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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 193 Extra: Thesis Paper

Lin Ming was a college student, majoring in history, and was struggling with his thesis paper. For some foolish reason, he chose to write about Emperor Mingde. The research on this period was the most, and there were countless papers written on it, both at home and abroad. Countless experts and scholars published papers on it, so he really could not write anything new and novel about it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Returning to the dormitory from the library, his dorm buddies looked at his sad and bitter face, and laughed at him with no sympathy: “Aren’t you also surnamed Lin? That’s also considered a story of your ancestors, yet you still can’t write it?”

Lin Ming waved his hand: “You guys, have some sympathy, I must have taken the wrong medicine when I decided to write a history thesis on Emperor Mingde.”

A buddy took pity on him and said, “How about you start from a different angle. Isn’t it rumored that Emperor Mingde’s lover was Chen Baisong? Why don’t you write about this?”

Lin Ming: “It’s not like no one had written that. If you search the Internet, don’t even mention thesis papers. There are already thousands of books published on the subject.”

The buddy said sympathetically: “You might as well write about Emperor Mingping then, who at least was the second female emperor in the whole of Chinese history.”

Lin Ming rolled his eyes: “Do you think she is easy to write?”

Buddy: “Well, her time reigning was short at least, and you won’t be scolded by the instructor if you can’t write something new.”

When Emperor Mingping ascended the throne, she was already in her forties and lived only to the age of sixty-two. Her eldest daughter succeeded her.

The buddy suddenly said: “I also wrote a thesis on Emperor Mingping before. Think about it, starting from her, the Ming Dynasty had produced three female emperors. If she hadn’t only had one granddaughter, and that granddaughter was also mentally retarded, the emperor would not have become a man again.”

“It sounds like you are quite regretful?” Asked the roommate who was reading in an upper bunk.

Buddy: “That’s right, when the three female emperors were in power, they were scolded a lot. When the male emperor appeared, no one scolded them anymore. After all, the three generations were all focused on developing national power. When Emperor Mingyong was in power, the industry developed very fast, and there were even already trains.”

“But as soon as the male emperor came to power, he launched a war on foreign lands. At that time, which country in Europe was not our colony?”

“We managed to conquer those lands, but we couldn’t control it. If it weren’t for that war, social development would only be faster.”

“At least fifty years of regression.”

“If it hadn’t been for Emperor Mingshao turning the tide, the Ming Dynasty would have been over by then.”

“And wouldn’t have lasted until it successfully transformed into a constitutional monarchy.”

Lin Ming nodded: “Speaking of which, I went to watch the ceremony when this female emperor ascended to the throne. I was the student representative of our province.”



“Lin Ming, you lucky bastard!”

Lin Ming said proudly: “You don’t know how many competitors I have defeated.”

At that time, it was truly like thousands of troops were crossing a single-plank bridge.

“No, you’ve all gone off topic, I’m going to write about Emperor Mingde!” Lin Ming collapsed.

Roommate: “Why don’t you write that he was a transmigrator, there has always been such a suspicion on the Internet.”

“Opening up the market economy, the state going under macro-control, improving the status of women, creating more jobs, laying a solid foundation for national unity, vigorously developing water conservancy and weapons construction. To be precise, he had laid down the foundation for a modern society.”

When the roommate mentioned this he began to go on endlessly: “His life was also quite magnificent. According to historical records, he was the son of a landowner in the northern region at the beginning, and he did business in the south. He was particularly prescient and built a farmstead with a city wall, and there was even a watchtower, and he also trained his own troops. All his future generals had followed him before he made his fortune.”

The roommate was a real history buff. Lin Ming had only majored in history because of his family’s expectations. His whole family studied history. He had lived in such an environment since he was a child and had no choice at all.

But the roommate was not the same. He liked it, studied it carefully, and had read a lot of official history texts. He was a person who really relied on interest to support his studies.

Just when the roommate wanted to continue, the big brother of the dormitory said, “Have you watched the new TV series recently? They used the Mingde Emperor Lin Yuan as the protagonist to promote it. The drama will recreate that period of struggle for hegemony in a chaotic world, and show how the Mingde Emperor developed a turbulent society and made the Great Ming the number one power in the world at that time.”

Lin Ming: “I saw the trailer, and the actor looks a lot like the portrait of Emperor Mingde.”

The portrait of Emperor Mingde was still preserved in the Imperial Museum. The painting was done in very real likeness as there were already sketches made back then.

“The eyes look alike.” The big brother said, “I just checked the Internet, there are too many romantic scenes…..”

“Right, right, Lin Yuan is practically like a stallion in it. Seeing one and loving one, loving one and sleeping with one, both men and women. That private life is just terribly chaotic. Anyway, I don’t believe it. I have discussed it with my instructor, we both agree that since he ascended the throne, Emperor Mingde had never been close to those so-called lovers in rumors, only Chen Baisong was by his side.”

“They say he’s bisexual, but I think he’s gay.”

“But I think Hong Xiu and Chu Lin should have been his lovers in the early days, right?”

“The history books say that Chu Lin’s face was as beautiful as a woman’s, and that his beauty was not that of mortals. I just don’t believe that Emperor Mingde, a homosexual, could have resisted. I wouldn’t have resisted if it was me. As long as they look good, both male and female are fine with me.”

Lin Ming: “I don’t think so. My dad also said it shouldn’t be. Anyway, the only lover that is clearly identified now is Chen Baisong. All the rest are just rumors.”

Roommate: “Anyway, I think Emperor Mingde must have been a libertine when he was young. Now that is charm.”

“The audience also likes to see Emperor Mingde conquering all kinds of men and women.” The big brother said, “Those losers are just so appreciative of this kind of ability.”

“The directors also like to film in that direction.”

“The audience loves watching this now.”

“Wasn’t there a time-travel drama before? The heroine transmigrated into Hong Xiu, conquered the empire with Emperor Mingde, and then started to scheme and fight in the harem. After scheming the deaths of a bunch of men and women, she ruled the world with Emperor Mingde…..” Big brother, “I was honestly nauseated, why couldn’t they just make a good heroine centered TV series. Why did they have to put the setting in the early Ming Dynasty, and even transmigrated into Hong Xiu, who was a die-hard female fan of Emperor Mingde, and even requested to be cremated when she died so that her ashes could be scattered beside His Majesty’s mausoleum.”

“Now this is f**king loyalty!” The big brother looked excited, “My goddess!”

Lin Ming: “Anyway, every TV series about Emperor Mingde is always promoted under the banner of recreating history, but I suspect that the screenwriter had not even read the biographies regarding Emperor Mingde.”

“Yes, yes, there was a very classic one ten years ago, called “Emperor of the Great Ming”? Called itself a historical drama, and a lot of people even believed it. But Lin Yuan was a cold-hearted war-mongering madman in it, still wanting to fight even after unifying the empire, but was persuaded by Song Shizhao, and it was filmed as if Song Shizhao was Lin Yuan’s true love.”

“Those who did a little homework will know that Song Shizhao was more than forty years older than Lin Yuan. When the two met for the first time, Lin Yuan was in his teens and Song Shizhao was in his fifties, so how could they have anything between them? If that was the case then this world is really too psychedelic.”

“Be content, Song Shizhao is still a pretty mild choice, even Princess Chang’an was not spared by them. That group of losers thought that Princess Chang’an’s children could only inherit the throne because Lin Yuan did it with his own sister. Therefore, they found a princess’s consort to use as guise, and the successor to the throne was actually Lin Yuan’s child. I was seriously amazed when I saw this theory, and the poster of this forum has been looking for solid evidence this whole time.”

“For example, Princess Chang’an was brought into the palace less than three years after giving birth to her children, and she lived in the palace closest to the emperor’s living quarters, and the two children were brought up by Lin Yuan himself. When Emperor Mingping was old, she once said that she saw the late emperor as her father.”

Lin Ming: “…..Suddenly, I feel like that makes sense…..”

Roommate: “Don’t look at this kind of nonsense, that group of people on the Internet can come up with anything, and the evidence they put forth are not credible. According to their theoretical logic, Lin De and Lin Xuan may have been born by Lin Yuan himself and that Lin Yuan was intersex.”

Everyone in the dorm room laughed out loud.

Lin Ming took a sip of water: “Then I shall start from the transmigration perspective?”

Big brother: “Yes, write it well, maybe you can even rewrite it into a novel or a TV series.”

Lin Ming: “It makes sense. I’ll think about it carefully. If it is written like this, it will be very awesome when it is turned into a novel!”

