Source of Calamity CH 079 Nauseating Part 2

Feng Anyan was talking to Shen Zhen about the project that Shen Zhen invested in him, and just when he was talking enthusiastically, he saw Su Shiqing walking towards him, and his expression changed.

After all, he was still chasing Chu Haoyi, but Chu Haoyi still had Su Shiqing in his heart.

If he quibbled with Su Shiqing, it would make him seem like the bully, after all, his status was very different from Su Shiqing’s.

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But if he didn’t quibble with Su Shiqing, he still had anger in his heart, and he couldn’t pass that hurdle.

“What is he doing here?” Feng Anyan asked in a low voice.

In order to cooperate with him, Shen Zhen also replied in a low voice: “Maybe he wants to ask you for a role.”

Feng Anyan’s face turned dark: “In his dreams, if he became popular, I would be the one having a headache.”

If Su Shiqing became popular, wouldn’t he be seen everywhere, and it would be even more difficult for Chu Haoyi to forget him, it would basically be an impossible task.

Su Shiqing originally came over in fear, and when he saw Feng Anyan’s expression, he wanted nothing more than to retreat.

But as soon as he turned back around, his lies would be revealed, so he could only bite the bullet and walk over.

“Mr. Feng…..Xiao Zhen.” Su Shiqing stood in front of Feng Anyan and Shen Zhen, and said in a low voice, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, how are you doing recently?”

“No need to bother Mr. Su.” Feng Anyan said with a smile, “My days are quite comfortable without you.”

Su Shiqing’s eyes reddened again.

Feng Anyan’s expression was serious: “Don’t cry, I don’t fall for this trick, and I’m not Chu Haoyi or Qin Yue.”

When Su Shiqing heard the names Chu Haoyi and Qin Yue, tears came down.

Both say they love him.

But Qin Yue treated him badly and yelled at him every day. And Chu Haoyi didn’t come to him after so long, so he must have forgotten him as well.

There was originally still Liu Huan…..but…..

Su Shiqing thought about two months ago, when he moved into the house Liu Huan had prepared for him, fully thinking that Liu Huan would treat him well.

He still remembered that in the first week after moving, Liu Huan would visit him every day and give him some gifts, diamond buttons, limited edition watches, designer bags and other luxuries. And Liu Huan was very gentlemanly, never saying or doing anything that crossed the line.

This instead gave Su Shiqing a feeling that he was cherished and deeply loved.

Originally, he could still refuse with restraint, and said to Liu Huan: “Mr. Liu, I really can’t accept your kindness. Although I broke up with Ah Yue, I still think about him. I can’t start a new relationship right away. That is not responsible to me, nor to you.”

Liu Huan looked at Su Shiqing seriously with an affectionate face: “But you can’t sentence me to death, Qin Yue missed out on you, do you have the heart to miss out on me?”

Of course Su Shiqing couldn’t bear to miss out on Liu Huan.

Liu Huan was more mature than Qin Yue, knew when to advance and retreat better than Qin Yue, and was more gentle and romantic than Qin Yue.

He was also more sweet-talking than Qin Yue.

No matter how he looked at it, Liu Huan was better than Qin Yue, not only a little better, but much better.

Su Shiqing fell for the other naturally. While saying that he still thought of Qin Yue, he involuntarily became more and more intimate with Liu Huan.

He would look forward to Liu Huan’s visits every day, and he would also look forward to what surprise presents Liu Huan would bring him.

Even Su Yuan said to Su Shiqing: “I think Xiao Liu is very good. If you are with him, it will be much better than being with Qin Yue. I don’t have a good impression of Qin Yue. When we lived at Qin Yue’s place, when has he ever given me a good face? Or know to treat me as his elder?”

Ge Lan also chimed in: “I think so too, Shi Qing, what do you think?”

Su Shiqing stood in front of his parents with a blushing face, and nodded shyly.

