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The Cruel Tyrant CH 035 Calculations

Su Mu had been frowning since he returned from the palace.

One hand rested on the table, while the other hand was constantly tapping on the table, completely destroying any princely image to be had.

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As soon as Liu Xi and Yun Feiyu walked in they saw a frowning and sighing Crown Prince. The Crown Prince looked completely different from his usual cold and domineering self. At this moment, he did not look like a Crown Prince of a kingdom but more like a wealthy Gongzi who was still innocent to the ways of the world.

The two walked in together and greeted: “Paying respects to Your Highness.”

Su Mu sat up straight and said, “Rise.”

Liu Xi looked at Su Mu tentatively and asked, “Your Highness, Wu kingdom did not agree to lend troops?”

“No, Wu kingdom has promised to lend 150,000 troops.” Su Mu said.

One hundred and fifty thousand. Standing on the side, Yun Feiyu’s eyes flickered as he looked at Su Mu. He did not expect that the Crown Prince could actually borrow soldiers from Wu kingdom. It had to be said that this was a miracle.

“Since we have succeeded, why is Your Highness still worried?” Liu Xi asked with puzzlement. When those charming phoenix eyes looked at Su Mu, they did not look like they were trying to express confusion but more like trying to seduce the other.

Su Mu felt his heartbeat beginning to quicken so he quickly looked away and said, “Wu kingdom has agreed to lend troops, but the Emperor of Wu wants to marry his princess to me.”

“What?” Liu Xi widened his bright and charming eyes, and asked with some disbelief: “Why? Why would the Emperor of Wu marry his princess to Your Highness?”

After hearing Su Mu’s words, Yun Feiyu felt himself going stiff. He also looked at Su Mu, not understanding why the Emperor of Wu wanted to marry his princess to the Crown Prince.

Generally speaking, princesses would only be sent off for a political marraige when her kingdom was defeated and needed to seek peace or the national strength of her kingdom was not as powerful as other kingdoms. After all, what parent would be willing for their daughter to marry far away, the distance making it difficult to recieve news on her health or situation.

Facing the two pairs of puzzled eyes, Su Mu could only shake his head and said: “I also don’t know why?” Then he said to the two of them: “You two help me figure out a way, how can I refuse the “goodwill” of the Emperor of Wu.”

Su Mu gritted his teeth. He really wanted to violently beat up the old meddlesome man that was Emperor of Wu.

Yun Feiyu smiled slightly and said: “Why refuse? Marriage with Wu kingdom is something that many other kingdoms cannot even hope for.”

Su Mu glanced at him and said, “When did you see me touch a woman?”

Indeed, in the past few years, the men in the Crown Prince’s harem have come and gone, but as for women, not even a single hair was seen.

Yun Feiyu said: “But you will be the Emperor in the future, how can there be no Empress? If it is Wu kingdom……”

Su Mu raised an eyebrow and looked at Yun Feiyu in the manner of a disreputable rake: “Who said that there is no Empress, I think you are quite good for the role.” Then he turned his head and looked at the shocked Liu Xi and said: “What about you, would you like to be my Empress?”

Liu Xi’s face blushed, and he glared at Su Mu, appearing even more charming and alluring in his embarrassment, and said, “Your Highness, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Su Mu was just making a joke. To establish a male Empress, wasn’t this the same as finding trouble for himself? When the time came, he could just leave the position empty.

Su Mu, who felt like electricity had ran through his body at Liu Xi’s glare, hurriedly changed the subject: “If I marry the princess, wouldn’t it hurt her? If she returns to the Wu kingdom to complain, what will happen? No benefits to be had yet the trouble keeps coming.”

Don’t know why but when they heard that the Crown Prince did not intend to marry the princess of the Wu kingdom, the two of them secretly let out relieved sighs.

Liu Xi secretly thought that if the princess really married the Crown Prince, he would definitely not give that princess even one chance to see the Crown Prince.

“Your Highness, why not let the princess marry Yun Gongzi.” Liu Xi suggested sincerely: “Look, Yun Gongzi is both talented and handsome. And if you give Yun Gongzi a higher official position wouldn’t he be a perfect match for the princess?”

Su Mu looked at Yun Feiyu, and thought that while the first half was correct, but the second half……he really wanted to knock some sense into Liu Xi. How could the Emperor of Wu marry his princess to a ‘male pet’.

Liu Xi saw Su Mu’s concerns so he smiled: “Your Highness, you don’t know how much Yun Gongzi was loved by women in the past. In the past, Yun Gongzi’s carriage used to be filled with flowers thrown by women every time he went out to the streets……”

Su Mu looked at Yun Feiyu’s extraordinarily handsome face, and completely believed Liu Xi’s words.

When Liu Xi saw that Su Mu seem convinced, he immediately added: “Your Highness, if the princess sees Yun Gongzi, she will definitely fall in love with him.”

Su Mu nodded, there was a 90% probability.

Liu Xi ignored Yun Feiyu’s gradually cooling smile and said: “Your Highness, why not let them meet.”

“But, can this work?” Su Mu was slightly conflicted. The other was, after all, considered to belong to him, and he felt a little bit reluctant.

Liu Xi had been observing Su Mu the whole time, so naturally he saw the hesitation on his face. Pretending not to see it, he continued to persuade: “How can you know if you don’t try. It would be best if the princess fslls in love with him, but if it doesn’t work, we can always think of another solution. In any case, there will be no loss on our side.”

Su Mu nodded and looking at Yun Feiyu, he asked: “What do you think?”

Although he asked, Su Mu didn’t really want to hear a positive answer. When all was said and done, Yun Feiyu was someone who had intimate contact with him. Him just giving the other to another woman, just what was that considered as?

Unexpectedly, Yun Feiyu looked at Su Mu with a smile and said: “I will follow Your Highness’s orders.”

Su Mu’s face became stiff, then his expression darkened and he said: “Fine, so be it, I will find a way for you to meet the princess.”

After returning to the room, Su Mu tossed and turned on the bed and couldn’t fall asleep. The thought that kept bothering him was why should he give up his man to others.

Su Mu was not a pretentious person. He knew that he had a good impression of Yun Feiyu. Although it cannot be considered to be love or affection, but having to reluctantly send his belonging away caused him to feel quite unhappy. Even if he wasn’t in love with the other, he still felt sullen.

As he couldn’t sleep, Su Mu simply got up from the bed and put on a piece of clothing before going out and knocking on Yun Feiyu’s door.

The wooden door was gently opened, and the cold moonlight shone down on Yun Feiyu’s face. He smiled gently, like the queen of the night flower that only bloomed at night.

“Your Highness, why are you here?” Because he got up in a hurry, he just wore an outer robe like Su Mu, revealing a flawless white chest.

Su Mu strode into his room, looked at him and asked seriously: “Do you really want to marry the princess?”

Yun Feiyu closed the door and turned to look at Su Mu. He smiled: “As a subject, I naturally have to help Your Highness with difficulties, but how can the princess compare to His Highness?”

When Su Mu heard that a small, smug smile appeared on his face unconsciously. And as he walked towards the door he said: “Okay, I’m going back, and you should also rest early.”

Suddenly, a warm feeling came from his hand, and Yun Feiyu’s elegant voice sounded behind him: “Since Your Highness is here, why not stay.”

A tinge of red appeared on Su Mu’s face, and while his integrity told him to go quickly, his feet however, seemed to have taken root.

The soft touch on his cheeks gradually moved to his lips, and Su Mu felt his breathing becoming rapid and his temperature rising. The handsome jade-like face was so close in proximity, but no blemish could be detected.

A warm, wet feeling pressed against his lips, and Su Mu opened his mouth slightly while closing his eyes at the same time.

Feeling his waist being hugged, Su Mu trembled slightly. The two heated bodies pressed closer to each other, and both could clearly feel each other’s desires.

Yun Feiyu pulled Su Mu to the bed and gently let down the veilings. After taking off Su Mu’s outer robe he slowly pressed down onto him.

The already dim candlelight was blocked further by a layer of veil. Su Mu could only see the other’s outline and as a result, the senses sharpened and his body became more sensitive. Feather-like kisses fell on his neck and shoulders, and Su Mu couldn’t help but shiver. Breathing harshly, he said, “Don’t be like this.”

“Ngh……let go!”

Yun Feiyu let him go obediently, and looked down at Su Mu’s misty eyes. He couldn’t help but feel a throbbing in his heart, and he slowly leaned down again to kiss Su Mu’s moist, red lips.

The slender fingers dexterously slipped into Su Mu’s clothes where they busily stroked the smooth skin, before they then grasped the hard desire between Su Mu’s legs.

Su Mu gasped, grasping firmly onto Yun Feiyu’s shoulders, brows furrowed, “Hurry up.”

It’s just that this time Yun Feiyu didn’t listen to him. He kissed the corner of Su Mu’s mouth and coaxed, “Your Highness, don’t be anxious.”

The hand moved unhurriedly while the other hand took off the only piece of clothing left on Su Mu.

The alluring body gently twisted under him, and charming gasps sounded in his ears. The always gentle and smiling face became expressionless, but flames burned deep in his eyes.

Yun Feiyu released his grip to take off and throw his own clothes aside, and the two faced each other completely naked.

Su Mu, who had been enjoying the other’s pleasuring, frowned with dissatisfaction at the momentary loss and looked down his body.

