After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 086 Truth

Returning home from the hospital, He Yanfeng and Yang Yun were thoughtful and dazed, silent all the way.

He Qianyu was sitting on the shoe-changing stool in the entrance, reading a book. Just when she was about to turn a page, she heard movement outside the door. She immediately got up and opened the door: “Mom! You’re back!”

He Yanfeng hugged He Qianyu: “How do you know we’re back?”

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“I heard you.” He Qianyu turned her head and saw Yang Yun’s pale face. She jumped out of He Yanfeng’s arms, held her hand with her own soft little hand, raised her head and asked, “Mom, what’s wrong, you haven’t said a word.”

Yang Yun came back to her senses and gently rubbed her daughter’s hair: “Mom is fine, just a little tired.”

He Qianyu took her hand and walked inside: “Then go upstairs and rest, I will bring you some fruit to eat later.”

A smile floated on Yang Yun’s face, and she let He Qianyu pull her in. But after a short walk, the smile on her face faded again. The living room was decorated grandly, but it seemed empty because there was no one there. She paused and asked, “Where’s your Brother Qian Jian? Didn’t he say that he invited friends to celebrate at home?”

He Qianyu: “When it was noon, Eldest Brother answered a call and went out. His friends also left together.”

“Noon?” Yang Yun: “Have you had lunch?”

“I ate, I ate the cake.” He Qianyu was very curious: “Mom, where did you and Dad go this morning? Today is Eldest Brother’s birthday. How come you didn’t accompany him.”

Yang Yun was slightly taken aback.

Yesterday, she and He Yanfeng arrived at Yan No. 1 High School at five o’clock in the afternoon. They had been nervous all day and night, just waiting to see Jiang Chen and tell him his brith experience in the agreed way. However, it wasn’t until half an hour after school ended that they learned from Jiang Chen’s classmates that after being called to the principal’s office during the fourth period in the morning, Jiang Chen left with Professor Xiang and a few people in military uniforms.

At that time, she didn’t know the situation, and she was worried and anxious, so she asked her husband to contact Xiang Hong immediately, hoping to get news from him about old Mr. Xiang and Jiang Chen. However, Xiang Hong was sent to another city for a conference yesterday, and he couldn’t get in touch with old Mr. Xiang at all. Even after calling home and asking Ms. Xiang, she didn’t know where the old man had gone either, let alone why he came to see Jiang Chen.

It wasn’t until eight o’clock in the evening that they learned from He Yanjun that Jiang Chen had gone to the 17th Research Institute of the Military Department and was safely sent home five minutes ago.

Therefore, they could only go home first.

If the original plan had been followed, today they would accompany He Qianjian to celebrate his birthday in the morning, tell him about his birth experience, and then take him to the Jiang’s together, allowing the two boys to return to their true family.

However, the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes, and Jiang Chen was not at school, so they could only delay telling Jiang Chen and He Qianjian about the truth, and give He Qianjian a full birthday first.

Unexpectedly, this morning her husband had to go to the company on an urgent matter so he could not celebrate He Qianjian’s birthday with him, and she also received a call from the hotel that was supposed to hold a banquet for He Qianjian, telling her that they had found a gift box——it was the birthday present she specially prepared for He Qianjian.

The driver took her to the hotel, and when she passed by Chengyang Square on her way home, she suddenly remembered that her husband had said that Jiang Chen and Li De had business corporations, and it seemed that he would go to Li De every Sunday. Before she realized it, she had already asked the driver to park the car.

A few minutes later, Jiang Chen came out of the Li De Building. At that time, she was still happily thinking that this might be the connection between mother and child. However, before she had time to get out of the car to say hello, she witnessed a scene that terrified her.

Yang Yun didn’t want to recall the scene at all. She wanted to twitch the corners of her mouth into a smile but found it difficult. Avoiding her daughter’s gaze, she said softly: “Mom originally wanted to accompany your Brother Qianjl Jian to celebrate his birthday, but on the way, because of a very important person, I was delayed.”

“More important than Eldest Brother?” He Qianyu was puzzled: “Eldest Brother didn’t seem happy at all this morning. I only wished him happy birthday, and I didn’t even get to give him a gift, because he looked quite scary when angry.”

