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Source of Calamity CH 012 Snatched Away

“I’ll treat you to a meal another day.” Li Jiaxing soon became Shen Zhen’s follower. He had a baby face, with big eyes and fleshy cheeks. It was an appearance that was lovable——but also inspired people’s desire to bully him.

Li Jiaxing also didn’t know what identity Shen Zhen was, but his identity was definitely not low, otherwise Chen Nanping would not obediently apologize to him at his word. Li Jiaxing felt that this was his chance, and he was not stupid. He followed Chen Nanping last year because following Chen Nanping was beneficial. The reason he no longer followed this year was because he suffered a lot last year.

Chen Nanping had high standards but little ability. He had not learned how to do business but the shameless and shady methods within the circle were played better than anyone else.

There were many scandals, but they were all pushed down by Chen Zhongmin.

Chen Nanping only remembered the disadvantages of others, but did not remember the advantages of others. He was an ungrateful white-eyed wolf.

Li Jiaxing pestered Shen Zhen to exchange mobile phone numbers, and he said, “I don’t dare to guarantee anything else, but I am proficient in eating, drinking and having fun.”

Sometimes eating, drinking and having fun was also a skill.

What kind of occasions to go to, what kind of people to play with, this was also a matter of particularity.

Shen Zhen didn’t refuse, but he didn’t agree immediately: “Let’s talk when we have time.”

Chen Nanping went to change his clothes and probably had to sort his hair out, but Chen Zhongmin went back to the lounge again. Business after all, it was impossible to do business with a thin skin, and a thick skin was also a source of pride.

On the contrary, many people came to Shen Zhen to drink and chat, and Shen Zhen did not refuse anyone who came. Although he was not friendly to others, he was not rude either, his demeanor just right.

Yang Changsheng, who had shunned away after saying hello, also came over, never mentioning what happened earlier.

“I heard that business is not easy to do recently.” Yang Changsheng said, “Real estate is not very flourishing.”

Problems arose in the real estate industry last year, several large enterprises having collapsed. And when the real estate industry collapsed, the following small enterprises were also unlucky.

Yang Changsheng: “There are a lot of unfinished buildings, and no one to take over.”

Shen Zhen and Li Jiaxing both looked at him.

Yang Changsheng smiled, looking a little embarrassed: “I want to pick up a few dishes.” (TN: slang for taking over from someone else)

No one wanted to manage unfinished buildings, so the price to take over now was at the lowest.

Li Jiaxing: “House prices have fallen sharply this year, and the possibility of recovery within three years is not high.”

Shen Zhen said, “Take it, count me in.”

Li Jiaxing/Yang Changsheng: “Huh?”

Shen Zhen: “I said, count me in, are you going to go it alone or use your family’s company name?”

Yang Changsheng was led along by the conversation and replied, “Not yet decided…..My family is not involved in real estate.”

Shen Zhen: “If you want, you can list it here with me.”

Yang Changsheng was dumbfounded.

No, he just mentioned it casually, he was still thinking about it, why did this guy suddenly become interested?

Shen Zhen was not all of a sudden interested. After all, he had experience in his previous life. Real estate was really not good in the past few years, but from next year, highways and subway routes would be planned. The public’s sense of smell was the most sensitive in this regard. Once the urban planning was decided, and had yet to even begin building, they would begin to frantically search for properties in the area.

For those few unfinished projects, the big frame had already been drawn up, and the later stages could be completed in more than half a year at most, just in time for next year’s urban plan.

Shen Zhen was not going to stay in the Qin family all his life and be a young master in name only.

The Qin family won’t give him a dime, and he didn’t even need to think about the Shen family either.

“What’s your cell phone number?” Shen Zhen handed over his cell phone, and Yang Changsheng entered his cell phone number in a daze.

When Yang Changsheng reacted, he realized that he had been led away by Shen Zhen before he even said anything or agreed to anything.

But Yang Changsheng also suddenly had confidence.

He also mentioned those building projects to his family before. But his family felt that real estate was not easy to do in the first place. The liquidity gap of this business was very large. So long as a project failed, even the loss of the initial investment would make the family have a headache, let alone speak of profits.

It was too unstable.

His family was conservative and dared not use the existing family property to gamble.

The most expensive real estate was the land, and the bidding for a piece of land would cost hundreds of millions, depending on the location.

Those joint projects of several large enterprises have been unfinished for four consecutive years, and the losses were close to 100 billion. The projects were not only not in one area, but distributed in different cities across the country, using the same construction method.

After the company went bankrupt, these unfinished projects were recycled by the state, but the local government had no money to continue construction.

If one took over now, it was indeed a bargain, but the initial investment was also very considerable.

First of all, the money owed to the workers by the bankrupt enterprise must be paid off, which was not a small sum.

And then there was also a bunch of odds and ends.

Yang Changsheng could only use a little more than 20 million yuan, which was given by his father.

To take over the unfinished building projects was simply a dream.

Shen Zhen didn’t intend for himself and Yang Changsheng to eat these dishes alone. He really wasn’t able to. All he could use was the pocket money given by the Qin family over these many years which was just around ten million yuan.

“I’ll call you in a few days.” Before leaving, Yang Changsheng got Shen Zhen’s parting words.

The car they came in was parked at the door. Shen Zhen blew warm breath into the palm of his hand and rubbed his hands. Then he opened the car door and sat in. Qin Xing had yet to come out, so Shen Zhen poured a cup of hot water and felt the warm air conditioning inside.

The driver also turned on music, all of which Qin Xing loved to listen to, all piano music without lyrics.

Shen Zhen was not too fond of the arts, but he must understand, must know how to hold a conversation on famous musical compositions, and know the names of famous composers, but that didn’t mean he liked them.

Shen Zhen didn’t know what he liked.

“Did you wait for a long time?” The cold air came in when Qin Xing opened the door.

Shen Zhen tucked in his neck, shook his head and said, “No, just a few minutes.”

Qin Xing looked at the watch on his hand and said with a smile, “Twelve minutes.”

After the door was closed, the temperature inside the car rose again, but Qin Xing’s body still had a trace of the cold air.

Qin Xing took off his coat and put it aside: “How do you feel?”

Shen Zhen poured Qin Xing a cup of hot tea: “It’s easier than expected.”

Just when Shen Zhen was thinking about whether to ask Qin Xing for help, Qin Xing suddenly reached out and ruffled Shen Zhen’s hair.

Shen Zhen froze in place, he could only feel a big hand on his head, very gentle and warm.

He stayed in the Qin family since he was a child, and never knew what it was like to have a father and a mother. Although Mama Zhang loved him and cared about him, Mama Zhang could not take the place of his parents.

In such a moment, Shen Zhen inexplicably felt a little bit of paternal love in Qin Xing’s actions.

“Don’t be too nervous.” Qin Xing said, “You are different from them.”

Shen Zhen smiled with some difficulty, looking at the hand that Qin Xing had withdrawn, his eyes unblinking.

Why didn’t it touch his head for a while longer?

Shen Zhen felt a little regretful.

Shen Zhen suddenly said, “Uncle, Ah Yue wants Su Shiqing to transfer his house register to the Shen family.”

Qin Xing had no expression, he just looked at Shen Zhen intently: “What does Xiao Zhen think?”

Shen Zhen sighed: “Uncle.”

The tone was a bit coquettish.

Qin Xing gave a low laugh, his voice full of magnetism, sexy and hoarse: “Don’t worry, Uncle will deal with it.”

Shen Zhen: “Uncle is so kind to me.”

“Yes.” Qin Xing’s smile faded, his eyes swept across Shen Zhen’s face, “Uncle always treats Xiao Zhen the best.”

On the way back, Shen Zhen was feeling a little drowsy. He had drunk a lot. Although the alcohol content was not high, it added up and it was time to show its effects. He leaned back on the seat, and his sitting posture was still upright, but then fell to one side due to inertia when the car turned.

Exactly into Qin Xing’s arms.

Shen Zhen’s sleep was not heavy, but his eyelids were heavy. He only felt that it was more comfortable lying down, but the pillow was a little hard.

Qin Xing looked down at Shen Zhen’s sleeping face, only at this time would Shen Zhen reveal a little bit of unease, his brows wrinkled, his cheeks turned red from the alcohol, and his teeth biting on his lower lip.

The driver said at this time, “Mr. Qin, we’re almost there.”

Qin Xing’s tone did not fluctuate: “Take a detour around here.”

The driver didn’t question or refute, he obediently followed Qin Xing’s command, and really started to go around in circles.