His attention was soon caught, however, when he got an accidental glimpse of the thick hardness between Yun Feiyu’s legs.

He was clearly a weak scholar, so why was he so big? Su Mu squeezed the head of the arrogant looking thing with displeasure.

Yun Feiyu gasped and grabbed onto Su Mu’s leaving hand, pressing it back onto himself.

Su Mu blushed as he held it compliantly. It felt completely different from when he held himself. It felt harder and hotter.

Yun Feiyu endured the pleasure coming from below, and fiery palms grasped at Su Mu’s slender and firm waist. Gradually, they slid down, only stopping when they reached that place of ecstasy. Gently, he rubbed at the opening.

Su Mu was pressed up close to Yun Feiyu’s heated body, feeling the heat from the object in his hand. All of this caused his mouth to feel a little dry. Especially when he felt himself being stretched open, Su Mu couldn’t help but call out softly.

Yun Feiyu inserted his fingers deeper, and Su Mu’s whole body softened, but still his arms clung tightly to the person on top of him as he breathed heavily.

Yun Feiyu looked at the extremely compliant person in his arms with dark eyes, and could no longer endure it anymore. He took out his fingers and pressed down on Su Mu, eagerly opening Su Mu’s legs while holding his own hard desire, rubbing it against the entrance briefly before slowly but firmly pressing in. Su Mu bit his lip, and grasped Yun Feiyu’s strong arms with both hands. Because of the slow entry, the feeling of being stretched was more obvious.

Lips were kissed bright red and moisture gathered at the corners of his eyes. He looked like a weak and delicate young man who one could do whatever one pleased with.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The people of Qing could never even dream of thinking that their frightening Crown Prince would lie obediently under a man and let himself be fiercely and passionately made love to.

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 056 Benefit The People

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Hundreds of years ago, the Wu family was also prosperous and influential. During the Song Dynasty, the ancestor of the Wu family had been a Grand Master of Remonstrance. They were also among the top official families in the local area. They wore silk and satin, ate rare delicacies shipped from all regions, and even the tea they drank was the best tea produced in tea fields to be paid as tribute for the Emperor.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Wu family was also quite popular in the local area, to the extent that even after the change of dynasty, they were also recruited by the Yuan Dynasty. In order to protect the family, they bowed their heads in submission to the new imperial court.

But though they may have lowered their heads, it did not mean that they wholeheartedly accepted the Yuan Dynasty. The Wu family waited quietly, waiting for the day the Yuan Dynasty would also decline.

Wu Changqing was now forty-two years old. He had been waiting for this day for half his life, and it had finally arrived.

“South Bodhisattva.” Wu Changqing was very well maintained and looked to only be in his early thirties.

Among the ancient people, the poor people were worse off than the modern people. After all, they had to do more physical work in order to make a living. But the rich people in ancient times were much better off than the modern rich people. The food they ate had no additives, lived in big manors, and don’t even have to do anything themselves in daily life.

Lin Yuan smiled at Wu Changqing: “Wu Laoye, I have heard much about you for so long.”

The smile on Wu Changqing’s face became even brighter, although he also knew that this was just courteous talk. If Lin Yuan had known of him a long time ago, how could he have not come to see him for so long.

However, since Lin Yuan had already spoken courteous words, he naturally had to be more sincere.

“Wu Laoye and this old man, we are very good friends.” Song Shizhao also began to speak courteous words, and exaggerating in his praises for Wu Changqing. After all, he was the person to introduce Wu Changing to Lin Yuan. The more talented this person was, the more capable he would appear to be——but no matter how talented Wu Changqing was, he would still not surpass him.

The people below also experience jealousy.

There was no difference between courtiers and officials competing amongst themselves for the Emperor’s favor and concubines competing against each other within the harem for the Emperor’s favor.

The methods were all the same, pestering the Emperor, flattering the Emperor, and then do something practical and merit worthy.

Then form cliques and suppress outsiders. And the best scenario would be that the Emperor had no other useful ministers besides himself.

If the concubines also wanted to get involved with the imperial court, then the courtiers would have to compete with the concubines for the Emperor’s favor as well.

Dealing with the concubines was even simpler. Directly point out that the harem cannot participate in politics. If a concubine participated, then bad luck, she would be labelled an evil seductress. And with such a good reason, the courtiers could easily force her to die.

The courtiers were not only colleagues, but also competitors. If one person gained favor, then another would definitely have lost it.

It was much easier to understand their relationship as that of colleagues in modern workplaces.

The only way to rise up in the ranks was to cooperate with each other when working. But when fighting for benefits, instantly all cooperation would go out the window, and they would become even more fierce and unforgiving towards each other than if they were facing the killer of their own father.

But in the modern workplace, promotion only meant a higher salary and being in charge of more people.

However, the promotion of officials in ancient times had more room for benefits and personal interests, so one couldn’t blame them. It could only be said that the people above were not smart enough to keep these lower ranking officials in line.

After a brief greeting, the three finally got to the point.

Wu Changqing sat at attention, with a smile on his face, and said: “When I had yet to arrive, I often heard the people say that the South Bodhisattva was a young hero, born with the heart of a Buddha, and an expert at appointing people according to their abilities. After seeing with my own eyes today, it turned out to be true.”

Lin Yuan: “Wu Laoye can speak directly.”

To have respect for the wise and talented did not necessarily mean that they were all wise and talented. The main thing was to show respect and welcome like they were, so that more people would come to join him.

Maybe there were a few among these people with real and valuable skills. As for those who don’t have the skills, most of them were just fed for free. It was estimated that a lot of people have gone bankrupt from feeding aides and advisors.

After all, people were not cats and dogs. Supporting them must not only include taking care of their food, but also their daily clothing, housing and transportation.

In short, the Wu Changqing in front of him, whether he was really capable or not, Lin Yuan would still keep him, and even entrust him with an important position to express his desire for talents.

Establish a signboard so that those who were still observing would come and recommend themselves.

He also hoped to attract Luo Guanzhong. Whether or not Luo Guanzhong was an excellent military strategist, at least he had written the Romance of the Three Kingdoms! Passed down through the ages, a literary giant of the times! So what if he ended up supporting Luo Guanzhong for free? He was happy to do it for free!

Wu Changqing asked: “Has the South Bodhisattva ever thought about whether to stop here or to go further.”

“If it is to go further, has the South Bodhisattva ever thought of taking Hangzhou?”

Lin Yuan finally couldn’t help smiling. He said to Song Shizhao: “Mr. Song, it would seem that your seat is not guaranteed.”

Song Shizhao also smiled, but not so sincerely, but on the surface it was not too obvious. He cupped his hand and said, “I am willing to hand this position to the hero.”

Wu Changqing said: “Now the South Bodhisattva has two major generals Zhu and Chen, accompanied by the three lieutenant generals Li, Yang, and Zhang. But I wonder if the South Bodhisattva has thought about the issue, that the two generals Zhu and Chen are now unable to be promoted even further?”

Lin Yuan’s expression changed, he suppressed his anger and smiled: “I wonder if Wu Laoye has any ideas?”

Wu Changqing also knew that these words would inevitably displease Lin Yuan, but if he wanted to have a future, he had to say this. Otherwise if he just made superficial remarks then it would be difficult to make further progress, so he said lowly: “These two people are in charge of tens of thousands of troops, why don’t South Bodhisattva have them……”

The method he came up with was to pit Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Baisong against each other.

This could weaken their strength and prevent them from uniting and trying to seize Lin Yuan’s current position.

Lin Yuan also knew that Wu Changqing was right, and he had avoided thinking about this issue all this time.

In the capture of Gaoyou, Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Baisong contributed the most. They were made generals in order to stabilize the military spirit. But the problem was that people’s desires could expand infinitely, and the only position above generals was a princely title. (TN: in ancient China, non-imperial members could be conferred a princely title for special merits)

And he didn’t want to boil the hound once it caught the rabbit or to put the bow away once the birds were all gone in the future. (TN: idioms for getting rid of somebody once he has served his purpose)

Lin Yuan could only smile and say to Wu Changqing: “Towards Wu Laoye’s suggestion, I don’t know how to react, and I feel ashamed. I will definitely consider this matter seriously.”

Wu Changqing: “I shall follow the South Bodhisattva’s orders.”

Lin Yuan turned his head and said to Song Shizhao: “I see that Wu Laoye is an upright man, so how about being in charge of the people’s livelihood?”

Song Shizhao quickly signaled at Wu Changqing, and the two thanked Lin Yuan.

After leaving the Wu Manor, Lin Yuan frowned slightly. Song Shizhao stood on the side with anxiety. He did not dare to ask, but walked aside and waited for Lin Yuan to speak.

Lin Yuan: “This person is smart and keen, but he likes to take narrow paths. He is talented enough to be a small official. But as a big official, he will be a disaster for the people.”

Song Shizhao: “Exactly!”

Lin Yuan glanced sideways at Song Shizhao: “You’ve noticed this flaw long ago, haven’t you?”

Song Shizhao smiled.

Wu Changqing’s eyes did not see the people or the world.

What he saw was the human heart, the desire for power.

Such a person might have a little achievement, but he would never achieve anything too big, because his foothold was too small.

However, Song Shizhao said: “Although he has no major talent, he still has some skills, so why don’t Boss continue to observe some more.”

Lin Yuan nodded, his eyes a little melancholy.

Nowadays, that his army remained stable, and the people’s minds at ease, all relied on the name of the South Bodhisattva and the visible good days to come.

