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Source of Calamity CH 062 Older Man In Love

In the teaching building, the girls were whispering.

“Did you see that handsome guy at the door when you came in?”

“God, he’s really handsome! He’s tall, with long legs, not to mention that face. I really want to strike up a conversation, but I didn’t dare.”

“Have you seen the watch he was wearing? I have seen the brand, but I haven’t seen that model. It must be custom-made. The cheapest basic model of that company is at least 200,000 yuan. High-end luxury brand, I am convinced.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Looks and money, damn, if I was more beautiful, I would definitely ask for a phone number.”

“I wonder whose boyfriend he is, either way I haven’t seen him in school before.”

“I know, I know, just now I heard him asking where Lin Manman’s class is.”

“Lin Manman, the name sounds familiar.”

“You don’t know the most popular girl in the sophomore year, the goddess of all geeks? She’s even a rich second generation.”

“Ai, I thought so, rich people are only friends with rich people, ai.”

“But I think Lin Manman is just average.”

“Lin Manman is still average? I think she is quite pretty.”

When Shen Zhen found Lin Manman, Lin Manman was just finished with class. She had long black hair like a waterfall, wore simple and elegant clothes, and light makeup on her face. Among girls, she was quite outstanding.

“Lin Manman, that handsome guy seems to be waiting for you to come out.” Lin Manman’s friend whispered, “Just now someone said that a guy is waiting for you downstairs the teaching building. How did you know such a handsome guy? You didn’t reveal a hint.”

Lin Manman was also at a loss: “I don’t know him.”

The friend pushed her over: “Go and ask.”

Lin Manman looked at Shen Zhen, a little nervous, but soon pulled herself together and walked over with a smile on her face.

“Lin Manman?” Seeing Lin Manman approaching, Shen Zhen called out her name.

Lin Manman: “Yes, it’s me, and you?”

Shen Zhen took out a paper bag from behind, which contained a cup of milk tea. He handed the paper bag to Lin Manman, and then introduced himself, “I am Han Lang’s brother. I bought this cup of milk tea at the gate of your school. It hasn’t been opened.”

Only then did Lin Manman take out the milk tea and put in a straw. She stood beside Shen Zhen, her heart pounding against her chest like a deer, and she lowered her head: “Han Lang hasn’t come to school these days, is he sick?”

Shen Zhen didn’t expect that Lin Manman didn’t know about it yet, so he asked gently, “You aren’t dating Han Lang?”

Lin Manman hastily explained: “We are just friends. He said some time ago that he wanted to make a small game app. I happened to be free, so I worked with him on it.”

After all, in garden landscapes they also learned model design. Although it was not necessary for small games, scene design was still possible.

Lin Manman suddenly asked: “What happened to him? Did something happen?”

Shen Zhen: “Sun Yun, do you know him?”

Lin Manman’s face suddenly turned pale: “Did he trouble Han Lang? I have explained to him several times but he is very domineering. I dated him in my freshman year, but I just can’t stand his machismo so I broke up with him. After we broke up, he several times he has threatened my male friends.”

“I also told Han Lang about this.” Lin Manman explained anxiously, “Han Lang said it’s okay, that he isn’t dating me, and Sun Yun has no reason to bother him.”

Lin Manman: “Han Lang…..did something really happen to him?”

Shen Zhen nodded: “He was sent to the hospital last night, and is still in a coma.”

Lin Manman’s face turned pale: “How can this be…..”

“I’ll call Sun Yun, I want to ask him.”

Lin Manman took out her mobile phone and pulled up Sun Yun’s number from the blacklist.

Lin Manman took Shen Zhen to a quiet corner and turned on the speaker.

The connection was made within ten seconds after the number was called.

“Manman? Taking the initiative to call me? Have you figured it out?”

Lin Manman pressed the record button.

She asked: “Sun Yun, I have told you many times, we have already broken up, please don’t pester me and the people around me anymore, Han Lang and I…..”

The male voice on the other line interrupted her violently: “I said it before! You can’t be with any man in this life except me! What is Han Lang? Does he have money like me? What can you get from being with him? Let me tell you, if you still want to be with Han Lang, he will only be worse off than now!”

Lin Manman: “Speak clearly, what did you do to Han Lang?!”

Male voice: “Don’t worry about it, you just have to remember, whoever dares to date you except me, Han Lang’s fate will be their fate!”

Lin Manman yelled at the phone: “I have no feelings for you, and I don’t want to be with you, I’m not your property!”

Sun Yun snorted coldly: “What you say doesn’t count.”

Lin Manman glanced at Shen Zhen, and Shen Zhen nodded to her.

Lin Manman’s tone softened: “Sun Yun, I really have nothing to do with Han Lang.”

Sun Yun said: “I don’t care if there is anything or not, anyway, whoever dares to touch my woman, I will make him pay the price. I’m not afraid of you knowing that Han Lang’s beating is his own fault, if it wasn’t because he didn’t want to kneel down and apologize to me, I would not have him beat so miserably.”

Lin Manman was trembling with anger.

Just as she was about to say something, Sun Yun said, “I still have something to do. I will pick you up from school at night, so I’ll hang up first.”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Manman said to Shen Zhen guiltily: “I didn’t know he would really do this, otherwise I wouldn’t have worked on the game with Han Lang…..”

Shen Zhen: “It’s not your fault.”

Lin Manman looked up at Shen Zhen. Under the sun, Shen Zhen’s eyelashes looked very long, long and curled, and his facial features were also very fine and exquisite.

Some people passed by and saw the two of them and began to joke goodnaturedly, especially those who knew Lin Manman.

“Manman, your boyfriend? He is so handsome!”

“Manman, remember to treat me to dinner!”

“Your boyfriend is so handsome! You must cherish it, Manman!”

Lin Manman’s face turned red and then white.

Shen Zhen: “Let’s add friends, and you can send me the recording.”

Lin Manman nodded: “Okay, if you have any news, or if you need me to do something, you can tell me.”

Lin Manman said: “This incident also happened because of me…..”

Shen Zhen nodded: “En.”

There was a recording, witness, and medical record provided by the hospital. The only thing missing now was the surveillance video.

Shen Zhen looked at his watch, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon. He hadn’t eaten all day, but he still didn’t feel hungry.

The awards ceremony started at seven o’clock, and Shen Zhen had to go back now.

The awards ceremony this time was held by a local TV station. Shen Zhen went home and changed into a formal suit before driving to the TV station.

Qin Xing had already arrived, and was in the backstage lounge of the TV station.

Shen Zhen walked into the backstage and found that Qin Xing was the only one sitting in the lounge.

“Only Uncle is here?” Shen Zhen asked strangely.

Qin Xing was reading the newspaper. He put the newspaper down and smiled at Shen Zhen: “The others are in another lounge.”

Shen Zhen understood: “Uncle’s special treatment.”

Qin Xing chuckled.

Shen Zhen was suddenly a little embarrassed. Ever since he and Qin Xing pierced the window paper, he always felt embarrassed easily.

“It’s the first time for me to attend an awards ceremony.” Shen Zhen sat next to Qin Xing, and went to get the teacup with slightly stiff movements.

Qin Xing’s movements were very natural. He stretched out an arm and put it directly around Shen Zhen’s shoulder.

“Don’t be nervous.” Qin Xing said, “Xiao Zhen is the best.”

Shen Zhen blurted out: “You are just saying that because the beauty is in the eye of the beholder…..”

But before he finished speaking, Shen Zhen felt something was wrong with the phrase he used. He really wanted to dig a hole for himself. Why did he feel so shameless when he said that.

“Xiao Zhen is right.” Qin Xing smiled and kissed Shen Zhen’s earlobe.

Shen Zhen’s ears turned red instantly, and it even twitched. Why did he feel that Qin Xing seemed to have become a different person since the kiss from last time, and that the Uncle Qin who had always been calm, self-contained and abstinent was gone forever.

He suddenly missed that Uncle Qin a little bit.

“Are you hungry?” Qin Xing asked.

Shen Zhen shook his head: “I’m not hungry, I don’t want to eat.”

