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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 019 No Women

After breakfast, Lei Jin once again proposed to go out for a walk, but Roger’s answer was still in disagreement.

Although Lei Jin felt that Roger would not harm him, every time he mentioned going out, Roger unconsciously became nervous, letting him know that Roger must be hiding something from him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But Lei Jin really felt bored. After he arrived at Roger’s house, these past few days were spent only helping Roger water the vegetable garden, helping Roger with cooking, taking a bath by the creek at night, and coming back to hug the little guy for a night’s sleep till dawn.

Speaking of this bath, Lei Jin was now only going over as soon as it got dark. He was afraid that he would encounter the same situation as last time. Although he did not mind, it was hard to guarantee whether the other side would not be angry and drive him out. Now then he would really be in trouble.

Although when he was an orphan, he had been out in society by himself, but that was still a place familiar to him, unlike now, he couldn’t even speak the language let alone understand the ins and outs.

Lei Jin sat on the threshold in a daze, the little guy rubbed his palm with his furry little head every once in a while.

Lei Jin finally couldn’t help laughing, took him in his arms, and kneaded his slender fingers gently along his back. The little guy was so comfortable he actually fell asleep, Lei Jin sighed and said, “Little guy, I really want to go out for a walk, what is this world like? Why does Roger’s expression look so strange whenever I mention going out?”

Mingya turned over, licked Lei Jin’s face, and thought to himself: Papa of course can’t let you go out. You are a female without a male werebeast now, and you will definitely be taken away by other werebeasts without a female when you go out.

Eldest Brother and Second Brother said that other than the first night, their female was still very alert when he slept, and their werebeast scent on him was already so faint it was barely noticeable.

“Do you want to go out and see that much?” Seeing Lei Jin frowning all the time today, Roger knew what he was thinking. He was like that when he first came here. He also wanted to understand the world and find a way back.

“I just want to go out for a walk, doing nothing every day, I am practically suffocating.” Lei Jin stood up from the threshold with the little guy in his arms, and paced two steps back and forth in the yard a little irritably.

“Okay.” Since it was time to face the reality sooner or later, it was better to know it earlier, to be mentally prepared earlier, and to have vigilant alert against his sons. Seeing how ignorant he was every day, Roger was also a little anxious for him. After all, he knew his own sons very well. Once they really make a move, don’t even mention Xiya and Moya not leaving him a way out. Even his youngest son, who might still be young and liked to act like a spoiled child, but his instinct as a male werebeast was not lacking at all.

“Moya will go out to collect firewood after lunch, you can go out with him.”


Lei Jin hadn’t reacted yet. He could only understand the gist of what Roger said now, but sp long as the sentences were longer, he would have to take a while to understand. But Mingya had already heard it in his ears. When Lei Jin didn’t pay attention, he slipped out from Lei Jin’s arms, ran to Roger’s side, raised his small paws, and tugged at Roger’s trouser legs.

“How many times have I said it, call me Papa.” Roger’s eyes narrowed and he twisted his little son’s ear.

“Papa.” Mingya pouted in an aggrieved manner, why did other people’s children called Ah Me, but their family they had to call Papa. Ah Me is too fierce.

“Papa, what if our female is taken away?”

“You think your second brother is a little idiot like you.” Apart from this youngest son, he was not at all worried about those two older sons. With those two around, if Lei Jin couldn’t go back, he would definitely be only his sons’ female. As for other possibilities, Roger didn’t even need to think about it.

Lei Jin thought about it for a while, and then he realized that he could go out. The clouds and fog on his face disappeared in an instant, his expression brightening like the moon. He gave Roger a hug, patted his shoulder heartily, and said with a smile: “Thank you, Roger.”

An Luo came out of the room at that time. Seeing this, he frowned in confusion, thinking to himself: What is the female brought by his sons doing, what is so exciting?

Seeing An Luo frowning, Lei Jin understood immediately. After all, his lover was being hugged by another man, any man would be jealous. Lei Jin winked at Roger suggestively, let him go, and cast him a look that said “Everyone here is a man, I understand”.

Roger was confused by him, followed Lei Jin’s eyes to see An Luo, and sighed heavily. He couldn’t help but curse in his heart: Lei Jin, you don’t understand a damn thing!

After all, although he didn’t say anything about his affairs with An Sen and An Luo, he didn’t deliberately hide it. Lei Jin finding out was reasonable, but Lei Jin, how could An Luo be feeling jealousy about you, in the eyes of male werebeasts, we are both females, so don’t even mention seeing us hugging, even seeing us sleeping on the same bed without clothes on, they would only think that we are good friends, and probably won’t think about other things. What could two females do together?

“Qi Luo, you’re here.” Seeing someone pushing in the door, An Luo called out.

The person who came was their neighbor, the young man who led Lei Jin to Roger’s house that day, Qi Luo. Behind him also followed a few tall male werebeasts.

“Second Uncle An.” Qi Luo greeted him respectfully. The other people also voiced greetings one after another.

But since they came in, the eyes of these male werebeasts were practically glued to Lei Jin, who looked at Roger in confusion and frowned.

The rumor had already spread in the tribe that Mingya came back from training with a beautiful female, but many people have never seen it for themselves. Today, everyone happened to be together. When the conversation came to this topic, Qi Luo mentioned that he had seen this female. When the female entered the tribe, he was the one who showed him the way.

Although they didn’t intend to snatch him for themselves, everyone would just be happy to meet the rumored beautiful female. The several people decided, and Qi Luo took the lead immediately, so they all came over together.

As expected, he was as beautiful as the rumors, his skin was smooth and fair. Looking even softer than those clothes worn by females in the tribe, black hair, black eyes. Such a rare eye color, they looked very bright, like the starry sky at night, mysterious and beautiful. His figure also looked very healthy, and would definitely give birth to strong offspring.

This was practically the most beautiful female the tribe had seen since Xiya’s Ah Ma came.

Why was Xiya’s family so lucky? Every time a beautiful female from outside was always picked up by them.

No matter how shameless Lei Jin was, he also felt a little uncomfortable to be looked at by so many eyes, and these people’s eyes, why did they feel like they were full of tenderness and envy? Just like the way some men looked at women in his previous life.

