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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 013 Coming Home

Lei Jin originally thought that when he finally found his fellow humans, he would be so excited that he would rush over and shake hands with everyone he saw to express his joy in returning to the human world. But after this half-month long journey, when he finally arrived at this village, Lei Jin suddenly calmed down. There was a bit of daze in the calm, as everything around him that was unfamiliar was telling him that he had really entered a strange world. Unfamiliar environments, unfamiliar people, and even an unfamiliar language. Except for the bath towel that he had wrapped around his waist, there was nothing to prove that Lei Jin once existed in another world.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

If you aren’t dead, you must live well. Lei Jin had always believed in this saying, so since it was like this, might as well start from scratch. Lei Jin quietly clenched his fists to cheer himself up.

Mingya licked his chin in his arms to appease him. After getting along these days, he had become accustomed to this little guy’s intimacy from time to time. So long as it was not too much, Lei Jin would turn a blind eye and indulge him. And now seeing him like this, he just glanced at him lightly but didn’t start beating him.

In fact, Lei Jin still had some gratitude for this little guy. Without him, he would not be able to find this village now. Don’t look down on the little guy’s size. They had been traveling for more than ten days in a row. Even his strong physique couldn’t bear it, not to mention this little guy who often walked ahead to lead the way. Many times it was because of this little guy’s alertness that they escaped the foraging of large carnivores. When he occasionally acted spoiled and coquettish, Lei Jin was willing to carry him in his arms.

A burly young man passed by them, who had already walked past a few steps, only to turn around abruptly. An unknown light flashed in his gray-blue eyes, as he stared straight at Lei Jin.

On the surface, Lei Jin was calm, but in fact his thoughts had already turned around ten to eight times in his mind. Did this guy want to bully him just because he was a foreigner, but he didn’t have a single valuable thing on his body now, so it was useless to think about it.

He heard that the poorer the place was, the more xenophobic it was. Could it be that he didn’t want him to enter this village? It was so hard for him to find this place, and he had to at least rest a bit no matter what, to understand the general situation of the world he was in before he could figure out his next step, or to ask where the nearest city was. He didn’t want to stay in this backwards place all his life.

But the top priority was to be able to even stay in this village first.

Lei Jin thought about it and decided that perhaps he should at least show some goodwill, to show that he was not a bad person, and then take the opportunity to ask if there was a place to stay in this place.

Lei Jin was about to open his mouth when he thought of a key question, he didn’t know the language.

It didn’t matter, he had been a big boss for so many years, and he still had inner quality. Wasn’t smiling the common language in the whole world. Then he should smile first and gain some goodwill. Thinking of this, Lei Jin gave the young man a smile that he considered to be quite elegant and polite.

But don’t know if it was his illusion or not, but it seemed that the young man’s eyes became brighter, like two small light bulbs, and he actually walked towards him on his own initiative.

Although he felt that this person’s attitude was a bit weird, anyway, this was a good start. Lei Jin pasted on a standard smile that showed eight teeth and waited for the person, although at this moment he just wanted to find a place to sit down and have a rest and drink some water. His throat was so dry it was practically smoking, it had been nearly four or five hours since he had left that river this morning, right? Because the sun just rose when they were on their way this morning, and now the sun was high up in the sky, so don’t even mention water to drink, there were only grasslands as far as the eye could see. He couldn’t even find a single wild fruit, so he just chewed on a few pieces of grass roots with the little guy. Although a bit bitter and unpalatable, it finally eased a little of his thirst and allowed him to survive until now.

The young man seemed very excited and walked over a few steps, staring at Lei Jin without blinking.

Lei Jin cursed inwardly. F**k, you’ve never seen such a handsome man as I, or what. Do you have to stare at me like that? It’s not like I have two extra horns growing out of my head.

But on the surface, his expression only became softer and gentler, he held Mingya with one hand, and gestured to the young man that he wanted to drink water with the other, and could he give him some water first.

The young man still stared at him blankly.

At this time, Mingya, who was curled up in his female’s arms and taking the opportunity to cop some feels, also realized that something was wrong, and looked up from Lei Jin’s arms.

“Qi Luo, why are you here?” It was their neighbor.

“Mingya, why are you?” Qi Luo was also surprised, didn’t Mingya go out for field experience by himself? How come he came back so soon, and nested in the arms of such a beautiful female to boot.

“Why did you come back so soon, what about your prey, Mingya?” The tribe had rules, and it only counted as passing when you come back from your field experience with your own gains for everyone to see.

“This is the female I found myself.” Mingya’s fluffy head rubbed excitedly on his female’s chest.

“Your female?” Qi Luo was hit hard. There were only a few females in the tribe. He had been an adult for a long time, but he had no female of his own. But Mingya just entered adulthood, and it was also his first time going out into the wilds by himself, yet he actually came back with a female, just what kind of sh*t luck was this? And he was such a beautiful female too, unlike any female he had ever seen before. Just look at this smooth skin, it must be very comfortable to hold him in his arms.

Qi Luo expressed that he was really jealous, but there was no other way. Mingya’s two older brothers were not easy to mess with, and if they were willing, this female would be their brother’s common wife.

However, those two guys were very popular with the females in the tribe, and they might want to have their own female all for themselves. Having said that, this female was really beautiful. Whether those two guys were willing to let go was another matter. No matter what, this female could not be touched by him.

And he had thought that the reason this female had been smiling at him the whole time was because he had a crush on him.

Since the last time Lei Jin met those people in the wilds, he had suspected that this little guy could communicate with people, but after that, they didn’t meet anyone else, and he was in a hurry, so he put this matter aside. But looking at the man and animal talking happily now, Lei Jin was sure that this little guy could indeed communicate with people, and the people here seem to not be surprised at all that an animal could talk to people, or perhaps they were already used to it.

Lei Jin felt that this matter couldn’t be delayed any longer. Tonight, he would interrogate this guy well, and find out what secrets were hidden.

“Qi Luo, you lead the way ahead to my house. Mingya’s female doesn’t know the way, and doesn’t understand our language.”

Mingya was now thinking about taking his female home to show his Dad and Ah Ma, and in the future he could sleep with his female from now on.

The two were lost in their own thoughts.

