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Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 064 The Mountain Range Congregates, The Human Heart Rages

Feng Qingxiu had a dream, and the things in the dream were quite wonderful, but it was not so wonderful when he woke up.

Logically speaking, cultivators need to guard their essence from spilling before entering the Golden Core Formation stage, to preserve the original yang in their bodies, as refining essence into energy was not just talk.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The cultivators all believe that essence was the essence of heaven and earth, the beginning of life, and was very precious, so unless they were evil cultivators or double cultivators, most cultivators remained celibate and chaste. Moreover, fleshly desires decrease after cultivation, which directly led to the scarcity of descendants among cultivators.

Compared with ordinary people who liked to have two children every two years or even one a year, a cultivator couple were more likely to have two children in a span of a hundred years.

So when Feng Qingxiu faced his erection after waking up one morning, he could only recite a heart purifying mantra to have it go away.

How could he have such a dream?

Feng Qingxiu was puzzled. Cultivators were usually in a state of restraint, and there were few dreams. And the dreams they did have were usually reflections of certain things…..Could it be that he had peach blossoms in his future?

After pondering for a few breaths, he shook his head, he had no need for peach blossoms, his current business was to follow at Shizun’s side and cultivate well! How could he be distracted by some fox spirit from nowhere.

Without thinking any more of it, Feng Qingxiu got up and went to take a bath, and then he packed up and went to his flying peak.

Shizun had granted him a fifteen-day vacation yesterday.

“Shizun, I’m going ahead!” Feng Qingxiu said to Ji Yunlai.

“Go early, come back early.” Ji Yunlai, who was trying to calculate the heavenly secrets, also replied casually.

Feng Qingxiu carefully closed the doors and windows and summoned his invisible sword energy.

Flying with one’s sword was the standard for cultivators, but Kun-Lai was not limited by the mode. There were many people who flew on things like the abacus, chessboard, calligraphy and painting scroll. So Feng Qingxiu using his invisible sword energy to fly, other than being a little faster, there was really nothing out of the norm about it.

His target mountain peak was on the sixth section of Kun-Lai Mountain. It took about two hours flying from Zhaoyue Peak.

“When the Sect Leader came to the Western Continent, the mountains surrounding Western Continent had their own names. The highest mountain in the south was called the Main Mountain, the east was Lotus Mountain, Tianzhu Mountain, Zhaoyao Mountain, and the north was called Jiuqu Mountain and Sky Mountain. The Sect Leader said there was no auspiciousness in these names, and all these names were abolished. The entire mountain range on the periphery of Western Continent is now called Kun-Lai Mountain!” You Jia, who accompanied him, chatted with him casually, “I think it’s more like the Sect Leader felt that so many names to remember was too troublesome, so it is all called one name.”

Feng Qingxiu didn’t answer, but nodded secretly in his heart, thinking it was very possible.

One must know that at the time of the establishment of the sect, the entire Kun-Lai Mountain range from north to south was like a horseshoe curve, which was divided into nine sections by the Sect Leader, named from Kun-Lai 1st Section to the Kun-Lai 9th Section. The Kun-Lai Sect was located in the central part of the range on the 5th Section. Haijing was on the 7th Section in the south, and the other sections were guarding strongholds, which were guarded by various sects taking turns guarding.

Baishui Palace had already issued the license plate of their flying peak, the name was Flying Peak No. 113.

This meant that it was already the 113th Flying Peak of Kun-Lai to be created.

Looking at Shizun’s naming style, one could see that he really didn’t pay attention to minor details such as naming at all.

Their speed was both very fast, chatting all the way, and soon they reached the mountain peak.

There was already a lot of spare earthwork piled around the valley around the entire mountain peak. According to the calculation, nearly a quarter of the mountainside had already been hollowed out.

And in several entrances of the mountainside, there were pangolins and giant termites of various colors moving back and forth.

Of course, it was impossible to directly dig a large space in the center of the flying peak, but was instead relying on the rocks to build a space like a peak nest, and at the same time leave room for ventilation and rune carvings, so both digging and building occurred simultaneously.

And outside the construction site on the mountain, there were already people waiting.

Qingnu and Huang Wei were both looking at the blueprints, while Ying An continued to be a sidekick with his cowlick on the side.

“By the way, how about calling this flying peak the ‘Great You Jia’ this time?” You Jia asked while hooking an arm around his shoulder.

“This,” Feng Qingxiu said directly, “no way.”

“Yes, the name ‘Qingnu Mountain’ is more suitable for the beautiful scenery here, isn’t it?” Yimeng Qingnu walked over gracefully, her eyebrows raised slightly, and she smiled at him.

“Although the scenery is good, the name is less than domineering. Now, the ‘Great Golden Crow’ has momentum, and it gathers more auspiciousness as well. The influence of a name on a spiritual mountain should not be underestimated. It’s better to call it the ‘Great Golden Crow’.” Huang Wei replied with a smile.

“If we still can’t agree.” You Jia chuckled and stretched out a tentacle, “We can settle it with a fight.”

“Agreed!” Qingnu nodded.

“Supported!” Huang Wei smiled.

The three rays of blue, white, and gold light pierced straight to the sky!

Instantly, the sky and clouds oscillated endlessly for a while.

Ying An shrugged and continued to surf the Net.

The spiritual demons who were doing the digging didn’t even spare them a glance, but Feng Qingxiu who saw this straightforward style of jumping into fights, couldn’t help missing his days in the outer sect.

Seeing that there were no troubles, the disciples of Taiyi Peak directly invited Feng Qingxiu inside.


Qingdi Peak.

When Bai Liu received the new news, he just silently put it aside.

The young man next to him looked indifferent, neither speaking or moving, like a ghost.

“This is too much!” Bai Yue said with an angry expression, “Father, you went to Taiyi Peak in person last time. He said that he would come to repair our flying peak. Now great, simply reneging on his word, who does he think he is!”

“Say no more!” Bai Liu shook his head slightly, “My things can last for a while, but if it really doesn’t work, then let them go.”

“Father!” Bai Yue was stunned, as if she had not recovered her senses, she asked, “What did you say?”

“If it really doesn’t work, forget it,” Bai Liu said with a pale face and looking a little weary, “Qingdi Peak no longer has anyone left, and it is useless to remain, the above is still unwilling to issue Ling’er’s Dao Disc.”

“Why, wasn’t it said that as long as you can enter the Demigod stage, you can be a law enforcement disciple of Kun-Lai? Although you need a recommendation, Father, you are an elder of the Synthesis stage, why is it still not possible?” Bai Yue’s face turned pale.

“That was something from many years ago, but now, how is Kun-Lai still lacking disciples of the Demigod stage.” Bai Liu was not surprised, this was expected, “I will go to Taiyi Peak again about the flying peak.”

“Don’t act so inferior to them!” Bai Yue said angrily, “You are also the master of an inner peak. You are not inferior to him. Isn’t it just an expedition? Didn’t you plan to not let us go?”

Bai Liu just sighed, but turned to the young man: “Ling’er, do you know why I insist on going on the expedition?”

The young man was silent for a while, and then slowly said: “The circumstances have changed, before, Yimeng Qingnu was still here, and the disciples up and down the Qingdi Peak were united, so naturally there was no problem. Now, nearly nine out of ten disciples of the Qingdi Peak have moved to Qingnu Peak, so Qingdi Peak’s vitality is severely damaged, and it costs a huge amount to retrain a new generation of disciples, which would naturally cost more resources. If we do not attend the expedition, it is likely that Qingdi Peak’s vitality will not be recovered without a hundred more years.”

“Exactly.” Bai Liu nodded and looked at his daughter, “Do you understand, it is what it is, that Yan Ling could understand this, I feel a lot more at ease.”

“Peak Master!” Suddenly, a terrified cultivator walked into the hall, “It’s not good, there’s something big happening over at Senior Brother Guan’s!”

“What happened?” Bai Liu suddenly got up and asked angrily.

Qingdi Peak had two lines, medicine and acupuncture. The medicine line was mainly dominated by Qingnu, and had already left together with Qingnu. But Guan Yuli, the head of the acupuncture line, did not leave because his shizun was a direct disciple of Bai Liu. For the sake of his shizun, he temporarily stayed, and as a result, a group of acupuncture disciples also remained. They had been temporarily appeased by him, so how could something happen so suddenly.

How terrifying the pressure of a Synthesis stage cultivator was, the cultivator who brought the word immediately knelt down and almost trembled, “It is second brother Xiao and the others who took a fancy to senior uncle Jin’s green bamboo needles, and when grabbing it they injured senior uncle Jin…..”

Before he could finish speaking, Bai Liu had already rushed out.

That senior uncle Jin was Guan Yuli’s shizun, the head of the acupuncture vein. Guan Yuli had always been on good terms with Qingnu and was essentially her right-hand man. This time, the reason they didn’t leave together was because his shizun was attached to Qingdi Peak and didn’t want to leave, so he stayed temporarily. And Ah Jin, if it wasn’t for the serious injury he attained in the battle a hundred years ago, how could he just remain at the Golden Core Formation Stage and be injured by a few disobedient boys!

Was he usually too indulgent with those boys?! Even robbing their elders!

In just an instant, he was already in the hut on the peak where the blood bank was built.

The sons of his old friends had all fallen to the ground, with countless fresh bamboo branches sticking out of their bodies, groaning in pain, making his heart tighten.

Their cultivation levels had actually all been abolished!

