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Source of Calamity CH 019 How Amusing

Su Shiqing couldn’t believe that Shen Zhen would say such a thing, he still remembered the first time he saw Shen Zhen.

It was at a banquet. He went with his cousins. His father had no status in the Su family, and so he also had no status along with him. His cousins ​​said that he was “small-minded and unsophisticated, and he would not ever be able to be presentable in his life.” He was always like a servant at home, anyone could order him around.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At the banquet, when he poured wine for his cousin, he accidentally spilled some out. His cousin was a hot-tempered person and immediately raised his hand to give him a slap.

They were used to doing this at home, and hadn’t ever thought to restrain it when outside.

It was just that the slap didn’t land this time.

Because Shen Zhen stopped him.

At that time, Shen Zhen was wearing a decent suit, his features exquisite like a painting, appearing indifferent and dignified. He didn’t have to say anything, and his cousin just ran away by himself.

It was the first time that Su Shiqing saw such a person. He seemed to be born at the top of the hierarchy. Su Shiqing envied and admired him very much. He told Shen Zhen about his experience and the injustice in his heart. When he said: “I feel like an outsider in the Su family”, Shen Zhen seemed to be moved by his words.

“Then come with me.” Shen Zhen said at that time.

Perhaps it was because no one took Shen Zhen away from the Qin family, so Shen Zhen took Su Shiqing away from the Su family. He couldn’t save himself, but he could save someone who was weaker than himself, which was a little bit of comfort.

After going to the Qin family, Su Shiqing met more people and saw the luxury and prosperity that he had never seen in the Su family.

He gradually became acquainted with Qin Yue, and he also found that Qin Yue treated him somewhat differently. Sometimes, Qin Yue preferred to choose him instead of Shen Zhen.

At the beginning, Su Shiqing still felt a little guilty. After all, Shen Zhen was the one who pulled him out of the fire pit, but he had intentions towards ​​Shen Zhen’s beloved. However as time passed, his guilt disappeared completely, leaving nothing behind.

Both he and Shen Zhen came from a minor family, and they were both people who were not valued by their family.

Why was it that Shen Zhen could live so happily in the Qin family, while he had to depend on the favor of others to live?

Shen Zhen and Qin Yue grew up together, but Qin Yue chose him instead. Did that prove that he had something that was better than Shen Zhen?

Thinking of this, Su Shiqing suddenly felt that the door to a new world had opened.

Yes, he was no worse than anyone else. If Shen Zhen had it, he should have it too.

“Ah Zhen.” Su Shiqing cried and pulled Shen Zhen’s hand, “now only you can help me, you know what it is like for me in the Su family, do you have the heart to watch me…..”

Shen Zhen interrupted him: “Yes, I do have the heart.”

Su Shiqing was stunned, his mouth opened and closed several times, but in the end he couldn’t say a word.

“Rather than beg me, it’s better to beg Qin Yue.” Shen Zhen looked at his watch, and saw that there was only half an hour left before work hours started, “I still have to go to work, I suggest you go directly to T City to find Qin Yue.”

Su Shiqing said quickly: “My ID card has been taken away amd I can’t buy a plane ticket, I can’t go to T City, Ah Zhen, please help me, can you help me contact a car service?”

The card Qin Yue gave him was taken away by Qin Xin. When he came to the Qin manor, he was penniless, and the same was true when he left.

When he went back to the Su family, no one would give him a card at all. His parents had no money themselves, let alone give him money.

One had to take a plane to go to T City, but he couldn’t even afford the money for the plane ticket. But he also couldn’t stand the long journey by train or bus.

However, this time Shen Zhen didn’t respond to Su Shiqing’s words. He turned around neatly and left, and it happened that at this time Qin Shan had arrived to pick him up.

Su Shiqing chased after him a few steps, crying and shouting as if he was acting out a bitter scene from a movie: “Ah Zhen, please help me, I only have you as my friend left! Ah Zhen!”

Shen Zhen turned a deaf ear, opened the car, got in the car, closed the door, rolled up the window, the series of actions all completed in one go.

Qin Shan chewed gum and turned to look at the crying person crouching on the ground: “Is that Su Shiqing?”

Shen Zhen: “It’s him.”

Qin Shan rolled her eyes: “Auntie did a good job, he should have been kicked out of the Qin family long ago.”

Shen Zhen knew that Qin Shan had always disliked Su Shiqing, but Shen Zhen didn’t know the reason. After all, Su Shiqing was very likable in the Qin family. The servants of the Qin family all served him like he was a true young master of the Qin family and even Shen Zhen placed behind him.

“Has he offended you?” Shen Zhen asked.

Qin Shan started the car: “Well no, he doesn’t have such bad eyesight, I just hate him. I hated him the first time I saw him. Some people’s weak and delicate side is their own, some people’s weak and delicate side is for others to see, he’s the latter.”

Qin Shan snorted, “My dad’s mistress is just that kind of person.”

Qin Shan and Qin Meng’s father was also a rice bug. He didn’t do anything useful despite receiving the family’s money, and he couldn’t manage business. He and his wife used to be a loving couple, but it was only in the past few years that they found out that he also had another family outside, and the oldest illegitimate child was even the same age as Qin Shan.

It turned out that in the years when he and his wife were the most loving together, he already had a fickle heart.

However, the Qin family would not recognize the illegitimate children, nor would they even give them the surname Qin. Those illegitimate children could only follow their mother’s surname.

Qin Shan’s father didn’t have the courage to give his illegitimate son the surname Qin either.

However, in private, there was no lack of benefits that he fished for those illegitimate children.

Qin Shan sneered: “Men, hehe.”

Shen Zhen touched his nose and didn’t speak. Forget it, it was not like he would lose a piece of meat if he was shot by implication.

As soon as Shen Zhen arrived at the company, he went straight to his desk, but before he could even sit down, he saw Ye Min leading the supervisor over. The supervisor was a middle-aged man with a bad figure, fat head and ears, a big belly and the suit on him looked very unsuitable as well.

The supervisor didn’t know Shen Zhen, after all, the department manager never gave him a heads up.

“Xiao Shen, come with me.” The supervisor, surnamed Jiang, smiled like a Maitreya Buddha.

Shen Zhen felt quite irritable, he was just harassed by Su Shiqing and he was in a very bad mood, so he said, “If you have something to say to me, just say it here.”

After all, the supervisor was a middle-level leader. None of the employees below dared to talk to him like this, and his temper also came up. He scolded: “Shen Zhen, I give you face but don’t think you are a bigshot!”

Shen Zhen sneered: “You give me my face?”

The supervisor pointed at Shen Zhen’s nose: “You came to work in the company! You must correct your work attitude! Otherwise, no company will dare to let someone like you come to work. If you don’t want to work anymore, then leave now!”

“Do you have the right to fire employees?” Shen Zhen really didn’t have the patience to face such a person again, he said to the supervisor, “If your work attitude is to give gifts to the leaders during the New Year and holidays, to bring tea and water to the leaders, and after receiving bonuses to give half of it to the leader, then I really have a lacking work attitude.”

Their interaction didn’t avoid anyone, and all the employees could hear what Shen Zhen said.

The group of people applauded wildly in their hearts, but no one dared to stand forward tho show solidarity.

The leaders above could not see those at the bottom. As long as there was no problem with the performance table, the team leader and the supervisor have the final say as to whether the employees at the bottom had it good or bad. It could be considered that they covered the sky with one hand.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on this side, and the supervisor was infuriated: “What are you looking at? Do you still want the year-end award bonus? Do you still want to have a good evaluation?!”

Project bonuses and year-end bonuses were reported by the team leader to the supervisor, and the supervisor would then report it to the department manager, who would then report to the department manager after screening.

No matter how well an employee did, so long as they offended the team leader and the team leader did not report upwards, they would not receive a cent of their deserved bonus.

No one would resist against money, and for the sake of money, they could only bend over to please people who they despise.

Shen Zhen: “Go to the department manager.”

He was really too lazy to talk.

People like the supervisor and Ye Min, who have benefited from the unwritten rules, must of course safeguard their own interests.

Shen Zhen wanted to grab meat from their mouths, it was no wonder they’re in such anxiety.

The supervisor was not afraid: “Let’s go, Xiao Ye, let’s find Brother Zhou.”

He called a familiar appellation such as ‘Brother Zhou’ just to let Shen Zhen know that the department manager had a good relationship with him and would definitely not help Shen Zhen.

