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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 012 Cooking And Behaving With Integrity

Tao Mu’s afternoon scene was a scene where the male protagonist sneaked into the demonic sect with a mask hiding his identity, but was discovered by Mu Huating, who played the leader of the demonic sect, and the two preceded to fight each other. Because the face of the male number three was to be photographed in this scene, in order to strive for the best shooting effect, the crew’s intention was to have Mu Huating personally fight him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mu Huating argued all morning but failed to get director Chen to agree to his request for a stand-in. When wearing the wire suit, his expression looked ugly, as if he had constipation. He looked at Tao Mu nervously, for fear that he would use the scene to beat him up and take revenge for earlier.

As a result, during the filming, whenever Tao Mu made a piercing action with a sword, Mu Huating would definitely scurry backwards like a rabbit, and even the camera could only manage to capture an afterimage at the speed he moved. There was none of the proud arrogance and intimidating presence that the demonic sect leader should have.

——Being timid to this extent, how could this scene be filmed?

Chen Yiqian couldn’t endure it anymore. After yelling “cut” eight times in a row, he held a loudspeaker and shouted, “Mu Huating, are you here to make a comedy drama?”

Mu Huating was both fearful and aggrieved, yelling: “Don’t blame me. Tao Mu deliberately scared me.”

Tao Mu stood in place with no expression on his face.

The whole crew had their arms crossed, eyes rolling in exasperation. Did he take them all for the blind? Tao Mu obviously didn’t do anything. It could be seen that Mu Huating not only had a bad character, but also had a terrible habit of pushing blame onto others.

Mu Huating, who was questioned by the entire crew, felt quite aggrieved. He insisted that Tao Mu had malicious intentions, and would definitely take the chance to beat him up while filming. If he hadn’t run fast every time, he would have already been beaten to the ground by Tao Mu at this moment.

Chen Yiqian could no longer put up with Mu Huating’s wild fantasies. In order not to delay the shooting process, he finally pinched his nose and agreed to Mu Huating’s request to use a stand-in.

Mu Huating breathed a sigh of relief and took off his wire suit as quickly as possible. He stared at Tao Mu and raised his chin to demonstrate. His face was full of arrogance, as if to say “what can you do to me now?”

Da Mao and Xiao Pang, who were playing the roles of demonic sect cannon fodders, were so angry they itched to pull a sackcloth over Mu Huating in a small alley and beat him up immediately.

Tao Mu stood with a sword in hand and without any expression on his face. He didn’t even spare Mu Huating a look.

The body double who became Mu Huating’s stand-in was a martial artist actor from Gou Rixin’s team, named Da Luo. They even had a drink together last night. After seeing Tao Mu, he lowered his voice and voiced his outrage on behalf of Tao Mu: “……You are too honest. If it was me, I would have definitely taken this opportunity to beat him severely. Let’s see if he’ll splash dirty water on others again……”

“It’s not necessary.” Tao Mu replied mildly. When a person was bitten by a dog, it wasn’t as if he could bite back. If he really did that, then how different was he from the idiot Mu Huating? Besides, there were so many people watching on the set, even if he wanted to secretly land some hits, how much could he even injure Mu Huating?

Since he was too lazy to even bother pulling a sackcloth over the other’s head, naturally he wouldn’t do something that would leave a weakness in the sight of others——he just casually amped up his film emperor-level acting skills against Mu Huating during the scene, substituting the emotions of the perverted murderers he played in his previous life into the emotions he displayed during the scene. The feeling it gave when his eyes stared at Mu Huating was like that of a butcher looking at a slab of pork on a cutting board. Sure enough, Mu Huating couldn’t help but become frightened, scaring himself into a neurotic person.

However, yaxi was quite mysterious and difficult to put into words (TN: refers to disparity in the acting skills between two actors with the more skilled actor using their acting skills to crush their co-actor). Except for the person involved, it was hard to say whether other people have this keen sense of what was going on as well. But it didn’t matter if they could see it——he relied on his better acting skills to psychologically suppress Mu Huating, and Mu Huating could only blame himself for not having the skills to match up against Tao Mu.

Da Luo looked at Tao Mu and said, “That’s true. I heard that Zhao Keping introduced to you an audition opportunity for a male number 3 role. If you really pass, the wrongs you suffered will not be in vain.”

Tao Mu didn’t say a word.

With the cooperation of Da Luo, the filming of this scene went smoothly.

After the end of the filming, Tao Mu approached director Chen and wanted a copy of the action scene video shot yesterday: “For my resume, it might count as field work credit later.”

Since Chen Yiqian wanted to express goodwill towards Tao Mu, he would naturally not refuse this little thing. After all, Tao Mu did not sign a confidentiality agreement in this life. Just before giving the video, he still habitually warned: “Before the TV series is broadcast, don’t pass the video out. It will affect the normal shooting of the crew.”

After a pause, he added: “It won’t be too long. There will be a promotional video posted by the crew in two days, and it is estimated that there will be this section. You can judge when to show it yourself.”

Tao Mu nodded.

Seeing that Tao Mu had finished discussing business with director Chen, Shen Yu walked up with a smile, holding an Apple mobile phone box in his hand: “Tao Tao, happy birthday.”

Tao Mu glanced at the gift Shen Yu prepared, and politely refused: “I already have it, it was given by Xiao Pang. And I didn’t prepare your gift.”

In other words, you don’t have to give me a birthday present.

The distant attitude and refusal was clear.

Shen Yu didn’t care: “Then tell me the phone number and I will save it.”

Tao Mu: “I haven’t registered it yet.”

Shen Yu: “Do you have a Weibo? Let’s follow each other? Fans on my Weibo want to know your information.”

Before Tao Mu could speak, Shen Yu said again: “It’s useless if you refuse. I have already exchange follows with Wang Ye and Pang Yue. Even if you don’t tell me, I can go back and look through their friends list, and sooner or later I’ll find your Weibo.”

Tao Mu glanced at Shen Yu and did not refuse anymore.

Shen Yu searched for Tao Mu’s Weibo with a grin, and saw that his Weibo nickname that was both elegant and not at all affected. He couldn’t help but glance at Tao Mu in surprise.

Tao Mu had no expression on his face: “What?”

“Nothing.” Shen Yu said with a smile: “I think your name is quite imteresting. I heard Wang Ye and Pang Yue say that you gave them their Weibo nicknames, how about you make one for me too?”

Tao Mu did not say a word, obviously unwilling.

Shen Yu smiled and didn’t press on. He thought Tao Mu was very interesting. He looked fierce and unreasonable, but actually had a warm and caring side. As long as you treat him nicely and smile brightly at him, even if he was seriously annoyed at you, he won’t turn away from you. He was just like the large cats with beautiful fur that he had seen on the African grasslands. One needed to approach cautiously, please gradually, and carefully smooth the fur before one could actually pet it.

But he didn’t know Tao Mu’s actions were a result of his worry that a bad attitude towards Shen Yu would receive a backlash from the plot power.

These days in his second life, Tao Mu had carefully analyzed it based on his previous life experience and the [Book Reviews] that appeared from time to time in his head: So long as it was someone Shen Yu liked or someone who really liked Shen Yu, then this person’s luck and ending were usually not too bad; but if a person did not like Shen Yu, especially those who maliciously targeted Shen Yu, always had bad luck and a worse ending. As for those who had little communication with Shen Yu, or those who Shen Yu didn’t pay much attention to, the [Book Reviews] didn’t disclose much information about them.

In summary, Tao Mu concluded that Shen Yu’s protagonist halo also had a limited scope. The closer people were to Shen Yu, the more they must restrain their dislike of Shen Yu. Otherwise, it would result in inexplicable bad luck.

Tao Mu was destined not to like Shen Yu because of his birth situation and previous life experience. Due to the strong power of the plot, Tao Mu couldn’t be as hostile to him as he was in his previous life. After thinking about it, Tao Mu felt that the only thing he could do was to restrain his emotions towards Shen Yu. It was best to be able to stay away completely, but even if he couldn’t, he should still try to keep a distance.

After getting off work, Tao Mu waited for Da Mao and Xiao Pang for a bit, and the three of them went home together. The two young people who were committed to being melon eater big V went straight to the computer when they got home, just like a teenager with a serious internet addiction.

“Aiyo, I’m so happy that I got three thousand fans in one day.” Da Mao and Xiao Pang stared at the Weibo page with silly grins on their faces: “He’s worthy of being called a celebrity. Just exchanging follows with him brings so many benefits.”

Having said that, he didn’t forget to ask Tao Mu: “Didn’t you also exchange follows with the little prince? How many fans have you gained?”

“I don’t know.” Tao Mu replied boredly. In his heart he thought, who cared about a group of fans who turn their faces faster than the pages in a book. (TN: turn face=to fall out, to be hostile with somebody)

“Ai, where are you going!” Da Mao and Xiao Pang looked at Tao Mu, who was getting ready to go out after picking up his wallet.

“Go buy chicken feet.” Tao Mu said: “Didn’t I say I’ll be roasting chicken feet for you guys on Saturday.”

The two teenagers with a severe internet addiction immediately got up from having their butts stuck to the computer chair: “We’ll go too.”

In the end, Tao Mu didn’t go to the market, but went to sister Ping’s restaurant downstairs to ask about the supply channel: “Can I order ten catties of chicken feet? I’m not familiar with the place here, and I don’t know who has better quality.”

The lady boss made a gesture: “No problem. Do you want it tomorrow morning?”

“It’s best tonight. So I can make it at noon tomorrow.”

The lady boss didn’t say anything more and immediately called to order.

Half an hour later, fresh chicken feet were delivered to the door. The boss, brother Feng, specially alerted Tao Mu: “The shop will be closed at nine today. When the time comes, brother will give you the kitchen, so make yourself at home.”

Tao Mu: “……”

Brother Feng was particularly enthusiastic: “Do you need this brother to help you?”

“No need.” Tao Mu particularly hated others helping when he cooked. Because it would disrupt his rhythm and it was more like a hindrance than helping.

Brother Feng smiled, and he didn’t know if Tao Mu really didn’t need help, or he was afraid of outsiders stealing his secret recipe.

However, brother Feng still kept his promise and handed over the kitchen to Tao Mu at nine o’clock. He and sister Ping waited for him while watching TV and eating melon seeds.