Yang Yun was in a daze, and He Yanfeng caught a glimpse of his wife’s expression from the corner of his eye. He sighed inwardly, raised his voice and pretended to be surprised: “He lost his temper with you?”

“No.” He Qianyu shook her little head, and thinking of something, she wrinkled her nose: “But I have seen Eldest Brother lose his temper.”

He Yanfeng asked, “Recently?”


Originally, He Yanfeng was just asking casually, trying to distract his wife’s attention, but now He Qianyu’s repeated hesitation made him really curious.

He Yanfeng: “When was it?”

He Qianyu thought for a while, then stood on tiptoe and whispered in He Yanfeng’s ear, “It was the time when Eldest Brother and Brother Jiang Chen were in a fight.”

He Yanfeng’s eyes flickered slightly: “When did it happen?”

“Well——” He Qianyu tilted her head and recalled: “During the summer vacation, Eldest Brother was injured at that time and Uncle Xiang helped him treat the wound.”

“Summer vacation…..” He Yanfeng was thoughtful.

Yang Yun asked curiously, “What are you two talking about?”

He Qianyu stood on tiptoe again and whispered in Yang Yun’s ear.

“Qian Jian and Jiang Chen were in a fight?” Yang Yun asked in surprise, “Why? How do you know?”

“I saw it.” He Qianyu pouted, “Eldest Brother lied when he came back, he said that Brother Jiang Chen beat him up, but in fact he attacked Brother Jiang Chen first, and I also saw him holding a stone and wanting to pull a sneak attack on Brother Jiang Chen…..I saw everything, but when he came back, he said that Brother Jiang Chen hit him first, and he was lying.”

Yang Yun was stunned for a moment, and connected her daughter’s abnormal behavior of getting closer to her youngest son to this point in time, and suddenly said: “So during that time, you suddenly didn’t like to cling to your Brother Qian Jian, it was because of this reason.”

He Qianyu nodded, and said righteously: “That’s right, Eldest Brother lied, and Second Brother said that he lied before…..” She raised her head, and with her little hands behind her back, she said earnestly: “Mom and Dad, I think you should apologize to Second Brother because it’s hard to be misunderstood. You guys have been misunderstanding him all the time, so Second Brother must be very sad. I also misunderstood him before, but I have already apologized, and Second Brother forgave me, so you should apologize to Second Brother He will definitely forgive you, and after he forgives you, he will come home.”

“When did you apologize to him?”

“After Eldest Brother’s fight.” He Qianyu pursed her lips, and the tip of her nose suddenly stung a bit: “I said sorry to Second Brother, he looked so sad, but he still told me it was okay. That’s when I realized that Second Brother is like Brother Jiang Chen, he is a very, very gentle older brother. But why won’t he come back home, is it because he doesn’t want me anymore, I miss him so much…..”

Yang Yun coaxed softly: “How could your second brother not want you, he is your own older brother, and he will never not want you.”

He Yanfeng also touched his daughter’s face comfortingly, and said, “Can you tell Dad, what did you and your second brother talk about at that time?”

He Qianyu thought for a while, and recalled a little bit: “I said that Eldest Brother’s sneak attack is just following “everything goes in war”. But Second Brother said that Eldest Brother is a ‘treacherous villain’ and ‘exposing his nature’. Then I asked Second Brother if he had treated him like this before, and that’s why he hates Eldest Brother so much. Second Brother didn’t answer me, but he looked so sad…..” He Qianyu sniffed, and looked at Yang Yun: “Mom, I didn’t know until then that when people are very sad, they will not shed tears, but everyone who sees him will know that he is very sad. At that time…..Second Brother obviously didn’t say anything, but I could feel that he was really very sad. And even though he was so sad, he still told me it was okay.”

Yang Yun’s heart seemed to be clenched by something. She couldn’t imagine the scene her daughter just described, but just listening to her daughter’s description and seeing her daughter’s sad expression for her youngest son, she felt so guilty and distressed that she couldn’t breathe.

For so many years, she always thought that she had done her best as a mother, but she didn’t know until today that she didn’t understand her children at all. Whether it was her eldest son who was switched at birth or her younger son who she thought was a bit willful, and towards even her only daughter, before today, she never thought that she could say such a thing.