Qin Xing stretched out his hand and stroked Shen Zhen’s face lightly. He took off his gloves and put them aside. Shen Zhen’s skin was very good, there were no pimples or spots on his face. Qin Xing’s fingertips slid across the skin, his movements gentle like touching a piece of tofu, as if even a bit of force would break this piece of tofu.

Qin Xing still remembered the first time he saw Shen Zhen. At that time, Shen Zhen was a five-year-old child, wearing a small suit, and following behind the servant uneasily. When he saw him, his first reaction was to take a step back and then immediately followed by taking a step forward, pretending to be brave and looking directly into his eyes.

In Qin Xing’s impression, Shen Zhen was a delicate, taciturn child with strong self-esteem, but lacked the foundation of a foothold.

Such people didn’t even require a deliberate blow, once they faced reality, they would collapse first.

Qin Xing smiled.

He still remembered that night, Shen Zhen’s arms wrapped around his neck. He was like a vine, tightly wrapped around him, as if he was the only light in his world.

Even his breath longed for his presence.

Qin Xing still remembered the feeling under his hands, which made one enraptured.

But he was never one to be satisfied with just the enjoyment of the flesh. He wanted this person to be completely his own from body to mind.

For this, he could spend several years, a dozen years, he was not in a hurry.

One day, he would get what he wanted.

Shen Zhen never woke up.

When the car stopped, he was carried out by Qin Xing.

At that time, Qin Yue was in the hall, and he was the first to greet them at the door.

However, what came into his vision was his uncle, who walked in carrying in his arms the childhood friend who had always adored him.

One of Shen Zhen’s arms was hanging in the air, the other hand was laying limply on his stomach, his head resting on Qin Xing’s chest. Occasionally, as if he didn’t feel that his pillow was soft enough, he would rub his face against it, like a coquettish cat.

This scene stabbed Qin Yue and caused him to lower his head instantly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

For the first time, he felt anger that could not be ignored.

It was as if something that had always belonged to him had been snatched away.

AN: Qin Xing: “You actually want to treat me as a father?”

Shen Zhen: “…..”

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Source of Calamity CH 011 Face Slap

“Uncle Qin, please continue chatting, I’m going back out.” Shen Zhen spoke in a respectful manner that also held intimacy.

Qin Xing smiled and said, “Go, if you meet a like-minded friend, you can invite him to be a guest at home.”

Everyone couldn’t help cursing out loud in their hearts.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It was an honor to be a guest at the Qin family. The Qin family never entertained guests at home. The security measures were very good so don’t even mention going inside. Just walking around a few times on the perimeter and security guards would come to ask you what you were up to.

Even if it was a relationship between juniors, it was still a good thing for the children in the family to be able to go visit the Qin family!

Everyone looked at Shen Zhen with even more warm eyes, hoping that he would be like-minded with their own children.

As for Chen Zhongmin? This person didn’t come back after going to the restroom, and it was very likely that he had gone to find his son.

The several toadies didn’t dare to speak since they came in. They stood behind Shen Zhen obediently, and when Shen Zhen went out, they followed.

As soon as they exited the door of the lounge, they looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

The most astute one among them said quickly: “Young Master Shen, why didn’t you say that you are from the Qin family? Look at us, we have eyes but just failed to recognize Mount Tai, so please don’t bother quibbling with us.”

Shen Zhen smiled at him, and that smile really had nothing to do with gentleness at all: “You guys are really interesting.”

That person was also shameless: “We will definitely treat you as our own big brother in the future, Young Master Shen!”

Shen Zhen: “Don’t, I can’t afford it. You are Young Master Chen’s left and right guardians, the Four Great Kings, and a small character like me, dare not think of it.”

“Young Master Shen…..” That person had a bitter face and started to cry out his misery, “Our family depends on doing business with the Chen family, this is just all for the sake of living, and we dare not offend Young Master Chen.”

Shen Zhen didn’t fall for this at all: “Hehe.”

After sneering, Shen Zhen stepped forward and left these toadies behind him.

Was there any essential difference between an accomplice and a murderer?

They already dared to act like this in the face of people from small and less powerful families, and when they go out, what kind of dirty tricks would they pull in the face of ordinary people with no power or wealth at all?

Who was clean in this circle?

Chen Zhongmin was lecturing his son.

“Do you know who he is?!” Chen Zhongmin suppressed his voice, but he was full of anger. He was not a good-tempered person and had a son exactly like him.

Chen Nanping rolled his eyes: “The surname is Shen, who could he be? The King of Heaven?”

Chen Zhongmin resisted the urge to kick Chen Nanping: “He is Mr. Qin’s nephew!”

Chen Nanping was also dumbfounded at this time: “No way, could the Qin family still have a nephew surnamed Shen?”

Chen Zhongmin: “Who knows what’s going on here, let me tell you, you must settle this matter well, you should apologize then apologize, otherwise I have more than one son.”

Chen Nanping squeezed his fist and lowered his head: “Got it.”

“Ai! Xiao Zhen!” As soon as he saw Shen Zhen, Chen Zhongmin walked over with a smile and grabbed Shen Zhen’s hand, “Uncle has already taught this kid a lesson, he is just too stupid, don’t take it to heart, Uncle will have him apologize to you.”

“Come here!” Chen Zhongmin turned his head and shouted at Chen Nanping.

Chen Nanping took a deep breath and walked over with a smile full of apology, very able to pull his face down. He said to Shen Zhen, “Young Master Shen, I didn’t know how to speak just now, I’m sorry.”

Shen Zhen: “Wait.”

The Chen father and son: “?”

Shen Zhen stepped aside, patted Li Jiaxing, who was sitting on the sofa pondering, and said in a calm tone, “Come with me.”

Li Jiaxing was at a loss, but Shen Zhen didn’t explain it to him, so he just dumbly followed Shen Zhen.

Li Jiaxing’s face turned pale when he saw the Chen father and son pair.

What was going on?

Chen Nanping not only bullied others himself, but also pulled out his father to bully others?

Was he really going to lose the Li family’s face today?

“Uncle Chen…..” Barely after these two words had fallen, Li Jiaxing heard Shen Zhen’s voice.

Shen Zhen: “What you just said to me, say it to him again.”

Say what? Li Jiaxing was very nervous.

Chen Nanping gritted his teeth: “I did something wrong before, I’m sorry.”

Li Jiaxing: “…..” He was dumbfounded.

Shen Zhen looked at Li Jiaxing: “What do you say?”

Li Jiaxing took a deep breath and very much doubted that he was dreaming now, but he quickly recovered and waved his hand: “It’s all right, it’s all a misunderstanding, just clear up the confusion and everything’s well.”

Although Chen Zhongmin was displeased that his son apologized to a person like Li Jiaxing, he did not show any discomfort on the surface.

“En.” Shen Zhen said to Li Jiaxing, “then you can go eat cake, I’ll come to you later.”

When Li Jiaxing left, his hands and feet were stiff.

It was not that Shen Zhen appreciated Li Jiaxing very much, but just now Li Jiaxing wanted to protect him when he himself was at a disadvantage. Although Shen Zhen was to hold grudges, he also remembered when others treated him well, so he should repay him for the favor, and no one owes anyone anything.

“Young Master Shen.” Chen Nanping breathed a sigh of relief. He poured two glasses of champagne and handed a glass to Shen Zhen, “We can be regarded as laughing and putting aside our grievances.”

As he spoke, he touched his glass with Shen Zhen’s.

Chen Zhongmin breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled with reassurance.

“Don’t.” Shen Zhen said suddenly, “No one is laughing and putting aside grievances with you.”

The smile on Chen Nanping’s face could hardly be maintained.

“Although it is said that people can’t quibble with dogs, I can sometimes pretend that I don’t know the other party is a dog.” Shen Zhen said with a smile, “I will drink this glass of champagne, but there is another bottle on the table. Your hair is so oily, you can use the wine to wash it.”

Shen Zhen turned to look at Chen Zhongmin: “Uncle Chen, don’t you think so?”

Chen Nanping exploded: “Shen Zhen, don’t bully people too much!”

Chen Zhongmin also shouted: “Chen Nanping! Didn’t you hear what Young Master Shen said?!”

Chen Nanping looked at his father in disbelief: “Dad?”

Chen Zhongmin glared at Chen Nanping angrily: “Hurry up, don’t let Young Master Shen say it a second time!”

Their Chen family’s business had always followed the path of the Qin family. The Qin family opened the channel for them, and they could sit and earn money. However, the Chen family was not of much importance to the Qin family, and could always be replaced, so Chen Zhongmin couldn’t gamble on how much weight this Young Master Shen had in Qin Xing’s heart, if he lost the bet, and Qin Xing really retaliated, what should their family do?

