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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 061 Start A Company

The conversation between Jiang Chen and Mr. Xiang continued until noon, and it didn’t end until Assistant Yang brought an unfamiliar man into the office.

The man looked exasperated: “Grandpa, didn’t I tell you to rest at home? Why did you run out without even bringing the driver?”

The conversation being interrupted, Mr. Xiang raised his hand impatiently: “I said I don’t need to rest, I’m in better health than your father. Don’t worry about me, if you want to worry, then just worry about him. Xiao Jiang, let’s continue.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen nodded slightly to the man as a greeting, and then continued to discuss the topic just now with Mr. Xiang, “Based on the current technology…..”

Only then did the man notice Jiang Chen. His eyes fell on Jiang Chen’s face and he was taken aback for a moment, then he turned to Li Nanfeng and asked, “He is…..?”

“Jiang Chen.” Li Nanfeng introduced Jiang Chen briefly, and said with a smile, “Mr. Xiang came early in the morning. The two of them haven’t rested since discussing together at ten o’clock. I was just going to ask them to go downstairs for a meal together.”

The man’s gaze stayed on Jiang Chen. Don’t know what they were talking about but the young man suddenly pursed his lips and smiled. The dimple on his cheek deepend as his smile widened. Those handsome features were full of smiles and really gave him a sense of deja vu.

“Will you eat with us later?” Li Nanfeng smiled and said, “Uncle Xiang? Uncle Xiang!”

Xiang Hong came back to his senses suddenly, but he didn’t take his eyes off Jiang Chen. He raised the corner of his mouth in a smile and said, “Okay.”

Li Nanfeng looked at him suspiciously, then suddenly realized something. He leaned into his ear and whispered: “Similar right.”

Xiang Hong tilted his head, quite puzzled: “What?”

“Jiang Chen——” Li Nanfeng glanced at the old man and young man chatting happily together, and lowered his voice: “He looks similar to He Qianyang, right?”

Xiang Hong frowned, carefully looked at Jiang Chen’s profile again, shook his head and said, “No.”

Li Nanfeng raised his eyebrows in surprise. He thought that Xiang Hong kept staring at Jiang Chen because he thought he looked a lot like He Qianyang, but if it wasn’t for this reason, why was he staring at Jiang Chen? So puzzled, he simply asked.

Xiang Hong looked away and smiled slightly: “I just think it’s amazing, it’s rare for a child of this age to chat with Grandpa so happily.”

Li Nanfeng smiled back, but he was still dubious in his heart. However he was just asking casually, and if Xiang Hong didn’t want to say it, he also did not ask further.

With a low cough, he walked up to Jiang Chen and Mr. Xiang, and under Mr. Xiang’s unfriendly gaze, he said with a smile, “Mr. Xiang, Xiao Jiang, I have already asked my assistant to book a seat at Zhuyun Pavilion downstairs. Let’s go down and eat.”

Jiang Chen raised his hand, and only then realized that it was lunch time. The conversation between him and the old man was really pleasant, and he got a lot of inspiration and new ideas from the other’s words.

Society progresses with the advancement of science, but the great human migration before the start of the interstellar age resulted in a loss of a lot of important data, including computer science research data. These lost data were very valuable in all aspects. The human beings in the outer galaxy were isolated and helpless, and spent a period of dark times because of their weakness. This period of time was called “the reclamation years” by later generations, which showed the retrogression of civilization at that time.

The era after Jiang Chen’s rebirth was already the “Interstellar Era”. Human beings in the Interstellar Era have become one of the most powerful creatures in the universe. Their scientific development technology was even ahead of the major galaxies, and their civilization was second only to the race with the highest intelligence, the Nier race. Whenever the ranking of races in the universe was mentioned, some students would always say angrily: “If no information was lost during the Great Migration, we humans would have developed decades earlier in the interstellar world, and the level of civilization would definitely be higher than that of the Nier race!”

At that time, Jiang Chen also thought that if there were more detailed materials and documents from their predecessors, his Changjiang might be more perfect. Because of this, he chose ancient history, hoping to learn from the perspective of their predecessors and get some inspiration from the level of civilization at that time.

Therefore, after being reborn and returning to this life, even if he already had the ability to reach the sky in one step, he still chose to enter the modern colleges of higher learning to study things step by step, because the basic theories and knowledge of the Interstellar Era were different from the knowledge taught by universities today. Perhaps these lost differences would become his inspiration for perfecting Changjiang.

And this morning’s conversation with Mr. Xiang let Jiang Chen, who had benefited a lot, confirm his thinking——through checking and making up for the lost data during the Great Migration, and combining the new knowledge and technology of the Interstellar Era, he might truly be able to create a more perfect Changjiang.

Even during lunch, Jiang Chen and Mr. Xiang didn’t stop discussing. At first, the two of them could still exchange a few words in between bites of food, but eventually they simply put down their bowls and chopsticks and rejoined a new round of discussion.

Although Li Nanfeng was in charge of the scientific research department, he was not knowledgeable in this area. Except for participating in some important decisions, he hardly interfered with the research of various departments of the scientific research department. Therefore, he only felt that these technical terms that were uttered by Jiang Chen and Mr. Xiang were difficult to understand, and even the food in his mouth was difficult to swallow.

He coughed lowly, and said to Xiang Hong who had been eating in silence, “Uncle, you talk to your grandpa, he barely ate anything.”

Xiang Hong swallowed the food in his mouth unhurriedly, and said, “I dare not interrupt him at this time.”

Li Nanfeng was silent for a moment. He opened his mouth while looking at the old and young pair opposite, and finally lowered his head to pick at his rice.

The meal was very enjoyable, and Mr. Xiang was very reluctant when it was time to say goodbye to Jiang Chen. He invited him to go to his house to find him to continue discussing the unfinished topic just now, and held his hand while entreating him to seriously consider applying for Hua University. In the end it was only after Xiang Hong wrote down Jiang Chen’s phone number, saying that he could call Jiang Chen for him anytime in the future, that Mr. Xiang finally got into the car without hesitation.

When they returned to Li De, it was almost two o’clock. Li Nanfeng said: “Let’s have the meeting at two o’clock.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said, “Wait a while, there are still two people who haven’t come.”

Li Nanfeng: “Who else?”

“My two friends who are the people involved in this cooperation.”

Before lunch, Jiang Chen took the time to call Huo Bo and Shen Xu and asked them to come to Li De to have a meeting with him in the afternoon. After a long talk with his parents yesterday, he basically relayed what he told his parents to them.

“Your research and development team?” Li Nanfeng was confused, but he remembered that Jiang Chen said before that all his current achievements were completed by him alone.

“Not really.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, “It’s my two friends. When our cooperation ends in the future, I will cooperate with them to start a company. Letting them come over now can be regarded as learning and accumulating experience in advance.”

Jiang Chen had made it clear to Li Nanfeng from the very beginning that he and Li De were just a business relationship, and all the results of his research and development were currently only sold to Li De, but in the future it was absolutely impossible to only provide it to Li De for use. The cooperation between the two, to put it simply, was just Jiang Chen providing the results and future upgrade guarantees, and Li Nanfeng providing funds and a research laboratory in return.

Seeing Jiang Chen saying it so candidly, Li Nanfeng didn’t know whether to be angry or to laugh. He looked at Jiang Chen’s young and harmless smiling face, raised his hand and put it down again. He plopped down on the sofa, and pushed the hair back from his forehead, tsking: “Okay, another nemesis.” Helpless, he could only tell the secretary to go down to pick them up.

Huo Bo and Shen Xu were very punctual and arrived before two o’clock in the afternoon. Following behind the assistant, Shen Xu looked left and right at the top floor of Li De, and then gently bumped Hou Bo’s arm: “It turns out that Li De is this big inside, and everyone coming and going looks very elite. I’m a little nervous.”

Huo Bo was also observing the surrounding environment subtly. After hearing Shen Xu’s words, he said lightly: “We are just here to listen. We will just stand by Jiangzi’s side later, don’t be nervous.”

Shen Xu whispered: “I know it too, but I’m still nervous. Ai, when did Jiangzi become so talented in computer technology and could even cooperate with Li De? He was so tightlipped that we were kept completely in the dark. If he hadn’t called to remind me not to be late, I would have thought what he said yesterday was just a dream…..”

Huo Bo was silent for a moment, then said lightly: “Too many things have happened in the past six months.”

Shen Xu was startled. He slightly pursed his lower lip, and fell silent.

Assistant Yang knocked on the door, came in and told Li Nanfeng and Jiang Chen that everyone was here, and Shen Xu and Huo Bo were already outside the door.

Li Nanfeng nodded: “Let’s begin the meeting.”

Jiang Chen and Li Nanfeng came out of the office together, and saw Huo Bo who was waiting on the sofa, and Shen Xu who looked extraordinarily calm and mature today for some reason.

“You’re here.” Jiang Chen walked towards the two of them, looked at Shen Xu, and asked Huo Bo, “What’s wrong with him?”

Huo Bo glanced at Shen Xu: “Probably nervous.”

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, Shen Xu couldn’t stop talking every time he was nervous, but today he was very quiet.

Li Nanfeng glanced over the faces of Shen Xu and Huo Bo, and looked at Jiang Chen with a smile: “Are these two your classmates?”

“Shen Xu, Huo Bo.” Jiang Chen briefly introduced them to each other. After greeting each other, the group went straight to the conference room.

There were already quite a few people sitting in the conference room. Seeing Jiang Chen coming in behind Li Nanfeng, most of the people present were obviously surprised. When they saw Huo Bo and Shen Xu behind him, they were even more surprised.

Li Nanfeng walked to the main seat and sat down. Assistant Yang reached out to the left of Li Nanfeng and said to Jiang Chen, “Mr. Jiang, please have a seat.”

Jiang Chen nodded, thanked him and sat down, while Shen Xu and Huo Bo were taken to the back seats by Assistant Yang.

When everyone arrived, the conference room quickly quieted down. Li Nanfeng introduced everyone present to Jiang Chen one by one: “This is Zhao Wentao from the Legal Department, this is…..” After a brief introduction, he went straight to the point: “I believe everyone has seen the test reports and market evaluation of the new facial recognition system and voice system, and the main content of today’s meeting is to formally finalize the details of the contract with Mr. Jiang, as well as the future cooperation plan…..”

