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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 083 Officially Eighteen

Yan No. 1 High School.

In the most secluded classroom on the top floor of the teaching building, apart from the sound of the teacher lecturing on the podium, there was only the sound of flipping books and the rubbing of the pen tip against the paper.

The voices of the next class over reading English text came through the wall, covering up the whispers of a few boys in the corner of the last row:

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“…..The news from Chenghua is absolutely reliable.”

“Then He Qianjian rushed out of school just like that?”

“It’s too tragic. He was the last to know that his own birthday party was canceled, if I were him I wouldn’t be able to stay in school either.”

While they were whispering to each other, the class was coming to an end. The homeroom teacher packed up the lesson plans and said with a smile: “The first round of review is over today, and we will start the second round of review tomorrow. At the same time, all courses that are not related to the main subjects will all make concessions to the main subject courses, including the work of your club and some students from the student union…..”

——Ring, ring, ring.

The teacher paused, waited for the bell to pass with a smile, and then said: “So this physical education class will be your last physical education class in high school, students, so cherish it! Class is over!”

For a moment, cheers and wailing intersected, and almost all the students stood up, and only a few boys in the back row still sat together.

Shen Xu’s height had skyrocketed since the beginning of his third year of high school. In just over three months, he grew from 1.7 meters to 1.82 meters. Every time the seating changed, he would move to the back of the classroom a little, and finally moved from beside Jiang Chen to in front of Luo Ze. While class wqs going on, he heard them talking behind him, but he didn’t know what they were talking about. It was the last physical education class, and Luo Ze still sat still and didn’t rush out.

Shen Xu bumped Luo Ze’s desk with his stool: “What are you talking about? It’s the last physical education class, so why aren’t you racing against time to play ball?”

“Tsk.” Luo Ze didn’t raise his head: “Don’t make noise, I’m chatting.”

“If you continue to gossip, you will become a busybody.” Shen Xu took out the basketball under his table, spun it around a few times impatiently, and said, “Will you go or not, if you don’t, I’ll go first.”

“You go first, you go first…..” Luo Ze waved his hands like he was chasing a chicken, and moved closer to the speaker: “Then what do you think the He family is thinking, the rich people’s banquet invitations should not be a small number. And those who would attend He Qianjian’s birthday party must be famous and reputable people, so they have to at least give an explanation.”

Shen Xu, who had already walked two steps away, turned on his foot and moved his head closer: “Who are you talking about?”

“He Qianjian.” A boy said, “The one who ranks below God Jiang every time on the big joint exams.”

“He Qianjian from Chenghua?” Shen Xu was lying on the table with the ball in his arms, and became interested: “What’s up with him?”



“Jiangzi, Jiangzi!” Shen Xu sat down at the table in front of Jiang Chen, “I’ve got a gossip for you!”

Without raising his eyes, Jiang Chen casually said, “What gossip?”

“He Qianjian, Little Brother Min’s brother, he will share your birthday with you tomorrow, do you know?” Shen Xu leaned over and said, “His birthday party was canceled for some reason, and he left school in anger. I heard he even smashed his phone.”

Jiang Chen paused: “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.” Shen Xu rubbed his chin and laughed a few times: “Do you think Little Brother Min knows about this? Although he is his own brother, their relationship is so bad, say, if I tell Little Brother Min, do you think he will be happy or unhappy about this?”

A few guesses flashed through Jiang Chen’s mind, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. Tomorrow was the day when he officially turned 18. Regardless of whether the He family canceled He Qianjian’s birthday party because they knew something or not, he had the absolute right to choose freely.

“Jiangzi?” Shen Xu waved his hand, and seeing Jiang Chen staring at the formula on the draft book thoughtfully, he clicked his tongue and said, “What kind of problem is it that makes our God Jiang so obsessed? Not even resting for a moment in so many days. Ai, forget it, you continue to be addicted to your math formulas, I will go down first and look for Little Brother Min. See you at the basketball court.”

Everyone in the classroom had almost left. Jiang Chen took out his mobile phone from the drawer, got up and went to the rooftop in the corridor on the other side.

“D? Since the end of our cooperation last time, we haven’t contacted each other for a long time. What need could you have with me?”

On the empty rooftop, Jiang Chen’s voice was blurred by the whistling wind: “Help me find out why the He family canceled He Qianjian’s birthday party. There’s quite an uproar so I believe you will find the answer within ten minutes.”

“You really think highly of me.” The other side laughed a few times: “But in order not to disappoint the big-spending old customers, I will do my best.”

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Chen turned around, lay on the railing and looked at his classmates playing ball on the court. Seeing Shen Xu hit a three-pointer then jumping up and hugging Luo Ze next to him, Jiang Chen couldn’t help smiling.

In less than five minutes, the phone rang.

“Find it?”

“Sorry, this incident is indeed a big one, but we haven’t found out the reason for the time being.” The voice over there was a little bit low: “Almost everyone is now guessing the reason why the He family canceled the party. The information is too mixed and as a result the truth has become difficult to filter out.”

“The He family is now as closed as an iron bucket, and no news has been revealed. There is no movement from He Yanjun, He Yanya is still in the laboratory, and there is nothing unusual about He Yanfeng’s Tunan Group. But what is suspicious is that the He Yanfeng couple took their youngest daughter who originally had cram school today to the He family’s old house early in the morning, and they still haven’t come out even now.”

“I am guessing, this should be a matter within the He family, and it is very likely that the incident happened suddenly but will have a great impact on the He family.”

The corners of Jiang Chen’s lips were lightly pursed, and after a moment of silence, he said flatly, “I see, the money will still be wired to your account, thank you.”

“No need.” The other side chuckled and said, “One can’t accept a reward for nothing, and this news will be treated as an old customer benefit.”


Jiang Chen put away his mobile phone, turned around and went downstairs. But as soon as he reached the court, he saw the class monitor Tang Qixun running over panting, “Director Liu asked me to tell you to go to the principal’s office.”

Jiang Chen: “Do you know what it is?”

Seeing his unhurried appearance, Tang Qixun couldn’t help pushing him towards the office building: “I don’t know, but it should be an important matter. Director Liu is very anxious and has come out to look for you a few times in person. Hurry up and go. Lest he keeps coming out all the time and we can’t even play in peace.”

Jiang Chen clicked his tongue, turned around and said, “So you’re using me to dodge the bullet, huh?”

“How could that be?” Tang Qixun smiled innocently: “Isn’t this the last physical education class? Everyone just wants to relax. As soon as Director Liu comes out, those who are dating dare not hold hands. For the happiness of us brothers, you must sacrifice a little bit.”

Before even reaching the office building, Jiang Chen and Tang Qixun ran into Director Liu. Director Liu ran over immediately when he saw Jiang Chen, and said in a hurry, “Where did you kid go, I couldn’t find you at all, come with me quickly.”

Jiang Chen was dragged by Director Liu all the way to the door of the small conference room in the techers’ office. He took a breath, lowered his voice and said to Jiang Chen: “When you go in, just talk as usual, old professor Xiang is inside too, so don’t be nervous.”

“Grandpa Xiang?”

“Yes.” Director Liu patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder and smiled: “Okay, let’s go in.”

The door of the conference room opened, and there were five people sitting and standing all over the room. All of them looked towards this side at the sound of the door opening.

“Student Jiang Chen, come in quickly.” The principal walked over, smiled kindly at Jiang Chen, turned around and said to the two people who were sitting and standing, “We’ll be going out first.”

The standing middle-aged man said: “Sorry for the trouble.”

The principal smiled and patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder: “Behave well.”

Jiang Chen nodded slightly. His gaze swept over the shoulder straps of the middle-aged man standing by the window and the two young soldiers next to him, and landed on old Mr. Xiang.

The door of the meeting room was closed again, and old Mr. Xiang waved to Jiang Chen, and said with a smile, “Xiao Chen, this is Major General Wu from the 17th National Defense Research Institute of the Ministry of Military Affairs.”

The imposing eyes of the middle-aged man glanced at him, and Jiang Chen raised his eyes, polite but not dodging, smiled and said: “Hello, Major General Wu, I am Jiang Chen.”

“Hello, Jiang Chen.”

After greeting, Wu Shao pulled out a chair, motioned to Jiang Chen to sit, and went straight to the point: “I learned from Mr. Xiang that you developed an image processing system by yourself, and I want to ask you to know more about it.”

Jiang Chen sat down calmly, and said, “What aspect does Major General Wu want to know about?”

“In regards to military affairs.” Major General Wu said.

Jiang Chen smiled and said: “When developing this system, I did consider its multiple uses, including military and medical uses, but before answering you, I want to ask a question.”

Major General Wu: “Go ahead.”

“Did you come to me this time in the name of the country or as an individual?”

“As an individual.” Major General Wu said, “But after learning about your system, I will choose whether to report it to the National Military Research Institute according to the situation.”

Jiang Chen nodded slightly, and then said with a smile: “Major General Wu, please forgive me for not being able to communicate with you the image processing system I am currently researching. As a scientific researcher, it is my responsibility to protect my own research results. I hope you can understand.”

Major General Wu paused, his tone difficult to distinguish: “Little friend, do you think you are already a scientific researcher?”

Jiang Chen smiled: “In your eyes, what is a scientific researcher?”

“One at least must have produced certain results.” Major General Wu said: “So coming to you today, I want to make sure whether you can become an excellent scientific research worker.”

“I already am.”

The young man’s brows were slightly raised, his tone was calm, and when the words that sounded arrogant came out of his mouth, it didn’t make people feel displeased, instead it just felt high-spirited, and people couldn’t help but feel a little convinced.

A trace of surprise flashed across Major General Wu’s eyes, but a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “How will you prove it?”

“If you came in the name of the country, I can prove it at any time.”

“In that case.” Major General Wu stood up, turned around and walked directly to the door: “Prove it to me.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The two soldiers who had been standing at the door saluted, and when Major General Wu went out, the young soldier who was half a step behind the other two quickly gave Jiang Chen a thumbs up, and then followed.

Old Mr. Xiang stood up, pointed at him, and said with a smile, “Oh you, let’s go.”

Jiang Chen curved his eyes and smiled. He supported old Mr. Xiang all the way to the low-key off-road vehicle at the gate of the school.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 082 Canceled Birthday Party

On Saturday, He Qianjian arrived at the school at 7:30 as usual.

Although Chenghua was a private high school, there were less than 30% of students in the international classes and students who choose international courses, while the rest of the students would take the domestic college entrance examination, so the study atmosphere in the third year of high school was also very strong.

When He Qianjian arrived, most of the classmates had already arrived in the classroom. As soon as he walked into the classroom, a boy with a good relationship with him came up to him: “Birthday star, did you bring invitations today? We are all waiting to attend your birthday party tomorrow.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Of course I have.” Standing at the podium, He Qianjian slowly took out a stack of invitations from his schoolbag, raised his chin slightly and glanced at the students who were looking this way. With lips curved up slightly, he placed the invitations on a boy’s desk nearest to the front and said with a faint smile: “Everyone has been classmates for three years, how could I forget you all. Other than the  few classmates who have already received invitations from my family, I have brought the invitations of other classmates, you can help me give them out.”


“We can all go?!”

“Long live Brother Jian, Brother Jian is the best!”

The boy at the first desk gave out the invitations. Most of those who received the invitations were students who had no contact with the He family or who were not qualified to attend the He family banquets. Now it was not surprising they were delighted to receive the invitation from He Qianjian. For a while, the classroom was full of congratulations and compliments.

He Qianjian went to his seat and sat down. Many students gathered around and asked about his birthday party one by one.

“Brother Jian, I heard that film king Li will also attend your birthday, is it true?”

He Qianjian said unhurriedly: “Although film king Li is in the entertainment industry, he is from the Li family, so he should come.”

“Film king Li is from the Li family?” A girl wowed, and said in surprise: “It turns out that film king Li is not only good at acting, but also has such a good family background!”

Someone asked, “What about the Xu family?”

“The Xu family will definitely go.” Someone said: “Isn’t there a lot of cooperation between the Xu family and Brother Jian’s family company? Am I right, Brother Jian.”

He Qianjian nodded: “The Xu family will attend.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about.” The boy who asked the question before beckoned mysteriously, and waited for everyone else to come over, then lowered his voice and said: “I heard that the Xu family recently recognized an illegitimate child. Guess this time if the Xu family will bring that illegitimate child with them to the banquet or not?”

“Where did you hear that?”

“Really? I haven’t heard of it!”

“Brother Jian, do you know?”

He Qianjian rotated his wrist, his eyelids lowered, his eyes falling on his own hand, and his tone showed a trace of disdain: “It’s just an illegitimate child, why should I know anything about it.”

The several people who were interested in gossip were stunned when they heard the words, and after looking at each other, someone laughed dryly and said, “Hahaha that’s true, what is Brother Jian’s identity, how could an illegitimate child matter in your eyes.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The others echoed, “Don’t even mention the Xu family’s illegitimate son, even film king Li can’t be seen in our Brother Jian’s eyes. He is just a branch member of the Li family. How could he compare with our Brother Jian who will inherit the Tunan Group in the future.”

He Qianjian glanced at the person who spoke, and laughed: “My horoscope hasn’t even been written yet, how do you know that I will inherit our company and not He Qianmin.”

