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Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH CH 004 Is This Trouble?

Seeing that the other was speechless for a while, Feng Qingxiu coldly snorted: “Our Sect’s history recorded that our Founding Master, one man and one sword, leveled Shouyang Mountain and gained tens of thousands of years of accumulation from Shouyang Sect. This opened the way for our Kun-Lai’s rise. “

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Impossible.” Ji Yunlai blurted out.

Since he embarked on the road of cultivating immortality, he had never had a permanent residence and there was not even one day he hadn’t suffered hardship. Betrayal, death and robbery, what hadn’t he encountered? But even after transmigrating over for so long and having suffered so much on the road to cultivating immortality, no matter how hard it got, he had never once thought of hurting others to get resources. He had his bottom line.

“Hmph, that Supreme Nine Heavens Overcoming Suffering Sword cut off the spiritual veins of the Wanli Mountains and attracted the waters in the south. Since then, over these hundreds of years our Western Continent has not once suffered the bitterness of drought. The remains of Listening Sword Cliff is still a hallowed place for all sword cultivators to gain Enlightenment and practice cultivation. Don’t think that you’re all that great just because you can be arrogant in front of me. You’re not worthy of even a glance from our Founding Master.” Feng Qingxiu said proudly.

“But what does that have to do with you?” Ji Yunlai asked coldly.

Feng Qingxiu did not answer, but just smiled.

The next second, the door was flung open wide, and a group of cultivators dressed in blue robes and white cloaks poured in silently, forming a battle array.

“Master Guard, this is the person!” Feng Qingxiu calmly pointed to Ji Yunlai, “This person of unknown origins has entered our Kun-Lai as if it is a land without a master and behaving suspiciously. I ask daren to deal with him. “

Just when he saw this little thief show up again, he had reported it with a magic technique, but these law enforcement guards were truly too slow.

However, the four cloaked people just looked at him quietly, as if looking at a fool.

Feng Qingxiu was taken aback.

He suddenly discovered that in the eyes of these four people, there was no reflection of the little thief in front of him.

Ji Yunlai sat where he was, looking at him calmly.

The head guard quietly wiped the sweat from his palms——seeing that the people around him hadn’t seen the bigwig in the room he then coldly scolded Feng Qingxiu on the grounds that he was conjuring trouble from thin air.

Feng Qingxiu silently listening to the scolding with his eyes casted down was a bit pitiful, causing Ji Yunlai to feel a rare trace of guilt.

After being lectured and warned not to do it again, the guards retreated, leaving only two in the room.

The head student of his year was completely at a loss.

Tomorrow was the Ascension ceremony so it was likely that this matter would be reported to a deacon with a higher cultivation base.

The matter had become really unthinkable now.

After being silent for a while, Feng Qingxiu decided to regard the other as non-existent, taking out his books to continue studying.

Ji Yunlai thought about the information he had just learned and felt that the entire thing seemed to be shrouded in mist. He had a nagging feeling that something was wrong.

After a while, Feng Qingxiu encountered a problem and despite repeated calculations on paper he still couldn’t solve it. Habitually he began to scratch the wooden table with his nails.

“Draw the character three points below the line and do not put too heavy pressure on the pen, otherwise the magic will be overloaded and the effect will be lost.” Ji Yunlai, who was pulled back from his thoughts, said casually.

Feng Qingxiu followed the instructions and after one stroke the exercise was solved directly. He looked up at the other in shock.

“You seem to have a lot of problems. Come and tell me some more and I will continue to teach you.” Ji Yunlai said with a smile.

“…..I won’t talk about secrets.” Feng Qingxiu watched him vigilantly.

“Why would I ask you to do such a thing? I just want to know things that everyone knows, the kind that if you don’t tell me I can just find out from others.” Ji Yunlai said lightly.

“…..Okay.” After thinking about it, Feng Qingxiu felt that since he could get some help in his studies in exchange for just some information that everyone else knew, it would be better than Ji Yunlai going to find some ordinary disciples who didn’t know the severity of the information they were giving.

“Then, let’s start.”


When Ji Yunlai returned to his residence, he felt quite satisfied.

That child didn’t say much, but he still had time. All in all, he had gained somewhat of an understanding of his own evaluation in the eyes of the world.

Tsk, he really didn’t expect that one day he would also be described as “moody, unpredictable, with profound and boundless powers”.

In the eyes of that child, Ji Yunlai was a god, omnipotent and omniscient. Every gesture he made was in line with the way of the heavens as the person who enforced law and punishment in place of the heavens.

Thus called “Xing Dao Master”. (TN: xing=punishment)

Connecting this to what his memory self said, “Who is worthy of your explanation?”

Ji Yunlai felt that he had changed quite a lot after a thousand years.

He was clearly a good mentor, amiable and friendly with a strong ability to manage people——almost all the 100+ programmers in his previous life were mentored by him. Seriously, he was practically a teacher.

But over these thousand years, he never accepted another disciple since he became the Sect Leader. All the Kun-Lai disciples were taught by his several Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Just now when he noticed that the child had a bit of trouble he couldn’t help but step forward and act the teacher.

His bad habit of lecturing others was clearly still there.

He sat at the stone table in the courtyard in front of his dwelling, sipping the wine and thinking deeply to himself. Should he see those Junior Brothers and Sisters? And this wine was really fragrant, just from the aroma he could tell it was centuries old.

Suddenly, he felt something displace the air behind him, so he instinctively placed the delicate and paper thin jade cup on the table.

Under his divine sense, a young man in white stopped in place.

With his cultivation level he could tell that it was just a phantom with a single glance.

A very beautiful phantom, one that could sway the heart with just a look.

At the beginning, the appearance of the phantom was not very clear, but it soon took shape quickly as he observed it, becoming his favorite type——tall, handsomely beautiful, and with deep eyes.

“Your preference has changed.” The phantom was a little bit distressed.

Ji Yunlai did not comment.

“Since the battle of Fantasy Ripple Mountain six hundred years ago, your heart has always been empty and I could no longer feel your likes or dislikes.” The phantom said with a little regret, “It seems that you really broke through that obstacle. At least leave me a way out.”

Ji Yunlai wondered——what happened to him six hundred years ago? Was there a reason for him to run here from the Central Continent to open a new map?