The world would lack capable workers, excellent scientists, and intelligent researchers, but there would never be a shortage of people who want to make money.

The downfall of a Chen family was of little importance to society and the business world.

The Chen family could not shake the Qin family, just as ants could not shake an elephant.

Chen Nanping walked to the table with difficulty. Many thoughts flashed in his mind. He remembered that he had been arrogant and domineering outside for so many years. No one had ever dared to say no to him. He could act humble and inferior in front of the heirs of big and affluent families, but also arrogant in front of people who were not as good as his own family. He was like a duck to water in this world that belonged to him.

How…..did he fall into the hands of someone who he had never even heard the name of.

He picked up the bottle of champagne, came back to Shen Zhen, raised the champagne to the top of his head, the bottle facing down, and the champagne poured out, soaking his face, and even his clothes and pants were not spared.

This move attracted the attention of many people.

“What happened to Chen Nanping? Did he go crazy?”

“Even if he went crazy, he wouldn’t do it here. Didn’t you see, his dad is standing next to him.”

“Who is the person across from him?”

“I know, I just heard Yang Changsheng say that his name is Shen Zhen.”

“Shen Zhen?”

“I haven’t heard of it, this Shen Zhen could actually make him pour himself a whole body of wine?”

“Don’t say that either, maybe he has some kind of backing.”

“Definitely not one to be offended anyway.”

“Let’s observe the situation first.”

Chen Nanping’s hair was all wet, and the champagne droplets spilled down the tips of his hair. He looked up at Shen Zhen like a defeated dog: “Young Master Shen, are you satisfied?”

Chen Zhongmin also said: “Young Master Shen, you see, Nan Ping also knows he’s wrong.”

Shen Zhen showed no expression, his eyes calm as if the other party’s actions didn’t seem to make him happy in the least. He waved his hand with little interest: “Okay, Uncle Chen, educate him well after returning home, don’t let him educate people all over the world.”

A sarcastic smile appeared on Shen Zhen’s face: “This time, he was going to notify my uncle, and maybe someone else will be notified next time.”

Shen Zhen said, “The Chen family’s education is truly strict indeed.”

Chen Zhongmin also smiled, but his smile was extraordinarily soft: “He was spoiled when he was a child. I’ll definitely lecture him well when we go back.”

Chen Nanping lowered his head and did not speak.

Shen Zhen was no longer interested: “I’m going to go over there, Uncle Chen can enjoy the party slowly.”

After speaking, he turned and left, heading in the direction of Li Jiaxing.

Chen Nanping clenched his fists tightly, his eyes were on fire: “Dad, you just let him humiliate me like this?”

Chen Zhongmin pulled him to the partition, gave him a slap. This slap from a grown man with all his strength resulted in a palm print quickly appearing on Chen Nanping’s face. Chen Zhongmin said viciously, “You still know that you are my son, how did I teach you? I asked you to learn to put on an act no matter who you face, you look down on them in your heart, but you can’t show it on the face, even if you bully people, you have to be smarter about it!”

“Who can be dealt with, who can’t be dealt with, you have to know in your heart! You don’t even know the details of the other party, yet you dare to find fault with others?” Chen Zhongmin almost growled, “I tell you, that people are even willing to be a dog for you, it’s all because your father, I, am being a dog for others!”

Chen Nanping’s eyes were a little wet: “Dad…..”

Chen Zhongmin’s anger faded and he sighed: “Son, Dad is getting old, and I will let you be in charge in a few years. You have to understand a truth. If you have no power or ability, you have no right to speak. Today, your father bent over for someone in my son’s generation, and tomorrow you will have to bend over to a junior below you.”

“If you don’t judge the situation, you don’t remain cautious everywhere, today is just a bottle of champagne, what about later?”

Chen Nanping closed his eyes: “Dad, I understand.”

“I will find a chance to apologize in private again. So long as he won’t accept it, even if I have to kneel to him, I will kneel.”

Chen Zhongmin patted his son on the shoulder.

The father and son did not speak again.

Li Jiaxing leaned over to Shen Zhen: “You are so powerful? Even Uncle Chen listens to you? Who the hell are you?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Zhen put his index finger on his lips, his eyes slightly curved, and said softly, “Secret.”

Shen Zhen’s eyes looked at Li Jiaxing. His eyes were very beautiful, standard phoenix eyes. When he was not smiling, he seemed to be aloof. When he smiled, he was gentle and tender as water. Li Jiaxing felt that his heart stopped for a few seconds, and he moved his own eyes away in a hurry.

AN: Li Jiaxing: “F**k, this is what a heart attack feels like.”

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Source of Calamity CH 010 Gentle And Lingering Touch

Shen Zhen knew that he was not a good-tempered person, and if one put it nicely, this was called making a clear-cut distinction between good and evil, and if one put it badly, he was simply a vengeful fellow, but he also tactful and knew when he could make his move and when he couldn’t.

Now was the time when he could.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He was brought here by Qin Xing and represented the face of the younger generation of the Qin family. Even if his surname was Shen, this would not change.

Qin Xing had already given him the opportunity. If he couldn’t even grasp this opportunity, and bow his head cowardly and escape, it was very likely that there would never be such an opportunity in the future again.

Perhaps Shen Zhen’s words were too much of a deterrent, or perhaps it was the first time they heard someone speak in such a way, those people all inhaled sharply.

“Do you know who Brother Chen is?” Someone looked at Shen Zhen like he was an idiot.

Shen Zhen smiled, and the smile was full of contempt: “Is that important?”

“You should at least know the Chen family, right?”

Shen Zhen: “Oh, I don’t know.”

Brother Chen, who had been watching the show with his arms crossed on the side, keeping out of the incident even though he was obviously involved, couldn’t help it any longer. Although he was called Brother Chen, he was not very old. He looked similar to Li Jiaxing’s age, but he was even shorter. Just about 1.7 meters, with childishness in his features, exactly at the age when boys were the most immature and arrogant.

“What’s your name?” Brother Chen walked up to Shen Zhen. He was like those old fried dough sticks (TN: sophisticated and shrewd adults). He wouldn’t express his preferences clearly. When he looked at Shen Zhen, his expression was very warm and his tone was also very gentle, as if he and Shen Zhen had known each other for a long time, and were some kind of confidant and friend.

Shen Zhen didn’t fall for this at all, and the saying not to stretch out his hand and hit a smiling face was useless in front of him: “My surname is Shen, and my name is Zhen.”

Brother Chen’s smile didn’t disappear: “I haven’t heard of it, which third-rate family is this?”

He stood beside Shen Zhen, and the words he said were harsh and unpleasant, but those who stood a little further away would think that he was talking about happy things with Shen Zhen, and that they got along very well.

“En.” Shen Zhen: “Almost.”

The Shen family did alrigjt abroad, but it was indeed third-rate domestically.

This was not wrong.

“I’ll teach you one thing.” Brother Chen’s expression didn’t change in the slightest. He was still gentle and smiling, “Never mess with someone you know you can’t mess with.”

After finishing speaking, Brother Chen turned his head and said to his toadies: “Throw him out, take good care of him, and let him remember not to go to the wrong door and mess with the wrong person next time.”

The toadies were very obedient: “Brother Chen, don’t worry, we will definitely educate him.”

Li Jiaxing: “You think I’m dead? With so many people here, you dare to make a move?!”

Brother Chen looked at Li Jiaxing’s face. Last year, this person was one of his toadies. This year, he wanted to stand alone. How could this be so simple? Since he had already decided to be a dog, he at least must be a dog until he was happy and rewarded him to be a human.

The game was made by him, and so long as he didn’t say it was over, all players couldn’t leave.

Brother Chen leaned down, patted the sitting Li Jiaxing’s face, his genial smile widened, and he finally revealed a hideous face: “How do you say this? Jia Xing, whoever’s dog is disobedient, must be given a beating in order to be obedient.”

Li Jiaxing’s eyes widened: “Chen Nanping, don’t go too far, your Chen family does not cover the sky with one hand!”

Brother Chen smiled even more: “Indeed not, but enough to cover your sky.”

Li Jiaxing finally knew that he was too weak in front of the opponent, he clenched his fists, finally turned his head away and no longer looked at Chen Nanping. His lips twitched, and he said with difficulty: “I apologize to you, you let Shen Zhen go, I just chatted with him briefly, this does not involve him.”

Shen Zhen: “…..”

This kind of taste of being protected by the weak, speaking of, actually felt quite good.

Although he was also inexplicably dragged into this situation in the first place.

