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Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 006 Fish Meat

“The house may be small and shabby, but couldn’t you at least clean it up a bit?” Li Yi said to Nie Bufan as he threw the blankets to Tu Beng.

After a few days of resting, Li Yi’s body was almost completely recovered. Though it was strange, he hadn’t drunk any herbal medicine but his inner wounds evidently showed signs of recovery……

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You sleep at my place, eat my food, and yet you complain?” Nie Bufan casted him a sideway look before handing over a basket of lentils, “since you have this much leisure time, why don’t you help with picking the vegetables.”

Li Yi looked at the things in the basket and asked: “How to do it?”

“This way and that way.” Nie Bufan demonstrated for him, not commenting on his ignorance.

Li Yi sat properly in place, picking at the lentils without expression. His movements were elegant, as if embroidering flowers onto silk rather than picking lentils.

Nie Bufan glanced at him once before suddenly sitting in front of him: “How long do you plan to stay here?”

“Why?” Li Yi did not even look up, “does brother Nie want to chase away guests?”

“That’s not it, besides your addition to this village won’t make much difference. It’s just, can a young master like you get used to living here?”

Li Yi said calmly: “So long as brother Nie have no complaints. I have yet to repay you for saving my life so I have decided to stay here for now and see if I can support the village even just a little?”

Speaking as if he was truly grateful. Nie Bufan looked at him suspiciously before pulling out several green onions that still have soil on it: “Peel this as well.”

Li Yi paused in his lentil picking and accepted the new command without any complaints.

Seeing that he was working hard at the chores, Nie Bufan was satisfied. He walked to the doorway and hollered: “Chicken Servant, after you soak the blankets go clean up the room I’ve been sleeping in the past few days.”

Tu Beng responded affirmatively not too far away.

Nie Bufan turned back around and said to Li Yi: “Since you will be staying here for now then I’ll have a new house prepared for you. For chores done in the village you’ll get food and lodging but no wages.”

Li Yi’s fingers trembled for a second, so he was now a hired worker……

“Brother Nie.”

Just as Nie Bufan was about to go to the kitchen to prepare lunch, Zhang Junshi’s voice came from outside the front yard.

Turning around, he saw a smiling Gongzi dressed in a dark brocade robe that looked very resistant to dirt. Following him was the familiar two workers.

“You’re here, welcome.” Nie Bufan smiled in greeting.

Zhang Junshi signaled the workers behind him and worker 1 immediately presented the visiting gift——two grass carps. Originally he had wanted to buy something more valuable but he couldn’t find anything suitable. And thinking of Nie Bufan’s unique mannerisms, he eventually decided to gift something practical.

“Thank you, I have once again caused you to spend money. Why don’t you stay for lunch.” Nie Bufan accepted the grass carps and invited warmly.

Zhang Junshi nodded reservedly in acceptance. He then had the two workers go join Tu Beng while he himself carefully followed Nie Bufan inside.

Having had previous experience, he didn’t dare let down his guard. Any corner in this place could be hiding unseen ‘danger’.

After entering the house he immediately caught sight of the unfamiliar man sitting at the table. Handsome in appearance, mannerism elegant and proper but eyes sharp like an open blade. Ignoring his ragged clothes, he was evidently a Gongzi of extraordinary aristocratic origin.

“Who might this be?” Zhang Junshi asked without giving away any of his thoughts.

“Oh, let me introduce you both.” Nie Bufan said: “This is Zhang Third.”

Zhang Junshi: “……”

“This is Li Fourth.”

Li Yi: “……”

“Go ahead and have a chat while I go make lunch.” Saying so he had already walked out the room.

Inside, there was only silence for a while before Zhang Junshi cupped his hands in greeting: “I am Zhang Junshi.”

“Li Yi.” A cupped hand greeting in return.

They exchanged a look before silently sitting at the table. If one were to look closely one would discover that the both of them were only sitting gingerly, barely putting any weight on the stools as the stools were not completely whole……

“Brother Li is brother Nie’s…..?”

“We are employer and worker. I am in village head Nie’s care for now, and help with some chores at the village.”

Zhang Junshi looked at Li Yi as he picked at the lentils, asking hesitantly: “A person like brother Li, how come?”

“My family have suffered a reversal of fortunes, I can only try to find a living here.”


Whatever these two discussed, Nie Bufan was completely unaware, having been busy at the kitchen for half a day before finally finishing three dishes and one soup.

He was normally as lazy as a hibernating bear, only in cooking could he be complimented on.

When he served up the dishes, Zhang Junshi and Li Yi were like two statues sitting on either end of the table. The atmosphere was a bit stuffy, only warming up when Nie Bufan called them both to help themselves to the meal.

Looking at the dishes on the table, fried chicken, stewed fish, haricot, and green vegetable soup, Zhang Junshi was quite surprised. It was hard to imagine that Nie Bufan could make such normal food, the cutlery was also very clean as well. It was better than he had imagined. And he had originally prepared himself on the prospect of having to drink medicine once he got home.

Li Yi had on a much more normal countenance, picking up a piece of fish meat and taking a bite. His movements suddenly paused however, before he continued to chew silently.

Zhang Junshi also began to eat, first taking a bite of chicken: “The chickens brother Nie raise are indeed delicious. My restaurant has been busier than before, and it’s all thanks to brother Nie.”

“No, no.” Nie Bufan smiled as he ate, “It’s me who should thank Zhang Third Gongzi for taking care of my business.”

“Hehe.” Zhang Junshi chuckled, taking a subtle look at Li Yi, before putting a piece of fish meat in his mouth.

“……” Zhang Junshi suddenly had on a hesitant expression. Looking at the other two and their normal countenance, he silently took another bite of fish meat.

He resisted only briefly before asking: “Brother Nie, I don’t know if it’s my taste buds the problem but why does the fish meat taste like chicken?”

“Hehehehe.” Nie Bufan responded without any sense of guilt, “it’s not strange, I used chicken broth to make the fish.”

“So that’s it.” Zhang Junshi said with an expression of realization. But privately he wondered, using chicken broth to stew the fish could actually completely get rid of the taste of fish? But the taste overall wasn’t too bad……

Li Yi did not even bat an eye. During the past few days he had not eaten any other meat but chicken. For once there was fish cooked but the result was still chicken taste. Nie Bufan must likely have a deep love for chicken it seemed.

“That’s rigjt, brother Nie.” Zhang Junshi said, “tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival, in the evening the city will be extremely lively. I would like to invite brother Nie to drink wine and view the moon, don’t know whether you will do me the honor of showing up?”

Nie Bufan thought about it, and nodded: “Alright, it should be fun.” He turned and said to Li Yi: “Li Fourth, do you want to go too?”

Li Yi’s expression was reserved, replying after a brief pause: “I won’t be going.”

Nie Bufan guessed he was worried about being found by the peacock man so he didn’t try to convince the other.

Zhang Junshi was privately delighted: “It’s a pity brother Li will not be going. Then, brother Nie we will meet at my restuarant at you shi (TN: 5-7pm in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times). After having dinner we can go see the night market.”

En, fine, see you then.”

After lunch, Zhang Junshi stayed briefly for tea before preparing to leave.

Nie Bufan stopped him and said: “Proper behavior is based on reciprocity, today I accepted your fish so I must express my thanks.”

Zhang Junshi was about to say no need, but who knew Nie Bufan had already ran off. Soon he came back with something in hand. Placing it on the table, it was a basket of eggs.

Zhang Junshi’s mouth twitched. Nie Bufan seem to really love sending people eggs. This time though, the eggs in the basket seemed to have been carefully selected, the size about the same, looking very much like normal eggs.

“……Much thanks.”

At that moment, the workers had finished eating as well as finished packing up the chickens into their cages.

Zhang Junshi left with the two workers, and before leaving reminded Nie Bufan of tomorrow’s appointment.

“Your chickens are all sold to him?” Li Yi, seeing that they had left, asked Nie Bufan.

“Yup.” Nie Bufan stretched his back, and began to exercise his muscles and bones.

“Zhang Junshi is Li City’s Zhang family Gongzi. Hard to imagine he would show up in this small place.”

“I think he said he was here to check up on their branch shop.”

Nie Bufan replied while he stretched.

Li Yi’s eyes flickered with a look of disagreement but he didn’t say anymore.

Nie Bufan bent over and looked at Li Yi through his legs, and asked: “You truly don’t plan on going out tomorrow?”


“That peacock man likely won’t go out either, you don’t need to hide.”

“Peacock man?” Li Yi asked confused.

Nie Bufan stood upright and replied: “That day it was your little brother, right? Looking at the way he dressed and his arrogant countenance, doesn’t it remind you of a peacock?”

