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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 045 Chunji’s Medicine

TN: bonus chapter💕

A small red-haired head peeped in through the door, saw the people in the yard and smiled sweetly before jumping, “Uncle Roger, have you finished your meal?”

“It’s Mura, come in, have you had breakfast?” Roger waved to him.

“Yes I already ate, Uncle Roger, I want to take Lei Jin out for a walk.” Mura rubbed his fingers and stood beside Lei Jin who was drinking water on the stone bench.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Me?” Lei Jin was quite surprised. Although he had met this Mura a few times, and could be considered to be familiar with him. Mura’s temperament was lively, like a child, and he didn’t have much scheming in his heart. He didn’t mind coaxing him and yielding to him most of the time. But go out for a walk together? There seemed to be nothing to say between the two, right? But seeing Mura winking at him secretly, it was clear that he had something to say to him.

“No werebeasts allowed.” Before Xiya opened his mouth, Mura, who had sharp eyes, immediately puffed out his cheeks.

“What’s the mystery?” Roger asked tentatively when he saw that he was hiding something.

“Uncle Roger, you must believe me, there’s really nothing, I just want to take Lei Jin out for a walk.” Mura was a spoiled female, he was also young, so he was best at acting childishly and coquettishly. He grabbed Roger’s arm and swung it back and forth, and even Roger couldn’t refuse.

“Lei Jin, what do you think?” Roger turned to ask him. 

“I don’t care, it’s fine.” Lei Jin stood up. Anyway, there was nothing to do these days, so he might as well go and see what medicines were being sold in Mura’s gourd. (TN: expression for what sb’s up to)

“Then let’s go, Lei Jin.” Seeing Lei Jin’s agreement, Mura grinned wider, revealing the two little front rabbit teeth that he usually tried to hide from people’s sight.

“Mingya is also not allowed to go.” Mura decisively closed the door, and locked Mingya who was consciously trying to follow with his tail wagging.

“Then this young master will follow.” Before the door was closed tightly, the little fox slipped out against the crack of the door. The little fox who said that he would leave after the rain stopped now seemed to have decided to build a nest here. He was very conscious that living here meant a life of meat and soup to eat. Recently, he seemed to have gained a lot of weight, that once he tucked his head in, he would appear like a small furry meatball.

“He’s still a child,” Lei Jin said. To be honest, it was really hard for him to see Mingya as a male werebeast. Seeing his pitiful look, he couldn’t help but speak for him.

“You can’t always spoil him. He is a male werebeast, and it is only right that he must spoil you in the future.” Mura grew up in the tribe since he was a child, and the farthest distance he had been was to the woods on the back hills. He was very familiar with these roads in the tribe. At this moment, he was walking backwards with his arms behind his head, yet he could still talk to Lei Jin without any hindrance.

Lei Jin was too lazy to explain the fact that he was going to leave sooner or later. Even if he took 10,000 steps back and he really couldn’t leave, he was not a female here, and he had no self-consciousness to be spoiled.

“Let’s talk about this later.” Lei Jin could only respond vaguely.

It didn’t seem to be an illusion, and everyone he met along the way, be it a werebeast or a female, would greet him with a smile.

Seeing the confusion in his eyes, Mura snickered and said: “Lei Jin, you are very popular in the tribe now, if it wasn’t for Brother Xiya and the others staking their claim already, there will definitely be a lot of werebeasts challenging Brother Xiya and the others.”

Lei Jin retracted his gaze from the roadside and glanced in annoyance at Mura, who was trying hard to hold back his smile. Please don’t, he was not pork that had to wait for someone to grab it.

“Lei Jin, this way.” When they reached the entrance of a small alley, Mura suddenly stopped. Seeing that no one was paying attention to them, he pulled Lei Jin into the small alley. There were dense branches and leaves, and there was little sunlight inside, which made it seem a bit dim. After his eyes got used to it, he saw that there were several households in this alley. Among them, there was one house with the walls of its courtyard covered with green vines and big red flowers, looking very conspicuous indeed.

Mura was obviously a frequent visitor. He pushed the door open and entered a small corridor built of wood. Red flowers bloomed on it as well.

Lei Jin followed behind him, and before they even reached the door of the house, he heard intermittent moans coming from the east corner of the house. Although the owner of the voice was trying his best to suppress it, because they were too close, it still floated into the ears of the two without a miss.

Mura was a female who had not held a marriage ceremony yet. Although he had come across this several times and knew what was going on, he was still too shy to look, and his face flushed. He stepped back, lowered his head and shouted: “Chunji, I’m here. Lei Jin is here too.”

The flowers and trees in the small yard were sparse, and did not obstruct Lei Jin’s sight. Before Mura even called out, he had already seen Chunji’s figure. He was indeed a beauty. One could tell just by looking at his back. It was a pity to have missed out last time. Now, at this time, Chunji was ‘fighting’ with a werebeast on the grass in the corner. Chunji was naked, sitting astride a werebeast. The werebeast below was wearing clothes. From Lei Jin’s point of view, he could only see a pair of big brown hands supporting Chunji’s waist, while Chunji had his head thrown back groaning, his body heaving up and down in the werebeast’s arms. The place where the two met was clearly visible, the grass had been stained with some suspicious white liquid, and it seemed that the two had been at it for some time.

“Lei Jin, let’s go out and wait for him first.” Mura’s head was so low that it was almost buried in the ground, pulling at the corner of Lei Jin’s clothes.

“No need, they’re almost over.” Lei Jin could be called extroverted and casual when one said it nicely, but in fact he was just without any awareness. He pulled two benches over, handed one to Mura, and sat down on the west side of the corridor.

With the corridor of blooming flowers as an obstacle nothing could be seen, so Mura sat down with more ease.

“How do you know?” Although a little shy, Mura asked in a low voice curiously.

“I guessed.” Lei Jin knew that he couldn’t say that he saw that the frequency of the werebeast’s thrusting had increased, and it was estimated that he was going to come soon. This would give a bad influence to an innocent little white rabbit, and he would feel guilty.

For once, Lei Jin also knew the existence of guilt.

Sure enough, the sound of the werebeast roaring came soon after.

Mura moved uneasily on the bench twice, and when he saw that Lei Jin was no different, he calmed down a little.

“Uh, Lei Jin, I brought you here today, but I really didn’t expect to encounter such a thing.” Mura came here before, although he had encountered this kind of situation before, it was always later in the day. He didn’t expect it to happen when it was still bright out. If Lei Jin went back and told Uncle Roger and the others, Uncle Roger would definitely be angry with him. He wasn’t even afraid of his own parents, but when Uncle Roger was angry, he never hit or yelled at people. He would just stare at you with cold eyes, and he felt cold just thinking about that icy gaze.

“I know, I won’t say anything when I go back.” The child’s thoughts were written on his face, and he knew what was going on at a glance.

“Thank you, Lei Jin. I went to get some bird eggs last time, I’ll give them to you when we go back.” Mura liked to eat bird eggs, and thinking that all the females in the world like to eat them as well, he would always take them out whenever he wanted to please people.

Lei Jin smiled nonchalantly. He saw that Chunji’s trousers were already put on, and his top was just casually draped, with the front wide open, the marks on his body not concealed at all. Chunji just came over like this casually, and leaned lazily on the wooden corridor, his voice holding a trace of languidness after an affair: “I haven’t seen you for a few days, how are you doing?”

Lei Jin could guarantee that this Chunji was definitely intentional. He should have known what happened that night. From his point of view, he should have seen who it was.

“What? Did the novice make you uncomfortable?” A smile flashed in Chunji’s long and narrow phoenix eyes, saying something that only the two would understand.

“It’s alright, it’s more fulfilling to teach the skills myself.” How could Lei Jin be so easily pinched.

Chunji laughed out loud and said, “I really didn’t read you wrong, you are really different.”

“What are the two of you talking about?” Mura looked at this one and then at that one, not understanding at all.

“Oh, this, I will teach you later, you will know later.” Chunji rubbed Mura’s head perfunctorily.

“Why do you want to see me?” Seeing him appear, this Chunji was not surprised at all, and with Mura’s mysterious behavior in front of him, it was not difficult to guess that it was Chunji’s idea to let him come this time.

“I have something good for you, you two come in with me.” Chunji hooked his fingers at the two of them and turned around first.

Mura excitedly whispered to Lei Jin: “Chunji is the most powerful herbalist in our tribe, his medicine is amazing, but Chunji doesn’t like giving it to people. For once he is willing to give his medicine away to you. So I pulled you here right away, he really likes you.”

