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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 018 Physical Exam

After the consultation, the Jiang family set the time of admission to the hospital at the end of April.

On the day Jiang Zhuo was admitted to the hospital, it coincided with the routine physical examination of the high school second years. There was no class in the morning and more than half of the teenagers were in especially good spirits. They laughed and joked without care, full of energy.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Only Shen Xu was an exception, his face pale, watching the line in front of him shorten little by little, and his whole person wanted to cry but he was without tears, and could only hunch his thin shoulders pitifully and helplessly.

Jiang Chen stood behind him, holding a black-covered book in his hand, reading while waiting in line, leisurely and calmly.

“Brother Jiang, why do you think they draw such a large tube of blood?” Shen Xu stretched his neck to watch the person in front of him draw blood, and after watching it, he leaned on Jiang Chen tremblingly, with a chalk white face: “I won’t faint from the blood loss, will I?”

“You say that every time you had your blood drawn before, but did you ever faint?” Jiang Chen glanced at him, then lowered his eyes to continue reading.

“You fellow, crossing the river and demolishing the bridge!” Shen Xu was not comforted, and he became dissatisfied in an instant, but his spirits also rose and he said: “You want to switch our test tubes, and your good brother, I, agreed without a word. But when I am so nervous and in need of a little comfort from you, you actually ignore me like this. Soon my body will be hurt later, but now you actually hurt my heart first, do you have a conscience, are you still my good brother or not?”

Jiang Chen sighed in the bottom of his heart. He very much missed Huo Bo at times like these, if Huo Bo was here, just a look from him would make Shen Xu shut up.

“How do you want me to comfort you?”

“May 1, accompany me for at least three days!” Shen Xu immediately stood up straight, and said while counting his fingers, “One day to play basketball, one day to play video games, and one day to…..”

Jiang Chen didn’t wait for him to finish, and just helped him to finish: “Go to the library to study.”

“What library, what study!” Shen Xu was dissatisfied: “Seven days off! It’s a long vacation! Who goes to the library! And how could there be any spot left in the library?”

“You will go if there’s an open spot?”

“I…..” Shen Xu pursed his lips, but knowing that Jiang Chen was going to go, he could only reluctantly say: “Fine, fine, it happens that my parents are at home this holiday, although they know that I will be hanging out with you and won’t lecture me, but if they know we are going to the library, I might have more pocket money next month.”

Jiang Chen patted his shoulder and raised his chin slightly: “It’s your turn.”

The blood draws on this line have basically been finished. Most of the boys rushed in front and left after the drawing. Most of the girls queued behind the boys, but they also knew that they would have to have their blood drawn sooner or later and so did not dawdle, just rolled up their sleeves when their turn arrived. Only Shen Xu felt faint from needles and blood, and dragged Jiang Chen to the end of the line, until only the two of them were left in the arranged office.

However, this was exactly what Jiang Chen needed.

Shen Xu stepped forward, the nurse looked up at him and asked, “Jiang Chen?”

Shen Xu paused, then nodded.

“Put your arm on the table, when I ask you to make a fist, you will make a fist, and if it’s let go, then you let go.” Probably because Shen Xu’s complexion was too ugly, and it was the last two students already, the nurse smiled and comforted: “‘Classmate Jiang Chen ‘, don’t be afraid, this will be over very quickly.”

The fake Jiang Chen nodded, grabbing the real Jiang Chen’s arm with one hand, resting his other arm on the cushion, stiffened his neck and closed his eyes as if he was being tortured.

Jiang Chen sighed, covered Shen Xu’s eyes, and whispered to the nurse, “Please be gentle.”

“Don’t worry.” The nurse smiled and said, “It’s just an ant bite, it won’t…..”


Before the nurse’s words that it wouldn’t hurt was even finished saying, Shen Xu’s screech startled her so much that her hands almost trembled. Fortunately, her professional quality was still there, and she quickly drew the needle, the process considered finished.

However, she really had been shocked and said with both amusement and irritation: “How could it hurt so much, classmate Jiang Chen, you are such a big boy, but you are like a child toward having your blood drawn.”

Shen Xu clutched his arm, his expression weak and fragile but confident: “I, Jiang Chen, am afraid of injections. I have been afraid of injections since I was a child, not only injections but also…..”

Jiang Chen rolled up his sleeves and glanced at him calmly when he stretched out his hand. Shen Xu immediately shut his mouth.

The nurse quickly drew blood for Jiang Chen, and after drawing the blood, she said to Shen Xu, “Look at ‘classmate Shen Xu’, he is not afraid at all, you are friends, learn more from him.”

Shen Xu covered his stomach with a snort and bent over from the laughter. Before waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, he nodded again and again: “Okay, okay, I will definitely learn from ‘classmate Shen Xu’.”

After the physical examination was the May 1st holiday.

Yesterday, the school went on vacation, and Jiang Zhuo was officially admitted to the hospital to prepare for surgery. Yang Si went to the hospital early in the morning with a change of clothes and breakfast. Jiang Chen went over at noon, and after changing shifts with Yang Si, delivered lunch to Jiang Zhuo. After sitting with him for a while, he was then driven away.

Both Jiang Zhuo and his wife felt that after the accident, Jiang Chen’s character was much more serious and solemn than before. Although others would think he had become more sensible, they felt distressed in their hearts. Before on holidays, the child would often go out to play basketball with friends. Now he always stayed at home or studied or helped out around the house. Children of this age didn’t need to be like this, they just wanted him to be happy.

Therefore, when Jiang Zhuo saw Jiang Chen sit next to him, pick up the book he brought and opened it, as if he was going to read it all afternoon, he took out the book in his hand and drove him out without hesitation. He stuffed him with fifty yuan and told him to find Shen Xu and Huo bo to play what he wanted to play, and eat what he wanted to eat, and not to sit dully at home or in the hospital all the time.

Jiang Chen had no choice but to leave the hospital with the money.

Today was the first day of May. Shen Xu and his parents were going to visit relatives and Huo Bo was not in Yan City now. So today he planned to read a book in the hospital while taking care of his father. But at this time, the plan was disrupted and he didn’t know where else to go.

Walking out the hospital, Jiang Chen paused and his eyes fell on the lively quaint old street two blocks away.

It was an antique street and was quite famous in Yan City. A few years ago, someone bought a long-necked gourd bottle from the Qianlong period for 30 yuan on a street stall and became rich overnight. Since then, Antique Street had also grown in popularity and there was an endless stream of people who go there to find treasures, as well as attract many tourists to visit.

Although Jiang Chen had always lived in Yan City, he only passed by there in his first life and never went in, and the same was true in this life. It just so happened that he had nothing to do now, so he turned and walked towards Antique Street.

Antique Street was crowded with people, it was a holiday now, and there were many tourists.

Jiang Chen had just walked a few steps but he was already about to turn around and go back, but the crowd pushed him forward, and it was very difficult to turn back now, so he had to choose to go out from the other end of Antique Street.

Most of the storefronts on both sides were decorated in retro style. There were big houses with red doors and stone lions, and there were small houses with wooden beams and carved wooden windows. If there were no crowds of people in modern wear, at first glance, it really appeared like a scene from ancient times.

Jiang Chen stopped in front of a wooden door, and his eyes stopped at the copper basin that was placed at the door. The basin was full of round ancient coins, some clean and some mottled, of different sizes.

“Customer, would you like to buy some copper coins?” Probably seeing him standing for a long time, the shop clerk dressed in a very retro style came over, but his words were a strange blend of ancient and modern: “If you want to buy it, our Guyun Shop will definitely satisfy you. What year does the customer want, I can give you a look?”

Jiang Chen returned to his senses, declined the clerk’s promotion, and turned around and left the shop.

Standing at the door for a few seconds, he pursed his lower lip, raised his legs and walked in the opposite direction of the flow of people.

After leaving Antique Street, Jiang Chen sat down at the bus stop next to him and lowered his eyes to think about what he had just suddenly thought of.

