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“I know that you are the real second son of the Shen family!” The situation was urgent, and when Lin Rong’an faced Tao Mu, he was less hypocritically roundabout than he used to greet Tao Mu and went straight to the point: “Although I don’t know why you are so reluctant to recognize the Shen family. But if you don’t want this secret to be exposed, it’s best not to press the Lin family any further.”

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Speaking of which, the reason why Lin Rong’an concealed this matter at the beginning was not only to watch the fun, but also partly because of the Lin family. After all, with the Shen family’s mercenary nature, once Tao Mu’s true identity was known, Shen Yu, who had always had a feud with Tao Mu, would become useless. The Shen family would definitely give up Shen Yu in order to please Tao Mu. In this way, the effort the Lin family spent on Shen Yu would be in vain.

Although Lin Rong’an was disqualified as the heir by the Lin family, he was still a member of the Lin family after all. Besides, the Lin family also needed him to maintain their relationship with Shen Yu.

But what Lin Rong’an didn’t expect was that Tao Mu’s methods were this ruthless. In the end, this secret turned out to be the life-saving charm of their Lin family.

Lin Rong’an saw this incident as a life-saving straw, but Tao Mu didn’t care.

“Do whatever you want.” Tao Mu lacked interest. If Tao Mu still had a headache on how to face the Shen family before reaching a tacit agreement with Shen Chen, then after that conversation, Tao Mu was sure that Shen Chen would definitely help him solve the potential trouble of the Shen family. After all, Tao Mu had the memories of his previous life, and he knew everything about the behavior of the Shen family and even the filth within the Shen Group. So Tao Mu was not worried that the Shen family would take advantage of him. If he was really pushed, Tao Mu also had some means to deal with the Shen Group. But Shen Chen definitely didn’t want to see a person who was as ambitious and shrewd as him and who also possess the blood of the Shen family return back to the Shen family to fight for the inheritance with him.

Lin Rong’an didn’t know that Tao Mu and Shen Chen had come to a tacit agreement. Seeing Tao Mu’s fearless appearance, Lin Rong’an came to a realization, and sneered self-righteously: “I understand. As expected of Mr. Tao, your methods are indeed superb. The spread of the news on the Internet that Yu Qingqing abandoned the child in the rented house in Beijing must have been instructed by you, right? No wonder what happened nineteen years ago was easily revealed. You wanted to go back to the Shen family from the very beginning. But this plan was only accidentally destroyed by Shen Yu.”

The more Lin Rong’an spoke, the more he felt that this was the truth: “…..No wonder, no wonder you attacked the Lin family for no reason. You must be angry with me and Shen Yu for sabotaging your plan, right?”

Tao Mu looked at Lin Rong’an with an expression of one caring for the mentally retarded. These admirers of Shen Yu all have one characteristic, that was, they especially liked to imagine up plots and details. And they would also take their own stories as facts, and would never accept anyone’s refutation.

Tao Mu had become accustomed to this in his previous life, and he was too lazy to explain in this life. He just called the hotel security directly to kick the person out.

The Lin Group’s stock price had fallen to the bottom, and the three most active men of the Lin family were all facing jail time. The hotel also followed in beating the underdog and unceremoniously threw Lin Rong’an, who seemed to have gone crazy, out of the hotel.

Lin Rong’an was held by two security guards, and still struggling, he shouted loudly, “I won’t let you have your way…..I’ll make you pay…..”

“How is it, have you seen Tao Mu? What did that kid say?” After Lin Rong’an returned to the Lin family manor, he was surrounded by everyone in the Lin family.

However, seeing Lin Rong’an’s soulless and disheveled appearance, in fact, everyone already guessed the result.

“I’ve already said that this Tao Mu has a wide network of contacts in the mainland and has a deep friendship with CEO Li of Xiaoheng Capital. Our Lin family should not offend such a person easily. But you just don’t listen to me. Like being possessed, for a thing like Shen Yu you oppose Tao Mu everywhere. And even use the influence of the Lin family in Hong Kong to put pressure on the Golden Crow Award…..”

The uncle of the Lin family was full of complaints: “Now great, as soon as he took action, the entire Lin Group is soon to go bankrupt. The three of us are also accused of raping minors. The Lin family’s face has been disgraced, and we face jail time. You must be satisfied now!”

The uncle of the Lin family had always been against the old madam Lin’s decision to bring Shen Yu to the Lin family. However, old madam Lin had always been assertive in the Lin family. Although Uncle Lin was the CEO of the Lin Group, his voice within the group was not as high as old madam Lin’s. Therefore, his words spoken at home did not have as much weight as old madam Lin’s. In addition, old madam Lin had always been partial to her second son. In order to keep his position within the group, the eldest uncle of the Lin family did not dare to go against the old madam’s decisions too much. In order to avoid the old madam’s anger, he really supported his younger brother.

The mother and son have always had some grudges because of their interests. It was just that the Lin family was full of prosperity before, and these contradictions were hidden under a peaceful atmosphere. Now that the Lin family skyscraper was about to collapse, it was natural for him to be unable to hold back.

“That’s right. How old are you already, old madam? Why can’t you be like the old madams in other families, and take care of your grandchildren and enjoy your old age? You have to get involved in the affairs of the group. I’m not just saying this, but you have really become senile from old age. Now it is not like when you were young, and the old gentleman is still here and our Lin family calls the shots in Hong Kong. Don’t even mention the Lin family, do you even see who dares to be domineering now?” The eldest aunt of the Lin family also spoke for her husband. Although the eldest uncle of the Lin family made her uncomfortable by spending a lot of time dallying outside, this was the case with men who were rich. Compared with her man spending his time outside, eldest aunt Lin didn’t want her husband to go to jail even more.

Thinking of this, the aunt of the Lin family began to complain about Lin Rong’an again——it was this nephew who brought down the men of the Lin family. According to her, Lin Rong’an was the one who should go to jail the most. He organized those parties and provided the drugs. So what was he doing dragging others down with him.

Not only the aunt of the Lin family, but also many of the younger generation of the Lin family thought this way. If it wasn’t because the old madam and Rong An were always going against Tao Mu everywhere, Tao Mu would not have sniped the Lin Group in the stock market. In the endl, it was the fault of the old madam and Lin Rong’an.

The group’s stock price fell to the bottom and was on the verge of bankruptcy. The Lin family’s century-old family business was wiped out, and her two sons and favorite grandson were about to face jail time. Old madam Lin was also resented by her other grandchildren. For a while there she couldn’t hold on anymore and passed out while clutching at her chest.

The Lin family mansion was in chaos again. Lin Rong’an stared expressionlessly at the chaos in front of him and returned to his room.

That the Lin family had become like this, that he had become like this, all of this was Tao Mu’s fault. Even if Lin Rong’an was going to go to jail, he would not let Tao Mu off so easily!

Knowing that the third son of the Lin family had bought a ruthless underworld thug to cause a car accident and try to kill Tao Mu, Liang Shuwen, who had been busy expanding his family’s express delivery business, still personally visited the hotel where Tao Mu was temporarily staying to report the news.

The Liang family was a member of the underworld, and their underworld contacts were the most well-informed. What was more, the Liang family was now relying on Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng, the two gods of wealth, to make money. So now that they had the opportunity to show their goodwill, of course they would not let this opportunity go.

Old Mr. Liang even patted his chest and assured: “Mr. Tao, don’t worry, as long as it is in the boundary of Hong Kong, our Liang family will never let you have an accident.”

Tao Mu smiled and thanked him. He glanced at Liang Shuwen who was sitting beside him. Although in his previous life, he had never dealt with this person very much, this time Liang Shuwen’s tip-off was of great importance to Tao Mu’s life and safety. So even if to repay the favor, Toa Mu must also warn the other.

“Old Mr. Liang wants to whitewash, this decision is naturally correct. What era is it after all, isn’t it better for everyone to make money with peace of mind than to shout and kill every day. But while old Mr. Liang is dedicated to walking this bright path, I wonder what those seniors in your gang think?”

Old Mr. Liang knew that people like Tao Mu who lawfully did business always kept a distance from people with complicated backgrounds like them. Old Mr. Liang could also understand Tao Mu’s concerns, and immediately smiled: “Actually, those like us who come out in society, it is just to support the family. Mr. Tao grew up in the mainland, and probably don’t know that a few decades ago, Hong Kong was actually very chaotic. To put it a bit exaggeratedly, even if you set up a small stall on the side of the road to sell boxed lunches, you wouldn’t be able to do business peacefully if you don’t make offerings to a pier. But the world is different now. If one can make money with peace of mind, who would want to go back to the days of licking blood off of knives.”

“That’s right.” Tao Mu smiled and added jokingly: “I watched some Hong Kong movies before. I found a phenomenon that was particularly interesting. Before writing a character to death, the screenwriter would definitely have him say something. For example, after completing this job, I will go back to my hometown and get married. We call this kind of plot ‘raising a flag’ in the industry. Because after the protagonist finishes saying this, there will definitely be enemies coming to the door. “

Old Mr. Liang’s heart skipped a beat.