Like? Lei Jin was not sure, but he vaguely felt that it was true that this Chunji seemed to have an inexplicable interest in him, although he did not know where the interest came from.

After entering the main room, the three of them did not stop, and continued walking towards the innermost room. After pulling up a heavy curtain, the strong smell of herbs wafted out.

The room was a little dim, with only a few rays of light coming in from the small windows on the north wall. There were many wooden shelves in the room, filled with bottles and jars.

Chunji stepped on the stool, picked a small bottle from the top of the shelf in the north and handed it to Lei Jin, smiling: “This is a good thing, use it sparingly.”

It had a smooth and cooling touch, and Lei Jin examined it under a ray of light. It turned out to be a transparent crystal bottle with some green liquid that appeared very pure and clean.

“What is this?” Lei Jin wondered why Chunji suddenly gave him this.

“This is what I extracted from jade mugwort. It is more than a hundred times better than the paste they make. Their crude method is really a waste of good things. If you don’t believe it, go back and try it tonight, I guarantee that after you have a round with all three of them tonight, it won’t be uncomfortable down there at all.” While Mura was still looking around curiously, Chunji whispered in Lei Jin’s ear, and took the opportunity to lick his ear.

“Stay away.” Lei Jin didn’t fall for him now, he raised his hand and pushed him away.

“You’re really crossing the river and tearing down the bridge.” Chunji licked the corner of his lips and tsked.

“What are you two doing?” Mura turned around and saw that the two were standing face to face.

“Little Mura, you haven’t come here recently, don’t you miss me?” Chunji smiled seductively at Lei Jin, and went out first with an arm hooked over Mura’s neck.

Lei Jin spread out his hand and looked at the crystal bottle lying in his palm. Since it was a good thing, it didn’t matter if he used it or not, he would just accept it first.

The three chatted for a while in the yard, and Chunji made herbal tea to entertain them.

The two visitors saw that the time was almost up, so they got up and said their goodbyes. Chunji sat crookedly on the chair and waved his hand lazily, not planning to get up to see them out. Lei Jin and Mura didn’t care either.

Chunji felt that his lower half was a little wet, and then he remembered that he was in a hurry to come out to see the two of them just now, and he had not cleaned up yet. Seeing the back of Lei Jin and Mura leaving together, he murmured: “Lei Jin, if I’m right, you’re not from this world as well, are you? Just like that Roger.”

Lei Jin and Mura were walking on the street, and Mura insisted on taking Lei Jin to his house to get some bird eggs. But just at the intersection, they met Moya who was planning to go home, so Mura left by himself.

“Where did you go today?” Moya asked casually.

“Chunji’s place.” Lei Jin didn’t hide it from him, he just wanted to see how Moya would react.

“Oh, Chunji, he’s a very good herbalist.” Very good, very calm, almost no response.

“But why do I always hear that he’s not good.” This Moya’s attitude was very strange.

“Everyone has their own way of life, as long as they feel good, and they don’t endanger others then it’s fine.”

“You are very enlightened.”

“I’m alright. By the way, what did you do at Chunji’s place?” Moya accepted Lei Jin’s compliment unceremoniously. From this point of view, he was worthy of being in Lei Jin’s family.

“He gave me a bottle of medicine.” This matter could not be concealed from Moya. The two of them ate and lived together and even shared the same bed and pillows. How could something be hidden from the other. Moya took it over, opened the bottle and smelled it, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“What are you smiling at?” Lei Jin snatched it away, didn’t Chunji say that he never gave this to others? So it stood to reason that Moya shouldn’t know what this was, right? Probably?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“How about going back and trying it tonight?” Moya whispered.

“What did you say?” Lei Jin looked up at him, trying to find traces of a joke on Moya’s face.

“The smell of jade mugwort, isn’t it?” Moya nodded at the bottle in his hand.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 044 The Baby Nanny

TN: bonus chapter💕

Qi Luo couldn’t fall asleep last night, tossing and turning thinking about Jia He’s words, the two of them living together? He and Jia He were playmates in the tribe since they were young. His father died early, and as for hunting skills and so on, although Uncle An Sen and An Luo would take him with them when they taught Xiya and Moya, but he was indeed not as smart as those two, and he learned very slowly. When he first went out to hunt, he could hardly catch anything. Jia He was two years older than him and always shared his prey with him. He also took good care of him behind his back. But he really only regarded Jia He as a good brother before.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He did tell Jia He that he thought Lei Jin was good, but he knew very clearly, how could he have a chance? Jia He actually ignored him for nearly two months because of this. It was only during the last time when the two built the firebelt on the grassland that they spoke a few words when they met. On the night of the celebration, they both drank too much, and that happened.

Compared to Jia He ignoring him, he felt that there was nothing wrong with living with Jia He. Besides, the two now also had a skin relationship, just that there would be no baby. What he always wanted was to marry a female partner and have a baby.

After waking up, he thought about it in bed again. It was already bright outside. His Ah Ma Suri was cooking in the kitchen. After greeting Ah Ma, he planned to sweep the yard first. Actually, the yard was just rinsed yesterday, and there was nothing but a few fallen leaves. He was in the middle of sweeping when he heard movement at the courtyard gate.

“Who’s outside?” Qi Luo called out, carrying the broom to open the door.

As soon as he opened it, he was dragged out by someone outside, and Qi Luo yelled in surprise.

“Qi Luo, who is it?” Suri asked, sticking his head out of the kitchen.

“It’s alright, Ah Ma. I’m just talking to someone.” At this time, Qi Luo had already seen the person who came, and with an appeasing smile on his face, he motioned Jia He not to make a sound, he would tell Ah Ma later.

“Why are you here so early?”

“Have you thought about it last night?”

The two spoke almost simultaneously.

Qi Luo’s hand scratched twice on the back of his head. It was still early, and everyone was exhausted yesterday, so there was no one on the street, and the light mist on the grassland had not yet dissipated.

“What are you thinking? Yes or no, give me an answer today!” Seeing his hesitant expression, Jia He felt a chill in his heart, it seemed like he still wasn’t accepted?

“Jia He, I’m a very dumb person.” Qi Luo said hesitantly.

“I know, you being dumb is not something that just cropped up in the past two days.” Jia He was not polite at all, but he just inexplicably fell in love with a fool who thought about females every day. He might actually be dumber than this person. Although there were countless times he wanted to give up, once he imagined this idiot being someone else’s partner, he would get angry, and now he had accepted his fate.

Qi Luo grinned, and didn’t think there was anything wrong with what Jia He said, he was indeed pretty dumb.

“Jia He, I know that there are many females in the tribe who like you. I’m different. They don’t like me.”

“What on earth are you trying to say?” Jia He interrupted him impatiently with raised eyebrows. This long-winded guy, just what was he trying to say.

“That is, if we don’t become linked brothers, with you being so capable, you will have your own female, and you will have your own baby. If you are with me, you will not have a baby.” Qi Luo hesitated for a long time, but still said what was in his heart. Linked brothers referred specifically to two life partners in the tribe both being male werebeasts.

“So what if there are no babies, what are you afraid of?” Of course, Jia He also liked babies, but if he really didn’t have one, he wouldn’t force the issue either. Besides, many ordinary partners have never had babies in their lives either, so this matter really couldn’t be forced.

“No one will take care of us when we are old.” Although the tribe would distribute food to them, there was still no support at home.

“So what are you saying, do you agree?” Jia He grabbed Qi Luo’s arm excitedly, with a smile that could no longer be hidden in his eyes.

“But the baby…..” Qi Luo was very entangled over this question.

“You like babies that much?” Jia He asked, if so, this was really a problem, and quite a headache.

At this time, Lei Jin happened to be carrying a broom and came out to sweep the front of the house.

There was a rare smile on Jia He’s always cold face, especially when he saw Lei Jin, his rival in love, he could still smile, which was really weird.

Seeing his smile, Qi Luo couldn’t help shivering and said, “Jia He, Lei Jin and I have nothing between us, don’t target him, he is a good person, this time he has helped our tribe a lot.”

“I really didn’t pay attention yesterday, but I just found out today that Xiya’s brother is quite fast.” Originally, he never thought that this idiot could have anything with the other, but he just couldn’t stand how this idiot still kept the other in his heart despite clearly knowing it was impossible.

“You mean Lei Jin and…..” Qi Luo looked surprised.

“Don’t you smell it?” They were not far away, just a doorway’s distance.