If Shen Zhen knew the severity and voluntarily stepped back, the supervisor could take the opportunity to make him more obedient.

If Shen Zhen insisted on going to see Zhou Chengxiong, he would be humiliating himself.

Coincidentally, Zhou Chengxiong was in the company at this time, and he still didn’t know what happened. According to his assumption, he had personally put Shen Zhen in Ye Min’s work group in front of Ye Min, and Ye Min only needed to think a little to know that this newcomer was not to be offended. Ye Min might not be good at anything else, but his means to win over relationships was first-class. He should know that so long as Shen Zhen was won over, there would definitely be benefits.

But the result——

Zhou Chengxiong rubbed his temples at his headache and asked the supervisor, “What did you say?”

The supervisor said boldly: “This new employee named Shen Zhen has a bad work attitude, to the extent of giving Ye Min a serious headache. Such a person can’t stay in the company, I suggest firing, and I will report it upwards.”

Ye Min also said: “Brother Zhou, this Shen Zhen is unwilling to work. He is lazy every day, does not cooperate with his group members, and acts alone every day. Such a person is not suitable for working in the company.”

Zhou Chengxiong looked at Shen Zhen’s face, found that Shen Zhen’s expression was not very good, and said quickly, “What are you talking about! I think Xiao Shen is very good! Is there any misunderstanding?”

Shen Zhen sneered: “There’s no misunderstanding, it’s just that I don’t want to bring tea and water to Group Leader Ye, nor do I want to give Group Leader Ye red envelopes and flatter Group Leader Ye.”

Zhou Chengxiong broke out in a cold sweat.

He slapped the table and shouted, “That’s outrageous!”

The supervisor and Ye Min had happy expressions on their faces, yes, that’s it, scold him and tell him to get out of the company!

Zhou Chengxiong: “Jiang Chengxin! Ye Min! You both have seriously disappointed me! This is the company! It’s not a place for you to receive benefits!”

Supervisor/Ye Min: “Huh?”

Zhou Chengxiong: “I will inform you now that you have been fired, and three months’ salary compensation will be paid to you this month. You can pack your things now and get lost.”

The supervisor looked confused: “Brother Zhou?”

Zhou Chengxiong didn’t give him a chance to speak: “Get out! Go and pack up.

The supervisor was even more dumbfounded.

Zhou Chengxiong said to Shen Zhen at this time: “Mr. Shen, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know that the people below would do this. You see, I am also considered responsible for improper supervision. So please don’t…..”

The supervisor and Ye Min understood, this motherf*ker was not a person with a bit of backing, this motherf*ker was simply the crown prince who was visiting the common masses in secret.

Ye Min: “Mr. Shen, I can explain, it’s all Jiang Chengxin’s fault, he made me do this, he taught me!”

The supervisor looked at Ye Min angrily: “Ye Min, you can’t talk nonsense. I also took care of you because you were pitiful. Mr. Shen, I don’t have such a way of doing things! It’s all his fault, ruining my reputation!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Zhen looked at the dog eat dog scene in front of him, picked up the teacup, took a long sip of tea, and sneered.

If the knife did not fall on one’s neck, these people would not know how to be afraid.

How amusing.

AN: Supervisor/Ye Min: “I never ever thought this would happen QAQ”

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Source of Calamity CH 018 Ungrateful

The city was brightly lit at night. Looking down from the building, one could see the bustling people below. The shopping malls were particularly lively, and young couples could be seen laughing and eating snacks.

Mama Zhang poured Qin Xing a cup of black tea.

Qin Xing sat on the sofa and looked at the apartment that Shen Zhen had just moved into.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It did not look lived-in nor did it appear full of life.

Just like Shen Zhen.

Qin Xing’s sitting posture was very casual, as if this was his home. Shen Zhen also suddenly found that he had never seen Qin Xing’s nervous or restrained appearance. He was always like this, as if everything was in his control.

“Uncle.” Shen Zhen sat obediently to the side, he had never been so obedient and docile before.

Qin Xing’s fingers twitched, but he still didn’t extend his hand. He just looked at Shen Zhen with a smile, knowing that the time was not yet right: “Why didn’t Xiao Zhen buy a villa?”

Shen Zhen explained it very seriously: “It’s too far from the company, and it’s just me and Mama Zhang, so I don’t need too big of a house.”

The villa areas were generally in the suburbs, and he had lived in the Qin manor for so many years, but he had not felt much benefits in living in a big house. Rather, he felt that a big house was too empty and quiet. The sound insulation of the windows was very good so once the windows were closed, it seemed that he was the only person in the whole world.

“Ah Yue wants to come back.” Qin Xing suddenly changed the subject, he looked at Shen Zhen, his eyes were slightly curved in a half-smile.

Shen Zhen paused, he had not thought of Qin Yue for several days.

“Really?” Shen Zhen’s movements and expressions were very natural, “Uncle let him go to T City so that he can have some training, and T City is also a new first-tier city, and Eldest Brother should become familiar with the business there.”

Qin Xing seemed very satisfied with this answer, and the corners of his mouth curled upwards slightly: “Does Xiao Zhen want to go to T City?”

“I don’t want to go.” Shen Zhen blurted out almost in the next second, without thinking at all. He also noticed this, and explained, “Eldest Brother and I can’t do things together, we have a bit of conflict.”

Qin Xing didn’t ask any further. It was not good to ask too much about the matters among juniors. He picked up the teacup and took a sip.

“Xiao Zhen, do you want to study at Uncle’s side?”

Shen Zhen couldn’t deny that he was excited for a moment. With Qin Xing as a teacher, this was a benefit that many people couldn’t ask for.

But he still shook his head and said, “Uncle, do you know something?”

Qin Xing suddenly reached out and ruffled Shen Zhen’s hair, with deep, undisguised indulgence in his tone: “Uncle always cares about Xiao Zhen’s affairs the most. Since you are unhappy working at the lower levels, then come to Uncle’s side.”

“At Uncle’s side, Xiao Zhen can do whatever you want.”

Shen Zhen swallowed his saliva, his heart pounding in his chest. He looked into Qin Xing’s eyes; Qin Xing’s eyes were full of smiles and doting, but no joking intentions at all.

“I also want to study by Uncle’s side, but…..if I run to Uncle just because I encounter a little difficulty, what will I do in the future? It’s not like Uncle can…..” take care of him for the rest of his life.

One day, the Qin family would be Qin Yue’s Qin family, then it would be too late if he wanted to stand up again.

And he still didn’t know why Qin Xing treated him differently. After all, in the original book, Qin Xing was just a mysterious symbol, and he was more like a background character.

In the book, after his death, he went abroad and left all domestic business to Qin Yue.

If there was something in him that made Qin Xing treat him differently, why didn’t he have it in his previous life? The book hadn’t written this?

Shen Zhen felt that there must be something he didn’t know.

Maybe he missed it, maybe he forgot, but something must have happened.

Qin Xing suddenly said, “It’s not like what?”

Shen Zhen pursed his lips and suddenly changed the subject: “Uncle, it’s ten o’clock now.”

It was ten o’clock at night.

In Shen Zhen’s memory, Qin Xing’s work and rest time was very fixed. He woke up at six o’clock in the morning and went to bed at eleven o’clock in the evening. It couldn’t be a second earlier or a second later. Now it was ten o’clock, and if Qin Xing went back by car now, plus the time it took to wash up, he would definitely not be in time to sleep at eleven o’clock.

However, Qin Xing had a habit of cleanliness. Even if he went out to stay in a hotel, an assistant would go there ahead of time to disinfect all the appliances——even if the hotel had already done so.

So Shen Zhen wouldn’t say anything about letting Qin Xing stay overnight.

Anyway, Qin Xing would not agree.

Sure enough, Qin Xing stood up.

“I’m going back.” Qin Xing pinched Shen Zhen’s face and reminded, “Eat more even while outside, you have lost weight.”

“Xiao Zhen, no matter what you wanted to say before, the answer will always be negative. So long as Uncle wants to, there is nothing Uncle can’t do.”

After Qin Xing left, Shen Zhen walked to the mirror and tilted his head to look at several angles, but he didn’t notice that he was getting thinner.

“Mama Zhang, have I lost weight?” Shen Zhen asked Mama Zhang.

Mama Zhang also stepped forward to look at him, and said firmly: “You have not lost weight at all, you just don’t have much flesh on your face.”