What the hell was with the tenderness and envy? He was not a woman, and he was not narcissistic enough to think his appearance was to the point where even men could be attracted to him. Weird, something weird was absolutely going on. Could it be that the women in this world were already scarce to such an extent that these tall and strong men had to start looking at weaker men?

“Beautiful female, what’s your name?” A red-haired werebeast seemed to summon up his courage, his face flushed redder than his hair. He took two steps forward, and the corners of his mouth stiffly into what he thought was a very charming smile.

Female, what the hell kind of title was this?

“Hello, I’m Lei Jin.” Lei Jin still nodded and smiled, and habitually stretched out his right hand.

The red-haired werebeast Kai was at a loss for a moment, staring at the small white hand in front of him, what did this female mean?

Under the eyes of other male werebeasts, either jealous or envious, Kai tentatively tried to touch that hand, only to feel pain in his foot. Mingya was waving his small paws to greet him, baring his teeth: “He is our female.”

Lei Jin only felt something tighten on his wrist, and he was grabbed and pulled over by the person behind him.


Moya’s dark green eyes had flames crackling in them.

“Papa, I want to tell him.” If he didn’t tell him, this female would be taken advantage of by everyone in his ignorance, and even think he had earned a good deal. The words were addressed to Roger.

“Tell me what?” Lei Jin wanted to break free of the hold on his wrist. But it was held tighter, like a pair of pliers. Lei Jin tried his best and didn’t manage to shake it in the slightest bit, and was a little startled for a while. He actually had no power to fight back under Moya’s hands.

“Roger, you tell him to let me go, I’m not his woman, that I need his consent to shake hands with others?” Roger, you are at least his stepmother, say something. Lei Jin shouted in his heart.

“Lei Jin.” Roger had a rare serious expression on his face, calling him solemnly, then looked at his second and youngest sons, as if he had made up his mind.

“The following words, I will speak very slowly, I hope you can understand clearly.”

“What are you talking about, Roger, why are you being so solemn?” Lei Jin snorted, but he felt a little unsettled in his heart. He intuitively knew that the following words were not what he wanted to hear. Roger seemed to be about to tell him something very serious. And he would very likely understand a lot of things he hadn’t before, but it was definitely not a good thing for him, otherwise, Roger’s eyes would not be so sharp and solemn.

“Lei Jin, I’ll just say it once, listen carefully, there are no women in this world.”

“No women? Roger, you’re kidding, without women how could there be children. Unless you are saying man jumped out of a crack in a stone?” Because Roger spoke slowly, Lei Jin understood it almost immediately. He pointed to these people and asked.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“There are no women, but there are people who can have children, and that is…..a female.” Roger didn’t fully understand what he said, but he understood it from his gestures.

“Female? What is that?” Wait, what did they call me just now? Female? In their eyes, he was a female who could give birth to their children?

All of you, go die! Lei Jin exploded.

TN: sorry for the confusion, the natives of this world call the person (‘female’) who gave birth to them Ah Ma. But in Roger’s household, Ah Ma and Papa will be used interchangeably.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 018 Lei Jin’s Conclusion

Tonight, Lei Jin habitually went to the innermost room to sleep, but was stopped by Moya. Lei Jin looked at him with confusion. In this family, Moya was probably the only person who hardly ever talked to him. Every time he saw him, he was always very cold and even if he had to speak to him, he always used the most succinct way.

Lei Jin wondered if it was because he acted too lecherous when he saw him on the first day, and he was disgusted by it. But what was done was done, like spilled water, and he couldn’t take it back, so he could only take one step at a time. Now, he didn’t hope to hook up, he just hoped that he wouldn’t be hated by the other.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

So now being pulled aside by Moya, Lei Jin was both surprised and confused.

“Did you need something from me?” Lei Jin said this very fluently. He was sure that Moya could understand it, but Moya just glanced at him and didn’t say anything. He just took a bag from the windowsill and stuffed it into his arms.

Lei Jin was very curious about what Moya would give him. Just as he was about to open it, he heard Moya coldly say, “Go back to the room inside to sleep. I’m going to sleep now.”

Lei Jin cursed inwardly, you think I’m all that willing to come, weren’t you the one who brought me here, and now you are driving me away. Well, too bad, I won’t go, what kind of person do you take me for? Coming and going with just a call? This was practically bullying.

Lei Jin simply sat down on the edge of the bed. In fact, there was only a table left in the room besides this bed, without even a chair in sight. So it was not like he could sit on the table.

Lei Jin smirked and said, “Actually, there is no need for taboos between two men, I can sleep anywhere, so how about I sleep with you in this room tonight?”

Since you hate me, I’ll let you hate me to your heart’s content.

Lei Jin’s words was a mix of newly learned words with the Mandarin he was familiar with, but the most important words “sleep together”, Moya still understood. Moya also knew that this person and his Ah Ma come from the same place, and in that world, these females couldn’t have children, but let others have children for them. So this person’s previous behavior was not to tease him from a female’s point of view, so this ‘sleeping together’ he spoke of should also likely be meaningless.

Moya was annoyed sometimes, he wished to tell him everything and transform his body so that he could stay with them forever, but he was also worried about what happened with Ah Ma back then repeating itself with them. He feared that he would not be able to accept it, and insisted on going back to his original world.

Seeing him like this at this time, he suddenly had the intention of teasing, a rare smile appearing on the corners of his lips: “Okay, then shall we sleep here? Do you want me to help change your clothes?” As he spoke, his hands already reached towards Lei Jin’s chest.

Lei Jin immediately slapped his hands away quickly, stood up in one step, then felt like he was making too big of a deal, and explained sheepishly: “Forget it. I’d better go back to the room inside and sleep with the little guy. You are too hard and not as comfortable to hold as the little guy.”

He saw Moya’s unfriendly attitude and couldn’t help deliberately contradicting him just now. Lei Jin didn’t want to admit that after he saw Roger with An Sen and An Luo together that night it had left a psychological shadow on him. He wanted to gain a foothold in this world but didn’t want to use this kind of method to do so.

