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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 007 Grilled Fish

Lei Jin finished bathing the little guy and saw that his snow-white fur was all wet and sticking to his body, the small water droplets reflecting a silver light in the sun. Lei Jin couldn’t help but rub him twice and put him aside to bask on a stone. He then jumped into the river again, stretched his limbs, and swam back and forth in the cool water. Mingya lay on the stone and looked at his female proudly, the more he looked. The more he adored him, the more beautiful he looked in his eyes, this was simply the most beautiful female.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Ai——where did he disappear?” Mingya just came back to his senses when he looked up and saw that the object of his thoughts had disappeared. He couldn’t have sunk into the water and drowned, could he? Mingya got up without hesitation and was about to jump into the water as well.

With a “splash!” Lei Jin emerged from underwater, wiped the water on his face, and threw something at Mingya with a big laugh: “Catch.”

Mingya was facing the sun so he didn’t see clearly what was being thrown at him.

Mingya jumped up and caught it in his mouth, and he also fell into the water with a splash.

Lei Jin was stunned for a moment. Seeing that Mingya was about to swim over to him with a fish in his mouth, he said with a hearty laugh, “Idiot, don’t come here, just put it on the shore.”

Mingya heard the words, turned around again, paddled the water with his four claws, and returned to the shore with the fish in his mouth.

It seemed that this little guy could really understand what he said. Had he been domesticated by other people before? Lei Jin stood in the water, frowned and thought about it for a while. He then put it aside for now as he saw that it was almost noon, deciding to catch a few more fish. He still didn’t know if there would be a place to rest tonight so it was best to first make sure he could fill his stomach first.

Thinking of this, Lei Jin plunged into the water again, and after a time, he caught seven or eight fish. This place was big but with little people, and the fish were all fat and big. He didn’t specifically choose the bigger and fatter fish to catch but of those he threw up onto the shore, each of them was at least forty or fifty centimeters long.

Lei Jin planned to grill it all, and eat it slowly on the way.

The little guy’s claws were sharp, and it first made a slit in the fish’s stomach. Lei Jin took out the internal organs, washed the fish in the river water, and prepared the fish. Then he remembered that fire was a big problem.

But Lei Jin had heard of the story of drilling wood to make fire. Lei Jin put the washed fish on the stone to dry, and took the little guy to the woods on the other side of the river to pick up some dead branches and dry leaves.

He saw small green bushes at the edge of the woods. It was covered with small berries the size of purple jujubes. Lei Jin saw that there were birds pecking at them, and there were traces of insects as well. The wild berries were likely edible so he picked some and wrapped them in large leaves.

Two tree branches were propped up, with a wooden stick in the middle, and a simple barbecue grill was built.

The dead leaves were spread on the ground, and a thicker tree branch was placed on it. A sharp stone was used to sharpen the end of a small wooden stick, and the tree branch was then drilled hard, hoping that some sparks would come out to ignite the dead leaves.

Lei Jin exerted his strength, sweating all over himself, and finally came to a conclusion, drilling wood to make fire was f**king nonsense.

Lei Jin was so angry that he threw away the broken wooden stick from his hand, and slumped on the ground tired.

“Mingya’s female, what’s wrong? What were you doing just now?” Mingya came over and nudged him with his head.

“Little guy, it looks like if we don’t meet anyone again, the two of us can only eat raw food these days.” Lei Jin touched its head and said with a long sigh.

Mingya heard the words, raised his neck and leaned in front of Lei Jin’s face.

Lei Jin put a palm on the little guy’s hairy face and pushed away: “Furball, stop making trouble, I’m tired.”

“Mingya’s female, look at Mingya’s neck…..” Mingya cried out.

“What are you even saying?” Lei Jin frowned.

Mingya took a few steps closer and raised his neck vigorously. Only then did Lei Jin realize that there was a small bag hanging from the thick fur under the little guy’s neck.

Lei Jin pointed to the bag and said, “Did you mean to have me take it down?”

Mingya nodded.

Lei Jin grabbed it and searched for a long time in the soft and thin fur before finding the connector and untied it.

There was nothing else in the small bag, only two small brownish-yellow stones the size of a matchbox. Lei Jin thought, could this be flint?

Lei Jin glanced at the little guy with a complicated look. It seemed that this little guy really had a master. Otherwise, who would tie this to its neck. When they find a place where there are people, maybe this little guy would also find its master, and then follow its master away.

“Mingya’s female, why are you looking at Mingya?” Mingya lowered his head shyly, being stared at by his own female was quite embarrassing.

What was this little guy doing? Lei Jin rolled his eyes, no matter how much was on his mind, he was always distracted from it by this little guy. He patted its head and said, “Go away, I want to make a fire, don’t let sparks get on you.”

Mingya obediently went to a far place to lie down.

Lei Jin rubbed the two stones together. Soon there were sparks igniting the withered leaves. Because the bath towel was still drying on the stone, Lei Jin was naked at the moment. He blew at the sparks of fire while adding the thin branches. Once they were all on fire, he began adding thicker branches.

Mingya crawled to the back of Lei Jin while hunching low against the ground. He watched without blinking. It turned out that he was not mistaken. Mingya’s female’s body had many small scars, which must be very painful. Who would have the heart to hurt a precious female?

When the fire was completely lit, Lei Jin skewered two fish on each wooden stick, put them on the fire and turned them back and forth to grill. After a while, the rich aroma of grilled fish permeated the air.

Lei Jin was not very hungry at first, but now he was a little hungry. He put the grilled fish on the big tree leaf that had picked on the way, and put it in front of Mingya: “Furball, you eat it first, I finally got a fire so I’ll grill the rest first.”