Mama Zhang asked nervously, “What’s the matter? Have you lost your appetite these days?”

Shen Zhen quickly explained: “No, it’s Uncle who thinks I’ve lost weight.”

Mama Zhang understood and said with a smile, “All elders are like this. They feel that the child has become thin after not seeing them for a few days. This is doting on you!”

Shen Zhen thought about it and felt that this might be the case.

Mama Zhang was getting older, and her sleep time was getting shorter and shorter. When there was nothing to do in the evening she would just turn on the TV and knit wool. She couldn’t remain idle and had been busy for most of her life. Even if Shen Zhen asked her to take a good rest now, she couldn’t do it.

When Shen Zhen was about to go to the bathroom to take a shower, the video intercom at the door rang. It was a video invitation from the security room.

Shen Zhen wore a bathrobe and walked over to accept it.

The security guard was in uniform and had a good attitude. He said respectfully, “Mr. Shen, a Mr. Su said he wanted to see you.”

In Shen Zhen’s memory, the only person with the surname Su who was related to him was Su Shiqing, so Shen Zhen responded: “No.”

Security guard: “Mr. Su said he has something important to tell you.”

Shen Zhen: “I said no.”

Security: “But Mr. Su…..”

Shen Zhen closed the video intercom.

Su Shiqing had this ability. No matter where he was or who he met, the other party would sympathize with him, pity him, and then help him.

This was probably an innate talent that ordinary people could not imitate even if they tried.

However, now Shen Zhen had lost interest in Su Shiqing.

He made a different choice from his previous life at an important turning point in his life, and following events would no longer go according to what was written in the book.

His future was now in his own hands.

Qin Yue was worth spending his energy, but Su Shiqing had lost his original value.

Without Qin Yue to protect him, without Qin Xin’s fondness, and even without having taken the surname of the Shen family, he was sent back to the Su family by the Qin family. Su Shiqing was worthless now.

Shen Zhen yawned, went to the bathroom to take a shower, and then went to sleep.

He didn’t think about anything. He had drank a glass of red wine before going to bed so he had no dreams all night, and slept very soundly.

The next morning, it was still dark when Shen Zhen got up from the warm bed. Mama Zhang was already up, and breakfast was placed on the table. The breakfast was not rich and plentiful, but very healthy: a bowl of white porridge, a plate of side dishes, a bun and an egg.

Shen Zhen had no objection to such a breakfast. On the contrary, he felt that this was the taste that a family should have.

In the Qin family manor, breakfast was as rich as a banquet, but he had always just taken a few quick bites, not having the mood to taste it carefully.

But now, sitting at the dining table, he felt that a simple boiled egg with a little salt was delicious.

“Mama Zhang, is your son coming over?” Shen Zhen asked.

Mama Zhang paused: “I…..I haven’t asked him yet.”

She didn’t know how to face her own son. She loved him, but compared to her love for Shen Zhen, it seemed too shallow. She could only keep sending money to her son. After working for so many years, in addition to the Qin family’s salary being very high, she had earned a lot of money. Since she came to the Qin family, her husband had quit his job, in the name of taking care of their child full-time.

As a result, she found out later that her son was living like a savage while her husband was fooling around with her money, lying that he was a small boss and even kept a mistress on the side.

She could only send her son to her parents and let him live with his grandparents, while she continued to work outside to earn money and work hard to support the family. The father didn’t care about the child, and asked her for money every now and then, and she was not there as a mother either. Towards this son, guilt and love were mixed together.

She was afraid to see him.

Shen Zhen comforted: “Mama Zhang, don’t be afraid.”

Mama Zhang nodded and pinched the bridge of her nose: “I know, I’m not afraid, you go to work quickly, don’t be late.”

Shen Zhen put on his suit jacket and overcoat, and stepped out of the door. There was central air conditioning in the corridor, and the cold temperature was not felt in the building.

It was not until the door of the building was opened that Shen Zhen’s fingers trembled.

However, before he reached the intersection, his eyelids jumped, and he saw a familiar figure squatting in the corner beside the gate.

A man in a security uniform was handing a cup of soy milk to the person.

It seemed that Su Shiqing had squatted here all night.

Shen Zhen knew that he couldn’t pretend he didn’t see anything at this time.

“Su Shiqing?” Shen Zhen came to a distance of one meter from Su Shiqing and stopped.

Su Shiqing raised his head. He had been here all night, last night he was in the security booth and there was a heater, but in order to wait for Shen Zhen and pretend to be miserable in the morning, he purposely squatted at the door. He was only blown by the cold wind for an hour but the tip of his nose became red and he started to cough. It was estimated that after today, he would have a cold and fever, and he would not be able to go outside for a while.

Su Shiqing’s tone was tearful: “Ah Zhen, why didn’t you let me go up last night?”

The security guard took care of Su Shiqing all night, and the look he gave Shen Zhen was wrong. Sure enough, rich people were like this. When friends were rich, they were good brothers. When they have no money, they pretend not to know each other. Pei, looking decent on the surface but having no conscience behind the scenes.

Shen Zhen asked, “What are you doing here? Was it not obvious enough what I said before?”

Su Shiqing wiped his tears: “Eldest Brother went to T City, he told me to wait for him to come back, but Auntie sent me back to the Su family. Ah Zhen, Uncle treats you well, can you go and tell Uncle to let me go back to the Qin family? The Su family treats me badly.”

When he lived in the Qin family manor, no matter which relative saw him, they were all very nice to him.

But when he was sent back to the Su family, everyone’s expressions changed, and his status was not even as good as when he hadn’t gone to live in the Qin family manor before.

Su Shiqing knew that he could no longer stay in the Su family.

He had to go back to the Qin family. Only when he went back to the Qin family could he stay by Qin Yue’s side all the time and live a good life being respected and loved by others.

The security guard said without a bit of tack at all, “Mr. Shen, you are Mr. Su’s friend. When a friend is in trouble, you should reach out to help. I don’t think Mr. Su is an ungrateful person.”

Shen Zhen laughed: “I’m neither his father nor his mother, why should I care about him? This big brother, if you are so kind, then why don’t you help him? If you help him, he will definitely not be ungrateful.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Shiqing cried out: “Ah Zhen, you can’t not care about me!”

Shen Zhen looked at him: “Su Shiqing, I’m tired of seeing your pitiful act, why not change to a new face.”

“After all, Qin Yue is the only one who falls for it.”

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Source of Calamity CH 017 Trap

There was only silence in the conference room, no one spoke, and it seemed that even breathing had to be suppressed.

The group members looked at each other.

How could this newbie Xiao Shen speak more like a leader than a leader?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ye Min had a dark face, he didn’t know how to refute Shen Zhen, he remained silent, and only that pair of eyes stared at Shen Zhen with unspeakable anger.

After a while, Ye Min finally said, “You say I’m nothing, but what are you? I’ve been in the company for more than three years, and I’ve contributed to the company. Can a newcomer like you compare?”

Shen Zhen sat calmly in his seat, his head tilted back: “Then tell me, what contributions have you made?”

Ye Min: “I have negotiated three endorsement collaborations!”

Shen Zhen: “Have you succeeded?”

Ye Min said irritably: “At least I went to negotiate. If there is no failure, how can there be success?”

Shen Zhen laughed.

“But the question is, did you negotiate a successful contract?” Shen Zhen asked.

“You only have failure, success is someone else’s.”

Ye Min finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He spent two years to build his seniority and stayed in the position of the group leader for more than a year. When he was a small office worker, the group leader above him was a very responsible and gentle person. So he had never suffered much hardship in the company, other than having spent a longer time waiting for his seniority to increase, everything could be considered smooth sailing.

“What do you know?!” Ye Min rolled up his sleeves, grabbed Shen Zhen’s collar with one hand, and pulled Shen Zhen by his collar closer to him. Ye Min’s breath sprayed on Shen Zhen’s face, and Shen Zhen’s originally expressionless face suddenly became dark and unpredictable.

Ye Min thought that this would scare Shen Zhen, and he pointed at the small office workers around them and said, “If they do a good job, I can let them have a good rating and they can get a year-end bonus of 50,000 yuan.”

“If you are honest and obedient, do your work well, then I will also let you have a good rating at the end of next year.” Ye Min seemed to regain his confidence, “Understand?”