Hearing the pleased tone in He Qianjian’s voice, the speaker’ eyes flickered and he said with a smile: “How can we not know, difference exists between even blood brothers, right? How could Second Young Master He compare to Brother Jian? Besides, the family business is generally inherited by the eldest son, who else can inherit the Tunan Group besides you?”


There was an abrupt sneer in the classroom, and the boy sitting in the corner crossed his legs, looked at the group of people with a half-smile, and applauded: “The He family hasn’t even decided who will inherit Tunan, yet you guys have already decided everything clear and loud. How about at He Qianjian’s birthday party tomorrow, you guys can go on stage and force a coup, shout out loud and knock He Yanfeng off the stage to make room for He Qianjian.”

The person who was flattering just now blushed and wanted to refute, but he dared not speak because of the boy’s family background.

The coldness in He Qianjian’s eyes flashed, but he turned his head and still smiled: “Wang Wei is just joking, Zhang Yanjing, why do you have to take it so seriously.”

Zhang Yanjing sneered: “The illegitimate son of the Xu family, the actor of the Li family, oh, and your younger brother He Qianmin, no one can compare to you who is high and superior, tsk tsk tsk, Eldest Young Master He is really majestic, I just wonder, aren’t you afraid that the wind will blow to hard and you’ll break your waist?”

He Qianjian’s face turned cold: “Zhang Yanjing, don’t think that because you are from the Zhang family, I dare not touch you.”

Zhang Yanjing shook his crossed leg, and lazily hooked his fingers: “Come on then, I want to see how the refined and cultured scum, an animal dressed up in a suit, Eldest Young Master He plans to get back at me.”

He Qianjian’s face was dark, and don’t know what he thought of but he suddenly sneered: “I want to fight with you, but I’m afraid that tomorrow when we will appear in front of everyone with a bruised nose and a swollen face, I wonder where Minister Zhang’s face will be put.”

All the students here know that Zhang Yanjing’s biological mother passed away early, and his father was extremely strict with him, and hated it the most when he got in fights with others. And if the fight even reached the front of the scenes, he would definitely have nothing good waiting for him when he went back home.

Zhang Yanjing narrowed his eyes instantly, and was just about to speak when his phone sounded. He suppressed his anger and clicked on the message icon. Don’t know what he saw but he raised his eyes and looked at He Qianjian, a trace of sympathy along with the ridicule obvious in the curve of his smirk.

Everyone thought that Zhang Yanjing would get angry, but who knew that he just glanced at He Qianjian, let out a sneer, and then took out his textbook. Looking like a different person from his usual appearance when this matter was mentioned, which made the surrounding classmates feel very confused and unable to figure it out.

He Qianjian also thought that Zhang Yanjing was acting strange, but he didn’t think much about it. He just thought that Zhang Yanjing was scared. Just when the bell rang for the first period, he suppressed the sneer on his lips and turned back to his seat.

At the same time, He Yanfeng had brought his wife and daughter to the He family’s old family house.

Old Mrs. He received a call from them early in the morning so she was preparing in the kitchen early, and when they arrived, there was already a sumptuous breakfast on the table.

“Why are you here so early today?” Old Mrs. He smiled and held her little granddaughter’s hand, and said, “Qian Yu doesn’t need to go to cram school today, so she came to accompany her grandparents, right?”

Holding her grandmother’s hand, He Qianyu said coquettishly, “I miss you so much, Grandma, so today Dad let me take time off to see you.”

“Yoh, missing Grandma so much you asked for leave!” Old Mrs. He sat at the dining table with He Qianyu in her arms, and waved over old Mr. He who just came in from the yard, “Hurry up, the children are here, we are just waiting for you.”

Old Mr. He frowned and said: “What’s the matter, not only coming here so early in the morning, and even making Qian Yu ask for leave from school. That’s too inappropriate.”

He Yanfeng and Yang Yun looked at each other, Yang Yun said with a smile: “Dad, let’s eat first, we’ll talk after we finish.”

Old Mr. He glanced at the document envelope in He Yanfeng’s hand, and nodded: “Everyone have a seat.”

After breakfast, He Yanfeng followed old Mr. He into the study room. Facing his father, he didn’t bother to make much preparation, and just handed over the envelope and said, “Dad, take a look at this.”

Old Mr. He raised his eyes to look at him, took the reading glasses on one side, opened the envelope and took out the report inside. He frowned when he saw the paternity test, turned to the back directly, paused for a moment, and then opened the second report. After reading all the pages, he placed the reports heavily on the table, and said in a deep voice, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know either.” He Yanfeng lowered his eyes and said calmly, “Maybe there was a mistake at the hospital when Qian Jian and Jiang Chen were born.”

“Mistake?!” Old Mr. He slammed the table twice, his chest heaving with anger: “When we agreed for you and Yang Yun to come back, you brought He Qianjian’s paternity test with you. At that time, he was already three months old. How could it be the wrong child brought back from the hospital when he was already three months old?”

Old Mr. He pushed his chair back and stood up, pointed to the report and said, “Please tell me clearly, what’s going on! Who produced this report? Why did you think of going to investigate this?”

“Xiang Hong gave it to me.” He Yanfeng walked over, supported old Mr. He who was trembling with anger, and said, “Dad, don’t be angry, listen to me first.”

“Xiang Hong may have met Jiang Chen and felt that Jiang Chen looked too much like our family, so he took his hair as a sample, and then asked for samples from me, Xiao Yun, and Qian Jian for a test. I didn’t expect the test to come out like this.”

“You think I’m a fool!” Old Mr. He pushed him away and said, “I watched Xiang Hong grow up. It’s impossible for him to take other people’s children’s hair without any confidence. For so many years, he has always been your family doctor, you have a physical examination every year, why didn’t you find anything in the past ten plus years, and now you know that you have the wrong child?”

“Dad, calm down. Xiang Hong and I have been friends for so many years. I believe he never knew about this before, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken our samples for verification before telling me. And taking a blood test for the physical examination does not mean testing DNA. Qian Jian has the same blood type as mine, so how could Xiang Hong think so much? The top priority now is not how he knows, but how to deal with the identities of Jiang Chen and Qian Jian.”

“How to deal with it?” Old Mr. He stared and said, “Of course it is to exchange back the two children! What else can we do!”

“I think the same way, that’s why I came to you early in the morning. When Jiang Chen gets out of school in the afternoon, I will go to the school gate to find him, and explain this matter to him clearly.”

Seeing that his son was still sensible, old Mr. He calmed down a bit, sat down and said, “What are you going to do with Qian Jian? And the Jiang family, what are you going to tell them.”

“I will discuss it with Jiang Chen first, and go with him to tell his adoptive parents about this.”

“Where is Qian Jian?”

“I’ve already notified the people of the cancellation of his birthday party tomorrow, and I’ll tell Qian Jian after dealing with Jiang Chen’s matter. He’s not emotionally stable recently, and I’m worried that something will happen.”

Old Mr. He sighed: “Talk to him well, he will be eighteen tomorrow, so let’s treat him as a child reaching the age to leave home. Even if he is not a child of our He family, he has called me grandfather for so many years. Future contact must not be broken, don’t hurt the child’s heart.”

He Yanfeng opened his mouth, but eventually swallowed the words that came to his lips, nodded and said, “I know.”

“Also.” Old Mr. He said with a cold face: “Investigate this matter for me, I don’t believe that the switching of these two children was really just a mistake of the hospital.”


After the first period, many students were used to taking out their mobile phones to play for a while. Wang Wei was also like this. He was about to open the game when he saw a message from a group created by a few friends who got along well. He didn’t even think about it before clicking in.

Swiping up one message after another, he barely understood the content:

——Why is He Qianjian’s birthday party canceled?

——It’s true, my deskmate’s dad sent me a message, and asked him to find out what’s going on

——Is Big Wei here? You and He Qianjian are in the same class. Do you have any inside information?

——Big Wei, Big Wei! Say something! I’m dying here!

——Seriously? ! ! !

Wang Wei was taken aback, and immediately typed: Impossible, He Qianjian gave out invitations to our class as soon as he came to school this morning. If it was canceled then why would he give out invitations?

——It’s not just my deskmate, everyone in our class has received the notice, it can’t be fake news.

——Yeah, it seems like the whole school is talking about it now.

——You aren’t fooling us, are you? That He Qianjian would give you an invitation, I don’t usually see how good your relationship is.

Seeing that they didn’t believe it, Wang Wei immediately took out the invitation card from the drawer, took a photo and prepared to send it. But before he pressed the send button, he saw a boy from the next class appearing at the back door and shouting: “He Qianjian, what’s the matter with your family? The birthday party is canceled after all?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the whole class fell silent. Wang Wei was not the only one who got the news just now. Everyone was very curious about the authenticity of the news, but they didn’t dare to ask He Qianjian, so now their ears were all pricked up.

“What are you talking about?” He Qianjian was talking to the system in his head, and it took a few seconds to realize what the boy said. He stood up and said, “What is canceled?”

“Your birthday party!” The boy and He Qianjian usually have a good relationship and their family backgrounds were similar, so he spoke casually: “My mother sent me a message telling me that your birthday party is canceled, don’t you know?”

“Impossible!” He Qianjian doubted subconsciously: “You lying to me?”

“What would I lie to you for?” Seeing that he really didn’t know, the boy said, “You really don’t know, do you? The whole school knows it. Just ask your classmates, there must be someone who knows.”

The boy’s expression was so real that He Qianjian’s heart skipped a beat, and an ominous premonition floated in his heart. He turned his head to look at the classmate next to him, and fixed his eyes on Wang Wei who was holding the invitation: “You know?”

Wang Wei cursed at his unluckiness, raised his phone carefully and said, “I just found out, some of my friends are asking about it.”

He Qianjian snatched his mobile phone. After seeing the content of the chat clearly, his expression changed instantly. He took out his mobile phone from the drawer, and left the classmates in the classroom looking at each other.

Finding a secluded corner, He Qianjian first dialed the phone number at home, but it was the auntie who answered the phone, telling him that both He Yanfeng and Yang Yun had gone out. After he hung up the phone, he called He Yanfeng, but no one answered after several calls, not only He Yanfeng, but also Yang Yun’s call.

The ominous premonition became more and more intense. He Qianjian smashed the phone hard, and his chest heaved violently for a long time before turning back to the classroom.

Currently class had started, and the teacher was by the podium giving a lecture. When he saw He Qianjian coming in from outside, he stopped and frowned but didn’t say much. However, when He Qianjian returned to his seat he didn’t sit down, but took up his school bag and left again. The teacher froze for a moment and chased after him, but only saw He Qianjian’s back leaving without turning his head.

The teacher returned to the podium, gritted his teeth angrily, and said, “It’s really getting more and more outrageous since he gave up the math competition. Being so self-willed because of the backing of his family’s good conditions. I want to see what will happen to him when he can’t rely on his family any longer. Let me tell you all, family conditions are not everything, you have to learn how to be a human being before doing anything in this world!”

He Qianjian didn’t hear what the teacher said in the classroom. He was already filled with panic and anger, and kept asking the system in his mind: [Why did my birthday party get canceled suddenly? Did the He family discover something?]

The system’s voice was cold: [I told you many times, it is impossible for anyone to find traces of what I did, you don’t have to worry at all.]

[Then how do you explain that the He family suddenly canceled the birthday party, and neither of my parents could get through on the phone!]

The system said: [There are many possibilities for the cancellation of the party, the most unlikely is finding out your identity.]

[Regardless of this reason or not, I can’t wait any longer.] 

He Qianjian walked into an empty alley, took out a mobile phone from his school bag, and said sinisterly: [Help me conceal the call, I don’t want to live in fear for a moment longer, I must get rid of him now.]

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

[The source of the number has been completely concealed.]

He Qianjian made a phone call and enunciated word by word: “Make the move tomorrow. Remember, what I want is his life. The transaction must only be considered completed after the person is dead.”

After hanging up the phone, he completely relaxed, and when he walked out of the alley, there was even a faint smile on his face.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 081 He Qianjian Is Not Your Son

TN: bonus chapter💕

The paper envelope was very thin, and there were only a few sheets of paper in it, so He Yanfeng pulled it out together.

Only a fifth of the thin A4 paper was pulled out of the document envelope, and he could already see the words in the middle of the top of the first A4 paper: DNA test report.

He Yanfeng’s breathing stagnated, and the hand holding the file tightened. He looked at Xiang Hong on the sofa, his expression hardly changing, but his voice tensing a little: “What does this mean?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Xiang Hong held his head in both hands, inserted his fingers into his messy hair, and was silent for a while before saying, “Look for yourself.”

He Yanfeng withdrew his gaze and put all his body and mind on the piece of A4 in front of him. When he drew a third of it out, he paused and said in a deep voice, “You’re not joking with me, are you?”

Xiang Hong hesitated to speak.

He Yanfeng got the answer from his expression, and something felt like it was about to burst out from his chest. His thumb and index finger tightly pinched these thin sheets of paper, but the remaining two-thirds remained inside.

The clock on the wall ticked away, and the document envelope and the report inside remained pulled out a third of the way. It was getting dark, and there was only one floor lamp in the living room, which stood beside the coffee table, and the light yellow slender light cast on the top of the coffee table, divided Xiang Hong sitting on the sofa and He Yanfeng on the other side of the coffee table into two separate spaces.