But Brother Chen didn’t want to do what Li Jiaxing hoped. He seemed to have found some new toy. He turned his head and looked Shen Zhen up and down. With a hand propping up his chin, he spoke in a manner of one having pondered carefully, “Fine, since you don’t want to be beaten, then come with me when the party’s over.”

He seemed to have come up with some special way of entertainment.

Shen Zhen was someone who had lived this life before, he clearly knew how absurd these spoiled rich boys could be.

Every year, there were different scandals spread in the upper circles. When they put on clothes, they look sanctimonious. When they took off their clothes, they were worse than a wild dog on the roadside.

A few years later, there was a scandal that caused a sensation in the city. The young master of the Jiang family slept with his stepmother, who was considered his father’s true love.

A woman from an ordinary family who did not know that she was going to marry a wealthy and affluent family until she got married.

As soon as it happened, the stepmother didn’t act like a woman from a wealthy and affluent family. Most of those women knew to cover this scandal up. They might retaliate elsewhere, but they wouldn’t make it public.

Just like Qin Yue’s mother, when she found out that her husband was cheating on her, she also ran home and asked the Qin family to negotiate with her husband’s family.

So the stepmother made a huge scene and even went on TV and newspapers.

The Jiang family’s stock plummeted. Her husband was indeed very much in love with her, so much that he sent his son to prison and wrote a will, saying that all his inheritance after his death would be handed over to himself and the woman’s biological children, whether it was male or female.

Some people believed that this was true. The stepson did rape the stepmother. Causing the stepmother to be so provoked and angry, she didn’t care whose face it was.

Some people also felt that this stepmother was deliberately scheming to ruin her stepson, just to occupy the family property, and so she came up with such a method.

Shen Zhen didn’t know what was true or false, but he had seen that woman, she was not a woman with manipulative scheming, she was very ordinary, she loved her family and insisted on her own career, even if this career was just to be an ordinary accountant. Whenever her stepson was mentioned, there was still a strong hatred in her eyes.

Sometimes Shen Zhen felt that the so-called wealthy and affluent families were all glamorous on the surface, and when the shell was peeled off, the bottom was full of disgusting filth.

On the contrary, ordinary people lived a clean and upright life.

It was just that he didn’t have the chance to be an ordinary person.

“I appreciate the invitation, but I won’t be going. I have to go home with my elders.” Shen Zhen was very polite. That was how the Qin family’s education was. No matter who you face, you must show respect and keep some distance. Don’t act domineering, but don’t be humble either.

Chen Nanping laughed, and the toadies behind him also laughed.

“What’s your dad’s name? I’ll go in and notify him.” Toady 1 said with a smirk.

The use of the word “notify” was too condescending.

Shen Zhen: “Not my dad, but my uncle.”

Qin Xing was not old enough to be his father.

Speaking of… old was Qin Xing? When he entered the Qin family, Qin Xing seemed to be still young, was he an adult at that time?

Was he thirty or forty this year?

Qin Xing didn’t like birthdays, and the family didn’t seem to care about his age either.

Shen Zhen finally realized that Qin Xing’s age was a mystery.

Looking at his face, he was estimated to be around 30, but judging from the time he took over the Qin family, he must be at least 40.

That was a man whose age was a mystery.

“What’s your uncle’s name?” Toady 1 said contemptuously, “I’ll go in and notify him.”

Shen Zhen suddenly had a moment of mischief, and said unhappily: “There is no junior who calls the elder’s name directly, but my uncle is wearing a white suit, it should be quite conspicuous.”

Chen Nanping and the others were not there when Qin Xing came in, so they couldn’t match the identity now. Toady 1 said, “Okay, I’ll go in and find him.”

Chen Nanping smiled and said, “Isn’t it better to be so obedient from the start?”

Shen Zhen: “Hehe.”

He wondered what expressions these people would have when they saw Qin Xing.

“I’ll go with you, I still have to say hello to the elders in person.” Shen Zhen said righteously.

Toady 1 glanced at Chen Nanping.

Chen Nanping waved indifferently: “Take him along.”

Regarding the surname Shen, even if looking back twenty years, there was no big family of this surname.

Shen Zhen followed him obediently. He felt that he couldn’t be considered a good person. Looking at the arrogance of those several toadies, all he thought in his mind was what their expressions would be like when they saw Qin Xing later.

En…..the feeling of the fox exploiting the tiger’s might was really good indeed. (TN: to use powerful connections to intimidate people)

Different from the juniors, the elders were all in the lounge at the back. The lounge was very large, with marble floors, diamond chandeliers, and scarlet velvet carpets. Everywhere was luxurious and exquisite, because there were no female companions, this group of elders just sat on the sofa drinking and smoking and talking about business.

When Shen Zhen came in, everyone’s eyes looked over.

Those toadies then remembered that they were not qualified to come in here.

Chen Nanping was able, but they weren’t!

The expressions of the toadies instantly panicked, and their faces instantly became white.

Shen Zhen shook his head in his heart, this mental fortitude was not good at all.

“This is…..”

The middle-aged man sitting on Qin Xing’s left said, “Is it Xiao Zhen? I heard your uncle mention you just now. Come here.”

Shen Zhen walked over with a smile on his face, and the toadies were probably dazed stupid, as they walked over with Shen Zhen.

When Shen Zhen walked over and greeted Qin Xing, Qin Xing introduced, “Greet Uncle Zheng.”

Shen Zhen: “Uncle Zheng.”

Uncle Zheng said with a smile: “He is indeed a talented person, young man, full of energy and spirit.”

The people next to him followed in the complimenting.

Shen Zhen smiled shyly, looking quite like a young man with little experience in the world.

Various gazes glanced at him, and the owner of each gaze had his own considerations.

“Why did Xiao Zhen come here all of a sudden?” Qin Xing smiled and put his hands on the armrests of the sofa. His seat was at the top, and there was a separate sofa. According to the interior structure, that seat had just the perfect view of all the rest of the lounge. The corners could be seen clearly, as if a king sitting on top of the world.

Shen Zhen turned his head and glanced at the toadies behind him, his tone was not very good, somewhat coquettish, but also like complaining: “Chen Nanping had them come in and notify you that I have to follow him after the party is over.”

The air in the lounge seemed to freeze.

Notify Qin Xing? Did Chen Nanping not want to live anymore?

Chen Nanping’s father, Chen Zhongmin, instantly panicked. He sat in the sixth place behind Uncle Zheng. These seats were all important and had their own underlying meaning. He hurriedly said: “It should be that Nan Ping has an affinity with Xiao Zhen, so he wanted to ask Xiao Zhen to go out with him to play, as for ‘notify’, this word, Xiao Zhen must have said it wrong.”

The toadies were already trembling.

They…..they didn’t know that this surnamed Shen’s uncle was Qin Xing!

Who knew why Shen and Qin were even related?

Just when Shen Zhen was about to speak, Qin Xing spoke up. He looked at Chen Zhongmin with a half-smile, and his tone was also smiling: “Oh, really?”

Chen Zhongmin’s cold sweat soaked through his shirt, and he didn’t dare to reach up to wipe his forehead. He said with a smile, “Yes, it must be.”

Qin Xing sighed and said to the crowd, “Xiao Zhen has a good temper, and you all are also elders.”

“What are you talking about, Mr. Qin? Your junior is our junior, and we insist on taking care of his affairs.”

“The little brats nowadays are getting more and more outrageous.”

“Right? Zhong Min?”

Chen Zhongmin nodded with difficulty and said pathetically, “I’m going to the restroom.”

He practically ran out of the room.

Qin Xing waved at Shen Zhen: “Xiao Zhen, come here.”

Shen Zhen walked to Qin Xing’s side, bent down at the waist, and lowered his head.

Qin Xing stretched out his hand, still wearing white gloves, and his fingers gently stroked Shen Zhen’s chin, his movements gentle and lingering.

Shen Zhen’s heart trembled, and he straightened his waist quickly.

Qin Xing didn’t stop him, didn’t get angry, but said, “The child has grown up and no longer listens.”

Everyone laughed and said, “Young ones, after all.”

“I think Xiao Zhen is very good, with the demeanor of your past, Mr. Qin.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Be more tolerant of juniors.”

Qin Xing just laughed and didn’t speak.

These people were praising Shen Zhen, but they only had one thought in their hearts——the eight generations of ancestors of this person named Shen Zhen must be investigated, this was simply a ladder to heaven! Released by Qin Xing himself!

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“Shi Qing, when you go to the Qin family manor, you must behave well.” The woman took Su Shiqing’s hand, “Listen to Mama, no one can be trusted. You must follow Qin Yue closely after you go over.”