Qi Luo glanced at the female in surprise. He could understand that he didn’t know the way, after all, he wasn’t from their tribe, but what did it mean if he couldn’t understand their language? One must know, the tribes on this continent spoke a similar language just in different dialects. When people from different tribes met, even if they didn’t understand each other very well, they could still understand 80%. But according to Mingya, this female completely did not understand the common language. This was a bit strange. Where did this female come from?

Although it was a little strange, Qi Luo still nodded towards the female and gestured that he follow him.

Lei Jin was very depressed along the way, because he found that people in this world were very tall. He was quite proud of his height of 1.8 meters, but now he found that in this world, he was a so-called second-class cripple. Don’t know if it was because of his size, everyone who saw him seemed to stare at him hard, as if they wanted nothing more than to stare a hole into him.

What was the big deal? Wasn’t it just a little bit of shortness? He didn’t steal their wife, and didn’t play with their daughter. Did they need to stare so hard? Lei Jin muttered as he walked.

Lei Jin naturally didn’t know that a new female in the tribe hadn’t been seen for many years, and one with such a beautiful appearance. Although they didn’t necessarily have any ideas, they would naturally look their fill when they could see. Naturally, everyone didn’t overlook Mingya either, who was nestled in the female’s arms. Instantly, the news that Mingya brought back a beautiful female after going out for training spread among the tribes.

Taking this chance before the ceremony was yet to be held, the male werebeasts without females were all eager to go to Mingya’s house to see the new female.

Qi Luo led them to a stop in front of a house. Lei Jin raised his eyes and looked at it, seeing an ordinary big bluestone house with a yellow thatched roof, a courtyard wall made of broken stones, and a small fence gate.

Mingya jumped out of Lei Jin’s arms excitedly and rushed towards the door: “Dad, Ah Ma, Mingya is back.”

The door was opened from the inside, and a young man with black hair and dark green eyes came out.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin felt that the world suddenly darkened in an instant, and there was only the figure of the young man left in the world in front of him. He could only mutter to himself: “Beauty, an absolute beauty, hell yeah.”

When the black-haired youth saw Lei Jin, an inexplicable smile showed up on his always indifferent face.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 012 Returning To The Tribe

“It’s a human, it’s a human, I finally see someone.” Lei Jin’s eyes flashed with excitement, as if he could not wait to throw himself forward. Although it was only two days, it seemed that a century had passed. He felt that the last time he saw a human was a thing of his past life.

A group of five to six men, all with dark brown skin and deeply sculpted facial features. With a high nose bridge, deep eye sockets, and tall and mighty stature, according to Lei Jin’s visual observation, each of them was more than two meters tall, because Lei Jin’s 1.8-meter height when standing beside them couldn’t even reach their shoulders.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The one who seemed to be the leader of these people was particularly good-looking, with blonde hair and green eyes. Quite eye-catching, he was really a beauty, Lei Jin thought. If he was placed in the modern times, his appearance would also be of international standard.

They held simple bows and arrows in their hands, and some were simply holding weapons made of stones and wooden sticks. Some were naked, wearing only leather shorts on the lower half, while others wore a vest-like sleeveless top with a leather rope tied around the waist, leather pants on the lower half, and straw sandals on their feet.

Lei Jin’s preliminary judgment was that this was a rather backward place. These people should be hunters around here. They didn’t even have serious clothes or decent hunting weapons.

And also…..Lei Jin squinted his eyes and carefully looked at their exposed shoulders. You don’t have money yet you copy others in getting tattoos. Do you know how expensive a good pair of tattoos is now, don’t think that just because you have tattoos, you are a rogue and can scare people. Those who were really at the level of a mob boss like him would not get those things on themselves, unless their brain was dysfunctioning. Just look at his own body, except for the scars he obtained from fighting, there was nothing else at all. It was very smooth and clean. Speaking of scars, Lei Jin raised his wrist. There used to be a deep scar under his right wrist. During a fierce fight, he personally took the lead, fighting against three, but when he felt a knife suddenly coming from behind, he subconsciously raised his hand to block, and the knife had slashed at his right wrist causing his hand to be unable to move for half a year. But since he was in a coma that day, at first he didn’t pay much attention. But this morning, when he came up from the river and wiped his body with a bath towel, he found that all the scars on his body were gone, and his skin seemed to be much smoother than before. Could it be that this little guy’s saliva actually had this effect, and the scars were gone after being licked by him?

Lei Jin naturally didn’t know, this was actually a result of the herbal medicine that his three husbands rubbed all over him that day, from head to toe, from the inside to the outside.

We have been expressing ourselves for a long time here. In fact, these thoughts were just a momentary thing in Lei Jin’s mind.

Lei Jin looked back and forth at the tattoos on the shoulders of the men, and nodded secretly. It must be said, this place was poor and backwards, but their tattoo master’s craftsmanship was quite good, almost as if it grew naturally on the skin.

When Lei Jin was looking at the men, the several men were also looking him up and down as well, and their eyes were quite unrestrained.

After all, females in various tribes were very scarce now, and some werebeasts have not even touched a female’s little finger their whole lives, but now they have a very beautiful female in front of them. The unusually smooth and fair skin made them feel an urge to go over and have a touch. Just a touch was enough. After all, such beautiful females were rarely seen, and they didn’t expect to encounter one here when they came out hunting.

Lei Jin was not slow at all, on the contrary, he was very keen. If he was slow, he would have been killed many times. His originally eager steps forward paused and he subtly took a few steps back.

The men also saw this, lowering their heads and speaking in low tones to each other, but Lei Jin found that he didn’t understand a word. He realized with dread that he could not communicate with the people of this world. He hadn’t learned a foreign language before and didn’t know how good his language learning ability was. If it was very poor, then didn’t that mean he could forget about trying to speak in this life.

The blonde beauty at the head took two steps forward, stopped in front of Lei Jin, his movements graceful and natural, and smiled, “Beautiful female, which tribe are you from? I’m Jingyue from the Tiger Tribe, it’s too dangerous in this jungle. Now, are you willing to go back to our tribe with us?”

Lei Jin naturally couldn’t understand what he was saying. Seeing that though the person was poor, he was quite polite so he smiled back. Because he couldn’t communicate, he didn’t speak.

Suddenly, he felt a pain on his chest, the little guy in his arms had gone crazy for some reason and had bitten down on a red nub.