At nine o’clock in the evening, the nightlife outside had just begun. But in the corner of the back kitchen, it was quiet as if everything had fallen asleep.

The noisy kitchen had quiet down, and Tao Mu was the only one in the kitchen. He stood standing in front of the faucet wearing an apron, washing the chicken feet over and over again. Tao Mu used running water, the rushing water pouring over the chicken feet and thoroughly washing them clean. At the same time, the cold water also made the chicken skin more crisp. After washing the ingredients, Tao Mu put the chicken feet in a large iron pan and stir-fryed them for two minutes, then rinsed them with cold water again. This would remove the smell and excess greasy fat.

Immediately afterwards was making the luwei. This step needed to use the fesh meat oil from good pork belly. Then add special spices and seasonings into the oil to stir fry. Tao Mu learned the exclusive secret recipe from Old Song Tou, which he taught to him when he was very young. The old man once said that a cook should be calm and steady when he was cooking, so that he could carefully judge the heat levels and be worthy of the ingredients themselves.

It’s a pity that Tao Mu was never calm and steady when he was cooking in his previous life. Because the dishes he cooked in his previous life were either to please the Shen family or to win over business partners. As a man he was utilitarian so his cooking lacked a purity and spark.

Many people said that he had too many distractions when cooking, and the dishes he made were not as pure as Shen Yu’s.

Although Tao Mu himself didn’t know what karmic connection there was between what he was thinking when cooking and the taste of the dishes.

A tempting fragrance gradually spread in the kitchen. It was a bit like braised pork, but the taste was fresher and the aroma was stronger.

The diners sitting in the front hall couldn’t help but sniff their noses. Old Feng said in awe, “Tao Mu’s skills, not bad!”

“Of course.” Da Mao and Xiao Pang said proudly: “My brother Mu is amazing!”

“It’s so damn fragrant.” The old diners who spend every evening watching TV in the restaurant while enjoying the air-conditioning touched their bellies. They were once again hungry even after having dinner just now.

Brother Feng couldn’t bear it, and motioned to Da Mao and Xiao Pang to go in and ask: “Can we have some to try first?”

“It’s not done yet!” Da Mao and Xiao Pang were also struck with craving, and sneaked to the kitchen door secretly: “Brother Mu, can you give us a few mouthfuls first?”

“I haven’t finished it yet!” Tao Mu rebuffed: “You help me ask brother Feng, is there Shaoxing yellow wine in the kitchen?”

“Yes——” Before Da Mao and Xiao Pang could speak, brother Feng stood up immediately: “On the shelf above the sink, there is a black jar with a piece of red paper pasted on it.”

“I see it.” Tao Mu replied and spilled half the jar of Shaoxing yellow wine. The iron pan sizzled audibly and the rich aroma spread with the steam. The scent rushed to the front hall, and the saliva of the old diners flowed all over the floor.

“No, I can’t take it anymore.” Someone rushed out the door and went to the skewers shop next door to order 30 yuan worth of skewers.

Tao Mu was still making the luwei sauce patiently. After half an hour, Tao Mu threw the stir-fryed chicken feet into the iron pan and simmered it over a small fire.

The simmering would take half an hour. After that, the simmered bones and meat of the chicken feet would become tender, the skin soft and chewy.

A large number of old diners in the front hall have all been KO-ed by the delicious scent by now.

Brother Feng looked at Tao Mu with bright eyes: “What shall we do next? Xiao Mu, please give me any instructions, and this brother will help you.”

What would happen next?

Tao Mu casually threw the simmered chicken feet into the newly made luwei to marinade and soak: “……In fact, there is nothing else but to let it soak in the flavor.”

“Do you need to use any special technique to massage the chicken feet during the soaking period?” Brother Feng’s imagination went wild. From the secret recipes passed down by the palace chefs to the secret techniques passed down by the folk people, at this moment he was preparing to feast his eyes and widen his horizons.

But Tao Mu said with an exasperated expression on his face: “No.”

Brother Feng: “……”

Flames of excitement instantly became extinguished by a basin of cold water. Brother Feng gave Tao Mu a pensive look, “Then you can go upstairs and rest.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Brother Feng looked at Tao Mu and wanted to inquire about the luwei recipe, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t say anything in the end. Just after the restaurant closed, he dragged sister Ping into the back kitchen to examine the ingredients, wondering how many seasonings and spices Tao Mu used——

But in the end they didn’t find anything at all.

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 059 To Instigate

In the early morning on the road, a carriage bumped by. The dense woods of the past were now only bare versions of themselves. The snow on the roadside was crushed by wheels and turned into dirty water, exposing the muddy land. The person in the carriage wrapped their cotton-padded clothes tighter around themselves and rested against the wall of the carriage. He was around thirty, his face pale and without a beard. His body was thin, his appearance that of a defenseless scholar. The servant sitting on the side handed him the water flask, the hot water inside had cooled off already, and barely had any remaining warmth left.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Luo Ben took a sip of water and asked the servant: “The journey is difficult. Have you seen any people?”

The servant shook his head: “Most of the villages along the way are all deserted.”

All the people had fled from their hometowns. Luo Ben sighed.

He had ambitions to support a sage king, but of the choices, Fang Guozhen submitted to the Yuan, Liu Futong remained holed up in one place, and while the Red Turban army had revolted all around but most did not last long. Although they held the banner of restoring the Song Dynasty, they all acted in their own power, divided and spread like scattered sand.

After he got the letter from Gaoyou, he thought it over again and again. In the end, he couldn’t resist his inner desire, and finally chose to go to Gaoyou.

Luo Ben had lofty ambitions, but he had nowhere to employ his talents and strengths.

The servant asked: “Why is Gongzi worried?”

Luo Ben: “Lin Yuan is a person I can’t figure out.”

This person occupied Gaoyou and Taizhou. These two places were clearly important locations, but the court had not sent punitive troops over. This person eased the people and won their hearts, and at the same time acted diplomatically with the court. This kind of person, could he only be conspiring for those few acres of land under his rule?

But yet he did not show any signs of claiming kingship, and the people only praised him for his generosity and kindness.

If this person was ambitious, then he, Luo Ben, would be able to employ his talents and strengths. He only hoped that this person deserved his reputation and was not just a short-sighted person.

The carriage driver pulled the reins and the horse stopped. The carriage stopped outside the outer city wall that was being built. He was just about to find the city guards, when he saw a man in an orange vest approaching. The man stood next to the carriage and asked: “What are you here for? Are you here to seek shelter or find relatives? What did you bring? Do you have any proof?”

The servant got out of the carriage and bowed to the person before saying: “We are here to accept an offered position, this is a letter of appointment.”

After speaking, he handed over the appointment letter written by Lin Yuan.

The little official in the orange vest quickly said: “Please come with me. I have already set up a house for Lord Luo. The South Bodhisattva has previously ordered that Lord Luo is his beloved person and must be treated carefully.”

The ancients have always been sappy, and Lin Yuan had become more and more sappy as well recently.

Think about it, calling their trusted aides and officials as beloved qing or even just qingqing and both the monarchs and their ministers were both very happy about this. So in comparison, Lin Yuan using ‘beloved one’ was not much of a big deal. (TN: qing=old term for a high ranking official or a term used by the emperor for his subjects)

Luo Ben in the carriage also heard this. He couldn’t help being surprised. After all, he also knew that he wasn’t as famous as the other scholars out there. He went to school at the age of seven and followed his father in business after the death of his mother when he was fourteen-year-old. However, he had no interest in business, so he went to Cixi city to study with Zhao Baofeng. Even if he had a local reputation how could it reach Gaoyou?

The South Bodhisattva actually regarded him with such respect and affection?

Luo Ben was in a daze, and at the same time his lofty aspirations were aroused.

On the way into the city, Luo Ben lifted the window curtains of the carriage and looked at the streets. Unlike the dilapidated and desolate settlements he had seen along the way, the people of Gaoyou lived and worked in peace and contentment. The small vendors hawked on the streets, and many women even walked around at will. When the bailiffs with knives walked by on the streets, he did not see anyone retreating in fear, nor did he see the bailiffs yelling at the vendors and asking for money.

Luo Ben raised his voice and asked the person leading the way: “I would like to ask this lord to solve my confusions, why are these women……”

The person in the front replied: “Lord Luo may not know this but this is due to the rules set by the South Bodhisattva. Everyone is responsible for the flourish and decay of our world. How can we draw a distinction between men and women?”

“If the burden is only entrusted to men and women only have to give birth to children, but nowadays where can we find so many men to do the work?”

The person smiled and said: “Most men have enlisted in the army. If women don’t farm or go out to make money, the people of Gaoyou can hardly survive.”

Luo Ben was taken aback: “Women are physically weak, how can they be put to work……”

The person: “Lord doesn’t know this but, they are enjoying themselves. In the past, women had no private property. South Bodhisattva pitied them and feared that they would be oppressed and beleaguered by others. Now they can make money by making clothes and cooking. Who of them is not willing? Besides, even if they don’t rely on this to make money, don’t they still do the same job at home?”

Luo Ben was stunned: “Didn’t their parents and brothers ever stop them?”

Asking all the women in the family to go out to work, this face would definitely be lost.

The person: “Why block them? The entire family goes out to work, the mother goes to the laundry bureau, the father also finds a job to do, whether it’s to open up new land for farming, or other random jobs. The sons are the same as well while the daughters go make clothes or be a cook. Tell me, wouldn’t they earn more than before? Everything else is empty, only the money you get is real.”

“Now if you were to tell them to go back, I am afraid that none of them would be willing.”

In the past, the widows who had lost their husbands could not avoid criticisms. And if they were to remarry, they wouldn’t even dare to go out lest the criticism from others overwhelmed them.

But if they don’t remarry, then there was no way to survive. Now, widows could choose to go out and find work, the money they earn was definitely enough to support themselves. They were no longer afraid of being forced by their brothers to remarry for dowry money or do chores at their natal homes. Those who do well and earn more even see an increase of suitors, all getting in line to ask for marriage.

What’s more, people were social animals and possessed a herd mentality. If sixty out of a hundred people do the same thing, the remaining forty would eventually follow suit, and would not even think about whether it was right or wrong to do it. So when Lin Yuan introduced the idea of women working, he first forced the women among the refugees to go out to work. When the duration of time these women worked had become longer, naturally women from some of the less wealthy families would come out to find work.

