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After Becoming The Tyrant CH 060 The King Arrives In Person

The sharp, long battle horn sounded.

Charles did not hesitate to give the order to fight. The fast boats, which belonged to the Walway pirates, broke through the waves in the shortest possible time and rushed to the Qatani ships that kept throwing corpses into the city behind them.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Captain Hawkins, who usually acted like a carefree ruffian, grabbed Charles who was going to the ship’s forecastle: “Write to His Majesty immediately!”

“I will command the battle!”

After he finished speaking, he pushed Charles back into the cabin, threw away the hip flask in his hand, and drew out the dagger hanging from his waist. He stepped on the side of the ship that was swaying slightly in the night tide, swiftly jumped from the ghost ship and directly onto a fast boat that rushed out of the side of the ship.

Stepping on the deck of the fast boat, Captain Hawkins grabbed the mast and stabilized his figure.


His hoarse voice sounded in the deep night.

The Walway pirates’ fast boats were like arrows that left the string, leaving white marks on the sea as they quickly approached the ships of death carrying the plague.

Under the order of Captain Hawkins, two sailors on each fast boat rushed to the bow.

After the war with the Five Port Alliance, the two chemists made further improvements to the formula of the “Ancient Holy Fire”. Captain Hawkins asked the ship designers of the Walway pirates to use the “Ancient Holy Fire” and install a special metal structure on the bow, which looked like a dragon head with a long neck and raised head, seeming to be a common projection on the prow of a warship. [1]

But in fact, it was a special nozzle made after repeated trials.

The Walway pirate fast boats approached the Qatani fleet. The fleet on the opposite side seemed to not care about anything at all, and just wanted to race against time to throw the most infected corpses into the port city.

The sailors on the bow grabbed the metal pull bolt, and the special device concealed on the royal fleet made its first appearance in this situation.

The metal dragon head opened with several “clicks”, and the next moment a raging fire spewed out from the dragon-like nozzle. The hot red flames sprang out like a long red snake in an instant, rushing fiercely at the Qatani fleet which was still tossing corpses.

On the Qatani fleet, the people who stood on the deck and commanded did not realize what it was, but saw the raging flames sweeping over themselves and the ship they were on.

“Son of a bitch!”

“Go to hell!”


The Wallway pirates did not hesitate to yell and curse at them. They paddled their oars vigorously and quickly surrounded the entire Qatani fleet with long tongues of flames.

Captain Hawkins stood on the deck.

Under his order, the fast boats swiftly went straight to the main ship of the Qatani fleet. Captain Hawkins bit the dagger horizontally in his mouth, and reached out to grab a roll of hemp rope piled on the ship.

On the main ship of the Qatani fleet, a tall, thin man in a black cloak stood.

The black cloaked man spotted the approaching pirate ship, and he turned his head to give orders to the surrounding sailors, seeming to order them to ignore everything else and keep throwing the corpses with all their strength.

Captain Hawkins shook his hand, and from it the rope was like a nimble and swift poisonous snake as it snapped across the air like lightning and caught the man in the black cloak standing on the bow of the ship.

The black cloaked man did not react fast enough, and it was too late by the time the surrounding subordinates noticed and rushed over to pull at him.

As soon as Captain Hawkins put in some force, the black cloaked man overturned from the ship much higher than the fast boat, and plunged into the water with a splash. Captain Hawkins bit the dagger, stepped on the side of the boat, and jumped directly into the water.

The tongue of fire roared out from the bow, enveloping the huge main Qatani ship in the raging flames. The people on the ship exclaimed, wanting to jump into the water to escape from the burning ship, but the flames floating on the water were equally fierce. They howled in pain as the fire leaped and jumped. The corpses tossed in the air gradually decreased.

“Captain! Captain! Leave quickly!”

On the fast boats, the pirates roared toward the sea.

“The fire is about to burn over!”


The water splashed up, and the scar on his face was exposed by the fire light. He stretched out his left hand and grabbed the board on the side of the fast boat. The pirates hurriedly pulled him up.

Captain Hawkins’ right hand clasped the throat of the black cloaked man like that of an eagle claw. His dagger was stuck on the guy’s shoulder deep enough only the handle showed.


Captain Hawkins threw the guy he had captured into the cabin and spit out a mouthful of seawater.

The flames crisscrossed the black sea, and the ancient pythons of red flames and black smoke intertwined like sins wandered out of hell. Qatani’s fleet was gradually engulfed in the fire. Charles quickly finished writing the letter on the ghost ship. The witch with the crow on her shoulder lit a green magical fire and threw the letter into the fire.

The sea breeze howled, and the pirates were fierce and fearless.

The last Qatani ship sank, and the royal battleships returned to the pier.

The horn of battle had awakened the entire city of Koszoya, and General Sheehan arrived at this time with the Iron Rose Cavalry. They came a little later, because General Sheehan took the soldiers to the various gates of Koszoya Castle first.

The suspension bridge of the castle was raised and the gates were closed.

The city of Koszoya was sealed.

It wasn’t until the current naval battle was over that the Iron Rose Cavalry finally arrived at the port. General Sheehan gave an order and they pulled up a long cordon. Immediately afterwards, the soldiers began to quickly investigate the corpses that were thrown in.

General Sheehan’s heart felt as if it was sinking the whole time.

The cordon was pulled up, and the corpses were quickly lifted and thrown into the sea, but the range of the trebuchet was too wide and it was dark at this time. How useful could their cordon be?

He did not know.

The people inside the cordoned area were crying and wailing, wanting to rush out.

A merchant was very close to the cordon. He looked at the gap blocked by the soldiers and rushed over, wanting to escape the cordon.

A blade of light flashed by in the dimness.

The merchant’s head flew high, and blood spattered out.

“Whoever dares to take a half step! I will kill him!”

A black-haired woman carrying an arc sword walked out of the darkness and stood in front of the cordon. The wind blew her black hair back, revealing her sharp dark green eyes.

The pirate ships had returned, and the three ghost ships had docked at the port, but the remaining fast boats did not sail into the port.

The brave and fanatic pirates sat on the deck.

Some people started to grow pustules on their arms, and some people started to feel their foreheads grow hot. A one-eyed pirate with a pustule on his arm staggered to his feet. He stepped on the side of the ship and was about to jump into the sea. The pirates on the same ship reached out and grabbed him.

“Are you fucking blind!”

The single-eyed pirate screamed.

“I’m going to take a bath in the sea, what’s it to you.”

“Take a hell of a bath!” The pirates on the same boat scolded loudly, and they dragged the guy back, “Your bastard owes me money for wine, you want to forget about this?”

Not far from them, on the sea, the Ancient Holy Fire hadn’t burnt out yet, and the dark red fire illuminated the scolding pirates. They anchored the ship outside the harbor, laughing and cursing, as if death had not yet enveloped them.

Three ghost ships and one hell envoy ship anchored in a port not far from them. Charles stood on the ghost ship.

He clutched the railing and looked at the pirates standing or sitting in the flames.


Captain Hawkins was also standing on the bow, and he waved vigorously at the dock, but not at Charles.

Charles looked in the direction he was waving at, and saw the black-haired woman standing on the dock in the light of the fire, and he was taken aback for a moment.

The sea breeze in December was as cold as a knife cutting into the bones. In the wind, don’t know which pirate ship, someone began to sing loudly:

“We are not afraid of death——we would rather die in battle with the enemy,

Although, death is even more boring than rest.

Come on, leave it up to fate, we grab the life of our lives,

If we fall——who cares whether we die from the sword or from disease.”[2]

The rough singing echoed above the angry waves of Koszoya’s port, the unending fire shining on this part of the sea that would soon be enveloped in death, and Walway’s pirates who were as close as brothers.

They lived and died together, free like the wind.

“…..Let those creeping and crawling cowards die from “old age”!

Let them stick to their sickbeds and spend their last years suffering;

Let them shake their numb heads and breathe with difficulty…..”[3]

On the dock was the Mad Queen Eleanor who finally walked out of the black tower. On the ghost ship was the King’s godfather Charles holding onto the railing. And on the deck of the fast boat was the mad Captain Hawkins standing with the pirates…..

Many years later, old friends once again met at the center of the whirlpool. They faced death as they did many years ago.


Rose Palace.

The King caught the letter spit out from the green flames. This was the witch’s secret method, and every use was a great burden on the witch herself, so unless there was an emergency, Charles would not use this method to contact him.

He opened the letter. For the first time, Charles’s neat handwriting seemed a little messy, and as the King quickly read it, his brows and eyes quickly became covered with ice.

He did not hesitate to activate the contract to summon the Devil.