Li Nanfeng’s team were all people who had many experiences in the business circle. From the beginning to the end of the meeting, the tone and words seem to be discussing, but in fact every word was fighting for the interests of the company, and they used various methods and even risk reports to try to prolong the length of the contract with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was not good at and did not have much experience in negotiation, but he insisted on his bottom line and never wavered. No matter how much they said, he would just smile mildly, without any intention of taking a step back, and eventually the final discussion result was confirmed——

Funded by Li De, a laboratory was set up in Jiang Chen’s personal name. The laboratory would be fully under the charge of Jiang Chen. Li Nanfeng had no speaking right to it except for providing funds, and in return Jiang Chen needed to provide Li De with system patches and upgrades for the next three years. In addition, Li De needed to pay Jiang Chen 5 million yuan system usage and service fees every year. This fee would change in the second year according to the estimated sales in the first year. If the amount was 10% more than the previous year, Jiang Chen would receive a profit dividend of 0.5% of the sales.

The meeting lasted for nearly three hours before Jiang Chen and Li Nanfeng finalized all the details of the contract. After the R&D department’s newly opened laboratory was sorted out, the legal department drafted the contract, and the two parties could start cooperating.

When the meeting ended, it was past five o’clock. Li Nanfeng wanted to send Jiang Chen and his two friends home, and Jiang Chen didn’t refuse.

On the way back, Jiang Chen asked, “What did you think of the meeting just now?”

Huo Bo pondered for a moment, and said: “Li De’s team is very powerful, but you are very clear about what you wanted from the beginning to the end, so the final result should not have been much different from what you originally thought.”

Shen Xu rubbed his chin and said, “I think you could still have negotiated more with them in terms of sales. I noticed their attitude and there seems to be room for negotiation in this regard.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes curved in a smile. Although Shen Xu and Huo Bo didn’t say a word during the whole meeting, he knew that they had been listening attentively. Even though Huo Bo and Shen Xu didn’t have any experience at this time, one was born with a keen sense of business, and the other had a precise grasp of people’s emotions. Jiang Chen believed that they would make rapid progress and grow into the business elites they were in the previous life without much time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Xu clicked his tongue a few times, hooked an arm around Jiang Chen’s neck, and said, “God Jiang, I didn’t realize that in such a short few months, you have pulled off such an earth-shattering undertaking behind the backs of your brothers. Tell me, do you intend to treat us to a meal or——”

“I’m going to start a company.”

Shen Xu’s words were interrupted in the middle, and before he could react, Jiang Chen raised his eyes and smiled slightly: “A company that belongs to the three of us and which will stand at the top of the world’s technology in the future.”

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 060 Recommendation Letter

On the second day after returning from the He family house, Jiang Chen had a long talk with his parents.

Since he was reborn, he did not deliberately keep them away from everything he did. Yang Si often cleaned his room for him. Perhaps she had been puzzled by the computer that was always on in his room, but she had never touched his desk computer. Otherwise, it was likely that some clues would have been discovered long ago.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This trust and respect made Jiang Chen feel both warm and distressed. He thought that if his parents found out and asked him, he would be able to explain to them in a logical manner why he suddenly fell in love with computers and became good at it so quickly, but he never thought despite a long time having passed they still never mentioned it.

Now he was about to sign a contract with Li Nanfeng soon, and he would be busy in the future juggling studies and his career. Moreover, their current family situation was not financially well-off, but he would not be able to give the bank card to his parents for home use without explaining things clearly.

Therefore, he decided to inform his parents of all his actions that did not involve the secret of his rebirth, including the reason why Yang Tianci’s family suddenly owed debts.

After talking about all the events that took place in the four months from mid-March to mid-July, Jiang Chen put the bank card on the coffee table and lowered his eyes slightly, those handsome features unable to hide his uneasiness and nervousness.

Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si looked at each other, they knew ll along that their son had undergone many changes, but they never thought that so many things had happened to him during this period of time, let alone that in places they couldn’t see, he had silently done so much for their family.

Yang Si’s eyes were red, she gently held Jiang Chen in her arms, and said in a low voice, “Chen Chen, thank you for your hard work.”

Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, and the look in his eyes was a little nervous when he raised them: “Mom, don’t you think my methods of dealing with the Yang family are too…..”

“They did it to themselves!” Yang Si interrupted him, looking into his clear eyes, her nose stinging from suppressed tears: “It’s because Mom is too useless, if it wasn’t for Mom who couldn’t let go of the Yang family, you don’t need to use this method to send Yang Tainci to prison to prevent the Yang family from harassing us again, but those who specialize in debt collection are too dangerous. Chen Chen, we don’t want the money the Yang family owes us, and you musn’t have any contact with them in the future.”

Jiang Chen looked at Jiang Zhuo, Jiang Zhuo patted him on the shoulder, and said with red eyes: “Listen to your mother, we don’t want that money.” After a pause, he said: “It’s Dad who is too useless, unable to protect you and your mother well.”

Jiang Chen opened his mouth, but Jiang Zhuo laughed and interrupted him: “But I am very relieved. When you were not born, your mother and I discussed what kind of person we want you to be. We discussed it for three months and even quarreled over this, before finally agreeing.”

Jiang Zhuo looked into Jiang Chen’s eyes: “We hope that you would be sincere and upright but not pedantic, open and candid, kind and tolerant, and you have done it.” He took his wife and son into his arms with a smile, and said, “Son, Dad is proud of you.”

The subsequent conversations all revolved around the anecdotes of Jiang Chen’s childhood. Jiang Chen looked at the happy expressions on his parents’ faces as they were immersed in memories, glanced at the bank card on the table, and smiled slightly. These were his parents.


The next day.

Jiang Chen let go of all his worries, and slept in late for once. However, before it was even nine o’clock, Jiang Chen’s cell phone kept vibrating every ten minutes, non-stop from nine o’clock to half past nine, making Jiang Chen wake up with a rare bed temper.

With his head buried in the quilt, he frowned and said, “Changjiang, turn off all my communication devices.”

The room was quiet, and only the cell phone on the desk was vibrating.

The vibrating sound lasted for more than ten seconds before the room became quiet again, but Jiang Chen was completely out of sleepiness. He lifted the quilt and walked to the desk, clicked on the missed call, and dialed it back.

Li Nanfeng connected the call almost immediately, and he called out: “Ancestor! My living ancestor! If you didn’t answer the phone, I would have personally gone to your community and knocked on the doors one by one!”

Jiang Chen yawned, opened the curtains and said, “Before you didn’t set a specific time for the meeting, I thought it would be in the afternoon.”

“It was indeed afternoon…..” Li Nanfeng was silent for a moment, and said: “But there is someone who wants to see you, and that person is only free in the morning, so I sent someone to pick you up at the gate of your community early in the morning.”

Jiang Chen: “Who?”

“You’ll know as soon as you come.” Li Nanfeng said slyly: “It’s definitely someone who is beneficial to you and not harmful to you. My person is already at the gate of your community. Tell me the apartment number, and I will let them be there soon. They’ll wait downstairs, and won’t delay for a minute.”

Jiang Chen reported the apartment number, and asked: “Shi Fengyue knows which unit my house is, why didn’t you call him before and ask him?”

Li Nanfeng hissed, just imagining it was scary: “Call him? Do you know what would happen if you wake him up on the day he rests? You don’t want to know, big brother will give you a friendly reminder, if it is not absolutely necessary, never disturb his sleep.”

After Jiang Chen changed his clothes, he laughed lightly and said, “Is he very angry when he wakes up?”

“Let’s put it this way, Shi Fengyue’s current temper is like an angel compared to when he was in school. Only when he wakes up, will he switch back to that horrible temper he had in school. And this is just referring to when he gets up by himself, once he is woken up by others, then…..”

Hearing Li Nanfeng’s unfinished words and inhalation, Jiang Chen smiled: “I’m going to wash up, I’ll be down right away.”

Li Nanfeng immediately ended the topic: “Then hurry!”

The Jiang family was not far from the Li De Group, and before ten o’clock, Jiang Chen arrived at Li De’s headquarters.

Li Nanfeng’s assistant had been waiting there for a long time. After recognizing Li Nanfeng’s car, he immediately ran forward to help open the door, and said respectfully, “Mr. Jiang, please.” After seeing Jiang Chen’s appearance, he paused slightly. Although he knew that the protagonist of the emergency meeting at the headquarters yesterday was not very old, he did not expect him to be this young.

Jiang Chen nodded slightly: “Thank you.”

The assistant smiled, walked ahead and led the way. He took Jiang Chen directly to the exclusive elevator that went directly to the top floor.

In the office, a hale and hearty old man sat on the sofa. Li Nanfeng personally made a cup of tea and brought it to the old man.

The old man took a sip of tea and said with a light smile, “Not bad.”

Li Nanfeng breathed a sigh of relief, and said with a smile, “It’s good that Mr. Xiang likes it.”

After the words fell, there was a knock on the door, and the secretary walked in and said in a low voice, “Assistant Yang has brought Mr. Jiang.”

Li Nanfeng stood up and said, “Invite him in.”

Mr. Xiang put down his tea cup and turned his head to look at the door. A surprisingly young boy appeared behind Li Nanfeng’s assistant. After sweeping his eyes over the strangers in the room, he nodded politely before turning his head to look at Li Nanfeng and smiled, “CEO Li, who is this?”

Li Nanfeng walked up to Jiang Chen in three steps and said to him, “This is Mr. Xiang, an academician of the Information Technology Department of the National Academy of Sciences. He mainly studies computer vision. Mr. Xiang, this is Jiang Chen, and he is the make of He Qianyang’s robot.”

Jiang Chen looked at the old man who was exuded prestige, and politely leaned forward slightly: “Hello, Mr. Xiang.”

“Hello, Jiang Chen.” Mr. Xiang nodded, pointing to the sofa next to him: “Have a seat.”

The three sat down, and Mr. Xiang said first: “I have seen the robot you designed, and it is very good, especially in the two aspects of target recognition and machine learning. Could you talk about the way R01 processes this information? For example, image analysis or computational theory.”

Jiang Chen pondered for a moment, then slowly said: “R01 can obtain information from images and multi-dimensional data, not so much because of its image processing and analysis or big data, but because of its decision-making ability…..”