Slowly and gradually it would become the norm.

When most women had begun to work, the remaining small number of women would also come out because of the herd mentality.

Luo Ben closed his eyes slightly, thinking of something.

Luo Ben asked again: “Why are these bailiffs always walking around inspecting?”

The person: “We call then patrols. They specialize in managing troubles, fights, petty thefts, and if foreigners come, they can also provide directions. If there are vendors who deceive customers, they deal with them. If you have problems, you can also call them.”

This was the first time Luo Ben had seen this kind of bailiff before.

“Why is there a strange line on this road?” Luo Ben pointed to the red line drawn on the ground next to the carriage.

The person: “On either side of the red line are sidewalks, and inside is for the carriages to pass through.”

Luo Ben nodded: “This is a convenient rule.”

Luo Ben’s carriage stopped in front of a house. The house had two entrances and two exits. It was not too big, but it was not too small either. At first glance, it was clear that it had been cleaned and all the furniture in the house was all set up and available. It was clean and tidy, and it indeed expressed how much importance Lin Yuan regarded him with.

The person said again: “Please take a slight break while this one will wait outside.”

Finally able to rest, Luo Ben had his servant boil a pot of hot water so that he could finally drink some hot tea.

He also changed his clothes and tidied up his appearance. He finally felt a little bit more refreshed.

Only after noon did the person outside called out: “Lord Luo, the carriage is here to pick you up.”

Luo Ben almost couldn’t wait to walk out of the door and get into the carriage.

Lin Yuan was also waiting for Luo Ben in the study at this time, that was, Luo Guanzhong’s arrival. Luo Guanzhong arrived earlier than Song Lian. And it was conceivable just how much earlier he had set out, which also showed that Luo Guanzhong was much more excited about his appointment than Song Lian.

After all, Luo Guanzhong still had no reputation compared to Song Lian.

When he saw Luo Guanzhong, Lin Yuan’s eyes brightened. He practically strided over in large hurried steps. His words were gentle and the eyes that looked at Luo Guanzhong could be described as lingering and sappy: “Mr. Luo is finally here. I have been waiting for many days.”

Luo Guanzhong didn’t expect Lin Yuan to look like this. This was clearly still an extremely young man. He had a smile on his lips and a gentle demeanor. If one didn’t know better one would think he was a young master of a wealthy family.

“After I received the letter from Gongzi, I have been thinking of Gongzi both days and nights.” Luo Guanzhong also began to say sappy words sincerely.

The two clasped their hands together and walked in step with each other.

Lin Yuan: “Mister, please sit down.”

Luo Guanzhong sat on a chair. Lin Yuan’s study room was very large. It was not so much a study room as a place for discussion.

After Luo Guanzhong took his seat, he realized that he was not the only one in the room.

Lin Yuan introduced: “This is the business manager in charge of merchants and commerce, Manager Song.”

Luo Guanzhong and Song Shizhao both greeted each other.

Lin Yuan also introduced: “This is my sworn brother, the commander of the third battalion and also serves as the supply supervisor, Commander Yang.”

Luo Guanzhong and Yang Zi’an greeted each other.

After the introduction of the people, Song Shizhao and Yang Zi’an stepped back with extreme tactfulness. Although they didn’t know what talents Luo Guanzhong had, but they dare not give someone that Lin Yuan valued this much a xiamawei (TN: display of severity immediately on taking office, initial show of strength, or show someone who’s boss)

After the two of them left, Lin Yuan smiled at Luo Guanzhong and said, “Mister, have you encountered any trouble along the way?”

Luo Guanzhong: “On the way, I have witnessed farmers having no land, village women having no support, young children having no food, and the old, weak, sick and disabled having nowhere to stay. Compared with them, what kind of trouble could I encounter? The suffering of the people makes me unable to sleep and eat.”

Lin Yuan also sighed: “My strength is not enough, and for now I can only manage this small area. Mister’s pity and sympathy for the people makes me ashamed.”

Luo Guanzhong hurriedly said: “Why do you blame yourself? Now the reputation of Taizhou and Gaoyou has even reached the south of the Yangtze River. You are truly loved by hundreds of thousands of people. The world is so big and there are many heroes and great men, but there has never been anyone like you who loves and puts the people in your heart.”

Lin Yuan waved a hand and with the other he covered his face, sighing: “Unfortunately, it is difficult for Yuan to achieve anything without support, too few people are available to assist me.”

Luo Guanzhong: “This humble one is willing to assist you.”

Lin Yuan hurriedly stood up and bowed to Luo Guanzhong solemnly: “It is a blessing for Yuan to receive Mister’s support, and a blessing for the people!”

Luo Guanzhong also became very excited from Lin Yuan’s words.

The two joined hands and delved into a happy conversation. Luo Guanzhong had read many scholarly works, both history and poetry, his conversation was one full of humor and interesting anecdotes.

Lin Yuan had him stay for dinner, and even talked into the night by the light of the candles.

This manner was very in line with the times where one respected the wise and sought out talents eagerly.

In history, Luo Guanzhong helped Zhang Shicheng to repel Zhu Yuanzhang’s army. Lin Yuan also prepared to make the best use of him by having him take on the role of a military strategist. When the time came to attack Changshu, he would also be able to look at his ability. In any case, with Zhu Yuanzhang and Yang Zi’an on the side he waa not afraid of things messing up.

The news sent back by An Laosi was very detailed, the factions and conflict among Changshu officials were clearly recorded. And he even managed to drag Changshu’s Sub-prefect onto their thief boat.

The plan to attack Changshu was on the agenda and the military expedition was imminent.


Jiang Zheng’s recent days have been very good. Since he and An Laosi connected, gold, silver, and precious jewels have flowed into his mansion like running water. The female family members in his inner court wore delicate and smooth silk that looked as beautiful as sunset clouds. Compared with this silk, the cloth used in the past was no longer even comparable to the coarse cloth worn by farmers. Numerous exquisite decorations were also placed in the house. For all of this, he didn’t need to put much effort at all, but just make things convenient for An Laosi.

In the past, he had to worry about the fees and gifts from the people below him. But now even without any of this from those people, he could still live a luxurious life.

An Laosi also brought him beauties, curvy or slender, gentle or vivacious. There were all types and he had his pick. He was young and vigorous after all and had little resistance to the female sex. He lingered on the bed every day, and sometimes even bedded five different women a night.

If he became hollowed out due to bed affairs, An Laosi would also give him a pill that could replenish his strength and did not hurt his body. Moreover, it even increased his strength and vigor to the extent that all the beauties could not help crying out for mercy in his bed.

He had both money and beauties, and even the Emperor might not necessarily have a better life than him.

But his desire for power became more and more inflated, and he started to intervene into the affairs of the army under the instigation of An Laosi. This was originally not under his jurisdiction, but he could get his way in with money.

He also kept offering beauties to Sukhbaru.

In Changshu, his status had also become higher and higher. The people underneath him counted on the benefits he would give, so naturally they all appeared loyal.

Sukhbaru, having received his share of benefits, also looked the other way on the schemings of his subordinate.

This only caused Jiang Zheng to feel even more restless, and he developed thoughts that he shouldn’t have.

An Laosi sat in the seat under Jiang Zheng. The dancers in the hall put on a lively performance. Their movements were like immortals, their waists were pliable and curvy and their eyes were like spring pools, causing people to be unable to look away.

“I must say that only Sub-prefect Jiang knows how to enjoy the pleasures of life.” An Laosi sighed, “Not like An, who makes money but always has to run tirelessly around. This kind of lifestyle might not even be comparable to that of the servants at home.”

Jiang Zheng was also somewhat self-satisfied.

An Laosi was so busy that it was hard to even find the time to sit down and take a breath.

How could he compare to him, leisurely and content. He could get money even when he was just sitting there, all of his desires met.

Jiang Zheng also laughed: “Brother An is a rare talent, but when it comes to this, you are indeed not as good as me.”

An Laosi hurriedly said: “Ai, I am born to toil, destined to run tirelessly, if I could cast my lot in with Sub-prefect……”

Jiang Zheng’s eyes widened and his face became stern: “Brother An! Silence! Do you know what you are saying?”

An Laosi knelt down quickly, but raised his head and said firmly: “My lord! If An never met my lord, I could never have thought of this!”

An Laosi took a few steps on his knees: “I look at my lord and feel that it is guidance from the heavens! My lord is not only popular in Changshu, but also holds great power! My lord!”

Jiang Zheng calmed down quickly after the initial shock. He sat in his chair and his face had on an expression that was difficult to decipher. After a while, he said, “Brother An, be careful, don’t say this again! Nor can you let a third person know!”

An Laosi: ​​”My lord, you treat people with sincerity. But does the lord magistrate treat you with the same sincerity?”

An Laosi tried his best to persuade: “My lord! It’s not worth it!”

Jiang Zheng finally couldn’t help but cover his face with a hand and said, “Brother An, only you know my suffering, but if I follow what you say, can I still guarantee my life and wealth? There is no turning back when the arrow is loosened!”

An Laosi knew that the opportunity had come, and said sincerely: “Fang Guozhen turned against the court, and the court gave him a position as a governor. My lord has great talents. How can just a simple governor seat be worthy of you? My lord, the world is turbulent and unrest is everywhere, the court cannot pay attention to one thing without neglecting the other. This is your luck, my lord! You are the chosen one by the heavens, so why bother to belittle yourself and be overcautious?”

Jiang Zheng waved his hand: “I want to think about it, I have to think about it……”

An Laosi did not press further, only saying: “If my lord is interested, I would be willing to support my lord with my all. If my lord has any need, I will definitely not refuse! Even through a sea of ​​swords and fire, An can still charge forward!”

Jiang Zheng was unable to not feel moved by these words. He quickly walked down the steps and took the hand of An Laosi: “Brother An, I feel the sincerity and heart you hold for me. If there is one day, I will definitely share the prosperity with you!”

An Laosi squeezed out his tears and cried bitterly: “The heart this one has for my lord, the sun and the moon can be of witness! If there are any false words, let me be struck with thunder!”