It did not rely on the personal charm of Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Baisong.

Moreover, the soldiers they were in charge of were not fixed. Soldiers were all uniformly trained and occasionally shuffled, just to prevent them from developing any loyalty to a certain general.

Lin Yuan did not wish to see that the great cause had yet to be achieved, but the internal division had already developed, all fighting for their own independent interests.

Or see them divide into factions and cliques.

Wu Changqing’s suggestion was to separate them into factions and let them fight on their own, while Lin Yuan stood on the sidelines to win over the hearts of the people.

This was a narrow path tactic. With such a tactic, it would be too easy to destroy the foundation already built.

Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Baisong put their lives on the line at the frontlines, meanwhile he schemed against them from behind?

Then he really deserved to die.

Disregarding anyone else for the sake of one’s own desires.

Lin Yuan looked down on such a leader and was unable to become like that.

Wu Changqing quickly took office and became a county magistrate in the southern district of Gaoyou. It was probably because of the successful example he represented, Gaoyou suddenly swarmed with many outsiders, some with their families and some alone. They all came to Song Shizhao who had now taken on managing human resources in addition to business and trade.

Lin Yuan was now at ease with placing responsibilities on Song Shizhao. Song Shizhao was someone who understood reasoning and possessed a broad vision. His eyes saw the world and the people. What he wanted was not personal gain, nor the so-called leaving a mark in history, but to see that one day, the world would become united under one rule.

Moreover, Song Shizhao was quite knowledgeable.

He knew how to manage and control people and how to judge people’s characters.

Possessing these two abilities was essentially the same as standing at the forefront of the times.

Those who came to recommend themselves all lived in Song Shizhao’s manor, and Song Shizhao was responsible for the daily expenses. In addition to taking time out every day to show his face in front of Lin Yuan, he spent more time playing taiji with the newcomers. (TN: expression for going back and forth and doing social mingling)

As he played taiji with them, he really did found a few good ones.

In addition to those who came, he also learned that many hadn’t come, and reported them.

Lin Yuan took a look.

Liu Ji and Song Lian were among those who reported to Song Shizhao.

Liu Ji, or Liu Bowen, was Zhu Yuanzhang’s first advisor and often compared to Zhuge Liang.

Lin Yuan slapped the table with joy: “Excellent!”

“Someone, bring pen and ink!” Lin Yuan shouted.

Er Liang hurried into the room to spread out the paper and rub ink.

Lin Yuan wanted to write a letter of appointment, carry out the act of respecting the wise by inviting Liu Ji and Song Lian to come to Gaoyou to aide him.

He must display a proper attitude so he wrote these three letters of appointment personally, and killed a lot of brain cells in the process. After finishing writing, he felt that his literacy level was quite good, with plenty of quoting from the classics. If he was still back in the modern times he would definitely not understand a single word. But thankfully, the original owner had been a scholar with a high level of cultural attainment, otherwise he could only ask someone to write it for him.

“Give these three letters to Manager Song and have him send them off.” Lin Yuan instructed Er Liang.

Er Liang nodded, and left the room with the three letters.

In addition to Liu Ji and Song Lian, there was another one for Luo Guanzhong.

Liu Ji and Song Lian were advisor and civil court official respectively. As for Luo Guanzhong……if it really didn’t work out, then being just a mascot was also good!

Lin Yuan thought to himself: I don’t care, this time I will be willful. I want to look at Luo Guanzhong, even if he had no talent, as long as he could write the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I will place him on a pedestal!

After working conscientiously as a heretic god and rebel leader for so long he deserved to be willful just once.


The merchants came back one after another. After traveling for more than half a year, they brought a large group of people compared with just the couple of attendants and soldier escorts when they first left. These people were dressed in ragged clothes, their faces bitter and miserable from life’s hardships. But at the moment, their faces also appeared confused, as if they didn’t know what kind of luck had managed to fall on them to be taken to Gaoyou.

Nowadays, rumors had been spreading in the other provinces that Gaoyou’s conditions were the best. As long as one wanted to work, one could find work. Everyone could eat enough, and there was also an option of being a soldier if one couldn’t find work. And as a soldier the conditions would be even better. Soldiers could eat meat once every three days and white rice once every seven days.

Although they don’t know whether it was true or not, they all still felt that Gaoyou was a good place. But they didn’t expect that they would actually have the opportunity to come here one day.

The merchants met outside the city gate and greeted each other with a smile, calmly showing off how many craftsmen they had found and how many were relatives of the craftsmen.

Xie Zichang and Zhou Fu also encountered each other. The two of them didn’t like each other at all. The reason was that they felt that other merchants were inferior and only the other had the capital to be considered as rivals.

“How many people did brother Xie find?” Zhou Fu asked with a smile.

Xie Zichang also smiled, appearing even more elegant: “Not many, just over two thousand.”

Zhou Fu was surprised and said: “It can be seen that brother Xie’s ability cannot be compared with ordinary people.”

“Just average.” Xie Zichang cupped his hand and said modestly, “I wonder how many people Zhou laodi found.” (TN: affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much younger than oneself and can be translated into my boy or old pal)

Zhou Fu was so vexed his teeth began to feel a little itchy. Him calling the other brother was giving the other face. But the other actually called him laodi in return! As expected, shameless people would top the world. Still, he had to put a smile on his face: “This foolish brother is also lucky, no more no less, also just over two thousand people.”

Xie Zichang: “Zhou laodi is capable.”

Zhou Fu and Xie Zichang talked and laughed on the surface while secretly wishing on each other a fate of falling off the carriage, and it would be even better if the other cracked open his skull in the fall as well.

A total of 18,000 artisans were brought over this time.

The merchants all have various means, and many of these people were bought out of prison or tricked away from respectable families.

Others were found among the refugees.

These 18,000 people were placed outside the city. Because winter was approaching, Lin Yuan had people build dormitories outside the city after he captured Gaoyou. The dormitories were connected together, and there was also a wall surrounding the area. In order to allow these skilled people to live comfortably, the dormitories were all family units. Each family unit had two bedrooms, one living room, and a kitchen. Though the kitchen was shared on the floor, there were several stoves installed in the kitchen.

Lin Basan was a new artisan in Gaoyou.

He used to be a carpenter, and what he used to do was to make furniture for the surrounding neighbors and villagers to earn some money for living. When the world went up in chaos everyone in the village fled to other regions. His family also fled with the crowd and as a result, the whole family lived as vagrants. Without food and money they barely managed to survive.

As soon as the rich merchants showed up and discovered that he was a carpenter, they took him on the road, and even his wife was brought along——his parents and children had died on the road, only he and his wife had survived.

His wife’s surname was Qian, and was the sixth child in her family, so she was called Liu Niang. Liu Niang and Lin Basan walked up to the second floor together. Liu Niang was born in the countryside village and grew up there since she was a child. All she saw were low single-story houses with tiled roofs. Those were the houses for wealthy households. The peasant households had mud houses. And if these mud houses did not leak in wind or rain then that was already considered well off.

Liu Niang lowered her head and followed the person leading the way. She looked at the smooth path under her feet. For some reason, there were tears in her eyes. If her parents-in-law and the children could survive, wouldn’t that be wonderful.

“This will be your house.” The manager who led the way sighed. “You are a family, so you can get this house. If you are a single person, you can only be divided into a single dormitory with seven or eight other people, you both are quite lucky.”

Lin Basan hurriedly said: “Thank you, milord, thank you, milord, please let me know your name so that this humble one will be able to……”

The manager waved his hand: “Don’t call me milord. I was like you before. Having come here, all you need to do is to work diligently for the South Bodhisattva. The good days are yet to come.”

This small manager was Liang Da. He and San zi were both from the bandit villa, but they were later recruited by Lin Yuan. Now they were working as small managers among the people and their life was smooth sailing. When he looked at these newcomers it was as if seeing his previous self.

Lin Basan walked into the house with his wife after sending off Liang Da.

There were only two of them so the house they were allocated was the smallest on the corner. There was a bedroom and a main room. The kitchen was near the balcony. But going to the toilets was a little troublesome as they had to go downstairs. There was a public toilet next to each building.

“Old Lin, we have a house.” Liu Niang touched the table and chairs. Although the house was simple, it had a table and a stool, and there was a bed in the house. Even when their family was at their richest, they couldn’t live in such a good house.

Lin Basan was also deeply moved. He said to his wife: “The South Bodhisattva has built these many houses, and I don’t know how much money and food it had costed. Truly possessing the heart of a Buddha. I didn’t believe it before, but now, I only blame myself for being too narrow-minded.”

Liu Niang quickly said: “Then you have to work hard in the future! Only then can you be worthy of the kindness of the South Bodhisattva.”

Lin Basan: “This is natural! If anyone says that the South Bodhisattva is not good, I will break his nose!”

The couple saw the prospects of a good life, and after shedding tears together, they had to go out. They had to report to their respective team leaders to receive their work, and then go to receive their allotted clothes and bedding.

When they reported in, they also saw the people who were brought along with them. Although they didn’t have much interaction amongst each other, they still felt close when they saw the familiar faces.

Lin Basan said to the man: “Are you assigned to a house?”

The man also looked happy: “I’m assigned. I am alone, so I have to live in a dormitory for singles, but I also have a separate bed, and I can be assigned to a family house when I get married.”