But without even waiting for him to start the contract, the room was already filled with black mist, and the Devil stepped out of the thick darkness.

“The plague doctors have already gone over.”

The Devil bowed at the King in a salute. He wisely did not provoke the King at this critical moment.

“Your important subordinates are safe and sound.”

The King heard the extraneous meaning: “How many of the Walway pirates have been sacrificed? What about the cavalry?”

The Devil was silent for a moment and reported two numbers.

The King was expressionless, his anger suppressed under his calm surface.

The Devil felt a little helpless.

A single lord of “greed and ill-gotten wealth” could only allow the Devil to open a small gap without causing the suppression of the Law. He could only bring a small group of plague doctors to stifle the spread of the Black Death. In the past days, the Devil was also running non-stop along the southeast coast.

If it were not for the King’s blockade order, he was afraid he might not have been able to limit the plague so effectively.

However, the plague outbreak in Koszoya was man-made. At that time, the Devil was leading a group of plague doctors to solve the epidemic in another village. After he noticed it, he rushed over with the plague doctors.

However, the speed of the human-made infection disaster was too alarming, and the trebuchet had thrown the corpses into every corner in the dark.

Due to human factors, in densely populated cities like Koszoya, the speed of the plague infection was much higher than in small villages. When the Devil arrived, the plague had completely erupted, and it was already quite lucky that the group of plague doctors was able to protect the King’s important cavalry and royal fleet.

“What about the method?”

The King asked.

He did not forget that the Devil had planned to wait until the plague broke out in Legrand before it was resolved. In that case, it meant there was a way to solve such a large-scale plague infection.

“One way.” The Devil replied, “Is for you to come personally——to open the door to hell yourself.”

The King looked at him and understood that this was the real intention of ​​the Devil.

—— He seemed to hope that the connection between the King and hell was as close as possible, perhaps because this would enable him to take the King to hell sooner.

“This matter has nothing to do with me. My dear Majesty.” The Devil hurriedly dismissed any wrongdoing, and he changed the topic. “But, are you sure you want to go in person? You know…..the Holy Court is watching your every move. In this way, you will have no retreat.”

“Holy Court?”

The King sneered as he repeated these two words.

“I only know that my soldiers are in the plague city.”

The Devil let out a sarcastic laugh.

——The plan that hell finally gave up despite painstaking efforts was carried out by human beings in the end.

Between hell and the mortal world, which one was the breeding ground for evil in the end?


1432, December.

The plague broke out in Koszoya.

General Sheehan of the Iron Rose Cavalry ordered the closure of the city, the royal fleet was stationed outside the port, and the King personally arrived in the southeast.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: [1] Referring to the Byzantine warship setup, they installed special nozzles on fast boats like Domonis, and then sprayed Greek fire at the enemy ships through the special nozzles. This device and long spear played a huge role in close and long distance defense.

[2][3] Quoted from Byron’s Poetry

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After Becoming The Tyrant CH 059 Refugees And The King’s Choice

“The Pope will personally go to Bressi to crown Ferri III.” The Duke of Buckingham handed the letter to the King.

The King frowned.

The letter was sent back by Legrand’s secret overseas spies stationed in Bressi, and the King quickly scanned it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Coronation, baptism.

This had always been a gloom shrouded over the heads of the Rose royal family.

The Duke of Buckingham subconsciously turned his head and looked at the direction of the black tower.

The dark night more than ten years ago seemed to once again appear before his eyes: Queen Eleanor who was about to give birth, William III who was on the battlefield and could not rush back, the palace guards on the surface led by the already dead Earl Walter, while in fact, the real guards were the power in the shadow of the Rose family led by the Duke of Buckingham himself.

That night, the nobles’ messengers and their candles lit up a thin river of light outside the palace.

But the night was very dark.

With a longsword on his knees, he sat in the darkness of the cold night guarding the crown prince who was about to be born behind him. They were making a huge gamble which would affect the life and death of the Rose family. They had no other choice, and the Duke of Bucmingham didn’t know if this big gamble would succeed or not.

The former Knight Templar commander was behind him and told him softly that the existence from hell they were waiting for had already entered the Queen’s bedroom.

Upon hearing these words, the hand of the Duke of Buckingham holding the hilt of the sword subconsciously tightened, the green veins on the back of his hand looking like a horned dragon.

If there had still been a little hope, they would not choose to put such a heavy burden on the newborn child. They sacrificed the happy childhood that a child should have, and put the king’s fate on his shoulders early.

When the cry of an infant sounded, the Duke of Buckingham closed his eyes.

From then on, the new crown prince was destined to shoulder everything——everything handed over by them, who should have sheltered him from the wind and rain. Could the young crown prince survive the long and struggling madness? Would he go completely crazy or would he become as they hoped?

They did not know.

So this was a gamble.

At that moment, the Duke of Buckingham felt like a coward.

Eleanor hated him and William III for so many years, and it was well deserved.

“Why do you think the Pope himself will personally crown Ferri?” The King pondered and asked the Duke of Buckingham.

The Duke of Buckingham broke free from the memories of that night.

He looked at the King: “Maybe it is for the Black Death…..I believe the Holy Court should have access to other powers.”

“No, it should be more than that.”

The King slowly shook his head.

He could use the power of hell to fight the Black Death, so the Holy Court, which also held access to mysterious power, might not be completely helpless against the Black Death as well. At least, judging from the information returned by overseas spies, the sanctuary where the Holy Court was located had not yet broken out with the Black Death.

——Was it not infected yet, or was it already dealt with by another method?

The King’s guess was that the Holy Court had some way to save people infected by the Black Death, but this method was either not easy to implement, or it was too expensive to be implemented. Otherwise, with the Holy Court’s usual acting style, they should have taken advantage of the Black Death outbreak to raise people’s piety to the church once again.

That being the case, the Pope going to Bressi to crown Ferri III was definitely not just for the Black Death.


The King connected the information that General Johan brought back with this incident.


He said lowly.

The Duke of Buckingham looked at him with some doubts.

“The Holy Court has been preparing for a war. Now, I know what their goal is.” The King said slowly, “Bressi. They plan to——”

“Build a nation.”

In a short sentence, it seemed that thunder had swept across the world, tearing open the fog in an instant, and letting people peek into the horrible truth.

There was dead silence in the study.

There seemed to be a clamor of iron on iron in the air, announcing that the mainland’s long-standing stable political situation would soon give rise to dramatic changes.

“Bressi, the Holy Court, and the founding of a nation.” The Duke of Buckingham slowly uttered these three things, and he sighed deeply, understanding what the Holy Court’s series of plans were for these years. “Choosing to fight the battle for the establishment of the Holy Court’s kingdom at the time of the outbreak of the Black Death, so that other countries will not dare to intervene easily…..”

Both he and the King knew that once the Holy Court succeeded in establishing a country directly controlled by theocracy, then their enemies would be stronger than before.

The King made a decision immediately.

He opened a new piece of parchment and wrote a classified letter with a pen.

This letter was addressed to Legrand’s mortal enemy, the new King of Bressi, Ferri III.

This was the political arena——there were no eternal enemies, only eternal interests.

The King signed his name and stamped it, then looked up at the Duke of Buckingham: “Is there anyone who can secretly send it to Ferri III in time?”

The Duke of Buckingham nodded.

“It must be delivered to Ferri III before the coronation ceremony.” The King delivered the letter to the duke.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Duke of Buckingham replied, he then paused and asked.

“Has your headache improved recently?”

The King glanced at him, then picked up the next report: “Much better.”

The two of them tacitly avoided talking about a certain topic.

The next report was also not good news, and the Duke of Buckingham saw that the King’s look was not one of ease.

“What’s the matter?”


The King answered concisely.

The Black Death had broken out for some time, and Bressi was not the only country on the other side of the Abyss Strait to be affected. A country with a vast area like Bressi might fare better, but other small coastal countries had much worse luck, and entire countries were almost on the verge of extinction without even any war.

In the context of such a catastrophe, Legrand, who had not yet been swept by the plague, had become a land of paradise in their eyes.

The refugees fled hurriedly from their hometowns where the Black Death was raging, and struggled to overcome the ocean currents and storms on the Abyss Strait in winter, wanting to escape to Legrand amd flee the disaster.

Prior to this, the King’s order was to strictly deny any refugees entry, and all refugees near the Legrand waters would be expelled by the royal navy. Any Legrand people who tried to provide relief to refugees in private would be thrown on the guillotine together with the refugees.

The King had received a lot of criticism for his order. Poets and bards with great emotions wrote a lot of poems and ballads to mock their King, saying that he must have a stone heart that would never shed tears over any tragic story.