Qi Luo rubbed his nose, sniffed the air, and said, “En, it really is.” His face became a little sad unconsciously.

“You just like him that much?” Jia He blurted out angrily. This guy had promised him just now.

“No, Jia He, don’t be angry, I have no other intentions.” Qi Luo explained quickly. He was afraid that Jia He would ignore him again.

Seeing the sweat on his forehead, Jia He sighed and said, “I’m not angry.”

“It’s good if you’re not angry.” Qi Luo let out a heavy sigh of relief.

“I want to say, I think this female has a very healthy physique, and he is also the common wife of Xiya and the others, which means that they may have many babies in the future.” Jia He turned the topic back to business.

“You mean we foster a baby from his family?” A big smile appeared on Qi Luo’s simple face. It was impossible for two werebeast partners in the tribe to have children of their own. Although the babies of the tribe were also precious, there were still many people who had many babies. They would not mind other people helping them raise them together. The baby could live in both households and once grown up they would take care of both sets of parents from the two families.

“En, don’t you have a good relationship with Xiya and their family? Let’s talk about it when the time comes. Besides, it’s not like we are asking to take the baby. If they have many babies, we can help them raise them.”

“En, en, en.” Qi Luo nodded, looking directly at Lei Jin’s belly, wishing nothing more than that he now had a baby in his belly for them to raise.

Interrupting people’s intimacy would cause one to be struck by lightning, so Lei Jin had tried his best to ignore those two people, but seriously they should at least not stare at him with such hot and eager eyes without even blinking. He would think that they had fallen in love with him.

Endure it, still staring.

Endure again, still not looking away.

Continuing to endure, the stare had even intensified.

This was no longer endurable, there was no end to this.

Try and endure it once again, had they become addicted or what?

He couldn’t endure it any longer! Goosebumps were already cropping up.

“Hey, I said, have you two stared enough? No matter how suave and handsome I am, I also can’t take you two looking at me like this.” Lei Jin suddenly turned around, leaned on the broom, and asked lazily.

Qi Luo did not expect that Lei Jin would suddenly turn around and catch him in the act of starving. Hearing what Lei Jin said, he blushed and looked away uncomfortably.

On the other hand, Jia He didn’t care, but in his heart he wondered how the female of Xiya’s family was so carefree and casual, not possessing any awareness of being a female at all. He didn’t even blush a bit or feel shy when seeing werebeasts.

However, this extroverted and unrestrained personality was indeed really attractive. No wonder his female younger brother was struck out of the competition before he even had the chance to compete.

Then would the baby this person have also worth looking forward to? Coupled with the outstanding looks of their family, Jia He nodded, the more he thought about it, the more he felt this was a good idea.

How could Jia He now know how much he would regret ending up as the nanny of Lei Jin’s kids for many years after that? Just how regretful he was to have chosen Lei Jin’s kids when there were so many other families’ kids in the tribe to choose from? Letting those babies ride on his head and poop and pee on him, the cold and aloof Jia He of the tribe never to be seen again, only the Nanny Jia He, whose days were left with dealing with the unruly brat of Lei Jin’s family.

“What’s wrong?” Xiya came out of the house and saw the three people staring at each other on the empty street.

“Who knows, standing there muttering under their breath this early in the morning.” Lei Jin glanced at the two of them, but he didn’t say anything about being stared at. It was just a trivial matter, he could handle it.

“Xiya, Qi Luo and I are going to become linked brothers. When the ceremony is held, you must remember to come and participate.” Jia He said happily.

Qi Luo grabbed him and whispered, “I haven’t told Ah Ma about this yet. Besides, do your parents know? Let’s talk to them before we announce it?”

“What are you afraid of? I’ve already gotten my parents to agree. And your Ah Me is such a nice person, he won’t object either.” Speaking of, Jia He, this matter actually had nothing to do with other people’s goodness, right?

“Congratulations.” Xiya was not surprised, he had already seen it, when Qi Luo was bullied back then, Jia He always protected him. In fact, he himself had bullied Qi Luo a lot behind their backs, every time Qi Luo looked at a female, Jia He’s eyes always glowed with angry embers. Only a fool couldn’t see that there was something between the two.

“Thank you, Xiya.” Qi Luo smiled embarrassedly.

“Let’s go, go home and tell your Ah Ma about this.” Jia He said goodbye to the two of them and took Qi Luo home.

“Why do I keep getting the feeling that Qi Luo is being pushed into this.” Lei Jin wrinkled his slender eyebrows.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Oh, those two. It’s been many years. I imagine that that will be the case in this life.” Xiya smiled, took the broom in Lei Jin’s hand, and swept the rest of the small area. He was about to reach out naturally and pull him, but seeing Lei Jin’s resisting eyes, he put his hand down halfway and said, “Breakfast is ready, let’s go home for the meal.”

After breakfast, an unexpected person came to the house.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 043 Utter Chaos

TN: bonus chapter!💕

Now it was just after dinner, and the whole family was enjoying the cool breeze in the courtyard. Under the courtyard wall, the flowers planted by Roger were quietly exuding fragrance. The doors were thrown wide open and people could be seen walking by and chatting while enjoying the cool breeze as well. But after Mingya asked this question, the surroundings became eerily quiet.

Lei Jin was stunned at first, this incident only happened last night, he didn’t say anything, and Moya was not the one to show off about this either, so how did Mingya know? Could it be that he was wrong, and Mingya was asking about something else? But other places were not injured, and Mingya’s eyes were staring at the space between his legs accurately.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Under such public scrutiny, Lei Jin wanted to pretend he didn’t hear it, but the truth was that he did.

Lei Jin stood up from the stool, stretched his arms, yawned, and said, “It’s so late, everyone should go to bed early, go to bed.”

Before he even took two steps, he heard Mingya shout, “Lei Jin, mmph, mmph…..” Someone seemed to be covering his mouth, but trying to hide it only made it more obvious, which meant that Mingya was not the only one who knows.

Lei Jin’s head felt heat shoot up to his head, as well as the veins throbbing on his clenched fist. He walked away without looking back.

“Ah Ma…..” Mingya rubbed his mouth. Ah Ma had held onto his mouth so tight just now that his mouth hurt.

“Little idiot, when will you grow some brains?” Roger sighed helplessly. No wonder Lei Jin always beat him up secretly. Just looking at this fellow’s confused eyes, even his own hands felt a bit itchy and wanted to give him a slap or two to wake him up.

“Ah Ma, Mingya doesn’t understand.” Mingya laid on Roger’s lap. He just wanted to take care of Lei Jin. He remembered that when he helped him apply medicine last night, it was quite swollen and even bloodshot. Don’t know if it was better now with the medicine applied, and if he wanted Mingya to help him again?

“Papa, Dad, eldest brother, Mingya, I’ll go first.” Moya turned around and chased after him. He knew that Lei Jin was probably in a rage now, but since he was responsible, he naturally had to bear it.

Lei Jin didn’t walk fast, and was quickly caught up by Moya. In fact, even if he wanted to go faster it was not possible. Although he pretended that he was fine today, how could he be fine? It was his first time and Moya was no skilled master either. Originally he wanted to just endure it, as everyone didn’t know about it. But he didn’t expect Mingya to expose the secret in just a few words.

“Lei Jin, wait a minute.” Moya held his wrist affectionately.

“Let go, Moya, or I’ll hit someone.” Lei Jin grabbed Moya’s collar. He was on the verge of exploding right now. Not only was he f**ked, the whole world now knows about it too. No wonder everyone was eating barbecue at dinner, and only he had a bowl of broth in front of him. And here he thought that he was just too sensitive.

“Don’t be angry, everyone will know about this kind of thing sooner or later.” Although there was no one around, Moya still lowered his voice and consoled him softly.

Lei Jin told himself to calm down, calm down. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Why is that the fact that I did it with you, everyone will know sooner or later?”

“In our werebeast tribe, werebeasts rely on the scents on the females to determine whether a female has a partner or not.”

“That is to say, the whole time I walked around the tribe today, everyone here already knows that I did it with you?” Lei Jin’s face darkened slightly.

“More accurately, only the werebeasts know, as females are not sensitive to the scent of their kind.” Moya explained to him in a good mood. In fact, he wished that all the people in the tribe knew that Lei Jin was already his.