The food that Mingya’s female made for Mingya for the first time was so fragrant. Mingya sniffed around the grilled fish before lying down. Not caring about burning his mouth, he ate it in big mouthfuls.

“Be careful, it’s still hot, and there’s no one here to fight you over it.” Lei Jin looked at its greedy expression, and reminded the other with amusement.

But looking at the little guy like this, his own stomach also felt really hungry, but with firewood in one hand and fish in the other, how could there be a third hand to eat fish, and the two grilled ones were already in the little guy’s mouth.

Thinking of the wild berries he had just picked, Lei Jin grabbed a few and put them in his mouth.

“It’s so sour…..” Lei Jin swallowed his saliva incited by the sourness. It looked quite ripe, but he didn’t expect it to be so sour, his teeth even felt numb from the sourness.

Lei Jin remembered eating grilled saury in a Japanese restaurant before, and that they used to pour fresh lemon juice on it. Anyway, these berries were too sour to eat. So why not just pour them on grilled fish and try it that way instead.

Having made the decision, Lei Jin flipped the grilled fish and freed his other hand. He squeezed these small purple berries and dripped the milky white juice onto the grilled fish. Soon the smell of the fish was mixed with the smell of the unknown berries, the fragrant scent permeating the air.

Mingya, who was lying on the ground and eating with gusto, also couldn’t resist the temptation of the fragrance. With half a grilled fish left in his mouth, he rubbed against Lei Jin’s side, rubbing his leg in an ingratiating manner.

“Wait a while, it hasn’t been grilled yet, eat the half in your mouth first, or you won’t get a share of this.”

Xiya chased away the nth number of wild beasts that smelled the delicious scents of grilled fish, and groaned, “Moya, what should I do, I’m hungry too? I want to eat grilled fish too.”

Moya slapped away the hand on his shoulder, and said coldly: “We still have what’s left from this morning in our bag.”

Xiya looked at the cold and hard grilled fish in the bag with disgust, and then looked at the fragrant grilled fish in the hands of their female, and said bitterly: “But I prefer to eat the ones in our female’s hand.”

Moya replied with annoyance, “And I want to eat it too.”

Xiya muttered: “He’s clearly the female belonging to the three of us, but now only Youngest Brother gets to enjoy everything.”

Moya secretly touched his stomach, damn, he was hungry too.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Following them along the way, neither the female nor their younger brother knew how dangerous it was for a female who had no self-protection ability to grill and eat food in the wild. The smell of the food could easily attract wild beasts to attack.

The two of them were happily eating fragrant grilled fish, while the two of them had to drive away the wild beasts on empty stomachs. This was a bit unfair, wasn’t it?

At least one of their female’s grilled fish should be left for them to eat, right?

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You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )


These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 006 Bathing By The River

Lei Jin thought that if there were people around here, they should be able to find them along the river. Furball seemed to know the way. Although Lei Jin didn’t have much confidence in this little guy’s intelligence, he watched him lead the way with his tail up high in front. Occasionally it would turn around to look at him, and then run back to rub against his leg if he did not follow. Lei Jin would then laugh and scold: “You little thing!” and then followed suit.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mingya jumped with every step, wanting nothing more than to fly upwards. Of course, he knew the river. Before every werebeast went out to hunt, he had to remember where the river was. There was clean water there, and he could find his way back to the tribe along the river.

The further they walked, the denser the grass grew. The grass on the edge of the forest only reached Lei Jin’s ankles. It was estimated that after walking for more than an hour, the grass now reached Lei Jin’s chest. The grass was getting hotter and wetter, and when he stepped on the ground, it was also very muddy, like stepping on a loach. Lei Jin, who was barefoot, almost fell a few times.

Although the leaves of the grass were soft, they kept hitting his exposed skin, drawing out red marks, which still stung a bit to Lei Jin.

“Furball, why haven’t we arrived yet? You’re not lost, are you?” Lei Jin shouted from behind. It wasn’t him being overly suspicious, it was just that the grass was so tall that even he couldn’t see clearly. If he wasn’t following so close behind the little guy, it would have long been buried in the grass and out of sight.

“Mingya’s female, Mingya didn’t get lost, you are walking too slowly, Mingya is waiting for you.” Mingya turned around, blinked and said.

Of course, Lei Jin still couldn’t understand what it was saying. He frowned and had no choice. Seeing how confident it looked, he decided to believe it again, so he said, “Okay, let’s go, it’s getting hot in here.”

It was just that the grass became taller and the ground became more muddy as he went further, and his entire feet almost sank into the mud. When he pulled out his feet the muddy water would splash over half of his body. Lei Jin, who always hated stickiness, looked at the muddy stains all over his body, with his brows furrowed so tight it could clamp to death two flies. If he hadn’t vaguely heard the sound of running water in front of him, he would have thought that the little guy had brought him into the swamp.

After walking like this for another ten minutes, the sound of the water flowing became more and more obvious. Lei Jin followed the little guy a few steps, and pushed aside the dense grass that was already as tall as a person in front of him. The view suddenly opened and a river with abundant water appeared in front of them. Under the sunlight, the river shimmered with refracting light. The two sides of the river were densely covered with large and small pebbles. In the gaps between the pebbles, wild grass and flowers sprung out, swaying with the wind. As the wind blew by, a dark fragrance that was refreshing to the senses reached his nose.

Lei Jin and Mingya cheered and jumped into the river. The slightly warm water also contained a hint of coolness, which made Lei Jin groan comfortably. He untied the bath towel around his waist and washed it in the waist-deep water. This was the only thing he brought out of his house. If he knew that he was going to such a goddamn place, he would have armed himself and brought some more things with him. Or he should at least be allowed a gun, which would be some form of protection in this unknown world. And not like he was now.