“Your Supreme Nine Heavens Overcoming Suffering Sword is truly so sharp that it can even cut off the corrupted obsessions in people’s hearts?” The phantom smiled and said, “In any case, congratulations on returning to the path of Dao.”

The more it spoke, the more he couldn’t understand, Ji Yunlai thought to himself.

“Ji Yunlai, the outlands have gathered. This time your Sect will be facing its tribulation. I am waiting to see you once again defy the heavens.” With a trace of worry, the phantom slowly disappeared, “I wonder how many times can you defy the natural order?”

Seeing him completely disappear, Ji Yunlai felt a bit moved with his own cultivation base.

He had already sensed that the other was not an entity, but a lingering trace of someone’s obsession.

Simply put, the situation was almost like being haunted by a ghost.

But a powerful cultivation base and personal will were the nemesis of all obsessions, and it would cause more damage to ghosts than were they to encounter the sun.

How strong was the other when he was still alive to be able to haunt such a great powerhouse like himself?

And what level had he reached to be able to banish the other?

It’s a pity that he left too fast for him to read the Sword Intent remaining on him.

Ji Yunlai raised his hand, his slender fingertips revealing a trace of blue light. It flickered and jumped, as if it wanted to return to the world of nature.

But the surrounding trees had already begun to tremble and bow their branches in fear.

Even the surrounding clouds instinctively drifted away from this spot of spiritual light, causing the world to become brighter without the clouds blocking the sunlight.

Too domineering!

Ji Yunlai clenched his fist and dispersed away the spot of spiritual light. He didn’t like such a domineering and unforgiving spell.

One must not do things to the extreme or say things that leave no room for maneuver. Any extremes would undoubtedly lead to affinities and relationships ending early.

As for the outlands mentioned earlier, Ji Yunlai knew a bit about that.

The areas outside the sphere of influence of the human race were all considered the outlands.

Among the countless mountains and rivers, there were spirits and demons, countless foreign races, on par with the many creatures described in the Classic of Mountain and Sea. (TN: Classic of Mountain and Sea, probably compiled c. 500 BC-200 BC, contains a wide range of geography, mythology, witchcraft, popular customs, etc.)

The human race——if considered seriously, was just an unremarkable race among countless foreign races.

He recalled the books of spells that he had downloaded earlier from the Net Spell.

If there really was trouble on the horizon, then he could no longer go ask others questions about this and that.

An entire Sect was on his shoulders. He was truly under great pressure.


On the second day, Feng Qingxiu did not see the person who said he would help tutor him.

He was relieved but also disappointed. After all, he felt that the other was not a bad person.

The Ascension ceremony!

This was to determine his future.

He cleaned up and prepared to go to the meeting place.

At this moment, a young man rushed over anxiously: “Cousin, it’s not good!”

“What’s the matter?” Feng Qingxiu asked. This was his clan brother, who was studying at the lower gate. Knowing that he had a heavy study load the other did not often come to find him.

“Remember the fiancée the clan decided for you before?” The young man asked a question first.

“Mother told me.” He nodded. Although his clan was not worth mentioning in the Western Continent, it was still quite famous in their hometown. Therefore, his fiancée was a daughter from a big family. But he was selected to come to Kun-Lai when he was young so the plan was to fulfill the marriage vows after the Ascension ceremony was over.

“It turns out that that woman fell in love with a slave who takes care of horses in our family and eloped with him.”

“…..” Feng Qingxiu was taken aback for a while. He was still young so he really didn’t know what expression to show.

“While they were being pursued on the way, the woman blocked a sword for that slave and died.”

“…..” Feng Qingxiu’s heart was quite complicated, after all, it was a human life.

“For some reason that slave entered the graces of Fairy Mingyu who was passing by and was taken back to Kun-Lai Mountain, directly entering the inner Sect.” The boy said anxiously, “So you must be careful. I heard that that slave said he won’t let our families go.”

“What does it have to do with our family?” Feng Qingxiu asked angrily. He didn’t believe that his family would chase someone else’s fugitive slave. That would be the same as slapping the other family’s face, although his own family’s face must have been beaten swollen this time from the whole matter.

“He said it was because of you persistently forcing them…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He hadn’t even met them! Feng Qingxiu shook his head. Forget it, he planned to wait for the ending of the ceremony before dealing with this matter.

It should not… a big deal, right?

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Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 003 Is He A Good Person?

There was no way Feng Qingxiu’s sword could make contact with Ji Yunlai.

In Ji Yunlai’s eyes, the lightning-fast sword light was basically the same speed of a tortoise. He even had the time to feel that this child’s cultivation foundation was very solid. Although he was proficient in his swordsmanship, he lacked a little agility. It might have a better effect if the sword’s position was lowered just a millimeter.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As he thought this, the other’s sword light seemed to wrest out of its owner’s control, moving to the best position according to Ji Yunlai’s thoughts. He then took a step back.

At his speed, the other couldn’t see that he had even moved at all. So the result was the strange scene of his sword deliberately missing an inch from Ji Yunlai.

Feng Qingxiu refused to accept this, the sword light expanded, the sword energy like a waterfall. Like torrential rain it enveloped the area.

As Ji Yunlai dodged he privately analyzed the flaws within the other’s swordsmanship.

Feng Qingxiu felt like he had suddenly been divinely graced. He had practiced this set of sword maneuvers countless times but he could never smooth out the kinks. But now the sword movements flowed out freely and unconstrained, as if they were not the same moves from his memory. Instead, it was as if he made the moves instinctively and naturally, without any human input.

This set of sword maneuvers was known as Rift Sword which was named for the rift in the sky, or the gate of heaven, pointing to the great Dao. Feeling that the first few maneuvers in the set of sword maneuvers presented no threat to the other, with the turn of his sword he carried out the following nine maneuvers one after another without any hesitation.

The light of the sword was like a chrysanthemum, blooming in an instant.

The huge sword light almost enveloped the entire Eagle’s Mouth Cliff.

After the passing of the sword light, Feng Qingxiu stood alone on the edge of the cliff, motionless and silent.

Many fellow cultivators that had been around the area quietly approached, wanting to see what happened.

“Being able to touch a trace of the Dao in the Rift Sword at just the Foundation Establishment Stage——no wonder he is the head student of this year.” A middle-aged Daoist with thin hair and a serious face appeared suddenly, blocking the students who wanted to get closer, “He is experiencing Enlightenment of the Sword Intent at this time so do not disturb him. You must also learn from Ah Xiu who is able to practice his sword without distraction despite such an important matter as the Ascension taking place tomorrow. But what about you all?”