“Moya, I suddenly have the urge to kill now.” Lei Jin’s hand tightened, and wanted nothing more than to strangle the person in front of him. But looking up into Moya’s eyes, into those dark green depths, which apart from calm, there was only gentle tolerance. From childhood to adulthood, he had never seen anyone look at him with such doting eyes. The eyes of the woman who gave birth to him were initially full of disgust, and then fear. His subordinates respected and depended on him, because he was the boss and must act as a pillar for them. His lovers were either fearful or greedy, afraid of the power in his hands, or wanted to get something from him. It actually took transmigrating to another world for him to find affection and tolerance aimed at him. And the most important thing was that he didn’t hate it at all. How ridiculous. He really would be killed by Moya. He could already predict it.

“Okay, let’s go apply some more medicine.” Moya pulled his hand down, intertwined their fingers, and kissed their joined hands lightly with his lips.

“Mental.” Lei Jin glared at him, snatched his back, and wiped it on his pants twice.

“It really doesn’t hurt there?” Moya lowered his head, chuckled lowly in his ear, and wandering hands crawled down to Lei Jin’s behind.

“Moya, why don’t you just die early?” Lei Jin threw a punch, and Moya took a step back nimbly.

Lei Jin didn’t hope to hit him either, just to keep him away.

Just as he was about to turn around, Moya bent his knees and grabbed Lei Jin by the waist, carrying him on his shoulders by the waist.

Lei Jin felt a moment of dizziness in front of his eyes, and when he came back to his senses, he was already on Moya’s shoulders, his legs were tightly bound, and Moya’s hard shoulders were digging against his stomach, which made him feel quite uncomfortable. Of course, this was not the reason why he felt so awful. The main reason was the fact that he was being carried like a sack of potatoes.

Don’t know if it was because of being upside down, the blood went straight to the head, anr Lei Jin slapped Moya’s back, sayin g fiercely: “Moya, you let me down.”

“Don’t be stubborn, let’s go apply the medicine soon.” Did he think he didn’t notice? He still had difficulty walking, so the effect of last night’s medicine should be over.

“Stubborn your head. Let me down now.” Lei Jin tried to straighten his waist, trying to flip down by himself.

Moya casually raised his hand and pressed heavily on Lei Jin’s waist, and the soreness that hadn’t disappeared since last night weakened any strength he mustered up.

“En…..sneak attack from behind, you villain.”

“I think it’s alright.” Lei Jin couldn’t see Moya’s expression, he only heard him suppress a laugh, and even his shoulders seemed to shake twice.

Seemingly picking up on something, Lei Jin raised his head and looked in the direction he came from. Xiya was standing at the corner with his violet eyes half-drooping. Seeing him look over, he flashed a very bright smile. With his golden hair, it was especially dazzling. He seemed to have said something to him silently, but Lei Jin didn’t know lip language.

Moya carried Lei Jin, went back to the room, took the cloth towel and medicine bowl, and went directly to the stream.

“How long are you going to carry me?” Sure enough, the man’s body was too hard, especially that of a male werebeast. Lei Jin slapped Moya until his hand hurt, but Moya didn’t seem to feel it at all. His stomach kept knocking upside down on his shoulders, and he felt like throwing up.

“Okay, here we are.” Moya let him down.

When Lei Jin came down, he jumped three feet away immediately, distanced himself from Moya, glared at him and said, “Give me the medicine, I’ll do it myself, you don’t need to bother.” Although he didn’t know what the green paste in the medicine bowl was, intuition let him know where to apply it.

“Okay, here.” Moya agreed readily, reaching out and handing it over.

Why was he so agreeable this time? Lei Jin couldn’t believe it. But thinking that Moya wouldn’t be able to play any tricks, Lei Jin stretched out his hand to take it. Only for Moya to take advantage of this and pull him into his arms, where he bowed his head and kissed him deeply, the nimble tongue sliding in without hesitation, and entangling his own, with the occasional bite and lick thrown in…..

When the kiss was over, Lei Jin’s lips stung painfully.

Lei Jin licked his lower lip, and it seemed the skin there was broken. He frowned angrily: “Moya, are you a dog? Why would you bite someone at every turn.”

Moya didn’t know what was wrong with him either. When he wasn’t with Lei Jin, he could hold back a little bit, but since he broke his abstinence last night, there really never a moment he did not think of him. Even while cleaning up the grassland today he was absent-minded, thinking about what Lei Jin was doing at home now, and as a result almost fell into a hidden pothole on the grassland.

“When I’m dead, then you can leave.” Moya said calmly, but Lei Jin instantly raised his head in shock.

Now that he saw him, he wanted to hold him in his arms all the time. Every time he recalled how he tossed and moaned under him last night, he couldn’t hold himself back at all. This person didn’t have to do anything yet his desire and enthusiasm was aroused nevertheless.

Lei Jin always said that he would be killed by him, but wasn’t he also the same? He no longer even dared to think about what he would do if Lei Jin really left. He really couldn’t let go of this person in his life.

“Alright, don’t be angry anymore, I’m wrong, I’ll give you the medicine, apply it after taking a bath, don’t let it touch the water.” Moya apologized obediently after taking enough benefits. He didn’t dare to challenge his own reason and self-control right now.

“Tch, let me f**k you next time, and when done, I’ll apologize to you.” Lei Jin wanted to deliberately forget everything just now. He continued: “It’s not as if werebeasts can’t be on the bottom. I saw it today. Since it’s okay between werebeasts, that means I can also press you down.”

Just as Moya was about to say something, Lei Jin stopped him and declared, “It’s only fair.”

Moya raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “You probably don’t know yet, pressing down a werebeast is determined by strength, whoever has the greatest strength will be on top so as long as you can defeat me, I will take off my clothes and obediently lie down for you.” The last sentence, Moya whispered seductively in Lei Jin’s ear.

“This rule is too shameless.” Lei Jin said with a frown, ignoring the heat that spread from his earlobe.

Moya smiled and declined to comment. In truth, he felt that it couldn’t be more fair.

It was a weird feeling applying the medicine to himself. Moya consciously moved further away from Lei Jin to take a bath. Xiya and Mingya hadn’t come back yet, but Lei Jin was afraid that they would come back at the wrong moment, so he hid in the tall grass on the shore, separating his legs and applying medicine. It was still painful at first, but soon it felt a little cool.

The crow felt very happy. Although there were many friends in the jungle, he still missed this family. He finally came back after a day and night of flying, and moved into its friend’s nest after some pestering. Immediately afterwards he came to this family to report.

“Ai? Caw caw, I just left for a few days and he is already eaten?” The crow thumped the ground with regret, “At the most important moment, I was actually not there! I strongly demand that the original scene be replayed, I want to watch.”

“You’re peeking here again.” As soon as Mingya came over, he heard the crow’s voice, and pounced unceremoniously.

Lei Jin was startled, and as a result his finger stabbed directly in. The pain made him grit his teeth and suck in the cold air.

“Lei Jin, what are you doing?” Mingya blushed when he saw Lei Jin’s fingers still stuck there, and bowed his head shyly, but did not forget to look his fill.

After holding back his anger for such a long time, Lei Jin finally found the source. He raised his legs and put on his pants.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Mingya turned and ran away, begging for mercy while running: “Lei Jin, I don’t dare anymore, next time I won’t ask you again if it still hurts, okay?” Ah Ma had already told him that this kind of thing should be said in private, not in front of many people.

“Stop right there.” Lei Jin felt that he had lost face today, so he had to catch Mingya and give him a good beating.

“Caw caw caw, fighting, fighting.” The crow fluttered its wings on top of Mingya’s head, cheering him on.

“Wait for this young master.” The little fox followed behind, scurrying about.

How could utter chaos even describe what was playing out now.

“It seems that his strength is recovering well.” Xiya smiled.

“En,” Moya also finished washing up.

“Can I look forward to it being my turn next time?”

“As much as I’d love to say no, but as long as he can stay.”

The night was a good one tonight.

It seemed that he had become quite immature. In this simple world, there was no need for intrigue, there was no power struggle, and he was a little afraid that he would really adapt to life here.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Lei Jin, are you tired?” Mingya saw him lying still on the grass. He leaned over and said, “Lei Jin, you’re angry, Mingya will let you hit me.” He put his head in Lei Jin’s palm.

Live his days well day by day, until the day he leaves.