At first, he didn’t feel anything, just felt surprised that it was this kind of relationship. Later, Lei Jin thought about it, and it seemed that since he entered this village, he had never seen a woman once. Although he had never gone out since he arrived at this house, after walking such a long way into the village, and not even seeing a single woman, plus there was also no woman in this family. Additionally, he also hadn’t seen a woman visit this family in the past few days either. So there was only one possibility to explain all of this. The ratio of males to females here was very unbalanced. Women were likely a precious species that was protected and hidden at home. And since there were no women, men were used as women. Roger was like this.

If Roger knew what Lei Jin was thinking, he would probably want to pummel Lei Jin’s head.

Thinking of this possibility, Lei Jin was also very depressed. You must know that although he was bisexual, he still liked the soft body of a woman more than the rigid body of a man, and he liked children quite a bit as well. No one stipulated that a mob boss should be cold-blooded and ruthless, right? He liked children and originally, he thought that when he turned 30 years old, he would settle down and marry a wife and raise a few children, but now he came here inexplicably, not to mention that there was also a lack of women here. As he was now, powerless and penniless, coupled with this second-class crippled height of his, he could just imagine how difficult it would be to find a woman to be his wife.

But no matter how difficult it would be, he didn’t want to stay here and be used by others as a woman. Roger was a lesson to be learned. Not only was he pressed down by men, he was also pressed down simultaneously by two men. That was pitiful enough, and Lei Jin didn’t want to fall to that point one day. So Lei Jin felt that it was necessary to keep a distance from these men, lest his anal virginity be lost.

Although he didn’t mean to think bad things about people, Lei Jin was not related to this family. Just because he came from the same world as Roger, the family accepted him without any objection? This in itself was an open question.

After Lei Jin finished speaking, without waiting for Moya to speak, he waved his hand casually, and walked quickly back to the room inside.

Mingya rushed over, Lei Jin hugged it, and went to bed together.

It was only at this time that Lei Jin remembered that there was something from Moya in his arms.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The outside seemed to be covered with a layer of pliable bark, and when he peeled it open, it turned out to be some wild fruit inside. They looked to be already ripe, with plump and bright purple skin, and each was the size of a plum. Lei Jin took one and tried a bite. The skin was thin and the inside was red and juicy. It was very sweet and a little sour, but in short, it peaked one’s appetite, and Lei Jin ate five to six in a row before stopping.

In fact, Lei Jin’s presumptuous conclusion was overturned the next day. Not only was it overturned, but it was overturned a direct 180. The truth of the matter was 10,000 times more tragic than he could have ever thought.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 017 Choice

The next day, when Lei Jin saw Roger, he felt a little awkward. After all, he watched the whole performance the night before. Although Roger and the others didn’t know about it, Lei Jin still felt a little awkward, especially after he accidentally caught a glimpse of Roger’s neckline where bruises and purple hickeys could not be covered, especially on Roger’s fair skin. Looking at the two sturdy middle-aged men on the side, en, having to satisfy two, Roger really has a hard time. There always has to be a price for an outsider to gain a foothold in an unfamiliar place it seemed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When Lei Jin glanced at Roger’s neckline for the third time, even if Roger was a dead man he would still have caught on. He lowered his head and tugged awkwardly at his neckline, but secretly gave fierce glares at An Sen and An Luo.

Damn male werebeasts, just how many years has it been, the three children have already grown up, yet the interest of these two beasts was still undiminished. Last night, he said that he didn’t want to do it but once he went to bed, he was still teased into arousal by the two. And it wasn’t enough to toss him about on the bed for a long time, even though it was agreed that they were just going to take a bath. Don’t know what had gotten into them, pressing him directly in the creek and doing it a few more times, from the water to the shore. When did he finally fall asleep? He didn’t know, but he remembered that An Sen was still thrusting vigorously in his body the moment he passed out.

He had a sore back now, and his legs had fine tremors even when he was sitting. Wasn’t it just another person from the same world? Did they have to go that far? Afraid that he would run away like he did back then? But where could he go now even if he ran away? It had been almost twenty years since he arrived in this world. If the time of the two worlds was synchronized, no one should know him even if he went back. But here there was his family, and he has said it many times, but the beast was a beast, though they have the appearance of a human, the structure of their brains was fundamentally different, and it was impossible to communicate.

But this Lei Jin, Roger really had a headache. From his own standpoint, of course he wanted him to stay. After all, he was from the same world, and it was good to have someone to speak with who could understand him. Moreover, his three children obviously already started treating him as their female, but this Lei Jin obviously just came to this world, and had barely seen a few people, let alone know the things of this world. He was probably still thinking about going back.

It was still not too late now, after all, he had the same experience before. He understood that as a normal man, no one would want to be pressed under another man every day, and even give birth to children, right?

Lei Jin’s body hadn’t been transformed yet. He could leave this place completely now, and even find a way back, because he knew where to go back, so should he tell him?

But seeing Xiya, who was obviously nervous, Moya, who unconsciously revealed a pleading look, and Mingya, who was currently licking his little paws and laying in Lei Jin’s arms, should he be a father who could satisfy his children?

Roger felt himself caught in a dilemma.

Lei Jin didn’t know what Roger was thinking now. After dinner, Lei Jin looked at the animal skin clothes on his body, pulled Roger aside, pointed to his clothes, and pointed to Roger’s.

Fortunately, Roger was not stupid. He knew that Lei Jin wanted to change his clothes. After so many years, Roger still didn’t like animal skin clothes, and had only gotten used to it out of necessity.

Roger led Lei Jin into the room to change into his clothes, and Mingya also came in from behind. Roger glanced at him, at his still ignorant young son, and then at Lei Jin, who had no idea, ai…..

Roger was about the same size as Lei Jin, and their stature was also the same. Roger chose a pair of trousers and a top from the closet that he didn’t wear much. After thinking about it, he also took a pair of shorts and handed them to him.

Lei Jin took off the animal skins right in front of Roger and Mingya. Roger was fine, but Mingya was circling around Lei Jin with his tail wagging, watching with great enjoyment.

Roger really couldn’t bear to see that dumb look on his youngest son’s face. Pulling him by the ears he sent him out the door.

“Ah Ma, open the door, why won’t you let me in?” Mingya clawed at the crack of the door, trying to squeeze in, but Roger slapped him out unceremoniously.