“Deacon, we just want to get closer and breathe in the Immortal energy!” A student answered with some dissatisfaction.

“That’s right, maybe some luck will rub off on us and we can also realize Enlightenment…..” The other students were also not convinced.

“Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! You only know to breathe all day, and only know to rely on luck every day, thinking about shortcuts and dishonest practices. Hurry up and go practice cultivation, otherwise you will all get a mark deducted during Ascension!” The middle-aged Daoist glared with sharp sword-like eyes, sweeping the students who still wanted to move forward with a cold gaze.

This threat was too ruthless so the students around him immediately dispersed.

The sun settled to the west, the world became silent, and only white clouds could be seen drifting over the edge of the cliff.

After a long while, Feng Qingxiu recovered from that trace of Dao Enlightenment, and his heart instantly tightened. But at this time, there was no trace of that young man.

Little thief!

This Kun-Lai No. 1 young cultivator talent let out a deep roar!

Then he ran off without looking back.

Ji Yunlai, who was still sitting on top of the pine tree, took a look at him and thought that maybe it was not very nice of him to bully the younger generation like this. He decided to return the thing to him at night.

Turning his gaze back to the jade tablet, he eagerly sank his divine consciousness into it.

! ! ! !

That thread of divine consciousness instantly entered another dimension.

In the space was a giant tree constructed of runes. Numerous branches and leaves extended into the void, opening pockets one after another in the darkness, and those illusory runes leaped and flowed, guiding the direction.

As he thought, it really was the local area network!

There were countless divine consciousness flowing within the giant tree, likely students communicating with each other. And as the Sect Leader he had the highest authority which was why he could see the construct of this network.

However, that flowing and beautiful rune pattern and combination left him in a stupefied state. In a daze, he recalled the days when he used to work overnight with his team of programmers to write code.

Plugins, procedures, functions, compressed file libraries, partial execution programs, auxiliary execution programs, auxiliary control programs, and auxiliary calculation programs were all things he could write with his eyes closed, but now they had become another way of expression.

“It’s not a bad thing to relearn all of this again.”

He couldn’t take his eyes away despite not understanding it. But this only meant that he should work harder. What he liked to do was to study and experiment. If he could now get the chance to concentrate on studying and cultivating for as long as he wanted, it didn’t seem to matter as much if he forgot some memories.

Although he didn’t know what he had to sacrifice in the past millennium to reach this current height, his eyes couldn’t always look at the past.

Regardless of the reason for the loss of memory, what he had to do now was to retrieve the lost knowledge before he could talk about other things. After all, in this world only the strong had a voice. This was a truth that he had already experienced when he used to be an unaffiliated cultivator.

According to the function on the jade tablet, he switched to a common section, and immediately a huge screen appeared in front of him showing a forum interface that couldn’t be more simple.

The learning area was on the left and the leisure area was on the right.

There were a variety of spells in the learning area, and one needed to reach a certain level of cultivation and exchange a certain amount of spiritual stones in order to gain access. Whatever kinds of spells and runes one wanted could all be found.

The leisure area was where all kinds of discussions took place.

It turned out that the Hall of Spells was all on the Web, so it was no wonder he couldn’t find it.

And he had the highest authority so it took only a few seconds to scan and remember all the spells and runes.

Just a few million words, that’s how badass possessing a powerful soul was.

Ji Yunlai detached his divine consciousness from it, his hands playing with the jade tablet as he couldn’t help feeling a little admiration for himself.

He not only brought primary school and middle school to the cultivation realm, he even integrated a local area network. Give him a few hundred years, was he going to rise straight up to the heavens?

But if his other self could do it, then it should be fine for him as well. After all they were the same person.

He recalled in his mind the “General Rune Principles” he had just seen, and he carefully read and analyzed it.

This book was written in a simple and straightforward way and was very easy to digest. It used punctuation instead of ambiguous sentence breaks and was even accompanied with animated drawings and diagrams. It could not be more down to earth and friendly. Ji Yunlai wanted to hug the author and kiss him too. It truly suited his taste.

It was not until the moon was high up in the sky when he finally finished and processed the entire book, and then found that the final signature was: Ji Yunlai, written on the first day of the ninth month in the thirty-third year.

“…..” He was speechless for a while.

The pressure was too great, when could he return to this level?


The moon was high up in the sky and the lights were like stars. Feng Qingxiu returned to his room in dejection.

With face facing downwards he threw himself on the bed.

The Mountain Patrols had already identified all the envoys from outside Sects that had arrived recently. None of them was that young man. The Daoist soldier who took the case said that he had reported the matter to the main network to cut off his network port so his Net Spell could no longer be used. There would be no big impact so he should relax and not worry!!


He was so aggrieved that he wanted to cry.

Since arriving at Kun-Lai Mountain, it had taken him who knew how long to get that magic artifact!

A single Net Spell in the Sect required a hundred spiritual stones, and the information fee required to maintain the connection every year was an extra ten spiritual stones. The rewards he had earned over these 10+ years was just a little more than ten spiritual stones. Once he got the Net Spell, he immediately used all his spiritual stones to pay the information fee!

And if he wanted a new one he had to buy it himself!

One hundred and ten spiritual stones!

And all must be high-grade spiritual stones! With that amount, a hundred cultivators of his level could be hired for three years outside the Sect!

With such a high price, the most important losses were that he could no longer go online to read about the cultivation experiences of high level cultivators for at least ten years and he couldn’t buy and sell all kinds of materials!

He heard that many students who failed the make-up exams jumped off the top of the peak today. He also wanted to jump as well!

“That little thief, I will definitely find you!” He said bitterly.

“Got it.” A voice rang out casually.

Feng Qingxiu immediately sat up. He glared at the young man in black who appeared silently by the table.

“You still dared to come!” 

“Returning this to you.”

The two voices sounded almost simultaneously.

It’s no longer usable, you little thief!

Feng Qingxiu looked at the jade tablet laying on the young man’s hand with a complicated expression, and finally sighed, “Forget it.”