Actually, Lei Jin hadn’t noticed. Ever since these men appeared just now, Mingya was furious and glaring at the new arrivals, but no one paid any attention to him.

“Little Furball. Let go.” Lei Jin touched his head and persuaded him in a nice voice, although this thing was practically just an ornament for men, it did not mean that he was willing to see half of his ornaments bitten off.

“Wu wu wu…..don’t wanna, why do you want to go with him? You are clearly Mingya’s female. If you agree to go with him, Mingya will bite you.” Refusing to let go, not even if he died. Once he let go, Mingya’s female would run away with others, and he would no longer want Mingya anymore.

Lei Jin originally didn’t understand what he was saying, and now he was also biting on Lei Jin’s red bean, so it was even more clear. So of course, Lei Jin still couldn’t understand what he was saying.

If there were those who didn’t understand, there were those who did understand, and those men of the Tiger Tribe understood.

At first, they didn’t notice what kind of animal the female was holding in his arms, thinking that it was a little thing like a kitten or a puppy that females like to raise. It wasn’t until now that they heard him speak that they knew that this was….a werebeast. It was too shocking, they had never seen a werebeast being carried in the arms of a female, though it was quite common for a werebeast to carry around a female.

The men behind the leader all pointed at Mingya. Although Lei Jin didn’t know what they were saying, he knew that they were talking bad about the little guy. No matter how disdainful he was of the little guy, it was not up to outsiders to dislike him. Lei Jin was notorious for being protective of what belonged to him.

With the language barrier, Lei Jin didn’t bother to talk to them, he turned around and left, since he could meet them, it meant that there were other people nearby. Lei Jin felt that he didn’t have to be with these people, and the way these people looked at him as if they couldn’t wait to directly strip him naked, he didn’t like it at all.

It was a pity about that blond beauty, if he went with them, maybe he would be able to catch him in his hand one day. Thinking of such a physically strong beauty tossing and moaning under his body, Lei Jin’s lower half unconsciously felt a little hot.

“Hey, where are you going? It’s very dangerous for females to run around here.” Seeing that he was leaving, Jing Yue put his hand on Lei Jin’s naked shoulder. The smooth and delicate touch under his hand made him not want to lift it again.

But sometimes, you have to lift even if you don’t want to, the little guy slapping it off with one paw. Five red bloodstained scratches appeared on the back of Jing Yue’s hand in an instant.

“You…..” Jing Yue was about to say something when he heard him speak.

“He is Mingya’s female, you are not allowed to snatch him away.” Mingya’s eyes widened, looking like he was ready to fight with the others.

“Why do you say he’s your female? Don’t think that just because you met him earlier then he is yours. If that is the case then he is ours if we snatch him back.” Jing Yue was not to be outdone, and he couldn’t let the beautiful female go away.

“He has the scent of my brothers and I on him. If you don’t believe me, then smell.”

Lei Jin frowned suspiciously, it seemed that this little guy could easily communicate with these people. What was going on? Could it be that the pets in this world have evolved to this level, or was it a specialty of this little guy himself. It seemed necessary to have a good chat with this little guy.

Mingya shivered a little under Lei Jin’s flickering gaze, but when he thought that there was still a strong enemy here, he instantly plucked up his courage and glared fiercely at the werebeasts of the Tiger Tribe.

Jing Yue took a few steps forward in disbelief, sniffed Lei Jin, and sure enough, the female’s scent was contaminated with the scent of other werebeasts, and not only one, it seemed that this female was already the common wife of others.

There was an unwritten rule amongst the tribes. Once a female had his own werebeast, unless the werebeast died, it was generally frowned upon to snatch the female away, otherwise it would incite a fight between tribes. Of course, there were exceptions if the female was willing, but the beautiful female in front of him obviously had no such willingness.

“This is for you.” Jing Yue looked at his bare feet, white and slender, and incited others to want nothing more than to hold it in the palm of one’s hand. He took off a pair of straw sandals hanging from his waist and handed it to him. He also took off his tunic as well and gave it to him.

Lei Jin needed this, so he did not refuse. Besides, a beauty’s request was always difficult to refuse, Lei Jin thought to himself.

He tried the straw sandals on his feet, and they were too big. Fortunately, there were a lot of ropes on the straw sandals. Once they were tied, it was fine. It was better than walking on bare feet in any case.

When the tunic was on the blonde beauty, the hem reached just below the waist. When it was on Lei Jin, it reached the center of his thighs, and could practically be worn directly as a dress. It was a bit bizarre, but Lei Jin couldn’t care too much about aesthetics now. After being naked for two days, he should feel lucky to have clothes on. It was fine when there was no one else in the jungle, but now that he had met people, though he was very proud of his own body, it was not to the extent of flaunting it to everyone he came across. It was just that the place below felt a bit empty and bare, which as a proper underwear wearing modern person, he was not used to at all.

Lei Jin glanced at the lower halves of the few men, and the werebeasts of the Tiger Tribe who were swept by his eyes couldn’t help but tremble, wishing nothing more than to kidnap the female and make their way back to the tribe.

In actuality, Lei Jin was thinking, if someone could take off his pants and give it to him then that would be wonderful. The answer was naturally not possible. They had come out to hunt not go on an outing, so who would still bring a change of clothes? If they took it off to give to him, then they would be naked instead.

So he had no choice but to give up. Lei Jin put on the clothes, put on the straw sandals, waved his hands to thank the several men, picked up the little guy and left.

Seeing this, even if they were extremely reluctant, the werebeasts of the Tiger Tribe could only watch the weak werebeast of the Leopard Tribe smiling in the arms of the beautiful female, their figures gradually moving away.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin walked with the little guy in his arms. When it rained, he would find a cave to hide in, and find a place to stay at night. For food, Lei Jin went into the river water to catch fish, looked for some wild fruits in the forest, hunted wild rabbits and pheasants, and climbed up the trees to steal eggs, so he did not go hungry at all.

Lei Jin counted the days, and finally on the day when the sun rose for the fourteenth time, Lei Jin carried the little guy to a village on the grassland.