“Brother He.” Xiang Hong sighed deeply, with an apology on his face: “As a friend, I took your DNA sample without your consent to help you do a paternity test, I’m sorry.”

He Yanfeng looked at Xiang Hong quietly, but Xiang Hong didn’t say a word more, and they stared at each other in the darkness.

“Is that why you went to my office last time?”

Xiang Hong nodded, paused, rolling the words in his mouth several times, and finally said: “He Qianjian is not your son.”

He Yanfeng lowered his head, most of his face was hidden in the darkness, and only his knuckles holding the brown envelope could be seen turning white. A few minutes later, his dry and hoarse voice sounded: “If he is not my son, then who is my son?”

After having said what he had been holding back, it became much smoother to face the next thing. Xiang Hong raised his hand and pointed to the brown paper envelope: “It’s all inside.”

He Yanfeng’s eyes returned to the envelope, and after a pause, he moved his hand holding the A4 paper and pulled it out.

The content of the first page of the report was clear at a glance. He Yanfeng’s eyes fell on the words “test materials”, and slowly moved down——No. 1 test material: He Yanfeng’s hair follicles; No. 2 test material: Yang Yun’s hair follicles; No. 3 test material: He Qianjian’s hair follicles. He quickly scanned the date and process of the test, turned to the third sheet of paper, and his eyes stayed on the appraisal conclusion at the bottom: He Qianjian, He Yanfeng, and Yang Yun are confirmed to have no blood relation.

His eyes stayed on the words “No blood relation” for a long time, until the hour hand of the wall clock reached the hour and made a ding sound. Then he raised his head as if waking up from a dream, put the report back, and looked anxiously and eagerly at the second report, which was still a DNA test report, but in the test materials section, the name of No. 3 test material was changed to Jiang Chen’s hair follicles.

When He Yanfeng saw the name “Jiang Chen”, he paused in turning the pages. He didn’t need to see the conclusion, he already had the answer in his heart.

He seldom had any doubts until a young man named Jiang Chen appeared in their family’s life. This young man was able to appease the rebellious He Qianmin into obedience, make He Qianyu, who was used to being the center of attention, always bring him up, and cause his wife to be especially gentle and filled with concern…..The phone call not long ago made He Yanfeng unable to help but think about Jiang Chen’s special personality charm, which made his wife, son and daughter love him so much, and even made it hard for him to feel displeased at being contradicted. Not to mention when receiving the video that was beyond the realm of reality, he never doubted whether it was true or not, and just believed him inexplicably and easily.

Now, all the puzzles have been answered——because Jiang Chen was the biological son of him and his wife, and the biological elder brother of He Qianmin and He Qianyu.

Seeing that He Yanfeng stayed on the first page of the second report, Xiang Hong said, “Aren’t you turning to the back?”

He Yanfeng pinched the report and turned the report to the last page. His eyes moved away when he touched the conclusion at the bottom, and countless complicated emotions surged up in his heart. The strange thing was that he didn’t feel that it was hard to accept the truth, and what cycled in his mind was all about how to tell Jiang Chen this matter.

Xiang Hong stood up, walked around the coffee table to He Yanfeng, and patted him on the shoulder: “Brother He.”

He Yanfeng came back to his senses, put the two reports back into the envelope, and patted Xiang Hong’s arm heavily: “Thank you for this matter.”

Xiang Hong shook his head: “Are you okay?”

“It’s easier to accept than I thought.” He Yanfeng paused and sighed deeply: “I’m only worried about your sister-in-law…”

Thinking of Yang Yun’s love for the three children, Xiang Hong pondered for a moment and said, “Why don’t you tell her after a while?”

“No.” After accepting the facts, He Yanfeng’s mind was extremely calm, he shook his head and said: “You are right to tell me directly, the longer this kind of thing is delayed, the less good it is, whether it is for your sister-in-law or for…..Jiang Chen’s adoptive parents.”

Xiang Hong’s expression became serious: “Have you thought about how to tell Sister-in-law about this?”

He Yanfeng twitched the corner of his mouth: “It’s useless to prepare mentally, it’s better to just say it directly.”

“Then what about the Jiang family?” Xiang Hong said: “Jiang Chen’s adoptive parents probably don’t know that they raised the wrong child, it may be difficult to accept it, and Qian Jian, it may be even more difficult for him to accept it.”

He Yanfeng narrowed his eyes, and said lightly: “Whether it’s the Jiang family or Qian Jian, sooner or later they have to accept the truth.”

Xiang Hong: “How have you decided to talk to the Jiang family? Visit them directly?”

“I’ll tell Jiang Chen first.” In just a short moment, He Yanfeng had already thought of countless ways to tell the truth to the young man, but thinking of Jiang Chen’s seemingly soft but strong character, his tone became serious and helpless: “If we bypass him and go directly to the Jiang family, he will probably become hostile to us.”

After Xiang Hong pondered, he agreed: “Jiang Chen is too smart. It’s really not a good idea to hide it from him, but are you sure he can accept it directly? No matter how smart he is, he’s still just a child.”

He Yanfeng paused, thinking of something, and suddenly shook his head.

“What’s wrong?”

“The first time I met Jiang Chen, I asked him how old he was, and he said he was eighteen.” He Yanfeng smiled wryly, “It’s because I always thought he was one year older than Qian Jian, so even if he has the same birthday as Qian Jian, I never doubted anything, if I had known…..”

Xiang Hong also felt complicated, guessing: “Maybe he reported his age according to Chinese calendar?” (TN: according to the traditional Chinese method of reckoning (i.e. the number of Chinese calendar years in which one has lived). In this system, a person’s age is one year at birth, and increases by one year at the beginning of the first solar term)

“I will know later.” He Yanfeng put his hands on his shoulders, and said in a heavy tone, “I’ll be going back first.”


All the way home from Xiang Hong’s residence, He Yanfeng was thinking about how to tell his wife about this matter, but he still didn’t think of a suitable way to bring it up even after he got out of the car and entered the house.

He Yanfeng stood at the door, still thinking about it.

Yang Yun, who was waiting in the living room, came out when she heard the sound, with a teasing smile on her face: “All preparations for Qian Jian’s birthday party is ready, so you don’t need to find excuses to go to Xiao Xiang’s place to hide tomorrow.”

Approaching and seeing the expression on He Yanfeng’s face clearly, the smile on Yang Yun’s face faded, and there was more worry in her voice: “What’s the matter? Did something really happen on Xiao Xiang’s side?”

He Yanfeng changed his shoes and walked in: “Let’s go to the study, I have something to tell you.”

Yang Yun’s heart skipped a beat, and she couldn’t help becoming worried. Except for the time when the He family refused to accept her at first, even through the ups and downs of the company, she had never seen her husband with such a solemn expression. She hurried her pace to walk at He Yanfeng’s side: “Honey, what’s the matter? Don’t scare me.”

He Yanfeng shook his head: “Let’s go to the study and talk.”

“Is it about Xiao Xiang?” Yang Yun was worried, and couldn’t help but continue to ask: “Or is it related to us?”

“It has nothing to do with Xiang Hong, it’s——”

“Dad, you’re back!” The door to the next room suddenly opened, and He Qianyu ran out wearing rabbit pajamas, and threw herself into He Yanfeng’s arms.

He Yanfeng rubbed his daughter’s head, and the expression on his face softened a bit: “Our little princess is still not asleep.”

“I was waiting for you!” He Qianyu hugged He Yanfeng’s waist, and looked around behind him: “Where’s the watercolor pen you promised to buy me?”

He Yanfeng’s hand on her head paused, and then he remembered that he had promised to buy He Qianyu a new box of watercolor pens before going out.

“I’m sorry, Dad forgot.” After He Yanfeng apologized, he bent down and coaxed: “Can Dad buy it for you tomorrow?”

He Qianyu let go of him, pouted her lips in disappointment, and said in a low voice, “But tomorrow will be too late.”

“Is it an art homework?” Yang Yun knelt down to comfort her daughter and said, “Mom will call your teacher later and explain to the teacher that the watercolor pens at home are used up. Mom and Dad are too careless and forgot to buy them for you, so you couldn’t hand your homework in. Mom will discuss with your teacher about handing it in next Monday, okay?”

“It’s not an art homework, it’s a gift I want to give to Brother Jiang Chen.” He Qianyu lowered her head, aggrieved and sad: “I begged Second Brother for a long time before he agreed to come to my school after school tomorrow to help me give Brother Jiang Chen’s birthday present to him, if I don’t finish it tonight, it will be too late to do it tomorrow.”

Yang Yun was taken aback. She glanced at He Yanfeng, hesitated for a while, and said, “Then Mom and Dad will go out and buy colored pens for you now, okay? Mom and Dad promise to come back soon, and you will definitely have time to make a gift for Brother Jiang Chen.”

“No need.” He Yanfeng rubbed He Qianyu’s head, and said softly: “Tomorrow, Dad will ask for a day off for you, so that you have a day to make a present for Brother Jiang Chen. Now you go to bed first, okay?”

“Really?!” He Qianyu jumped three feet high, her rabbit ears bouncing up and down with her. She stretched out her hand excitedly and said: “Dad must make a pinky promise! Whoever goes back on their word is a little puppy!”

“What are you talking about?” Yang Yun disagreed and said, “How can you just agree to such a thing with Xiao Bao?”

“I have my reason.”

He Yanfeng and He Qianyu hooked their pinkies and pressed their thumbs together. After watching her door close, he turned to Yang Yun and said, “Let’s go to the study, I have something very important to tell you.”

Yang Yun frowned and followed behind He Yanfeng. She waited until the study door was closed, and said: “No matter how important things are, you can’t not treat your child’s studies so carelessly. Now you set a precedent for her to ask for leave for no reason. In the future, she…..”

“Tomorrow our whole family will be going to the old family house.” He Yanfeng took two steps towards the desk, stopped and said, “Except for Qian Jian.”

Yang Yun was taken aback for a moment, but she didn’t think there was anything wrong with not letting He Qianjian go to the old family house together. She just thought that her husband might be worried about delaying their eldest son’s studies as he was in his third year of high school. She worried, “Why do you suddenly want to go back to the old family house? Is it your parents? Do they need us for something?”

He Yanfeng shook his head, gripping the document envelope tightly. He attempted to lift it up several times, but in the end he just put it on the desk.

“Honey, I have something to tell you.” He Yanfeng took Yang Yun’s hand, his voice was a little hoarse: “You have to be mentally prepared first.”

“What’s the matter?” Yang Yun’s heart tightened, and she couldn’t help guessing: “Is it related to our return to the old family house?”

He Yanfeng pulled her to sit down on the chair by the desk, and put his hands on her shoulders. Seeing his wife’s confused expression, he opened his mouth a few times, but he couldn’t utter the words that reached his mouth.

“Just what is it?”

He Yanfeng’s hesitant appearance made Yang Yun get a bad feeling. Her eyes fell on the document envelope on the table, and she recalled that He Yanfeng went to see Xiang Hong, and Xiang Hong’s job was a doctor…..

Yang Yun grabbed He Yanfeng’s hand on her shoulder, and couldn’t help being anxious: “Is it someone in our family? Is someone ill——”

Before Yang Yun finished speaking, He Yanfeng said: “There was a mistake when Qian Jian was born, he is not our son.”

“How is that possible?!” Yang Yun subconsciously said, “Didn’t we do a paternity test when Qian Jian was three months old?”

He Yanfeng was silent for a moment, picked up the envelope on the table, and took out the two reports inside.


Yang Yun took the report, and when her eyes swept over the test materials section, she froze, not daring to say anything: “Jiang Chen?” She raised her head, and the hand holding the report trembled slightly: “How come the test subjects are us and Xiao Chen? What is going on?”

He Yanfeng held Yang Yun’s shoulders, and bent down to meet her eye level: “Jiang Chen is our biological son.”

Yang Yun quickly turned to the last page of the report. Her pupils trembled violently when she saw the sentence at the bottom——according to the results of DNA analysis, Yang Yun and He Yanfeng are supported as Jiang Chen’s biological parents.

“Xiao Chen… my son?” Yang Yun raised her head and said, “What about Qian Jian?”

“He should be the child of the Jiang family.” He Yanfeng said, “Didn’t you ever feel that Xiao Chen was very familiar? He’s just like Qian Min and Qian Yu, who inherited your dimples, but his eyes and nose are like mine.”

Yang Yun recalled the quick glance when she first met Jiang Chen, just his profile made her very concerned, and every time she met him later, her fondness for that boy became more and more. Once she only thought that this was due to the affinity between Jiang Chen and their family, but she never thought that Jiang Chen was her biological son!

As long as she thought of Jiang Chen being her own son, she couldn’t help but carefully trace the facial features of the young man in her memory. Just like what her husband said, every inch of him was like the perfect combination of her and her husband’s facial features. Unlike Qian Jian…..

“What about Qian Jian?” Yang Yun raised her head abruptly, “Xiao Chen is our son, but what about Qian Jian?”

He Yanfeng was silent for a moment: “We have our own son, and the Jiang family also has their own son. Of course, Qian Jian must go back to the Jiang family.”

