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Source of Calamity CH 018 Ungrateful

The city was brightly lit at night. Looking down from the building, one could see the bustling people below. The shopping malls were particularly lively, and young couples could be seen laughing and eating snacks.

Mama Zhang poured Qin Xing a cup of black tea.

Qin Xing sat on the sofa and looked at the apartment that Shen Zhen had just moved into.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It did not look lived-in nor did it appear full of life.

Just like Shen Zhen.

Qin Xing’s sitting posture was very casual, as if this was his home. Shen Zhen also suddenly found that he had never seen Qin Xing’s nervous or restrained appearance. He was always like this, as if everything was in his control.

“Uncle.” Shen Zhen sat obediently to the side, he had never been so obedient and docile before.

Qin Xing’s fingers twitched, but he still didn’t extend his hand. He just looked at Shen Zhen with a smile, knowing that the time was not yet right: “Why didn’t Xiao Zhen buy a villa?”

Shen Zhen explained it very seriously: “It’s too far from the company, and it’s just me and Mama Zhang, so I don’t need too big of a house.”

The villa areas were generally in the suburbs, and he had lived in the Qin manor for so many years, but he had not felt much benefits in living in a big house. Rather, he felt that a big house was too empty and quiet. The sound insulation of the windows was very good so once the windows were closed, it seemed that he was the only person in the whole world.

“Ah Yue wants to come back.” Qin Xing suddenly changed the subject, he looked at Shen Zhen, his eyes were slightly curved in a half-smile.

Shen Zhen paused, he had not thought of Qin Yue for several days.

“Really?” Shen Zhen’s movements and expressions were very natural, “Uncle let him go to T City so that he can have some training, and T City is also a new first-tier city, and Eldest Brother should become familiar with the business there.”

Qin Xing seemed very satisfied with this answer, and the corners of his mouth curled upwards slightly: “Does Xiao Zhen want to go to T City?”

“I don’t want to go.” Shen Zhen blurted out almost in the next second, without thinking at all. He also noticed this, and explained, “Eldest Brother and I can’t do things together, we have a bit of conflict.”

Qin Xing didn’t ask any further. It was not good to ask too much about the matters among juniors. He picked up the teacup and took a sip.

“Xiao Zhen, do you want to study at Uncle’s side?”

Shen Zhen couldn’t deny that he was excited for a moment. With Qin Xing as a teacher, this was a benefit that many people couldn’t ask for.

But he still shook his head and said, “Uncle, do you know something?”

Qin Xing suddenly reached out and ruffled Shen Zhen’s hair, with deep, undisguised indulgence in his tone: “Uncle always cares about Xiao Zhen’s affairs the most. Since you are unhappy working at the lower levels, then come to Uncle’s side.”

“At Uncle’s side, Xiao Zhen can do whatever you want.”

Shen Zhen swallowed his saliva, his heart pounding in his chest. He looked into Qin Xing’s eyes; Qin Xing’s eyes were full of smiles and doting, but no joking intentions at all.

“I also want to study by Uncle’s side, but…..if I run to Uncle just because I encounter a little difficulty, what will I do in the future? It’s not like Uncle can…..” take care of him for the rest of his life.

One day, the Qin family would be Qin Yue’s Qin family, then it would be too late if he wanted to stand up again.

And he still didn’t know why Qin Xing treated him differently. After all, in the original book, Qin Xing was just a mysterious symbol, and he was more like a background character.

In the book, after his death, he went abroad and left all domestic business to Qin Yue.

If there was something in him that made Qin Xing treat him differently, why didn’t he have it in his previous life? The book hadn’t written this?

Shen Zhen felt that there must be something he didn’t know.

Maybe he missed it, maybe he forgot, but something must have happened.

Qin Xing suddenly said, “It’s not like what?”

Shen Zhen pursed his lips and suddenly changed the subject: “Uncle, it’s ten o’clock now.”

It was ten o’clock at night.

In Shen Zhen’s memory, Qin Xing’s work and rest time was very fixed. He woke up at six o’clock in the morning and went to bed at eleven o’clock in the evening. It couldn’t be a second earlier or a second later. Now it was ten o’clock, and if Qin Xing went back by car now, plus the time it took to wash up, he would definitely not be in time to sleep at eleven o’clock.

However, Qin Xing had a habit of cleanliness. Even if he went out to stay in a hotel, an assistant would go there ahead of time to disinfect all the appliances——even if the hotel had already done so.

So Shen Zhen wouldn’t say anything about letting Qin Xing stay overnight.

Anyway, Qin Xing would not agree.

Sure enough, Qin Xing stood up.

“I’m going back.” Qin Xing pinched Shen Zhen’s face and reminded, “Eat more even while outside, you have lost weight.”

“Xiao Zhen, no matter what you wanted to say before, the answer will always be negative. So long as Uncle wants to, there is nothing Uncle can’t do.”

After Qin Xing left, Shen Zhen walked to the mirror and tilted his head to look at several angles, but he didn’t notice that he was getting thinner.

“Mama Zhang, have I lost weight?” Shen Zhen asked Mama Zhang.

Mama Zhang also stepped forward to look at him, and said firmly: “You have not lost weight at all, you just don’t have much flesh on your face.”

Mama Zhang asked nervously, “What’s the matter? Have you lost your appetite these days?”

Shen Zhen quickly explained: “No, it’s Uncle who thinks I’ve lost weight.”

Mama Zhang understood and said with a smile, “All elders are like this. They feel that the child has become thin after not seeing them for a few days. This is doting on you!”

Shen Zhen thought about it and felt that this might be the case.

Mama Zhang was getting older, and her sleep time was getting shorter and shorter. When there was nothing to do in the evening she would just turn on the TV and knit wool. She couldn’t remain idle and had been busy for most of her life. Even if Shen Zhen asked her to take a good rest now, she couldn’t do it.

When Shen Zhen was about to go to the bathroom to take a shower, the video intercom at the door rang. It was a video invitation from the security room.

Shen Zhen wore a bathrobe and walked over to accept it.

The security guard was in uniform and had a good attitude. He said respectfully, “Mr. Shen, a Mr. Su said he wanted to see you.”

In Shen Zhen’s memory, the only person with the surname Su who was related to him was Su Shiqing, so Shen Zhen responded: “No.”

Security guard: “Mr. Su said he has something important to tell you.”

Shen Zhen: “I said no.”

Security: “But Mr. Su…..”

Shen Zhen closed the video intercom.

Su Shiqing had this ability. No matter where he was or who he met, the other party would sympathize with him, pity him, and then help him.

This was probably an innate talent that ordinary people could not imitate even if they tried.

However, now Shen Zhen had lost interest in Su Shiqing.

He made a different choice from his previous life at an important turning point in his life, and following events would no longer go according to what was written in the book.

His future was now in his own hands.

Qin Yue was worth spending his energy, but Su Shiqing had lost his original value.

Without Qin Yue to protect him, without Qin Xin’s fondness, and even without having taken the surname of the Shen family, he was sent back to the Su family by the Qin family. Su Shiqing was worthless now.

Shen Zhen yawned, went to the bathroom to take a shower, and then went to sleep.

He didn’t think about anything. He had drank a glass of red wine before going to bed so he had no dreams all night, and slept very soundly.

The next morning, it was still dark when Shen Zhen got up from the warm bed. Mama Zhang was already up, and breakfast was placed on the table. The breakfast was not rich and plentiful, but very healthy: a bowl of white porridge, a plate of side dishes, a bun and an egg.

Shen Zhen had no objection to such a breakfast. On the contrary, he felt that this was the taste that a family should have.

In the Qin family manor, breakfast was as rich as a banquet, but he had always just taken a few quick bites, not having the mood to taste it carefully.

But now, sitting at the dining table, he felt that a simple boiled egg with a little salt was delicious.

“Mama Zhang, is your son coming over?” Shen Zhen asked.

Mama Zhang paused: “I…..I haven’t asked him yet.”

She didn’t know how to face her own son. She loved him, but compared to her love for Shen Zhen, it seemed too shallow. She could only keep sending money to her son. After working for so many years, in addition to the Qin family’s salary being very high, she had earned a lot of money. Since she came to the Qin family, her husband had quit his job, in the name of taking care of their child full-time.