The big brother patted Lin Ming on the shoulder and said with a look of pity, “Fight on.”

There were so many materials to check, this child would probably be crippled after writing the thesis.

Before going to bed, Lin Ming also asked: “If you could time travel to that time, who do you want to be?”

The several people said in unison: “Er Liang!”

“When I read the history books, I felt that Er Liang is really a winner in life. Although there is not much written about him, there are still many experts who study him.”

“Yes, he was Lin Yuan’s servant. He went to the south with Lin Yuan. He didn’t need to fight wars or manage governmental affairs. And he said it himself, Lin Yuan never scolded or yelled at him. When they were in dire straits just after arriving in the south, he even shared a quilt with Lin Yuan. In the end, he became the general director in charge of palace affairs, and he didn’t have to be castrated in order to be in that position. As the first general director in charge of palace affairs with a dick, his life is practically a cheat sheet.”

“If you think about it, changing the setting to the modern times, it is equivalent to being a secretary. You only need to bring tea and water to the boss, and the boss is very easy to get along with. In the end, the boss became the leader of the world’s largest company, and the secretary became the head of the logistics department of the head office. And he barely even expended much effort, was completely safe, dying a peaceful death and even having twelve children…..”

“A winner in life…..”

“I want to be Er Liang when I transmigrate over and cling to Big Boss Lin’s golden thigh!”

“Yes, otherwise I feel like I might starve to death during the famine and period of upheaval.”

Lin Ming pursed his lips: “You really have no ambition.”

Roommates: “Then what are your ambitions?”

Lin Ming: “I want to transmigrate as Chu Lin, he has good looks, a good figure, and is very popular. He also hugged thigh early and became a winner in life, and if I looked like him, I would be able to climb onto the bed of Emperor Mingde, and maybe even become history’s first male empress.”

Everyone: “…..such ambition…..”

Lin Ming sighed and said, “Having said so much, which point should I start my thesis on?”

Roommates: “Sleep.”

“Good night.”

“Fight on.”

“We bless you.”

Lin Ming cursed: “Are you all beasts?!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Roommate: “We also have papers to write. You’re the one who chose a ten-star difficulty topic to write, so we can only express sympathy.”

“Lin Ming, we are optimistic about you!”

Lin Ming: “…..”

Emperor Mingde, please bless me so that my thesis paper will pass.

TN: well, we’ve finally reached the end, I’m gonna miss this amazing story ( ಥᐞಥ ) but what a journey! You guys have been amazing and I’m glad I could share this with you all. Long live kingdom building and farming stories!!!🎆🎉🥂✨

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 192 Extra: Peace And Prosperity

The tenth year of Lin De’s reign on the throne, the tenth year of Lin Xuan’s house arrest.

Lin De put down the memorial in her hand and rubbed the bridge of her nose. She was getting older, and looking at the memorials for a long time would always cause dry eyes.

The palace maid whispered beside Lin De, “Your Majesty, that side has sent over a memorial.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

No one in the palace dared to call the prince, only referring to him as ‘that side’.

Lin De was stunned, and her hand shook unnaturally: “Really? Bring it over.”

The palace maid handed over the memorial, Lin De opened the memorial, and read it carefully. This was the first time Lin Xuan had written and sent a memorial after the siblings fell out. She thought he had written a memorial to scold her, but it turned out he was admitting his mistake in it.

Lin Xuan said that he had disappointed his uncle’s expectations and the officials who followed him. He never thought of becoming an enemy of his sister.

At that time, there were many people around him. They spoke in his ear every day that his sister was a woman, and the world could not be handed over to a woman. When those people mentioned Lin De, it was as if they wanted to drink her blood and eat her flesh.

At that time, Lin Xuan felt that so long as he became the emperor, everyone would perform their own duties, and his sister would be the princess, just like their mother, wouldn’t that be good?

He said that he now knew that he was wrong. In fact, he had known it for a long time, but he had been unable to lower his head, admitting that his mistake had ruined so many things.

Lin De read the memorial and put it back.

The palace maid asked in a low voice, “Your Majesty, won’t you go and have a look?”

Lin De shook her head and leaned back on the chair: “No, in the future…..during the holidays and festivals, just bestow some more things. You go and tell the Ministry of Internal Affairs that every expense of the prince’s manor will be compared to that in the palace.”

Palace maid: “Yes.”

“Go.” Lin De said.

The palace maid retreated in small steps and exited the room. Lin De pursed her lips tightly, and looked at the plaque above her head.

This plaque was inscribed by the late emperor himself. At that time, she was a little girl and was held in the arms by the late emperor. The late emperor said that the words inscribed were ‘Just and Honorable’.

The late emperor died, and she was supported by several old officials to sit on the throne.

When she was most anxious and frightened, her younger brother took the lead and tried to force her to step down in a coup.

At that time, she was sitting on the dragon throne. It was obviously midsummer and she was wearing a jacket, but she felt cold to the core.

So her fear disappeared. She didn’t have time to be afraid. She held the emperor’s last edict and remembered what the emperor said to her.

“Lin De, if one day someone tells you that you are wrong, don’t listen to them.”

“The officials can only try to persuade you, not force you. If they force you, then just kill them.”

“Once you take a step back, your fate will only be worse than death.”

“Someone!” Lin De heard her own voice, “Drag the offenders out and behead them!”

The gate of the palace was stained red with blood that day, those who followed her and those who didn’t follow her were frightened, and then she was no longer afraid.

She didn’t kill Lin Xuan. She still remembered that the late emperor once said to her, “If one day your brother makes a mistake, and it is not necessary to kill him, then spare him his life.”

Even now, she felt that the late emperor hadn’t left, and he was still in this palace, with General Chen always behind him. The late emperor seldom smiled, only in front of the general and his family members. The late emperor was very thin, always looking very spirited, very easy-going, even in old age, his eyes were never cloudy.

Lin De had long been unafraid of her throne being unstable. What she was afraid of now was that she would not meet the expectations of the late emperor, and that she would not be able to catch up with half of the achievements of the late emperor in her whole life. She lived in this kind of trepidation and could not find anyone to share her worries with.

Now she had two daughters. The fathers of these two daughters were not the same. She also copied the late emperor, not announcing the heir while she was still alive, and letting them spread their wings and gain experience in the six ministries.

She had several lovers, but her lovers always wanted more from her.

Wanted to confuse her with love, confuse her with a young and seductive body, just like they would confuse an ordinary woman, they believed that Lin De would give up power because of love, and because of love, they would get more, and even more unexpected benefits.

Lin De couldn’t remember those lovers anymore. It seemed that one of them was very beautiful, with a pair of dimples and endearing eyeteeth. He was always full of enthusiasm and had a lot of things he wanted.

But any more than that, she couldn’t remember.

Lin De closed her eyes and rested. She was once again back when she was a child. Back then, she didn’t have to think about anything. She could act like a spoiled child in her mother’s arms, go to her grandmother to steal a lazy day, her uncle was serious and kind, and she would play hide and seek with her younger brother in the palace, laughing every day and fantasizing about life when they grew up.

At that time, she wanted to be a general, and Lin Xuan wanted to be a military strategist.

There was no taboo in childhood, no one would take it seriously.

The palace had never changed, the sun would rise from the same place every day, day after day, it would never change.

The life of the common people was getting better and better, the late emperor had made a good start, the trade route had opened, the surrounding countries were subordinate to the Great Ming. The relationship Mongolia and the Jurchen had with the Central Plains was becoming closer and closer, and while she might not see the day of real unification, perhaps her descendants would.

She didn’t do anything spectacular in her life. What she could do was to protect the hard work of the late emperor, so that everything that the late emperor implemented would be without any obstacles as it was carried out.

“Your Majesty, please rest early.” The palace maid whispered.

Lin De stood up and walked to the bed.


The imperial examination was about to start again, and preparations were busy everywhere. Foreign ethnicities were already allowed to participate in the imperial examination during the time of the late emperor, but there have never been as many foreign ethnicities participating in the imperial examination as this year. Most of the foreign ethnicities participating were said to be foreign, but in fact, they have been intermarrying with the Han Chinese since their grandparents’ generation and were no different from the Han.

Buhe was one of them. His grandfather was Mongolian, his grandmother was Han, his father was Mongolian, and his mother was Han. He lived in a city where Mongolians and Han people lived together. He loved studying and was even better at it than the children of his Han neighbors.

He heard from his grandfather that before their family moved here, they lived on the grasslands. In the grasslands, they depended on the heavens for food. A fire, a natural disaster, or a plague among cattle and sheep would destroy a family’s livelihood just like that.

