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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 011 School Transfer?

Today was the day when the results were announced, but none of the teachers were there. Under the discussions of guessing their results and where the teachers have gone, the atmosphere during early self-study was very restless.

Jiang Chen held a copy of “Discrete Mathematics” in his hand and was looking at it, when the boy at the front table turned his head and thumped his table excitedly, saying, “Brother Jiang, I heard that the reason those teachers are not here today is because of the matter regarding Zhang Three Hairs framing you during the exam the day before yesterday, they are all having a meeting in the small conference room.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Who did you hear this from?” Jiang Chen closed the book and asked curiously.

“Wasn’t I late this morning?” The boy raised his eyebrows and smiled a little smugly: “While climbing over the wall, I happened to pass the office building. When the teachers passed by, I happened to hear them talking, saying something like there was a parent’s phone call made to the principal to ask about the authenticity of this matter, and I heard that the parent had a lot of background and asked the school to conduct a thorough investigation, so the emergency meeting was held so early.”

Jiang Chen pondered. He knew that this matter would definitely spread, but it was unexpected that it would spread so quickly and so widely, but for him, it was a good thing.

The boy in front of him suddenly stopped laughing, and said in a worried tone: “Brother Jiang, do you think those teachers will call you over later? If this matter is so big, will it affect you?”

“Don’t worry, it won’t affect me.”

Several people craned their heads over, all with worried expressions on their faces. Jiang Chen thought about it, and said, “Teacher Zhang started that incident, and it was he who rushed into the classroom during the exam and interrupted us. The students in the three classes in the East Building can testify to this. Moreover, there were also other teachers at that time, and they will not watch Teacher Zhang wrong me, don’t worry.”

Hearing what he said, the other classmates were relieved, and one person said, “You should have thrown the papers directly in his face back then. The evidence being so solid, this matter can’t be blamed on you.”

Jiang Chen hooked up a corner of his lips and said, “It’s not too late to throw it in his face now.”

At that time, Jiang Chen could of course take out the papers directly, but in this case, firstly, it would prove without question what Zhang Zhipeng did, secondly, it would be detrimental to his image in the hearts of the teachers, and thirdly, once a conclusion was reached, the discussions on this incident would be difficult to continue. Only if there was suspense in one thing, would people want to get to the bottom of it and discuss it more eagerly.

It was precisely because no one knew whether there were the “missing test papers” in Jiang Chen’s drawer, that everyone speculated over this incident. The students in class 1 believed in Jiang Chen’s character and knew that he would not steal the papers, but the people from other grades and classes who don’t know him would not be so sure. They would be dubious, hold opinions and argue, and become the best conductors to spread this gossip.

Moreover, the most important point was that Jiang Chen knew that this incident would get big, and there would definitely be a talk. At this time, Jiang Chen, who was holding the disappeared test papers, would become the one to lead this talk and call the shots.

However, Jiang Chen wouldn’t tell any of this to these innocent teenagers. Possessing pure joy, distinct opinions on good and evil, and innocent earnesty, was the best gift that time could give to people at this age.

Knock knock——

The math teacher stood at the back door and said to Jiang Chen, “Jiang Chen, come out for a bit.”

When Jiang Chen walked to the door, Fu Jinyu glanced at his empty hand and frowned, “Where are the papers that Zhang Jian stuffed inside your drawer? Did you throw it away?”

Jiang Chen: “No.”

“Go, go, take it and walk with me, and we’ll slap it in his face later.”

Jiang Chen: …..

On the way to the teacher’s office building, Fu Jinyu said just three things.

The first sentence: “Don’t be afraid of anything, I still want to poach you for academic competitions, and no one can touch a hair on your head.”

The second sentence: “When you see the principal later, be sure to be more polite, though no need to bother being polite with Zhang Jian, so just show that power you did on the day of the exam, insult or talk back as you like.”

The third sentence: “If Vice Principal Sun talks to you, you will just pretend to be mute and I will answer for you.”

Jiang Chen nodded in succession, while on the surface he appeared obedient and well-behaved, he felt a little strange in his heart.

Before, he never knew that Teacher Fu was so…..blunt?

Moreover, don’t know if it was because Jiang Chen didn’t have much memory of his high school life but in his impression, this Teacher Fu had always been stern and didn’t like to talk to students in private, so except for his memory of him as his second year high school math teacher, there was only when he graduated from high school and came to the school to get the notice from Nanshi University, Teacher Fu let out a faint sigh: What a pity.

What was a pity, Jiang Chen had no time to think about it at that time, but when he recalled it at this time, Jiang Chen suddenly had an answer in his heart.

In the first life, Teacher Fu never mentioned poaching him to go to the competition class, so why did he mention it in this life? And when he mentioned it, his tone was firm, like having made a long-considered decision.

The only difference Jiang Chen could think of was that in the first life, he was devastated by his family’s predicament, but now he had regained his composure after a short period of degradation.

Therefore, the reason Teacher Fu said it was a pity at the time was probably because of the fact that he should have a better future, but he gave up on himself because he could not bear the suffering. In the end, he could only go on another path that he had never considered before.

The office building and the teaching building were not far away from each other, and Jiang Chen and Fu Jinyu quickly arrived at the small conference room.

Fu Jinyu stepped in front with Jiang Chen standing behind him, and in this protective gesture he pushed open the double doors of the conference room, and led him to the seat next to the principal.

The principal smiled warmly: “Jiang Chen has come.”

“Hello, Principal.” Jiang Chen did not sit down directly, but bowed slightly to the other teachers: “Hello, Teachers.”

The teachers in the second grade group all know Jiang Chen. Most of the teachers have taught him, but there were also teachers who have not had much contact with him. At this time when they saw that in his gestures, from entering to taking a seat, he was neither humble nor arrogant, appearing polite and generous, these teachers’ impression of him became even better.

The principal also smiled, patted Jiang Chen’s arm, and said, “Have a seat.”

Seeing him sitting down, he looked at the file folder in his hand, and said with an unchanged expression, “What is this?”

Before waiting for Jiang Chen to answer, Fu Jinyu said, “It’s the set of test papers that Teacher Zhang said he lost earlier, and I asked Jiang Chen to bring it.”

The teachers in the conference room all looked at the folder in front of Jiang Chen, and as their eyes moved, a subtle shift appeared in their eyes as their gaze scanned past Zhang Jian.

Zhang Jian was practically blue in the face. Sun Tengyun glanced at him, gestured for him to remain calm, touched the teacup and said, “Student Jiang, we asked you to come here at this time, because we wanted to talk with you about that matter in which Teacher Zhang lost the test papers and accidentally misunderstood you about it. He didn’t handle it well at that time, and you were also feeling a little emotional, contradicting and accusing a teacher in public. Both sides had made some mistakes and the way I see it, this matter can be put aside easily. The two of you can just apologize to each other, as the saying goes, one day as a teacher and a lifelong as a father. This is the class teacher of your own class after all and so both parties should take a step back, how about it?”

After Sun Tengyun’s words fell, the expressions of the other teachers changed more or less.

What a shameless thing to say!

But he was the vice-principal, even if they felt contempt, they just exchanged glances, sympathizing with Jiang Chen who had been the one wronged yet still had to apologize.

At this moment, almost most of the teachers, including the principal and Fu Jinyu, never thought that Jiang Chen would disagree with Sun Tengyun’s words. After all, as the saying goes, a higher level official can crush those below to death. Vice Principal Sun was not only Jiang Chen’s vice-principal but also an elder, so the pressure he brought did not need to be mentioned.

Fu Jinyu’s face darkened, he never thought that Sun Tengyun could be so shameless despite his age. Not only overturning black and white, striking with a muck-rake, but even threatening Jiang Chen with his status as an elder and school leader to press his head down and force him to apologize and let this incident go.

How was this what a teacher should do?!

He was about to open his mouth and refute, but Jiang Chen spoke first: “Vice Principal Sun, I’m sorry I can’t agree with your decision.”

All the teachers in the conference room were shocked, not having expected Jiang Chen to refuse directly.

Jiang Chen didn’t care what other people’s expressions were. The young man had a straight back and stood like a jade tree. He spoke slowly but calmly, but powerfully:

“First, whether Teacher Zhang accidentally lost the test papers and misunderstood me, or he directed and acted a script to frame and slander me. The teachers and students present at the time all have eyes and can judge and come to the truth for themselves, and so will I.”

“Secondly, at that time, I was not emotional, let alone committing the wrong of contradicting and accusing a teacher. At that time, I spoke politely and calmly, and all the guesses I made were logical and factual. Regarding this, it is just like what I just said. The teachers and students present can be my witnesses. If you want the facts, you can look at the file I brought.”

“Thirdly, I have only one father, and he is currently not yet recovered from a car accident, but Teacher Zhang once insulted my father in public at the school gate. Towards such a teacher with such morality, I can’t agree with the view “One day as a teacher, a lifelong as a father’, otherwise my father will be the first to disagree.”

“To sum up, I don’t think I need to apologize.”