As a result, she found out later that her son was living like a savage while her husband was fooling around with her money, lying that he was a small boss and even kept a mistress on the side.

She could only send her son to her parents and let him live with his grandparents, while she continued to work outside to earn money and work hard to support the family. The father didn’t care about the child, and asked her for money every now and then, and she was not there as a mother either. Towards this son, guilt and love were mixed together.

She was afraid to see him.

Shen Zhen comforted: “Mama Zhang, don’t be afraid.”

Mama Zhang nodded and pinched the bridge of her nose: “I know, I’m not afraid, you go to work quickly, don’t be late.”

Shen Zhen put on his suit jacket and overcoat, and stepped out of the door. There was central air conditioning in the corridor, and the cold temperature was not felt in the building.

It was not until the door of the building was opened that Shen Zhen’s fingers trembled.

However, before he reached the intersection, his eyelids jumped, and he saw a familiar figure squatting in the corner beside the gate.

A man in a security uniform was handing a cup of soy milk to the person.

It seemed that Su Shiqing had squatted here all night.

Shen Zhen knew that he couldn’t pretend he didn’t see anything at this time.

“Su Shiqing?” Shen Zhen came to a distance of one meter from Su Shiqing and stopped.

Su Shiqing raised his head. He had been here all night, last night he was in the security booth and there was a heater, but in order to wait for Shen Zhen and pretend to be miserable in the morning, he purposely squatted at the door. He was only blown by the cold wind for an hour but the tip of his nose became red and he started to cough. It was estimated that after today, he would have a cold and fever, and he would not be able to go outside for a while.

Su Shiqing’s tone was tearful: “Ah Zhen, why didn’t you let me go up last night?”

The security guard took care of Su Shiqing all night, and the look he gave Shen Zhen was wrong. Sure enough, rich people were like this. When friends were rich, they were good brothers. When they have no money, they pretend not to know each other. Pei, looking decent on the surface but having no conscience behind the scenes.

Shen Zhen asked, “What are you doing here? Was it not obvious enough what I said before?”

Su Shiqing wiped his tears: “Eldest Brother went to T City, he told me to wait for him to come back, but Auntie sent me back to the Su family. Ah Zhen, Uncle treats you well, can you go and tell Uncle to let me go back to the Qin family? The Su family treats me badly.”

When he lived in the Qin family manor, no matter which relative saw him, they were all very nice to him.

But when he was sent back to the Su family, everyone’s expressions changed, and his status was not even as good as when he hadn’t gone to live in the Qin family manor before.

Su Shiqing knew that he could no longer stay in the Su family.

He had to go back to the Qin family. Only when he went back to the Qin family could he stay by Qin Yue’s side all the time and live a good life being respected and loved by others.

The security guard said without a bit of tack at all, “Mr. Shen, you are Mr. Su’s friend. When a friend is in trouble, you should reach out to help. I don’t think Mr. Su is an ungrateful person.”

Shen Zhen laughed: “I’m neither his father nor his mother, why should I care about him? This big brother, if you are so kind, then why don’t you help him? If you help him, he will definitely not be ungrateful.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Shiqing cried out: “Ah Zhen, you can’t not care about me!”

Shen Zhen looked at him: “Su Shiqing, I’m tired of seeing your pitiful act, why not change to a new face.”

“After all, Qin Yue is the only one who falls for it.”

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 245 Family Bonds

At six o’clock in the evening, as usual, there was no female companion, but Tao Mu appeared on the red carpet with his family members. The family of four immediately attracted the attention of the media and fans on both sides of the red carpet. All of a sudden, there was a scream, and the sound of the flash and the shutter pressed one after another. The three family members, who had never experienced such a scene, were suddenly a little nervous.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The media reporters on both sides were excited as if they had discovered some major news. Calling Tao Mu’s name out loud, attracting Tao Mu to look in their direction. Begging Tao Mu to stand a little forward and cooperate with them to take pictures. Some people even called out Mr. Meng and asked about the operation of For example, it was the first time they cooperated with the Golden Crow Awards for a live broadcast, what impression did he have of the Golden Crow Awards, whether Tao Mu could win the Best Supporting Actor, etc. There were even gossip reporters who asked Meng Qi what he thought about the fact that the Shen family flew to Hong Kong to recognize family and Mrs. Shen slapped Shen Yu at Hong Kong Airport.

As the acting CEO of, Meng Qi would also be interviewed by the media. What’s more, FlyNews Entertainment, which he manages, was the most popular entertainment media in the past two years. Therefore, Meng Qi was also familiar with these interview routines. Of course, he was also more familiar with the process of walking the red carpet.

“In order not to delay the people behind to walk the red carpet, let’s chat in the interview area.” Mr. Meng smiled politely and nodded at several reporters. Every move and gesture was exactly the same as that of Tao Mu next to him. From a distance, although they didn’t look alike, in terms of temperament and demeanor, no one would doubt if they were father and son.

Walking the red carpet a few minutes earlier than Tao Mu, Shen Yu, who already stood in the interview area, looked at the family of four with some complicated feelings. When he learned that Tao Mu wanted to walk the red carpet with his family, Shen Yu also plucked up the courage to invite Chairman Shen, and wanted the Shen family to accompany him on the red carpet. On the one hand, he didn’t want to admit defeat in front of Tao Mu, and on the other hand, he wanted to take this action to defuse the rumors that he had been kicked out by the Shen family. As a result, this proposal was only ridiculed and rejected by Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan.

“What do you think you are, you dare to think that our Shen family will accompany a mere entertainer like you on the red carpet?”

“You want family to accompany you? But we are not your family. You have biological parents of your own, why don’t you call them and ask them to accompany you on the red carpet?”

“You fake who had occupied the nest for nineteen years, do you really want to hold on to your status as the second son of the Shen family that badly? First look in the mirror. A sparrow is a sparrow. You lived in the phoenix’s nest for nineteen years but you can’t become a golden phoenix no matter how many years pass. Hmmph, as soon as you leave the Shen family, you reveal your true self, right? I’ll just say it. How could our Shen family give birth to a stupid and vicious person like you. As expected, it turned out to be the fault of that shameless mother of yours, and you as her son is not to be outdone.”

The family members who once held him in the palm of their hands and cherished and cared for him, now abandoned him as if he was trash. Shen Yu couldn’t believe that such cold words came from the mouths of the Shen family. He didn’t understand, wasn’t it just a useless blood relationship? Was it not even comparable to their 19-year relationship?

Why did they hurt him so recklessly once they learned that he was not the Shen family’s child? Was he not a person, did he not possess a heart?

Standing in the interview area, Shen Yu’s eyes were fixed on Tao Mu’s family of four. He didn’t care that it was still the red carpet scene, and there were so many eyes watching him.

He really didn’t understand why everyone was an orphan here but Tao Mu’s luck could be so good. When clearly Liu Yao, Meng Qi and the old man surnamed Song were not his biological parents and grandpa, yet why could they dote on Tao Mu and trust Tao Mu without reservation? Liu Yao could buy a house and a car for Tao Mu, Meng Qi could help Tao Mu with his career, and the old man surnamed Song even gave Tao Mu the Song Ji brand as a birthday present. There was even a boss Li of Xiaoheng Capital, who was also obedient to Tao Mu. But he, Shen Yu, just wanted the affection of the Shen family, yet there was no way such a lowly wish could even be satisfied? After finally finding Yan Sheng as a life partner who he thought he could join hands for the rest of his life, only to also be betrayed mid-way.

Shen Yu didn’t know what he had done wrong. When clearly in the past 19 years, he had never intentionally hurt anyone or done a single evil thing. Why did fate treat him like this?

Was it just because his shrewdness was not as deep as Tao Mu’s, his methods were not as good as Tao Mu’s, and he was not as scheming as Tao Mu, so he was destined to not be able to get anything he wanted?