Lei Jin rubbed his eyes to stop his sudden melancholy. Forget it, he was an orphan since he was a child, and he had made it to this point step by step and by his own efforts. At most, he would start over from scratch. In that world, he didn’t have any close friends. His bedmates, subordinates in the gang, even without him, they would find a new lover. As for the boss’s seat, there would definitely be no shortage of people to fill it. He wondered how much chaos the gang was in now with his disappearance. Forget it, all of these things were no longer his business. Although he couldn’t be sure, Lei Jin still felt that there was an 80% chance that he was really not in his original world.

Lei Jin was distracted with his thinking, and did not notice when the bath towel in his hand was washed away by the water at some point.

“Mingya’s female’s clothing, without the clothing, Mingya’s female will be seen by others. Though this clothing can’t cover much.” Mingya looked at the direction of the bath towel, and paddled the water with four paws.

He might be a bit stupid, but male werebeasts were quite self-aware, and instinctively felt that their females could only be seen by themselves.

“Furball, come back.” Lei Jin came back to his senses and saw the little guy chasing the bath towel and rushing out far away along the water. He felt panic in his heart, and began shouting and chasing after the other.

Finally, before the first turn of the river, Mingya grabbed the corner of the bath towel in his mouth, and turned to paddle back, rubbing against Lei Jin’s waist ingratiatingly.

With a dark face, Lei Jin grabbed and pinched its ears as he carried it ashore. Mingya grimaced and wanted to cry out in pain, but he still had the bath towel in his mouth and didn’t dare to speak. He could only look at Lei Jin with big, wet eyes.

Seeing that he was still biting the bath towel at this time, Lei Jin couldn’t help feeling angry and amused. He went ashore, picked a field with lush grass, threw it down, and said, “Don’t you understand what I say? Didn’t I tell you not to? Don’t you normally look like you can understand everything I say? Why can’t you understand anything now?”

Mingya lay on the ground and didn’t dare to move, he pouted, “But Mingya’s female’s clothing…..” The bath towel in his mouth was still there, and anything he said became even more muffled and incomprehensible.

Lei Jin squatted down, pulled out the bath towel and threw it aside. He pointed and said, “If this thing is lost then it’s lost. You are not allowed to go pick it up in the future, are we clear?” In any case, there was even a shadow of a person here. Even if he remained naked  there were no people to see it. Even if there were people, he was a man and was not afraid of being seen.

But although he had just met this little guy, he still saw the other as a companion. Which was more important, he could clearly distinguish.

No matter how unwilling Mingya was, he had no choice but to nod his head obediently under his female’s cold gaze.

Only then did Lei Jin smile with satisfaction, watching this little guy just splashing in the water for a long time, the mud on its body not being washed away much. The black mud was particularly conspicuous on the snow-white fur, making it look like a spotted dog. He hugged it under its two front paws, patted its butt and said, “Little guy, I’ll give you a bath.”

Lei Jin picked it up, grabbed the bath towel over, picked a warm rock by the river and sat down. He spread his legs, and pressed the little guy between his legs with its head turned inward. One hand splashed water, and the other rubbed Mingya’s fur.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Although the water on his body was cold, Mingya still felt that he was about to catch on fire. That place was so close, it was like a small flower bud, very tender and soft. Mingya’s female had just taken a bath, and there were still water droplets there. He really wanted to lick it, but Mingya didn’t dare. In the moment of distraction, a spot of drool dripped down, trailing across the lower half of Mingya’s female, and flowing slowly down to the gap. Mingya felt that his face had suddenly exploded into hot flames.

Lei Jin felt that the little guy under his hand was getting hotter and hotter, and thought to himself, “Was the water too cold just now, did you catch a cold?”

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 005 Back to the Tribe

In the early morning in the jungle, the morning light passed through the thick fog and fell on the vast continent here. The sunlight shone on the eyes, warm, but a little too dazzling. Lei Jin stretched out his hand to block it and took a deep breath still with his eyes closed. Such fresh air. He stretched out with satisfaction, he had slept very comfortably this time. In fact, he hadn’t had such a good sleep in a long time, and it felt so good to wake up naturally.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Feeling a warmth next him, Lei Jin habitually lowered his head and kissed the other.

“Pei pei pei…..” He had kissed a mouthful of fur.

Mingya’s body was curled into a ball, with his head in the innermost position and his butt facing out. It seemed that he was going to be beaten again, so it was best to reveal only the place with a lot of fur.

“It must be said, the ball you make is quite round.” Lei Jin looked at it with admiration, and kicked it with bare feet twice, with a look of interest.

Mingya’s eyes lit up, ai, Mingya’s female liked him! Sweeping his long tail on the ground, he immediately raised his head and blinked large cat eyes in approval.

When Lei Jin saw this, the corners of his mouth curved upwards, and greeted it with a slap, growling: “What time is it, when are you planning on getting up? Do you want to starve me to death? Don’t you have the self-consciousness of being a pet? Don’t  you know to go find something to eat?”

Mingya hurriedly nodded excitedly, and trotted out. That’s right, Eldest Brother said that females were very weak, as their male werebeasts, they must protect their females well, hunt and find food for them, and only then at night, would the female let him go in that place and give birth to his baby. Mingya’s female asked Mingya to find food. Did that mean that Mingya’s female would let him go in that place tonight? He was so happy, he was the first one, even in front of Eldest Brother and Second Brother.

And what were pets? Was it the name the tribe where Mingya’s female belong to give to male werebeasts?

The more Mingya thought about it, the more his eyes lit up, so…..his head ended up colliding into a tree… he fainted…..

“Idiot…..” The golden-haired young man Xiya groaned and covered his eyes weakly, no wonder Ah Ma told him and Moya to follow him at all times.