It took seven days for God to create the world, and it took Lei Jin twice as long to find this world.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 011 The Road

Last night, in the first half of the night, there was still a bright moon in the sky and a sky full of stars. Who knew that in the second half of the night, a sudden torrential rain came. The south wind came with the rain and blew straight into the cave. Fortunately, the cave was high, so there was no problem of rainwater backflow, but the cave was very shallow, and it didn’t take long for half of the cave floor to become wet. It was not possible to lie down and sleep, so Lei Jin had to hold the little guy and sit on the inside of the cave against the rock wall to rest for the rest of the night.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After all the tossing about last night, neither Lei Jin nor Mingya slept well. Lei Jin was awakened by the sound of birds chirping in the early morning. He covered his mouth and yawned loudly, pushing the contently sleeping little guy in his arms to the ground.

Picking up the towel that had been dried by the campfire and hanging it around his neck, he left the cave.

The fresh air was mixed with the earthy fragrance of nature, blowing at the face and making people feel refreshed. After the rain, the green of the leaves of the trees and grass by the river seemed even greener.

Lei Jin took a deep breath, stretched out his arms, kicked his legs, and moved his wrists.

Mingya was pushed to the ground and woke up in a daze. He rubbed his eyes and saw his female standing at the entrance of the cave. The morning sunlight shone in from the outside and enveloped his fair and naked body. Painting him with a halo of soft golden light that made people unable to take their eyes away.

It rained heavily last night, and the ground was a little muddy, but fortunately there were many stones by the river, so the road was not difficult to walk. Lei Jin walked to the river and squatted down. Cupping some water, he washed his face, rinsed his mouth, the water tasting cool and sweet.

When he looked down, he saw dry white marks on the inside of his thighs, and his attractive eyebrows wrinkled. Yesterday, he was busy with beating up the little guy just after he was able to move. The little guy didn’t have time to lick off the traces, and he also forgot to clean it. Wetting the bath towel in the river water he wiped it vigorously. When he thought of the feeling of being pressed down and licked, Lei Jin put more pressure in his hands. The skin on the inner thighs were soft and quickly turned red by his rubbing, burning slightly. Lei Jin still felt unclean, and he didn’t care about the cold water in the early morning. With a savage jump he went down, the cold river water rushed over him, so cold even the pores could not help shrinking.

Lei Jin swam back and forth in the river a few times before his body gradually recovered and his spirit relaxed.

When Mingya came out, Lei Jin had already gone ashore and was sitting on a large rock with one leg flat and the other bent naturally, wiping the water droplets from his body with the bath towel. Lei Jin’s hand paused when he wiped down to his wrist, and after fumbling around with his hand, he glanced at the little guy inexplicably.

Mingya swallowed his saliva and wanted nothing more than to become the drops of water on Lei Jin’s body.

When Lei Jin turned his head, Mingya was already lying down, obediently looking at his paw, his eyes so pure and innocent as if a flower could be born out of thin air from his furry paw in the next quarter of an hour.

After these two days of getting along, especially after yesterday’s beating, Mingya knew that no matter how dumb he was, he knew that his female didn’t like that kind of thing now. Females always have thin skin. They had only known each other for two days so it was natural he would still feel embarrassed. He couldn’t think of doing that thing every time he saw his female. Ah Ma said that females should be more reserved. Those who took advantage of the scarcity of females and went around seducing and hooking up with werebeasts were the worst and not upright at all. It seemed that this female was the kind of person Ah Ma mentioned who was very upright and ethical. Mingya came to this terrifying conclusion on his own.

And Eldest Brother and Second Brother also said that this matter should not be done in a hurry, at least wait until they returned to the tribe, held a ceremony, and officially brought their female home.

Lei Jin naturally didn’t know what Mingya was thinking about now. If he knew, he would probably fall to the ground in uncontrollable laughter. Since Lei Jin became an adult, he didn’t know what morals and ethics were anymore.

Taking advantage of the good weather now, Lei Jin decided to quickly finish his meal and go on the road, walking down the river to see if he could find any people. They had been lucky these two days, and didn’t encounter any large wild beasts, but in such a dense jungle, even if Lei Jin had no common sense he still knew that it was impossible for such a place to be without large carnivores. Lei Jin had no interest at all in fighting wild beasts, and since he had no weapons at all, plus a little guy who didn’t seem to have much physical strength, it was better to leave as soon as possible.

“Little Furball, let’s go, let’s have breakfast.” Lei Jin passed by and patted his head, the towel already wrapped around his waist. But Mingya’s field of view was lower, so while Lei Jin was walking, Mingya could still see clearly.

Mingya followed closely behind, the scenery was great, he couldn’t touch, but it was still good to be able to watch. Mingya licked his mouth and thought contentedly.

The two returned to the cave, the wood had all burned out, and the bonfire was extinguished.

Lei Jin broke some branches from the outside. It rained heavily last night, and now the sun had just risen. The branches were still wet and was perfect for scraping away the remaining ashes as it would not raise up too much dust.

As the soil was dug away, the strong aroma of fish spread rapidly in this small cave. The fish was fully cooked under the bonfire overnight, and the wrapped leaves were browned. Because it was baked underground, the aroma of the fish didn’t escape at all, and instead it seemed to have a stronger flavor than yesterday’s grilled fish.

When he woke up in the morning, he had no appetite. But thinking that they still had a long way to go today, Lei Jin forced himself to eat one. On the other hand, Mingya was quite interested in eating. After Lei Jin saw that he had eaten five fish, regardless of his pitiful and coquettish eyes, he decisively put away the remaining three fish.

The little guy had eaten too much. They still had to save some in case they needed to eat. No matter what, he couldn’t let the little guy finish it all in one meal.

Lei Jin pulled a bright green vine, tied the three fish firmly together, stuffed it into the little guy’s embrace, knocked on his head with a knuckle, and warned: “These are not allowed to be eaten for now, if you eat them, I’ll grill and eat you.”

Seeing the little guy nodding, Lei Jin picked him up and left the cave, walking along the river.

During the day, the owl was sleeping on the branch of the tree. Hearing the movement, it opened its eyes slightly, and then seemed to be frightened by something. It suddenly stared with wide eyes, and cried out hoarsely: “Damn, damn, damn, I haven’t woken up yet, right? Why do I see a female holding a leopard werebeast? This world is too crazy. No, this is big news, I have to spread it.” The owl flapped its wings and flew off. It didn’t take long, so long as the animals had ears they all knew that the werebeasts of the Leopard Tribe were weak enough to let their females carry them in their arms. The thousand year long mighty image of the Leopard Tribe crumbled apart completely, the image falling apart again and again, falling into the valley and even being buried three feet deeper.

