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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 006 A Mother’s Love

Yang Tianci’s wrist was squeezed in Jiang Chen’s hand, and it was so painful that it twitched, but when he heard Yang Si’s words, he couldn’t care about the pain, and quickly said: “Sister, what are you talking about, it’s not that I don’t want to lend you money, it’s because we really don’t have money, us siblings’ blood is thicker than water, how can I not lend you money if you really have need? I’ll be sad if you say that.”

Jiang Chen’s hand exerted more force, and seeing Yang Tianci’s instantly distorted expression and angry eyes, he smiled: “Uncle, I heard that you just made a bit of money from stock trading a few days ago, seemingly about 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, first use that money to pay us back is also fine.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“How do you know!”

When Yang Tianci blurted this out, Yang Si, who did not even have the time to be surprised, instantly felt cold all over her body.

This was the good little brother she spent so much energy taking care of when she was younger, and had helped out desperately when she grew up. Cherishing and protecting him even regardless of arguments with her husband.

When she had money, he lay on top of her and leached blood desperately, able to say anything to please her for money, but when she encountered difficulties, he would run faster than anyone else. Yang Maosheng was only twelve years old now. If he hadn’t heard it from the people around him, he wouldn’t have said those words just now. It could be seen what her little brother’s family usually said about them.

“Sister!” Seeing Yang Si’s expression, Yang Tianci was a little panicked, and he quickly said: “Don’t listen to that kid, don’t listen to Jiang Chen’s nonsense, how could I have 40,000 or 50,000, it’s impossible, if I have the money why wouldn’t I lend you the money, right?”

“So what if you have money? We won’t lend it even if you have it!” An icy sneer sounded, and an old lady in a cotton-padded jacket walked out. She looked at Yang Si and Jiang Chen without concealing her disgust, “So what if Tian Ci has money? It’s his ability to have money! It’s our old Yang family’s money! As if we will give you, a married daughter, to treat a cripple that who knows will even be cured or not? Daring to scheme money from your little brother! What? Are you even schemeing when your father and I will die, and how much money you will get if we die?”

Yang Si subconsciously retorted: “Mom, how could I think like this, I…..”

“That’s exactly what you think!” The old lady had a hunched back, but her pointed finger almost touched Yang Si’s nose, “If you don’t think so, why would you come to your little brother to ask for money? You want to force me and your father to death? You’re only happy when we’re dead, aren’t you?”

Yang Si was pointed at and scolded, her heart iced over, and her hands and mouth trembled, but she found that she couldn’t say a word.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, the old lady became even more imposing. After scolding Yang Si, she started scolding Jiang Chen: “It’s you, you little bastard who just yelled at my grandson? So what if you have good grades? In my eyes, you are not even comparable to a hair on Sheng Sheng’s head. You’re not even worthy of carrying his shoes! If you have the ability, go and spill out shit and urine for your cripple father, don’t show off in front of our old Yang family’s house!”

“Mom!” Yang Si shouted: “How could you say that to Chen Chen! He is also your grandson!”

“What grandson?” Old Mrs. Yang spat and said, “The nose, eyes, and mouth don’t look like my old Yang family, nor does he have our Yang family surname. How is he my grandson?”

Jiang Chen had no objection to these words, because he indeed did not seem to have the blood of the Yang family, not only the Yang family, but also the Jiang family as well. But Yang Si was so angry at her mother’s favoritism that her face turned pale. She couldn’t tell how she was feeling now. Between the anger and the cold heart, there was unexpectedly a hint of ease and freedom.

Yang Si was full of hatred, but calmed down instead: “You don’t recognize Jiang Chen as your grandson, then do you recognize this daughter?”

“If you want me and your father to recognize you, then fine.” Old Mrs. Yang looked condescendingly at her and snorted: “As long as you divorce that cripple and remarry immediately, your father and I will recognize you. If you want to hang onto this mess for the rest of our life then don’t blame me for not having a daughter like you.”

“Okay!” Yang Si said expressionlessly, “From today on, I only have my husband and son, no more parents and little brother. From now on, our paths will no longer cross, and no matter if our two sides live well or badly, it is irrelevant to the other.”

The old lady didn’t expect that Yang Si would actually dare to respond like this, her eyes almost rolled back in anger, but Yang Tianci’s heart skipped a beat, he didn’t want to lose his sister’s subsidy! No matter what happened to her now, he didn’t have to pay anyway. If things are solved in the future, he could still get money from his sister and brother-in-law. But once they have a true falling-out, then he would have one less cash cow!

It was not just Yang Tianci who thought this way, but also the old lady Yang, who had always bullied her daughter who never showed any resistance. She had already found a 50-year-old old man who still had yet to find a wife, and they didn’t care whether her daughter was married or not or had any children before. The bride price was promised to be 10,000 yuan!

Old Mrs. Yang and Yang Tianci immediately wanted to say something to smooth things over, but before they had time to speak, old Mr. Yang, who had not said a word, opened his mouth, the wrinkles seeming like ravines from his frown: “Since you said that, our old Yang family will no longer have a daughter like you again!”


“Old man!”

“Shut up.” The old man Yang shouted angrily, looked at Jiang Chen with a dark expression, and said, “In the end, it’s not the blood of the Yang family after all, you and your mother will never step through my Yang family’s door again!”

Jiang Chen nodded obediently, and even smiled at them, then under the angry eyes of the Yang family, he supported Yang Si and said, “Mom, old Mr. Yang and Mrs. Yang doesn’t recognize you, but you have me and Dad, we can always think of a solution, let’s go.”

Old Mr. Yang’s face became even darker when Jiang Chen said “old Mr. Yang and Mrs. Yang”, but Yang Si’s eyes suddenly reddened.

Her parents were partial to her little brother, and her little brother used her as an ATM. She was used to these things, and she had long held complaints in her heart. Apart from being sad and chilled, she couldn’t express resentment at this moment. After all, it was her parents who gave birth to her and raised her.

But how could they! How dare they treat Jiang Chen like this!

This was the baby she had been protecting in her arms for fear of him bumping into anything. She was only worried about her son, who she wanted nothing more than to cherish and care for in all aspects, being rejected by her relatives today and had the most vicious words used to insult and abuse him, but even so, he did not show it. There was no trace of sadness, and even to reassure her, he had to force a smile.

Such a family, even if all weighed together, couldn’t match her precious son!

Such a family, even if all weighed together, couldn’t match her precious son!

“Let’s go!”

Yang Si grabbed Jiang Chen’s hand and took him away from here without the slightest nostalgia.

After leaving the gated community, the anger on Yang Si’s face faded, replaced by unconcealed sorrow and resentment.

Jiang Chen’s originally smiling expression darkened upon seeing this. He pursed his lips, but he didn’t know what to say.

That Yang Si and the Yang family would fall out so quickly. In fact, he helped fuel the flames. On the bus, he used the word “repay the money” to reverse Yang Si’s mindset, making her change from the anxiety and uneasiness of borrowing money to naturally at ease at getting back her money. Once she accepted this psychological suggestion, she would be a little less tolerant when facing the suppression of the Yang family.

However, a single word could only plant a seed. If it wasn’t for the aggressiveness and insults of the Yang family later, this seed would not be able to take root and sprout quickly, and taking root and sprouting was not enough. Jiang Chen wanted that seed to grow into a big tree. Big enough that it could break through Yang Si’s bottom line and make her break with the Yang family completely.

And the fertilizer that could make the small seedling grow into a towering tree was himself.

Jiang Chen knew better than anyone how much his mother loved him. She could endure all difficulties and dangers, endure all insults and injustices, and even wipe her face and continue on despite being pushed into the mud, but the one thing she couldn’t stand was for her child to suffer as well.

Therefore, from the moment Jiang Chen decided to follow, Yang Si and the Yang family were doomed to end in a falling out.

After doing all this, Jiang Chen had no regrets. The Yang family was a group of blood-sucking leeches. Letting them do as they please would only bring harm to himself. Getting rid of them early to stop the loss in time was the smart thing to do.

But seeing Yang Si’s lonely expression, he was distressed and a little annoyed at the same time. If he didn’t fan the flames when he just spoke, the Yang family might not have said so much, and his mother might not be so sad now.

When they got to the bus stop, Yang Si finally opened her mouth.

She looked up at her tall and handsome son, and suppressed the tears in her eyes: “Chen Chen, don’t listen to what your grandfather and grandmother said just now, they don’t treat you as their grandson, and you don’t have to treat them as relatives, let alone feel bad about them. It’s all Mom’s fault, bringing you here, yet letting them insult you and bully you like this…..”

Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, and after seeing the distress and self-blame in Yang Si’s eyes, he realized the reason for her sadness, and the hands on his sides also clenched into fists.