Moya’s expression was still cold, he looked up at the gradually brightening sky, and said, “Blind.”

The corners of Xiya’s mouth twitched, and he also felt that God was blind. When he and Moya reached adulthood for the first time, he encountered a vulture beast, and Moya encountered a giant python. Both of them fought for a long time, and ended up having to crawl back. Who knew that when it was Youngest brother’s turn, he would encounter a half-sized dragon pig, and one that was as timid as a mouse. When it saw werebeasts it ran faster than the rabbits, and Mingya didn’t even have to  put in much effort for a female to drop into his lap. Although this female would belong to the three of them in the future, he and Moya never dreamed that their female would be found by Mingya.

Lei Jin waited in the cave for a long time, but he still didn’t see the little guy. He was a little regretful. Maybe he shouldn’t have asked it to find food? Although it was true that it was a wild animal, that little guy’s body did not seem strong enough. When it came to fighting larger beasts, it was not enough to even be a mouthful. The more Lei Jin thought about it, the more uneasy he got. Although that little guy always put its paws on him and had bad intentions, and it was even more daring last night, actually daring to go into heat with him as the target, after all, it hadn’t really hurt him. He still wanted to keep that little guy as a pet when he found other humans.

As soon as Lei Jin walked out of the cave, he saw a few grilled fish wrapped in leaves on the ground. Lei Jin frowned fiercely, what happened? He thought last night’s roast chicken was a coincidence, so why was there still roast fish this morning? In the original world, Lei Jin would have asked his subordinates to investigate, but here, he had nothing, and there was no reason for anyone to plot against him.

And he really needed these foods now, so no matter what, he should fill his stomach first.

Lei Jin bent over to pick up the grilled fish on the ground, the short bath towel sliding up and flashing his firm buttocks. The sight caused the eyes of the two people up the tree to shine, and they wanted nothing more than to drag him back to the cave immediately to satisfy their future female, lest he went about seducing people everywhere.

Lei Jin’s senses were immediately alerted to those two burning gazes.

He narrowed his eyes dangerously, and looked around, but found no suspicious traces. Of course, did you think your eldest husband and second husband were the same as the idiot third husband lying under the tree?

Although Lei Jin had some doubts in his heart, he didn’t find anyone after all, so the matter was put on hold for the time being. He walked forward with the few grilled fish in his hand, and found Mingya sleeping soundly under the tree.

Lei Jin didn’t expect that it would be this situation, and he was worried about what happened to it. After a long time, he realized that it was indeed just sleeping. Lei Jin rolled his eyes, smiled darkly, stepped on its tail with his foot and shouted: “Hey, Furball, get up.”

Mingya woke up in a daze, seeing his female beside him, his first reaction was to pounce on him, and say coquettishly, “Wu wu wu, Mingya’s female, Mingya was knocked out just now, so I didn’t fall asleep. Oww!…..” For many years after that, Mingya remembered that when he pounced on his female, he should remember to see where his tail was first.

The two shared the grilled fish under the tree. Lei Jin wiped his hands on the bath towel, stood up and looked around, and other than the jungle it was the grassland, and he didn’t see any trace of human activities at all.

But Lei Jin knew from the roast chicken and grilled fish that there must be human beings in this world. It was not like it could be wild animals hunting the food, then cleaning and cooking it.

“Furball, have you ever seen a human?” Lei Jin lowered his head, looked at the little guy who had just finished eating and was now rubbing against his feet, and gestured to himself: “En, humans like me. How should I put it, animals who walk on two legs.” Lei Jin also thought that there might be monkeys and orangutans in this world, so he untied the towel around his waist and added: “No hair all over the body.” The only part of himself Lei Jin was dissatisfied about was the sparse body hair on his body. Though he didn’t feel inferior because of this, because his ability in that area had always been recognized by many lovers. In order to prevent this pet who was not very smart at first sight, from leading him into a group of orangutans and monkeys, he felt the need to give it a demonstration in advance.

Mingya swore that he just secretly took one glance. He swallowed twice before hesitating: “Mingya’s female, are you talking about females? Of course I have seen them before, Ah Ma is one, and our tribe also has precious females.”

Lei Jin frowned, what was this little guy doing whimpering and whining?

However, he was probably going crazy, actually thinking of discussing issues with this little guy.

“Forget it, even if I say it, you won’t understand it. Let’s take a look at what rivers are nearby. Maybe we can walk along the river and find someone.” If he found a river, maybe he could take a bath first. He hadn’t taken a bath for a whole day.

Lei Jin thought to himself, and did not notice at all Mingya gesturing wildly in the back: “Mingya’s female, Mingya can understand clearly.”

Mingya had had a secret that only he and those close to him knew since he was born, that was, so long as Mingya had been in contact with a certain animal for a long time, he could understand the other’s language. Unfortunately, Lei Jin naturally did not have this ability, so the result was still miscommunication.

“Children, look, look, look at that idiot, last night that werebeast failed in asking to mate and ended up getting beaten by his female.” A group of fire red foxes poked out from behind the mother fox, whispering and discussing with each other.

“Caw caw. It turned out to be him. I didn’t sleep well all night and it’s all because of him.” The crow squatting on the tree jumped out of the nest after hearing this, circling around the top of Mingya’s head.

“Isn’t this the stupid werebeast who just slammed into our front door and passed out? Caw caw, the werebeasts are so stupid these days, how can we birds live?”

Mingya bared his sharp teeth.

“Caw caw, only knowing how to show your temper at us, if you have the ability then go push down your female, push down, push down…..”