Qin Xing: “I’ll take you to dinner after the awards ceremony is over.”

Shen Zhen did not refuse.

There weren’t many people in the studio. After all, it was a local TV station. It didn’t have much funding, so it didn’t invite audiences. It was enough for one to come on stage when his name was called by the host.

Shen Zhen didn’t know who wrote the introduction for him, and he got goosebumps when he heard it.

“Shen Zhen, chairman and general manager of Tonghui Enterprise, is a young entrepreneur who puts the people in his heart and is committed to serving the people. Although he is young, he is humble and Tonghui Enterprise which is involved in real estate and network information has made outstanding contributions to the stability of the market, and at the same time provides a better network platform for the public. All roads lead to Rome, and emerging industries can also become the pillars of society!”

Shen Zhen blushed when he heard this in the audience, it was like a public punishment.

So embarrassing.

Qin Xing didn’t hold back, and also laughed out loud, saying to Shen Zhen in a low voice, “Go on.”

Shen Zhen could only go up still with a blush.

Although his speech was memorized in advance, Shen Zhen still missed two sentences.

He really didn’t want to participate in such an award ceremony in the future, what was the point? Other than to suffer an execution of embarrassment in public.

The employees working at Qin Group the next day found that the company’s big screen in the lobby was all turned on. In fact, this screen was rarely turned on. Usually it was only turned on when there were important notifications. However, as soon as they went to work today, the screen kept playing Shen Zhen winning an award.

“Isn’t this CEO Qin’s secretary?”

“A young entrepreneur.”

“Who said last time that he has an improper relationship with Mr. Qin? Got slapped in the face, huh?”

“He looks even more handsome on TV. Has a good relationship with Mr. Qin, and has his own money and company. Damn, what a winner in life.”

“But…..having said that, why is it being played on a loop?”

“…..Why do I have the feeling that Mr. Qin is showing off?”

“Honestly, I feel the same way.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“That’s right. When Eldest Young Master Qin received an award before, the company never broadcast it, let alone broadcast it on a loop.”

Assistant Ma, who knew every inside information, walked by arrogantly.

Hmph, when an older man falls in love, it was like a house catching on fire. You people just wait and see, this kind of level is only relatively modest.

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Source of Calamity CH 061 Protective

Han Lang’s counselor was very young, and he also graduated from this college. After graduation, he stayed at the school to work. He did not work as a subject teacher, but only supervised the students. When Shen Zhen contacted him, he seemed to be at a party. The sound of wine glasses could be heard clinking.

The counselor’s surname was Zhao, and he was twenty-six years old this year but Shen Zhen still politely called him Counselor Zhao.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Is it Han Lang’s family?” Counselor Zhao spoke vaguely, seeming to be chewing something in his mouth. At the moment he couldn’t spit or swallow, so he just kept it in his mouth, “I already told everything to Han Lang’s mother this afternoon. I don’t have any more information here, if you still have doubts, I suggest you go to the police.”

“Please give me his roommate’s phone number.” Shen Zhen said.

The counselor seemed to pause for a moment, and then said after a while: “I don’t have it saved on my phone, sorry.”

Shen Zhen: “Okay, then I’ll hang up first, sorry for the trouble.”

Counselor: “No trouble.”

“We’ll go to his school tomorrow morning, do you know his dormitory number?” Shen Zhen asked Mama Zhang.

Mama Zhang nodded again and again: “I know, 305, Building Six.”

Han Lang’s college entrance examination results were very average, and he barely got into the undergraduate course. The school he attended was a very ordinary private university. The tuition fee was half higher than that of the public university. The school was not large, and it was in a small town outside the city.

Shen Zhen took Mama Zhang to Han Lang’s school early in the morning.

At this time, the breakfast shops near the school had already opened, but neither Shen Zhen nor Mama Zhang was in the mood for breakfast.

There was no key card when entering the school, so Shen Zhen and Mama Zhang could only enter together when the students came in and out.

After waiting for about ten minutes, a college girl in a light-colored sweater led them in. The girl was very talkative and asked Shen Zhen, “Are you an alumnus? I haven’t seen you in the school before.”

With those looks, he was very eye-catching, so why else didn’t she recognize him?

Although Shen Zhen was anxious, he still said politely: “My little brother goes to school here.”

The girl asked curiously, “What year?”

Shen Zhen: “Freshman.”

The girl thought about it, was there any handsome freshman this year? How come she didn’t know.

“Where are you going now?” the girl asked again.

Shen Zhen didn’t see any guide sign, and Mama Zhang also came to the school for the first time, so Shen Zhen said: “We are going to the sixth boys’ dormitory, but I don’t know which way to go.”

The girl said enthusiastically, “I’ll take you there. It’s not far, but very close. Our school is very small.”

The boys’ dormitory and the girls’ dormitory were in different directions, and there was a clear distinction. At this time, there were very few people coming out of the boys’ dormitory. Although it was 8 o’clock in the morning, all the people who  now had classes in the morning, and most of them were still sleeping.

Don’t know if Han Lang’s roommates before moving out were still in the dormitory.

“Just go in and register, I’ll go back first.” The enthusiastic girl sent them to the dormitory building.

Shen Zhen: “Thank you, I…..” He was about to offer to give the other party a tip for the hard work, but the girl quickly took out her phone instead.

The girl smiled and said, “Then let’s add friends on WeChat?”

Shen Zhen thought about it, and felt that it was also fine: “Okay.”

At that time he could just send a red envelope directly which was better than giving cash.

When they entered the dormitory, they needed to register with the dormitory auntie. The registration process was very convenient. They just need to write down their name and the number of the dormitory they want to go to, and leave their mobile phones.

Although the school’s tuition fees were not cheap, when Shen Zhen observed the dormitory rooms that were open, he found that the boys’ dormitory had eight people to a room. The girl just now said that the girls’ dormitory had six people to a room. There was also no air conditioning jiat a small fan and the water machine was outside the dormitory.

Shen Zhen and Mama Zhang stood at the door of 305. There was no sound inside, and it was after Shen Zhen knocked on the door several times did he get an answer.

“Who is it?”

“Dormitory check? So early?”

“Can you keep your voice down?”

It took more than a minute before a boy in his underwear opened the door.

When he saw Shen Zhen and Mama Zhang, the boy was confused: “Who are you looking for?”

Mama Zhang quickly said: “I am Han Lang’s mother, Han Lang is in the hospital now, we want to ask if you know anything…..”

The boy’s expression became a little unnatural: “How is he now? There is no danger, right?”

Mama Zhang: “He is still in a coma, but the doctor said there shouldn’t be any major problems.”

The boy in the dormitory who was still under the quilt said, “Auntie, we don’t know much about it. Recently, Han Lang usually only goes to the library after class, and he doesn’t hang out with us much.”

“Yeah, he seems to be doing research recently, and he’s very busy every day.”

Mama Zhang was at a loss.

Shen Zhen said to the boy who opened the door: “Are you free now? I’ll treat you to breakfast.”

This boy with an unnatural expression must know something.

Boy: “No need, I’m not very hungry now…..”

As soon as his words fell, his belly growled.

The others in the dormitory said: “Even your stomach can hear that you are lying, if someone treats you to a free meal, then just go.”

Although they were joking, their tone was slightly unnatural, as if they were covering up something.

The boy felt a little embarrassed after being teased, so he turned around and said to Shen Zhen, “Then I’ll get dressed first.”

The boy dressed quickly, a pair of trousers and a hoodie, put on sneakers, brushed his teeth and washed his face all in three minutes. Soon he walked out of the dormitory with Shen Zhen and Mama Zhang.

The boy was a little nervous next to Shen Zhen. He was only about 1.7 meters tall, about ten centimeters shorter than Shen Zhen. He said, “My surname is Zhou, Zhou Zihua.”

Shen Zhen: “My name is Shen Zhen.”

Zhou Zihua: “Brother Shen.”

They found the quietest restaurant near the school and entered a private room. The dishes were ordered by Zhou Zihua. There were soy milk, fritters, and steamed buns, as well as flower rolls and steamed dumplings. For breakfast, it was very rich.