He stretched out his hand to take the jade tablet back, wiped it carefully and then pocketed it. He could keep it as a memorial and maybe he could ask the supervisor to connect it again. This person looked to be from an outside Sect and he himself couldn’t stop him so if he asked him to pay it would just show him to be more weak.

“I have reported your matter to the Sect. No matter what intentions you have you should put it away and leave. Our Kun-Lai Sect is not a place for people to come and go.” Feng Qingxiu said seriously.

“You are quite loyal.” Ji Yunlai felt a faint sense of gratification in his heart. The degree of loyalty in his Sect was quite high it seemed.

“…..You are from the Central Continent, right?” Feng Qingxiu shook his head slightly, “As the Central Continent is rich and stable of course you don’t know. The Western Continent is located in a remote area and borders the outlands. If there is no Kun-Lai acting as a barrier, how can there be such prosperity now?”

Ji Yunlai nodded: “I come from a small place. I only know that my country is a small country in the Central Continent, but I don’t know much about even more distant places.”

He was telling the truth. This world was not comparable to earth which had each and every piece of land occupied by humans. Here in this realm, man-made towns were scattered and sparse, like a handful of sesame seeds. The dangers of the beasts in the deep mountains and dense forests was not something to be treated lightly. Apart from cultivators, few people had traveled or knew lands that were further away from their hometowns.

“Looking at your high cultivation level, you must be from a reclusive cultivation family,” Feng Qingxiu slightly puffed out his chest, “A thousand years ago, our Western Continent was barren and empty, sparsely populated, and suffering from demonic disasters. Our Sect’s Founding Master Ji Yunlai was a talented person with great skill and strategy. He held the Dragon and Phoenix Selection throughout the Western Continent. Only after a hundred years and countless twists and turns, our Western Continent became as prosperous as now.”

“Dragon and Phoenix Selection?” Ji Yunlai asked.

“Six hundred years ago, the Founding Master set up a Heart-Enquiring Stone in every town, with twelve runes engraved on it. Those under the age of fifteen who can draw even one of the runes can enter our Kun-Lai Sect lower gate to practice cultivation. It does not have any spiritual roots requirements nor does it look at one’s birth. This has cultivated countless talents for our Western Continent.” Feng Qingxiu said proudly.

Ji Yunlai was dazed for a while: “It’s a lie? How many disciples would that be? Is he that rich?”

He had had enough of his poverty during his early years of cultivation. How could others not know the benefits of accepting many disciples into a Sect, but cultivation was truly a money-burning business. The spiritual stones and natural spiritual treasures available on this land could not support so many cultivators. Why was the Central Continent so chaotic? It was all because of the lack of resources.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It’s just that his words obviously offended this zealous Founding Master fanboy and Feng Qingxiu said furiously: “Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean that the Founding Master can’t do it. Let me gift you a famous saying from the Founding Master: Thou small fries, how could thee understand a person of noble aspirations!”


Was he being praised or scolded? Ji Yunlai had a sudden urge to laugh.

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Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 002 Is He An Elder?

“But I’m not that Ji Yunlai.” He didn’t have such badass power. Ji Yunlai expressed that his knowledge was still in the whiteboard stage, his skills that had reset must now be leveled up again.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“No need to worry and no need to hide. Losing your memory will only make them more afraid of you.”

“It seems you won’t say anymore.” Ji Yunlai said in exasperation, “Then can you at least tell me who is the child’s mother?”

Silence. The waters also fell still.

“Then is she my own blood, was I the scumbag or did someone act the scumbag towards me?” Shouldn’t he at least know this? Ji Yunlai was truly exasperated.

“Is this even important? How deep does blood even run.” The other raised his eyebrows and spoke with mockery.

Ji Yunlai felt his heart jump once again, and the pressure was even greater: “…..How come I don’t even know that I have an antisocial personality disorder?”

“The time is up, if there is something urgent, look for me again. Three chances, only two more are left.” The other shook his long sleeves.

The sky and ocean went up in smoke.

The dreamlike world also disappeared.

Ji Yunlai was still sitting in the original room and on the original bed.

Holding the jade tablet in his hand.

The Ji Yunlai after a thousand years was truly difficult to understand. He didn’t think he could win against his thousand year old self, but it was not like he would dig a hole for his own self, right?

After thinking about it this way, he calmed down. Anyway, it was already like this. It was better to continue doing what he wanted to do. As for the things he didn’t say——the days were still long, he would know everything eventually. As for the past, it was fine to just know the gist of it, no need to know all the details.

As for the spells or something, it didn’t matter that he had forgotten, the magic power was still there, so all he needed to do was just to make up for the forgotten spells.

If you got the skills then send him back to his 16 year old self! 

Oh no. He had forgotten to ask where the Tower of Books was. He needed to search more in depth later.

And as for the issue of his daughter, was she biological? He remembered that he couldn’t get it up with women…..

Was it an adopted daughter?

Ji Yunlai opened the map of the Sect again.

In ancient times, there were no books. The emperor embroidered the mountains and rivers of his empire on silk with gold thread to record the division of personnel and territory, which was known as the yellow map. Later, it became a practice, and all forces would also have a yellow map to record important information.

Ji Yunlai looked at the words that recorded each country’s deacon Elders along with their age and cultivation levels and what merits they had contributed. The golden threads that etched out the words seemed to be able to change based on his will, and it seemed that this yellow map was also a magic artifact.

But after looking it over, he didn’t find any note about the Sect Leader’s wife.

Fine, it seemed that he could only regard this as another transmigration.


Kun-Lai Immortal Mountain

Yangshuo Peak was located in the south of Kun-Lai mountain gate. It was one of the three peaks closest to the mountain gate. It was steep and covered with ​​peculiar pines that towered up into the clouds. Standing at any of its random cliffs, one would be able to see the beauty of the distant mountain gate standing tall and imposing in the midst of a sea of ​​red clouds.

There were often disciples who would sit on these cliffs to do their cultivation exercises and meditation, breathing out to the distant mountain gates.

“The mountain gate was set up by the Sect Leader himself, of course one must often come and breathe in the Immortal energy…..” This was  the young disciples’ reasoning.

Feng Qingxiu was also one of the young disciples. As the head student of his year, he occupied the most scenic spot——the Eagle’s Mouth Cliff.

And there was a green pine on the side, so one just had to sit under the tree and together with the evening breeze, the image of a cultivator would be established.