For many years after that, the werebeasts of the Leopard Tribe didn’t understand why the prey they could capture suddenly increased. The wild beasts didn’t hide when they saw them, in fact, they didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

As the saying goes, there would be losses, and there would be gains. If the werebeasts of the Leopard Tribe knew the truth, don’t know whether they would feel fortunate or violently angry, whether to thank Mingya, or gang up and beat him together. Of course, all of this was impossible, because who let them not have the ability to understand the language of other species?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this time, Mingya couldn’t care about those things. The refreshing scent from the female made him take a deep breath quietly and lie down obediently in his female’s arms. Completely intoxicated and limp, not a bit of awareness that a werebeast should have in him.

However, the good times did not last long. This sweet period of time was soon interrupted by the footsteps of several tall men.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 010 To Reap What One Has Sown

Lei Jin didn’t expect that one day he would be pressed down by a little guy who was regarded as a pet and played with wantonly. He was licked all over by this little guy, not even letting go of the most secret places, and half-forced to find release twice. Thinking of the dream he had just had, he had a bad premonition. Lei Jin scratched at his half-length hair, the more he thought about it, the more irritable he became.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Although Lei Jin suffered numerous major and minor injuries in his mafia career for so many years, he was able to survive. In addition to his agile skills and flexible mind, it was often due to possessing a sharper intuition than ordinary people. Like an animal growing up in a wild environment, there would always be an instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. This intuition might be an instinct he formed during countless fights and shootouts.

This instinct had allowed him to turn bad situations into fortuitous ones during many times of danger, but this time his intuition told him that since he came here, everything had spiralled completely out of his control. If he could say that the roast chicken in the cave last night was a coincidence, maybe something a hunter of this world happened to leave behind, then how to explain the grilled fish this morning, or even that dream that was too real?

Although there were no traces on his body except for some stickiness after waking up, there were actually some things that he did not dare to face. For example, he seemed to remember that what had pierced inside him was not a person but a tongue, slippery and carefully probing, followed by a fierce thrusting. He also had the recollection of feeling soft fur rubbing on the inside of his spread thighs.

In the afternoon, he clearly remembered that he was laying on a rock by the river, but when he woke up, he was in a cave.

When he thought of these things, there was always a strange sense of something not right, which halted him from daring to think about it further.

And he always felt that there were eyes around him looking at him. But when he searched, he couldn’t find the slightest trace. Was it his delusion? Or was the opponent’s skill too much higher than his? If it was the former then that was fine, if it was the latter, then what was their purpose?

Damn, he was going crazy. Lei Jin stretched out his limbs in frustration, laying on his back on the rock, the residual warmth of the day was still there, sticking to his skin and very warm, and the sky was full of stars, as if within reach.

Mingya hid behind the rock with a blackened eye, he didn’t dare to approach even though he wanted to.

Lei Jin pretended not to see it. After thinking for a while, he took the towel and covered his lower half.

The first thing Lei Jin did after he was able to move was to grab this little guy and beat him violently. But this little guy was so stupid, even if he was beaten, he would only lie on the ground, with four paws flat on the ground, teardrops rolling around in those big cat-like eyes, and whimpering with the pain. Because at the beginning, Lei Jin was really angry, and it was not like before when he used to just scare and not seriously use any strength. Later, as the opponent still didn’t resist, and he also no longer had the energy, he simply threw it in the cave and came out to get some fresh air.

Mingya didn’t know what he had done wrong, but he knew that Mingya’s female was angry, but he was clearly his female? He just licked a bit, so why was he angry, did he think Mingya’s licking was not clean? But he clearly licked very carefully and thoroughly, and he didn’t miss a spot at all.

Alas, in fact, how could Mingya know that it was because he was too careful and thorough that he was beaten.

Mingya recalled that his female hadn’t eaten yet. The fish he just caught shouldn’t be enough. He didn’t know where Eldest Brother and Second Brother went either. Mingya touched his painful right eye, and decided to go to the river again to bring back some fish.

Lei Jin heard a splash in the river, and as soon as he raised his head, he saw a white figure jumping from the shore into the water, paddling in the shallow water with its four claws.

The fish was slippery, Mingya splashed around for a long time, and got water all over himself, but he could only stare at the fish. Since his two older brothers left in the afternoon, he had been busy in the river but only caught three fish. The rule in the tribe was that werebeasts could not easily appear in human form in the wild before their field experience was completed, so he did not dare to change into human form and go into the water to catch fish.

Lei Jin felt his heart go a little soft as he watched on the stone, but when he thought of what this little guy did, he felt that no matter what, he had to teach it a lesson, otherwise, this little guy might do something even more audacious in the future. As soon as Lei Jin thought that he would be pressed down and xxoo by this little guy one day, he felt chills all over his body. The sympathy that just rose was like a small flame in a heavy rain, which quickly extinguished at a speed visible to the naked eye. What was left was maybe just a little wisp of white smoke.

It was the middle of the night and the dew was heavy. Lei Jin was woken up by the cold. He rubbed the frozen goosebumps on his arms. The moon was already high, what time was it now? Lei Jin subconsciously raised his left wrist, but the space above his wrist was empty. Lei Jin frowned angrily. He didn’t know how to watch the moon to deduce the time. He just knew that when he saw the moon, he knew it was night, and when he saw the sun, he knew it was dawn. Seeing that he had only such a small bath towel to his name, Lei Jin cursed fiercely. He had heard of transmigrators, but never heard of such destitute transmigrators, hadn’t he heard that they could at least bring a cell phone? If there was no signal, it could still be used as a clock. Ai.

Of course, this was not the time to talk about this. Lei Jin got up from the rock and planned to go back to the cave. At least there was a bonfire there, which could keep him warm somewhat. And the little guy was very warm to hold too.

When passing by the water, Lei Jin heard the movement and looked over, this little guy was still catching fish. How long had it been tossing around in the water, Lei Jin took a closer look and saw that four or five fish had been thrown on the shore, and the little guy was still pressing down a vigorously jumping fish under its paws.

It couldn’t be that it was unable to catch it, so it just wanted to press the fish to death in the water? This idiot, Lei Jin snorted softly. He directly went into the water, grabbed the fish and threw it on the shore.

Mingya cautiously observed his female, was he still angry?