“Mom.” Jiang Chen’s fist-clenched hands relaxed, and he placed them on Yang Si’s shoulder lightly, and leaned over to look at her: “I’m not sad, so don’t blame yourself for it, I haven’t had much contact with the Yang family since I was a child, and you also know that I never liked them in the first place. Putting it in an unpleasant way, in fact, I have never regarded them as relatives. In this case, I naturally won’t feel sad because outsiders scold me a few times. I’m just angry that they don’t treat you well.”

Hearing him say this, Yang Si’s tears finally couldn’t be suppressed. She covered her mouth and sobbed out loud. She only sobbed a few times and then suppressed it again. She nodded her head repeatedly: “Mom is not sad, as long as Chen Chen is not sad then Mom will not be sad. From now on, Mom will only be sad for you and Dad, and Mom will only have you two as family, no one else!”

After she said these words, her tearful eyes shone with a clear and firm light, and the depression and sadness that had just shrouded her body were also swept away. After wiping away her tears, she even smiled and murmured: ” In fact, this is the best way to go.”

The bus stopped slowly, Yang Si wiped her tears again, got onto the bus first, and said, “Come on, let’s go home.”

Jiang Chen pursed his lips and echoed her: “Let’s go home.”

Before getting into the bus, he glanced at the direction of Yang Tianci’s gated community, and the coldness in his eyes was undisguised.

In the first life, after his Mom and the Yang family had a falling out, Yang Tianci and his family still did not trouble his family any less. Even after the death of his Mom, he even went to make a scene at his school for the insurance money, slandering him for embezzling the money his mother left to his uncle, forcing him to drop out of school. After that, when he found out that he and Huo Bo and Shen Xu started a company, he shamelessly came to recognize kinship again, pretending that nothing had happened, and forcing him to compromise out of blood relationship.

At that time, he was so annoyed that he found someone to lead Yang Tianci and Yang Shengmao, who had not graduated, to become addicted to gambling and paying for prostitutes. Within three months, Yang Tianci’s family was destroyed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In his first life, he didn’t take Yang Tianci and his family seriously, but now it seemed that the timing of Yang Tianci’s appearance and the trouble he brought was too clever and coincidental, as if someone was manipulating everything from behind the scenes.

Jiang Chen knew who that person was.

In this life, he would not only make it so that the Yang family’s ending would be even more tragic, but also make the person behind them thousands of times more tragic.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 005 The Yang Family

Quickly going through the content of “Dominating Life” in his mind, Jiang Chen looked up at the sky, his slender fingers blocking some of the sunlight, and the corners of his mouth slightly curved upwards.

The content of that book was too realistic, although it only depicted his short life from the perspective of cannon fodder that was not even a supporting role, but if everything was true, then the ups and downs and the schemes and conspiracies of the first life hidden under the undercurrent would still come his way.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

To verify that the book was genuine was very simple. The end of April was the time for the school physical examination, and everything would be clear at that time.

He really wanted to know whether He Qianjian and his system could withstand his vengeance after losing the advantage of one side in the light and the other in the dark.

Beside the flower bed, a dirty wild cat flashed by. Jiang Chen followed the sound and looked over, but only saw a tail disappearing from his sight. He put down his hand, and suddenly remembered something.

It seemed that during this time, the famous spine surgeon Shi Fengyue returned from his studies and was in the third hospital of Yan City. His surgical skills were extremely high and especially loved difficult cases. All the cases he accepted despite his peers’ disagreement succeeded one by one, and in less than a year his name became famous and well-known, provoking everyone to seek medical help from him. However, those who wanted to register with him could only rely on luck.

At this time in the first life, their family spared no effort to cure Father Jiang, never stingy with money, and all the doctors they looked for were well-known old professors and doctors, but those doctors just shook their heads when they looked at Father Jiang’s legs, and even the most expert doctors were helpless. The Jiang family could only give up hope, and from then on, the home that was originally warm, happy and full of joy became quiet and depressing little by little.

After being alone for a long time, Jiang Chen thought many times, if he went to Yan City No. 3 Hospital and found the still-unknown Professor Shi, would his father not be paralyzed and his mother would not be dragged down by the family expenses and died of a serious illness. This matter practically became an unhealable wound in his first life, so he paid special attention to the affairs of Shi Fengyue.

Jiang Chen pondered as he went upstairs, it seemed that Shi Fengyue returned to China during this time, and tomorrow he would go to the hospital to try his luck to see if he could find him.

“Chen Chen, you’re back.”

As soon as he reached the fifth floor, the security door opened in front of Jiang Chen. Yang Si was surprised when she saw him. Seemingly nervous and relieved, and a smile appeared on her face immediately.

Jiang Chen looked at Yang Si and asked, “Mom, where are you going?”

Yang Si smiled and said, “I’m going to your uncle’s place for a bit. You go eat first. After you finish eating, do your homework, and Mom will come back soon.”

Hearing the word “Uncle”, Jiang Chen’s expression became a bit cold.

After two lives, many things have been submerged over time, and there were very few things that could make him remember clearly, which were only two types, family and friendship that were hard to let go, and hatred that was hard to let go.

And the most heart-wrenching hatred came from the Yang family.

Yang Si was the third daughter of the Yang family. She had two older sisters before her and a little brother after her. The eldest sister was sold to an alcoholic widower by her parents not long after she became an adult. She was beaten to death within half a year. Her second eldest sister ran away by herself as a teenager and did not appear in decades. As the third daughter, Yang Si narrowly escaped the fate of being sent away, but all her life from childhood to adulthood revolved around her little brother.

On the other hand, Yang Si’s little brother, Jiang Chen’s uncle Yang Tianci, was raised by his grandmother’s family to become an out-and-out waste of air, and he was the one who sucked blood and gnawed on the old (TN: expression for those who leach off on one’s parents), taking his family’s care and love for granted.

Jiang Chen’s family had always been harmonious, and there were very few quarrels, but almost every quarrel was inseparable from the Yang family, to be precise, Yang Tianci.

Yang Tianci beat someone at school and had to pay compensation money, so the Yang family came to ask for it; Yang Tianci was expelled from school, so the Yang family asked Yang Si to think of a solution; Yang Tianci found a girlfriend, and the Yang family asked Yang Si to accompany and wait on the girlfriend; Yang Tianci planned to get married, and the Yang family asked Yang Si to pay for the expenses and build a house for the newlyweds; Yang Tianci had a child, and the Yang family asked Yang Si to pay child support; Yang Tianci’s child reached school age, and the Yang family asked Yang Si to send Jiang Chen to the countryside, and bring Yang Tianci’s child over to attend school in Yan City…..

The incident of going to school made Yang Si, who had always been tolerant, finally explode. She could let her brother’s parents squeeze out all her worth, but she would definitely never accept harm to her son’s interests.

Since then, the Yang family had became restrained a lot, and there had been a lot less contact between the two families, but once Yang Tianci or the Yang family needed money, they would definitely go to the Jiang family. From building a house to raising a child to buying a new place in Yan City to the present, one after another, at least several 100,000 yuan had been borrowed from the Jiang family.

This was also the reason why the Yang family was so confident in asking for money. They only “borrowed” money, not asked for it directly. Wasn’t it too cold and heartless if you don’t lend money to your siblings?

However, after Jiang Zhuo’s accident, the Yang family avoided the Jiang family like the plague. Yang Si came knocking three or four times without borrowing a penny. Not only was she humiliated, she even got a warning from her parents that she should plan to remarry as soon as possible.

According to the time, it should be this time.

Jiang Chen’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly said: “Mom, you are going to see Uncle, I will accompany you.”

Yang Si was startled and immediately refused: “You just got out of school and haven’t eaten yet, how could you go out with me hungry, and don’t you have homework yet to do? Stay home and wait for me to come back.”

Jiang Chen didn’t listen, he stuck his head inside the door, and said to Jiang Zhuo who was sitting in a wheelchair: “Dad, I’ll accompany Mom to visit Uncle’s place.”

Jiang Zhuo was also worried that his wife would be bullied when she returned to her parents’ house. Seeing that their son was going to follow along, he quickly agreed: “Take care of your mother and don’t let her be wronged.”

Father and son were in agreement, so Yang Si couldn’t refuse and could only take Jiang Chen along.

Sitting on the bus, Yang Si instructed Jiang Chen: “When you see your uncle and aunt, be polite, and then go find your cousin to play. Mom and Uncle have something to talk about.”

Jiang Chen looked at her and said bluntly, “You want to ask Uncle to borrow money, no, that’s not right, their family has borrowed so much money from our family, so you want them to pay back the money?”