From tomorrow onwards, Lei Jin was determined to understand this world well.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 042 Shared Wife

Lei Jin was surprised to see the two werebeasts kissing so hard right out in public. After all, it was rare to see two grown men kissing so hard on the street where people come and go, right? And these two grown men were over two meters tall, so this visual impact was really shocking, but Lei Jin’s thinking was quite boring, at most he just wondered, wouldn’t they end up eating the dust flying all over the street? Looking at the grass ash flying everywhere, he felt very inexplicable just thinking about it. He wondered if the saliva that would flow out later would become black from inhaling in the dust, would it?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Roger didn’t need to ask to know what Lei Jin was thinking at the moment, just look at the expression on his face as he stared at the place where the lips of the two men were connected. The viewer watched without hiding, but the doers were not as calm. The two werebeasts seemed to want to show that they didn’t care and kissed harder, but this guy seemed to have become addicted to voyeuring. One of the werebeasts raised his head, and shot him a cold look.

With slightly darker blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and sculpted facial features, he was definitely a handsome guy. But his aura was comparable to a big ice brick. It was suitable for cooling on this hot day, but the temperature difference between day and night on the grassland was large. It was cold at night, and Lei Jin felt one would freeze to death sleeping together with this fellow. As he thought this, he conveniently forgot that there was also an iceberg back at home that he was quite fond of. Sleeping together every night, and so far he hadn’t frozen to death, and was still very much alive.

Lei Jin frowned, eh? Looked a little familiar, especially when he glared at him like that, but still…..he didn’t recognize this guy.

But when the person above raised his head, the person below also revealed his face. It turned out to be Qi Luo. He usually appeared quite honest and friendly and whenever he came to Roger’s house to stop by he sometimes stuttered when speaking. He didn’t expect to see such a bold side from him today.

In fact, Lei Jin didn’t know that this Qi Luo usually only stammered when he saw a female, and normally he spoke very fluently.

When Qi Lul saw the two of them, his brown skin tone flushed red with blood, “Uncle Roger, Lei Jin, you guys are back?”

The werebeast was obviously surprised when he heard their names, and especially examined Lei Jin a few times, but Roger and Lei Jin’s faces were wrapped in clothes so he probably couldn’t see anything either way.

Roger nodded without saying anything.

Lei Jin and Qi Luo could be considered familiar with each other. He grinned, wanting to praise him for his bravery in battle or something, and said, “Qi Luo, you…..” But after thinking about it, it seemed that Qi Luo was the one on the receiving end and he was unable to continue to say these words, eventually just saying vaguely, “En, quite good.”

As for what was good, that was a matter of opinion.

Qi Luo smiled stupidly, and probably didn’t understand what Lei Jin was trying to say.

“Uncle Roger, Lei Jin, I can help you carry your things home? I just came back. I saw Uncle An Sen and the others are still out on the grassland.” Qi Luo walked over clumsily. The man behind hunched his shoulders, seeming to be defeated, and came over silently to pick up the luggage for Lei Jin and Roger.

Lei Jin took a step back and said, “No need, it’s not heavy, I’ll just do it myself.”

The man didn’t even react, but with a cold face, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the bag hanging on Lei Jin’s shoulders into his own hand. Seemingly even more skilled than a robber.

“Hey…..” How could there be such a person? The way he helped was more like chasing after debt.

“Jia He, don’t be like this, it will scare Lei Jin.” Qi Luo had already taken the baggage from Roger’s hand. Seeing Jia He’s rude behavior, he couldn’t help but lecture him.

Jia He snorted coldly and didn’t answer. He threw Lei Jin’s baggage on his back and took the lead to Roger’s house.

Seeing him like this, Qi Luo hurriedly said to Lei Jin: “Although Jia He doesn’t like to talk to people, he is a very good person, so please don’t be angry with him.”

Lei Jin waved his hand, how could he be angry about such a trivial matter. Although the man named Jia He made it clear that he did not like him, he was still helping them, so he could spare some tolerance for this.

The two families were neighbors, and so they arrived home within a few steps. The doors here were not locked, but each family added two handles on the door to facilitate opening and closing the door. There was a horizontal bar in the middle and it was very convenient to close and open the door from inside as well as from outside. Just lift the door to the side, enter through the gap in the middle, and flip the door lever.

Jia He and Qi Luo put their luggage on the stone table in the yard.

Qi Luo asked again, “Uncle Roger, Lei Jin, is there anything else you need help with?”

Roger said: “No, thank you, Qi Luo, everyone just came back, you should go and clean up the house with your Ah Ma, just me and Lei Jin here are enough.”

Lei Jin also nodded.

So the two left.

“Roger, it’s also fine with werebeasts being with other werebeasts?” The two of them started cleaning the rooms first. Fortunately, when they left, they foresaw that this situation would happen. The doors and windows were closed very tightly. Although dust inevitably came in, it was not very serious, at least the condition was much better than the outside.

“If it’s too specific, I don’t know very well either, but I know from the only bit of text and graphic records of the Leopard Tribe that many years ago, this continent of Yates seemed to have experienced a long Ice Age, with a cold climate and lack of food. Females have relatively weaker bodies and died in large numbers during this period. After the Ice Age passed, the proportion of werebeasts and females in each tribe was seriously imbalanced, so there were multiple werebeasts sharing one female and two werebeasts mating together. Although the number of females in various tribes had increased a lot, they are still relatively few compared to the werebeasts, so these things are inevitable.” Roger’s explanation was tepid, and he even stopped to change the rag in the middle.

“Multiple werebeasts sharing a female, that is, a common wife?” Lei Jin was squatting and wiping the legs of the table, and suspecting that he had heard it wrong, repeated with wide eyes.

“You can also say it’s polyandry.” Roger glanced at Lei Jin and added another sentence in a manner that seemed as if it had nothing to do with him.

After wiping the cabinet by the bedside, he kicked Lei Jin, who was still squatting there: “Move to the side, you’re in the way.” He walked to the window and began to clean the window sill.

“Then you too…..” Lei Jin didn’t finish his words.

Roger replied, “Exactly.”

“I always thought you were…..” Lei Jin almost blurted out, but he reacted immediately and stopped abruptly.

“What?” Rojer didn’t intend to let him go and asked back.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Lei Jin quickly put on a big, bright smile. If Roger knew, with his temper, he would definitely fight with him, although he certainly couldn’t beat him.

“You better not think about anything weird,” Roger warned him, turning to continue cleaning his windowsill.

But the moment Roger turned around, the smile on Lei Jin’s face disappeared, and his eyes suddenly became sharp. So those three had this in mind, a shared wife, huh?

He did it with Moya last night. Although he couldn’t resist, one reason he didn’t fight too fiercely was because he wanted to indulge in the pleasure. The second reason was that he really had feelings for Moya, but the third reason in his heart was that he felt that if he had a relationship with Moya, the other two should know to retreat, after all it was not like they could steal their brother’s lover, right? Dealing with one Moya was better than dealing with three predatory werebeasts, right? But what was the situation now? There was actually the practice of sharing a wife?

In their dreams! You want to be my man, see if I agree or not! If I don’t agree, don’t even think about ever succeeding.

“Be careful with my desk legs, I just made them last year.” Seeing Lei Jin’s head down and rubbing fiercely as if off the surface of the desk, Roger couldn’t help but remind.

“Roger, you’re so stingy.”

Roger sighed in his heart, Lei Jin, I will slowly tell you one by one, what will your final choice be?

“By the way, who was that Jia He just now? He looks familiar.” Lei Jin changed the subject.

“Jia Nuo’s older twin brother.” Roger answered as a matter of course.

“Uh, Roger, can I ask, that…..who is Jia Nuo?”

Roger gave him a strange look. And here had recently heard that Jia Nuo declaring to the whole tribe that sooner or later he would snatch Xiya back from Lei Jin’s hands. But it turned out that this fellow didn’t even know who he was. This situation was so hilarious that Roger even wanted to laugh ot loud himself.

“Is he famous or something?” Lei Jin asked when he saw that Roger wanted to laugh but was trying hard to suppress himself. He had always forgotten about the little shrimps that had nothing to do with him, so as not to waste his brain cells at all.

“Not famous, just the admirer that you helped Xiya deal with on hunting day.”

“No wonder, he was practically shooting eye knives at me, it’s all Xiya’s fault.” How he regretted it now. Lei Jin patted his pants and stood up.

This guy really had no self-consciousness. Roger cast him a contemptuous look. It was estimated that the reason Jia He disliked Lei Jin, at most, was due to Qi Luo’s relationship. Even he could see that Qi Luo had a vague affection for Lei Jin, which was the kind that werebeasts had for females. But Lei Jin probably just ignored it.

“Jia He and Qi Luo are likely to become a pair.” Roger reminded him to keep a proper distance from Qi Luo.

“Everyone is quite open-minded here.” Completely not on the same brainwave at all.