Shen Zhen took out a napkin from the tissue box on the table and wiped his face, but still felt unbearable. He suddenly stood up, startling everyone, even Ye Min who was grabbing his collar, let go of his hand and took a step back. He probably thought that Shen Zhen was going to hit him.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Shen Zhen stood at the door and said to the group members and Ye Min, “We’ll continue when I get back.”

After speaking, Shen Zhen walked out without looking back.

The rest of the people in the room looked at each other, but no one spoke.

The group members felt that Shen Zhen was right, but no one dared to speak out.

As soon as these people entered the company, they were assigned to Ye Min. When they first came, they also did chores. Ye Min didn’t spend much time and energy in leading them. When Ye Min was thirsty, they poured water for him and when Ye Min was hungry, they went to get food for him.

After a long time like this, they were trained successfully by Ye Min, and even if they had work later, when Ye Min needed something, they would do it like a conditioned reflex, and they didn’t even think there was anything wrong with this situation.

But now hearing Shen Zhen say this, they felt that Shen Zhen was right.

They came to work for the Qin Group, not for Ye Min, nor did Ye Min pay them wages.

The bosses of the Qin Group didn’t need them to wait on them hand and foot, so what kind of onion was Ye Min?

But even though that was said, a higher level official can crush you to death, and even if they felt uncomfortable, they didn’t dare to say it at the moment.

The several group members didn’t dare to speak, so they took their mobile phones and spoke in a group chat set up with only the few of them.

“I think what Shen Zhen said is quite right. In addition to having work every day, we have to take care of Ye Min as well. He also moves frequently, uses my car, and doesn’t even invite me to a meal.”

“He also borrowed my car. He doesn’t buy one himself and when he borrows other people’s cars, he borrows for several weeks. The last time he borrowed my car for two months, and I also had to pay for the gas.”

“Damn, I thought I was the only one whose car was borrowed by him.”

“But the year-end bonus…..only if he handed in the name list will we be able to get it.”

“Actually, I didn’t tell you guys this but after winning the year-end bonus last year, he invited me to have a barbecue during the New Year, and I gave him a red envelope of 200,000 yuan.”

“F**k, a total of 500,000 yuan, and you paid him 200,000 yuan. Isn’t this robbery?”

“I didn’t even dare to tell you guys.”

“Then, should we go and react with the supervisor?”

“Forget it, it’s not like you don’t know the relationship between the supervisor and him. He is very good at currying favor with the supervisor. The last time the supervisor was going on a business trip, he threw me the work he was doing while he went off to take care of the hotel reservations and travel tickets. Even if we complain, the supervisor will protect him, and then we will have bad luck.”

“What are you guys doing!” Ye Min kicked the chair Shen Zhen was sitting on in irritation.

The group members quickly put their phones away.

“We were just wondering if we could react to the supervisor and let him transfer Shen Zhen to another work group.”

“Yes, yes, it affects the unity of our work group. Besides, Brother Ye, you are so busy, it’s not like you can bother with him every day.”

Only then was Ye Min in a better mood, and said, “Don’t learn from him, people like him can’t do long in the company, and you all know how difficult it is to join the Qin Group. Now when companies recruit new people, the worst education is at least first tier universities, and Xiao Zhang and Xiao Chen graduated from second tier universities, right?”

Xiao Zhang and Xiao Chen lowered their heads.

Ye Min loved to talk about academic qualifications, as he himself graduated from a first tier university.

In the group, except for the two second tier university graduates, Xiao Zhang and Xiao Chen, the others graduated from first tier universities, and there were even two among them who were postgraduate students.

He would always mention Xiao Zhang and the others’ degrees, but when he went out, he would say in front of others, “What’s the use of studying well, don’t postgraduate students still have to work under me?”

“You all know what the Qin Group’s status is in the country. Branch companies have spread all over the country in various provincial capitals, as well as in small and medium-sized cities. Every day, there are too many people who want to squeeze into the head office.” Ye Min used a lecturing tone to brainwash them, “You have to cherish this job.”

“Last year’s ranking of the world’s richest people, the Qin family ranked third globally, and ranked first in Asia.” Ye Min looked proud, as if he had made this achievement, “Our CEO Qin founded his first company at sixteen years old. He was not yet a legal adult at the time, and so the company was registered under his mother’s name. People say that CEO Qin is called CEO Qin because of the Qin Group, but this is inaccurate.”

Ye Min was quite clear about the company’s history: “Before the founding of the country, the Qin family was engaged in heavy industry and mechanized production. CEO Qin came out to work and build his own wealth from scratch. When the Qin family went downhill, it was Mr. Qin who stood forward and turned the tide. Therefore, you guys are still young, as long as you work hard, maybe the next CEO Qin will be you?”

The several group members smiled on the surface but cursed him out in their hearts.

This pie was too big for them to eat.

When Shen Zhen came back, what he saw was this group of people sitting on separate sides. The group members were sitting on one side, and Ye Min was sitting on the other side with his arms crossed, the line distinct. Shen Zhen was really not in the mood to continue to waste time with them as even if he wasted his time here there would be no extra gains.

“I think this meeting can be dismissed.” Shen Zhen leaned against the door frame and said, “You guys can go back first, and I will have a few words with Ye Min alone.”

The group members looked at each other, of course they wanted to go home, but if Ye Min didn’t speak, no one dared to leave.

Shen Zhen: “Go.”

Finally someone dared to speak: “I have to go home to see my dog, I’ll go first.”

Holding his bag, he didn’t dare to look at Ye Min, and went straight out.

“My girlfriend just texted me to urge me. Today is the first anniversary of our relationship, so I’m leaving first.”

“I also…..”

The people left one after another.

Ye Min was originally sure that no one would dare to leave, but at this moment, he felt that his face hurt, so he did not attempt to stop them.

“What do you want to say?” Ye Min looked at Shen Zhen coldly, “Don’t think that if you say a few good words, I can pretend that these things never happened, I will go to the supervisor tomorrow and let you go to another group, I am unable to deal with you, but there will always be someone who can.”

Shen Zhen sat opposite Ye Min, he smiled slightly, with indifference, distance, and contempt: “Ye Min, I let them go first, not to make peace with you, but to save you a little face.”

“I need a group member to lead me.”

“I also need a normal work environment.”

“You don’t have a broken arm or a broken leg. Do what you need to do by yourself.”

“You need to separate personal life from work.”

Ye Min: “Heh, I need you to teach me?”

Shen Zhen glanced at the time: “That’s all I have to say, it’s up to you whether you listen or not, as long as you feel that you can accept the consequences of not listening.”

Ye Min snorted coldly, grabbed his bag and walked out.

Before leaving, he also cursed: “What a little sh*t, a mere worker, really thinks he is the king of heaven, the consequences? I want you to know the consequences.”

Looks like it was time to have a chat with the supervisor tonight.

After Ye Min left, Shen Zhen called Yang Changsheng.

“The day after tomorrow at nine o’clock.” Shen Zhen said, “see you then.”

Yang Changsheng asked cautiously on the other line, “Did something happen?”

Shen Zhen smiled: “It’s nothing, I just felt that the sparrows by the window are a little noisy.”

Were there sparrows in winter? Yang Changsheng agreed in a daze.

Shen Zhen mooched off Qin Xing’s car home tonight. Qin Xing’s schedule was a mystery. He spent three months a year dealing with company affairs, and his subordinates took care of everything the rest of the year. He only needed to look at the reports while spending his other time flying back and forth from home and abroad. He managed a huge corporation, but he did not appear to be very busy.

Because of him, all the Qin family could still live a noble’s life.

Shen Zhen had only been in the company for two days, but he already felt that Qin Xing was the most capable person he had ever seen. In the past, Qin Xing in Shen Zhen’s heart was a symbol, representing power and money, but now, Shen Zhen even felt that Qin Xing was a bit deified in his eyes now. He almost felt that Qin Xing was omnipotent in his field.

The driver parked the car downstairs in the company building, and Shen Zhen got in the car. He was now much more comfortable in front of Qin Xing.

Sometimes Shen Zhen felt that Qin Xing would not be angry no matter what he did.

He was like an ascetic Buddha.

Shen Zhen looked at Qin Xing’s profile and felt that his throat was a little dry.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

So that when the car was parked downstairs in his residence, he said to Qin Xing uncontrollably, “Uncle Qin, do you want to go up and sit for a while?”

Qin Xing seemed to feel a little novel about Shen Zhen’s invitation, he smiled and nodded: “Okay.”

Qin Xing was like a cheetah, he guided his prey with ease to slowly walk towards the arranged trap.