“How is your relationship with Han Lang?” Shen Zhen asked.

Zhou Zihua was a little cautious, but still replied: “Alright, Han Lang is very nice.”

Shen Zhen asked again: “Do you know who has a feud with him?”

Zhou Zihua didn’t speak.

Shen Zhen suddenly said: “You don’t have to be afraid, just tell the truth. If you tell the truth, I can send you to study abroad, and I can help you with all the procedures necessary.”

Zhou Zihua looked up stupidly: “Huh?”

Shen Zhen: “Or if you want cash then that’s also fine, I can transfer it to your online banking or bank card.”

Zhou Zihua was even more dumbfounded.

Shen Zhen said, “One million yuan.”

Zhou Zihua: “…..”

Was he dreaming or hallucinating? Han Lang had always been very frugal. He usually refused to go out to eat hot pot, and ate in the cafeteria every day. When did he get such a rich brother?

If he was so rich, why did he still come to this crappy school?

Shen Zhen: “I didn’t bring a checkbook, so I can only transfer money to you, but it takes many transfers for one million yuan, and we can also go directly to the bank counter to do it.”

After Zhou Zihua finished his meal in a daze, he followed Shen Zhen to the bank in a daze.

Then he saw the balance text message on his mobile phone in a daze, and his whole person was completely dumbfounded.

“Let’s talk.” Shen Zhen took Zhou Zihua to the tea house next to the school, and Mama Zhang also looked at Zhou Zihua intently.

Zhou Zihua took a sip of water, and then he said with a little fear: “Han Lang got very close to a senior sister before, and everyone says they are dating. The senior sister has an ex-boyfriend who is a senior student, and now he is outside the school working on an internship. He has picked on Han Lang several times, and told Han Lang that if he gets close to the senior sister again, he would break his leg.”

“We didn’t take it seriously at the time. After all, it was just talk. I didn’t expect him to really dare to do it.”

Shen Zhen tapped his finger on the table: “Why didn’t you tell the police?”

Zhou Zihua said in a low voice: “Senior sister’s ex-boyfriend is the son of the school director. He said that if we speak out, the school will cancel our subject grades, and we will not be able to get a diploma in the future.”

Shen Zhen smiled: “There isn’t just a threat, is there?”

Zhou Zihua swallowed: “If you don’t say anything, you can apply to stay on for graduate school.”

Mama Zhang’s eyes were red. She grabbed Zhou Zihua’s hand and said emotionally, “What’s the name of that person? What’s the name of the person who beat my son?”

Zhou Zihua: “Sun Yun, his father’s name is Sun Changyang.”

Shen Zhen asked again: “And that senior sister?”

Zhou Zihua: “Lin Manman, she’s quite famous, she’s very pretty, and she’s also a rich second generation.”

Shen Zhen nodded, indicating that he knew: “Do you have her phone number?”

Zhou Zihua: “No, she is a sophomore, majoring in landscape architecture. You can ask around.”

Shen Zhen stood up, took Mama Zhang’s wrist, and said to Zhou Zihua: “You don’t need to say anything after you go back. After all, I only gave you money, and not the others. You have to weigh the situation yourself.”

Zhou Zihua repeatedly assured: “I definitely won’t say anything.”

He was not that stupid. The other people in the dormitory knew about this matter as well. If he said it, the one million yuan he got would definitely be coveted by them. One million yuan, how many years did an ordinary family like theirs have to earn this much? At worst, he would go back and drop out of school, and then go abroad to study. One million yuan was enough for him to go abroad to finish university.

Even if it was a bad university, it was still plated with the gold layer that was studying abroad.

“I called a taxi for you. You should go back to the hospital to see how Xiao Lang is doing.” Shen Zhen half hugged Mama Zhang, “I’ll handle this matter.”

Mama Zhang sniffed: “For that money, I…..”

Shen Zhen: “We’ll talk about the money when the time comes.”

What Mama Zhang gave him was worth much more than one million.

Mama Zhang was restless at this time, and she didn’t have the heart to think about the million yuan. After all, her salary was not low, and she still had a lot of savings. When the time came she could pay back the money in installments, the pressure was not too great.

It was very common for boys to fight because of jealousy over girls, but what Shen Zhen couldn’t accept was beating people nearly to death, and it was obviously not done by one person. Shen Zhen couldn’t accept the use of power to present a false appearance of peace.

And even if Han Lang woke up, and Zhou Zihua was the witness, it would still be very troublesome without evidence.

Although it was also a solution to fight violence with violence, Shen Zhen had no interest in finding someone to beat Sun Yun up.

Prison was a better end for him.

Shen Zhen stood at the school gate, holding a mobile phone in his hand, and called Qin Xing: “What time is the award ceremony tonight?”

Qin Xing’s tone was gentle: “It starts at seven o’clock, what’s the matter?”

Shen Zhen: “It’s nothing, I can be there in time, I have to take care of something.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Qin Xing: “Do you need my help?”

Shen Zhen’s tone became gentle: “No, I can solve it, I’ll contact you later.”

After hanging up the phone, Shen Zhen looked at the school gate.

Where was the best place to start?

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Source of Calamity CH 060 Violence

“Ai, isn’t this Mr. Su?” A woman walked in from the door. She was wearing a back revealing dress, her white and delicate skin on display. Holding a cigarette in her hand, she leaned on the door and looked at Su Shiqing lying on the bed.

Su Shiqing: “…..Zhang Lei?”

Zhang Lei walked over, hips swaying alluringly. “Thought I was driven away?”

Su Shiqing did not expect to see Zhang Lei again.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Zhang Lei ignited the cigarette, and after blowing out a ring of smoke, she said, “We will be sisters from now on.”

Su Shiqing: “Who is sisters with you? I am a man!”

Zhang Lei sneered: “We are all relying on sleeping men to climb up, using love as a fish hook, what are you pretending to be noble for?”

A man’s hand wrapped around Zhang Lei’s waist, and Mr Zheng leaned over, kissing Zhang Lei’s ear: “What are you two talking about?”

Zhang Lei turned around and hugged Mr. Zheng’s neck: “Telling Mr. Su to follow you well.”

Mr. Zheng patted Zhang Lei’s ass and rubbed it: “Tell him nicely, don’t scare him.”

Zhang Lei glanced at him sideways and sighed: “You know that I can tolerate everything for you, so you just bully me.”

Mr. Zheng: “How are you bullied? Who bullied you? Tell me, I will teach him a good lesson.”

It had been nearly a month since Su Shiqing’s departure from Qin Group. The bruises on his face were almost faded, his injuries had gradually become better, and he was no longer in pain, but he still couldn’t get out of bed——his ankle was shackled to the bed.

Su Shiqing finally realized what kind of person he met.

This was simply a lunatic with mental illness.

And Zhang Lei, another lunatic.

He was extremely scared, but his phone was taken away and there was no window in this room. He had no way to ask for help.

Mr. Zheng first kissed Zhang Lei, then walked over to grab Su Shiqing’s chin, kissed Su Shiqing’s lips, and then adjusted his tie, saying said with a smile, “Then I will go to work now, Xiao Lei, take good care of Shi Qing.”

Zhang Lei smiled: “I know.”

After Mr. Zheng left, Zhang Lei sat beside the bed, and next to Su Shiqing. She poured a glass of wine, raised it in a toast, then took a sip. She held the wine in her mouth for a while then spit it out on Su Shiqing’s face, before letting out a big laugh.

“Mr. Su, aren’t you very capable? So capable you can drive me out of Qin Group.” Zhang Lei glanced at him in a charming manner, “But so what? Where are you better than me?”

“By the way, Mr. Zheng is deeply affectionate towards you.” Zhang Lei touched her chest. “When he f**ks me, your name is still the one he calls.”

She smoothed her hair: “But I don’t care about this, anyway, I am just staying here temporarily.”

“My goal is not a low -level man like Mr. Zheng.”

“Speaking honestly, your goal is not him either, right?” Zhang Lei, “But I have no other choice, if I want to climb up, I have to find a ladder. You are different, you were originally up high in the clouds, but you crawled down along the ladder yourself. “

Zhang Lei: “I heard that Mr. Zheng was also a dedicated and honest man before he met you. He did well in Qin Group, and practiced fairness and justice. Although he is just a small leader, the cleaners liked him very much.”