After Jiang Chen finished speaking, he bowed to Vice Principal Sun, and said, “If you think that what I said in defense of myself is contradicting you, my elder, I will bow to you here now, not as an apology, but as a junior’s respect towards a senior.”

Sun Tengyun’s face sank. Jiang Chen’s behavior of using force first and then following up with courtesy, made it impossible for him to nitpick even if he wanted to. Zhang Jian was right, this student didn’t act like a student at all, he was not arrogant or impetuous, and in fact, many adults couldn’t even speak the way he did. This child was definitely not a mere fish in the pond.

However, it was precisely because he was such a difficult person to deal with that he couldn’t let him go, otherwise, wouldn’t the sky be turned upside down in the future?

Sun Tengyun said sinisterly: “So, student Jiang Chen, do you think you are not wrong at all?”

“I don’t think this way.” Jiang Chen smiled slightly, but there was a bit of self-deprecation on his face. He said, “This incident has made my parents very worried. As a child, it is my fault that my parents are worried.”

Sun Tengyun looked at Jiang Chen with a dark face, the wrinkles at the end of his eyes deep and uneven, holding a trace of coercion and gloom.

Jiang Chen continued as if he didn’t notice: “So, now they are very worried about my psychological condition at school, they don’t want me to stay in No. 1 High School, and are planning to transfer me to No. 4 High School and have already contacted the No. 4 High School. If No. 4 High School agrees, I will transfer directly over in June.”

As soon as these words fell, the teachers in the entire conference room were no longer able to remain calm.

The results of this exam have already come out, although they have not yet been announced, but Jiang Chen’s exam papers were graded in advance by them. His position as the first in his grade was definitely as stable as Mount Tai. If despite such a big thing happening at home, he could still recover in such a short time, it really showed his mental fortitude. It could be said that as long as there were no major problems in the next year and a half, don’t even mention Jiang Chen being accepted to Hua/Yan Universities, it was not even impossible for him to be the city’s first place in the sciences division of the college entrance exam.

Which school would throw away such a promising seedling and not want it?

No. 1 High School would not, No. 4 High School would not!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They believed that if what Jiang Chen said was true, No. 4 High School would definitely beat the gongs and drums and open the main door to welcome Jiang Chen in. How could they refuse, in fact they might even chuckle about such a good thing in their hearts, laughing gleefully at No. 1 High School handing over such a good seedling to them.

No, no matter what, Jiang Chen must not be allowed to transfer to another school!

This was the thought of all teachers in the whole office, including the principal and Vice Principal Sun Tengyun.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 010 Good Seedling

Before the day of the exam, the time waiting and preparing always seemed difficult, but once you actually took the exam, time went by very fast.

The day’s exams were over quickly, and when the bell rang for the end of the last exam, the whole school was immersed in the festive atmosphere of having survived the beginning of the month trial, and this mood was also able to last twenty-nine days. Only class 1 was a little silent.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

What happened during the first exam in the afternoon refreshed the three views of this group of young children. Most of the children of this age had a clear distinction between what they like and hate. In their eyes, good was good and evil was evil, and black and white was also distinct. They rarely speculate on others with malice. Before this, even if they disliked Zhang Jian and even gave him a mocking nickname and felt that he had many shortcomings, they never doubted whether he was qualified to be a teacher.

But after this incident, everyone had some doubts in their hearts.

Was this the teacher who had always taught us?

A person who could direct and act a script by himself, just to slander a student he dislikes, could such a person really be worthy of the profession “teacher”?

Some people were filled with righteous indignation, some people were depressed, and most of them were quietly looking in Jiang Chen’s direction.

In stark contrast to Jiang Chen, who was sympathized by all the students, was Zhang Zhipeng in the last row of the third group.

At the end of the first exam, a classmate ran to Jiang Chen’s seat to see if there were any papers in his drawer and if Zhang Zhipeng had really been asked by Zhang Three Hairs to do such an immoral thing.

At that time, Jiang Chen leaned on the back of his chair with a slight smile, and said, “I know you care about me, thank you, but flipping through the drawer is not important.”

“How is it not important?” Shen Xu was the first to disagree, his eyes were about to burst into flames, and he bent over to rummage in Jiang Chen’s drawer: “I’ll look for it! I just want to know if someone is really this Immoral!”

The other classmates were all paying attention to this side. Zhang Zhipeng sat taut with his head down and didn’t say a word.

Jiang Chen smiled, grabbed Shen Xu’s hand, and said in a low voice, “I’ll tell you after school.”

Shen Xu stopped, put down the test paper file in his hand, and stood up with a sullen face. It just happened that the second test started, so he went back to his seat, but not before giving Zhang Zhipeng a cold look.

Although no one saw whether Jiang Chen’s drawer had any test papers, what Shen Xu had obviously touched just now, and his expression when he stood up told them that there might really be something in Jiang Chen’s drawer.

But the second exam was just about to start, and everyone had no time to be distracted. Now that the exams were over, they naturally want to know the truth.

Jiang Chen didn’t seem to notice everyone’s attention. When he packed up, he put the file into his schoolbag, called Shen Xu, said a few words with other classmates who came to talk to him, and left the classroom.

Even by the time they had walked out of the school gate, Shen Xu still had a sullen face and didn’t look at Jiang Chen, obviously disapproving of his decision.

Jiang Chen sighed, he knew that Shen Xu was feeling unjust for him, and in fact he did not forgive Zhang Zhipeng, otherwise during the exam, he would not have directly said that a classmate had put things in his drawer.

Before the exam, most people didn’t have time to look around, but Zhang Zhipeng was walking around Jiang Chen’s seat. Those who were interested could naturally recall this and Zhang Zhipeng would be caught at that time, but even so, Jiang Chen would not prove this solid.

Zhang Zhipeng really should be punished, but if at his age, at such an important time, he was forced to spend his time in isolation and bullying under the title of an immoral slanderer, then that was a little overboard.

Jiang Chen was not a holy father. On the contrary, if Zhang Zhipeng did something unforgivable and really stepped on his bottom line, Jiang Chen would be the first to crush him. For example, Jiang Chen had never softened his methods towards Zhang Three Hairs.

But Zhang Zhipeng did not.

Moreover, Jiang Chen could basically guess the reason why Zhang Zhipeng did this.

Zhang Zhipeng usually studied hard and his grades were also good. He had always been hovering around the top 80s of his year. It was absolutely possible for him to enter a first tier college if he maintained such grades. However, the situation in his family was very bad. His parents had passed away and he only had a seriously ill grandmother and a grandfather who only received the minimum pension. So don’t even mention going to college, he might not even be able to sustain the living expenses of high school.

At the end of this month, the school would launch a special hardship subsidy quota. These ten candidates chosen from each year could not only be exempted from all tuition fees and miscellaneous fees, but also receive a subsidy of 200 yuan per month. He would remember this because at this time in the first life Hu Bo got a spot.

This was what Zhang Jian promised Zhang Zhipeng.

It was wrong for Zhang Zhipeng to frame others for his own benefit, but everyone’s suspicion and alienation, as well as his own unease and guilt were already enough of a punishment.

On the way back, Jiang Chen told Shen Xu about Zhang Zhipeng’s situation.

Shen Xu was silent for a long time, and then he curled his lips and said, “If he isn’t a good person in the first place, how could he do such a thing?”

Jiang Chen paused, looked at Shen Xu, and asked him, “Do you remember how we met Huo Bo?”

Shen Xu was stunned for a moment, and pursed his lips.

It was a summer a long time ago. He and Jiang Chen made an appointment to go to the bookstore to read. When passing an alley next to the bookstore, they saw a child in tattered clothes protecting his head while being punched and kicked. He and Jiang Chen ran over to stop it. However, they learned that the child was a thief and had already stolen from the pharmacy several times, but because he was too young the police could not do anything about it.

It was also from that time that they realized that while they lived a carefree childhood, there was a child their age who endured the fists and kicks of adults again and again, just for a box of less than two yuan medicinal spray for his grandmother who was reluctant to buy medicine for her injured leg.

Shen Xu snorted and said, “Can Zhang Zhipeng be the same as Huo Bo? Huo Bo did it for his grandmother, and the people at the pharmacy deliberately tried to trick him despite knowing that the medicine he wanted to buy was cheap, yet deliberately coaxed him to spend all his money to buy expensive ones, so he could only steal it, he had no choice but to!”

“Zhang Zhipeng naturally can’t compare with Huo Bo.”

Jiang Chen knew this better than anyone else. Whether it was character, perseverance or how he behaved, Zhang Zhipeng could hardly even look up to Huo Bo, and Jiang Chen believed that if Huo Bo was in his shoes, he would never decide to do what he did.

“But he had already received the punishment he deserves, and this punishment will accompany him throughout high school, so that is enough.”

Shen Xu kicked the telephone pole: “Okay, we’ll let that kid go, but next time he dares to do such an immoral thing, there’s no need for others to bully him, I will bully him myself!”