“Find a way to follow him and make him trust you.”

“Shi Qing, this is your only chance.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Shiqing woke up from the dream, covered in cold sweat, he walked to the bathroom and looked at his face in the mirror.

It was the face of a young man in his prime, with youthful beauty and adult handsomeness.

He thought of Qin Yue’s suggestion during the day, having him be the adopted son of the Shen family.

Su Shiqing grinned at his image in the mirror, and soon, he was going to change his name to Shen Shiqing, and won’t even be able to keep his own surname.

Why? Because the Shen family was stronger than the Su family.

If that was the case, why not have him change his surname to Qin?

Only the surname Qin could stand on the top, Su Shiqing wiped his face.

One day, he would no longer suffer from such grievances. What Qin Yue gave, he would take, and what Qin Yue couldn’t give, he would also take.

The night before the beginning of autumn, Shen Zhen put on a black windbreaker. He was 1.82 meters tall, statuesque and straight-backed, with particularly good proportions, his legs long and straight. Inside he wore a dark bottom layer, and on his feet were fine handmade leather shoes, and his hair appeared a little windswept, but it was very styled and layered.

Mama Zhang looked him over a few times, and said with a look of joy: “I have never seen anyone more good-looking than Young Master!”

Shen Zhen was accustomed to being praised by Mama Zhang, and said with a smile, “I’m going outside with Uncle today, you don’t have to wait for me to come back, rest early.”

Mama Zhang: “Master Qin is taking you out? That’s a good thing! Young Master, show more of your ability.”

Shen Zhen smiled and said, “I know, don’t send me off.”

Mama Zhang chuckled: “Ai!”

The car was already waiting at the gate. Shen Zhen opened the car door and sat in the back seat. Qin Xing was already sitting inside. There was a lot of space in the back seat. There were two rows of sofas, one on the left and right, a car refrigerator, and a crystal table. Qin Xing dressed a bit similar to Shen Zhen today, but Shen Zhen’s clothing was a little more casual, while Qin Xing wore a white suit with a gray coat over it.

Qin Xing always wore a suit very rigorously, with shirt buttoned up to the collar, which showed that they were going to an occasion that Qin Xing attached great importance to. In addition to the shirt, there was the vest, then the suit, and then the overcoat.

Shen Zhen sometimes felt that this kind of dressing style was rigorous and handsome, but it was also too complicated.

“Uncle.” Shen Zhen sat in the car with a serious posture.

Qin Xing’s sitting posture was very relaxed. He saw that Shen Zhen was uncomfortable and said, “Don’t be nervous, I am just taking you to meet some people.”

This was a treatment that only Qin Yue and Qin Li have had.

Shen Zhen was flattered, he truly didn’t know why Qin Xing was so kind to him.

This feeling of being suddenly valued by Qin Xing did not give Shen Zhen any sense of reality, but made Shen Zhen even more nervous.

Could it be that Qin Xing wanted something from him? Shen Zhen laughed at himself, what did he have that was worth coveting? His good looks?

He couldn’t figure out what Qin Xing was going to do, so he could only observe.

Shen Zhen evoked a somewhat difficult smile: “I’m not nervous.”

Qin Xing turned to look at him, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Shen Zhen’s heartbeat suddenly slowed down a few beats. Today, Qin Xing didn’t wear gold glasses, his eyes were no longer covered, and the charm when he raised his eyes made Shen Zhen almost unable to put up resistance.

Beauty was seductive, and male beauty was also beauty.

It was a party they were going to attend that evening, but it was a formal business party. There was no seductive hostess to accompany the wine, and there was no glib public relations. It was just some older men bringing their family’s junior over to open up a network for the children, and then meet and connect with their peers.

The general idea was: “Look closely, this little piglet belongs to my family, and it is likely he will inherit my mantle in the future. When calling you uncle in the future, give his old man some face.”

Shen Zhen really didn’t expect to be able to go to such an occasion. In fact, he didn’t dare to think about it. After all, his surname was not Qin. Such a formal occasion, even Qin Li might not be able to attend, let alone him. Only Qin Yue was qualified.

But this time Qin Xing left Qin Yue and brought him instead.

This was indeed supporting him, but after supporting him upwards, he also became a target.

Shen Zhen clenched his fists.

Qin Xing gave the opportunity, and he had to hold on and seize the opportunity.

When they arrived at the destination, Qin Xing took Shen Zhen in together, but Shen Zhen did not wall too close to Qin Xing, and the young people who attended the party only knew Qin Yue and never met Shen Zhen, so they actually didn’t connect Shen Zhen and Qin Xing together.

As soon as Qin Xing entered, several middle-aged men greeted him.

“You didn’t bring your Ah Yue this year?”

Qin Xing smiled and said, “The child has grown up.”

“Then us old people chat talk more and let the young people not be too restricted.”

“Come come, I bought a bottle of good wine last time, let’s try it together?”

As soon as Qin Xing left, Shen Zhen walked from the middle of the hall to the edge. He didn’t know any of the people in the hall. Generally speaking, when the elders had not delegated power, these second generations did not have the opportunity to come to the front of the stage. Unless they themselves were high-profile people, otherwise not even a single photo would be revealed, especially if they were viewed more seriously by their family, the less likely they were to be exposed.

And the people Shen Zhen knew in his previous life were basically not favored by the family, and there was no chance at all for them to come to such an occasion.

“Your first time coming here?” Someone beside him spoke to Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen turned his head to look, and the man smiled at Shen Zhen and stretched out his hand: “My surname is Yang, Yang Changsheng.”

This name was auspicious.

Shen Zhen stretched out his hand and shook it: “Shen Zhen.”

Yang Changsheng’s face changed instantly, his smile disappeared, his warm attitude disappeared, and only the most basic courtesy remained: “The drinks are over there, I’ll go first.”

Shen Zhen nodded, watching the other walk away like he was a plague, and began talking with a few other people.

Some of them also raised their eyes to look at Shen Zhen, directly meeting Shen Zhen’s gaze.

The man probably didn’t expect to meet his eyes, and immediately turned his eyes away.

The surname Shen was really nothing in this venue.

The events for which Qin Xing could accept invitations were basically from the older families, and all still held influence and power in the business world. But it could not be said that all of them were like this. There were some families who were old enough but did not have much wealth and power and were in fact even going downhill.

Their goal was not to draw connections, but to prepare to hug golden thighs.

Able to hug one was one, the elders go to hug the elders, and the juniors go to hug the juniors.

It was simply having come here prepared to be a boot licker.

There was no one around Shen Zhen, but he himself was not in a hurry, and instead poured a glass of red wine and drank slowly while leaning against the edge of the table.

“Your surname is Shen?” The newcomer had a visible eye tooth, which could be exposed with a smile. His hair was dyed blond, which stood out among a group of black haired heads. He also dressed boldly, in a baseball jacket and ripped black jeans. He himself also felt quite proud of his taste, “My surname is Li, Li Jiaxing.”

Shen Zhen thought of Yang Changsheng in his mind, these people’s names were quite auspicious.

“Don’t bother with them, all of them have eyes that grow on their foreheads.” Li Jiaxing also poured himself a glass of wine and rolled his eyes, “They call others inferior, but they themselves are the ones who look down on others.”

These words were too straightforward, and Shen Zhen didn’t know how to respond for a while.

“Li Jiaxing, you aren’t going to suck up to Brother Chen today?” Someone laughed on the side.

Li Jiaxing rolled his eyes again: “Don’t have the time, I’ll suck up to you, okay?”

The person was still laughing: “Come on then, I’m only afraid you won’t come. Last year, you shouted ‘Brother Chen, Brother Chen’ so happily, but this year you treat him as a stranger.”

Li Jiaxing: “Last year I was blind.”

Shen Zhen only then remembered Li Jiaxing at this time. The Li family also had a glorious past. At that time, the Qin family had not yet even come to power. In the last century, if the Li family dared to be the second, then no one dared to be the first, but then again so what of it? The luck turns and the business world changes rapidly.

When they were strong, a group of followers followed behind them, and when they were down and out, everyone scattered.

Li Jiaxing was the only presentable heir to the Li family in this generation.

There was no other way, Li Jiaxing’s father was absurd and had a bad relationship with his wife. He was like a duck to water outside and had many illegitimate children.

However, old traditional families would not recognize the inheritance rights of illegitimate children. Generally, they would just give some money to support them, and only value children born in wedlock.

So Li Jiaxing was stuck in a miserable situation. He had to tend with several illegitimate brothers back at home, and then meet with disrespect when outside because the Li family had gone downhill.