Zhang Lei looked at Su Shiqing: “After encountering you, he became completely crazy. Looking at it this way, Mr. Su, it seems you are indeed better than me.”

“But so what?”

Zhang Lei looked at Su Shiqing with contempt. She looked down on Su Shiqing. It was true that she was a social climber but Su Shiqing was willing to cheapen himself. She felt that she was much better than Su Shiqing.

“Mr. Su, for some time in the future, we will be staying under the same roof.” Zhang Lei took out the paper towels and wiped the wine on Su Shiqing’s face. “Let’s get along well.”

This month, Chu Haoyi was going crazy looking for Su Shiqing. Su Shiqing seemed to have completely disappeared from under his eyes. He didn’t even leave a text message. Chu Haoyi was helpless and could only take the initiative to contact Qin Yue.

Qin Yue was having a meeting in his company when he received the call.

After all, it was the heir trained by Qin Xing, and Qin Yue’s company had gone on track in a short time.

“Did you say that Shi Qing disappeared?” Qin Yue made a gesture, having the people continue the meeting, and then walked out of the conference room.

Chu Haoyi: “He isn’t with you?”

Qin Yue sneered: “After I returned to China, all my calls and text messages sent to him seemed to have sunk into the ocean. Isn’t it your doing?”

Chu Haoyi’s voice was colder: “If Eldest Young Master Qin wants to look for someone, how can you not find them? Text and call? Are you brushing me off?”

“You didn’t make an attempt at all, right?” Chu Haoyi drew blood directly.

Qin Yue frowned: “Chu Haoyi, don’t think I dare not make a move against you.”

“Who do you want to make a move against?”

The voice of another man came from the mobile phone, and thar man was right next to Chu Haoyi. His tone was careless, but Qin Yue could hear the threat in it.

Chu Haoyi was infuriated on the other end of the line: “Feng Anyan, I told you to piss off!”

Then the phone hung up.

“Su Shiqing disappeared?” Shen Zhen was lying on the sofa, holding his mobile phone in his hand, and under his head was Qin Xing’s thigh. He looked up at Qin Xing, “Do you know where he is?”

Qin Xing smiled: “I don’t know, there is no need to care about him.”

Shen Zhen: “I thought he would go find Qin Yue.”

Qin Xing’s fingers were sifting through Shen Zhen’s hair. Shen Zhen’s hair was very soft and his hair was also very dark. Qin Xing didn’t care: “And what can Qin Yue do?”

Shen Zhen hooked a hand over Qin Xing’s neck, making Qin Xing lower his head, and the two met in a lingering kiss.

“Tomorrow is the award ceremony of the top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs.” Qin Xing said vaguely in between kisses.

Shen Zhen pushed Qin Xing away slightly, and looked at Qin Xing’s eyes: “I forgot.”

Qin Xing laughed: “Don’t worry, I already prepared the suit and car. You only need to prepare yourself tomorrow.”

Although it was just the top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs in the local area, and it could not be compared with the whole country, this was also still very prestigious. Shen Zhen also knew that he had yet to reach the national level.

That night, Shen Zhen returned his apartment for once.

The lights at home were bright. Mama Zhang had always been like this. So long as Shen Zhen did not say he would not come back, she would always turn on the lights. Sitting on the sofa in the living room, sometimes watching TV, sometimes weaving wool, the food kept hot in the kitchen. Just waiting for Shen Zhen to return home and eat.

“I’m back.” Shen Zhen changed his shoes at the entrance.

Mama Zhang stood up and said with a smile: “Eat something first.”

Shen Zhen found that Mama Zhang’s son was not in the living room: “What about Han Lang?”

Mama Zhang paused, and the smile on the corner of her mouth collapsed: “In the hospital.”

Shen Zhen said strangely: “Is he sick?”

Mama Zhang nodded stiffly: “I’m going to go bring the food out.”

Shen Zhen discovered that something was not right with Mama Zhang: “What’s wrong? He isn’t hospitalized due to sickness?”

Mama Zhang was busy in front of the kitchen island. She wiped her eyes with her sleeves, and smiled at Shen Zhen: “There was a small conflict with his classmates.

Shen Zhen: “Small conflict?”

Mama Zhang nodded and brought the food to the table: “I…..I have to go to the hospital to take care of him at night.”

Shen Zhen couldn’t see Mama Zhang upset.

In Shen Zhen’s heart, Mama Zhang was more like a mother to him than his own mother.

“What exactly happened?” Shen Zhen, “Why was he beaten?”

Mama Zhang Ma couldn’t help it any longer. She rushed to Shen Zhen’s arms and cried: “I don’t know. In the afternoon, their class counselor called me and said that Xiao Lang entered the hospital. When I went to see, Xiao Lang had already been pushed into the operating room. The counselor said that he was found in the school alley, and there is no surveillance there. “

“There is clearly monitoring, surveillance cameras. I went to school in the afternoon, and I saw the cameras there.” Mama Zhang’s emotions collapsed, “His counselor said that the angle of the cameras was not facing the alley.”

“I said I want to watch the surveillance videos.” Mama Zhang, “He then said that the surveillance was broken for a long time, there are no videos.”

“Xiao Lang is still in a coma.” Mama Zhang cried uncontrollably. She went to see her son in the afternoon and went to school to find evidence. She forced herself to remain calm for an entire day, and now she finally couldn’t hold back.

Mama Zhang spoke as if to herself: “Xiao Lang would not fight with others. He never causes trouble, and is very polite.”

Shen Zhen hugged Mama Zhang: “Did you call the police?”

Mama Zhang: “I reported it, the police said they are investigating the case.”

“Are there clues?” Shen Zhen asked again.

Mama Zhang shook her head: “I just called and asked, they said there are no clues, said that all evidence was destroyed at the scene.”

“The blood on the ground is all Xiao Lang’s.”

Shen Zhen said calmly, “I will go to the hospital with you.”

He glanced at the food on the table: “Wait for Xiao Lang o get better, we’ll then eat together.”

Mama Zhang nodded.

Shen Zhen took Mama Zhang downstairs and started the car.

Was it campus violence? Why was it towards Han Lang?

What happened?

Now Han Lang was still in a coma. Shen Zhen knew that Han Lang could not provide any news. He had to see Han Lang’s injuries.

“Was he beaten or are there other wounds on his body?” Shen Zhen asked.

Mama Zhang: “I…..I don’t know, I didn’t see under his clothes.”

Mama Zhang sobbed into her hands.

When they arrived at the ward, Mama Zhang stood at the door, and didn’t dare to go in.

Shen Zhen opened the door of the ward and saw Han Lang lying on the bed.

There was only the sound of beeping in the ward, and the tip of his nose was surrounded with the smell of disinfection water.

Han Lang’s chest, abdomen and arms were all bruised. He was lying flat on his back now, and the injuries on his back couldn’t be seen. But the places where they could see were already all mottled purple. There was no skin on his face that was unmarred. Such a heavy beating, the perpretrator must have hated him deeply.

But his breathing was smooth, his heartbeat was normal, and he was not in danger.

The injured places had already been taken care of, and they could only wait for him to wake up naturally.

After waking up, he would have to be checked again. The worst case scenario now was brain shock.

The brain becoming damaged would be troublesome.

“Mama Zhang, give me the phone number of the school leader and his counselor.” Shen Zhen took out his mobile phone.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Since Han Lang was the son of Mama Zhang, he couldn’t turn a blind eye.

If it was Han Lang’s fault, then this beating was deserved. If not, the perpetrator should pay the same price.

Shen Zhen looked at Mama Zhang’s crying figure. He didn’t know how terrifying the look in his eyes was at this time

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Why was there Su Shiqing everywhere? He was like a ghost that haunted him everywhere. In the novel, excellent men and women love him, and those who don’t love him all end up with miserable fates. Shen Zhen knew that his existence was a villain to act as a foil to Su Shiqing. He had a similar life experience as Su Shiqing, but had everything that Su Shiqing didn’t have.