Tao Mu only hinted enough. He smiled and said, “The topic has gone too far away. I wonder if the old gentleman has any solid evidence that Lin Rong’an hired a murderer to kill?”

Liang Shuwen began thoughtfully: “Mr. Tao means…..”

“I’m a person who cherishes my life. Of course, I can’t allow those who want to harm me to go unpunished.” Tao Mu smiled, as if he was talking about the weather.

The Liang family father and son looked at each other with difficulty. Although the Liang family wanted to whitewash themselves, they were still part of the underworld after all. Knowing that someone wanted to assassinate Tao Mu and running over to tip off the news, and handing over the evidence that the murderer was bribed to Tao Mu were two different things. The latter would certainly arouse criticism from some gang members.

Tao Mu smiled but said nothing. He also didn’t urge the Liang family father and son. The father and son of the Liang family were willing to come to tip off the news, and Tao Mu recognized this favor. Therefore, according to the memory of his previous life, he would warn them in advance and return the favor. If the father and son of the Liang family were willing to help him bring Lin Rong’an and the hired killer to justice, Tao Mu, in order to repay the kindness of the Liang family, would of course tell old Mr. Liang about the group of people who kidnapped Liang Shuwen in his previous life. Calculating the time, that incident would occur this year.

Tao Mu had his own principles in life. Tao Mu and Liang Shuwen were destined not to be friends because of their relationship in the previous life. But in this life, the Liang family had shown favor to him several times, and Tao Mu had received the kindness of the Liang family. So he should at least express his thanks. Therefore, this kind of case by case transaction was more in line with Tao Mu’s principle of doing things.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As for whether Tao Mu tipping off old Mr. Liang would attract the anger of that group of people, Tao Mu was not worried. Just like what Tao Mu said to old Mr. Liang, what era was it now, shouting and killing on the streets was no longer feasible. Putting aside whether the mafia in Hong Kong dared to attack a mainland businessman like Tao Mu, even if they really dared to do it, the veteran soldier security team hired by with high salaries was not just for show.

The Liang family father and son struggled for a while, and finally decided to cooperate with Tao Mu. However, when Tao Mu handed over the evidence that Lin Rong’an hired a murderer to the Hong Kong police, and the Hong Kong police went to the Lin family to arrest him, he was surprised to find that Lin Rong’an had already escaped.

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 248 To Snipe

That it didn’t take long for Yu Qingqing’s identity to be exposed to make such a big move, the point of the sword directly aimed at Yu Qingqing’s family company, and public opinion also guided to to attack the company’s reputation. All the while selling short in the stock market, eroding from the industrial side step by step, and pressing aggressively on the bank and channel supply. To be able to do this in just one month, Mrs. Shen, who remained at home all year round, had absolutely no such means.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

So far, the intentions of the Shen Group might not be known to passers-by, but at least those with discerning eyes could see it. For a time, the Shenzhen market was highly vigilant, and the well-known Shenzhen entrepreneurs met one after another, observing the situation while remaining on guard. They didn’t know how much waves the dragon crossing the river which was the Shen Group would stir up.

Compared with the focus of the businessmen in Shenzhen, most netizens who eat melons were more concerned about the news that Tao Mu had no win at the Golden Crow Awards ceremony.

Tao Mu’s acting skills were obvious to all netizens who have watched “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” and the movie “Black and White”, and even the pirated version of “Black and White”. Under this circumstance, if Tao Mu regrettably lost in the competition for the Best Supporting Actor award, it would be considered a defeat that still had glory. After all, in the entertainment industry, at the age of 19, there were very few male actors who could be nominated for Best Supporting Actor on their debut movie. It could be said that this nomination itself was a respect for Tao Mu’s acting skills.

In addition, the old gentleman who finally won the Best Supporting Actor Award had inspired the nostalgia of netizens when he gave his speech. Even the most protective Tao Mu fans have no complaints about this result.

But one thing was one thing, the Golden Crow Awards awarded the Best Supporting Actor Award to others and no one questioned it. But you want to say that with Tao Mu’s strength, even the Best Newcomer Award would be lost to someone like Shen Yu, wasn’t that too much?

Counting all the fans who have seen the movie one by one, who didn’t know Shen Yu’s acting ability? Don’t mention competing with Tao Mu, a dark horse who could even compete with film kings, or even crush them, even if he was compared with other small supporting actors in the crew——such as the Hong Kong actor who played Ah Ze, the gap had to be ten stories high.

It would be understandable if the Golden Crow Awards did not award Tao Mu the Best Newcomer Award because Tao Mu also had a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. But now Tao Mu had neither won the Best Newcomer Award nor the Best Supporting Actor Award. Such good acting was not even able to gain a single trophy, yet the Golden Crow Award awarded the Best Newcomer Award to Shen Yu, whose acting was so bad that one was reluctant to even nominate him for the Best Newcomer Award. The quality of this award was too much!

On the day of the award ceremony, Tao Mu’s fans and netizens who were concerned about the Golden Crow Awards launched into a wave of complaints online. A large number of people flocked to the entertainment sections of major social platforms, and the Flynews account of the Golden Crow Awards to raise their questions. Some stubborn industry insiders also secretly and implicitly connoted that the Golden Crow Award was unfair and was deeply influenced by capital.

It continued to the next morning, when all the mainland media also expressed their dissatisfaction. They believed that the actions of the Golden Crow Awards was obviously suspected of discriminating against mainland actors. Especially the old leaders of SARFT who were particularly protective, now they were full of complaints——you don’t support the seedlings that we are optimistic about, but you actually awarded the award to a person who has problems with moral quality and professionalism blocked by the mainland. This shows what? Doesn’t this show the obvious suppression of newcomers with potential from our mainland by the performing arts industry in Hong Kong?

The chairman of the Lingxiao Award jury even publicly stated during the interview that the Hong Kong Golden Crow Award was too deeply influenced by capital operations and had completely lost its authority. This was very disappointing indeed.

Hearing the words of the chairman of the Lingxiao Award jury, the Golden Crow Award jury chairman practically had a mouthful of blood stuck in his chest and couldn’t be spit out. For a long time, the authority of major domestic film and television awards had often been questioned by the outside world. Whether it was a film and television person in Hong Kong or a film and television person in Taiwan, what they liked to criticize most was that the mainland film and television awards were too deeply influenced by politics and do not have market authority. Now the remarks that they have always spouted were now returned back to them by others. The chairman of the Golden Crow Awards jury could barely hold back the upset and almost suffered from internal injuries.

After the official statement came first, many big-name artists and well-respected actors and veteran artists in the mainland also came forward to express their dissatisfaction. The competition between the entertainment industry in Hong Kong and Taiwan and the mainland entertainment industry had always been fierce, not to mention the conflict between the two parties. It was not uncommon for news reports that the production crew and actors from Hong Kong and Taiwan teamed up to bully mainland artists. The grievances between the two sides were too deep, and now there was a chance to step on their opponent, no one would let this opportunity go.

Although Hong Kong artists were dissatisfied with the mainland artists throwing stones down at them, the flashy operation of the Golden Crow Awards this time was too low-end, and the traces of capital control were too obvious. Although everyone knew that the organizer of the Golden Crow Award had no choice but to do so, no industry insiders have come forward to defend the Golden Crow Award. On the one hand, they were afraid of provoking trouble, and on the other hand, of course, they did not want to offend Tao Mu.

After all, Tao Mu was not only a dark horse actor that people in the industry were optimistic about, but also the founder of, a senior partner of Xiaoheng Capital, and a top level producer and film investor who had been widely sought after by the industry in the past two years.

They dared not to offend Tao Mu, nor complain that the Golden Crow Award was being manipulated by capital, so as not to inexplicably offend the Lin family, so the Hong Kong artists who were implicated in this wave of criticism for no reason could only take their anger out on Shen Yu, who had the cheek to win the Best Newcomer Award. They all angrily waited for Shen Yu to be truly finished.

Shen Yu, who was missed by many people, was detained in a detention center in Beijing.

After nearly 20 years of pampering and being held in the palm of the Shen family’s hand, Shen Yu had barely even lived in a school dormitory for a few days, let alone a detention center. Even when he was at his most desolate, when he was kicked out of the house by the Shen family, and even driven to Hong Kong, he had the Lin family as his backing. When had Shen Yu suffered such setbacks? Ever since he entered the detention center, he had been crying at his grievances. The sound of crying was so loud that people’s heads nearly exploded.

In the detention center, there were all kinds of people from all walks of life. Moreover, there were many hooligans who were repeat offenders. They just felt annoyed when they heard Shen Yu’s crying.

“Can’t you f**king stop crying? Your crying is going to make my head explode!” A bald man with blue dragons and white tigers tattooed all over his body couldn’t bear it anymore, he suddenly got up from the bed and walked to Shen Yu, grabbed Shen Yu’s collar and said viciously, “Suck it up right now.”