As Jiang Chen talked more, Mr. Xiang sat up straighter. Later, he was so fascinated by what he was listening to, he simply tore off a few sheets of paper from Li Nanfeng’s desk, and made calculations while recording.

After not having been able to discuss his research field with anyone for a long time, Jiang Chen was also very satisfied. He took a sip of tea and saw that Mr. Xiang carefully folded a few pieces of irregularly torn paper, and put them in his inner pocket.

Mr. Xiang: “Xiao Jiang, I heard that you are studying in Yan No. 1 High School, and you will be in the third year of high school next semester?”

Jiang Chen nodded: “Yes.”

Mr. Xiang: “Then have you thought about where to go for university? What major to study?”

“Maybe I will choose Yan University’s computer science major, I——”

“The computer science major at Yan University is indeed good, but if you plan to study artificial intelligence in the future, the mathematics major at Hua University is more suitable for you. If you think the mathematics major at Hua University is good, Grandpa will write you a letter of recommendation and let you directly be accepted to Hua University, what do you say?”

Jiang Chen was taken aback for a moment, then laughed: “Mr. Xiang, I…..”

“Who are you calling Mr. Xiang?” Mr. Xiang said with a smile: “I should be about the same age as your grandpa. You can just call me Grandpa Xiang. After our discussion this morning, we can be regarded as friends despite a difference in age. In the future, if you have any academic or research problems, you can find Grandpa Xiang.”

“Grandpa Xiang.” Jiang Chen followed the advice readily, “I didn’t know that Hua University accepted recommendation letters.”

Li Nanfeng thought in his heart: I know, the last time I saw those schools breaking through the bottom line and snatching people without them needing to even take the college entrance exam was when Shi Fengyue was fifteen years old. He had  thought he would see this only once in his life, who would have thought he would be fortunate enough to see it a second time.

“Of course.” Mr. Xiang said with a smile: “The robot you designed could definitely participate in the youth science competition. Although the preliminaries and semi-finals have passed, I have the right to directly recommend it to the finals. The finals will be held in September. It will start in one week, and the results will be released in the second week of October, at that time you will be able to get the admission letter.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said: “I appreciate your kindness, but every moment of my three years of high school is very precious to me, including participating in competitions and the college entrance examination. I don’t want to miss any of it.”

“Even if you are recommended, you can still take the college entrance examination.” Mr. Xiang: “And if you participate in the math competition, you will still be recommended in the end, so it is all the same if you are recommended in advance.”

Jiang Chen said politely, “Grandpa Xiang, I haven’t decided on a major yet.”

“It’s okay.” Mr. Xiang smiled kindly: “You go to Hua University first, and if you want to change your major then, Grandpa will talk to the dean of your mathematics department.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Seeing Jiang Chen’s conflicted expression, Li Nanfeng poured tea into Mr. Xiang’s cup, and said with a smile: “Mr. Xiang, Jiang Chen is just in his third year of high school, and he may not have thought about which school he would like to go to before, so having him immediately make a choice is a bit too fast. Why don’t you wait and let him have more time to think about it.”

Mr. Xiang pondered for a few seconds, and said to Jiang Chen, “Yan University has done well in academics in recent years, but it is not so good in terms of research. Xiao Jiang, you should think about it carefully.”

AN: Yan University, counting down ten seconds before they also reach the battlefield (just kidding)

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 059 Offending Jiang Chen Is A Bad Idea

Li Nanfeng’s footsteps were as speedy as the wind, and he passed Shi Fengyue in three to two steps, walking straight to Jiang Chen’s side.

“Uncle He, Aunt Yang.” Li Nanfeng put his hand on Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Uncle He, I heard that this year’s new subway line would connect two stations on the land you got in the northern suburbs last year, congratulations!”

“Thank you.” He Yanfeng laughed. His eyes swept over He Qianmin who was whispering in Jiang Chen’s ear, and landed on Li Nanfeng’s arm on Jiang Chen’s shoulder: “You two know each other?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Of course.” Li Nanfeng put down his hand on Jiang Chen, put away his playful smile, and said, “Let me formally introduce to Uncle He, Jiang Chen, Li De’s business partner, who is also my most important partner at present.”

“In order to finalize the contract with Jiang Chen as soon as possible, I specially entrusted Shi Fengyue to bring him here first, so that I could come over to have a meeting with him immediately after getting off the plane.” Li Nanfeng paused, and said with a smile: “As soon as I arrived I dragged Jiang Chen into a meeting, and didn’t even have time to introduce friends to him. I was just thinking about taking him around.”

He Yanfeng glanced at Jiang Chen thoughtfully. He didn’t have much contact with Li Nanfeng, who usually had a smile on his face, but a young man who had just been in Li De for three years could turn the shareholders’ meeting into his one man show, and could make the older generation sigh in appreciation when they mentioned him. No matter how approachable he was, He Yanfeng didn’t think he was really easy to approach.

At least, in the several cooperations between him and Li Nanfeng, he had never seen him introduce someone so sincerely, let alone protect someone so obviously.

But…..He Yanfeng laughed, it seemed Li Nanfeng was afraid that he would bully Jiang Chen, or worried that Jiang Chen would offend him, that was why he came here so impatiently to take him away.

He Yanfeng said with a smile: “Since that’s the case, then I won’t bother you young people, just relax and have fun.”

“Definitely.” Li Nanfeng said with a smile: “Then Uncle He, we’ll leave first if there’s nothing else.”

He Yanfeng nodded, raised his eyes and inadvertently caught a glimpse of Shi Fengyue walking towards this side at an unhurried pace. A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes: “Feng Yue is here today too?”

Li Nanfeng looked back at Shi Fengyue who had already approached, and said: “Yes, he has been busy in the hospital since he returned to China, and he finally has a day off today, and it also happened to be Qian Yang’s birthday, so we came here together.”

After the words fell, Shi Fengyue had already walked up to him. He nodded slightly to He Yanfeng and Yang Yun, “Uncle He, Aunt Yang.”

After saying hello, he looked down at Jiang Chen and said, “Tell me when you go back, and I’ll send you.”

Jiang Chen paused, then smiled: “Okay.”

He was not slow, the reason Li Nanfeng and Shi Fengyue would come here at this time, it was very likely that they were worried that he had no experience in facing this kind of situation, so they came to help him out and support him. Although he knew that they had misunderstood, he also could not ignore or reject their kindness with peace of mind.

He Yanfeng was really surprised now: “You know each other?”

Shi Fengyue: “Yes.”

Li Nanfeng smiled and said: “The reason I could meet Jiang Chen is because of Shi Fengyue.”

He Yanfeng raised his eyebrows, someone who could have Shi Fengyue introduce him to Li Nanfeng, and being valued so much by Li Nanfeng…..Thinking of the cooperation project with Jiang Chen that Li Nanfeng mentioned before, he suddenly became curious: “Before, you said that you and Jiang Chen are business partners, what are you cooperating on?”

“The cooperation project has to be kept secret for the time being.” Li Nanfeng said with a smile: “Uncle He must forgive me, it’s related to commercial secrets.”

He Yanfeng looked at Jiang Chen, and was even more surprised in his heart. How capable was this young man who had just reached maturity, such that two of the most talented figures among the younger generation in the circle showed such favor towards him.

“It seems that Li De is preparing to make a big move.” He Yanfeng smiled at Jiang Chen and said, “I look forward to hearing good news from you.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said, “Thank you Uncle He.”

Li Nanfeng said: “Then Uncle He, we’ll go over first, Jiang Chen hasn’t eaten yet, so we’ll take him over to eat something.”

Yang Yun heard this and said: “Xiao Chen, Auntie heard that you like to eat braised meatballs. Just now I heard you arrived, so I asked the kitchen to prepare some. Since you haven’t eaten yet, would you like to eat some?”

Jiang Chen was taken aback. Seeing Yang Yun’s expectant gaze, he opened his mouth and then slightly pursed it, then said with a smile, “Okay, thank you, Auntie.”

“You’re welcome.” Yang Yun was happy, and looked at the others with a smile: “If you haven’t eaten, you can all go to the dining room to have some.”

Li Nanfeng finally realized that he might have misunderstood just now, and thinking of what he said just now, he coughed in a low voice: “I won’t be going, just now Qian Yang said he has something to ask me, and I also have something to discuss with him.”

As soon as Li Nanfeng left, standing on both sides of Jiang Chen became He Qianmin and Shi Fengyue. Standing next to He Qianmin was Han Qiya, and opposite to Han Qiya were He Qianjian and He Yanfeng and his wife.

He Qianmin said: “Then I will go with my brother.”

Han Qiya also smiled and said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten authentic Chinese braised meatballs, I’m so craving it.”

He Qianjian had been standing here since He Yanfeng and his wife came over, and he was relieved after hearing their conversation with Jiang Chen, confirming that they had not discovered Jiang Chen’s identity. But this relieved sigh had yet to fully be released when he heard Yang Yun say that she specially prepared food for Jiang Chen.

His heart tightened, and he couldn’t help observing Yang Yun’s expression carefully. After seeing the smile and fondness in her eyes, his heart sank slowly.

In his memory, Yang Yun had always been a gentle and virtuous mother who treated him and He Qianmin and He Qianyu’s friends very warmly, but even so, this kind thing of ordering the kitchen to prepare the favorite food of their friends as soon as she came back from outside had never happened before.

Moreover, Yang Yun was very good at treating everyone equally, whether it was towards the three of them, relatives’ children or their friends. But at He Qianyang’s birthday party where there were so many people, she only prepared food for Jiang Chen, so what did that mean?

The only reason He Qianjian could find was that the connection between mother and child was just thay strong. Even if she didn’t know that Jiang Chen was her son, she couldn’t help but want to like him very much.

He Qianjian lowered his eyes and suppressed the gloom in his eyes. This was something he absolutely didn’t want to see. He had to find a solution.


After the party was over and all the guests left, the five He family members plus He Qianyang sat in the living room to rest.

 He Qianjian seemed to mention casually: “Qian Min, how did you and Jiang Chen know each other? I haven’t heard you mention it before.”

He Qianmin was texting Jiang Chen, and snorted without raising his head when he heard the words, “Is that any of your business?”

Not only He Qianjian, but He Yanfeng and Yang Yun were also very curious. Yang Yun said, “Min Min, Mom also wants to know, how did you and Xiao Chen know each other?”