But all this could not stop the King’s cold blood.

The royal fleet only obeyed his orders.

However, this time the refugees were a little different, so first mate Charles felt that it was necessary to report to the King, and let the King make a decision.

These refugees had fled from the Qatani kingdom.

The refugee team included the King and Queen of Qatani, as well as a large number of nobles. This level of refugee fleeing was no longer a spontaneous search for asylum, but had risen to a political issue.

The King tapped his fingers gently on the table top.

The Duke of Buckingham did not speak out to interfere with the King’s decision.

“Expel them——whether they are civilians or nobles.”

The King made a choice.

But soon, he frowned again: “Something is wrong.”

“Do you think there is a problem?”

The King did not answer directly. He stood up, walked to the map hanging in the study, and found the location of Qatani.

This waa a small kingdom, and at the same time, it was a small commercial country with prosperous shipping located in between the Hopeless Inland Sea and the Abyss Strait. Judging from its geographical location, under the influence of the Black Death, it seemed that it was not impossible that even the King and Queen would flee to other countries.

The King looked at those routes.

“Tell Charles to mobilize the fleet and increase vigilance.”

After thinking for a long time, the King suddenly said in a cold voice.


The ghost ship of the Wallway pirates.

Charles opened the secret message that had been quickly delivered by secret means.

“Expel them.”

Charles told the pirates who were awaiting orders and at the same time he asked the royal fleet on the southeast coast to temporarily tighten up restrictions. In name, the royal navy admiral at this time was Captain Hawkins, but obviously there was no way to expect Captain Hawkins to be more reliable.

After receiving the order, the pirates blew whistles.

This order was extremely cruel and ruthless to those who were safe and sound in the city, but in the eyes of the pirates, it definitely fit their style!

My god! Those sympathetic idiots whose heads even pigs would not want to eat!

They really should have them come up to the ship to see with their own eyes the plague ships that they had been sinking these past days, to see the disgusting and terrifying scenes on those ships, and then let them personally meet face-to-face with the refugees who were likely to carry the plague and talk about what exactly meant “kindness” and “sympathy”.

Perhaps they would be happy to be densely covered in pustules as well.

“Ho! Ho! Legrand has a good King!”

The pirates shouted chants, pulled up the sails vigorously and paddled the oars hard.

“Ho! Ho! Great and glorious!”

The rose pattern on the sails flapped in the wind and bloomed scorchingly.

Charles heard the voices of the sailors. He smiled and shook his head.

A few days ago, some of these guys almost beat people’s heads in the tavern with a wine jar, because they heard some people slandering the King from time to time in the tavern, with some even making up some insulting songs.

It was rare for these guys to be so indignant, and even after they got back on the ship they were still aggrieved. They gathered together and racked their brains to put together a chant of their own.

Charles also wrote about these guys in his letter to the King.

This was not to praise his subordinates in front of the King.

He was the godfather of the King.

Intellectually, he knew that when the King made various decisions, he must also know that he would face these criticisms and had chosen to accept them. But as the other’s godfather, after the death of William III, as a person close to the role of father, Charles hoped to make the King happy.

Charles hoped that the silly behavior of these pirates could comfort the young King who was burdened with too much.

If possible, he hoped that his godson would be safe and happy.

Unfortunately, that was too extravagant for a monarch.

“Hey! God bless our King!”

Amid the rough roars of the pirates, the fleet moved forward quickly.

They lined up side by side, driving away the Qatani ships waiting for a reply.

The trumpeter stood on the bow and blew the shrill trumpet vigorously. At the same time, the bow collision angles of the warships all aimed at the Qatani ships, showing a gesture of expulsion.

The Qatani ships pulled up the anchors and also raised their sails.

They seemed to be receding slowly in disappointment.

Charles held up his binoculars and looked at their distant shadows, and felt something was wrong.

“Leaving just like that?”

He frowned and felt that the expected difficult expulsion went so well that it made people uneasy. But since the Qatani refugees had retreated, they would not chase them down, so after the refugee ships disappeared from sight, the royal fleet turned back.


On the vast ocean.

The Qatani refugee fleet flying a dark gray flag left the area blocked by the royal fleet, and after sailing back and forth for a period of time, suddenly turned around and sailed back in the dark.

When the sailors on the ships moored in the harbor to rest at night discovered that a refugee ship was approaching again, they hurriedly lit their torches, paddled their oars, and shouted loudly to expel them and not let them approach the pier.

The sailor standing at the bow of the ship held a torch, and he shouted, threatening the refugee ship that they would launch an offensive if it did not leave.

He just yelled twice when they saw that a trebuchet was set up on the opposite ship in the dark night.

Did the other party want to fight them and go on land?

This idea flashed past.

In the next moment, they saw something from the refugee ship thrown high with the trebuchet into the port city behind them in the dark.

That was not a boulder! The trebuchet could not throw heavy boulders that far.

What was that?

An uneasy premonition flashed by.

Someone threw a torch into the sky.

Under the flickering flames, they saw a blurry shadow.

“It’s a corpse!”

Someone exclaimed.

Amid the noise, Charles, who hurriedly put on his coat and went up the deck, looked at the scene at hand, and his face suddenly changed. He realized——

This was a premeditated biological attack using the plague infection! [1]

Qatani’s real goal was not to get relief, they were here to send the Black Death to Legrand!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: [1] In history, many times in wars the methods employed were unscrupulous. According to Gabriele Demsi’s “Plague and Death in 1348”, when the Tatars attacked Thane, the plague broke out in the Tatar army, and thousands of people died every day so “The Tatars spread their hatred to the people in the city, hoping to spread the disease to their Christian enemies. They use weapons to throw the bodies of the dead into the city. The Christian guards in the city stood guard and threw the infected corpses back into the sea as much as possible…..the air was polluted, the well water had germs, and the disease spread rapidly in the city…..”


After Becoming The Tyrant CH 058 The Lunatic Hospital

Two ships brought the nightmare of death to Bressi.

In the first few days of December 1432, the port city of Aville was still preparing for the New Year’s celebration, but today, the bell of New Year’s joy would not ring.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In less than a week, forty-seven thousand people died in this big port city in the Kingdom of Bressi. The entire city was almost emptied out of human life overnight, and the number of people who died was so large it was as if the city had never been inhabited. From the notes of the chronicler who survived by chance, one could see the desperate record of that month:

“Everyone died, the ship full of cargo was drifting along with the waves. The city officials banned the ringing of the death knell, worried that too frequent ringing of the death knell would make the whole city fall into despair. But they soon stopped worrying. Because the bell-ringer also died. Twelve of the twelve magistrates in this port have died…..

People scattered like frightened crows. “

Fleeing quickly spread this pandemic.

30,000 people died in the city of Grando near Aville within a week.

Atel, heading north, lost half of its population within half a month.

More than 540 people were thrown into the tombs every day in the Kest Lowlands.


Starting from the Port of Aville, along the long coastline and inward along the cobweb-like land routes…..the plague spread with the scattered boats, and the fleeing people spread out overwhelmingly.

Who will save mankind?


The Kingdom of Bressi, the capital of Asselli.

General Karl walked into the glorious palace anxiously.

Karl Laxia.

He was the commander of the Expeditionary Force who led the Bressi Expeditionary Force to invade Legrand this year and achieved a major victory. Logically speaking, as a general who won such a major victory for Bressi, when he returned, he should be greeted with flowers and cheers.

But no one in Bressi today was in the mood to cheer.

The plague was spreading in western Bressi, and the death reports in every city weighed on people’s hearts like a heavy stone, and people were panicking. Both nobles and civilians felt the unpredictability and horror of natural disasters.

The King of Bressi has urgently issued an order to terminate maritime trade.

But to no avail.

On the one hand, cities that have not yet been spread with the plague were unwilling to suffer such losses, on the other hand, urgent orders made in a rush could not be fully implemented.

“Your Majesty.”

General Karl knelt to the new monarch in the black cloak.

The King of Bressi, Ferri III, 23 years old.

The reason why the Bressi Expeditionary Army stopped at the Moon River Fortress and withdrew a large number of troops ahead of schedule was related to him. Because at the end of October, the old king had died. When the King of Legrand was busy putting down the civil strife, the Crown Prince Ferri of Bressi was also putting down the struggle for kingship.

However, the difference was that Crown Prince Ferri had the support of the Holy See.

After the negotiation, General Karl led most of his troops back to the country in a hurry to conquer the riotous nobles for Crown Prince Ferri, and he was not able to return to the capital until today.