The two looked at each other, and both felt that they saw what they wanted in each other’s eyes.

From that day on, An Laosi came to the Jiang manor every day. He came up with plans and made suggestions to help Jiang Zheng win over the minor officials. The minor officials seemed inconspicuous, but they were the ones in charge of the people’s livlihood. The big officials above only took care of the big things, but these minor officials were an important presence among the people. Gathering them together would present a force that could not be underestimated.

What’s more, the lives of the minor officials was not easy now. They couldn’t get much out of the people below, and the big lords above don’t care about them. So long as Jiang Zheng gave some benefits, they would naturally bow their heads. An Laosi taught Jiang Zheng how to lead them onto the thief boat so that by the time they realized anything, they would have already become grasshoppers on the same rope and could only follow after Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng also discovered much benefits.

Almost no one took him seriously before, but now it was different. Whatever he wanted to happen he only need to pass a word downwards, and there would be many people who would be eager to help him.

This encouraged his desire for power.

Gradually, he didn’t even hold Sukhbaru in much regard.

The man was just a boorish fool. He felt he was more capable and more popular than Sukhbaru.

The greater his desire for power became, the greater his appetite grew.

At first, he hoped that everyone would respect him.

Then he hoped that everyone would listen to him.

Now he hoped that more people could listen to him.

After the beginning of the spring, An Laosi felt that the time had come, so he bluntly said: “My lord, the time has come.”

Jiang Zheng: “Brother An, we shall discuss it in detail.”

Even Fang Guozhen, a rebel thief could sit on his head so how could he be willing to remain common all his life, having to answer to the likes of Sukhbaru?

He wanted to take over Changshu, he wanted to be king!

He wanted the people to kneel at his feet, and he wanted to achieve the highest pursuit of a man!

An Laosi passed on to Lin Yuan the day when Jiang Zheng would rebel.

Lin Yuan saw the letter from An Laosi, and his whole person was greatly shaken. He thought that An Laosi could only cause chaos in Changshu, but he did not expect that An Laosi could directly instigate the rebellion of an imperial court official……

What kind of talent for incitement was this?

Even Song Shizhao was speechless and said: “This person……is deeply scheming and can be of much use.”

Luo Guanzhong said: “When the time comes, we will go forward with our troops, and we will take the opportunity to capture Changshu as they are distracted with internal conflict. In this way, the cost would be the least.”

Lin Yuan took out a map of Changshu and pointed to three places: “This is the granary, this is the armory, and this is the barracks. These three places are the most guarded.”

Luo Guanzhong smiled and said: “We threaten the east and strike to the west.” (TN: create a diversion)

Lin Yuan nodded: “Yes.”

Luo Guanzhong also started to say: “Send people to the granary, but the target is the armory. At that time we split the troops on three fronts. Changshu has no more than 10,000 troops. When the people flee, it will be our opportunity.”

Lin Yuan smiled at Luo Guanzhong: “Then I entrust it to Mister.”

Luo Guanzhong startled.

Lin Yuan: “I forgot to say that for this attack on Changshu, Mister will serve as a military strategist.”

Luo Guanzhong never thought that he would be put in such an important position despite it just being over a month after he came here. After returning to his senses, he quickly said, “If I can’t take Changshu, then this official will bring my head to see you!”

He adapted quickly to his new status. When he didn’t have an official position, he referred to himself as this humble one, and when he had an official position, he referred to himself as this official.

His ambitions and abilities finally had a place to shine.


In the April of the 12th year of the current emperor’s reign, the earth recovered and the bare trees sprouted with new leaves.

Jiang Zheng stood in the courtyard, letting his family servant put the armor on him. He was a civilian court official but just wanted to try out wearing armor. Today was a big day. If he won then a bright future awaits. If he lost, he would lose everything. But Jiang Zheng felt that he would not lose.

He believed that he had the heart of the people and the small officials below were also dependant on him. Even the military officers in the army had recieved favors from him.

He benefited them and they considered themselves loyal to him.

Jiang Zheng said to the person next to him: “Is everything ready?”

The man wore tight practical clothes and had strong muscles: “Answering Sub-prefect, everything is ready.”

Jiang Zheng smiled and said, “Where is the lord magistrate?”

The person: “Still hunting outside the city.”

Jiang Zheng snorted: “Boorish lout.”

“Have someone close the city gates, and when Sukhbaru returns, kill him outside the city! Don’t let any of them go!”

The people Sukhbaru brought out with him were all confidantes. None of these people were Han people. They were Sukhbaru’s henchmen. Jiang Zheng was planning to seal off the entire city after he took Changshu to prevent anyone from leaking the news.

He planned to delay until the imperial court sent troops to attack other rebel thieves, and then declare himself as king.

He had even conferred his left and right prime ministers.

This was a method An Laosi taught him, to use empty positions to win over some people. When the time came, whether he wanted to confer the position to them or not, was it not up to him?

Sukhbaru was leading his people back to the city at this time. Hunting in spring had always been his custom, year after year. The prey that they caught would be shared among his subordinates. At that time, the soldiers and guards at the gate of the city would come and welcome him back, praising him as a Mongolian warrior.

But today, when he came back from hunting, he saw that the city gates was closed tightly. He was riding a horse and the horse was pacing irritably in place. Sukhbaru had a fierce look and shouted: “Where is everyone! Open the gates!”

When the words fell, he didn’t see any soldier appearing to open the gates, but many soldiers armed with weapons emerging from a side door of the city wall. Archers also appeared on the city wall aiming their arrows downwards.

Sukhbaru’s eyes widened: “You want to rebel?!”

On the city wall, wearing an armor made of gold, Jiang Zheng looked down at Sukhbaru and his group of more than two hundred people condescendingly, shouting: “The Yuan Dynasty meets its decline. If you submit to me then kneel and beg for mercy and I will spare your life. If you don’t then this official can only send you on the road!”

“I, Sukhbaru will never bend my knees to vile characters like you!” Sukhbaru gritted his teeth and raised the heavy sword in his hand, “I’ll take your dog life!”

Jiang Zheng’s expression changed, and he shouted: “Shoot!”

The archers let out their arrows in unison.

Sukhbaru waved his heavy sword, and the arrows that lost their momentum fell to the ground.

He was surrounded by brave and combative Mongolians, and few were hit in the rain of arrows.

But the horses were unable to dodge and some people rolled off their horses, the tremendous impact causing them to break their legs and fracture them instantly.

After the arrows were released, the soldiers on both sides rushed forward with their weapons.

The two sides instantly engaged in battle. Sukhbaru was only wearing hunting attire made of cloth, not armor, and he received several wounds on his body. The blood stained his eyes.

“Jiang Zheng! You shameless villain!” Sukhbaru pointed at the city wall with his sword, “One day, I will have you die without a resting place!” After he finished speaking, he shouted to his confidantes: “Withdraw!”

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Jiang Zheng yelled: “Catch up with them! One gold tael for each head!” “Whoever cuts off Sukhbaru’s head, I will appoint him as general!”

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Taizhou and Gaoyou were very busy throughout the winter. Many people felt that they and the outside seemed to be two different worlds. Many poor people outside were unable to eat much food or be properly clothed; their lives were like that of savages. In winter, they could only rely on tree bark and the plant roots underground for sustenance. Many people simply could not survive to see the next spring.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After many people outside knew that Taizhou and Gaoyou could let them fill their stomachs, they embarked on a journey one after another, relying on their legs and feet to travel long distances. They didn’t even know the specific situation of Taizhou and Gaoyou, but they just felt that there would be hope for survival there.

“Be good, eat.” The sallow-faced and thin woman handed the bark to her short and thin son. She wanted to smile at her child, but she didn’t even have the strength to curve up her lips. She came out with her fellow villagers, and wanted to find a peaceful place where she and her son could settle down and survive. They wandered past many places like vagrants. She was a widow, and the child was the only blood left of his father. Her parents-in-law passed within a month after they left their hometown. They worked all their lives, and the aches and illness that had settled over time became exacerbated by the difficult conditions of a vagrant life, resulting in them passing away on the way.

There was nothing else the woman could do but to find support with a bachelor from her village in order to save herself and her son.

But she felt that she could barely hold on anymore. Maybe she would die here, and then go see her husband and in-laws who died early. But then what about her child?

She stroked the head of her son who was eating bark with her skinny hand, thinking in her heart that she could not leave her son alone in this world. If she were to die, she must first send him off, then the whole family could be reunited in the underworld.

The bachelor from the same town came to her. They were childhood sweethearts who grew up together, but the bachelor was too poor to marry a wife. Only after they had left their hometown did he finally know what a woman felt like. He was very good to the widow, otherwise he would not take care of this mother and child when he himself could barely eat enough.

“We will arrive there soon,” said the bachelor weakly.

The widow nodded. They had been comforting themselves that they would be there soon.

But this “soon” was too far away, as if they would never reach the destination.

The widow stretched out her hand, and the bachelor held it. The two sat quietly, watching the boy hungrily eating the bark, as if it was some delicacy.

The bachelor said again: “Soon.”

The widow forced a smile.

The sun rose, and they must continue on their way again. The boy took his mother’s hand. They walked in the snow, one step at a time. They were neither frozen to death nor starved to death. Of the hundreds of people who came out together, now only a dozen people were left.

After walking for a while, the boy couldn’t walk anymore. His nose was red. If one continued being exposed to the freezing air, they would soon turn purple, and then death would not be far off.

The bachelor carried the boy on his back and covered him with animal fur, which would ensure that the boy had a better chance of survival.

No one spoke, they were silent and walked quietly.

Silence could make people feel depressed and fall into despair.

But they had no strength to speak.

Just when they stopped to eat snow, someone suddenly shouted: “The city wall! I see the city wall! God! I see the city wall! We are here!”

The widow was stunned. She stood motionless, like an ice sculpture in the snow. In a panic, she went to hug the son who was still on the bachelor’s back. She lifted the thin layer of fur and reached out to touch her son’s face, to feel her son’s breathing.

Still alive.

The widow opened her mouth, and she could only make a gasping noise that resembled sobs. She squatted down holding her son and kept inhaling. She almost couldn’t breath. The bachelor hugged the two of them. There were already some people running wildly, using their last strength to run towards the city wall.