“You kiddo.” Yang Si sighed, how could she not know her son’s dissatisfaction with her little brother’s family. Jiang Chen was obedient and sensible since he was a child, and anyone who saw him had to say a word of praise. Only every time he saw her little brother’s family, he would have a cold expression, and didn’t even bother to be polite, the sense of rejection evident in his attitude and speech.

How could she not know that her parents and little brother were doing something wrong, and she even thought about cutting off the relationship with her parents and little brother completely, but now that Jiang Zhuo had an accident, their family was extremely in need of money. No matter if it worked or not, she must try, even if her parents and little brother could support just a little, it would help the family’s current situation.

It was just that, she didn’t want her child to know any of this.

No matter how difficult the family was, she could bear it. These things should not be borne by a child who was not yet grown up. She hoped that he would always be happy, even if he did not need to be so sensible.

The Jiang family lived in the central area of ​​Yan City, and it took nearly two hours to take the bus to the edge of the city. By the time Jiang Chen and Yang Si arrived, it was already dark.

The Yang family was on the first floor, and the sound insulation of the community at this time was mostly poor. When Jiang Chen and Yang Si walked to the entrance of the corridor, they could hear the sound of TVs inside, mixed with the loud laughter of children.

Knock, knock——

“Who is——?”

Inside the rusty iron door, the wooden door with a faded blessing sign was opened. A woman with curly hair and corduroy pajamas stood inside. When she saw Yang Si and Jiang Chen, her expression changed, and she instantly wanted to close the door.

“Mom! Who is it!”

Before the door closed, a boy inside ran over, and when he saw the people outside the door, he raised his head and snorted, then drawled, “Isn’t this that family whose woman married a cripple and likes to collect debts?”

Yang Si’s face changed, and Jiang Chen’s eyes became cold.

The woman didn’t reprimand her son at all, she simply stood inside the iron door with her arms crossed and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Yang Si opened her mouth. If Jiang Chen wasn’t here, she might pretend that she didn’t hear what her nephew just said, and beg her little brother and sister-in-law, but now that Jiang Chen was here, she didn’t want Jiang Chen to see her begging for help. Begging people who insulted her and his father.

“I’ll close the door if there’s nothing?” As the woman spoke, she took a step back and prepared to close the door.

Jiang Chen said lightly: “Aunt, we are here to collect debts. Since you and Uncle got together, including wedding gifts, building a house, having children, moving house, etc., you owe my family a total of 250,000 yuan. Some money was not made clear as borrowed, and is a matter of etiquette and customs, so our family will consider it as siblings helping each other, but the rest that was clearly said to be borrowed total 170,000 yuan. I hope your family can pay back this money immediately.”

Every time a word popped out of Jiang Chen’s mouth, the woman’s face became uglier. When he finished speaking, her face was completely cold.

She looked at Yang Si and said, “Sister, I see that Jiang Chen is becoming more and more unruly, so why aren’t you doing something about it?”

Yang Si originally felt that Jiang Chen was disrespecting his elders by saying this, but after hearing what the woman said, she couldn’t help but get angry and said, “Jiang Chen has always been among the best in academic performance, no matter the school or the neighbors, none of them have ever said that he is not well-behaved, but I don’t know how many times I’ve heard others complain about Sheng Mao, if little brother and Sister-in-law can’t teach Sheng Mao more politeness, then let him learn more from his cousin.”

Children were always a woman’s inverse scale. She was happier when others praised her children than if they praised her instead. Similarly, if someone scolded her child, it would make her more angry than if they had scolded her instead.

“What do you mean!” The woman kicked the iron door, then turned her head and shouted loudly, “Yang Tianci, don’t you care about this at all! Your sister came to make a scene at your own house! She even dared to scold our son! This is not treating us as relatives at all!”

The man in his slippers slowly walked over, holding a braised duck neck in his hand. Seeing Yang Si and Jiang Chen outside the door, he didn’t even bother to say hello, and said to the woman, “Mom and Dad are waiting for you to eat inside, why are you arguing with them?”

The woman’s anger subsided a little when she heard the words, she glanced at the mother and son pair with a sense of superiority, sneered and pulled Yang Shengmao inside.

When she left, Yang Tianci said to Yang Si through the door: “Sister, I know what you are here for, but you should also know that your little brother, I also have a hard time. You asking me for money, isn’t that the same as asking for our family’s life. After a while, Sheng Mao will be admitted to junior high school. You know his grades. If we want to send him to a better school, we will have to pay a lot of school selection fees. I’m also troubled, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, I really can’t help you, so you better go.”

“You can pay back a few thousand first.” Yang Si was about to say borrow, but when she thought of what Jiang Chen said just now, her words changed to pay back.

That’s right, her little brother’s family borrowed so much money from her, and she never urged them to pay it back. At this time, their family’s situation was special so wasn’t it right and proper to ask him to pay back the money?

However, after hearing Yang Si’s words, Yang Tianci’s expression turned bad, and he said, “How can you say pay back the money? Do you really want me to pay you back the money you gave me before? I am your brother. I treat you as my sister, but you only treat me as a debtor?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help sneering when he heard this, it was really the shameless style of Zhu Bajie——striking with a muck-rake (TN: to make bogus accusations against one’s victim). (TN: Zhu Bajie, a character in the Journey to the West)

Jiang Chen’s sneer infuriated Yang Tianci. He had always disliked this nephew, who liked to fight for the top in everything, and he looked like his eyes grew on the top of his head, as if he could pierce the sky as long as he was talented and excellent.

“What are you laughing at?” Yang Tianci asked, pointing at Jiang Chen’s nose.

Jiang Chen was not afraid at all, hooked up his lips and said, “I’m laughing at you, you really know how to talk, you indeed really treat my mother as your sister, when you borrowed money so fiercely back then, you didn’t treat yourself as an outsider, now when it’s your turn to pay it back, you treat your sister as a debt collector. So when you called it borrowing money, it was just a pretense, the truth is that you only regard your sister as an ATM machine.”

“Little bastard!” Yang Tianci immediately opened the door, rushed out and wanted to hit Jiang Chen, he raised his hand and said, “You are f**king asking for a beating!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I want to see who dares to hit my son!”

“I want to see who dares to hit my son!”

Yang Si shouted angrily and stepped in front of Jiang Chen.

“Yang Tianci.” Yang Si looked up at her little brother, who was half a head taller than her, and stared at him and asked, “You really won’t pay me back a penny, even if I never recognize you as my brother from now on, you still won’t pay it back?”

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 004 “Dominating Life”

Over the next few days, Zhang Three Hairs didn’t bother Jiang Chen any more, but the occasional glances he casted his way during class were very sinister.

Jiang Chen only looked back at him calmly. Even though he knew that Zhang Three Hairs was obviously cooking up a bad idea, he didn’t feel much troubled. First, he understood Zhang Three Hairs’ way of doing things, and second, not only was Zhang Three Hairs plotting against him, he was also plotting against Zhang Three Hairs. In fact, if Zhang Three Hairs didn’t do anything, he actually wouldn’t be able to do anything to the other.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In addition to being vigilant about Zhang Three Hairs making trouble, Jiang Chen’s most important task now was to familiarize himself with the current study progress, and to separate in his mind what he learned in the interstellar era and what he was learning now.

In the previous life, Jiang Chen joined the Alliance Research Institute when he was less than twenty years old. After that, in addition to experimental research, he did a lot of studying. So the knowledge he accumulated in the process was extremely vast. It was no exaggeration to say that these things in his mind could completely set off a technological revolution in today’s world.

However, a knowledge system that was too large and advanced was not all good, and it even caused Jiang Chen a bit of trouble.

Before Jiang Chen returned to this body, it was exactly 100 years of the star calendar. This was the year when humans left the original galaxy to go to another galaxy and started to re-develop civilization. Before reaching the new galaxy, the development of human civilization was also far ahead of the present.

If Jiang Chen’s selected course “History of the Beginning Galaxy” was correct, the time gap between the current Earth and the galaxy where he lived in his previous life was nearly 500 years, and these 500 years do not include the time when humans migrated in the interstellar space.

In addition to the 100 years of the star calendar, nearly 600 years were enough for the leap-forward development of technology and enough to overthrow many previous theories and generate more new schools of thought. Whether it was mathematics, physics or chemistry, they were all buried, risen, and innovated in the process of time.

Fortunately, human civilization would always be the solid stone of science and technology. No matter how long time passes, the amazing achievements of our ancestors have been passed down. Fortunately, Jiang Chen paid special attention to the study of ‘ancient times’ because of being reborn so it was not difficult to adapt to returning to the classroom now.

The only issue was to change his way of thinking, such as the algorithm of a mathematical problem, the formula used at this time was not the same as the formula used in the interstellar era. The later formula was faster and more effective and Jiang Chen was already used to it. So going back to the old formula was quite a bit different and awkward.