“Everyone is used to it. After all, this kind of thing is not just particular to the Leopard Trihe. There are obviously not enough females, but that doesn’t mean those werebeasts who don’t have a partner have to rely on their right hand to solve their needs for a lifetime, right?” Roger gave up and continued with the topic Lei Jin brought up.

“True.” Lei Jin replaced the dirty water and poured a basin of clean water in.

After cleaning both houses they put the items back where they were.

The pots and pans in the kitchen were wiped anew, and An Sen and the others also came back. This time they brought back a lot of prey, but they were all baked with little skin and furless, the appearance not at all pleasant.

These prey were not in a hurry to be dealt with. The several people except Mingya took big buckets and instructed them to enter the house. Then they changed into their animal forms and flew out.

Lei Jin stood in front of the window, and not long after, he saw many werebeasts flying over, buckets of water pouring down on the streets, roofs, and courtyards. At first, layers of dust were stirred up, flying up all over the sky. However, as the amount of water increased, the grass ashes were quickly washed away, and the water falling from the eaves was black, as if a heavy rain had just occurred, and the world soon became brighter. Blackish, sooty trails were left behind, however.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But they came back and washed it again, and the grass ash flowed into the creek in front of the house, and was quickly carried away.

After dinner, Lei Jin felt a headache developing. Where would he sleep tonight? Mingya looked at him with concern, and asked, “Lei Jin, do you still hurt there?”

Everyone’s eyes swept over.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 041 Werebeast With Werebeast

Moya seemed to hesitate for a moment, but nodded and said, “Come here.”

Mingya wagged his tail happily, and followed step by step. Xiya didn’t say anything when he saw this. In fact, since Lei Jin came back, Xiya didn’t say anything. He knew that nothing said was right now. After all, Lei Jin had just been with Moya. He found Lei Jin’s blanket, warmed it over the fire, and spread it under the tree by the bonfire.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

An Sen and An Luo glanced at each other and seeing the reactions of the several children, they understood in their hearts. While Roger might still be able to say a few words about such a thing, as fathers, they couldn’t say anything. However, that didn’t mean they wanted it to affect the relationship between the three children.

“Xiya, come and sit here.” An Sen patted the seat next to him and motioned to him.

Xiya didn’t know what his dad intended, so he stopped what he was doing and came over.

“Xiya, what do you think about Lei Jin?” An Sen asked after he sat down.

“I won’t let go, Dad.” Xiya thought that his dad was going to persuade him to give up, and immediately made a very serious statement.

“I didn’t say that. An Luo and I will not interfere in any of your matters. I just want to say that since you have chosen a shared wife, you must always keep calm. Even if he chooses Moya first.”

Xiya rubbed the short golden strands scattered in front of his forehead in frustration, maybe he was indeed not calm. Although he desperately told himself that there would be opportunities, he still felt uncomfortable. Why was it that Lei Jin could accept Moya but not him? He thought he had hid it well, but he was still seen through by his fathers.

“No matter what, the relationship between the three of you brothers can’t be separated because of this. This is what Dad doesn’t want to see.” An Luo continued.

“Don’t worry, Dad, to be honest, I am indeed jealous of Moya, but he’s my younger brother, and I haven’t forgotten that.” Xiya raised his head and said.

“That’s good.” An Luo nodded, slightly relieved. They could also let go of some of their worries.

On the other side, Moya carried Lei Jin behind a hidden stone in the woods. Seeing that there was no one around, Moya took off Lei Jin’s pants that he had just put on, and while still holding him in his arms, separated his legs, showing the middle.

Moya handed the medicine bowl with jade mugwort to Mingya and said, “Can you change to your human shape? Your fingers are thinner, you do it.”

There was a clear smile in Mingya’s eyes, and he nodded diligently. Taking his human form, he dipped his long slender fingers in the medicinal paste and sent it to Lei Jin’s back entrance.

Seemingly having bumped against something, it caused Lei Jin to frown and moan softly. Mingya was so startled that he retracted his fingers and glanced at Lei Jin’s face worriedly. He was afraid that Lei Jin would hit him when he suddenly woke up.

“It’s okay, he’s injured, just be lighter. He drank a lot tonight and won’t wake up so soon.” In addition to being ravished by him today, it was even more difficult for him to wake up.

Only then did Mingya relax, and he dipped the fingers coated in the medicinal paste inside and slowly spread over the inner walls.

Lei Jin’s insides were so hot, Mingya thought dazedly with his fingers buried within.

“Alright, stop thinking nonsense over there. It’s cold at night, don’t let him catch a cold.” Moya looked at his intoxicated little brother with amusement, and felt Lei Jin’s forehead. Fortunately, it held a hint of coolness, it seemed that the first time didn’t hurt him much. He heard from many werebeast friends who had already held the ritual that the females were prone to fever the first time.

“En.” Mingya nodded obediently and carefully applied the medicine for Lei Jin.

After all this was done, Moya helped Lei Jin put on his pants again. Mingya leaned over and kissed Lei Jin’s face lightly, feather light and leaving as soon as his lips touched it, so light it could hardly be felt.

When they came back, Xiya’s expression was much better, he helped wrap Lei Jin in the blanket, and then beckoned Mingya to sleep in the hammock.

“Take care of him tonight.” After Xiya said this, he turned and went to the other side of the bonfire.

“Thank you, eldest brother.” Moya said behind him.

“Hmph, don’t say it too soon. Maybe Lei Jin will like me more at that time.” Xiya turned back and smiled, but deliberately wrinkled his brows.

Moya smiled lightly.

“Tch, you sure know how to smile. Don’t act so proud. No wonder Ah Ma doted on you the most since childhood.” Xiya muttered under his breath, and stretched out his long legs on the other side of the bonfire. Laying back, he seemed to fall asleep quickly after his eyes closed.

Moya then looked down at Lei Jin, who was sleeping peacefully in his arms. This person was destined to not belong to a single one. He just hoped that the three of them would be able to keep him by their side.

“Lei Jin, stay for us.” Moya said softly.

Lei Jin naturally did not respond.

The next day the fire on the grassland had been extinguished, and the people who had moved into the caves in the woods for some time were now also ready to go home. It was a busy scene of people carrying large and small bags, moving with their families back home. Lei Jin slept sweetly for a long time, only to wake up from the sound of cluttered footsteps in the woods.

“You slept really well this time. I called you twice and you were still unmoving.” Seeing that he woke up, Roger had him go wash his face first, and handed him the roast leg of lamb that was still on the fire.

Lei Jin really had nothing to say this time, it was not as if he could shout at Roger: If it wasn’t for your good son, would I be forced to sleep till now? He won’t say this even if it killed him. When he woke up in the morning, he didn’t see even a shadow, a typical example of running away when one has eaten his fill.

“The werebeasts went to clean up the dead herd animals in the grassland early this morning.” Roger said casually.

“Oh.” Seeing that Roger was the same as usual, Lei Jin felt relieved, and lowered his head to eat the lamb leg.

Roger suddenly thought of something, grabbed the leg of lamb from Lei Jin’s mouth, and said, “I didn’t eat breakfast either. I’ll eat lamb leg, and you drink the pheasant soup from the pot.”

“You’re really weird, Roger.” Lei Jin looked at him inexplicably. Just eat it if he wanted, did he need to be in such a hurry?

If I let you eat this lamb leg, you will be the one who will suffer during the next few days. Roger rolled his eyes.

Lei Jin poured a large bowl of pheasant soup for himself, the meat was already simmered, and it melted in his mouth after a few bites.

“Roger, your cooking skills improved.” Lei Jin threw an arm over Roger’s shoulder, as he commented quite sincerely.

“I didn’t make it.” Roger smiled maliciously, poking at his weakness.

Sure enough, Lei Jin immediately fell silent.

After eating, the two of them also started to pack up. Fortunately, they didn’t bring much when they came. The two of them were more than enough to pack it all up quickly. So while their family was not the first to pack up, when they got home, it was not late either.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The whole tribe was covered with thick grass ash, and the moment people walked in, grass ash flew everywhere. As long as you opened your mouth, both your nose and mouth would be covered in it. Lei Jin and Roger choked and coughed until their throats hurt. Covering their faces with their clothes, they ran home quickly. But before reaching the door, Lei Jin was shocked by what he saw at the door of Qi Luo’s house.

Was that two werebeasts who were entangled in the doorway and kissing inextricably? This was okay too?

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 039 Fighting A Battle

Chunji opened his eyes wide and screamed.