Roger thought about telling his sons not to make a move on Lei Jin in these few days, and let Lei Jin figure out the current situation before making a choice.

In the next few days, Roger consciously taught Lei Jin to speak the language here. Fortunately, Lei Jin’s language ability was not bad. After ten days, Lei Jin had basically learned some words that he could use during everyday life. But Lei Jin hadn’t been out once during these days. He originally wanted to go out for a walk and see what kind of world this was, but Roger refused. Xiya and Moya went out these two days, and according to Roger’s words, the meaning was similar to hunting, which was how Lei Jin understood it. After all, Lei Jin still didn’t quite understand certain words if they had a little more deeper meaning.

An Sen also went out, and only An Luo was left at home. Mingya, Lei Jin and Roger.

An Luo had been weaving fishing nets for the past few days. Lei Jin saw that An Luo was tall and sturdy, but he did not expect that he could also do these delicate tasks without any trouble either. In just two days, the fishing net in An Luo’s hand was almost woven and quite finely done too. He would look up at Roger from time to time, and Lei Jin thought that their relationship should be quite close.

Lei Jin’s main job these days was to accompany Roger to carry water from the creek to water the vegetables in the yard. Roger’s right hand seemed to have been injured before, and though it wasn’t noticeable normally, one could see it when he did some physical work. So Lei Jin had him wait with the watering ladle in the vegetable field, while he carried two wooden buckets to the stream to fetch water.

Back and forth four or five times, and the small vegetable garden was completely watered.

Mingya followed behind Lei Jin while Lei Jin carried the water. He would use his head to push on the bottom of the bucket to help relieve the weight, but it didn’t relieve it at all. And instead, even got himself covered in water for the trouble. Lei Jin patted him on the head and had him go play by himself as two buckets of water were nothing to him. He didn’t expect for the other to come back after only a short while. He had always been alone. But this little guy liked to stick to him so Lei Jin also let him. Even feeling that it was not bad to have the little guy by his side all the time. Although Roger treated him well, most of the time An Sen and An Luo were by his side. Lei Jin now knows their relationship, so naturally he couldn’t bother them too much. Fortunately, this little guy stayed by his side day and night, and could be considered as a companion.

As for Xiya and Moya, although he still appreciated their looks, he still hasn’t managed to think of a good way to make them lie down obediently and be pushed down by him. It was definitely not possible to use force. He had quite the self-awareness regarding their size and strength difference, and now he also did not have a group of subordinates to help him. So Lei Jin had to temporarily suppress this thought.

After eating barbecue for several days in a row, Lei Jin was really tired. At noon, he decided to improve his life a little bit, but after he went to the kitchen to look around, he only saw a simply made stone stove with a large iron pot on it. Basically, there was nothing to use, let alone rice and noodles, only salt, and some powdery things that should be seasonings. Lei Jin didn’t recognize any of it, and he didn’t dare to use the ingredients rashly.

Lei Jin didn’t know it but Roger was a person who never entered the kitchen before, so even after coming here for so many years, the dietary conditions of this family have not improved much, and was basically similar to other families. In fact, because this family’s cooking was done by An Sen and An Luo’s clumsy hands and feet, their food was much more crude than other families’.

An Luo cut the wild boar into small pieces. Lei Jin first put the fat meat in the pot and boiled out the oil, then added other meat and fried it all together until golden brown. The smell of the pork was very delicious. He picked up a piece for the little guy next to him to taste, added water and then continued to cook, and after the pot was on boil, he added some wild vegetables picked by Roger.

Lei Jin tasted it himself first. After all, he hadn’t made food himself for many years. He learned this craft when he first stepped out into society. He hadn’t cooked for many years. The meat was stewed very soft and though only salt was added, it was boiled for a long time, and the soup was also very thick. The taste was quite delicious, the wild vegetables were soaked in oil and water, and appeared appetizing as well.

Lei Jin rummaged in the kitchen and found a flat bread in a cupboard. They looked a little black, but Lei Jin tore them open, took a look and smelled them again. It hadn’t gone bad, maybe the flour was just black. He threw them into the pot together with meat.

Just as the pot was about finished, the three people who had been out for two days came back. And also brought back a lot of prey. Lei Jin glanced at it and made a rough estimate. There were two wild boars, one musk deer, two antlered deer, and some wild rabbits and pheasants tied to a string.

An Sen also brought a large bag of wild fruits to Roger. Lei Jin saw that though Roger had a picky look, he quickly took one and stuffed it into his mouth, with a smile at the corner of his eyes.

The three of them went back to the room, changed their clothes, and washed their hands. Maybe it was because of Roger. The family didn’t look very wealthy, but everyone kept themselves tidy and clean. Maybe it was because Lei Jin lived in a poor place when he was a child, so when he grew up, he couldn’t stand messy things even more. In a word, he was quite satisfied with this family.

When the food came to the table, the family looked with quite novelty at this dish, as most of the prey they brought back was usually cooked over the fire. Or it was directly boiled in the pot, but this method was obviously not the same as theirs. Moya heard that it was made by Lei Jin and served himself a bowl. His expression did not change, but he nodded his head, and quickly finished eating and went to serve himself a second bowl.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The rest of the family and the little guy only liked to eat meat, so Lei Jin served the vegetables and bread into his and Roger’s bowls.

Roger hadn’t eaten such food for many years. He felt a little emotional for a while, and he really hoped that Lei Jin could stay in this family.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 016 Be Careful At Night

Lei Jin slept for a long time, and when he woke up again, he felt that his whole body was sore from sleep. The fluffy feeling in his arms was already familiar and Lei Jin knew that the little guy had squeezed into his arms again. Since he came to this world, he already knew that it would be difficult to become the leader of the Qingyan Gang again. No one knew him, so naturally no one was enemies with him, and his vigilance seemed to have weakened a bit. Several times, this little guy had burrowed into his arms in the middle of the night without him ever realizing it. Of course, it did not rule out that maybe he was already too familiar with the little guy and had no precautions at all.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Now that he woke up, Lei Jin was going to take a bath. When he saw the stream during the day, he already felt the urge, but he was so sleepy he couldn’t keep his eyes open. He also felt that it was a bit too much to undress and take a bath in front of others when they had just met.