So he had always had a hope, that was, to successfully pass the county level imperial exam, then the provincial level, then the palace level, and finally become an official. He would then go to Mongolia, and make it so that his own people could live the same good life as him.

He saw himself as a Ming person, and he felt that being a Ming person was something to be proud of. The men were strong, smart, responsible, and the women were beautiful, capable, and wise. Countless people from foreign lands poured into the Great Ming, and only then did they know what outside of the Great Ming was like.

The common people were poor, the nobles were over extravagant, and slaves were not treated as humans.

The more miserable those people were, the more they felt that it was a supreme honor to be a Ming person.

The foreigners who fled during the Yuan Dynasty returned, and more and more foreigners poured in.

But these foreigners were not allowed to take the imperial examination.

Unless three generations had been born and lived in the Great Ming.

Buhe said to his friend, “Only this is considered the bearing of a great country!”

The friend shook his head and said, “Her Majesty… a woman. Women are always soft-hearted and emotional. She sees that the people of foreign lands are pitiful, so she allows them to enter the Great Ming and become the citizens of the Great Ming. This is a disaster rather than a blessing!”

Buhe was puzzled: “Wasn’t the late emperor the same? The late emperor never forbade foreigners from entering the Great Ming.”

Friend: “How can you compare the current emperor with the late emperor?!”

The friend said angrily: “The late emperor was not a mere mortal, he was born under the imperial star, he was born to be emperor!”

Buhe looked at his friend, who continued, “I was born a few decades too late! If I had been born a few decades earlier, I would have lived in the time of the late emperor!”

Buhe didn’t argue with his friend.

He also admired the late emperor, believing that the late emperor had never made any mistakes in his life.

But his friend believed that the only mistake the late emperor made was that he did not have his own child.

If it was the child of the late emperor, no matter male or female, they would definitely be better than Lin De and Lin Xuan.

If the daughter of the late emperor became emperor, they would recognize and accept it.

But it was not to be.

Buhe did not bother to argue with his friend. He just focused on his studies. Occasionally, he would go to the grassroots level to organize and conduct research with his classmates. He was so busy every day that his parents were worried that he would exhaust himself.

This year was the second time for Buhe to come to Beijing. The last time he did not make it on the golden list, and he didn’t have much confidence this time, but he was still going to try, and he couldn’t let all the hard work in the past be in vain.

His family was not particularly wealthy, but they were not poor either. Successful candidates of the provincial level did not receive a salary if they didn’t do anything, so he became a minor official in the county government office and could receive some grain and silver taels. Since he became a minor official, his family members’ lives have gotten better and they have even saved some money.

Although he became a minor official, he could still take the imperial palace exam. After handing in the leave request, he set off on his way.

The friend who traveled with him was always happy to talk about the prosperity of the capital. There were always countless people in the streets of the capital, both men and women, young and old. Nowadays, women’s lives were better than before, and women were no longer prohibited from taking part in the imperial examination. This was a decree issued in the second year of the female emperor’s reign to the throne.

In the past, although it was said that women were not forbidden to take the imperial examination, but because they did not have this habit, no matter how well their literary talents were, no woman thought of taking the imperial exam.

After the female emperor ascended the throne, she used many means to encourage women to participate in the imperial examination, opening the door of convenience wide for all women.

There were constant objections inside and outside the imperial court, as well as the death remonstrance of the civil officials, but even so they were unable to stop her.

Nowadays, many minor officials in local governments were women.

There were also many court officials who were women, but there were still not many in important positions.

Among the hundred officials who could attend morning assembly to discuss politics, there were less than ten female officials.

It was probably because of this that the opposition had become less loud.

After Buhe came to Beijing, he lived in the courtyard where he lived three years ago. It was the same as always except the male owner had a two year old toddler in his arms. He still remembered Buhe, and he even told Buhe that his wife went to work after giving birth to their child. She was a small supervisor in a garment factory, overseeing more than ten people, and earning more than he did in the odd jobs he took.

So he just guarded their courtyard and took care of the children, his days quite enriched.

“There is a lantern festival at night, every district has one, and it is said to be a competition!” The male owner suddenly said, “You should also go out at night to walk around. It takes place once a year and it’s rare to see such amazing scenery.”

Buhe nodded: “Definitely.”

The male owner hugged his child, rocking the toddler skillfully, and said, “Then I’ll go out first, come to me if you need anything.”

Buhe saw the male owner out, and it was very lively outside the door. The children were running and laughing all the way with their school bags on their backs. Young women in trousers walked on the streets, carrying bamboo baskets and looking like they were going to go on a spring hike.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Since women began to work more, it became troublesome to wear skirts, and this kind of fabric-saving trousers appeared.

Originally, few people wore trousers, but now fewer people wore skirts.

Buhe looked around him, and finally decided on two words that would describe the era he lived in perfectly——

Peace and prosperity.

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 191 The End

The four generals have all been conferred the noble title of duke, which was a high-ranking title, the highest title that all officials could earn in their entire lives.

The duke could attend morning assembly to discuss politics, and Lin Yuan gave them all the honor they deserved, but he didn’t actually give them much power.

A general without soldiers was a tiger with its teeth pulled out.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lin Yuan hadn’t seen Yang Zi’an and the others for a long time. Time seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye and they had all grown old.

The generals had taken off their armors and put down their swords. Lin Yuan personally led the hundred officials to welcome them into the imperial palace. When the several people met again, they all felt like everything had changed.

“Go, help the uncles up.” Lin Yuan instructed Lin De and Lin Xuan.

These two children were in their teens now, and their temperaments had become much more stable. Lin De no longer said that she wanted to be a female general, and Lin Xuan no longer said that he wanted to be a military strategist. As they grew older, they all knew what they would be facing.

The sibling relationship was still there, but even Lin Yuan didn’t know when their relationship would disappear.

In the face of absolute power and status, it was impossible for anyone to remain the same.

Lin De and Lin Xuan helped Yang Zi’an, Li Congrong and Zhu Yuanzhang up, and because Chen Baisong stayed in the capital all year round and was standing behind Lin Yuan, he was the closest person to Lin Yuan.

Yang Zi’an had aged well. He had good looks when he was young, and when he was old, he only appeared elegant and refined. He was a famous scholar general. He had three sons and a daughter, but the children were born late in his life, and had not yet started their own families.

Li Congrong still looked like when he was young. He was rough-skinned and thick-skinned, and he didn’t even look old. Except for his gray temples, he still appeared young just looking at his face and physique.

Lin Yuan led them into the palace, and after bestowing titles and rewards, it was followed by a banquet.

The dancing girls swept in. Lin Yuan didn’t drink much at the banquet. He was not one to be fond of what was in the cups and just occasionally drank some fruit wine. Lin Yuan had never been drunk despite these many years, and in this banquet he only drank a few cups. He mostly just sat and watched the dance.

These dancers were all tributes from foreign lands. Foreign lands needed silk and tea, but they didn’t want to part with gold and silver jewelry. In the early years, there were indeed beauties, but later the appearance of the tribute women became more and more ordinary. Those beauties have all married and started their own families, while these dancers had voluntarily stayed in the palace.

According to their words, they have learned to dance all their lives, and they felt they should dance for others to see. If they don’t dance, they don’t know what they could do, so Lin Yuan let them stay in the palace. Dancing was their work, so if they didn’t want to dance anymore they could simply resign.

Anyway, the Great Ming was currently short of women, whether it was to work or marry, they could choose whatever they want.

After the singing and dancing were over, and the hall became quiet, Lin Yuan sighed: “I haven’t seen you all for so many years.”

Li Congrong was the most daring. He didn’t see him for so many years but he didn’t feel that his relationship with Lin Yuan had become unfamiliar and alienated. He said, “It has been some years! We are all old!”

Li Congrong only came back to his senses when these words fell, and said quickly: “We are old, Your Majesty is not old, Your Majesty is forever young, looking just like a young man of twenty!”

Lin Yuan was amused by Li Congrong. What kind of person was Li Congrong before? There was never a scheme in his heart, always saying what he wanted to say, and now he actually learned to speak. When one has experienced a lot of things, one would also gradually change, and no one would remain the same forever.

Now looking at Li Congrong and the others, Lin Yuan already felt a little like they were strangers.

The friendship was still there, but he always felt like…..he couldn’t remember all that clearly.

This was probably what it felt like to be at a high place. All the people who accompanied him back then left, only Chen Baisong and Er Liang were left, and only Chen Baisong could be considered a confidante.