Ferri III stood before the throne, and there were no other people in the hall except him and Karl. The young new king had dark blond hair combed back neatly. His features were deep, and his gray eyes were calm. When he was still the crown prince, he was known as a very “beautiful man”.

General Karl was once a teacher in the period of Crown Prince Ferri, and he was also his most important confidant.

After he stood up, he found that Ferri III was holding a copy of a thick book, which was the history of the Bressi Kingdom that was used for enlightenment education during the period when he was still the crown prince.

“Teacher, how is the situation?”

Ferri III raised his head. When he looked at people with his dark gray eyes, it was easy to give people a gentle and amiable feeling. A significant time had passed since the coronation ceremony and he was already Bressi’s new monarch, but in private he still retained the name he used to call General Karl when he was a child.

“Extremely terrible.”

General Karl shook his head heavily.

“We cannot restrain the spread of the Black Death.”

“I heard that Legrand also issued a maritime blockade order.” Ferri III turned a page and said softly, “Only a strait separates us, but Legrand on the other side has not been affected by the Black Death so far. I heard that all their ports went into slumber overnight under the order of the tyrant. Is that right?”


General Karl was silent for a moment and replied.

“Why can they do it, but we can’t?” Ferri III closed the book. “Sardin was the first city to receive a blockade order. However, a week after the blockade order was issued, merchant ships still sailed out in secret, and there are still merchant ships docking at the pier…..Say, why would the same order result in so much difference?”

This question carried a dangerous signal, and it was not for ministers to answer bluntly.

Ferri III laughed lowly: “Look, even you are afraid, and do not dare to speak the answer.”

“Your Majesty.”

“Because the royal family of Bressi is in a fundamentally different position from that of Legrand’s royal family.” Ferri III closed the book with a “bang”, his dark gray eyes suddenly becoming sharp, “We led an expedition to Legrand because we can plunder the profits from the land of Legrand, and because this was the battle of the saints who sent a punitive expedition on heretics handed down at that time. There is a higher authority above the authority of the royal family of Crowe.”

“In Legrand, even if there is the presence of the Holy Court, the nobles are habitually more obedient to the glory of the Rose royal family. But in Bressi, even the king must be a devout believer, and all my vassals when dispatching them for expeditions, the battle flag with the cross has a far superior position than the battle flag with the tulip.”

“The royal family is just a puppet.”

“This is why.”

Ferri III’s voice was cold.

“Your Majesty.” General Karl was shocked. He quickly looked around and made sure that no one else was around. “Why are you suddenly like this…..”

“The Pope will arrive in a week to coronate me personally.”

Ferri III said lightly.

“The Pope will come personally?” General Karl frowned, “Why would it be the Pope?”

“The letter said it was because of the natural disaster, so he will come to preside over the coronation personally.” Ferri III said, “That is the real king of kings.”

The Bressi royal family was different from Legrand’s royal family. Although the power of the church in Legrand was strong, it was nothing compared to Bressi. In Bressi’s three ranks, the clergy prevailed above the secular aristocracy.

This was related to the establishment of the Bressi Kingdom.

217 AD.

The land on the east bank of the Abyss Strait was still in chaos, and there were many states. The central peoples called “barbarian slaves” swept across this continent. They swept across one country after another, as if with a mission from heaven to destroy all the little civilizations that had cropped up.

It was against this background that the original body of the Kingdom of Bressi, the Kingdom of Claud, greeted the army of barbarians. At that time, King Cremo, the great hero in the history of Bressi, led the last army to face the barbarian army in the Lowland Valley. In desperation, the king swore to the Holy Court, which had yet been accepted at the time.

So long as the Holy Lord protected them and helped them achieve victory, then the Kingdom of Claud was willing to accept the Holy Court as the state religion.

“…..The benevolent Lord sent His saints and his army. Angels wore armor to fight with mortals. They bestowed the crown of victory to the great and pious King Cremo. The priests drew crosses on the chests of the heroes, and as a result the brave knights have been invincible ever since.

…..They conquered all heretical countries and established the great Kingdom of Bressi on the vast land, and since then God has protected this land. “

——”Bressi Chronicles Volume I”

At the beginning of Bressi’s history, the Claud dynasty united hundreds of chaotic countries with the terrible power of the Holy Court as a bond, and established the megalithic Bressi on the basis of the unity of faith.

Since the founding of Bressi was closely integrated with the help of the Holy Court, it was doomed——the huge spiritual monster of the Holy Court would be a majestic world tree deeply rooted in the great land of Bressi, in which the ground would be spread full of its networks of roots.

Ferri III laughed self-deprecatingly. He looked at the brilliant throne.

“Did you know? Teacher. When I stood in front of this chair, there was no excitement or joy, but endless absurdity. We used to watch Legrand struggle in the flames of war for so many years, and laughed at their empty effort, thinking that they were just a bunch of fools.”

“In the end, who is the fool?”

Legrand, who disobeyed the Holy Court, received its “divine punishment” a thousand years ago.

The country became divided, the vassal states were numerous, and the surrounding enemy countries added salt to the wounds. The Rose royal family almost completely disappeared from the world, but even then, they never really bowed their heads to the church and never prayed for help from any power. Relying on generations after generations of hardship, they finally restored the outline of the original powerful country little by little in the flames of war.

They walked with scars, but they were standing.

“When the Holy Court’s butcher knife was swung at Legrand, we shouted long live the Holy Lord, but when the knife turned to us, only then did we feel the pain.”

Ferri III threw the chronicle on the throne.

“Your Majesty…..” General Karl closed his eyes in pain, and he comforted him with difficulty, “It’s just a coronation, not so serious. Maybe it’s really to solve the black death.”


Ferri III calmly cut off the words of comfort.

“I think their purpose is not just the coronation.”

“What is it then?”

“I have no idea.”


When the Pope’s carriage drove towards the capital of Bressi, Legrand was also ready to meet their challenge.

Legrand, Rose Palace.

The King was reading the letters sent back from the southeast coast.

During this period of time, the Gelug family, which had an outstanding influence in the transportation industry, was officially incorporated into the royal family’s direct line of subjects. The King established the “Legrand Transportation Department”, and the head of the Gelug family served as the Minister of the Transportation Department. At the same time, the royal family appointed two auditors and a deputy minister personally appointed by the King.

Patriarch Gelug certainly understood what the King meant.

The King did intend to use the Gelug family and give them power and status without hesitation. At the same time, he also put a knife on their necks for supervision and restriction. Once they made any actions that crossed the line, they could expect for their heads to fall.

This style of behavior was very “King.”

According to the King’s own long-term plan, the transportation network on land would definitely be connected with inland waterway and ocean shipping routes in the later stage.

However, it was currently impossible to do so, and it was the King’s commissioners who shall cooperate with it.

——Before the Conference of Brilliant Glory, the commissioners had been ordered by the King to investigate the counties.

They were affectionately called “the King’s black wings”.

In that big investigation, these commissioners did a good job. After the conference, the King did not dissolve them, but transferred them to the southeast region, and established a nominal “Local Public Sentiment Response Committee.”

In truth, it belonged to the King’s personal supervision and intelligence agency.

Their current responsibilities were more focused on “intelligence”.

This time during the carrying out of the blockade, it was all thanks to these investigators that the King was able to control various situations along the southeast coast in a timely manner. Privately, the nobles hated these commissioners. However, the civilians reversed their previous aversion to similar intelligence personnel, and they had a good impression of the King’s “black wings”.

The Black Wings were also happy to accept their “bribery”——the money would be registered and handed in uniformly——and then record the illegal exploitation of certain officials, and then report them back to their superiors. In order to facilitate statistics, an investigator stipulated that each bribe was levied one penny.

This had even become a “penny” tradition.

This was a follow-up positive impact of the county lords’ exchange of blood.

Various types of letters like flying snow continuously entered the Rose Palace. The Duke of Buckingham saw the lights in the King’s study last late into the night more than once.

“Sure enough, the Black Death is far beyond the medical level of this era.”

The King pressed his forehead and then smiled slightly.

“However, they really are a bunch of lunatics.”

The Duke of Buckingham took over the letter from the Lunatic Academy of Sciences’ pharmacist handed to him by the King.

After the outbreak of the Black Death, the King asked Charles for information on uninhabited islands in the southeast, and finally chose an uninhabited island isolated from the mainland and not on the travel routes. Privately funded by the King, he established “Legrand First Academy of Sciences’ Pathology Research Department” on it.

Abbreviated as “The Lunatic Hospital”.

When the Devil was dealing with the Black Death that sporadically spread to the coast of Legrand, he kept some corpses of Black Death patients according to the King’s will, and then sent them to that uninhabited island by special means.