“Guan Yuli!” Bai Liu was instantly furious, and with a flick of his fingers, he destroyed all the bamboo branches and gave them medicine, “You went too far!”

The handsome young man who was supporting a middle-aged cultivator and treating him with acupuncture raised his head, nodded at him, and said coldly: “Greetings to Peak Master Bai, if I came even a moment later, they would have urinated on Shizun’s body, the fact that I didn’t kill them is already the sign of the greatest restraint.”

“What did you say?” Bai Liu couldn’t believe what he heard, and looked at the young people on the ground: “Is this true?”

“Uncle Bai!” A naive-looking boy cried and said aggrievedly, “We just want to share your worries. We heard that the shopkeeper here has a set of green bamboo needles, which can automatically find acupoints for acupuncture, warm and nourish the blood, and can help people easily achieve masterhip of the Dao, that’s why we asked him for it. But he didn’t give it, and even said that we are dragging you down, insulting us and calling us lazy, and only then in a moment of pique we, we did a stupid thing…..”

The young man applying acupuncture needles smiled and said indifferently: “Although my green bamboo needles can automatically find acupoints and apply acupuncture to warm and nourish the blood, it is not something that such wastes of space like you could learn. Even the best brush will not be able to paint a good picture in the hands of trash.”

Becoming a divine physician with just a set of good needles?

The dozens of male and female disciples around the young man also sneered. This group of idiots had quite the imagination. If it was so, why would they still need to memorize Taiyi Nine Needles and other techniques, and how would they still need to graduate from practicing acupuncture on bronze figures before moving to real people, and even go as far as sticking each other with needles to practice for decades?

Did they really think their abilities were dropped in their laps by the wind?

“But that didn’t mean you had to abolish their cultivation base!” Bai Liu felt a great pain in his heart. The cultivation base of these children was accumulated from medicinal pills, but the human body had its own limit. The more medicinal pills were taken, the less effective they would be. In the end, the body couldn’t bear the strain, and might explode and die. Now that their cultivation base had been abolished, even if their ​​​​dantian was repaired, it would be nearly impossible to use medicinal pills to accumulate cultivation again.

Originally, they had a life span of hundreds of years, but now it was difficult to say whether they could even pass another hundred years.

“Peak Master.” The middle-aged cultivator who had not spoken this whole time finally spoke up. His robes were neatly arranged by his disciple, and he didn’t look very disheveled, but what happened to him just now couldn’t be clearer. He said slowly, “Thinking about it, I am also your disciple, and Yu Li is also your direct grand-disciple.”

Bai Liu was dumbfounded for a while, he naturally knew that.

“You are willing to face the entrustment of the dead, yet you are not willing to face the living people like us.” The middle-aged cultivator’s tone was calm and slow, “The acupuncture line was personally handed down from you, but you haven’t cared about it for a long time——the last time was almost a hundred years ago, when I accepted Yu Li as my disciple, you said that he was of the spiritual demon bloodline and should not have entered Qingdi Peak. I still accepted him in the end, but you never came to see me again, even afterwards when you had me collect spiritual demon blood and send it to your precious disciple, you only sent a disciple to relay this order. It was also what my apprentice said. The money for buying the spiritual demon blood was also paid by my disciple, otherwise, with my meager savings, it really wouldn’t have been enough to afford the amount your precious disciple needed.”

“Ah Jin…..” Even with his cultivation at the Synthesis stage, it was difficult for Bai to restrain his anger for a while, “How could I be someone who would renege on the money owed to you!”

“I won’t say anymore. When one is old and dying, one often thinks about the past. When I was being stepped on on the ground, I was just thinking, it’s okay for a bag of old bones like me to lose face, but I can’t drag my disciple down,” the middle-aged cultivator patted his disciple’s hand comfortingly, “Yu Li, I heard that Qingnu has been waiting for you for a long time, let’s go together.”

“It should have been this way a long time ago.” The young man put away the thin needles, his refined face showing no joy or anger. He only turned his head to look at the disciples under his command, “Go back and pack up, we will meet at Qingnu Peak.”

The young men and women behind him cheered at the same time and scattered.

Bai Liu was silent, watching Guan Yuli help his shizun up and walk towards the door.

Just when the two sides brushed past, Bai Liu closed his eyes deeply, and then slowly said: “After injuring my people, do you really think you can just leave?”


Yimeng Qingnu fought with the other two for a day, but to no avail.

So they went back to Feng Qingxiu to drink tea.

“Senior Sister Qingnu, you just ascended the mountain, shouldn’t you be very busy?” Feng Qingxiu asked suspiciously, why do you still have time to run around every day?

“Now this, you don’t know.” Huang Wei smiled and said, “Her wife didn’t come with her, without him, Qingnu would not be able to take care of the internal affairs, so now she is hiding from the group of Qingnu Peak people looking for her to make decisions on matters.”

“After he has persuaded his shizun to come over then he’ll leave. He has already made plans for Qingnu Peak from top to bottom. Those trivial matters will be solved after he comes over. In any case, it’s not like they’ll die if forced to wait a few more days,” Yimeng Qingnu said easily, “Ai, it would be nice if he was really my wife.”

“Yes, you deal with the outside while he deals with the inside.” You Jia smiled and said, “It’s just a pity about Xiao An’s unrequited love~”

Ying An looked at them blankly, not knowing what anything had to do with him.

Suddenly, Feng Qingxiu, who was holding his Net Spell, looked up at them: “Is that wife surnamed Guan?”

The four people looked at each other, and the other three l connected their Net Spell at the same time. Only You Jia asked Feng Qingxiu, “What happened?”

There was no other way, You Jia was the one who used up his online hours the fastest, and there was no time left in his Net Spell for today.

“F**k! Yu Li was seized by that idiot Bai Liu.” Qingnu stood up murderously, “Let’s go, you guys come with me!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

You Jia snatched Feng Qingxiu’s Net Spell with a tentacle, and immediately submitted a new post on it.

“Latest News: Fighting for Love——Yimeng Qingnu angrily goes up Qingdi Peak, could she get back her love? Please follow the live news of your Headline King You Jia”

It would definitely hit the headlines in seconds.

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Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 063 Each Walk His Own Way, Each Has His Own Dao

The core of the flying peak was easily solved by Ji Yunlai.

The rest of the shell needed Feng Qingxiu to find a mountain that was pleasing to the eye by himself——Kun-Lai occupied the Western Continent, and there was nothing more than mountains here.

So the disciple went to choose the mountain, and was even accompanied by those new friends of his.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ji Yunlai originally wanted to accompany him with his divine consciousness as protection, but a thought arose in his heart, and he suddenly changed his intention.

This was just like voyeurism!

Was he caring too much about his disciple?

That kind of care had even surpassed that between a father and son and more like between boyfriend and girlfriend——although he had never had a girlfriend or boyfriend.

He must be careful…..

Ji Yunlai went to the top of the mountain to let the wind blow on him, and began to reflect. He had never heard that he had liked a person during the past six hundred years.

So he had been single for at least six hundred years.

Even if he didn’t mention the thousand years he had no memory of, just the memories in this life and the last life added together, he was still a bachelor in his 50s.

How terrifying!

Ji Yunlai recalled the past. In his last life, he was born in the late 1970s. Before university, because his home country at that time was not tolerant towards homosexuals, he had been very careful to hide his sexual orientation. Later, when he went to study abroad, because of the difference in thinking and culture, he didn’t make many friends, and because of his obsession with cleanliness, he was very displeased with the chaos in the gay circle, so he just devoted himself to work, and then later he died.

After being reborn, needless to say, there was no boyfriend in sight during the first sixteen years.

In truth, it didn’t matter to him, he could live well by himself.

Thinking about this, he thought that he should still be more careful with Xiao Qing in the future. He was still a child, so he couldn’t mislead him.

His body now as a Human Immortal had long been perfected and was as pure and clear as glass, without any mortal needs troubling him, so as for love and dating, he’ll just leave it up to fate.

Raising his hand, he looked at his slender and fair fingers, and gently crushed a stone beside him.

Recently, he was feeling a little confused. After inheriting such an enormous sect, he felt a little constrained and didn’t know what to do.

A few days ago, he asked Yan Zhao, what other enemies were around?

This junior brother immediately knelt down and begged him to stay in the sect and be the leader of the sect and let them do the menial work instead. If a sect had reached the point where the leader of the sect had to go out every day to fight for life and death, then Kun-Lai should have closed shop long ago. Now, the great sages around were thousands of miles away, so it’s fine if you just stay at home, it’s fine!


He took out the Main Net Spell again, which had penetrated into every aspect of the life of an official Kun-Lai disciple for hundreds of years. As soon as he left Kun-Lai, it would be half paralyzed.

Ji Yunlai even wanted to find a certain Professor Yang, ah no, Elder Yang, who was good at using electric shocks in the Law Enforcement Hall.

But the trace of unease in his heart told him that the current situation was far less calm than the surface appeared.

This was not an illusion. It was said that the Xing Dao Master was an incredibly learned man, and possessed an even more terrifying power in deducing the strings of fate and heaven’s secrets than his martial strength. However, now looking at the information on the Net about the practice of deducting heaven’s secrets, Ji Yunlai found that it was missing some key things.

Before he lost his memory, some things were deleted by him, so he could not learn those parts for the time being.

It seemed that on the practice of heavenly deduction, he had to learn and make up the missing parts for himself.


Feng Qingxiu came back after selecting the mountain peak, and this time it went very smoothly. The several partners had already selected more than a dozen peaks with suitable peak shape, volume, and structural rock formation, and just had to determine the final choice together.