The hope of ​​surviving had never been as clear as it was now.

The bachelor once again carried the boy, and with the widow they supported each other towards the city wall.

But before they even arrived under the city wall, they were startled by the scene in front of them. Outside the city wall, there was a small outer city. There were many people walking on the streets. They were wearing thick clothes because of the cold. Their cheeks were reddened, but they were all smiling, and many vendors were selling things at stalls.

There were also shops selling cooked food and they could smell the scent of dough, some vendors were selling noodles.

Others were also selling yellow dough buns.

It was the smell of food, not bark, not grass roots, not meatless insects, but real food that could fill the stomach and make one feel happy.

There was no snow on the ground in the outer city. They saw people shoveling snow onto wooden carts and pulling them aside to boil it into hot water. Many people went to fetch water.

The bachelor and the widow stood among their fellow villagers. They were afraid that these people would not accept them and drive them away. But even if they were afraid, they still would not leave.

“Manager Zhou! There are some refugees here!” A vendor shouted.

The manager sitting on the side of the road and warming himself stood up, wrapped his scarf around his neck, rubbed his hands and walked out of the stall.

Refugees were also ordinary people. They were afraid of officials. When they heard this, everyone’s face looked anxious.

Manager Zhou counted the number of people and then used a notebook to record down the date and then the number of people. He then said to the person next to him: “Give them hot water, bring them to the house, and buy some buns.”

The person next to him took the order, and manager Zhou said to the refugees: “Come with me.”

The refugees had no other choice. They dared not speak, and followed manager Zhou timidly.

Manager Zhou took them to a hut with a charcoal fire burning inside. Unlike the cold outside, the inside was warm like spring. The frozen bodies of the refugees warmed up, and feeling seemed to finally come back to their numb limbs.

Manager Zhou pointed to the bench in the house and said, “Sit down.”

These people followed the order and immediately sat down one by one.

Manager Zhou: “Report your names one by one, as well as where you came from, where you passed along the way, where is safer, and where is more dangerous. The more detailed the better.”

The refugees reported their names one after another, and manager Zhou wrote them down in a notebook, and then began to record their hometown and the places they passed by.

As manager Zhou recorded the information, the people sent to buy steamed buns returned and distributed it along with hot water to the refugees.

The refugees ate the buns hungrily. They couldn’t say a word, too focused on gorging until they ate up the three buns that each person had been allocated. It was only after they drank their bowl of hot water did they finally raise their heads again.

The steamed buns were warm, well made, very soft, and suitable for swallowing. Most of them barely chewed it in their hurry to eat.

Manager Zhou once again began to measure their heights, looked at their teeth and recorded their more obvious characteristics. Then each person was issued a small wooden sign: “You must keep this safe. You will need this for buying a house and registering work in the future. If it wears out, then come and have it replaced.”

He spoke in detail where they should be going to sign up for work. After signing up for work, they would then be allocated a house. But it was not that they did not charge money for the houses as the money would be deducted from their wages in the future.

Manager Zhou asked them: “Are there any questions?”

Everyone was taken away in a daze. The manager said, they should first sign up for work, and then they could be assigned to a house. They could rest for three days before going to work. They would be provided with food and hot water for these three days. After starting work, one month’s salary would be given in advance for daily expenses.

When registering, the bachelor said that the widow was his wife and the boy was his son.

After getting along for such a long time, the boy had already begun to call him father.

They were divided into a small house. A curtain separated the bedroom from the main room, which was enough for a family of three.

As for single people, they could only share the dormitory with others.

After seven days in Gaoyou, these people have quickly integrated. The officials never asked them for fees, nor did they come to them for anything but official business. The neighbors were also very friendly and no one looked down on them.

The widow now washed clothes with her neighbors every day. The workplace was in a large warm house full of hot water that wouldn’t freeze the hands or feet and cause frostbite. The children were kept in the day care where there were special staff to look after the children and even teach the children some simple numbers. These women were all very at ease leaving their children there.

“Use this to wash.” The person next to the widow said, “This will wash it clean.”

She had the widow go pick some plant ash and put it in the water. In this way, the clothes would be washed clean.

The widow smiled gratefully at the other woman.

When it was time for a break, the women would take out needles and threads to sew their own clothes.

The widow asked softly: “How long have you all been here?”

The women all answered eagerly.

“The outer city is full of outsiders. I have been here for half a year. I used to be in the inner city. Later, when the South Bodhisattva said that the outer city needed people, my family and I came out.”

“Me too!”

The widow asked strangely: “Isn’t the inner city better?”

The women laughed: “The inner city is crowded!”

The widow said again: “But there are walls around the inner city……”

There was no wall around the outer city, what if there was danger?

The women also said: “There are guards patrolling every night, and the barracks are also outside. If something happens, the soldiers will be able to come out immediately. It is very safe!”

The widow was finally reassured.

The women then began to ask how she arrived at Gaoyou.

The widow said: “In my hometown, the village head was killed by bandits. We were afraid that the court would send someone to take over the village so we could only flee. There was also no more food at home. If we continued to stay there, we would still have to die.”

The women sighed for a while.

If there was no other choice who would want to travel far away from home to find a new life in a strange place?

The women began to comfort her.

“It’s good to be here. The big lords above never trouble us, nor ask us to pay fees.”

“As long as we work hard, we can find a living, and we women can also have private possessions! Be diligent and you won’t starve!”

“Yes, the benefits for our Laundry Bureau is very good, and we can even get meat during the holidays.”

“If we want anything we can buy it ourselves.”

“They don’t charge us money for sending our children to the daycare.”

After comforting, the women began to teach her:

“The South Bodhisattva is a living god, and you can’t do things that would wrong the South Bodhisattva.”

“Otherwise, the heavens will punish you.”

After working in the Laundry Bureau for seven days and being brainwashed for seven days, the widow became a faithful believer.

The same went for the bachelor, even the son.

The family of three even saved money to buy a small idol statue of the South Bodhisattva.

The carving of the idol was not very good, but for them, this was the best idol they had ever seen.

Lin Yuan was not only their ruler, but also their spiritual leader.

Every refugee who arrived at Gaoyou experienced this baptism.

In modern terms, this was called a personality cult.

Except for Lin Yuan, they did not accept any other leader.

Whatever Lin Yuan said was the truth and taken as divine speech.

When Lin Yuan found out about this, he was in a very complicated mood. He had thought that this phenomenon and people’s fanaticism would gradually fade over time, but now it seemed that there was not only no sign of a decline, but becoming stronger and stronger.

Song Shizhao thought this was a good sign.

“Boss, the time will be ripe next spring.” Song Shizhao was very excited. He had become more and more confident recently. He believed that it was only a matter of time before the great deed would be realized. Although the Red Turban Army was also developing rapidly, however as of now, in terms of scale and popularity they could not be compared with Lin Yuan.

Look at the people who have practically crossed most of the territory of Yuan to Gaoyou. Didn’t this represent the popular support?

Lin Yuan said to Song Shizhao: “Liu Ji, Song Lian, and Luo Guanzhong, have these three responded?”

Song Shizhao hurriedly said: “Song Lian and Luo Guanzhong have sent a letter and are on their way. As for Liu Ji……”

Lin Yuan sighed: “It seems that it is not the time yet.”

Liu Ji was much more proud than Song Lian and Luo Guanzhong, and Lin Yuan also understood this.

Song Shizhao said lowly: “Should I send someone to capture him and bring him over?”

Lin Yuan smiled: “Do you think it’s so easy to capture him? Besides, forced or sincere, which is more useful, you know in your heart.”

Song Shizhao sighed.

“How is the munition preparation?” Lin Yuan called Yang Zi’an over. Yang Zi’an had been in charge of the munition reserve during this time.

The munition included explosives, siege engines, trebuchets, swords, blades, and armour.

They still couldn’t replace all the armour with iron ones, but Lin Yuan had them make a batch of helmets. If the opponent’s weapons were relatively blunt, the attack on the body may not be fatal, but the attack on the unprotected head would be another story.

The helmet could save some people’s lives.

Yang Zi’an sat on the side. He was very tired. He barely slept for several days. He could only drink a sip of strong tea to keep awake. He said to Lin Yuan, “Enough. The food supply can last for two years and the people are re-polishing and refurbishing the weapons. It may not be completely perfect, but they are sharp enough. The production of explosives are also being rushed out these days, and the women haven’t closed their eyes for several days.”

Lin Yuan nodded: “It’s been a hard time for you all during this period.”

Yang Zian shook his head: “Not as hard as you have it, look at your eyes.”

Lin Yuan touched the bags under his eyes.

Sometimes Lin Yuan felt that the Emperor in ancient times was really pitiful. During the day, he was worked like a mule, and at night he had to deal with concubines. Being ridden by the courtiers in the outer court, and when he went back to the inner court he was slept by concubines. Perhaps they themselves were quite happy with their situation.

Sometimes it was much happier to be an incapable king than to be a sage king.

An incapable king could enjoy happiness.

A sage king must bring happiness to others.

Lin Yuan leaned on the chair, but did not dare to close his eyes, for fear that he would fall asleep when he closed them.

“It’ll be fine after this period of time. Next year, we put in a spurt of energy.” Lin Yuan smiled at Yang Zi’an.

Yang Zi’an exhaled a long breath.

“More than four hundred refugees have arrived in the outer city,” Song Shizhao said.

Lin Yuan nodded: “How many people have been arrested recently?”

There were still some people who did not appreciate the peace Lin Yuan bought and committed crimes. Now they were all thrown in prisons.

Song Shizhao: “More than a thousand people.”

Lin Yuan: “Pull them all out to build the city wall.”

Song Shizhao nodded: “The people are a bit few.”

Lin Yuan: “You can also recruit people. Raise the pay for building the city wall higher. Someone will go.”

There must be a city wall, otherwise the outer city would become a sitting duck.


Compared with Gaoyou and Taizhou, the winter in Changshu was not at all pleasant. Rich people could burn charcoal and have meat in all their meals, but ordinary people could barely make ends meet no matter how much work they did.

An Laosi, dressed in silk and pretending to be a merchant, managed to bribe his way in with the senior provincial government official. The prefectural magistrate’s name was Sukhbaru, a Mongolian. After seeing the grains brought by An Laosi he quickly had his servant bring An Laosi to him.