Mingya looked at the female who was pushing through the grass and looking around in front of him, and hung his head weakly. Mingya’s female, when could you lie down obediently and let Mingya press you down?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Maybe Mingya’s eyes were too sad. Lei Jin, who was already a few steps ahead, looked back and said, “Furball, what are you doing back there?”

Mingya’s female still liked Mingya, Mingya’s depression was swept away just like that, wagging his tail and snuggling forward again.

“Caw caw, whipped! Whipped!” The crow screeched in the air, beating its wings.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 004 A Night In A Cave

Lei Jin just came to this world. Even if he had a lot of calculations and schemes in his head, it was useless in this uninhabited and wild land. As for Mingya, this was the first time he went out to hunt alone since he shifted, and back at home, there were his Ah Ma and Dad to spoil him as well as two older brothers who dote on him. Other than eating, drinking, sleeping, and hopping around, he didn’t have any serious skills. Who knew that he would meet Lei Jin as soon as he went out, and now these two inexplicably became companions. 

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This could only be explained as the blind cat meeting the dead mouse, and even lightning strikes weren’t so accurate. The two wandered around the edge of the jungle for a long time, but they still couldn’t find a cave to rest in. Lei Jin knew that wandering in such a wilderness at night was no different than washing up and putting oneself in some beast’s mouth.

Lei Jin was irritable, and even looked at Mingya, who was curled up comfortably in his arms with annoyance. He grabbed a furry ear and shook it: “Furball, you are a wild animal at least right? Even if you take a sniff with your nose, you should be able to find a place to sleep, right?”

Mingya expressed that he was very innocent. He didn’t know what this female was looking for?

Was he looking for a place to rest? But wasn’t it nice on the tree?

Mingya’s bright and clear blue eyes flickered towards the branches of a tree.

Lei Jin’s eyes followed, and his face darkened instantly, he didn’t forget the scene on the tree branch in the afternoon. In this life, no, in the next life. Next, next life. Don’t even think of getting him to go up the tree again even in the next life after.

Under Lei Jin’s sinister gaze, Mingya lowered his head sadly, hugged his ears with both claws, lay down obediently, and whimpered, “It hurts, it hurts, don’t pinch my ears again.”

Since Lei Jin lost his slippers, he was carried by Mingya’s tail all the way through most of the forest, almost without his feet touching the ground. At this time, he had walked barefoot for a long time, and the small stones and branches underneath his soles felt like pitchforks stabbing at his feet. He was a grown man, and he was not as delicate as a girl, but even so, the soles of his feet could not take such battering. On the contrary, he used to very diligently show up for foot washing and massage appointments for a while. There was a foot massager there whose hands were full of strength, and the kneading he did was very comfortable. The most important thing was that the little massager looked really pleasing to the eye indeed. He was 1.8 meters tall and every time he leaned down to massage his feet, his butt appeared really perky. At first, he didn’t agree no matter what, saying that he wasn’t gay, even so he still gave in obediently in the end. Now that he thought about it, that body was really a mine of ecstasy…..

Lei Jin’s foot was really hurting, and his thoughts wandered in an attempt to divert his attention. Suddenly, he jumped with a sound of “Ow!”. He had stepped on something that was soft and covered with thorns. Lei Jin glanced at it using the remaining light of the evening, and saw that it was a hedgehog.

Lei Jin was decisively angry, even a hedgehog came to bully him.

“Moya, the way I see it, they are just blindly wandering around like this, and when it gets dark, they still won’t find a place to sleep.” The golden-haired young man was looking helplessly at the female who was now instructing his youngest brother to catch the hedgehog, his eyes full of uncontrollable laughter.

The black-haired young man known as Moya looked indifferently as his younger brother was picked up into the female’s arms again and given a good noogie because he didn’t catch the damn hedgehog.

“Youngest Brother is so pitiful. Finding such a fierce female for us.” The golden-haired young man looked more and more happy, and although he said that, the plundering look in his lavender eyes became stronger and stronger.

Youngest Brother, since you have found such a beautiful female for us brothers, as the eldest brother I will gladly accept.

“Hmmph.” Moya snorted coldly and turned to leave.

With that bit of strength the female had, even ten more of him couldn’t hurt a single fur on Mingya, he didn’t see any feelings of grievances from Youngest Brother, he seemed to quite enjoy it in contrast.

“Hey, Moya, wait for me.”

The two quickly found a dry cave, spread some hay, picked up some dry wood, and randomly caught a few pheasants, roasting them on the fire.

The two of them prepared everything, and as soon as they exited the cave, they saw their Youngest Brother following the scent all the way, leading the female over.

After wandering blindly for a long time on the edge of the jungle, they finally found such a cave before it got dark. Lei Jin ate the roast chicken and found a jar of water on the side as well. After chugging down half of the jar of water, he licked the corners of his lips contentedly.

Mingya saw the drop of water on the female’s chin as it kept sliding down, trailing across his neck, and reaching his chest. Mingya swallowed and his face quietly turned red. Of course, it couldn’t be noticed on that furry face.

“Little guy, do you want to drink water too?” Lei Jin felt the direct gaze of the little guy who was lying not far away, with two front paws pressing against a big fat chicken, its whiskers greasy from the meat, and suddenly felt a little chill on his body.

Although Mingya couldn’t understand what he was saying, when the female talked to him, he still wagged his tail with joy and ran closer. Eyes on the water droplets on that chest, meow meow.

Lei Jin frowned and looked at the only jar of clear water with some difficulty. It was not that he begrudged this little water, but he couldn’t drink with this little guy, right?

Don’t give it a drink? But the little guy squatting in front of him already had its head raised, eyes shining up at him.

What was more, he hadn’t reached the point where he couldn’t get along with such a petite little thing.