The teachers of No. 1 High School graded the test papers very quickly. It was only Wednesday, and the results had already come out one after another.

While the students were looking forward to the announcement of their grades, gossip quietly circulated among all grades: Zhang Jian, the classroom teacher of year 2 class 1, sent someone to hide the monthly exam papers in a student’s drawer in order to slander the student in his class. He even took other teachers to search, but was exposed by the student and left pathetically.

This matter was only circulated among the second years. After all, the whole teaching building was quiet at the time of the exam. So when Zhang Jian and several teachers passed by the window, the students in the next two classes all heard the gist of the issue. As soon as the exams were over, they couldn’t wait to find a friend in class 1 to confirm, and after getting the real situation, they couldn’t help but scold Zhang Jian as unworthy of being a teacher.

As a result, through the process of spreading the word among the students, not only the whole high school second year knew about it, but the first and third years also heard about it as well. Even some parents had heard from their children and called the school. They wanted to prove the authenticity of this matter, and very bluntly stated that if the school had such a teacher who had no morality at all, they would feel uneasy about their children studying here.

The teachers of other grade groups who received these calls were still a little confused, but after confirming with their colleagues and hearing the whole story, they were all extremely ashamed of Zhang Jian’s actions. So this matter got big and not only did the students find out, even the parents who worked in the education area heard about it and called the principal’s office directly to ask for a strict investigation.

On Wednesday morning, the principal called the entire second year group of teachers together for an emergency meeting.

Most of the teachers present were afraid of the vice-principal standing behind Zhang Jian, but some were not afraid of him. Fu Jinyu, a math teacher of the second year class 1 was one of them. When the principal asked about the details, he did not make any modifications, and even described the matter in a very biased manner.

After he finished speaking, he also said: Principal, Jiang Chen ia a good seedling whom I am optimistic about. I originally planned to draw him in to the competition class as soon as school started, but at that time something happened back at home, so I thought about giving him some time first, so as not to put too much pressure on him. I have waited and didn’t mention it this whole time but who knew that while I hadn’t put pressure on him, Teacher Zhang was afraid that he would be too relaxed, and kept finding trouble for him at school, again and again as if there was no end to it.”

The math teacher Fu Jinyu’s remarks could be said to be quite ruthless, and he basically unabashedly stated his point of view: Zhang Jian is a piece of trash who self-directed and self-acted a script to deliberately seek trouble and frame/slander students.

Zhang Jian was just sitting two places away from him, and when he heard this his face turned the color of pig liver.

Zhang Jian was not the only one with a bad expression, but vice-principal Sun Tengyun’s expression was also not very pleased either.

Sun Tengyun held his purple clay teapot and said gloomily: “Teacher Fu, you are a teacher, so it’s not good to say such biased words.”

Fu Jinyu was not afraid at all, and said with a cold face: “It’s exactly because I am a teacher that I have to say this.”

Sun Tengyun looked at him for a few seconds, then turned his eyes to the principal: “Principal, as for this matter, I think both parties must be present. It is difficult for us to have a meeting here without all parties involved, so we might as well call that student over and ask him why he thought Teacher Zhang framed and slandered him at that time. This way we will know what the student thinks.”

The principal still looked kindly and amiable as always. He didn’t say yes or no when he heard the words, but looked at Zhang Jian and asked, “Teacher Zhang, you are the party involved, why don’t you talk about why you thought a student had stolen the test papers at that time, rather than it being carelessly placed elsewhere.”

Zhang Jian said with a pale face, “I was so anxious at the time that I didn’t think much at the time. I was afraid that there might really be students who would steal the test papers and destroy the fairness of the test. I was also afraid that it would encourage this evil behavior, and in a moment of impulsiveness I went ahead with this worry.”

Fu Jinyu blew the tea leaves in his cup, and said lightly, “Teacher Zhang is really easy to act impulsive. As far as I know, you haven’t only acted impulsively once or twice. If you are always so impulsive, you should go to the hospital for a checkup.” (TN: in Chinese, the phrase “a hot/feverish head” means impulsive. Here Fu Jinyu is speaking to the literal meaning to mock Zhang Jian)

Sun Tengyun’s face sank: “Teacher Fu, the principal is asking questions, what are you doing interrupting him?”

The principal smiled and said, “Teacher Fu is this character, I understand, it’s fine.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Sun Tengyun’s face became even more ugly. He gouged Fu Jinyu with his eyes and looked at Zhang Jian with a very dark expression, which made Zhang Jian, who was already uneasy, even more flustered.

Fortunately, Sun Tengyun didn’t seem to have given up yet, he said, “Since this matter is still not clear, let’s go and find the student involved.”

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 009 To Frame

Halfway through the exam, several teachers suddenly came in from the back door and asked everyone to stop writing.

The students in Class 1 were a little confused. Before they could react, they heard Zhang Three Hairs say, “Today, an extremely bad thing happened in our grade, that is, some students stole the test papers! We are here now to catch this student, and completely put an end to this crooked behavior!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the whole class was in an uproar.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The students didn’t care that they couldn’t talk to each other during an exam. Someone directly asked the classmates sitting nearby, “No way! Is what Zhang Three Hairs said true?!”

“Who knows?” The classmates were also at a loss: “No one is so bold, right? Besides, is it even necessary for a mere monthly exam?”

“We all know the grades of the students in our class, our grades are clear to everyone. Do they want to suddenly take first place by stealing the exam papers? They should ask Jiang Chen if he agrees or not.”

Hearing the discussion of the people in the front, a boy in the back stretched his head over and said, “Maybe it’s Jiang Chen? He placed 105th in the last exam, maybe this time he is taking risks to restore his past glory?”


“Shut up, Jiang Chen can take first place in minutes, is it necessary for him to cheat?”

“If Jiang Chen could steal the test papers, then I will f**king eat the test papers.”

The discussion was lively, and Zhang Three Hairs slapped the table with a stern face: “Quiet!”

“What’s there to clamor about, do you still know that this is exam time!”

The classroom quickly returned to quiet, Zhang Three Hairs’s eyes swept over each student’s face, staring at the seat two rows behind the window for a long time.

Jiang Chen felt it and he raised his eyes to meet Three Hairs’s sullen and smug eyes.

The test seating arrangements were based on the ranking of the previous monthly exam. Shen Xu, who forever placed last in the rankings, sat behind Jiang Chen. He also saw Zhang Three Hairs’s gaze, and his heart sank, his intuition picking up that something was wrong here.

“Brother Jiang! Jiangzi!” He poked Jiang Chen’s back vigorously with his pen.

Jiang Chen didn’t look back, and said in a low voice, “What?”

“Zhang Three Hairs is stirring up trouble isn’t he!” Shen Xu leaned forward, his low voice filled with unease: “His expression seems to show that you are his target, does he want to slander you for stealing the test papers?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes curved slightly. It had to be said that while Shen Xu’s brain was not very smart when it came to academics, his intuition was truly accurate. He could see the essence through the surface almost every time. It was almost an instinct for him to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. This kind of person was definitely not without smarts, but his smarts just weren’t used in his studies.


Seeing Zhang Three Hairs walking this way, Shen Xu became anxious, and quickly pushed Jiang Chen: “Look to see if there are papers in your desk! If there are papers, hand them to me from below, hurry up!”

“Shen Xu, Jiang Chen! What are you whispering about!” Zhang Three Hairs walked to Jiang Chen’s desk in three steps, and said loudly, “I already said no talking yet you two still continue to whisper among yourselves, what important things can’t be said at other times and must be said at this time!”

Shen Xu gritted his teeth, and just as he was about to talk back, he felt his desk lightly being bumped.

Then, he saw Jiang Chen stand up and say lightly, “Teacher Zhang, we were talking about the matter of stealing the papers, I personally think that you have always been prejudiced against me, and it’s very likely that this matter is something you both directed and acted out to frame me for stealing the papers. So just now I was thinking, when did I leave my seat to give people a chance to take advantage of my absence. It turns out that Shen Xu happened to still be here when I left my seat, and he told me that someone had indeed come to my seat during those two minutes.”

He smiled slightly and said calmly, “So I’m curious, what kind of grudge does that classmate have with me, and what kind of deal he has with you, that it’s worth it for them to risk putting the test papers in my desk drawer to slander me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the whole class fell silent, including the several teachers who came over.

Zhang Three Hairs’s face instantly turned blue, black and purple, like a palette, very colorful indeed.

In a corner that no one noticed, a boy’s face turned pale in an instant, and his hand holding the pen trembled.

The classroom was silent for two minutes as everyone digested the information in Jiang Chen’s words.

Zhang Three Hairs’s expression was so ugly that he couldn’t even hide it. The other teachers also walked over, but still no one spoke.

The students here were not clear about this matter, but the several teachers who came here were very clear about the ins and outs of this matter.

From Zhang Jian’s vengeful personality, and his persistence in finding opportunities to slander Jiang Chen, it could be seen that he was indeed someone who could do such a thing.