The Lunatic Hospital was a medical team with the anatomist, pharmacist, and surgeon of the Lunatic Academy of Sciences at the core.

The order they received was to study and research the Black Death to the best of their abilities.

This was something quite difficult.

If it weren’t for the Devil’s special means, relying on the isolation technology of this era, let alone studying the pathology of the Black Death, he was afraid that the entire Lunatic Academy of Sciences would be infected and die.

Except for the three lunatics, the rest of the researchers were doctors who were secretly selected from all over the country and then passed the required examination. Each of them had personally had an audience with the King, and they were all people who had taken a solemn oath to dedicate their lives for mankind. They knew their mission and possessed the will to sacrifice.

However, the King did not intend to let these silly doctors really give up their lives.


When these enthusiastic young doctors and kind old doctors first set foot on the uninhabited island full of a grand heroic mindset, they faced not only three mentally abnormal superiors, but also the bird beak-masked plague doctor.

Now that was really a very sad, sad experience of learning to work together.

Although no solution has been found yet, the Lunatic Hospital did achieve what could be called a “breakthrough” in this era with respect to the Black Death.

This was related to the pharmacist who was full of experimental spirit.

In order to understand more clearly the entire process of the Black Death, he actually took the imitative himself to become infected with the Black Death…..

If it were not for the presence of the plague doctor the Devil had left there, he would have likely departed this world in just half a day. After recovering, Mr. Pharmacist relied on this mindset and spirit to record in detail the entire course of the Black Death. And he even tried to become infected again to repeatedly experience it and test solutions on himself.

Even the silent, mute plague doctor was shocked by his crazy willpower.

Fortunately, the knight commander stopped him in time.

——The fragile human body could not withstand such repeated damage.

But his mindset and spirit had won the admiration and love of the other doctors.

They scrambled to leave the ranks of normal people and stepped into the ocean of lunacy.

“These guys.”

The Duke of Buckingham turned to the second half of the letter and couldn’t help laughing.

In the second half of the letter, a request written jointly by other doctors in the Lunatic Hospital was attached.

The other doctors who were assimilated by these three lunatics seemed to have jumped from one extreme to the other. Not only did they leave their faith in the Holy Court behind, they also tried to write letters to the King asking for the same treatment as their immediate superiors.

——They tried to persuade the King to set up a torture stake for them as well.

“Doctors who do not have a torture stake do not deserve to be a member of the Lunatic Academy of Sciences! We strongly demand the same treatment as the gentlemen!”

“I believe that the torture stake represents the supreme glory of the study of medicine, and it shows the untiring pursuit of academic and life truths by doctors.”


The Duke of Buckingham began to ponder whether the assimilation ability of lunatics was really so strong?

“They really are a bunch of lunatics.”

The Duke of Buckingham couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh.

“Yes, lunatics, a bunch of lunatics worthy of the greatest admiration.”

The Duke of Buckingham smiled and nodded, approving the King’s evaluation.

Crazy enough and worthy enough.

“You won’t really…..?”

Then the Duke of Buckingham wordlessly watched the King pick up his pen and began to write a letter.

“Since it is their request, then I will give it to them.”

The King replied with a little smile.

He also even started a medal exclusive to the First Academy of Sciences——a torture stake, and announced that only those who have made outstanding achievements could receive this medal.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Duke of Buckingham chuckled and shook his head, but did not oppose the King’s decision.

He picked up another report.

After a few glances, the Duke of Buckingham’s expression clouded over.

The King signed his name at the end of the letter, put the pen down and looked up. He then saw the Duke Buckingham’s solemn face: “What’s the matter?”


After Becoming The Tyrant CH 057 The Plague Doctor

In the roiling black fire, a group of silhouettes slowly walked out from inside, as if they were walKing through a long twisted passage, even the silhouettes were all stretched long.

The figures walKing out of the door of hell had pointed beaks that were slightly curved downwards, pale exoskeletons that attached on their faces like masks, glass-like eyes, dark wide-brimmed hats, and covered from head to toe in a black robe that looked like it was made of oil-proof cloth. Only bone-like fingers were exposed from the cuffs.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The omen birds flew out from the door of hell and landed on the shoulders of these “people”.

“Good evening, gentlemen.”

The Devil was holding a black umbrella with a smile on his face.

He snapped his fingers, and the door of hell closed silently.

“Let’s go, gentlemen, the night banquet will soon be held.”

The Devil continued to hold the black umbrella as he took a step forward, and suddenly appeared in a place far away from the plague ship. Those figures who walked out of the door of hell followed closely behind. After they left, the plague ship was burned to ashes by the black fire.

This group of creatures from the dark world quietly walked into the first village infected by the Black Death.

The Devil stood on a boulder at the entrance of the village, watching the fellows he led from hell disperse into the city with the omen birds.

Just a Lord of “greed and ill-gotten wealth” was still not enough. The door of hell could only open a small gap without causing the punishment descended down from the Law. He couldn’t directly bring an entire army of hell out…..and could only go to such trouble.

The Devil spun the black umbrella, thinking of something that caused his face to show a faint, playful smile. Hell…..what was hell? That was where evil bred, where all the most corrupt and depraved things accumulated. The plague of doom and disaster on earth now was bred everywhere in hell.

In fact, once many kinds of hell creatures came to the human world, they themselves were a large source of plague infection.

There were such fellows in hell, these “people” that had been drawn out of hell by the Devil tonight. They fed on the “plague” and especially preferred plagues that had just broken out——feeling that the plagues that were prevalent in the human world tasted the best. Therefore, at some point, when a plague erupts in the human world, they would come to the human world quietly and take a few fresh bites of plague.

They would appear in some places where the plague was prevalent, and if they eat a lot of the plague, the local epidemic would actually get better.

Occasionally there were a few lucky guys who saw these hell creatures walking through plague infected areas completely unaffected, and remember their classic bird beak mask-like exoskeleton, and black robe with a wide-brimmed hat, so they imitated these characteristics when creating a doctor’s outfit, hoping this attire would have the same effect. [1]

Oh, if according to human terms, then these guys should be called——

Plague doctors.

“Plague doctors.”

The Devil spoke the term aloud, spinning the black umbrella in his hand, a smile on his face as usual.


Humans try to save themselves by studying the creatures of hell, but yet they attribute it to the Holy Lord.


The omen birds flew by, and the “plague doctors” quickly returned to the Devil. The epidemic in such a small village that hadn’t completely broken out seemed to not even be enough to satisfy their appetite.

“Okay, next one.”

The Devil led this group of doctors from hell into the night.

Behind them, the quiet small village didn’t know what kind of disaster they had just been saved from.


Koszoya Port.

As the largest port on the southeast coast and the most prosperous commercial city, the situation at the Koszoya Port was almost a microcosm of the entire southeast coastal cities.

“Over there, over there! Stop! Is it aligned?”

Every strand of hair was neatly combed, buttons were buttoned up to the last one, and the sleeves were carefully folded up to the same height. Mr. Architect was holding the drawings in his hand, frowning as he directed the sailors who were newly organized as “City Cleaners Team No. 1” in washing the streets and then laying the dredging pipes made of pottery.

Mr. Architect, whose life criterion included “obsessive-compulsive disorder” and “obsession with cleanliness”, had not loosened his brows since he was banished by the King to Koszoya Port.

He practically wanted nothing more than to use all the water from the sea to wash the entire city inside and out.

This messy and dirty city, this unscientific canal, this sewage that had already flowed onto the streets and pavements…..Mr. Architect wantd to commit suicide.

There was nothing more terrifying than the commander of the construction team being a mental patient with an obsessive-compulsive disorder in addition to a sanitation disorder.

“Okay, over there! Wash it again! There is still rubbish there! Clean it up!”

Mr. Architect shouted loudly.

The members of the “City Cleaning Team” in Koszoya City came from sailors and crew members who had lost their jobs due to the blockade order.

Once the blockade order was issued, even the merchants themselves could not guarantee that he would not go completely bankrupt, let alone keep these useless sailors and crew members on payroll. So many people lost their jobs overnight and no longer had a source of income.

This situation was not uncommon in this era.

When a protracted war ended and a period of peace arrived, the sailors of the maritime countries participating in the war would lose their jobs in large numbers. Under normal circumstances, many sailors would become pirates, but now they didn’t even have the chance to become pirates.

So the King set up working groups for these unemployed sailors in various cities.

The unemployed sailors would be audited by the heads of the royal navy in various ports, and those outstanding sailors with rich experience and good psychological qualities would be absorbed into the King’s naval fleet. The rest of the sailors were then organized as best as they could to form a city cleanup team.

Right now, the Port of Koszoya.