Shen Yu had never seen such a mean looking person before, and his face turned pale with fright and began to cry louder. Even some snot dripped onto the bald man’s hand.

“F**k!” The bald man was so disgusted, he threw off Shen Yu’s collar, rubbed the snot on Shen Yu’s clothes, and kicked Shen Yu angrily: “Did you f**king do that on purpose?”

“It hurts!” Shen Yu shouted desperately, clutching his stomach, “Help! Help! Stop beating!”

Hearing the commotion in the detention room, the police immediately ran over. The bald man saw that the situation was not good, and quickly returned to his bed to squat.

“What is going on?”

Everyone squatted in the corner holding their heads and looked at each other, but no one said a word.

Only Shen Yu hugged his stomach and cried in pain, his face pale, crying and complaining to the police, saying that the bald man beat him. The bald-headed man didn’t expect that Shen Yu would dare to tell on him, and glared at Shen Yu fiercely. The police who saw this began to reprimand and educate him.

Seeing that Shen Yu was in severe pain, the police even called a doctor for Shen Yu. After examining him over, the doctor said that Shen Yu was only injured on the skin level, and it was not serious. The reason why Shen Yu cried so hard was probably because he had never been injured before, and his tolerance for pain was too low.

Thinking of the news reported before his ban that Shen Yu could cry for days just over having to hang on a wire, the police were speechless. They could only send Shen Yu back, and warned the bald man not to beat others again. However, the police could only control the detention room. Back in the detention room and huddled in the corner, Shen Yu, whose crying eyes were swollen red, didn’t know that once he left the detention center, everything that would happen to him would truly be more miserable than now…..

Tao Mu’s first reaction when he learned that Shen Yu was blocked in a small alley and had his leg broken after leaving the detention center was that this was definitely the work of the Shen family. However, after investigation, he was stunned to find that this matter had nothing to do with the Shen family. It turned out to be just a personal grievance between Shen Yu and a small-time hooligan who often got into fights and caused trouble in the detention center.

What Tao Mu didn’t know was that after learning that Shen Yu was going to be detained, Mrs. Shen indeed really wanted to do something in order to dispel the hatred of the Shen family who raised a cuckoo that occupied the nest well, while their precious son was irresponsibly discarded by Yu Qingqing. However, she was stopped by Shen Shiyuan and Shen Chen. The reason was also very simple. The Shen Group was now on the cusp of acquiring Yu Qingqing’s family’s company, and hundreds of pairs of eyes were staring at them. Once something was done, it would definitely attract the attention of those who care.

Therefore, the father and son of the Shen family must not allow Mrs. Shen to do stupid things to harm the Shen family. Not only was she unable to do things, but when they learned that Shen Yu’s leg was broken, Shen Shiyuan even flew to Beijing to visit Shen Yu himself. He claimed that though Yu Qingqing’s actions were shameless and low-level, Shen Yu was the child they raised for 19 years after all. These were just high-sounding lies, but Shen Yu was deeply moved. Confirming once again that his family was really only the Shen family.

In contrast, Yu Qingqing’s actions of abandoning Second Young Master Shen made Shen Yu feel more guilty. At the same time, he also vowed in his heart that he must help the Shen family find the real second son of the Shen family to make up for his mother’s sins.

Shen Yu felt that the reason why Mrs. Shen held grudges against him was because the second son of the Shen family’s whereabouts were unknown. If he could find Second Young Master Shen back, Mrs. Shen would definitely forgive him. At that time, he could also return to the Shen family with dignity and become the adopted son of the Shen family.

Having come to this point, Shen Yu did not dare to expect too much anymore. He didn’t even dare to think carefully about whether the attitude of the Shen family’s father and son pair towards him was really out of familial affection. He regarded the Shen family as his last life saving rope. If the Shen family didn’t care about him, Shen Yu really didn’t know where else he could be accepted.

However, it was not so easy for Shen Yu to help the Shen family find the real Second Young Master Shen. After all, even with the resources and connections of the Shen family, there was no news after so long. Moreover, Shen Yu didn’t have any connections now.

In fact, according to the clues given by those incidents back then, Tao Mu, a person who had already stayed out of the matter, was actually the most suitable match to Second Young Master Shen’s experience. But Shen Yu personally compared Tao Mu’s DNA with the Shen family’s DNA, and even paid a heavy price for it——

No, wait! In a flash of insight, Shen Yu stumbled upon a thought. He wasn’t actually sure about this. Everything was arranged by Lin Rong’an. If Lin Rong’an swapped the test samples, or gave him a fake identification report…..

Just when Shen Yu began to doubt whether the DNA report Lin Rong’an gave him was true or false, Tao Mu was also busy sniping at the Lin Group in the stock market.

——A tiger was always regarded as a sick cat if it didn’t show its power. Although Tao Mu didn’t care much about the Golden Crow Award trophies, Tao Mu didn’t like being suppressed for no reason. Since the Lin family dared to use their wealth to make trouble for him, Tao Mu couldn’t let the Lin family be disappointed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

With knowledge of the gossip reports from his previous life, Tao Mu exposed many scandals within the Lin family one by one. Coupled with Li Xiaoheng’s personal manipulation of the stocks, the Lin Group’s stock price dropped by dozens of percentage points within a few days, and the group’s market value evaporated by hundreds of thousands of millions. And Lin Rong’an, his father and his uncle were also facing serious charges of raping minors.

At this critical juncture, Lin Rong’an, who could no longer keep his composure, took the initiative to find Tao Mu expressing that a transaction could be made.

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 247 The Oriole In The Back

This mother and son pair were causing too much of a scene, and the organizers of the Golden Crow Awards were worried that if the scene continued, it would affect the process of the awards ceremony, so they had to signal to the staff to invite Yu Qingqing and Shen Yu off the red carpet.

The onlooking media reporters and fans who eat melon made a regretful “tsk tsk” sound. Even the guests who attended the ceremony put away their mobile phones regretfully. When Shen Yu walked into the hall, a large group of people subtly observed. Even if Shen Yu was preoccupied, he could still feel that the whole hall was secretly looking at him, and some people were also whispering, probably talking about him and Yu Qingqing. Shen Yu felt incredibly embarrassed. He didn’t want to have such an irresponsible mother.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At eight o’clock in the evening, the awards ceremony officially began. The group of stars who secretly gossiped just now instantly focused their attention. No matter how delicious the melons were today, that was someone else’s business. But the promulgation of various awards may involve their vital interests. Under such circumstances, fewer and fewer people paid attention to Shen Yu. Most people had their eyes on the stage. Shen Yu, who was sitting with the “Black and White” crew, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He subconsciously looked at Tao Mu. When he secretly stole Tao Mu’s hair for DNA identification, he originally wanted to help Tao Mu find his biological parents. At that time, he was also secretly looking forward to it, since Tao Mu’s biological parents could abandon him in a rental house, they would definitely not really love him. Once they learned that Tao Mu was now famous and rich, they might even come over and ask for money. Shen Yu admitted that he was jealous of Tao Mu. He didn’t want to see Tao Mu always look like he was always on top of the world. However, Shen Yu didn’t expect that after he went to the effort of taking the risk of breaking the law to do such a bad thing. The result turned out that Tao Mu’s biological parents didn’t find him, but instead he himself became stuck with a cold and heartless mother who also abandoned her child in a rental house.

So it seems that people shouldn’t do bad things, after all?

Shen Yu laughed self-deprecatingly at himself. His nineteen years of upbringing have always taught him to be kind. Because being kind might not guarantee that one would be treated with the same kindness by others, but if one was not kind, one would definitely be treated maliciously by the world.

Sure enough, he only did one bad thing, and the retribution instantly came.

—— sent him another lawyer’s letter. This time it was not only a lawyer’s letter, but also a subpoena from a court in Beijing. When he heard the news that the Shen family flew to Hong Kong to recognize their son, he lost his head for a while and actually even went straight to the airport to block them with a freshly released DNA identification report. Although Mrs. Shen refused to believe his report, there was solid evidence that he stole Tao Mu’s hair for DNA identification. If there was a lawsuit, he would definitely lose.

But the key was, would he have to go to jail after losing the lawsuit?

While Shen Yu fell into contemplation on his own, he heard the guest award announcer on the stage shout: “The one who won the Best Newcomer Award is…..Shen Yu, “Black and White”.”

Shen Yu was startled. When he came back to his senses, he found that the guests around him were applauding politely in front of the camera and looking at him with a smile. Even Tao Mu, who was a competitor, wore a rather playful smile. Only the other three nominees who were also nominated for the Best Newcomer Award looked dissatisfied.

A prison fate was just around the corner, even if he won the Best Newcomer Award and won against Tao Mu for the first time, Shen Yu was not at all excited. He walked onto the stage in a trance, took the trophy in a trance, and stood in front of the microphone in a trance. After a long silence, Shen Yu found that he could not remember the acceptance speech that he had silently recited many times.

“I know you all think I don’t deserve this award.” Shen Yu’s first sentence immediately caused an uproar. The stars present and the staff of the organizer almost didn’t manage to keep their smiles on their faces.