“Mom…..” He Qianyu hugged Yang Yun’s waist, raised her head and said, “Don’t be sad, Second Brother is very soft-hearted, he forgave me as soon as I cried a bit, so after you and Dad apologize to him, he will be quick to forgive you too.”

As she said that, she turned her head to look at He Yanfeng, and confirmed: “Dad, you will apologize to Second Brother, right?”

“Of course.” He Yanfeng concealed the emotions in his eyes, rubbed his little daughter’s head, and said with a smile: “Dad said before, if you do something wrong, you have to apologize. You and your brother did a good job, and Dad and Mom must also do the same.”

“So Second Brother will come home soon!” He Qianyu said happily: “He seems to be with Brother Jiang Chen all the time recently, let’s invite Brother Jiang Chen to play over at home too! If we only play for a day… won’t delay Brother Jiang Chen’s studies….”

He Yanfeng and Yang Yun looked at each other. Yang Yun shook her head gently, He Yanfeng rubbed He Qianyu’s head and said, “Dad promises that your second brother will definitely come back home next week, but Mom and Dad still have something to discuss, so you go play by yourself for a while, okay?”

He Yanfeng and Yang Yun returned to their room.

“You should rest for a while.” He Yanfeng helped Yang Yun to sit on the bed.

“My mind is in a mess now, and I can’t sleep at all.” Yang Yun turned to look at He Yanfeng: “I don’t understand Qian Jian more and more now. When we came back yesterday, I thought he would question us about the cancellation of the party, but he didn’t say anything, and what Qian Yu said today…..I really don’t know whether we have misunderstood Qian Min or we just don’t understand Qian Jian…..”

He Yanfeng was silent for a moment, then got up and said, “I want to show you something.”

Not long after, He Yanfeng came in with a laptop, put it in front of Yang Yun, opened a folder, and clicked on the video inside.

“What’s this?” Yang Yun asked, moving her eyes to the screen, and within a few seconds, she saw a familiar figure: “That is…..Qian Min? Next to him are Yun Long and the others…..where is this?”

“I’ve been hesitating for a long time whether I should show you this video.” He Yanfeng said slowly: “I once thought about showing it to you after the investigation into the matter became clearer, but with the current situation…..I think it is best to let you know.”

“What——” Yang Yun’s voice stopped abruptly, and after a few seconds, her voice trembled: “What is this?”

“This is the truth about the last time Qian Min came back with bandages on his hand.”

When the video was replayed, Yang Yun looked away. Her eyes were red, but her face was as white as paper.

She trembled and said, “How could the cup over there turn into a knife… this real?”

He Yanfeng put his hand on his wife comfortingly, but his tone was very sure: “It’s real.”

“So, what Qian Min said before may very well be true.” He Yanfeng sighed deeply, and pulled Yang Yun into his arms: “We really misunderstood him.”

“Qian Min said…..those were all done by Qian Jian… it true?”

He Yanfeng shook his head: “I’m still investigating this matter.”

Having been married for so many years, Yang Yun knew very well what He Yanfeng meant by saying that.

Thinking of what her daughter said just now, and thinking of He Qianmin crying and asking her why she refused to believe him, Yang Yun’s breathing became stagnant, tears fell like broken beads, and she covered her face, “It’s me who wronged Qian Min…..”

“No one could have thought of such a thing…..” He Yanfeng comforted softly: “It’s not your fault.”

Yang Yun buried her face in her knees: “Xiao Chen, Qian Jian, Qian Min…..for the first time, I feel that I am such a failure as a mother. It’s like I don’t know anything, I can’t do anything well, and everything has gone wrong…..”

He Yanfeng sat down beside Yang Yun, hugged her and said in a low voice: “Don’t be sad, we still have the opportunity and time to get to know them and make up for the mistakes we made before, don’t we?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yang Yun raised her head and laughed at herself: “How can I make up for it? My own son was switched at birth, but I have never found out in the past eighteen years. My own son has been showing up in front of my eyes for half a year, but I need an outsider to tell me the truth…..I have always known the conflict between Qian Jian and Qian Min but I pretentiously thought the best way to resolve this matter was to brush it off, and I didn’t know how much Qian Min suffered because of it. I thought Qian Min had a bad temper and Qian Jian was gentle and sensible, but gradually I found that the truth may be completely opposite to what I thought…..”

“I never understood my kids, as a mother, am I really not a failure?”

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