Li Yi fell silent.

Nie Bufan said: “As brothers, why is the difference so big? That day you dressed all in black, just like a crow, no wonder I thought you to be an assassin. Speaking of, you and your brother’s sense of style both cannot be complimented.”

Your Excellency seem to not have the qualifications to assess another’s sense of style!

Li Yi gave him a disdainful look. Recalling the events of that day his expression became very bad.

Alright! Exercise finished! Nie Bufan let out a big breath, not bothering with Li Yi’s inner conflict, and ran out the front yard.

Not awhile later, his head popped back and instructed: “Clean up the room will you, since you’re free and all.”



Nie Bufan had planned to prepare specially for today’s Mid-Autumn Festival but after looking himself over and discovering there wasn’t anything to prepare, he simply went with his usual dress. In addition to two bodyguard chickens and a cloth sack he was ready as could be.

Li Yi watched from the side, privately pitying Zhang Gongzi. He could just imagine the other all dressed up, but with someone like Nie Bufan standing at his side, who knew what the picture would be like in the end……

Nie Bufan brushed one last time at his mid length hair before leaving with his two bodyguard chickens.

After entering the city, he could see crowds everywhere. Nie Bufan as usual received his 10 out of 10 head turns as he leisurely made his way to Zhang Junshi’s restaurant.

After catching sight of him, the two workers left to report his arrival with strange expressions on their faces.

Soon after, Zhang Junshi arrived in an evidently good mood, dressed in a clean and neat Confucius robe with long sleeves and belted in at the waist, hair tied up in a knot, the perfect appearance of an elegant Gongzi.

But, catching sight of Nie Bufan, his handsome smile was soon replaced with surprise, stiffness, vexation and other emotions.

Slapping his forehead, he thought to himself, how could he have forgotten Nie Bufan’s unique sense of style? He didn’t mind the other’s humble conditions, even if he was dressed plainly it wouldn’t stop them from being friends.

But Nie Bufan’s dress completely exceeded the boundaries of normality. Just look at the untied hair blowing freely in the wind, the different length sleeves, the ripped hems, the twisted and wrinkled collar……and his hand holding the leash to two very incongruous roosters. It was simply too dire to use words to describe.

But against reason, Nie Bufan was completely at ease, not a least bit concerned with his appearance, as if he was a knight-errant, free and uninhibited.

How could this world have such a person?

Zhang Junshi privately sighed in amazement, stepping forward to lead him inside. “Brother Nie, tonight is not only lively, there will also be many unmarried women out to see the sights. How can your dress attract their hearts?”

Nie Bufan looked at himself and nodded: “That’s true.”

He had yet to see the beauties of ancient times. But looking shabby in front of women was not his style.

Zhang Junshi privately wiped a tear away, so he did know!

“That being the case, why not let me help you choose a few outfits. Today’s a holiday after all, we must dress cheerfully.”

“That’s fine.” Nie Bufan replied as he observed his surroundings.

Zhang Junshi had on a delighted expression, quickly sifting through the clothes.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Are you sure this outfit is suitable for me?” Nie Bufan looked at the clothes in Zhang Junshi’s hand.

“It is definitely suitable, go change quickly.”

“Fine.” The texture was quite smooth, just don’t know what kind of result it would have……

AN: Chicken Nest Village secret #4: dead animals that are brought into the village will not change in appearance but once it is cooked the taste will be that of chicken meat, only the texture differing slightly depending on the type of animal.

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Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 005 Peacock Man

When Li Yi woke up he discovered he was laying in a room that looked shabbier than the storage shed at his home. A wooden table occupied nearly one-third of the space, the dresser and washing stand was squeezed up next to each other, and none of the three stools had whole legs. Most importantly, on the table, on the dresser, on the bed——each had a chicken perched on it!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They did not make any noise only taking small steps around their spot, two pea sized eyes occasionally flickering his way, causing goosebumps to pop up and down his body.

Li Yi couldn’t help furrowing his brows, he tried his best to ignore the strange sensation. He recalled back to earlier and thought, that person did end up saving him. Though the place was rather poor and shabby, he could still tolerate it.

But, very soon he no longer thought that way.

Once he caught sight of the state of his body, his expression immediately appeared as dark as having been charred by lightning. Seeing his forearms and below his knees wrapped up tightly in bandages in such an aesthetically abstract way appearing as if 4 massive chicken feet were growing out from his body……his grim and resolute cool guy image shattered into pieces.

Li Yi ignored the tightness in his chest, quickly lifting his arm and prepared to use his teeth to rip apart the bandages.

At that moment, Nie Bufan entered with a bowl of vegetable porridge and caught sight of the man on the bed currently looking about to commit self-harm. He kindly consoled: “Since you are still alive, then don’t think of committing extremes anymore (TN: euphemism for suicide).

Li Yi glared hard at him, using his eyes to pierce at the other a thousand times. Lifting up his bandaged arm, he said with gritted teeth: “What is this? My injuries weren’t that serious! Is there need to bandage it this much?”

Nie Bufan placed the bowl of porridge on the table, saying indifferently: “As an unknown suspicious figure, of course there is a need for special treatment. Who knows if you will become violent after waking up?”

Before he wouldn’t have, but now he’s unsure. Li Yi silently screamed to himself.

“Alright, since you are up, confess your identity and background.” Nie Bufan stacked up two stools with missing legs and sat steadily on it, sufficiently grasping the essence of balance.

Li Yi looked at him without speaking.

Nie Bufan spoke again: “Originally, I planned to mind my own business, but since I’ve brought you back I must know what kind of trouble you will bring less I am killed and don’t even know who to blame.”

Li Yi continued to remain silent.

“Let’s start simple, what shall I call you?”

“Li Yi.”

En, looking at your black ensemble dressed for shady business and your iceblock aura as well as your sharp murderous eyes, I am guessing you are an assassin.” Nie Bufan pointed at him, tone certain.

Li Yi tried his best to ignore the bizarre and nonsensical description, squeezing out from his teeth: “I am not an assassin.”

“Then why were you injured this badly?”

“I was in a duel with someone else.”

“You lost?”

“I won!”

Nie Bufan looked at him with contempt: “Why do you cut such a sorry figure if you had won? It seems your martial arts is just third-rate.”

Li Yi’s forehead vein popped, gritting his teeth he didn’t respond.

“Whatever.” Nie Bufan flapped his hand, “since it was not a case of vengeance, then I don’t care. Here, drink some porridge.” He passed the porridge over.

Li Yi and his four chicken feet remained immobile, face expressionless.

Nie Bufan: “Hehehehehe.”

“Can I trouble you, to help me take off the bandages?” Li Yi glared with murderous eyes and bared teeth.

Nie Bufan hesitated: “Your eyes are full of murderous intent, viciousness hidden between your brows, muscles all tensed as if ready to pounce. I am worried that once I take off the bandages you will attack me. I am wondering if it would be safer if I tie you up entirely.”

Li Yi stiffened, closing his eyes he took a deep breath and then another deep breath. When he reopened his eyes again his expression returned back to calmness, eyes also deep and without emotion.

Nie Bufan suddenly bent slightly, moving face to face, close enough that his nose almost poked the other and breath brushing skin, all the while eyes staring without blinking.

A fine and handsome face suddenly took up Li Yi’s vision. The skin was even paler and smoother than the serving girls he had seen, practically flawless. Slashing brows, star bright eyes, lips not too thin nor too thick and rather tasty looking. Only, the slightly disheveled hair and bizarre way of dress ruined the picture.

In that instant, Li Yi’s doubts were raised, how could this person come from a poor family background?

“Okay.” Nie Bufan straightened up and smiled, “looking at your calm eyes I believe you.”

He wasn’t too worried, secure in the knowledge of his backing, the three bodyguard chickens in the room.

Just after taking off the bandages on Li Yi’s right arm, a couple odd chicken clucks sounded from outside.

Nie Bufan raised a brow and walked to the door. Looking through the crack he saw 7 to 8 strangers enter the village. One of them was dressed extravagantly, appearing to be of uncommon origins just by first glance.

Nie Bufan gave Li Yi a discontented look: “Don’t tell me, those people outside are here because of you?”

“What do they look like?” Li Yi asked.

Before Nie Bufan could respond, the people outside called out: “Is anyone here?”

Li Yi’s eyes flickered: “They are indeed here for me, but not enemies. They won’t make things difficult for you. But I don’t want them to find me, do you have a place to hide?”

After hearing it wasn’t enemies here for vengeance Nie Bufan replied with rare helpfulness: “Two choices, one is the cellar behind the closet and the other is the secret compartment under the bed.”