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Source of Calamity CH 016 You Are Nothing

“Xiao Shen, pour me a cup of coffee.”

“Xiao Shen, bring me the box of tissues.”

“I have to continue working at noon today, Xiao Shen, could you help me pick up takeout.”

“Xiao Shen…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Zhen listened to these people commanding him, his face expressionless. This was his second day at work, and no one led him still,. He still sat at his desk playing with his cell phone or in a daze.

“Xiao Shen.” Seeing that Shen Zhen didn’t move at all, and didn’t look like he intended to help, Ye Min walked over with a frown, and said in a bad tone, “Did you not hear your colleague?”

Shen Zhen glanced at him: “You also know that they were colleagues?”

Ye Min: “What do you mean?”

Shen Zhen chuckled: “Those who didn’t know thought I was here to be their nanny.”

“No that’s not right, the nanny doesn’t have to be so comprehensive.”

It was still working time, Ye Min didn’t continue arguing with Shen Zhen, he just gave Shen Zhen a deep look: “Do whatever you want.”

Then, Shen Zhen was ostracized.

A group of grown men even played the trick of ostracizing. Not even children played like this when Shen Zhen was in kindergarten.

When it was time to eat at noon, Shen Zhen took the elevator to the top floor again. Qin Xing had said that he would dine with him in the future, and Shen Zhen was too lazy to go to the cafeteria.

Shen Zhen didn’t complain to Qin Xing. In Shen Zhen’s opinion, these were trivial matters, and there was no need to mention it.

It would be ridiculous if he couldn’t even handle these few people.

The closer to the end of the year, the busier Qin Xing was. In addition to various business meetings and contract renewals, he had to review the company’s financial situation for this year. He could only meet with Shen Zhen at noon. The time they spent together in a day was just under an hour.

“Are you tired?” Qin Xing asked Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen just used his chopsticks to pick up a piece of shredded pork and shook his head when he heard this: “I’m not tired.”

He really wasn’t tired, just bored.

Qin Shan came to eat once yesterday and stopped coming. This was what she said to Shen Zhen: “Dining with Youngest Uncle, nothing I eat tastes delicious, and the psychological pressure is too high. It’s impressive that you can handle it, but I will not be eating together with you two, you can just accompany Youngest Uncle more.”

Qin Xing didn’t say anything after learning that Qin Shan would not come again, he simply didn’t care at all.

Qin Xing smiled and said: “There is a meeting on the weekend, Xiao Zhen, why not make a cameo as Uncle’s secretary for a day?”

Shen Zhen had never been a secretary, but he also knew that the secretary needed to record everything that went on in the meeting. He asked, “Do I bring a pen and paper or a laptop?”

Qin Xing: “Use whatever you are used to.”

Shen Zhen smiled at Qin Xing: “Then it’s settled, I’ll be Uncle’s secretary.”

Qin Xing looked at Shen Zhen’s smile, and the hand he had rested on the table moved slightly, but he quickly resisted the urge and calmed down. The smile on the corner of his mouth did not change at all, only his eyes gradually became darker: “Su Shiqing went back to the Su family.”

Shen Zhen was stunned: “Really?”

Qin Xing’s tone was doting: “Uncle has never forgotten anything Xiao Zhen has said to Uncle.”

Shen Zhen didn’t know why but his heart felt a little bittersweet, and his voice was hoarse: “Uncle.”

He had never been cared so much by anyone. His biological parents were as good as stepparents, and the only friend and object of his affection would not care so much about him either. Shen Zhen was a little dazed.

Qin Xing didn’t say anymore: “Xiao Zhen, come to Uncle if you have any problems.”

Shen Zhen nodded, and then only dared to focus on eating with his head buried.

In the afternoon, Shen Zhen was still sitting on the cold bench.

He looked at the time on the phone, and a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth.

When it was time to get off work, Ye Min began packing up the documents. He turned his head to see if Shen Zhen had left. As a group leader, he also worked in the company for two years before being promoted. His ability was average and could only rely on waiting for his seniority to increase. After waiting for the group leader who had been on top of him to leave, and his colleagues were almost all promoted, it finally became his turn.

Although he was just a little group leader, he still had a bit of power. Since becoming the group leader, group members would call him to send messages during holidays, and on birthdays, group members and colleagues would also send him red envelopes.

Walking in the company, it seemed that he could hold his head up.

Shen Zhen’s arrival was like a wake-up call.

At first glance, he could tell that this newcomer had backing, but this backing was definitely not big, otherwise he would not be just a small office worker.

Even if the relatives of the leaders above join the company, they would not come to the media department, but definitely go to the departments with real power.

Ye Min wanted to knock him down a peg or two, and let him know that he shouldn’t think that he could do whatever he wanted just because he had backing.

Moreover, he had finally become a group leader. If even a newcomer could disobey his words, where would he put his face? He had to let Shen Zhen know who he should listen to in the company.

“Shen Zhen, don’t go yet.” Ye Min saw that Shen Zhen had walked to the corridor, and called out to Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen stood tall and straight, leaning against the wall with a smile on his lips, the black suit he wore made him not look like just a small office worker, but like some family’s young master: “Is something wrong?”

Ye Min’s tone was mild: “Today our work group has a small meeting.”

Shen Zhen shrugged: “Okay.”

He had an appointment with Yang Changsheng today to talk about taking over the building projects.

He sent a message to Yang Changsheng, and pushed back the agreed time.

Shen Zhen walked into the conference room. There were several conference rooms on each floor. After all, after taking over a project, internal discussions must be held. The sizes of the conference rooms also varied. For a group meeting of ten people, the smallest one was used, but the sound insulation effect was very good.

After a few minutes, the group members came in.

As soon as Ye Min came in, he instructed Shen Zhen: “Xiao Shen go to pour the water first, the disposable water cup is over there.”

Shen Zhen sat still.

Ye Min became impatient: “Xiao Shen?!”

Shen Zhen looked at him: “What?”

Ye Min: “Didn’t you hear me?!”

Shen Zhen smiled: “I heard.”

Ye Min had long been holding back his anger: “Then why don’t you move! You are here to work! You are not here to be a young master!”

The group members were originally not prepared to speak. It was fine for them to speak ill of people behind their backs, but not in person. After all, working in a company, you could scheme however much you want behind the scenes, but directly and face to face? Forget it.

But at this time Ye Min already stood forward. The group leader could control their performance evaluation at the end of the year. The number of year-end awards depended on the group leader. The group members looked at each other and could only support Ye Min.

“That’s right, Xiao Shen, Brother Ye is right, no matter how lazy you are at home, you have to be diligent at work.”

“Xiao Shen, Brother Ye is also doing this for your sake. Besides, it’s not a big deal, it’s just pouring a cup of water.”

“Xiao Shen, your attitude is not acceptable.”

However, Shen Zhen just smiled slightly, his arms crossed over his chest, and sat in the same position as steady as a mountain, looking with a smile at this group of people.

Ye Min: “Shen Zhen, if you don’t want to endure hardship, leave early. I can’t deal with you. Find someone who can deal with you.”

Shen Zhen finally laughed aloud: “To endure hardship is to bring tea and water to you? Diligence is to be a nanny?”

Ye Min’s face turned darker: “Who didn’t go through this? If you aren’t even willing to pour tea, can you still do your job well?”

Shen Zhen: “It turns out that the company actually has a rule that newcomers must serve tea and water. I wonder who set this rule. Tell me, I’ll go ask them about it.”

The group members were also angered by Shen Zhen’s tone.

“Shen Zhen, Brother Ye sees that you are a newcomer and wants to take care of you. Why is it that there are so many newcomers, but you are the only one stubborn?”

“You are here to work, not be a young master.”

“That’s right, Brother Ye has such a good temper, yet even he has become so angry because of you.”

“The company doesn’t lack newcomers like you. If you don’t want to do it, then get lost.”

“If you are that proud, then go ahead and leave the company.”

Shen Zhen looked at these people. These people were very young. When they first came out into society, they probably had ambitions and wanted to make a career for themselves. However, after working in the company for so long, their vitality was worn away. Every day they only thought about how to get the job done as soon as possible, not to make progress. So long as there was a stable salary they were satisfied.

Perhaps the only goal was to wait for their seniority to increase, until they could be the group leader. Then they were content.

If these people appeared in front of Qin Xing, Qin Xing very directly would fire them all.