Thanks to the efforts of these reemployed sailors, the sewage discharge system of Koszoya was spreading out like a spider web little by little. In addition to the sailors, the citizens were also required by city officials to clean up the environment near their homes——but to be honest, this part had limited effects.

The customs blockade order had made many people feel uneasy. These days, there had been constant attempts to violate the blockade order.

In this kind of situation, one could not expect citizens to actively participate in environmental cleanup.

The Iron Rose Army led by General Sheehan had a new name these days——Bloody Rose. The name referred to the Bloody Tyrant of the Rose family.

It was useless to plead, and it was useless to resist violently. The King and his soldiers had hearts of stone.

General Sheehan immersed his hands in the icy water.

His hands were now clean, but he always felt that there was a lingering smell of blood on his hands.

Baron Sheehan couldn’t forget that day when he stood on the pier, facing a sailor who was struggling to climb up from the icy waters. There was a sailor who was in ragged clothes and was so skinny he looked like a handful of bones. His hand was on the hilt of his sword, and the sword was as heavy as a thousand bars of gold.

A blade of light flashed by on his side.

General Sheehan turned his head suddenly and saw Captain Hawkins with a black slanted hat standing behind him, a piece of grass chewed in between his teeth. His hand holding the sword was surprisingly steady, and the poor sailor fell slowly into the waters, the blood spreading quickly.

“Even if only one of these people manage to survive. More people will die tomorrow. Your sympathy will only kill more people.”

Captain Hawkins was rarely sober.

General Sheehan was greatly shocked. After his sword was silently nabbed and used by Captain Hawkins that day, he once again felt the unfathomable depth of this crazy pirate captain. The sea breeze blew at the messy hair of the pirate captain as he looked out at the sea with eyes that seemed to also conceal a piece of the sea.

After all, he was a figure who had become a legend on the sea. This pirate captain who was always drunk was also a character with a lot of past.

“Aiyayaya, but an aristocratic lord after all.”

Just as General Sheehan’s respect for the pirate captain rose, the other turned around and grinned, his tone as offensive as always.

“Even at this time, you can’t even pull out your sword, aiyayaya~”

General Sheehan drew out his sword expressionlessly and slashed diagonally past the side of the pirate Captain Hawkins. The corpse of another sailor who climbed up fell back to the sea.

The splashing sound of water.


General Sheehaeln took his hand out of the basin, and the cold water dripped downwards.

He thought of what the Duke of Buckingham said before he set off.

Even if he released only one person, it would stimulate more people and make them feel that the blockade order had a degree of flexibility. At that time, the lighter result would be that he would have to kill more unarmed offenders, but the more serious one would be the people taking the blockade order lightly, which would lead to the total collapse of the sea blockade.

Only at the beginning when the order was carried out with no sympathy and no forgiveness, could they establish authority and save the entire Southeast.

This was a truth that anyone could understand.

But every time he swung the sword, General Sheehan felt that the layer of blood covering his hands became even thicker.

General Sheehan grabbed the cloth and wiped his hands.

Gradually, he slowed down and eventually stopped in his movements.

He just killed a few innocent people, and he already felt that his hands were bloody and his soul was getting heavier and heavier. Then what about the King? What about the King who signed his name on all the writs?

The blood of so many innocent people…..At the moment when his name was signed, how did the King himself feel?

Did the King also feel that his robe was dripping with blood at all times?

If a person lived under a bloody and heavy burden all the time, what condition would their heart be in?

General Sheehan recalled the several meetings he had with the King.

The silver-haired and blue-eyed monarch sat on his throne, his whole person exuding all the glory and majesty, with the gorgeous but cold and heavy crown tightly binding his temples.

General Sheehan threw away the hand cloth, grabbed the sword placed aside, and strode out of the room.

Several chambers of commerce organized a petition group to sit in front of the municipal government in protest.

The Black Death had not yet appeared on the east bank of the Abyss Strait. They could not see its terrible shadow, but they could see their goods piled up in warehouses——especially merchants in the export trade of agricultural products. And on the other hand, although the city officials had tried their best to organize the unemployed sailors in accordance with the King’s order, after all, the city government’s economic income was limited and the number that could be recruited was limited.

The negative impact of the blockade of the sea was unavoidable.

The clamor was noisy.

“I am the Iron Rose Cavalry’s first general.”

Before stepping out of the room, General Sheehan said to himself.

The Iron Rose Cavalry, the King’s first iron cavalry.

Only loyal to the will of the King.


Same year and same month.

The other side of the Abyss Strait.

A situation that was completely different from Legrand’s sea blockade and rigorous vigilance. Merchant ships were still traveling on the sea and between ports. They did not notice that the Black Death originating in the Hopeless Inland Sea was quietly approaching.

The Kingdom of Bressi, southwest coast, Port Aville.

This was considered to be a large port on the southwest coast of the Kingdom of Bressi, and a port very close to the Hopeless Inland Sea going out of the Claud Strait. Merchant ships from the Kingdom of Ayr had just finished trading gold along the coastline, and part of the ships took the route that passed by here.

On this day, the port of Aville had been as usual, with ships coming and going.

While business was as usual, a ship that drifted with the waves eventually became stranded on the beach. There was also another ship that arrived at the dock. A sailor jumped from the ship in panic.

“Help me!”

He grabbed at his clothes, running towards the people on the dock and stretching out his hand to call for help.

He just ran a few steps when he staggered and fell to the ground.

The sailors nearby gathered over in astonishment. A daring one reached out and turned the man over. As soon as he was turned over, the people cried out in exclamation and suddenly cleared a large empty space——the outstretched hand of the sailor who had jumped out of the ship was covered in pustules.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The cold wind blew the sails of the two merchant ships fiercely.

The Black Death that Legrand had been waiting for had begun to spread and explode in these countries on the other side of the coast.

The second disaster had come.

AN: [1] The plague doctor is very famous. In the Middle Ages, people invented bird beak masks, large brimmed hats, and waxed robes, a protective device against the Black Death.

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After Becoming The Tyrant CH 056 Black Death And Hell

The Head of the Households hurriedly stepped into the King’s study with a secret letter sent back from the southeast, but he was slightly taken aback after entering.

The King had his back to him, standing in front of a stained glass window with a rose pattern. The sun not only outlined his figure brightly, but also stretched his shadow very long.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The foot raised by the hHead of the Households froze in mid-air, and his breathing went stagnant for an instant.

“Hawkins’ letter? Bring it over.”

The King ordered but did not turn around.

The footsteps of the Head of the Households became lighter than before as he walked to hand the letter to the King.

The King opened the letter.

The handwriting of the letter was very much like scribbles, and it was also written crookedly. Clearly it was penned not by the professor/first mate Charles, but by the unprofessional Captain Hawkins.

In the letter, only one sentence was written:

The customs blockade had been implemented.

The Head of the Households waited for a while, but got no other instructions, so he quietly retreated.

“It’s time for you to appear, Mr. Devil.”

The King closed the letter and said calmly.

“Hell is at your service.”

The tide of black mist surged in the room, and the Devil wearing a black formal attire walked out of the thick darkness as usual. He looked the same as usual, his clothes gorgeous and impeccable, with a mask-like smile on his face.

“I hope your habit of spouting lies will not appear in this operation.” The King did not look back, he seemed to be pondering on something, “How long will it be?”

“The plague is coming.”

“Not the plague.” The King turned around, his icy blue eyes still as the bottom of a well, “I asked how long will it be before the “law” becomes invalid.”

The Devil’s smile solidified on his face, and his pupils dilated slightly.

The King looked at him calmly.

“Ah, what are you talking about?” The Devil soon smiled again, and he bowed slightly to the King, “The Law has always been there.”

“The Holy Court has begun to intervene in secular wars, and Hell intervened in the Black Death.” The King said unhurriedly, “Why did neither of you reveal your traces so directly before? Because at that time the Law forbidding supernatural interference enveloped the world and the power bounding you all was greater. But now, both hell and the Holy Court are becoming active. Why?”

The Devil did not answer.

The King himself answered his question.

“Because you know that the Law is about to end, and the world will once again become a battlefield between darkness and light, right?”

The King asked softly, but his tone was full of mockery.

The Devil was silent for a moment, and then raised his hands to applaud the King.

“You are too keen, Your Majesty.” The Devil smiled and said, “This is not a good thing. When did you begin to come to this conjecture?”

“The ghost ships.”

The King answered simply.

The Devil suddenly realized: “You started to glean information since then?”

“How many years are left of the thousand years?” The King did not answer the Devil’s question, “What does the millennium kingdom really mean?”