An Laosi pretended to be a merchant from Hangzhou. In addition to food, he also brought fine gold, silver and jade.

By his side he also brought with him a courtesan. This courtesan was Tian Xiang, but now Tian Xiang and An Laosi were working partners, and the two no longer had the same physical relationship as before.

Tian Xiang was responsible for dealing with the females in the inner court of the homes of the officials, and to try to find information from them. But because she was just a courtesan, all she could have contact with were concubines and not the legal wives.

But compared to the legal wife, these concubines knew more.

Because the lords would not bring their wives to certain venues, whereas with the conubines they didn’t have so many apprehensions.

And most of the concubines had no education. They didn’t know what they could say and what they couldn’t to outsiders. With just a little effort from Tian Xiang, they would reveal everything they knew.

On An Laosi’s side, however, it was not as easy prying information out of the lords and officials. In the end, he did not find much useful information.

The two of them would match their information in the room in the middle of the night. Since An Laosi knew how to write he became responsible for relaying the news back.

He had a book in his hand. Different words in this book corresponded to special symbols. He needed to write the letters with these symbols, so that even if the letter was intercepted, no information would be leaked.

If he sensed that something was wrong, all he had to do was just burn the book.

Tian Xiang told An Laosi of the news she had managed to learn that day. After An Laosi wrote the letter, he gave it to his servant. Then he said to Tian Xiang: “Did the South Bodhisattva say anything when he sent you?”

Tian Xiang drank the tea: “South Bodhisattva told me to watch you well, lest you do anything bad.”

An Laosi laughed dryly.

He asked again: “Whatever the result, we were like husband and wife once, can’t you be a little more polite to me?”

Tian Xiang curled her lip: “What is there to be polite to you for?”

An Laosi said lowly: “Then, do you want to be my concubine?”

Tian Xiang’s eyes widened: “In your fantasies. I think you are just a toad wanting to eat the flesh of a swan and don’t have any self-awareness!”

An Laosi quickly said: “It’s just a joke, just a joke, don’t be serious.”

Tian Xiang harrumphed: “Have you inquired into the matter that the South Bodhisattva asked you to inquire about?”

An Laosi sighed, with a troubled look on his face he said: “Those people’s mouths are too tight.”

Tian Xiang: “Useless man.”

Tian Xiang’s eyes wandered and she thought of something: “Next time you will take me with you.”

An Laosi asked strangely: “For what?”

Tian Xiang: “Men, it’s much easier to pry their mouths open on the bed.”

“My dear lady, please don’t mess with me.” An Laosi said helplessly, “If this is known by the South Bodhisattva, a layer of my skin will be flayed.”

Besides, if Tian Xiang managed to pry their mouths, wouldn’t he look like dirt in comparison?

That he was not as capable as a woman?

Unable to pry anything from the lords, An Laosi could only focus on the minor officials below.

Unlike the wealthy big lords, the small officials don’t have much monthly salary. They could only rely on the commoners paying them fees to maintain their dignity and lifestyle. But the commoners were already this poor, and they couldn’t squeeze much out of them even if they wanted to. If there were too many dead people, they still had to take responsibility. As a result, it was rather easy for An Laosi to bribe his way into their good graces.

But they didn’t know much, at least some confidential information could not be found from them.

But they did know the positions of the weapons armory and granary very well. It’s just that they weren’t clear on the distribution of troops that guard these locations.

In addition to this, the biggest gain was that they managed to gain a connection to the government sub-prefect of Changshu.

Unlike the prefectural magistrate, this sub-prefect was a Han Chinese named Jiang Zheng, a man of twenty-five years. He was one of the rare young men who managed to reach such a governmental position at such a young age. Young people were not so vigilant. When he knew that the minor officials under him had received benefits from An Laosi, he had An Laosi brought in front of him.

An Laosi might have difficulty dealing with Sukhbaru, but dealing with such a fellow, who practically had the desire for profit written on his face, it was much simpler. He took a pure gold tea set and another set of jewelry made of fake jade to visit.

When Jiang Zheng saw the pure gold tea set, he couldn’t look away at all.

The sub-prefect was only ranked 6B, and Changshu was one of the Zhongzhou provinces, so the prefectural magistrate in Changshu was ranked 5A (TN: 9 ranking system of officials in which officials are divided into principal (A) and lower (B) ranks, with 9 for both in total). The administrative division of the Yuan Dynasty and the ranking of local officials were divided according to Shangzhou, Zhongzhou, and Xiazhou (TN: provinces divided based on the number of households living in them, with Shangzhou having the most and Xiazhou the least).

Now in Changshu, the prefectural magistrate Sukhbaru was living an extravagant life that ordinary people couldn’t even imagine. Jiang Zheng, who worked under him, naturally saw it all personally, so developing greed and desire for a luxurious life was quite normal.

“Brother An is really capable.” Jiang Zheng gave the set of jade jewelry to his mother, while he kept the gold tea set for himself. Since he received the gift, he never used another tea set again.

An Laosi flattered: “As the saying goes, since ancient times, heroes have come out of youth and I think Sub-Prefect Jiang is a brilliant young man.”

Jiang Zheng smiled and said: “If I had known that we would be such kindred spirits, I would have invited brother An here earlier.”

The two chatted for a while. In the end, Jiang Zheng couldn’t restrain himself first and asked: “Brother An is so generous, don’t know what business you are doing?”

The eyes of An Laosi brightened: “Why? Is Sub-Prefect Jiang also interested? My business is simple. If the Sub-Prefect can help me out in Changshu, we……”

Jiang Zheng didn’t promise anything, but just asked: “The lord magistrate didn’t mention it to you?”

An Laosi: ​​”The lord magistrate is so busy, how can he be interested in my small business.”

Sukhbaru was smarter than Jiang Zheng. He didn’t take the bait at all. Besides, so long as An Laosi came to do business, he would inevitably send him gifts, so why bother and give himself extra trouble?

Jiang Zheng was different from Sukhbaru. He was not as powerful as Sukhbaru. If he wanted more money, it was of course impossible to seek fees and gifts directly from An Laosi.

Even if he did, could it even be comparable to what was given to Sukhbaru?

An Laosi said: “I do business for the nobles. There are always some nobles who have a hard time now and have to sell their possessions. I buy it for a low price and then……”

Jiang Zheng smiled: “Sell at a high price, but don’t those people know that they are selling at a low price?”

An Laosi blinked at Jiang Zheng and said: “Sub-Prefect doesn’t know it, but An has some face outside, and they have to sell it even if they don’t want to.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Zheng finally became convinced: “Brother An tell me more in detail, so that I can also learn more.”

An Laosi had a smile at the corners of his mouth.

The fish took the bait.

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Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 042 It Cannot Be Spoken

A strip of white appeared on the horizon. Nie Bufan woke up in soreness. Seeing Wang Shichan, who was meditating at the entrance of the cave and absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, he couldn’t help feeling vexed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Looking at that aloof and ethereal appearance, who would have thought that he would do something shady like stealing people out their beds! Could there be someone more wretched than him in this world?

Nie Bufan was a little depressed. Several of the residents in Chicken Nest Village currently have an improper relationship with him, the village head. His pure and jade-like body was now in a constant “honest” state. How will he marry a wife and have children in the future? (TN: play on words, ‘honest and sincere’ = ‘bare and naked’)

Fine, he could admit that he was indeed a little bent. And if he were to wreck women after wrecking men, then that would be a bit unethical of him. But asking him to stay and walk on this path, he was also really reluctant. And besides, he was the one on the bottom, rocking back and forth between pain and pleasure every time to the point he no longer had a moral backbone at all.

Not good, he had to think of a countermeasure quickly, he couldn’t continue this way.

Nie Bufan got up fiercely. Instantly the chrysanthemum bursted with pain and all he could do was pound the stone bed.

Wang Shichan flashed over immediately, rubbed his head, and asked calmly: “Are you okay?”

“Why don’t you try it!” Nie Bufan yelled viciously.

Wang Shichan’s gaze shifted from his face to his naked upper body, and then to the lump at his lower abdomen……and then he shook his head inexplicably.

Nie Bufan followed his gaze and looked as well. Instantly, he exploded: “What are you looking at? Haven’t you ever seen Viagra?”

“……” Wang Shichan turned his face and looked at the stone wall earnestly.

Nie Bufan snapped his face over and threatened: “The relationship between the two of us, you’d better be tight-lipped about it. If you dare to reveal a word, I will castrate you.”

Wang Shichan once again couldn’t help but move his gaze down to “that lump”.

Nie Bufan casually pulled the hem of Wang Shichan’s robes to cover his vitals, and continued: “I was going to make a fuss, but for the sake of our acquaintance, I won’t bicker with you. I hope this kind of thing does not happen anymore in the future. What do you think?”

“Oh.” Wang Shichan responded nonchalantly.

“Oh?” Nie Bufan squinted his eyes, “Don’t think of fooling me, you swear to the Buddha that you will never do this to Nie Bufan again!”

“I swear,” Wang Shichan raised his hand slowly and his lips moved a few times, saying something silently, “……”

Nie Bufan strained his ears hard but didn’t hear what he was saying at all. He couldn’t help but rage, “Could you speak it a little louder!”

“The Buddha said: It cannot be spoken.”


Nie Bufan finally realized the feeling of being stunned speechless. The man in front of him was simply a demon in a kasaya (TN: kasaya, a patchwork outer vestment worn by a Buddhist monk).

Wang Shichan helped Nie Bufan pick up the clothes and said slowly, “Put it on.”

“I won’t.” Nie Bufan slapped it away, and shouted arrogantly in his birthday suit, “You want me to take it off then I have to take it off, you want me to put it on and I have to put it on? No way!”

Wang Shichan calmly said, “Be careful of getting a cold.”

“The angry fire within me is big enough, I won’t get a cold.”

“Then, don’t wear it.” A smile appeared at the corner of Wang Shichan’s mouth. With his back to the cave entrance, the dim morning light casted a shadow on his smiling face.

Then……then……then……Nie Bufan was defeated……

When the sun was shining up high, Wang Shichan carried the fainted Nie Bufan to the side of the water pool, helped him clean up, dressed him neatly, and then placed him upright under a tree. In the next moment, his figure had flashed away.