He Qianmin pursed his lips, and said: “A few boys in our school picked on me before and blocked me in the alley next to the library while I was alone. My brother saved me.”

“No wonder.” He Qianjian smiled, saying in a tone that seemed to point out something: “Last time he and his two friends beat up a big group of people like me and my friends, and I was always curious about how he could fight so well. It turns out that he has a lot of experience.”

He Qianmin raised his head and looked at He Qianjian expressionlessly, “What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing.” He Qianjian said: “I’m just afraid that you would be deceived, and I want to remind you that you can know people’s faces but not their hearts, so don’t trust others too easily.”

“Deceived?” He Qianmin sneered, put down his phone and said, “Who can deceive people better than you, He Qianjian?”

He Qianjian’s expression froze slightly, and the smile on his face faded: “What do you mean by that?”

Seeing that the two were about to quarrel after just a few words, Yang Yun frowned worriedly, and turned to look at He Yanfeng.

He Yanfeng leaned close to her ear and said in a low voice: “Let them be, if we get involved all the time, they will never be able to untie their knots, maybe it’s not a bad thing to quarrel.”

Yang Yun looked at the two boys who were at war with each other, sighed softly in her heart, and didn’t speak.

He Qianmin sneered: “What do I mean, are you really not sure or not? Last time at the skating rink, you should be very clear about who was the first to provoke who, who was the first to make trouble, and who was the first to attack. If you weren’t very clear, why would you reverse the whole thing upside down when you got home?”

He Qianjian’s eyes turned cold, and from the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of He Yanfeng and his wife who were paying attention to this side. He suddenly smiled, and said in a helpless tone that seemed to say everything was as he expected: “Jiang Chen told you all this?”

“Heh.” He Qianmin smiled coldly: “My brother never told me about this. Do you think you are the only one in the skating rink? There was my friend in the rink that day.”

“Which friend of yours?” He Qianjian smiled instead of getting angry, as if he was forgiving a child who made trouble for no reason: “How do you know whether he is telling the truth or a lie? How can you be sure that he was not involved in what happened? And that what he saw was true.”

He Qianmin narrowed his eyes, stared closely at He Qianjian for a moment, then suddenly smiled and said, “He Qianjian, your acting skills are really good, if you have this ability, why bother to follow these crooked ways, study more on how to act, and go make a movie, you might even win an award.”

He Qianjian sighed: “Qian Min, I know that you have misunderstood me ever since that car accident, I always felt that as your older brother, it is okay to tolerate you, even if you would rather call an outsider brother this and brother that than call me brother, I have never been angry. But you would rather believe an outsider than me, and even reverse black and white to confront me because of him, it makes me sad.”

He Qianmin sneered: “Continue acting.”

He Qianjian shook his head, as if he suddenly remembered something, and said, “I only want to say one thing. After that if you still feel that Jiang Chen is as harmless as you imagined, then I won’t persuade you anymore.”

He Qianyang, who had been playing with his mobile phone, looked up, glanced at He Qianmin who had a cold expression on his face, and then his eyes fell on He Qianjian.

He Qianjian said: “Last semester, Jiang Chen’s grades in the exams dropped to below the top hundred. Their classroom teacher scolded him for this, and he confronted their classroom teacher in public. Later, in the monthly exam, their classroom teacher lost the test papers, and suspected that some students stole them to cheat, so he took the other teachers into the classroom to search the desks. When it was Jiang Chen’s turn, Jiang Chen refused to allow anyone to touch his things, and said in front of the whole class that their classroom teacher was targeting him, that if there are test papers in his drawer, it is because their classroom teacher put them there.”

“The classroom teacher was pushed into a dilemma and finally had to give up. Who knew that Jiang Chen got first place in the exam, and the other teachers still suspected that his grades were not true, so they took him to the principal’s office to confront him. But it turns out, in the end, it was their classroom teacher who got suspended.” He Qianjian said with a smile: “This is the first time I heard that a teacher, in order to maintain the fairness of the exam for the whole class, ended up being suspended from teaching because of a student whose desk was not searched.”

He Qianyang raised his eyebrows, turned his eyes to see the expressions of his uncle and aunt. Seeing that they were really listening, he thought that He Qianjian was really not a simple person, he imagined it would be difficult for his little cousin to win against He Qianjian today.

“Not only that.” He Qianjian continued: “It didn’t take long for the students and parents of their school to know about this matter. Some parents urged an investigation into this matter. In the end, not only was the classroom teacher fired, even the vice principal who supported the investigation to the end was sent to jail because of being reported.”

He Yanfeng pondered for a moment, and said, “You’re talking about Sun Tengyun? When Huang Chang was pulled down from his position?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“That’s right.” He Qianjian said with a smile: “It was in that power shuffle that the two teachers who offended Jiang Chen ended badly.”

“What does this have to do with Jiang Chen?” He Qianyang said jokingly: “No matter how great his ability is, he can’t affect the higher-ups, eldest cousin, you’re going too far here.”

He Qianjian: “Jiang Chen indeed can’t do it, but he knows Shi Fengyue. Huang Chang’s superior is the Zhang family, and the Zhang family and the Shi family have always been old rivals.”

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 058 Jiang Chen’s Type

Jiang Chen and the other two fell to the back of the group of people. You Jiuyu was still flushed with excitement, he looked at Jiang Chen with bright eyes: “I really did it.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” You Jiuyu smiled brightly: “Thank you.”

He Qianmin glanced at him, and silently inserted himself between him and Jiang Chen.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Both Jiang Chen and You Jiuyu didn’t notice his true intentions.You Jiuyu smiled and said, “Second Young Master He, thank you for your violin.”

“No need.” He Qianmin squeezed forward and said lightly, “Use it well.”

You Jiuyu: “I will.”

The three of them walked side by side and followed the big group of people to the terrace.

The terrace on the second floor of the east wing of the He family house was very large, and there was even a swimming pool. The He family had prepared drinks, snacks and barbecue grills. The guests could either go straight to the pool or have a barbecue together. The atmosphere was very lively and cheerful.

You Jiuyu’s music moved everyone just now, not many people have seen him here, and they were more or less curious about him, so as soon as he went upstairs, there was an endless stream of people who came to talk to him.

“Hello.” Just after one person left, a beautiful girl came over. She smiled slightly, manner dignified and generous: “Thank you for the wonderful performance you just brought us, it was the most touching performance I have heard in recent years.”

You Jiuyu blushed and said nervously, “Thank you.”

“My name is Han Qiya.” The girl stretched out her hand and said with a smile, “May I know your name?”

You Jiuyu quickly shook her hand: “You Jiuyu.”

Han Qiya repeated his name lightly, and said with a smile, “Your name sounds really nice, I will remember it.”

You Jiuyu’s cheeks turned redder: “Thank you.”

Han Qiya tilted her head, looking at his nervousness, and said with a slight smile, “Am I scary?”

“No, no.” After You Jiuyu stammered, he subconsciously looked to Jiang Chen on the side, soundlessly asking him for help.

Jiang Chen was talking to Li Nanfeng, and while chatting, he suddenly discovered an interesting phenomenon, that is, wherever Shi Fengyue went, there would be a vacuum zone, and everyone who passed by him would keep a certain distance from him. But no matter where he stood, gazes from all directions would all drift his way either subtly or directly.

“Everyone is afraid of Dr. Shi?”

Li Nanfeng glanced at Shi Fengyue who was leaning against the railing with a tired expression, and chuckled lightly: “Sort of and sort of not.”

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows: “Why do you say that?”

“Don’t look at Shi Fengyue and think he doesn’t seem to have a temper now, but he wasn’t like that when he was a child.” Li Nanfeng said: “This guy has a naturally attractive face since he was a child, and he is also recognized as a genius in the circle, so wherever he goes he is the center of attention. It’s fine if he was just looked at by others, but there were always people who liked to stop him and strike up random conversations. This eldest young master didn’t have the temper he has now, and he would ignore anyone who he didn’t know. If anyone dared to delay his affairs, he would make you doubt life in the very next minute.”

“In his second year of high school, there was a boy in the third year of high school who probably didn’t like him very much. One day when he was alone after school, he led a group of people over to block him, and the two sides got into a fight. At that time, Shi Fengyue was only fourteen while the youngest in that group was already sixteen years old, but in the three against one fight, Shi Fengyue managed to break one boy’s head and another boy’s hand. After that kid went home, he probably felt that his side could only be regarded as a victory with casualties. But actually, what he didn’t know was that at the time Shi Fengyue was a sickly child, and he was directly admitted to the ICU after the fight.”

Jiang Chen raised his eyes, and Li Nanfeng said: “Shi Fengyue was brought up by his grandfather and uncle since he was a child. He was not in good health when he was born, and these two treated him like a precious pearl held in the palm of the hand. After he was beaten like this, what do you think the Shi family would do?”

There was no need for Jiang Chen to answer, Li Nanfeng continued by himself: “The three boys who beat Shi Fengyue were expelled from school, and the leader was sentenced to prison because he was already an adult, and at that time, Shi Fengyue was still two months away from turning fourteen, so he was given a heavy sentence and was imprisoned for seven years.”

“Seven years later, that is, four years ago, that man came out. His family has some connections, and after he came out, he did quite well with his own business. It may be because he felt he had implicated the two who followed him to beat up Shi Fengyue so he took them along to do business. One time when the three of them were out socializing together, they happened to meet Shi Fengyue who had just returned to the country, and of course when enemies met their eyes blaze with hatred, and after drinking a little wine, they said some ugly things on impulse.” Li Nanfeng shook his head and clicked his tongue: “It would’ve been better if they got into a brawl.”

Seeing Li Nanfeng’s expression, Jiang Chen was somewhat curious: “What did they say?”

“You’d better not know.” Li Nanfeng said: “But it’s hard to say, Shi Fengyue probably cared about it at that time, but now he probably wouldn’t care if someone says it in front of him again.”

Even so, Li Nanfeng still didn’t say what those people said, but only told him the result: “Since then, at first those three people have made money in whatever they did, and their business skyrocketed. But just as their company was about to go public, because of tax evasion and falsifying of accounts they were investigated, and someone found an email from the mailbox of the leader, only to find out that his business had been guided by someone else behind the scenes for the past two years, which was why he was doing so well, and the evidence that the person who reported him proved that that person may very well be the one who mentored him behind the scenes.”