“Hey, when I heard it, I thought I was dreaming. I have to work hard and marry a wife early.”

Lin Basan was also happy.

The man asked Lin Basan again: “You and your wife are assigned a house?”

Lin Basan told the man about his living environment, and the other was really envious.

Likely with the two of them having taken the lead, the other people in the line also talked about their houses one after another.

Some were lucky and their whole family had managed to survive, so when assigned houses they were able to receive a big one. One family of five lived in a three-bedroom and one-living room house. He and his wife shared a room, his parents also got a room, and the children shared the third room. The happiness was enough to send him flying up to the sky.

As they chatted, they felt that the world was so big, but Gaoyou was the only place where they could settle down. Only the land the South Bodhisattva ruled over was the safest place to be. In their words, the support for Lin Yuan was very obvious.

This was the case for the people, whoever could bring them more benefits, then they would support him sincerely.

Most of the people were not literate, and they didn’t understand much, but they knew one thing——whoever could let them live a good life, then this person was a good person, and worthy of their support.


Lin Yuan breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at the artisans who were brought.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, the value of craftsmen was higher than some prideful scholars who could only recite books. Such scholars were not aware of practical matters, and have no other ability besides a wooden word-by-word reading of the books. Even when tasked with spreading literacy they weren’t able to do well. They didn’t know how to teach students according to their aptitude. What could possibly be taught by treating six or seven-year-old children as adults when teaching them? Only a genius would be able to learn with such teaching methods.

And there were many of them, so Lin Yuan could only have them do household registration and transcribing.

The craftsmen were different. What they do could be implemented, and these craftsmen would teach more apprentices in the future.

In addition to the craftsman, what delighted Lin Yuan most was the crops that Zhou Fu brought back. He had told them before to pay attention to the merchant ships traveling coming in from the sea. If there were any crops that they had never seen before, they should still bring them back first, no matter if it was edible or not or if anyone had eaten it before.

As a result potatoes and sweet potatoes appeared before him.

Although no one knew when potatoes were introduced into China, sweet potatoes definitely only appeared in the middle to late Ming dynasty.

Both of these crops were high-yielding and highly adaptable crops. It was practically a given that their food reserves would increase.

Lin Yuan grabbed Zhou Fu’s hand in delight, a sincere expression on his face as he looked at the fat Zhou Fu in front of him like one would look at a beloved lover. In a tone as gentle as water he said: “Zhou Laoye, your merit will benefit the people! It will definitely be remembered in history!”

Zhou Fu smiled but privately he was a bit bewildered. He didn’t know what these two things were. When he saw the merchant ships at sea, he had gone to a lot of efforts to buy them from the foreigners. The foreigners were not willing to sell them and only after he paid a big price for them did they secretly stuff some to him.

He didn’t know whether they could be eaten or not, or how they were grown.

Lin Yuan also said: “Zhou Laoye has done a great job this time. If you have anything you want, just speak, so long as I can provide it I will.”

Zhou Fu’s eyes widened. He never expected that even though he brought more than two thousand people back he wasn’t given such treatment. Instead, with just these two baskets of things that he could make no heads of he got such a reward. He quickly said, “How can I claim credit for doing things for the South Bodhisattva? It’s all Zhou’s duty so South Bodhisattva should never be polite with Zhou. If there is anything, just give the orders.”

Lin Yuan smiled so wide that the back of his teeth could almost be revealed: “I definitely won’t be polite.”

“Come! There will be a banquet tonight, and all the merchants who had come back are invited!”

The servants outside loudly answered affirmatively.

Lin Yuan also said: “In the future, if you come across anything remember to bring it along.”

Zhou Fu nodded, also feeling very happy.

Who cared why South Bodhisattva praised him, at least he won against Xie Zichang this time. And the next time they see each other, he could use this to vex that old fellow.

Because there was only one basket of potatoes and sweet potatoes, Lin Yuan had someone take them and cultivate them first. When they were successfully planted then it could be distributed to the farmers.

After he explained how to plant it in detail, he left it to the experts, only going to see the situation occasionally.

In the famine years, don’t know how many people depended on sweet potatoes for survival.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Although he didn’t want the people to live on sweet potatoes to survive, but with an extra guarantee, more people could live.

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 010 Meeting

Using breakfast time, Tao Mu gave Da Mao and Xiao Pang a rough idea of ​​what an entertainment big V was. But he didn’t say too much. After all, in 2008, most people were still only playing with blogs, Tieba, and other forums. Weibo just started running, and WeChat didn’t even come out yet. All self-media were still in the obscurity stage and left to grow on its own. In fact, there was no concept of self-media at all. In this situation, anything Tao Mu said would be to no avail. (TN: In China, self-media refers to independently operated social media accounts — on platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, and other smaller ones — usually run by individual users)

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, even this little rhetoric still evoked the two boys’ professional ambitions to devote themselves to gossip. Enthralled, they pestered Tao Mu with enthusiastic questions all morning, and even under Tao Mu’s suggestion, changed their Weibo names that were colored by the current times, non-mainstream, and too influenced by middle school 2nd year syndrome.

“Brother Mu, brother Mu, you have so many tricks, can you help me think of a fun and cool name?” Xiao Pang held the computer and smiled ingratiatingly in front of Tao Mu.

Tao Mu pondered for a moment and changed Xiao Pang’s Weibo name to ‘Morning Sun Shines Over The Masses.’

Xiao Pang: “……”

Xiao Pang: “What kind of name is this? It’s not sincere at all. I don’t like it. Change it for me.”

“You really don’t like it?” Seeing Xiao Pang nodding affirmatively, Tao Mu expressed deep regret. Such an awe-inspiring and unpretentious name that was full of the mystery and wisdom of the masses. It was likely that only the name ‘Takeout Riders’ in the later years could be compared. It was a pity that the aesthetic tastes from ten years later was not something Xiao Pang could completely comprehend. Tao Mu could only modify his Weibo nickname again under the urging of his childhood friend——

Melon Eater Official!

Xiao Pang rubbed his chin for a while, and felt that the name was not bad, at least it could slightly reflect his inner depths and ambition.

Da Mao was very interested: “Where is mine?”

Tao Mu didn’t even need to think about it this time, and typed the words ‘The Young Master Who Owns A Mine At Home’ on the computer.

Da Mao felt that this name revealed his identity in a low-key, precise and connotative manner, and thus very satisfied.

However, it was getting late after their fooling around session. The three hurried to the crew, but as soon as they left the house, a heavy rain came pouring down. The raindrops and windy gusts came violently, and the three of them were directly turned into wet chickens. Then the clouds cleared and the rain stopped——it would seem the heavy rain only fell for the period of time Tao Mu walked from home to the crew. Not a drop wasted at all.

Such an unlucky occurrence that was too coincidental made Tao Mu feel a little uneasy. He recalled again the destiny of being unable to break out of the vicious circle of living under Shen Yu’s influence after returning to the Shen family in the last life——

As expected, as soon as Tao Mu entered the crew, he saw Shen Yu, who was surrounded by the crowd, and the Shen family who had accompanied Shen Yu back to the crew.

Everyone in the Shen family, who always doted on Shen Yu, was really reluctant to part with their well-behaved little prince. Despite work and studies and other obligations, the whole family took a special plane to send Shen Yu back to H Studio City from Shanghai, all under the name of visiting Shen Yu’s filming set.

The richest man in Shanghai had arrived, and the whole crew was boiling over with excitement. A large group of people gathered around the Shen family and the whole scene was that of ordinary commoners seeing the Emperor and his family on an inspection tour in plain clothes.

Chen Yiqian, who had always been the man in charge in the crew, was currently subtly laying on the flattery in front of father Shen. He praised Shen Yu’s performance for being intuitive and natural, and that his performance as the leading role was both unselfconscious and artless. He also said that the relationship between the Shen family members was enviously harmonious, unlike some large families that were only superficially friendly with each other. Of course, it was mostly fancy praises for Shen Yu’s talent. The tone of his voice was exactly the same as subordinates exaggerating in front of the leader on how clever the leader’s children were.

But the Shen family still ate this up. When they heard everyone praising their precious treasure, even their expressions appeared much more pleasant than usual. Shen Yu, who was being fawned over by the crowd at the very center, had his arms tucked into father Shen’s and mother Shen’s arms, smiling shyly and appearing full of brightness and cuteness.

Tao Mu glanced at the noisy crowd from a distance, and was about to hide in the dressing room. Unexpectedly, despite the crowd, Shen Yu had immediately picked him out, waving his arms and shouting loudly: “Tao Mu, Tao Mu, here.”

Saying so, he even ran out of the crowd and grabbed Tao Mu by the arm: “I want to introduce my family to you. I told them that you are extremely amazing, both handsome and talented in kung fu. They all really like you.”

Shen Yu dragged Tao Mu to the front of the Shen family and threw his arm around Tao Mu’s shoulders, looking as if they were very good brothers and said with a smile: “Dad, mom, eldest brother, sister, this is Tao Mu. What do you think, I wasn’t wrong was I? Isn’t he particularly handsome and amazing? And he also look a lot like eldest brother! Aren’t these eyes particularly beautiful?”

Shen Yu’s only regret was that his looks were not very similar to those in his family. He was the cute type, with round eyes, and delicate features, appearing rather lovable and amiable. But the Shen family have phoenix eyes with an inner double lid that appeared narrow and long with the corners upturned. When they smile, their eyes took on an attractive brilliance. When they were serious, they appear solemn and cold, and giving a powerful presence. It made Shen Yu very envious. Unfortunately, he didn’t inherit it.