The rest just remained the issue of hollowing out the peak and carving in the runes for strength and toughness on the mountainside. The foreign spiritual demons looking for work were professionals in this field, especially the pangolin spiritual demon clan. They were Kun-Lai’s veteran flying peak engineering team. The mountain peak they went through was flat and thin, as well as most convenient for Taiyi Peak to add runes to it.

But because the blueprint was a new blueprint from Feng Qingxiu’s shizun, there would definitely be people watching the process on the side.

On the way back, Feng Qingxiu was thinking about going to the flying peak to stay and oversee it for ten days to half a month, and he had to ask Shizun for leave.

Though he felt a little reluctant to leave Shizun.

When he passed the courtyard, he saw the blooming white camellia again, and his shadow had also already taken the initiative to move over and wrap around it.

He stepped forward and grabbed down his disobedient shadow. He was a little angry: “What the hell are you looking for?”

The shadow jumped in his hand and pointed to the ground directly below the camellia.

“This is Shizun’s place, you can’t dig it casually.” Feng Qingxiu flicked it back, “I won’t allow you to move around any more if you continue to make trouble.”

Since his cultivation level had deepened, he had been able to control this disobedient shadow.

So the shadow didn’t move anymore.

However, Feng Qingxiu was still a little curious, so he went to Shizun.

There was no one in Shizun’s room, and the door was not closed, so he wondered where he went.

In a moment overcome by curiosity, Feng Qingxiu couldn’t hold back and ran over to the camellia, carefully removing a layer of soil under the bush. Soon, he found a smooth pebble, gray in color, with a line of small characters engraved on the back.

Nothing I want to have,

No one I envy,

A lifetime’s love, what I want is already there, what I never asked for is still given.

The love is shallow but the bonds of fate are deep,

My life is limited.

Unrequited love,

Dark green together, clouds returning.

May there be someone in the next life to accompany him in my place.


This handwriting was actually the same as his own! The! Very! Same!

Feng Qingxiu beat up his shadow with a cold face! Making sure to hit very hard.

Damn, how dare you use his handwriting to write and bury this kind of thing, making it look like he had some inappropriate thoughts towards his Shizun, and what “my life is limited, I hope someone in the next life will accompany him in my place” I am still living well! I am a cultivator who plans to reach the Synthesis stage, and I will definitely live for thousands of years!

And what “a lifetime’s love, what I want is already there, what I never asked for is still given”?

Am I the kind of person who doesn’t fight for what I want?

What if Shizun saw and misunderstood? What if Shizun thought he liked him, even though he did like——

Feng Qingxiu got stuck for a moment, and seemed to be recalling whether there was anything wrong with his way of liking towards Shizun. How could there be anything wrong? He just liked to engrave some mini-Shizuns in different poses to collect and make some small clothes and accessories!

It was only natural that the disciple liked the master!

And even wanting others to accompany Shizun, go die, it’s enough for Shizun to have only me here!

After giving a good beating, Feng Qingxiu wanted to destroy the stone, but the invisible sword energy wouldn’t listen to him.

Feeling helpless for a while, Feng Qingxiu didn’t dare to carelessly throw it away either. If it was picked up by others, even if he had 10,000 mouths he would still be unable to explain his way out of it, so he put it in a pile with the small carvings he treasured, closed the box, and decided to find a way to deal with it later.

Then he went to beat up his shadow again.

Shadow was extremely aggrieved.

At this moment, a figure walked out of the void, and it was Ji Yunlai who came back.

Shizun looked at him suspiciously.

Feng Qingxiu was feeling a little guilty, he lowered his head and let go of his shadow, and his hands now empty, she pretended to be a good and obedient boy.

Ji Yunlai chuckled and shook his head: “Did you find a peak you liked?”

“I found a very good one.” Feng Qingxiu nodded, and naturally pulled Shizun’s hand forward, wanting to leave the crime scene, “It’s getting late, let’s talk inside, Qingnu gave me the new spring tea from the tea garden, you will definitely like it.”

Fortunately, Shizun didn’t see the stone.

Heprayed it won’t be seen in the future either.


Taiyi Peak

At the “fiercely working month” selection meeting, the most outstanding rune masters from each team came forward enthusiastically, each displaying strong means, wanting to apply for this flying peak construction task.

Taiyi Peak didn’t judge based on the level of cultivation, but on the attainment of runic formation, and for a while all kinds of insubordination and disrespecting superiors occurred.

“Peak Master, can’t we take turns like last time?” After a melee battle, still no one could convince each other. A disciple took out the expensive healing salve of Qingdi Peak and began putting it on the bruises on his face.

As the group with the fewest numbers in Kun-Lai but the highest income (monopoly), these disciples did not want to give up this opportunity.

Money and materials were the things that were the least lacking for them. Those who could go to Taiyi Peak were your standard academic tyrants, and the Sect Leader was the god of academics in their hearts, the pinnacle of Kun-Lai’s runic Dao. If they missed this opportunity, they would regret it for their lifetime.

“This time it’s officially starting construction, how can we take turns? If something goes wrong and the Sect Leader becomes angry, what should we do?” The peak master said coldly, and then forcefully added his name to the first spot on the list, and then slowly said, “Also, let me warn you all, don’t disturb Ah Fu’s Seclusion, if he really comes out, none of you will have a chance!”

“Uh, Peak Master, if we don’t notify Senior Brother, he will tear us apart when he comes out.” A disciple piped up timidly.

“Let him tear you up, anyway, didn’t we buy half of the property at Qingnu Peak, so there is plenty of space to live there.” The peak master said lightly, “Besides, can you even decipher the Seclusion rune array around his dwelling?”

Very reasonable. Sure enough, the older the ginger, the spicier it was, and all the disciples worshiped him one after another, completely forgetting that so long as the array was triggered, their senior brother would be awakened and could come out himself.

Anyway, their senior brother was also one of the seven Kun-Lai Elites, and there was no shortage of opportunities to show his face to the Sect Leader.

“Then can more people go this time?” Another disciple asked.

“Of course.” The peak master was not able to win against his junior brothers after all. And indeed, an elder from Taiyi Peak said, “If you have passed the second level of the array, you can go, and those who have passed the first level can also go watch on the sidelines.”

Instantly, there were countless cheers from top to bottom. The study of runes were divided into nine levels, the second level was basically entry-level, while the first level was still learning, and by the third level one could already participate in the construction of the flying peaks, though just on the less important parts.

However, this was based on Kun-Lai’s ultra-high standards. A disciple of the seventh level of the Kun-Lai Rune Formation was already considered a “Rune Dao Grandmaster” and in the Central Continent, sects would come kneeling at their doors for help in constructing their mountain protection formations.

“But what about the other flying peaks under construction?” A disciple asked. If everyone went, then who would work on the more than a dozen flying peaks on the waitlist? They have to be shipped on time after all.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“They can wait!” The peak master dismissed contemptuously, “If they don’t agree, then they can build it themselves.”

The disciple tucked in his neck, others would misunderstand if they did this!

No one would provoke the Sect Leader, but that Senior Brother Feng would at least be beaten up in dark corners hundreds of times by angry people from other peaks.

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Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 062 With A Disciple Like This, What More Can I Ask For

“I think it’s better to go with the one on the street corner!” Nightingale stood firmly on the blueprint with his claws, arguing with his brother, “It’s big and spacious, we can live in it and open a small shop, and it can also be used as a warehouse later, add a another wall and we can also use it as a loft so let’s buy the one on the street corner.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“No, I want one on the intersection!” Black Snake refuted, showing his fangs in the heat of the moment. “There are many people at the intersection, and it brings in expensive rent. It is also near the meat market, which is more convenient. What does it matter if it is smaller? How much space can you take up?”

“The one on the street corner is big, there is a forest to turn around in, and there is a small stream on the side. I heard on Qingdi Peak that you can make a lot of money delivering water. There is nothing at the intersection! Besides, do you even have any goods to sell?”

“That will eventually happen. We Daxuan have so many priceless books of magical methods. As long as we copy them down one by one, we will be able to buy that entire street!” Black Snake hissed.

“Daxuan has long since ended! Wake up, already!” Nightingale angrily said, “You can practice the magical methods of other sects, but private transactions are strictly prohibited. Do you want us to be kicked out?”

“Nonsense, then how did you sell the remnants of the Three Lives Three World?” Black Snake said angrily.

“I was in the outer peaks, and they were all a group of out-of-town demons who came to find part-time work. I’m sure Kun-Lai wouldn’t care. You go to the inner peaks and try it out. In less than an hour, there will be a mountain patrol guard showing up to invite you to tea!” Nightingale snorted coldly.

“How can there be such an excessive demand of us!” Black Snake felt that his road to making a fortune was cut off, and he wanted to eat a few more bags of mice to vent his anger.

“Don’t you even know this,” Nightingale look contemptupusly at the stupid snake, “What have you been doing these past few months?”

“Isn’t that because winter is here and it’s too cold?” Black Snake flicked his tail irritably, “It’s such cold weather, raining and snowing, gloomy and chilly, I have to hibernate! Forget it, forget it, a big house then a big house, but it must be a house with a small magical flame array, otherwise I will be a disabled snake when it gets cold.”

“All of our money has been used to book the storefronts on Qingnu Peak that are still on the blueprints,” Nightingale poured cold water, “You should write more books of secret magical techniques. Let’s go sell some for money that we can then use for interior decor. Kun-Lai’s materials are very expensive.”