It was like using an optical computer that was accustomed to high computing speed, and then going back to using the current bulky desktop. Although he could use it, it would still take a little time to get used to it.

During this time, Jiang Chen was trying to get used to it as soon as possible.

Fortunately, he had always been very adaptable, otherwise he would not have gotten up so quickly after the harsh blows he suffered in the first life and spent such a short time of collecting his calm after a car accident sent him to the interstellar era, nor would he have so quickly accepted reality and organized his thoughts and feelings after being reborn once again. 

After school on Saturday, Shen Xu invited Jiang Chen to play at his house.

Jiang Chen knew of Shen Xu’s good intentions, but he still refused. There was no other reason. Now he just wanted to solve the predicament at home as soon as possible and accompany his parents well.

After the death of his parents in the first life, that kind of floating rootless feeling that he no longer belonged, and that there was no place to make him feel at ease, lasted for two lives, and now that he was back, he would definitely cherish everything he had now, and would not allow anyone to destroy it.

On the way home, Jiang Chen lowered his eyes and pondered.

The book that suddenly appeared in front of him was called “Dominating Life”.

The book that suddenly appeared in front of him was called “Dominating Life”.

His memory had always been excellent. At first, he just flipped through the book at random before going to bed. Even if the cannon fodder at the beginning had the same name as him, he didn’t think much about it until he saw in the middle of the book, the cannon fodder with the same name as him died in the exact way he did. Even the dialogue between the protagonist and the system in the book was exactly the same as the dialogue he heard before his death. Only then did he take this matter more seriously.

At that time, Jiang Chen was already tired from a day’s meeting, but when he read that part, his mind was awake in an instant, and he re-read the book from beginning to end, and also memorized all the contents within.

In the book, the protagonist He Qianjian was a transmigrator. Before he transmigrated, he was unhappy because even though he was talented and capable, every time he got a chance, he would be kicked to the side in favor of those with better family background, more money and more connections than him. He hated the injustice of God, and felt that there was no good person in this world, everyone was a snob and looked down on him for being poor.

Therefore, after his death from an accident, he transmigrated into the body of an infant in a delivery room and bound by a system called the “Optimal Choice System”. He Qianjian, who was still called Zhang Dafa at the time, immediately realized that the change of destiny he had always dreamed of was right in front of him. Between the options of “ordinary biological parents” and “rich non-biological parents” given at one time, he chose the wealthy non-biological parents without hesitation.

What Zhang Dafa thought at that time was that they were not truly his biological parents anyway, so who but an idiot would not choose the rich parents.

But Zhang Dafa, no, it should be said that the male protagonist who was already named He Qianjian did not expect that the wealthy level of the rich parents in the mouth of the system turned out to be so rich, not only rich, but also of high social status.

The old Mr. He of the He family had three children in total. He Yanjun, the eldest, inherited his father’s ambition and career, the second, He Yanya, devoted herself to scientific research, and the third, He Yanfeng, devoted himself to doing business, and achieved quite the success in the business world.

The one who the system switched was He Yanfeng’s child.

He Yanfeng had been a maverick since he was a child. His brother and sister either liked to play with toy guns and sticks or liked to read and it could be said that their interests were inherited from their parents. But since elementary school, He Yanfeng liked to sell things and make money. He was active and generous, plus the support of his parents and elder siblings, his career could be said to be smooth sailing.

A person with an active mind, in that conservative era, also dated and fell in love earlier, and his relationship with Mrs. He, Yang Yun, also kicked up quite a fuss at the beginning, to the point of even cutting off relations with the He family for a time. Until He Yanfeng and Yang Yun’s first child, at the same time, the He family’s eldest grandson, was born. Only then did the relationship between the He family and He Yanfeng and his wife eased.

As the eldest son of He Yanfeng and the eldest grandson of the He family, and also the link that eased the relationship between the two sides, He Qianjian was naturally the center of attention. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was cherished in the palm of the hand since he was born.

He Qianjian was not a true child, he had the mind of an adult, and he had a “Optimal Choice System” in his hand, so he naturally knew how to be the most loved by his parents and elders.

When he was young, he was well-behaved and sensible. He was not noisy and liked to play chess with his grandfather. In school, he had the best grades, far beyond his classmates and peers, and was even given a waive of all small exams by the school, only taking final exams. After graduation, he entered He Yanfeng’s company, won several large orders for the company within half a year, and successfully won the approval of everyone. Within two years, he took over the management rights of the company from He Yanfeng and became a well-known investment genius.

His path was smooth all the way. He could be said to be the pride of his parents, the role model of his younger siblings, and the confidant of his friends. He was a complete winner in life.

It was this kind of envy inspiring life, surrounded by money and power and the flattery and support of others, which made He Qianjian feel like he was walking on cloud nine, and at the same time more and more reluctant to lose everything he had now. He would never allow himself to change back to his previous life as Zhang Dafa who anyone could step on.

As for Jiang Chen, who was switched away at birth by the system at the beginning, the real He Qianjian, eldest son and grandson of the He family, was a thorn in He Qianjian’s heart, a ticking bomb that could explode at any time. Although the system told him that no one would find out, he still slept badly every night. It reached the point that it became difficult for him to feel at ease without taking out this hidden danger.

At first, He Qianjian just sent someone to monitor Jiang Chen and relayed all Jiang Chen’s information to him.

During that time, every day he listened to his subordinates report that Jiang Chen, who was supposed to be a favored son of heaven, was forced into a depressing and embarrassing situation due to money. This was the happiest time of He Qianjian’s daily schedule, and even sometimes if Jiang Chen lived even a bit better than usual, he would send people to make some trouble for him and push him back into the swamp.

Just as He Qianjian hoped, after experiencing his father’s paralysis due to the lack of timely treatment, and suicide because he was afraid of dragging down the family, as well as his mother overburdening herself with work for medical expenses and Jiang Chen’s tuition, and finally passing away due to overwork. Jiang Chen finally couldn’t stand the twin blows of his parents death, so he gave up on his own and dropped out of school.

After that, He Qianjian felt that Jiang Chen could no longer pose any threat to him, and he was also busy with graduation, so he didn’t pay attention to Jiang Chen for a long time.

But who knew that, in less than two years, Jiang Chen started a company together with his two friends, and was lucky enough to make a bit of a name for themselves in the industry. Even He Yanfeng, when he came home, couldn’t help mentioning them, saying that the boss of the company, Shen Xu, had the style of his past self, and told He Qianjian that he could make friends with the other, predicting that that company would do well in the future.

Although he was talking about Shen Xu, He Qianjian’s mind automatically replaced it with Jiang Chen. At that moment, he even thought about what would happen if the He family knew that Jiang Chen was their biological child.

He Qianjian didn’t dare to think about that scenario. The more he thought about it, the more irritable he became. He began to find it difficult to fall asleep. When he fell asleep, he would have nightmares. Jiang Chen and his position became reversed, and the other condescendingly scolded him as a petty thief.

Those dreams tortured He Qianjian to the point his hair fell out in clumps, and he lost weight quickly. Even the He family noticed something wrong with him and ordered him to go to the hospital for an examination.

How could He Qianjian dare to go to the hospital? From childhood to adulthood, he didn’t even dare to be sick, because he was afraid of the He family discovering his secret. Even his physical examination would be postponed to the day of Jiang Chen’s physical examination every year to go to the same hospital with him so that the system could help him switch the blood drawn with Jiang Chen’s.

Now that he couldn’t find a reason for Jiang Chen to have a physical examination, how could he dare to go to the hospital at the risk of being discovered.

Under the constant panic and fear, He Qianjian decided to kill the other. With the help of the system, he arranged a flawless murder, and even out of prudence, he never came forward in person from beginning to end, but instructed a toady who had followed him since his student days to do it.

So, on a dark rainy day when there was lightning and thunder, and the car radio reminded its audience to be careful when traveling, an overloaded truck, in order to avoid a car whose brakes failed, collided with Jiang Chen, who was returning from visiting his parents’ graves.

The accident that day caused a series of car accidents, and the scene was extremely chaotic. He Qianjian’s people slipped into the chaos and took enough blood from Jiang Chen’s body for He Qianjian’s future medical examination, and then set Jiang Chen’s car on fire.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The explosion happened suddenly, but the rain quickly washed away the traces of the scene.

In the end, this tragic car accident that attracted the attention of many people sparked a discussion about whether people should drive out on a rainy day, and the person who died in the car accident, like the rainstorm that came and went quickly, failed to leave behind any trace.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 003 Friendship

“Principal!” Zhang Jian glared at Shen Xu and Jiang Chen and greeted him with a smile on his face: “Weren’t you going to go to Chenghua for a meeting this morning, why haven’t you left at this time?”