Lin Yuan said a few more words to them, all of which were ordinary words about daily life, whose child was getting older, and was at the marriageable age.

Or how have they been at the borders over the years, and whether the borders were peaceful or not, what military officials have the talent.

After talking for more than two hours, Lin Yuan saw that they were tired, so he told them to rest in the palace and return to their manors tomorrow.

Lin Yuan returned to his living quarters, cleaned up and washed, while Chen Baisong watched.

Don’t know why, but Lin Yuan suddenly turned around, his eyes colliding with Chen Baisong’s.

After so many years, Lin Yuan could no longer judge whether Chen Baisong’s appearance was handsome or not. He smiled at Chen Baisong: “Why didn’t you chat with them for a while?”

Chen Baisong was sitting on a chair, holding a teacup in his hand, which was filled with milk tea. He took a sip and put it down after thinking it was too sweet: “Chat about what? How were they doing at the borders all these years? In any case it is all the same old topics. There’s nothing interesting to talk about.”

Lin Yuan nodded: “That’s true.”

Chen Baisong didn’t have any deep friendship with them.

Time and distance have also wiped out any original meager trace of friendship.

After Chen Baisong had cleaned up, the two of them laid in bed talking. The life expectancy of the ancients was short. After forty, they were considered old people. Lin Yuan paid great attention to diet and exercise these years. Most emperors died of exhaustion, getting up earlier than chickens and sleeping later than dogs, and despite that they also had to make time to bestow his favors on the harem.

He heard that there were emperors who saw several concubines in a single night. It could be considered quite the epitome of virility indeed.

Lin Yuan felt that compared with those emperors who were overloaded all day, he already had it a lot easier.

After he formed his own work team, he had fewer things at hand to take care of personally. He made a schedule, and it was clear what to do every day at what time period. When he went to court, he also made schedules and rules for the officials.

Preventing them from arguing and wasting time.

Lin Yuan looked at the bed canopy and said softly, “After I die, you will share the coffin with me, and I won’t give you a separate coffin. And don’t call me stingy.”

Chen Baisong hesitated: “Can that be done?”

In fact, there have been rumors about their affairs in the court and the people for a long time. His Majesty and the general go in and out together, and they often talk late into the night by candlelight. The most terrible thing was that neither of them were married. At first, the imperial court expressly hinted that they were not against His Majesty playing with men, and when it was the general…..that was fine too but there still need to be concubines, so that princes could be born and someone to inherit the throne.

But Lin Yuan turned a blind eye to it all. After Lin De and Lin Xuan were born, the opposition from the court became less.

These two children grew up by Lin Yuan’s side, the mother also lived in the palace, and the princess was full of admiration and respect for her elder brother. Everyone could see that in the hearts of the two children, their uncle was the most important person to them, as for their father, who knew how long he had long been forgotten by them.

When he went to investigate the provincial government, the princess’s consort let slip all the things that Chen Baisong had revealed to him when he was drunk. After he came back, he was dismissed and demoted to a commoner. The princess also divorced him, but Lin Yuan gave him permission to visit the palace once every ten days to see the children.

The princess’s consort felt deeply ashamed, and took his family back to his hometown. Now he had opened a school in his hometown, and he had done a fairly good job with it. The students he taught all had good grades.

Lin Yuan regretted it a little. Maybe he shouldn’t have entrusted important tasks to the princess’s consort in the first place. The princess’s consort was actually not bad. His theoretical knowledge was very good, but there were problems with his emotional intelligence and conduct. If he was just a scholar perhaps he could make some literary achievements.

But regret was useless.

Guo’er didn’t really care, she lived well in the palace and even had a lover, but she didn’t want to get married, and Lin Yuan didn’t force it.

Chen Baisong asked nervously, “Really?”

Chen Baisong believed in the afterlife and higher powers. He also believed that if they were buried together, they would be a married couple, and they could continue to be together in the next life as well. Moreover, Lin Yuan was the emperor, and ghosts and gods always had to give the emperor face. Perhaps they really could continue to be together in the next life.

Lin Yuan nodded: “I will arrange it, no matter who will leave first, we will be buried together.”

Lin Yuan squeezed Chen Baisong’s hand.

Chen Baisong was relieved, he closed his eyes and said softly, “Young master, don’t be an emperor in your next life.”

Lin Yuan said softly, “En?”

Chen Baisong: “It’s too tiring. For the sake of the world and for the sake of the people, but never for the sake of yourself.”

Lin Yuan squeezed Chen Baisong’s palm: “Who said I never thought for the sake of myself? If I didn’t, you wouldn’t be lying beside me. Instead it would be the empress.”

Chen Baisong would have been nervous when he heard the word “empress” in the early years, and he would have been angry and fearful, but not now. He just asked, “Then Lin De and Lin Xuan…..”

Lin Yuan: “After I die, someone will read my edict.”

Chen Baisong: “Have you already chosen?”

Lin Yuan nodded: “I have chosen.”

Lin De and Lin Xuan were siblings with completely different personalities, but they were not bad children. They both have smart heads.

In recent years, Lin Yuan watched how they got a foothold in the court, how they assembled their own team, and how they earned the support of the officials.

“Who did you choose?” Chen Baisong asked.

Lin Yuan said, “Lin De.”

Chen Baisong frowned: “I’m afraid it will be difficult.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “It’s not difficult, she could even concince Yang Shaowei.”

Yang Shaowei was Song Shizhao’s only direct disciple, and he was very much sly and sophisticated.

Chen Baisong said curiously: “Why not Lin Xuan? I see that he also has a lot of support.”

Lin Yuan sighed and said, “Lin Xuan is a man, and he naturally has an easier time in gaining support than Lin De, but even so, the two of them are on equal footing in the court.”

“He must be stronger than Lin De, and much stronger. If Lin De had no supporters, he would win.”

Lin Yuan’s face was cold, the gaze in his eyes not fluctuating: “But his achievements are the same as Lin De’s, which means that he is weaker than Lin De.”

Lin De was a girl. The help and support she could get in the court was extremely small. Lin Yuan had not helped her secretly at all in these years. But Lin Xuan was different. He always had people ingratiating themselves to him and countless sons of officials were willing to follow him. But even so, he failed to suppress Lin De.

Lin Yuan: “Ambition and capability are innate.”

Chen Baisong frowned: “What if Lin De can’t keep the throne?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Then that’s because she’s incompetent. I’ll be in the coffin by then, and won’t have the time to uphold justice for her.”

“I have given her a chance, but as for the outcome, it’s not me who has the final say.” Lin Yuan pinched Chen Baisong’s chin, “Go to sleep, we have to get up early for morning assembly tomorrow.”

Chen Baisong nodded, he fell asleep quickly, and soon started snoring.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The snoring was not too loud, and now Lin Yuan could only fall asleep listening to Chen Baisong’s snoring.

Chen Baisong put his arms around Lin Yuan’s waist when he fell asleep. He murmured, “I want us to rest in the same coffin.”

Lin Yuan coaxed softly: “Okay, sleep.”

Chen Baisong was satisfied, he hugged Lin Yuan and fell asleep.

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 190 To Know Contentment

When the several great generals arrived in the capital, the capital became lively and noisy. After all, these were all generals with great military exploits. They followed His Majesty when His Majesty first stepped onto the path to the imperial throne. After several battles and guarding the borders, they returned to Beijing under the highest standard of courtesy.

Let’s talk about the houses first. They were all large manors that were seized and confiscated from before. The Ministry of Internal Affairs had already started to clean them up. According to the people in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the ponds were all running water, and would not stink even after more than ten years, unless the source was dried up.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Speaking of the manor, it was equivalent to pushing it down and being rebuilt. The wood was all good materials, not to mention the furniture which was made with old craftsmanship by carpenters, so don’t mention splinters, there was no flaw at all, even the parts that touched the ground were flat and smooth.

They were all done in the current fashionable styles, with three-door wardrobes. Except for the room where the servants lived, the rooms where the general and his family would live were all large, as big as the main room of an ordinary family. There were tables and chairs inside, and the floor was also covered with carpets woven with coarse wool.

The floor was even tiled——that was porcelain tiles!

Tiles were also a new thing which was made by some young master of a wealthy family. It was easy to break when dropped, but it would not once on the ground, so as long as the carpet was laid over it, it would be very beautiful, easy to clean and good-looking.

Moreover, it was cheaper than ordinary porcelain firing. Don’t know how much a big kiln could make at a time. According to rumors, the young master’s family made a lot of money with this, and now they could live in a big manor in Beijing.