In the first life, when the company he started with Huo Bo and Shen Xu was just starting, they finally negotiated a cooperation that was extremely important to them at the time. In order to show respect for their future partners, all three of them attended the banquet hosted by the other party.

He had never liked to participate in these banquets, and he had hardly attended them a few times in total. That banquet was one that left the most impression on him, because their future business partner, after a few drinks, grabbed him to sit down next to him and told him his rags to riches tale.

“On May Day in 2004, I was going to the outskirts of Yan City to see my relatives. Who would have thought that I would pick up a silver currency banknote printed by the Hubei Official Money Bureau? Do you know what a Hubei Official Money Bureau Silver Currency Banknote is? Have you seen it before? Let me tell you…..the silver banknote reads ‘Based on this banknote, withdraw an estimate of ten taels’, I still remember it clearly, not a single word forgotten! When I saw that silver banknote, my heart skipped a beat, and I knew that my chance to make a fortune had come, so I immediately hid it and took it home. It turned out that I really hit the jackpot. In 2006, there was an auction in Hong Kong. Do you know how much it cost? 1.3 million yuan! 1.3 million! That’s how I got my first pot of gold hahahaha…..”

Although he only relayed what was written on that banknote once, Jiang Chen’s memory had always been excellent. In addition, the experience of having a drunk man who was grabbing on to him at that time and alternating between boasting about his rags to riches tale and then bursting into folk songs was too particular. Despite two lifetimes having passed, that incident and that out-of-tune singing was still not erased from his memory.

It was just that this incident never held an important place in his memory, it was a memory garbage that left such an impression that it was difficult to eliminate, so before seeing that pot of copper coins just now, he didn’t recall it at all, but after seeing those copper coins, the memory appeared naturally.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Now was the first day of the May Day holiday week in 2004. Although he didn’t know which day the person picked up the banknote during the holiday, within this time period, Jiang Chen decided to check it out.

If that silver banknote was picked up by him today, he would keep part of the money, and if not, he would not go look for it again.

The No. 213 bus stopped in front of him, Jiang Chen got up and stepped onto the bus.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 017 End Of Bad Days

Shi Fengyue’s words gave the Jiang family reassurance.

In the office, Shi Fengyue was conducting a more detailed consultation with Jiang Zhuo. Jiang Chen was with him. The corners of Yang Si’s mouth twitched upwards again and again in joy. After the tension passed, she finally felt thirsty. She whispered to Jiang Chen and then quietly left the office.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After drinking a glass of water in one breath, Yang Si couldn’t hide the joy on her face. She walked around clutching the bag in her hand, and after wandering for a while, she finally couldn’t help laughing out loud. After she ran to the restroom to wash her face, looking at the no longer gloomy face in the mirror, the corners of her lips raised.

How wonderful.

The bad days of this family have finally come to an end.

When Jiang Zhuo got better and their son got into a good university, everything would be fine at home.

Yang Si smiled, but her eyes couldn’t help turning red. She covered her mouth and squeezed her eyes, crying and laughing at the same time.

The past few months have been a never ending despair and hardship she had never felt before, but she did not dare to shed even a tear. Her husband was in the most pain and sadness, and her child was at a sensitive and vulnerable age. If even she could not support the family, then the family would really collapse.

But she was also afraid. She was afraid that her husband would fall into depression, and would lose himself in the depths of his depression in the future, immersed in the shadow of being unable to stand up. She was afraid that her child would be affected by things at home, be distracted at such an important moment, and that he would fail in the college entrance examination a year later. She was also afraid that she wouldn’t be able to bear this heavy burden herself, and this family would really collapsed just like this.

She kept gritting her teeth and prepared for the worst, but when seeing hope in a sea of despair, how could she not be ecstatic?

Yang Si quietly went to the secluded small hospital garden alone. She sat on the bench, crying and laughing while covering her mouth, just wanting to vent all her suppressed emotions during this time.

After crying it out, she fell silent again.

Her husband’s legs could be saved, and so it was certain that he would undergo the surgery.

But after the car accident, most of the family’s savings had been spent. Now all the savings in the family added up to only 30,000 yuan. Although she didn’t know the specific cost of the operation, Yang Si also knew that the family’s money was far from enough to support her husband’s surgery expenses. Moreover, her child’s schooling and food needed money, so how could there be no savings left at home.

The top priority was to get a sum of money that could cover Jiang Zhuo’s surgery costs as soon as possible. It was just that, towards such a large amount of money, how was it possible to so easily be raised.

Yang Si thought about the people who could lend money to them, and finally found that they could only borrow at most 30,000 yuan, which was already the limit that their friends could support. Most of the households at this time were not that wealthy and those who could take out tens of thousands of yuan were already quite well-off.

In fact, before father Jiang was injured, the Jiang family’s conditions were also considered to be well-off. At this time, a deposit of more than 200,000 yuan in the bank was considered a very well-off family. Because of this, every time the Yang family came to mooch money from them, although Jiang Zhuo was irritated, he never really raged about it. He was angry not because of the money, but because of the way the Yang family treated Yang Si as an ATM yet never felt bad for her and treated her better.

Yang Si knew all of this and it was precisely because she knew that she developed the idea of ​​severing ties with her natal family members, but before they had time to do anything, Jiang Zhuo had an accident, and the Yang family changed their face and threw stones at them while they were down.

Now Jiang Zhuo was in urgent need of treatment expenses. If the Yang family could repay the money owed to them, it would solve the urgent need of the Jiang family, but was it possible that the Yang family would pay it back?

Thinking of what happened last time she went to the Yang family with Jiang Chen, Yang Si gritted her teeth. Although she had cut off relations with her parents and younger brother, she had to get the money back!

If there was no hope for Jiang Zhuo’s legs, then the money would not be needed, but now that there was a chance of recovery, she had to seize it no matter what. But how to get the Yang family to repay the money, she still needed to think about it some more.

Thinking this, Yang Si couldn’t help but smile, no matter how difficult the family was, as long as there was hope, she believed that their family could overcome the difficulties and shoulder on.

When Jiang Chen found Yang Si, he happened to see her smiling face with reddened eyes.


Yang Si quickly wiped her eyes before turning to look at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen sat down beside her with a smile, and said softly, “I know you are happy, and so am I.”

“Yeah.” Yang Si smiled relaxedly: “Your Dad’s leg can be cured, Mom is so happy.”

“Mom, were you just thinking about Dad’s surgery fee and follow-up treatment costs?”

Jiang Chen turned his head to look at her, his clear eyes see straight through her, and Yang Si, who wanted to find an excuse to hide it, opened her mouth but couldn’t speak, and finally could only nod her head.

But she still didn’t want the child to worry about it. She smiled and said, “Mom was indeed thinking about this, but you don’t have to worry, Mom already has a solution.”

“What solution?” Jiang Chen had been direct with his parents since he was a child, and he would tell them anything, and the same was true at this time: “Mom, do you want to sell the house or go to the Yang family to ask for the money back?”

Yang Si was stunned, she didn’t expect Jiang Chen to guess what she was thinking.

Yang Si was very clear about how unlikely it was to get money from the Yang family, but Jiang Zhuo’s legs couldn’t wait. If she really couldn’t get it, selling the family’s house was the fastest way to get money, but… that case, Jiang Chen would have a lot of trouble going to school.

That was the point she had been hesitating about.

Jiang Chen naturally knew what Yang Si was thinking, and even knew what she was hesitating about.

In the first life, under the unremitting search of the Jiang family, a doctor finally agreed to perform Jiang Zhuo’s operation, but he also bluntly said that he could not guarantee that Jiang Zhuo could stand up, and the success rate was very low. At that time, it had been more than a year since Jiang Zhuo’s car accident, and the family’s savings had long since dwindled to nothing. Naturally, the Yang family would not fork over any money, but for this slim hope, after Yang Si and Jiang Chen discussed it over, they decided to choose the surgery.

At that time, Jiang Chen naturally agreed to the treatment. How could the family’s house and his studies be more important than his father’s legs? After the house was sold, there could be a new one, and if his studies were delayed, he could repeat his studies. Whereas Jiang Zhuo’s chance at standing up was just this once.