If it was in other places, the trees would be full of people, let alone the ground. But as the head student he could have such privileges.

It was all due to his years of bitter cultivation, and now the effect was slowly showing.

Thinking of this, even having a heart that had been trained by many years of cultivation, he could not help but also feel a little excited. He stared to the north and chanted solemnly: “Founding Master, bless me, let me be favored by Elder Yan at the ceremony tomorrow, and enter the inner Sect!”

As soon as his voice fell, a gentle voice with a hint of interest sounded over his head: “Elder Yan, Yan Li?”

Feng Qingxiu instantly stood up. When he looked up he saw a young man with white hair in black robes, who looked to be about the same age as him, sitting on a branch and looking at him with a half-smile. A gentle breeze blew by and those clear eyes were like autumn water, making ripples that touched the hearts of people.

The person was clearly there in front of him, but Feng Qingxiu’s divine consciousness and spiritual sense couldn’t pick up his existence at all, as if he was just a wisp of the wind that was accidentally colored by this world, and only happened to take a brief pause.

Above the Foundation Establishment Stage and at least already attained Golden Core Formation!

Was he an Elder of the inner Sect?

He would never have the thoughts of “too young, not looking like”——judging people by their appearance would never happen in the realm of cultivators. The younger the cultivator looked, the more formidable they would be. This was definitely not just casual talk, so Feng Qingxiu politely said: “Answering Elder, yes I was referring to Elder Yan Li of Jiumai Peak.”

“He seems to specialize in cultivating runes, but his level of cultivation is not high. Do you want to cultivate runes?” The young man asked with a smile.

“Uh…..” Feng Qingxiu was speechless for a while and couldn’t help hollering in his heart. Elder Yan was already at the Nascent Soul Stage. If he wasn’t at a high level than who was? You actually said that he was not high. Do you think just anyone could see the great Elders of the Demigod Stage and Synthesis Stage?

So he replied a little cautiously: “My cultivation skills are still shallow, and I dare not think too high.”

“Is that so. What kind of ceremony is tomorrow? Isn’t the birthday of the Sect Leader at the end of the month?” The young man asked again.

“Tomorrow is the grand ceremony of Ascension that happens once every ten years. Each of the inner Sect peaks will arrive to select disciples. The future of our Yangshuo Peak disciples is all reliant on tomorrow.” The more Feng Qingxiu spoke, the more strange he felt. Wasn’t this something everyone from Kun-Lai knew?

However, due to the birthday celebration of the Sect Leader, many other Sects had sent envoys to attend. This one must be an envoy of another Sect, so he was not familiar with Kun-Lai, right?

Seeing that the other didn’t respond, looking to be waiting for him to continue speaking, he thought about it, and continued carefully: “Kun-Lai is different from other Sects. The new disciples received will enter the upper, middle and lower gates in order to establish and stabilize their foundation. By the end of the year, those who have outstanding performance can be selected into the peaks of the inner Sect and cultivate the immortal Dao. Those who do not perform well may enter the outer Sect or go to the mortal world to contribute to the Sect.”

“…..” The young man fell into deep thought for a while.

After a while.

“Does Elder have anything else to inquire about?” Feng Qingxiu asked softly.

“What is your name?” The young man finally came back to himself and asked him.

“The clear wind and bright moon, the youthful and the refined, Feng Qingxiu.” He replied loudly and clearly. It came from a self-confidence that had developed in the Sect over many years.

“I shall remember it.” The young man nodded with a smile and disappeared from the tree.

“Wait…..” You haven’t said who you were, Feng Qingxiu felt a little unhappy.

However, being able to see an Elder today could be counted as a gain. Feng Qingxiu took out a jade tablet and recorded what had happened just now, and added a sentence at the end: the main peaks should give us some paintings and descriptions, so that we can recognize the Elders of outside Sects in order to avoid being rude.

Then he sent it.


“What did you write?” He heard the voice just now exclaim and when he raised his head, sure enough, the Elder had appeared in front of him again.

“Oh, this,” Feng Qingxiu’s politeness had a hint of pride, “This thing is called the ‘Net Spell’, which is a unique magic artifact found only in our Kun-Lai. It can be linked with other Net Spells in Kun-Lai Mountain. Originally it is not given to disciples below the Golden Core Formation Stage, but in the three big competitions among Kun-Lai disciples last month, I won all three and was given this as a prize. This object is very profound and if you come across anything incomprehensible in your usual cultivation method, you can also connect with the Net Spell to ask others about your issue. It is the most important of the three great magic artifacts in Kun-Lai!”

Seeing the young man’s astonishment, he felt even more proud and raised his head: “Elder must have come to our Western Continent from faraway. Our Kun-Lai Sect Leader has boundless spiritual powers and the knowledge of the gods. If there are no earth-shattering achievements, how could our Kun-Lai Immortal Mountain be in charge of the whole of Western Continent?”


“…..Can you let me have a look?” The young man finally came back to himself, his expression complex and unable to be put in words, just pointing to the jade tablet and asking.

“When this item was given to me, I placed my spiritual consciousness on it, so other people can’t use it.” Feng Qingxiu refused. In truth, others could use it so long as he allowed it, but there was no need to explain this to the other——since first getting this object it had become the apple of his eye, so don’t even mention handing it over to unfamiliar people. Even his own roommates and friends were only allowed a brief touch.

The young man did not answer, but just raised his hand. His long sleeves slipped down, revealing a white jade-like palm, a piece of actual jade shining brightly on it.

Linked to others of the same kind?

Feng Qingxiu was taken aback for a moment, but the more he looked at it, the more familiar it became. When he looked at his own hand, there was nothing on it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You little thief——” Feng Qingxiu was so angry that he drew his sword, “Return my magic artifact and I will spare your life!”

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Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 001 Did I Transmigrate?

The vast Kun-Lai Mountain, the lofty and majestic Daoist Sect.

The snow scenery found on Kun-Lai Mountain was always a thing of beauty, the mountains towering up into the sky, the sea of ​​clouds stretching endlessly, the sky so blue and clear it resembled a sheet of ice, and every gust of wind could freeze people’s breath.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

There were no humans, no living beings.

No wonder people say it was lonely and cheerless on the top, Ji Yunlai thought silently.

It had been almost an entire day since he came to this mountain summit, standing motionless.