Everyone in the Shen family looked at Shen Yu with a smile, and their expressions were full of a pampering and indulgent flavor. Turning to Tao Mu, it became a polite and friendly smile with a bit of condescending that only close people could detect. The Shen family had a deep background, and Shen Yu was naturally innocent and sweet, and had an absolute pure heart for all people and things. In this case, it was inevitable that some manipulative and scheming people would deliberately approach Shen Yu. Especially in the complex environment of the entertainment industry. The Shen family was wealthy, and they were not afraid of someone approaching Shen Yu for benefits. As long as these people had no bad intentions towards Shen Yu, they would just take it as simply spending some money to find a playmate for Shen Yu.

After torturing each other for ten years in his previous life, Tao Mu knew exactly what the Shen family thought. It was not wrong to say that before he died, Tao Mu was jealous and pained at the thought of the Shen family’s preference for Shen Yu. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have committed suicide by jumping off the building in front of the Shen family at Shen Yu’s wedding.

Living over again, and seeing this scene again, Tao Mu originally thought he wouldn’t be as affected anymore. But to his surprise, the calm and unaffected emotions he had even when repetitively recalling his dreams of his previous life suddenly began to violently churn.

Grievance, injustice, dissatisfaction, resentment……The violent mood swings swept over him like a tide that almost overwhelmed him. Tao Mu subtly squeezed his fists and repeatedly restrained himself, finally suppressing the emotions that almost bubbled over.

Not good, the influence of Shen Yu and those in his previous life was too great on him.

Tao Mu knew well that such mood swings should not be his true emotions. But instead stemmed from……Tao Mu looked at Shen Yu subtly, the power of the plot?! It was just like in his previous life, whenever he encountered anything related with Shen Yu he would turn into a mad bull, completely losing his reason and IQ.

No good, he had to stay away from Shen Yu and these people!

He never wanted to repeat that hysterical and idiotic life full of only betrayals. Tao Mu lowered his eyes and quietly made up his mind.

Just as Tao Mu secretly made the decision, the melon-eating crowd in the crew were currently looking at the expressionless Tao Mu, and then at the Shen family who were sizing up Tao Mu, with weird expressions on their faces. None of them had seen the Shen family with their own eyes before, so the thought never occurred to them that Tao Mu had such resemblance to the Shen family.

But now being able to compare them, anyone with eyes could tell that Tao Mu and the Shen family were indeed very similar. Especially when compared with the Shen family eldest young master who had been standing silent all this time. The two of them practically had identical eyebrows and eyes. For those who didn’t know better, there was absolutely no doubt that they were brothers.

No wonder the young master of the Shen family kept talking about Tao Mu looking like his older brother. He was right!

It was a pity though, that the similar people did not the have a similar fate!

This sigh had already sounded yesterday on Shen Yu’s birthday, and now it sounded again. They got the feeling that this little orphan, who had no father or mother, had an affinity with the Shen family.

Mother Shen looked at Tao Mu for a few moments, and felt that this child did indeed have an affinity with their Shen family. She smiled and said, “It’s really quite alike. You’re Xiao Mu, right? This time baby came home, he talked to us about you every day. And even sharing the same birthday as him. With such affinity, you both must get along well.”

Shen Yu jumped angrily next to him: “Mom, how many times have I said it, don’t call me baby. I’ve grown up, so don’t call me baby anymore. I’ll be angry if you call me baby again.”

Shen Yan hugged her furious little kitten like brother into her arms and rubbed his head with a smile. Turning her head, she said to Tao Mu: “Baby also said that he wants to sign you into the company——”

Before she finished speaking, Tao Mu said calmly: “Thank you, young master Shen, for your kindness, but I was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, and the school stipulates that students cannot take on acting jobs before the junior year. Besides, I am from Beijing and will stay in Beijing in the future. The Shen family’s management company is in Shanghai, it would be inconvenient.”

As everyone all knew, the Shen family’s management company was hurriedly formed when Shen Yu wanted to enter the entertainment circle to play. They also specially recruited a well-known top talent agent from the industry, together with the other’s entire team. The purpose was to take care of Shen Yu and not let him be bullied by outsiders. It could be said that this managrment company was destined to operate around Shen Yu’s will. From a common sense point of view, it would be very difficult for other artists to develop if they signed into this kind of company. After all, no one knew whether young master Shen’s interest would fade away or not. So from a professional point of view, Tao Mu’s refusal was not arrogant but both reasonable and justified.

Shen Yan paused slightly and said nothing.

Tao Mu retreated from the crowd. But before he could enter the dressing room, he was stopped by Shen Yu’s agent.

Wen Shijin smiled mildly, and looked at the youth in front of him deeply. He got the feeling that just after a few days, Tao Mu had changed a lot. Not in the appearance, but in the bones.

Recalling the video that director Chen showed him, Wen Shijin’s heart jumped slightly. Before, it was just Shen Yu pestering him about Tao Mu, but now his interest in Tao Mu’s talent was genuine.

“Really don’t want to sign a management company under the Shen Group? You have to know that although this company is tailor-made for Shen Yu, since they recruited me, I will definitely make the company bigger and stronger. No matter whether the company is headquartered in Shanghai or Beijing, as long as I want to support your career as a star, I can always help you get better resources. How about it, do you want to think about it?”

What was there to think about? Give you another chance to betray me?

Cherish one’s IQ and stay away from plot characters!

Tao Mu looked at the high-spirited Wen Shijin coldly: “Mr. Wen approached me, so there should be proper business, right?”

Wen Shijin looked at the calm and unmoved Tao Mu and was rather surprised. In his impression, Tao Mu was not such a character. He should be the kind of person who grabbed at every opportunity and climb up desperately. Slick and sly and good at toadying for personal gain. Now he was like this……was he just playing hard to get?

Wen Shijin grinned and he raised an eyebrow: “You know that I have something to speak with you about? Then you might as well guess what it is about?”

“Yesterday’s action scene was very good, right.” Although it was an interrogative sentence, Tao Mu used a declarative tone: “You want to make Shen Yu popular, and yesterday’s action scene can help him. You came to me, likely wanting me to sign a non-disclosure agreement and then advertise that this action scene was done by Shen Yu himself.”

Wen Shijin chuckled when he heard this, and looked at Tao Mu with a little appreciation: “You are really smart. Don’t worry, as long as you are willing to cooperate, you will definitely not be treated badly in terms of remuneration. And……”

Wen Shijin paused and pondered slightly. He came to Tao Mu to negotiate, and originally wanted to use signing Tao Mu to their company as one of the conditions. Unfortunately, Tao Mu had made it clear that he did not want to join their company. Wen Shijin naturally would not use this bargaining chip anymore: “I can introduce you to other crews, and the role would be at least the male number three.”

“I reject.”

Wen Shijin frowned when he heard this: “You don’t need to be like this. You are a smart person, and you should know that agreeing to this will do you no harm.”

“I just don’t want you to do useless work.” Tao Mu looked at Wen Shijin and said calmly, “I can sign a confidentiality agreement. But there is someone who will never cooperate with you.”

Jin Wenyan was taken aback when he heard it, and he immediately reacted: “You mean Shen Yu?”

Tao Mu was silent.

Upon hearing this, Wen Shijin chuckled: “Then you worry too much. Shen Yu is a very obedient child.”

“That’s because you don’t know him well enough.” Tao Mu opened the door of the dressing room: “People like Shen Yu will never take the credit of others.”

In his last life, Tao Mu’s martial arts movements were not so skilled and beautiful, but Wen Shijin still thought about taking it for Shen Yu. Tao Mu was moved by Wen Shijin’s conditions, even if he felt some unwillingness, he still agreed to Wen Shijin’s proposal. Unexpectedly, when the reporter visited the set, Shen Yu admitted in front of everyone that Tao Mu was the one to do the action scenes. He himself only posed for a few shots in front of the camera.

Only then did Tao Mu know that Shen Yu had planned to reveal it all. The reason why he didn’t say anything when signing the contract, was just so Tao Mu could make more money. In any case, the person who told the truth was Shen Yu himself. Tao Mu only needed to remain silent in accordance with the contract and still take the money, and no one could hold him accountable.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Living his life over again, Tao Mu didn’t want to accept Shen Yu’s charity, so naturally he must point this matter out directly and bluntly.

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Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 040 Black Tortoise Mirror

The originally boundless spring scenery and ambiguous atmosphere was destroyed by Nie Bufan. Si Chenyu didn’t have the strong psychological endurance of Li Yi, so he could only admit defeat.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In the end, Nie Bufan didn’t tell Si Chenyu the secret under the water pool. Or it could be said that he completely forgot after choking on the water.

The two returned to the Chicken Nest Village, one dry and one wet. Immediately they sensed that the atmosphere was not right when they entered the village. Li Yi, Li Huai, Zhang Junshi, Chen Muran, and Nineteen all gathered together in a rare occurence. Even Wang Shichan, who came and went without a trace, appeared to the little gathering. They looked to be discussing something.

Nie Bufan greeted them, “Well, that’s rare, what are you all talking about together?”

Everyone turned and looked at the sunny and dry Nie Bufan and then at Si Chenyu, who was soaked and dripping wet, with peculiar expressions on their faces.