Shen Yu, what’s this situation?

“I know that many of you here look down on me. You think that I am not good at acting and can’t bear hardships. That I only rely on the back door to get resources and so on. But I am still very happy that the organizer awarded this award to me. After all, that I can be shortlisted for the nomination of the Best Newcomer Award means that I still have a certain strength. My performance will definitely be recognized by some people.”

“Next, if there is a chance I will continue to work hard to produce better works. I will try to be a qualified actor. Because I really like this profession. I don’t know what else I can do if I leave this profession.” When Shen Yu spoke to here, his eyes pierced through the crowd and landed on Tao Mu who was under the stage.

The camera followed Shen Yu’s eyes, and very cleverly showed Tao Mu in a close-up.

“Here, I also wish Tao Mu the Best Supporting Actor Award in advance. After all, your acting skills are really good.” When Shen Yu said this, he couldn’t help but feel sour. He really envied Tao Mu’s acting skills. He was obviously such an unkind person, yet he could pretend to be so perfect and win the love of so many people. While he could only watch the people around him distant themselves farther and farther away. In the end, only his lonely self was left.

There was still a close-up of Tao Mu’s face on the big screen. Hearing Shen Yu’s remarks, even the guests who completely had no relation were in an uproar. Only Tao Mu still maintained a calm smile, ignoring Shen Yu’s words, and instead smiled humbly at the other four Best Supporting Actor nominees.

The organizers of the Golden Crow Awards were very dissatisfied with Shen Yu’s speech. However, Shen Yu was backed by the Lin family, and even if the Golden Crow Award organizers were dissatisfied, they could only swallow their anger. After all, those in the entertainment industry would never be able to win against those who engage in capital and finance. What was more, the Lin family’s influence in Hong Kong was far more than just capital.

Not caring that his speech caused an uproar at the awards ceremony, Shen Yu returned to his seat with the trophy. Looking at Tao Mu with a complicated expression: “I’m going to jail soon. You see me eating my own bittee fruit, are you happy?”

Jail? Tao Mu frowned in confusion. He looked at Shen Yu thoughtfully.

What was up with this kid?

Shen Yu received a lawyer’s letter from and a subpoena from the court, and he was scared crazy these days. His mind was full of panic and anxiety about what to do if he had to go to jail. Seeing that Tao Mu was still pretending to be innocent at this time, he was immediately angry.

“What are you pretending to be innocent for. You clearly ordered to send me a lawyer’s letter, and then went to court to sue me. I’m going to jail soon, are you happy?”

Shen Yu knew that it was wrong to steal Tao Mu’s hair for a private DNA test, but he felt that his crime was far from one worth being jailed for. Tao Mu was indeed vicious and vengeful. Just because of this, he was going to go to jail. He was not yet twenty years old this year, and he didn’t want to go to jail.

However, stealing other people’s hair for DNA identification was an invasion of privacy in this country. According to the country’s “Public Security Administration Punishment Law”, violation of the right to privacy was a civil case, and even if the circumstances were slightly serious, one would only be detained for five to ten days and imposed a fine of less than 500 yuan. Only if the circumstances were extremely serious, such as illegally trespassing into other people’s houses, illegally searching other people’s bodies, or illegally voyeuring, or concealing letters and causing serious consequences, would they be sentenced to prison time.

And Shen Yu’s behavior of stealing hair for DNA identification was obviously not serious enough to require a criminal case. Even if Tao Mu resented Shen Yu’s behavior, he could only ask Lawyer Zhou to file a civil lawsuit to demand financial compensation and an apology. It was not possible to sue Shen Yu to jail. That was to say…..after receiving a lawyer’s letter and a court subpoena, a certain someone frightened himself into this state.

This person already knew he had done bad things. Yet couldn’t he find a lawyer who was familiar with civil law to consult the relevant laws and regulations after receiving the subpoena?

Tao Mu was speechless. But he was too lazy to explain the truth. He just hooked up the corner of his mouth at Shen Yu, and said with a playful smile: “You said it yourself, you are eating your own bitter fruit.”

Shen Yu glared at Tao Mu fiercely, his eyes reddened. The communication between the two was faithfully recorded by the camera and transmitted to all parts of Hong Kong through signals. Netizens sitting in front of the computer laughed when they saw this scene. Some netizens even tapped the keyboard to send comments through the bullet screen, and began to popularize relevant legal knowledge. In the end, it was agreed that Mr. Tao was really bad indeed, actually purposely letting Shen Yu misunderstand things and not explain. He also deliberately said things like that to be scary.

Didn’t he see Shen Yu was about to cry?

Just when all the netizens were hahaha, the Golden Crow Awards ceremony also arrived at the Best Supporting Actor award segment. Regrettably, Tao Mu did not receive the award. First of all, although Zhou Yuanting’s appearance in the film was stretched to 20 minutes, for a character who was shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor Award, the appearance time was still relatively small. Moreover, the other four nominees who competed with Tao Mu were all veritable veteran actors, and two of them have even won the Best Actor crown. If their acting skills were really pit against each other, Tao Mu’s performance was brilliant, but he also couldn’t completely crush the other four nominees.

Secondly, Tao Mu was too young. Just nineteen years old, he was nominated for the Golden Crow Award for Best Supporting Actor in his first movie. This was already a great honor. Moreover, it showed the affirmation of Tao Mu’s acting skills by the Golden Crow Award panel and even the whole Hong Kong film circle. In this case, it didn’t really matter whether Tao Mu could get the award or not. What was more, the one who won the Best Supporting Actor Award this time was an old veteran actor in Hong Kong who was nearly seventy years old. This old veteran actor made his debut in his teens, and had been nominated countless times over the years, but had yet to win an award. The film shortlisted this time could be said to be the closing work of this old gentleman. Considering this, it was quite reasonable for the Golden Crow Awards to award the best supporting actor to him.

Of course, the most important point was that the Lin family in Hong Kong used the scandal that Tao Mu broke out some time ago to put pressure on the Golden Crow Awards. Claiming that a nominee with such a taint should not receive an award. The Lin family’s connections and influence in Hong Kong were very high, and even if the Golden Crow Award did not agree with the Lin family’s actions, they would not dare to disobey. Only the soft persimmons were pinched, and so they naturally came to beg Tao Mu. After all, although the Lin family was not easy to mess with, Tao Mu held in his hand and was backed by Xiaoheng Capital, so he was also not someone to mess with.

Fortunately, although Tao Mu liked acting, he was not obsessed with awards. If he could get it, it was the icing on the cake. If he couldn’t get it, so long as the box office looked good and the audience liked it, that was quite fine as well. In addition, Tao Mu’s sophistication and amiable socializing attitude were carved into his bone marrow. It seemed that when people’s achievements have reached a certain level, many things that they previously cared about and brooded over were not so important anymore. Seeing that the chairman of the Golden Crow Awards jury committee was quite old, and yet he was carefully apologizing in front of him for such a trivial matter, Tao Mu felt his interest wane. He didn’t want to make things difficult for the middleman, the Golden Crow Award. Instead of making things difficult for the Golden Crow Award, which could not control either side, it was better to directly pull the carpet from under the Lin family who was constantly bouncing around.

Having received Tao Mu’s attitude, the organizer of the Golden Crow Awards was relieved. As long as Tao Mu didn’t make it difficult for them, the organizers of the Golden Crow Awards didn’t bother to worry about whether these two powerhouses would fight. They even secretly hoped that Tao Mu would teach the Lin family a lesson. After all, the Lin family’s arrogant and domineering appearance in front of them was really annoying indeed. In order to express their goodwill towards Tao Mu, the organizer of the Golden Crow Awards selected the most suitable candidate for the award from among the other four nominees for Best Supporting Actor.

Sure enough, as soon as the winner of the Best Supporting Actor was announced, many netizens recalled the various works of the old gentleman since his debut, guided by the guest award announcer. That was several decades that accompanied the Hong Kong film industry from its glorious beginning and then to its decline. It also ran through the career of the old gentleman. After decades of ups and downs, now the old gentleman could get a trophy before he retired, which could be regarded as a satisfactory notation to his life’s career.

And the speech given by the old gentleman on the stage made many emotional fans unable to help but recall the past, and even wept.

Only Tao Mu’s fans and the movie fans felt a little regret alongside being moved. However, this regret disappeared at the end of the award ceremony, when they saw that Shen Yu was taken away by the police.

It seemed that it was more exciting to see the opponent being miserable than to see their idol succeed. Although Shen Yu was not qualified to be Tao Mu’s opponent in terms of industry status or achievements. But who made Shen Yu keep tying himself to Tao Mu since his debut. Like a hairy bug that didn’t bite but still disgust you. Now that he was being taken away by the police and about to face detention, it was simply too satisfying indeed.

Soon, however, news that was even more explosive than Shen Yu’s detention topped the trending search again.