Yang Yun couldn’t accept it, “But…..we have raised Qian Jian for so many years, and can Qian Jian accept it, he…..”

Her elder son and younger son have completely different personalities. The younger son was casual and didn’t like to be restrained or be flamboyant, but her elder son was very particular on everything and always insisted on the best, including his studies and basic needs…..If he had to return to the Jiang family, the conditions of material life would definitely decline. Before, it was already difficult for him to even accept his decline in grades. If he knew the truth about his birth experience, would he be hit even harder?

“Whether he accepts it or not, it’s the truth.” He Yanfeng said earnestly: “Honey, both Xiao Chen and Qian Jian will soon be adults. They must have the fortitude to accept the facts in order to face more setbacks in the future. If you don’t tell Qian Jian the truth, then on Xiao Chen’s side, will you also want to hide it from him?”

“I know what you say is the right way, but after all, Qian Jian is the child we have raised for so many years, and——” Yang Yun raised her head: “Xiao Chen is our son, and Qian Jian is the son of the Jiang family. We hope that Xiao Chen will come back, but will the Jiang family be willing to exchange back the two children?”

“Xiao Chen has a very good relationship with his parents…..adoptive parents. His adoptive parents must also love him very much. We can accept this truth because we have gotten along with Xiao Chen for a long time. We know what kind of child he is and we like him very much, but the Jiang family has never met Qian Jian, they don’t know Qian Jian’s character and have no relationship with him, so if they are suddenly told that Xiao Chen is not their son, that Qian Jian is their son, it should be hard for them to accept.”

“Think about it differently. If we had never met Xiao Chen before, and suddenly a strange couple came over and told us that Qian Jian is not our child, but another boy we are completely strangers to is our child, wouldn’t you feel that it is hard to accept?”

“And it’s not just that, they not only asked you to accept a child who is a total stranger, but also asked you to give back the child you have loved for more than ten years, would you be willing?”

He Yanfeng fell silent, he had to admit that what Yang Yun said was the truth. But he would look at it more rationally than his wife. In addition to what his wife said, Jiang Chen himself being excellent enough was also one of the important reasons why he quickly accepted him.

Because as the head of the family, He Yanfeng had to calmly consider the stability of the family and the acceptance of Jiang Chen by the rest of the He family.

Jiang Chen and Qian Min and Qian Yu got along very well. One could imagine how happy Qian Min would be after learning that Jiang Chen was his real brother. Perhaps their daughter would find it hard to accept it at first, but she liked Jiang Chen very much, and it would not take too much time for her to accept Jiang Chen. In this way, Jiang Chen’s return to the He family would hardly have any negative impact on the stability of the family.

As for the rest of the He family, He Yanfeng knew his parents and siblings very well. The two elders may have feelings for He Qianjian and it might be difficult to let go, but at the same time they would never let their biological grandchild stranded outside unrecognized. As for his elder brother He Yanjun and elder sister He Yanya, one had He Qianyang as a mediator, and the other was engaged in the scientific research industry and would definitely have common interests with Jiang Chen.

It was because of such comprehensive consideration that He Yanfeng was able to accept Jiang Chen so quickly.

But would the Jiang family, who had never met He Qianjian, accept a completely unfamiliar boy? Also, could they really agree to let Jiang Chen and He Qianjian change back to their original identities?

He Yanfeng sat down on the other side of the desk, his voice was calm and low: “So I have decided to tell Jiang Chen about this matter first, and after discussing it with him, we will tell the Jiang couple together.”

“Tell Xiao Chen first?” Yang Yun was startled, “When?”

“Tomorrow.” He Yanfeng said: “After telling my parents about this, we will wait for him at the gate of his school after school.”

Yang Yun hesitated: “His birthday is the day after tomorrow, would telling him about it before his birthday…..”

“It’s because his birthday is the day after tomorrow that I have to clarify this matter tomorrow.” He Yanfeng tapped his fingers on the desk, pondered for a moment and said: “Also, I will notify them tomorrow morning and anmounce that Qian Jian’s birthday party will be canceled.”

“Why suddenly cancel the birthday party?” Yang Yun sat up straight, frowning slightly: “Qian Jian has been looking forward to this birthday party for a long time. During this period of time, he has been in a much better mood because his birthday is approaching. He would definitely be very upset if it is canceled. Moreover, all the preparations of the banquet have been arranged, but canceling it now… will be difficult for him to accept it.”

He Yanfeng shook his head: “Even if I don’t cancel it, when we go to the old family house tomorrow and explain the matter to my parents, my father will still tell us to cancel it.”

Yang Yun was puzzled: “Why?”

“Sooner or later, the identities of Qian Jian and Jiang Chen will be disclosed, and it is very likely that it will be in the near future. Besides relatives and friends, the people invited to Qian Jian’s birthday party also include many of my business partners. These guests will basically overlap with the ones at the banquet disclosing Jiang Chen’s true identity, and with two banquets taking place so close in time, no matter from which aspect, there will be comparisons in people’s hearts, which is not good for anyone.”

“But this is the banquet that Qian Jian had been looking forward to for so long…..” Yang Yun thought of He Qianjian’s increasingly silent and abnormal emotions recently, and felt her heart squeeze, “Even if he is not our biological child, I have raised him for eighteen years, isn’t it okay to treat this banquet as the last thing we can do for him?”

“Then what about Jiang Chen?” He Yanfeng asked: “He has the same birthday as Qian Jian. We found out his identity before his birthday but still held a grand birthday party for Qian Jian. What would he think when he finds out?”

Yang Yun was speechless.

“Also.” He Yanfeng looked at the envelope on the desk, his eyes darkening a bit: “There are many doubts in regards to Qian Jian and Jiang Chen being switched. During this period of time, I realized that I never really understood him. Although many things have not been investigated and no conclusion can be made, he is definitely not as simple as we know.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yang Yun frowned: “What do you mean?”

He Yanfeng held her by the shoulders, and at eye level with her, he said word by word: “I have always regarded Qian Jian as my first child. It is impossible for me to have no feelings for him after eighteen years. Honey, I hope that you can trust me, I have my reasons for doing this.”

“Can’t you tell me?”

“At least not until I figure out one thing.” He Yanfeng sighed, his voice hoarse: “I hope he won’t let me down…..”

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 080 DNA Report

TN: bonus chapter💕

Tu Nan Group, CEO’s Office

He Yanfeng pulled out a few hairs and handed them to Xiang Hong: “What’s going on? You wanting my hair all of a sudden.”

Xiang Hong put his hair away: “Didn’t I say that there was a problem with the DNA test?”

“Can I believe your nonsense?” He Yanfeng said while opening the document to be signed in the afternoon: “How long ago was the last physical examination, if there was a problem, could you have waited until now?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Xiang Hong smiled, but immediately stopped smiling in the next second: “I’m checking something, and I need your hair as a sample.”

“What’s up?”

Xiang Hong shook his head: “When the result comes out, if you need to know, you will know.”

He Yanfeng looked at him suspiciously, put the matter aside, pondered for a moment, and said, “I want to ask you something.”


“Does your lab do human research?”

“All new drugs must be tested on humans before they are put on the market.” Xiang Hong sat down on one side and asked curiously, “Why are you asking this?”

He Yanfeng opened the folder, his pen pausing, and he was silent for a few seconds. He eventually put down the pen again, and said in a deep voice: “I didn’t mean this, didn’t you study genetic engineering before? What I want to ask is, has there ever been a research subject with that kind of superpower.”

Xiang Hong couldn’t help laughing: “Why do you ask that suddenly? Are you dazzled from watching cartoons with Xiao Bao?”

He Yanfeng glared at him: “Just tell me if there is or not.”

“No.” Xiang Hong thought for a while, and slowly said: “There are no superpowers or supermen in this world. These are just characters in film and television animations. However, some people have done similar human experiments before, but the purpose was for human beings to have superhuman abilities, this kind of experiment has long been banned, and as far as I know, there are no successful examples so far. At least within the scope of my authority, I have never seen a person with real superpowers.”

“If someone can swap two things out of thin air, do you think that’s a superpower?”

Xiang Hong shrugged: “That’s a superhero movie.”

He Yanfeng waved his hand: “I’m too lazy to bother with you.”

“Why do you suddenly ask this?” Xiang Hong and He Yanfeng have been friends for many years, and he knew his character very well, so it was impossible to ask such a question for no reason: “Did you see something recently? Or something happened?”

He Yanfeng paused, and said lightly: “No.”

Xiang Hong was curious: “Then why did you suddenly ask me such a thing?”

The door was knocked twice.

He Yanfeng looked towards the door: “Come in.”

The assistant came in and said, “CEO He, the Madam and Eldest Young Master are here.”

Xiang Hong’s eyes flickered, and He Yanfeng closed the folder: “Let them in.”


Yang Yun and He Qianjian walked in side by side. Seeing that Xiang Hong was here, Yang Yun was a little surprised: “Xiao Xiang is here too?”

“Sister-in-law.” Xiang Hong glanced away from He Qianjian, stood up with a gentle smile, and said, “I came to see Brother He for something, and we’re almost done now. If you have something to do, I’ll leave first.”

“I just heard that he didn’t eat at noon because of a meeting, so I brought some food over.” Yang Yun put the things she brought on the coffee table in the reception area, and waved Xiang Hong over with a smile: “You can eat some together too, it contains your favorite shredded coconut cubes.”

Xiang Hong followed the good advice and sat down again: “Then I won’t be courteous.”

He Yanfeng also came over and sat down beside Yang Yun. He raised his head and asked He Qianjian: “Why are you here with your mother?”

He Qianjian: “It happened that I had nothing to do in the afternoon, so I came with Mom and helped her carry things.”

He Yanfeng withdrew his gaze lightly, and He Qianjian stood on the side, lowering his head slightly.

Yang Yun gently bumped He Yanfeng’s arm, lowered her voice and whispered in his ear: “What’s the matter with you recently? You are so indifferent to Qian Jian, and the child came to see you specially, yet you don’t even smile.”

He Yanfeng ate a piece of red wine stewed beef, chewed it slowly, as if he didn’t hear what Yang Yun said.

Yang Yun frowned, seeing her eldest son still standing on the side, not even daring to sit down, she couldn’t help feeling distressed, she said softly: “Old He, come with me to the lounge, I have something to say to you. “

He Yanfeng pointed to his mouth and swallowed: “I’m eating.”

“Eat later.”

Yang Yun pulled his arm to stand up, and He Yanfeng had to put down his chopsticks and follow her to the inner lounge.

The door of the lounge was closed, and Xiang Hong glanced at He Qianjian, who had downcast eyes. He put down the dessert fork, and said with a smile, “Come and sit, I haven’t seen you for a long time, how are you doing?”

He Qianjian’s voice was hoarse: “Everything is fine.”

Xiang Hong patted the sofa on one side and said, “What’s going on? Did you quarrel with your father?”

“No.” He Qianjian shook his head, walked to Xiang Hong and sat down.

“Then what’s the matter?”

He Qianmin twitched the corner of his mouth, and said with a wry smile: “Qian Min ran away from home half a month ago, and hasn’t come back for the past two weekends.”

“What is this kid throwing a temper tantrum for?” Xiang Hong raised his eyebrows: “Did you mess with him?”

“As if you don’t know me already, how dare I mess with him.” He Qianjian lowered his head, his tone helpless: “He has always had some misunderstandings with me. Since he went to Yan No. 1 High School, I don’t know what happened. Half a month ago, he said that he would not come back to celebrate my birthday with me next week. Dad was a little angry, said a few words to him, and then he rushed out.”

“Birthday?” Xiang Hong frowned, thoughtfully: “Isn’t your birthday on a weekend? He won’t come back?”

He Qianjian: “He has a friend whose birthday is on the same day as mine, so he must want to celebrate his friend’s birthday more.”

“What a coincidence? Who is it?”

“A student in the third year of Yan No. 1 High School, named Jiang Chen.”

Xiang Hong paused with the fork brought to his mouth: “Jiang Chen?”

He Qianjian turned to look at him: “You know him?”

“My grandfather likes him very much. Some time ago, he recommended him a direct admission to Hua Uni, but he didn’t accept it.”

The smile on He Qianjian’s face froze for a moment, but he quickly covered it up and said, “I didn’t expect Jiang Chen to be recommended by Professor Xiang.”

“He is very talented in computers.” Xiang Hong glanced at He Qianjian’s slightly unnatural expression, and returned to the original topic: “Is it because of his birthday that Qian Min hasn’t come back for two weeks? “

He Qianjian suppressed the jealousy and resentment surging in his heart, and said with a smile: “Yes, Dad may be a little worried about him, so during this time he treats me…..”

His gaze fell on He Qianjian’s reluctantly disappointed and hesitant to speak expression, Xiang Hong’s eyes flashed and his smile faded: “It’s impossible for your father to take his anger out on you because of this kind of thing, you must be thinking too much.”

He Qianjian’s expression changed slightly: “I know Dad doesn’t mean to blame me, he is probably just worried about Qian Min.”

Xiang Hong nodded and changed the subject: “By the way, didn’t you say that you were interested in genetic research before? Recently, I am doing a genome sequence test to study the differences of SNP…..”

Inside the lounge.

Yang Yun let go of He Yanfeng’s hand, and said in a reproachful tone, “Honey, what’s going on with you recently?”