So he deserved to die, he deserved to be stepped on by Su Shiqing, no matter what he did, it was useless.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Why? Just because he wasn’t the protagonist he didn’t have the right to live a good life?

“Xiao Zhen!” Qin Xing’s tone became anxious, he practically threw Su Shiqing away the second Su Shiqing hugged him, but Shen Zhen still saw it.

Shen Zhen’s face was very dark, he had never had such an expression, as if a black storm was gathering behind him.

Fierce, hateful, angry.

He had always restrained his negative emotions, not letting himself be overwhelmed by the experience of his previous life, but at this moment, he finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

Shen Zhen strode forward. Su Shiqing, who was thrown away, was frightened by Shen Zhen’s appearance. He took a step back and looked around in panic. However, when Shen Zhen kicked out, Su Shiqing still couldn’t find a way to save the situation.

It was a kick with all his strength, and Su Shiqing fell to the ground, the pain spreading from his abdomen. He clutched his lower stomach, curled up into a ball, tears falling silently. His whole body trembled slightly, appearing very pitiful.

“Xiao Zhen…..” he asked with difficulty, “Why are you doing this to me?”

Shen Zhen bent down and grabbed his collar, forcing him to look at him: “Su, Shi, Qing.”

Word by word, each word seemed to be grinded out from between his teeth.

“Does taking other people’s things make you feel more fulfilled?”

Su Shiqing widened innocent eyes: “Xiao Zhen, what are you talking about? I’m in so much pain…..”

Shen Zhen’s eyes were full of hatred, and his tone was cold and vicious: “I gave you a chance more than once.”

“I brought you from the Su family to the Qin family, but how did you repay me?”

Su Shiqing looked at Shen Zhen blankly. In his thought system, the reason Shen Zhen took him back to the Qin family, wasn’t it because Shen Zhen discovered something about him that was unique and special? Shen Zhen was so much better off than him, why did he still need him to repay him?

Giving kindness without asking for payment, wasn’t this the truth that everyone understood?

“I forgot, you probably took it for granted.” Shen Zhen stretched out his hand and stroked Su Shiqing’s face like a lover. His ips hooked upward, the smile full of wickedness, “After all in your eyes, everyone has to be a dog for you, and never ask for anything in return.”

Su Shiqing was so panicked that he begged Qin Xing for help: “Uncle Qin, Uncle Qin! Xiao Xhen is crazy!”

Shen Zhen punched Su Shiqing in the stomach.

Su Shiqing was in more pain, and his tears couldn’t stop flowing. Whoever looked at him would feel that he was very pitiful.

His stomach began to cramp, and his vision swam from the pain.

Shen Zhen turned his head to look at Qin Xing: “Uncle, am I crazy?”

He smiled, neurotically.

Qin Xing shook his head and said gently, “There is nothing wrong with Xiao Zhen.”

Su Shiqing said desperately: “Uncle Qin, don’t be fooled by him, he is not a good person, he is not kind at all!”

Shen Zhen patted Su Shiqing’s face: “Did I ever say I’m kind?”

Su Shiqing’s eyes widened.

Shen Zhen smiled and said, “All the virtues in this world, I don’t possess a single one.”

Su Shiqing finally yelled: “Shen Zhen! You are not human at all! You are a devil in human skin! You have no heart, only viciousness!”

Shen Zhen squeezed Su Shiqing’s chin, punched him in the chest, and asked with a smile, “Does it hurt?”

Su Shiqing had no strength left——he was a weak person, unable to resist Shen Zhen’s violence at all, and he couldn’t even protect himself.

“I really want to kill you.” Shen Zhen said softly.

Su Shiqing was scared out of his wits, he knew that what Shen Zhen said was not a lie, he really wanted to kill him.

“No, no, you can’t kill me!” Su Shiqing’s hands scrambled on the floor, wanting to crawl backwards. He was terrified, he really felt that Shen Zhen had gone crazy, “If you kill me, Big Brother Qin will not let you go, Uncle Qin will not just watch you kill me…..”

“You will go to jail!” Su Shiqing seemed to be grabbing at straws, “If I die, you will have to pay for it too!”

Shen Zhen shrugged his shoulders and let Su Shiqing crawl backwards, but he stood up and slowly pressed close to Su Shiqing. He whispered softly, with a smile like the spring breeze: “The maximum sentence is just lifetime, twenty years, and isn’t it easy to commute the sentence?”

“What’s more, who would believe that I killed you?” Shen Zhen said, “Qin Yue? Who else? Chu Haoyi?”

“Would they really fight me to the death for you?”

Su Shiqing’s mind went blank, and he murmured: “They won’t not care about me! They won’t!”

They loved him so much, it was impossible that they would not care about him. Ah Yue said that he only loved him in this life, and Hao Yi also said that no matter what happened, he would never give up on him.

Shen Zhen was just scaring him!

So Su Shiqing calmed down. Although the pain was still there, he seemed to be able to bear it. He looked at Shen Zhen with an expression of almost pity, and said, “Ah Zhen, do you think I stole Ah Yue? You are jealous of me, but you never thought, if you are that good, how could Ah Yue be snatched away?”

“Ah Yue doesn’t love you, is it Ah Yue’s fault? Ah Yue loves me, is it my fault?”

“Love is beautiful, not something you can control, and not something that you can have just because you grew up with him.”

Su Shiqing coughed and then said, “You only look for reasons in others, but you never reflect on yourself.”

“F**k your beautiful love!” Shen Zhen punched Su Shiqing again, venting his anger.

All reason seemed to have disappeared, and Shen Zhen had only one thought in his mind, which was to kill this person.

Su Shiqing curled into himself in pain, but was beaten so quickly that he lacked any strength. He laid with his belly turned up like a frog, his limbs spread out, and blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth, nearly unconscious.

“Xiao Zhen, that’s enough.” Qin Xing said aloud.

When Shen Zhen heard Qin Xing’s voice, his brain had yet to react. When he turned his head to look at Qin Xing, his eyes were full of killing intent.

Qin Xing’s emotions did not waver at all, he walked over and hugged Shen Zhen from behind.

“You can’t kill him yet.” Qin Xing said in Shen Zhen’s ear, “Don’t worry, there will be a day.”

Su Shiqing couldn’t die, not now, not before he found a new pillar. The world would collapse if Su Shiqing died.

Qin Xing said, “Xiao Zhen, don’t let Su Shiqing dirty your hands, he doesn’t deserve it.”

Shen Zhen remained motionless, and it took an unknown amount of time before Shen Zhen gradually calmed down. He looked at Su Shiqing who was lying on the ground, his eyes were cold and emotionless, and the words he said were coldly mechanical: “Do you think I am wrong?”

Qin Xing hugged him tightly, he knew that Shen Zhen’s emotions were on the edge of collapse.

Qin Xing still remembered the day when he heard the news of Shen Zhen’s death. It was a fine day. Although it was winter, the sun was bright and warm. The warm sunlight shone in from the window, but he suddenly felt a palpitation in his heart and his legs lost their strength.

Then a domestic call came in, informing him that Shen Zhen had been sent to be cremated.

Perhaps he was even more broken that day than Shen Zhen was now, and when he woke up, the room was already in a mess, like a tornado had torn through it.

But he couldn’t do anything, a sense of powerlessness filled his whole body. He could only wait, wait until Qin Yue and Su Shiqing got married, wait until all the dust settled, and wait until that powerful consciousness left before he could do anything.

The moment he heard the news of Shen Zhen’s death, he wanted the whole world to be buried with his beloved, including himself.

“Xiao Zhen is right.” Qin Xing said softly, “No matter what Xiao Zhen does, you will always be right.”

“But he can’t die now.” Qin Xing said, “There will be a way, Xiao Zhen.”

Shen Zhen: “Let go.”

 Qin Xing didn’t move.

Shen Zhen yelled: “Let go of me!”

Qin Xing grabbed Shen Zhen’s shoulders, and pressed Shen Zhen’s head to rest on his shoulders. He hugged Shen Zhen in an absolutely tolerant manner, “Xiao Zhen, I will not harm you, nor will I disappoint you. You must trust me.”