Li Yi chosed the cellar but just as he was about to hide there Nie Bufan piped up: “Actually, my personal advice is that you should hide in the secret compartment under the bed. It may be cramped but not easy to discover.”

Li Yi paused.

After Nie Bufan left, he lifted the bedboard……

“Is anyone here?”

“Coming.” Nie Bufan slowly shuffled out, greeting the newcomers with a humble bow, “What can I help your nobleness with?”

As he was saying, Nie Bufan subtly observed the leader of the group, and immediately had his eyes dazzled by the other’s opulent and lavish appearance.

Pale blue inner robes were covered by a red violet gold brocade outer robe. His belt was embedded with jade and hanging with silk tassels. Long finely crafted boots embroidered with clouds, hair combed back and pinned with gold hairpin in the shape of a peacock feather.

Phoenix shaped eyes and thin lips, chin slightly raised, and in his hand was a silk handkerchief which he occasionally used to cover his nose. Evidently, the smell of Chicken Nest Village had him very much disgusted. Perhaps even entering the village was a form of insult……to his shoes.

This was practically a real live peacock!

Nie Bufan secretly held the other in contempt. Soon his eyes fell on the dog whose leash was held in a servant’s hand.

The dog inherited its owner’s flashy style, its collar was made from gold which added to the luxuriance of its thick silver grey fur. Its nose was wide and straight, eyes glinting viciously and aura insufferably arrogant. It looked to have wolf blood as well.

An odd combination of sympathy and Schadenfreude amusement appeared on Nie Bufan’s face.

At that moment, a servant asked: “Are you a resident of this village?”

“That’s right, I am the village head of Chicken Nest Village.”

“You?” The servant looked him over suspiciously before unrolling a painting and said: “Have you seen this person?”

The painting was of a handsome young man looking into the distance. Aside from his features somewhat resembling Li Yi, the melancholy aura of the figure in the painting appeared rather unrealistic.

Nie Bufan shook his head sincerely.

The peacock man casted a look at the servant who immediately said: “Think clearly, he is an important fugitive, hiding escaped criminals is punishable by law!”

Fugitive? To be honest, Nie Bufan would rather believe that this group of people was here to capture beautiful young men for nefarious purposes, spreading rumors as part of their devious plan.

“Your nobleness, I dare not, I truly have not seen this……elegant looking man.”

“No need to say more.” Peacock man finally spoke, using his cold and arrogant voice: “Release Langya, have him go search.”

“Yes.” Another sevant crouched down and patted Langya, the leash then releasing. The fierce Langya immediately ran off like the wind, making straight for Nie Bufan’s house.

Peacock man’s eyes had a prideful glint, as if he was very quickly about to capture his target.

But who knew, there was no more movement after the wolfdog entered the house.

Nie Bufan stood honestly to the side, privately ruminating to himself. En, it seemed the transformation of outside animals were much slower than the animals nearby the village.

Peacock man resisted his impatience saying: “Go look inside.”

Two servants immediately went to check out the situation. After returning they nervously informed: “Gongzi, Langya is missing.”

“What do you mean missing?”

“Aside from a few chickens inside, the room is completely empty. There is no sight of Langya.”

“Are you saying he could have gone through the walls?” Peacock man became angry, snapping his long sleeves he made a beeline for the house.

Nie Bufan piped up in a small voice: “This Gongzi, my humble house is simple and dirty, I’m afraid……”

“Quit being so long-winded!” Peacock man did not even spare him a look, stomping fiercely inside the house.

“Ah!” Just after entering, peacock man fell to the ground in a manner resembling a hungry dog pouncing on food.

The servants immediately moved to help him up.

In the ground was a small hole, appearing from the hole was a chicken head. It looked left and right before retracting again.

Nie Bufan asked with concern: “I hope you haven’t hurt youself?”

Peacock man glared fiercely at the hole in the ground, and raged: “Why is there a hole?”

“You can’t blame me for that.” Nie Bufan shrugged, “our village has too many hamsters. The holes are too many to fill, so we no longer pay it any heed.”

Peacock man had an extremely disgusted look on his face, waving away the servants patting at the dirt on his clothes, he continued into the house.

Nie Bufan followed with a whistled tune.

Not even a minute had passed before peacock man rushed out with his nose covered. In just a short amount of time, he had stepped on chicken poop, knocked into two stools and became covered in a few chicken feathers.

It would seem that in his whole life he had yet to step in such a small and dirty house. It was even less tolerable than his toilet at home.

Let’s not even mention the crooked furniture, there wasn’t even the most standard of cleanliness. He even saw two chickens fighting on the bed. The fight could be described as one of exploding feathers, a fight of world shaking levels.

Peacock man could no longer take it anymore, screeching: “My older brother would definitely not stay in such a place! Leave, we must leave right now!”

“Then, then Langya?” The sevant asked carefully.

“Langya recognizes the way home, when it wants to return it will naturally do so. There’s no need to worry about it.” Peacock man hollered as he speed walked, “This shitty place, your young master I will not stay a moment longer.”

“Yes, yes.” The group of servants followed in his wake as he left like something was chasing at his heels.

Nie Bufan waved from behind: “Gongzi, come again.”

He wasn’t sure if it was his imagination or not but the group of people seem to pick up speed.

They should thank themselves lucky to not have rode their horses into the village, otherwise the loss would not just be a dog.

Nie Bufan skipped back into the house and looked at the silver grey feathered newcomer who had just been bullied by Lady Flower, chicken head slumped and lamenting loss youth.

Nie Bufan consoled: “Think of it another way, a new and wonderful life awaits you.”

Before little chicken Langya could respond, a muffled voice came from underneath the bed: “I don’t know what life will hold in the future but I know that if I don’t come out now, my life will come to its end.”

Nie Bufan first had Lady Flower lead its new wife (Langya, female) to the side before lifting the bedboard.

Li Yi was contorted into an S shape inside the compartment, face to the side so his expression was not visible, but it was likely quite colorful.

Pushing and pulling, Nie Bufan got him out of the compartment, patting his shoulder: “You can rest easy now, your little brother has left, and likely won’t be returning either.”

Li Yi looked at him with twitching lips. He could just imagine the torment Li Huai had undergone, as a pampered Gongzi how could he have possibly tolerated a poor village filled with only flying chickens and poop everywhere?

Thinking that, Li Yi suddenly felt temporarily staying here was a good idea……

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

TN: so, except for humans and insects, no matter if it flies in the air, runs on the ground, or swims in the water they will all turn into chickens. And after becoming chickens they will retain the natural abilities of their previous self. Also the speed of turning into a chicken will depend on their type and distance from Chicken Nest Village.

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Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 004 Curiosity is Unacceptable

Zhang Junshi left Chicken Nest Village with a broken heart, not even showing up to the following chicken supply pick ups.

Nie Bufan quite missed him. Without him around the amusement was somewhat lacking. Those two workers were just too vigilant. Having witnessed the tragic cases from previous visits, the two workers were as rule abiding as innocent virgin girls.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They were only there to pick up the chickens, all the while pretending to be deaf and blind to the happenings in Chicken Nest Village. There were no delightful displays of curiosity or extra time spent within the village.

“Ai~” Nie Bufan sat at the bank of the river not too far from the village, dejectedly holding a fishing rod in his hands.

At that moment, feeling movement from the bait he leisurely reeled it in, revealing a white grass carp.

Dropping the fish in a pail, he looked up at the sky before deciding to clean up and head back to the village.

He had just entered the village when he saw Tu Beng run over with a grin, “Ye, I have good news.”

“Oh? What good news?”

“The first nest of chicks have hatched, 30 in total.”

“Really? Let me go have a look.”

Tu Beng quickly followed after Nie Bufan, his eyes accidentally glimpsed the pail in Nie Bufan’s hand and he immediately had a terrified look.

Nie Bufan noticed his strange expression and also looked down. Only to see a white hen currently swimming in the pail of water……

Nie Bufan calmly picked it up and threw it to the side: “Seriously, chickens can even play in water.”

Tu Beng: “……”

When the white hen reached the ground it paddled at the air with two wet wings, causing it to be covered in mud and sand. Not too long, its eyes began to roll back only showing whites.

Seeing this, Nie Bufan snatched it up and threw it back into the pail of water. In an instant, it came back alive.

Tu Beng: “……”

Nie Bufan patted him on the shoulder and said earnestly: “At Chicken Nest Village you must learn to keep calm. It’s not like you haven’t seen strange chickens before.”

How was this just strange? It was practically beyond human comprehension, almost to demonic levels!

Nie Bufan did not bother with Tu Beng’s distress. Right after stepping inside the chicken coop he saw a flock of bright yellow fuzzballs jumping up and down on the hay.