“Up to here it’s still nothing particular. But the key is that their company’s competitor directly took over all of their company’s resources. And the second largest shareholder of that competing company is Shi Fengyue.”

Jiang Chen said, “They think Shi Fengyue did it?”

“Yes.” Li Nanfeng shrugged: “I don’t know who spread this belief at the beginning, but everyone later felt that Shi Fengyue did it.”

Jiang Chen was curious: “Do you think it’s him?”

“It’s hard to say.” Li Nanfeng said with a smile: “Putting those three people in prison for three to five years after planning for so long is not like that guy’s style. If he really wants to punish a person, he would definitely punish him to death. But if he was just bored and deliberately wanted to play around with the three of them, it is also possible.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes swept over Shi Fengyue: “So, these people are afraid of him, because they are afraid of offending him and being retaliated against?”

“Look at the eyes of those people, do they seem to be afraid?” Li Nanfeng said, “I am guessing that they are all thinking about how to talk to him while not offending him. You will know after a long time, that guy Shi Fengyue, even saying he is a mountain of gold is to underestimate him.”

Jiang Chen asked: “He also has shares in Li De?”

“No.” Li Nanfeng shook his head: “But I wish he does.”

Before Jiang Chen could become curious, he saw You Jiuyu’s eyes asking for help.

Jiang Chen turned his gaze to the girl opposite You Jiuyu, nodded slightly to her, and then asked You Jiuyu: “What were you talking about?”

You Jiuyu breathed a sigh of relief: “Miss Han and I just met and exchanged names.”

Han Qiya looked at Jiang Chen with a smile, stretched out her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Han Qiya, I haven’t seen you before, what’s your name?”

Jiang Chen smiled: “Jiang Chen.”

“Jiang, Chen.” Han Qiya repeated it word by word, looked at Jiang Chen and said with a smile, “I will remember it.”

Jiang Chen pulled his lips into a smile, and Han Qiya asked again: “Just now I heard you and CEO Li talking, are you familiar with CEO Li?”

“Business partners.”

“If possible, may I know which aspect you are cooperating on?”

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “That might not be convenient.”

Han Qiya was not displeased when she was rejected, she stroked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, and said with a slight smile, “Then…..can I ask you for a dance?”

Before Jiang Chen could refuse, Han Qiya grinned, her eyes turning into crescent moons: “You have already rejected me once, if you refuse me again, I might wonder if I am really that annoying.”

Jiang Chen was stunned for two seconds, then smiled and stretched out his hand, saying, “I’m not very good at dancing, if I step on you later, I hope you won’t regret it.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Han Qiya put her hand on Jiang Chen’s and said with a smile, “I don’t know much about dancing either.”

Watching the two walk onto the dance floor, Li Nanfeng clicked his tongue twice, turned around and saw Shi Fengyue looking towards this side.

Li Nanfeng waved his hand and walked to Shi Fengyue’s side. He leaned on the railing and shook his head: “The young ladies nowadays are even better at traps than me.”

Shi Fengyue glanced over at the two people on the dance floor inadvertently, and asked lightly, “What trap?”

Li Nanfeng repeated the exchange between Jiang Chen and Han Qiya just now, and said: “Pose a question that the other party would definitely refuse, and then make another request, so that it is difficult for people to refuse a second time, now tell me if that isn’t a trap or what?”

“That girl likes Jiang Chen?”

“What’s so strange about this.” Li Nanfeng said: “Girls at this age all like Jiang Chen’s type. He is like a prince charming, pure and noble. This type is the best at providing them with room for fantasy.”

“Really?” After Shi Fengyue looked at the crowd, gaze passing over the gloomy He Qianjian and said casually, “He Qianjian seems to be very hostile towards Jiang Chen.”

“That’s for sure.” Li Nanfeng said: “Not many people don’t know that He Qianjian likes Han Qiya, and before the two of them were even born, the elders of the two families have talked about their children getting married. The way I see it, no matter whether the elders are joking or not, this eldest young master of the He family has already regarded Han Qiya as his future wife. If his wife cuckolds him, you think he wouldn’t be angry?”

Shi Fengyue sneered: “So what if he is angry?”

“That’s hard to say.” Li Nanfeng touched his chin: “No matter what, He Qianjian is He Yanfeng’s eldest son, and Jiang Chen, who has no background or power, will absolutely have no good fruit to eat if he turns up on He Qianjian’s blacklist, but with me here, no one will be able to even think of touching my money tree.”

Shi Fengyue: “You two finished discussing?”

“We’re almost there.” Li Nanfeng thought of something, clicked his tongue, and shook his head pretending to be distressed, and sighed: “How is it that I can encounter a once in a century genius so easily? Is it because I was born to make money? As God’s darling, I am also quite exhausted.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shi Fengyue glanced at him, straightened up and walked towards Jiang Chen.

Just as Li Nanfeng was about to call him, he saw He Yanfeng and his wife, who had appeared at some unknown time, talking with Jiang Chen, and He Qianjian, He Qianmin, and Han Qiya were also standing beside them.

He hissed, my God, what kind of combination was this.

No can do, he must go over and support his money tree immediately!

AN: Li Nanfeng: I shall guard my money tree!

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 057 Humiliation

You Jiuyu shyly said: “I didn’t expect to meet you here.” He looked at Jiang Chen, his hands curling in fists nervously behind his back.

“What a coincidence.” Jiang Chen smiled and said, “You also came to He Qianyang’s birthday party? Why aren’t you going in.”

You Jiuyu scratched his cheek with his fingers, and said embarrassedly: “I’m not used to this kind of occasion, and I don’t know anyone, and I feel awkward standing inside. You…..are going in now?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen’s eyes fell on his somewhat lonely expression, and he said with a smile, “I want to get some fresh air outside.”

You Jiuyu’s eyes lit up, he pointed to the rattan sofa, and said tentatively, “Then let’s sit there for a while.”

“Let’s go.”

The violin music from the hall changed from melodious to passionate, then from passionate to lyrical, and gradually came to an end.

Jiang Chen and You Jiuyu sat side by side, one thoughtful, the other looking at the brightly lit hall, hiding the dimness in his eyes.

“You…..” You Jiuyu started cautiously, and when Jiang Chen looked at him, he immediately avoided his gaze and whispered, “Are you Brother He’s friend too?”

“Not really.” Jiang Chen smiled lightly, “I’m his cousin’s friend.”

“Eldest Young Master He?”

Jiang Chen: “No, He Qianmin.”

You Jiuyu was a little surprised: “Are you the one who gave Brother He the robot?”

Jiang Chen turned his head: “Did you see that robot?”

“Everyone saw it.” You Jiuyu smiled and said, “Brother He showed it to us all. At that time, many people asked him where he bought it. He said it was a gift from Second Young Master He’s friend. Brother He said your name, but I didn’t expect it to be you. That robot is so amazing, and everyone said that they have never seen such an intelligent robot.” He paused, and said, “You are so amazing, Jiang Chen. “

It was clear that he was praising others, but his face was even redder than the person being praised. Jiang Chen couldn’t help laughing and said, “Thank you for your compliment.”

“It’s not a compliment.” You Jiuyu turned his head, and said seriously in a small voice: “What I said is what I think in my heart, I really think you are very amazing, you are one of the most amazing people I have ever seen, unlike me…..” The corner of his mouth pulled stiffly and he gradually pursed his lips.

Seeing You Jiuyu trying his best to cover up but still showing some of his inferiority complex, Jiang Chen smiled and asked, “How are you?”

You Jiuyu lowered his eyes, and the corners of his mouth pulled up with self-mockery: “I can’t do anything well, I always make people worry, and it’s difficult for me to communicate with others…..”

Jiang Chen looked at him sideways: “You play the violin very well, it was some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Worry comes from love, people who love you will worry about you no matter what you become, because they love you. And as for communication… you find it difficult to communicate with me?”

“No.” You Jiuyu quickly denied, and then lowered his head after meeting Jiang Chen’s gaze, saying softly, “You are different.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment. Thinking of his tense and cautious manner all the time, he thought that maybe he was so shy because he really rarely communicated with others.

“And…..” You Jiuyu continued: “I can’t play the violin in front of others. What’s the difference between art that can’t be shown and art that is non-existent?”

Jiang Chen was puzzled: “When you were in the park, you played it very well.”

“That’s different.” You Jiuyu shook his head: “At that time, there was only you in the park.”

Jiang Chen was thoughtful, thinking in his heart, one who could only play the violin when the audience was very small, and if there were too many people, he would feel pressured, might be because of a psychological issue.

While the two were chatting, the violin music also ended. Amidst the warm applause and the sound of “encore” echoing one after another, You Jiuyu couldn’t help looking at the hall full of lights and laughter again.

Jiang Chen noticed his gaze and asked, “Want to go in?”

“No.” You Jiuyu quickly withdrew his gaze, and lowered his eyes to cover up: “I only know Brother He, and there must be many people who he needed to entertain today. If he still had to take me into consideration, it would be too much trouble for him.”

Probably because the audience was too noisy, the violin music began again. You Jiuyu raised his head unconsciously, and glanced over there again.

Jiang Chen saw the longing and envy in his eyes, and pondered, “Do you want to play the violin?”

“No…” You Jiuyu shook his head: “I can’t play the violin in front of others.”

“Have you tried?”

“I’ve tried many times.” You Jiuyu said with a wry smile, “Not once has it succeeded. Every time I see them, my hands would become uncontrollably stiff, and I would be so nervous that I couldn’t play at all.” After a pause, he said: “Only in front of you is there an exception.”

Jiang Chen: “If every time you perform, you treat it like I’m the only one in the audience, would you still be nervous?”

You Jiuyu said in a daze, “I don’t know.”

“Then try.”

You Jiuyu: “How to try?”

Jiang Chen pursed his lips and smiled, took out his mobile phone, and called He Qianmin.

He Qianmin saw Li Nanfeng and Shi Fengyue come down, but didn’t see Jiang Chen. He was about to call him, but when he saw that the other called first, he immediately retreated from the busy hall and connected the phone.

“Big Brother? Where are you?”

“Do you have a spare violin at home?”

He Qianmin was curious: “Yes, what are you doing?”

“Bring it to the wicker chair in the west courtyard, I need to use it.”

He Qianmin didn’t ask any more questions, and went upstairs to get the violin after agreeing. Within two minutes, he found Jiang Chen with the violin case.