However, Jiang Zhuo had already given up hope at that time. He didn’t want his family to sell the house or be in debt because of him. He even quarreled with Yang Si about it. In the end, the house was still sold, and then Jiang Zhuo was coaxed and persuaded to be sent to the operating room.

That operation was unsuccessful.

The failure of the operation and the lack of a fixed place to live became the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Jiang Zhuo felt that he was a drag on his family and committed suicide on a quiet night.

Jiang Chen still remembered that that time was truly the most despairing period for the family, his father’s funeral, his mother’s crying, the Yang family’s ridicule, and the college entrance examination that was about to come in just over a month……That time when the house was sold was the fuse that caused the Jiang family to really fall into desperate straits.

Even if the family’s situation in this life had not reached that point in the first life, and Jiang Chen firmly believed that Shi Fengyue could cure Jiang Zhuo’s legs, he had never thought of selling the house for money, not only because in the first life it became the biggest regret and pain of the Jiang family, but also because he never thought about letting the Yang family live freely and wantonly with the money they owed the Jiang family.

Whether it was to buy real estate or speculate in stocks to make money or to design software to make money, it would take a certain amount of time, and Jiang Zhuo’s legs couldn’t wait. So since the beginning, Jiang Chen only thought about getting the money back from the Yang family. When he co-founded a company with Huo Bo and Shen Xu, although he didn’t manage the company’s daily affairs, he also learned a lot of things by their side that ordinary people might not have access to, such as pursuing debts.

It was just that Yang Si must agree to that method, and only she could come forward, so Jiang Chen couldn’t act rashly before he understood Yang Si’s thoughts.

Now, Jiang Chen looked at Yang Si’s expression and felt that the time might have finally come.

“Mom.” Jiang Chen looked at her and said seriously: “I know you may want to sell the house, but have you ever thought, if the house is sold, where will our family live? What about going to school in the future? What will Dad think? He absolutely will not want us to have no place to live because of him. Before the operation, we need to maintain a good physical and mental state. If Dad knows, could he still undergo the operation in his best state?”

Jiang Chen picked out all of Yang Si’s concerns, word by word, and pressed those concerns towards her, causing her to instantly shrink back from the idea of ​​selling the house, becoming more apprehensive about the idea.

“But…..if we don’t sell the house, what about your father’s treatment costs?”

Yang Si didn’t intend to let Jiang Chen know the family’s economic situation and cause him to be worried about it, but facing Jiang Chen at this time, she unknowingly expressed her concerns and worries.

“If I say that I have a way to get back the money the Yang family owes us, but it may cause you and the Yang family to not even be left with a single trace of affection, will you still be willing?”

Yang Si was taken aback, her eyes widened in disbelief, and she nodded almost without hesitation: “We and the Yang family have long since had a falling out, they have no affection for me at all, if the money can be get back for your father’s treatment, what do I still care about that nonexistent trace of affection?”

Jiang Chen smiled, he nodded, and said, “I remember that the several large sums of money that Yang Tianci borrowed from our family at the beginning were all with IOUs, do you still have those IOUs?”

Yang Si directly ignored Jiang Chen’s direct referral to Yang Tianci’s name, nodded and said, “In the drawer where the important documents are kept at home.”

“That’s good.” Jiang Chen’s brows and eyes curved, revealing a mouthful of small white teeth, the little dimple on one side deepened a little more, and that handsome face showed the liveliness of a youth: “My plan is this…..”

Yang Si heard what Jiang Chen whispered in her ear, her eyes widened, and then asked in a low voice, “Is this really possible? This won’t break the law, right?”

“Of course it won’t break the law.” Jiang Chen sat up straight, his expression returned to his usual modesty and calmness: “The transfer of creditor’s rights is legal, but we may need to give up part of it to the debt collectors.”

“Of course.” Yang Si agreed immediately: “As long as we can get back enough for your father’s surgery, the extra money can even be given to the debt collectors.”

After she finished speaking, she was a little worried: “It won’t get us involved in any trouble, right? Those people…..”

“Don’t worry, Mom, I will find an official debt collection agency.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The methods used by official debt collection agencies were naturally legal and reasonable, but they were also well versed in the way of stepping on the edge of the line, which could not only make the debtors miserable, but also make them have nowhere to complain, and could only pay back the money obediently. But as for these things, it was not what Yang Si, who had already transferred the creditor’s right, needed to know.

Among the flowers of spring, the young man had a bright smile, a gentle and elegant demeanor, and appeared the most upright and honest that one could be.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 016 Official Meeting

On Wednesday, Jiang Chen specially took a day off.

Jiang Zhuo and his wife did not feel too excited about this meeting. After all, they had been to Yan City No. 3 Hospital before, and they had seen a somewhat well-known chief physician of spine surgery. He was also one of the doctors who said that Jiang Zhuo’s legs were hopeless. And in terms of strength, Yan No. 3 was not particularly ranked in this respect.

They were only willing to visit again after learning that Jiang Chen went out every weekend morning to ask about the doctor. Jiang Zhuo and his wife could not bear to disappoint him, so they agreed.

It was just that Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si couldn’t help but look forward to this meeting when seeing Jiang Chen asking for leave so solemnly, seeing the rare smile on his face since the accident, seeing his bright eyes and the little dimple at the corner of his mouth. They hoped that the doctor really did have good skills. They hoped that today would not let Jiang Chen be disappointed again after putting in the effort for so long.

When Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhuo arrived at the Third Hospital of Yan City, there were exactly two nurses on duty at the outpatient consultation desk three days ago.

They saw Jiang Chen coming, with an unfamiliar couple beside them. They were a little curious, but they didn’t ask any further questions. A round-faced nurse smiled and said, “Dr. Shi is here today, and I was just thinking you would come, he hasn’t any appointments yet, so this morning there were only patients queuing for consultation. So you can go to the front to register now, it should be your turn soon.”

Jiang Chen smiled and nodded, while Jiang Zhuo and his wife were a little surprised.

Jiang Zhuo was naturally moved when he knew that Jiang Chen came to Yan No. 3 Hospital every week, but now that even the nurses at the consultation desk knew him and that he was so familiar with queuing and registration, his heart was even more complicated.

He couldn’t give the child a superior living condition and after the accident, the child was worried and fearful. He already felt very guilty that he couldn’t be as simple and happy as before. So at this time, when he saw Jiang Chen busying himself with his treatment, he thought of how Jiang Chen must have done a lot of things for him and made so much effort, those complex feelings suddenly gave birth to a strong desire——he must get better.

Even if he could no longer stand up, as a husband and a father, he had to let this family stand up. So what if he couldn’t walk, he could find work that could be done without needing to walk. Only once he had completely recovered from this matter, his child and wife could let go of their worries and live a normal life.

Jiang Zhuo raised his head to look at his son, who seemed to have lost his naivety and had grown up quickly. He was proud and remorseful, but when he met those smiling eyes, he couldn’t help but also have a gratified smile on his face.

The child had worked so hard, what reason did he have to give up on himself?

Today this time, no matter what the result was, it would be treated as a new start for their family!

Jiang Chen saw Jiang Zhuo’s smile, and the smile in his eyes deepened. He took the registration slip and said, “Mom and Dad, we are number six, and there are only two people in front. The spine surgery clinic is on the second floor. Let’s go up and wait.”

Yang Si nodded and pushed Jiang Zhuo into the elevator. Seeing the smiles on Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhuo’s faces, the shadows in her heart also dissipated a lot. Since Jiang Zhuo’s accident, she was scared and anxious every time she came to the hospital. After the number of times increased, it left a shadow behind, and as soon as she stepped into the door of the hospital, her chest would feel stuffy and her heart would palpitate.

They arrived on the second floor very soon. The family of three got out of the elevator, followed the signs to the Spine Surgery Clinic, and stopped outside a small door. There was a blue sign next to the door, which read: Spine Surgery, Shi Fengyue.

