After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 085 Suspect

The ambulance stopped in front of the hospital building. Jiang Chen jumped out of the car and saw Shi Fengyue.

“Come with me.” Shi Fengyue’s voice was deep and cold: “I’ll help you treat your wounds.”

“I’m fine.” Jiang Chen quickly followed Yang Si who had been carried on to the mobile hospital bed, and turned to ask the nurse beside him, “Is the doctor in the emergency room here?”

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The nurse standing behind Shi Fengyue said: “Dr. Shi has already called the director of the obstetrics department, don’t worry, she will wait in the emergency room, your mother will be fine.”

Jiang Chen paused slightly: “Thank you.”

Shi Fengyue turned his head and ordered the nurse beside him before asking: “Apart from the hand, are there any other wounds?”


The nurse who got off the ambulance said, “Student, the glass shards in your palms have not been completely taken out on the ambulance. It is best to ask the doctor to help you deal with it now.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and thanked her: “I’ll go when my mother’s condition stabilizes.”

“Chen Chen, go and treat your wound, Mom is fine.” Yang Si looked at Shi Fengyue who was following Jiang Chen without saying a word, and smiled weakly: “Dr. Shi, my son will trouble you.”

Shi Fengyue looked sideways at Jiang Chen.

“Mom, I’m really fine.” Jiang Chen kept walking, “It’s just a surface injury, and it was almost completely treated in the ambulance just now.”

Yang Si put on a serious face: “Listen to Mom, you go and deal with the wound, otherwise Mom will worry.”

Jiang Chen insisted, “I want to accompany you.”

The nurse pushed Yang Si into the emergency room, turned her head and said, “Student, your hand is still bleeding, go and deal with it, we are going to have a physical examination for Auntie, and you can’t go in, it’s all the same when you come back after you’re done with it.”

The door of the emergency room was closed, and Jiang Chen breathed a sigh of relief. He leaned against the wall and only then felt the pain from the wound. He curled up his fingers, feeling the numbness and tingling. Before he had time to think about whether it was a scratch or a stab wound, the hand was lifted up.

At some point, Shi Fengyue got so close to him, so close that Jiang Chen could clearly feel his shallow breathing, and see clearly every one of his lowered eyelashes. And even see that when he spoke, his eyelashes would tremble like butterfly wings.

Shi Fengyue looked up at Jiang Chen: “How did you get this wound?”

“I accidentally pressed down on the shattered glass on the passenger seat.”

“What happened?”

Jiang Chen shook his head: “I don’t know right now.”

A nurse came over pushing the treatment cart, stopped beside Shi Fengyue, and said softly: “Dr. Shi, the treatment cart you want.”

Shi Fengyue nodded slightly, pulled Jiang Chen to sit down on a chair beside him, picked out the medicines that needed to be used, and said calmly: “What was the situation at that time.”

Thinking of what happened just now, Jiang Chen’s eyes turned cold, and he started to narrate what happened after walking out of the Li De.

“…..on the side of the car was a concrete traffic blocking post, which happened to be in his blind spot. I avoided the angle of impact behind the traffic blocking post, and when he was careless, I went around and opened the passenger door…..that person is likely not a professional killer. I am guessing he may be a fugitive suspect. He may have done similar things before. He did not hesitate to kill, but he was very flustered when he realized that he might be caught. His mental fortitude is not like that of a professional killer. Later, when he escaped, it seemed to be more out of panic, and the police should be able to catch him soon.”

Long before Jiang Chen arrived at the hospital, Li Nanfeng had already told Shi Fengyue everything he knew by phone, but he was not at the scene after all, and what others said was only a half of the story, so what he told Shi Fengyue was also very vague. Now knowing the danger and close calls of the whole event, Shi Fengyue’s eyes became icy cold.

He took out the last piece of glass shard, and said in a cold tone, “Do you have any suspects?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen said lightly, “But not sure.”

Shi Fengyue put down the tweezers, re-sterilized and applied medicine to him, “Is it related to He Qianjian?”

Jiang Chen nodded slightly, raised his eyes and was about to speak when he saw Jiang Zhuo’s staggering figure. He immediately stood up and ran over to support Jiang Zhuo: “Dad!”

“How is your mother! What happened?” Jiang Zhuo supported the wall with one hand, and held Jiang Chen’s arm tightly with the other. After asking, he saw the wound on Jiang Chen’s hand, and his tone changed: “What happened to your hand? How come you also got hurt?”

“Dad, I’m fine. The wound has been treated, and Mom will come out soon.” Seeing that Jiang Zhuo was leaning on the wall and unable to stand, Jiang Chen glanced at Shi Fengyue, supported Jiang Zhuo and said, “Let’s sit down first. Is your leg okay?”

Shi Fengyue walked to Jiang Zhuo’s side, checked his legs, got up and said, “It’s nothing, try to rest as much as possible during this period, and reduce the movement of your legs.”

Jiang Chen felt relieved. At this moment, the door of the emergency room opened and the doctor came out.

Shi Fengyue: “How is it?”

“The pregnant patient and the baby are both fine, just a little frightened, but for the sake of being sure, I still suggest that the pregnant patient take a good rest during this period, and it is also best to stay in the hospital for observation for a week.”

Only then did Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhuo breathe out a sigh of relief. Yang Si was rolled out, and the father and son hurried up to meet her.

“Student, are you the boy who was chased by the van just now?”

Two policemen walked up to Jiang Chen and stopped him.

“I am.”

“Do you have any time to talk to us?”

Jiang Chen nodded: “Please wait a minute.”

Jiang Chen let Yang Si and Jiang Zhuo know, and Shi Fengyue said: “I’ll go through the procedures for Auntie’s hospitalization later, and then you can come directly to the ward.”