“Youre really stupid, you can’t even catch a fish. If you don’t obey me in the future, I should just starve you to death.” Lei Jin raised an eyebrow and said with annoyance, “What are you looking at? Well? Aren’t you going to clean up the fish?”

“Mingya’s female talked to Mingya, which means that he is not angry with Mingya?” Mingya wagged his tail and happily ran towards the fish.

“Moya, why do I think our little brother is not like a werebeast of our Leopard Tribe. He is like a puppy raised in the tribe instead.” Xiya sat leisurely on the tree and looked through the leaves.

“But don’t you think our female likes him very much? Even if Youngest Brother did something like that?” They could see clearly from the outside that their female was not willing at that time.

Moya’s dark green eyes flashed in the dark night.

Their female wqs now washing Mingya’s fish, one by one, in the water. Toward their little brother’s head that tried to snuggle close again, he just said something disdainfully but he didn’t push it away.

The two returned to the cave with those fish.

Lei Jin wrapped the washed fish in the leaves of a big tree. On the inner side of the cave entrance, a small pit was made with a sharp stone, and the wrapped fish was put inside. It was then covered with soil and the bonfire was moved over on top.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The original bonfire was moved, revealing the already heated ground underneath, and the ashes on the surface which he scraped off with stones. Fallen leaves were then spread on top and once he lay down on it, the heat traveled up through the dead leaves, and it was very warm.

Lei Jin used the bath towel to dry the little guy’s fur. The wet bath towel was then draped over the stones by the campfire. Hugging the little guy, he lay down on the already warm leaf bed.

Mingya was already so sleepy that his eyes were closed, burrowing further into Lei Jin’s arms.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 009 Water Everywhere

When Lei Jin woke up again, the sun was already in the west, and he was lying in a shallow cave not far from the river bank. The fallen leaves made the bed he was lying on, which made a rustling sound when he moved.

He kept feeling like he had forgotten something. He seemed to have had a very long dream, the dream was very heavy, in that dream, he was pressed down by many hands, his upper half was lying in the arms of a tall man, the man’s aura was a little cold, following along the back of his neck as he bit down all the way, but the breath sprayed on his face was hot. He kept saying something in his ear, but he couldn’t understand a word. There was also another pair of big hands wandering over him, separating his legs and a third person pierced through him fiercely. He wanted to open his mouth to call for help, but his mouth was caught in a kiss and the words were swallowed together.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He wanted to open his eyes and see just who it was? But the eyelids were too heavy to open.

Later, his body slowly came to feel…..

“Damn it!” Lei Jin hammered the ground heavily, the hard stone ground making his fist hurt. How could he have such a dream for no reason? Even if he hadn’t gotten relief for two days, was sexually dissatisfied, and had a wet dream or something, he should be the one pressing the man down, not the man pressing him down, let alone being pressed down by several men at the same time.

Lei Jin touched his lower half, and it was indeed a little sticky, even in the back. Lei Jin’s face turned pale, could it be that someone really did do him while he was in a coma?

No, there was no sore feeling of being stretched open in the back. Could it be that it’s his own fluids that dripped down there? It should be, Lei Jin tried his best to comfort himself, not to mention that there were no people here, and even if there were people, they would not make a move on a grown man like himself. It was not like he was some unparalleled beauty, and besides the gay men in the world were still in the minority after all. How could there be the possibility that he would meet one, let alone three at once who took advantage of him when he was in a coma, but disappeared when he woke up.

It must be like this. If he didn’t think this way, Lei Jin couldn’t convince himself to explain the current situation.

Speaking of being in a coma, he remembered. That little guy had put something in his mouth, it was sour and bitter. Lei Jin smacked hisnlips, and it seemed that the taste had faded.

“That’s right, where did that little guy go? Why am I in this place now? Wasn’t I on the rocks at the time, Furball…..Furball…..” Lei Jin raised his voice and called out to the entrance of the cave.

No movement? Lei Jin frowned, thinking, it wouldn’t happen to have run away while he was in a coma, would it? It had been so clingy towards him before, and it would not leave even if it was beaten. He thought that this time he finally found a companion who would always be by his side, but in the end, he still had nothing by his side, not even a pet.

Lei Jin suddenly thought of his mother. For many years, he hadn’t thought of this woman.

He was born in a small county town in the north. His mother gave birth to him out of wedlock, but his father died in an accident. He lived with his mother in a small courtyard house. When his mother went to work every day, he was locked every day at home. He would watch the neighbor’s children run and play in the street through the crack of the door.

Later, one day his mother finally said that she was going to take him out to play and asked him what he wanted to eat.

He said he just wanted to eat fish meatballs, like the kind eaten by the neighbor’s child.

Mother hugged him and cried the whole time, and later ordered a large plate of grilled fish meatballs for him to eat at the fish meatball stall.

He still remembered that his mother said to him, “Xiao Jin, eat slowly, Mother is going to go pay.” He was very obedient, sitting there obediently and waiting. Although he really wanted to eat, he resisted, wanting to eat together when his mother came back.

But until it was dark, and even the fish meatball stall had already closed, his mother still didn’t come back.

The people next to him looked at him with pitying eyes, shook their heads and sighed, “Such a pity, such a beautiful boy, just abandoned by his mother.”

He still remembered the way back home. Holding the fish meatballs left for his mother in his hand, he walked for a long time to get home, but the door of the house was locked, and the neighbor said that his mother had moved out with a man in the afternoon.

He waited at the door for a long time. The wind was very cold in the summer night, just like today.

Later, he became the mob boss of the Qingyan Gang, and he had once looked for her. She was in another city and lived very well. She lived a prosperous life and had no worries about food and clothing. She also had a son, who was six years younger than him. He had a very fair and refined appearance, a student of a prestigious university.

He just wanted to ask her if she remembered the child who was thrown away at the fish meatball stall back then.

But she cried and knelt down and begged him not to disturb her current life.

He hadn’t seen her since.

She likely did not know even now that the child she had always feared was no longer in that world.

Lei Jin wanted to get up. No matter what, he had to get up to take a bath first, then find something to eat and fill his stomach. Even if there was only himself left, he still had to live well, because he knew that no one would feel distress for him except for himself.

There was a burst of soreness in his limbs, and he fell back to the ground heavily, it seemed that the residual medicinal properties were still lingering.