“What does the millennium kingdom mean?” The Devil laughed, and he bowed over again, “It means the return of a great existence.”

A great existence was coming back.

The King chewed over the words spoken by the Devil.

“The people of the Holy Court tried to kill me.” The Devil remained bowed over and the King knew that he could not get any more information on this issue so he turned to ask about what happened that night, “Perhaps I should bestow you an iron rose medal? Mr. Devil.”

“That would really be such an honor, Your Majesty.” The Devil straightened up, “You actually recognize my loyalty to you.”

“What identity are they?”

The King ignored the complaint in the Devil’s words.

“The adjudicators of the Holy Court, or you can call them the puppets of God——or God’s Attendants.” After the Devil answered, he realized that something was wrong. He looked at the King for a while and then pressed his forehead, “You are too cunning! You don’t even remember what happened that night.”

The King did not show the smile on his face, and only said lightly:

“Now, speak.”

“About the nightmare that was forgotten by me, about God’s Attendants.”


Koszoya, the former headquarters of the Five Port Alliance.

The royal rose insignia now replaced the original Five Port Alliance insignia, and it had become the headquarters of the “Free Chamber of Commerce” under the control of the King.

Madam Poisonous Spider and Patriarch Dawson stood on a tower overlooking the streets of the port city below.

“I finally know why His Majesty had such a strict requirement that all chambers of commerce must be registered.” Madam Poisonous Spider said quietly.

“Who would have thought.”

Patriarch Dawson also sighed.

They desperately completed the formation of the Free Chamber of Commerce a few days ago. This huge chamber of commerce, organized by the royal family, had never been more stringent in its investigations. All the ships in all the ports, as well as all the sailors and crews of all chambers of commerce must be registered in a unified register, and finally reported to the headquarters of the Free Chamber of Commerce.

Originally, they did not understand why it was so harsh.

Until today.

The King’s order was personally announced by the mayor: The Black Death on the other side of the Abyss Strait has spread to the port cities that have commercial ties in Legrand. In order to prevent the spread of the Black Death, the southeast waters have officially entered a state of blockade from today onwards. All ships are not allowed to go to sea, and all ships are not allowed to enter the ports again.

Based on the “Southeast Port Ship Register” completed a few days ago, from today onwards, all ships would be compiled in accordance with the general register. Every 20 ships would form a team, and each team would elect a person in charge while the city government would form an inspection team. Each team of ships must check the number of ships and personnel every day.

Once there were fewer ships and sailors missing, the crew of the ship would be severely punished altogether.

Anyone who goes to sea privately would be directly executed.

Anyone who tries to help those who have fled would be put to death directly.

Anyone who tries to break the sea blockade would be executed directly.


The following was a long series of notices, asking people to fully cooperate with the preventive actions of the “Plague Epidemic Prevention and Control Team” during the sea blockade period.

At the end of the warrant was the King’s signature.

This writ from the Rose Palace suddenly exploded over the people’s heads like thunder.

At the port, the sailors and crews who were busy carrying goods onto the ships were all stunned, and the cigarette sticks in the hands of the merchants who were standing on the bow of the ships instructing the sailors to carefully place the valuable goods all dropped onto the decks. The people who had just sent their relatives out to sea for a long journey were astonished and did not understand what had happened.

Everything happened so suddenly.

The merchants unloading and loading goods in the port shouted noisily and couldn’t believe their ears, but soon the royal fleet that appeared in the port established a long sea blockade pontoon bridge. The King’s personal guards who arrived on the streets some time ago were all fully armed as they took to the streets. The municipal officials were like a flock of crows, flitting through the streets and alleys to convey the latest announcements.

When they realized that all of this was true, the people’s voices exploded like billowing thunder, and the municipal officials tasked with informing the news were surrounded by groups of people on the streets.

“Why wasn’t the arrival of the Black Death notified in advance?”

Madam Poisonous Spider looked at the family members of the businessmen who either fainted on the ground or threw themselves at the municipal officials reading the notice, and asked with some pity.

Their relatives just went out to sea not long ago, so with the sea blocked, they were now isolated outside the blockade line and classified as “no entry individuals”.

“Because of human nature.”

Patriarch Dawson was silent for a moment before replying slowly.

“If the Black Death outbreak was notified before the lockdown was implemented, how many do you think will choose to risk selling goods before the Black Death fully breaks out? How many people will choose to go pursue their relatives back? How many people who clearly know that their relatives have gone to an area that may be infected with the plague, but will still quietly bring them ashore in private?”

Madam Poisonous Spider was silent and unable to form an answer at all.

“If people are informed of the plague before the blockade, the subsequent blockade will become a joke.”

Patriarch Dawson took a deep breath.

He finally understood the King’s series of actions on the southeast coast over the past several days.

Disintegrating the Five Port Alliance and establishing a Free Chamber of Commerce to master information about ships in the southeast waters, laying the foundation for strict maritime blockades. An army was stationed in Koszoya in case opposition arose so that the army could suppress it as quickly as possible. Spending huge sums of money in the shortest time to mobilize and form a huge royal navy so that they could patrol the entire coastal sea line, and set up a long blockade…..

Only after the blockade had been completed quietly and efficiently, would the official notification be made.

At this time, no one could stop this blockade.

In fact, as Patriarch Dawson recalled, the number of ships returning during this period was becoming fewer and fewer.

——He didn’t dare to think about whether the ships that went to sea really hadn’t returned, or that they were sunk because of the plague and sinking into the sea forever.

“Just watch.”

Patriarch Dawson looked at the cavalry soldiers marching down the streets with some fear as they dispersed the crowds that had gathered together.

“Legrand should be up in a clamor again.”

Legrand, December 1432.

The King issued the “Regulations on Emergency Blockade of the Southeast Coast”. On the same day, all ships in the ports of the southeast coast failed to raise their sails. The ports fell into a deep sleep, and no ships went out to sea or entered the ports.

On the first day the blockade regulations were issued, there were twelve ships that tried to break through the blockade in just the port city of Koszoya alone.

All twelve ships were sunk.

On the dock, there stood silent armored knights. Those sailors who were struggling to swim from the cold water to the shore tried their best to climb up to the pier, but they were all greeted with sharp swords.

The coast was dyed red with blood.

The King used his cold, iron-blooded methods to declare that this was a blockade that absolutely did not allow mercy.

Another bloody mark was added to the name of the tyrant.

The King waited for the report from the southeast at the Rose Palace.

Faced with his new moniker “Bloody Tyrant”, he did not make any comments, as if it was not he who was being vilified.

The sea blockade was just a prelude.

The real countermeasures come from Hell.


In the mid-winter of December, the wind was howling and violent.

The royal government could only do its utmost to blockade the port cities, but the coastline was long and the spread of the plague was not only through humans.

A ship rocked with the tide on the sea, and finally became stranded. No one got off the ship.

There was a small village not far from the stranded ship.

“Here it is.”

The Devil in his black formal attire walked out of the night, and he opened the black umbrella with the sword hidden in the umbrella shaft. The sea breeze moved the tail of his coat.

The Devil briskly boarded the dead ship, and saw many dead bodies lying on the ship. Pustules, large or small, could be seen on the corpses.

The rustling sounds of rats escaped from the ship.

The Devil snapped his fingers.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The black fire ignited silently, and a miniature version of the door of hell appeared in the air.

Since the King wore the bone ring on his finger, the power of the Devil seemed to be stronger than before.

He bowed in a gentleman-like fashion.

“Time to go on stage, gentlemen.”

The miniature version of the door of hell slowly opened.


After Becoming The Tyrant CH 055 The King And Authority

The bone ring sat perfectly and snugly on the King’s finger, as if the bone ring belonged to him from the beginning. The cold, pale ring sat quietly on the King’s finger. At that moment, the same brilliant authority in this world suddenly revived on the King. The Devil let go of the King, took a step back, and fell to his knees.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“What is that?”

Silent and like a spider, the voice of the head adjudicator who was in control of the whole situation suddenly sounded with a tremble that even he did not notice.

“What is that!”

He saw the flame of God extinguished on the young king.

He was a God’s Attendant, and his mission was to sacrifice everything for God. The feelings that humans possessed should have been lost from him forever, so that when the God’s Attendant sent the sword into the heart of the heresy, his wrist could be as steady as a mountain. However, at this moment, the head adjudicator suddenly felt his heart throbbing again.

Because of the fear of his beliefs subverting.

The apostles of the Holy Lord believed that the Holy Lord was the only God in this world, that He was the true anointed one and the true eternal glory monarch, His authority supreme.

But everything at that moment was subverting his perception.

The young king, who was originally under his control, stood alone in the center of the stage. His majestic aura made people dare not look directly at him.