Shen Zhen estimated that this person’s days were no better than his own.

“Li Jiaxing.” Several people came over with one person clearly at the center of attention. He estimated that it was Brother Chen who they were talking about just now.

“What your Li family is like, I don’t even need to say more, right? I won’t ask anything else of you, after all, the conditions are like that. But you must still have some upbringing, right? How did the Li family educate you?”

“Apologize to Brother Chen, then this matter is over.”

Forcing him to apologize in front of so many people was to make Li Jiaxing unable to stay at this venue, and be unable to come next year as well.

The Li family’s face would be completely lost.

“Li Jiaxing, don’t be stubborn, people will always meet a time when they have to bow their heads.”

“Brother Chen has a good temper, but it will not be so easy if this was someone else.”

Li Jiaxing grinned, revealing his eye tooth: “What kind of idiot are you? I don’t have manners, yet you do? What business is this of yours?”

The person was provoked, his eyes were full of anger, but he still resisted and said, “It seems that you have changed to a new target to suck up to.”

These few didn’t know the details of Shen Zhen, they just saw an unfamiliar young man standing on the side, dressed appropriately, with a cold and aloof aura, which was very intimidating at first glance.

Someone next to him said, “The one next to him is called Shen Zhen.”

Shen? This surname didn’t seem to belong to any prominent family, how did this person get in?

“Just any kind of random stray cat or dog can come in now?” This time, Shen Zhen became the center of the war.

Completely meeting with an undeserved catastrophe.

“Where’s the security?” These people frowned and looked at Shen Zhen, “This is not a place where people like you can come. Get out as soon as possible, it won’t look good to drive you out.”

Li Jiaxing: “You guys are really interesting. So long as it is someone next to me you people will make trouble for?”

Those several people laughed: “That’s right, make trouble just for you.”

This was almost like a schoolboy quarrel.

Shen Zhen thought silently, like that Brother Chen, letting the toadies beside him charge in front without saying a word, now this was the normal operation.

“Surnamed Shen, that’s right, you, get lost.”

“Surnamed Shen” straightened his collar, raised his chin slightly, and mocked: “How to get lost, why don’t you show me?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Come on, let me take a look.” Shen Zhen said, “Remember to up the difficulty factor, it is best to flip in the air and do a 360-degree roll with hands around the knees, come on, keep the movements aesthetic, with a full score of 10, let’s begin.”

AN: Everyone: “…..F**k, this is too demanding, it can’t be done, it can’t be done.”

Shen Zhen (looking sideways): “Trash, everyone here is trash.”

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“What’s going on?” There was so much movement outside that the elders were all disturbed.

Qin Li’s mother was wearing a bathrobe with pajamas under it. Her husband, Qin Xing’s eldest brother, died early and died young. She only had a single child and her love for Qin Li was all-round and meticulous.

“Eldest Madam.” Shen Zhen greeted first.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Zhang Linyun didn’t have time to bother with Shen Zhen, she only had her precious son in her heart: “Qin Yue! What are you doing! Release Ah Li quickly!”

Qin Yue could only let go.

Qin Li got up quickly, glared at Qin Yue fiercely, and said to Zhang Linyun, “Mom, I’m fine, I’m just playing with Eldest Brother.”

Zhang Linyun breathed a sigh of relief: “You are all not children anymore, how can you play around like this? Ah Yue, you too, don’t you know to reign in your strength.”

Zhang Linyun patted her son on the shoulder, glared at him, and said to Qin Yue, “It’s normal for you to teach your younger brother a lesson when you are the eldest brother. It’s just a lesson for the two brothers in private, yet you don’t remember to save face for your younger brother.”

Only now did Qin Li feel embarrassed: “Mom, don’t say anymore.”

“Don’t say anymore?” Zhang Linyun scolded, “How old are you already, and you still make such a joke with your elder brother, if you have the time why not pay more energy to business? When your father was your age….. “

As she spoke, she clutched her chest, looking like she couldn’t breathe.

Shen Zhen helped Zhang Linyun to sit on the sofa, and patted her back to soothe her.

Zhang Linyun clutched at Shen Zhen’s hand, but still looked at her son: “Apologize to your eldest brother!”

Qin Li said reluctantly, “Eldest Brother, I’m sorry.”

The other party bowed his head, and Qin Yue would not hold on to the issue: “Pay attention next time.”

Zhang Linyun didn’t know how she raised her son like this. When she found out that her son was not raised well, it was too late. It was not like she could stuff him back and give birth to him again. She pulled Shen Zhen’s hand and said, “Xiao Zhen did not suffer any grievances, right?”

Shen Zhen smiled and said, “No.”

Zhang Linyun was relieved. She could be considered to have watched Qin Xing grow up. She knew Qin Xing’s attitude towards people, and of course she could see from the dinner table that Qin Xing attached great importance to Shen Zhen.

“It’s rare for Xiao Zhen to have a chat with Auntie.” Zhang Linyun said, “Come, accompany Auntie to the garden for a walk.”

Qin Yue: “Eldest Aunt…..”

Zhang Linyun waved her hand: “You three brothers, go ahead and chat among yourselves, Xiao Zhen can just walk with me.”

Shen Zhen also had no reason or position to refuse. He was a junior, Zhang Linyun was an elder, and Zhang Linyun was almost fifty.

Shen Zhen followed Zhang Linyun a step or so behind. The garden at night was also lit up. Although it was not as beautiful as the daytime scenery, it was also considered satisfactory. Zhang Linyun was a typical old-fashioned lady. She came from an old family. She did not pursue fashion, but lived a very refined and elegant lifestyle.

“Xiao Zhen has grown so big in the blink of an eye.” Zhang Linyun looked very kindly, with black hair streaked with white. She didn’t want to dye her hair, so she looked older than her peers, “Ah Li is ignorant, don’t bother with him.”

“Second Brother is older than me, so it is natural that Second Brother should teach me lessons.” Shen Zhen said.

Zhang Linyun looked at the trees not far away and said softly, “There’s nothing should or should not about it. When one is older, one probably has more capital to rely on age as an advantage.”

Shen Zhen pursed his lips and smiled.

“Xiao Zhen.” Zhang Linyun sighed, “I originally shouldnt interfere in the affairs of you juniors, but Ah Li is not a bad boy. He is irritable and impulsive, and I don’t want him to go to a point of no return.”

Shen Zhen: “You also have to have some confidence in Second Brother.”

Speaking of which, Shen Zhen didn’t know much about this aunt. She didn’t communicate with the younger generation very much. Sometimes Shen Zhen felt that she was born in the wrong era. If the time was pushed backwards a hundred years, Zhang Linyun was a standard noble lady. She obeyed her father at home, her husband after she got married, and her son when her husband died. She herself had no outstanding characteristics.

Zhang Linyun waved her hand: “You don’t have to coax me, Xiao Zhen.”

“If you have time, find your Second Brother for a chat more often.”

Shen Zhen finally understood that Zhang Linyun was helping her son win him over. She was not stupid. She knew her son’s ambitions. Maybe she also knew that her son did not have that ability and IQ, but as a parent, how could she harden her heart and say to her child: “You don’t have what it takes, you can’t compare to others in everything.”

“Youngest Brother likes you.” Zhang Linyun’s younger brother was Qin Xing, “Xiao Zhen, he doesn’t like anyone very often, but he is never stingy towards what or who he likes.”

Shen Zhen couldn’t hold back: “Uncle actually liked someone before?”

He thought that Qin Xing was born without a heart.

Zhang Linyun: “When Youngest Brother was abroad, only your third uncle sponsored him secretly. After Youngest Brother returned to China, he gave all the resources of the family to your third uncle. Unfortunately, your third uncle did not live up to his expectations..…”

She didn’t say everything, but these words were enough for Shen Zhen to imagine the rest.

Towards Third Uncle, all Shen Zhen could think of was Qin Meng’s face. The book did not write about this third uncle. After all, Qin Xing was not the protagonist, and readers didn’t care about his past. In Shen Zhen’s memory, he only knew that Third Uncle had passed away in an accident, killed by a large truck with a failed brake on the way to the airport.

He estimated that Qin Xing had a hand in it.

“Go back.” Zhang Linyun smiled kindly, “talk to your second brother when you have time. I’ll sit for a while, and you don’t have to accompany me.”

Shen Zhen put aside his thoughts: “Yes, I’ll go back first.”

Watching Shen Zhen’s back heading farther and farther away, the smile on Zhang Linyun’s face disappeared. She thought of many people, her husband, her husband’s two younger brothers, who died directly or indirectly by Qin Xing’s hand, and even her father-in-law’s illness also had Qin Xing’s shadow.