After Lei Jin was dragged up by the person, he was pulled into the other’s arms. Lei Jin’s bare back touched the animal skin clothes on the other’s body. It turned out to be a male werebeast! His heart jumped, estimating that he would not be able to wriggle out of this matter easily.

But it had never been his style to wait for death. He was a person who adhered to the principle that even if I am afraid of losing I will not let you win so easily. If you bite me, I will knock out at least a tooth of yours in the process.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin did not hesitate. He pushed his elbows back with force, his movements ruthless and fast, hitting the other’s chest, causing him to grunt and his hold loosen. Lei Jin took the opportunity to whip around quickly and his fist also swung out at the same time. The light in the woods was dim, and he couldn’t see the appearance of the interloper. Lei Jin also didn’t have the time to look closer either. Planning to beat the other down before stopping to talk reason, his fists and kicks rained down even more fiercely. But although the other was tall, he was surprisingly agile as well. Lei Jin didn’t even manage to touch a hair on the other, and he knew that he had met a tough opponent.

As early as the two first engaged in the fight, Chunji, seeing that the situation was not good, picked up his clothes, and ran away without leaving a trace.

Tonight, Lei Jin drank a lot of wine, and his hands and feet were originally feeling a bit weak. And add to the fact that just now Chunji had also ignited his desire but he was interrupted before he could find release. After a few exchanges his strength gradually could not support him any longer. Feeling that escape would be the best policy, he wanted to make a run for it, but he had nothing on right now, so he must run out naked. As Lei Jin fought he gradually retreated, trying to get close to his clothes and find a quick way to get out of here. But while he could take care of one end, he could not the other, and the consequence of Lei Jin’s distraction was that his left wrist was tightly grasped and an arm was wrapped around his waist again. With only his legs left that could still move freely, Lei Jin kicked out at the other in response. The other didn’t seem to expect that Lei Jin still had the strength to resist, and wobbled a bit, falling in Lei Jin’s direction, but even so his grasp on Lei Jin did not let go. 

“Hey…..!” Lei Jin exclaimed. With that figure of yours, do you plan to use me as a meat cushion?

But before he could say anything, the world seemed to spin for a while. At the moment of landing, the upper and lower positions of the two flipped. Lei Jin was held in the other’s arms and the two rolled on the grass a few times, eventually stopping with him still pressed under the other.

The other’s head rested on his shoulder, and when Lei Jin came back to his senses, the side of his hand immediately moved to hit the other.

But then he heard the man lying on top of him saying in his ear, “It’s me.”

Lei Jin took a deep breath and let it out, and then his body relaxed. He lay on the ground and said weakly, “Moya, what the hell?”

Moya half propped himself up, stared into Lei Jin’s eyes and asked, “What were you doing just now?”

Lei Jin raised his eyes to look at Moya and sneered, didn’t he see clearly just now? If he didn’t see what happened, would he have so timely stopped him? Damn it, if it wasn’t for Moya just now, he had already done a round with that Chunji, how could he be pressed down and questioned here. Lei Jin was annoyed, and when he spoke his tone held a trace of sarcasm: “I don’t know what it’s called here. But back in my world, it has too many names, having sex, making love, sleeping with each other, f**king… choose the one you like.”

“Didn’t you just meet him?”

It turned out that he really saw it right. He and Chunji were really about to do that. Just now, in a moment of distraction he had lost Lei Jin in the crowd. His elder brother was pulled aside by his uncle to discuss some matters, so he got up and came searching. Hearing someone say that he saw him and Chunji chatting and laughing together, he already had a feeling in his heart. He had followed Lei Jin’s scent in the woods to find him. Those two thought they were quite discreet but they forgot that werebeasts had keen senses. Especially as Lei Jin slept in his arms every night, he was too familiar with his scent, so how could he not find him.

But recalling the scene he saw just now, Moya still stubbornly pursued the matter.

“You can’t f**k someone you just met?” Lei Jin raised his eyebrows and asked back before continuing: “Even if you don’t know each other, it’s still possible.”

“You want to do it that much?” Moya’s voice deepened.

“That’s right, I think about it every day.” Lei Jin responded bravely and answered without fear of death.

“Then I can help you.” Moya frowned.

Lei Jin chuckled, his free right hand slid down Moya’s back, stopping at his waist, and said, “But I prefer to be the one who enters, would you let me?”

“I’ll help you with my mouth.” Moya struggled for a while before saying.

“As far as your skills are concerned, I have to suffer your teeth every time. I don’t want my d*ck to be bitten off one day.” Lei Jin responded with contempt.

“But every time you enjoy it.” Moya pointed out the truth.

“You…..” Lei Jin choked. Indeed, the facts speak louder than words.

But what kind of person was Lei Jin? How could this matter be difficult for him to overcome? He snorted and said, “It’s better than nothing. When there is no one else, I can only make do with you.”

Moya’s dark green eyes narrowed, his tone becoming a little dangerous, and he asked, “I’m just someone you make do when you have no one else?”

“Otherwise, what do you think?” One must really applaud Lei Jin’s courageous death-defying spirit.

Moya gave him a deep look, and his answer was straightforward and decisive. He wrapped his left arm around his shoulder and his right hand grabbed his chin before lowering his head and kissing him fiercely.

Lei Jin didn’t expect Moya to kiss him without even saying a word. He was stunned for a moment, and then began panicking for no reason, struggling fiercely under Moya’s weight.

“Don’t move…..” Moya breathed harshly.

Not moving would be foolish, as if I would lie here obediently and be pressed down by you?

But Lei Jin immediately realized that he might really be a fool. Under his vigorous struggle, the bodies of the two rubbed closer and closer together, and at this moment Lei Jin still had no clothes on his body, so they were only separated by Moya’s thin layer of animal skin clothes. Lei Jin clearly felt the heat that was pressing to the inside of his thighs become more and more hot as the two bodies rubbed against each other.

Being a man as well, Lei Jin knew exactly what it was. His face darkened, and he gritted his teeth: “Stop making trouble, Moya, get off me quickly.”

Moya didn’t respond, and instead bit the cherry red on Lei Jin’s chest.

Lei Jin felt the sting from the other’s bite, and he couldn’t help but scold: “If you want to go crazy, find someone else.”

Moya was still lying on his chest, and his voice was a little hoarse as he spoke, “No one is making trouble for you.”

“Then get off me.” Lei Jin pushed his shoulder.

“Don’t you want to do it?” Moya didn’t let go, his whole body pressing down on Lei Jin.

“You’re so heavy, do you want to crush me to death?” Lei Jin frowned and grunted.

Moya licked and kissed Lei Jin’s chest, his teeth gnawing lightly on the cherry red on one side, while pinching the other with his fingertips.

“Moya… get off me…..ungh…..” Lei Jin grabbed Moya’s hair but didn’t dare to use force. Although it was basically just decoration for men, he didn’t want his decorations to no longer be symmetrical. He was afraid that Moya would accidentally bite it off. But the sudden pleasure made him arch his back upwards naturally, unintentionally pushing himself closer to Moya’s mouth.

“Hurts…..” The side that was being bitten by Moya stung painfully.

Moya heard this and immediately let go of his teeth and licked it gently with his tongue.

Lei Jin was waiting for this opportunity. He bent his knees and pressed it hard against Moya’s stomach. Moya felt the pain and subconsciously lifted his weight. Lei Jin felt the heavy weight on top of his body lightning and was about to get up.

But Moya responded quickly, grabbed Lei Jin’s ankle, pulled, and rolled him over, pressing him down again.

This time, Lei Jin was even more tragic, because this time he was pressed face down, and he couldn’t even put up a finger of resistance.

Moya began to conquer land, and dropped kisses one by one along Lei Jin’s back. It felt so good that Lei Jin’s scalp went numb, but he was still reluctant to be pressed down like this. He hated the feeling of his body being controlled by another, especially by a man who wanted to f**k him.

Not giving up, Lei Jin raised his head, trying to hit Moya’s chin.

Moya’s right hand that was originally holding Lei Jin’s waist shot forward and grasped Lei Jin’s front, beginning to move up and down.

“En…..” Lei Jin let out a moan, his body going limp on the grass, and there was nothing but panting left in him.

Moya’s hand kept moving at the front, and the tip of his tongue slowly slid down his back, until it reached the depression below Lei Jin’s waist. Lei Jin shivered at the turbid heat on his back, and both of them were breathing hard.

“Moya, stop playing…..” He was going to die. Lei Jin really started to become nervous.

“I will accompany you to finish today.” Moya officially announced in a very solemn tone.