In the office just now, the words he said, the actions of rummaging around the desk, and even the urgency of catching the students who stole the papers that he displayed, these teachers didn’t feel anything strange at the time. They didn’t think much about it, but after Jiang Chen’s remarks, they recalled what Zhang Jian said and did just now, and everything became clear.

He was indeed directing and acting a script by himself, trying to frame and slander a student.

He was indeed directing and acting a script by himself, trying to frame and slander a student.

The several teachers all figured out the key points, and their expressions when they looked at Zhang Jian became subtly different.

Zhang Three Hairs was unable to speak for a few minutes, the first reason was because he was angry, and the second was because he was trying to figure out a way to counter-attack and slap the dung pot on Jiang Chen.

Just now, when he had performed in the office and then rushed to the classroom with a few teachers, what he wanted was to strike preemptively. When Jiang Chen had yet to react, he would directly dig out the test papers in his desk drawer and put the crime on him.

But who knew that before he even had time to rummage in his desk drawer, Jiang Chen just directly claimed that he was directing and acting a script he wrote himself in order to slander him.

Zhang Jian never imagined that while he wanted to slander the slander, he at least had prepared evidence, but Jiang Chen was so calm and bold, and without knowing anything, actually managed to turn the tables against him.

With those words, the one who struck preemptively became Jiang Chen. If Zhang Jian dug out the test papers from his desk, others would think that he was framing Jiang Chen. If nothing was found, others would still think that he was framing him. Just these few words practically blocked Zhang Jian’s attack and retreat route, leaving him in a dilemma.

Zhang Jian’s back molars grinded so hard they began to hurt, and he found that the best way for him to go now was to not dig in Jiang Chen’s drawer, just brush this matter to the side lightly, and focus on Jiang Chen’s confrontation with a teacher in public.

But how could he be willing to give up!

Since the first semester of high school, how many times Jiang Chen had disrespected him openly and secretly, how many times had he been misunderstood as a result of Jiang Chrn’s two-face behavior, and how many times had he been angered by his actions of agreeing overtly, but opposing in secret?

Now he finally had a chance to teach him a lesson and allow himself to vent out this suffocating anger, how could he be willing to give up!

Zhang Jian’s face switched from pale to green and then back again, unable to come up with a countermeasure at the moment.

However, Shen Xu already reacted from Jiang Chen’s words. Jiang Chen didn’t ask him if someone came to his seat just now, but someone did come to Jiang Chen’s seat before the exam, and he did see it!

He turned his head abruptly, staring closely at the third-to-last boy in the third row, with a baby face that was at the moment so dark that it could drip ink.

At this time, almost everyone in the classroom was staring at their area. Although most people were looking at Zhang Jian and Jiang Chen, Shen Xu sat right behind Jiang Chen. And thinking of what Jiang Chen had just said, when Shen Xu’s face changed and looked in a certain direction, almost at the same time, the others followed his line of sight.

There was more than one student in that area, but most of them were looking around, wondering who Shen Xu was looking at. There was only one boy with his head down, his hands on the table shaking uncontrollably, forehead covered with cold sweat.

Seeing this, who didn’t understand this situation immediately.

An outraged classmate asked directly, “No way! Zhang Zhipeng! Did you put the papers in Jiang Chen’s desk drawer?”

No one had searched Jiang Chen’s desk drawer yet, but everyone had already concluded that there were exam papers in his drawer. However, almost no one present believed that Jiang Chen stole the papers.

Not to mention the fact that Jiang Chen being firmly at the top of the grade had already been deeply ingrained in the hearts of everyone. More importantly, everyone had been together for more than half a year, and they all knew what kind of person Jiang Chen was.

He excelled in his studies but did not have the arrogance of most high achieving students. Anyone who asked him a question could receive a patient answer from him; he didn’t talk much but never ignored anyone. As long as someone talked to him, he would definitely answer politely, and if it was a topic he was interested in, he would even chat with you excitedly for a long time; he liked the quiet, but he could also get along with the noisy boys in the class, whether it was playing basketball or eating out, everyone loved to call him…..

He always maintained a bottom line and upheld his principles. No matter how good his temper was normally, as long as someone stepped on his bottom line, he would calmly point it out and everyone would still be friends after that. And instead of holding grudges because of this, they would actually remember his taboos in their heart and won’t do it again.

In this class, if you ask who was the most popular, very few people would say Jiang Chen, but if you ask who was the first person you thought of when you encounter a problem, and who you trust the most, more than 90% of the answers were Jiang Chen.

Just ask yourself, towards a boy who was very excellent himself, had a good attitude in life, was decent but not pedantic, had principles and bottom lines, who would believe that he would steal test papers and cheat?

What was more, the person who slandered him was pfull of loopholes, and moreover, Zhang Three Hairs also usually had a bad reputation.

Zhang Three Hairs didn’t like Jiang Chen, the students in the class knew that, but why did Zhang Zhipeng help to frame Jiang Chen?

Some of them recalled that Zhang Zhipeng was in the same class as Jiang Chen in the first year of high school. At that time, he was thin and small, and he was always bullied by people from other schools after school. It was Jiang Chen who asked Huo Bo, who was in class eleven, to help him out. If it was really him, wasn’t this ungratefulness?

Everyone’s eyes were filled with amazement and puzzlement. Zhang Zhipeng had lowered his head and couldn’t see it, but he felt that the eyes that fell on him were full of ridicule.

His hands shook and he lowered his head even further, not daring to look up to see other people’s expressions.

Jiang Chen glanced at him, looked away, and said to Zhang Jian, “Teacher Zhang, if you want to search my desk, do it now.”

Zhang Jian gritted his teeth, squeezed a smile on his face, and said, “I just suddenly remembered that I seem to have put the papers in the year one office, so there’s no need to search.”

When the classmates heard Zhang Jian say this, they were a little dubious, but the teachers didn’t believe a single word. Zhang Jian didn’t teach any high school first years classes, so why would he take the papers to the first year office, but they didn’t say anything.

Jiang Chen’s expression was calm as if he didn’t seem to care all that much, but when thinking about what he had said before, how he had ridiculed Zhang Jian inside and out, most everyone thought he would grab onto this matter and dig down deep.

But he just sat down and said, “In that case, can we continue the exam?”

Zhang Jian, just like other teachers, also thought that Jiang Chen would not give up so easily, but when he saw him put the matter down so gently, a hint of disbelief flashed across his face.

But he quickly reacted and said immediately: “You guys continue with the test, answer the questions quietly, don’t talk to each other.”

After he finished speaking, he left the classroom first, for fear that if he was even a moment slower, Jiang Chen would stop him and ask him to explain things clearly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: At this time, the Jiang Chen in the hearts of the classmates is actually the young Jiang Xiao Chen in the first life who had not experienced much.

Jiang Chen, who had lived through two lives already, is a little different from what his classmates in the first life think. He still sticks to his original intention and still has his own bottom line and principles, but the way he behaves in society and the way he solves problems is not the same anymore.

For example, towards the boy who was bullied in the stairwell, if it was the Jiang Chen in the first life, he would immediately step forward to stop it, but the current Jiang Chen just calmly gave a few suggestions:

    1. Make yourself stronger

    2. Tell the teachers and parents

    3. Warn him not to do things he would regret

It can’t be said which method is right, it can only be said that Jiang Xiao Chen was a naive and earnest boy, while Jiang Chen considers things more comprehensively.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 008 Chance Meeting

In the next half month, Jiang Chen went to the hospital twice, and the answer he got was still that there was no Shi Fengyue. Even so, he was not in a hurry. Every day his schedule was packed very tight, except for weekend mornings when he asked the hospital and took a walk in the park with his parents, he spent the rest of his time studying and familiarizing himself with the current textbooks.

Time would never fail those who work hard.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

On the eve of the monthly exam, Jiang Chen had already familiarized himself with the science textbooks from the first year to the second year of high school, and completely distinguished the currently used formulas from the formulas used in the interstellar period.

April 2nd, the monthly exam on the first Monday.

Today, Yang Si was going to take Jiang Zhuo to the hospital for a re-examination. She called Jiang Zhuo’s good buddy early in the morning to help out. Knowing that Jiang Chen was to take the monthly exam today, Yang Si did not wake him up, but left a note and twenty yuan on the table, telling him to eat breakfast outside.

When Jiang Chen got up, there was no one at home. After seeing the money on the table, he sighed helplessly, his heart feeling warm and soft.

It would always be the case, no matter how difficult the family was, Yang Si had never pinch a penny for him, as long as it was for his needs she always spent very generously. For example, at this time, the average person could eat breakfast for five or six yuan at most, and at least one or two yuan one could eat fully, but Yang Si gave twenty yuan, which was almost enough for Jiang Chen to eat for a week.

He took the money and went out. It was still early so he walked to the school and prepared to eat at the breakfast shop along the street.

There were many breakfast shops at the entrance of the community. Jiang Chen did not stop there, but turned the street corner in front of the school, bypassed the periphery of the rare high-rise apartment in this era, and stopped in front of a biscuits shop.