But she didn’t hate Qin Xing at all. She knew from the day she got married that she married the Qin family, not a fixed person.

She married the wealth and power of the Qin family, and it was never some ethereal relationship between husband and wife.

Winner or loser, no one cared what kind of person the loser was, smart or good, that didn’t matter.

So she taught Qin Li to respect Qin Xing and love Qin Xing sincerely. In Qin Li’s heart, his father who died early could not even be equal to Qin Xing. Even if Qin Li learned the truth one day, he would not avenge his father’s death.

Zhang Linyun looked up at the night sky, hoping that this Shen Zhen would really be Qin Li’s life-saving straw.

When Shen Zhen returned, Qin Li and Qin Meng were gone, only Qin Yue was sitting on the sofa waiting for him.

“What did Eldest Aunt say?” Qin Yue looked up at Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen yawned and sat next to Qin Yue casually. Unlike his appearance, Qin Yue was a careful and scrupulous person. Shen Zhen had to keep his wits about him when facing the other, “She asked me to be more in contact with Second Brother.”

Qin Yue frowned.

“Do you really think I will listen to her?” Shen Zhen pushed Qin Yue’s shoulder with his hand, “Don’t you know me yet? Qin Li doesn’t have a good relationship with you, how could I still want to be his friend?”

Qin Yue’s expression relaxed a lot: “You don’t have to completely not give Eldest Aunt any face. Occasionally when meeting, you can say hello, just do enough for propriety’s sake.”

Shen Zhen leaned on the sofa with an indifferent expression: “He doesn’t deserve it.”

Qin Yue: “Oh you, sometimes you have to restrain your temper a little, otherwise you will offend others.”

“Who am I afraid of offending?” Shen Zhen.

There was a smile on Qin Yue’s face: “That temper of yours, it seems that you will never change it in this life.”

“Xiao Zhen.” Qin Yue’s tone suddenly changed, his words were no longer so cold, and took on a bit of warmth, “Shi Qing lives at the Qin family home now, you also know, he has a good temper, and he often suffers grievances when I am away. I was thinking of having his family household register to be moved to the Shen family’s.”

Of course, the Su family was not as good as the Shen family. Just look at the treatment of Su Shiqing and Shen Zhen in the Qin family.

Shen Zhen could eat with the children of the Qin family, but Su Shiqing couldn’t, he had to eat alone.

Shen Zhen had a car and driver given by the Qin family, a black card given by the Qin family, and real estate the Qin family had bought for him, but Su Shiqing did not have any of this.

Although he said that Su Shiqing came to Qin family manor as a guest, he was actually more like air than a guest.

After all, Qin Yue had not yet shown stubborn feelings of love for Su Shiqing, and the Qin family were all clever folks, at least in this respect.

Now Qin Yue just wanted to give Su Shiqing a background. So if Su Shiqing wanted to break into the upper class in the future and go out to socialize alone, the name of the Shen family was much louder than that of the Su family.

Wasn’t it exactly like this in the previous life?

Su Shiqing enjoyed the father’s love and mother’s love that he had never felt before so naturally and without any guilt.

“Sure.” Shen Zhen said, “Although I have disagreements with him now, we are at least still friends anyway.”

Qin Yue was really a little surprised: “Xiao Zhen, you’ve changed.”

Shen Zhen punched Qin Yue’s chest with his fist jokingly: “Just this time, I’ll give you face, next time there won’t be such a good thing.”

Qin Yue held Shen Zhen’s hand, eyes gentle: “I know.”

“Then I’ll go back to my room to rest first, and you make sure to go to bed early as well.” Shen Zhen rubbed his neck and stood up, “You too, show your face in front of Uncle more, don’t let me attract firepower alone.”

These words were very pleasant to the ears, heard in Qin Yue’s ears, that was, Uncle only took care of Shen Zhen because of him, because he was abroad before, Uncle’s treating Shen Zhen well was the same as treating him well, it was to express that he was important to Uncle.

“Okay, rest early.” Qin Yue also stood up. He was tall, young and emitted male pheromones from head to toe.

It was a pity that Shen Zhen was immune.

Back in his room, Shen Zhen took off his outerwear, took the disinfectant to the bathroom to wash his hands, almost rubbing off a layer of skin on his hands to the point that his hands became abnormally red, but he still thought it was unclean, and washed them again and again until he felt pain.

He sat on the bed, his elbows resting on his thighs, his palms propping his chin, his gaze on the cabinet opposite.

He originally planned to keep a distance from them, but they insist on colliding over themselves, so they couldn’t blame him for being ruthless.

Didn’t Su Shiqing want to be the son of the Shen family? Then let him be so.

The reason why the brothers of the Shen family were able to form an alliance and even accept Su Shiqing was because they had a common enemy——Shen Zhen.

What if there was no common enemy this time?

Su Shiqing would face a more cruel situation than what he faced at the time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Would his younger brothers who were raised into wolves by Shen Fu let Su Shiqing off so easily?

Shen Zhen sneered.

Since he behaved like a parasitic flower, why not continue to be a parasitic flower obediently?

AN: Shen *Non-mainstream version* Zhen: “I, Shen Zhen, like to target those who believe they possess excellent capabilities.”

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Shen Zhen thought about it a lot. From the moment he walked into this room, he was wondering, where did Qin Xing get the news?

When he was talking to the Shen family, the only maid in the room was sent away by him, and he didn’t think that Shen Fu would turn around and sell him out to Qin Xing. Shen Fu didn’t have the courage, and he also had no other path to take.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

If they listened to him, the Shen family probably still had a chance of survival. If they didn’t listen to him, and instead used him to show loyalty to Qin Xing, that would be really stupid. Wasn’t that forcing Qin Xing to bypass him and directly take over the Shen family?

It was impossible for Shen Fu to become the head of the Shen family if he didn’t even have these smarts. He had given Shen Fu only one way, one choice, and other than that, all passages have been blocked.

Wait, if not thinking about the process and only thinking about the result, then Qin Xing probably didn’t intend to interfere in the Shen family’s affairs, and at the same time also take the chance to test his nephew.

Shen Zhen understood, his head drooped slightly, looking docile and obedient, and smiled slightly as he said, “Uncle can give me everything, but I have nothing to repay Uncle.”

“Xiao Zhen.” Qin Xing’s tone was full of temptation. His voice was hoarse and charming. Anyone who knew him and also liked the male sex would be willing to spend even just a night with him. This male charm could be raised to the extreme with just a simple gesture or suggestive remark, “Don’t meddle in Ah Yue’s affairs.”

Shen Zhen nodded. He also had no power not to: “What Uncle says, I will do.”

He desperately needed Qin Xing’s support, and for this reason, he did not resist playing the good baby for a while.

How much he sacrificed now would be compensated doubly in the future.

Qin Xing’s tone didn’t change: “You want to see what Ah Yue will do when he has power then Uncle will give you this opportunity. You want to see Ah Yue and Ah Li shed all pretense of cordiality, Uncle will not stop it either. You want the Shen family to be consigned to eternal damnation, Uncle eill be glad to see it happen.”

“But Xiao Zhen, don’t treat everyone as a fool.”

“The faster you move, the more flaws there will be. Even if they are still blinded by your previous image, they will soon see that something is wrong.” Qin Xing, “Smart children will make mistakes, but compared with stupid ones, smart children are more reluctant to admit their mistakes.”

Shen Zhen’s hands and feet were cold, he raised his head, then stood up suddenly, and bowed respectfully to Qin Xing.

His eyes were calm, but the corners of his mouth were trembling, and there was a trace of fear and excitement in his tone that he didn’t even notice.

Fear kept his mind calm, excitement made his blood boil.

“Uncle, teach me!”

Qin Xing didn’t like to teach people, but everyone he taught was outstanding, whether it was the current leading Internet entrepreneur, the food tycoon, or the future head of the Qin family, Qin Yue, every student he taught proved his unique vision and ability.

And now, Qin Xing was teaching him.

It was as if he had always been an average passing student, and no one believed that he had the ability to get full marks.

But suddenly the most powerful boss in the industry said his papers were the best.

This was more than any compliment that could make Shen Zhen’s heart swell!

“You made a good move.” Qin Xing didn’t tell him to sit down, “the Shen family can only choose to rely on Qin Yue, and when Qin Yue takes over the Shen family, naturally he will have to guarantee their interests in front of me, but why do you think that Uncle won’t even have this bit of magnanimity?”