“Damn.” It had been an afternoon, and he still had no energy at all. What the hell did that damn little furball give him to eat?

Lei Jin, who was immersed in his own thoughts, didn’t see…..

Mingya was gently entering the cave with a fish in his mouth.

Mingya put the fish beside the fire, lay beside his female, and blinked his big round blue eyes: “Why is Mingya’s female still not awake, the sun is setting already. Second Brother clearly said that he’ll wake up before the sun sets.”

Mingya’s wet head rubbed against Lei Jin’s body and said, “Mingya’s female, wake up, Mingya has returned from catching fish.”

Lei Jin actually noticed its presence when it  approached him. Knowing that it hadn’t left, his thoughts were in a mess, and he didn’t know what to think. If he really had to pinpoint it, he might be a little relieved.

Seeing it coming over at this time, he gave it a heavy slap in exasperation and shouted, “I called you just now, where did you go?”

The medicinal properties in Lei Jin’s body hadn’t dissipated yet, his hands and feet were weak, so even if he appeared quite fierce, it was only just thunder and no rain.

Mingya did not move away from the slaps as it didn’t hurt or itch, and instead he leaned forward and buried his head on the edge of Lei Jin’s neck and said coquettishly, “Mingya’s female, Mingya went to catch fish just now, look, the fur on Mingya’s body is still wet.”

Lei Jin got water rubbed on him, pushed the other away angrily, and said, “Stay away from me, you’re getting water everywhere, it’s so sticky and uncomfortable.”

“Wu wu…..then Mingya will lick it clean for you.”

Lei Jin didn’t know what the other was going to do at first. It wasn’t until he stretched out his tongue and licked the water droplets on his chest that he suddenly realized, and his face sank immediately. He said, “Little Furball, go away. Go get some water, and I’ll wipe it myself.”

“No, Mingya’s female, Mingya will lick clean.” For once, Mingya didn’t obey.

“Don’t…..go away…..ngh…..” Lei Jin had no strength in his limbs, so he could only lie there and let Mingya’s tongue lick down his back, not even missing the gap between his cheeks, two claws spreading it and licking it clean.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mingya finished licking the front, and then helped Lei Jin turn over, and continued licking slowly and patiently.

Seen from a distance, beside the burning bonfire, a pair of bare and slender legs were propped on the shoulders of a snow-white silver leopard, and the sound of low-pitched panting breaths drifted far away in the wind…..

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 008 Mistaken Berries

The skin of the fish was golden, crispy and shiny. The flesh of the fish was white and tender. Although there was no seasoning, it had a sweet and sour taste from the berries. When the spine was removed, there were almost no bones left, and the flesh of the fish melted in the mouth. Compared to modern artificially raised fish, don’t know how much fresher it was.

Lei Jin and Mingya feasted fiercely.

Naturally, they didn’t notice the two hungry eyes glowing green on the tree not far away.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin caught a total of eight fish. He wanted to save a little to eat at night, but in the end while he ate two, this little guy ate six by himself, and even licked his paws as if he didn’t have enough.

“I really can’t tell, Furball, you’re not that big, but you eat a lot.” Lei Jin curiously reached out to Mingya’s belly and touched it twice.

“Mingya’s female’s grilled fish is really delicious. It’s the first time I’ve eaten such delicious grilled fish.” Mingya turned over obediently, belly up, and stretched out his four claws in the air, letting Lei Jin rub his belly.

“You can eat so much, won’t your owner be eaten into poverty by you?” This little guy could really eat, how could ordinary people afford it?

“What owner? Do you mean my family? No, the males in the tribe can eat more than me.” Mingya felt comfortable from the belly rub, and squinted his eyes in the sun.

Lei Jin didn’t care what he said, squeezed him and said, “Don’t go to sleep, raise your head and let me tie this flint rock to your neck.” Lei Jin found that it was really a good place. The fur around the little guy’s neck was thin but dense that anything hiding there couldn’t be seen at all. There was no need to be afraid of being robbed, or of getting drenched in the rain. One must know that in such a desolate place, being able to make fire to eat cooked food was a blessing.

He fastened it, smoothed the fur on the neck and covered it.

The weather was so nice today!

The sky was blue as if it had been dyed, the surroundings were so quiet, only the calls of unknown birds and buzzing of insects, the sun was warm, and even the wind seemed to be gentle.

It felt good to sunbathe when you’re full.

Lei Jin thought sleepily as he lay on the warm rock with his limbs thrown wide open.

“Little guy, pay attention to what’s going on around us, I’ll go to sleep first.” Lei Jin mumbled a few words, covered his eyes with his arms, and fell asleep.

“Mingya’s female, are you asleep?” Mingya turned over and faced his female.

“Hmmm…..don’t be noisy…..”

Seeing that he hadn’t opened his eyes, Mingya tentatively stuck out his tongue and licked his female face, it was so smooth.

Lei Jin didn’t sleep very well. He felt a wet heat on his face. He knew that the little guy was taking advantage of him again, but he didn’t want to bother.

Mingya didn’t get beaten this time, and he was so happy in his heart that he wanted to take it further. Then he saw the scars on Lei Jin’s back. The light-colored areas should be traces of the previous scars, and there also some new scratches, even some that bled.

Mingya’s female must have suffered a lot before. He was beaten all over and his body was covered in injuries. He really didn’t know who would have the heart to do this.

Mingya naturally didn’t know that these new scars were actually caused by him jumping through the trees yesterday with Lei Jin wrapped in his tail, the tree branches scratching at his unprotected skin. There were also some scratches from today while they made their way through the dense and tall grass.

Lei Jin’s injuries in the past were much heavier than this. So although he also felt pain from the scratches, he didn’t really care too much about it.

“By the way, Mingya’s Dad said that there is a kind of berry growing in the woods by the river, and it won’t hurt after rubbing it on the wound.” Mingya’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly remembered what his Dad had instructed before leaving.

In their tribe, when males reached adulthood, they had to go out to hunt alone and bring back their prey before they could be recognized by the tribe.

Before he left, Dad, Ah Ma, Eldest Brother and Second Brother had all explained a lot of things to him, and this berry that could heal wounds was one of them.

That’s right, what did that berry look like?

Mingya scratched the fur on the top of his head.

It might have been white, and it might have been red. Argh, forget it, how about picking both.