Principal Zhao Dingping held the thermos cup and looked at Jiang Chen and Shen Xu amiably. He answered him and asked, “Chenghua has changed the time, what’s going on here?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“It’s just two students in need of a lecture.” Zhang Jian smiled and said, “Their test scores are declining. They always come in late and leave early and miss class. They’re late for class again today, so I took them out to do some ideological education work.”

“Students’ ideological education is really important.” The principal nodded affirmatively, and Zhang Jian instantly smiled, but his next words had a change of attitude: “But this is the time for early self-study, and no matter how important things are, you can’t delay the children’s studies, don’t you agree?”

“Yes yes yes, the most important task for students is to study.” Zhang Jian nodded again and again, halfway through his nods, he glanced at Shen Xu and Jiang Chen, his face showing indignation and disappointment: “The main reason is that these two students have been too rebellious recently, the atmosphere in the class has become a little bad, and currently it is the second year of high school, when the learning tasks are getting heavy, and as the classroom teacher, I was just too concerned.I I will pay attention to the time in the future.”

Having said that, Zhang Jian stared at Jiang Chen and said, “Come to my office after class, you can go back now.”

At this time, it was only a few minutes before the next morning self-study. Hearing Zhang Jian say this, Shen Xu couldn’t help sneering, and the disdain on his face was undisguised.

There was a trace of coldness in Zhang Jian’s eyes, he turned to look at the principal, and sighed, “Children today, not st all like how we were back then, so grateful and diligent when we were in school, characters honest and upright, and knowing to respect teachers.”

The principal frowned, and Zhang Jian’s drooping brows perked up a lot when he saw this.

However, the words of the principal made his raised eyebrows instantly stiffen: “Teacher Zhang, I don’t agree with what you say, the times are different, so the students’ personalities are naturally different. The times are progressing, and as a teacher, you should catch up with the thoughts of the children. Put yourself in their shoes, and think about them, so that you can catch up with this era.”

After saying that, the principal didn’t look at Zhang Jian, but looked at Jiang Chen and Shen Xu kindly, and said with a smile, “If I remember correctly, this classmate is called Jiang Chen. When the first year of high school started, you were the student representative of your year speaking on the stage, and in last semester’s final examination was the first in the sciences subjects.”

Without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, Shen Xu said directly: “Principal, you remember correctly, he is Jiang Chen, but something happened to Jiang Chen’s family during these days, and he sleeps very late every day. So he couldn’t help falling asleep and only did the multiple-choice questions and the first few fill-in-the-blank questions in the ladt monthly exam, so his grades were not very good. Just now when Teacher Zhang was talking to Jiang Chen, he felt that his previous high school grades were all a result of cheating.”

The principal, who was still smiling at first, suddenly became serious when he heard Shen Xu’s words. He frowned and looked at Zhang Jian, and said, “Did you really say that?”

Zhang Jian shook his head with a look of helplessness: “I’m also unwilling to say anything. It’s really disappointing that Jiang Chen’s performance during this period of time was too lacking. As the classroom teacher, I’m too anxious, in order to brinv this child back on track, in a moment of anxiousness I…, it’s all my fault.”

The principal still criticized him: “Teacher Zhang, you are also a senior teacher. You have taught students for so many years. Some things can be said and some things must not be said. These children happen to be at the most sensitive age. A single thoughtless word from you can cause a negative impact of a lifetime. You cannot be like this as a teacher, and since you have said something wrong, apologizing to the child is the right thing to do. This is also setting an example.”

Hearing the last sentence, Zhang Jian, who was just nodding along, stiffened and said, “Principal, as the classroom teacher, if I apologize to a student who had originally done wrong things in front of so many other students, then I will not be able to easily carry out educational work in the future, so you see…..”

“Teacher Zhang is worthy of being Teacher Zhang. When educating us, you slander us in front of all the students. Not at all afraid that we will not be able to raise our heads in school in the future. After saying something wrong and you must apologize, you only know that your education work will not be easily carried out. Tsk tsk, it turns out that the phrase from the textbook, only the state officials are allowed to set fires and the common people are not allowed to light the lamps, means this. When teaching others, one must firat set an example.”

Shen Xu’s remarks were quite poisonous indeed, they were literally hanging on to Zhang Jian’s previous words, and poking it full of holes. Zhang Jian’s face went blue, white, red and purple with anger, and because the principal was here, he could only let his hands shake and not speak.

Jiang Chen had no intention of being passively scolded when Zhang Jian called them out. Except he just said a word and the principal came. The development after that was basically Zhang Jian being suppressed and reprimanded. In front of elders that inspired respect he had always been humble and polite, so he didn’t interrupt the whole time.

Hearing Shen Xu’s words at this time, in addition to feeling the warmth of being protected by his friends from the bottom of his heart and sighing that Shen Xu aleady showed a trace of his future self now, putting on a smiling face and choking people verbally so much that they couldn’t even say a thing, he also had to stand forward and smooth over the atmosphere.

Towards the issue of Zhang Jian, he would naturally have a way to deal with it in the future, but he must not let Shen Xu leave a rude and rebellious impression in front of the principal and other teachers.

“Principal, I’m sorry.” Jiang Chen took Shen Xu’s arm and smiled apologetically to the principal: “Something happened back at home during this time, it became difficult to concentrate in class, and my test scores also dropped a lot, so Teacher Zhang reminded me of this many times in class, in the office, and including the school gate and other places. I know that the teacher is doing this for my own good, but my ability to control my emotions was too poor recently. After listening to those words, I couldn’t help but feel dislike towards studying. Shen Xu was worried that something would happen to me so in order to accompany me he had been by my side the whole time. It’s all my fault that he missed class these days, he was even waiting downstairs at my house this morning, just to console me, I actually originally planned on skipping class today…..”

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen’s slightly pursed lips twisted with a little guilt and remorse: “When Teacher Zhang reprimanded me just now, Shen Xu might have been worried that I would be affected emotionally again, after all, the bad results in the recent exam really gave me a big blow. He was probably afraid that I would be tired of studying and begin skipping classes again, so he was impulsive when he spoke, and he didn’t think before he spoke, but he didn’t mean to offend Teacher Zhang.”

After Jiang Chen finished speaking, the principal, who had a hint of disapproval on his face, immediately softened his expression towards Shen Xu, but looked at Zhang Jian and couldn’t help but reveal a hint of strangeness.

Both “spoke without thinking out of anxiousness.” If there was no Jiang Chen’s explanation just now, then although Zhang Jian said that to excuse himself, it wouldn’t make people feel like he had gone overboard. After all, as a teacher, he was not wrong to be worried about the students, so even if his method was temporarily the wrong way, the starting point was at least a good one.

However, there was Shen Xu, who in Jiang Chen’s words was worried about his friend, and sacrificed his study time for his friend, as if he was frightened and wary of any words that might hurt his friend.

In the same scenario, one was a senior teacher who was over forty years old, and the other was a student who was still underage. One could tell at first sight who was sincere or false and who was higher or lower. An adolescent student speaking out rudely for their friends could be excused as a result of being too young and emotional. But you, as a teacher in your forties who could be their father, speak so rashly and without thought. Could it be that you are as ignorant as a teenage boy?

Towards Jiang Chen’s words, putting aside how the principal felt when he heard it, Zhang Jian definitely hated him viciously after hearing it.

He was now at a sensitive time for the selection of high level teachers. Although there was the vice-principal to help him, the principal’s attitude was also very important. If today’s events made the principal have a problematic impression of him, it would be extremely unfavorable for his professional career.

As early as when he was talking to Jiang Chen about Huo Bo, Zhang Jian knew that this seemingly sensible student was not as simple as he seemed, but he didn’t expect that not only was he not simple, but he was ruthless and precise when he spoke. Poking his weakness with just a few words.

“Principal, I…..” Zhang Jian subconsciously wanted to say something to restore his image, but when he opened his mouth, the next words only became stuck in his throat.

What could he say now?

Explaining would only make it worse and worse. If he didn’t explain, he could only carry the black pot of not being as sensible as a student despite his age.

Zhang Jian grinded his back molars, indeed it was true that a dog that really bites doesn’t bark.

Zhang Jian grinded his back molars, indeed it was true that a dog that really bites doesn’t bark.

“Teacher Zhang.” The principal shook his head in disappointment, just when the end of class bell rang, he turned around with a thermos cup in his hand, “Come with me to the office.”

Zhang Jian bowed his head and followed behind the principal, and just when he took two steps, he heard a seemingly mild, but definitely sarcastic voice behind him: “Teacher Zhang, Shen Xu and I are late for English self-study, so Teacher Yang asked us to go to the class representative to hear the dicatation of the new vocabulary, so can we come to your office after the first class ends?”