The more Shen Yu thought about it, the more resentful he felt. But the media reporters on both sides of the red carpet were not at all tactful folks, and they kept asking that with Tao Mu as a shining example in front, whether Shen Yu had the confidence to win the Best Newcomer Award? What did he think of Tao Mu’s nomination for Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor at the same time? What did he think of his and Tao Mu’s acting skills? Who did he think would get the Best Newcomer Award? In addition, there were also many gossip reporters who were not satisfied with asking questions related to the film, and even asked Shen Yu’s opinion about the fact that his biological mother abandoned the real second son of the Shen family in the rental house. What did Shen Yu think of the rumor that Tao Mu deliberately led public opinion to speculate that he was the second son of the Shen family? Another reporter mentioned that Shen Yu had violated relevant laws by obtaining Tao Mu’s DNA sample for identification in advance, and received a letter from’s lawyer again…..

When it came to celebrity status and influence in the entertainment industry, Shen Yu had just debuted for two years, but Shen Yu, who didn’t have any classic role or film work to his name, was certainly not comparable to the A-list superstars in Hong Kong. But when it came to the ability to make headlines in the news, every action that Shen Yu made was beyond the reach of all the superstars. In addition, the questions raised by the media reporters were more tricky one after the other, and it was clear that they wanted to give Shen Yu an easy time. The group of finely dressed superstars in Hong Kong, who looked aloof but actually liked to listen to gossip, were not at all annoyed that their limelight had been robbed, but happily stood by and waited to eat melons.

The female companion who walked the red carpet with Shen Yu was the female artist who played Yan Yu’s wife in the movie “Black and White”. She was also a signed artist of the Lin family’s film and television company. Her relationship with Lin Rong’an was ambiguous and unclear, so she was very dissatisfied with Shen Yu. Just before she had spoken viciously against Shen Yu. Later, because of angering Shen Yu with her words, she was slapped in the face by Shen Yu in front of everyone’s eyes. So the two had a very deep feud.

This time on the red carpet, when the cast of “Black and White” arranged for the female artist to be Shen Yu’s red carpet companion, but Shen Yu strongly opposed this. It was a pity that his objection was invalid. Director Xu did not want to make trouble with Shen Yu because of the influence of the Lin family. But he also couldn’t condone Shen Yu doing anything that might destroy the box office of “Black and White”. While the movie was still being released, the fact that the only loving couple in the movie didn’t even walk the red carpet of the awards ceremony together, the media and fans would definitely have something to say when they saw it.

In the entertainment industry, no matter how bad the real relationship between stars was, in front of the media and fans, they all had to put on a mask and even try to pretend at peace. Let alone when mutual interests were involved like in this case. Although Shen Yu was dissatisfied with Director Xu’s arrangement, in the face of interests, he couldn’t be too willful. He could only force himself to hold back his dissatisfaction and disgust, and walk the red carpet with the female artist. But there was still a faint sense of unease in his heart.

Sure enough, after hearing the media reporter’s questions, the female artist who had been standing beside Shen Yu with her hand on his arm the whole time said, “I remember that during the filming, Shen Yu specifically asked Mr. Tao to help him because of his poor acting skills. Mr. Tao was also sincere, and he really gave a lot of advice during the shooting. For example, the gesture in the final scene that was praised by professional film critics, and even brought Shen Yu a nomination for the Golden Crow Award for Best Newcomer, in which Yan Yu’s finger was off the trigger. This detail was actually proposed by Mr. Tao. At that time, Shen Yu strongly opposed it and didn’t want to act like this. Fortunately, Director Xu insisted, otherwise, this thrilling scene would definitely be gone. Whether Shen Yu could get the nomination for the Best Newcomer Award would also be up for question.”

This matter had been going around in the industry, but it was the first time someone had brought it to the media and the public. In order to compete for the Best Newcomer Award for Shen Yu, the Lin famy’s film and television company hid many details of the shooting. And before the award ceremony, they also deliberately smeared Tao Mu to reduce the possibility of Tao Mu winning the award. At the same time, the water army and the media were hired to trumpet Shen Yu’s acting skills. Of course, the most mentioned scene was the scene at the end of the film, where Yan Yu died for Zhou Yuanting.

But unexpectedly, another actor from the crew would relay the scene on the red carpet of the awards ceremony, and directly broke the news that this scene was filmed according to Tao Mu’s guidance, and the ultimate beneficiary, Shen Yu himself, was actually strongly opposed to it at the beginning.

For a while, not to mention the media reporters and fans at the scene, even the netizens who were guarding in front of the computer smelled the fragrance of the melon.

Feeling as if he was stripped naked, Shen Yu glared at the female artist fiercely. Not to be outdone, the female artist also glared back. How funny and hypocritical, not letting others say what you did.

Originally, the media reporters who just mentioned about the film as usual, and didn’t intend to dig out any big news, suddenly boiled over. They raised their microphones and asked Shen Yu, was the female artist’s revelation true? What did Shen Yu think about this?

Shen Yu’s expression was very ugly. He was just thinking about how to respond to the media’s inquiries when suddenly, a shrill shout came from the crowd. The voice was like weeping, full of sadness and sorrow, but also full of excitement and longing: “Xiao Yu, my Xiao Yu, my precious son——”

The red carpet, which was just full of noise and clamor, suddenly fell silent. In front of everyone’s eyes, a white figure moved out from behind the crowd, and squeezed to the front of the crowd. She was nearly forty years old, but she still liked to wear girlish white dresses, with long hair fluttering down her back. The well-maintained middle-aged woman stood in front of Shen Yu with slightly disheveled hair. Her eyes were red and swollen, and she looked at Shen Yu on the red carpet with tears in her eyes, and then knelt down decisively.

“Please, please, please beg the Shen family for mercy. It’s all my fault, it’s me who was wrong. I shouldn’t have left the second son of Shen family in the rental house, no matter how the Shen family retaliates against me, it is deserved. But my husband and my son are innocent. Xiao Yu, Mama knows that Mama has wronged you, and Mama has no face to see you. But I really have no choice. I beg you, please help me.”

What’s this situation?

The originally sluggish media reporters and fans froze for a while, then reacted instantly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Oh snap, it was another big melon! ! ! !

To the sound of the flash and the shutter being pressed one after another, Mrs. Shen, who was sitting in front of the computer, twitched up the corners of her mouth.

Didn’t you want to reunite with your family and share in familial affection? Then I will fulfill your wish.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 017 End Of Bad Days

Shi Fengyue’s words gave the Jiang family reassurance.

In the office, Shi Fengyue was conducting a more detailed consultation with Jiang Zhuo. Jiang Chen was with him. The corners of Yang Si’s mouth twitched upwards again and again in joy. After the tension passed, she finally felt thirsty. She whispered to Jiang Chen and then quietly left the office.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After drinking a glass of water in one breath, Yang Si couldn’t hide the joy on her face. She walked around clutching the bag in her hand, and after wandering for a while, she finally couldn’t help laughing out loud. After she ran to the restroom to wash her face, looking at the no longer gloomy face in the mirror, the corners of her lips raised.

How wonderful.

The bad days of this family have finally come to an end.

When Jiang Zhuo got better and their son got into a good university, everything would be fine at home.

Yang Si smiled, but her eyes couldn’t help turning red. She covered her mouth and squeezed her eyes, crying and laughing at the same time.

The past few months have been a never ending despair and hardship she had never felt before, but she did not dare to shed even a tear. Her husband was in the most pain and sadness, and her child was at a sensitive and vulnerable age. If even she could not support the family, then the family would really collapse.

But she was also afraid. She was afraid that her husband would fall into depression, and would lose himself in the depths of his depression in the future, immersed in the shadow of being unable to stand up. She was afraid that her child would be affected by things at home, be distracted at such an important moment, and that he would fail in the college entrance examination a year later. She was also afraid that she wouldn’t be able to bear this heavy burden herself, and this family would really collapsed just like this.

She kept gritting her teeth and prepared for the worst, but when seeing hope in a sea of despair, how could she not be ecstatic?

Yang Si quietly went to the secluded small hospital garden alone. She sat on the bench, crying and laughing while covering her mouth, just wanting to vent all her suppressed emotions during this time.