“Didn’t you say it’s not allowed?” Black Snake felt that his brother was trying to trick him, who just finished hibernation and was not very clear-headed.

“You can’t sell it directly!” Nightingale explained the reasoning to his brother, “The Kun-Lai Sect Leader is a master of innovation. In those days, every time he published any experience or tips on cultivation or a compilation book, he would post it on the Net Spell for everyone to use at any time to study.”

Black Snake nodded. It had been almost a year since he came to Kun-Lai. Of course he knew about the Net Spell. Once, he and Nightingale couldn’t hold back their curiosity and took a month’s worth of spiritual stones to a person who specially sold them two hours on online use.

At that time, Black Snake used it first, but two hours were divided into eight quarters. Black Snake dragged his time on for seven quarters, and finally gave Nightingale the last quarter of an hour to play.

At that time, Black Snake clicked into the spiritual demon cultivation section of the Net Spell, and found the category for spiritual snake demons. As soon as he entered, he was attracted by a spiritual snake demon’s post on life tips. Among them, one talked about shedding skin and how to use the lunar moon to refine and strengthen one’s physique and flesh which was very useful, but unfortunately one must pay to read the rest, and the cost was not high, only one spiritual stone point…..But because the spiritual stone points on this Net Spell was zero, he couldn’t open the following pages.

And Nightingale became fascinated when he saw a section for spiritual bird demon cultivators, only to be kicked off the Net as the time had run out.

Then the two brothers who had lived for several lifetimes together almost got into a fight.

“When the Sect Leader shared his experience, some people followed suit, and also shared their experience on the Net Spell. Which led to just anyone with some experience sharing it online,” Nightingale sighed, “many people were just joining in on the fun, and even shared information that were just predictions and might not be accurate. So there were many who believed and practiced it only for their cultivation to go wacky. During that period, Qingdi Peak’s business soared.”

Black Snake nodded. No matter how careful one was with cultivation methods, one still couldn’t be too careful. The reason why the unaffiliated cultivators had such a difficult time was because they had no cultivation methods and no master’s guidance. Once their cultivation went astray, then their life’s cultivation base would be ruined, those who managed to get away with their life intact was already considered very lucky.

“This incident made the Sect Leader furious, and immediately rectified all the information on the Net, requiring everyone who posted their experience and tips to have ten cultivators with a higher cultivation level to review them, and also specially organized a review team for this purpose. Only those that passed could be put on the Net, and also punished a bunch of cultivators who wrote their experiences with their imagination. The whole thing is now known as the Net Controversy. But after such a storm, many people did not dare to write their experiences. So the Sect Leader changed the reading mode.” Nightingale explained in detail.

“Could it be…..” Black Snake asked in shock, stunned.

“Yes, the Sect Leader implemented a subscription system. Every post you want to see is marked with a different spiritual stone point cost, and those in the Golden Core Formation stage can only see their level’s information. What we got last time was just an ordinary Golden Core Formation disciple’s Net Spell, so what we saw was only some cultivation learnings of the Golden Core Formation stage, but it also had a lot of use for the two of us who turned from humans into spiritual demons.” Nightingale said while combing his feathers.

Black Snake nodded, they were spiritual demons, but their memory of being human could not be forgotten no matter what. As soon as they cultivated their human form, they returned to Daxuan. Later, they were besieged by the cultivation sects and had to close the entrance to the secret realm to survive. So of course they had even less chance of communicating with other spiritual demon cultivators.

“Those who write well can make money. We can write and post those things from Daxuan, and as long as it passes the review, there  will definitely at least be money to surf the Net every month.” Nightingale said happily, imagining the beautiful future.

“Brother, you are really good, but we don’t have a Net Spell.” Black Snake asked the biggest question.

“So we can only ask Kun-Lai’s disciples to help us make the submission. Of course, we have to pay them an agency fee. The spiritual demons who come to work here all do it this way.” Nightingale had obviously been preparing for a long time, “We will be able to have more money then.”

“And that means there will be more bags of Kun-Lai rats to eat…..” Black Snake drooled.

“And I can eat two packets of cloud melon seeds at a time, and I can even invite a few more beautiful birds to eat together.” Nightingale propped his face up with his two wings.

“Yes, I can also invite a few more beautiful snakes on a date.” Black Snake propped his face up as well with his tail.

Just when one bird and one snake indulged in fantasy and couldn’t extricate themselves, they suddenly heard a silver light passing by.

That silver light was extremely sharp, extremely fast and extremely strong, like lightning, and Black Snake instinctively grabbed Nightingale and hid.

“Do you know where this is?” Black Snake hissed.

“What do I care?” The coldly handsome young man on the opposite side scolded, “Since you dare to add water to your blood, you will have to pay the price!”

“Nonsense!” Black Snake and Nightingale shouted furiously at the same time, and Black Snake even pulled out his demeanor of scolding on the battlefield back then, “Your mother didn’t give you a brain when she gave birth to you? Or do you walk while bent over so your brain has spilled out? You ball-less bastard, do you dare to take it out and confront the matter to my face, if you don’t dare then go XX yourself!”

The other obviously didn’t intend to talk to him further. As soon as he threw the long rope in his hand, it moved to tie around the snake and the bird. At first glance, one could tell that it was a very good magic weapon.

Practically in just a blink of the eye, the two sides exchanged at least hundreds of moves, from the foot of the mountain to the mountainside, countless sparks jumping from where scales and sword light met. But Blacl Snake was beginning to feel a little out of strength, and couldn’t help but be furious.

The opponent was just a kid at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage, but he just had to have so many good magic weapons in his possession. While he was injured too badly before, and he also sold his blood a few days ago.

As for Nightingale, he fluttered his wings and screamed loudly: “Help——murder——help——robbery——”

Almost at the same time, an invisible sword energy swept across, and the sword energy was extremely agile, slashing the opponent’s long sword like it had a life of its own.

Soon, a young man walked out of the small courtyard on the side, dressed in white, with his long hair pulled back in a crown, handsome with a gentle aura, making people feel that this was an extraordinary young man at first sight.

“Who is making noise here?” the young man asked.

“Don’t get involved!” The coldly handsome man gave him a stern look, and when he saw that he was a Golden Core Formation junior, he said angrily, “These two spiritual demons sold me fake goods, I just want to teach them a lesson, if you stop me, I will teach you a lesson as well!”

Black Snake was dumbstruck, and Nightingale added fuel to the fire: “Do you know who he is? Do you know who his shizun is?”

“Who cares, get out of the way, kid, don’t mess with my business, otherwise, even if your shizun comes, they won’t be able to protect you.” The man said coldly.

“You said it.” Oh-ho! Black Snake immediately hid behind Feng Qingxiu, and even slapped a high five against a bird claw with his tail tip with Nightingale above his head, “You can’t beat him, call your shizun over here!”

Feng Qingxiu glanced at him quietly, and said gently: “If even for this kind of trivial matter I call Shizun, doesn’t it make me seem incompetent.”

Black Snake was dazed, then trembled: “Don’t, you just entered the Golden Core Formation stage, he is at the height of the Nascent Soul stage, he can beat ten of you with just one hand, don’t be young and reckless, child! Hiss-hiss!”

Back then, this kid had yet to be hurt by him when his shizun’s sword had cut into him, leaving him with an injury that had yet to heal. If he was got hurt even just a little bit, he and his brother would die!

“Senior brother, please leave first.” Feng Qingxiu looked at the hostile young man with a slightly youthful smile of a teenager, “That way is the way down the mountain, if you come any closer, this junior brother will have to be rude.”

“How do you plan to be rude?” The other clenched the hilt of his sword and strode forward.

Feng Qingxiu just spread out the five fingers of his slender right hand, raised it flat up at the level of his chest, and said slowly, “Like this.”

Instantly, all the sounds surrounding them seemed to have gone silent as if they were in a vacuum.

Whether it was the mountain wind or their breathing, whether it was the heartbeat or rushing of blood in the veins.

That terrifying sword energy that even the whole of heaven and earth bowed its head to, invisible, soundless and intentless.

Then, everything went back to normal.

Several strands of sword energy returned to circling those fingertips, combining into one, and tightened as if asking for credit, begging for praise.

Feng Qingxiu nodded. As for the senior brother, he had a terrified expression on his face, retreating with an ashen complexion. Then he turned his head, and saw that the snake and bird had also already run a hundred meters away, and were hugging each other in fright.

“How could he give you this kind of thing.” Black Snake wanted to scream.

“This sword is indeed a bit sharp.” Feng Qingxiu said with a smile, “Just now I had to control it very carefully so that I didn’t hurt that senior brother.”

Black Snake ran away with his brother without a word.

Feng Qingxiu returned to his residence with a smile. Shizun was still waiting for him in the courtyard.

“My disciple, did you have fun playing.” Ji Yunlai asked coldly.

“It’s alright.” Feng Qingxiu nodded, a little shy.

Just now, he had been fierce to his Shizun, only then did he get the opportunity to go out and clean up the trouble.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

How could he let Shizun deal with such a trivial matter?

Feng Qingxiu, who had completed the task, was waiting to be praised.

“Shizun doesn’t feel happy.” Ji Yunlai flipped through his notes in disappointment and continued to give his lecture to his disciple.

He really wanted to hold a combat class..…

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Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 061 To Punish Without Teaching, Is Knowingly Performing Cruelty

For his daughter Ji Mingyu, Ji Yunlai’s feelings have always been complicated.