Seeing this, Si Chenyu put aside any thoughts of changing clothes, and asked directly, “What’s wrong?”

Chen Muran said solemnly: “My key was stolen.”

“Huh?” Si Chenyu was surprised, “Are you talking about the treasure key?”


“How did you lose it?”

Shen Muran shook his head: “I don’t know. I woke up this morning and found that it had disappeared.”

Si Chenyu rubbed his chin and thought: “Chicken Nest Village is tightly guarded. I don’t believe anyone can break through the surveillance of the chickens and steal the key silently. There is no second elegant master in the world.”

With that, he looked at Wang Shichan.

Wang Shichan opened his mouth and said: “Ragarding qinggong, I indeed have not yet heard of anyone who could beat me.”

“Moreover, outsiders don’t know what the key looks like at all.” Shen Muran added.

“So,” Si Chenyu said lightly, “there is only one possibility left——embezzlement.”

As soon as the words fell, everyone’s eyes focused on Nie Bufan.

“What are you guys looking at me for?” Nie Bufan glared at them, feeling that his character had been greatly insulted, “I have always been upright and honest and never done anything sneaky!”

Everyone ignored this obviously false statement.

“It’s not him.” Wang Shichan said suddenly.

“How do you know?” Li Huai asked suspiciously.

“I was at his house last night.”

Hearing these words, Li Yi and Zhang Junshi looked at him suspiciously, and then at Nie Bufan, their eyes seeming to accuse a certain someone of having an illicit lover on the side.

Nie Bufan was conflicted: “Wang Fifth, why were you at my house? But I didn’t see you?”

“I was resting in the central room.” (TN: central room of a traditional Chinese house is similar to a living room)

Both Zhang and Li were relieved. That’s right, how could a person like Wang Shichan have normal human emotions and desires? He was an aloof cultivator with a pure heart and little desire, so calm and elegant, practically the image of a hermit master.

In this way, the whereabouts of the key was once again a mystery.

Si Chenyu said, “It’s useless for others to take the key. If this person wants to get the treasure, he has to show up sooner or later.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Chen Muran sighed: “I blame myself for being too careless, thinking that no one would pay attention to that key.”

Nie Bufan asked curiously: “Speaking of keys, what are your respective keys?”

Si Chenyu and the others looked at each other.

Li Yi said: “Everyone present is considered a participant so in truth there is nothing to hide.”

Chen Muran nodded, and said first: “Mine is a mirror, a Black Tortoise mirror.”

Si Chenyu: “Green Dragon bracelet.”

Wang Shichan: “White Tiger comb.”

Li Huai: “Vermillion Bird hairpin.”

Nie Bufan said “Oh” and became silent.

Si Chenyu tentatively asked, “Did you think of something? Do you have any clues about the fifth key?”

“The fifth key?” Li Huai asked puzzledly, “Why ask him? Isn’t it in the hands of the Tian Nu?”

Everyone looked at the Tian Nu.

The Tian Nu was secretly nervous, but she still maintained a pretense of calm on the surface: “When the time comes, the fifth key will naturally appear. The current problem is the whereabouts of the Black Tortoise mirror.”

“Yes.” Li Huai frowned. “The style of the key is very peculiar. How could others find out? Brother Chen, have you revealed anything to whom?”

“It’s absolutely impossible.” Chen Muran refuted the idea, “Only two or three people in the family know about the key and I would definitely not even talk about it casually. What’s more, I have been in Chicken Nest Village this whole time and have never contacted outsiders. “

“That’s weird.” The chickens in the Chicken Nest Village were like spirits and ghosts, who could escape detection under their sly beady eyes?

“It’s useless to discuss this now.” Li Yi said, “During this period we’ll search the village thoroughly. I keep feeling that the key is still nearby.”

Everyone nodded. Seeing that the time to open the treasure deposit was approaching, they really didn’t want all of their efforts to be wasted.

Nie Bufan watched as they all became preoccupied wih troubles and silently responded with infinite sympathy. And he was thinking of opening the treasure with them today. But unexpectedly, something new came along to complicate the issue. Could it be that the Duobao Sage’s will had traveled down from the heavens and didn’t want them to take the treasure?

With a leisurely and carefree mood, Nie Bufan returned to his room. As soon as the door was opened, a dark shadow came rushing towards his face, and landed on it with a splat.

Nie Bufan pulled it off and said with a smile: “Wukong, you are in good spirits!”

The little monkey waved its limbs, and when Nie Bufan’s hand loosened, it rushed to the top of his head, digging through his hair as if looking for lice.

“Huh?” Nie Bufan inadvertently glanced at Lady Flower in the corner currently playing with something.

Looking closer, it turned out to be a palm-sized mirror.

Nie Bufan pulled the mirror out of Lady Flower’s claws and looked it over. This was a greenish black bronze mirror with two small black pearls inlaid on the top part of the mirror, like a pair of eyes. The edge of the mirror was carved with intricate yet primitive patterns. At the lower half a long tail coiled along the edge of the mirror, and the back of the mirror was carved with scale like patterns.

Could it be that this was the Black Tortoise mirror?

Sure enough, as Li Huai said, the style was very peculiar, and most people would not think that this was actually a key.

Nie Bufan looked at Lady Flower and asked, “Who stole this?”

Lady Flower blinked its beady eyes, its face a picture of innocence.

At this moment, the little monkey on top of Nie Bufan’s head jumped a few times and stretched out its tail, hooking over the mirror.

Nie Bufan dragged it down and said seriously: “Was it you?”

The little monkey opened its mouth and wrinkled its face in a smile.

“You,” Nie Bufan said righteously, pointing at it, “you actually learned to steal things at such a young age!”

The little monkey bowed its head, appearing as if it was repenting.

But who knew that in the next instant Nie Bufan said, “But, I have to say, you did a good job!”

The little monkey instantly regained its high spirits and patted its chest with two tiny paws, indicating that it would continue its efforts.

Nie Bufan heaped a lot of praises on the little monkey.

Really, don’t know what this innocent little monkey would grow up into under his way of teaching……

Just as Nie Bufan put the Black Tortoise mirror away, he saw the Tian Nu sneaking in like a thief.

“Nie Bufan, what should I do?” She leaned over and whispered, “The last key is still missing, and now even the Black Tortoise mirror is lost.”

Nie Bufan glanced at her contemptuously: “What are you anxious for?”

“How can I not be in a hurry?” Nineteen said with worry, “Now the situation is getting more and more precarious, and the day of opening the treasure is even more distant. What if the reputation of the Heaven Divining Palace is ruined in my hands?”

“Are you stupid?” Nie Bufan showed an expression of ‘this child is incurable’ and said, “Before, you indeed did need to worry, but now it is Chen Muran who has lost the key, so it is his fault that you all can’t open the treasure. What does it have to do with the Heaven Divining Palace?”

Nineteen suddenly came to a realization and said excitedly: “That’s right, why didn’t I think of that?”

Nie Bufan said again: “In this way, you don’t need to worry about anything else until Chen Muran finds the Black Tortoise mirror, just concentrate on finding the last key.”

Nineteen showed an expression of enlightenment, her whole person full of joy.

After a while, she suddenly looked at Nie Bufan, and whispered: “You said some time ago that you would help me, could it be……the Black Tortoise mirror was……”

“God’s will be done, God’s will be done.”

Nineteen lowered her head and let out a series of sly chuckles, before finally raising her head and said in a worshiping manner: “Lord Village Head, you are so wise and brilliant!”

“No, no. You are too kind.” Nie Bufan raised his chin, his bearing that of a venerabler master.

Nineteen was now completely at ease, feeling that it was truly sunny outside, and even the smell of chicken poop was refreshing.

When Nineteen left, Nie Bufan stood by the window with his hands behind his back, looking into the distance, and sighed: “The heavens doesn’t let the treasure be taken away, how can I go against the heavens?”


It was night and Nie Bufan was lying on the bed having beautiful dreams. That comfortable and carefree appearance was truly too jealousy invoking, particularly when other people could not sleep at this time.

The Tian Nu was still blissfully ignorant, feeling to happy to sleep.

Chen Muran lost the key, and was now feeling too conflicted to sleep.

Si Chenyu was thinking about the possible result of having a battle with Nie Bufan, would there be any bones left?

When Li Huai thought of having to continue staying in Chicken Nest Village, he became overcome with the urge to go crazy.

Li Yi didn’t have any thoughts on the matter, only feeling troubled by Zhang Junshi’s strict surveillance tactics. Zhang Junshi had actually shamelessly bribed dozens of chickens to keep guard over him, making it difficult for him to move. And he dared not offend the chickens in the Chicken Nest Village……

Zhang Junshi was hesitating, wondering whether he should launch a night attack. If there was no exchange of feelings for a long time, he was afraid that Nie Bufan, that heartless fellow, would completely forget him.

He didn’t know, just as he was hesitating, someone had already acted first.

Wang Shichan relied on his extraordinary qinggong skills and sneaked into Nie Bufan’s room again. And then he once again stole him away into that small black cave full of spring scenery.

Nie Bufan only felt that he had a strange dream. First, he was riding the clouds and fog, crossing the rooftops of the houses. Next, it became a dream of beautiful women surrounding and tenderly caressing him. And then it was surging heat and his mouth going dry. His body felt as if it was being entangled in the grip of an octopus, the flexible and agile tentacles teasing at his sensitive spots. From shallow to deep, the movements were determined and tireless, before finally pushing in all the way.