Because a very serious incident happened to him today.

——He had lost his memory!

Yesterday——the yesterday in his memory, he was still in that small shabby house in Yunshan Town, figuring out how to attain Foundation Establishment and then go to work at some cultivation market. There he could buy a little more materials for rune crafting and find out whether he could rely on his magic array expertise to enter Yunshan Sect as an outer disciple. After all, the Yunshan Sect was a big Sect with an Elder who had already attained the Golden Core Formation and only 30 people were recruited among hundreds of thousands of people in the entire Yun Country each year!

Today——since opening his eyes ten hours ago to now, he became the Sect Leader of a Daoist Sect he had never heard of before——Kun-Lai Sect.

The yellow map of the entire Sect that was hung in his room showed that the Kun-Lai Sect oversaw tens of millions of miles of land in the Western Continent, 19 powerful cultivators who have attained Synthesis and one Immortal. Those who were at the Golden Core Formation Stage and Nascent Soul Stage were not even qualified to be recorded on the yellow map.

At first, he thought he had transmigrated again, wondering to himself in bewilderment whether he was dreaming. This time the golden finger he got was quite big.

But he soon discovered that his face was still the same, only the black hair had turned white——well, not all white, but a kind of transparent red with the edges of his hair dipped in a darker red. The family seal on his forehead was also still there. It was the original product no doubt about that. The Daoist books in the room were all written in his handwriting, and the furnishing in the room was in the color he was familiar with. There was also an ordinary longsword left to him by his parents.

But no matter how much difficulty he had believing it, his level of cultivation could not be faked!

The Ji Yunlai of yesterday had to humbly bow his head in the face of a small Foundation Establishment deacon of the Yunshan Sect. And forming a simple Sun Flame magic array would leave him panting and feeling as if his body had been hollowed out!!

The Ji Yunlai of yesterday, in order to save a few spiritual stones to buy a copy of “Elementary Rune Patterns” he had to help people wash spiritual fruit for a month. And in order to prevent the precious spiritual fruit from being damaged he had to expend all of his energy until he was completely exhausted, falling asleep on the bed as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The distance from the immortals and gods was as far away from him as the sagittarius star he saw with a telescope as he thought to himself: when would the humans in the galaxy closest to their solar system arrive on Earth?

Yesterday, his greatest goal was to attain Foundation Establishment, and to live two hundred years more so he could learn a little more knowledge. And even at this others laughed at him for daring to think too big.


But the Ji Yunlai of now was one of the handful of cultivators closest to the immortals and gods. Now, he could capture the sound of grass sprouts growing under the earth within a radius of 10,000 miles without having to invoke any spells.

Let alone eavesdropping on the content of the conversations among the disciples and Elders of the Sect outside the mountain.

#Hearing hundreds of people saying different things at the same time, as clearly as if you are right next to them and without any interference, let me ask you if you are afraid?#

#Carelessly touch an orchid flower bud and it will bloom and nod at you before transforming into a young man that kowtows at you in thanks, are you afraid?#

#Seeing the mountain peak obscured by the clouds and just thinking you want to go to the top only to find yourself there in the next instant. Are you afraid?#

Invoking spells needed no incantations or odd gestures, all you needed was to just think about it!

What grabbing something out of the void, what teleporting to the edge of the world, and what leveling mountains and filling seas! All you need was a thought!

This was literally the power to have one’s wish come true!

Omg, what should I do?

This kind of shock even managed to prevent him from feeling touched about getting a golden thigh.

There was only complete disbelief, as if this was a dream that he would wake up from at any time.

But the spell books on the table——just looking at the handwriting he knew it was written by himself——if only dreaming could let people write such profound spell books that guaranteed the attainment of Dao, then he just wanted to dream a few hundred years more!

Sighing slightly, he flung his sleeves and appeared back at his dwelling.

No matter how shocking or unbelievable, it had been a day already and it was time he processed everything.

Although the impact was comparable to that of ten years ago——the time when he transmigrated into this world ten years ago in his memory, it was not greater than that time.

He should also take an inventory of the current situation.

After all, he was not too confident to believe that he was able to manage the tens of thousands of disciples and members of a large Sect——he only managed a little more than a hundred programmers at the peak of his career in his last life.

At least he should learn all the forgotten Daoist spells, as well as runes, the runes that he had most wanted to learn back then. Now that he had this opportunity, even if it was a dream, he must finish learning it before he woke up.

In such a big Sect they must have a library collection, right? And it would be even better if he could find some recordings of major events, so that he wouldn’t be as confused as he was now.


However, after using his divine sense to sweep through the seventy-two main peaks and more than nine hundred auxiliary peaks of the entire stretch of mountain, he still did not find a place that could pass off as the Pavilion of Books or the Hall of Spells.

What’s this situation?

Shouldn’t a Sect’s Pavilion of Books or the Hall of Spells be heavily guarded with disciples queuing in front every day?

Where did it go?

Ji Yunlai was confused for a while, and began to collect information by eavesdropping on the exchanges of his disciples.

And currently, the whole Sect was happily busy preparing for the Sect Leader’s——or his thousandth birthday celebration.

No, he was only 16 years old yesterday, a young and beautiful flower boy, how did he become an old man that was already a thousand years old?

Fine, the appearance did not look old, Immortals could live for thousands of years so no matter how he thought about it he had gotten a very good deal.

It was just that, he felt as if he had forgotten something.

Duh, none of the thousand years in between could be recalled!

No, no, there was a bit of an impression, but it was something he couldn’t recall at this moment!

Kun-Lai Sect——did it have anything to do with the Kun-Lai Mountain in the Warcraft game?

Wait, it had nothing to do with the Kun-Lai Mountain in Warcraft, but his friend once wrote a book back then, with the same name as Kun-Lai Sect.

Yes, that’s right, that book was called “Kun Lai”!

At that time, his friend had proudly explained the name saying that Kun represented multitude, Lai represented grass, symbolizing endless life and knowing the harshness of the gale. In addition, it resembled the master of the Kunlun mountain dragon veins, and felt that he had named it very well.

But the content of the book——he refused to read it after finding out it was a harem powertrip book with a stallion MC!!!

His friend also specially posted the book to a women’s literature website. What he reasoned was that there were too many of his genre in Qidian, but there must definitely be no stallion MCs here, so it would definitely be popular.