He Yanfeng sat down on the bed: “What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.” Yang Yun frowned: “Since Qian Min ran away from home, your attitude towards Qian Jian has been very cold. I know you are worried about Qian Min, but even so, you can’t just take your anger out on Qian Jian, he is also our son, how sad he must be to see you treat him like this.”

“I’m not taking my anger out on him.” He Yanfeng said lightly, “It’s just that I’ve been too busy recently and haven’t paid much attention to him.”

“You call just now not cold enough?” Yang Yun sat down beside He Yanfeng: “My son came to see you with me, and you didn’t even let him sit, but let him stand on the side, isn’t that cold enough? “

“It’s not the first time he has come to my office.” He Yanfeng paused, pressed the bridge of his nose, and said in a somewhat impatient tone, “Before, he would always find a place to sit by himself, but this time I have to invite him to sit down?”

“You clearly know that I don’t mean this!” Yang Yun also got a little angry: “You are purposely not getting it, the question I am discussing with you is whether you should blame Qian Jian. Qian Min getting angry and ran away from home is not because of Qian Jian, but because your tone was too harsh, Qian Min and Xiao Chen have a good relationship, it is normal to want to celebrate his birthday together. You clearly could’ve changed your tone or discussed it with him in a different way, you shouldn’t blame Qian Jian for your mistakes and take your anger out on him.”

“Do you remember what Qian Min said before he ran away from home?” He Yanfeng stood up, walked to the French windows, looked out the window and said, “I don’t want to quarrel with you, the conflict between Qian Min and Qian Jian is fundamentally not what we thought before, and this matter is not as simple as you think, since you currently don’t know anything, just leave it alone for now.”

“They are both my sons, how can I not care?” Yang Yun suddenly raised her voice, but after saying this, her voice dropped again, and her eyes turned red: “How can I forget what Qian Min said. It’s because I remember that I don’t know what to do. It’s been so many years, I just hope that they can get along well, even if they don’t treat each other with as much enmity as now, they are blood brothers…..”

He Yanfeng sighed softly, turned around and returned to the bed. He gently hugged his wife’s shoulders, and said with distress: “Don’t be sad, it’s not your fault, it’s because I didn’t handle their conflict well.”

Yang Yun shook her head: “If I could have cared more about Qian Min before the car accident, instead of making him feel that I love Qian Jian and Qian Yu more, their relationship would not be like this…..”

The corners of He Yanfeng’s mouth twitched, and he hesitated to speak. In the end, he didn’t tell his wife about the video, but comforted: “You have always treated the three children equally, and they are very aware of this. Qian Min would not be mad at you because of this. So don’t think too much…..”

In the office, Xiang Hong and He Qianjian were still discussing genetic research, when Yang Yun and He Yanfeng came out. Xiang Hong was smiling and said to He Qianjian: “Since you are so interested in this project, why don’t you also participate?”

Yang Yun happened to hear what Xiang Hong said, and asked curiously, “What are you talking about participating in?”

Xiang Hong turned back with a smile and said, “I’m doing a genome sequence test recently, and I’m still in the stage of collecting samples, so I want to ask Qian Jian for some hairs to use as experimental samples. If it’s convenient, Sister-in-law can also give me a few hairs too.”

Yang Yun didn’t think much, and agreed directly: “Of course it’s convenient, how many hairs do you want?”

“Five are enough.”

Yang Yun pulled out five hairs and handed them to Xiang Hong. Xiang Hong thanked her with a smile and looked at He Qianjian.

He Qianjian was a little hesitant and cautious, but Yang Yun had already pulled out her hair at this time, it would be strange if he insisted on objecting.

His eyes flickered: “Do you want a lot of samples? Uncle Xiang, did you ask my Dad too?”

“Of course I did.” Xiang Hong glanced at He Yanfeng and said, “I asked your dad for it as soon as I entered his office.”

He Qianjian laughed twice: “How many samples do you need? I will go to school tomorrow and I can help you find some from my classmates.”

“Of course, the more the better.” Xiang Hong said: “However, hair as a sample needs special treatment, and the experiment must be carried out within a certain period of time. If you help me collect it, the effect of the sample may be lost.”

“In that case, it seems that Uncle Xiang can only collect it yourself.” He Qianjian’s hands on his knees curled slightly. He raised and pulled out five hairs, and said with a smile, “Here.”

Xiang Hong put away He Qianjian’s hair: “Thank you.”

According to normal procedures, paternity testing generally takes four days, and the first round of test results takes two days. In order to eliminate errors, after the first round of identification, a different group of people needed to be replaced to start the second round of testing by extracting DNA.

Because of the limited number of samples, Xiang Hong only conducted one round of experiments. For higher accuracy, he conducted a complete DNA identification, that is, using the samples of the father, mother, and child for triple identification.

In the first round, Xiang Hong identified the parent-child relationship between He Yanfeng, Yang Yun and Jiang Chen. Before that, he had already identified the sibling relationship between He Qianmin and Jiang Chen, and the result he got at that time was the reason for him to conduct this round of paternity testing.

While waiting for the test results of the capillary sequencer, Xiang Hong sighed deeply, recalling what happened last week.

Last weekend, Xiang Hong came home from the night shift. In the parking lot, he opened the driver’s door and found someone squatting next to his car. It was the middle of the night, and he was naturally startled, but when he looked closely, he found that it was He Qianmin.

He Qianmin sat on the ground with his legs bent, leaning on his car tires, his eyes never moving away from the paper bag he was clutching on his lap. His expression was very complicated, and he seemed to be hesitating and struggling over something. Even when Xiang Hong walked over he didn’t notice until he called out to him.

He Qianmin raised his head suddenly, like a frightened bird. He was relieved after seeing him clearly, stood up and said, “Uncle Xiang, you’re off work.”

Xiang Hong also heard about He Qianmin running away from home, and thinking that he had no place to go on weekends, he couldn’t help feeling distressed: “Why are you waiting out here so late, are you cold?”

“I’m not cold.” He Qianmin pursed his lower lip, looked at him and said, “Uncle Xiang, I want to ask you for a favor.”

Xiang Hong opened the car door: “Let’s talk in the car.”

Sitting in the car, He Qianmin was silent for a long time, until the knuckles of the fingers holding the paper bag turned white, and then said: “I want you to do a DNA test for me to determine whether the owners of the two samples are brothers. Here’s the sample.”

Xiang Hong was a little surprised, and subconsciously asked: “Who and whose sample is this?”

“I can’t tell.”

Xiang Hong paused, and changed the way of asking: “Is there your DNA sample here?”

“If I say yes, would you agree?”

“I can help you with this.” Xiang Hong said: “But I must know the reason why you asked me to do this. Even if it is not specific, I need a reason.”

He Qianmin: “I do have a reason.”

Xiang Hong had already expected it, but he couldn’t help being startled when he got the affirmative answer: “Who is the other person?”

“I can’t tell you.” He Qianmin sat up straight, his eyes cautious and scrutinizing: “Uncle Xiang, I am asking you alone for help on this matter, you can refuse me, but if you agree, I hope you can promise to absolutely not tell my parents about it.”

Xiang Hong agreed, and obtained the results by testing the genetic loci on the Y chromosome. The owners of the two samples were brothers.

At first, Xiang Hong thought it was He Qianjian and He Qianmin’s test, but when he handed the result to He Qianmin, He Qianmin’s expression told him that the owner of the other sample could not be He Qianjian.

Just when he was puzzled, he saw Jiang Chen walking out of the school gate. Jiang Chen didn’t notice them, and stopped under a tree on the opposite road, as if he was waiting for someone, but He Qianmin suddenly became flustered. He returned the report in its envelope in a panic, gave it back to him, and thanked him casually. He then turned around and ran towards Jiang Chen.

On the other side of the road, don’t know what Jiang Chen and He Qianmin said to each other, but they looked at each other and smiled before walking to the other side together.

In a flash of insight, Xiang Hong was filled once again with the strange feeling he got when he saw Jiang Chen for the first time, and an unbelievable guess emerged in his mind.

In order to confirm this guess, he kept Jiang Chen’s unused hair samples, took Jiang Chen’s fingerprints and saliva samples when Jiang Chen came over to eat at their house, and the results of the identification confirmed that the owner of the other sample sent by He Qianmin was Jiang Chen. Only then did he do the triple identification of parent and child.

Xiang Hong’s eyes fell on the computer screen, and in a few minutes, he would get the final result.

As soon as the computer screen lit up, all the data had been transmitted, and was only waiting for him to process and analyze. Xiang Hong walked to the computer, put on his glasses, and looked as cautious and serious as he had ever been before.

At one o’clock in the morning, Xiang Hong took off his glasses, sighed deeply, and buried his face in his hands. The blue light of the computer hit his white coat. He wanted to open the address icon several times, but withdrew his hand again and again.

As a good friend, he found this matter unbelievable. Xiang Hong couldn’t imagine the impact He Yanfeng and Yang Yun would receive if they knew the truth.

Although he already knew the answer, in order to be more rigorous, Xiang Hong turned back to the test table and conducted the second round of triple identification. This time, the samples of He Yanfeng, Yang Yun, and He Qianjian were identified.

Two days later, when the results came out, Xiang Hong immediately called He Yanfeng.

At this time, many people have already received the invitation letter for He Qianjian’s birthday party, the eldest young master of the He family, and have prepared their attire and gifts, waiting for the arrival of the party the day after tomorrow.

The He family had always been very low-key and rarely organized large-scale banquets. Apart from the birthdays of the two elders of the He family, they have only held a total of three birthday parties for He Yanfeng’s three children’s 10th birthday and another one for He Qianjian’s 12th birthday.

It had been two years since the tenth birthday party of He Qianyu, the youngest child of the He family, but the banquet which gathered many big figures from all walks of life still remained something to talk about even now. And now it was the coming-of-age of the eldest young master most favored by his elders, so the grandeur of the banquet could already be imagined.

When his phone rang, He Yanfeng was accompanying Yang Yun and He Qianjian to listen to the banquet process from the party planner. He was just feeling bored when he received a call from Xiang Hong. Before Xiang Hong could even say the reason for asking to meet, he directly agreed.

“Honey, Xiao Xiang has something to find me for, I’ll go there first.”

“Now?” Yang Yun looked at the time: “It’s almost dinner soon.”

“It seems to be quite urgent. You can just oversee the procedures yourself. I’ll leave first.”

He Yanfeng picked up the car keys and went out impatiently. When he arrived at Xiang Hong’s house, when he saw Xiang Hong with an unshaven beard and bloodshot eyes, he almost didn’t recognize him: “What happened to you?”

Xiang Hong went to the sofa and sat down, pointed to the paper envelope on the coffee table, and went straight to the point: “I asked you for your hair before, do you remember?”

He Yanfeng paused: “I remember, what’s wrong?”

Xiang Hong took a deep breath, then let it out slowly, raised his head and said: “I told you at the time, when the results come out, if you needed to know, I would let you know.”

He Yanfeng’s gaze followed his hand and landed on the document envelope, paused for a moment, and then returned to Xiang Hong’s face. He had known Xiang Hong for many years, and he had never seen such an expression on his face.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He had been in the business world for many years, his intuition had always been accurate, and he was also swift and resolute in his actions. However, the faint premonition in his heart made him hesitate a little: “What do I need to know?”

Xiang Hong sighed: “You can see for yourself.”

He Yanfeng withdrew his gaze, bent down to pick up the file bag, and slowly opened it.

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After filling out Yan Uni’s direct admission confirmation form, Jiang Chen received a call from old Mr. Xiang.

Old Mr. Xiang would call Jiang Chen basically every week. When the laboratory had new data, the domestic computer science research had made new progress, or when he saw a good scientific journal article, these were all the topics of their conversations. Although the two chatted mostly on academic discussion, occasionally other things came up as well.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The life experience and academic knowledge possessed by a bigwig in the industry were like a vast ocean. Once he was willing to teach a person, it would be an understatement to describe that person’s gain with the words “benefited a lot”. Jiang Chen learned not only professional knowledge from old Mr. Xiang, but also his attitude towards scientific research and his open-mindedness towards life.

Although they hadn’t known each other for long, and they only contacted each other through mobile phones, both Jiang Chen and old Mr. Xiang felt that their relationship was more like a friendship between kindred spirits rather than between teacher and student.

So, when old Mr. Xiang said he wanted to invite Jiang Chen over to his house as a guest, Jiang Chen agreed without hesitation.

On the second weekend of December, Jiang Chen brought the latest “Changjiang Image Recognition System” to the Xiang’s.

Old Mr. Xiang had been waiting in the living room early, and before the housekeeper even had the chance to lead Jiang Chen in, he was already walking over to meet him at a vigorous pace, taking three steps at a time: “Have you brought the new image repair system you researched?”

Jiang Chen raised the backpack he was carrying, and said with a smile, “It’s here.”

“Quick, quick.” Old Mr. Xiang eagerly grabbed his wrist: “Let’s go to my study and let me see if it is as amazing as you said. The few old photos I prepared have been scanned into the computer. Later——”

“Dad.” Coming out of the living room, an elegant woman appeared. She stopped in front of the two of them with a smile, smiled kindly at Jiang Chen, and then looked at old Mr. Xiang: “This is the first time for Xiao Jiang to come to our house. And you don’t even let him sit down and have a drink.”