“Ngh.” Nie Bufan opened his eyes abruptly and only saw darkness.

His right leg was lifted, and his body rocked back and forth rhythmically. The person on him was steady and powerful, and every time he went in and out, he always reached the deepest point, as if divinely gifted.

Nie Bufan breathed heavily, and it took a long time for him to get out a somewhat broken sentence: “Li, Li Fourth, you’re at it again.”

The man let out a grunt, messing up the rhythm and causing Nie Bufan to utter many complaints.

“Aiyo, you are too hateful!” Nie Bufan shouted irritably, “Can you follow the rules, it’s very immoral for you to steal people like this, ngh……ah……enough……lighter! Bastard! I’m going to utter foul language……mph……”

The mouth was blocked.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In the darkness, only the endless ooxx sounds could be heard. Truly, the scenes of spring were really boundless, causing all lonely spirits and ghosts to go green with envy.

The night wind weeped and howled. The lonely moon became hidden in the clouds, longing for the sun……

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The Cruel Tyrant CH 034 The Princess

After the man in black escaped, Su Mu soon returned to Lingyun Pavilion. But he still felt as uncomfortable as if a poisonous snake had fixed its sights on him, so he secretly decided to send someone to look into it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Early the next morning, Su Mu and Sun Hongyu came to the Wu kingdom’s palace to meet the Emperor of Wu.

The Prince of Rong, the most trusted brother of the Emperor of Wu, was already waiting.

After Su Mu amd the Prince of Rong both made greetings to each other, the Emperor of Wu came out of the room.

“You have been disturbed last night. I have ordered someone to investigate the matter thoroughly and I will definitely give you an explanation.” The Emperor of Wu spoke as he sat in a chair, his bearing majestic and solemn. Although he was only in his early fifties, most of his hair had already greyed.

Su Mu sneered in his heart. If he didn’t just sit back and watch, the assassin wouldn’t have gotten into the Lingyun Pavilion that easily. After all, it was a place that specialized in receiving foreign guests so the security should be more stricter than it was last night. What else could be the intention of the Emperor of Wu but to test him out.

Though he was as clear as a mirror on this matter, he still had to put on an expression of gratitude: “The Emperor of Wu is wise, many thanks to the Emperor of Wu.”

The Emperor of Wu was an intelligent person. Of course he knew that Su Mu was aware of everything, but there were certain times when even if everyone understood what was going on, they must still pretend not to know. He nodded and said: “Zhen have seen your drawings. They indeed could bring a major change, but it is still not enough for our kingdom to send 200,000 troops. The most is 100,000. This is the number our kingdom can deploy at present.”

A drawing of a dragon bone water lift was worth only 50,000 troops! Su Mu really wanted to smear his face with the ink on the table.

The land in the Wu kingdom was relatively high, and the role of the dragon bone water lift would be even greater. It was worth more than 50,000 people. Besides, the food, horse feed, army salaries and all other expenses were to be paid by Su Mu himself.

But, in this situation where he was the one requesting help, Su Mu could only continje to bargain with this greedy old man: “Your Majesty, the dragon bone water lift is only one condition. When the army arrives in Qing kingdom, I will hand over the technique of preventing smallpox to Wu kingdom. And when the army wins and return back to Wu kingdom, I will also hand over the drawing of the animal drawn seed plow to Your Majesty. How can the benefits of these three technologies that are enough to shock the world be comparable to the benefits of a 200,000 army?”

The Emperor of Wu stared at Su Mu with shrewd eyes: “The dragon bone water lift is indeed useful, but as for the way to prevent smallpox and the animal drawn seed plow, how do Zhen know if what you said is true?”

This old thing, Su Mu secretly grinded his teeth.

Although he was nearly angered to death, Su Mu still had to bargain with the Emperor of Wu with a smile: “If your kingdom is willing to borrow troops, I can give your kingdom the technology to prevent smallpox first, but the drawing of the animal drawn seed plow must wait until the army returns back to the Wu kingdom before it can be handed over to Your Majesty.

“One hundred thousand, if you are willing to hand over the animal drawn seed plow drawing together then two hundred thousand. Or you can use other technologies instead.” The Emperor of Wu said decisively.

Su Mu stood up straight and looked directly at the Emperor of Wu, with a polite smile at the corner of his mouth he said: “His Majesty the Emperor of Wu would not make pay everything upfront when doing business as well. If the Emperor of Wu is not interested, I believe the Wei kingdom or Shi kingdom will definitely be interested.”

The Emperor of Wu looked at Su Mu calmly and said: “The 200,000 army is not a small number. It consumes a lot of money every day. I have heard that the output of Qing kingdom has been reduced severely this year. What does Crown Prince Su plan to use to feed the 200,000 army?”

Su Mu straightened up further and said, “Since I came to borrow troops, I am naturally prepared.”

Su Mu had naturally thought of this problem a long time ago, so the money that Qingye Villa earned from selling soap and toilet paper had been used to buy grain and horse feed. A lot of grain and horse feed have been stocked up in half a year, and added to the Qing kingdom’s original reserves, it was not impossible to feed 200,000 troops. Not to mention, the army of 200,000 would not stay in Qing kingdom for too long of a time.

Seeing that there was no room for further bargaining, the Emperor of Wu said: “In this case, the drawing of the animal drawn seed plow can be handed over after the army returns.”

But before Su Mu could be too happy he heard the Emperor of Wu say, “However, Zhen only agree to add another 50,000, a total of 150,000.”

Seeing Su Mu’s expression becoming displeased, the Emperor of Wu said again: “You can rest assured that these are all elite soldiers. The 150,000 troops alone are enough to suppress all the rebels in Qing kingdom.”

The Emperor of Wu said in a calm voice, without any exaggeration. This was a kind of domineering, a kind of self-confidence, and a manifestation of the strength of a powerful kingdom.

In the end, Su Mu only borrowed 150,000 troops. Although it did not reach Su Mu’s goal, it was not far from what he expected.

And something to celebrate about was that the Emperor of Wu finally showed an act of compassion and also included a month of food and horse feed along with the troops.

It’s just that Su Mu didn’t know that those were old grains that were about to grow moldy, and the Emperor of Wu was just trying to make the best use of it in exchange for favors.

Just as Su Mu wanted to leave, the Emperor of Wu asked: “Does the Crown Prince have a Crown Princess?”

As soon as he heard this, Su Mu knew it was not good. Don’t let it be a political marriage!

It’s just that even if he guessed it, Su Mu still had to answer honestly: “I haven’t married a Crown Princess, but……”

“That’s good.” Before Su Mu’s words were finished, he was interrupted by the Emperor of Wu: “I have a kind and virtuous daughter, who matches the age of the Crown Prince.”

Su Mu got a cold sweat: “Your Majesty, the princess is noble and I dare not……”

Sun Hongyu, who had been on the sidelines, heard the Emperor of Wu’s proposal and his eyes brightened. Su Mu was not bad in appearance or talent. The only flaw was his identity. Originally, a Crown Prince of a small kingdom would never make it on the list of perspective prince consort of the Wu Kingdom.

However, Princess Hongyun was disfigured by smallpox, and none from a good family background were willing to marry her. As for ordinary aristocrats, she herself looked down on as well. Her marriage issue had dragged on until now and at twenty-three she was still not married.

Sun Hongyu was very anxious for his sister, and piped up on the side: “How can you say such humble words? Neither of you are married so where is the problem?”

Su Mu silently turned his head and looked at Sun Hongyu, motioning with his eyes: Don’t you know that I like men? Let your sister marry me would be practically the same as being a widow!

However, Sun Hongyu seemed to have not seen it, and continued to add fuel to the fire: “Fu Huang, I think sister Hongyun and Crown Prince Su are a perfect match.”

The Emperor of Wu also laughed twice and agreed.

Su Mu’s voice of opposition was ruthlessly ignored, and he could only stare on the side. If it weren’t for him being in need of their help, he would definitely turn his head and leave.

However, Sun Hongyu and the Emperor of Wu also grasped onto this weakness, so that was why they dared to force their beloved princess on Su Mu. The Emperor of Wu had few sons and fewer daughters. Each of the prince consorts for his daughters were all carefully selected by him. Only Hongyun’s marriage remained a headache these many years.

Although he knew that Su Mu liked men, it was not necessarily all bad. There was no woman in Su Mu’s palace so far, so when Hongyun married over not only would she be the legal wife and the Crown Princess, there would also be no concubines to be an eyesore for Hongyun.

Besides, it was impossible for a man to be the Empress. Judging from the situation that remained the same for so many years, it was extremely unlikely that a woman would appear in the harem of Su Mochi.

When the time came, the child born to Hongyun would automatically be the Crown Prince. And as long as she had an heir how could those male pets still be of any threat to her?

Towards those male pets, the Emperor of Wu and Sun Hongyu hardly even spared them much thought. Who would dare to make trouble for their princess who had the kingdom of Wu as her backing?

At that time, Hongyun would be the only female owner of Qing kingdom.

Of course, there was also another considerable point. The future heir of the Qing kingdom would have the blood of the royal family of the Wu kingdom. On this point, many of the benefits were self-evident.

In the end, Su Mu failed to reject this sudden ‘peach blossom luck’, and could only return to Lingyun Pavilion very depressed. He could do nothing but continue to think of ways to avoid this political union.