But now that he had slept enough, he was already at the limit regarding the fact that he hadn’t taken a bath for three days. Lei Jin felt that all the pores in his body were clogged, and if he didn’t take a bath he wouldn’t be able to breathe anymore.

Lei Jin got out of bed lightly, but Mingya was still woken up.

“Mingya’s female, what are you going to do?” Mingya rubbed his eyes and asked in a daze.

“I’m going to take a bath by the creek, and I’ll be back in a while.” Although Lei Jin couldn’t understand what it said, he probably knew the question. He smoothed the fur down his back and motioned him to go back to sleep quickly.

Mingya let out a contented purr, rubbed his female, and soon fell asleep. Mingya knew that the little stream was right outside the house, and the other male werebeasts would not pass by at night, so there was nothing to worry about.

Lei Jin picked up the animal skin jacket that he had thrown aside and wanted to put it on, but when he lifted it up under his nose and smelled it, he decided against it. Instead, he planned on asking Roger if he had any clothes he could borrow. He saw today that Roger was wearing cloth clothes. Although he didn’t know what material it was, he was sure it wasn’t animal skins.

Lei Jin thought to himself, since there was no one at night anyway, he’ll just go out naked.

The two adjacent rooms were only separated by a curtain hung up with a rope. When Lei Jin came out, he realized that Moya was sleeping next door. The moonlight was very good tonight, and Lei Jin could see very clearly. Moya was wearing only a pair of shorts, while the rest of his body was exposed. One arm was on the pillow, and the other was hanging naturally by his side. His mid-length black hair was spread out on the pillow, and he was facing the wall. He sure slept deeply, but what was on Moya’s back? It seemed to be a tattoo, or a pattern? Lei Jin took two steps quietly, wanting to take a closer look. At this time, Moya turned over seemingly subconsciously and faced towards the outside. Lei Jin was taken aback. He saw that Moya didn’t wake up, but he didn’t dare to stay for long, and went out on tiptoes.

At the outermost room when he saw Xiya sleeping, Lei Jin was no longer so surprised.

Lei Jin thought to himself that this was probably the new house that the family prepared for their son to live in after marriage. This place was so poor, it was likely not easy to have a house for every son, so each son got a room instead. But Lei Jin frowned and looked at the rope curtain hanging on the door. Even if they were poor, why not at least add a door? Like this it was quite inconvenient for a couple to do something at night.

Any small movement would be overheard by the next door. But it was still quite interesting, Lei Jin thought a little wickedly, he didn’t mind listening to an erotic show, but he didn’t know if the woman who marries into this family would mind or not.

With Moya as a lesson learned, now, Lei Jin didn’t dare to look at Xiya any more, though he still couldn’t help but glance briefly. Xiya slept without any clothes on at all.

F**k, that size was really big enough for your future wife to enjoy. Lei Jin touched his chin, indicating that his examination was complete.

It had already passed 3am, and the moon was not full tonight, but fortunately, the weather was clear and there was not a single cloud. The moonlight spilled downwards, providing some light, and the buzzing of insects could be heard.

The dew at night had already formed, and when Lei Jin stepped on the grass with bare feet, he could feel the cold and wet.

A gust of wind blew, and Lei Jin had a strange illusion. He felt that the small hole behind him was very cool, a coolness that radiated from the inside to the outside. Lei Jin felt that something was wrong. He looked around and saw that there was no one there. He then simply sat down on the spot and spread his legs. Of course, he couldn’t see anything so he could only try with his fingers. It was hot and slippery inside.

Lei Jin had touched this place on other people before, but he had never touched his own. This feeling was too weird. Forget it, it was not a big deal anyway. Lei Jin pulled out his finger, got up and patted his bottom. Continuing on his way to the small creek.

Completely unaware that the scene just now had fallen into the eyes of others. For many years to come, this scene would continue to be staged.

Bathing, making love, eating, sleeping, were the four pleasures in Lei Jin’s life, of which bathing was undoubtedly the first.

The creek under the moonlight was especially transparent and clear.

Lei Jin slid into the water very lightly, without causing a splash of water. He first stood in the shallow water by the shore and rubbed his body up and down, until his body felt clean and refreshed. Just as he was about to swim back and forth, he heard footsteps approaching.

Although the sound was not loud, Lei Jin’s ears could still be considered keen, and it was easy to hear that it was two people.

The new arrivals went into the water not far from Lei Jin.

Unfamiliar with this place, Lei Jin was not sure who came, so he decided to hide behind the grass and watch for changes.

Lei Jin held his breath, quietly lying in the dense grass by the stream.

“F**k off, haven’t you had enough yet?”

It was Roger’s voice. Although his voice was a little hoarse, he just heard it today, and Lei Jin believed that he wouldn’t have heard it wrong. What was Roger doing here so late?

Lei Jin pulled away the grass and quietly stuck his head out.

Not expecting such a scene before his eyes, Lei Jin was shocked.

Because the distance was too close, Lei Jin could see quite clearly.

It turned out to be three people, all without clothes. An Sen and An Luo were standing in the water. The stream was so shallow that it only reached above their waists. And the one sandwiched between them turned out to be…..Roger.

Roger was currently naked and flushed, his upper body lying in An Sen’s arms, his snow pale slender legs resting on An Luo’s arms. An Luo’s fingers were playing in the small hole behind Roger, and with the movements of his fingers white liquid flowed out. Something seeming to have been touched inside of him, Roger’s body trembled obviously, and he groaned heavily. Standing behind him, An Sen seemed to be unable to bear it any longer. His big hand clasped at Roger’s waist and with a push, he thrust in.

At this time, An Luo’s fingers also pulled out, and was rubbing Roger’s front instead.

Roger’s snow pale body looked as flexible and soft as a white snake in the moonlight, twisting between the two, his voice was low and hoarse, and he moaned loudly.

Those fiery gasps and moans seemed to echo in Lei Jin’s ears, making his whole body feel like it had caught on fire.

But now, even more so, Lei Jin didn’t dare to speak out. And don’t know if it was his imagination or not, but he kept getting the feeling that An Sen had looked at him with an unclear meaning in his gaze.