Jiang Chen handed the registration form to the nurse outside the door. The nurse glanced at it and said, “The previous patient has just entered, and it should be you right away. Just wait here for a while. If you are thirsty, there is a water dispenser over there.”

“Thank you.”

Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si were both a little nervous, so naturally they were not in the mood to drink water, but Jiang Chen was a little thirsty, so he poured a glass of water over there and drank it himself. He then poured a glass for his parents, holding it in his hand in case they got thirsty later.

The patient who entered came out not long after, and he was also accompanied by his family member, frowning and talking to the family member who was pushing his wheelchair: “This Dr. Shi actually said that the treatment of my leg is too simple, and asked me to find another doctor and he won’t be taking my case, is he mental?”

The Jiang family, who were about to go in, happened to hear their conversation. Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si looked at each other but before they could think about anything, Jiang Chen had already opened the door for them and could only go in.

However, when the wheelchair was pushed halfway, Jiang Chen no longer moved further.

Jiang Chen held the doorknob in one hand and the water glass in the other, and stood in the gap where the door opened. The man who was rotating the pen with his fingers raised his head lazily, and their eyes collided. One slightly widened his eyes, and the other raised his eyebrows.

“It’s you?”

“Why are you here?”

The two spoke at the same time, one was surprised, the other was curious.

For the first time since he was reborn, Jiang Chen showed such an exposed expression of surprise: “You are Shi Fengyue?”

Shi Fengyue crossed his legs with a smile at the corner of his eyes. He supported his chin with one hand and said lazily, “Don’t you already know me?”

Jiang Chen’s brows twitched, what he said was indeed correct, he could be considered to have known him, after all, he had met him twice before, but for some reason, he kept feeling that there was something else in Shi Fengyue’s words.

Sure enough, Shi Fengyue tilted his head and laughed exuberantly, with a dissolute and sly expression: “It turns out that the golden age beauty has such a low sense of existence in your heart.”

Jiang Chen: “…..”

Could it be that he was actually listening to him talking to the nurse back then?

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Chen paused, put away the surprise in his heart, and said calmly: “I didn’t know you were Dr. Shi before, and I said ‘golden age beauty’ because I heard a friend who saw your photo describe you that way, and so I borrowed their words without thinking too much about it.”

Don’t know if Shi Fengyue believed it or not, his half-smiling eyes staying on him for a few seconds before passing by him to the couple behind him. He nodded slightly and said, “Is it a patient? Please come in.”

Jiang Zhuo and his wife, who were confused by their conversation, just came in a daze. Even after the door closed, Shi Fengyue squatted beside Jiang Zhuo’s leg and pinched for a long time, then watched the x-rays he brought, and asked a few questions, Yang Si was still a bit at a loss.

Did Jiang Chen and this Dr. Shi know each other or not?

It sounded like they didn’t know each other, but they all looked like they knew each other. Moreover, this Dr. Shi was really quite young. The age difference between the two was not much different so if Jiang Chen knew him it was not that strange. But why had she never heard about it before?

Also, this young doctor was too good-looking. Before, Yang Si only thought that her child was the best-looking boy she had ever seen. Even though she was wearing the filter of being a mother, whoever had met Jiang Chen would always praise him for looking better than the stars on TV. But after seeing this doctor, Yang Si realized that people could actually be born with looks like this.

Just as there were a bunch of questions in Yang Si’s mind, and because of Shi Fengyue’s appearance, she couldn’t help but question his medical skills, she then heard a pleasant sounding voice say slowly:

“After being discharged from the hospital, the maintenance was done well. If you are ready to enter the hospital, you should be able to undergo the operation in half a month. I can guarantee the success rate of the operation, but how much you can recover after the operation depends on your later rehabilitation. If it is good, you will be able to walk normally again, and if not you can only use crutches, but no matter the case, heavy physical activity and strenuous exercise are no longer possible.”

Yang Si was in a daze, the cool, magnetic voice sounded in her ears, each word jumping in her mind. It took a while to string together a sentence for her to understand and digest, but after digesting it, she doubted her own ears.

Did she hear it right?

The doctor said that there was still hope for Jiang Zhuo’s legs?

He could stand up after surgery? And it was even possible to walk normally?

Jiang Zhuo was also shocked and dazed.

Stand up?

The doctor said he could stand up after the surgery on his leg?

Was this real?

Compared with his parents’ disbelief, Jiang Chen accepted it without even needing to digest it. Needless to say, Shi Fengyue’s medical skills were not to be questioned. If others saw him so young and heard him say “guarantee the success rate of surgery”, they would only think he was arrogant and ignorant. In fact, many people questioned this in the early stage of his medical practice in the first life, but it turned out that Shi Fengyue could really do it. So long as it was his operation, the success rate was 100%.

But he was also a little surprised.

During this time, he had planned countless ways to get Shi Fengyue to agree to perform the operation. He even thought about it in class, but he had yet to think of a sure way, because he didn’t know Shi Fengyue in reality, and the Shi Fengyue he heard from other people’s mouths was also an image of a willful person doing whatever he wanted. If he didn’t want to agree, whatever you say or do was useless.

To this end, he had already prepared an alternative plan, screening out the well-known spine surgeons at home and abroad one by one, thinking that if he really couldn’t get Shi Fengyue’s consent, his father’s legs couldn’t wait any longer, he must find other alternatives as soon as possible, and he even prepared to take leave to go to hospitals in other provinces and cities.

But unexpectedly, Shi Fengyue agreed so easily.

Could it be that his father’s condition was so bad that Shi Fengyue was interested enough in the challenge?

This was the only reason Jiang Chen could think of.

While Jiang Chen was thinking, Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si finally reacted.

Yang Si said with a trembling voice: “D-Dr. Shi, are you telling the truth? There is still hope for my husband’s legs, and he can still stand up after the operation?”

Shi Fengyue glanced at the thoughtful Jiang Chen, and frowned inwardly. This was the first surgery he promised to do today, and he promised it directly and without any beating around the bush, so why did this child not seem very happy. Before, he had done everything to find and approach him, but now when he really saw him he was not as interested?

He tutted from the bottom of his heart, squeezing and letting go of a candy in his pocket, but his expression remained calm and flat: “If you decide to have surgery, I suggest that Mr. Jiang be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible.”

“Surgery! Of course, surgery is necessary!” Yang Si immediately said, “He can be admitted to the hospital anytime!”

After she finished speaking, she turned to see Jiang Zhuo. Jiang Zhuo’s eyes were already red. He looked at his excited wife, swallowed the lump in his throat, and said, “Dr. Shi, could my legs really recover?”

Normally, Shi Fengyue’s most annoying pet peeve was to deal with the incessant and repetitive questioning. Whether it was self-questioning or questioning him, he was neither interested nor in the mood to comfort them. But when he saw Jiang Chen, who suddenly raised his face and smiled, sowing a small dimple, his impatience instantly dissipated, and he even couldn’t help but curve his lips in a slight smile of his own.

“Yes.” Shi Fengyue’s tone had always been very mild and indifferent, but at this time it also held a convincing power: “If you can, enter the hospital as soon as possible.”

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 015 He Qianmin

Seeing that he didn’t speak, He Qianmin pursed his lips and looked at him.

If he was usually looked at like this by others, he would have been unhappy long ago, but Young Master He, who had always had a bad temper, for once did not lose his temper this time. He didn’t even know why, when he saw this person in front of him, he couldn’t help but want to get close to him and listen to his words.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The two looked at each other in silence, and the air flow seemed to even slow down a lot.

It wasn’t until the doctor changed his posture to apply medicine to He Qianmin, and the small movement broke the existing silence, that Jiang Chen returned to his senses.

His eyelashes were half-lowered, and he suppressed the complexity in his eyes: “Is your father He Yanfeng?”

He Qianmin was stunned for a moment, his round eyes widened slightly, showing the childishness of his age. After a few seconds, he looked at Jiang Chen suspiciously, and then nodded: “How do you know?”

Jiang Chen said lightly: “I saw him in the newspaper before.”