He bombed, completely and without doubt.

The reason why he could remember this book was because his friend had made a lot of preparations at the time, and even asked him to write him a small computer program that could study one’s birth data for astrological purposes——the kind that one could input their birthday and then calculate one’s fortune.

But at that time, he just used basic algorithms and didn’t spend much time on it. However, his friend was already very happy, saying that it was enough for his book.

So now, the question at hand…..was he in the book?

He was just thinking about whether this was a coincidence when he heard such a sentence from countless people’s conversation…..

“Fairy Mingyu attained Golden Core Formation yesterday.  Accomplishing this at such a young age, no wonder she is the daughter of Sect Leader.”

“Yes, and she didn’t use pills or magic artifacts to aid her, this kind of aptitude and perception are something we can only look up to.”

“If we can also be taught by Sect Leader, then what an accomplishment it would be.”


Fairy? Sect Leader? Daughter!?


Ji Yunlai was struck completely dumb. As a great magician who had been single for two lifetimes, he hadn’t even held a woman’s hand before! (TN: magician=slang for virgin)

Of course he hadn’t because he always liked boys. But due to the psychological effects brought by his family, he never met a boy he was interested in, so… the more than 40 years added up from his two lifetimes of chastity that he had staunchly kept was now inexplicably gone?

“I seem to need another day to process…..”

He threw himself on the bamboo bed and thought it would be best to take a rest for now.


When Ji Yunlai woke up in the morning, he found a piece of jade tablet under his pillow.

It was flat and round, with a hole in the middle. The jade tablet was usually used to record all kinds of various information. It was like a cultivator version of the USB stick. After injecting one’s magic or energy into it the contents within would then be revealed. The capacity was related to the material it was made from and the ability of the creator. Yesterday——the yesterday in his memory, he had only wanted to buy a jade tablet with the book “Elementary Rune Patterns” which had a price of 300 low-grade spiritual stones. There were no discounts on low-grade spiritual stones so for the sake of this jade tablet, which was basically equal to a dictionary on magic arrays, he had saved spiritual stones for a long time. For an unaffiliated cultivator like himself, it was really too difficult to make money.

Now, the piece of jade tablet in his hand was as transparent as ice and felt cool and smooth to the touch. It was also incorporated with a soothing and calming energy that surged up into him through his hand like it cost no money. With his meager knowledge, he really couldn’t tell what kind of top quality spiritual jade was used in its creation. Logically speaking, this kind of material was the most popular for creating magic artifacts that could settle the mind, and it could be sold at sky-high prices anywhere.

But now it was used to make a jade tablet, such a waste…..

Of course, this was not the reason why his attention was captivated by this jade tablet, after all, none of the things in this room was inferior to it in terms of materials used to create it.

The key was the word engraved on the jade tablet——

Ji Yunlai didn’t even know that he had such a tasteless funny side to him.

The word engraved above was SOS

Yes, that’s right, it was the SOS that meant “help me”!

Who did he intend to call for help, or was it intended as a failsafe?

If it was the former, then it must be someone he trusted.

If it was the latter, then it fit his situation now. After all, if he let others know his current situation, he truly wouldn’t be able to guess what would happen.

And this was the most incongruous thing in the room.

Ji Yunlai couldn’t restrain his curiosity at all.

So he raised his hand to gather magical energy and then inject it inside the jade tablet.

The jade tablet flipped and floated in the air, turning into countless wisps of clear smoke that then gradually floated away.

A layer of silent ripples expanded, spreading in circles.

Everything it encountered turned into water, in an instant, the world was transformed into an endless sea, the surface of the water was like a mirror, empty but of a reflection of the continuous sky.

And there was suddenly another person in front of him.

He had long pale hair that contrasted against black robes and stood with his hands behind his back. His eyes were deep and his expression bland. He was clearly right in front of him, but it was like he was standing in the faraway horizon.

Ji Yunlai couldn’t help but fall into a brief daze.

Seriously, he never thought that he would become this classy one day.

He had a pretty good physical appearance in this life, elegant and handsome with a fit figure. His skin was also fantastic due to the beautifying effect after many years of cultivation. It was not an exaggeration to call him a beautiful man.

However, although the person in front of him had the same face, his aura was on another level.

Distant like the moon, like the clouds.

It was a kind of naturally aloof remoteness.

It was not condescension, but complete equality. It was the pure brightness of the moon that would not be affected no matter how much people praised or criticised.

Was this him after a thousand years?

The pressure was a bit heavy…..

“You saw it.” The other said, the voice was clearly bland and mild, but it contained a strange magic that seemed to carve into his heart. He looked at him, calm and tranquil, “Cherish your time.”

“Who are you?” There was a time limit for this? Ji Yunlai’s heart thumped, frowning as he asked the key question. After all, just because the face was the same did not mean the person was the same.

“I am your memory backed up in the jade tablet. You can summon me three times to solve the problems that you can’t solve.” The other calmly added, “You in a thousand years.”

“Then can I copy you back? If you can’t tell me the reason.” Backup? Even after a thousand years, he still had the instinct of a programmer and computer engineer. Ji Yunlai silently praised himself in his heart.

“No, your current spiritual soul won’t be able to bear it,” The other seemed to see his confused expression and changed his wording, “the storage space is insufficient, and forcefully transfering the system will cause a collapse.”

“You can copy a part or a catalog.” He could settle with some key details to let him know what happened, Ji Yunlai frowned.

“No, some things require a spiritual level of attainment so if your soul is not enough then you can’t accept it.” The other still refused, and explained, “There will be a virus, but you are unable to install a firewall for the time being.”

“…..” Then what solution was left? Ji Yunlai was slightly dissatisfied, “Then you should tell me what has happened in the past thousand years. This should be fine, right? Starting from the time I was about to enter the Yunshan Sect. For example, did I manage to buy that “Elementary Rune Patterns”?”

“We bought it as we always have perseverance.” The other smiled briefly.

“There is no other way, the spiritual root is too inferior, so if I don’t work hard then there will definitely be no future.” Ji Yunlai was also very satisfied, “Then, did I enter Yunshan Sect?”

“No, we bought the book so we didn’t have any extra spiritual stones to bribe the manager in charge of recruiting outer disciples. Of course we did not get a spot.” The other expressed regret.