The people from the Ministry of Internal Affairs were very excited, and the listeners were also excited.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs also said: “Just speaking of the porcelain, now that was all good porcelain. If you ask for white porcelain, there is absolutely no variegated color. If you ask for painted porcelain, the color must be correct. As for pots, bowls, and pans, these are all prepared, although they are all bought, they are all fine goods.”

In the end, the people from the Ministry of Internal Affairs also summed up: “If I could live in that house for a few days, my life would be worth it!”

The listeners were also envious: “His Majesty’s heart is thinking of them!”

“Who say it isn’t so? They have followed His Majesty since many years ago. I heard that His Majesty was only a farmstead owner at that time, with 180 people working for him.”

“Our Majesty is the true Son of Heaven!”

Zhu Yuanzhang brought his family to Beijing and was about to find an inn to stay in. He expected that he would arrive early, and that the manor bestowed by His Majesty would have to be cleaned. But as soon as he entered the city, there were officials outside the carriage asking to see him, so Zhu Yuanzhang simply jumped out of the carriage.

The inner court official was a handsome man with a white face and no beard. He aged well, with only a few fine lines at the corners of his eyes. He smiled and said with a smile on his face, “This lower official, Chu Lin, greets the general.”

Zhu Yuanzhang didn’t put on airs, he just came to the capital, and he hadn’t figured out this place yet: “Does Lord Chu have something important to discuss?”

Chu Lin smiled and said: “His Majesty ordered this lower official to take you to the manor, everything is already prepared.”

Of course, not having to go make do in an inn was a good thing, Zhu Yuanzhang nodded. Chu Lin mounted the horse and led the way, and Zhu Yuanzhang’s carriage followed behind.

After reaching the front gates, Chu Lin said to Zhu Yuanzhang, “His Majesty said that the plaque will not be put up until the other two generals arrive.”

Zhu Yuanzhang nodded: “I know.”

He understood what that meant, it would definitely not be hung with the general’s plaque. This plaque would only be hung when His Majesty had given them titles.

Zhu Yuanzhang took his wife and daughters inside first, and the servants entered the courtyard through the back door, carrying down the luggage first.

As soon as she entered the courtyard, Zhu Da Niang exclaimed. She grabbed Ma shi’s hand and stared with a pair of almond eyes that had widened: “Mother! This house! I have never seen such a house!”

The floor was covered with carpets, and walking on it was very soft. Where there was no carpet, there were bright tiles. The furnishings in the main room were all high-quality goods. The tables and chairs were all styles that she had never seen at the borders. She found a chair to sit on, and found that that was very soft too, padded with cotton pads inside.

“Xiao Niang! Let’s go to see the rooms!” Zhu Da Niang led her sister to the inner courtyard to find her boudoir.

Pushing them open one by one, every room looked good, but when they pushed open two adjacent rooms together, they could hardly breathe.

“This room…..must be just for us!” Zhu Da Niang closed her mouth, remembering what her friend said, that all the young ladies in the capital spoke in a low voice, walked in small steps, and ate in small bites. Although she felt that it was too tiring, she also felt that maybe they could integrate into the capital by learning from them.

Speaking of which, Zhu Da Niang actually felt a little inferior.

She heard the storyteller say that girls from big families, they all had slender willow waists, cherry blossom lips, and willow leaf eyebrows. They should speak softly, be generous and decent when dealing with people, and have the restraint of a lady from a big family, as well as be proficient in music, chess, calligraphy and painting. Learning how to manage the household should also be learned from an early age. Studying to read with their brothers at a young age, and though they did not have to be proficient in the Four Books and Five Classics, but they also should have read it.

There was also female skills, when embroidering flowers it must be able to attract butterflies, and the food they cooked must be able to attract praise.

Zhu Da Niang felt that she would not be able to learn all of this even if she was reincarnated again. It was too difficult. How was that a lady, that was simply a demon spirit who began to cultivate in their mother’s womb.

Just speaking of embroidery that attracts butterflies, Zhu Da Niang couldn’t do it. She didn’t like this kind of stuff. Zhu Yuanzhang and Ma shi also didn’t force the girls to learn it. They didn’t think of it when the girls were still young, and when the girls grew older they planned to find husbands to marry into the family instead. And since that was the case, there was no need to learn these things, with their father here, how could they be lacking in clothes and jewelry and makeup?

Instead, Zhu Yuanzhang hoped that they would be strong enough to control the family, and not to be controlled by their husbands who married into the family in the future. If they were coaxed by men, the Zhu family’s wealth would become another family’s, and the grandchildren might not follow the Zhu family’s surname. If that happened, even if he was already dead at the time, he would still sit up from the coffin angrily.

Zhu Da Niang looked at the room in front of her. It was very bright. The windows were pushed from side to side, pulleys were installed, and there were curtains. The curtains were made of cotton, but they were well woven and dyed in dark blue. If they were drawn when the sun was shining, the room would look like it was washed in pale blue light.

The desk was made of wood, but it had also been coated with a layer of paint, which was so well painted that nothing of the original wood color could be seen.

Especially the bed, there were no four-cornered pillars, and there was no canopy on the top, just a big bed, and the sheets and bedding were all neatly arranged.

Except for the pillows and cushions, one could see that it was incredibly soft at first glance. Zhu Da Niang turned to look at her sister, walked to the door of the next room, and found that there was no difference between the two rooms except for the color of the curtains and the color of the sheets and bedding. The floor was covered with carpets, which were thick and soft, and were very comfortable to sit on if one wished to.

“Let’s go see our parents’ room?” Zhu Da Niang asked excitedly.

Zhu Xiao Niang was also curious and nodded again and again.

The two found the largest room, and when they opened the door, they were shocked by the scene in front of them.

This room was bigger than the two of theirs combined!

The brightness was only a second thought, the room had a bed, a bookcase, and a carved wooden table that pictured the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each of which was very lifelike.

Everything silently told them that someone had spent a lot of energy on the decorations.

When Zhu Da Niang and Zhu Xiao Niang had almost finished touring the place, they ran back to the main room, only to see that their parents were already eating some snacks.

It turned out that it was Chu Lin who heard that they were entering the city, and had already asked someone to go to the cake shop to buy the cakes that had just come out of the pot. It was very soft but did not stick to the teeth, and was just perfect when paired with tea.

“Come, the capital’s cakes.” Ma shi waved to her daughters.

Zhu Da Niang and her sister went over and ate one with Ma shi’s chopsticks, and were immediately overwhelmed by the taste.

No matter how good the borders were, they couldn’t make such cakes and pastries. The capital was indeed the capital.

“Mom, I saw your room!” Zhu Da Niang said, “It’s almost bigger than this main room!”

Ma shi said with a smile: “Speaking nonsense, whose bedroom is bigger than the main room?”

Zhu Da Niang quickly said: “I’m not talking nonsense, really, you can see for yourself. There is also a table, you can see it is good wood at a glance, I could smell the fragrance of the wood, and there are carvings of the Eight Immortals crossing the sea on it.”

Zhu Da Niang felt that she had lived in vain for the past few years!

She drank a sip of tea and couldn’t sit still with excitement. She already got used to being afraid when she was on the road, but now she was no longer afraid. Everything felt novel to her. The wind and sand in the borders were strong and everywhere, and there were few vendors on the streets, afraid the strong wind would blow away their goods. Women all wore practical clothes, which were easy to move in.

In the early years, there were many widows in the border city, their husbands having left in the early years, whether they were dead or alive there was no news at all.

After waiting for several years and more, until there was no hope remaining, the soldiers arrived. Many soldiers married the widows or girls in the local area, and they have been stationed at the border all their lives.

Even though Zhu Da Niang was a young lady from the general’s family, she didn’t have the habit of not leaving the door and remaining in the boudoir. Her mother made a good role model. When her father was busy her mother would go help out in the barracks so she and her little sister would take care of affairs at home.

Some of the servants hired were quite bold, wanting to coax the two sisters while the mistress of the house was away and embezzle some money from them.

The two sisters were inexperienced at first, and they fell for it several times. Later, they finally established prestige and sent those people to the government. Not only did they spit out all they took, but they were also jailed for two years for the crime of theft of huge amounts of money.

The servants thought that a big family like them cared about having face, and even if they found out, they would most likely just fire them and send them away. They were only contract workers so if they were really discovered they could just quit. In any case they’ve taken enough money from them.

Zhu Da Niang had known from then on that it was not a good thing to be a pushover and to place more importance on having face. Just like her father, who always meant what he said, this way others would not dare to coax and trick her and would be afraid of her instead.