Whether in his previous life or in this life, he never thought that he would have a child. In his heart, it was a very despicable thing to deceive a woman who he would not love to give birth to children for the sake of having a descendant.

But now he already had a daughter, and the mother was unknown as well…..This made him feel under a lot of pressure.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He was very worried about how to explain when his daughter asked “Father, who is my mother?” He can’t just say that he didn’t know, right?

How much hurt would be dealt to his daughter if he did that.

So he had been mentally preparing himself this whole time.

Later, while accompanying his disciple to see the Dragon and Phoenix Selection, he carefully observed his daughter and found that he was really thinking too much.

Although Mingyu was a bit willful, she could hold the bottom line in important matters, and had no problem in distinguishing right from wrong. Although the Ye Han she had recruited was very much of an idiotic disappointment at the beginning, she did not abandon him directly, but persuaded him to be better and even took the initiative to guide him. It was through her efforts that he put away that kind of selfish arrogance, and the overall effect was not bad. Although Ye Han was still a little colder when he interacted with people, he had stopped looking at people with his nostrils.

His daughter was not a weak and delicate flower. In the years when she was not cared for by her father, she had already developed her own sound three views——this kind of realization made Ji Yunlai feel a little bit disappointed, as he actually also hoped to have a little loli he could teach and bring up well, as well as dress up beautifully, to be envied by others. But he hadn’t even had a chance to see a little loli before she had already become a big loli. It made it look like he was quite a failure.

In addition, recently, the fact that his daughter often met with Ye Han after school at his place made Ji Yunlai feel melancholic.

It was not that his daughter couldn’t date others, he was not a domineering parent, but shouldn’t it be Ye Han who went to his daughter’s place?

Daughter, how could you be so active, be careful about having no status at home in the future!

So Ji Yunlai directly waited for her on the path his daughter would take to go to Ye Han’s residence——landing directly in front of her or looking for her would make him look weak.

On the outer sect road, the dew was heavy in the early morning, and the rocks were slippery.

There was still a cold chill in the mountains, but the mountains were already full of peach blossoms.

Ji Yunlai only waited a few breaths, and there were already many petals falling down in the whirl of the cold wind. Several flowers wanted to land in his hair, but they were automatically repelled by the faint spiritual energy humming around his body.

Speaking of, the scenery at the outer sect was acceptable.

Ji Yunlai was thinking about that when he saw Ye Han arrive first.

And his daughter was still on the road behind——she was aware that she was still at the outer sect, so she did not use any flying technique, and only used a weight-lightening technique. Her figure was like a forest spirit, her white robe like ethereal figments of imaginations as they left behind only faint shadows among the trees.

Towards Ye Han, his daughter’s friend (attendant?), Ji Yunlai didn’t know what attitude he should use for a while.

So he looked at him and said nothing.

However…..Ye Han, who was approaching, was stunned when he saw him, and then there was a faint red flush on his face.

“Mingyu, you came here so early?” Ye Han stepped forward, stretched out his claws to put it on the other’s hand, his ears reddening, “The way you wear men’s clothes today is very different from before, your aura has even changed.”

Ji Yunlai was amazed at his daring for a while, and even forgot to shake off his hand.

Do you know what you are doing, brat?

“You think I’m Mingyu?” Ji Yunlai asked in an indifferent tone, pondering, could such a blind idiot really protect his daughter?

“Mingyu, don’t make trouble, where do you think we should study today? The recent exams have been really difficult. How about we go to the little mountain lake?” Ye Han was thinking about where to study together, when he heard a roar.

“Ye Han——!!!”

Along with the roar, a rushing sword energy almost cut a deep ravine into the bluestone ground, slamming Ye Han several feet away.

Ji Mingyu’s hand that wielded the sword energy was trembling with anger.

“Father!” She walked to Ji Yunlai’s side, slowly restraining her anger, and quickly turned from a valkyrie to a gentle docile dove of a girl.

Ye Han, who had finally stopped after crashing through several tree trunks, was crawling up while clutching his chest. But after hearing this title, he slipped and fell again.

“Father, why didn’t you tell me you were coming.” Ji Mingyu blushed slightly, took her father’s hand, and asked softly.

“You are my daughter, so naturally I want to come see you.” Ji Yunlai nodded slowly, “It’s been a long time since I have seen you, are you getting used to the outer sect?”

“Yes, I have learned a lot of things, but Ye Han’s head is a little dull, aren’t I coming to tutor him every day?” Ji Mingyu glared at the idiot angrily, causing said idiot who was about to get up to shrink back down to the side, “Fortunately, although he is a little bit dull headed, he has worked hard. There is something to be said about serving up a sea of exam papers to salvage an idiot.”

“I see,” Ji Yunlai nodded and asked, “Is there anything you don’t understand?”

“No…..” Ji Mingyu was about to say no to show that she was very powerful, but then she thought about it, if she said no, with her father’s temperament, he might turn around and leave, she won’t allow that! So she immediately took out the questions she prepared to ask a few elders, “There are many, father, let’s talk about it in another place.”

Certainly not here, this was not the place to discuss.

So they went to Ye Han’s residence, which was kept very clean——Ye Han also skillfully made and served tea. Both the tea set and the tea itself was of fine quality, and it was obvious at a glance that it belonged to Ji Mingyu.

Ji Mingyu asked a few questions one by one, and Ye Han was allowed to sit and listen in on the side.

As for Yuan Lie, who was studying in the corner and froze up when he saw Ji Yunlai’s appearance——no one paid any attention to him.

After solving a few problems, Ji Yunlai took out a few exam questions and asked how much his daughter could answer.

These were the exam questions that Taiyi Peak requested to add. The outer sect’s Time Immemorial Nine Calculations, Nine Level Math Classics, Six Clause Linking Technique, and Spherical Numbers Classics all involved these exam questions.

His daughter only looked at three, and her face turned aggrieved, looking at her father with a ‘how can you be so cruel’ expression.

Ye Han, who was on the side, looked at two questions, and his body, which was originally sitting close enough to squeeze into Mingyu’s space, quietly shuffled two steps back.

“Okay, I understand.” Ji Yunlai nodded lightly, somewhat understanding why there were so few Taiyi Peak disciples.

So these exams should be regarded as Taiyi Peak’s entrance exam questions. Given the fact that even his daughter was troubled despite her eagerness to learn, there may not be many people who could pass it.

Speaking of, he seemed to have experienced the days when he was dominated by advanced calculus. There were many more graduate slaves failing because of advanced calculus than because of foreign languages, so much so that when they saw a paper lantern hanging on a tree, they would exclaim that this time they would definitely fail advanced calculus (TN: ‘paper lantern hanging on a tree’ sounds like ‘failing advanced calculus’ in Chinese).

Ji Yunlai took these exam questions back: “If that’s the case, I won’t add them.”

Ji Mingyu jumped into her father’s arms excitedly.

Ji Yunlai didn’t refuse, it seemed that it was indeed quite nice to have a daughter.


When he returned to Zhaoyue Peak, Ji Yunlai suddenly felt whimsical and did not go back directly, but followed the mountain road and slowly ascended the mountain by foot.

It was a good thing to stop and take a look once in a while.

On the way, he saw a snake and a bird discussing plans to move tomorrow, and also saw many Taiyi Peak disciples who came and went and exchanged information.

If he didn’t want people to see him, no one could see him.

When he returned to the courtyard, he found that his disciple was looking at the white camellia in the courtyard with a confused expression on his face.

“How is it progressing?” Ji Yunlai asked slowly as he approached his disciple.

“I’ve already engraved the structure of the core runes, and now I have to fill in the inside. I’ve prepared the blueprints, I want to show them to Shizun again.” Feng Qingxiu came back to his senses and replied immediately.

“Is there something wrong with this flower?” Ji Yunlai asked directly, not caring about those minor details.

“No, this flower is very beautiful, I just wonder why this tree only has this flower blooming, and why it is always in bloom and doesn’t seem to wilt.” What Feng Qingxiu didn’t say was that he kept feeling like there should be bloodstains on the camellia, a thin stain of blood, like a scratch on a beauty’s face.

“Is that so, this tree is faintly developing a spiritual awareness. Only waiting to become a spiritual demon, so of course it could naturally bloom at will.” After saying this, Ji Yunlai also seemed to feel that there was blood on the flower, but he seemed to have very carefully collected the blood, the flower going back to look like how it was originally.

Feng Qingxiu expressed that he understood, took out his own drawings, and showed them to Shizun for review.

Ji Yunlai cast a cursory look, took his disciple back to the room and taught him to fix the bugs. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that his disciple’s shadow was quietly gathering around the flower, as if it was looking for something.

Feng Qingxiu asked the next question, and Ji Yunlai stopped paying attention to it.


There were very few people on Qingdi Peak.

The huge Qingdi Peak was almost like an empty city at this time.

After the successful ascent of Qingnu Peak, the sound of the mountain bell had been heard all over Kun-Lai, and almost all of the disciples on Qingdi Peak had submitted requests for transfer at the same time.

No matter how Bai Liu persuaded it was useless, and in the end, he could only let go——Baishui Yuanjun was looking on the side, and he couldn’t do anything.

“Now that’s how it should be.” Bai Shuixian’s expression remained unchanged, “It should have been this way a long time ago, having wasted so much time in vain.”

“Shizun,” Bai Liu looked at her with a bitter smile, “You are still so cruel.”