The salary of the employees at the head office was not low. Ordinary employees who were not late, did not ask for leave, and did not make mistakes had a basic monthly salary of 50,000 yuan.

Not to mention after promotion, Ye Min’s basic salary was 80,000 yuan a month, and there was also commission, which made his salary basically able to be stabilized at 100,000 yuan a month.

“Clap clap clap.”

Everyone closed their mouths and watched Shen Zhen clapping with a leg crossed and propped over the other knee.

“Interesting.” Shen Zhen said with a smile, “It’s the first time I’ve heard that it’s your duty to serve tea and pour water. And if you don’t serve tea and pour water, you’re a young master. Are you here to be office workers in the company, or servants in the company?”

Everyone glared at him in anger.

Shen Zhen: “Don’t force me to speak too harshly. You people are willing to be servants, but I’m not.”

“Ye Min, do you know what your face looks like? You are here to work, I don’t know what you are usually like, but at least you should do your job well at work. Letting the newcomers sit on the bench and serve tea and water, of course you don’t feel bad about it since you are not the one paying our salaries.”

“Do you think the company’s money fell from the sky?”

“In order to always have a special status, you insist on suppressing the people below and brainwashing them.” Shen Zhen looked at Ye Min, then turned to look at the group members, “What do you think he can do for you? Or, at the end of the year, you think your evaluation will depend on his whim?”

The group members did not dare to speak, they were indeed afraid of the end of the year evaluation.

At the end of the year, if they could be rated as an outstanding employee, the year-end bonus would be 500,000 yuan.

Ye Min: “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Shen Zhen patted the table and stood up, startling everyone.

“Ye Min, if the company’s employees are all like you, this company would not be far from bankruptcy. You don’t want to make progress, you only know how to play small tricks to control the people below. You don’t dare to be open and honest but you are quite capable at randomly finding reasons.” Shen Zhen pointed to the door outside, “I’ll call the supervisor now and we can have a chat about this together.”

Ye Min: “…..You, don’t think that I’m afraid of you just because you bring out the supervisor. You have backing, but don’t think that you are all that capable just because you have backing.”

Shen Zhen sneered: “Even a person like me with backing can see reason better than you, shouldn’t you be ashamed?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ye Min: “Don’t make excuses!”

Shen Zhen looked at him indifferently, gaze like an iceberg that would not melt for ten thousand years, there was no other emotion in his eyes except indifference, and even his words seemed to take on the quality of ice: “Ye Min, I don’t quibble with you, because you are nothing. But before you held this denunciation meeting, did you think about the consequences?”

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Source of Calamity CH 015 Workplace

The department manager of the media department was a middle-aged man, wearing a hat, but still couldn’t hide his balding affliction. When he saw the manager of the personnel department bring Shen Zhen in, he already understood. In the workplace, who was not a smart person, who had no eyesight.

“This is Mr. Shen, Shen Zhen, I gave you the documents before.” The manager of the personnel department reminded the other, “The documents sent from above.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The man immediately understood that this was a connected newcomer, and not an ordinary connected newcomer. He quickly stood up and shook hands with Shen Zhen: “Mr. Shen, my surname is Zhou, Zhou Chengxiong.”

Shen Zhen smiled at the other party: “Just call me Xiao Shen, Brother Zhou.”

Zhou Chengxiong heaved a sigh of relief. Although he was a connected newcomer, he had a good temper at least, so he would treat him as a mascot and pray to God he would not cause trouble.

“I’ll hand the person over to you.” The woman greeted and walked away in high heels.

Zhou Chengxiong took Shen Zhen to the office area. The greenery in the building was very good. There were potted plants on both sides of the corridor. The office building used direct drinking water. If one didn’t drink hot water, one could drink directly from the tap. There were not many people in the corridor during working hours, but there were a few young people smoking in the smoking room.

The office area was made of small partitions. Looking around, it looked like a more humanized factory. There were small potted plants on each desk, and there was even a humidifier in the room. The temperature of the air conditioner was just right, and every employee basically had their head buried in their work.

The media department not only had to manage the external image of the company, but also had to manage the company’s brand promotion.

In addition to the department manager, there were also several work groups below, basically ten people in a group, one group leader for each group, and a total of five group leaders under the jurisdiction of a supervisor.

“Xiao Ye, come here.” Zhou Chengxiong waved to a young man who was doing data.

The young man looked left and right, then stood up and walked to Zhou Chuanxiong’s side: “Brother Zhou.”

“This is Xiao Ye, Ye Min, you can find him if you have any problem.” Zhou Chengxiong said seriously, “Xiao Ye, this is Shen Zhen, he will be in your group for the time being.”

Ye Min nodded and took Shen Zhen to arrange a desk for him.

“You can sit here.” Ye Min arranged Shen Zhen to a seat near the corridor, “Lunch break starts at 11:30 noon, and work starts back at 1 o’clock.”

Shen Zhen: “Got it.”

Ye Min: “Ask me if you don’t understand anything, and I’ll introduce you to your colleagues when we go back to work at noon.”

Shen Zhen sat at the desk, he had never worked in an office before, so even the all-in-one computer on the table gave him a novel feeling, and the potted plants also looked different from the ones he had seen before. Shen Zhen was excited and took out his phone to take a picture of the desk.

But when he opened WeChat, he realized that he didn’t even have anyone to share his feelings with.

After thinking about it, Shen Zhen finally sent this photo to Qin Xing.

At this moment, Qin Xing was looking at the data in his office. This was the summary report of the last quarter. There were electronic and paper versions. Qin Xing was wearing gold rimmed glasses and had a cup of strong tea in his hand.

The phone beeped, and Qin Xing reached out and picked up the phone.

[Xiao Zhen: Uncle, I’m at work [excited.jpg].]

[Xiao Zhen: [picture]]

Qin Xing’s mouth twitched into a smile, and he sent a message back to Shen Zhen.

[Uncle Qin: Will Xiao Zhen have lunch with Uncle at noon? [smile.jpg]]

[Xiao Zhen: Qin Shan and I have an appointment to have lunch together…..]

[Uncle Qin: Come to Uncle’s office at noon.]

[Xiao Zhen: …Okay, I’ll send Qin Shan a message.]

[Uncle Qin: Tell her to come along.]

After Shen Zhen, who went to work for the first time in his life, was finished being excited he found that he didn’t have any tasks or work to do. He only needed to sit in front of his desk in a daze or look at his mobile phone while the people next to him were all working. Shen Zhen yawned.

The whole morning was spent just sitting there.

At 11:30, the employees all stood up one after another. Shen Zhen was about to go directly to the top floor to find Qin Xing, but Ye Min stopped him: “I’ll take you to the cafeteria, it just so happens that they all went to the cafeteria to eat today.”

“They” referred to the members of the work group.

However, Shen Zhen had already made an appointment with Qin Xing, so he could only refuse: “I made an appointment with someone to have lunch together.”

Ye Min frowned: “Do you have acquaintances in the company? Friends?”

Shen Zhen nodded: “Yes.”

Ye Min seemed a little impatient: “This is your first day at work, you don’t want to get to know your colleagues? Everyone is busy, so don’t waste work time making introductions.”

Shen Zhen: “Didn’t you say that you will do the introductions after work starts at 1 o’clock?”

Ye Min: “…..Okay, then you go to lunch and we’ll talk about it after work starts.”

Shen Zhen, who had no office work experience, nodded and took the elevator away.

Ye Min stood in the corridor, the work group members discussing this newcomer.

“This newcomer looks so arrogant, with no expression on his face. He is too disrespectful.”

“He looks pretty good, could it be that he relied on his face to enter the company?”

“Maybe he is kept by a rich woman.”

The members of the work group were all male, and they were not subdued by Shen Zhen’s good looks.

“Who will assign him a task this afternoon?”

“I don’t want to. I have to do my own work while having to teach him about work. Teaching him is too annoying.”

“I can’t either. My set of data have to be handed in tomorrow. I’m going to work overtime tonight, so I don’t have time.”

“Group leader?”

Ye Min said: “Let’s go, let’s go to the cafeteria first, I’ll treat you guys today, you can eat at your leisure. The recent work has already been assigned. Since he came halfway, let him get acquainted with the company during this time.”

The group members looked at each other and understood that this was the meaning of letting the newcomer sit on the bench.

Generally, when a newcomer just came to the company, and if no one leads him, he could only do some chores, pouring water for the seniors, wiping the table, sweeping the floor, and in a few days, he himself would be unable to take it and resign.