“Oh.” He Qianmin did not suspect anything.

After confirming his identity, Jiang Chen’s mood was a little complicated. Although he had been ready to meet the He family since he read the book, in his plan, the meeting with the He family would be a long time later. Now that he was caught off guard, suddenly meeting his younger brother who might be connected to him by blood, this feeling was quite indescribable.

Moreover, after learning the truth, Jiang Chen realized with hindsight that when the boy who was in the dim old alley, throwing punches with a stubborn zeal, came into his view, he the feeling he got was not the same that other people gave him, which was why he ended up helping him fight in person.

Seeing that Jiang Chen had not spoken, but lowered his eyes thoughtfully, He Qianmin coughed in a low voice: “You, brother, what’s your name?”

Jiang Chen was startled, and raised his eyes quickly.

He Qianmin’s eyes flickered, and when he met Jiang Chen’s gaze, his ears flushed red, and he raised his voice: “It’s not that I want to call you brother, I’m being polite! You look much older than me, and one should respect the elders and care for the young, that’s why I called you that!”

This appearance of wanting to hide but only making it more conspicuous was like a cat who had its tail stepped on.

But He Qianmin’s awkward appearance, on the contrary, diluted the weirdness and shock in Jiang Chen’s heart.

He chuckled, patted his head and said, “Very good, how polite.”

He Qianmin glared at him and wanted to avoid his paw, but his body remained stiff and unwilling to obey. He let the palm on his head pat him a few times, and said without much intimidation, “Don’t pat me on the head! Of course I’m polite!”

Jiang Chen thought he didn’t like other people touching his head, and was a little surprised at himself for so casually doing such an intimate gesture to a person he had just met for the first time. He withdrew his hand smoothly, and apologized: “I’m sorry, I don’t know you don’t like people touching your head.”

He Qianmin froze, raised his eyes to peek at Jiang Chen’s expression, and was quietly relieved when he saw that he was not actually angry. He reluctantly moved his head close to him, and with an equally reluctant expression he said: “You can touch, although I don’t like it, who let you be my savior.”

Jiang Chen laughed. Seeing the boy who was stubborn and pretending to be cool, the red flush on his ears spread to the base of his neck, his heart softened and he rubbed his head: “Does your wounds hurt?”

He Qianmin had been retreating again and again, so at this time he couldn’t even talk back anymore, and said lowly, “How can a man be afraid of pain.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately hissed, and when he lowered his head, he saw the innocent smiling face of the doctor: “Sorry, accidentally used too much force.”

Jiang Chen saw that he was gasping in pain, but tried his best to hold back with the appearance of one afraid of losing face. He was both amused and annoyed: “Be smarter now you know that it hurts. Four people beating just one of you, don’t you know to run?”

“It doesn’t hurt!” He Qianmin replied, “And if they hadn’t kept watch earlier today, deliberately squatting there, and attacked me behind my back, how could they beat me? Normally, even if an extra two more people came it still wouldn’t be enough for me to warm up on.”

Jiang Chen folded his arms over his chest to look at him, neither reproaching nor speaking, but He Qianmin lowered his head guiltily for some reason.

In the continued silence, he harrumphed in a low voice: “I won’t be beaten in the future.” For some reason, he just felt that the person in front of him was not blaming him for fighting with others, but distressed that he was injured.

If the He family were to see this, they would definitely be stunned. Young Master He, who usually spoke back ten sentences when his parents and elder brother even dsid a single word of reproach to him, was so docile in front of the person he just met. That aggrieved little expression was just so pitiful.

Jiang Chen ignored him and just watched the doctor apply the medicine.

He Qianmin’s injuries looked serious, but in fact they were all surface injuries. After the doctor disinfected and bandaged the wounded areas, he left after only a few reminders.

Before going out, he smiled and said, “If I hadn’t listened to your conversation, I would have thought you two were real brothers.”

The speaker was unintentional but the listener was intentional, Jiang Chen suppressed the complexity in his eyes, and He Qianmin pursed his lips.

A few seconds later, Jiang Chen said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the station and you take the bus back by yourself.”

He Qianmin stood up obediently and followed behind him step by step, so obedient that one couldn’t tell that he had been in a fight in the alley half an hour ago.

Walking out of the alley, Jiang Chen said: “Be smarter in the future, don’t fight directly with others, this time I was there to help you, but will you just be beaten for nothing next time?”

He Qianmin answered quickly and obediently this time: “I understand.”

Jiang Chen’s expression softened a little, but he felt a little strange in his heart.

He wasn’t someone who liked to meddle in others’ business, but don’t know if it was because He Qianmin might be his own younger brother, so when facing him, he couldn’t help but want to take good care of him and lecture him. But seeing him with his head down he also couldn’t help but be soft-hearted. This was a very unfamiliar feeling.

When they were almost at the station, He Qianmin began to dawdle in place.

At one point, he said he was thirsty and wanted to drink water, and at another point he said that he had to stand for a while because of a stomach ache. No matter what, he refused to go to the station two hundred meters away.

Jiang Chen stopped, a little exasperated and a little amused: “What exactly do you want to do?”

The handsome young boy lowered his head and said nothing, looking a little aggrieved.

“I’m hungry,” he said.

Jiang Chen paused and sighed: “I only have ten yuan, and if you want to eat, we can only eat at the fast food stalls on the street.”

He Qianmin raised his head abruptly, his eyes shining brightly. He was clearly happy but he didn’t want to be seen as such, and said with a stiff expression: “It’s fine, I don’t dislike it.”

“Let’s go.”

The two randomly found a seat at the fast food stall and sat down.

He Qianmin glanced at the menu and ordered the cheapest fried rice, the smallest portion.

Jiang Chen glanced at him and said, “Aren’t you hungry?”

After he finished speaking, he turned to look at the boss: “Change the fried rice with shredded potatoes  to sweet and sour pork ribs. Do you eat sweet and sour pork ribs?”

He Qianmin was stunned for a moment, then nodded, then shook his head again: “I prefer to eat shredded potatoes.”

Jiang Chen didn’t look at him and said, “Change it to sweet and sour pork ribs.”

When the boss left, He Qianmin pursed his lips and said, “I don’t need to eat sweet and sour pork ribs, I’m not a child, only children like to eat that.”

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows: “I’m not a child and I like to eat, and how are you not a child?”

“You’re barely two years older than me. If I’m a child, aren’t you also a child?”

Jiang Chen laughed angrily, this kid really had a habit of talking back, he could talk back to you no matter what you say.

The fried rice in fast food stalls were usually already fried and could be served quickly when customers ordered it, so in a few words it was put in front of He Qianmin.

He pursed his lips, Jiang Chen didn’t speak, and he didn’t eat.

Jiang Chen found that he was really stubborn, and sighed in his heart: “Eat.”

Only then did He Qianmin pick up his chopsticks to eat. He was probably really hungry. After eating a piece of pork ribs, he took a few bites of the rice dipped in sweet and sour sauce. It didn’t take long for the bowl of rice to be eaten up.

Jiang Chen didn’t say anything the whole time until he finished eating, “You didn’t eat lunch?”

He Qianmin wiped his mouth and said indifferently, “Forgot.”

Jiang Chen frowned: “How can you forget to eat?”

“Reading in the library, I lost track of the time.”

Jiang Chen was a little surprised by this answer. He Qianmin lowered his eyes and said lightly, “My results in the monthly test this time were too lacking, I can’t concentrate when I study at home, so I went to the library.”

Jiang Chen thought about it and asked, “Where do you go to school?”


Chenghua International School was the only private middle school in Yan City that could enter the TOP1 private school ranking. Its Hua/Yan University admission rate was not less than that of the top high schools in Yan City, but most of the students were sent abroad to enter Ivy League schools or the top universities in the world.

In the book, He Qianjian had been in Chenghua from elementary school to high school.

Jiang Chen thought for a while and asked, “What year are you in?”

“The third year of junior high.” He Qianmin looked up at Jiang Chen and asked, “Brother, where do you go to school? How old are you? What’s your name?”