——The Shen family actually brought Shen Yu’s biological mother, Yu Qingqing, to court for the crime of abandonment. The evidence was solid and the impact was bad, Yu Qingqing was about to face five years in prison.

It was only at this time that Yu Qingqing suddenly understood why even though Mrs. Shen had clearly guessed what she wanted to do, yet still allowed her to speak freely in front of the media to whitewash herself. It turned out that she was waiting for her here.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mrs. Shen wanted everyone to see Yu Qingqing’s greedy and irresponsible face. To make Yu Qingqing pay a heavy price for abandoning the second son of the Shen family. And justifiably use this to continue to suppress or even acquire the listed trading company of Yu Qingqing’s husband. There was no doubt that the Shen Group wanted to take this opportunity to spread its business channels to Shenzhen. And take this as an entry point to carve up Shenzhen’s market.

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 246 Mother Shen’s Methods

It was supposed to be Tao Mu’s red carpet interview time next. However, under the shock brought by Shen Yu’s white lotus mother who suddenly knelt down and cried and begged for mercy, all the reporters abandoned Tao Mu, who clearly had no new scoop to be dug out at the moment, as well as the later red carpet celebrities. A swarm of reporters instead gathered around Shen Yu and Shen Yu’s biological mother to take pictures and interview.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Seeing this situation, Tao Mu and his family members looked at each other in dismay, and exchanged glances with Zhou Yanqing and Fang Ruoti who were walking on the red carpet after them, then walked around the interview area in quite a low-key manner, leaving the entire stage to Shen Yu. As for the stars further back, after learning of the riot on the red carpet, they didn’t bother to come out onto the red carpet at all.

Before his birth background was exposed, Shen Yu never thought that one day he would call another woman mother. Even after his birth background was exposed and Shen Yu occasionally thought about what his biological mother would be like, he still never thought that the woman would really appear in front of him and integrate into his future life. Even though Shen Yan found the woman back then and she was interviewed live on, when Shen Yu looked at the noble, elegant, beautiful and slender woman in the video, he still didn’t possess much of a sense of reality.

In Shen Yu’s mind, the man surnamed Tan or that woman, they were both not Shen Yu’s real family. It could only be said that they were just strangers who brought Shen Yu to this world. Only the Shen family who he had been together with for 19 years were the parents, brother and sister recognized by Shen Yu.

So until Shen Yu’s biological mother broke through the crowd of fans and knelt in front of him, Shen Yu still didn’t feel much of a sense of reality. He looked at the woman kneeling in front of him in a trance, and his first reaction turned out to be disbelief: “Are you really my mother?”

“Of course.” The woman knelt on the red carpet with her long hair disheveled, raised her head, curved her slender neck in an elegant arc, and looked at Shen Yu with tears in her eyes. Even while cutting such a sorry figure, she still looked like she belonged in a refined and elegant idol drama.

“Xiao Yu, my child.” The woman choked and said, “I’m sorry for you, and I’m sorry for the real Second Young Master Shen. The Shen family is infuriated at what I have done, and whatever they do to me it is what I deserve. But my husband and your younger brother are innocent. The Shen family treats you so well, so could you help me talk things out with them so that Mrs. Shen will stop targeting my husband’s company?”

Shen Yu’s biological mother was called Yu Qingqing. Seriously speaking, this woman’s experience was simply a reality version of many idol dramas dressed in an inspirational outer image but in fact was quite a dog-blood Mary Sue drama. Born in an ordinary and poor family, she had poor grades since childhood, but because of her sweet appearance and gentle personality, she was liked by all elders and male classmates, and even many female classmates voluntarily became her protectors. At the age of 18, she went to work in a big city with a friend from the same village, and she was very lucky to be chosen by her employer and his wife to be a surrogate mother. At the age of 20, she gave birth to a child out of wedlock, and earned a total of 300,000 yuan by having and raising the child. In that era when households who had 10,000 yuan in the bank account were still talked about, the purchasing power of 300,000 yuan was almost equivalent to the current 30 million yuan.

A girl under the age of 20 managed to earn 300,000 yuan after working as a part-time worker for a year. Yu Qingqing took the 300,000 yuan to Beijing, and then to Shenzhen, where the economic environment was more open. In the beginning, she bought a shop and started a clothing business. Later she met her current husband. Yu Qingqing’s husband was also in the clothing business, but in foreign trade. After the two got married, Yu Qingqing became a full-time housewife. All the money earned was used to buy houses and collect rent. She also took advantage of her spare time to study fashion design. Her husband took over Yu Qingqing’s clothing business and merged the clothing factory into his own company. Although the husband and wife were not very rich and affluent, they were still considered to be quite well-off. The most important thing was that Yu Qingqing’s husband loved her very much, and even if he had to do outside socializing, he would not do things he shouldn’t do. The two have been in love for so many years, and they were well-known as a model couple in the circle.

Yu Qingqing was very satisfied with her life. If it wasn’t for Shen Yan who suddenly showed up and shattered Yu Qingqing’s peaceful life, and Mrs. Shen took her anger out on Yu Qingqing because of what happened back then, forcing all the company’s business partners to default on business contracts and the bank to cut off the company’s loans, such that the company almost went bankrupt, Yu Qingqing also didn’t want to disturb Shen Yu’s life at all.

She knew that as a mother, she had not cared about her son for nineteen years, and her son must have no feelings for her. What was more, Yu Qingqing also inquired around and knew that Shen Yu was living a good life now. Even though he saw the live broadcast, he didn’t think about contacting her, and so she concluded that he didn’t want to recognize her as a mother in the end. Besides, the news of Yu Qingqing abandoning her child in a rental house was previously exposed. Although it was later proved that the abandoned child was not actually her own flesh and blood, but the second son of the Shen family. But in Shen Yu’s heart, he must have decided that she, his biological mother, had abandoned him as an infant.

Yu Qingqing felt that she had no face to see Shen Yu. She was even more sorry towards the real second son of the Shen family. But all of this was her fault, and her husband and child were innocent. Now Mrs. Shen took action against her family because she was angry with her, and Yu Qingqing couldn’t bear it any longer. Only then did she run over and beg Shen Yu.

As Yu Qingqing expected, Shen Yu indeed really didn’t want to see her. When he just learned of Yu Qingqing’s identity, Shen Yu saw that the Yu Qingqing from the live video was so beautiful, noble, elegant and gentle, which completely matched his imagination of his mother. At that time, Shen Yu really wanted to contact his mother. But it didn’t take long for the news that Yu Qingqing abandoned her child in the rental house suddenly appeared on the Internet, and even Tao Mu was involved, which made Shen Yu completely unable to accept this reality.

Not only was he unable to accept the fact that Tao Mu was probably the second son of the Shen family, but Shen Yu couldn’t accept that his biological mother was a vicious woman who abandoned her baby. Clearly Yu Qingqing had already received 300,000 yuan at that time, and the living conditions were not so difficult, why then did she still abandon her child?

If Yu Qingqing had not abandoned the real second son of the Shen family, but raised that child well. Maybe the Shen family would not treat him so cruelly and coldly after discovering his birth background. Let alone take revenge after debunking Yu Qingqing’s lies. Mrs. Shen would not reject him so resolutely, believing that he was the murderer who killed the second son of the Shen family.

So everything Yu Qingqing suffered today was entirely her own fault.

“Why did you abandon that child back then?” These words were held in Shen Yu’s heart for a long time. He never had a chance to ask. In front of Yu Qingqing and all the media reporters and fans today, Shen Yu couldn’t help but ask: “You said you didn’t know about my sister’s replacement of the child. Then who you abandoned back then was your own child. Why are you so cruel, so vicious? You left such a small baby in a rental house for days, did you intend for him to die?”

When Shen Yu said this, he couldn’t help but substitute himself. If Shen Yan hadn’t switched them, he very likely would have been the one to be abandoned by his biological mother in the rental house. The one who nearly died and then ended up in an orphanage would have been him instead.

Thinking of this, Shen Yu was full of guilt for the real Second Young Master Shen. Likewise, he was simply unable to accept such a mother.

Yu Qingqing burst into tears when she heard Shen Yu’s questioning. Covering her cheeks in dismay, she cried, “In your heart, I am such a vicious and cruel woman? Do you think I was really willing to abandon my own son? But I had no choice!”

Being forced to abandon her own son back then was the dark history of Yu Qingqing’s life and a scar she never wanted to mention.

“My child, you are too young, you don’t know what that kind of situation meant for me.” Yu Qingqing explained that in those days, people’s thinking was very conservative. Yu Qingqing was a single mother who had a child out of wedlock. It was conceivable that no matter where she went, she would encounter strange looks from others. Hearing others talking behind her back, even dirty guessing about her past.

But the difficulties didn’t stop there. What made Yu Qingqing even more unable to bear it was the malice that a single mother encountered in that era. It was not just the speculation in others’ eyes and words, but also the harassment from a lot of nasty hooligans. Yu Qingqing was originally beautiful, but her personality was a little soft and cowardly. How could she endure such a life filled with malice.