Old Mr. Xiang turned his head and asked Jiang Chen, “Are you thirsty?”

Jiang Chen hesitated for a moment, and Ms. Xiang winked at him.

“Maybe a little thirsty…..”

“Then you Ah Zhi can bring a glass of water to my study later.” Old Mr. Xiang waved his daughter’s hand away, and said to Jiang Chen as he went upstairs, “Where was I, oh yes, the old photos, those few photos are quite a few years old, and the faces can barely be seen very clearly, perfect to let us experiment with the restoration effect on the photos.”

Jiang Chen was dragged by old Mr. Xiang, so he could only politely nodded to Ms. Xiang, apologized and followed.

Seeing the two of them enter the study, Ms. Xiang smiled helplessly, turned around and walked into the dining room, and said to the girl waiting at the table: “Your grandfather brought him upstairs, and he didn’t even let Xiao Jiang drink a sip of water.”

The girl smiled slightly and said, “I’ve already guessed this would happen.”

“But even though we only had a brief face-to-face meeting, the child looks like a good one.” Ms. Xiang sat down next to the girl, and said with a smile, “Clean and polite, with clear eyes and a good temper. You have good eyes.”

“Eldest Aunt!” The girl huffed, her ears turning red.

“Still shy.” Ms. Xiang teased: “I’ve never seen you care so much about a boy before? You really like him? Didn’t you only meet him once?”

The girl blushed, but her tone was firm: “If you like someone, just meeting them once is enough to be sure.”

Ms. Xiang tapped her forehead: “Don’t say that Auntie didn’t give you a chance, I’ll leave it to you to deliver water to the study later.”

The girl pursed her lips into a smile and nodded.

In the study room, one old and one young put their heads together, staring at the progress bar on the laptop screen.

Old Mr. Xiang: “How long does it usually take to restore a photo?”

Jiang Chen: “Looking at the degree of blurriness, it usually takes less than two minutes. This photo should take longer.”

“I heard that even videos can be repaired?” Old Mr. Xiang asked, “Have you tried it?”

“Tested one hundred and eighty-seven times, and tested it three times after debugging.” Jiang Chen said: “The clarity and restoration are both very high, but the duration is still difficult to grasp. I have improved the testing for more than half a month, but the speed is still the same. The improvement is not much, the fastest in the laboratory was a 20-minute video, the degree of blur was average, and the repair time was 1 hour and 23 minutes.”

Old Mr. Xiang nodded: “That’s normal. It’s the computer’s CPU that slows down the speed, not your software problem. However, the current home computers on the market may not be able to load your image repair system. You are now working with Li De so is this image repair system also going to be authorized to them?”

“This is my own new product.” Jiang Chen shook his head with a smile: “At present, it is not suitable for the market. I haven’t figured out how to go about it yet.”

Old Mr. Xiang pondered for a moment, and said, “Xiao Jiang, if you believe in Grandpa, Grandpa suggests that you sell the Changjiang Image Recognition System to the country or cooperate with the country in research and development. You haven’t entered a national laboratory yet, so you may not be very clear about how much this image repair system can facilitate the current scientific research progress in our country, but you likely already know that its research and development is of great significance to the development of the country in many aspects.”

“I know, so…..”

——Knock, knock, knock.

Jiang Chen paused and looked towards the door.

The conversation was interrupted at a critical moment, causing old Mr. Xiang to frown, a hint of anger in his voice: “Who is it? Come in.”

The door of the study room was gently pushed open, and a gentle and pretty girl appeared holding a tray of water with a smile: “Grandpa, I didn’t bother you, did I?”

Old Mr. Xiang’s expression softened, and a smile appeared on his face: “Why are you here to bring the water? Didn’t you say that you have an appointment with your classmate in the morning and want to go shopping together?”

“My classmate has something to do, so we canceled it temporarily.” The girl turned her eyes to Jiang Chen, and smiled sweetly: “Do you still remember me?”

Jiang Chen nodded: “Miss Han.”

Han Qiya curved her eyes, and her voice contained delight: “It’s been almost five months since we last met at the He’s. I didn’t expect you to still remember me.”

Old Mr. Xiang turned to look at Jiang Chen: “You two know each other?”

Jiang Chen: “We’ve met once.”

There was a hint of cunning in Han Qiya’s smile: “Not only did we meet once, we even danced together.”

Old Mr. Xiang: “When?”

Han Qiya: “At He Qianyang’s birthday.”

Old Mr. Xiang was surprised: “Isn’t that when you just returned to the country?”

“That’s right.” Han Qiya blinked at Jiang Chen: “So this should be considered fate, right?”

Jiang Chen pursed his lips and smiled, but said nothing.

Han Qiya knew when to stop, and she simply put the tray of water on the tea table, and said with a smile: “Last time when I was at the He’s, I noticed that you seldom drink beverages and seem to prefer drinking plain water, so I only brought you mineral water, if you want to drink something else, I’ll go down and get it for you.”

“No, I’ll just drink water, thank you.”

Old Mr. Xiang snorted: “I have never seen you so enthusiastic towards guests before. Alright, you go downstairs to play by yourself. We still have proper business to discuss. Just call us when it’s time to eat.”

“Then I won’t bother you two, don’t exhaust yourselves, remember to rest.”

“Got it, got it.” Old Mr. Xiang waved his hand: “Go quickly.”

The door of the study was closed, old Mr. Xiang glanced at Jiang Chen’s expression, sighed in his heart for his granddaughter, and said, “Let’s continue.”

Back at the desk, the photos on the computer have already been loaded. Seeing the highly restored old photos on the screen, old Mr. Xiang put all the distracting thoughts out of his mind, and couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to rub it, “This restoration rate——it’s too high.”

Jiang Chen smiled, not pretending to be modest: “This is the highest standard that current technology can achieve.”

“If it’s used in military research or medicine…..” Old Mr. Xiang withdrew his hand in a murmur, then turned to look at Jiang Chen: “Xiao Jiang, your system is of great use.”

Pausing for a moment, old Mr. Xiang straightened up and said in a solemn tone, “I hope you will carefully consider my proposal just now. The Changjiang Image Recognition System you developed can bring far more than just money and benefits. If you can make the best use of it, it is very likely to be an important part of promoting the development of the country and making China a world power. Its existence is not only of great significance to China, but also to the development of human science and technology as a whole.”

Jiang Chen said seriously, “I will definitely think about it seriously.”

Old Mr. Xiang nodded, with a gratified smile on his face, but serious eyes: “Don’t disclose any information about the Changjiang Image Recognition System to anyone for the time being, it can be a calamity to hold such a precious thing in your hands. A huge fortune will also bring you danger.”

“But if you encounter trouble, come to me.” Old Mr. Xiang patted him on the shoulder: “Although Grandpa is old, I can still say a few words in some places. It’s no problem to protect you.”

Jiang Chen nodded slightly, and said with a smile, “Thank you, Grandpa Xiang.”


There was a knock on the study door, and the person outside said: “Grandpa, Jiang Chen, it’s time to eat.”

The two stopped discussing, and after Jiang Chen put away the scrap paper he had just used for calculations, old Mr. Xiang got up and said, “Let’s go, go down to eat.”

After opening the door and seeing the person waiting outside the study, Jiang Chen’s eyes flashed with surprise, “Mr. Xiang.”

Xiang Hong nodded with a smile and said, “We meet again.”

“What Mr. Xiang?” Old Mr. Xiang said, “You call me Grandpa, and he also calls me Grandpa. You can just call him by his name.”

Seeing Jiang Chen’s hesitant expression, Xiang Hong laughed: “Grandpa is right, we don’t need to be so formal, you can just call me Brother Xiang.”

Jiang Chen followed easily: “Brother Xiang.”

When they went downstairs, there were already two people sitting in the dining room, they were Ms. Xiang and Han Qiya whom Jiang Chen had seen when he arrived at the Xiang’s.

Seeing them coming down, Han Qiya smiled and said, “Grandpa, Jiang Chen, I’ve already prepared the rice for you.”

“What are you standing up for.” Old Mr. Xiang pulled Jiang Chen to sit beside him: “Everyone have a seat.”

Ms. Xiang smiled and said, “Dad, you dragged Jiang Chen upstairs as soon as he came, and you haven’t introduced him to us yet.”

“Introduce what.” Old Mr. Xiang picked up his chopsticks: “Your niece and your son have already met him, and didn’t you just meet him too, it’s just a family meal, how can there be so many bothersome things.”

Jiang Chen got up and smiled slightly: “Hello, Auntie. My name is Jiang Chen. I’m sorry to bother you today.”

Ms. Xiang smiled gently: “Xiao Jiang, you can call me Auntie Xiang. You, Xiao Hong and Ya Ya all know each other so don’t be too restrained and polite. Just treat this place as your own home, and you can come over to play often in the future.”

Old Mr. Xiang: “You tell him to treat this as his own house, yet you let him get up and introduce himself, Xiao Jiang, sit down and eat, just ignore them.”

Jiang Chen smiled at Ms. Xiang and sat down.

The Xiang family didn’t have the habit of eating in silence. Everyone would occasionally say a few words, discussing new periodicals. The atmosphere was harmonious and warm, and Jiang Chen gradually integrated into it.

Just when they finished talking about the new drug discovery in the latest issue of the medical journal, Ms. Xiang changed the subject and looked at Jiang Chen: “Xiao Jiang, I heard that you have been recommended to Yan University. Then this year must be much easier?”

Jiang Chen said with a smile: “Although I have received early admission, there are other things to do, so it’s not easy.”

“Is there anything else?” Ms. Xiang asked curiously, “Are you going to still take the college entrance examination?”

“Including the college entrance examination.”

“I see. Your Grandpa Xiang has mentioned it many times, saying that you are scientific research material but I have never heard of what you are researching. Could you tell Auntie?”

Old Mr. Xiang raised his eyes: “What do you want to know so much for? You’re a pharmacist, and you don’t study computers, so you won’t understand it anyway.”

“Dad, what are you saying, didn’t I learn a lot from you when I was young?”

“You still remember what you learned when you were a child?” Old Mr. Xiang snorted coldly: “If you remembered, how could you go into medicine? Not only did you dive into medicine yourself, you also brought my grandson into it as well.”

“What’s wrong with studying medicine?” Ms. Xiang said, “Do you know that the new type of…..”

At the dinner table, the father and daughter began arguing about the higher achievement of their respective industry.

Xiang Hong leaned over to Jiang Chen, and said in a low voice, “Don’t mind them, my grandfather was angry for a long time because my mother chose medicine instead of computer science, and he had originally  let go of it after a long time has passed, but later I also chose to study medicine. His promising seedling also chose to study medicine, so…..” Xiang Hong shrugged, feeling a little helpless: “We’re used to them arguing every now and then, and this is their way of strengthening their relationship.”

Jiang Chen smiled, “It can be seen that Grandpa Xiang and Aunt Xiang have a very good relationship.”

“I remember you have a good relationship with Shi Fengyue.” Xiang Hong lowered his voice: “I’ll tell you a little secret about him. My grandfather’s most promising seedling is actually Shi Fengyue. When I chose not to learn computer science my grandfather was only angry for two days, but when Shi Fengyue didn’t choose computer science either, he is still angry even now and doesn’t want to see him at all.”

Jiang Chen: “Why?”

“At the beginning, I didn’t choose to study computer science because my talent is mediocre in this area. Grandpa knew it very well, so the anger was at most just anger at me following my mother’s old path, but Shi Fengyue is different. He was only seven or eight years old at that time, and because he was not in good health and could not go out to play he only spent his days with the computer at home and reading books.” Xiang Hong recalled: “For a long time, other than the research institute, my grandfather went to the Shi family’s house every day. He taught him everything he knew, and because Shi Fengyue was too smart and learned things too quickly, while my grandfather taught him, he even also taught himself other branches within computer science every day, just to be able to teach Shi Fengyue fresher knowledge every day. At that time, he really had high hopes for Shi Fengyue and naturally feelings developed after a long time of mentorship, so it was not only just high hopes. Our family all felt that, to Grandpa, Shi Fengyue might be more like another grandson to him than just a student.”

Jiang Chen did not expect that Shi Fengyue and old Mr. Xiang actually had such a past. He raised his eyes and looked at old Mr. Xiang and Ms. Xiang who were still arguing, and suddenly recalled that every time he clashed with Shi Fengyue, Shi Fengyue seemed to be like a copy of old Mr. Xiang, arguing strongly for his views and being extremely stubborn.

“Why didn’t Shi Fengyue choose computer science?”

Xiang Hong sighed softly: “This matter is a knot in Grandpa’s heart, and it is also something that none of us could understand, but I think there must be a special reason.”

“Actually, it wasn’t just my grandfather at the time, because Shi Fengyue was learning things so fast, several old professors in the compound especially liked to teach him, but except for computer science, there was no subject that could keep him going for more than half a year, because it simply didn’t take more than half a year for him to reach the level that others have devoted themselves to studying for a decade, and this was even when he was in poor health and learning many subjects at the same time.”

“So, at the beginning, everyone, including my grandfather, thought that Shi Fengyue would engage in computer science research in the future. Not only because of his talent in computers and his relationship with Grandpa, but also because it is the subject that he persisted in the longest and studied most in-depth before the age of fourteen.”