Inside the imperial palace, a slender woman in a palace dress and a veil over her face frowned and asked the maid next to her when she heard the news, “What you say is true? What kind of person is the Crown Prince of Qing kingdom?”

The little maid recalled the glance she had seen from afar and her face turned red and said: “Very, very beautiful.” Then she whispered in Hongyun’s ear: “More beautiful than the Crown Prince.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Hongyun frowned further after hearing this. Because of her ugly appearance she had received much ridicule. The more handsome the man the more they avoided her as if she was a scourge.

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After Becoming The Tyrant CH 011 Good Day, My Dear Majesty

——If I want to, my uncle will always take it back for me.

This sentence that came out of the King’s mouth stemmed from a matter of fact arrogance. But Bressi’s General could not really treat it as a random and willful remark.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

People in this era often fight wars, between countries and between nobles.

For dignity, for profit, for faith……But there were other reasons for the expedition of the Bressi Kingdom. They had an old feud with the Legrand Empire, and the war between the two countries had lasted for more than 100 years——historians call it the “Hundred Years War” for short. In the Hundred Years War, the Legrand Empire and the Kingdom of Bressi often took turns prevailing over each other.

Now was currently the dominant period of the Bressi Kingdom, and the expeditionary army came for just this.

No one knew the situation of the Bressi expeditionary army better than the General.

They faced a dilemma.

After they really occupied the Moon River Fortress, the Bressi people found out that this fortress was very embarrassing for them.

The terrain of Moon River Fortress was steep, destined to have no farming fields in the fortress. The main purpose of the Moon River Fortress was to be used as military defense and did not produce food on its own. For a long time, Moon River Fortress relied on the supplies from Truu City and the transportation of food from the Central Plain. If the Bressi Kingdom wanted to control it, they must bring food from oversea……

This cost would not be cheap.

They were able to capture it, but they could not occupy it for a long time.

The best way was to exchange it for higher benefits from the Legrand Empire.

But the wanton arrogance of the young King of Legrand at this time had become their biggest obstacle.

——Could they really continue to waste their time here?


The General knew this well.

“So be it.”

The King got up, took over the draft of the treaty from his officials, flipped through it, and carelessly struck out the above clauses related to the royal family’s interests. Then he signed his name and threw the draft before the General.

“Either agree, or you just guard this pile of broken stones. This negotiation had taken so long that Cordona’s opera would have finished showing three times by now.”

Cordona’s opera was a traditional opera from the last century and used a lot of empty and useless parallelism, the plot protracted and endless. It was often used by people nowadays to mock a thing that wasted too much time on side details.

Legrand’s negotiating ministers all looked bleak and deep in despair. They all thought that this was the end, this time the negotiations would be ruined by the King.

But they had no way to stop the King……After all, the only thing that could make the treaty come into effect was the King’s signature.

There was silence in the tent.

The King stood up and had the Master of the Households to pack up his things. He was ready to return to the palace. At his command, the other officials could only follow the King out of the tent, all as pale as ghosts.

In just a few moments, the original noisy tent became silent, and only the blank-faced Bressi negotiators and the expressionless General were left on the other side of the long negotiating table.

You look at me and I look at you——at that moment the Bressi staff could not utter anything at all.

This……wasn’t it going fine just now? How come everyone had left in the blink of an eye?

At this moment, they could finally understand the pain in the hearts of the Legrand people felt over these years.

Serving such an unreasonable tyrant……no one could possibly maintain their smiles.


Someone asked quietly.

The expeditionary General waved his hand to let the others go out first.

Only the General was left in the tent for negotiation. He couldn’t help but glare at the draft without any regard for etiquette and cursed: “That idiot Grice, why didn’t he send this bastard to hell sooner?”

After a long time, he finally grabbed a quill and angrily signed his name on the draft.

“Damn that scoundrel.”

He nearly punched a hole in the paper with the quill in his hand.


The luggage was all sorted out, and the officials were practically dragging their feet in despair as they watched the tents being put away one by one.

Their King paid no mind to any of this.

Holding a whip made of braided gold and silver threads, he stroked his horse——it was said that this horse was the descendent of the King’s father, William III’s own personal horse. The King didn’t care much about it before, but for some reason suddenly began to show adoration towards it.

It was likely that even the Devil could not fully understand the inner workings of this young monarch.

Things were put into the oak carriage, and the Master of the Households reluctantly lifted the curtain for the King.

“——Please wait!”

A person ran over panting.

He was the adjutant of Bressi’s expeditionary General.

He paled with fright when he saw how close he was to having missed the King’s departure.

The King paused in the middle of entering the carriage. Turning his head slightly, icy blue eyes looked at the new arrival indifferently.

The adjutant did not dare to linger, and hurriedly took out the treaty signed with the names of both parties.

The King didn’t stretch out his hand to take it and with a careless sweep of his eyes, he had the Master of the Households take over the treaty.

The Master of the Households was flushed with excitement. He accepted the treaty from the adjutant and carefully spread it to the end. As expected, he saw the name of the General of Bressi on it——although that sharp handwriting revealed its master’s anger tenfold.

“Your Majesty!”

The voice of the Master of the Households trembled with excitement.

The despair was swept away, and joy hung over the negotiating team.

“We leave now, I’m fed up with this damn place.”

The King was his usual cold and standoffish self, having no intentions at all to celebrate this rare victory with them. Instead, he urged everyone to get a move on and return to his palace.

However, the treaty was successfully signed, and only a small price was paid. At this moment, when the people looked at the King’s waywardness it was no longer as distressing as it seemed in the past. Everyone happily boarded their carriages, leaving only the Bressian adjutant with a bitter face behind.

May the Lord protect him from suffering the anger that would surely be taken out on them.


“General, what is your impression of that young King?”

After hesitating for a long time, the astrologer asked.

“A complete bastard, a damn scoundrel.”

The General answered without hesitation.

“Let him go to hell with his arrogance.”

“General, I think we better not let the King of Legrand leave here alive.”

The vortex curtain of blood and black appeared in front of the astrologer’s eyes again and he couldn’t help but advise.

“You don’t need to care too much about him.” The General seemed to be a little amused, “My dear astrologer, he’s just an overly arrogant and rude boy……he will soon pay the price.”

The astrologer wanted to say something more.

“Enough, my lord of the horoscopes, go and pack your luggage, we should also return.”

The General was not in the mood to listen anymore.

The astrologer had no choice but to leave.

Back in his tent, the astrologer spread out a piece of letter paper, pondered for a moment, and then wrote the letter with a quill dipped in special star ink. The letter was written to his mentor. In the letter, he described in detail what he saw when he observed the King of Legrand and asked his mentor what could the vision portend to.

“……The general does not take fate’s signs to heart. But teacher, I feel uneasy, whether it is the sun or the bloody vortex……please guide me.”

He stopped writing and checked his letter.

“It’s a pity, sir.”

The candle in the tent suddenly flickered, and the astrologer also seemed to notice something. He put his hand in his pocket to pull out the silver dagger inside. But in the end he failed.

A thick black mist surged up from the ground silently, filling this narrow space in an instant. The darkness swallowed everything. The astrologer went stiff, turning his head almost took all of his strength. The black mist approached him, and he saw a person slowly walking out of the darkness.

This kind of dark aura that lead directly to hell……the other was……

He lost consciousness.

“It seems that my dear Majesty has met with a tiny bit of trouble.”

The black mist continued flowing on the ground, and the Devil in an exquisite and gorgeous black formal attire walked to the astrologer’s table.

He gently pulled out the letter and held it in front of him.

“Darkness and scarlet……it’s so beautiful, my Majesty.”

He spoke the words on a sigh.

A black fire ignited on his pale and cold fingertips, and the letter was turned into ashes in an instant, falling and disappearing into the black mist.

The Devil lowered his hand, his fingertips resting on the astrologer’s forehead.

“Spying on other’s most beloved treasure is not the behavior of a ethical character, Mr. Astrologer.”

The memory was drawn from the astrologer’s forehead in the form of a pale white liquid. The Devil put it in a fine crystal ball and then pressed it against his forehead.

He saw the King under the noon sun.

Rose flowers bloomed on the King’s crimson coat, and his ice-blue eyes were filled with thoughts that no one could understand. And with the help of the astrologer’s eyes, he finally saw the thing closest to the King’s inner workings……the destiny that portended the future. In the pitch black curtain of darkness there swirled countless scarlet vortexes.

In truth, only those scarlet vortexes represented the real destiny of the King.

Whereas the black curtain announced that he had signed a contract with the Devil, his soul now belonged to hell.

How beautiful it was.

“My Majesty.”

The Devil murmured.

The memory ended with the King’s departure. The Devil carefully put away the crystal ball, and reached out his hand to manifest a scarlet rose. He pinned the rose flower to his chest, and then walked briskly over the unlucky fellow who would forget everything when he woke up.

He didn’t mind completely disposing of a concealed danger for the King.

However, it would be very troublesome if those people from the Holy Inquisition crossed the sea, wouldn’t it?

It was already dusk at this time.

Blood red and darkness covered the earth, and it was the perfect time for all dark creatures to appear.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Devil was hidden in the darkness. He stood straight, the tails of his black swallow-tailed coat fluttered in the wind with the edges seeming to fade out like mist. He took off the rose on his chest and looked in the direction of the King’s departure: “Good day, my dear Majesty.”

He gently kissed the rose.

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