In fact, at the beginning, when Yu Qingqing left Shanghai with her child, she really made up her mind to raise her child well. But such bad things happened several times, and finally even threatened Yu Qingqing’s personal safety and chastity. Yu Qingqing couldn’t bear it anymore. Only after being harassed by hooligans again, did she buy a ticket to leave Beijing in a fit of rage, and did something like abandoning her child and running away.

“Then you could have gived the child to your parents. When you left the hospital, didn’t you tell Mr. Tan and Mrs. Tan that you were going to send the child back to your hometown?” Shen Yu refused to believe Yu Qingqing’s explanation. In his opinion, no matter how reasonable Yu Qingqing’s excuse sounded, it was a fact that she cruelly abandoned Second Young Master Shen. It was precisely because of this that Mrs. Shen hated him so much that she refused to let him return to the Shen family. Therefore, Shen Yu had no way to forgive Yu Qingqing’s explanation.

Hearing Shen Yu’s naive question, Yu Qingqing smiled wryly and shook her head. She had already said that the customs of that era were simple and conservative. She was also a poor child born in a small mountain village. Less than two years after she came out to work, if she inexplicably brought a child back, and the child’s father never showed up. One could imagine how the villagers would talk about it.

“Your grandfather and grandmother are people who value face. If they hear those gossip, they would definitely become ill from anger. I will also have to go out to work, and I can’t stay at home to take care of them. This is already unfilial of me, so how could I cause them such trouble for my own reason?”

Yu Qingqing truly believed this. She couldn’t bring the child back to her hometown and embarrass her parents. She also couldn’t raise the child by her side because she didn’t have the ability to bring up the child. That was why the child was abandoned in the rental house. Yu Qingqing admitted that what she did was wrong. In fact, she could have found a better way. Like giving that child to someone else to raise. But at that time, Yu Qingqing was too young to do things perfectly.

But this couldn’t be blamed on her. After all, she sincerely did want to raise the child well. However, the reality was too cruel, Yu Qingqing did not expect that a single mother raising a child would encounter so many difficulties. It also never occurred to her that she could not solve these problems at all.

At that time, Yu Qingqing only knew how to solve problems by escaping.

Having said this, Yu Qingqing sobbed even more in shame.

The media reporters and the fans watching on the side were simply stunned by Yu Qingqing’s logic. For a while, they actually dazedly felt that there was nothing wrong with what Yu Qingqing said. She was just a young girl back then, and there was really no way for her to be a single mother. So the act of leaving the child in the rental house…..couldn’t be blamed on her?

Tao Mu, who had already entered the award ceremony venue hall, was so angry that he almost closed the live video. Sitting next to him, Liu Yao, Meng Qi, and old Mr. Song also had complex expressions, and couldn’t help but comment: “This Shen Yu’s mother and Shen Yu are really…..”

Like mother like son?!

Also sitting at the awards ceremony, some sensitive female stars couldn’t help but tear up a bit. As women and mothers as well, although they did not agree with what Yu Qingqing did back then, they could all understand Yu Qingqing’s thoughts and actions. Being a single mother was really hard. Society was simply too hostile to women. Even the open-minded Hong Kong had no way to escape the chains of society, let alone the completely closed and backward mainland twenty years ago?

And online. There were also some inexplicable remarks that have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. At first glance, those experienced could tell that these were water army accounts, claiming in a reasonable otone on the live broadcast platform of It was true that Yu Qingqing was wrong, but this was not the reason why the Shen family could retaliate against Yu Qingqing’s husband. After all, it was not Yu Qingqing who switched the child, but the eldest young lady of the Shen family. That was to say, who Yu Qingqing abandoned in a heart-wrenching manner back then was her own flesh and blood. The Shen family was in charge of such a big listed group, yet they couldn’t even recognize their own child. How could they have the face to take revenge on others?

If she really wanted to take revenge, who Mrs. Shen should educate most was her daughter, who did all kinds of evil by virtue of her family background, rather than making it difficult for a poor mother. Now, because of her own mistakes, she took her anger out on others. Sure enough, like mother like daughter.

Seeing these bizarre remarks, Tao Mu resisted the urge to get sick and put away the phone. If it wasn’t for’s principle of not interfering with fans’ comments, Tao Mu almost wanted to call the technology department and block these water army accounts.

At the same time, Tao Mu had to sigh, sure enough, the older the ginger was, the more spicy. When it came to inciting public opinion and guiding netizens to a rhythm, the rank of this Ms. White Lotus was much higher than that of Shen Yu. Even though she was obviously greedy and vain, willingly becoming a surrogate for money, and then abandoning the child after getting the money, this Ms. White Lotus managed to whitewash herself and become a weak and innocent single mother who was unjustly persecuted in that era. And most importantly, she could make some people feel that she was actually doing the right thing, and even those who think she was doing the wrong thing could sympathize with her. And even caused bad public feelings for the Shen family’s aggressive and bullying attitude.

Seeing that many netizens were indiscriminately cursing and slandering the Shen family, Mrs. Shen, who was sitting in front of the computer, was so angry that her liver hurt.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

What did they mean that their Shen family was bullying and aggressive? Have these netizens forgotten that who Yu Qingqing abandoned back then was the child of their Shen family! Their Shen family took care of Yu Qingqing’s child, but Yu Qingqing threw their Shen family’s child behind in a rental house to fend for himself. How could it be that she, the mother, couldn’t even take revenge on the murderer who indirectly killed her child?

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 245 Family Bonds

At six o’clock in the evening, as usual, there was no female companion, but Tao Mu appeared on the red carpet with his family members. The family of four immediately attracted the attention of the media and fans on both sides of the red carpet. All of a sudden, there was a scream, and the sound of the flash and the shutter pressed one after another. The three family members, who had never experienced such a scene, were suddenly a little nervous.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The media reporters on both sides were excited as if they had discovered some major news. Calling Tao Mu’s name out loud, attracting Tao Mu to look in their direction. Begging Tao Mu to stand a little forward and cooperate with them to take pictures. Some people even called out Mr. Meng and asked about the operation of For example, it was the first time they cooperated with the Golden Crow Awards for a live broadcast, what impression did he have of the Golden Crow Awards, whether Tao Mu could win the Best Supporting Actor, etc. There were even gossip reporters who asked Meng Qi what he thought about the fact that the Shen family flew to Hong Kong to recognize family and Mrs. Shen slapped Shen Yu at Hong Kong Airport.

As the acting CEO of, Meng Qi would also be interviewed by the media. What’s more, FlyNews Entertainment, which he manages, was the most popular entertainment media in the past two years. Therefore, Meng Qi was also familiar with these interview routines. Of course, he was also more familiar with the process of walking the red carpet.

“In order not to delay the people behind to walk the red carpet, let’s chat in the interview area.” Mr. Meng smiled politely and nodded at several reporters. Every move and gesture was exactly the same as that of Tao Mu next to him. From a distance, although they didn’t look alike, in terms of temperament and demeanor, no one would doubt if they were father and son.

Walking the red carpet a few minutes earlier than Tao Mu, Shen Yu, who already stood in the interview area, looked at the family of four with some complicated feelings. When he learned that Tao Mu wanted to walk the red carpet with his family, Shen Yu also plucked up the courage to invite Chairman Shen, and wanted the Shen family to accompany him on the red carpet. On the one hand, he didn’t want to admit defeat in front of Tao Mu, and on the other hand, he wanted to take this action to defuse the rumors that he had been kicked out by the Shen family. As a result, this proposal was only ridiculed and rejected by Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan.

“What do you think you are, you dare to think that our Shen family will accompany a mere entertainer like you on the red carpet?”

“You want family to accompany you? But we are not your family. You have biological parents of your own, why don’t you call them and ask them to accompany you on the red carpet?”

“You fake who had occupied the nest for nineteen years, do you really want to hold on to your status as the second son of the Shen family that badly? First look in the mirror. A sparrow is a sparrow. You lived in the phoenix’s nest for nineteen years but you can’t become a golden phoenix no matter how many years pass. Hmmph, as soon as you leave the Shen family, you reveal your true self, right? I’ll just say it. How could our Shen family give birth to a stupid and vicious person like you. As expected, it turned out to be the fault of that shameless mother of yours, and you as her son is not to be outdone.”

The family members who once held him in the palm of their hands and cherished and cared for him, now abandoned him as if he was trash. Shen Yu couldn’t believe that such cold words came from the mouths of the Shen family. He didn’t understand, wasn’t it just a useless blood relationship? Was it not even comparable to their 19-year relationship?

Why did they hurt him so recklessly once they learned that he was not the Shen family’s child? Was he not a person, did he not possess a heart?

Standing in the interview area, Shen Yu’s eyes were fixed on Tao Mu’s family of four. He didn’t care that it was still the red carpet scene, and there were so many eyes watching him.