Jiang Chen raised his eyes: “Before the age of fourteen?”

“Shi Fengyue disappeared for a year when he was fourteen years old, there was a lot of commotion at that time, but I don’t know the details of this incident, I only know that at that time almost everyone thought that something might have happened to Shi Fengyue, but unexpectedly about a year later, he came back. Not long after he came back, he went abroad to study medicine, and Grandpa has been angry because of this until now.”

Xiang Hong put down his chopsticks, wiped his mouth and said with a smile: “But I think what Grandpa is really angry about is not because he suddenly chose to study medicine, but because he was worried about what happened in the year when he disappeared without a trace.”

Sitting in the car, Jiang Chen looked at the shadows outside the window passing by quickly, and what Xiang Hong said during lunch came to the forefront of his mind.

Where did Shi Fengyue go at the age of fourteen? What happened that year? How did he live alone for a year without anyone finding out?

Jiang Chen was rarely curious about other people’s experiences, and he also felt that he had no interest in prying into other people’s privacy, but for some reason, these questions kept lingering in his mind, making him unable to think about other things.

At a red light, the car stopped slowly. Jiang Chen scanned all the license plates he could see in front of him, and memorized the numbers and letters in a string in his mind. Cars bagan moving on the other roadway and new cars filled in empty spaces. The wheels in his brain kept running without rest, adding new numbers after the previous numbers, and when the street lights lit up, the combination of numbers and letters had reached the hundreds.

This was his habit when he usually found it difficult to concentrate and get rid of distracting thoughts. Memorizing requires concentration, and when memorizing a string of irregular numbers and letters, he had to recall the numbers and letters he memorized before. Before he knew it, his attention would be completely focused on the combination of numbers and letters in his mind, without any distractions.

However, the method that always worked before lost its effect today. When the car started up again, Jiang Chen dropped the string of numbers and still had those questions in his mind. The difference was that he recalled his conversation with Shi Fengyue in the hospital garden.

He asked Shi Fengyue: Since you are so afraid of trouble, why do you want to be a doctor?

Shi Fengyue asked back: Since you are so smart, why do you still follow the prescribed order?

At that time, although he and Shi Fengyue were the relationship between a doctor and a family member of a patient, every time they met, they would always oppose each other unconsciously, so when he got such an answer, Jiang Chen only thought that Shi Fengyue just didn’t want to answer this question, so he didn’t ask any more and didn’t think much about it again.

But thinking about it now, Shi Fengyue’s expression seemed to be a little different from the previous moment’s casual expression when he spoke, but Jiang Chen couldn’t recall exactly what was different.


Not long after Jiang Chen left, Xiang Hong came out of the kitchen.

“Have you finished washing the dishes?” Ms. Xiang was watching TV. Seeing that he was about to go out, she asked, “Where are you going? Didn’t you say you are off today?”

Xiang Hong put the paper bag on the side, put on his shoes and said, “I’m going to the research institute.”

“What’s in your bag? Are you taking it to the research institute?”

“Experimental sample.” Xiang Hong got up: “I’m leaving, don’t wait for me today, I won’t be home for dinner.”

Seeing that he left without looking back, Ms. Xiang let out a sigh and took Han Qiya’s hand: “It’s better to have a girl, if I gave you a sister instead, she would definitely accompany us to watch TV and go shopping together. I might even have a granddaughter already.”

Han Qiya smiled and said, “Cousin must have something important to do.”

After picking up the car from the garage, Xiang Hong called He Yanfeng.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Old He, where are you?”

“The company.”

Xiang Hong glanced at the paper bag on the side, looked away, grabbed the steering wheel and said, “I’ll meet you at your company. There seemed to be an abnormality in your DNA test before. I’ll fetch a few hairs from you and check again later.”

He Yanfeng had no doubts: “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

“See you later.”

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 076 God Is Really Unfair

TN: bonus chapter💕

As early as after the transfer of ownership of the house in Wugu Village, Jiang Chen entrusted Chen Fang to help him find someone to renovate it because he was simply too busy. Except for the initial design drawing and renovation plan, he rarely went to the site. Everything was reported and photographed by Chen Fang remotely.

Now that the development notice had become public, all residents of Wugu Village needed to sign a cooperation contract. So Jiang Chen took this opportunity to ask Li Nanfeng to find a professional inspection team to check the renovation efforts.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Chen Fang waited at the entrance of the village early. He couldn’t help but take a second look when he saw a luxury car coming, but unexpectedly the car stopped in front of him, and Jiang Chen and two young men got out of the car.

“Mr. Jiang, you’re here.” Chen Fang glanced at the two handsome men behind Jiang Chen. While secretly feeling startled, he couldn’t help adding weight to his guess about Jiang Chen’s identity. He asked with a smile: “Are these two going to see the house with you?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen was a little exasperated. After Li Nanfeng learned that he was going to find someone to inspect the house, he was very enthusiastic to help him find an inspection team, and even called Shi Fengyue over to take a look together. All with the excuse that he was too young and easily fooled, but with the two of them around, there would be a deterrent to those who wanted to cheat him. Then, without waiting for Jiang Chen’s objection, he arranged everything properly, and even drove to wait downstairs at his house early this morning.

“Jiang Xiao Chen, the scenery here is not bad.” Li Nanfeng took off his sunglasses and took in the colorful flowers on both sides of the road. Now that it was late autumn, it was rare to see such a scene.

“Because of the large number of hot springs in Wugu Village, and the annual temperature kept at around 20 degrees Celsius, the surrounding vegetation and flowers are different from other places in Yan City. If you go further in, you can see more differences.” Chen Fang laughed. He said: “Mr. Jiang, and these two gentlemen, this way please.”

Jiang Chen smiled and briefly introduced Shi Fengyue and Li Nanfeng. After exchanging greetings, Chen Fang led the three inside and introduced the future development area while walking: “Mr. Jiang, you can rest assured that in order to maintain the original ecological environment to the greatest extent and not disturb the residents here, the part where you live will be strictly protected. Even if plank roads or other constructions are being built on the mountain, it will not affect the living conditions here in the slightest.”

All the way up, from the flowers full of wild beauty to the endless flower fields and then to the village with the faint scent of sweet-scented osmanthus, Li Nanfeng sighed sincerely: “Jiang Xiao Chen, why didn’t you tell your Brother Li when you bought the house, it’s such a good environment here, even if they don’t develop it, it’s comfortable as it is to buy a house here to live in.”

Jiang Chen: “I didn’t know you at that time, Brother Li.”

Shi Fengyue sneered. Li Nanfeng turned his head, and crossed his arms over his chest: “He didn’t know me, but did he know you back then?”

Jiang Chen: “We knew each other.”

Li Nanfeng staggered. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of Shi Fengyue’s obvious mockery and trace of pride at the corners of his eyes and mouth. With a cold snort, he walked around Shi Fengyue, and leaned into Jiang Chen’s ear: “Listen to your Brother Li’s advice, and spend less time with Shi Fengyue in the future. He’s not a good person, and ow, ow——Shi Fengyue! My fingers are going to be broken by you! Let go!”

Shi Fengyue let go of Li Nanfeng calmly, and inserted himself between the two of them naturally. He patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder, and explained lightly: “All the dirt on his hands has rubbed off on your shoulder.”

“Where are my hands dirty——” Li Nanfeng held his hand in aggrievance, but stopped abruptly when he saw an obvious gray mark on Jiang Chen’s white sweater. He seemed to recall that he had been skipping stones just now.

The traces on his shoulder were wiped clean, and Jiang Chen raised his head and said with a smile, “Thank you.”

Shi Fengyue lowered his eyes and smiled slightly: “You’re welcome.”

Li Nanfeng rubbed his fingers, swallowed the foul words on his tongue, and followed behind angrily.

After walking for about twenty minutes, Li Nanfeng, who was lagging behind, suddenly paused, then quickened his pace to catch up with Jiang Chen and the others. He pointed to a small building not far away: “That house is not bad! Whose house is it?”

Chen Fang smiled and said, “That’s Mr. Jiang’s house.”

Just as they were talking, the several people had already walked to the opposite side of the small building. This position happened to be able to see the entire three-story house clearly.

According to Jiang Chen’s description and the plan drawn by the designer, this small building was practically demolished and then rebuilt anew.

The small building in front of them was square as a whole, but it was not a rigid square at all. Four rectangles with different lengths, widths and heights formed a staggered floor height, which added a sense of modern geometric design to the exterior of the house. Therefore, there were balconies and large terraces extending from the walls. The main color of the small building was white, with dark gray cuboid extending from the walls and large floor-to-ceiling windows. The collision of colors and visual harmony formed a more three-dimensional and more modern design as a whole.

The three of them crossed the road and came to the entrance door of the courtyard. The periphery of the courtyard integrated the overall design of the house. The entrance door, garage door and small flower bed that were not in a straight line distinguished the functions of the house and avoided mutual interference. Except for the old wall bricks of light wood color on the front, the other three wall sides were black, and there were two black metal doors of the same material as the frame of the floor-to-ceiling windows on one-fourth and two-thirds of the front wall. One was the entrance door and the other was the garage door. In addition, there were two small flower beds with different heights but leaving enough space to enter the house beside the door. Green plants were planted inside, allowing the house and the courtyard to correlate with each other, and also provide a little more warmth and liveliness.

From the outer appearance of the house alone, the look of this house was even better than the renovation plans that Jiang Chen saw before.

Jiang Chen sincerely thanked: “Brother Chen, thank you for your hard work.”

“This is what I should do.” Chen Fang didn’t take credit for it: “I took the initiative to take on this job back then, and you put your trust in me, of course I can’t let you down.”

Jiang Chen raised an eyebrow and smiled. He walked to the outer black metal door in a familiar manner, touched a piece of protruding metal lightly with his finger, and a blue smooth surface passed over the metal surface, a touch electronic screen appearing. After the original password was entered correctly, the door clicked automatically open.

“Is this what you were working on in our mobile phone screen research and development laboratory during that time?” Li Nanfeng moved to the door, touched the metal screen, and whistled: “Jiang Xiao Chen, what else can you not do? This screen is much cooler than the touch-screen mobile phone we are about to launch, any plans to sell this technology?”

“The raw materials cost more than 100,000.” Jiang Chen pushed the door open with a smile: “If you install this screen, how much will your mobile phone be sold for?”

Li Nanfeng’s hand on the door froze, and he laughed dryly: “We can discuss this matter later. Yes, later.”

Jiang Chen took the lead to enter the door, and Li Nanfeng followed behind him. After walking in and seeing the high and transparent entrance hall, he eagerly tpred the place by himself. After looking around, he only had one thought: “Who is the designer of your house? Introduce them to me immediately, my villa in the northern suburbs is in a hurry to rennovate.”

Chen Fang had been silent since he entered the door. Hearing what Li Nanfeng said, he laughed and said: “All the designs here are done by Mr. Jiang, and all the design drawings made by our designer are done according to Mr. Jiang’s requirements, so Mr. Li, you want to find the designer, you can only discuss it with Mr. Jiang.”

Li Nanfeng was silent for half a minute, and then asked in a very slow voice: “Master Jiang, besides giving birth to children, what else can’t you do?”

Jiang Chen chuckled lightly: “This house is not designed by me, it’s all the efforts of the designer, you can find him if you want to do a renovation.”

He was telling the truth, all he did was just describe the house he lived in in the interstellar era. It was the designer’s amazing comprehension ability that made this house take on a 60% similarity to the house he lived in at that time.

Shi Fengyue pointed to a black metal surface in the corner of the wall: “What do you plan to use these boxes embedded in the wall for?”

“Isn’t that just a detail that matches the overall design?” Li Nanfeng pushed open the floor-to-ceiling windows, and exclaimed in surprise, “A hot spring! Dang! Jiang Xiao Chen, you sure know how to enjoy life!”

Jiang Chen didn’t expect Shi Fengyue to observe so meticulously, and he didn’t hide it: “I’m going to design a security system that can monitor the entire house, these boxes will be useful at that time.”

“Security system?”

“Yes, there is already a prototype, but it may take a few years for the final result to come out.”

Shi Fengyue was very interested and wanted to ask some more, but Li Nanfeng squatted by the hot spring and shouted at them from a distance: “Let’s have a soak together!”

Shi Fengyue’s eyes flickered slightly, and he looked at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled: “If you don’t mind not having a change of clothes, you can take a dip if you want.”

Li Nanfeng couldn’t wait to soak in the hot spring, so he ran back inside like the wind, took off his coat, put on slippers, and then asked formally, “Jiang Xiao Chen, can I soak in your hot spring?”

“Of course you can.” Jiang Chen repeated what he said to Shi Fengyue, and said, “I still have to go upstairs to communicate with the inspection team, you guys have a soak first.”

The inspection team was all men, so Li Nanfeng had no scruples: “Brother Shi, let’s go together.”

Shi Fengyue: “Not interested.”

In the end, Li Nanfeng soaked in the hot spring in the backyard alone, while Jiang Chen and Shi Fengyue went upstairs to inspect the house together.

Half an hour later, the inspection team finished up, handed the results to Jiang Chen, and said, “The quality of the house, including the materials used for renovation, is very good, and there will be no problem for people to live in immediately.”