When he saw You Jiuyu beside Jiang Chen, he paused: “Who is this?”

“I…..” You Jiuyu stood up, looking at Jiang Chen nervously and helplessly.

Jiang Chen smiled encouragingly at him, but didn’t speak.

“My name is You Jiuyu…..” You Jiuyu’s voice trembled with nervousness, “I’m Jiang Chen’s friend.”

He Qianmin gave him a strange look, nodded, and asked Jiang Chen, “Big Brother, what do you want the violin for?”

“To use.” Jiang Chen got up and took the violin in his hand, handed it to You Jiuyu and said, “Have a look, can you play it?”

You Jiuyu took a tentative look at He Qianmin, and then opened the violin case. His eyes lit up when he saw the violin inside, and said, “This is a violin handmade by Master Waller.”

Jiang Chen was a little surprised, but he didn’t know much about these things, so he just asked, “Can you use it?”

“Yes.” You Jiuyu touched the strings excitedly, forgetting to be nervous: “Master Waller only makes violins for three people every year, and he has only made just a little over 20 violins so far. I didn’t expect that one day I could also see the master’s violin with my own eyes.”

He Qianmin said lightly: “Like it? It’s yours.”

You Jiuyu was taken aback for a moment, and Jiang Chen also raised his eyes to look at him.

“It’s useless for me to keep it.” He Qianmin shrugged and said, “The best way to maintain a violin is to play it every day. I haven’t played it for so many years. So why not give it to you, I believe you will not let it down. “

You Jiuyu didn’t dare to accept it: “I can’t take it, it’s not just precious, it’s…..”

“You are worthy of this violin.” He Qianmin walked up to Jiang Chen and sat down, saying “I heard you play the violin once when I was young, and it was much better than He Qianjian. He could even have a violin made by Master Waller, why can’t you have one as well.”

“How can I compare to Eldest Young Master He’s violin skills.” You Jiuyu said: “His violin playing was once praised by Master Waller himself.”

He Qianmin snorted: “Waller did say that he plays it well, but he also said that he only has the techniques but no emotion. Don’t know why this second half of his words became omitted when it spread outside.”

You Jiuyu was also at He Qianjian’s twelfth birthday party. He recalled the shock of hearing that violin piece, and said, “But his skills have already reached the pinnacle.”

“Then you listen to it now, do you think his skills are still at their peak?”

You Jiuyu was taken aback, and listened subconsciously. A few seconds later, he frowned slightly: “It seems to have regressed a lot.”

He Qianmin sneered: “His violin skills have never been stable, but on the emotional aspect his music is as emotionless as always. In this regard, he would never be better than you.”


“Do you want it?” He Qianmin frowned: “If you don’t want it then forget it, I don’t need it anyway, and it would just be thrown away.”

You Jiuyu: “I want it.”

Seeing him holding the violin case in a cherishing manner, Jiang Chen said with a smile, “Try out your new violin.”

You Jiuyu glanced at Jiang Chen, then turned to look at He Qianmin. The corner of his mouth twitched, but the words that sat on his tongue couldn’t come out.

Jiang Chen smiled and said, “There are two people here, but you can still act as if I’m the only one listening, try it.”

You Jiuyu nodded and tucked the violin under his chin. The moment the bow touched the strings, he took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes.

The sound of the violin in the hall came to an end, and the intermittent sound of the violin in the courtyard replaced it. The people in the hall were stunned, and someone asked: “Is someone playing the violin outside?”

“Who?” Someone guessed: “The person who wants to confess?”

Zhu Yao had just stepped onto the stage, and had silently recited countless lines. After hearing the intermittent sound of the violin outside, she paused and suddenly forgot the lines.


Everyone’s attention was attracted by Zhu Yao on the stage, and He Qianyang also looked at her in surprise.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and at the same time she was nervous, she was thinking that the nervous sound of the violin outside was quite suitable for the occasion, which perfectly matched her mood at the moment. She couldn’t recall what she wanted to say so she improvised: “He Qianyang, I originally prepared a lot of things I wanted to say to you, and I even purposely enhanced the atmosphere, but I didn’t expect that after I came up and saw you, there was only one thing left in my mind.”

There was a whistling sound from below, and He Qianyang raised his hand to signal them to be quiet, but it couldn’t stop everyone’s enthusiasm in seeing the excitement.

Zhu Yao continued: “The thing I want to say in my mind is——”

The intermittent sound of the violin outside suddenly eased, like an infinitely gentle girl’s heart, with a lively and brisk pace, but also shyly jumping for joy, like a gently blowing wind, touching people’s hearts. Some people looked outwards curiously, and the lively hall gradually fell into silence.

Zhu Yao subconsciously glanced at the direction of the sound of the violin as well, and the words that disappeared suddenly appeared in her mind again, but the words that had been edited countless times were not as good as what she wanted to say at this moment. Said: “He Qianyang, I never told you this, but before you liked me, I actually already liked you, at that time…..”

Accompanied by the soft and lively sound of the violin, Zhu Yan finished what she wanted to say. She covered her blushing face and looked at He Qianyang who was walking towards her. She felt that the person playing the violin outside must be the bug in her stomach. Each musical note they played coincided with her mood infinitely.

The perfect musical accompaniment allowed the audience below to feel more deeply the mood of the two protagonists on the stage. They held their breaths, waiting for this romantic moment.

He Qianyang embraced Zhu Yao, and the two exchanged a kiss. He smiled and said, “This is the best birthday present I’ve ever received.”

There was instantly warm applause from the audience, and the laughter was full of good wishes.

While accepting the blessings, Zhu Yao whispered to He Qianyang: “I really want to know who is playing the violin outside, it’s too powerful, each note touches deep into my heart.”

He Qianyang was also very curious, he didn’t know that there was such an outstanding violinist among the guests he invited. Not only them, most people in the audience wanted to know where the sound of the violin came from and who was playing the violin.

Seeing that most of the people were looking outwards intentionally or unintentionally, He Qianyang smiled and said, “The next part of the party will be on the second floor terrace, so how about we go over now, and take a look at who is the enthusiastic accompaniment friend outside.”

Naturally, everyone agreed. The large group of people left the hall one after another and walked towards the direction of the sound of the violin.

You Jiuyu and Jiang Chen didn’t know that a large group of people was coming here. After the piece ended, You Jiuyu looked down at his hand holding the bow, and said in disbelief: “I actually did it…..”

Jiang Chen joked, “Can the audience pick a song?”

“Of course.” The usual shyness on You Jiuyu’s face faded a lot, he smiled and said, “I’ll play whatever you want to hear.”

Jiang Chen originally just wanted to distract You Jiuyu from paying too much attention to his own emotions at this time, worrying that he would put more pressure on himself by paying too much attention to being able to play in front of outsiders. But he didn’t expect him to agree so readily. After thinking about it, he said, “The piece I heard when we were in the park last time, is that okay?”

You Jiuyu paused, nodded: “Okay.”

By the pool under the moonlight, the young man closed his eyes and began playing a melodious and soft musical piece. The sound of the violin was like gurgling water, softly telling his longing and loneliness. The people who followed the sound subconsciously lightened their steps and stopped to listen.

He Qianjian walked at the end of the crowd, and when he saw this scene, he stopped and his expression darkened uncontrollably.

As soon as the piece ended, the people who were still unsatisfied opened their eyes together with You Jiuyu. Seeing the young man in a daze under the moonlight, they all smiled kindly and said:

“That was so good.”

“Amazing violin playing, it’s the most touching piece of music I’ve ever heard.”

“What’s the name of this volin piece? I’ve never heard it before, it sounds so good!”

You Jiuyu put down the violin at a loss, and subconsciously searched for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled slightly, and nodded encouragingly.

Don’t know why, but with such a simple gesture, You Jiuyu felt that most of the tension in his heart had dissipated. He smiled shyly, closed his eyes and tucked the violin under his chin again.

Everyone consciously quieted down.

He Qianjian vaguely heard an unfinished comment: “… the violin genius, he plays much better than Eldest Young Master He.”

The hands on his side clenched into fists, and his dark eyes fell on You Jiuyu. After staying for a few seconds, he suddenly noticed two people sitting on the rattan sofa behind him.

He Qianjian first saw the person in front, He Qianmin, and he gritted his teeth, no wonder the violin looked so familiar, it turned out to be He Qianmin’s violin. He suppressed the anger in his heart, and moved his eyes over. But when he saw the boy next to He Qianmin, his expression suddenly stiffened and he couldn’t believe it:

——Jiang Chen?

Why was he here?!

Who brought him here? Also, why was he sitting with He Qianmin? Did he discover something, or did He Qianmin discover something? Had he already met He Yanfeng and his wife?

One question after another came to mind, such that in the end, He Qianjian’s feelings of jealousy had completely disappeared, leaving only panic and fear.

[System!] He hurriedly called in his mind: [Why is Jiang Chen here? Did he discover something? Does he know his own birth background?]

The system’s voice didn’t fluctuate in the slightest despite his anxiety and fear. It said coldly: [Jiang Chen’s appearance in the He family does not mean that he has discovered his birth background. Your guess is groundless.]

[Then why is he with He Qianmin?] He Qianjian’s mind was in a mess: [He Qianmin only knows how to go against me since he was a child, and he has been pondering all day how to find out my weakness. Could it be that he discovered my identity and Jiang Chen’s identity, so he told Jiang Chen and even brought him to the He family, wanting to change our identities back.]

[With me cleaning up all tails, it is impossible to leave any evidence about your true identities behind, your guess is not valid.] The system said: [Unless someone can crack my code and get the record of your identity swap from me, otherwise no one in this world will know about it, don’t worry.]

He Qianjian’s state of mind was still unsteady and he said: [If someone cracks it…..]

[Impossible.] The system’s voice was cold and firm: [With this world’s technological level, even after five hundred years, no one would be able to discover my existence, let alone crack my code. You can rest assured.]

The certainty of the system reassured He Qianjian. He looked up at Jiang Chen and He Qianmin who were talking not far away with smiles on their faces. Recalling his shock and fear just now which were caused by them, even if no one knew about it, he still felt a loss of face.

Sure enough, every time he came across Jiang Chen, nothing good happened. There was also He Qianmin, who not only opposed him in everything before, but now even got mixed up with Jiang Chen.