“That’s my nephew, the successor I trained, so don’t mention a Shen family, even if there were a few more, compared to Qin Yue, they are all insignificant.”

“Just like you know that in front of you, those small families are not important, so why do you think the Shen family is important?”

Shen Zhen clenched his fists.

He was just certain that Qin Xing didn’t like the feeling of having his authority being overstepped by a junior.

He was actually…..just making a gamble.

“Do you think Qin Yue does not also understand?” Qin Xing said with a smile, “You think he is so stupid? If he can’t even see through such a simple trap, why would he become the successor of the Qin family? Are you doubting my vision?”

“Uncle.” Shen Zhen gritted his teeth and said, “I can only give it a try.”

Qin Xing shook his head: “Wrong, your first step was wrong. Since you have decided to hand over the Shen family to Ah Yue, why not do so from the beginning?”

“You should have let Ah Yue directly make contact himself.” Qin Xing, “You have been staying with the Qin family and haven’t been in contact with the Shen family over these years, so Ah Yue should be at ease with you. You only need to express slightly that you don’t know how to deal with the Shen family and, Ah Yue will naturally take over.”

“Only what you take yourself is yours.”

Shen Zhen digested the lesson.

He indeed…..took the wrong step.

“I know I’m wrong.” Shen Zhen put his position at the lowest level, “but I still have a chance to rectify the mistake. I’ll let the Shen family send a press release now, cut off all ties with me, and I’ll also indirectly disclose the news to the people close to Qin Li’s fiancee, and this first step can be saved.”

“Xiao Zhen, look at me.” Qin Xing’s words were full of the oppressiveness from a superior, an order that was unable to be resisted.

Shen Zhen raised his head, and saw Qin Xing’s eyes.

Like a deep well of calm water, but there was an astonishing ambition hidden within its depths.

Qin Xing: “What made you change?”

Shen Zhen didn’t lie: “Uncle, I have to grab something, grab what belongs to me, I have to stand on my own.”

He didn’t want to be a vassal, a vassal of the Shen family, a vassal of the Qin family, he wanted to be an independent person with dignity and a future.

He also had to admit that his thinking on everything was too simple.

Qin Xing suddenly smiled: “I thought it was my credit.”

Shen Zhen flattered naturally: “It’s thanks to Uncle who is willing to teach me.”

“Xiao Zhen, don’t worry.” Qin Xing said, “Take your time.”

Shen Zhen pursed his lips: “Uncle, I don’t understand.” He didn’t understand why he was on his side.

Qin Xing just smiled and said, “You will understand.”

When he left Qin Xing’s room, Shen Zhen felt like he was drunk. He was extremely excited and nervous. He felt that he was like the mermaid dancing on the tip of a knife. Every step was so painful, yet so thrilling, so free and unrestrained!

He felt as if a door that had never been opened to him, finally opened up.

“Your smile is so lewd.” Qin Meng was taken aback by Shen Zhen’s expression, and then said with fright, “Could it be that Uncle made you…..”

“Impossible! Isn’t Uncle an asexual?!”

Shen Zhen had yet to return to his senses, but just repeated Qin Meng’s words: “Asexual…..”

Qin Meng thought that Shen Zhen didn’t know, and explained: “Refers to those who don’t have sexual impulses for men or women! I actually heard about it from my friends. I think that Uncle is such a person.”

Shen Zhen glanced at Qin Meng. This kid at least knew to put it from another angle, and didn’t just holler that Qin Xing might be impotent.

Qin Meng elbowed Shen Zhen with his arm, winked and said, “I’m really not just saying, people who want to sleep with Uncle can fill a company. I heard that when Uncle was studying abroad, he attracted both men and women, and those people willingly volunteered to do things for Uncle, and I heard that there was even a wealthy young master who ruined his own family business in the process.”

Shen Zhen really had a headache for Qin Meng’s EQ and IQ.

How could he actually believe this!

Qin Xing was such a proud person. He probably used brutal means to make those people have no choice but to obey him, and even made them fall out with their own family.

Just when Shen Zhen was thinking about whether to go back to his room as soon as possible to get escape Qin Meng’s nagging, Qin Yue came over. And for once there was no shadow of Su Shiqing beside him.

Qin Li also came over.

It was normal for Qin Li to hate Qin Yue. Without Qin Yue, he would have been the eldest young master of the Qin family, then his stupidity would become innocence, his viciousness would become knowing how to make the right choice, and all his shortcomings would become advantages.

But the appearance of Qin Yue contrasted him into a bland and mediocre person without any shining point.

Putting himself in the other’s shoes, Shen Zhen felt that if he was Qin Li, he would definitely hate Qin Yue down to the bone.

It was just that unlike Qin Li, he would not swallow his anger. Before Qin Yue had the chance to become an adult, he would definitely get rid of Qin Yue, even if he was discovered.

When Qin Yue was dead, even if Qin Li was discovered, Qin Xing would not scold him, and would probably praise him for his opportunism.

But Qin Li only dared to make small moves behind his back, or make sarcastic and jeering remarks to Qin Yue’s face, but he didn’t dare to think of killing Qin Yue at all.

From the moment Qin Yue became an adult, Qin Li had already completely lost.

When Shen Zhen looked at Qin Li it was even with sympathy in his eyes.

An unintelligent person might not live very badly. In a different environment, Qin Li could probably become an ordinary office worker with an ordinary family. There might be some minor friction among family members, but he could live out his days in peace.

His shortcomings might be harmless in another environment, but here, in the Qin family, it was fatal.

Qin Meng might be very afraid of Qin Xing, but he had no fear of his two older brothers. He saw the two of them coming over and said in Shen Zhen’s ear: “Watch, Second Brother is going to humiliate himself again.”

The Qin family regarded Qin Li’s provocation towards Qin Yue as an amusing show to be watched.

“Xiao Zhen.” Qin Yue walked over first, “Ah Meng.”

Qin Meng was still very respectful: “Eldest Brother.”

Shen Zhen: “Eldest Brother is sweating, was it tiring today?”

Shen Zhen never cared about Qin Yue like this before, he would not express his care like this, and would only help Qin Yue to do things silently.

Since there was no benefit to doing real and practical things, then it was just enough to say a few bland words.

Qin Yue’s expression softened a lot: “Not tiring, Xiaozl Zhen went to see Uncle?”

Shen Zhen patted the seat beside him and motioned for Qin Yue to come and sit: “Yeah, Uncle asked me about going to the Shen family’s house today.”

After all, there was another Qin Meng by his side, so it was normal for Shen Zhen not to continue.

Qin Yue nodded.

“How rare, the extremely busy person actually comes back for once.” Qin Li, as always, used his straightforward and simple brain to provoke Qin Yue, “How come I hear that the extremely busy person hit a hard nail today? After taking so many shortcuts using the name of the Qin family, you finally know that it’s not easy to do things by yourself?”

“Don’t think that because of Uncle’s preference, everyone will give you face.”

Qin Yue didn’t say anything yet, but Shen Zhen spoke first: “This doesn’t need to bother Second Brother, even if Eldest Brother hits a nail, it is an experience, unlike someone, who doesn’t even have the chance to hit a nail.”

With Qin Li’s brain, it was not easy for him to be coaxed, but it was easy for him to be provoked. He rolled up his sleeves and strode over in two to three large steps: “Shen Zhen, don’t think I dare not touch you, who do you think you are? In the Qin family, you are just a plaything, giving you three points of face, and you really believe that you are actually an important character!”

Shen Zhen didn’t move, but replied naturally: “Yeah, I’m just a plaything, but you just happen to be unable to touch this plaything.”

Qin Li was infuriated and rushed over to start a brawl.

Qin Yue grabbed Qin Li’s arm and threw him over his shoulder. Qin Yue was then pressed to the ground by Qin Yue.

His arm was bent and suppressed by Qin Yue, and the bones seemed to be about to be broken, but Qin Li didn’t dare to scream, his eyes bulged and he could only keep struggling.

Qin Yue was expressionless and said calmly, “Second Brother, Xiao Zhen is right. You can mess with me, but you can’t mess with him.”

Qin Li growled unwillingly: “Lunatic! You are all lunatics!”

Qin Yue looked back at Shen Zhen, who was looking at Qin Li’s face angrily.

Qin Yue’s eyes squinted slightly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He didn’t expect that Shen Zhen would be this protective of him, perhaps…..Shen Zhen’s sincerity should have some weight.

This weight was not necessarily lighter than Su Shiqing’s.

AN: Shen Zhen: “Don’t, it’s much lighter. He is a 300-pound pig. I’m a hydrogen balloon that you can’t keep hold of.”

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