Tu Beng smiled: “They look quite healthy. It won’t be long before they can leave the nest.”

But Nie Bufan had on a puzzled expression, head turning left and right as if looking for something.

Ye, what’s wrong?” Tu Beng couldn’t help feeling nervous.

Nie Bufan pointed at the flock of chicks, saying seriously: “They are too normal.”


“The chickens that I raise, how is it possible they are this normal?” Nie Bufan rubbed at his chin, expression solemn.

Tu Beng: “……”

Nie Bufan had Tu Beng stand at the doorway while he walked further in to investigate.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he ran over to a corner. Lifting up a bamboo hatch, the nest of hay inside indeed had three black chicks. Their eyes had yet to open, pitifully squeezed up against each other.

Just as he was about to touch them, a sharp beak suddenly flashed by and fiercely pecked at his hand.

Nie Bufan rapidly retracted his hand and looked up to see a black hen lightly jump down next to the chicks, a pair of chicken eyes narrowed and closely focused on him.

The meaning was clear, those who come near: die!

Nie Bufan rubbed at his hand, not at all bothered. In fact, he had on a wide and toothy grin.

Afterwards he began to search all over the coop, managing to offend all the mama chickens and in the end being kicked out of the chicken coop.

But he was quite satisfied because he found that his guess was not wrong. Mutated chickens also give birth to out of the ordinary chicks. Though their outer appearance resemble any normal chicken but their coloring was varied——reds, greens, stripes, dots, all incredibly adorable.

Hehehe, maybe in the future he could expand his business to ornamental chickens or pet chickens.

“Chicken Servant, go and have this stewed.” Nie Bufan handed the pail of water to the bewildered Tu Beng.

Tu Beng accepted the pail, bemusedly watching the chicken currently playing in the water. He asked hesistantly: “Is it edible?”

“Of course.” Nie Bufan gave him a strange look, “this is good stuff. Look at you, only having lived here for about 2 months and already built up this much pig fat and muscle. That’s all thanks to the good fengshui of our village.”

Tu Beng looked silently at his ‘pig fat and muscle’, inside he shouted: Where do you see the fat? Where do you see the fat! You can’t insult pigs this much!

But, he did have to to admit, his life at Chicken Nest Village wasn’t bad at all. The work everyday was light and he could often eat meat.

“That’s right, ye.” Tu Beng seemed to have recalled something and said, “It’s almost winter, should we stock up on some grains?”

“Hnn? The supply in the grain storage isn’t enough for the two of us?”

Tu Beng slapped his forehead: “Not us, the chickens.”

“Oh that’s right.” Nie Bufan walked leisurely towards his house.

Ye, what do you plan to do?” Tu Beng saw his light and carefree appearance and couldn’t help silently disagree. Just exactly how did this person manage to raise alive these chickens? In this world was there even a chicken farmer more bizarre than him?

Stopping at the door Nie Bufan turned around and said: “Tomorrow we enter the city to stock up on some grain and wheat.”

Tu Beng finally had on a relieved look, so actually it turned out he did know what he was doing!

He then heard a low mumble: “En, the vegetables and fruits are all eaten, tomorrow we must buy some more.”

Tu Beng teared up: So in actuality his true motive was here waiting for him!

The next day, Nie Bufan with Tu Beng in tow and leading two chicken bodyguards entered the city.

They first went to Zhang Junshi’s shop but discovered he wasn’t there. He was a little bit disappointed, and he had even brought Dusty (that unlucky donkey turned chicken) to visit him.

Nie Bufan had Tu Beng go to other villages to stock up on some chicken feed, while he scuttled about the streets, buying anything that looked tasty and not bothering to haggle, until his money was almost all spent. Except he bought too much stuff and was feeling too lazy to carry it all. Suddenly he thought of the two workers who often came to his village to pick up chickens and he immediately had on a toothy smile.

“What? You want us to help you carry stuff?” Worker 1 stepped back, his head shaking like he had epilepsy, “no, no, no, we are very busy, very busy.”

Nie Bufan gave them a contemptuous look: “It’s not even mealtimes, what are you busy at? If Zhang Third was here, he would definitely not refuse.”

Worker 2 said weakly: “We truly are busy, truly.”

“Aw come on, I will go talk to the manager. I’ll also pay travel expenses, it won’t be for free.”

Hai, brother Nie,” Worker 1 suggested, “in fact you can just hire a couple manual laborers to make the delivery.”

Nie Bufan gave them a sorrowful look causing the 2 workers to immediately feel the chills.

“What’s going on?” At this moment Zhang Junshi’s voice sounded.

The 2 workers immediately had on an expression of seeing their savior and quickly ran over to their boss.

“Zhang Third Gongzi, you’re back?” Nie Bufan warmly said, “It’s been a long time, how come you haven’t come to play at Chicken Nest Village?”

Zhang Junshi’s eyes were dazzled by that brilliant smile, his mouth twitching: “I’ve been busy the past few days.”

“Do you guys only use this reason to refuse others?” Nie Bufan asked curiously.

Zhang Junshi: “……”

“Zhang Third Gongzi.” Nie Bufan familiarly hooked an arm over his shoulders, “we can be considered business mates, in the future there will be many chances to meet and look after each other. Don’t tell me you won’t even help out on such a little matter?”

The instant Nie Bufan moved closer, Zhang Junshi smelled the scent of grass, like new sprouts. Though it wasn’t too aromatic but it still had a fresh and natural scent. When he talked, his breath blew past his neck leaving behind an itchy feeling and his heart like a frisky monkey, mind like a cantering horse (TN: idiom to describe an unsettled, hyperactive feeling).

Zhang Junshi’s heart skipped a beat, and he rapidly moved the other’s arm away, saying: “How about this, I’ll have the doorman lead a donkey over, and you can use the donkey to carry your packages.”

“A donkey.” Nie Bufan grinned, “do I need to return it?”

Zhang Junshi twitched: “……You can keep it.”

He recalled the donkey he lost the first time he went to Chicken Nest Village.

“You are truly a good person!” Nie Bufan gave the other a big hug before leaving in high spirits.

Zhang Junshi froze with his arms half outreached, eyes stunned, and expression a little bit……unsettled.

Nie Bufan lead the donkey loaded with packages and left carefree and unconcerned, not even saying a goodbye.

Zhang Junshi looked in the direction a certain person left in and let out a sorrowful sigh. The rays of the setting sun fell down on him and embellished him with dream-like coloring……

Gongzi did not know the taste of love, only taking boy’s love for chicken love…… (TN: jiqing or chicken love=bromance, friendship)

On this side, Nie Bufan lead his donkey on the path to Chicken Nest Village. He and Tu Beng had already agreed that they didn’t need to meet up, just directly bring the supplies back to the village.

Halfway back, the originally quiet Lady Flower suddenly clucked in the direction of a certain place in the woods. Nie Bufan casted a brief look in that direction before turning around and continued walking.

It was often said, curiosity killed the cat, therefore if one wanted to have a longer life, they should adhere to the ‘mind your own business, stay away from trouble’ mindset and live life optimistically.

Unfortunately, Nie Bufan underestimated the stubbornness of God. He had just taken a few steps when a blood soaked figure rolled out into the middle of the road, dead or alive unknown.

Nie Bufan’s expression remained calm and tranquil, preparing to step around the obstacle and continue on his way.

Just as he was about to move past, a hand suddenly grabbed at his ankle, leaving behind a red handprint.

“I say, brother,” Nie Bufan looked down at the barely breathing man at his feet and urged, “don’t struggle anymore, there’s not much to miss on Earth, it’s better to just pass on!”

The black clothed figure vomit up a gush of blood, a hand clutched at his chest and looked to soon take his last breath.

Nie Bufan crouched down and put a hand over the other’s bloodshot eyes, sighing: “Please rest in peace, I will burn some paper money for you when I get back, us strangers meeting by chance will not be in vain.”

The black clothed figure vomit up another gush of blood.

Nie Bufan did not bother with the other anymore and decided to use some strength in removing the hand clutching at his ankle.

Grudgingly, he found that the person’s hand was like an iron clasp, not even showing a hint of loosening.

“Old chap, you are almost dead, can’t you display a weaker constitution!”

The black clothed person was extremely vexed, finally saying with gritted teeth: “I won’t die just yet!”

“Well, that’s unfortunate.” Nie Bufan looked troubled.

The black clothed man glared at the human faced, beast hearted (TN: idiom for describing a malicious and duplicitous person) fellow in front of him: If you don’t save me, I will haunt you after my death!”

God only knows, he had yet to say something this pathetic his whole life.

“What kind of attitude is that for begging?”