Zhu Yuanzhang was drinking tea and looking at the scenery of the garden outside the main room, his eyes were a little dazed. After so many years, even his daughters had also grown to marriageable age, but occasionally, he still felt that he was still the same person who just came out of Huangjue Temple back then. The little monk who lived in a turbulent world who just wanted to eat fully.

If it wasn’t for the kindness of another landowner when his parents died, he wouldn’t even be able to find a piece of land to bury them.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Who would have thought that he would actually become a general now, living in such a luxurious manor and drinking freshly brewed tea?

Zhu Yuanzhang turned his head to look at Ma shi. Ma shi seemed to have sensed it, and she raised her head and met Zhu Yuanzhang’s eyes, pursed her lips and smiled.

Having a wife and daughters, wealth and status.

In this life, he knew contentment.

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 189 Chance Meeting

“General.” The personal guard came down from the city wall and walked into the border military camp. He walked in a hurry, with a smile on his face and a beaming look on his face. Those who didn’t know it would have thought he had picked up a lot of money.

Zhu Yuanzhang didn’t put down the book in his hand until he had informed the guards outside of his presence and entered the general’s tent. After the world was at peace, he came to the borders. At that time, Lin Yuan also wrote to him and asked him if he wanted to continue to be a general and be stationed at the borders to guard the Great Ming. If he wanted to go back to the capital, then there would be no shortage of noble titles for him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Zhu Yuanzhang still chose to be stationed at the border. He was now married to Ma shi, and the husband and wife have a very good relationship, with two daughters.

Seeing that he would not be able to have a son anytime soon, Zhu Yuanzhang was not in a hurry. Anyway, with his position and rank, he was not afraid that he would not be able to pick a good son-in-law to join the family.

The daughter would stay at her natal home after marriage, and the child born would also be surnamed Zhu. The bloodline of the old Zhu family would not be cut off.

The two daughters also grew up in the military camp on the borders since they were young. They were very good at horseback riding and have developed quite the arm strength. They were as good as ordinary soldiers in archery.

Zhu Yuanzhang was very satisfied, and he was also relieved that his daughters were like this. After he passed on, he was not afraid that his daughters would not be able to have control of the family.

There was also Ma shi. Before they got married, he did not know that she was a woman who was not at all inferior to men in talent and knowledge. A few years ago, there were bandits at the border and he was busy fighting. It was Ma shi who took care of logistics and the reports sent back to the imperial court were also all written by her.

She was also a good hand at home too, everything was clearly taken care of, so when Zhu Yuanzhang went home to rest, he never needed to worry about other things.

Zhu Yuanzhang watched his personal guard come in and smiled, “What are you anxious about?”

The personal guard hurriedly saluted: “General! This subordinate has been watching from the city wall, an envoy team is coming!”

Zhu Yuanzhang stood up. This envoy was someone sent from the capital, who was here to deliver a message on behalf of the emperor.

Coming at this time…..

Zhu Yuanzhang also had a smile on his face.

He used to decline going back to Beijing, but now that he was old, thinking about his entire life as a soldier, it was time to return to Beijing to enjoy his wealth and prosperity.

Besides, there were also a few people who have been promoted at the borders now, and they all hold power in their hands. He had been a general for so many years, if he continued to hog the position, the people below would have difficulty rising up the ranks.

Going at this time was truly a case of the right time and place.

The emperor personally sent someone to invite him, and he was able to step down for his juniors generously. When he returned to Beijing, he had such great achievements that a ducal title would not escape him.

It was just that he didn’t know whether it was Duke of Fu or Duke of Qin, but no matter which one it was, it had both honor and benefits.

In the early years, he also thought that he might be able to get a noble title and become a prince with a different surname. His Majesty also seemed to have this intention back then.

But looking at it now, His Majesty had only made his nephew a prince over so many years, and it was still just a prince of second rank. Moreover, according to the new law, this princely title could not be passed on and instead gradually move towards decline.

His Majesty treated his own family like this, let alone outsiders like them.

Having a ducal title was already quite lucky, Zhu Yuanzhang knew.

This ducal title wouldn’t be able to pass on as well, but with him here, he would be able to guard his two daughters and help the old Zhu family grow and spread its roots. When there was a capable talent among the grandchildren, the Zhu family could also rise up again, after all, their starting point was higher than others.

Besides, His Majesty’s methods have been more tactful in recent years, but the officials in the court have long been trained by the deceased Song Shizhao, and all of them were His Majesty’s yes-mans. It was more difficult for them to go against His Majesty than to have their heads chopped off.

The envoy arrived soon, and Zhu Yuanzhang knelt on the ground and listened to the imperial decree. After the envoy had finished reciting the imperial decree, he raised his head to accept the imperial decree, stood up and said to the envoy, “Lord Zhang has traveled a long way, why don’t you come to my residence and sit down? Have a cup of hot tea?”

The envoy smiled and said, “That would be pleasant, General Zhu, please.”

Zhu Yuanzhang: “Lord Zhang, please.”

The two were not far from the Zhu family’s residence, and the two did not bother to ride horses, talking all the way as they walked.

The envoy said: “This lower official has come here, and there are also others who have gone to General Yang and General Li.”

Zhu Yuanzhang nodded.

The several of them had followed His Majesty before he even started on his path to the imperial throne, and they were all quite older now. They could still lead the troops as they were not too old, after all, there had been many generals in history who continued to serve as generals into their 70s and 80s.

But if they really wait until that time, the dishes would all be cold already.

So don’t even mention a ducal title, it was estimated that they would still only have the title of general even after death. Generals were not precious or rare, one could fill in after one dies.

It was different when having a noble title.

After all, titles could be counted on two hands, just those few, so even if he passed on in the future, with the title of duchess and the daughters of the duke and duchess, his wife and daughters could live well.

However, he could only bless them, and was unable to do the same with his grandchildren, his grandchildren would have to rely on their own abilities.

The envoy went to the embassy to rest, and Zhu Yuanzhang asked his wife and daughters to pack their bags that night. The old servants of the family willing to go to the capital would come with them, and those who did not want to go were given a severance payment. As for the furniture, there was no need to take the big ones as their new home in the capital had already been prepared, but smaller and personal effects were fine.

Zhu Da Niang heard that they were going to the capital, and the girl not yet in her twenties said excitedly, “Dad? We’re really going?”

Zhu Yuanzhang smiled: “Really, Dad will go and beg at that time to see if I can ask for two princesses of the third rank for you and your little sister.”

It was probably impossible to ask for the title of a princess of the second rank, but a princess of the third rank still had hope.

Zhu Da Niang said quickly, “Then I’m going to say goodbye to my friends tomorrow!”

She had a lot of friends. Now the propriety between men and women was not as serious as before, so she had both male and female friends.

Because it was the borders, in order to prevent accidents, daughters also had to learn martial arts, riding and archery. Except for those who were not in good health, most of them were good at riding and archery.

Zhu Xiao Niang was not as bold as her sister, she said timidly: “After going to the capital, the rules will be more strict…..”

Ma shi smiled on the side: “No matter how big the rules are, you are still your father’s daughter. As long as you don’t make big mistakes, who will punish you for your actions? Besides, when you go to the capital, it’s time to discuss your marriage.”

When Ma shi’s words came out, the two girls were a little shy, but Zhu Da Niang was more bold: “Then I want one who has both literary and military skills, but not a sour scholar who can only recite books, nor a silly oaf who only know to use his strength.”

Ma shi was stunned for a moment, and said helplessly: “We’re picking a husband who will marry into the family. Even if you marry into another family, it’s hard to find such talented people, let alone marrying into the wife’s family. As long as he is an honest child, down-to-earth, and knows how to advance or retreat, he will be a good choice.”

Zhu Da Niang’s eyes flickered: “That’s fine, as long as he has good looks!”

Zhu Xiao Niang lowered her head and whispered, “I’m the same as my sister.”

Zhu Yuanzhang laughed loudly: “I will definitely choose two handsome husbands for you both!”

The Zhu family went on the road soon. Zhu Yuanzhang was very popular here, and many people saw him off. Zhu Da Niang sat in the carriage, lifted the curtain and looked at the slowly disappearing city gates behind. Anxiety finally came to her heart, she had never left here before in all her years.

She yearned for Beijing, what kind of place was Beijing? It was the capital of the country, the center of the empire, the place where the emperor lived, and the people there were more proud than the people in other places.