The cold light in He Qianjian’s eyes flashed, he had to find a way so that he could truly put his worries to rest.

While endless dark thoughts roiled in He Qianjian’s heart, You Jiuyu’s song also came to an end. The place was quiet for a moment, and then there was a sudden burst of applause. Everyone’s faces were full of touched emotions and regret at its end.

You Jiuyu bowed slightly, walked up to Jiang Chen and He Qianmin and sat down. His cheeks were a little red, but his eyes were bright, with satisfaction and excitement that he had never felt before.

It was also the first time for He Qianyang to listen to You Jiuyu playing the violin, and he was amazed but also very happy for the other. He knew his shy character and knew that he might not want to continue playing, so he organized everyone with a smile: “Let’s go! Let’s go to the terrace on the second floor!”

The birthday protagonist spoke, and everyone naturally walked upstairs one after another.

Except on the way, it was inevitable that some people couldn’t help but mention the music just now:

A girl said to her companion: “When I heard that song just now, I almost cried, you know? The first time I heard such pure music, it really moved me so much. Before, I always thought that I couldn’t appreciate classical music. Now I realize that it’s because I haven’t heard anything that really touches people.”

Her companion said: “I have listened to countless concerts, and that boy’s playing skills just now were not top-notch, but the emotion he puts in his music is the strongest I have ever seen. It’s strange that I haven’t heard of him before. With his ability, he should have been famous a long time ago.”

“Maybe it’s because he doesn’t like to show off.” The girl lowered her voice and said, “Just now, I also listened to the violin music of Eldest Young Master He, which everyone has hyped about. When there is no comparison there is no harm. They can’t compare at all.”

Her companion looked around and lowered her voice to agree: “I also feel…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Such conversations did not only happen in one place, and some people were very polite and did not talk about it outright, but the murmurs in their hearts were unavoidable. After all, the two played the violin just before and after, so it was difficult for people not to compare them. As for the comparison results, there was no need to repeat them, music that touched people’s hearts vs music that only relied on technique and skill. It was not necessary to express which one was better, as everyone knew the truth well.

There were too many people talking, and naturally one or two words fell into He Qianjian’s ears. He fell to the back of the line, his face so dark that ink could practically drip from it.

From coming to this world until now, he had never suffered such shame and humiliation!

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 056 That’s Definitely Not He Qianmin!!

TN: bonus chapter💕

The terrain of Yan City was square, and the area was roughly divided into five areas: east, west, north, south, and the center.

The Jiang family was located in the Zhonghai District in the center of Yan City, while the He family was in the Huyang District to the north. Even if the road was unimpeded, it would take about 40 minutes to drive from the Jiang family to the He family.

The driver, Uncle Wang, dropped Jiang Chen and the others off, and just as he drove the car into the garage, He Qianyang’s car arrived.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The girl sitting in He Qianyang’s co-passenger seat said: “A few people passed by just now, I think I saw your little cousin, he really looks like you!”

“Really?” He Qianyang backed up the car, took off his sunglasses and said, “They likely came down to pick me up, let’s go.”

The girl held He Qianyang’s hand and said nervously: “It’s the first time I’ve come to your relative’s house and I didn’t bring anything with me. Won’t it be rude?”

“My uncle and my aunt are very nice, you will know when you see them later.” He Qianyang said with a smile: “Among my three cousins, the eldest would never embarrass you on the surface, and the second eldest is the kid you just saw. He is an adolescent and likes to pretend to be cool, showing a cold face to everyone, you can just treat him as a kid with second year junior high syndrome. The third child is the only little princess in our family for several generations, but she has a very good personality, you will definitely like her when you see her.”

The girl repeated what He Qianyang said just now, and after memorizing it in her heart, she raised her head and said, “I just saw that your little cousin didn’t have a cold face. And he was chatting and laughing with others.”

“You really see it correctly? After that kid went to junior high school, I only saw him sneer.”

“It’s not a sneer.” The girl’s delicate eyebrows furrowed, and she still couldn’t find a suitable adjective after searching her brain. She could only say simply: “It’s the kind of Prince Charming smile, you know? It’s very gentle, and all young girls would definitely fall for it when they see it.”

He Qianyang paused, turned around and looked at his girlfriend seriously. When she became puzzled, he put his hand on her forehead: “Baby, either you are blind or you saw it wrong, trust me, my cousin doesn’t have that expression.”

Girl: “But I saw it.”

He Qianyang: “You saw wrong.”

Girl: “You don’t believe me?”

He Qianyang: “I believe it, but I know my cousin. He may smile, but he can’t smile like you said. You really saw wrong.”

Seeing his obviously disbelieving expression, the girl felt a surge of indignation. She grabbed him and strode forward: “I will prove it to you!”

He Qianyang followed her footsteps and was dragged off by her. He laughed as he walked, “If you want to see him smile, I will use my elder brother’s prestige to force him to smile for you later. If he doesn’t smile like Prince Charming I won’t let him sleep, okay?”

As soon as they entered the door, the girl stopped suddenly. He Qianyang almost had no time to hit the brakes. He put his arms around his girlfriend’s shoulder and said, “Why did you stop?”

The girl shushed him, pulled him to hide behind a tree, pointed to the front and said, “Look for yourself, if he is smiling the gentle smile of Prince Charming that girls would like or not!”

“Why are we hiding…..”

He Qianyang was puzzled and looked in the direction his girlfriend was pointing at. When he saw He Qianmin first, he noticed that his expression was indeed much better than what he had seen before. Don’t know what he was talking about to the person next to him but it indeed held atrace of the gentleness his girlfriend mentioned…..

No, wait. He Qianyang’s eyes widened a little bit. That boy in front with a sweet and obedient expression and letting people rub his head was really He Qianmin? !


He, did, not, believe, it!

That was definitely not He Qianmin!

He Qianyang let go of his girlfriend’s hand, and walked towards the frightening scene in three steps. The shock on his face didn’t disappear as he approached and heard their conversation. Instead, he was even more disbelieving.

Listen to what He Qianmin said:

——”Big Brother, I did all the questions you left last time, and you promised to accompany me for a day, does it still count?”

——”My cousin’s group of friends like to scream and howl. You definitely would not like it. Let’s play in my room later.”

——”Their neighborhood compound is full of old men and ladies. Last time he made too much noise on his birthday he was beaten up by my uncle, which is why he came to our house to hold the party now.”

The boy next to him seemed to chuckle, and said with a smiling voice: “It seems that you and your cousin have a very good relationship.”

——”So-so, he is just as noisy as He Qianyu.”

“He, Qian, Min.” He Qianyang adjusted his expression, smiled and enunciated every word of his name, before saying in his most gentle voice: “You saying that about your brother who usually dotes on you on his birthday, won’t your conscience feel a little bit pained?”

He Qianmin turned his head but when he saw He Qianyang he didn’t feel guilty at all. He just turned his head again and said, “This is He Qianyang, and today is his birthday.”

Jiang Chen also turned around and looked over. When his gaze met He Qianyang’s face, there was an imperceptible pause. His eyes curved in a smile and he said, “Hello, I’m Jiang Chen, happy birthday.”

Not long after his words were uttered, He Qianyang’s girlfriend chased over, tucked her hand in the crook of his arm, and looked at Jiang Chen with a gentle smile, “Hello, little cousin, I’m Qian Yang’s girlfriend Zhu Yao, he often talks about me to you, no, no , it’s he often talks about you to me. I’m sorry I’m a little nervous, but it’s nice to meet you.”

The air was quiet for a moment.

“Cough cough, hahahahahahahahahahaha——”

A burst of laughter came from behind. Its owner had yet to appear but his voice already traveled over first, and they knew who it was without even looking over.

Li Nanfeng came over clutching his stomach and leaning against the wall. When he noticed everyone’s gaze, he stood up straight with difficult and said, “No, this is just too funny, He Qianyang, didn’t you tell your girlfriend what He Qianmin is like? How could there be a case of mistaken identity?”

The corners of Jiang Chen’s lips curved slightly, and he explained: “I’m not Mr. He’s little cousin, the one next to me is.”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment, looking at He Qianyang.

He Qianyang looked away, patted He Qianmin on the shoulder, and said, “This is my little cousin, He Qianmin.”

Zhu Yao blushed instantly, “Sorry, sorry, you and my boyfriend look too much alike, I thought you were his cousin, sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Jiang Chen smiled and shook his head.

Because of this little misunderstanding, He Qianyang’s girlfriend, Zhu Yao, hid in the small hall after saying hello. And in order not to be so obvious, she even dragged He Qianyu along, leaving a room full of boys outside.

When Shi Fengyue got out of the car, he went to the guest room to catch up on sleep. At this time, in the courtyard were Jiang Chen, He Qianmin, He Qianyang, and Li Nanfeng who suddenly appeared.

Li Nanfeng was still clutching his stomach and laughing, while He Qianmin’s face was dark because of what happened just now, and neither of them had any intention of opening their mouths. It was the first time Jiang Chen and He Qianyang met. Under such circumstances, they could only start the conversation themselves. Fortunately, the gift he brought was right next to him.

“This is a gift for you.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, “Happy birthday.”

He Qianyang didn’t open it in a hurry, his eyes fell on Jiang Chen’s face, and he sighed: “I don’t blame Yao Yao for recognizing wrong. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have imagined that there is someone who looks so similar to me in this world.”

“I never imagined it either.” Jiang Chen smiled lightly.

He Qianyang smiled and joked, “Maybe we are long-lost brothers.”

“He won’t be your brother even if that was the case.” He Qianmin said with a stinky face, “He would be mine.” After speaking, he turned to Jiang Chen for approval: “Right, Big Brother.”

Jiang Chen lowered his eyes and smiled, “You’re right.”

He Qianmin was finally in a better mood, curled his lips at He Qianyang and said, “What eyes does your girlfriend have? My brother doesn’t look like you at all. When you look in the mirror, are you even half as handsome as my brother?”

He Qianyang waved his fist threateningly: “He Qianmin, you are looking for a beating on my birthday, right?”

He Qianmin grinned, showing his canine teeth: “Go ahead.”

“I’m an adult, I won’t quibble with a little kid.” He Qianyang snorted, then turned to Jiang Chen and asked, “Can I open it?”

“Of course.”

He Qianyang found a nearby step and sat down on the spot where he opened the lid of the gift box, “This is the first gift I received today…..Damn, it’s so cool!”