Shen Zhen suddenly asked: “Do you mean what you say?”

Qin Xing: “What do you think?”

Shen Zhen laughed suddenly, and Qin Xing felt a spot on his shoulder become a little wet. He didn’t speak, just hugged Shen Zhen quietly.

And Su Shiqing, who was lying on the ground, was ignored completely.

After Shen Zhen’s mood stabilized, Qin Xing said to Assistant Ma who was guarding outside the door: “Xiao Ma, you deal with this person.”

Assistant Ma, who was hardworking and omnipotent, walked in, grabbed Su Shiqing under the armpits with both hands, and dragged Su Shiqing to the other side of the lounge.

Assistant Ma looked at Su Shiqing’s disfigured face from the beating, and clicked his tongue. Who would have thought that Young Master Shen was this ruthless, that he really could beat a person to death.

This Young Master Su was really persevering.

Assistant Ma shrugged his shoulders. Towards the secrets of the rich and powerful he had no interest anyway. So long as he didn’t get squeezed out of his current position.

“Young Master Su.” Assistant Ma said to the unconscious Su Shiqing, “If you didn’t look for trouble, how would you be here today?”

Also causing him to deal with this troublesome matter.

Forget it, seeing that Su Shiqing had a good relationship with Mr. Zheng, he’ll let Mr. Zheng deal with this hot potato.

He didn’t want to get entangled in these things at all.

When Su Shiqing woke up, he was already lying on Mr. Zheng’s bed.

Mr.Zheng came in from the door with tea, and said with a smile, “Are you awake? Come, have a cup of tea, and I’ll apply the medicine for you later.”

Su Shiqing opened his eyes wide in horror: “Why am I here?”

Mr. Zheng said with a half-smile: “Then where do you want to be? If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be able to step out of Qin Group’s door.”

Mr.Zheng went to the bedside, and touched Su Shiqing’s face with distress: “Young Master Su, I have done so much, you must give me something sweet in return, yes?”

Su Shiqing: “…I, didn’t I already last time…..”

Mr. Zheng: “Don’t you also say it was last time? What about this time?”

Su Shiqing was frightened: “Then, it’s still the same as last time…..”

Mr. Zheng smiled and said, “Young Master Su, this time it is me who is asking you for it, not how you want to give it.”

Mr. Zheng stroked Su Shiqing’s cheek with his hand: “But now, let’s take care of you first. I really can’t get it up with your appearance now.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Shiqing yelled: “My lover is Qin Yue! How dare you touch me?!”

Mr. Zheng looked at him with gentle eyes: “I touched you, but do you dare to tell Eldest Young Master Qin? Sleeping Eldest Young Master Qin’s lover, how stimulating.”

Mr. Zheng licked his lower lip: “And I just love stimulation.”

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Qin Xing’s palms were dry and warm. Shen Zhen’s cool skin slowly warmed up, but his reason was still wandering away. Qin Xing’s voice sounded like it was coming from a distance, saying forcefully and gently: “Xiao Zhen, Uncle loves you.”

No response.

Qin Xing said again: “I won’t force you.”

He took Shen Zhen’s hand and placed a hot kiss on the back of it: “I will give you everything you want.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Zhen finally found his voice, but it was hoarse and scratchy: “Why?”

Why? What about him was worth it?

If he was good enough, why did his parents, Qin Yue, leave him?

The pretense of self-confidence finally collapsed at this moment. Shen Zhen’s voice was even a little nasally. He was teetering on the verge of collapse. He asked Qin Xing: “Do you know what you are talking about?”

Qin Xing said seriously and firmly, “I know.”

Qin Xing said in a tone like coaxing a child: “I know what Xiao Zhen is thinking, wondering if Uncle is teasing you, playing with you.”

Shen Zhen was trembling slightly.

Qin Xing smiled and said, “Never.”

Qin Xing said: “Xiao Zhen is Uncle’s darling.”

He never spoke sweet words, but as long as he was willing to open his mouth, the lethality was huge.

“Everything belonging to Uncle belongs to Xiao Zhen. Uncle’s life, money, whatever Xiao Zhen wants, Uncle will give it to you.”

Shen Zhen remained motionless, as if he had turned into a puppet. He felt his cheek being kissed, but Qin Xing’s lips did not move away. His lips seemed to be alive. After a few seconds that seemed like a century, Shen Zhen felt that his lips were covered, and something soft was pressed against the center of his lips.

Like a guest knocking on the door of the host’s house.

The manner was not forceful, he was waiting for the owner to issue permission to enter.

Shen Zhen opened his lips.

At the beginning, Qin Xing was gentle, slowly invading like water, meticulous and careful. His lips, tongue and limbs wrapped around Shen Zhen, and except for a little awkwardness, Shen Zhen felt very comfortable. He felt like he was wandering in river water that was warmed from the sun, so comfortable he felt almost drunk.

But soon, Shen Zhen found that Qin Xing’s arms holding his waist were becoming tighter and tighter. His whole body seemed to be trapped in Qin Xing’s embrace. He could feel the muscles under Qin Xing’s shirt, which were solid and strong. The tip of his nose was surrounded in Qin Xing’s unique scent, mixed with a hint of tobacco, a purely masculine smell.

He almost lost himself in the scent and touch.

Shen Zhen closed his eyes, he didn’t want to think about anything at this moment.

The kiss became more and more intense. Qin Xing lured his prey little by little. At the moment he got permission, he finally exposed his true nature. He invaded like a beast, biting and gnawing, and the slight pain made Shen Zhen even more dazed.

Time seemed to stop passing, and at the same time also seemed to be accelerating.

The moment they parted, Shen Zhen could feel that his lips had become numb.

He didn’t know that Qin Xing had this side to him.

Qin Xing was always self-disciplined, like a living ascetic monk, passing by the colorful world, but never staying.

“Does it hurt?” Qin Xing rubbed Shen Zhen’s lips with his thumb, and Shen Zhen’s lips became even redder. Because of the kiss it had become moist, which made Qin Xing feel very satisfied, and he asked, “Has Qin Yue ever treated you like this?”

As soon as the words came out, both of them froze.

A look of consternation appeared between Qin Xing’s brows.

He still cared about it, and he cared about it for who knows how many years. He had buried it deep in his heart, buried it for a long time, that he even forgot about it.

But jealousy would never disappear, it would just lurk quietly, waiting for one day to turn into a poisonous snake, jump up from the dark abyss, and bite the host until blood dripped.

Why wasn’t he the one who accompanied Shen Zhen to grow up?

Why wasn’t he the one adored by the young Shen Zhen?

Why was the one he regarded as a treasure and suppressed all his feelings about, Qin Yue got so easily?

For a moment, Qin Xing even wanted to kill Qin Yue. On countless dark nights, the monster in his heart crawled out, roaring and asking him why hasn’t he done it yet?

He tossed and turned countless times, questioning the world in the dark, why was Shen Zhen’s fate so miserable?

But no one would answer him.

Shen Zhen’s thoughts were in a mess, he was extremely flustered, and said a little incoherently: “No, he didn’t, it was just an unrequited love on my part.”

After saying this, he almost wanted to slap himself in the mouth.

However, Qin Xing hugged Shen Zhen even tighter. He kissed Shen Zhen’s forehead and the bridge of Shen Zhen’s nose. Unlike the passionate and unrestrained kiss just now, this kiss held no trace of any lustful desire. It was more like the reassurance of an elder to a youngster.

“It’s okay.” Qin Xing said, “It’s all over.”

Shen Zhen looked at Qin Xing in a daze.

He opened his mouth to speak, but was kissed by Qin Xing again. This time he failed to remain steady, and was pushed down on the sofa by Qin Xing. The air seemed to be burning with flames, and Shen Zhen’s brain was also turned to mush. But he had given up resisting and thinking.

He felt love between Qin Xing’s lips and teeth.

Even if this love lasts only for a moment, it was enough for him to let go of his reason.

He forgot everything he had thought before, he forgot that he originally planned to wait until he was worthy of Qin Xing before putting everything out in the open.