After crying it out, she fell silent again.

Her husband’s legs could be saved, and so it was certain that he would undergo the surgery.

But after the car accident, most of the family’s savings had been spent. Now all the savings in the family added up to only 30,000 yuan. Although she didn’t know the specific cost of the operation, Yang Si also knew that the family’s money was far from enough to support her husband’s surgery expenses. Moreover, her child’s schooling and food needed money, so how could there be no savings left at home.

The top priority was to get a sum of money that could cover Jiang Zhuo’s surgery costs as soon as possible. It was just that, towards such a large amount of money, how was it possible to so easily be raised.

Yang Si thought about the people who could lend money to them, and finally found that they could only borrow at most 30,000 yuan, which was already the limit that their friends could support. Most of the households at this time were not that wealthy and those who could take out tens of thousands of yuan were already quite well-off.

In fact, before father Jiang was injured, the Jiang family’s conditions were also considered to be well-off. At this time, a deposit of more than 200,000 yuan in the bank was considered a very well-off family. Because of this, every time the Yang family came to mooch money from them, although Jiang Zhuo was irritated, he never really raged about it. He was angry not because of the money, but because of the way the Yang family treated Yang Si as an ATM yet never felt bad for her and treated her better.

Yang Si knew all of this and it was precisely because she knew that she developed the idea of ​​severing ties with her natal family members, but before they had time to do anything, Jiang Zhuo had an accident, and the Yang family changed their face and threw stones at them while they were down.

Now Jiang Zhuo was in urgent need of treatment expenses. If the Yang family could repay the money owed to them, it would solve the urgent need of the Jiang family, but was it possible that the Yang family would pay it back?

Thinking of what happened last time she went to the Yang family with Jiang Chen, Yang Si gritted her teeth. Although she had cut off relations with her parents and younger brother, she had to get the money back!

If there was no hope for Jiang Zhuo’s legs, then the money would not be needed, but now that there was a chance of recovery, she had to seize it no matter what. But how to get the Yang family to repay the money, she still needed to think about it some more.

Thinking this, Yang Si couldn’t help but smile, no matter how difficult the family was, as long as there was hope, she believed that their family could overcome the difficulties and shoulder on.

When Jiang Chen found Yang Si, he happened to see her smiling face with reddened eyes.


Yang Si quickly wiped her eyes before turning to look at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen sat down beside her with a smile, and said softly, “I know you are happy, and so am I.”

“Yeah.” Yang Si smiled relaxedly: “Your Dad’s leg can be cured, Mom is so happy.”

“Mom, were you just thinking about Dad’s surgery fee and follow-up treatment costs?”

Jiang Chen turned his head to look at her, his clear eyes see straight through her, and Yang Si, who wanted to find an excuse to hide it, opened her mouth but couldn’t speak, and finally could only nod her head.

But she still didn’t want the child to worry about it. She smiled and said, “Mom was indeed thinking about this, but you don’t have to worry, Mom already has a solution.”

“What solution?” Jiang Chen had been direct with his parents since he was a child, and he would tell them anything, and the same was true at this time: “Mom, do you want to sell the house or go to the Yang family to ask for the money back?”

Yang Si was stunned, she didn’t expect Jiang Chen to guess what she was thinking.

Yang Si was very clear about how unlikely it was to get money from the Yang family, but Jiang Zhuo’s legs couldn’t wait. If she really couldn’t get it, selling the family’s house was the fastest way to get money, but… that case, Jiang Chen would have a lot of trouble going to school.

That was the point she had been hesitating about.

Jiang Chen naturally knew what Yang Si was thinking, and even knew what she was hesitating about.

In the first life, under the unremitting search of the Jiang family, a doctor finally agreed to perform Jiang Zhuo’s operation, but he also bluntly said that he could not guarantee that Jiang Zhuo could stand up, and the success rate was very low. At that time, it had been more than a year since Jiang Zhuo’s car accident, and the family’s savings had long since dwindled to nothing. Naturally, the Yang family would not fork over any money, but for this slim hope, after Yang Si and Jiang Chen discussed it over, they decided to choose the surgery.

At that time, Jiang Chen naturally agreed to the treatment. How could the family’s house and his studies be more important than his father’s legs? After the house was sold, there could be a new one, and if his studies were delayed, he could repeat his studies. Whereas Jiang Zhuo’s chance at standing up was just this once.

However, Jiang Zhuo had already given up hope at that time. He didn’t want his family to sell the house or be in debt because of him. He even quarreled with Yang Si about it. In the end, the house was still sold, and then Jiang Zhuo was coaxed and persuaded to be sent to the operating room.

That operation was unsuccessful.

The failure of the operation and the lack of a fixed place to live became the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Jiang Zhuo felt that he was a drag on his family and committed suicide on a quiet night.

Jiang Chen still remembered that that time was truly the most despairing period for the family, his father’s funeral, his mother’s crying, the Yang family’s ridicule, and the college entrance examination that was about to come in just over a month……That time when the house was sold was the fuse that caused the Jiang family to really fall into desperate straits.

Even if the family’s situation in this life had not reached that point in the first life, and Jiang Chen firmly believed that Shi Fengyue could cure Jiang Zhuo’s legs, he had never thought of selling the house for money, not only because in the first life it became the biggest regret and pain of the Jiang family, but also because he never thought about letting the Yang family live freely and wantonly with the money they owed the Jiang family.

Whether it was to buy real estate or speculate in stocks to make money or to design software to make money, it would take a certain amount of time, and Jiang Zhuo’s legs couldn’t wait. So since the beginning, Jiang Chen only thought about getting the money back from the Yang family. When he co-founded a company with Huo Bo and Shen Xu, although he didn’t manage the company’s daily affairs, he also learned a lot of things by their side that ordinary people might not have access to, such as pursuing debts.

It was just that Yang Si must agree to that method, and only she could come forward, so Jiang Chen couldn’t act rashly before he understood Yang Si’s thoughts.

Now, Jiang Chen looked at Yang Si’s expression and felt that the time might have finally come.

“Mom.” Jiang Chen looked at her and said seriously: “I know you may want to sell the house, but have you ever thought, if the house is sold, where will our family live? What about going to school in the future? What will Dad think? He absolutely will not want us to have no place to live because of him. Before the operation, we need to maintain a good physical and mental state. If Dad knows, could he still undergo the operation in his best state?”

Jiang Chen picked out all of Yang Si’s concerns, word by word, and pressed those concerns towards her, causing her to instantly shrink back from the idea of ​​selling the house, becoming more apprehensive about the idea.

“But…..if we don’t sell the house, what about your father’s treatment costs?”

Yang Si didn’t intend to let Jiang Chen know the family’s economic situation and cause him to be worried about it, but facing Jiang Chen at this time, she unknowingly expressed her concerns and worries.

“If I say that I have a way to get back the money the Yang family owes us, but it may cause you and the Yang family to not even be left with a single trace of affection, will you still be willing?”

Yang Si was taken aback, her eyes widened in disbelief, and she nodded almost without hesitation: “We and the Yang family have long since had a falling out, they have no affection for me at all, if the money can be get back for your father’s treatment, what do I still care about that nonexistent trace of affection?”

Jiang Chen smiled, he nodded, and said, “I remember that the several large sums of money that Yang Tianci borrowed from our family at the beginning were all with IOUs, do you still have those IOUs?”

Yang Si directly ignored Jiang Chen’s direct referral to Yang Tianci’s name, nodded and said, “In the drawer where the important documents are kept at home.”

“That’s good.” Jiang Chen’s brows and eyes curved, revealing a mouthful of small white teeth, the little dimple on one side deepened a little more, and that handsome face showed the liveliness of a youth: “My plan is this…..”

Yang Si heard what Jiang Chen whispered in her ear, her eyes widened, and then asked in a low voice, “Is this really possible? This won’t break the law, right?”

“Of course it won’t break the law.” Jiang Chen sat up straight, his expression returned to his usual modesty and calmness: “The transfer of creditor’s rights is legal, but we may need to give up part of it to the debt collectors.”

“Of course.” Yang Si agreed immediately: “As long as we can get back enough for your father’s surgery, the extra money can even be given to the debt collectors.”