“Hey.” Lei Jin’s eyes lit up, patted Mingya’s head, and thought of a good way.

“Little guy, open your mouth.”

Lei Jin looked at him, Mingya immediately turned his eyes away and blinked in confusion.

“Forget it, don’t understand the language.” Lei Jin stretched out his hand, grabbed its mouth and opened it.

Mingya didn’t know what this female was going to do, and he didn’t dare to resist, so he could only wait with his mouth open obediently.

Lei Jin took a sip of water himself, grabbed Mingya’s mouth, and fed him a sip midair.

Mingya’s eyes widened in surprise at first, he swallowed the first sip, and then slowly came back to his senses during the second sip, squinting his eyes comfortably. Voluntarily opening his mouth wide and waiting.

Although Lei Jin felt that this little guy’s attitude was a bit weird he didn’t think too much about it. Lei Jin took a sip, Mingya took a sip, and soon most of the water in the jar was empty between the two of them.

Lei Jin shook the empty jar, and he didn’t really care, at most he would find some more tomorrow.

There was firewood, fire, water, and roast chicken here, all of which showed that there were people here before they came, although he didn’t know why the people left again. But it didn’t matter, it was a good thing that there were people, people meant hope. He would take this little guy out to have a look tomorrow, maybe he could find the footprints of people, and he would be liberated. The best case scenario was of course to go back and continue his free and easy life. But if that wasn’t possible, he planned to become successful here too.

When the sun was shining during the day, Lei Jin didn’t feel any cold wrapped in a bath towel. Now that the sun had set, although there was a fire in the cave, when the wind outside blew over it was really cold.

Lei Jin slept on the hay with his arm resting under his head. He hooked a finger and said, Furball, come here.”

Mingya was sleeping next to him and when he saw this, he tucked in his head and got closer. Mingya’s female was really fragrant, and his lower half felt a little hot. He didn’t dare to get too close, afraid that the female would find out and beat him.

“Come over when I ask you to come over, what are you dawdling for?” Lei Jin rolled his eyes, stretched out his arm and hooked it over his chest.

Mingya twisted uncomfortably twice. Seeing that Lei Jin didn’t move, he also lay down obediently.

Mingya sniffed, but truly, the scent of the female was really fragrant.

Lei Jin was really tired today. Arriving at this bizarre place for the first time, he was shocked and frightened, and then he had walked for a long time as well. However, his years of fighting and career as a mob boss still kept him sober at all times.

It was this sobriety that made him feel the burning heat poking his lower abdomen.

Lei Jin narrowed his long and narrow peach blossom eyes, and pinched it fiercely.

The screams from Mingya startled the night birds three miles outside the cave, and they flew all over the sky.

“Caw caw, no morals, no morals, not letting the birds sleep even when it’s the middle of the night?”

“Tweet tweet, shameless, shameless, do you think this is your backyard?”

Lei Jin ignored it, turned over, and fell asleep this time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Behind him, the curled up little guy slowly stretched out his limbs, and soon a young man with silver hair, blue eyes, brown skin, and a naked body with animal patterns tattooed on it slowly sat up.

The young man blinked his cat-like eyes, stared at Lei Jin’s back, and bit his lower lip grievously.

Slowly scooching over, and when he was finally leaning against Lei Jin’s body, he carefully lay down again.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 003 Through the Jungle

Lei Jin glared at this little guy, his eyes feeling sore. In the past, when the subordinates in the gang saw him like this, they would become so frightened that their calves weakened into jelly, and knelt down and begged him for mercy. But despite his glares, it still slowly and elegantly took kitten steps towards him, and Lei Jin could only back away. God knows, he was now on the edge of the tree branch, and if he retreated anymore, he would fall directly to the ground.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin subconsciously wanted to raise his leg to scare it, but he thought of the heated gaze from those cat eyes just now. Although he thought it was impossible, he slowly lowered his leg and used his fist to scare it.

“Hey, don’t come any closer. If you come any closer, I’ll really beat you up.” Lei Jin waved his fists fiercely, thinking that this time was enough to scare him off, right?

Mingya swallowed his saliva, thinking, this female was really very beautiful, he was the most beautiful female he had ever seen. The less hair on a female’s body, the more precious the female was, and this female had almost no hair on his body. Just now, he kept seducing me with his eyes, ahhhh, my heart is beating so fast. Isn’t he trying to seduce me? Why does he keep retreating when I come closer? Is this what Elder Brother said about flirting? Is this female flirting with me?

The more Mingya thought about it, the more he thought that was the case. Just now, he also showed me his pink little hole. Second Brother also said that a female’s special place could only be seen by his males.

What was this female doing waving his fists, was it to show me how strong he was? Beautiful and healthy females were the most loved.

Mingya’s female, here I come. Mingya jumped up and pounced violently, causing Lei Jin to dodge on conditioned reflex. As a result, a tragedy occurred. The back of his head would now land on the ground first, it was likely that there was no need to find the way home anymore, he was going to go directly to see Yama, the king of the underworld.

Lei Jin closed his eyes, but the feeling of falling never reached him. Opening his eyes, he found that his waist was actually wrapped around by a fluffy tail. His body was currently hanging in the air like a swing.

Mingya exclaimed silently at the close call, and raised his claws to scratch his head. His fragile female almost fell directly off the tree because he was too excited. No wonder Ah Ma and Dad praised him for being too cute. It seemed that his female must also like him too much.

It seemed that he couldn’t let his female stay in such a dangerous place any longer. He should take his female to their tribe as soon as possible. There were large grasslands there, and his female would definitely like it them.

“Damn it, let me down.” Lei Jin looked at this little guy with a pale face. It was just the size of a grown dog but had him wrapped in its tail as it jumped nimbly between the trees. And it truly did hurt when the branches hit his face.