The business of this biscuits shop was very good. There were old people, students and young people queuing up. The bustling and noisy market was full of vitality.

Jiang Chen walked to the end of the line, roughly calculated the number of people and the speed of the shop owner, and after confirming that he would not be late, he began reciting the classical Chinese in his heart.

After returning to the first life, Chinese and English became Jiang Chen’s weak points. After two lives, Chinese texts and poems have long been blurred. Fortunately, his memory was good, and he could re-memorize it after reading it a few times. Only classical Chinese did he need to spend some time on, but English was more difficult. Just counting the time, he had not touched this thing for nearly 30 years, he did not need to use it after graduation in the first life, the interstellar era had optical receptors, and automatically converted languages ​​of various ethnic groups so understanding languages did not require much study at all.

At this time, Jiang Chen was extremely grateful for his super memory as a result of being reborn three consecutive lives.

Just when he finished consolidating the classical Chinese and was about to recite the vocabulary silently, Jiang Chen felt a person come up behind him, but he didn’t care, and continued to memorize his vocabulary.

The line gradually became shorter, and soon there were only two people in front of Jiang Chen. He leaned down to see the flavor of the biscuits in the frame, and when he was about to straighten up, he found that his heel seemed to have accidentally stepped on the person behind him.

He immediately turned his head and apologized: “I’m sorry.”

After not hearing the response, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but raise his head to look. The man who came into view had dark eyebrows and snow-white skin, and the expression on his face was seven-point impatience and three-point annoyance. He was pinching the bridge of his nose and looking at him from top to bottom.

“Sorry.” Jiang Chen apologized again: “I accidentally stepped on you.”

The man put down his hand, turned his head slightly, his black hair lay on his forehead, and his entire face that was not covered by his hands was finally exposed to the sun.

“Apologize?” The man’s voice was low and flat, with a metallic magnetism, carelessly sexy.

Jiang Chen smiled politely: “Sorry for stepping on you.”

The man didn’t speak, just looked at him with his arms folded over his chest.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds. The two people ahead had already finished buying. Jiang Chen nodded to the man, took a step forward, and quickly bought the biscuits he wanted to buy.

Just as he was about to leave, he felt his schoolbag being pulled from behind.

Just as he was about to leave, he felt his schoolbag being pulled from behind.

The man stared at the biscuits frame, and reported unhurriedly, “One sesame cake, two sugar biscuits, two rolls, and a cup of sweet soy milk.”

Jiang Chen turned his head and saw the man accept a bag of biscuits and a cup of sweet soy milk handed over by the proprietress, and took the soy milk and drank it slowly, squinting his eyes slightly, like a satisfied cat.

Noticing Jiang Chen’s gaze, the man nodded his chin and motioned Jiang Chen to look down. He raised his left foot and shook it, and there was a gray shoe print on the brand-new sneaker.

Jiang Chen looked back and asked the proprietress of the biscuits shop, “Auntie, how much is his total.”

“Six yuan.”

Jiang Chen gave the money, and the man let go.

“Sorry for stepping on your shoe and getting it dirty.” Jiang Chen said: “If you can’t wash it clean, you can come to No. 1 High School and find me in year 2 class 1. My name is Jiang Chen, and I will bear the compensation for the shoes.”

Jiang Chen didn’t have much knowledge of shoes, but these shoes happened to be shown to him by Shen Xu before, and the price was more than 2,000 yuan in the magazine.

The man was drinking soy milk, and when he heard the words, he raised the biscuits in his hand and said, “You have already compensated.”

Jiang Chen nodded and said, “Thank you, then I’ll go to school, goodbye.”

The man nodded lazily, turned around and entered the neighborhood on the side.

Yan City No. 1 High School, there were still 20 minutes before the exam, because it was a monthly exam for the whole school, morning self-study and inter-class exercises have been canceled.

At this time, the classroom was very quiet, most of the students were doing practice questions, and some people were reviewing and consolidating their knowledge. When Jiang Chen passed Shen Xu’s seat, he was scratching his head and doing last minute cramming. He didn’t even have the time to greet Jiang Chen when he walked over.

Twenty minutes later, the start of the test bell rang, and the entire building fell silent.

Jiang Chen focused his attention, glanced at the paper quickly, picked up the pen and almost without thinking he started to answer the questions.

After several exams, the proctor passed by and stood beside him for a few seconds, a pleased expression on his face.

Here, exams were taking place quality, but the teachers’ office in the afternoon was a bit lively.

The teachers in the second year group who do not need to proctor all gathered in the office on the fourth floor. Some people were discussing the difficulty of this monthly test, and some people were guessing who would be in the top ten of this test.

“This time, the first place in the liberal arts is Chen Zhixin, no doubt. What is hard to guess is the sciences.”

“Yang Yifan, she has always been stable. She is only nine points behind Jiang Chen in the final exam last semester, which was a great improvement from before, and she was also the first in the monthly exam at the beginning of this semester.”

“Yang Yifan is indeed possible.”

“It could also be Tang Qixun. Tang Qixun only missed Yang Yifan by three points in the monthly exam, and this time, the science questions are too advanced. Yang Yifan is really steady, but every time she encounters a complex question, she easily loses points.”

“I still think it’s Yang Yifan. Yang Yifan is hardworking. She could ponder over a wrong question a hundred times. Your exam questions this time may not be able to stump her.”

The teachers in the science group had a heated discussion, and a different voice sounded: “I think it’s Jiang Chen.”

Some people agreed: “Jiang Chen is indeed possible. Recently, his study condition has improved a lot, and it is completely different from when the school started.”

“I don’t think it’s Jiang Chen.” A teacher shook his head: “It’s not that I doubt his ability, the whole No. 1 High School knows that he has good grades, but what happened in his family recently, ai…’s hard for one to adjust even for an adult not to mention he is a child.”

After the teacher finished speaking, the office was silent for a few seconds.

The young male teacher felt that the atmosphere was not very good, so he turned to look at Zhang Jian who was organizing the table, and asked with a smile, “Teacher Zhang, Jiang Chen is your student, how do you think he has been doing recently? Is it possible for him to return to the previous level?”

Zhang Jian didn’t lift his head, he kept rummaging on the desktop, and said while rummaging: “I don’t think his condition is all that good. I saw him spacing off several times, and sometimes he was even reading content unrelated to the class. He is already in the second year, I really don’t know what he is thinking, I said a few words to him as the classroom teacher before, and he actually complained about me in front of the principal. Towards this student, I don’t dare to control or guess.”

Hearing Zhang Jian say this, the other teachers looked at each other with a hint of embarrassment.

On the 10th of this month, Zhang Jian was called to the principal’s office. All the teachers here knew. Not only that, the principal criticized Zhang Jian at the mid-month meeting, saying that he did not pay attention to the mental health of the students, and warned him that when educating students to not act with private interests in mind.

This was the most severe thing the principal had ever said, and it was even announced in public. Everyone here knew that behind Zhang Jian was Vice-Principal Sun. No one had ever dared to offend him and dare to speak harshly to him before. No one expected that the principal would directly tear up his face and dignity for this.

Therefore, when Zhang Jian said in the office several times that Jiang Chen refused to obey the rules and violations and that his outside appearance and inner reality differ, the other teachers pretended to not have heard.

It was just that they didn’t expect that despite more than half a month having passed, he still hadn’t put the matter down.

All the teachers here have their own ideas, but they all have a deeper understanding of Zhang Jian’s vengeful streak, and know that this was not the right time to continue this topic.

A teacher changed the subject awkwardly: “Teacher Zhang, you have been looking for something on the table just now, what are you looking for?”

Zhang Jian stopped, frowned and said, “The monthly exam papers I put in the drawer are gone, and I don’t know where they went.”

“Ai, if it’s gone, it’s gone.” The teacher smiled, trying to ease the atmosphere: “It’s just a few exam papers, they are not mid-term or final exam papers, so it’s nothing major if they’re gone.”

“That won’t do.” Zhang Jian raised his head and spoke meaningfully, “If some students steal the papers here in order to get good grades on the test, isn’t it unfair to other students? “

The teacher’s smile froze, touched his nose, and nodded sheepishly: “This is also true.”

Zhang Jian turned his chair, faced these teachers, glanced at them one by one, and said, “This matter must not be passed easily, I want to see just who is so daring to steal test papers from my office desk!”

The other teachers were stunned and exchanged glances, waiting for his next words.

Sure enough, Zhang Jian continued: “These students are already out of control, and they won’t be able to remember their lessons if we don’t catch an example. The one who stole the papers will definitely not be able to transfer the papers in time. We will go to the classroom to search now, as it will be too late when school is over. “

“That’s not good, the students are taking exams…..”

“Is fueling a trend of cheating more serious or interrupting an exam more serious?” Zhang Jian said with a dark face: “If this trend of cheating is fueled then in the future, students will not go to class or tutoring, and will run to the office to steal the test papers. Whoever steals it will be number one, then how will our school continue to remain open, and how will us teachers still teach students?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“This…..” The young male teacher at the beginning said, “It can’t be that serious.”