“You are also one of the first batch of disciples I taught back then, and who knew things would become like this now. I was the most optimistic about you.” Bai Shuixian shook her head, “Forget it, this matter should end here. It doesn’t matter if you can’t help, but don’t make trouble.”

“Am I that kind of person?” Bai Liu sighed.

“You’re not, but you’ve always been too gullible, and it would be easy to be instigated by the people around you, isn’t that so?” Bai Shuixian snorted softly, “Your disciple who came back from the dead, you really don’t see any problems?”

“…..It’s not a body possession.” Bai Liu whispered, “It’s just that the two souls are now in one body, his soul originally had been too weak, so that remnant soul makes up for the deficiency, the two souls having become one can be seen as resurrection, and he won’t wake up again.”

He was the Peak Master of Qingdi Peak and was also a master of the Dao of medicine, so how could he not see it?

Even if only half of him survived, at least he still existed.

“It’s good that you know.” Bai Shuixian said lightly to him and turned to leave.

She had said many things many times, but if the others wouldn’t listen, she could only do so much.

Bai Liu nodded and returned to where his daughter was.

Seeing that the two of them were obediently remaining confined in the water pavilion, he left again. He had a lot of things to do now. Since he wanted to leave Qingdi Peak to them, he couldn’t let it fall to ruins in his hands.

Seeing her father leave, Bai Yue looked at her senior brother who had returned from the dead.

The once inferior and cowardly senior brother was now incomparably cold and handsome, and his physique had also changed from the previous thin and weak to tall and mighty.

He was like an entirely different person.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Her senior brother looked at those eyes which spoke of starry-eyed infatuation, sneered, and ignored it. He remembered that when he liked this woman, she had always ignored him.

A drop of blood floated in his palm, which turned into a shadow of a snake under the circulation of his magic.

It will be him, a spiritual snake demon of the Demigod Stage who was seriously injured and had only a Nascent Soul cultivation base. The direction was due north, he’ll go to hunt the demon tonight to get his core, swallow it, and finally he could break through to the Demigod Stage!

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Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 060 The Road Ahead Is Uneven, Seeing The Scenery For Yourself

“How can you think such a thing?” Peak Master Bai’s elegant voice carried a hint of chill, and he would never have thought that the children he raised would have the intention of harming fellow sect members.

Yes, Qingnu had ignored them over the years, but she was their protective umbrella. They have grown up together since childhood. Over the years, his serious injuries had yet to heal, and only wanted to make up for the mistakes of the past. As a result, the affairs of the peak were left to the wayside. The reason why Qingdi Peak did not completely fall into decline from the ascension of Danding Peak was all due to the efforts of Qingnu over the years.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Regardless of whether she ascended the mountain or stayed, no one could criticize her in terms of logic and law, so how could they want her life?

“Father,” Bai Yue seemed to understand her blunder, and looked at him with some grievances, “I, I’m just impatient, look at the chaos of Qingdi Peak now.”

“That’s my fault too.” Peak Master Bai’s expression was cold, and his words were even more severe than ever. “You both should reflect on yourselves here for the next few days, don’t go out for the time being. As for the matter of Qingdi Peak, I’m not dead yet.”

He turned around and left, not seeing the hesitant appearance of his daughter.

Later, he went to Zhaoyue Peak.

There was the last chance to stop Qingnu.

However, when he arrived at Zhaoyue Peak, Bai Liu was blocked by the magical arrays, and with no proper reason he couldn’t go see the Sect Leader——but what reason could he even use…..

After thinking hard for a long time, finally, he left silently.

If one really couldn’t keep something, then it was best to let it go, so as not to use up any remaining good feelings and become enemies instead.

His younger sister, the mother of Qingnu, was like that back then. As a human, he opposed her being with a spiritual demon from the Outlands. Later, he killed the spiritual demon in the conflict and forced her to marry his junior brother.

As a result, it brought about the great disaster in Yuntian Domain, and almost all the senior and junior brothers and sisters of Qingdi Peak were buried in the chaos.

At that time, the two lineages of pills and poison in Qingdi Peak were also severely damaged, and Danding Peak ascended the mountain in a fit of anger. If not for Qingnu, Qingdi Peak would have already declined by now.

Who would have known that a passing spiritual demon would have come from such a big background…..

If they hadn’t persisted until the Sect Leader arrived, the consequences would have been terrifying.

He heard that this expedition would also pass through Yuntian Domain. In the name of the Peak Master, he took away the resources allocated to Qingdi Peak for building a Flying Peak. In addition to helping the children, he did not want Qingnu to go to Yuntian Domain, and instead stay behind to take care of Qingdi Peak’s affairs.

But now, he was afraid that everything had become difficult.

It had been almost a hundred years, and he wondered if he could still go there.

It is always difficult for the things in this world to follow your will, it cannot be helped, better to leave it to the will of the heavens.


On Zhaoyue Peak, Ji Yunlai lightly swept over the scroll handed over by Qingnu, and then attached an imprint of his divine consciousness as usual. This was his special seal and could not be forged or changed.

Qingnu bowed gracefully in thanks.

Ji Yunlai nodded and the other took her leave tactfully.

Feng Qingxiu was still using the invisible sword to engrave a rune, next to him were twenty Taiyi Peak disciples who were helping him.

Recently, Feng Qingxiu’s status in their hearts had increased greatly, almost surpassing their senior brother, one of the Kun-Lai Seven Elites, who was still in Seclusion. If it wasn’t for their senior brother being in Seclusion to break through to the Synthesis Stage for many years, there would have been no room for Qingnu and the others to be so arrogant.

Because this Senior Brother Feng was too nice, if they ask him anything they didn’t understand, he would try his best to explain it clearly for them. If he didn’t understand it himself, he could also help them ask the Sect Leaded!

Ah, it couldn’t be too wonderful, but it was a pity to go back and rotate other people over. Truly, it was too much, they were selected in the first round, what right did the peak master have to force them to take turns!

In addition, the comprehension skills of this senior brother Feng Qingxiu was too terrifying, no wonder the Sect Leader couldn’t help accepting him as his direct disciple.

Learning runes was as easy as a sponge soaking up water for him. After looking at it, he could copy it and after listening to it he could understand it, which often made them doubt life.

“We can use the Hilbert space to demonstrate the Fourier series represented by polynomials. Here, we can substitute the formula…..” Ji Yunlai gently explained to Feng Qingxiu, while using spells to virtualize the space in front of him to draw out the functions that make up the runes, “…..I have studied the phenomenon of space ignorance and continuity here, and the shape and function of this rune pattern can be calculated in the form of Fourier transform…..”

The surrounding Taiyi Peak disciples only heard a buzzing in their ears and saw circles in their eyes, their expressions looking quite constipated. They wanted nothing more than to knock their heads to the ground and shout for help.

Only Feng Qingxiu could keep up with the progress, but there were still many questions to ask in the middle.

He also just forcefully memorized many things, to then slowly digest them later. He deeply felt that his foundation was not enough.

On the other hand, Ji Yunlai was very happy while teaching.

Just like he said, Xiao Qing was just like the group of programmers under him whom he had used to teach. It was hard to learn but they still worked hard learning it. It was normal for a few Taiyi Peak to not understand. They must have a bad foundation!

After talking for a while, seeing that his disciple was a little tired, he let them go take a break.

Feng Qingxiu was surrounded by Taiyi Peak’s disciples again, but Ji Yunlai didn’t stop it.

When Xiao Qing was explaining to others, he was actually also sorting out what he had learned, which helped to deepen his understanding and memory and make his thinking more flexible.

Ji Yunlai began to study the mustard seed technique (TN: named after the Parable of the Mustard Seed, a famous parable of Buddhism). After all, his disciple’s Flying Peak must be special. It was very inconvenient to be on the peak every day. If it could be shrunken and carried only then would it be more special than other Flying Peaks. Moreover, when smaller the protection circle would also be smaller. Though the energy consumption was the same, it would still be safer.

But there were still many difficulties. You must know that large spaces such as Yunfu Dao Seed and Secret Realms were usually connected to another world, and those that could be carried on the person acted as just the coordinate entrance.

If it’s just the storage space element of the mustard seed technique, the volume of a Flying Peak was too large, and there were living creatures on it as well…..

“Theoretically, the Flying Peak’s defense can resist all attacks.” While Feng Qingxiu was explaining, the Taiyi Peak disciples would also exchange their experiences with each other, so Feng Qingxiu also learned a lot. “If the great array on the Flying Peak is turned on, even if powerful Synthesis Stage cultivators besiege us, we would not be afraid, in fact, to speak in a more arrogant way, we can even block out Human Immortals and Great Sages.”

“Doesn’t that make it invincible?” Feng Qingxiu looked curiously at the core that had already been mostly completed. After completing this part, Flying Peak was basically half-completed.

“Theoretically, but the defensive arrays burn through spiritual stones. Even if up against a few powerful Synthesis Stage cultivators, it will only last seven or eight days…..but this is also enough for the Flying Peak to abandon any heavy burdens and return to Kun-Lai at max-speed.” The disciple sighed, “But if it’s a Human Immortal or a Great Sage, it will last half a day at most, all the spiritual stones will be burned through in half a day. Speaking of this, there was a tragic incident regarding this back then.”

“Was there an accident?” Feng Qingxiu was surprised, he already knew that the Flying Peak was not as perfect as he imagined, and there were often some minor problems.