“What then? I went to another Sect, which is Kun-Lai? Where is my family? Where is my uncle?” When Ji Yunlai transmigrated to this world, both of his parents had died. Extended family, however, took care of him. His uncle would often send some things back from his travels, and it was because of this that he could even begin to cultivate, though it was all very elementary and basic. Otherwise, if he had transmigrated into a poor peasant, it was likely that the story would not be a cultivating one but a farming one.

“After a thousand years, the family, relatives, Yun Country…..have all disappeared in smoke.” The other’s expression was flat, but a sharp look flashed in his eyes. “Later, you arrived in Kun-Lai, and everything after is a long story. “

“…..” There was a feeling of foul wind and bloody rain, Ji Yunlai was a little worried, “Then what am I going to do now? I don’t know the situation of the Sect, who must I have to deal with, and would there be trouble if I reveal my amnesia. How am I supposed to explain?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Explain?” The other revealed a meaningful smile, “Xing Dao Master Ji Yunlai, who do you need to explain to? Who is worthy of your explanation?”

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Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure/掌门压力很大

By JiuZhouYueXia/九州月下

Raw Link: Here

After becoming Kun-Lai Sect Leader, Ji Yunlai discovers there’s always protagonists appearing, coveting his magic artifacts, his disciple, his daughter, Kun-Lai Sect……

Note: The daughter is not biological, Sect Leader is shou, CP is shizun (master) x tudi (disciple)

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Table of Contents 70/281 chapters translated

CH 001: Did I Transmigrate?

CH 002: Is He An Elder?

CH 003: Is He A Good Person?

CH 004: Is This Trouble?

CH 005: Is This A Retard?

CH 006: Is This Backing?

CH 007: Is This A Turning Point?

CH 008: Is This A Tribulation?

CH 009: Is This The Past?

CH 010: Is This A Happy Occasion?

CH 011: Is This An Old Debt?

CH 012: Is This A Test?

CH 013: Is This An Opponent?

CH 014: Is This Danger?

CH 015: Is This A Pitfall?

CH 016: Is This A Trial?

CH 017: Is This A Monster?

CH 018: Is This Saving A Beauty?

CH 019: Is This Bullying?

CH 020: Is This A Thunderbolt?

CH 021: Is This Teasing?

CH 022: Is This Protection?

CH 023: Extra 1 Kun-Lai Past

CH 024: Is This Cultivating?

CH 025: Is This A Source Of Calamity?

CH 026: Is This A Concealed Danger?

CH 027: Is This A Kidnapping?

CH 028: Is This A Tiger’s Den?

CH 029: Is This A Crisis?

CH 030: Birth And Death, Righteousness And Evil

CH 031: Past And Present, Three Lives And Three Worlds

CH 032: Eyes See Inaccuracies, Wisdom Sees Precision

CH 033: A Grand Event, Dragon Phoenix Selection

CH 034: The Virtue Of Shennong, Beneficence To The World

CH 035: True And False, Right And Wrong

CH 036: Collapsing Moral Values, Dying Virtuous Hearts

CH 037: Deep Ocean And Bright Moon, Hatred Of A Lost Pearl

CH 038: The Mantis Stalks The Cicada, Unaware The Oriole’s Behind It

CH 039: Invisible Demons, Desire Realm

CH 040: Defeat All With The Sword, Overcome Clever Tricks With Force

CH 041: Turning Over Clouds And Rain, Things Have Degrees Of Seriousness

CH 042: Ups And Downs, Continuance And Changes

CH 043: Respecting Teachers And Morality, Virtue Since Ancient Times

CH 044: Extra 2 A Day Among Kun-Lai Friends

CH 045: Divine Stone Considers, Lost Pearl Disregards

CH 046: Capturing Fish Underwater, Finding Shark Instead

CH 047: To Cleave Way With Sword, To Defeat Cunning With Power

CH 048: Success Or Failure, Surprises And Delights

CH 049: Spiritual Demons And Humans, Kun-Lai’s Two Lineages

CH 050: Advance Or You’ll Retreat, Live Or You’ll Die

CH 051: Meeting In A Previous Incarnation, Friends For A Long Time

CH 052: The Words To Forget Haunts, The Past Will Not Disappear

CH 053: God Does Not Take, Yet Bears The Blame

CH 054: Demons Come For A Reason, And Things Come To Fruition

CH 055: Extra 3 The Days With The Celestial Demon King

CH 056: The Past And Former Happenings, Are All Smoke And Clouds

CH 057: Spoiling The Younger Generation, Is Only Human Nature

CH 058: No Creating Without Destroying, No Living Without Dying

CH 059: Wielding The Halberd Within The Household, Why So Eager To Harm Each Other

CH 060: The Road Ahead Is Uneven, Seeing The Scenery For Yourself

CH 061: To Punish Without Teaching, Is Knowingly Performing Cruelty

CH 062: With A Disciple Like This, What More Can I Ask For

CH 063: Each Walk His Own Way, Each Has His Own Dao

CH 064: The Mountain Range Congregates, The Human Heart Rages

CH 065: Extra 4 The Days With The Celestial Demon King Part II

CH 066: One Wrong Step And, Every Step Is Lost

CH 067: Turning Away From The Sea Of Bitterness, Is Never Too Late To Do

CH 068: Past Events And Former Happenings, Are Inevitably Filled With Puzzles

CH 069: I Am Who I Am, Which Is The True Self

CH 070: Extra 5 Qingdi Peak, BE, Dark

CH 071: The White Camellia Sheds Tears, Deep Affection Between Teacher And Disciple

CH 072: Thousands Of Miles Away, Returning Together From Afar

CH 073: Time Flows Like Water, Everything Has Faded Nowadays

CH 074: The World Is Vast, Why Cherish Material Things

CH 075: The Long Night Will End, The Evil Spirits Are Boundless

CH 076: Qingqiu And Hundreds Of Places, All Connected To One Person

CH 077: A Heart Lacking Emotion, Naturally Makes One Ruthless

CH 078: The Hearts Of Humans And Spiritual Demons, Are Both As Deep As The Sea

CH 079: Extra 6 Being With The Great Celestial Demon

CH 080: Reunion After Hundred Years, Neither Happy Nor Rejoiceful

CH 081 Cloudy Sky And Hundreds Of Domains, The Road Ahead Is Deviously Tricky