“You just became a teacher, you don’t have experience, you don’t know the seriousness of this matter.” Zhang Jian stood up and said without accepting any more refutation: “It just happens that the current exam is about to end, we will go search now and find the stolen papers! I will lead by example, and start with our class!”

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 007 Shi Fengyue

In the early spring, the city of Yan was mostly gray. Sunday morning was a rare sunny day.

Jiang Chen ate breakfast with his parents, went back to his room and prepared before heading out.

Yang Si didn’t have work today. After yesterday’s events, she realized that the harmony and happiness of the family was the most important thing. Just as Jiang Chen was going out, she also decided to head out with Jiang Zhuo to the park to bask in the sun, so that this gloom-shrouded family could have a bit more sunshine.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Zhuo had no objection. Since the accident, he had yet to go out. At first, he was not in the mood to go out. Later, it was because he did not want to trouble his wife and son. But at this time, both his wife and son were very happy, so naturally he would not be opposed to it.

In Yan City in 2004, most buildings did not have elevators. And the Jiang family’s home was on the fifth floor, so it was not easy to go out.

Jiang Chen carried his father on his back, Yang Si carried the wheelchair, and the family of three went downstairs carefully step by step.

The laughter of the children outside and the movement from time to time in the neighbors’ apartments made the stairway journey short. Although no one spoke, the silence was not stuffy.

When he reached the first floor, Jiang Zhuo, who was on Jiang Chen’s back, suddenly sighed and said, “Chen Chen has grown up.”

His words seemed to open the family’s chatterbox.

Yang Si smiled and said: “Isn’t it so? It seems that all of a sudden, from such a small child, he has grown into this towering appearance.”

Jiang Zhuo’s smile returned to his usual cheerfulness: “Yes, like me, as expected of my son.”

“That’s hard to say for sure.” Yang Si disagreed very much: “Chen Chen is so well-behaved and sensible because he is like me. You were clumsy and impatient when you were young, how could you compare to our son’s calm and steady demeanor.”

“Yes, this part is like you.” Jiang Zhuo didn’t argue with his wife, he smiled and said, “But his smarts take after me, good at academics since childhood.”

“How come his smarts take after you?” Yang Si disagreed even more: “Can you compare your grades to your son’s when you were in school? Your son is smart because he is serious, plus my genes!”

Jiang Zhuo was a little aggrieved: “Then what part of our son is like me?”

Yang Si also felt as if she couldn’t justify it if everything about their son resembled her, so she responded to her husband with a vague perfunctory answer: “Isn’t he good at playing basketball like you?”

Jiang Chen listened to his parents’ nostalgic bickering, and the smile in his eyes spread little by little. The family of three walked out of the corridor, and the bright sunshine dispelled the last trace of gloom.

After sending his parents to the park, Jiang Chen took the bus at the nearby bus stop.

At eight o’clock in the morning, the city of Yan already had a trace of the crowdedness in the later years, but it did not have the fast rhythm that seemed as if one would be left behind if one’s step was slow.

The bus drove slowly, its passengers included the old men carrying bird cages, the students in school uniforms, and the young people who were always on the phone. There were people chatting and laughing, others quiet and napping. All of this gave off a harmonious and retro feeling.

For Jiang Chen, this scene was indeed retro.

Although he also came from this time, in his memory of the first life, more of it involved high-rise buildings and rushing crowds. And in the second life this scene was replaced with flying vehicles, and one actually needed special approval documents to drive on the ground.

He looked at everything in front of him with curiosity and freshness, and the corners of his mouth quirked upwards in a relaxed smile that he didn’t even notice himself, but in the eyes of others, he also made a pleasing morning scene.

The handsome and fair-skinned boy stood quietly with one hand grabbing the railing ring and by the back door next to the window, and just his appearance while looking out the window showed off a bright and casual aura that was enough to attract attention from others.

Jiang Chen was unaware of his surroundings. When he heard the station announcement, he just followed the crowd and got off of the bus.

The Yan City No. 3 Hospital was not well-known in Yan City at this time. When medical resources became scarce in later years, only then did its spine surgery and vascular surgery departments become well known. And the biggest reason why its spine surgery department could be known to everyone was because of Shi Fengyue.

Shi Fengyue was a man who was difficult to judge based on the moral standards of the world.

Shi Fengyue was a man who was difficult to judge based on the moral standards of the world. There was no doubt about his profound medical skills and outstanding talent in this area, but as a doctor, he did not have the sense of responsibility to save lives and heal the wounded that doctors pledged to do. He only regarded healing and saving people as a challenge and interest.

He didn’t pick up cases that couldn’t arouse his interest, didn’t pick up cases that weren’t challenging, or didn’t pick up cases when he was in a bad mood. This kind of unrestrained temperament caused most people to criticize and resist him for a period of time, and some people even went to the hospital to pull up banners demanding that scum like him should get out of the medical world.

But these didn’t affect him in the slightest, he still went his own way, and those who wanted to ask him to do their surgery were still lining up one after another.

No kidding, for those surgeries that other doctors couldn’t perform, only Professor Shi could save their lives. It was not like they would be willing to go die for the public opinion of the outside world, right?

After a period of controversial public opinion, the public saw that it was useless to affect him, and gradually dispersed, and went back to living their own daily lives. But Shi Fengyue became famous as a result, and then there were rumors that Professor Shi was extremely young and good-looking. This made the public very curious about this very talented but willful genius, and because of this, a wave of brain-dead fans were born, specially loitering around the hospital to see if he was indeed really that good-looking.

As a result, during that time, Yan City No. 3 Hospital recruited more than a dozen security guards, and had to stipulate that people were not allowed to stay in the outpatient department of the hospital without registering to see a doctor. Only then did it stop this absurd star-chasing phenomenon.

Shi Fengyue, on the other hand, remained unaffected. He resigned after staying at the Yan City No. 3 Hospital for less than three years. According to rumors, this was because he felt tired of doing surgical operations and went to look for other interesting things to do. Whether this rumor was true or not, no one knows. As for what he did after resigning, Jiang Chen no longer paid attention or know.

Thinking of this, Jiang Chen stopped in front of the outpatient building and sighed inwardly before walking in. It was not the most difficult thing to find Shi Fengyue, what was the most difficult thing was o get him to agree to perform an operation on Jiang Zhuo.

In the inquiry hall on the first floor, the nurses at the service desk were very enthusiastic. When they learned the name of the doctor he was looking for, they quickly searched for him in the system. However, as Jiang Chen expected, there was no such person in the doctor listing yet.

Jiang Chen was not disappointed either. This was something he had long expected, because what he remembered was a vague period of time, not a specific point in time. At this time, it was not necessarily a bad thing for him that Shi Fengyue had not yet come to the hospital. Because for Shi Fengyue, the operations he was willing to take on were more difficult as time passed, and there were fewer operations that could inspire his interest. So during his early days at the hospital, the possibility of getting him to agree to accept his father’s operation was higher.

On the way home, Jiang Chen suddenly remembered that his parents might still be in the park at this time, so he got off the bus two stops earlier. But what he didn’t expect was to meet Shen Xu when he walked out of the bus stop.

Shen Xu was also surprised to see Jiang Chen, and immediately jumped up and beckoned: “Jiangzi!”

“Why are you here?” Jiang Chen glanced at the school gate behind him, a little curious. Shen Xu was not a good student who returned to school for self-study or to do homework during the holidays.

“I didn’t bring my homework when I went back yesterday. Who knew my parents came back. Normally we barely see each other a few times throughout the year but when they came back, they immediately asked me if I had done my homework, putting on a caring expression. If they really care about my studies, would they not even be able to find time to attend parents’ meetings?” Shen Xu pouted and complained, and said unwillingly, “They saw that I don’t have homework, and I could only give in, and so I came back to school to get the homework.”

Jiang Chen glanced at him and said lightly: “Of course Uncle and Aunt Shen care about you. What will you eat if they don’t make money?”

Shen Xu knew that Jiang Chen would say this. From childhood to adulthood, whenever he complained about his parents, Jiang Chen would seriously tell him that his parents did things for his own good, he was used to it, and he did not take it to heart at all.

“What are you doing here?” Shen Xu changed the subject: “Isn’t it two stops before you reach your community?”

Jiang Chen’s residential area was two stations away from the school, less than 20 minutes’ walk. The park area was not small and spanned three stations. Near his residential area was the south entrance, the middle station was the east entrance and the library, and the north entrance was near the school, which was why he got off the bus two stops earlier to look for Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si from one end to the other, which would not make it easy to miss the two.

Jiang Chen explained briefly, and Shen Xu was very happy to hear that, and said, “Uncle Jiang should go out more to get some sunshine, helps with improving the mood.”

“Let’s go, I’ll accompany you to get your homework.” Jiang Chen nodded and said, “We’ll go look afterwards.”