After she finished speaking, she was a little worried: “It won’t get us involved in any trouble, right? Those people…..”

“Don’t worry, Mom, I will find an official debt collection agency.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The methods used by official debt collection agencies were naturally legal and reasonable, but they were also well versed in the way of stepping on the edge of the line, which could not only make the debtors miserable, but also make them have nowhere to complain, and could only pay back the money obediently. But as for these things, it was not what Yang Si, who had already transferred the creditor’s right, needed to know.

Among the flowers of spring, the young man had a bright smile, a gentle and elegant demeanor, and appeared the most upright and honest that one could be.

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Source of Calamity CH 017 Trap

There was only silence in the conference room, no one spoke, and it seemed that even breathing had to be suppressed.

The group members looked at each other.

How could this newbie Xiao Shen speak more like a leader than a leader?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ye Min had a dark face, he didn’t know how to refute Shen Zhen, he remained silent, and only that pair of eyes stared at Shen Zhen with unspeakable anger.

After a while, Ye Min finally said, “You say I’m nothing, but what are you? I’ve been in the company for more than three years, and I’ve contributed to the company. Can a newcomer like you compare?”

Shen Zhen sat calmly in his seat, his head tilted back: “Then tell me, what contributions have you made?”

Ye Min: “I have negotiated three endorsement collaborations!”

Shen Zhen: “Have you succeeded?”

Ye Min said irritably: “At least I went to negotiate. If there is no failure, how can there be success?”

Shen Zhen laughed.

“But the question is, did you negotiate a successful contract?” Shen Zhen asked.

“You only have failure, success is someone else’s.”

Ye Min finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He spent two years to build his seniority and stayed in the position of the group leader for more than a year. When he was a small office worker, the group leader above him was a very responsible and gentle person. So he had never suffered much hardship in the company, other than having spent a longer time waiting for his seniority to increase, everything could be considered smooth sailing.

“What do you know?!” Ye Min rolled up his sleeves, grabbed Shen Zhen’s collar with one hand, and pulled Shen Zhen by his collar closer to him. Ye Min’s breath sprayed on Shen Zhen’s face, and Shen Zhen’s originally expressionless face suddenly became dark and unpredictable.

Ye Min thought that this would scare Shen Zhen, and he pointed at the small office workers around them and said, “If they do a good job, I can let them have a good rating and they can get a year-end bonus of 50,000 yuan.”

“If you are honest and obedient, do your work well, then I will also let you have a good rating at the end of next year.” Ye Min seemed to regain his confidence, “Understand?”

Shen Zhen took out a napkin from the tissue box on the table and wiped his face, but still felt unbearable. He suddenly stood up, startling everyone, even Ye Min who was grabbing his collar, let go of his hand and took a step back. He probably thought that Shen Zhen was going to hit him.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Shen Zhen stood at the door and said to the group members and Ye Min, “We’ll continue when I get back.”

After speaking, Shen Zhen walked out without looking back.

The rest of the people in the room looked at each other, but no one spoke.

The group members felt that Shen Zhen was right, but no one dared to speak out.

As soon as these people entered the company, they were assigned to Ye Min. When they first came, they also did chores. Ye Min didn’t spend much time and energy in leading them. When Ye Min was thirsty, they poured water for him and when Ye Min was hungry, they went to get food for him.

After a long time like this, they were trained successfully by Ye Min, and even if they had work later, when Ye Min needed something, they would do it like a conditioned reflex, and they didn’t even think there was anything wrong with this situation.

But now hearing Shen Zhen say this, they felt that Shen Zhen was right.

They came to work for the Qin Group, not for Ye Min, nor did Ye Min pay them wages.

The bosses of the Qin Group didn’t need them to wait on them hand and foot, so what kind of onion was Ye Min?

But even though that was said, a higher level official can crush you to death, and even if they felt uncomfortable, they didn’t dare to say it at the moment.

The several group members didn’t dare to speak, so they took their mobile phones and spoke in a group chat set up with only the few of them.

“I think what Shen Zhen said is quite right. In addition to having work every day, we have to take care of Ye Min as well. He also moves frequently, uses my car, and doesn’t even invite me to a meal.”

“He also borrowed my car. He doesn’t buy one himself and when he borrows other people’s cars, he borrows for several weeks. The last time he borrowed my car for two months, and I also had to pay for the gas.”

“Damn, I thought I was the only one whose car was borrowed by him.”

“But the year-end bonus…..only if he handed in the name list will we be able to get it.”

“Actually, I didn’t tell you guys this but after winning the year-end bonus last year, he invited me to have a barbecue during the New Year, and I gave him a red envelope of 200,000 yuan.”

“F**k, a total of 500,000 yuan, and you paid him 200,000 yuan. Isn’t this robbery?”

“I didn’t even dare to tell you guys.”

“Then, should we go and react with the supervisor?”

“Forget it, it’s not like you don’t know the relationship between the supervisor and him. He is very good at currying favor with the supervisor. The last time the supervisor was going on a business trip, he threw me the work he was doing while he went off to take care of the hotel reservations and travel tickets. Even if we complain, the supervisor will protect him, and then we will have bad luck.”

“What are you guys doing!” Ye Min kicked the chair Shen Zhen was sitting on in irritation.

The group members quickly put their phones away.

“We were just wondering if we could react to the supervisor and let him transfer Shen Zhen to another work group.”

“Yes, yes, it affects the unity of our work group. Besides, Brother Ye, you are so busy, it’s not like you can bother with him every day.”

Only then was Ye Min in a better mood, and said, “Don’t learn from him, people like him can’t do long in the company, and you all know how difficult it is to join the Qin Group. Now when companies recruit new people, the worst education is at least first tier universities, and Xiao Zhang and Xiao Chen graduated from second tier universities, right?”

Xiao Zhang and Xiao Chen lowered their heads.

Ye Min loved to talk about academic qualifications, as he himself graduated from a first tier university.

In the group, except for the two second tier university graduates, Xiao Zhang and Xiao Chen, the others graduated from first tier universities, and there were even two among them who were postgraduate students.

He would always mention Xiao Zhang and the others’ degrees, but when he went out, he would say in front of others, “What’s the use of studying well, don’t postgraduate students still have to work under me?”

“You all know what the Qin Group’s status is in the country. Branch companies have spread all over the country in various provincial capitals, as well as in small and medium-sized cities. Every day, there are too many people who want to squeeze into the head office.” Ye Min used a lecturing tone to brainwash them, “You have to cherish this job.”

“Last year’s ranking of the world’s richest people, the Qin family ranked third globally, and ranked first in Asia.” Ye Min looked proud, as if he had made this achievement, “Our CEO Qin founded his first company at sixteen years old. He was not yet a legal adult at the time, and so the company was registered under his mother’s name. People say that CEO Qin is called CEO Qin because of the Qin Group, but this is inaccurate.”

Ye Min was quite clear about the company’s history: “Before the founding of the country, the Qin family was engaged in heavy industry and mechanized production. CEO Qin came out to work and build his own wealth from scratch. When the Qin family went downhill, it was Mr. Qin who stood forward and turned the tide. Therefore, you guys are still young, as long as you work hard, maybe the next CEO Qin will be you?”

The several group members smiled on the surface but cursed him out in their hearts.

This pie was too big for them to eat.

When Shen Zhen came back, what he saw was this group of people sitting on separate sides. The group members were sitting on one side, and Ye Min was sitting on the other side with his arms crossed, the line distinct. Shen Zhen was really not in the mood to continue to waste time with them as even if he wasted his time here there would be no extra gains.

“I think this meeting can be dismissed.” Shen Zhen leaned against the door frame and said, “You guys can go back first, and I will have a few words with Ye Min alone.”

The group members looked at each other, of course they wanted to go home, but if Ye Min didn’t speak, no one dared to leave.

Shen Zhen: “Go.”

Finally someone dared to speak: “I have to go home to see my dog, I’ll go first.”

Holding his bag, he didn’t dare to look at Ye Min, and went straight out.