Nie Bufan woke up amidst the noise of roosters and saw himself in an idiotic meditating position.

“Wang Fifth, just you wait, you’ll definitely get yours!” He gritted his teeth and roared.

After staggering back to the village, the first thing he saw when he entered his front yard was Zhang Junshi and Li Yi leaning against the door and looking at him with hidden grudgeful eyes.

Nie Bufan adjusted his expression and greeted with a smile, “Morning.”

“Morning?” Zhang Junshi stared at him, “It’s past noon now!”

“Haha, isn’t it?” Nie Bufan passed between the two with a smile. Li Yi grabbed his arm and said darkly, “Where did you go last night?”

“Last night, the night was so charming that I suddenly got the urge to enjoy the moon on the mountain.”

“Enjoying the moon to the extent that you have red marks all over?” Li Yi lifted the corner of his clothes and sneered. “There must be a lot of poisonous insects on the mountain.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Nie Bufan nodded repeatedly, “I almost had half my life bitten away.”

Zhang Junshi covered his forehead and sighed, “Speak, who is it?”

“Huh?” Nie Bufan had on a bewildered expression.

“Don’t pretend to be stupid.” Zhang Junshi was unmoved, “Who on earth was it?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Nie Bufan muttered.

Li Yi also said, “Is it necessary for us to serve you with torture before you speak the truth? That man deserves your protection this much?”

Nie Bufan turned his head to the side, he really couldn’t say it, it was too shameful! If he hadn’t mistaken the person’s identity, nothing would happen. Thinking back to the last two times when he called out Li Fourth’s name he couldn’t help but feel foolish.

“Nie Bufan!” Zhang Junshi pinched his ears and said with an expression of resentment, “How many people are you going to wreck, hmm? We two are not enough for you to mess with?”

“What are you talking about?” Nie Bufan squinted at them, “How can a honest person like me wreck others? You eat mine, drink mine, sleep mine, and now you still say that I wrecked you? Oh, how wronged I am!”

“……” The two were speechless.

“Go away, go away, let me go back to the room and die.” As he said so, he pushed the two of them away and was about to flash inside.

Both Zhang and Li dragged him back quickly.

“We almost let you slip away again.” Zhang Junshi said with annoyance.

“Don’t change the subject, speak, who is that man?” Li Yi asked.

Nie Bufan used up all his nonsense talking abilities but in the end he still couldn’t get rid of these two people.

Finally he flew into a rage, and he shouted: “What man? Do I need a man to survive? Last night, I was actually self, gong, self, shou!”

This roar really shocked the heavens and shook the earth, and the whole of Chicken Nest Village echoed with ‘self-gong, self-shou’.

Si Chenyu, Chen Muran, Li Huai, tian nu and others on the other side all leaned over and looked over with shock.

Zhang and Li were dumbfounded.

Nie Bufan harrumphed at them through his nose, then squeezed the two of them out of way and walked into the room with a swagger, kicking the door shut behind him with a bang.

Zhang and Li looked at each other, unable to utter anything at that moment.

That night, thunder roared and heavy rain poured down. The simple cottages leaked in the chill wind everywhere, and the residents of Chicken Nest Village did not sleep well at all. Except for Nie Bufan who slept quite well, because he knew that if it rained, Wang Shichan would definitely not come for a night attack.

The next day, Nie Bufan got up refreshed to welcome the sunrise.

After a night of heavy rain, the ground was muddy, and one could get dirty by walking just a few steps. Si Chenyu stood at the window and saw Nie Bufan stepping on the mud happily, so he shouted: “Cook some ginger soup for me, I got a bit of a cold.”

“You appear quite vigorous, how is it you have a cold?” Nie Bufan ignored him and walked toward the chicken coop.

“Nie Bufan.” Si Chenyu said again, “Where are you going? Are you planning to find a secret place to self-gong self-shou?”

Nie Bufan’s mouth twitched, and smiled at him: “I know you are jealous and envious. If you want to learn this secret technique, just say so, why beat about the bush?”

Si Chenyu retreated.

As far as the face was concerned, even ten of him was no match for one Nie Bufan.

“Village head Nie.” At this time, the voice of tian nu Nineteen came, “I don’t know where the clothes I had hanging outside yesterday have blown to, please help me find them.”

“Don’t you have a maid?”

“It’s too muddy outside, is it proper to let women slog in the mud?”

Nie Bufan thought about it. He saw himself as a gentleman so he promised: “Okay, I’ll look around later.”

“Thank you.”

Nie Bufan had already walked a bit of a distance away when Nineteen suddenly added: “Village head Nie, if you are lonely late at night, you can find others for a chat, don’t hurt your body.”


“Hahahahaha……” Li Huai laughed on the other side and thumped his chest, pointing at Nie Bufan as he shook like somone having convulsions.

Nie Bufan glanced at him mildly, and said quietly, “Huai Huai, I’ll go find you tonight.”

Hai, hai.” Li Huai’s next breath did not go in right and his face became flushed with choking.

Despite having received so many weird gazes along the way, Nie Bufan still patrolled his territory calmly.

The thunderstorm last night caused a lot of the chickens to recieve a fright, so this morning most of them appeared rather dispirited.

Nie Bufan thought about it and decided that he’ll put some light music for them to smooth their ruffled feathers. The source of the music would naturally be the self-proclaimed literary Chen Muran or Si Chenyu.

Without noticing it, he had walked to the foot of the mountain. Nie Bufan immediately saw the landslide in front of him, the original way up the mountain was now cut in half. More importantly, the pool connected to this mountain was also muddy from the dirt washed into it by the rain. If there was another rainstorm, the pool was likely to be blocked directly, and the treasure trove may not be accessible.

Thinking of this, Nie Bufan immediately went to the tian nu and told her what he had discovered.

Nineteen anxiously said: “What should we do? We haven’t found all the keys yet?”

“Yes, what should we do?” Nie Bufan touched his chin, thinking.

Nineteen walked back and forth in the house, restless.

“Village head Nie, you must help me.” Nineteen looked at Nie Bufan pleadingly.

“It’s not easy.” Nie Bufan sat on the chair, a leg propped up and waving in the air, but his face had on a troubled expression.

“I know it’s not easy, but now I have no other choice but to count on you.”

Nie Bufan knocked on the table, and then said after a while: “Then how about this, you can tell the others a little bit about the location of the treasure.”

“Disclose the location of the treasure?” Nineteen wondered, “Why?”

“What are they here for? For the treasure of course!” Nie Bufan explained, “But now the entrance of the treasure trove is about to be buried, shouldn’t they be feeling urgency?”

“Urgent.” Nineteen nodded.

“So, what will they do?”

Nineteen thought about it, and her eyes lit up: “They will definitely find a way to save the entrance.”

“Isn’t that right?” Nie Bufan said with a smile, “You just need to move your mouth and leave the hard work to them.”

Nineteen was happy at first, and then hesitated: “In this way, wouldn’t they want to enter the treasure trove more urgently?”

“So what?”

“If I don’t find the last key, I won’t even have a retreat route.”

“Then do you want the retreat route, or do you not even want the front route at all?”

Nineteen struggled for a while, and finally nodded heavily and said: “I must have the determination to cut off one’s means of retreat. I believe the Mistress’s prediction, we will definitely unlock the treasure!”

“Good job!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Coming out of Nineteen’s room, Nie Bufan looked up at the clear sky, opened his arms and shouted silently: Let the storm come down harder!

Let’s see if that pool of mud and water don’t beat the sh*t outta of ya!

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The Cruel Tyrant CH 038 Animosity

Su Mu walked a few steps next to him, and said to Yun Feiyu: “I am not interested in being a chef, but I am interested in Wu Ji and Yun Jing.” After speaking, Su Mu opened his hand and two jade pendants with a warm texture appeared on top. With just a glance one could tell that they were of extraordinary value.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yun Feiyu was startled, saying angrily: “Su Mochi!”

“Don’t get excited, I just invited the two for a drink of tea.” Su Mu looked at him mildly, and then looked towards the direction 50 miles away, and said: “Yun Feiyu, I have a 150,000 army, even if it is a mountain before me I can still demolish it before your eyes, not to mention a few small stones? How long can you block my way? How many of my men can you kill? Although Shangguan Hao is courageous, but is my iron-blooded battalion any less superior?”

Yun Feiyu suppressed the anger in his eyes. One could no longer find a friendly smile on his face. He said coldly: “What need is there for General Shangguan to personally kill useless trash? Your iron-blooded battalion is powerful but our southeastern army does not have an empty reputation either. Go ahead and try, you will definitely meet your death!”

Yun Feiyu looked at the heartbreakingly beautiful young man in front of him coldly, without a trace of warmth in his eyes. From his hair down to his toes, from his skin down to his bones, every place on his body screamed of his desire to cut the person in front of him a thousand times.

He stared at Su Mu’s eyes and said: “In those nine cities, digging three feet down to the ground and yet it was still crimson. Traveling hundreds of miles yet withered bones could still be seen. Hundreds of thousands of civilians, lost at your hands. You deserve to die ten thousand deaths, to appease the souls of the wronged!”

Scenes of splashing blood, desperate wailing, and piled up corpses as high as mountains again appeared in Su Mu’s mind, like a heavy mountain pressing all of the breath out of him. He quietly watched Yun Feiyu, unmoving and unshakable, but in truth, a thin layer of cold sweat had appeared on his back, and his hands were firmly tightened into fists behind his back, hard nails embedded into the flesh.

He always consciously suppressed the bloody memories made by Su Mochi because it would affect him.

A person reading a book, watching a movie, or even listening to a simple story would be affected, maybe happy, maybe crying, maybe angry……

To say nothing of the fact that he not only received all the memories of a person, but also received his martial arts and body reflexes. It was impossible to have no lasting effects on him.

The excitement and pleasure Su Mochi felt when he murdered was eroding his nerves, and his bright eyes gradually turned dark. The expression on his face did not change, nor did his body movements change, but it suddenly felt extremely dangerous.

Yun Feiyu was not stupid. He noticed this anomaly almost immediately. He narrowed his eyes and a chilling smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. He slowly approached Su Mu, stopping when the two were about to touch each other.