“As you were late for Teacher Yang’s morning self-study, just follow Teacher Yang’s way of handling it.” Zhang Jian gritted his teeth and said, “No need to come to me after class, just don’t be late and leave early in the future.”

“I have been very unsensible during this period of time, but I won’t anymore in the future.” Jiang Chen pursed his lips and smiled, looking fair-skinned and well-behaved: “Principal please walk slowly, Teacher Zhang please walk slowly.”

“Good good.” The principal turned around and nodded to him, smiling: “Good child, go in and study.”

When Zhang Jian and the principal left, Shen Xu jumped up excitedly, jumped on Jiang Chen, and said, “F**k! That wad so f**king satisfying! Seeing Zhang Three Hairs, that grandson with his tail between his legs, I could eat three big bowls of rice at noon today!”

“Get off.” Jiang Chen glanced at him coldly, and seeing that he was standing at attention once again he said: “I’ve talked about it before, no matter how cheap Zhang Jian is, he is still your classroom teacher. Is there a lack of times for him to make things difficult for you? If you want to say something, just change the way you say it, don’t get yourself into trouble.”

“I thought you were going to say that I shouldn’t interrupt again.” Shen Xu breathed a sigh of relief, grinning and throwing an arm over his shoulders: “Wow, Jiangzi, the little old-fashioned stick in the mud is no longer old-fashioned, I haven’t seen you for a night, yet you now even know how to secretly mess with people.”

Jiang Chen was slightly stunned when he heard the words. The seventeen-year-old in his first life had been separated from his current self by two lives. Even if he still retained many memories, it was difficult for him to restore his real seventeen-year-old self. He couldn’t even remember what his seventeen-year-old self was like.

“But I still prefer you like this now.” Shen Xu put away his smile and said to him: “You, ai, you were overprotected by Uncle and Auntie too well before, thinking that all the teachers in this world are all good teachers. That everyone in the world could correct their mistakes when they hear good advice, but look at Zhang Jian, has he changed? If you say he was wrong, he would only get angry and make trouble for you, resenting you for exposing his mask, deliberately trying to get revenge on you, this kind of person is not worthy of respect. Only by fiercely trampling him under yout feet will he know that you can’t be messed with.”

Shen Xu paused, and Jiang Chen’s figure was reflected in his clear eyes: “Brother Jiang, it’s not just you who will stand forward when you see your friend being wronged, Huo Bo and I are also the same, don’t suppress yourself when you have troubles, even if we can’t help, we will definitely stand by your side. If you’re my brother, then don’t bear everything by yourself.”

Under this firm and sincere gaze, Jiang Chen’s sense of unreality from returning to this body after two lifetimes settled down and stabilized.

So what if the research that he devoted all his energy to in the previous life disappeared. Since he could participate in the research once as the main research scientist, he could preside over it a second time again. Even if the current science and technology could not support his research now, he was convinced that his ability could lead the current information technology on a leap of development, and then come out on top in the field of intelligent holography.

His career could continue in any world, but friends and relatives only exist here, and those long-term regrets that have long been forgotten could only be made up in this world and start over again.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen couldn’t help chuckling lowly, he stretched out his hand to make a fist, and Shen Xu immediately raised his hand and bumped their fists together.

The winter sun gently caressed the young men’s handsome faces, the clear slightly curved eyes, the white and neat teeth, and the two hands touching each other just happened to be the best example of friendship.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 002 Inexplicable Enmity & New Attitude

As soon as he walked out of the corridor, Jiang Chen saw a boy squatting beside the flower bed.

The boy had a baby face, and was pulling his hair with a conflicted face and was also muttering something under his breath. He raised his head abruptly when he heard the sound of footsteps. After seeing Jiang Chen, he was obviously relieved. He got up and walked up to him, smacked his chest and said, “I thought you aren’t going to go to school today again, and I even thought about where to take you to relax.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen looked at the boy who was half a head shorter than him, with round eyes that were round, looking quite like a junior high school student, and hesitated for a moment.

However, the long-standing and familiar tone made him quickly connect the little shorty who was about 1.6 meters in front of him with the tall, handsome and smiling man in his memory. One of his good friends, Shen Xu.

“Weren’t you just thinking about how to persuade me to go to school?” Jiang Chen smiled almost subconsciously without any feeling of unfamiliarity, “Relax on the playground?”

After he finished speaking, Jiang Chen was even stunned for a moment, and then he remembered that no matter how old he was, it was still always him, so he didn’t feel strange anymore.

Shen Xu wasn’t annoyed at all at being seen through, he said with a grin, “That’s also fine, us brothers can call the basketball team over to play a few games, after sweating it off you’ll definitely be relaxed.”

“Let’s go.” Jiang Chen glanced at his watch, then turned around and said, “I was in a bad mood some time ago, but now that I have recovered, I still feel that studying is more suitable for me.”

Shen Xu was stunned for a moment, and after a while he smiled happily: “As expected of my brother Jiang, able to recover quickly, seriously, with your grades, if you don’t study well it will definitely be a loss to the school and the country. When we wrote essays in elementary school, didn’t you say that you l want to be a scientist? Of us brothers, you are the best at studying. Back then, old Peng said that you would definitely be promising in the future. You are a potential seedling of Hua/Yan (TN: top two universities in China), and you are suitable for scientific research in the future. If you give up, how will we be able to brag about having a scientist for a brother.” He elbowed Jiang Chen’s arm and said with a grin, “In order for us brothers to be able to brag in the future, you have to pass the Yan Uni/Hua Uni entrance exam, right?”

The teenager’s worries were hidden in his laughter, sincerely maintaining the dignity of his good friend in his own way.

The teenager’s worries were hidden in his laughter, sincerely maintaining the dignity of his good friend in his own way.

Jiang Chen smiled, hooked an arm around his neck and said, “That’s right.”

Seeing that he had swept away the gloomy expression from before, Shen Xu completely relaxed, slapped his hand away, and said, “Don’t use your Papa as a crutch. Zhang Three Hairs will definitely make trouble for you later, at that time just pretend he farted and ignore him, just wait for the next month’s test results to come out, and shut his mouth with the report card.”

Zhang Jian, a chemistry teacher of year 2 class 1 of Nan City No. 1 Middle School, was also their classroom teacher. Because he always liked to pull the hair on both sides to the middle after balding, leaving three distinct strands of hair, he was given a nickname by his classmates. Zhang Three Hair.

The most notable feature of Teacher Zhang was that those who obey him will prosper and those who disobey him will perish. In his classroom, all students could only obey his instructions, and any student who violated his instructions would be pricked on and punished by him.

In fact, when he was just divided into classes in the second year of high school, Zhang Three Hairs quite liked Jiang Chen very much. Jiang Chen was good-looking, had good grades and while he did not speak much he was quite sensible. He had always been the model student in his teachers’ eyes. Most importantly, his grades in the sciences were excellent, and particularly in the subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry he was firmly ranked first since entering high school, and there had never been a defeat.

However, Jiang Chen had a friend from class 11 who had extremely poor grades and poor family conditions, Huo Bo.

As the high school tyrant, Huo Bo had always been a headache for teachers. Among them, Teacher Zhang, who was Huo Bo’s chemistry teacher, disliked him the most. When the first year of high school just began, he actually scolded him as the dregs of society and that he would definitely go to prison in the future.

He was then beaten with a sack covering his head a few days after he said that. Zhang Three Hairs felt that it was Huo Bo taking an opportunity to retaliate, but because he had no evidence, he could only swallow his loss and regard Huo Bo as a thorn in the flesh.

Therefore, when he knew that Jiang Chen, a good student in his mind, was friends with Huo Bo, he directly called Jiang Chen to the office, counted Huo Bo’s bad deeds in front of him, and then from his own perspective criticized Huo Bo as completely worthless, and was nearly even unable to hold back countless swear words, but even so it was still really not much better than swearing. Finally, he bluntly said that if Jiang Chen didn’t end his friendship with Huo Bo immediately, he would definitely not have a good ending in the future.

After Teacher Zhang finished speaking, he thought that the good student in his mind would be completely awakened by his words, and then he would draw a clear line with Huo Bo from now on.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen was not moved at all after hearing this, but instead said: “Teacher Zhang, Huo Bo is my friend, I think he is loyal and faithful as a friend, and worthy of association, so I can’t agree to your request, and, as a teacher, to criticize a student with such intense personal emotions is really not what a gentleman does.”

Since then, Jiang Chen had become Zhang Three Hairs’ second thorn in the side after Huo Bo.