“My girlfriend just texted me to urge me. Today is the first anniversary of our relationship, so I’m leaving first.”

“I also…..”

The people left one after another.

Ye Min was originally sure that no one would dare to leave, but at this moment, he felt that his face hurt, so he did not attempt to stop them.

“What do you want to say?” Ye Min looked at Shen Zhen coldly, “Don’t think that if you say a few good words, I can pretend that these things never happened, I will go to the supervisor tomorrow and let you go to another group, I am unable to deal with you, but there will always be someone who can.”

Shen Zhen sat opposite Ye Min, he smiled slightly, with indifference, distance, and contempt: “Ye Min, I let them go first, not to make peace with you, but to save you a little face.”

“I need a group member to lead me.”

“I also need a normal work environment.”

“You don’t have a broken arm or a broken leg. Do what you need to do by yourself.”

“You need to separate personal life from work.”

Ye Min: “Heh, I need you to teach me?”

Shen Zhen glanced at the time: “That’s all I have to say, it’s up to you whether you listen or not, as long as you feel that you can accept the consequences of not listening.”

Ye Min snorted coldly, grabbed his bag and walked out.

Before leaving, he also cursed: “What a little sh*t, a mere worker, really thinks he is the king of heaven, the consequences? I want you to know the consequences.”

Looks like it was time to have a chat with the supervisor tonight.

After Ye Min left, Shen Zhen called Yang Changsheng.

“The day after tomorrow at nine o’clock.” Shen Zhen said, “see you then.”

Yang Changsheng asked cautiously on the other line, “Did something happen?”

Shen Zhen smiled: “It’s nothing, I just felt that the sparrows by the window are a little noisy.”

Were there sparrows in winter? Yang Changsheng agreed in a daze.

Shen Zhen mooched off Qin Xing’s car home tonight. Qin Xing’s schedule was a mystery. He spent three months a year dealing with company affairs, and his subordinates took care of everything the rest of the year. He only needed to look at the reports while spending his other time flying back and forth from home and abroad. He managed a huge corporation, but he did not appear to be very busy.

Because of him, all the Qin family could still live a noble’s life.

Shen Zhen had only been in the company for two days, but he already felt that Qin Xing was the most capable person he had ever seen. In the past, Qin Xing in Shen Zhen’s heart was a symbol, representing power and money, but now, Shen Zhen even felt that Qin Xing was a bit deified in his eyes now. He almost felt that Qin Xing was omnipotent in his field.

The driver parked the car downstairs in the company building, and Shen Zhen got in the car. He was now much more comfortable in front of Qin Xing.

Sometimes Shen Zhen felt that Qin Xing would not be angry no matter what he did.

He was like an ascetic Buddha.

Shen Zhen looked at Qin Xing’s profile and felt that his throat was a little dry.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

So that when the car was parked downstairs in his residence, he said to Qin Xing uncontrollably, “Uncle Qin, do you want to go up and sit for a while?”

Qin Xing seemed to feel a little novel about Shen Zhen’s invitation, he smiled and nodded: “Okay.”

Qin Xing was like a cheetah, he guided his prey with ease to slowly walk towards the arranged trap.

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 244 The Family’s Support

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The Golden Crow Awards ceremony would be held on January 23rd. From four o’clock in the afternoon, there were stars walking the red carpet one after another. As a dark horse who was shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer awards at the same time, Tao Mu was still a newcomer in the film industry, but the organizers of the Golden Crow Awards considered Tao Mu’s net worth and status, and decided to arrange Tao Mu’s red carpet line-up before and after the bigwigs——before Yan Sheng and after Zhou Yanqing.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In addition, don’t know if it was the Lin family who made a statement, or the organizer deliberately stirring things up, they actually arranged Shen Yu’s red carpet line-up around this time as well. The organizer’s explanation was that everyone was from the same crew, so it was arranged that the actors would walk at the same time. This was also to promote “Black and White”.

This kind of explanation could only deceive children. Of course Tao Mu would not take it seriously. The several other big names also did not want to express their dissatisfaction with the organizer because of such trivial matters. So the red carpet arrangement was settled.

Knowing that Tao Mu had no female companion, female celebrities who knew Tao Mu have called in and offered themselves. However, Tao Mu had a big vinegar jar at home, and he didn’t want to provoke the vinegar jar from spilling, so Tao Mu had no choice but to decline the kindness of all the female stars, and continued to be beautiful alone on the red carpet.

For Liu Yao, Meng Qi, and old Mr. Song, who were family members of Tao Mu, this was also their first time encountering this kind of award ceremony, and they all felt that it was quite novel. They even imitated Tao Mu’s fans, and went to the merchandise area to buy a few Tao Mu light up signs, ready to join the fan group to cheer on Tao Mu when Tao Mu walked the red carpet.

As we all know, when celebrities walk the red carpet, fans and reporters would stand on both sides, one by one shouldering cameras and flash bulbs, excitedly screaming and jumping, but most of them were young and energetic, and most of them were girls. His Yao Dad and Xiao Qi Dad were two grown men, and old Mr. Song was an old man with old arms and legs. If they were really mixed in the crowd, they would definitely be particularly conspicuous.

“That’s what I want.” Liu Yao waved his hand and said carelessly: “It’s even better to have three spots of green leaves in a sea of red flowers. When others see this, they will know that our family is doing well. There is no need for you to go find some random biological parents.”

Recently, the irresponsible reports of Hong Kong media really made Liu Yao and the others disgusted. Although FlyNews Entertainment used the pretext of snatching advertisers to force many media to quit and even apologize publicly after FlyNews’ establishment of paper media distribution, the public opinion had already spread. After all, there were still some people who did not know the truth and believed the reports of these gossip media which brought a certain negative impact to Tao Mu’s image.

What bothered Liu Yao and the others the most was that the Shen family actually came knocking at the door because of some random and vague media reports, and said such things arrogantly. As if the Shen family had a throne to inherit so Tao Mu should be grateful that they could take the initiative to give Tao Mu a chance to recognize his family.

Completely forgetting that, while unable to compare to the market value of the Shen Group, when it came to personal assets, Tao Mu, who had made a lot of money in the international financial market, was no worse than anyone in the Shen family.

Especially that Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan, who had done so many vicious things and had no regrets at all, yet dared to say such nonsense in front of Tao Mu. Sure enough, if it was not one’s own child, one didn’t know how to be distressed.

Therefore, during this Golden Crow Award ceremony, Liu Yao, Meng Qi and old Mr. Song insisted on supporting Tao Mu as fans, and also to support Tao Mu as well as to help him vent his anger. Tell everyone clearly that their Tao Mu didn’t care about the things of the Shen family, nor the people of the Shen family. Their family’s Tao Mu had his own family, and they were very good and supportive of him unconditionally.

Tao Mu could feel the sincere hearts of his two fathers and grandfather. But he didn’t dare to let his grandpa participate in fan support at such an advanced age. He was really afraid that his grandpa would be unsteady in his hands and feet, and he would be bumped by the crowd, and he was even more worried that his grandpa couldn’t stand the decibels when the fans screamed. What If it would cause a heart attack or something.

Grandpa was old, and these things have to be prevented.

“Don’t worry about this.” Liu Yao stretched out his hand and ruffled Tao Mu’s hair, and laughed loudly: “With the two of us accompanying Grandpa, are you still afraid of any accident?”

Liu Yaoda was a big man, who was called “Brother Yao” wherever he went, and the owner of a well-known bar chain in Beijing. Rounding up, he was also considered a middle-aged gentleman. For the first time in his life, he participated in this kind of fan support that only little girls from 14 to 20 years old would be keen to participate in.

But Brother Yao didn’t feel embarrassed at all. Not only was he not embarrassed, but he was also very eager to try the experience. Tao Mu’s light up sign also had a merchandise poster, all of which he brought over. And that merchandise poster was Tao Mu’s single-person merchandise poster for the movie “Black and White”, which was not available on the market at all. Don’t know where Liu Yao even got it from. He even specially asked the staff of to photoshop it a bit and make Tao Mu look even more handsome and manly. As soon as he took it out, it immediately could cause a group of little girls to screech and salivate.

