Original novel by NyxV

Short Synopsis

In a modern city of skyscrapers, there once lived three sisters and each had a secret.

The eldest sister was learning how to date from a mysterious entity that had an unfortunate case of the princess syndrome.

The middle sister was struggling with an existentialist problem—is this reality or a book? Who cares certainly not me.

As for the youngest sister? Oh, she’s busy too. Intercepting and deflecting future threats towards her hapless family members was a full time job, you know…..

Long Synopsis

To others, Tilly Lin was just the baby sister of superstar Misty Lin and Ms. CEO Rainey Lin. To her parents she was just the good and obedient daughter whose future was already mapped out: go to college and get a nice secure degree like finance, graduate and enter the family business L&L Holdings Ltd., get married by the age of 25 and have two children (a boy and a girl) by 28. To her sisters, she was the annoying kid sister several years younger who liked to trail in their wake.

But she was in her junior year of college, halfway through her degree in business administration when she surprised everyone with a transfer to a creative writing major.

Then she did it again when she announced that she was breaking off engagement to fellow upper crust society heir for a poor scholarship student in the foster care system.

Of course, she was met with disbelief and disapproval. But, for the first time Tilly was adamant in her decision. Not only because she was following her heart but also because of a secret only Tilly knew.

She had come back ten years from the future.

* .:。✿゚¨゚✎・ ✿.。.:* .:。✿゚¨゚✎・✿.。.:*

Misty Lin had a secret.

She was not actually from this world.

Back on Earth, she had been a C-list actress trying to make it in the entertainment business. Unfortunately, just before the night she would have won Best Supporting Actress she collapsed from a heart condition she had suffered since birth.

What she didn’t expect was to wake up as a minor character in a webnovel she had skimmed in boredom while stuck in traffic just a week ago.

Even worse news? She had to go through puberty again. But hey, she had a healthy heart this time.

And a healthy heart meant she could actually check off the boxes on Misty’s Dangerous Must Do list.

* .:。✿゚¨゚✎・ ✿.。.:* .:。✿゚¨゚✎・✿.。.:*

Rainey Lin was perhaps the most perfect daughter any parents could wish for.

She skipped 4 grades in grade school, graduated from the most prestigious university in the country with summa cum laude while juggling 3 majors, proceed to get her Masters and PhD in business in the next two years – and all the while as the acting CEO of her parent’s multinational company.

And in the 10 years as CEO of L&L Holdings Ltd. she had managed to double its already formidable market value.

As the successor to one of the most financially valuable company in the world and a powerful businesswoman in her own right Rainey seemed to have it all – brains, wealth, power, and even beauty.

Unfortunately, the heavens seem to have forgotten to bless her with love as well.

That was until a strange entity called the Lovely Cougar System manhandled its way into her life.

Note: art on cover does not belong to me, credits go to the artist.

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