“You try it and see.” Lei Jin said through gritted teeth.

“Since you said so, then I won’t hold back.”


Moya turned him over and directly blocked his next words.

Lei Jin was kissed forcefully and demandingly by Moya, unable to breathe, and his head that had been slightly muddled ftkm drinking began to feel dizzy. He never thought that one day he would be pressed under another man like this, but he was unable to resist, his blood surging in his veins, everything in front of him going hazy.

Moya didn’t speak, just fanned the flames with the sensitive spots on Lei Jin’s chest. The tingling all over his body was unbearable, Lei Jin’s desire was completely ignited, and he couldn’t help twisting a bit under the other’s solid weight.

“En…..” He groaned, but he still managed to hold onto a trace of rationality and tried to avoid Moya.

But Moya had already begun to forget everything else, the hand on Lei Jin’s waist grasped more forcefully, the tip of his tongue teased provocatively, licking down his chest, and finally swallowing Lei Jin’s member. The technique was still not very skilled, but put in much effort and care. The feeling of wetness and high heat did not let Lei Jin keep his rationality for long, and soon his back arched, and he couldn’t help releasing into Moya’s mouth.

His limp body fell back heavily on the grass, and he could no longer find any strength left in him.

“Moya, I will be killed by you sooner or later…..” After finding relief, Lei Jin put one arm over his eyes and said in a hoarse voice.

Moya spit the cloudy liquid from his mouth into his hands, and easily parted Lei Jin’s weak legs, revealing his entrance where he dipped his fingertips covered in the liquid and rubbed gently.

The moment those fingers touched there, Lei Jin’s body froze. He managed to find a bit of strength left, and said in startlement: “That’s enough, no more, Moya.”

“No.” Moya refused. He forced himself to be patient. This was Lei Jin’s first time, so he had to be gentle, but he really couldn’t bear it anymore.

In the next quarter of an hour, Moya’s index finger was inserted straight in with Lei Jin’s body fluids.

The strange feeling of something foreign invading his body made Lei Jin twist uncomfortably, trying to get rid of it.

Moya’s breathing became heavier and heavier, his finger went deeper inside Lei Jin, rubbed against the walls, and was soon followed by a second and a third, until Lei Jin’s entrance could fit in three fingers.

Moya quickly ripped off his clothes, held up Lei Jin’s waist, and knelt between his legs. Lei Jin’s lower half was completely exposed to Moya’s eyes. Lei Jin rarely blushed but he couldn’t help but redden now. He kicked and scolded: “Moya, go die…..”

“Bear with me a bit…..” As soon as Moya finished speaking, his waist sank down heavily, aiming at Lei Jin’s fluttering hole and pushing in hard. But that place was too tight, and Moya’s member was too big, and it only went in a little bit before getting stuck, and both of them were suffering.

Lei Jin only felt a pulling pain at the back, and he couldn’t help looking down at the place where the two connected. It didn’t matter when he didn’t see it, but now that he did see it, the sight almost scared him out of his mind. He endured the pain and scolded: “F**k off, Moya, it’s too big, how could it fit inside?”

Moya was also uncomfortable, but it was also his first time, and he didn’t know what to do. He really wanted to just thrust right in but knew that Lei Jin would not be able to take it.

“Then what should I do?” Moya humbly asked for advice.

“Pull it out.” Lei Jin shouted with wide eyes.

“No.” Moya shook his head, he knew that once he let go, Lei Jin would not let him inside again.

“You better let go.” Lei Jin put strength in his legs on Moya’s shoulders, kicked Moya away, and retreated, ignoring the pain below, and got up to run.

But before he even ran a few steps, Moya, who chased up to him, threw himself over and pressed him down onto the grass again. Moya lifted Lei Jin’s waist from behind and pulled it back, making Lei Jin half-kneel on the ground, with his butt upturned. Grinding his member on the outside of Lei Jin’s little hole, he was about to thrust inside again.

Lei Jin knew that he couldn’t escape today. Rather than dying from pain, he might as well tell Moya what to do so that neither of them would suffer, so he shouted, “Hold on, you should at least lubricate it.”

“How to lubricate?” It was a pity that there was no jade mugwort here. He had tried to lubricate it just now with Lei Jin’s body fluids but it still didn’t seem to work.

“You…..” Lei Jin was dizzy from anger. Did he even have to teach a man how to eat him up? Why was his life so tragic?

Lei Jin struggled twice, and was about to crawl forward again, but Moya quickly restrained him. With Lei Jin’s buttocks shaking in front of him, Moya suddenly seemed to become enlightened. He raised his hands to separate Lei Jin’s buttocks, revealing the little hole in the middle, and stuck out his tongue, tentatively licking it twice, watching as Lei Jin’s little hole fluttered in shock.

“En…..f**k off, Moya.” Lei Jin didn’t expect him to do this, and exclaimed in surprise, unexpectedly feeling pleasure from that sensitive place.

No way, he still couldn’t do it, Lei Jin instinctively wanted to kick the other, but taking the place of Moya’s tongue was his scorching member which rushed in aggressively from behind.


Moya had endured for a long time, and when he came in, feeling the heat and tightness in Lei Jin’s body, he couldn’t help but thrust heavily, with no regular rhythm at all. Lei Jin was pushed forward by his movements, and the cold grass rubbed against his knees, but even so it couldn’t put out the heat behind him.

Lei Jin gasped in pain, cursing the other while gasping for breath. He never knew that it hurt so much to be on the bottom. His body felt like it was literally torn in half, but he clearly remembered that the people who slept with him in the past enjoyed it very much. In the end was it because Moya’s technique was too bad, or was he just not suitable to be on the receiving end?

But Moya felt the opposite. He had finally entered this body, and the feeling was even more addictive than he imagined. There was nothing that made him more excited and satisfied than thrusting freely in this body.

Suddenly touching a spot, Lei Jin groaned, and reflexively clamped down on Moya from behind. Moya knew instinctively that this was the place, and he began to hit that spot inside of Lei Jin with precision.

Lei Jin’s legs went weak, but Moya held him up tighter, and the two connected even deeper together.

Pain mixed with paralyzing pleasure surged upwards, and the body that had always been used to pleasure unconsciously moved with the other’s movements. Lei Jin didn’t have time to curse the other anymore. He was defeated by Moya’s continuous collision. Every time he inserted and pulled out, there was a sloppy sound of wetness, and the two lovers’ erotic gasps echoed in the woods.

Don’t know how long it took, but Lei Jin felt a sudden heat gushing inside. Moya’s desire was finally released, and a continuous stream of heat was sprayed on his sensitive inner walls. Lei Jin’s member, who was originally half-soft from the pain, only to become hard again from the pleasure, also found relief. The white stickiness from the two dripped down Lei Jin’s thigh.

Lei Jin let out a wry chuckle, he did not expect that one day he would also find release from behind.

But before he could think about it for long, Moya became erect inside him again.

“Moya, get out the f**k out of there.” Just once nearly killed him.

“Let me do it again.” Moya sucked on Lei Jin’s earlobe, and turned Lei Jin over while thrusting in deep.

The body fluids inside Lei Jin’s little hole was squeezed out and flowed on the grass.

An uncontrollable pleasure surged in his body, and Lei Jin hugged Moya fiercely, nails scraping Moya’s back painfully, but his hips only pushed in deeper.

After several rounds, Lei Jin was almost killed by Moya. After that, he really had no strength at all. His arms and legs spread carelessly on the grass, and he grimaced in pain when any movement accidentally tugged on that swollen entrance.

“It’s really my luck that you didn’t f**k me to death.” Lei Jin looked up, only a little bit of the starry sky could be seen through the leaves.

“I won’t let you die.” Moya lay beside Lei Jin, his voice husky, but it didn’t lessen the seriousness in his words at all.

Lei Jin snorted and said: “I didn’t expect an ice block to be able say sweet words. But what men say in bed is generally not credible. What I used to say in bed sounded much sweeter than yours. But words aren’t complete. After that, you should say ‘I am not willing to let you die, I will make you feel so good, you’ll see heaven’.”

“I’m serious.” Moya looked directly at him with a very solemn expression.

Lei Jin felt something tug in his heart, it felt a little weird, and he looked away uncomfortably, not wanting to see Moya’s eyes at the moment.

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“You don’t believe me?” asked Moya.

“Does it matter if I believe it? Sooner or later I’ll be leaving.”

“Can’t you stay?” Moya’s voice held a trace of pleading.

“No.” Lei Jin answered quite decisively.

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