It was rare that both Liu Yao and old Mr. Song were so interested in something, Meng Qi also smiled and said to Tao Mu: “If you are really worried that Grandpa would be crowded, why don’t you communicate with the organizer and arrange for us to have a front row spot with a good view and without too many people. Just make sure we get to see you on the red carpet.”

Of course this was fine. But if this scene was filmed by the media, he was afraid it would make headlines again.

Li Xiaoheng, who hadn’t spoken much, looked at Tao Mu and asked subtly, “Can I, as a partner, accompany Uncle Yao, Uncle Qi, and Grandpa on the red carpet?”

Tao Mu: “…..”

The red carpet show of the Golden Crow Awards started at 4:00 pm and ended at 7:30 pm. The first to appear on the red carpet was always the little nobodies in the entertainment circle, or the male and female stars who have not been nominated for any awards, but were only invited by the brands and sponsors and simply came to the red carpet for the catwalk. The heavyweight superstars would have to wait until the prime-time debut two hours later.

Tao Mu’s red carpet time was scheduled for around six o’clock in the evening. However, the time for fans to guard the red carpet started at two o’clock in the afternoon. Even if Tao Mu could communicate with the organizer about the best positions on both sides of the red carpet, and he could also communicate with the organizer to let the family arrive at the position around four o’clock. But there were still two hours from the start of the red carpet show to Tao Mu’s appearance. Tao Mu was reluctant to let his Yao Dad, Xiao Qi Dad, and Grandpa Song stand for so long with the light up sign and poster.

Anyway, he had to communicate with the organizer, so the result after Tao Mu negotiated with the organizer turned out to be to let his Yao Dad, Xiao Qi Dad, and Grandpa Song accompany him on the red carpet.

This arrangement was really beyond the expectations of the several elders. Even Mr. Meng, who had a good understanding of the ways in the circle, was instantly stunned.

“This, is this alright?”

Liu Yao, who had been eagerly imagining how to hold the light up sign before immediately became shy. Sitting in front of the TV and watching celebrities walk the red carpet, and standing on either side of the red carpet holding up signs to encourage their family’s Xiao Mu, these actions were not as impactful as walking the red carpet in person. So much so that the nearly forty-year-old gentleman became shy and at a loss.

“We are not stars, walk what red carpet!”

“But you are my family.” Tao Mu explained with a smile: “If the artist asks, the family members can accompany them on the red carpet.”

“Don’t coax me. In general, even if a celebrity walks the red carpet with their family, it is a male celebrity with his wife and a female celebrity with her husband. How could a male celebrity walk the red carpet with two fathers and a grandfather.” Liu Yao was particularly straightforward in debunking Tao Mu’s explanation.

As the husband of a male star, Li Xiaoheng also looked at their boss Tao with special resentment. Because Tao Mu’s red carpet family line-up arranged by the organizer obviously had no place for him.

Tao Mu helplessly patted Li Xiaoheng’s shoulder as comfort. He wasn’t ready to come out publicly in front of the national media. Of course, Li Xiaoheng would not be invited to accompany him on the red carpet in the name of his family. Therefore, he could only let their boss Li be aggrieved as the man behind the successful man.

Li Xiaoheng could also understand Tao Mu’s risk aversion for career development. He wasn’t upset, just a little bit disappointed.

So in order to make up for this loss, Mr. Li shamelessly snatched the Tao Mu light up sign and cheering posters carefully prepared by Liu Yao, and also took a photo of it and posted it on FlyNews with the title “I wish my business partner a great success.”

Although he hadn’t come out publicly, the relationship between Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng was already a tacit secret in the industry. Even in the eyes of Tao Mu’s fans and melon-eating passers-by, the daily interaction between Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng, an inexorable partner in the international financial market, could touch the soft spots of some fans.

So not long after this FlyNews was released, it immediately attracted a crazy wave of sharing and comments from Tao Mu’s fans. There were also many Tao Mu’s face fans who skillfully right-clicked to save while screeching excitedly. Some fans even went to the official account of “Black and White” to ask where to buy the poster. Of course, more fans were more concerned about the release of “Black and White” in the mainland. Knowing that the mainland remake version had a different ending from the Hong Kong screening version, some netizens also asked what the difference between the two versions was.

Even the presence of the Golden Crow Award had reached a very high level in the mainland. At least netizens who follow Tao Mu know when this Golden Crow Awards ceremony will be held. There were even many mainland netizens who ran to the official account of the Golden Crow Awards to leave a comment, and enthusiastically asked where they could watch the broadcast of the Golden Crow Awards ceremony.

These netizens’ comments immediately attracted the attention of the organizers of the Golden Crow Awards.

In order to expand the influence of the Golden Crow Awards in the mainland, the organizer of the Golden Crow Awards, which had been cooperating with Hong Kong TV Station, took the lead in finding Tao Mu, and offered to cooperate with and authorize FlyNews Entertainment to conduct live broadcast of this Golden Crow Awards.

Though it was called a live broadcast, in order to ensure that the program did not have any mishap, the entire live broadcast process needed to be delayed for five minutes. Some content must also be cut. For example, when an artist who had been banned in the mainland walked the red carpet, it must not be broadcast. In addition, if some guests make inappropriate remarks at the awards ceremony, would also delete them.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m ) was popular and professional, and its reputation as being strongly supported by mainland officials had already spread throughout the entertainment industry. Although the organizers of the Golden Crow Awards felt that’s requests were a bit of a fuss, they did not object. They just complained about it behind their backs that the media from the mainland was really difficult and rigid. They only kneel and lick the officials, don’t know how they managed to become so big.

However, this complaint disappeared immediately after seeing the views of the live video of the Golden Crow Awards ceremony.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 016 Official Meeting

On Wednesday, Jiang Chen specially took a day off.

Jiang Zhuo and his wife did not feel too excited about this meeting. After all, they had been to Yan City No. 3 Hospital before, and they had seen a somewhat well-known chief physician of spine surgery. He was also one of the doctors who said that Jiang Zhuo’s legs were hopeless. And in terms of strength, Yan No. 3 was not particularly ranked in this respect.

They were only willing to visit again after learning that Jiang Chen went out every weekend morning to ask about the doctor. Jiang Zhuo and his wife could not bear to disappoint him, so they agreed.

It was just that Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si couldn’t help but look forward to this meeting when seeing Jiang Chen asking for leave so solemnly, seeing the rare smile on his face since the accident, seeing his bright eyes and the little dimple at the corner of his mouth. They hoped that the doctor really did have good skills. They hoped that today would not let Jiang Chen be disappointed again after putting in the effort for so long.

When Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhuo arrived at the Third Hospital of Yan City, there were exactly two nurses on duty at the outpatient consultation desk three days ago.

They saw Jiang Chen coming, with an unfamiliar couple beside them. They were a little curious, but they didn’t ask any further questions. A round-faced nurse smiled and said, “Dr. Shi is here today, and I was just thinking you would come, he hasn’t any appointments yet, so this morning there were only patients queuing for consultation. So you can go to the front to register now, it should be your turn soon.”

Jiang Chen smiled and nodded, while Jiang Zhuo and his wife were a little surprised.

Jiang Zhuo was naturally moved when he knew that Jiang Chen came to Yan No. 3 Hospital every week, but now that even the nurses at the consultation desk knew him and that he was so familiar with queuing and registration, his heart was even more complicated.

He couldn’t give the child a superior living condition and after the accident, the child was worried and fearful. He already felt very guilty that he couldn’t be as simple and happy as before. So at this time, when he saw Jiang Chen busying himself with his treatment, he thought of how Jiang Chen must have done a lot of things for him and made so much effort, those complex feelings suddenly gave birth to a strong desire——he must get better.

Even if he could no longer stand up, as a husband and a father, he had to let this family stand up. So what if he couldn’t walk, he could find work that could be done without needing to walk. Only once he had completely recovered from this matter, his child and wife could let go of their worries and live a normal life.

Jiang Zhuo raised his head to look at his son, who seemed to have lost his naivety and had grown up quickly. He was proud and remorseful, but when he met those smiling eyes, he couldn’t help but also have a gratified smile on his face.