The black clothed person did not say anything, only using his eyes to attack. Unfortunately, his injuries were too heavy and he only persisted for a short while before he fainted resentfully.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan pulled his foot out and used it to lightly nudge at the lump on the ground. He was at a loss for a long time, the sun had almost even finished setting, when he finally decided to bring the person with him back.

Hopefully, this person’s lifeforce was tenacious enough, otherwise having come across Nie Bufan was truly his misfortune. At that point his blood had almost all bled out……

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Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 003 Silly Thieves

After coming back from Chicken Nest Village, Zhang Junshi did not sleep well for several days. Everytime he closed his eyes it felt like there was a flock of chickens jumping around in his head. It was almost as if he had fallen into the clutches of something evil. Whenever he heard a chicken cackle during the day he would not be able to restrain himself from looking around alertly, afraid that a chicken would pop out from nowhere. As for the two workers, they too had lingering fears from Chicken Nest Village. Whenever they tell of their experience it would always have exaggerated undertones with an addition of endless admiration.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Due to the large mouths of the two workers, Chicken Nest Village soon became famous. The biggest impression it left for the people was that the village had endless chickens but only one person lived there.

As a result, thieves came along. 

Adhering to the belief that it would be foolish not to take advantage and steal a couple high quality chickens, this thief made preparations and on one night sneaked into Chicken Nest Village. 

Afterwards…….there was no afterwards. 

The art of war stated clearly, only knowing yourself and knowing your enemy will you be unscathed through a hundred battles (TN: from Sunzi’s “The Art of War”). This thief made the mistake of being careless and underestimating his opponents. Therefore, the moment he stepped into Chicken Nest Village it was destined to end in a tragedy. He had yet to even come close to the chicken coops, when he was submerged by a flood of fighter chickens. He didn’t even have the time to cry for help as in no time he had disappeared in a flurry of chicken feathers, bits of grass and chicken poop……. 

“What big balls you have! You dare to come steal chickens at Chicken Nest Village?” Nie Bufan, dressed in pajamas, sat cross legged on the bed, his arms crossed as he looked down his nose at the pitiful thief laying at his feet.

Da ye (TN: respectful term for older men), spare me! The lowly me have eyes but fail to recognize Mt Tai (TN: expression that means failing to recognize somebody important or somebody’s great talent; to be blind to the fact)!”

The thief looked almost ready to burst into tears, his hair like a chicken nest, a bruise on one eye. There was even strangely smelling yellow white substance on his face. His clothes appeared more beggar-like than a true beggar with holes all over, en, 15 minutes ago they had been intact, truly he could not be anymore pitiful. 

“Your da ye, I, hates thieves the most, tell me, how shall I deal with you?” 

Saying so, the chickens also attending the trial let out uniform angry cackles. 

The thief shuddered, and said in a trembling voice: “If you must kill or extort I shall listen to your honorable one in all cases. Just keep me away from this flock of chickens.” 

Nie Bufan rubbed his chin, and nodded: “Alright, looking at your good repentful attitude you will be punished by staying at Chicken Nest Village to fulfill active service. Until our chicken brothers and chicken sisters are satisfied.” 

The thief with a frightened face, exclaimed: “I beg da ye, spare me! I would rather you give me a clean, straightforward end!”

“Is this not straightforward enough? You just need to help care for chickens, it’s not like you will become a chicken (TN: remember the Chinese word for chicken sounds like prostitute lol)!” 

The thief wiped at his tears: “I……I…..can I go home and see my old mother first, say my farewells?” 

Nie Bufan said with contempt: “Don’t think I don’t know, you are just an orphan. If you lie to me again I will have you sleep with Lady Flower tonight.”

The thief’s eyes bulged, and then he said in a depressed tone: “So you know, then I am at your mercy.” 

Of course Nie Bufan did not know about him, just now it was just a bluff to draw him out. He didn’t expect his guess to turn out right though. 

Pleased with himself, he said: “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking! Do you know that our village’s chickens all have superpowers? Some can travel a thousand miles in a day! You want to escape? In just a blink you will be brought back.” 

The thief had on a disbelieving expression. 

Nie Bufan waved his hand: “Brother Eagle, show him what you got.” 

He just finish saying so when an entirely black chicken spread its wings and in a whoosh flew up to the rafters. The speed was truly like that of a gale or lightning, treading the skies without a trace. 

The thief gaped. A little while later he cried: “I am at your mercy, I am truly at your mercy, you are truly the chicken god!” 

“Very good!” Nie Bufan crossed his legs and said with ceremony, “from now on, you are Chicken Nest Village’s servant here to make up for your crimes. Your da ye, I, grant you the name ‘Chicken Servant’.” 

The thief scrunched up his face, and pleaded: “I have a name, I am called Tu Beng (TN: literally meaning collapse of the earth).”

Pei pei, how inauspicious. We are living at the foot of the mountain, you dare call yourself Tu Beng!”

“Then……then calling me little Tu is also fine.”

“Chicken Servant or Chicken Poop, you choose.”

“……..” The thief felt as upset and wronged as a little wife who was bullied by her husband. He said mournfully, “I think the name Chicken Servant is quite good, quite good.” 

And as a result, Chicken Nest Village finally had a second human resident. 

A few days passed and it was time for Zhang Junshi to go pick up a new supply of chickens. When he arrived with the same two workers from before, he saw a corpse filled ground. It turned out, during the past few days, more thieves visited Chicken Nest Village. Without exceptions, all of them died in battle, the matter of ‘death’ for each one extremely tragic.

Zhang Junshi and his two workers carefully picked their way to Nie Bufan’s house, seeing him he asked: “What happened?”

Nie Bufan casted a glance at that side and said carelessly: “They are all here to steal chickens. One of them, when caught, would not give up and found some backup to come again. The result is as you can see.” 

“You……you took care of them all by yourself?” He didn’t look it but this little guy actually knew martial arts.

Nie Bufan flapped his hand: “No, no. Didn’t I say it earlier? I have bodyguards.”

Zhang Junshi’s head instantly pictured a heroic looking Lady Flower.….. 

Hai, let’s not talk about this. This time I brought along some daily necessities for you.”

“Oh?” Nie Bufan’s eyes lit up and accepted the things the workers carried over. There were bowls, cups, blankets, clothes, etc.

“Zhang third gongzi, truly many thanks. You are a good person, I was just thinking of going to buy some.” Saying so he waved his hand at the two workers to help him carry it all into the backyard. 

Zhang Junshi could already ignore “Zhang third” as if it did not exist. He also followed Nie Bufan inside the house.

The room was even messier than last time. The bed even had chicken feathers. Learning his lesson from last time he dared not sit, he was also on high alert, refusing to make a fool of himself again. 

At this time Nie Bufan brought a basket of eggs over, smiling: “Give and take, this is my gift in return.” 

Zhang Junshi did not think much at first, but when he saw the eggs he immediately paused. Pointing at the eggs, he asked hesitantly: “These are….chicken eggs?”

Nie Bufan nodded, chuckling he said: “Although the appearance is a bit different but they are definitely eggs produced in our village.” 

Alright, Zhang Junshi had originally thought to also pick up some eggs but now looking at the situation, he had underestimated the shock that this person in front of him could bring.

Inside the basket there were several dozen chicken eggs, the sizes ranged from big to small. The small ones resembled bird eggs, the big ones were as big as a grown man’s palm. He truly could not imagine what kind of chicken could lay this kind of egg. Not only this, some of the eggs even had stripes, dots, and linear markings; it had quite an artistic feel.

Zhang Junshi carefully picked one up and examined it in detail, saying: “Can you bring me over to where they lay their eggs?”

“Of course, please follow me.” Nie Bufan replied enthusiastically and brought him over to a rather shabby structure. Compared to the rock cave from last time this looked more normal, chicken clucks and cackles could be heard just outside the door. 

Nie Bufan pushed the door open for Zhang Junshi. When he stepped through the threshold, the surrounding chicken clucks and cackles immediately stopped. The coop fell into a strange and eerie silence. 

Zhang Junshi froze stiffly, carefully he examined the situation and saw a large flock of hens looking at him in a daze. Incubating eggs, walking, clucking at each other, flapping their wings, laying down——all of them fell into a still and immobile state, as if someone pushed the pause button. 

“What is it?” Nie Bufan craned his neck and looked around. 

The hens saw Nie Bufan and immediately resumed movement, continuing with whatever they had been doing before, as if just now everything had been an illusion. Zhang Junshi immediately felt that the heart that had just been in his throat went back down to its normal place, and he walked in with a relaxed expression. Originally with his status, such matters should be left to the workers but due to an unknown mentality, he could not resist exploring more, just like a masochist…… 

Pretending calm, Zhang Junshi looked around and indeed discovered peculiar looking eggs in the piles of grass. He even saw a hen that just stood up reveal a pebble sized egg.