“Well, no. Back then, wasn’t Qingdi Peak on an expedition to the Yuntian Domain. For some reason they came into conflict with the Fuhai Kunpeng clan there. That is a spiritual demon that is bigger than the whole of human territory north of the Outlands. At that time, the Qingdi Peak had four Flying Peaks for each of its four lineages: Medicine, Acupuncture, Poison, and Pill. All of them retreated to the main peak of the Medicine School, but they only persisted for half a day before they used up all the spiritual stones accumulated, but the defensive array cannot be stopped, almost the disciples from all four lineages of Qingdi Peak were on that Flying Peak. So in the end, they had no choice but to have cultivators with a high level of cultivation sacrifice themselves to power the array. It was basically eating the cultivators as it had spiritual stones!” The disciple said this, with a sigh and sad expression, “When the Sect Leader arrived, almost all the high-level cultivators of Qingdi Peak died in that array, if the Sect Leader arrived even 15 minutes later, Peak Master Bai would probably have become a pile of ashes in the furnace of the array just like those high-level cultivators.”

Feng Qingxiu couldn’t help but feel chills in his heart. He had long heard that the Kun-Lai expeditions were extremely dangerous, but he didn’t know it was so dangerous. He couldn’t help but ask, “What happened after?”

“The Sect Leader and the Great Sage fought, and in the end don’t know how it was reconciled. But after the four Flying Peaks came back, Qingdi Peak had two lineages ascending the mountain, now known as Danding Peak, leaving only one Flying Peak that burned countless cultivators to Qingdi Peak——After all, people are not sources of spiritual energy. The core of that Flying Peak had been greatly affected. I have gathered a team to repair it a few times. But recently, there was really no way to salvage it anymore. And as a result, Qingdi Peak slipped into decline, until Yimeng Qingnu stepped forward. Only then did Qingdi Peak barely look like it was in the past.” The Taiyi Peak disciple shrugged and said helplessly, “It was a big deal at that time, but the Kunpeng clan didn’t pursue the matter, and the Sect Leader also didn’t speak of how it was resolved. Besides, who would dare to ask him how it was resolved?”

The Sect Leader never explained himself when he did things.

Speaking of this, he eagerly instigated and said, “Senior Brother Feng, the Sect Leader dotes on you so much, why don’t you ask?”

This was one of the top ten mysteries in Kun-Lai.

“I’ll ask when I have a chance in the future.” Feng Qingxiu nodded, “Wait, we seem to be going to Yuntian Domain this time too?”

“Yes, it’s been over a hundred years, and there are so many good things over there. Besides, which expedition doesn’t involve fighting and danger, if you don’t even have this awareness on the road to immortal cultivation, then what kind of immortality are you cultivating?” The disciple’s expression suddenly changed, and smiled slightly, “Senior Brother Feng, you must definitely need manpower to maintain this Flying Peak. What do you think of me?”

“Didn’t you say that you are one of the six Peak Masters of the Flying Peaks of Taiyi Peak?” Feng Qingxiu gave him a deep look and asked, “Your price seems to be a little…..”

“No no no! This one is for free!” The disciple suppressed his excitement and said, “There is no end to learning. Recently, I have learned a lot by your side and the Sect Leader’s side. Taiyi Peak’s runic knowledge has not advanced for a long time. But after studying with the Sect Leader these few days it felt like hearing the sound of the divine voice every day, my mind is entirely enlightened. Don’t worry, this time, all the labor costs of your Flying Peak will be covered by Taiyi Peak!”

“Senior Brother, your vision is too small,” a disciple next to him squeezed in with his accent from the westernmost part of the Western Continent, “Senior Brother Feng, let me tell you, we are all fighting for the quota recently. Let me give an example, if everyone who comes to your peak gives you spiritual stone points, you can ask for a price, and we will guarantee that we will not bargain down. Giving a written test is also acceptable, everyone came from the outer sect, no one is afraid here.”

“There’s no need for this.” Feng Qingxiu felt under a lot of pressure. “And this time it was originally Qingnu, You Jia, Huang Wei and Ying An who decided to do this together. I can’t make the decision alone.”

“Now you’re joking with us, if even you can’t make the decision, then as if they could.”

“The four of them won’t object. Each and every one of them are cheapskates. We give them a price, and they would try to bargain down in various ways.”

“That’s right, every time we talk business with them, we have to raise the price three times first!”

“That’s right, when wasn’t it them the ones begging us…..”

Looking at a group of fellow sect members who now appeared arrogant and confident when mentioning their expertise, Feng Qingxiu suddenly felt that he knew too little about Kun-Lai. At least in regards to modesty, it was completely unnecessary in Kun-Lai…..

But he felt that he liked this quite a bit—— “Then start preparing, who is coming!” Feng Qingxiu took out a pen and paper.


Ji Yunlai chuckled in the room, his disciple adapted quickly.

He then looked down and continued to look through the new exam questions proposed to be added to the outer sect exam question bank this year.

This was the information prepared by the supervisors of the outer sect in the past 20 years, because Taiyi Peak strongly requested that 24 new mathematics be added to the outer sect courses——all of which they have summarized and applied over the years.

The exam questions of the outer sect were randomly added and randomly increased. Everyone’s exams were different, and there was basically no chance of cheating.

Taiyi Peak had been asking for this for hundreds of years, but if it was really added, the number of people who could pass through the outer sect was estimated to drop by more than half.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Maybe Mingyu would be angry too?

He hadn’t seen her recently, so he should go and see his daughter. He heard that she and Ye Han have been spending a lot of time together recently.

He’ll go to Ye Han’s place to see if it’s true.

The feeling of one’s daughter growing up is quite displeasing…..

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Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 059 Wielding The Halberd Within The Household, Why So Eager To Harm Each Other

The next day, a shocking news spread throughout the Kun-Lai Mountains within two hours.

Early in the morning, Yuan Lie got up from the ward, went out to practice his fighting form, cultivating spiritual energy at the moment when the sun first rose, absorbing the trace of spiritual energy that was produced every meeting of dawn.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Although this Guiyi Method was only Kun-Lai’s most common cultivation exercise, it was extremely effective in strengthening the meridians and building a solid foundation. The subtlety of the Dao intent woven within invoked a sigh from him that Yun Lai had already left him behind over the years.

Every street outside Qingdi Peak was very lively now. Shops for various spiritual fruit basket gifts, parcels, and the hosting of spiritual pets were doing very good business.

Yuan Lie always couldn’t help comparing the Kun-Lai Sect in the Central Continent back then to now, and found that it was absolutely nothing compared to this place——a Ji Yunlai without burdens and shackles could accomplish so many things.

But today, Yuan Lie found that the entire Qingdi Peak was in a panic, many shops were closed, and pedestrians came and went in a hurry, without any intention of stopping.

He also saw two acquaintances in a place marked with the word “Blood Bank”. He was taken aback for a while. He thought about several ways to identify human souls using the Daxuan Magical Technique, and instinctively covered up the flaws that would be seen on his person.

But in the end, he couldn’t hold back, and he walked into the store curiously, looking at them with the curious face of a teenager.

They didn’t pay any attention to just an ordinary teenager who only cultivated the exercises of the outer sect and continued to argue with a middle-aged cultivator.

“Why did you lower the price?” Black Snake was so angry that scales appeared on his face, “Where else could you buy the spiritual demon blood of a spiritual demon at the Demigod Stage? You actually dare to suppress my price?”

“Sorry, it’s truly because we don’t dare to move the warehouse now.” The middle-aged cultivator next to him smiled bitterly, “Two hours ago, Lady Qingnu had already proposed to Baishui Yuan Palace to ascend the mountain. Now the entire Qingdi Peak is thrown into unrest. You must have went to several places before you found my place. Only our place is still collecting blood, but we don’t dare to collect too much either. If you are not satisfied, you can go to Danding Peak and try your luck there.”

Black Snake simply felt that the world had darkened: “So are you saying that we can’t even find a place to sell blood?”

“Qingdi Peak ascended the mountain?” Nightingale grasped the key point, “Yimeng Qingnu is ascending the mountain? I remember that if she ascends the mountain, she can open a new peak, and then all the land on it would be owned by herself…..but she can’t take anyone with her.”

“So now the younger generation has already gone,” the middle-aged monk smiled bitterly, “Now the whole Qingdi Peak people are selling their real estate here, and buy new land on the new peak instead. The people who plan on going to Qingnu to register have already surrounded her tower. It’s completely packed with people.”

“Then what else is there to say, let’s just draw the blood quickly. It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap.” Black Snake and Nightingale exchanged glances and stretched out their arms.

Yuan Lie had never been so clearly aware of the fact that the Daxuan Dynasty had died a long time ago. The dignified Daxuan direct descendants, the victorious twin generals of the past, had now been reduced to the point of selling blood?

The middle aged cultivator took out two golden needles, drew two buckets of blood from the two seemingly thin arms, and then paid 300 high-grade spiritual stones which Black Snake swallowed excitedly into his stomach for safekeeping.

“Let’s go, we’ll also go to register.” Nightingale and Black Snake excitedly went up the mountain, “It doesn’t matter if it’s on the edges or smaller.”

“Yes, yes, if we have a house at Kun-Lai, then we can apply for the divine guardian beast position of Qingnu Peak!”

…..Too shameful, for goodness sake, your fiefdom was the entire Western Continent back then!

Shaking his head and sighing, Yuan Lie turned his head and watched curiously as the middle-aged cultivator collected the blood and ordered someone to send it to Miss Bai Yue. He couldn’t help but ask, “This uncle, Yimeng Qingnu ascending the mountain, has something happened? Why does it seem like such a big deal?”