“Mingya’s female, wait for me, I’ll go pick berries for you.” Mingya licked his female’s face and then quickly ran to the woods on the other side of the river.

“Moya, look, what is Youngest Brother doing leaving our female behind.” Xiya looked at their younger brother suspiciously as he quickly flashed into the back of woods.

“Don’t know.” In Moya’s dark green eyes, there was only their female sleeping naked on a rock.

“You stay guarding our female here, don’t let other males take the opportunity to take him away, I’m going to see our younger brother, what a worrying fellow.” Xiya shook his head, although he also wanted to watch the female here, but the responsibility of being the big brother made him have to protect his little brother.

“By the way, don’t get close to him, our female is quite vigilant. If we hadn’t been fast this morning, we would have been discovered by him.” Xiya looked back and reminded again worriedly.

“En, I know.” Moya’s eyes flickered, but he nodded. He also knew that now was not the time, even though he wanted to rush over and hug their female right now. He hadn’t even touched a single finger yet after all this time.

Mingya walked around in the woods, and finally found the kind of tree Dad mentioned, with a straight trunk and feather-like leaves, with the side facing the sun laden with vermilion berries, and the shady side laden with snow-white fruits.

Mingya clambered up, picked a few of the red and white berries with his mouth, put them in his mouth, and kept it open with puffed cheeks, for fear of crushing the berries.

Mingya thought of his female who was still sleeping, so he had to go back soon. In the next instant, the little animals in the forest only felt a gust of wind blowing past.

Xiya quietly followed behind. It was the first time that he saw their little brother with such speed. Sure enough, as Ah Ma said, a male werebeast who had a female was different.

Thinking of their female, Xiya’s feet also couldn’t help but accelerate a bit.

Mingya spat the picked berries on the stone. He tilted his head and thought about it, just which one had Dad talked about?

“Ah, I remember!” Mingya patted the stone with his paw, “Dad said that eating the white fruit will lead to no longer feeling pain, and the red fruit should be smeared on the wound.”

Mingya carefully held a white fruit in his mouth and brought it to his female’s mouth, fearing that his sharp teeth would hurt his female, Mingya put the fruit on his tongue, and the tip of his tongue touched Lei Jin’s slightly parted mouth.

Lei Jin felt that his breathing was a little difficult, so he couldn’t help opening his mouth wider, and the fruit slipped into Lei Jin’s mouth along with Mingya’s tongue.

Lei Jin woke up at once, his teeth hit the thin skin of the fruit, and the sour and bitter taste spread in his mouth in an instant.

“Cough cough…..Furball…..what did you give me…..cough cough…..” Lei Jin half sat up, clasped his throat and wanted to spit it out, seriously he was really going to be killed by this little guy. He didn’t expect that in the end, it was not in a gang fight or a lover’s bed he would die in, nor even in this inexplicable place under the jaws of a wild beast, but in the hands of his little pet.

His head became more and more dizzy, the sunlight slowly turned black in front of him, Lei Jin’s body softened, and he lay on the stone and did not move.

Mingya was stunned, and it took a while to come back to his senses, and he threw himself in front of Lei Jin.

He stretched out his paws and touched his female’s hair, and shouted, “Mingya’s female, what’s wrong with you?”

Lei Jin still didn’t move at all.

Mingya’s tears fell in big, anxious drops: “Wu wu wu, Mingya’s female, what’s wrong with you? Dad said that it won’t hurt after eating the white fruit, and Mingya really saw other werebeasts eating it. What happened to you?”

At this time, Xiya and Moya, who were hiding in the tree, couldn’t bother to hide their presence any longer. They glanced at each other and ran over in unison.

“Mingya, what’s wrong?” Xiya asked as soon as he landed.

Moya went over and propped their female up and held him in his arms.

“Eldest Brother, Second Brother, I killed our female!”

Mingya didn’t even bother to ask why Eldest Brother and Second Brother suddenly appeared here, he jumped into his female’s arms with a “wahh” and burst into tears: “Mingya’s female, Mingya killed you, and Mingya no longer want to live either, Mingya want to be with you forever.”

“Too noisy.” Moya frowned, slapped him on the head, and continued: “He just passed out, he’s not dead yet, he is still breathing.”

“Uh?” Mingya stopped crying, raised his head with big tearful eyes, and confirmed, “Really not dead?”

“Touch for yourself.” Moya took his paws and placed them on the warm and moving chest of their female.

“That’s wonderful, he’s really not dead, our female is really not dead.” Mingya grinned.

“Alright already, look at how you cry.” Xiya grabbed the towel on the side and wiped his face.

“What did you feed him?” Moya asked.

“That kind of white berries, the one that makes you no longer hurt after eating it.” Xiya followed his line of sight to see the white and red berries scattered on the stones.

“Idiot Mingya, this white fruit is fine for werebeasts to eat. But if you give it to such a weak female, you have to add just a drop and mix it with water before they can drink it. Such a whole fruit can only be given to them when they are seriously injured. If they eat it, they will faint immediately.” Xiya couldn’t help knocking at his head with his knuckles.

Seeing that his tears were about to come out again, he took the towel and directly covered his face.

“What should we do?” Mingya grabbed the towel.

“It’s alright, it’ll be fine after a while.” There was nothing wrong originally, but he was almost scared to death by his own little brother. “By the way, this is our female’s clothes?” Xiya took the small bath towel and examined it, which tribe’s clothes were these, giving such a small piece of clothing for females to wear, wasn’t it just asking for someone to snatch him away?

“But it’s really soft and fragrant,” Xiya sniffed it under his nose and came to a conclusion.

“Our female is more fragrant, and that place is pink and tender.” Mingya said proudly. Crawling over to part their female’s legs, the small bud in the middle was then exposed under three pairs of staring, heated eyes.

Seeing such a sight, flames immediately burned in the eyes of Xiya and Moya.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mingya looked over his female cautiously, and confirming that their female hadn’t woken up yet, lay between his legs, stuck out his tongue and licked into the place he had been yearning for.

Moya also couldn’t help but lower his head to kiss the female’s lips, parting his lips and sucking deeply. Seeing this, Xiya reached out and touched the little red beans on his chest, rubbing it.

In the dream, Lei Jin felt that he was being held down by many hands, and he couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t help opening his mouth and moaning in a low voice…..

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