From the water to the shore again, the battle was extremely passionate, causing Lei Jin to cover his nose, for fear that a nosebleed would really flow down. If that happened then it would be a real embarrassment.

Lei Jin didn’t know how long they had tossed about, but only knew that when they left, Roger had already fallen asleep due to exhaustion, and was carried away in An Luo’s arms.

Lei Jin rubbed his numb legs, sat on the grass by the stream, and didn’t get up for a long time.

Earlier Roger gave him the appearance of a hot-tempered guy, and he didn’t expect the other to play so wildly like this in private. Even when he was at his most promiscuous, Lei Jin never tried a threesome. Damn, Roger, I admire you.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But he really didn’t expect that Roger and the owners of this house would have this kind of relationship. It also did not look like the first time either. Brothers Xiya and Moya could actually accept this kind of relationship?

En, this world was quite tolerant, and Lei Jin now had a better understanding of this world.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 015 Fellow Compatriot

Except for Mandarin, other languages were like listening to heavenly books for Lei Jin, but English was quite common everywhere, so even if he couldn’t speak it, he could understand a few sentences, for example, hello, thank you, and those swear words, Lei Jin felt that he could speak them all quite fluently. So he would never have misheard the word “sh*t” just now.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Before Xiya and the others could react, they saw their female jump up and run outside like the wind.

Mingya, who was still in his arms, was glad that he jumped down in time, otherwise he would have been thrown to the ground by his female.

As soon as Lei Jin ran to the door, he and the person who was about to enter collided together head-on.

The rattan basket in the hands of the new arrival fell to the ground, and the wild vegetables in the basket all fell to the ground.

The two fell back respectively and into the arms of the people behind them.

Roger clutched his forehead, his eyes only seeing black for a while, and he couldn’t help but yell: “F**ker, who doesn’t have eyes and dares to hit me at the door of my house?”

“Ah Ma…..” Mingya was about to say something.

“How many times have I said it, call me Papa.” Roger broke free from the arms of the male werebeast behind him and looked down at his little son. The most troublesome one was this little idiot. What damn tribe rules that said that newly adult werebeasts must go out to hunt alone once, and come back with their prey to be recognized. Tch, what did his son need their recognition for. He already had two capable sons, and so long as the youngest stupid son was fine and healthy, he was satisfied.

“Let me see if there is any injury?” Roger grabbed Mingya’s two front paws and touched it up and down. He breathed a sigh of relief, fortunately, there was no injury at all, and it seemed that he had even gained weight. Roger held him in his arms and tested the weight.

“By the way, who was the blind fool that hit me just now?” After confirming that his son came back safely, the next step was to find and settle the account with a certain someone. Who let him be in a bad mood today, and got right in the path of his fire.

Lei Jin was not sure now. Because he didn’t understand a word that came out of that person just now, and Lei Jin, who was just staring at the person who came, didn’t notice that he was now in Moya’s arms.

When Roger saw the only stranger here, and the bath towel exposed at Lei Jin’s waist because of the collision, his eyes suddenly flickered.

“You…..where are you from?” Roger asked him tentatively in English.

Lei Jin looked at him blankly, unable to understand.

“Are you also from that world?” Japanese.

Lei Jin was still at a loss and didn’t understand.

“China?” Roger tried his best to make his pronunciation more accurate.

“Yes, yes.” Lei Jin nodded hurriedly, his eyes shining. He had finally found a compatriot. Although the pronunciation was a bit strange, he could understand those two words clearly.

“How did you get here?” Lei Jin was about to go forward and have a good conversation with his fellow compatriot, only to realize that he was in the arms of the black-haired youth.

“Dear, let go, this brother will love you later.” Lei Jin took advantage l of the language barrier to get in a cheeky word.

But he forgot that someone understood.

Moya frowned, looked at Mingya, and gestured for him to translate.

Mingya glanced at their female unwillingly, he had never called Mingya that way. But still obediently translated Lei Jin’s words as they were.

When Moya heard the words, he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Luo Jie didn’t care what these sons were thinking now, he only cared about whether this person was from the same world as him.

He pulled Lei Jin to sit under the tree, and the two planned to have a good conversation, so tragedy happened.

Lei Jin couldn’t understand English. Roger’s Chinese was also limited to a few simple words: hello, thank you, have you eaten?

Fortunately, the two come from the same world. Although their cultural background was not the same, there was still a way to communicate.

Roger pointed to Lei Jin, what is your name?

“Lei Jin.” This Lei Jin understood, when two people meet, they must first exchange names.

“Ray…..” Roger tried to pronounce.

“Lei…..Jin…..” Lei Jin slowly pronounced word by word.


Lei Jin nodded, yes.

“Roger,” Roger pointed to himself.




Finally, the two exchanged names with difficulty.

Roger pointed to Lei Jin, and then pointed into the distance. The meaning being where did you come from.

This Lei Jin also understood. Lei Jin picked up a branch and drew on the dirt ground, one tree, two trees. A group of trees was a forest. I came from the forest.

Roger nodded, indicating that he understood.

Lei Jin also nodded, oh, you also came from the forest, I understand.

The two gestured with hands and feet, talking with pseudo sign language, and generally understood each other, somewhat.

Lei Jin showed Roger the bath towel in his arms, indicating that this was the only thing he brought.

Roger thought Lei Jin wanted to give it to him, took it, and untied the pocket watch that he had been carrying all these years around his neck and gifted it to him in return.

Completely ignoring the panicked gazes of the four people present. They also saw at this time that the two were from the same place, although they didn’t know where that place was, and they didn’t seem to belong to any tribe on this continent, but that place was where Roger (Ah Ma) had never stopped wanting to go back all these years.

Only Mingya looked at this one, looked at that one, completely unaware of what happened.

Lei Jin was excited to finally find a compatriot in this strange world.

Roger was also feeling lucky that he finally met a fellow compatriot from the same place after so many years.