Ye Min shrugged: “Anyway, he doesn’t care about his relationship with us, so let’s not stick our face to his cold buttocks.”

The group members looked at each other and changed the topic.

“Today, group leader will treat us. I want to eat steamed pork ribs, braised pork and kelp soup, and two chicken legs.”

“Can you finish that all by yourself? Think you’re feeding the pigs.”

“It’s group leader’s treat, I will just stuff it down if I have to.”

“Should have said it earlier, then I wouldn’t have breakfast in the morning.”

“Why don’t you say you shouldn’t have dinner last night?”

The several people joked as they walked to the cafeteria.

When Shen Zhen reached the top floor, Qin Shan happened to get off the elevator on the other side, and the two happened to meet each other. Qin Shan pinched her neck which was uncomfortable after sitting for a long time. She said curiously, “I’ve been here for so long, but Uncle hasn’t ever let me have lunch with him.”

Shen Zhen: “Maybe it’s because I’m here too. It’s more convenient for three people to eat together.”

Qin Shan didn’t understand what a third person had to do with convenience.

“I wonder what we’ll eat.” Qin Shan, “It should be the assistant bringing it up?”

Qin Shan touched her belly: “I’ve been hungry for a long time and want to eat sweet and sour pork loin.”

The two walked to the door of Qin Xing’s office as they talked, and Shen Zhen knocked on the door.

The person who opened the door was Qin Xing’s assistant, a man in his thirties, but he didn’t have a balding affliction nor a beer belly. He had a good figure and image, and looked like a reliable person at first sight.

“Brother Ma.” Qin Shan greeted the assistant.

The assistant smiled at Qin Shan and Shen Zhen: “Miss Qin, Young Master Shen, Mr. Qin was inside, you can just go in directly.”

As soon as Qin Shan and Shen Zhen went in, they saw Qin Xing standing by the floor-to-ceiling window. Qin Xing was wearing a white shirt and black trousers. The sleeves of the shirt were folded up, revealing Qin Xing’s forearm. Qin Xing’s muscles were very strong and firm, and with just a shirt on, one could see the outline of his pectoral muscles.


“Youngest Uncle.”

The moment Qin Xing turned his head against the sunlight outside the windows, Shen Zhen’s breathing stopped for a moment.

Qin Shan was not comfortable in front of Qin Xing. She was three years younger than Qin Meng. Qin Xing was already very busy when she was born. Qin Meng was at least carried a few times by Qin Xing, but Qin Shan had never enjoyed such treatment.

“How is work?” Qin Xing asked Shen Zhen with a smile. The three walked to the sitting room, and after sitting down, the assistant poured hot tea.

Qin Shan didn’t like drinking tea, but she didn’t dare to say anything.

Shen Zhen picked up the cup, the temperature was just right, he took a sip to moisten his throat and said, “I had nothing to do this morning.”

Qin Xing: “If you have any questions about work, you can ask Xiao Ma.”

Assistant Ma smiled on the side: “I’m on call 24 hours a day.”

As Qin Xing’s personal assistant, Ma Hongming had been in this position for nearly ten years. With an annual salary of nearly 10 million yuan, of course he also deserved this money. Not only did he have to do his own job, but he also had to do everything possible to help Qin Xing deal with private matters.

Otherwise, there were so many talented people, why did he become the assistant to the CEO?

Qin Xing did not only have one assistant, but Ma Hongming had the ability to take over all of Qin Xing’s affairs. He did the work of several people alone. If not because he was a man, he was probably willing to deal with Qin Xing’s physical needs as well.

Qin Shan said, “If I look for an assistant in the future, I’ll have to look for one like Brother Ma.”

Assistant Ma was still smiling: “The back waves of the Yangtze River pushes the front waves, maybe they will be much stronger than me.”

Qin Xing also smiled and said, “Don’t praise him, this person does not take praise well.”

Shen Zhen suddenly asked: “Brother Ma, how is the work arrangement for the newcomer entering the company decided?”

Assistant Ma also sat on the side: “If you have a group leader to lead you, you will basically be getting familiar with the work in the first week. After assisting the group members to understand the specific process for a week, you will be able to start independently.”

Shen Zhen nodded: “I didn’t do anything this morning, so only in the afternoon will I begin?”

Assistant Ma: “They likely had things to do in the morning. The annual summary started recently. All departments are very busy.”

At the end of the new year holidays, a summary report must be submitted, but each quarter had a summary. Some departments with low work intensity actually just integrate the previous quarterly summary, make a PPT, and then make a paper version.

Shen Zhen: “Understood.”

Qin Xing suddenly smiled and said, “If you are not happy, remember to tell Uncle, Uncle will give you the green light to be Uncle’s personal assistant.”

Shen Zhen was not so afraid of Qin Xing now. It was not so much fear, but respect now. He was very confident: “Uncle, have some confidence in me.”

Qin Xing didn’t refute, just looked at Shen Zhen with a smile.

Shen Zhen had no choice but to compromise: “Okay, if I don’t do well, I’ll apply to be Uncle’s assistant, specifically coming over to bring disaster to Uncle Qin.”

Qin Xing smiled and said, “Let’s eat then.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Assistant Ma had several other assistants bring the food in.

Shen Zhen was still thinking about the future, and he didn’t know that he had no chance to make contact with the work.

AN: Qin Xing: “The main thing is to be my assistant.”

Shen Zhen: “…..What you really want is a secretary, right?”

Qin Xing (smiles): “Oops, I was discovered.”

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Source of Calamity CH 014 Entering The Company

Shen Zhen, who returned to the room, called Qin Meng’s sister, Qin Shan. Unlike Qin Meng, Qin Shan had been in touch with the Qin family’s business since she came of age. She had a so-so relationship with everyone in the family, and had not returned to the Qin family manor recently. She had bought her own house outside, close to the company.

She was only a minor employee in the Qin family company now. No one knows that she was actually a young lady of the Qin family. When she heard that Shen Zhen was also going to work in the company, she even gave him some careful advice.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Don’t wear a brand-name suit, you can just wear a custom-made one, the kind without a brand name.” Qin Shan stayed up all night and was just sleeping, and yawned, “Don’t bring a black card, just a normal bank card. Don’t put too much money in it, just put one or two thousand yuan in your wallet every day.”

Qin Shan said, “I’ll have someone find a house for you. How big do you want?”

Shen Zhen was also very unceremonious: “Two hundred square meters is enough. It is best to have floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, and there must be a study.”

Qin Shan: “Okay, I’ll have someone prepare it for you. When will you arrive at the company?”

Shen Zhen: “Uncle Qin asked me to go next Monday with the other newcomers.”

Qin Shan’s tone was not very good: “Anyway, just think of it as experiencing life in the early stage, it’s annoying.”

She only went home on weekends every week, and she only stayed at home for one day, before she went back to having fun with the fresh meat she kept, so no one at home knows how she was in the company, and Qin Meng never cared about this either.

Unlike his sister, Qin Meng had no interest in business at all, and was unwilling to start from the bottom, and had been staying at home as a rice bug this whole time.

Qin Shan specially made a visit to see the house. The Qin Group’s company building was located in the city center, and was a landmark building of the city. There were two buildings, both of which had more than 40 floors. The employees of the head office always had it better than those of the child companies. The chosen house was located near the company.

Such an area, putting aside the price, there were not many willing to sell.

Fortunately, Shen Zhen didn’t need to worry about the buying process, he only needed to take a look and nod, and the butler would take care of the rest.

“Not bad.” Shen Zhen turned around.

Qin Shan: “Someone will come to clean every day, and the drinks in the refrigerator are also replenished every day. Do you smoke? If you do, ask the butler to find someone to deliver it every day.”

Shen Zhen shook his head: “No.”

He smoked very fiercely in his last life, he had tobacco dependence, and he always felt flustered when he didn’t smoke. Since he had no addiction in this life, then it was better to keep it that way.

“Did Youngest Uncle tell you which department you will go to?” Qin Shan went and poured a cup of coffee for Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen waved his hand: “I drink plain water.”

He didn’t like coffee.

Qin Shan shrugged, not too caring.

Shen Zhen: “Uncle didn’t say, he let me go wherever I want.”

Qin Shan: “I suggest you go to the media department.”

Shen Zhen tilted his head: “Why?”

He studied finance in college, so asking him to deal with a group of reporters?