It was just that Jiang Chen’s grades have always been excellent. He was firmly in the top three in the grade, which was a treasure in the hearts of other classroom teachers. Even if Zhang Three Hairs tried to make things difficult for him, he couldn’t find any excuses, so he could only change seats and put him next to the trash can, small things like that to find an outlet.

It wasn’t until something happened with Jiang Chen’s family, and he often became absent-minded in class, and even his grades plummeting, that Zhang Three Hairs finally found his sore foot, and stepped on it so hard that it was as if he was dealing with the enemy who killed his father, for fear of not stepping him to death and giving him chance to rise again.

This time’s monthly exam, Zhang Three Hairs had been mocking him directly and indirectly for nearly a week. Not only did he talk about it in class, he also called him to the office to talk about it, and even once when Jiang Chen was late because he was taking care of his father, he actually stood at the school gate and in front of all teachers and students, even used his injured and disabled father to mock him.

Jiang Chen was originally in a low mood because of things back at home, and was particularly vulnerable. So in addition to this incident, it made him develop a dislike for school. He had skipped chemistry class for two days, and even stayed in the Internet cafe yesterday all day.

On the way to the school, Jiang Chen pulled out all the memories about this Teacher Zhang from Shen Xu’s words and from his own memories. By the time he got to the school gate, he already had a final settlement in his heart and was very calm.

A person like Zhang Three Hairs, to put it bluntly, was just a villain who bullied the weak and feared the strong. He had no sense of existence in society outside the school, so he needed to find a sense of achievement and the pleasure of controlling everything from the students. It happened that he had the naturally privileged status of a teacher, so even if he went overboard, he could always use the excuse of respecting teachers and educating students, which was disgusting but not something students could do anything about.

However, Jiang Chen’s core was no longer that of the seventeen-year-old boy of the first life. He would no longer impulsively use the way of hurting himself to avoid or get revenge on others, and he would not be like a real high school student, being truly in awe of all teachers and afraid of the influence and pressure of teachers.

There were all kinds of people in the world. In every industry, there were people with good or bad morals. So just strip away the halo brought by the profession itself, and face them with a calm and just attitude. One does not attack unless one is attacked, after living two lifetimes Jiang Chen really had nothing to fear.

When Jiang Chen and Shen Xu arrived in the classroom, it was already halfway through morning self-study.

Today’s morning was English self-study. The English teacher was sitting by the podium and dictating the vocabulary. The students below were silently writing.

“You guys are late.” Seeing them, the English teacher stopped, but there was no reproach on her young face. She took a closer look at Jiang Chen’s state and saw that he seemed to be in a lot more energy, so she smiled and said: “Go in quickly. Sit down and go to the class representative after class to listen to a re-dictation of the vocabulary.”

Jiang Chen pursed his lips and smiled before walking into the classroom.

Shen Xu saluted with a smile: “Yes! Madam!”

“Get inside!” Teacher Yang mock glared at him.

After Jiang Chen and Shen Xu were seated, Teacher Yang continued to dictate the words, but before even two words were finished being dictated, the door was knocked on, and Zhang Jian with neatly combed hair on the top of his head appeared.

He first looked around the classroom, and when he saw Jiang Chen and Shen Xu in the classroom, his expression darkened, he pointed to the last row by the window and said, “Jiang Chen and Shen Xu, stand up!”

Jiang Chen put down his pen and stood up, Shen Xu snorted and stood up sloppily.

Zhang Jian said sinisterly: “You still know that you are students, is this school a place where you can come if you want to and skip class if you don’t want to? Get out here! If you don’t want to go to class, then don’t!”

Teacher Yang frowned on the side and said, “Teacher Zhang, it’s still early self-study, whatever you want to say, wait until after class.”

“They don’t want to go to class, so what waiting for after class!” Zhang Jian snorted coldly: “Them sitting here are like two mouse droppings ruining a pot of porridge, so why not come out early so that other students won’t be influenced badly.”


“Teacher Yang, I know that you are a soft-hearted female teacher, but being soft-hearted also depends on who it should be directed to. For people like Jiang Chen and Shen Xu, even if they are taught they are still unable to learn well, they are already rotten at the root. You being so blindly kind will hurt other classmates.” Zhang Jian shook his head as he spoke, his tone very serious.

Teacher Yang’s face was a little displeased, but Zhang Jian was a senior teacher, amd was usually a difficult person, and she also heard that there were some connections behind him as well. She was a new teacher who had not worked in the school for a full two years, so she really had no confidence to stand up against him.

“What are you still doing standing there!” Zhang Jian saw that Teacher Yang didn’t speak, and scolded: “Come out!”

Jiang Chen and Shen Xu looked at each other, pushed aside the stool and walked out the back door.

Zhang Jian stood in the corridor, looking at the two people who came out obediently, the gloating in his eyes barely suppressed, and he raised his voice and scolded: “Look at yourselves, are you still even like students! How are you like students! Arriving late and leaving early, skipping class, what else have you guys not done before? One placing below the 100th spot in the monthly exam, one directly below the 500th spot, aren’t you ashamed! If I were you, I would be too ashamed to see anyone!”

Shen Xu rolled his eyes and said nothing.

Jiang Chen said indifferently: “Teacher Zhang, it’s early self-study now. Your loud voice will affect other students’ learning.”

Zhang Jian, who had already raised his hand to point at Shen Xu, but after hearing Jiang Chen’s words, he directly raised his hand to point at the tip of Jiang Chen’s nose, and said with a blue face, “You also know that its bad to affect other students’ learning, it’s because our experimental class has you two mouse droppings that other students are affected! Placing below 100 in the grade yet you dare to talk like this! So arrogant that you don’t look like a student! If you ask me, at most you are at this level, and your previous grades were all probably a result of cheating!”

As soon as Zhang Jian’s words fell, not only Shen Xu next to him couldn’t listen anymore, but Teacher Yang and the other students in class 1 couldn’t listen anymore as well.

Jiang Chen had always been at the top of his grade. Occasionally he slipped to the third place because he missed two big questions at the end. But at other times, he was able to exceed the second place in the grade by a large margin. No one was qualified to let him cheat in order to get grades like his. In fact, if put unpleasantly, if an open book was put in front of some students to take an open-book test, they might not even get better grades than Jiang Chen.

When Zhang Jian said that Jiang Chen cheated, not only was he slandering Jiang Chen, but also insulting other classmates.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen who left them all in the dust was a cheater, then what were the other students who took open book tests yet didn’t dare to expect to compete with Jiang Chen for the first place?

Just as the classmates were thinking so, an old man with half-graying hair in a gray padded jacket and carrying a thermos cup came over from the other end of the corridor and asked with a smile, “What is all this?”

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 001 Reborn Back In High School

“Beep beep——”

The alarm clock trembled on the bedside table. The dark-haired and white-skinned teenager hugged the dark blue quilt, with most of his body exposed to the air, his white T-shirt turned up, and his flexible and fair back visible.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This extremely irritating noise made the young man frown, but he didn’t open his eyes. Instead, he buried his head in the pillow and said in a hoarse voice, “Chang Jiang, turn off the indoor voice control system and decline all visitors.”

When the words fell, the alarm clock stopped, the frown buried in the pillow loosened, and he was about to fall back asleep again.

However, within a second, the sound of “beep beep beep beep” sounded again, even with the obstruction of the pillow, it did not weaken its power even half, and the boy on the bed was shaken awake, sitting up instantly.

“Chang Jiang, I said to refuse all visits…..”

Jiang Chen’s half-open eyes blinked, his face froze for a moment, and then his brows furrowed.

“Liao Zhe?” He looked around and said with a cold face, “Don’t be joking with me again, I won’t change my mind, the holographic vision is useless towards me, withdraw it.”

“Beep beep beep——”

“Liao Zhe?”

Jiang Chen tightened his grip on the quilt, then raised his hand subconsciously, wanting to call the guards through his optical correlator, but when he looked down, it was only to see a fair and slender wrist, and the rolled up long sleeves even had a piece of thread hanging out limply on his wrist.

——This wasn’t his hand, and the classified military optical correlator he wore on his wrist was gone.

It was the newly developed optical correlator of the Alliance. Except for the special forces and the high-level personnel of the Imperial First Research Institute, no one knows the existence and power of this optical correlator. The wearer of this optical correlator would implant a piece of chip connected to the optical correlator. If the optical correlator left the wrist, it would automatically explode and bounce a protective film for the owner that could block even S1-type mecha.

If this was just a prank, it was absolutely impossible to separate his optical correlator from him. Jiang Chen, as one of the main developers of this optical correlator, was very confident about this.

Because of this, his face really sank.

Jiang Chen cautiously looked around the surrounding environment again, and in the flash of lightning, he finally found the reason for the strange familiar feeling after opening his eyes.