Just as Shen Zhen’s hand reached for the button of Qin Xing’s shirt, there was an untimely knock on the lounge door.

Qin Xing raised his head from Shen Zhen’s ear, hackles raised. He was like an angry cheetah, with fire in his eyes, fierce and brutal: “What is it?!”

The person outside seemed to be very scared, but they still said tremblingly: “Mr., Mr. Qin, I’m here to clean the room.”

Qin Xing stood up, his shirt was wrinkled but this didn’t distract him, he angrily said: “Get lost!”

However, Shen Zhen also stood up. He felt embarrassed belatedly, and quickly straightened his clothes. His shirt was not as wrinkled as Qin Xing’s.

“Let him come in.” Shen Zhen whispered, “Otherwise the influence will be bad.”

No matter what, it was in the company and it was daytime, so the influence was really not good.

After Shen Zhen spoke, Qin Xing could only say with a displeased expression, “Wait two minutes.”

There was a wardrobe in the lounge, Qin Xing went to change a shirt, but unfortunately there was none in Shen Zhen’s size. Qin Xing touched his chin, and decided to also buy and hang a few suits that Shen Zhen could wear.

“Wear mine for now.” Qin Xing said to Shen Zhen. Shen Zhen was taken aback for a moment, but after thinking about it, he went into the changing room. He was slightly sweaty, and it was really uncomfortable to continue wearing his shirt.

Qin Xing said to the cleaner outside the door: “Come in.”

The door was pushed open.

A young man in uniform walked in, his slender figure giving off a delicate beauty.

“Mr. Qin.” He didn’t look up, his voice very low.

Qin Xing nodded, but didn’t pay attention to the cleaner.

There were so many employees in the company, if he paid attention to each of them, he would be exhausted.

Qin Xing was planning to wait for Shen Zhen to come out of the changing room before leaving with Shen Zhen.

He looked at his watch, and it was already half past eleven, just in time to take Shen Zhen to lunch.

Qin Xing sat on the sofa with a smile on his lips.

The cleaner also seemed to notice that Qin Xing was in a good mood. He put the cleaning tools aside and picked up the vacuum cleaner.

Qin Xing didn’t pay attention to the cleaner either. After all, he was wearing a hat and had his head lowered, so he couldn’t even see what he looked like.

The cleaner walked slowly to Qin Xing, and unexpectedly found out that Qin Xing was lost in his thoughts.

This made the cleaner breathe a sigh of relief.

“Uncle Qin.” The cleaner called softly.

Qin Xing looked at the cleaner.

Su Shiqing took off his hat and exposed his face. His face was slightly red, which seemed to be because of the relatively high temperature in the room, which made his eyes look very moist. When he looked at anyone, it would give the other person the illusion that he deeply loved them.

“I’m Shi Qing.” Su Shiqing said nervously and in awe.

Qin Xing showed no expression: “What are you doing here?”

Could it be that the company’s cleaner position was already so attractive?

Su Shiqing lowered his head and said shyly, “I want to support myself and earn money by myself.”

Qin Xing let out a perfunctory hum.

He had no interest in Su Shiqing, but he couldn’t deal with Su Shiqing for the time being.

Su Shiqing suddenly said, “Uncle Qin, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Su Shiqing bit his lower lip and said, “I miss you very much.”

Qin Xing smiled indifferently: “Mr. Su, I really don’t want to say the same thing a second time. We have nothing to do with each other. If you want to work as a cleaner in Qin Group, as long as you can do your job well, I don’t care.”

“But anything else, don’t even think about it.”

Su Shiqing was not discouraged, he knew that Uncle Qin had already been bewitched by Shen Zhen, and he had to use more patience to save Uncle Qin.

And he believed that he was a patient person.

Just now Mr. Zheng had someone drive Zhang Lei out, which made him heave a sigh of relief.

He hated people like Zhang Lei so much, they were simply shameless green tea b*tches.

If he hadn’t received a good education, he would have returned that slap.

“Uncle Qin, I have always regarded you as my elder.” Su Shiqing said in a low voice, “If I have done anything to make you feel unhappy, I apologize to you, I just hope you don’t look at me with prejudice. “

Su Shiqing said: “No matter what Xiao Zhen says about me, I still treat him as a friend.”

Qin Xing stood up: “Mr. Su, you should leave.”

Su Shiqing: “I know you won’t believe whatever I say now, but I am sincere. I never lie, and I won’t deceive others, nor myself, Uncle Qin!”

Qin Xing closed his eyes, he was on the verge of exploding in anger, he really wanted to kick Su Shiqing out, but he didn’t want Shen Zhen to see such an ugly scene when he came out.

“Xiao Ma!” Qin Xing shouted.

Assistant Ma quickly responded, “Boss.”

Qin Xing’s tone was cold: “Send this Mr. Cleaner out.”

Assistant Ma hurried forward.

Su Shiqing’s eyes widened in disbelief, it shouldn’t be like this, it shouldn’t be like this! Shouldn’t Uncle Qin feel pity for him and give him more patience?

Assistant Ma was about to grab Su Shiqing’s wrist.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, Su Shiqing rushed towards Qin Xing at a speed that ordinary people could not grasp, hugged Qin Xing’s waist tightly with both hands, and begged, “Uncle Qin, I really have nowhere to go, Uncle Qin, if you don’t help me, I really won’t have any other way…..”

At this time, Shen Zhen, who came out of the changing room, saw Su Shiqing hugging Qin Xing’s waist.

It was just like the way Su Shiqing hugged Qin Yue a long time ago.

Shen Zhen felt dizzy.

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Source of Calamity CH 057 Love You

Since she was a child, Zhang Lei knew how to pretend to be pitiful. Her parents gave her good looks, with willow eyebrows, slender waist and cherry lips. When she was in school, male classmates tried their best to court her, but she always dismissed them. How could it be possible for her, who was so beautiful, to waste her time with these people? At that time, her family was not a demolition household. She had a younger sister and a younger brother. Her younger brother was her parents’ darling and she and her sister were just extras.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Although she didn’t have to go work the fields when she was a child, she did all the chores at home, cleaning the yard, taking care of her younger sister and younger brother, and when she was young, she even had to step on a stool to cook. At that time, she was very naive and strong-headed, after hearing that men and women were equal at school, she really thought that men and women were indeed equal, and said to her parents when she got home: “My younger brother has to do chores too. Now society pays attention to equality between men and women. Why should my sister and I do everything, and he doesn’t have to do anything?”

Her parents looked at her in surprise.

“How can you compare yourself with your younger brother. Your younger brother can carry on the family line, can you? Your younger brother can carry out funeral rituals for your parents, can you?”

“It’s stipulated by the law that you are an adult at the age of 18, and we have no responsibility for you when you turn 18!”

“Your brother is the root of the old Zhang family! What are you! You’re just a waste of money!”

Zhang Lei soon realized that there was no benefit to being strong. The more fierce she was, the more people outside would point and point, saying that she was already grown up yet she didn’t know how to be considerate to her parents, but only knew to be jealous of her younger brother.

But everyone liked her younger sister, because her younger sister was weak and gentle, soft-spoken, and would cry when being bullied.

Zhang Lei learned this trick and had been invincible ever since.

As soon as her parents said a harsh word, she cried, and the more she cried, the louder she became, so that nearby people around her would be drawn over, and only then would she verbalize her grievances.

Sometimes the lethality of the weak and gentle was stronger than that of the strong. After Zhang Lei understood this truth, she embarked on the road of the white lotus and never returned.

But after all, she had a strong nature, and she was more willing to show her nature when it was not necessary.

Although it would make her look bipolar.

“I don’t know why she keeps targeting me.” Zhang Lei subsided in crying, she sat on the chair, her eyes red, saying tearfully, “Because I’m young?”

The team leader’s face was also very dark. They were all sitting in the office of the logistics department. Mr. Zheng hurried over, his forehead was covered with sweat. He was in his early thirties, with very ordinary looks, the appearance of an honest and simple man. Only when seeing Su Shiqing did a smile appear on his face.