So that night, when Liu Huan came to see him again, Su Shiqing pulled Liu Huan aside and offered to have Liu Huan stay the night.

Liu Huan asked in confusion, “In the guest room?”

Su Shiqing didn’t dare to look into Liu Huan’s eyes, and whispered, “The bed in my room can sleep two people.”

Liu Huan: “…..You mean, I’ll sleep with you tonight?”

Su Shiqing took Liu Huan’s hand: “Didn’t you keep asking me what I thought? I’ve already thought about it, and I’m ready to start a new life with you. Don’t worry, I’ve really forgotten Qin Yue, I am completely ready to be with you.”

“You don’t have to worry about Qin Yue being a problem. I will solve it. I will tell him that in this world, only feelings cannot be forced. Since I have made up my mind to separate from him, I will never change my mind.”

Liu Huan just looked at Su Shiqing seriously at that time, and asked again: “Are you sure?”

Su Shiqing nodded vigorously: “I’m sure!”

Liu Huan asked him, “It’s only been a month since you moved here.”

Su Shiqing looked at Liu Huan with embarrassment: “Sometimes it just takes a moment for the heart to be touched, you know that.”

Liu Huan: “…..Mr. Su, I didn’t expect you to switch your affections to another so quickly.”

Su Shiqing was dumbfounded at the time: “What do you mean?”

Liu Huan sighed: “I thought you could last a little longer.”

Su Shiqing: “…..”

Liu Huan: “I didn’t mean to play with your feelings on purpose, I do have good feelings towards you, but I can’t help but wonder if one day the two of us quarrel, will you also switch your affectuons to another within a month? “

Su Shiqing quickly said: “But, but you are different from others!”

Liu Huan sighed: “You used to think that Qin Yue was different from others, didn’t you?”

Su Shiqing looked at Liu Huan, as if he couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Liu Huan: “I don’t think we are suitable, I need a loyal lover.”

“How about this, you can continue to live in this house, and the rent is still as negotiated before, 600 a month is fine, but you have to figure out living expenses on your own. If you want to go back to Qin Yue, I won’t stop you either.”

It wasn’t until Liu Huan left that Su Shiqing realized what had happened.

He didn’t know what changed. Didn’t Liu Huan always like him very much, spending so much time and energy, and even so much money on pursuing him?

It was only once Liu Huan left that Su Shiqing realized that he had no money, and he couldn’t sell the things Liu Huan gave him. When he left Qin Yue, he didn’t have any luxury items on him, but now that he had them, of course he wouldn’t sell them.

It just so happened that he saw the news that the entertainment company was recruiting, so he went, and he was lucky.

It was only later that he found out that the boss of the company was Feng Anyan.

The contract had already been signed, and the penalty for breaking the contract was sky-high, so he could only stay.

At this moment, looking at Feng Anyan, Shen Zhen, and Liu Huan who were socializing not far away, Su Shiqing finally couldn’t help crying, and said while crying: “Why am I so miserable? Xiao Zhen doesn’t like me, Qin Yue treats me worse and worse, Hao Yi doesn’t come to see me, everyone bullies me, the whole world doesn’t like me, what did I do wrong?”

Su Shiqing looked at Shen Zhen, and he asked Shen Zhen: “Xiao Zhen, I returned Qin Yue to you, why are you still so cold to me? Why are you so hard-hearted and unfeeling?”

Shen Zhen had no expression on his face. After he changed his hairstyle, when he was expressionless, he gave off the feeling of contempt to others. Now when looking down at Su Shiqing from above, the feeling was even stronger, and not just contempt but even loathing.

Feng Anyan said impatiently: “Why are you crying? What a mood-killer.”

The people around were also attracted by Su Shiqing’s crying.

“What happened?”

“Who is crying?”

“I don’t know him, is he a little star?”

“Can a little star be that courageous? Crying in front of Young Master Feng and CEO Shen?”

Feng Anyan: “I told you not to cry, where’s your manager?”