“I’m in No. 1 High School, second year, and just call my Brother Chen.”

He Qianmin said thoughtfully: “No. 1 High School…..”

“Let’s go since you’re practically done eating.” Jiang Chen got up and said, “Go home early, don’t let your family worry.”

He Qianmin pouted and muttered, “They won’t worry about me.”

Jiang Chen heard this and asked, “What do you mean?”

“It’s nothing.” He Qianmin pursed his lips, and also stood up: “There’s no one at home, I don’t want to go back.”

Jiang Chen frowned. He remembered that it was written in the book that He Yanfeng had three children. In addition to He Qianjian, he also had a son and a daughter. He Qianmin in front of him should be the younger brother, so it stood to reason that he should have a younger sister. Although it was the weekend now, it was not like everyone was not present and left him alone at home.

He Qianmin explained by himself: “My parents and my sister have all gone to my grandfather’s house. I didn’t go because I need to study. They won’t come back until after dinner.”

Jiang Chen’s frowning brows smoothed out, but the doubts in his heart were not completely dissipated, though he didn’t ask any more, just said: “Then you can go to the library to study, go back early after you finish, I have something to do in the afternoon and can’t accompany you.”

The light in He Qianmin’s eyes dimmed a little, and he nodded reluctantly after a long while.

When they got to the station and before the bus came, he asked again, “Can I go to No. 1 High School to find you in the future?”

Jiang Chen’s footsteps paused, his eyes flickered slightly, and he finally nodded.

Only then did He Qianmin become happy, and he grinned to reveal two rows of white teeth. Only then did Jiang Chen realize that when he smiled, he had a single dimple, on the left, exactly like him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The bus came, and the people waiting for the bus got on one after another.

He Qianmin waved goodbye to him with bright eyes: “Brother Chen, see you later!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lingered on his single dimple, and he paused before saying, “Later.”

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 014 Golden Age Beauty

Even if it was his personal planning, after Sun Tengyun was arrested and Zhang Joan was dismissed, Jiang Chen no longer cared about the follow-up.

The most important thing for him now was to find Shi Fengyue, and then convince him to agree to an operation to cure his father Jiang Zhuo’s leg.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Early on Sunday morning, he came to the outpatient consultation department of Yan City No. 3 Hospital as usual. The nurses in the consultation department already knew him by now. When they saw him coming, a girl with dimples smiled and waved quickly: “There is news on the person you are looking for!”

Several other nurses also discovered Jiang Chen, and without waiting for him to ask questions, they were already relaying Shi Fengyue’s situation.

“There is indeed a Dr. Shi, his name is Shi Fengyue. He came to the hospital to report yesterday, but he won’t officially begin working until three days later.”

“I heard he’s going to the spine surgery department.”

“I happened to be there that day, Dr. Shi is really…..” The nurse’s eyes flickered, her expression became shy, and she did not continue.

Another continued for her: “I heard that everyone who saw Dr. Shi said he is very handsome, is it really true?”

“Really, I heard from an intern who met him in the Department of Cardiac Surgery and said that not only is Dr. Shi good-looking, but he is also a well-known genius. He is very famous in their medical circles even before he graduated.”

“God, after you guys said that, I really want to see what Dr. Shi looks like! Little brother, since you know Dr. Shi, do you think he is handsome or not?”

The question was suddenly thrown to Jiang Chen, he paused, his expression becoming unnatural and stiff for a moment.

He had never seen Shi Fengyue, so naturally he didn’t know whether he was good-looking or not, and towards a doctor, whether he looked good or not was not the focus of his attention. But he came to inquire about Shi Fengyue for several weekends in a row, but now he said he didn’t know what Shi Fengyue looked like, no one would not find this strange.

Jiang Chen thought of the news he had heard in his previous life, and replied, “He’s very handsome.” In order to increase his persuasiveness, the most common phrase to describe good-looking in the first life came blurting out without thinking: “A golden age beauty.”

Not far away, the man who was walking slowly paused, his expression shifting subtly. He turned his head to look at the consultation desk, and after seeing the teenager surrounded by nurses, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, and then a trace of interest appeared. He hooked up a corner of his lip, leaned on the column beside him, folded his arms over his chest and continued to eavesdrop on their discussion.

Although the nurses were surprised by this unfamiliar phrase, they immediately believed it, and even looked forward to seeing such a a beauty. Someone asked, “Little brother, how did you meet Dr. Shi? Does he have a girlfriend?”

“Even if he’s single, you still won’t have a chance.” Before Jiang Chen could answer, a young female doctor with her head raised came over and said, “Dr. Shi is only twenty-five years old now, but he has already graduated from Cambridge for two years and gave up the opportunity to continue working at Wellington Hospital to come back here, so why don’t you think for yourself if he could be interested in you.”

The female doctor passed them by as she spoke, her face and her straight back showing her sense of superiority.

When she left far away, a nurse whispered: “What the hell, it’s not like she graduated and is already working at twenty-five, so what is there to be proud of.”

“She is the only female intern who has been admitted to our hospital this year. Of course, she is proud. Not only is she proud, but she may have her eyes set on Dr. Shi who has not yet entered the hospital. If you don’t believe me, just watch.”

“No way…..”

“Why not? She knows Dr. Shi’s resume so well. She must have inquired about it long ago.”


Jiang Chen stood on the side, coughed awkwardly, and interrupted their conversation: “Thank you for telling me about Dr. Shi just now, I still have something to do, so I’ll leave first.”

The nurses said goodbye to him with a smile, Jiang Chen nodded with his own smile and turned to leave.

After leaving the hospital, he breathed a long sigh of relief.

Now that he knew when Shi Fengyue would come to the hospital, his father’s matter was only half resolved. The next step was to find a way to get him to agree to his father’s surgery and raise money for the surgery.

Jiang Chen was thinking about how to convince Shi Fengyue to help Jiang Zhuo with the surgery, and was very focused. It was not until a figure that was hard to ignore came into his sight did he paid some attention.

After seeing the approaching person clearly, he was surprised for a moment, but quickly reacted, nodding lightly as a greeting, and passed him by.

Shi Fengyue’s smile froze at the corner of his mouth. He turned his head in disbelief to look at the back of the young man who walked away without turning his head.

A man with a pair of peach blossom eyes stuck his head out of the off-road vehicle next to him, laughing and patting the glass: “What were you doing when you suddenly got out of the car? Isbit so you can walk the 30-meter road in front of Yan City No. 3 Hospital? Or to chance meet that little kid who doesn’t seem to be very familiar with you?”

Shi Fengyue glanced at his friend coldly, opened the back door and sat in, took apart a bag of candy and began chewing it, not knowing why he was a little angry. He supported his head and looked out the window, squinting his eyes slightly, recalling the scene just now.

The young man was clearly asking about him, and even exaggerated his appearance in front of others, but when he appeared in front of him, he didn’t even give him a second look. It definitely didn’t look like he knew him, so just why was he looking for him.

A golden age beauty?

Thinking of this description, Shi Fengyue let out a low chuckle from his chest. He couldn’t think of an answer, but his mood was much better.

He wanted to know just what the boy’s expression would be when he saw him and knew that he was the doctor he was looking for.


When he went back, Jiang Chen got out of the car in the city center ahead of schedule. He planned to go to a nearby bookstore to buy some materials, and on the way think about raising money. If he wanted to think about something calmly, he would go for a walk. This had become a habit after many years.

He thought about the easy ways to make money at this time, and found that there were really only two: buying real estate and investing in stocks.

Buying real estate to make money required enough principal and a long period of time to get a return, and the Jiang family didn’t have so much money now, and the time was even less, and as for investing in stocks…..Jiang Chen just gave up after brief ponder in his heart, no matter which life, what he did had nothing to do with finance. Even if in the first life he and Huo Bo and Shen Xu partnered to open a company, he only cared about the technical aspect and knew nothing about the stock market.