Shen Xu immediately had a bitter face: “Aw, no.” He wanted to go to the dormitory to find the boarding classmates to copy homework from.

How could Jiang Chen not know Shen Xu’s plan, and glanced at him lightly: “You going or not?”


The school on Sundays was empty and quiet. Except for the occasional sound of third year classes being made up on the fifth and sixth floors, there were basically no people on the other floors.

Jiang Chen and Shen Xu took the keys from the grandpa in the reception room, and soon entered the classroom to pick up Shen Xu’s homework.

When going downstairs, Shen Xu drooped his head, and his whole person was without energy.

As soon as they reached the stairs on the second floor, the two found that there was someone in the stairwell, several boys standing there seeming to be laughing and chatting about something.

Jiang Chen and Shen Xu looked at each other, and before they could see the situation clearly, they heard the muffled sound of fists hitting the flesh from the inside of the enclosure, and then someone laughed and said, “So what if I hit you?”

Shen Xu’s eyes widened, and he instantly forgot his sadness about having to do his homework. He stretched his head and said, “Damn, actually daring to beat someone in the stairwell, so arrogant!”

The school building of No. 1 High School had a total of six floors and was in a “concave” shape. It sat in the north and faced the south. There were classrooms on the east and west sides, three classes on each side. Each grade occupied two floors. Year two occupied the third and fourth floors, while year one occupied the first and second floors.

However, at this time, both the first and second high school years had the day off, and the third high school years was making up classes upstairs.

Shen Xu had always had a wide range of social circles, and after just one glance, he had an impression of one guy’s profile face, and said to Jiang Chen, “They should all be high school first years.”

Jiang Chen was thoughtful, he vaguely felt that the voice of the person who just spoke was a little familiar, but he searched for this person’s information in his memory and found nothing.

Seeing that Jiang Chen didn’t speak, Shen Xu also frowned. It was not that he didn’t want to take care of this matter, but the situation was special now.

Although it was the weekend now, the teaching office didn’t have the day off. If it was a normal day, then he could forget it. It was not uncommon for him to meddle when seeing little brats bullying others, but at this time, Jiang Chen was being watched by Zhang Three Hairs with all his strength to get him in trouble, as long as Jiang Chen was involved, even if he was just standing with them, if Zhang Three Hairs knew then he would absolutely reverse the truth, and it would not be surprising that he would directly say that Jiang Chen was bullying junior students.

The two of them just stood at the entrance of the stairs, and the group of people in the stairwell naturally saw them.

One of them whispered to the tallest boy beside him: “Brother Sun, the two upstairs seem to be second or third years, what should we do?”

The boy known as Brother Sun looked up, and when he saw Jiang Chen and Shen Xu clearly, his eyebrows furrowed a little bit. At the same time as he looked up, Jiang Chen also saw him clearly, including those triangle eyes and narrow forehead. It was not a face that was easy to mess with, clearly he had no impression, but there was still a sense of familiarity.

When the two sides looked at each other, the boy who was just being surrounded and beaten coughed, and suddenly a scream sounded.

Jiang Chen and those people looked his way at the same time, only to see a fat boy in the innermost ring frantically shaking his arm, a thin small boy hanging from his arm. The boy’s head was smashed against the wall several times, but he still didn’t let go.

“F**k!” When his own people were bitten, the triangle eyed boy felt thatbhe had lost face and immediately kicked the boy, “Let go!”

Shen Xu cursed, jumped up and rushed down.

He didn’t intend to meddle in what was not his own business. Apart from worrying about Jiang Chen, he also didn’t see the condition of the child inside. He thought that through such a thick cotton jacket, he wouldn’t be able to suffer much damage in a fight. In comparison, Jiang Chen was more important, but at this time, when he saw the boy’s head being hit against the wall like this, he couldn’t help it any longer.

He ran downstairs in three steps at a time, pushed the tallest boy away, and said angrily, “You f**king want to kill people!”

Sun Zhi was pushed, and was just about to get angry, but after seeing Jiang Chen who was slowly going down the stairs, he squeezed his fist and for some reason held his anger back.

“Are you all right?” Shen Xu pulled the boy up, and after seeing the wound on his head and the bruise on his face, he turned his face coldly and said, “Are you guys from the first year? So arrogant?”

“Oh? So what if we’re arrogant, what can you do about it?”

Sun Zhi raised his chin. He was already tall, already more than 1.8 meters. Standing in front of Shen Xu, who had not reached 1.7 meters, he was full of intimidation. With him in the front, the other first year high school students also stood up straight, looking very aggressive.

Jiang Chen stood in front of Shen Xu. He stood tall and straight, with wide shoulders and long legs. Although his actual height was two or three centimeters shorter than Sun Zhi, there was not much difference to he naked eye. He said mildly, “Huang Zhiqiang was patrolling the fourth floor two minutes ago. It is expected he’ll come down soon, if you don’t leave at this time, you won’t be able to leave then.”

Huang Zhiqiang, the director of the discipline department of No. 1 High School, was nicknamed Mad Dog Huang. He liked to catch students who fight or have puppy love. His catchphrase was “I see you!” and those who were caught by him were unable to get away with less than a 3000 word essay that was also to be heavily reviewed. Its strictness comparable to that of a college graduation thesis, and made a very frightening existence.

Sun Zhi was stunned for a moment, and his followers were also afraid, looking at each other in dismay and wanting to leave immediately. Being scolded was a trivial matter, even if hey receive a demerit, they were also willing to accept it, but none of this was as torturous as 3000 words of self-criticism!

Jiang Chen was calm and steady, his eyes slid over everyone calmly, and when they landed on Sun Zhi, its gaze was a little deep.

Sun Zhi subconsciously wanted to take a half step back. He gritted his teeth, turned his head and said “you just wait” to the boy in the corner, and immediately ran away with the other students.

The corridor instantly became empty.

Shen Xu checked the boy’s injury and asked worriedly, “Do you want to go to the infirmary?”

The boy kept his head down, and didn’t raise his head even when asked by Shen Xu, and said dully, “Don’t worry about it.”

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, pulled Shen Xu away, and said indifferently, “This kind of thing will happen more after happening once, you can either find your parents and teachers to solve it, or you can become stronger yourself, so that people can’t bully you, and if you can’t do anything, then study well. If your grades are good, your class teacher will naturally protect you. For that kind of person, it’s not a good choice to endure or go to extremes.”

The boy raised his head abruptly and flushed when he saw Jiang Chen’s cold expression.

After a few seconds, he said, “It’s none of your business!”

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After speaking, he pushed Shen Xu away and went down the stairs by himself.

Shen Xu rubbed the pushed arm, and said with a tut: “This little brat is quite fierce, why didn’t I see any of that when that group of people beat him just now, damn, so it’s my fault for helping him. “

Jiang Chen thought of the utility knife that the boy had securely hidden in his sleeve and his eyes flashed, but he did not say anything.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 006 A Mother’s Love

Yang Tianci’s wrist was squeezed in Jiang Chen’s hand, and it was so painful that it twitched, but when he heard Yang Si’s words, he couldn’t care about the pain, and quickly said: “Sister, what are you talking about, it’s not that I don’t want to lend you money, it’s because we really don’t have money, us siblings’ blood is thicker than water, how can I not lend you money if you really have need? I’ll be sad if you say that.”

Jiang Chen’s hand exerted more force, and seeing Yang Tianci’s instantly distorted expression and angry eyes, he smiled: “Uncle, I heard that you just made a bit of money from stock trading a few days ago, seemingly about 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, first use that money to pay us back is also fine.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“How do you know!”

When Yang Tianci blurted this out, Yang Si, who did not even have the time to be surprised, instantly felt cold all over her body.

This was the good little brother she spent so much energy taking care of when she was younger, and had helped out desperately when she grew up. Cherishing and protecting him even regardless of arguments with her husband.

When she had money, he lay on top of her and leached blood desperately, able to say anything to please her for money, but when she encountered difficulties, he would run faster than anyone else. Yang Maosheng was only twelve years old now. If he hadn’t heard it from the people around him, he wouldn’t have said those words just now. It could be seen what her little brother’s family usually said about them.

“Sister!” Seeing Yang Si’s expression, Yang Tianci was a little panicked, and he quickly said: “Don’t listen to that kid, don’t listen to Jiang Chen’s nonsense, how could I have 40,000 or 50,000, it’s impossible, if I have the money why wouldn’t I lend you the money, right?”

“So what if you have money? We won’t lend it even if you have it!” An icy sneer sounded, and an old lady in a cotton-padded jacket walked out. She looked at Yang Si and Jiang Chen without concealing her disgust, “So what if Tian Ci has money? It’s his ability to have money! It’s our old Yang family’s money! As if we will give you, a married daughter, to treat a cripple that who knows will even be cured or not? Daring to scheme money from your little brother! What? Are you even schemeing when your father and I will die, and how much money you will get if we die?”

Yang Si subconsciously retorted: “Mom, how could I think like this, I…..”