When bringing the artists under them, the manager would also be present, but they were just not among the guests outside.

Feng Anyan shouted into the villa: “Where are the managers who brought the artists here?”

A group of people upstairs responded: “Young Master Feng, over here.”

Feng Anyan was furious: “Get out here now!”

Sure enough, the group of people quickly went downstairs and appeared in front of Feng Anyan.

These managers were not particularly important figures in the company. The top tier agents were in charge of famous artists, so it was naturally impossible to bring such artists to this kind of occasion.

“Who is responsible for this person?” Feng Anyan pointed to Su Shiqing who was squatting on the ground and asked.

A long-haired woman walked out of the crowd. She was wearing a short black skirt and her hair was not tied up. She looked very neat and professional. When she saw Su Shiqing crying, she knew the situation had become messy.

What kind of occasion was this, as if they needed such a mood-killer?

She quickly pulled Su Shiqing up from the ground with a lot of force. Su Shiqing’s strength was not as strong as hers, so he could only be pulled up passively by her. She also pressed Su Shiqing’s head and bowed to Feng Anyan together: “Young Master Feng, I didn’t look at him carefully, it is my fault, I will take him away immediately.”

Feng Anyan said to the people around him, “Go ahead and continue, I’ll take care of the company’s internal affairs.”

The people around also smiled, and then scattered away.

Feng Anyan asked her: “How many years has he signed?”

The agent said, “Seven years.”

Feng Anyan: “What did he sign? An idol group?”

The agent nodded quickly: “Yes.”

Feng Anyan asked: “Is there someone named Jefferson in the group?”

The manager was a little confused, and she didn’t know why Feng Anyan noticed this small idol group. Could it be that someone in the group caught his eye? But she still replied, “Yes.”

Feng Anyan: “Okay, come to my office tomorrow to find me.”

Then he said: “As for this person, don’t let him appear in front of my eyes in the future, and don’t let him appear on TV or the Internet.”

This was basically giving up on him.

Although she didn’t know what was going on, the manager still nodded, but also asked, “What about the others?”

After all, it was a group, if one was given up it was not a big loss, but if all of them were given up it was really a bit of a loss.

Feng Anyan asked: “How many people are there in the group?”

The agent thought to herself, didn’t I just say that? But still replied: “Seven.”

Feng Anyan: “With one less, there’s six, the number six symbolizes smooth-sailing, the meaning is not bad.”

Su Shiqing’s eyes widened as he listened to their words, his lips trembling.

What did this mean? Didn’t this mean that he lost his chance to debut?

Seven years, wasted just like that?

Even if he sold everything Liu Huan gave him, he still couldn’t afford the contract penalty.

Although those things were all luxury goods, their second-hand prices were not high at all, and even if they were all sold, it would not be enough to make up a million.

The contract penalty was more than just one million yuan.

Su Shiqing: “Mr. Feng! Mr. Feng! Don’t treat me like this! Give me a chance! Don’t you have a very good relationship with Xiao Zhen? I have a very good relationship with Xiao Zhen too!”

He looked at Shen Zhen as if grasping at a straw, and said pleadingly: “Xiao Zhen, please help me, please, please help me! You will also feel sympathy when you see me in such a miserable state right?”

Feng Anyan sneered and said, “Mr. Su, I think you misunderstood one thing. You don’t seem to have any qualifications to call CEO Shen ‘Xiao Zhen’ now?”

Su Shiqing was shedding tears, like a pitiful little white flower swaying in the wind.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Zhen looked at Su Shiqing, he looked at Su Shiqing’s tears, and the deep pleading in his eyes, and he couldn’t help but wonder if he had the same expression when he was desperately begging Qin Yue in his previous life?

“Mr. Su.” Shen Zhen said, “Don’t beg me.”

Su Shiqing looked at Shen Zhen in a daze.

Shen Zhen smiled, maliciously and mockingly: “I find it nauseating.”

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