Excluding these two, Jiang Chen found that the only way he was most likely to get money as soon as possible now, was to go back to his old business.

But it was difficult for his family to afford a computer at this time.

Jiang Chen’s brows furrowed a little and then loosened. If there was no other way, he would go to Shen Xu’s house to borrow his computer. The only trouble in doing so was to explain to him how he could program these things, but this trouble was nothing in front of the trouble in front of him.

After he figured this out, Jiang Chen returned to a cheerful mood, and for once he had the mood to observe the construction of the city center at this time.

He just took two steps when he heard a strange movement. He paused and looked in the direction of the sound.

Just now in order to take a few more steps and leave more time to think, after getting off the bus at the square, Jiang Chen deliberately went around the alley behind the square. The old alleys lead in all directions and he had to make several twists and turns in order to reach the Xinhua Bookstore on the other side and this distance was equivalent to making a big circle.

At this time, he had only gone halfway when he stumbled upon a fight in the alley.

Jiang Chen stood outside the alley. The alley was very narrow, and the light inside was a little dim. Only four teenagers who seemed to be only fifteen or sixteen years old were beating up another boy who was about the same age as them.

Although it was a four-on-one match, the party with a larger number of people did not seem to have much advantage at this time. On the contrary, the boy who was surrounded and beaten had a stubborn ruthless streak. Throwing punches and aiming kicks in a very nimble manner. But after all he was outnumbered, it didn’t take long for the young man to be brought down by the several people. Two of them held him in a lock hold with all their strength while the other two began to punch and kick ruthlessly, like the lower classes having overthrown the bourgeoisie.

Jiang Chen’s previous calm was swept away. He picked up a wooden stick on the ground and rushed in quickly.

The two teenagers who beat him didn’t have the time to react. One of them was hit with the stick and fell to the ground. Jiang Chen showed no mercy and the teenager who feel to the ground had blood trickling down his head. He instantly became infuriated and pointed at Jiang Chen: “F**king beat him to death!”

The other three also reacted, swinging the stick, letting go of their hold, and instantly rushed forward together. The boy who was released was also very agile. Regardless of the injury on his face and body, he bounced up and kicked a person with one leg.

Now two versus three, the situation turned around all of a sudden, and the fight was over in less than a minute, the four attackers running out of the alley while supporting each other.

Jiang Chen glanced at the boy who was leaning against the wall panting. He was about to speak, but then he felt a pain on the corner of his mouth, and he subconsciously hissed.

The teenager pursed his lips and looked at him, saw the wound on the corner of his mouth, and turned his head away: “You weak chicken, what were you doing jumping in, if I didn’t have the strength to get up, they would definitely press you down and beat you up. Such a grown person, you don’t even know how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages?”

Jiang Chen hissed again when he opened his mouth, and laughed angrily: “If I didn’t come, you could only crawl to the hospital now, yet you speak of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages.”

“No I won’t! How could I go to the hospital for just this bit of injury?”

Jiang Chen raised his hand and slapped the boy who was a head shorter than him on the head, and said without refusal, “Go to the hospital.”

The young man immediately wanted to refuse, but after seeing the injury on the other’s face, he could only curl his lips: “Fine, let’s go.”

The nearest neighborhood clinic was a community clinic. When the two entered, the doctor was watching a TV series and humming along with the background music. When he saw them he slapped his thigh and said, “Yo, got into a fight?”

Jiang Chen nodded, pulled the young man standing behind him, and said, “He is injured, got kicked in several places on his body. Please check whether his wounds are serious or not.”

The doctor stood up and told them to wait in the small room inside, and then went outside to get the medicine.

The young man sat on the hospital bed, his eyes flickered and glanced at Jiang Chen continuously, every time he would lower his head before the other found out, as if observing the pattern on the floor, which only made him more conspicuous.

Jiang Chen knew that he was looking at him, but thought his dodginess was interesting, so he did not expose him.

The doctor came in quickly, and after learning that Jiang Chen only had a wound on the corner of his mouth, he focused on examining the boy sitting on the edge of the bed.

The boy avoided the doctor’s hand and frowned: “Go and see to him first, his mouth is bleeding.”

The doctor smiled and joked: “That little won’t even be found if he arrived here late. Only you make the better patient to show off my medical skills.”

The boy still wanted to struggle, but Jiang Chen said in a low voice, “Sit down and let the doctor take a look.”

In this way, he obediently accepted the medicine, but he still appeared very unconvinced with a stiff face.

The boy had a cut on his forehead, some bruises on his cheekbones, and multiple bruises on his fists and elbows. There were many places that needed to be disinfected and applied.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When the doctor finished treating the wound on his forehead and turned to bandage the wounds on his body, the boy finally raised his head. He looked at Jiang Chen, and the corner of his mouth twitched a few times before he said awkwardly, “My name is He Qianmin, what’s your name?”

Jiang Chen’s leisurely expression stiffened a brief second, he raised his eyes quickly, and took a more thorough look at the facial features of the young man in front of him, his eyebrows furrowing a little.

AN: Shi Fengyue: Is this your attitude towards a golden age beauty?

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 013 Retribution

After the test ranking list was posted, news of Jiang Chen’s return to the first place in the year and Zhang Jian’s suspension from teaching spread throughout Yan City No. 1 High School.

Needless to say, everyone who had heard the gossip had an answer in their hearts: Zhang Jian had indeed directed and acted in a script written by himself to deliberately slander his student.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

All of a sudden, the story of Jiang Chen using smarts to win against the class teacher was widely circulated, and the east side of the fourth floor became a popular spot. Most of them were junior and senior brothers who came to inquire about the story and junior and senior sisters who came to see him. Even when he went to the cafeteria, there were other grades who greeted him.

Shen Xu mischievously said: “Yes, our class hunk has turned into a school hunk, a big celebrity!”

This was not the first time Shen Xu had teased him, and Jiang Chen was too lazy to reply, but recently having been blocked by people on the road had indeed caused him some trouble. Fortunately, the burden he threw out had already been picked up. When something really big happens, the others would gradually forget him.

Contrary to Jiang Chen’s expectations, this time things happened faster than he imagined.

As soon as the bell rang for recess on Friday, a low-key black sedan drove in.

This could be regarded as a rare thing. No. 1 High School stipulated that no vehicles were allowed in the school, including bicycles and cars. Even the teachers and the principal have never driven in a car.

It was a big recess now. All three years gathered on the playground, watching the car drive down the straight road to the office building. Several men in simple clothes got out of the car, and the principal personally greeted them.

Some people started talking: “Who is that, actually able to drive into the school!”

“Is it from the Education Bureau? I heard from my friend from No. 16 High School that a leader went to inspect the school a few days ago, and their clean-up of the school took up two classes the day before.”

“No way, when the leaders came before, didn’t we also have to do school wide clean up?”

The students gossiped among themselves, but when the broadcast sounded, they could only stop and do the exercises seriously.

Jiang Chen glanced in the direction of the office building, feeling a little surprised, but he basically guessed who those people were and what they were here for.

Before the monthly exam, he went to the office building to help Teacher Fu get a new math problem book, and while Sun Tengyun was away, he tampered with his computer. After that, every trace of Sun Tengyun’s activities on the computer was visible to his eyes.

Sun Tengyun had a good habit of keeping accounts. Whether it was earned money or stolen money, he recorded every stroke clearly, and even the source of the money and what expenses it was used for were written on the side with a red lettering note.

However, a vigilant person like him naturally had protective measures if he dared to keep accounts. The folder where Sun Tengyun kept accounts was extremely hidden, and there were countless folders with the same name used as a deception. After finding the file there were also several layers of passwords and even a Trojan horse virus installed, in the case that the password was entered incorrectly for a certain number of times, the file would be permanently destroyed.

But this Trojan horse virus, to Jiang Chen, was like a sandcastle built by children on the beach. It had no defense ability and could be toppled over clean with just a push.