When it paused, Lei Jin grabbed the fur on its tail and tugged hard, Mingya let out an “Aaaooo” in pain, but he still didn’t let go, because he didn’t forget that this was a female he couldn’t get easily. But it really hurts. Mingya looked back at his female with tears in his eyes, and said silently, “Why are you pulling my fur?”

Lei Jin shuddered in disgust, was this little guy trying to act coquettish? There was an 80 percent chance it regarded him as its owner, right? By the way, what the hell was this place? This little guy ran with him for so long, but he still didn’t see the edge of the forest.

And there were animals and plants that he had never seen before. Just now they passed a vine, and those vines actually had a lot of small suckers growing out of them. The insects that flew by would get stuck on the suckers and he even made out a fairly big rabbit and a pheasant stuck on it as well. There were huge strange birds flying overhead, the wingspan two to three meters long, but Lei Jin could see clearly that there were no feathers on the wings at all. Although he was not an animal or plant scientist, and he didn’t get much schooling, he still had basic common sense. Was this really a primitive forest on earth? Why did he push the door open and arrive at this primitive forest, a different dimensional space? Could he go back then?

Lei Jin was really disheartened for a while. He thought of many ways that he would die. The most likely way was to be killed by other gangs, and the most likely place to die was on the bed, because his vices were quite well-known. Of course he couldn’t really be called lecherous, everyone had a love for beauty.

He had a chance to enjoy it more than others, so why not? But where was his beauty now?

Lei Jin hadn’t finished sighing when he was interrupted by the little guy’s hairy face leaning in close to his own.

“Go away, no matter how short I am of bed partners, it’s not like I can f**k a big cat like you, right? I don’t have any beastiality kinks either. Maybe one day when you become a strong man, then I might give you my favor. But then again, that should be impossible.” Lei Jin glanced at its lower half, smiled wickedly, touched its private parts mischievously, and spat, “Little match.”

Mingya naturally didn’t know what the female was talking about, but he understood the contemptuous look in his eyes. Wu wu wu, he was despised, despised by his own female. But he had just become an adult, and just learned to shift. He would grow up, he could satisfy his own female, even if he couldn’t, there were also Eldest Brother and Second Brother.

“Okay, don’t pretend to be pitiful here, I think it’s getting dark, let’s find a place to rest.” Lei Jin grabbed the two claws covering its eyes, really, this little guy couldn’t really understand what he said, and was sad about his contempt? Tsk, Lei Jin, stop thinking nonsense. You can’t possibly prepare to take the company of beasts just because you fell into this bizarre place, desolate of any other humans.

What was this female talking about? Mingya only saw his mouth open and close, and found that he couldn’t understand anything that came out at all.

The two chatted as they jumped through the jungle, completely without any understanding of each other, and after a long time of making gestures, they finally reached the edge of the forest. The sun gradually set, and the distant sky and the nearby forest were covered with a soft orange-red light. The endless wilderness, the wind blowing in the distance, it all seemed to bring an ancient atmosphere of emptiness. Even Lei Jin, who did not have a romantic or poetic bone in his body, was shocked by the beauty of nature.

But suddenly thinking of something, Lei Jin suddenly widened his eyes, wilderness? Lei Jin finally couldn’t help but stick out his middle finger and gestured towards the sky, yelling, “Motherf**ker, where the hell did you send me to?”

He thought that even if he was really sent to a different dimension, with his skills and smarts, he was not afraid that he would not be able to create another empire in this world. He had countless subordinates to feed, but he was still able to eat and drink the best, not to mention sleep with any beauty he wanted.

But now, don’t even mention beauties, there was not even another person in sight. Out of the forest was endless grassland, if he had to walk across this endless grassland just by his two legs, it was very likely that he would not be able to make it out.

“Hey, Furball, what should we do now?” Lei Jin lifted him by his tail, called it by a new name, and asked it face to face. He didn’t know anything about this world, so he could only ask for help from the only companion around. Wasn’t it said that wild animals have the strongest ability to survive? Now, he could only rely on the other.

The wind at night was really cold. Lei Jin looked at the bath towel on his body, and then looked at the little guy’s white fur that shone a silver gleam. It looked quite warm, if he skinned it, it would make a somewhat satisfactory blanket.

Mingya’s fur stood on end under that scrutinizing gaze, and his four claws quietly took a step back. Seeing that the female didn’t seem to pay attention, he stepped back lightly again. Lei Jin snorted lightly, and Mingya whimpered. With his head resting on his front paws, he didn’t dare to move anymore.

Lei Jin smiled when he saw this: “It turns out that this little guy is also the kind to bully the soft and fear the strong. You dared to bully me on the branch just now.” Lei Jin picked it up, grabbed the little guy’s head and pressed it into his arms, rubbing it fiercely. No matter how ruthless Lei Jin was, he wouldn’t do anything bad to a little guy like this, he was just scaring him so that he knew who was the master here.

Finding that it was quite warm with him in his arms, Lei Jin continued to keep hugging it, preparing to find a cave for the night.

Mingya, who was held in this female’s arms, suddenly felt that this female was not bad, no wonder as he was the female he personally found. The two little red beans on the chest looked quite delicious, so Mingya opened his mouth, leaned closer, gently licked twice with a pink tongue, and then sucked hard.

Lei Jin’s whole body shook, and he pulled it by its tail to hang midair, slapping its head twice, threatening: “I’m not your wet nurse, if you dare to lick and suck again, I will…..” Lei Jin’s eyes flickered. Thinking of what happened just now, he sneered twice, grabbed its private parts and said, “I will castrate you and let you be a little castrated cat.”