Here…..was very similar to the place where he lived in his first life before his third year of high school.

Here…..was very similar to the place where he lived in his first life before his third year of high school.

However, how was this possible? No one in the empire knew the furnishings of the room that he had vague memories of, and it was even more impossible to achieve such a realistic appearance. For example, the green plant beside the window was an existence that had never been recorded in the Imperial Plant Encyclopedia, nor did it exist in objective reality, even if it was thought projection. After two lifetimes, he would not remember an ordinary potted plant down to the minute detail.

While Jiang Chen was thinking, there was a knock on the door.

“Chen Chen.” The gentle female voice was similar to this room, both familiar and unfamiliar: “The alarm clock has rang many times, and if you don’t get up, you will be late.”

No response was heard, the alarm clock in the room continued to be noisy, and the knocking on the door gradually became anxious.

“Chen Chen?” The woman’s voice rose: “Chen Chen, have you got up? Mommy is coming in!”

With that said, the doorknob turned, and the wooden door was gently pushed open.

Jiang Chen’s brain had just been running fast, and he had already obtained a guess from the actual situation in front of him, but this guess was so unbelievable that he had not yet recovered from his emotions, when he looked up to see his first life’s mother. That beautiful but haggard face.

Or he should not say mother, but foster mother.

Recalling the novel and the contents of the novel that suddenly appeared in his room after attending the first session of the joint meeting, as well as the strange dialogue he heard inexplicably when he died in his first life, Jiang Chen couldn’t care about anything anymore. He urgently needed to determine whether his guess just now was correct or not.

Seeing her son get up and go straight to the bathroom in such a hurry. The worries that Yang Si had developed were instantly put down, and she shook her head amusedly: “You are still procrastinating in bed despite being this big.”

In the bathroom, Jiang Chen looked at the very familiar face in the mirror in astonishment. Professor Jiang, who was said that every minute and every second he thought could change the world, got the answer he expected, but his mind went blank.

In the end what happened?

Jiang Chen turned on the faucet, and the sound outside the door seemed to pass through to his ears in a trance like separated by a layer. The sound of rushing water was regular and encompassing, isolating other sounds, allowing him to gradually calm down, and began to search for a reason.

When he just woke up, he heard the shrill alarm sound and saw that everything had become retro, and only thought it was another one of Liao Zhe’s jokes.

His house was equipped with the highest level of intelligent protection. Only Liao Zhe, who had his iris recorded and a built-in secret key entered into his optical correlator, could enter his house, and Liao Zhe also happened to be the leading researcher of holographic vision, so his guess at that time was reasonable. It was more in line with Liao Zhe’s often mischievous personality, but everything now proved that holographic vision couldn’t be so realistic.

The joint meeting a few days ago was about the authority setting of the new generation of artificial intelligence. At the end of the meeting, there was a disagreement about whether to set an emotional index for artificial intelligence. The factions supporting and against artificial intelligence being given the ability to judge human behavior argued fiercely, each with their own reasons. And although Jiang Chen had decision-making power in this, he had always been part of the neutral faction and did not offend anyone.

Even if someone wanted him to change his position, their plan should be based on enticement, and angering him would do no good to those people, so there was no possibility of a factional conflict that accidentally hurt and killed him, causing him to return to his first life.

Then, it was the book that appeared so bizarrely in his bedroom.

The situation in front of him was too strange, but for Jiang Chen, it seemed that it was not so difficult to accept.

Jiang Chen still remembered the shock and anxiety he felt when he was reborn in the 75th year of the star calendar, a little radish head who was less than three years old and had no parents.

At the beginning, he would still recall all kinds of details from his past life, think about the strange dialogues he heard before dying, and worry about how his parents would accept the reality after his death, but that world had too much knowledge and information that he needed and wanted to learn. Therefore, after a brief period of caution and panic, he quickly accepted his new identity and realized his dream step by step.

It was a brand new era, but the best era for him.

Just when he was completely integrated into the new world, and as one of the leading researchers of artificial intelligence, he was about to set off an artificial intelligence revolution that was about to change the world and change the lives of all human beings. God pulled a prank on him and made him come back to his first life.

Jiang Chen twitched the corners of his mouth and found that he couldn’t smile at all.

He stared expressionlessly at the mirror, his nameless anger slamming against his chest for a while, eventually taking a deep breath. He had to accept the reality.

“Chen Chen?”

There was a knock on the bathroom door, and the tone of the knocker was worried and urgent.

Jiang Chen pursed his lips and relaxed his tense body.

At least this was not completely without any advantages.

He looked at the frosted door of the bathroom with a complex gaze, and when he thought of the contents of the book, his gaze became firmer.

Since he returned to this world again and was reborn during his high school years, it should be destined that he should verify whether the novel called “Dominating Life” was true, and allow him to investigate whether the car accident that killed him when he was 25 years old, was accidental or man-made.

More importantly, those things in the first life have not happened yet, and he still had time to stop all the tragedies regarding his parents, so that the family would no longer be displaced and return to its original warmth and happiness.

There was only the sound of rushing water in the bathroom, and Yang Si became worried. She raised her hand and knocked on the door again: “Chen Chen, have you finished brushing your teeth? Breakfast is ready.”

“I know.” Jiang Chen opened the door and saw a worried woman who was a head shorter than him, and his eyes gradually warmed: “Mom, go eat first, I’ll be down soon.”

“Okay.” Seeing his calm expression, Yang Si breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “Mom made you your favorite beef patty. After you brush your teeth, it will have almost cooled, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.”

The long-forgotten name of the dish made Jiang Chen dazed for a moment, and then a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “Thank you, Mom.”

After washing up, the beef patties on the table were indeed the most suitable time to eat. He sat down opposite Yang Si, took a sip of milk, put it down and asked, “Where’s Dad?”

“Your dad…..” The smile on Yang Si’s face faded, and she said softly: “Dad still can’t accept that he is no longer Chen Chen’s superman, he is a little shy and a little sad, so he doesn’t want to appear in front of us for the time being. Can you forgive your dad for ignoring you during this period?”

Jiang Chen pursed his lips and said helplessly: “Mom, I’m no longer a child, don’t coax me like that.”

The smile on Yang Si’s face deepened, but after a moment, it dimmed again, and said: “Even if you are all grown up, you will still be your parents’ precious son. Chen Chen does not need to worry, no matter what happens at home, your parents will protect you. You don’t have to worry about the economic situation of our family, there is only one thing you have to do, and that is to go to school and study well, you know?”

Looking at the gentle smiling face on the opposite side, Jiang Chen suddenly remembered that at this time in his first life, his mother also said something like this, but how could he turn a blind eye to his high-spirited parents gradually becoming haggard, not to mention what happened at home later made him unable to concentrate in class at all.

“Mom.” Jiang Chen put down his chopsticks and said calmly but seriously: “I’m seventeen, and I’ll be eighteen soon, I should bear everything regarding the family with you, you can’t treat me like a child anymore.”

Without waiting for Yang Si to speak, Jiang Chen continued: “And I am very willing to share in all the worries with you and Dad, we are a family, aren’t we?”

“You’re right.”

It was not Yang Si who spoke, but Jiang Zhuo, who had been out of sight the whole time.

He manipulated the wheelchair to come to the dining table. The tall man had a haggard face, but his smile was very gentle. He smiled and said, “It’s Dad’s fault. I’ve been immersed in my emotions all this time, and did not think about Mom and you. Dad apologizes to you both.”


Jiang Chen got up, but he choked up a little when he spoke. During the twenty-odd years in the interstellar world, he had been very calm and rarely had any mood swings, but at this time, he did not know that this seventeen-year-old body was so easily emotional. The excitement of seeing his father again after a lapse of two lives suddenly rushed over him, making his eyes redden unconsciously.

“It’s beef patties.” Jiang Zhuo stopped at the dining table and said with a smile: “Our family has not had such a good breakfast for a long time. Now that we have eaten this meal together, all the bad things that happened before are over. From now on, our family of three will start afresh, okay?”

Jiang Chen and Yang Si looked at each other and said yes at the same time.

When the warm but brief breakfast was finished, Jiang Chen almost missed the time to go to school.

“Go quickly.” Yang Si straightened the neckline of the school uniform for Jiang Chen, and said with a smile, “Have fun at school.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen looked at his parents who were seeing him out at the door, their eyes unable to hide their worries. Following the memory of what he was like before his father’s accident when he was seventeen, he made his eyes smile and grinned showing white teeth, saying: “Don’t worry, later Mom and Dad.”

Under the lessening worry of the two, Jiang Chen closed the door, stood expressionlessly for a while, and then made his way down the stairs.

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