How could this be?

How could there be a second monarch who could compete with the eternal Holy Lord?

The indestructible cornerstone of faith was being shaken and shattered, and the non-mortal eyes on the black iron mask worn by the head adjudicator closed uncontrollably.

The King’s eyes also closed.

Then the next moment, he suddenly opened his eyes again.

The holy hymn in the air were neatly cut off by invisible authority, the wind raged unrestrainedly, mixed with such a broad expanse of noise. Hundreds of millions of wrongly departed were screaming, hundreds of millions of bones were screaming, the voices were domineering and violent as they gushed forth, as if the gate of hell suddenly opened a gap, and the spiteful resentment that had been accumulated for thousands of years could finally sweep forth like a tidal wave.

The head adjudicator backed away frantically, his back hitting the angel statue in the church.

“Hell…..impossible! Hell is dead! Already dead!”

Clearly no one had made a move, but the head adjudicator seemed to have seen the scariest and most unbelievable thing, and the rules that constituted the God’s Attendant on him began to collapse. He seemed to be bellowing, but also wailing.

The King’s pupils reflected everything.

His eyes were the ice on the long rivers in winter, ruthless and indifferent.

Similarly, it should not be the gaze that human beings should have.

The sound of the wind rushed like a tide.

“Go to hell.”

The world collapsed suddenly, fire and black mist swept through everything, countless pale hands stretched out from the twisted gaps, and firmly grasped the black-robed God’s Attendant. Hell cracked its mouth open and swallowed everything greedily.

The statues of angels collapsed, colorful glass shattered and fell from overhead, and large chunks of rock came crumbling down. The flames were engulfed with black mist, as if two poisonous snakes of different colors were intertwined, chaining the bones and dead souls within themselves. This scene was really like a true theater stage being burned down.

The King with the bone ring stood in the center of the stage.

The black and red world was imprinted on his ice-blue pupils, solidifying into an ancient image.


The Holy Court.

In that secret dark iron building.

The silent astrologers vomited out big mouthfuls of blood. They sat slumped on the ground, and the crystal balls in front of them cracked and shattered. The blood of the holy pool in the middle of the hall roiled, and the next moment, the silver crosses floating above it shot out one by one, like swords out of control, nailing into the surrounding walls with loud sounds.

The astrologers got up from the ground and were horrified to see the adjudicators in black robes falling back one by one.

The masks on their faces automatically slipped off and fell to the ground.

Under the masks, were faces that had lost any breath of life.

What happened?

The astrologers looked at each other.


The moonlight was bright and clean.

The King opened his eyes, rolled over and sat up from the bed.

He panted slightly, raised his hand and pressed his aching head. An inexplicable emotion remained in his heart, both like anger as well as cold indifference.

He seemed to have had a long nightmare once again.

He always dreamt.

In the original world, he always had nightmares one after another. When he woke up, he would forget what he had done in the dream. Only a kind of weakness and rage remained, as if he was reminding himself of something he must remember. But what were those dreams?

The King did not know.

After coming to Legrand, he hadn’t had that kind of dream for a long time.

He pressed his forehead and breathed calmly.

After a long time, the King let go.

Suddenly, he realized what was different from before he fell asleep.

The King lowered his head.

In the cold moonlight, a bone ring was quietly worn on his finger.

——That was not a dream.



The ghost ship led by Charles docked quietly in the night. They had returned with heavy news.

In this short time of getting along, General Sheehan already had to restrain his desire to draw his sword many times. Now he finally breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly rushed to meet the rumored Walway’s reliable first mate, Charles.

After Charles clearly and methodically relayed the outbreak of the Black Death on the other side of the Abyss Strait, General Sheehan was at the same time worried about the Black Death and involuntarily breathed a sigh of relief——thankfully, it was not necessary to continue working with the pirate captain again.

Just as this thought flashed through General Sheehan’s mind, the door was knocked open with a “bang”.

Bringing with him a strong scent of alcohol, Captain Hawkins swaggered into the room like he was dancing while shaking his cowhide hip flask at the same time.

“Hic——hey! Good fellow! Are you trying to exclude me?!”

Captain Hawkins slapped his hand on the sea map on the top of the desk.

General Sheehan’s head started to hurt again, and he subconsciously touched the sword at his waist.

Only to touch emptiness.

He was shocked, and the cold sweat came out almost immediately. General Sheehan was never without his sword. This was the basic professionalism of being a general.

“Hi, hi, are you looking for this? My good Mr. General.”

Captain Hawkins said cheerfully, and he raised his hand.

General Sheehan’s pupils dilated slightly when he saw Captain Hawkins lazily swaying a sword, which just happened to be his own. When was the sword silently taken away by the other?

Charles was not surprised by this. He rubbed his forehead which had a headache building: “What do you want now? Let me clarify first, this is a special period. I won’t go to the tavern with you to help you pay for the alcohol.”

The tone was rather weak and exasperated.

“My dear Charles! Why are you like that old bastard William? It hurts my heart too much! Isn’t the wise and great Captain Hawkins unable to pay for alcohol?” Captain Hawkins exclaimed angrily.

The expressions of Charles and Sheehan were unexpectedly the same, the expressions in thwir eyes conveying the same meaning:

Oh, really?

Captain Hawkins coughed: “Okay, okay, Mr. Romantic Knight, Mr. Stuffy Professor, have our mates get busy.”

He removed his hand from the table.

A crumpled letter was revealed underneath.

Charles picked it up and took a look.

“Some little mice need us to clean them up.”

Captain Hawkins said cheerfully.

When Captain Hawkins brought a letter from an overseas spy to speak with General Sheehan and Charles, at the same time, near the port of Koszoya.

The door of an ordinary fisherman’s house near the port was opened.

The sea breeze poured in, blowing away the smell of blood inside.

In the room, a locally dressed “fisherman” had fallen on the ground, blood gurgling from his throat. The room was dim, and only a slight cold light flickered.

That was a slender blade with a graceful arc.

Held in one hand that was as white as winter snow.

It was a woman’s hand.

In the age of knights and swords, blood and war seemed to be taken for granted as equated with men, and few people associated women with swords. But the hand holding the curved sword gave people the feeling that she should be holding a blade, the blood contributing to her extraordinary beauty.


Legrand’s former warrior queen.

Holding the blade, she stepped over the corpse on the ground and walked to the door. Facing the night tide of the sea, the sea breeze blew back her black hair. The Queen Mother Eleanor lowered her head, looked at the sword in her hand, turning it slightly. The light of the blade reflected in her dark green eyes.

It was an overseas spy who was killed by her.

Secret agents from overseas.

This was nothing rare or uncommon. In fact, every country would send many people to act in this kind of role, and Legrand was no exception. This was the case between countries, everything was based on interests, and there was no righteousness to speak of at all.

In the end, Eleanor did not stay in the palace for long.

She also knew the details about the Black Death. After this period of recuperation, Eleanor left the palace and came to the core of the southeast coastal ports, Koszoya.

During the time when William III was on the expedition, the queen who was the regent ruler of the country for her husband was very clear about what it meant to blockade the sea and how many special roles there would be concealed in places like ports. So she came to the harbour to be a sentinel just as she used to in the palace, guarding her child in the shadows.

She stood alone on the beach, like a murderous iron pike.

This iron pike had been polished day and night for the past more than ten years, just to drink the blood of the enemy.

Eleanor’s fingers flicked the arc sword, and the blade vibrated and gave a simple melody.

It was the melody played by Legrand’s young king plucking at the strings of an instrument when a 17-year-old Eleanor and a 21-year-old William met. The young queen met the young monarch in the autumn when the red leaves were like fire. The queen’s long dress was boldly beautiful and bright, and the monarch’s back was as straight as a sword.

The most romantic encounter, love sprouting in the midst of blood and fire.

That was the young Eleanor and the young William.

They made a pact that one day, Legrand would be strong and prosperous.

On the throne and under the glory, they were the only ones standing side by side.


The blade screeched, the Queen Mother had flicked too hard for the last time, and the blade trembled endlessly, breaking the original harmonious melody.

The memories came to an abrupt end.

Eleanor held the handle tightly, the joints of her fingers turning white.

The secret letter from the King had arrived, and the customs would officially implement the blockade in three days. The plague was breaking out on the land on the other side.

How much effort must a mortal go to in order to gain freedom?

If killing an evil dragon was not enough, then killing God too, would that be enough?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They were dragon killers, and they were the wrath of mortals.

The Queen Mother pushed the sword back into the sheath, and she turned and walked into the darkness.

Behind her, the crashing waves sounded like angry bellows.

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