They truly were layed by chickens….. 

Zhang Junshi’s view of the world once again overturned itself. 

Nie Bufan smiled in embarrassment: “Don’t mind their slightly peculiar appearance, the eggs truly are delicious.”

Was this just ‘slightly’ peculiar? Who had chickens that lay such colorful and diverse eggs. If not for him personally seeing it Zhang Junshi would definitely not believe it. 

But as for the taste, he had no suspicions. The chickens he brought back from last time met with raving reviews and increased his restaurant’s popularity. 

He hesitated a bit and said: “Alright, for now I’ll take 100 eggs back to try.”

“Sure thing!” Nie Bufan turned and shouted toward the direction outside, “Chicken Servant, Chicken Servant.” 

Chicken Servant? Just when Zhang Junshi was confused, he saw a skinny and small figure of around 20 run in. Smiling he said: “I’m here, ye, what are your orders?” 

Nie Bufan pointed at Zhang Junshi and said: “This Zhang third gongzi wants to buy some eggs, you go and prepare a basket.”

“No problem, I am going now.” 

Zhang Junshi asked curiously: “Who is he?” 

“Oh, also a thief, but attitude repentant. After being caught he turned over a new leaf and decided to help out here to make up for his crimes.” 

Zhang Junshi was stupefied, he then asked after a short silence: “Recently are there a lot of thieves coming here?” 

“Not too bad, just some, all have been put down.” 

Zhang Junshi could not help feeling sympathy, how foolish and thoughtless these thieves must be for stealing at Chicken Nest Village! 

At this time, the sorry figures of the two workers appeared. 

Zhang Junshi asked: “What happened to you two?” 

“Just now when we went to catch chickens we were attacked…..” Worker 1 said with a grievous expression. 

“Haha.” Nie Bufan laughed aloud carelessly. 

Zhang Junshi turned his head and looked at Nie Bufan. 

“Fine, later I’ll have Chicken Servant put them in cages for you.” 

The two workers let out relieved sighs.

“The smell is too strong here, we can return to the house to rest a bit.” 

Zhang Junshi nodded noncommittaly. This time at Chicken Nest Village he finally made it unscathed. He was rather pleased with himself. 

“Ladies, if there’s something you want to eat go find it yourselves. If you want to give birth then give birth. If you don’t want to give birth then don’t give birth. At your convenience.” 

Zhang Junshi stumbled, turning around he gave the flock of hens a complicated look…….

Pa! A lump of something warm landed on his head. Zhang Junshi stiffened for a long while before looking up and saw a striped chicken sitting on the rafters and currently smiling darkly at him. 

The two workers covered their mouths, their eyes bulging.  

Zhang Junshi gnashed his teeth in rage: “Why do the rafters have chickens on it??”

Nie Bufan looked sympathetically at him and patted his shoulder in comfort: “Anything is possible, please don’t be too sorrowful.” 

Zhang Junshi was nearly going crazy inside. With chicken poop on his head he walked out expressionlessly. 

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

How come it was always him? Why must he take home a souvenir everytime? This was not scientific! 

He could finally be sure that coming here was the act of a masochist, a masochist!

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Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 002 First Arrival, Strangeness

Zhang Junshi woke up early in the morning and had two workers lead a donkey and left for ‘Chicken Nest Village’ to investigate the matter of chickens. 

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Zhang family’s branch store had already been opened at Xishan city for almost 5 years. But they never knew that there was actually a village behind the hill. Zhang Junshi thought it strange, did the villagers never go into the city? The mountain roads…..en, it couldn’t even be considered mountain roads. It looked like not many people have used it before. The road was quite tricky to navigate, the donkey lead by his worker almost could not climb through. If not for Nie Bufan pointing it out clearly, Zhang Junshi would not believe there were actually people around. 

He couldn’t help but feel apprehensive as they climbed over the rocky terrains. He had heard it would take an hour but Zhang Junshi and the others only used up half an hour before they could see smoke in the distance. If that was Chicken Nest Village in the front, Zhang Junshi must reform his opinion on Nie Bufan’s walking speed. 

Worker 1 said: “There is actually a village in this remote place.” 

Worker 2 said: “I am born in Xishan City and this is the first time hearing it as well. This place is close to Xishan City, from the outside it looks like just a cliff, no wonder no one found out.” 

Looking back, it indeed looked like a cliff. After making a narrow turn, what appeared in front of them was a piece of flat land——en, relatively flat. The place was sparsely lined with several crude wooden houses. The surroundings were covered with trees and vines, the weeds also seem not to have been bothered with either. At first glance it looked like a long abandoned village.

“Eh? Do you feel suddenly nervous?” Worker 1 rubbed his hands together. 

Worker 2 nodded his head vigorously and agreed: “En, en, yes I feel the same.”

Zhang Junshi also had a feeling of strangeness, with their first step into the village his whole body felt uncomfortable.

Suddenly, the three of them stopped in their tracks, their eyes all looking forward. Not many meters away, there stood a proud……rooster. 

Zhang Junshi recognized it, saying calmly: “En, it is little brother Nie’s pet, lady…..lady Flower.” 

“Then……” Worker 1 pointed a trembling finger, saying with fright, “the ones surrounding us are too?” 

Zhang Junshi looked up, and immediately stiffened. Without noticing when exactly, the area around them was filled with roosters, in the grass, on the roofs, on the tree branches, near the cliff……just by estimating visually it was too many to count……they stared with beady chicken eyes, violence gleaming. The strangest thing though was that with so many chickens crowded together, there was actually no sound, not even the sound of breathing to break the silence. 

Gong….gong-gongzi, are you sure you are here to collect chickens and not be collected?” Worker 2 could not restrain himself from hugging onto the donkey’s neck hoping for comfort.

Zhang Junshi’s face was also slightly pale, his lips twitching, he said: “Let’s continue walking, it’s just a flock of chickens, can they eat you up?”

Saying so, he lead the way forward. 

The two workers looked at each other and was about to accompany their boss when they hear ‘pa ji‘. They looked in the sound’s direction and saw Zhang Junshi with a mixed expression lift up his right foot. Underneath was a mix of yellow, white, and black substance and rather viscous in nature… turned out he had stepped on an egg. 

Gaga o……gaga o……” The rooster standing not far away suddenly let out a strange sound, following it came a “gaga o” from all the rest. Suddenly the dead silence of before became a sound wave of chicken cackles. 

F**k it, were they laughing at him? Zhang Junshi gnashed his teeth as he fumed and wiped his foot on the grass hard. 

Just now that was an egg, an egg! Who had nothing better to do but carelessly leave eggs laying around? Eggs didn’t require money? No money? 

The two workers had originally been quite frightened, but seeing Zhang Junshi like this, they also could not help wanting to laugh. But as not to offend his dignity they could only resist. 

“Let’s go!” Under the gaze of the surrounding chickens Zhang Junshi walked with large steps forward, as if he was walking towards the battlefield. 

He planned see just what kind of freaky place this was. 

“Nie Bufan——” there was nothing but chickens everywhere. It completely did not look like a person was living here. Zhang Junshi had no choice but to raise his voice in a holler.

“Ai……coming.” Not needing for a second holler from Zhang Junshi, a reply was heard from not too far away. After all, the place was hardly big, a shout could travel the whole of the valley, even the ghosts could hear it. 

Not long, dressed rather abstractly, Nie Bufan appeared in their sights and smiled enthusiastically at them, “you have come, welcome, come inside and sit.” 

Zhang Junshi walked toward him and asked: “Where are the other people of the village? How come there’s only you and a flock of chickens?” 

Nie Bufan patted his chest: “I am the village head of Chicken Nest Village, the chickens you see are the villagers.” 

The leg that Zhang Junshi just lifted paused for a few seconds midair before he put it down softly. He asked hesitantly: “This entire village only has you living in it?” 

“Me and a flock of chickens.”

Alright, Zhang Junshi organized the mess in his head a bit as he entered Nie Bufan’s house. 

The house…….looked like a chicken nest. The stools were missing legs, the table was cracked, the dresser was piled with random things, there were even pieces of grass on the bed……. 

“Please have a drink of tea.” Nie Bufan politely served tea to the visitors. 

Zhang Junshi remained speechless. 

Worker 1 whispered: “Gongzi, this little brother, could he be a chicken demon spirit?”

“Nonsense, how can the world have gods or demon spirits?” Zhang Junshi scolded, but in his heart man and heaven were waging a war (TN: expression for conflicted thoughts). 