He really didn’t understand why everyone was an orphan here but Tao Mu’s luck could be so good. When clearly Liu Yao, Meng Qi and the old man surnamed Song were not his biological parents and grandpa, yet why could they dote on Tao Mu and trust Tao Mu without reservation? Liu Yao could buy a house and a car for Tao Mu, Meng Qi could help Tao Mu with his career, and the old man surnamed Song even gave Tao Mu the Song Ji brand as a birthday present. There was even a boss Li of Xiaoheng Capital, who was also obedient to Tao Mu. But he, Shen Yu, just wanted the affection of the Shen family, yet there was no way such a lowly wish could even be satisfied? After finally finding Yan Sheng as a life partner who he thought he could join hands for the rest of his life, only to also be betrayed mid-way.

Shen Yu didn’t know what he had done wrong. When clearly in the past 19 years, he had never intentionally hurt anyone or done a single evil thing. Why did fate treat him like this?

Was it just because his shrewdness was not as deep as Tao Mu’s, his methods were not as good as Tao Mu’s, and he was not as scheming as Tao Mu, so he was destined to not be able to get anything he wanted?

The more Shen Yu thought about it, the more resentful he felt. But the media reporters on both sides of the red carpet were not at all tactful folks, and they kept asking that with Tao Mu as a shining example in front, whether Shen Yu had the confidence to win the Best Newcomer Award? What did he think of Tao Mu’s nomination for Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor at the same time? What did he think of his and Tao Mu’s acting skills? Who did he think would get the Best Newcomer Award? In addition, there were also many gossip reporters who were not satisfied with asking questions related to the film, and even asked Shen Yu’s opinion about the fact that his biological mother abandoned the real second son of the Shen family in the rental house. What did Shen Yu think of the rumor that Tao Mu deliberately led public opinion to speculate that he was the second son of the Shen family? Another reporter mentioned that Shen Yu had violated relevant laws by obtaining Tao Mu’s DNA sample for identification in advance, and received a letter from’s lawyer again…..

When it came to celebrity status and influence in the entertainment industry, Shen Yu had just debuted for two years, but Shen Yu, who didn’t have any classic role or film work to his name, was certainly not comparable to the A-list superstars in Hong Kong. But when it came to the ability to make headlines in the news, every action that Shen Yu made was beyond the reach of all the superstars. In addition, the questions raised by the media reporters were more tricky one after the other, and it was clear that they wanted to give Shen Yu an easy time. The group of finely dressed superstars in Hong Kong, who looked aloof but actually liked to listen to gossip, were not at all annoyed that their limelight had been robbed, but happily stood by and waited to eat melons.

The female companion who walked the red carpet with Shen Yu was the female artist who played Yan Yu’s wife in the movie “Black and White”. She was also a signed artist of the Lin family’s film and television company. Her relationship with Lin Rong’an was ambiguous and unclear, so she was very dissatisfied with Shen Yu. Just before she had spoken viciously against Shen Yu. Later, because of angering Shen Yu with her words, she was slapped in the face by Shen Yu in front of everyone’s eyes. So the two had a very deep feud.

This time on the red carpet, when the cast of “Black and White” arranged for the female artist to be Shen Yu’s red carpet companion, but Shen Yu strongly opposed this. It was a pity that his objection was invalid. Director Xu did not want to make trouble with Shen Yu because of the influence of the Lin family. But he also couldn’t condone Shen Yu doing anything that might destroy the box office of “Black and White”. While the movie was still being released, the fact that the only loving couple in the movie didn’t even walk the red carpet of the awards ceremony together, the media and fans would definitely have something to say when they saw it.

In the entertainment industry, no matter how bad the real relationship between stars was, in front of the media and fans, they all had to put on a mask and even try to pretend at peace. Let alone when mutual interests were involved like in this case. Although Shen Yu was dissatisfied with Director Xu’s arrangement, in the face of interests, he couldn’t be too willful. He could only force himself to hold back his dissatisfaction and disgust, and walk the red carpet with the female artist. But there was still a faint sense of unease in his heart.

Sure enough, after hearing the media reporter’s questions, the female artist who had been standing beside Shen Yu with her hand on his arm the whole time said, “I remember that during the filming, Shen Yu specifically asked Mr. Tao to help him because of his poor acting skills. Mr. Tao was also sincere, and he really gave a lot of advice during the shooting. For example, the gesture in the final scene that was praised by professional film critics, and even brought Shen Yu a nomination for the Golden Crow Award for Best Newcomer, in which Yan Yu’s finger was off the trigger. This detail was actually proposed by Mr. Tao. At that time, Shen Yu strongly opposed it and didn’t want to act like this. Fortunately, Director Xu insisted, otherwise, this thrilling scene would definitely be gone. Whether Shen Yu could get the nomination for the Best Newcomer Award would also be up for question.”

This matter had been going around in the industry, but it was the first time someone had brought it to the media and the public. In order to compete for the Best Newcomer Award for Shen Yu, the Lin famy’s film and television company hid many details of the shooting. And before the award ceremony, they also deliberately smeared Tao Mu to reduce the possibility of Tao Mu winning the award. At the same time, the water army and the media were hired to trumpet Shen Yu’s acting skills. Of course, the most mentioned scene was the scene at the end of the film, where Yan Yu died for Zhou Yuanting.

But unexpectedly, another actor from the crew would relay the scene on the red carpet of the awards ceremony, and directly broke the news that this scene was filmed according to Tao Mu’s guidance, and the ultimate beneficiary, Shen Yu himself, was actually strongly opposed to it at the beginning.

For a while, not to mention the media reporters and fans at the scene, even the netizens who were guarding in front of the computer smelled the fragrance of the melon.

Feeling as if he was stripped naked, Shen Yu glared at the female artist fiercely. Not to be outdone, the female artist also glared back. How funny and hypocritical, not letting others say what you did.

Originally, the media reporters who just mentioned about the film as usual, and didn’t intend to dig out any big news, suddenly boiled over. They raised their microphones and asked Shen Yu, was the female artist’s revelation true? What did Shen Yu think about this?

Shen Yu’s expression was very ugly. He was just thinking about how to respond to the media’s inquiries when suddenly, a shrill shout came from the crowd. The voice was like weeping, full of sadness and sorrow, but also full of excitement and longing: “Xiao Yu, my Xiao Yu, my precious son——”

The red carpet, which was just full of noise and clamor, suddenly fell silent. In front of everyone’s eyes, a white figure moved out from behind the crowd, and squeezed to the front of the crowd. She was nearly forty years old, but she still liked to wear girlish white dresses, with long hair fluttering down her back. The well-maintained middle-aged woman stood in front of Shen Yu with slightly disheveled hair. Her eyes were red and swollen, and she looked at Shen Yu on the red carpet with tears in her eyes, and then knelt down decisively.

“Please, please, please beg the Shen family for mercy. It’s all my fault, it’s me who was wrong. I shouldn’t have left the second son of Shen family in the rental house, no matter how the Shen family retaliates against me, it is deserved. But my husband and my son are innocent. Xiao Yu, Mama knows that Mama has wronged you, and Mama has no face to see you. But I really have no choice. I beg you, please help me.”

What’s this situation?

The originally sluggish media reporters and fans froze for a while, then reacted instantly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Oh snap, it was another big melon! ! ! !

To the sound of the flash and the shutter being pressed one after another, Mrs. Shen, who was sitting in front of the computer, twitched up the corners of her mouth.

Didn’t you want to reunite with your family and share in familial affection? Then I will fulfill your wish.

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 244 The Family’s Support

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The Golden Crow Awards ceremony would be held on January 23rd. From four o’clock in the afternoon, there were stars walking the red carpet one after another. As a dark horse who was shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer awards at the same time, Tao Mu was still a newcomer in the film industry, but the organizers of the Golden Crow Awards considered Tao Mu’s net worth and status, and decided to arrange Tao Mu’s red carpet line-up before and after the bigwigs——before Yan Sheng and after Zhou Yanqing.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In addition, don’t know if it was the Lin family who made a statement, or the organizer deliberately stirring things up, they actually arranged Shen Yu’s red carpet line-up around this time as well. The organizer’s explanation was that everyone was from the same crew, so it was arranged that the actors would walk at the same time. This was also to promote “Black and White”.

This kind of explanation could only deceive children. Of course Tao Mu would not take it seriously. The several other big names also did not want to express their dissatisfaction with the organizer because of such trivial matters. So the red carpet arrangement was settled.

Knowing that Tao Mu had no female companion, female celebrities who knew Tao Mu have called in and offered themselves. However, Tao Mu had a big vinegar jar at home, and he didn’t want to provoke the vinegar jar from spilling, so Tao Mu had no choice but to decline the kindness of all the female stars, and continued to be beautiful alone on the red carpet.

For Liu Yao, Meng Qi, and old Mr. Song, who were family members of Tao Mu, this was also their first time encountering this kind of award ceremony, and they all felt that it was quite novel. They even imitated Tao Mu’s fans, and went to the merchandise area to buy a few Tao Mu light up signs, ready to join the fan group to cheer on Tao Mu when Tao Mu walked the red carpet.

