhen quite liked it.

Just when Shen Zhen said he would clean up after eating, Qin Xing said: “You go to rest first.”

Shen Zhen sat on the sofa, and Qin Xing asked, “Want to drink water?”

“How about some fruit?”

Shen Zhen found that he seemed to have suddenly shrunk more than twenty years in age, becoming a baby, and was taken care of by Qin Xing meticulously. If he was not too big, maybe Qin Xing would even carry him to the toilet and help him go to the potty, causing him to not know whether to laugh or cry.

“It’s not too uncomfortable.” Shen Zhen said, “Your technique is pretty good. I didn’t feel much pain. When I first got up, I was just a little uncomfortable. It’s much better now, and you don’t have to be so careful…..”

Qin Xing asked solemnly: “Am I being very careful?”

Shen Zhen: “En, you are just short of helping me go to the potty.”

Qin Xing chuckled: “If you don’t refuse, that’s fine with me too.”

Shen Zhen waved his hand quickly: “No need, I’m not disabled.”

Qin Xing lowered his head and thought deeply, did this mean that there was no problem with what he did?

“This.” Qin Xing took out a small tube of ointment from the cabinet, “Use it before going to bed.”

Shen Zhen: “…..” It seemed that Qin Xing had planned everything for this day, and everything that should be prepared had been prepared.

Shen Zhen looked at the small tube of ointment and thought it was a hot potato. He felt embarrassed when he saw it, but he knew it was for his own good, so he could only reach out and take it.

“There are instructions on it.” Qin Xing said, “There are also disposable gloves and…..”

Shen Zhen quickly interrupted him: “I know, I will read it, thank you, don’t say any more!”

Qin Xing suppressed his smile: “Can you still go to the company tomorrow?”

Shen Zhen rubbed his waist: “It should be fine if the swelling subsides. If the swelling doesn’t subside, I’ll stay at home for another day.”

Qin Xing coughed lightly. Shen Zhen looked over and found that there was movement again.

Shen Zhen was shocked and almost blurted out——”Are you a donkey?!”

But he held back.

After the two of them had dinner, an entire day was wasted away. Shen Zhen looked at his watch and saw that it was already ten o’clock in the evening. He sat on the bed, leaning against the pillow, and talked about the recent events.

“Qin Yue never asked you for help?” Shen Zhen asked.

Qin Xing embraced Shen Zhen with one hand, and turned on the desk lamp with the other: “He won’t look for me at this time.”

Shen Zhen: “Why? His situation is already so miserable.”

Qin Xing said with a smile: “A person like Ah Yue, no matter how he handles matters, the things in his bones will not change. Even if he asks me for help, it will be on the basis of mutual benefit and reciprocity. Now he needs my help unilaterally. If I give him a hand, then to him it’s almost like giving alms.”

Shen Zhen said strangely: “I didn’t realize that he cared so much about face before.”

Qin Xing shook his head: “It’s always been there, you just don’t know him well enough.”

Shen Zhen felt a little strange when he heard this, but he didn’t think deeply about it, and just said, “That’s possible.”

Shen Zhen slept on his side, not daring to lie on his back, as it would be uncomfortable to lie flat. He closed his eyes, thinking while brewing drowsiness, although it was more pleasurable later on, this kind of thing seemed to take up too much time, having to rest two days after each time.

But if it was once a week on Friday night, and then just rest on Saturday and Sunday. This rhythm would be perfect.

Qin Xing lay flat, letting Shen Zhen’s leg rest on his lower abdomen.

Recently, Shen Zhen had become more and more dishonest when sleeping. He often rolled to the other side while sleeping, and liked to flail away the comforter.

Qin Xing would get up every night to straighten him and cover him with the comforter.

At the beginning, Shen Zhen didn’t have these problems when sleeping, it seemed that it was only during this period of time.

Qin Xing reached out and patted Shen Zhen on the back.

He felt that he had prepared quite well.

There was a relaxing environment.

Everything needed was there.

The foreplay also took a lot of time and the prep work was also done very carefully.

Qin Xing kissed Shen Zhen’s forehead before closing his eyes.

He was older than Shen Zhen, and he also hoped that he could always be relied on in Shen Zhen’s eyes. He would age earlier than Shen Zhen but before that, he hoped that Shen Zhen would live happily.

Even if one day they separated and Shen Zhen found someone more suited to him and left him, he also hoped that when Shen Zhen recalled this relationship, there would be a smile on his lips.

But he would never leave, even if Shen Zhen left first, he would still wait in place.

So long as Shen Zhen looked back, he would always be there.

Shen Zhen slept well. When he got up in the morning, the discomfort was completely gone. He looked up and saw that Qin Xing was still sleeping. Shen Zhen propped himself up on the bed with his palm, and nibbled at Qin Xing’s chin.

Qin Xing was woken up, and he lightly slapped Shen Zhen’s buttocks: “Not sleeping anymore? Do you still feel uncomfortable?”

Shen Zhen stood up energetically and stretched in the sun.

“I can go to the company by myself, how about you today?” Shen Zhen asked Qin Xing after getting dressed.

Qin Xing was putting on his trousers, his waist was lean and strong, and Shen Zhen’s gaze couldn’t help lingering. He only looked away after Qin Xing put on his shirt.

It’s okay, he could touch to his heart’s content at night, Shen Zhen thought to himself.

Qin Xing: “I’m going to the company too, and your company happens to be on the way, so I’ll drop you off?”

Shen Zhen said reservedly: “No need, I sold a piece of land last time and though I didn’t make much money, I already bought a car, and I’ll be picking it up today or tomorrow.”

He had been holding back this whole time, and finally found a chance to reveal this news.

Like a child who had scored well in an exam and couldn’t wait to show off to his parents.

Qin Xing said very cooperatively: “Xiao Zhen is so capable?”

Shen Zhen’s face was expressionless, but the slightly raised corners of his mouth revealed his good mood: “Not really, it’s just luck.”

Qin Xing chuckled lowly: “Then why don’t others have such luck?”

Shen Zhen also laughed, and said, “Actually, it’s almost as expected, but I’m not going to sell the bigger ones.”

Qin Xing nodded: “There is indeed no need to sell those few pieces.”

Shen Zhen: “I’ve talked with someone before about cooperating to develop a chain shopping plaza. The funds are already in place, and the planning is almost done. If we’re fast enough, we will be able to start operations at the beginning of next year.”

Qin Xing: “Tell me if you don’t have enough money.”

Shen Zhen was not courteous with him either: “I will.”

“By the way, I bought a Maybach.” When Shen Zhen left, he turned his head and smiled at Qin Xing, “Next time you go to the company, shall I take you there in my car?”

Qin Xing smiled and said, “Okay, will you be my driver?”

Only then did Shen Zhen just realize that he hadn’t touched the steering wheel for several years, so he was a little panicked.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Okay.” Shen Zhen agreed.

No big deal, he could just spend two hours a day practicing driving after getting off work.

After taking the driver’s license test, he never touched the steering wheel again, and all knowledge that should be returned to the trainer had already been returned to the trainer.

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