With no effort at all, Jiang Chen passed the documents on Sun Tengyun’s side to the political enemy of a certain leader whom he sucked up to. He originally thought that the other party would spend some time verifying these documents, and would only expose them at the right time. First arrest the person above Sun Tengyun, and then it would be Sun Tengyun’s turn.

Unexpectedly, the action on that side was so fast, and it took only a few days to make the arrest.

Jiang Chen didn’t expect this, nor did Sun Tengyun, who was taken away for investigation.

It was only when he got to the place that he learned that the person above him had already been arrested for corruption and bribery, and the evidence seemed to have leaked from his side.

Sun Tengyun was shocked, and his handcuffed hands trembled.

How could that be! There was absolutely no way he could have made any mistakes on his side!

The cold sweat on Sun Tengyun’s forehead sprouted layer after layer, and when the cold wind blew past, his whole person swayed.

He stared blankly at the ceiling, it was over, if it really leaked from his side, then he was finished, his entire family was finished!


The turmoil in the Yan City Municipal Bureau was not big this time, but it still affected a small group of people, including Zhang Jian. He had only temporarily been suspended from teaching classes, but now he directly received the dismissal document, which was issued by the Municipal School Board.

If there was no serious violation of law or discipline, or long absence from classes, this kind of dismissal was usually ordered by the school. If the teacher refused to accept it, he could apply for transfer and transfer to another school. But once this dismissal came from the School Board, this was practically cutting off any possibility of being a teacher in the future!

Zhang Jian was naturally unwilling, and was making a noise about going to the School Board to appeal, but no one in the school listened to his willingness or not. Even the class teacher of class 7, who had always had a good relationship with him, avoided him when he saw him at the school gate.

In the end, there was still a young teacher who couldn’t watch any longer, and whispered in his ear what happened when he was away from school in the past few days. Only then did Zhang Jian’s eyes widened. After the teacher left, he stood there alone. After a long time, he began to pace absentmindedly and mutter in a low voice that it was impossible.

When Shen Xu and Jiang Chen walked to the school gate, Zhang Jian was still at the school gate.

Tomorrow was Sunday, so Shen Xu strongly asked Jiang Chen to play games with him, and had been nagging him all the way.

Jiang Chen had been going to the hospital for the past few weekends, and Huo Bo had not been in Yan City during this time, leaving Shen Xu all lonely and alone. Thinking of this, Jiang Chen also felt that he had ignored him recently.

“I have time next weekend. We can play games or go to an Internet cafe then. I really have something to do this weekend.”

Shen Xu also knew that when Jiang Chen said he was busy, it was really the truth, but he was really curious about what Jiang Chen was busy with. He knew the current situation of the Jiang family. It was precisely because he was so clear that he was very worried about whether Jiang Chen was trying to alleviate the burden of the family, and thus went to find some dangerous work to do behind their backs.

But if it was work, Jiang Chen going to work for one day a week seemed quite unreliable.

“Jiangzi, tell me the truth, you’ve been running out every weekend recently, where did you go?”


As soon as Jiang Chen opened his mouth, Zhang Jian at the school gate discovered him.

Zhang Jian’s eyes were bloodshot, and his face that was not young originally appeared even more old now. He stared straight at Jiang Chen for a while, and suddenly strode towards him.

He shouted as he walked, “It’s you, right!”

The students at the gate of the school were all startled by Zhang Jian’s sudden outburst, but they all voluntarily gathered at Jiang Chen’s side.

They knew exactly what Zhang Jian was like. And it was posted on the bulletin board a few days ago that Zhang Jian was no longer a teacher at their school. Of course, they have to protect their classmate.

Shen Xu was also taken aback, pulled Jiang Chen back two steps, and said, “F**k, what’s up with Zhang Three Hairs!”

Jiang Chen, who was guarded by a group of classmates, patted Shen Xu’s arm and motioned him to let go.

Shen Xu glanced at the classmates around them and felt reassured. After letting go of Jiang Chen, he raised his chin and looked at Zhang Jian, who was blocked outside: “Teacher Zhang, what are you doing? You can’t slander Jiang Chen so you want to hit him?”

“It’s you!”

Zhang Jian could no longer hear what other people were saying at this moment. All he could think about was the lowered words Jiang Chen said to him when he left school that day: “Enjoy your retirement life, Teacher Zhang.”

At that time, he was simply just temporarily suspended from teaching, but Jiang Chen was already certain that he would never be able to go back to school!

Why was Jiang Chen so certain?

Because Sun Tengyun’s incident was caused by him! He knew that once Sun Tengyun collapsed, he would also be kicked out of the school! Everything was according to his plan!

Zhang Jian looked at Jiang Chen with bloodshot eyes, everything, including his plan to frame him at the time, might actually have been part of his plan!

At this time, Zhang Jian had completely lost his ability to think. He didn’t know where Jiang Chen had the ability to directly overthrow Sun Tengyun, and even make the person above Sun Tengyun suffer, but he was inexplicably certain that all this was Jiang Chen’s fault!

Jiang Chen’s mouth was slightly curved upwards, and his voice was clear and calm: “Teacher Zhang, I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

At first glance, he was no different from other teenagers of this age, clean and cheerful, with a sunny aura all over his body, which made people have a good impression of him easily.

But just like this, Zhang Jian felt more and more terrified of him. He had directed and manipulated everything, and even involved a bigwig who even he didn’t dare to look directly at when Zhang Jian participated in dinner meetings. And then he was able to remain so calm and withdraw himself completely from the whirlpool. Just what kind of scheming and manipulative means did he possess!

Thinking of how many times he had offended him, of the dirty tricks he had played behind his back that were obvious to all, and of the fate of Sun Tengyun who only offended him verbally, Zhang Jian’s anger which had rushed upwards now instantly leaked away. Like a basin of ice water had been overturned over his head, the cold chill rushed from the soles of his feet to the top of his head, making his heart tremble.

Seeing that Zhang Jian didn’t speak, Jiang Chen took a few steps towards him and asked, “Teacher Zhang, what do you want to say?”

Zhang Jian looked at Jiang Chen with a completely different expression from just now. It was as if he was carrying a big sword to seek revenge, but he met an evil spirot or ghost halfway, and practically half of his soul was scared away. He stumbled back half a step, his face pale and fearful.

Seeing his appearance, Shen Xu leaned into Jiang Chen’s ear strangely, and said in a low voice, “What happened to Zhang Three Hairs? That expression is like he has seen a ghost.”

The next second, what he said was even more jaw-dropping.

“Jiang Chen, I did something wrong before. I shouldn’t have framed you and slandered you. I have already been punished. Now I apologize to you. Could you forgive me?”

The surrounding classmates were in an uproar, and Shen Xu also didn’t expect Zhang Jian to apologize, his eyes widened.

Jiang Chen didn’t expect that Zhang Jian would apologize to him, and he didn’t know what was going on with his suddenly frightened appearance. The only thing he could think of was that Zhang Jian was using his acting skills to make a breakthrough using him and continue to return to his teaching job.

His expression didn’t change and he said, “Teacher Zhang, if you just want to apologize, I accept it. If you want to use this to go back to school and continue teaching, it’s useless to apologize to me.”

Hearing what he said, the other classmates also reacted, Zhang Jian was planning to save himself in a roundabout way.

“I’m not…..”

“It’s good if you’re not.” Jiang Chen interrupted Zhang Jian’s words and said with a smile: “The next class period will start soon, we’ll go in first.”

After entering the school, Shen Xu was still immersed in surprise: “Zhang Three Hairs actually apologized? I thought he would push everything on your head and hate you to death? And he looked like he was looking for you before to enact revenge. But suddenly he becomes like you are the one seeking vengeance on him, as if he was suddenly possessed, is there something wrong with him?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen shook his head and didn’t think much about it. Anyway, Zhang Jian was destined to be unable to get up from this incident, and Sun Tengyun’s bookkeeping memorandum was indispensable. Now Sun Tengyun was caught and couldn’t make any moves. Those who were implicated by him would inevitably take their anger out on Zhang Jian. At that time, it was hard to say whether Zhang Jian would even be able to stay in Yan City.

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