“This is a robot?” He Qianyang took out the robot inside, looked it over, and said excitedly: “I haven’t seen this style on the market before, where did you buy it? Is it a limited edition?”

“Of course it’s limited.” He Qianmin crossed his arms and snorted, “My brother made it himself.”

“You made it yourself?” He Qianyang looked up curiously, and Li Nanfeng finally stopped laughing, and looked at the robot in Li Nanfeng’s hand after hearing this as well.

He Qianyang fiddled with the robot, but he couldn’t find the power button. He Qianmin became impatient, walked over and squatted down. He grabbed it and started it himself, “This is how you play.” He pressed the start button and put the robot on the ground.

The eyes under the robot’s helmet lit up, turned around to face Jiang Chen and said, “Hi, I’m R01, what’s my owner’s order?”

He Qianyang was taken aback, and looked down at the blinking robot on the ground wearing a cool helmet. The eyes under the glass cover suddenly lit up with round pixels.

“This robot…..”

Jiang Chen said: “R01, your owner is right behind you. From now on, you will only accept his orders.”

R01 turned around, raised his cool little head little by little, and after saving He Qianyang’s image, said: “To change the command, please enter the password.”

Jiang Chen: “0722.”

“The password is correct.” R01 walked towards He Qianyang: “Hello, owner, I am R01, and I am very happy to be your robot.”

He Qianyang was in a dazed state the whole time, until the little robot patted his leg, he suddenly came back to his senses, and raised his head in disbelief: “This robot… can communicate with me?”

“It is able to communicate simply.” Jiang Chen said: “Because it is a gift for you, the initial password I set is your birthday. If you want to change any original settings including passwords, just talk to it directly, and then give the password to it.”

“Okay.” He Qianyang nodded blankly, after a while, he suddenly raised his head again, and said in unison with another voice: “You made this?”

Li Nanfeng picked up the robot, looked it up, down, left, and right. His Adam’s apple rolled up and down a few times, and he looked at Jiang Chen with unconcealable eagerness in his eyes: “Bigwig, can we talk right away?”

Jiang Chen nodded, and said to He Qianyang: “Happy birthday to you again, I hope you will like the gift I gave you.”

He Qianyang took back the robot in Li Nanfeng’s hand, looked at it fondly, then raised his head and smiled and said, “This is definitely the coolest gift I have received so far, thank you, I like it very much.”

“It’s great that you like it.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, “CEO Li and I still have some things to talk about. It seems that Mr. He’s friends have also arrived, so I won’t bother you for now.”

“Don’t call me Mr. He, my cousin call you brother, so we are a family, just follow him and call me Brother Qian Yang.”

“Who are you calling CEO Li? How can our relationship be called so distantly? Call me Brother Feng, from now on I will be your close blood brother!”

He Qianyang and Li Nanfeng spoke at the same time and ended at the same time, and they also glanced at each other at the same time.

Jiang Chen called obediently: “Brother Qian Yang, Brother Feng.”

“Come down early after you finish talking, I’ll introduce my friends to you later.” He Qianyang contentedly went to entertain the friends who had just arrived.

Li Nanfeng couldn’t wait to take Jiang Chen upstairs, and said as he walked: “As long as we confirm the cooperation intention, everything will be arranged by your orders after that, and I will give you the greatest freedom and authority, and will not interfere with any of your research. You don’t need to worry about funding, what you have in your hands can definitely convince the board of directors…..”

When Jiang Chen and Li Nanfeng went upstairs, another car stopped in front of the He family’s iron gate.

He Qianjian got out of the car, went around and opened the door on the other side, and smiled at the person inside: “Here we are, come on out.”

Above the pastel-colored high-heeled shoes were well-proportioned and slender legs, and a knee-length short skirt which wrapped those long legs. The soft and gentle looking girl in a small designer lady suit got out of the car, and smiled slightly: “Thank you.”

He Qianjian bent down gentlemanly: “It is my honor to serve a beautiful lady.”

Han Qiya brushed her long hair behind her ears, met He Qianjian’s straightforward gaze, pursed her lips and smiled, “I haven’t been back for a long time, and I’m a bit unfamiliar, can Young Master He introduce everything here again to me?”

He Qianjian stretched out his hand and said, “No need to go to the trouble, let’s go in together, and everyone will come to introduce themselves to you.”

Han Qiya’s eyes shifted and she didn’t move for a long time. He Qianjian said half-jokingly and half-seriously: “Do you still need to hesitate about holding your fiancé’s arm?”

“That was just a joke of our grandpas.” Han Qiya stretched out her arm to tuck it into the crook of his elbow, and blinked playfully, but the smile in her eyes faded a bit: “We shouldn’t be bound by this old custom and tradition.”

He Qianjian lowered his eyes and said harmlessly, “It’s all up to you.”

There were already quite a few people in the main hall. He Qianyang had always been extroverted. He made friends ranging from fifteen to sixteen years old to thirty or forty years old. When the people gathered together, it was difficult to distinguish them from their age levels. Many also didn’t know each other, but most of the people here have met He Qianjian, because he often followed He Qianyang and attended parties that he attended.

Therefore, when He Qianjian led Han Qiya into the door, many people greeted him.

Someone was curious: “Young Master He, who is this?”

“Currently——” He Qianjian paused, gave the other a look, and then said with a smile, “A friend.”

The other person understood, held up the champagne and said, “Friends now, but it might not always be friends. Here, I wish you the best in advance.”

Han Qiya took a glass of champagne from the tray and said with a generous smile, “I also wish you and Young Master He a long-lasting friendship.”

The other person paused, and looked at He Qianjian. The smile on He Qianjian’s face faded, but soon recovered: “Come, come, cheers.”

He Qianyang’s birthday party officially started when the sunset began glowing in the sky. He himself was very good at enlivening the atmosphere. In addition, the band that the party planning studio found was a very popular group recently, and everyone soon became excited.

Another rock song ended. A girl in hot pants ran onto the stage, grabbed the microphone and said loudly, “After listening to rock for so long! Does anyone want to listen to something quieter! Something more lyrical! A song suitable for a love confession!”

The last sentence ignited everyone’s enthusiasm for gossip, and they responded one after another:


“A tribute to love!”

“Who confesses! With whom!”

The girl raised her hand to signal for quietness below, and said with a smile: “Since everyone wants to listen, how about we invite the recognized musical genius, He Qianyang’s cousin He Qianjian, to come on stage and present a violin piece, let’s wish him good luck!”

“Oh oh oh——”

“He Qianjian! He Eldest Young Master!”

The whistling was accompanied by eager eyes gathering around. He Qianjian paused the hand holding the wine glass, and lowered his head to hide the displeasure in his eyes.

No one discussed this matter with him and just called him onto the stage, treating him as an actor who comes and goes when he was called?

Han Qiya turned her head and said with a smile: “I still remember the piano piece that amazed everyone at your tenth birthday party. I didn’t expect you to play the violin as well. It seems that today there will be a treat for the ears.”

He Qianjian raised his head and pretended to be generous: “Since Miss Qi Ya wants to hear it, of course I have to present a piece.”

Under everyone’s attention, He Qianjian put down his wine glass and ordered someone to go upstairs to get his violin. He stepped onto the stage and jokingly said, “I’ve already asked someone to bring the violin, but let me explain in advance that my violin hasn’t been practiced for a long time. If I don’t play well later, I hope everyone won’t laugh at me.”

There was good-natured laughter in the audience, and someone said: “Who doesn’t know that Young Master He is a musical genius. Shocking even Master Waller with a violin piece at the age of twelve. How could he not play it well?”

People who knew He Qianjian all echoed an agreement, and the lively atmosphere did not cool at all during the short waiting period.

He Qianjian smiled on the surface, but he was communicating with the system in his head.

[Help me find the person who plays the violin best within the widest range.]

[Searching…..the person with the highest violin talent nearby has been found, located 130 meters southwest of you. Are you sure you want to exchange violin skills?]

He Qianjian frowned in his heart: [Who is it, it won’t be too shabby, right.]

[After testing, this person’s violin talent belongs to the top level of the pyramid in the world.]

[And compared to Waller?]

[The talent is higher than Waller’s, but the skill is not as good.]

He Qianjian was relieved, and the smile on his face was much more genuine and natural. He nodded to the audience, and said to the system: [Of course. There are a few people in the world who can surpass Waller in skill. Okay, then it’ll be him.]

[Violin skills are being exchanged…..the exchange was successful, and the host can use it for 30 minutes.]

Second floor.

Jiang Chen, who was discussing the cooperation details with Li Nanfeng, suddenly paused and raised his head.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Jiang Chen stretched his shoulders and said, “The party should have already started, and the details are almost all discussed, let’s go down first.”

“Okay.” Li Nanfeng closed the laptop and said, “I will hold a board meeting tomorrow, and I pick you up at your home the day after tomorrow. When we arrive at the company, we can finalize more details.”

The two packed up, turned around and went downstairs.

The villa of the He family was similar to a courtyard house. In addition to the courtyard built around the whole house, there was also a three-story sunny garden room in the center of the house. The little study room the two were in was located in the west wing second floor. The west wing was only open to guests, not connected with the northern part where the owner lives, and the main hall where the party took place was on the first floor of the north wing. So if they wanted to go there, they could only pass through the garden room, or take the separate stairs of the west wing, walk around the courtyard and into the main hall.

Li Nanfeng went to call Shi Fengyue, and Jiang Chen went downstairs first. When he reached the stairs, he paused, stood there for a moment, then turned and went down another staircase.

There were a few people here and there in the courtyard, and it wasn’t deserted at all, but the place that was even more lively was the main hall with laughter and music.

Jiang Chen came out from the side door of the west wing, and before he even took a few steps, he heard the sound of a violin, playing a melodious tune. He couldn’t say anything professional about it, but he knew it was played well.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The violin music, which became more and more crescending, flowed into Jiang Chen’s ears while accompanied by applause. Thinking of the conversation he had just heard, he paused, and slightly pursed his lips. He wondered whose skill He Qianjian had exchanged this time.

“Jiang Chen?” A tentative voice with unconcealed surprise called from behind.

Jiang Chen looked back at the sound, and the moment he saw the shy young man with a shy smile under the moonlight, something flashed through his mind, and he hesitated, “You Jiuyu?”

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