He lowered his eyelids and looked at the layer of red on Su Mu’s cheeks and said gently: “Look at how you are now, are you thinking of men? You like being f**ked by men this much? Do you think there is any difference between you and those male prostitutes in brothels? Oh, I think there is still a difference, at least one must pay them money, whereas you……”


With a loud noise, Yun Feiyu’s words had yet to finish when he was slapped by Su Mu’s palm at least four or five feet away. When he landed, he felt as if his internal organs were all shattered. There was a buzzing in his head, and before he could even respond, he felt a tight grip around his neck, his body lifting from the ground.

Pitch-black eyes were like the deep treacherous sea, huge waves roiling and crashing in the dark night, ready to destroy everything. Su Mu gripped Yun Feiyu’s neck in a stranglehold and looked at him struggling desperately. He felt both excited and angry, his chest moving up and down as he tried to suppress his emotions forcefully.

He said: “Who do you think you are! It’s even simpler for me to squeeze you to death than to trample on an ant. You’d better spit out everything you know, otherwise I will let you understand what hell is!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Hai, hai……hell!” The blood flowed endlessly, and Yun Feiyu spit out the word with difficulty. His eyes like sharp blades as he looked into Su Mu’s eyes: “I have already……experienced hell, when my mother died at your hand, when my sister died at your hand, when my teacher died at your hand, when my three hundred classmates were slaughtered, I……have……already……experienced……it……”

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After Becoming The Tyrant CH 013 The King’s First Battle

The Gulundi heavy cavalry, descendants of the sea barbarians, were shadows wandering on this earth.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They often appear as mercenaries on the fringes of battlefields among various countries.

The effect of the arrow attacks had been lost and their whereabouts had been exposed, so the Gulundi heavy cavalry no longer hid themselves.

The heavy cavalry re-hooked the large bows on their backs. They carried a heavy and frightening iron spear in one hand and did not rush to charge. Between them and the negotiating team was a small wetland. They dispersed and circled around the edge of the wetland.

They drew closer without any hurry, and they stood apart from each other enough to use their spears without stabbing their companions in the heat of battle by accident. It was also to put psychological pressure on their prey.

Of course they didn’t need to rush to launch an offense.

Ordinary war horses simply could not match the war horses of Gulundi. In front of the Gulundi heavy cavalry fleeing would only lead to one’s end even more quickly. But fighting was also tantamount to throwing one’s life on the end of their black iron spears.

“Oh God……”

Someone in the negotiating team wailed desperately. They had got out of the carriage only to slump onto the ground after hearing this bad news.

Someone held the silver cross in trembling hands and began to pray for God’s blessing.

But today was the death of Saint Val, and today God did not plan to forgive the mortals.

“Your Majesty! Please leave!”

With a wave of the knight commander, the iron-clad vow knights surrounded the King. They used steel shields to erect a seemingly indestructible wall——but in fact, everyone knew how futile this defense was.

“We will delay them! Please leave immediately! Your Majesty!”

“Leave? Leave to where?!”

The King sneered.

He refered to the Moon River Fortress behind him.

“Leave to beg Legrand’s enemies?”

The knight commander lowered his head and said nothing, but his expression had already revealed his intentions:

He hoped that he could buy time for the King so that the King could return to the Moon River Fortress. Bressi and Legrand had just signed a treaty, and so long as they entered the Moon River Fortress, the King would be safe.

——Even if it was to be a prisoner of Bressi, it was still better than being trampled by the Gulundi heavy cavalry!

Almost everyone thought this way.

Everyone present was silent, using silence to express their tacit agreement.

The King was furious.

“The Rose family has never had a captured King before, and there will never be any in the future, let alone now!” The King took the reins, his sword pointed at Moore the knight in the crowd, “Come here!”

Moore walked quickly forward.

The King threw the treaty to Moore, his face still shrouded in appalling anger: “Take this, and bring it to the Duke of Buckingham.”

“Follow your orders!”

Moore caught the heavy peace treaty, and felt as if something got stuck in his throat.

“You all, go from there, bypass this place and make your way down the branch river. Don’t go to Truu, go directly to Sern! Now, take these fools and get the hell out!”

The King looked condescendingly down at the officials who rolled down from the carriage and climbed on their horses in a clumsy fashion.

No one knew when the King learned the topography of the surrounding towns and roads this clearly.

Only Moore and the other two knights startled with realization.

At the request of the King, they had described the topography in detail in that report. But it was too lengthy and complex. Out of hostility and indignation, they did not bother to organize all the dizzyingly details and information……No one thought that the King would really read them all and remember everything clearly.

“Your Majesty!”

The Master of the Households shoved out of the crowd and knelt on the ground heavily.

“Give me your cloak! Please let me take your place and stay behind! Your Majesty!”

“Why?” The King smiled, and his eyes cut across the pale face of the Master of the Households. “Do you think you are more noble than Legrand’s monarch?!”

The Master of the Households looked in grief at the young King who he had taken care of for more than ten years.

“Take him with you.”

The King no longer looked at the Master of the Households. He ordered Moore and the other two knights. He stood upright, his scarlet cloak flapping in the wind, looking like a raging sea of ​​blood. His pale blue eyes were even colder than ice.

Moore pulled the kneeling Master of the Households on his horse.


The King ordered.

He turned his horse’s head and stood side by side with his vow knights, without looking back at the people who were about to flee.

“For the glory of the Rose!”

Moore shouted out this motto and led the charge towards survival.

The King and his vow knights stood like a city wall on the grass slope crest. Under his order, his courtiers abandoned the carriage and detoured from the other side of the grassy slope, heading for another distant town. Along the tributary of the Doma, they would travel to Sern, and from there they could return to the palace by another road.

The flickering torch had already become sporadic.

The three knights charged on their horses, and when they looked back, they only saw the King amidst his iron clad guards. He stood cold and proud, completely motionless. And opposite him was the heavy cavalry who had dispersed into a line, and they too stood still. This grassy slope and wetland had become a stage and battlefield.

The negotiating team passed by the edge of the stage.

The Master of the Households still had some hope of being able to disperse the enemy’s focus from the King. But those terrible heavy cavalry didn’t even give them a glance.

The King, his oath cavalry, and the Gulundi heavy cavalry.

They were the protagonists of this stage, and the rest were simply irrelevant.

The Master of the Households vaguely saw the King’s scarlet cloak blowing in the wind. At that moment his young monarch seemed to have come from hell.

The figure of William III overlapped with the King.

The Master of the Households finally realized one thing:

His allegiance was no longer to that of a spoiled child, but the son of a military genius, a descendant of the Rose family with the insanity that tinged the blood of the Rose running through his veins. This generation’s monarch of the Legrand Empire.

His Majesty was——

Born to be King.


The lion chasing elk would not care about a group of scattered rabbits.

As expected by the King, the heavy cavalry of Gulundi did not stop and go after those who escaped. The attention of the heavy cavalry was all on the most noble prey that they had ever hunted before.

The heavy cavalry had already bypassed the wetland. They raised their spears high and began to roar like wild beasts.

The wildness of the sea barbarians boiled under their armor.

They were a group of beasts, a group of ferocious beasts in steel. They enjoyed killing, they relished the despair of their prey before they died. They loved to use the bloodiest means to slaughter their enemies.

The black cavalry line began to advance and when their roaring momentum gathered and reached the apex, they would initiate a charge.

Often, before that, their enemies would have already been scared to death just by their ferocious aura alone.

But there were exceptions tonight.

As if a cold iron mask had covered the King’s face, he stood solemnly in the cold wind.

His head hurt more and more, as if thousands of knives were carving at the insides, knives that were laced in fire. Everyone wanted him to die, everybody wanted him to go to hell. Those past memories of gritted teeth and a desperate struggle to survive whizzed by. Whoever wanted him to die……he will bring death to every one of them!


The knight commander heard his voice. A voice that was laced through with malevolence and rage.

“Aren’t you going to kill me?”

“Come on then!”

The rainstorm poured down like an overwhelming curtain, as if to perform a tune that was appropriately thrilling and hair-raising for this first battle of the night.

With the low and muffled thunder sounds and the pattering of rain that washed the world as their backdrop, the Gulundi heavy cavalry merged into a straight line. The heavy rain washed over their black armor, splashing and running through the hideous bony spurs coming out of the black metal. In the rain, the edges of their armor gleamed white.


The saint slept in the grave without waking up.

Death was like a shadow hovering over the crown of the monarch.

The rose on the armor was to be forever bathed in blood!

The long spears of the Gulundi heavy cavalry flashed silver.

The charge had begun.


The horse hoofs were wrapped in heavy black iron and stepped heavily across the muddy grass.

The cavalry of Gulundi rushed across the battlefield and towards the slightly elevated grassy slope. Their eyes behind their iron helmet masks were harsh and ruthless, and the hideous bone spurs on their armor were clearly visible. Those bone spurs were not only a decoration to deter the enemy, but also a part of their bloodthirsty weapons.

With the King’s order, his knights pushed all the empty carriages side by side down the slope.

The carriage rolled in the rain and muddy water, smashing towards the enemies who were eager to rush upwards.

The Gulundi calvalry issued mocking shouts.

The terrible iron spears in their hands were brandished, smashing the empty carriages rolling towards them as if putting on a performance.

The empty carriages rolled into the heavy cavalry ranks, one after another. The carriages that could be regarded as fairly solid were like paper in front of the Gulundi calvalry. Immediately after the empty carriages were smashed by the iron spears, they were sent flying away by the Gulundi war horses that looked like monsters in heavy armor, landing broken and fallen apart in the mud.

The heavy horseshoes trampled over the wood and metal.

The King raised his sword high and cut downwards:

“For the glory of the Rose!”

“For the glory of the Rose!”

The knights roared.

The rain scoured the people on both sides heavily.

With the block and cover provided by the carriages, the King and his knights charged out.

The carriage belonging to the King was made of oak and plated with metal. It withstood the collision of the war horses and lay horizontal on the ground. It blocked the cavalry leader’s charge.

The leader of the Gulundi heavy cavalry remained focused on the King in the scarlet cloak.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When the King charged down on his horse, the leader pulled on the reins, and both horse and man leaped directly over the oak carriage. In mid-air, he leaned forward, his spear piercing towards the King, bringing with it a sharp wind that sent chills down the spine.