Jiang Chen thanked him and left with the police.

Shi Fengyue helped complete the hospitalization procedures and arranged a secluded single ward for Yang Si. He didn’t leave until Jiang Chen returned after the police questioned him.

“I’m fine, and the baby is fine, don’t worry.” Yang Si lay on the hospital bed, looking at the worried faces of the father and son pair, and wanted to smile to comfort them. But thinking of the previous danger, she couldn’t help worrying: “Old Jiang, call your son’s school later to ask for leave, it’s better he doesn’t go to school these few days, I’m worried.”

Jiang Zhuo had just learned what happened from the talk between Jiang Chen and the police, and he agreed with his wife’s concerns: “I’ll call the school immediately.”

Seeing that Jiang Zhuo took out his cell phone, Jiang Chen didn’t stop him. He also hoped to stay by Yang Si and Jiang Zhuo’s side these few days, and he could only rest assured when he was sure that there was nothing wrong with their health. Moreover, he needed time to find out what happened today.

“Today is Chen Chen’s eighteenth birthday…..” Yang Si smiled wryly, “I didn’t expect it to go like this…..”

“The safety of you and our son is the most important thing.” Jiang Zhuo hung up the call and comforted his wife, “I’ll go buy a cake later, and we can still celebrate.”

Jiang Chen put down his phone, and said with a smile: “Shen Xu and Huo Bo will come over later, let them bring it over. There is also lunch at noon, it’s just a pity that Dad made a table of dishes back at home.”

Jiang Zhuo nodded: “That’s indeed a pity. I tasted the dishes I made, and they are much more delicious than your mother’s cooking.”

“Really?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and smiled: “From now on, Dad will cook for our family, right?”

“Won’t I be stealing your mother’s fun by taking over the cooking?” Jiang Zhuo coughed, shook his head and said, “Your mother’s favorite thing is to cook for us, I dare not fight her over it.”

Knowing that her son and husband were intentionally joking to make her happy, Yang Si felt less worried, and said with a smile, “Who said I love cooking the most? When did I say that?”

“When we first got married.” Jiang Zhuo blinked: “You also said that seeing me finish eating the dishes you make is very satisfying. Apart from my handsome looks, the biggest reason for marrying me is because I enjoy your cooking, I still remember this.”

“I never said that!” Yang Si chided, “You’re just making things up.”

“How am I…..”

Knock, knock, knock.

Jiang Zhuo paused, then turned his head to look at the door. Jiang Chen stood up, “I’ll open it.”

Seeing the people outside the door, Jiang Chen was startled, and his eyes fell on the hospital gown that Yang Yun was wearing: “Uncle He, Aunt Yang, why are you here?”

“I heard that your…..parents are hospitalized.” He Yanfeng glanced him over, and he was relieved after making sure that he was fine, and his voice softened a bit: “We came to have a look.”

Yang Yun saw Jiang Chen’s bandaged hand at a glance. Her already pale face turned paler, and her eyes also reddened. In a trembling voice she asked: “Xiao Chen, are you seriously injured? Besides your hand, where else are you injured?”

“I only hurt my hand, it’s not serious.” Jiang Chen pursed his lips and said, “Aunt Yang, what about you?”

Yang Yun smiled, shook her head and said, “Auntie is fine, it’s just…..”

Halfway through the conversation, Jiang Zhuo’s voice came: “Chen Chen, who is it? Why don’t they come in?”

Jiang Chen paused. He opened the door, stepped aside and said, “Uncle He, Aunt Yang, please come in.”

Yang Yun turned to look at He Yanfeng, who held her shoulders tightly and led her into the ward.

Seeing He Yanfeng and Yang Yun, Yang Si sat up a little and asked Jiang Chen, “This is…..?”

“They are Qian Min’s parents.” Jiang Chen walked a few steps over quickly, helped Yang Si raise the bed, and put the pillow behind her. He said in a warm voice, “They came to see you.”

“Qian Min’s parents.” Yang Si smiled and said, “Thank you for coming to see me.”

Yang Yun looked at Yang Si holding Jiang Chen’s hand, concealed the disappointment in her eyes, and smiled softly: “It’s something we should do.”

Jiang Zhuo got up and moved two chairs over: “Have a seat.”

“Thank you.” He Yanfeng observed the Jiang family’s relationship subtly: “I heard that you are pregnant, are you well?”

“My baby and I are both fine.” Yang Si said with a smile, “Thank you for your concern.”

“You don’t need to be so polite.” Yang Yun paused when her eyes fell on the soft smile in Jiang Chen’s eyes, and looked away at Yang Si, before gently instructing: “You should take good care of your baby now, and you should pay more attention when you are pregnant at this age. But after a few months when the baby is born it should be better. You should be about five months pregnant now, am I right.”

Yang Si rubbed her belly, smiled softly, and said, “Yes, after another five months, I will be able to get rid of this little burden.”

He Yanfeng glanced at the slightly raised quilt, and said politely and gently: “If I may ask, I would like to know, why did you decide on having a second child at this age?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“It’s fine.” Yang Si glanced at Jiang Chen tenderly, then turned to He Yanfeng and Yang Yun and said, “We originally only planned to have Chen Chen, but Chen Chen always wanted a younger brother or sister since he was a child. I just thought it was a child’s joke, but who knew that he suddenly brought up this matter again some time ago. I discussed it with old Jiang, and I thought it would be good to have another child, so our new addition to the family came naturally.”

He Yanfeng’s eyes flickered slightly, and he turned to look at Jiang Chen: “Why did you want younger siblings all of a sudden?”

“I’ve always wanted younger siblings since I was a child.” Jiang Chen said with a slight smile, “It’s not a sudden whim.”

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