Zhu Da Niang suddenly approached Ma shi, put her head on Ma shi’s shoulder, held Ma shi’s hand, and whispered, “Mother, the young ladies in the capital…..will they look down on me?”

She didn’t know embroidery and other female skills, she didn’t know how to play the guqin or chess, and she only knew a little about painting and calligraphy. She was best at riding and archery.

All her advantages at the border would turn into disadvantages when she went to the capital.

Zhu Xiao Niang was also very afraid and leaned on the other side of Ma shi.

Ma shi knew that whatever she said at this time would be useless, she could only pat her daughters on the back, silently comforting them without saying a word.

It was not very peaceful over there in the capital.

In the beginning, it was just Meng Dalang’s resignation, which was also stopped by the above. It was not so easy for officials to resign, and the court would not easily agree, and of course, officials would not resign easily.

Meng Dalang’s reason was that his father was old and he wanted to take care of his father in his old age, so he could no longer serve the court, and just wanted to be filial as a son.

The words were high-sounding, but those above didn’t believe it at all.

Couldn’t you be filial and be an official at the same time?

What did Meng Dalang mean by doing this? Telling the officials of the court, whose parents were getting old, that they should quickly resign and go back to take care of their old parents?

You are a role model of morality, and we are unfilial if we do not resign?

Anyway, the above suppressed his memorial, so it was useless for Meng Dalang to be anxious. He ran to countless people, and everyone only said: “Only the top can decide, we can’t make the decision.”

So Meng Dalang just waited and waited, until the news that his second and third brothers were escorted back to Beijing.

There was only one charge, malfeasance.

If it was the crime of corruption then there was still salvation, they might be locked up for a few years or a dozen years.

But dereliction of duty…..this was a serious crime, which meant that in addition to embezzling money, they also oppressed the common people, colluded with officials and merchants, and joined factions with other officials.

Malfeasance was a capital offense.

Meng Dalang was stunned when he got the news.

Their family was placed under house arrest in their manor. Before it was found out whether he had colluded with his brothers, Meng Dalang and his family could not step out of the house, not even to see his brothers.

Fortunately, the court moved quickly, and it was found that Meng Dalang did not pass information to them and did not help them in oppressing the common people, so the house arrest was lifted.

However, Meng Dalang was dismissed and would no longer be employed in this life, and his children would not be employed by the court for three generations as well.

His brothers’ children were also not to be used for five generations.

The Meng family’s future had come to an end.

Meng Erlang and Meng Sanlang were sentenced to death and their property confiscated.

But the disaster would not stretch to all family members. Meng Erlang and Meng Sanlang’s wives took their children back to their parents’ homes. The children also took their mother’s surname and no longer took their father’s surname.

Although they still couldn’t take the imperial examinations or become an official, they didn’t have to be looked down upon by others after stepping out in public.

Meng Dalang soon left the capital with his family and went to live in a small town. No one knew that he was ever a Beijing official.

No one knew what kind of ambition he once had.

Meng Dalang regretted it. If, when he received the letter, what he thought was not to protect himself, but to place righteousness before family.

Maybe he would just be dismissed, but his children could still take the imperial exam.

Meng Dalang regretted it deeply.

When their family was leaving the city gates, they saw a procession of horse carriages entering the city with great fanfare.

His youngest daughter asked, “Dad, whose family is that?”

Meng Dalang had a sad and bitter face as he looked at the endless convoy, and said, “It should be the general.”

The youngest daughter still didn’t know what happened to her family, she only knew that they were going to move. She asked curiously, “Is it General Chen?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Meng Dalang shook his head: “There are four generals, and the one who came back this time is General Zhu.”

The two carriages crossed paths but went in separate directions.

One went into the city, while the other went out of the city.

Never to meet again in this life.

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 188 Corruption

The Meng family was not a big family in the capital where high-ranking officials were everywhere. Most of the officials in the capital look down on officials from other places. To be an official directly under the emperor, even a sixth rank official was better than a fifth rank in an outer province. It was even more extraordinary for those who could attend the morning assembly to discuss governmental matters. They were basically the emperor’s iron supports, and each and every one had been trained to be very obedient over the years.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Laoye, Er Lang and San Lang have sent a letter.” The old servant walked in quickly.

The Meng family had five sons. The greatest achievement of Meng laoye in this life was his ability to have sons. He had no talent himself. He wasn’t like other rich hedonistic sons who liked to invent new things, nor was he as talented in literary pursuits as the sons of aristocratic families. After reaching old age and looking back, only one advantage stood out, which was having sons, and all of them survived into adulthood.

Da Lang was a district chief in the capital, a small official of the seventh rank, but this was the capital’s district chief, so many people wanted to squeeze into the position but couldn’t.

Er Lang and San Lang were officials in an outside province, they were both of the fifth rank. Don’t think the fifth rank is all that impressive, it would be completely different after returning to Beijing. They were transferred every five years, unlike Da Lang in Beijing, the officials in Beijing would not move unless they had made mistakes.

After reading the letter, Meng laoye paced the room anxiously: “I told them not to make trouble for their eldest brother!”

Meng laoye just had one belief, the Meng family still had to rely on the eldest son, the second and third were unreliable characters.

“Go, find my eldest.” Meng laoye thought over and over again and instructed the old servant.

The old servant whispered: “Laoye, the eldest gongzi is in the government office, how could he come back so casually?”

Meng laoye took a deep breath: “Tell him to ask for leave, I insist that he come back today!”

“District Chief!” The subordinate called at the door.

Meng Dalang stood up, confused: “What’s the matter?”

Subordinate: “Someone from your home came and said that there is an urgent matter and asked you to ask for leave to go back.”

Meng Dalang frowned slightly: “What urgent matter? I’m busy, how can I leave.”

He was planning to implement a street cleaning team these days, and he was very busy. His district was part of the experimental area. When the time came, and someone above came to check them, if everyone else did a good job while he did a bad job, then it didn’t matter if there was a reward or not. The important thing was that he didn’t want to lose face and be the laughingstock of the capital.

The subordinate said again: “They said that your father is ill.”

Meng Dalang could only rush back.

That father of his, always said that he was sick whenever he had something going on. Meng Dalang felt that if his father really became sick, it would be because he had cursed himself to be sick after using the excuse too many times.

When Meng Dalang rushed home, he saw his father sitting on a chair crying.

Meng Dalang sighed: “What trouble did you get into? Why are you crying?”

Meng laoye quickly stepped forward and grabbed Meng Dalang’s hand: “Son! You must help your brothers!”

Meng Dalang was confused: “Help them what?”

Seeing his eldest son’s upright appearance, Meng laoye swallowed and handed the letter to him.

Meng Dalang read it quickly, his frown deepening. He tilted his head and looked at Meng laoye in disbelief: “They actually dare to do such things outside?”

Meng laoye swallowed and quickly explained: “I, I just found out, don’t be angry yet, what they did was indeed wrong, but they are family, they are outside, while we are in Beijing, and we should help each other.”

“This time they just want to ask you to help find a way and give some gifts to the higher-ups.” Meng laoye looked at his son, and had difficulty speaking.

Meng Dalang squeezed the letter in his hand, and his forehead bulged with blue veins. He said angrily, “Now they think of looking for a higher up to bribe? It’s too late! This year’s major investigation, even I didn’t get the wind in advance!”

Meng Dalang suddenly paused, widened his eyes and asked, “It’s not just this year?”

Meng laoye swallowed.

Meng Dalang squeezed out a sentence between his teeth: “How many years?”

Seeing his son’s appearance, Meng laoye was afraid that his son would go crazy and beat him, so he quickly said: “I don’t know, I just received the letter! How could I have known they are so daring outside! If I knew, I would have told you long ago!”

Meng laoye: “…..What’s the use of talking about this now? We must think about how to cover it up, you can’t watch them die, right?”

Meng Dalang sneered: “Father, if we let them die, then our family could still be saved, if we don’t, then the whole family will die together!”

Meng laoye: “It’s not that serious, is it?”

Meng Dalang: “What kind of smart people do you think the two of them are? Writing to ask now, it must be because the major investigation had already caught onto them. The department in charge of this major investigation is the Court of Censors! What kind of place is the Court of Censors? They dare to even investigate a high official of the first rank and pull him off his horse!”

“Father, you have a bad memory, do you want me to tell you more about how His Majesty cut down corrupt officials before he ascended the throne?” Meng Dalang was furious, “Are our salaries low?! They are outside, which is not like Beijing, things are cheap there, and their salary is worth more than enough there than in the capital! Besides, His Majesty has already reserved space for taxation in various places, so those who have enough brains would not dip their toes into this muddy water!”