He made a slashing gesture with his hand, and was satisfied to see this little guy shrinking in his arms and shivering.

Dad, Ah Ma, Elder Brother, Second Brother, help, this female is too scary.

The two people, no, the figure of a person and a “big cat” gradually drifted away, and finally disappeared into the night.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“How interesting.” Not far behind them, a golden haired young man touched his chin and smiled at the equally tall black-haired young man standing beside him.

The black-haired youth looked indifferent and did not answer.

And thus, the story that belonged to them was slowly unfolding on this continent.

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These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 002 Meeting The Third Brother

Lei Jin didn’t have time to lament over his tragic fate, when he heard something behind him make a rustling sound as it brushed past the bushes. The agility he had cultivated in the gang for a long time allowed him to dodge at the critical moment. A huge black figure jumped over past his side and landed heavily on the ground. The black figure struggled to stand up. Lei Jin didn’t have the time to examine what kind of animal it was, he just broke out into a run towards the nearest tree, and lost the pair of indoor slippers on his feet. Finally, before the shadow pounced over again, he used both hands and feet to climb the tough vine up to the lowest branch. Though it was the lowest, it was only relatively speaking, as the distance from the ground was at least three to four meters.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This branch was thicker than Lei Jin’s waist, but considering the majesty of this tree, he was not worried that he would fall. But the premise was that the wild boar-like monster under the tree could also stop colliding against the tree. It looked like a wild boar and had thick bristles, but it possessed a half-long snout. It was the size of a baby elephant, with two sharp fangs that grew outwards, and small eyes that glowed fiercely. It raised its head to give him a vicious look, before lowering its head to keep colliding against the tree. Lei Jin was lying on the branch with his hands and feet clasped around it in a death grip, but the non-stop impacts made his hands and feet feel numb. If he fell from this height, even before he was eaten by the monster, he would likely be half dead from the fall.

This wild boar-like monster collided for more than half an hour, and just as Lei Jin felt that he could not hold on any longer, the wild boar seemed to see something frightening. It howled, and ran away with its head tucked in.

Lei Jin let out a sigh of relief, and loosened the grip of his hands and feet, secretly glad that he had escaped death in this awful place. Suddenly, he felt a small puff of breath behind him, a fluffy paw stretched out, and actually landed on his exposed buttocks, sliding it up and down one firm buttcheek. It turned out that Lei Jin only had time to knot the towel on his waist when he was in a hurry. Under the strong shock of the collisions earlier, the short bath towel was now hanging loosely around his waist by one corner. He was now lying up on the tree with his butt facing upwards, and was basically not much different from being naked.

Truly, that saying was too accurate, the wolf just left, only for a tiger to appear instead. Lei Jin felt that his skills were not bad, but not when he was now naked, facing a group of unknown beasts in a primitive forest.

Lei Jin tried to deceive himself in his thoughts, he heard that beasts generally didn’t eat dead prey, so he wondered if it was already useless to pretend to be dead now. He would just hold his breath first, lie still and give it a try. He didn’t think that lying on the branch now as he was now, he could defeat the unknown beast behind him with his bare hands.

Lei Jin comforted himself to ignore the paw on his buttocks, repeating silently in his heart, it is an illusion, an illusion…..

But when that paw spread his buttocks and touched the small hole in the back, Lei Jin, Lei Jin couldn’t restrain himself any longer. He liked to pierce others, but that didn’t mean he liked to be pierced by others, and especially not when he might be pierced by a beast. The anal cherry he had kept for 28 years could not be popped by a beast.

Lei Jin thought of this, and estimated the length of the tree branch. It was likely that he would not fall from a somersault on it. So straightening his waist, he somersaulted forward. Then, Lei Jin looked back and into a pair of blue eyes…..of a cat? It also looked a bit like a little leopard, but there didn’t seem to be any silver leopards, right? Lei Jin thought uncertainly. It had snow-white fur with a silver gleam, and big cat-like eyes. Its size was bigger than a cat’s, about the size of an adult dog, and it was currently blinking at him innocently with big moist eyes. Beasts didn’t have expressions, did they? But now Lei Jin really felt that the “kitty” in front of him had quite a human expression on its furry face.

Although Lei Jin was born in the underworld, and he could be considered ruthless and vicious, he was rather soft on fluffy little guys.

At this moment, Lei Jin completely forgot that this seemingly pitiful and innocent little guy had just sexually harrassed him before.

Lei Jin and it looked at each other at a distance of two steps.

The little guy whimpered twice and took a small step towards Lei Jin again.

Lei Jin looked back at the branches behind him, regardless of whether he understood it or not, and shouted, “Hey, don’t take another step, take another step again, and I will kick you off the tree.” Lei Jin was afraid that it wouldn’t understand, and even raised his leg and gestured a kick. But don’t know if it was his misperception or not, he felt that the moment he raised his leg, the big cat’s eyes immediately dropped to stare at his lower half, to be precise, at his hole.

Lei Jin didn’t know what this big cat was thinking now. If he knew, it was very likely that he would rather fall than sit in this tree with this big cat.

At this time, Mingya was looking at the female in front of him with excitement. It was really a female. A truly precious female. God knows how precious and rare females were now. How could such a precious and beautiful female appear alone in the depths of this forest?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Look how smooth his body was and how white his skin was. Even that place was so beautiful, pink and tender, and small, he must not have males, right? What tribe was he from? To let such a beautiful and ownerless female go out, wasn’t this asking for other males to snatch him away?

Although he, Mingya, was still young, he was not a fool. When encountering such a delightful female, of course he would snatch him back to his tribe. Who knew that when he went out hunting for the first time as an adult, he would actually manage to snatch back a female. His two older brothers would definitely envy him.

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