“That’s exactly what you think!” The old lady had a hunched back, but her pointed finger almost touched Yang Si’s nose, “If you don’t think so, why would you come to your little brother to ask for money? You want to force me and your father to death? You’re only happy when we’re dead, aren’t you?”

Yang Si was pointed at and scolded, her heart iced over, and her hands and mouth trembled, but she found that she couldn’t say a word.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, the old lady became even more imposing. After scolding Yang Si, she started scolding Jiang Chen: “It’s you, you little bastard who just yelled at my grandson? So what if you have good grades? In my eyes, you are not even comparable to a hair on Sheng Sheng’s head. You’re not even worthy of carrying his shoes! If you have the ability, go and spill out shit and urine for your cripple father, don’t show off in front of our old Yang family’s house!”

“Mom!” Yang Si shouted: “How could you say that to Chen Chen! He is also your grandson!”

“What grandson?” Old Mrs. Yang spat and said, “The nose, eyes, and mouth don’t look like my old Yang family, nor does he have our Yang family surname. How is he my grandson?”

Jiang Chen had no objection to these words, because he indeed did not seem to have the blood of the Yang family, not only the Yang family, but also the Jiang family as well. But Yang Si was so angry at her mother’s favoritism that her face turned pale. She couldn’t tell how she was feeling now. Between the anger and the cold heart, there was unexpectedly a hint of ease and freedom.

Yang Si was full of hatred, but calmed down instead: “You don’t recognize Jiang Chen as your grandson, then do you recognize this daughter?”

“If you want me and your father to recognize you, then fine.” Old Mrs. Yang looked condescendingly at her and snorted: “As long as you divorce that cripple and remarry immediately, your father and I will recognize you. If you want to hang onto this mess for the rest of our life then don’t blame me for not having a daughter like you.”

“Okay!” Yang Si said expressionlessly, “From today on, I only have my husband and son, no more parents and little brother. From now on, our paths will no longer cross, and no matter if our two sides live well or badly, it is irrelevant to the other.”

The old lady didn’t expect that Yang Si would actually dare to respond like this, her eyes almost rolled back in anger, but Yang Tianci’s heart skipped a beat, he didn’t want to lose his sister’s subsidy! No matter what happened to her now, he didn’t have to pay anyway. If things are solved in the future, he could still get money from his sister and brother-in-law. But once they have a true falling-out, then he would have one less cash cow!

It was not just Yang Tianci who thought this way, but also the old lady Yang, who had always bullied her daughter who never showed any resistance. She had already found a 50-year-old old man who still had yet to find a wife, and they didn’t care whether her daughter was married or not or had any children before. The bride price was promised to be 10,000 yuan!

Old Mrs. Yang and Yang Tianci immediately wanted to say something to smooth things over, but before they had time to speak, old Mr. Yang, who had not said a word, opened his mouth, the wrinkles seeming like ravines from his frown: “Since you said that, our old Yang family will no longer have a daughter like you again!”


“Old man!”

“Shut up.” The old man Yang shouted angrily, looked at Jiang Chen with a dark expression, and said, “In the end, it’s not the blood of the Yang family after all, you and your mother will never step through my Yang family’s door again!”

Jiang Chen nodded obediently, and even smiled at them, then under the angry eyes of the Yang family, he supported Yang Si and said, “Mom, old Mr. Yang and Mrs. Yang doesn’t recognize you, but you have me and Dad, we can always think of a solution, let’s go.”

Old Mr. Yang’s face became even darker when Jiang Chen said “old Mr. Yang and Mrs. Yang”, but Yang Si’s eyes suddenly reddened.

Her parents were partial to her little brother, and her little brother used her as an ATM. She was used to these things, and she had long held complaints in her heart. Apart from being sad and chilled, she couldn’t express resentment at this moment. After all, it was her parents who gave birth to her and raised her.

But how could they! How dare they treat Jiang Chen like this!

This was the baby she had been protecting in her arms for fear of him bumping into anything. She was only worried about her son, who she wanted nothing more than to cherish and care for in all aspects, being rejected by her relatives today and had the most vicious words used to insult and abuse him, but even so, he did not show it. There was no trace of sadness, and even to reassure her, he had to force a smile.

Such a family, even if all weighed together, couldn’t match her precious son!

Such a family, even if all weighed together, couldn’t match her precious son!

“Let’s go!”

Yang Si grabbed Jiang Chen’s hand and took him away from here without the slightest nostalgia.

After leaving the gated community, the anger on Yang Si’s face faded, replaced by unconcealed sorrow and resentment.

Jiang Chen’s originally smiling expression darkened upon seeing this. He pursed his lips, but he didn’t know what to say.

That Yang Si and the Yang family would fall out so quickly. In fact, he helped fuel the flames. On the bus, he used the word “repay the money” to reverse Yang Si’s mindset, making her change from the anxiety and uneasiness of borrowing money to naturally at ease at getting back her money. Once she accepted this psychological suggestion, she would be a little less tolerant when facing the suppression of the Yang family.

However, a single word could only plant a seed. If it wasn’t for the aggressiveness and insults of the Yang family later, this seed would not be able to take root and sprout quickly, and taking root and sprouting was not enough. Jiang Chen wanted that seed to grow into a big tree. Big enough that it could break through Yang Si’s bottom line and make her break with the Yang family completely.

And the fertilizer that could make the small seedling grow into a towering tree was himself.

Jiang Chen knew better than anyone how much his mother loved him. She could endure all difficulties and dangers, endure all insults and injustices, and even wipe her face and continue on despite being pushed into the mud, but the one thing she couldn’t stand was for her child to suffer as well.

Therefore, from the moment Jiang Chen decided to follow, Yang Si and the Yang family were doomed to end in a falling out.

After doing all this, Jiang Chen had no regrets. The Yang family was a group of blood-sucking leeches. Letting them do as they please would only bring harm to himself. Getting rid of them early to stop the loss in time was the smart thing to do.

But seeing Yang Si’s lonely expression, he was distressed and a little annoyed at the same time. If he didn’t fan the flames when he just spoke, the Yang family might not have said so much, and his mother might not be so sad now.

When they got to the bus stop, Yang Si finally opened her mouth.

She looked up at her tall and handsome son, and suppressed the tears in her eyes: “Chen Chen, don’t listen to what your grandfather and grandmother said just now, they don’t treat you as their grandson, and you don’t have to treat them as relatives, let alone feel bad about them. It’s all Mom’s fault, bringing you here, yet letting them insult you and bully you like this…..”

Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, and after seeing the distress and self-blame in Yang Si’s eyes, he realized the reason for her sadness, and the hands on his sides also clenched into fists.

“Mom.” Jiang Chen’s fist-clenched hands relaxed, and he placed them on Yang Si’s shoulder lightly, and leaned over to look at her: “I’m not sad, so don’t blame yourself for it, I haven’t had much contact with the Yang family since I was a child, and you also know that I never liked them in the first place. Putting it in an unpleasant way, in fact, I have never regarded them as relatives. In this case, I naturally won’t feel sad because outsiders scold me a few times. I’m just angry that they don’t treat you well.”

Hearing him say this, Yang Si’s tears finally couldn’t be suppressed. She covered her mouth and sobbed out loud. She only sobbed a few times and then suppressed it again. She nodded her head repeatedly: “Mom is not sad, as long as Chen Chen is not sad then Mom will not be sad. From now on, Mom will only be sad for you and Dad, and Mom will only have you two as family, no one else!”

After she said these words, her tearful eyes shone with a clear and firm light, and the depression and sadness that had just shrouded her body were also swept away. After wiping away her tears, she even smiled and murmured: ” In fact, this is the best way to go.”

The bus stopped slowly, Yang Si wiped her tears again, got onto the bus first, and said, “Come on, let’s go home.”

Jiang Chen pursed his lips and echoed her: “Let’s go home.”

Before getting into the bus, he glanced at the direction of Yang Tianci’s gated community, and the coldness in his eyes was undisguised.

In the first life, after his Mom and the Yang family had a falling out, Yang Tianci and his family still did not trouble his family any less. Even after the death of his Mom, he even went to make a scene at his school for the insurance money, slandering him for embezzling the money his mother left to his uncle, forcing him to drop out of school. After that, when he found out that he and Huo Bo and Shen Xu started a company, he shamelessly came to recognize kinship again, pretending that nothing had happened, and forcing him to compromise out of blood relationship.

At that time, he was so annoyed that he found someone to lead Yang Tianci and Yang Shengmao, who had not graduated, to become addicted to gambling and paying for prostitutes. Within three months, Yang Tianci’s family was destroyed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In his first life, he didn’t take Yang Tianci and his family seriously, but now it seemed that the timing of Yang Tianci’s appearance and the trouble he brought was too clever and coincidental, as if someone was manipulating everything from behind the scenes.

Jiang Chen knew who that person was.

In this life, he would not only make it so that the Yang family’s ending would be even more tragic, but also make the person behind them thousands of times more tragic.

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