But at this time, when Lei Jin calmed down, he noticed something else. How could this Roger look so similar to that black-haired youth? They both have black hair and dark green eyes. It was just that this Roger looked older than that young man. But other than that, they were really similar. He wondered how they were related. There were also the two people behind, one with golden blond hair and violet eyes, and one with silver blonde hair and blue eyes. They looked older, and both were tall and strong, they should be the fathers of this family, right?

Father, son, there were no women in this family, Lei Jin made a preliminary judgment, but what was Roger’s role in this family?

Lunch was eaten in the yard. The family set up a fire directly in the yard and roasted a wild boar. Six grown men and…..a little beast. It seemed that the family really loved this little guy, and didn’t even forget to add a place for him to eat. But with Roger’s persevering efforts, Lei Jin already knew that this little guy was called Mingya. The golden blond youth was called Xiya, the golden blond middle-aged man was called An Sen, the black-haired youth was called Moya, and the silver blonde middle-aged man was called An Luo.

Lei Jin looked at An Luo and the little guy next to him, and hey, this An Luo’s hair color was quite similar to the little guy’s fur color.

But just now Roger pointed at the little guy and gestured for a long time, but Lei Jin still didn’t understand what Roger was trying to say.

The wild boar was roasted, An Luo used a crude iron knife to cut a piece of the tenderest tenderloin and handed it to Roger. Xiya also cut a piece and handed it to Lei Jin.

The two accepted their piece, but handed it to Mingya at the same time.

Mingya looked at his Ah Ma on the left, and his female on the right, and grabbed the meat with his paws while smiling. He didn’t see the knife-like gaze of his dads and brothers at all. He just lay down next to the plate placed on the ground, and ate happily.

There was also wild vegetable soup, but Lei Jin couldn’t tell what it was, tasting slightly bitter, and the ingredients were simple. Only salt was added, and the others didn’t like it, so he and Roger drank a bowl. For Lei Jin, who had not eaten vegetables for half a month. This wild vegetable soup was not bad at all.

After they finished lunch, Lei Jin felt really sleepy. He was exhausted after traveling all these days, and not having a proper place to sleep at night. Moreover, he didn’t dare to sleep very deep in the wilderness. So after filling his stomach, sleepiness crept up on him, and he couldn’t resist it even if he wanted to.

Lei Jin also didn’t care about face. Just gestured with Roger and said that he wanted to find a place to sleep.

Roger pointed to the westernmost room, indicating that Lei Jin could go in.

Moya walked over and said a few words, and Lei Jin naturally didn’t know what he said.

It was just that Roger looked at him and then Moya. He frowned, said something, and finally nodded.

Moya motioned for Lei Jin to follow him.

Lei Jin was really sleepy, so he didn’t think of anything else, just got up and followed Moya through the door.

It turned out that this house had a back door.

The back door opened to an endless green grassland. Walking on it was like walking on a green carpet. There was no sound at all. A clear creek meandered and passed by the front of the door. The grass on both sides was very dense, and the wildflowers were in full bloom. It was a good place for a vacation. Lei Jin thought. It also looked like a good idea to take a bath in the creek.

After walking about ten steps, they came to the back door of another house, which also had a wall of blue stones and a thatched roof. It seemed to be bigger than the house they just came from.

Lei Jin took a general look around. In addition to the room in the middle where the front and rear doors could be opened, there were three other rooms, all of which were spacious and tall. Lei Jin stretched his arms, and his fingers could not even reach the door frame.

Moya led him to the innermost room. There were very few decorations in the room. The most conspicuous furniture was the big bed in the middle, which was covered with a layer of animal skins. Moya then turned around and went out. So Lei Jin took off his straw sandals and threw himself on the bed impatiently, missing the feeling of sleeping on a bed. He took off the only piece of animal skin clothing he had, and threw it aside. Naked, he fell straight asleep, so he didn’t see Moya returning inside.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After confirming that he was asleep, long and cold fingers slowly slid down the curve of his body. A small wooden bowl was placed beside the bed, containing some green liquid. Using his left arm to support his waist, Lei Jin’s ass was canted upwards, presenting access to the fingers of his right hand which were now smeared with the green liquid and slowly piercing into his entrance…..

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 014 To Meet

“Second Brother, when did you come back?” Mingya jumped up cheerfully.

“We have been back for three days. Since you entered the grassland area of ​​our Leopard clan three days ago, we estimated that you would not encounter any major trouble. So Eldest Brother and I decided to come back first, otherwise if we came back together, the people in the tribe would be suspicious,” Moya squatted down and touched the top of his little brother’s head. Towards this little brother, Moya loved him very much.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“What about Dad and Ah Ma?” Mingya glanced inside the door, it seemed that no one was there.

“Ah Ma went out to dig wild vegetables, our Dads went with him.”

“Dads, honestly,” Mingya shook his head, sighed, and said, “It’s been so many years, and they are still afraid that Ah Ma will run away? Following him every day. I don’t understand.”

“You will understand in the future.” It was not that they were afraid that he would run away, it was just that they were reluctant to part even a second.

“By the way, Second Brother, I brought our female back.” Mingya quickly shifted his attention, and patted his second brother’s hand with his little paw, motioning him to look behind.

“I know.” Moya nodded, the female’s eyes hadn’t moved from him since just now, although Moya knew that he was pretty good looking and was very much liked by females, but such a bold and direct female was still very novel for him.

The burly young man just said something and then left. Lei Jin couldn’t understand it anyway, and the beauty in front of him was really to his liking, so he didn’t bother to listen to what that young man who was obviously wrong in the head had to say. Although Lei Jin could admit that the young man seemed pretty alright, at least he showed them the way.

Looking at the warmth between this little guy and this young man, could it be that this was the little guy’s owner, and this was where the little guy used to live? Then it was no wonder that the little guy knew the way and led him here all the way.

But that was fine. As the saying goes, the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first. He had already become so familiar with the little guy along the way. So taking this opportunity to talk to his master about staying temporarily at his place, he shouldn’t be rejected, right?

Ai? The beauty looked over, Lei Jin raised his peach blossom eyes, and his thin lips curved into a seductive smile. He touched the hem of his clothes subtly, but his heart was beating. It shouldn’t be dirty, right. Ah, damn it, if he knew earlier, then he would have stopped by the river for a day to wash his clothes. Because they have been on the road these days, and these clothes made of animal skin were not easy to dry. He had already been very careful to keep it clean along the way, but having been so long, it was inevitable that it would smell a bit. If the first impression was not good, it would difficult to make progress later.