“All of you sit, there aren’t a lot of chairs so sitting on the bed is also fine.” Nie Bufan also brought out a plate of boiled eggs and peanuts, the peanuts bought yesterday when he went to the city. 

The two workers dared not sit, standing on the side with uncomfortable expressions. As for Zhang Junshi he glanced at both the stool and bed and decided to sit on the relatively safer bed.

Pa ji.” A similar noise sounded again. 

Zhang Junshi maintained his stiff sitting posture, his entire face twisted. 

“Aiya! Could there be an egg on the bed?” Nie Bufan pulled up Zhang Junshi and looked at the bed first before looking at Zhang Junshi’s behind. Then he ran out of the house yelling: “How many times must I say it, do not make a nest on my bed! Who committed the crime today, willingly give yourself up and I will be lenient with your punishment!” 

The surrounding chickens pecked at worms, dug at the dirt, clucked at each other, but not even one looked at Nie Bufan.

“Your galls have fatten, eh! Just you wait, I will show you later!” Nie Bufan left a few threatening words and returned inside the house, smiling embarrassedly at Zhang Junshi: “Apologies, the suspects are too many, the criminal can’t be caught at the moment. You have suffered.”

“My clothes just became dirty, I did not suffer!”

In his whole life Zhang Junshi had never lost face the way he did today. 

Worker 1 said: “Gongzi, do you want your clothes changed?” 

“Change, but of course.” Nie Bufan nodded, “how can we have Zhang third gongzi wear dirty clothes back?” 

Zhang Junshi heard this and felt slightly better, but soon he felt that something was not right, and asked: “Who is……Zhang third?”

“It’s not you?” Nie Bufan replied as he dug through his dresser for clothes. 

Hai, I am Zhang Junshi.”

“Oh, I know.” Nie Bufan handed over an old outfit, “here, make do for now Jun third.”

“……..” Zhang Junshi took the clothes, restraining himself he said, “I am Zhang Junshi, an only child.” He especially put emphasis on the ‘only’ word. 

Nie Bufan waved his hand: “I know, I know, you already said it many times, I remember.” 

As if you remember! Where did the ‘third’ come from? 

Zhang Junshi shook the clothes out with a stony face and a hole immediately came into sight. Through it he could see Nie Bufan’s brightly smiling face. 

“Excuse me…… can I wear this?” Zhang Junshi fisted the clothes, taking a deep breath he reminded himself to stay calm.

“Didn’t you dirty your behind?” Nie Bufan took the clothes over and folded it then he wrapped it around Zhang Junshi’s waist tying the sleeves together. He said with satisfaction, “like this isn’t the stain from behind covered?” 

Zhang Junshi believed himself not to be as concerned with propriety as the gongzi of aristocratic families but his clothes and deportment had always been conforming to the society’s norms. Now with Nie Bufan’s ‘makeover’ his elegant gongzi appearance looked like it was pasted over by a wanted criminal sign. 

He finally knew why Nie Bufan dressed like a traveling street performer…… 

Zhang Junshi looked at the two workers almost sick with trying to hold in their laughter, and said in a tone of a man instantly wizened several years: “Let’s not talk about this anymore, just bring me to look at your chickens.” 

“Alright, follow me.” Nie Bufan agreed and led them to the woods in the back of the house. 

After stepping outside the house Zhang Junshi and the others felt as if they could finally see the light of day again. 

Not long, they came across a 30 meter tall stone cave with openings in every direction, like a mushroom pavilion, the entrances fenced in. 

Zhang Junshi looked inside, but not a chicken could be seen.

“Where are the chickens?” Zhang Junshi asked. 

“Wait a bit, this time of day they are getting fresh air.” Nie Bufan replied carelessly and not bothering with what kind of expressions they have on their faces, he shouted out, “Flower 1, Flower 2, Flower 3…….you all quickly bring your hens back, there are clients!”

Pu!” It was a close call, Zhang Junshi almost vomit up blood.

“This…….are they still considered chickens?” The two workers looked on with fright as the roosters all popped out like bubbles and ran into the woods calling ‘ooo ooo‘. Soon, a flock of hens were herded in. 

Nie Bufan pulled the gates open and explained as he watched the hens return inside: “These are the chickens for food, very dumb, about 400 you can pick any of them.” 

Zhang Junshi looked at these lively chickens, his head a bit messed up. So chickens were raised in this way? No wonder the meat texture was that good, it was all because of exercise.……putting aside the points of strangeness and just speaking of chickens, they were indeed high quality goods and worth placing orders longterm.

Hai, good, it is not bad at all.” Zhang Junshi no longer knew what to say. Everything he experienced today had his tolearance levels rising to the point he could face everything calmly now. 

Besides, this Nie Bufan fellow was indeed interesting. He had never met someone like him his whole 20+ years. 

“Then we are agreed, in the future you only need to send people to pick up the goods.” Nie Bufan was all smiles, his mood pleasant. He now finally had money and could buy some good things to eat. 

Zhang Junshi nodded, and signaled the two workers to catch chickens. 

The workers soon put 30 into cages and the transaction was made. 

Zhang Junshi added: “When things stabilize it’ll be once a month.” 

“No problem.” Nie Bufan sent them off in high spirits. 

“Eh? Where’s our donkey?” Worker 1 exclaimed. 

They all looked in the direction where the donkey had been tied up but only a rope remained. 

“You go have a search, did it run into the woods?” This place was not big it should not have run far. 

Nie Bufan rubbed his nose, remaining silent. 

The workers searched all over but did not find it. 

Zhang Junshi said sullenly: “Nevermind, if it is still in the valley then we’ll be able to find it eventually. I’ll have to trouble little brother Nie to be on a lookout.” 

“Definitely, definitely.” 

After saying farewells, Zhang Junshi and the others left the strangeness that was Chicken Nest Village behind in exhaustion. Looking back they could still see Nie Bufan waving enthusiastically at them in goodbye.

They took back 30 chickens but lost a donkey, this must be a trap!

Heihei.” After they left Nie Bufan suddenly squatted down and said to a grey chicken in the corner, “welcome to Chicken Nest Village, from now on you will be called Dusty.” 

The grey chicken had tears in its beady eyes as it trembled.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Don’t be afraid, although you are now a chicken, but you are a chicken with intelligence. You will be free as long as you don’t leave the village. Come, let’s meet your brothers and sisters.” 

Nie Bufan stood up and flung his arms in the direction of Chicken Nest Village. 

“Come on, Dusty, Chicken Nest Village welcomes you!”

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Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 001 Village, Village, Village

Nie Bufan dimension traveled. He dimension traveled to an unknown ancient mountain village. In truth, while it was called a village, only an old man lived there with a couple of fruit trees and a few plots of farm fields. 

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

No illustrious background, no powerful support, no wealth for him to squander…..even if Nie Bufan transmigrated he was still a luckless small fry. The only thing to feel lucky about was that he inherited the small mountain village from the old man at death’s door——no that didn’t make sense, let’s try that again——from the old man before death’s door——still didn’t make sense, again——from the old man who was close to the end of his lifespan. 

Unfortunately, Nie Bufan knew not a wit about farming. Not only that, he was completely penniless and relied on the old man’s inheritance (300 pounds of rice grains) to survive with difficulty. 

Nie Bufan, this person, was lazy, slightly an idiot, thought quite highly of himself and was a natural airhead. But he had a positive side, and that was never considering himself to be lazy, slightly an idiot, thought quite highly of himself and was a natural airhead. To put it simply, he was a pure optimist.

He thought to himself, since he didn’t know how to farm or plant fruit trees, then he’ll open a chicken coop. That’s right, a ‘chicken coop’ (TN: in Chinese the word for chicken coop sounds the same as a brothel) that specialized in laying eggs, hatching chicks, and continue laying eggs. Then he’ll bring it to every restaurant and wine house to sell, and be a live chicken live (?) egg supplier. It was a good thing he had experience raising a dog (?) before, so raising a couple of chickens wouldn’t be a problem. 

As for the source of the chickens, the truth could no longer be verified. Rumor had it on a certain spring morning, Nie Bufan woke up to a yard full of chickens who looked like they had migrated (?) from an unknown far away place.

Later, Nie Bufan finally found an answer. This small mountain village that could only fit one person and a flock of chickens was in fact a piece of land that had been cursed. Any bird that flew over this village must land and become a chicken. It was not known whether this land had always been so, or becoming so after Nie Bufan’s arrival, anyway the situation was so.

Aside from this, as a transmigrating individual Nie Bufan did have something extraordinary about him (TN: a play on his name ‘bufan’ which means extraordinary in Chinese). He had undergone a certain change. The only use for this kind of change was to have his chaotic life become more chaotic. As for what exactly was the change, we’ll bring that up later. 