But he quickly restrained himself and asked solemnly, “What happened?”

Zhang Lei didn’t know that Mr. Zheng and Su Shiqing were old acquaintances, so she quickly grabbed Mr. Zheng and began to cry.

But while she was crying here, Su Shiqing also had tears in the corners of his eyes, and that unsteady look of one about to faint was even more pitiful. Mr. Zheng’s heart had already flown to Su Shiqing’s side.

As a small executive, Mr. Zheng only saw a small corner of the lives of the wealthy. He was full of curiosity and yearning for this class that he could not integrate into, but before meeting Su Shiqing, he had no other expectations.

But when he met Su Shiqing, he fell in love with this fair-skinned young master so much. As soon as he saw Su Shiqing, he couldn’t help but want to get close to him.

If he conquered Su Shiqing, wouldn’t it mean that he conquered Su Shiqing’s class?

This realization gave Mr. Zheng an adrenaline rush, and his mind was thrown into turmoil.

But he was not a selfless person, as much as he helped Su Shiqing, he had to get it all back from Su Shiqing.

Just like how he let Su Shiqing go to the top floor and got a kiss from Su Shiqing as thanks.

Even if that kiss was his one-sided kiss, it was enough for him to be excited.

He didn’t care who Su Shiqing was with, on the contrary, it would only give him a greater sense of excitement.

Thinking about it, Su Shiqing’s lover was a son of a wealthy family, but he had an affair with the lover of a man whose wealth and status was all higher than him.

Didn’t this prove that he was more attractive than those people?

Thinking of this, Mr. Zheng’s blood boiled with excitement.

At this time, Qin Xing’s office was ready for work, and Shen Zhen didn’t want to stay in the lounge the whole time either. There were reclining chairs, sofas, and wine cabinets in the lounge. It was a good place to relax but not to work. After reading the report for a while, Shen Zhen just wanted to go to lay down on the recliner, he felt that he could sleep for a few more hours.

It might be that Shen Zhen had a hard time concentrating because of too much work pressure recently. He put down the report and massaged his temples.

At this time, a hand stretched out. Qin Xing stood behind Shen Zhen. He was standing against the light, and there was only a black and blurry figure, but those hands were very warm and gentle, and Shen Zhen gradually relaxed.

The atmosphere was very good at this time. Assistant Ma originally wanted to come in, but after taking a look, he retreated and closed the door of the lounge lightly without making a sound.

“Tired recently?” Qin Xing asked.

Shen Zhen smiled helplessly.

Qin Xing: “You don’t have to do everything yourself, just ask me if you don’t understand anything.”

After speaking, Qin Xing chuckled lightly: “I won’t charge you for tuition fee.”

Shen Zhen thought with a smile on the corner of his mouth, what nonsense are you talking about, obviously there is a tuition fee, but it’s not just money.

Shen Zhen raised his head to look at Qin Xing, and Qin Xing also happened to lower his head as well. Their eyes met and Shen Zhen couldn’t hold back, suddenly laughing: “You didn’t sleep well last night.”

Qin Xing: “En?”

Shen Zhen: “There are dark circles under your eyes.”

Shen Zhen whispered, “Like a precious panda.”

It was a pity that Qin Xing didn’t hear the word panda, but heard the word precious, and his expression suddenly became complicated.

Shen Zhen stood up from the sofa. He had been sitting for a long time, and felt his waist and shoulders were a little sore. He raised his arms and stretched his waist. He was not wearing a coat at this time, and only had a shirt on. The moment he raised his arms, the shirt was also pulled up, revealing a small stretch of bare waist.

Shen Zhen’s waist could not be called thin, but because he didn’t do outdoor activities all year round, he was very white. During this period of time, he had neglected to exercise, so only a faint shadow of his abdominal muscles were left, which was very inconspicuous, but even so, it was still incredibly sexy.

Qin Xing’s Adam’s apple moved up and down.

He helped Shen Zhen take a bath and change clothes, but at that time he didn’t have any inappropriate fantasies.

Because at that time Shen Zhen was unconscious, like a puppet, and he had no interest in puppets.

He liked the passionate and lively Shen Zhen, the way he yells and cries wantonly, that was another side of Shen Zhen, without any cover-up.

Qin Xing stared at Shen Zhen intently.

Shen Zhen practically grew up under his watch. He was sensitive, and had strong self-esteem. He forged a shell for himself, peering outside while nestled in the shell, reaching out carefully, and immediately retracting when he found something wrong.

Qin Xing recalled when Shen Zhen was twelve or thirteen years old. At that time, Qin Xing was very busy with work, he was full of ambitions, and the domestic economy was in turmoil, so he had no time or energy to care about the affairs of the younger generation at home.

It was a family dinner, and he was sitting in the center seat, watching the family members say some grandiose words with their own motives and self-interests. Everyone wanted something from him, but they were unwilling to say it outright. They hoped that Qin Xing could see their wishes and fulfill their wishes.

That made Qin Xing lose any interest. He was completely bored. If it wasn’t because his surname was Qin and he still remembered his father’s instructions before he passed, he might have already left this family——he really didn’t have any affection for the Qin family.

In his eyes, the Qin family should have died a long time ago.

A huge monster past its prime, reaching decline step by step. The best ending for it was to walk into the coffin at the right time.

At that time, he didn’t know who bought the outfit for Shen Zhen. The other children were all wearing suits, and he was the only one wearing a cotton jacket, which was even a bright red shade. The red jacket, pants, and shoes were as festive as any child on the street.

As soon as he came out, everyone stared at him.

The child couldn’t hide his thoughts. He saw Shen Zhen’s pale face, which made his lips appear redder, but he didn’t back down, and instead straightened his back even more. When he walked, he looked straight ahead, only his slightly trembling hands exposed his emotions.

When he came to pay New Year’s greetings, Shen Zhen followed behind Qin Yue. Holding a glass of juice, he forced himself to smile at him with difficulty.

At that time, Qin Xing felt that at such a young age, he had actually already learned to restrain his thoughts and emotions, and if he didn’t make detours in the future, he might be able to achieve something successful.

Qin Xing had the butler fire another nanny who was with Shen Zhen at that time, and only let Mama Zhang alone take care of Shen Zhen.

That night, in a fuzzy state, Shen Zhen’s blank eyes were wide open as he talked to himself with trembling lips. He seemed to be asking someone, but he didn’t seem to expect an answer. He asked, “Why doesn’t anyone need me?”

He was pushed out by the Shen family and lost his parents and brothers.

His only friend and lover, Qin Yue fell in love with Su Shiqing.

Even Mama Zhang had her own biological son.

He didn’t even ask why no one loved him, only why no one needed him.

Qin Xing suddenly stretched out his arms and hugged Shen Zhen’s waist. It was clearly not thin, but Qin Xing felt that it barely took up his embrace, and could be snapped with a little force.

“Uncle, Uncle?” Shen Zhen stood there dazed, his hands still stretched upwards, his skin exposed to the air rasing with goosebumps. He was like a rusted gear that could no longer operate naturally.

Qin Xing’s hand slipped under his shirt.

His lips were close to Shen Zhen’s ear, hot and humid, ambiguous, like an irresistible hot wind, making Shen Zhen’s mouth dry.

“Xiao Zhen.” Qin Xing’s tone was indescribably seductive, “Uncle loves you, en?”

Shen Zhen felt that his soul had left his body.

Wherever Qin Xing’s hand went, every inch of thirsty skin screamed for it to linger one more second.

Qin Xing said again: “Uncle loves you.”

Shen Zhen finally lost all his strength. If he hadn’t been hugged by Qin Xing, he would have fallen to the ground in a second.

He didn’t know why Qin Xing said such words suddenly and pierced the window paper, but despite his panic, he still felt an indescribable sweetness.

Indifference and arrogance were just the shell he used to protect himself.

It lets the hungry soul resist the instinct of longing for love.

He needed familial love, friendship, and romantic love.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But all of that was too far away from him.

Like the distance between two galaxies.

But now, his body and soul were trembling, and his reason and calmness had left him mercilessly.

Shen Zhen didn’t dare to move, nor did he want to move.

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