“Are you here from the outer sect to heal your wounds?” The cultivator looked at his outer sect robes, his face was kind, and he didn’t have the arrogance of cultivators when speaking to mortals in Yuan Lie’s memory, “Yimeng Qingnu is quite a bigwig in Qingdi Peak. All these years, the original Peak Master Bai did not focus on the affairs of Qingdi Peak, and add to the fact that Qingdi Peak also encountered Danding’s lineage ascending the mountain from Qingdi Peak, Qingdi Peak seemed like it could not avoid the fare of decline. It was Qingnu who stepped forward to take care of the entire Qingdi Peak, and did a very good job of it too. The entire peak began to just see Peak Master Bai as a brand. Unfortunately, Peak Master Bai had made a big mistake recently. Now Qingnu is leaving to open a mountain of her own, and everyone wants to go with Qingnu.”

“Then why didn’t Qingnu just seize the authority of Qingdi Peak and directly take charge of Qingdi Peak?” Yuan Lie couldn’t understand. After coming to Qingdi Peak for a few days, he already knew what a huge family business was here.

“That kind of vision is too small. How could Lady Qingnu care about a little family business on Qingdi Peak. So long as she is willing, everyone on Qingdi Peak will go with her. In fact, leaving might also be better, at least there will no longer be so many useless trash bringing trouble.” The middle-aged cultivator shook his head slightly, “Child, you must be prepared when you go up the mountain in the future. The seventy-two Kun-Lai peaks are not all equal in standards, and if you enter the wrong profession, then that will be quite the headache.”

Yuan Lie nodded and asked curiously: “Lord cultivator, you are not at all like the cultivators I imagined.”

“Don’t be deceived by those storytellers. The image of an aloof cultivator who sees mortals as nothing more than ants are not Kun-Lai cultivators.” The middle aged cultivator’s face told of his experience. With kindness for the younger generation in his tone, he imparted advice without holding back, “Us cultivators have seen the vastness of heaven and earth and will not kill people for just a little bit of treasure. We also know how big the world is, how small life is, and the only way we can better enter the foundation of cultivation is to have respect for life. Those so-called tales about high and mighty cultivators who live carefree and did as they pleased are just that, stories. There are many Kun-Lai cultivators, but we must also cooperate peacefully to go on expeditions to find new paths of cultivation from heaven and the earth. What you have to do now is to study hard at the outer sect, and lay a solid foundation for the bumpy road in the future. Only then will your path to Dao lead you farther.”

Yuan Lie was a little surprised, was this really just an understanding that a Gold Core Formation cultivator should have? Clearly, it should be an understanding that only the elders of the Demigod Stage, who have no worries about cultivation resources in the major sects of the Central Continent, should have realized!

Shouldn’t this kind of Golden Core Formation cultivator with mixed spiritual roots toady for personal gain every day, work hard to get a strong backer within the inner sect, and leave more spiritual treasures and resource opportunities for their descendants?

He hesitated for a while before asking, “Then you, will you also go with Qingnu?”

“My immortal journey has basically come to an end, and I have taught many younger generations over the years. Peak Master Bai was also good to me back then, and I won’t leave for the time being. At least I must stay to see if the genius talent supported by Peak Master Bai is worth supporting.” The middle-aged cultivator rubbed his head and injected a strand of gentle spiritual energy into him, “You haven’t recovered yet, and it is windy on the mountain. The next generation of Kun-Lai will depend on you all.”

Yuan Lie left after thanking him.

He was still a little confused, was this just the occasional person from Kun-Lai, or was this the case for the entire sect? If it was the former then that was understandable, but if it was the latter, then with cultivators who possessed such cultivation and enlightenment, so long as Kun-Lai accumulated some more time, powerful and prosperous cultivators would inevitably spring up like mushrooms after a rain.

How had he managed this!

On the way back to the ward, he was still pondering about it, but when he returned to the tower, he was still stunned.

He only came out for barely two hours, but now the ground, sky, and water had already been occupied by various humans and spiritual demons.

People from all walks of life were shouting.

“Is there anyone that sells the number in front of the queue, I will pay with a high price!”

“Is there any replacement plan for shops? The three buildings of Qingdi Peak on the most prosperous street, to be replaced with one mu of land on Qingnu Peak! As long as it is within ten miles of the new Qing Tower!”

“Low-cost shop, price negotiable, who wants?”


Yuan Lie even began to suspect whether this was really a sect of Dao cultivation and not that he had strayed into the vegetable market in the town where his mother often took him to visit.

And there were only more people on the way.

He thought of how he was now the current Sect Leader of Kun-Lai, and then thought of how he was now without cultivation and penniless.

Yuan Lie suddenly felt that it was better to stay at the outer sect first.


Jinping Peak, Baishui Yuan Palace.

As the residence of Bai Shuixian, one of the seven elders of Kun-Lai, this place was in charge of the authority to divide peaks within Kun-Lai.

Bai Shuixian had a feeling that the child had finally left her womb when she received the request to ascend the mountain from Yimeng Qingnu, which should have been done long ago.

“Absolutely not!” The pale-faced, bloodless Qingdi Peak Master Bai Liu coughed twice, his melancholy look between his brows even heavier, and he pleaded a little, “Qing’er, you are going to destroy Qingdi Peak.”

“I’m only leaving alone, and the supplies in the internal treasury account will not be touched. The follow-up plan for each injured person has also been prepared. I’m not asking for your permission.” Qingnu had a gentle expression and was smiling, “Elder Bai, please seal it, and then I will ask the Sect Leader to seal it.”

Ascension of a mountain was a major event. It required not only the Baishui Yuan Palace, but also the final approval of the Sect Leader. Then the new peak master could choose a favorite peak among the Kun-Lai Mountains and open up a new peak. The seventy-two peaks of today had almost all come about like this.

It also effectively prevented the source of rigidity and hard feelings among the upper-levels of the various peaks——you don’t allow me to rise in position, and I also don’t like you, okay, we’ll go our separate ways, and our good disciples will be the ones to choose which of us they want to follow.

This was also the reason why Bai Liu was against Qingnu’s departure. If Qingnu ascended a mountain, it was a question of whether or not a small half of Qingdi Peak would even stay behind.

Talent was the foundation of a peak. If people leave, no matter how much resources were left, they would be used up sooner or later.

“Qing’er, if there is anything you are unsatisfied with we can just discuss it,” Bai Liu whispered softly, “Don’t leave, Qingdi Peak can’t do without you.”

“True, and that’s why you’re just afraid that I won’t take care of those people when you die, so you want to support a piece of trash to protect them.” Qingnu said gently, “But you’re right, when you die, I will drive out every single one of them from Qingdi Peak, even so, you want me to stay?”

“Qing’er, those people are not trash, they just don’t have spiritual roots or strong spiritual understanding, this is something that cannot be changed by human effort,” Bai Liu sighed, “Their parents built Qingdi Peak back then, and even later died in the Outlands, if we don’t take care of them, how would there be anyone willing to die for Kun-Lai again?”

“Enough, you have said these words countless times,” Yimeng Qingnu shook her head, not wanting to talk to him anymore, and turned her head, “Elder Bai, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“Fine.” Bai Shuixian picked up a gold seal and stamped it on the scroll handed by Yimeng Qingnu.

“No!” Bai Liu suddenly stretched out his hand to block the big seal.

“En?” Bai Shuixian raised her beautiful eyebrows, lifted her hand and flicked her fingers, and in the light almost casual gesture she had already waved the other several feet away, and slapped the scroll with a seal, “Tell the Sect Leader ‘no’.”

Bai Liu’s expression was bleak, and he didn’t speak anymore.

“Thank you Elder Bai.” Yimeng Qingnu bowed gracefully, took the scroll in her hand, and turned to leave.

An unprecedented feeling of ease left her in a very happy mood, she turned to see her cousin Bai Yue who was listening outside the door, and gave her a rare sincere smile.

“You can’t go!” Bai Yue screamed, she never thought that Qingnu’s appeal in Qingdi Peak was so strong, but less than two hours after the news came out, more than 70% of the disciples were ready to leave. If it was like this, even if they really took charge of Qingdi Peak, it was useless. They couldn’t control Qingdi Peak at all. “Your father’s mistakes in those days killed so many people. You must stay in Qingdi Peak to atone for them!”

But Yimeng Qingnu had already left.

Bai Liu sighed lowly and went back with his indignant daughter.

In the water pavilion, the tall young man who was waiting for them to return was still shirtless and looked at them expressionlessly.

“There’s nothing to be done, Elder Bai has already allowed it, and the Sect Leader will definitely allow her request as well.” Bai Yue whispered, “What’s to be done now.”

Seeing the worried appearance of the two, the tall young man suddenly asked in a low voice, “If Qingnu dies, she can’t ascend the mountain, right?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“…..” Bai Yue didn’t speak, but her eyes lit up, and after a while, she even became excited, “Or if she was seriously injured by the spiritual demons, it would be difficult for her to ascend the mountain. I heard that they are planning to work together this time to create a new Flying Peak, if there is a conflict between the spiritual demons and the humans in the middle, it will definitely be no problem, and if Feng Qingxiu can be hurt as a result, the Sect Leader will definitely take his anger out on her, and then she will be even less likely to ascend the mountain!”

Bai Liu looked at them in shock, as if it was the first time he knew these two children who he had raised since childhood.

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