With a flock of chickens, Nie Bufan began his chicken raising life. He had a scientific method for raising chickens——free range. Every morning he opened the gates and let them out to find food. In the evening he’ll yell for them to come back. This went on for a few days, and the flock of chickens actually increased in size rather than decrease. 

But soon Nie Bufan discovered a serious problem. The flock had quite a number who were right delinquents. They didn’t know to find food themselves, and specially targeted the old and weak to steal from them. Everyday puffing their chests and strutting around arrogantly. This made Nie Bufan rather unhappy so he decided to pick them out from the flock and fence in another piece of land for them to make trouble in. Occasionally he’ll use dog training methods to drill them so that as they became more valiant they should also be equipped with a soldier’s (?) discipline.

After who knew how long, Nie Bufan’s chickens finally increased in scope, chickens for laying eggs and chickens for chicken meat. In addition, there was also a smaller flock of fighter chickens, their mission was to watch the house and guard the village, preventing wolves and expeling tigers. Because of their shocking fighting strength, Nie Bufan generously exempted them from their egg laying responsibilities——they were roosters, roosters, roosters!

A few months later when there was not much food left, Nie Bufan decided to bring some chickens to the city to expand his business. Before the old man died, he had told him that over the hill there was a Xishan City. But Nie Bufan was not willing to climb over a hill, and did not have much curiosity either, so since his arrival he had not even gone once. In actuality, a straight roadway between the village and Xishan City would only be several hundred meters, only a tall hill with twisty paths separating the two. 

When Nie Bufan arrived at Xishan City it was nearing noon——the sun had been high up before he began his journey, completely lacking in any awareness of his status as a poor farmer. On his back was a basket of chickens and in his hand was a leashed fighter chicken. He walked in an unfamiliar and ancient city, looking around with high interest and examining the buildings and people wearing ancient dress. Of course, he himself was also wearing ancient dress, but just not mainstream for the times, in fact there was a suspicion that he was wearing underclothes only. Not to mention he was walking a chicken on a leash so head turns were 10 out of 10. 

After walking around a bit, he finally recalled that he had business to attend to. At this time, the restaurants were at their busiest and no matter how airheaded he might be Nie Bufan knew that no one would have the time to talk business with him at the front entrance. So he circled to the back and coincidentally met a fat uncle managing a few servants to carry some vegetables inside. 

“Why are you so late today? Don’t you know the restaurant is in a hurry to use the ingredients?” Fat uncle scolded the vegetable farmer on the side. 

“Apologies, apologies, we were held up on the way, there won’t be a next time.” The farmer bowed in apology. 

“Hopefully you keep your promises, if there is a next time we’ll change to another supplier.” 

 “Yes, yes, it definitely wont happen again, definitely.” 

Taking advantage of the lull, Nie Bufan walked over  and said: “Excuse me, don’t know whether your restaurant accept chickens?” 

“Chicken?” Fat uncle paused, examining this young man who wore a common rough cloth shirt like an acrobatics street performer. But his features were rather attractive and charming, skin also quite pale. He completely did not resemble one of poor origins. Only his outfit was too lacking in thought and manners. And also, what was on the leash he was holding? A chicken? 

“You don’t mean this chicken, right?” Fat uncle pointed at the large rooster with a violent gleam in its beady eyes. 

“No, no.” Nie Bufan shook his head and smiled, “this is my bodyguard, not for sale. I want to sell the chickens in the straw basket.” 



Nie Bufan saw that everyone was looking at him like they would look at aliens and asked again: “What do you say? Uncle, do you want to look at the goods?”

Fat uncle hesitantly said: “Alright, let me see.” 

Nie Bufan put down the straw basket and lifted the lid, inside there were 5 hens. 

Fat uncle lifted one up to look at, nodding: “En, this chicken is quite sturdy, very good. How many do you have?”

“A large quanitity. I can supply longterm and the price will also have you satisfied.” 

“Oh?” Fat uncle looked at the other chickens and said, “all the chickens are as sturdy and fat as these?”

“Of course, definitely no defective goods.” 

Fat uncle thought for a bit and said: “We have a supplier already but the quality of your chickens are too good. How about this, I will go discuss with my boss. You come in and wait for a bit.”

“Fine.” Nie Bufan followed fat uncle into the backyard. Unlike the noisy entrance, here it was much more tranquil. 

Not long, fat uncle led a man over who appeared to be around 23 or 24 with handsome features and smiling lips, like a graceful and elegant Gongzi (TN: son of an official or nobility). 

“Young man, this is our boss who was coincidentally in the restaurant today. You’re quite lucky.”

“Hello.” Nie Bufan nodded at the person. 

The man raised an eyebrow, likely startled by his strange outfit, and asked after awhile: “How may I refer to little brother?” 

“Nie Bufan. The ‘Nie’ in ‘to whisper news’ (TN: surname that means to whisper), the ‘Bu’ in ‘not of the ordinary’ (TN: bu = no or not), the ‘fan’ in ‘not of the ordinary’ (TN: fan = ordinary, common).”

“……A good name.” The man’s lips seem to have twitched a bit, and said, “I am Zhang Junshi. I heard from uncle Pang that your goods are very superior, may I have a look?” 

Nie Bufan did not much like his genteel and erudite way of talking, and directly lifted the basket in front of him. 

Zhang Junshi looked like a young master of an affluent family but he was completely unafraid of dirty or smelly matters. Rolling up his sleeves he lifted a chicken from the basket. The hens were very discontent for receiving such treatment this many times continuously and began to struggle. On the side the rooster became dissatisfied and let out Ooo Ooo causing the hens to stop. 

Zhang Junshi had a look of astonishment, looking at the rooster he asked: “This is?”

“My pet, lady Flower.” 

“………” Zhang Junshi

“…..…” Uncle Pang 

The rooster shook its colorful feathers, puffed out its chest and looked arrogantly at them. 

“Little brother’s hobbies are quite singular.” Zhang Junshi’s lips twitched again.

“Thanks for the compliment.” Nie Bufan was actually quite pleased with himself. After all, to be able to train a pet dog was nothing, only being able to train a clever fighter chicken could be called ability. 

Zhang Junshi likely realized talking proper business was much more practical so he asked: “Where is little brother’s home located? Is it far from Xishan City?”

“A bit far.” 

Zhang Junshi furrowed his brow. 

“About an hour’s walk.” To someone who drove to work and home, and never took the stairs if there was an elevator like Nie Bufan, it was indeed far. He had not walked a distance this far before. 

“……..” Zhang Junshi looked at Nie Bufan and thought privately, this person was not here to make a sport of him, right? He restrained himself and asked, “how much do you plan to sell your chickens for?”

“It can be 2 coins less than your original supplier’s price.” Nie Bufan didn’t know the actual market price so he replied in that way. Besides, his motive was not to make big money, just enough to support himself. 

“I need you to supply 200 chickens a month, is that doable?” 

Nie Bufan rubbed his chin, shaking his head: “Our village only began raising chickens and the scale isn’t too large. The first month I can only supply 150 but two to three months later the amount can be increased.” 

Zhang Junshi thought for a bit, the several hens he just examined had sturdy frames and shiny feathers. The muscles were also quite firm, it was indeed high quality.

He said: “How about this, you first supply for a month, if the taste and texture made from your chickens are of high quality then in the future we can accept your supply longterm.” 

Nie Bufan nodded in agreement, adding: “Right, our village has no carts, it would be best if you sent people to come pick them up. You’ll arrive after going over that hill, it’s not far.” 

Who just said not long ago that it was ‘a bit far?’ Zhang Junshi’s lips twitched once again. 

“Fine. Tomorrow I will bring people over to have a look, if there’s no problem I will have people go pick up the goods.” 

“Alright, take these 5 first.” Nie Bufan happily patted the basket.

Zhang Junshi nodded and had uncle Pang go bring over the payment, a total of 55 coins, one chicken only worth 11 coins. It was indeed cheap. 

Nie Bufan did not mind too much, playing with the coins of ancient times. 

Zhang Junshi thought this person was quite interesting. He had the appearance of a pampered young master but he was doing business like chicken selling. And wearing…….hai, let’s not mention it.

“Ah, right, do you take eggs? Our village produces a lot of eggs, the price is cheap.” 

Zhang Junshi nodded: “Fine, it is quite convenient. Tomorrow when I have a look I’ll decide on the amount.” 

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You are extremely welcome.” Nie Bufan smiled brighter than the sun. It dazzled Zhang Junshi so much that he had to squint his eyes.

Hai, right, I have yet to ask, what is your village called?” 

Nie Bufan was silent for awhile before saying solemnly: “Chicken Nest Village.” 


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