Meng laoye whispered beside him, “Who would complain about too much money…..”

Meng Dalang: “I do!”

“Father, it’s not easy for our Meng family.” Meng Dalang couldn’t beat up his old father so he took a deep breath, “You took me to follow His Majesty all the way to the capital. When we first arrived, we were so poor that we couldn’t even eat fully. That we have our present wealth is all due to His Majesty’s kindness, and I, the eldest son of the Meng family, have been hardworking and conscientious, and dared not make any mistakes.”

Meng Dalang looked ten years older. He raised his head: “If there was no major investigation, there is still a chance to recover. But the major investigation has begun. It’s just a matter of seeing when they will fall, sooner or later.”

“There is no need to reply, I will resign tomorrow.”

Meng laoye said in shock: “Resign? Resign what! Anyone in our family can resign! Only you can’t resign!”

Meng Dalang said in surprise: “Father, you still know this? Do you still know that I am a Beijing official? Do you know how many heads are enough to make up for the things they embezzled? I? Those two are my younger brothers, you say, who would believe that I didn’t give them convenience in the capital? You can’t write the Meng character in one stroke, Father!”

Meng laoye finally knew to be afraid, and his whole body was shaking: “Is there any other way? I will write to them and have them return the money and to resign and admit their mistakes!”

Meng Dalang looked at his father in disbelief. Was his father so stupid?

Meng Dalang: “Father, there is no need to say anymore, I’m going to resign early tomorrow. Second and Third Brother have separated households from us. At most, I can only protect my branch of the family and you, as for Second and Third Brother…..On the day of execution, I will bring them a jug of wine.”

Meng laoye: “No, no, does it have to be a death sentence? I saw that corrupt officials were also arrested a few days ago. Wasn’t the most serious punishment to be imprisoned for ten years?”

Meng Dalang smiled and said, “Then do you know how much they embezzled?”

Meng laoye shook his head: “As long as it is embezzlement, it should be more, right?”

Meng Dalang shouted: “They embezzled a lot, but more importantly others don’t dare to embezzle the money sent by the imperial court for disaster relief! They don’t dare to embezzle the survival money of orphans and widows!”

Meng laoye’s legs softened, and he knelt down directly.

“Maybe they won’t be able to find out, maybe they were careful…..” Meng laoye said to himself, still holding a faint hope.

Meng Dalang looked at his father and thought of his two younger brothers who were clever but not smart where it counted since childhood, and sighed silently: “Father, I won’t be an official in the future, and won’t be able to live in the capital anymore, I will tell Wanhua to go pack up, sell the shop and the valuables that are difficult to bring. We’ll go to Jiangnan, just in time for your retirement.”

Meng laoye said almost frantically: “Our Meng family! Our Meng family over these many years! Just when we finally managed to have officials in the family!”

Meng Dalang supported his father: “Father, don’t be afraid, this is not the most difficult time.”

“I already have a son. If I fall into this too, you will listen to Wanhua. Wanhua will know what to do.” Meng Dalang looked out the window, his eyes lost.

He himself did not know what kind of future awaited him.

Was he wrong? Was it because he didn’t take care of his younger brothers and failed to focus on them?

He knew that they would experience more temptations when they were appointed as officials, but why did he always believe that his younger brothers didn’t have the daring?

However, in fact, thwg did have daring, and they already had it long ago, eight years ago!

Meng Dalang took a deep breath, he told the old servant to take good care of Meng laoye, and went to the study by himself to write his resignation letter.

Don’t know what the regulations above…..would be, whether or not he could guarantee his life.

In the imperial palace, Lin Yuan was sitting in front of his desk, holding the memorials sent by fast horses in his hand, all of them came from all over the country, and they were sent only after the Court of Censors had iron-clad evidence.

If the water was clear, there would be no fish. Lin Yuan understood this truth. Excessive suppression would only lead to a greater rebound. In the past, his methods were violent. If he caught one, he would chop their head off. Now he no longer did such a thing. Regarding the handling of corrupt officials, there were also laws and examples to follow now.

He had re-established the salaries for officials and cadres according to their economic conditions, which could ensure that their lives were worry-free.

It was equivalent to these officials getting 10,000 when the basic salary was only 3,000.

It was enough to support a family, and officials usually have their own shops and lands, so they could live a good life easily.

They themselves knew what would await corruption, and they only served five-year terms. If the local economy improved and the people’s happiness index increased, the path to promotion was something they could see. Now that there was a rigid review, who would not want to return to the capital to become capital officials?

So in the past few years, there have been far fewer corrupt officials than before.

Lin Yuan looked at it for a while, and his face became more and more solemn. He pursed his lips tightly, and just when Lin Yuan was about to rage, Lin Yuan leaned back on the chair and let out a long breath.

Er Liang asked cautiously, “Your Majesty, it is late.”

Lin Yuan stood up: “Bring Zhen a bowl of beef noodles.”

Then he thought about it and said, “Two bowls.”

“Yes.” Er Liang asked the attendant to pass on the request to the imperial kitchen, and accompanied Lin Yuan back to the living quarters.

Chen Baisong was now training in the barracks during the day and returning to the palace at night. He was currently enjoying himself, sitting on a soft stool and playing chess with himself.

Lin Yuan had someone create this soft stool. The main reason was that sitting on a hard stool for a long time not only hurt the buttocks, but might also cause sores.

“I knew you didn’t sleep, so I asked the imperial kitchen to deliver two bowls of beef noodles.” Lin Yuan sat opposite Chen Baisong, picked up a black piece and played with Chen Baisong.

The two of them weren’t very good at chess, shabby chess skills against shabby chess skills, and in the end it was Lin Yuan who won.

Chen Baisong raised his head and asked, “What’s the matter? Coming in with such a stern face?”

Lin Yuan smiled: “Is it so obvious?”

Chen Baisong thought about it and said seriously, “It’s not very obvious either.”

Lin Yuan sighed, the smile on the corner of his mouth disappearing. He had been in a high position for a long time, even a slight frown was enough to make people terrified, and only Chen Baisong was not afraid of him now. He said: “Corrupt officials can never be killed off.”

Chen Baisong: “You only know this now?”

Lin Yuan: “I know, I know, but I’m tired of having investigations every few years.”

Although not many were found every time, there were always those who were so greedy that he was speechless.

“There are two brothers surnamed Meng.” Lin Yuan was expressionless, “the older brother finished embezzling and then the younger brother continued. In the same place. The provincial government said it didn’t know when they were appointed, do you believe it?”

Chen Baisong shook his head: “I don’t believe it, even if they don’t belong to the same clan, they should still check out their backgrounds if it was the same surname.”

Lin Yuan: “Now Hong Xiu is asking me if the provincial government needs to be investigated.”

“The provincial government…..If you pull one thread, it will affect the rest. Even if you want to make a move, you must minimize the impact.” Lin Yuan took a sip of warm water.

The attendant in the imperial kitchen brought in the beef noodles. Because it was a late-night snack, the portion was not large, but because it was in a large bowl, it would give people the illusion that they couldn’t finish it, but the bowl was so shallow that just two bites and it was gone. Two slices of beef in sauce were placed on top, and little chopped green onions and green leafy vegetables garnished it, which made it look very appetizing.

Chen Baisong took a mouthful of noodles: “That troublesome?”

Lin Yuan nodded: “What is not troublesome if it’s related to the government.”

“Those two men surnamed Meng are nothing, just local officials. Although they embezzled a lot, but there is not much power in their hands, and just embezzled disaster relief money. Just have them beheaded and their homes seized and that’s the end of it.”

“It’s mainly the provincial government…..that they were so daring, the provincial government must have contributed greatly.”

Chen Baisong heard Lin Yuan’s voice and knew that Lin Yuan had murderous intentions, and asked, “Should I make a trip?”

Lin Yuan looked up at Chen Baisong: “You?”

Chen Baisong smiled and said: “What? I can’t go? Young master thinks I’m useless?”

Lin Yuan frowned and said, “I originally wanted to have the princess’s consort go.”

The princess’s consort was also part of the Lin family, and even if he had no ability, he could still take charge.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

And he did not have the skill for doing this kind of thing originally, so it would lower the guards of the provincial government.

“Then escort the princess’s consort to go there.” Lin Yuan took a sip of noodle soup, “Keep the truth from the princess’s consort, and only tell him that he is just going to greet the provincial government on behalf of the imperial family.”

Chen Baisong chewed the beef: “Alright.”

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