As we all know, when celebrities walk the red carpet, fans and reporters would stand on both sides, one by one shouldering cameras and flash bulbs, excitedly screaming and jumping, but most of them were young and energetic, and most of them were girls. His Yao Dad and Xiao Qi Dad were two grown men, and old Mr. Song was an old man with old arms and legs. If they were really mixed in the crowd, they would definitely be particularly conspicuous.

“That’s what I want.” Liu Yao waved his hand and said carelessly: “It’s even better to have three spots of green leaves in a sea of red flowers. When others see this, they will know that our family is doing well. There is no need for you to go find some random biological parents.”

Recently, the irresponsible reports of Hong Kong media really made Liu Yao and the others disgusted. Although FlyNews Entertainment used the pretext of snatching advertisers to force many media to quit and even apologize publicly after FlyNews’ establishment of paper media distribution, the public opinion had already spread. After all, there were still some people who did not know the truth and believed the reports of these gossip media which brought a certain negative impact to Tao Mu’s image.

What bothered Liu Yao and the others the most was that the Shen family actually came knocking at the door because of some random and vague media reports, and said such things arrogantly. As if the Shen family had a throne to inherit so Tao Mu should be grateful that they could take the initiative to give Tao Mu a chance to recognize his family.

Completely forgetting that, while unable to compare to the market value of the Shen Group, when it came to personal assets, Tao Mu, who had made a lot of money in the international financial market, was no worse than anyone in the Shen family.

Especially that Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan, who had done so many vicious things and had no regrets at all, yet dared to say such nonsense in front of Tao Mu. Sure enough, if it was not one’s own child, one didn’t know how to be distressed.

Therefore, during this Golden Crow Award ceremony, Liu Yao, Meng Qi and old Mr. Song insisted on supporting Tao Mu as fans, and also to support Tao Mu as well as to help him vent his anger. Tell everyone clearly that their Tao Mu didn’t care about the things of the Shen family, nor the people of the Shen family. Their family’s Tao Mu had his own family, and they were very good and supportive of him unconditionally.

Tao Mu could feel the sincere hearts of his two fathers and grandfather. But he didn’t dare to let his grandpa participate in fan support at such an advanced age. He was really afraid that his grandpa would be unsteady in his hands and feet, and he would be bumped by the crowd, and he was even more worried that his grandpa couldn’t stand the decibels when the fans screamed. What If it would cause a heart attack or something.

Grandpa was old, and these things have to be prevented.

“Don’t worry about this.” Liu Yao stretched out his hand and ruffled Tao Mu’s hair, and laughed loudly: “With the two of us accompanying Grandpa, are you still afraid of any accident?”

Liu Yaoda was a big man, who was called “Brother Yao” wherever he went, and the owner of a well-known bar chain in Beijing. Rounding up, he was also considered a middle-aged gentleman. For the first time in his life, he participated in this kind of fan support that only little girls from 14 to 20 years old would be keen to participate in.

But Brother Yao didn’t feel embarrassed at all. Not only was he not embarrassed, but he was also very eager to try the experience. Tao Mu’s light up sign also had a merchandise poster, all of which he brought over. And that merchandise poster was Tao Mu’s single-person merchandise poster for the movie “Black and White”, which was not available on the market at all. Don’t know where Liu Yao even got it from. He even specially asked the staff of to photoshop it a bit and make Tao Mu look even more handsome and manly. As soon as he took it out, it immediately could cause a group of little girls to screech and salivate.

It was rare that both Liu Yao and old Mr. Song were so interested in something, Meng Qi also smiled and said to Tao Mu: “If you are really worried that Grandpa would be crowded, why don’t you communicate with the organizer and arrange for us to have a front row spot with a good view and without too many people. Just make sure we get to see you on the red carpet.”

Of course this was fine. But if this scene was filmed by the media, he was afraid it would make headlines again.

Li Xiaoheng, who hadn’t spoken much, looked at Tao Mu and asked subtly, “Can I, as a partner, accompany Uncle Yao, Uncle Qi, and Grandpa on the red carpet?”

Tao Mu: “…..”

The red carpet show of the Golden Crow Awards started at 4:00 pm and ended at 7:30 pm. The first to appear on the red carpet was always the little nobodies in the entertainment circle, or the male and female stars who have not been nominated for any awards, but were only invited by the brands and sponsors and simply came to the red carpet for the catwalk. The heavyweight superstars would have to wait until the prime-time debut two hours later.

Tao Mu’s red carpet time was scheduled for around six o’clock in the evening. However, the time for fans to guard the red carpet started at two o’clock in the afternoon. Even if Tao Mu could communicate with the organizer about the best positions on both sides of the red carpet, and he could also communicate with the organizer to let the family arrive at the position around four o’clock. But there were still two hours from the start of the red carpet show to Tao Mu’s appearance. Tao Mu was reluctant to let his Yao Dad, Xiao Qi Dad, and Grandpa Song stand for so long with the light up sign and poster.

Anyway, he had to communicate with the organizer, so the result after Tao Mu negotiated with the organizer turned out to be to let his Yao Dad, Xiao Qi Dad, and Grandpa Song accompany him on the red carpet.

This arrangement was really beyond the expectations of the several elders. Even Mr. Meng, who had a good understanding of the ways in the circle, was instantly stunned.

“This, is this alright?”

Liu Yao, who had been eagerly imagining how to hold the light up sign before immediately became shy. Sitting in front of the TV and watching celebrities walk the red carpet, and standing on either side of the red carpet holding up signs to encourage their family’s Xiao Mu, these actions were not as impactful as walking the red carpet in person. So much so that the nearly forty-year-old gentleman became shy and at a loss.

“We are not stars, walk what red carpet!”

“But you are my family.” Tao Mu explained with a smile: “If the artist asks, the family members can accompany them on the red carpet.”

“Don’t coax me. In general, even if a celebrity walks the red carpet with their family, it is a male celebrity with his wife and a female celebrity with her husband. How could a male celebrity walk the red carpet with two fathers and a grandfather.” Liu Yao was particularly straightforward in debunking Tao Mu’s explanation.

As the husband of a male star, Li Xiaoheng also looked at their boss Tao with special resentment. Because Tao Mu’s red carpet family line-up arranged by the organizer obviously had no place for him.

Tao Mu helplessly patted Li Xiaoheng’s shoulder as comfort. He wasn’t ready to come out publicly in front of the national media. Of course, Li Xiaoheng would not be invited to accompany him on the red carpet in the name of his family. Therefore, he could only let their boss Li be aggrieved as the man behind the successful man.

Li Xiaoheng could also understand Tao Mu’s risk aversion for career development. He wasn’t upset, just a little bit disappointed.

So in order to make up for this loss, Mr. Li shamelessly snatched the Tao Mu light up sign and cheering posters carefully prepared by Liu Yao, and also took a photo of it and posted it on FlyNews with the title “I wish my business partner a great success.”

Although he hadn’t come out publicly, the relationship between Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng was already a tacit secret in the industry. Even in the eyes of Tao Mu’s fans and melon-eating passers-by, the daily interaction between Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng, an inexorable partner in the international financial market, could touch the soft spots of some fans.

So not long after this FlyNews was released, it immediately attracted a crazy wave of sharing and comments from Tao Mu’s fans. There were also many Tao Mu’s face fans who skillfully right-clicked to save while screeching excitedly. Some fans even went to the official account of “Black and White” to ask where to buy the poster. Of course, more fans were more concerned about the release of “Black and White” in the mainland. Knowing that the mainland remake version had a different ending from the Hong Kong screening version, some netizens also asked what the difference between the two versions was.

Even the presence of the Golden Crow Award had reached a very high level in the mainland. At least netizens who follow Tao Mu know when this Golden Crow Awards ceremony will be held. There were even many mainland netizens who ran to the official account of the Golden Crow Awards to leave a comment, and enthusiastically asked where they could watch the broadcast of the Golden Crow Awards ceremony.

These netizens’ comments immediately attracted the attention of the organizers of the Golden Crow Awards.

In order to expand the influence of the Golden Crow Awards in the mainland, the organizer of the Golden Crow Awards, which had been cooperating with Hong Kong TV Station, took the lead in finding Tao Mu, and offered to cooperate with and authorize FlyNews Entertainment to conduct live broadcast of this Golden Crow Awards.

Though it was called a live broadcast, in order to ensure that the program did not have any mishap, the entire live broadcast process needed to be delayed for five minutes. Some content must also be cut. For example, when an artist who had been banned in the mainland walked the red carpet, it must not be broadcast. In addition, if some guests make inappropriate remarks at the awards ceremony, would also delete them.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m ) was popular and professional, and its reputation as being strongly supported by mainland officials had already spread throughout the entertainment industry. Although the organizers of the Golden Crow Awards felt that’s requests were a bit of a fuss, they did not object. They just complained about it behind their backs that the media from the mainland was really difficult and rigid. They only kneel and lick the officials, don’t know how they managed to become so big.

However, this complaint disappeared immediately after seeing the views of the live video of the Golden Crow Awards ceremony.

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