Qin Shan took a sip of coffee and frowned at the bitter taste, having forgotten to add creamer and sugar. She wrinkled her nose: “You can get to know more people, if you drop directly into a department with power, they could eat you alive.”

“Youngest Uncle won’t have anyone take care of you.”

Shen Zhen understood that Qin Shan was telling him to use roundabout tactics.

“Did you suffer a loss when you first went?” Shen Zhen asked.

Qin Shan snorted: “That group of people, heh.”

Still held a grudge it seemed.

Qin Shan complained: “I had to do everything myself, I had to clean up the table myself, and points will be taken if it is messy which means having my salary deducted.”

“Several work groups fighting over a single project, everyone scheming and bullying newcomers. If you do well, no one will praise you. If you don’t do well, the fault is all yours. They call it seniors leading juniors, but the seniors would take their work and assign it to you instead, lo and behold, how fun.”

Shen Zhen smiled: “You didn’t tell Uncle?” Didn’t you tell on them to Uncle?

Qin Shan rolled her eyes: “I did, Youngest Uncle told me to take care of it myself, and also said that if I can’t handle this trivial matter well, then don’t get promoted for now, just obediently stay as a little office worker for a few years. “

“Anyway, just be careful yourself.” Qin Shan gloated a little, finally someone was going to be unlucky with her.

The younger generation of other people’s family, when they enter their own company, the position was at least starting from a department manager, the minimum was this. Only their family was different, they were only small office walkers when they entered, and they also had to conceal their identities.

“Eldest Brother also worked as a little office worker?” Shen Zhen suddenly asked.

Qin Shan shook her head: “Eldest Brother had always been following Youngest Uncle, and he had been meeting people since he was a child. Youngest Uncle taught him personally, how could he be like us.”

This was the insurmountable gap, Qin Shan was envious and hateful.

“You will now live alone. If you’re bored, keep a cat or a dog. Anyway, if you’re not at home, an apartment housekeeper will help you watch it.” Qin Shan took out her mobile phone and showed Shen Zhen the photo: “Look, my corgi, doesn’t its butt look cute?”

Shen Zhen nodded and said sincerely, “Cute.”

Qin Shan was satisfied: “It’s very sweet and obedient, and knows how to go to the toilet by itself.”

“Then I’ll head back first, and I’ll drive to pick you up on Monday.” Qin Shan said, “It’s not the one I usually drive at home, it’s a red Chery QQ, don’t mistake it.”

Shen Zhen’s expression was a little stiff, Chery QQ?

Qin Shan saw Shen Zhen’s expression, and her tone was quite despairing: “Youngest Uncle had someone get it for me. Said that even if it was a Volkswagen, he wouldn’t get it for me.”

Shen Zhen: “Uncle didn’t give me a car…..”

Qin Shan found that this person was worse off than her, and patted Shen Zhen on the shoulder: “It’s okay, Chery QQ can also seat four people, and it has four wheels, thinking about it this way it does not seem too bad.”

Better than giving her a two-wheeled electric scooter.

The apartment was on the 42nd floor. The living room had a rectangular structure, and the front and rear corners were curved. The entire living room faces outwards with huge floor-to-ceiling windows, which allowed a night view of the city. The decoration was very simple, and the main colors were white and brown. The open-plan kitchen also had a wine cabinet. The whole living room was very large. There was a treadmill placed on the side. The floor was white tiles and covered with a thick gray carpet.

There was a smell of a newly furnished house in the air, but it was not too bad.

The necessities here were complete, and Shen Zhen didn’t need to prepare anything other than his own clothes.

Shen Zhen poured himself a glass of juice and stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the city.

If he was not born in the Shen family, but in an ordinary family, he might not be able to afford such a house in his entire life.

Shen Zhen exhaled on the glass and drew a smiling face in the white mist with his fingers.

He smiled at the smiley face.

The sheets and quilt covers were all new. They were sent to be washed and dried before they were laid so it was dry and refreshing. Shen Zhen took a shower. It was already dark. As the air conditioner was on he came out wearing a bathrobe that exposed most of his chest.

Shen Zhen was very pale and looked thin in clothes, but his muscles were very firm, not as strong as burly as the Qin family looked, but more aesthetic.

The floor-to-ceiling windows at night reflected his figure.

Shen Zhen pulled off the bathrobe.

A young male body was reflected in the glass.

Maybe he should go to the gym. Shen Zhen touched his abdominal muscles, which were not obvious anymore. It took a lot of abdominal force to see it clearly.

Sleeping in the new place, Shen Zhen felt a little uneasy, Mama Zhang was still packing things, and she wouldn’t come over until tomorrow.

He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling until it was two o’clock in the morning, yet he still couldn’t fall asleep, so he poured a glass of red wine and swallowed it down like medicine.

This weekend, Shen Zhen practically spent mostbof his time getting familiar with the new home, but Mama Zhang was very happy. When she was at the Qin family manor, the Qin family had a kitchen and chef, so Mama Zhang’s cooking skills were of no use. Now that she moved out, Mama Zhang started to cook and busy herself with this small house.

Shen Zhen: “Isn’t your son also going to school here? Is the school accommodation convenient? I will be going to work and usually won’t have time to accompany you, so you can let him move in here.”

Mama Zhang hesitated: “How embarrassing is this, he is such a big boy, won’t he cause you trouble?”

Mama Zhang didn’t take care of her own son very much. She was a little lost. From the time her son was a child to now, this mother and son had hardly stayed under the same roof, but she also knew that this was because Shen Zhen cared for her, and her son was also someone she cared about so she didn’t refuse. She just smiled reluctantly: “Then I’ll call him to ask, he lives in the school dorms now, and he probably doesn’t want to move out.”

Shen Zhen nodded, he put on a custom suit that Mama Zhang had ironed last night, and it was indeed very unwrinkled and smooth.

Mama Zhang did Shen Zhen’s tie for him and smiled: “So handsome.”

Shen Zhen: “I won’t be back at noon. You have to eat better at home by yourself. Let the housekeeper buy anything you want.”

Mama Zhang said quickly: “I’ll go around the neighborhood to find out where the market is, and I’ll make you stir-fried prawns at night.”

When Shen Zhen heard stir-fried prawns, he also felt a bit of a craving: “Okay.”

It happened that Qin Shan’s call came, so Shen Zhen went downstairs and saw the Chery QQ at a glance, bright red with stickers on the rear.

Qin Shan was also wearing a professional suit. She rolled down the car window: “Come on, have you eaten breakfast?”

Shen Zhen sat in the co-pilot and fastened his seat belt: “Yeah.”

Qin Shan yawned: “I slept in a few more minutes and didn’t eat breakfast. I’m going to buy a sandwich when we pass by the supermarket later.”

Shen Zhen: “Okay.”

“Which department did you tell Youngest Uncle you will go to?” Qin Shan tilted her head and asked.

Shen Zhen: “As you said, go to the media department first to familiarize myself with the company’s processes and people.”

Qin Shan: “If only someone had advised me at that time.”

The two stopped once on the road, Qin Shan bought sandwiches and milk and sat in the back seat to eat, while Shen Zhen went to the driver’s seat to drive.

“You just enter through this door and take the elevator to the sixth floor. The fourth to eighth floors are all the media department.” Qin Shan waved to Shen Zhen, “Let’s have lunch together at noon, I’ll call you when the time comes.”

Shen Zhen nodded: “Okay.”

Shen Zhen had never experienced office working life. He was very curious. People from the Qin Group’s corporate headquarters, even if they were just interns, had to beat countless competitors. Shen Zhen walked into the building and called the personnel department——he had no pass and so couldn’t get on the elevator.

After the call, Shen Zhen sat down on the sofa and looked at the people coming and going.

It felt so novel.

“Is it Mr. Shen?” The personnel department knew his identity. The person who came to pick him up was a middle-aged woman, with her hair tied in a bun and pierced with a hairpin. She wore a black suit, white shirt and black suit trousers, and had on black high heels. She looked like a neat strong woman.

She smiled and said, “You can come with me, Mr. Qin personally ordered me to take care of you.”

Shen Zhen stood up: “Let’s go.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The woman observed him carefully. She had been the department manager of the personnel department for a long time, and she was not responsible for taking care of newcomers. However, when she was called into the office by Qin Xing and told by Qin Xing, she knew that this young man named Shen Zhen held much weight with Qin Xing.

This was not the crown prince, but he was better than the crown prince.

He just hoped that the people in the media department would have some discernment and not offend him.

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