The child had worked so hard, what reason did he have to give up on himself?

Today this time, no matter what the result was, it would be treated as a new start for their family!

Jiang Chen saw Jiang Zhuo’s smile, and the smile in his eyes deepened. He took the registration slip and said, “Mom and Dad, we are number six, and there are only two people in front. The spine surgery clinic is on the second floor. Let’s go up and wait.”

Yang Si nodded and pushed Jiang Zhuo into the elevator. Seeing the smiles on Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhuo’s faces, the shadows in her heart also dissipated a lot. Since Jiang Zhuo’s accident, she was scared and anxious every time she came to the hospital. After the number of times increased, it left a shadow behind, and as soon as she stepped into the door of the hospital, her chest would feel stuffy and her heart would palpitate.

They arrived on the second floor very soon. The family of three got out of the elevator, followed the signs to the Spine Surgery Clinic, and stopped outside a small door. There was a blue sign next to the door, which read: Spine Surgery, Shi Fengyue.

Jiang Chen handed the registration form to the nurse outside the door. The nurse glanced at it and said, “The previous patient has just entered, and it should be you right away. Just wait here for a while. If you are thirsty, there is a water dispenser over there.”

“Thank you.”

Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si were both a little nervous, so naturally they were not in the mood to drink water, but Jiang Chen was a little thirsty, so he poured a glass of water over there and drank it himself. He then poured a glass for his parents, holding it in his hand in case they got thirsty later.

The patient who entered came out not long after, and he was also accompanied by his family member, frowning and talking to the family member who was pushing his wheelchair: “This Dr. Shi actually said that the treatment of my leg is too simple, and asked me to find another doctor and he won’t be taking my case, is he mental?”

The Jiang family, who were about to go in, happened to hear their conversation. Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si looked at each other but before they could think about anything, Jiang Chen had already opened the door for them and could only go in.

However, when the wheelchair was pushed halfway, Jiang Chen no longer moved further.

Jiang Chen held the doorknob in one hand and the water glass in the other, and stood in the gap where the door opened. The man who was rotating the pen with his fingers raised his head lazily, and their eyes collided. One slightly widened his eyes, and the other raised his eyebrows.

“It’s you?”

“Why are you here?”

The two spoke at the same time, one was surprised, the other was curious.

For the first time since he was reborn, Jiang Chen showed such an exposed expression of surprise: “You are Shi Fengyue?”

Shi Fengyue crossed his legs with a smile at the corner of his eyes. He supported his chin with one hand and said lazily, “Don’t you already know me?”

Jiang Chen’s brows twitched, what he said was indeed correct, he could be considered to have known him, after all, he had met him twice before, but for some reason, he kept feeling that there was something else in Shi Fengyue’s words.

Sure enough, Shi Fengyue tilted his head and laughed exuberantly, with a dissolute and sly expression: “It turns out that the golden age beauty has such a low sense of existence in your heart.”

Jiang Chen: “…..”

Could it be that he was actually listening to him talking to the nurse back then?

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Chen paused, put away the surprise in his heart, and said calmly: “I didn’t know you were Dr. Shi before, and I said ‘golden age beauty’ because I heard a friend who saw your photo describe you that way, and so I borrowed their words without thinking too much about it.”

Don’t know if Shi Fengyue believed it or not, his half-smiling eyes staying on him for a few seconds before passing by him to the couple behind him. He nodded slightly and said, “Is it a patient? Please come in.”

Jiang Zhuo and his wife, who were confused by their conversation, just came in a daze. Even after the door closed, Shi Fengyue squatted beside Jiang Zhuo’s leg and pinched for a long time, then watched the x-rays he brought, and asked a few questions, Yang Si was still a bit at a loss.

Did Jiang Chen and this Dr. Shi know each other or not?

It sounded like they didn’t know each other, but they all looked like they knew each other. Moreover, this Dr. Shi was really quite young. The age difference between the two was not much different so if Jiang Chen knew him it was not that strange. But why had she never heard about it before?

Also, this young doctor was too good-looking. Before, Yang Si only thought that her child was the best-looking boy she had ever seen. Even though she was wearing the filter of being a mother, whoever had met Jiang Chen would always praise him for looking better than the stars on TV. But after seeing this doctor, Yang Si realized that people could actually be born with looks like this.

Just as there were a bunch of questions in Yang Si’s mind, and because of Shi Fengyue’s appearance, she couldn’t help but question his medical skills, she then heard a pleasant sounding voice say slowly:

“After being discharged from the hospital, the maintenance was done well. If you are ready to enter the hospital, you should be able to undergo the operation in half a month. I can guarantee the success rate of the operation, but how much you can recover after the operation depends on your later rehabilitation. If it is good, you will be able to walk normally again, and if not you can only use crutches, but no matter the case, heavy physical activity and strenuous exercise are no longer possible.”

Yang Si was in a daze, the cool, magnetic voice sounded in her ears, each word jumping in her mind. It took a while to string together a sentence for her to understand and digest, but after digesting it, she doubted her own ears.

Did she hear it right?

The doctor said that there was still hope for Jiang Zhuo’s legs?

He could stand up after surgery? And it was even possible to walk normally?

Jiang Zhuo was also shocked and dazed.

Stand up?

The doctor said he could stand up after the surgery on his leg?

Was this real?

Compared with his parents’ disbelief, Jiang Chen accepted it without even needing to digest it. Needless to say, Shi Fengyue’s medical skills were not to be questioned. If others saw him so young and heard him say “guarantee the success rate of surgery”, they would only think he was arrogant and ignorant. In fact, many people questioned this in the early stage of his medical practice in the first life, but it turned out that Shi Fengyue could really do it. So long as it was his operation, the success rate was 100%.

But he was also a little surprised.

During this time, he had planned countless ways to get Shi Fengyue to agree to perform the operation. He even thought about it in class, but he had yet to think of a sure way, because he didn’t know Shi Fengyue in reality, and the Shi Fengyue he heard from other people’s mouths was also an image of a willful person doing whatever he wanted. If he didn’t want to agree, whatever you say or do was useless.

To this end, he had already prepared an alternative plan, screening out the well-known spine surgeons at home and abroad one by one, thinking that if he really couldn’t get Shi Fengyue’s consent, his father’s legs couldn’t wait any longer, he must find other alternatives as soon as possible, and he even prepared to take leave to go to hospitals in other provinces and cities.

But unexpectedly, Shi Fengyue agreed so easily.

Could it be that his father’s condition was so bad that Shi Fengyue was interested enough in the challenge?

This was the only reason Jiang Chen could think of.

While Jiang Chen was thinking, Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si finally reacted.

Yang Si said with a trembling voice: “D-Dr. Shi, are you telling the truth? There is still hope for my husband’s legs, and he can still stand up after the operation?”

Shi Fengyue glanced at the thoughtful Jiang Chen, and frowned inwardly. This was the first surgery he promised to do today, and he promised it directly and without any beating around the bush, so why did this child not seem very happy. Before, he had done everything to find and approach him, but now when he really saw him he was not as interested?

He tutted from the bottom of his heart, squeezing and letting go of a candy in his pocket, but his expression remained calm and flat: “If you decide to have surgery, I suggest that Mr. Jiang be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible.”

“Surgery! Of course, surgery is necessary!” Yang Si immediately said, “He can be admitted to the hospital anytime!”

After she finished speaking, she turned to see Jiang Zhuo. Jiang Zhuo’s eyes were already red. He looked at his excited wife, swallowed the lump in his throat, and said, “Dr. Shi, could my legs really recover?”

Normally, Shi Fengyue’s most annoying pet peeve was to deal with the incessant and repetitive questioning. Whether it was self-questioning or questioning him, he was neither interested nor in the mood to comfort them. But when he saw Jiang Chen, who suddenly raised his face and smiled, sowing a small dimple, his impatience instantly dissipated, and he even couldn’t help but curve his lips in a slight smile of his own.

“Yes.” Shi Fengyue’s tone had always been very mild and indifferent, but at this time it also held a convincing power: “If you can, enter the hospital as soon as possible.”

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