Lei Jin was trapped in his annoyed thoughts, so when he looked up, the young man had already stood in front of him for some time. His eyes met those dark green orbs, which appeared deep and quiet, indifferent but bright, like a pool of quiet green lake water rippling under a moonlit night. How could there be such a pair of eyes? However, with such a handsome appearance, it was just right. Though he did not look like someone who came from such a small village. The feeling he got instead was like that of the refined and elegant nobles of European high society that Lei Jin saw in the movies in his previous life. Lei Jin had always felt that he had already seen countless beauties, but he also still couldn’t help but be a little stunned.

Moya suddenly laughed softly. When they followed behind in those days, this female had seemed quite fierce and vigilant. But he was now suddenly so dazed and rather adorable for it.

Lei Jin just came back to his senses, and his ears reddened suspiciously. Lei Jin had been proud of his thick skin these many years, even when he had sex with a woman for the first time, his cheeks did not heat up. He didn’t expect that his skin would become much thinner after coming to this inexplicable place. And also, what kind of lame metaphor was that just now? What lake under a moonlit night? Was it a side effect of having been with that woman Liu Si for too long of a time, causing him to have also picked up some cheesy poet habits? Liu Si was quite open and unrestrained in private, but she liked to pretend to be a high-class, artsy young woman in front of people, reciting a poem or famous literary excerpt in front of him at every turn. Of course, most of the time he just directly fell asleep, it was not like he could understand it after all. But occasionally he managed to reluctantly listen, so who knew when he heard the phrase about lake water under the moonlight.

Moya raised his chin and looked at this female up close for the first time when he was awake. He was really charming, especially his wicked grin just now, which really provoked the desire of male werebeasts. He almost couldn’t hold back just now.

He still remembered how at that time, under the frontal and rear attacks from his younger brother’s tongue and his elder brother’s hands, this body twisted in his arms, moaning, and reached orgasm again and again, while he fiercely kissed those lips.

Moya’s slender fingers caressed their female’s tender lips.

What kind of situation was this? Wasn’t he the one who wanted to catch the beauty in front of him? Why did it seem that he was being teased instead? And after getting close, why did this person’s aura feel familiar? Impossible, he had only been in this world for half a month, and there were only a handful of people he had seen, just the few people who gave him clothes last time. He indeed had not seen this person before, if he had he would have remembered because of his stunning looks.

But it still didn’t feel very right. Lei Jin took a step back subtly, only to hit a solid chest, an arm wrapping around his waist.

“Our beautiful and charming female has come home so soon?” Lei Jin heard the voice behind him say, the voice low and magnetic.

Lei Jin turned his head and just wanted to find a corner to clutch at his head. Just where the hell was this place? The men here were not only taller than him, but also handsomely beautiful. Putting aside the young man just now, just speaking of the person behind him, a beauty with golden blond hair and violet eyes. Just look at that mysterious purple color, those slender slashing eyebrows. Lei Jin looked in front and then behind him. Towards two equally outstanding and handsome beauties, Lei Jin expressed that he wanted to vomit blood, just how should he choose?

Choose both? However, looking at the physiques of these two, could he handle it? Lei Jin secretly compared his height with their’s and found that he barely reached their shoulders, and then compared the difference between his physique and theirs, only to reluctantly acknowledge that just one arm of theirs could circle his entire waist. Forget it, let’s not hold such unrealistic fantasies.

But speaking of which, just how long did this person plan to hold him.

“Hey, brother, that should be enough, right?” Lei Jin patted the arm and signaled it to let go. He liked to hold beauties, but that didn’t mean that he also liked to be held by beauties. It was too weird, giving him the strange feeling that he was their possession or something.

“Eldest Brother, you’re back?” Mingya saw his big brother entering the door and ran over.

Xiya took advantage of the situation to let go of Lei Jin, looked at his little brother with a smile and asked, “Mingya, did these three days go well?”

Mingya nodded and said, “Just a little thirsty. We haven’t drank much water for the past three days.”

In fact, just the distance between their village and the river, at the speed of their leopard clan, they could run back and forth several times in a day. Mingya thought of his female’s body, so he slowly accompanied him back instead.

“Should have said it sooner.” Moya knocked on his head and looked at the female again, and indeed the lips did not seem as rosy as before.

Lei Jin thought to himself, do I have something on my mouth? Why does he keep staring? Lei Jin subconsciously stuck out his tongue and licked the corners of his mouth, successfully making the two people and one small beast darken their eyes.

Lei Jin drank three bowls of water in a row before he stopped, no doubt, it was indeed really three bowls, each the size of Lei Jin’s face. Lei Jin exhaled comfortably, his life was complete, the water truly tasted cool and sweet.

It would be even better if there was a bed for him to sleep well on.

The little guy jumped into his arms and cuddled into him again. They were now sitting and resting on stone benches under the big tree in the yard, and there was a round stone table next to them. 

The people here were really generous, everything was made so big, the house was unusually tall, and there were bowls for drinking water that were unusually large, and even the table was extremely large. He estimated that he could lie down on it with room to spare. Lei Jin touched the little guy who was constantly twisting in his arms. This little guy clearly found his master, but still liked to cuddle next to him, and the owner was also very kind to him, even the little guy’s water bowl was the same as the owner’s.

“Eldest Brother, can I shift into human form, our female still doesn’t know me?” Mingya’s female don’t even look at Mingya anymore, just staring at Eldest Brother and Second Brother.

“No, Ah Ma said, you just reached adulthood. Although you have come back from your training, it is good for your body to maintain animal form for now.” Xiya refused.

“But…..” Mingya didn’t give up.

“Mingya, be good, our female will sleep with you first tonight.” Moya reassured.

Mingya nodded excitedly immediately.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin didn’t know what they were talking about, so he pretended to very leisurely hold the water and sip from it, completely unaware that he had already been assigned a schedule.

“Sh*t!” An impatient voice came from the door.

“A compatriot!” Lei Jin heard that word and instantly jumped up.

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