Jiang Chen: “If it’s a pregnant woman, will the house need to air out a while first?”

“No.” The inspection team said: “Looking at the materials and decoration, one can tell that your home decoration must have cost a lot of money. The materials used in this house are very environmentally friendly. There is no formaldehyde detected in the house, and there are no other harmful substances at all. It is no problem for pregnant women to live here.”

Jiang Chen nodded his thanks, and saw the inspection team out. Li Nanfeng asked curiously, “That inspection team has seen many houses, and it isn’t often that they say that the renovation cost is high. How much did you invest in this house?”

“Three million.”

Li Nanfeng: “…..”

Li Nanfeng raised his head, looked around the house, and applauded: “Jiang Xiao Chen, even the second generation rich kids who spend money like water flows I have ever seen do not spend money as calmly as you. You are amazing, too amazing.”

Jiang Chen hadn’t thought that the renovation would cost so much money either. In fact, the rebuilding and hardware of the house plus the design made up less than one-third of the total cost. The real big expense was the hidden smart products and tailor-made furniture in the house.

Among the smart products, the cost of the touch screen lock for the gate and the fingerprint lock for the entrance door alone exceeded 200,000 yuan, and other seemingly insignificant details were even more expensive. This was because under the current science and technology, most of the materials that would be common in the future have not yet appeared at this time. Jiang Chen needed to invest more money to find suitable substitutes, and many of the technical aspects also required more professional people to design. Jiang Chen could design a program but couldn’t make a computer himself, so as long as it was related to the home security system, even the metal locks on the windows needed to be customized specially, so there was such a high renovation cost.

Fortunately, the end result was satisfactory. Jiang Chen believed that after installing the security system, this house would become the private house with the highest security level in the world, so he could rest assured about his parents living here.

Before entering the federation’s research institute in his last life, Jiang Chen had experienced two assassinations. Even at a venue like an artificial intelligence seminar, there was an incident where a researcher temporarily changed his ticket because his relatives were threatened. At that time, he was alone and had no scruples, but it was different now, Jiang Chen would never expose his parents to danger. He was very clear about what he would face in the future. Even if the times were different, there was not much difference between the huge benefits and the risks brought about by the reforms that promote the development of a country.

After brewing a pot of new tea from tea leaves gifted by a neighbor, the three of them sat on the second-floor terrace, chatting leisurely and enjoying the scenery.

Li Nanfeng crossed his legs and joked: “If I didn’t know the truth, I would really suspect that Jiang Xiao Chen is some prince hiding his identity and living among the common folks.”

Jiang Chen was pondering over some things, when he suddenly heard Li Nanfeng say this, and his gaze became confused: “Why?”

Li Nanfeng raised his eyebrows slightly, looked back and said, “Just two random points, the robot you gave He Qianyang, not counting the shell you made yourself, just the wheels, motor controller and other parts inside, are at least worth tens of thousands, and I haven’t seen many people who are so generous in giving gifts to a stranger.”

“Also when we signed the contract, I found that you don’t care about how much money is agreed on at all. Even if the authorization fee is squeezed down to the lowest within the range, you can still accept it.” Li Nanfeng laughed and said: “Jiang Xiao Chen, if at that time, our team only gave you one million a year, would you still agree?”

Jiang Chen didn’t take it seriously, and said indifferently: “I know how much my creations are worth. It doesn’t mean much to me to make more or less money. We are just a short-term cooperation. If it is not suitable, I can switch to another cooperative partner as soon as the time passes.”

Li Nanfeng swayed his crossed leg, and silently wiped off the sweat on his forehead: “Fortunately, I didn’t pass their plan to suppress your price at that time.”

Jiang Chen: “So we have a happy cooperation.”

Li Nanfeng held Jiang Chen’s hand: “We will definitely have a happy cooperation in the future.” After letting go, he thought for a while and then smiled: “Jiang Xiao Chen, if you start a company in the future, you can find me if you want investors, I guarantee it will be an even more pleasant cooperation. “

Shi Fengyue opened his eyes and glanced at him lazily: “He will not be short of money.”

Li Nanfeng opened his mouth to refute, but when the words came to his lips, he felt that Shi Fengyue was right. The two of them, Jiang Chen and Shi Fengyue, were both basically treasuries. If they lacked money all they needed to do was shake themselves, and perhaps the money they dropped would be even more than how much he earned through sweat and tears.

He gulped down his tea and said bitterly, “God is so unfair.”

After these words fell, the doorbell rang, and at the same time there was a call in a local accent: “Is there anyone inside? Young man, are you there?”

Jiang Chen stood up, walked to the edge of the balcony and looked down. After seeing clearly the person standing at the door, he was stunned for a moment, and his brows furrowed slightly.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Jiang Chen’s expression, Shi Fengyue asked.

Jiang Chen turned around and said calmly, “He Qianjian is downstairs.”

“I saw just now as well.” Li Nanfeng still sat with his legs crossed leisurely: “I am guessing that he accompanied the elders of the He family to say hello. The houses here are said to not be for sale, but in fact, most of them had been confiscated by the government in private. It’s not surprising that the He family elders are allocated a house.”

Shi Fengyue asked Jiang Chen, “Open the door?”

Jiang Chen nodded. Although he didn’t want to see He Qianjian, let alone let him enter this house, he couldn’t shut the two elders out.

Downstairs, after waiting for a while yet no one opened the door, the villager muttered, “Could he have left?”

He Qianjian asked, “Didn’t you say that their car is still parked at the foot of the mountain?”

“They came in three cars.” The villager said: “Just now only two cars left. I wonder if that young man has left with them.”

Old Mr. He said lightly: “Since they are not at home, let’s visit again next time.”

“Grandpa, let’s wait a little longer. Since there is still a car, the family should still be here. Maybe they didn’t hear just now.” He Qianjian persuaded half-childishly. He took a fancy to this house as soon as he went up the mountain and saw it. After so many years in the He family, he had seen countless high-end villas, grand courtyards, and buildings of different styles in various countries, but there was no house that aroused in him a desire to take for himself after just a look from a distance. Since the villager said that this family was not allocated a house here by the government, their background should be very simple. Although it was clearly stipulated that no sale was allowed here, he could operate it and add more money. It was not impossible to exchange houses with this family.

Old Mrs. He made a final decision: “Then we wait a bit longer.”

He Qianjian rang the doorbell twice again, and said loudly, “Is there anyone inside?”

Right afterwards, the door opened with a click, and a handsome boy like orchids and jade trees appeared at the entrance, saying in a clear voice: “Excuse me, is there anything you need?”

As soon as Jiang Chen’s last word sounded, He Qianjian’s expression changed, and he blurted out, “Why are you here?”

Old Mr. He’s eyes fell on Jiang Chen’s face, and a sharp look flashed across his slightly cloudy eyes. He turned his head and asked He Qianjian: “Do you know each other?”

“I…..” He Qianjian didn’t expect Jiang Chen to be here at all. With how much he looked like He Qianyang, his grandpa would definitely be suspicious when seeing the other. At this moment, he was a little panicked and didn’t know what to say.

“So you’re at home, young man.” The villager stood at the back and was unable to see He Qianjian’s expression, he only thought they knew each other already, and said with a bright smile: “These two elders will be moving to a house near yours in the future, so I brought them here to say hello. I didn’t expect you and their grandson to be friends, it’s really fate.”

Jiang Chen’s expression remained unchanged, he nodded slightly and said, “Sorry for the trouble, Uncle Duan.”

Uncle Duan didn’t expect Jiang Chen to remember his name, and he smiled more delightedly as he looked at him with the gentleness towards his own children: “What’s the trouble, after you move here in the future, come eat at Uncle’s house more often, after your Aunt Duan saw you last time, I don’t know how long she has been talking about you.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes curved in a smile, “Then I’ll thank you first, Uncle Duan. Last time after eating Auntie Duan’s noodles with fried sauce and pork ribs with roasted beans, I couldn’t forget it for a long time. When I move here, I must try it again.”

“I’ll go back later and tell your Aunt Duan, she will definitely be very happy!” Uncle Duan finally realized that he seemed to have become a little distracted, so he said with a smile: “Since you know each other, Uncle won’t bother you, if you won’t be going back at noon, come to Uncle’s house for lunch.”

Jiang Chen: “Okay, thank you Uncle Duan, see you later.”

“Later, later.”

When Uncle Duan left, Jiang Chen stepped aside, introduced himself politely, and then said, “Mr. He, Mrs. He, please come inside.”

When Jiang Chen was speaking, old Mrs. He kept looking at his side face. Seeing him smiling and looking over, she was in a daze for a moment, and nodded quickly: “Good, good, good.”

Old Mr. He originally only planned to say hello, and didn’t intend to enter the house as a guest, but now he changed his mind, and he said to the correspondent following them: “You wait outside.”

Jiang Chen looked back and smiled and said, “It’s okay, you can come in together.”

Old Mr. He nodded: “Then we’ll come together.”

Without saying a word, He Qianjian followed into the house. After seeing the decoration and design of the house, he finally calmed down a little. This house was definitely expensive, no matter whether it was the exterior or the interior decoration. Jiang Chen was a poor student, where could he have gotten so much money, so this should not be his house.

While he was thinking this, Li Nanfeng and Shi Fengyue came down from upstairs, and they greeted at the same time: “Grandpa He, Grandma He.”

Old Mr. He did not expect to see Shi Fengyue and Li Nanfeng here, he was a little surprised: “Why are you two here?”

He Qianjian was also surprised, and at the same time he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief——this was definitely not Jiang Chen’s house. Although no matter whether the owner was Shi Fengyue or Li Nanfeng, he wouldn’t be able to offer to exchange houses, but he was more willing and pleased to accept this result than if the owner was Jiang Chen.

However, Li Nanfeng’s next words shattered the result of his fantasy: “Feng Yue and I came to accompany Jiang Chen to inspect his house. We didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Jiang Chen led the two elders to the sofa, poured two cups of tea for them, and said with a smile: “Please have a seat, I have only new tea given from the neighbors, and there is no suitable tea set, the hospitality is not good enough.”

“How can there be a lack of hospitality.” Old Mrs. He said with a smile: “We don’t pay so much attention to this, and the old man likes tea the best, he definitely couldn’t be happier right now.”

Old Mr. He nodded and took a sip of his tea. He looked at the three people opposite him, and his gaze fell on Jiang Chen: “Xiao Jiang, you also go to school in Chenghua?”

Jiang Chen said, “I attend Yan No. 1.”

Old Mr. He was a little surprised. He Qianjian and Jiang Chen knew each other even though they were not in the same school: “Then how did you and Qian Jian know each other?”

Jiang Chen lowered his eyes, and the smile within faded a lot. Just as he was about to speak, Shi Fengyue had already answered for him: “They met during the joint practice college entrance examination and math competition.”

Old Mr. He also knew about He Qianjian’s forfeit of the exam. The hand holding the teacup paused, while old Mrs. He smiled kindly: “Then Xiao Jiang must have very good grades.”

“But of course.” Li Nanfeng said with a smile: “Jiang Xiao Chen has always been number one in the joint practice college entrance examinations. Before the math competetion was even held, Yan Uni and Hua Uni were already anxious to accept him. And once the results came out, both early admission notices came immediately, his home phone had been ringing off the hook. Old Mr. Xiang was even angry with me a few days ago because Jiang Xiao Chen chose Yan Uni.”

Old Mr. He did not expect that the child that his old friend had been talking about this whole time was the boy in front of him. Thinking of his praise and fondness for this child, he put down his teacup and said, “I heard that you are going to study computer science in the future. Professor Xiang’s student is teaching at Hua University, if you choose Hua University, with the appreciation of Professor Xiang and the recommendation of his student, it will be much easier to enter the National Academy of Sciences after graduation. In this case, why did you choose Yan University?”

Jiang Chen lowered his eyes and smiled: “Mr. He, maybe you think I’m young and arrogant, but to be honest, I believe I can easily enter all computer-related scientific research institutes in this world as long as I want to. Choosing a domestic college is because I am a native of country C, I want to contribute to the progress and development of this country, and I chose Yan Uni because I think the computer major courses at Yan Uni are the most suitable for me.”

When Jiang Chen spoke, old Mr. He’s cloudy but still sharp eyes kept staring at him, dark and unpredictable.

He Qianjian didn’t expect Jiang Chen to say such arrogant words. Thinking that what his grandpa hated the most was young people who didn’t know the heights of the sky and the earth, with lofty aspirations but low ability, and couldn’t see their own position clearly. His face couldn’t help but reveal a trace of glee. It was lucky they came today, as long as his grandpa came to dislike Jiang Chen, even if the truth of their identities were found out, Jiang Chen would not be able to cause trouble in the future.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The atmosphere in the room became so silent, so quiet that it was a little frozen. Li Nanfeng glanced at the old and young pair sitting opposite each other, counting silently in his heart. If ten seconds passed and still no one spoke he would then attempt to smooth things over.

However, before he counted down to seven, there was a burst of hearty laughter in the living room. Old Mr. He clapped his hands and said: “Old Xiang is right, the country is strong if the youth is strong, and if the country is handed over to young people like you, even if we really become old, we can rest assured.”

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