Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 150 Ascension & Electing Officials

The majestic imperial city stood still, the bell rang in the morning like thunder, the sun was shining, and there were no clouds to be seen.

The hundred officials stood outside the Chongtian Gate dressed in their official uniforms. Song Shizhao stood at the head of the hundred officials, the sun was scorching, and although Song Shizhao was old, at this moment he felt that he had returned to his prime, he never felt so young before!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

These officials were all hurriedly gathered, including many old officials of the Yuan Dynasty. To let them appear was to declare to the world that Lin Yuan was a sage king, a mighty master, so all the old officials of the Yuan Dynasty were willing to bow their heads.

The three generals who entered the city stood right after Song Shizhao. The three wore battle armor and looked straight ahead.

The sound of the bell gradually died down.

Finally, a figure could be seen outside the Chongtian Gate.

This person wore a black robe, with wide sleeves that fell straight down to the sides of the legs. The robe was embroidered with red cloud patterns and a dragon flying amidst them. Its eyes were like torches, and its claws were lit with fire.

He walked like the momentum of the wind and had an extraordinary aura.

Song Shizhao knelt down first, and then the hundred officials knelt down behind him.

No one looked directly at the Son of Heaven.

Lin Yuan stood at the gate of Daming, all the civil and military officials had their heads bowed. At this time, the wind was gentle and the sky was clear.

He looked at the kneeling officials and knew that the ritual to “persuade him to enter” was at this time.

There were three pleas and two resignations, and only on the last plea could it be accepted.

Song Shizhao stood up at this time, and with him leading did the others get up.

Song Shizhao began to speak.

“In times of great chaos in the world, the common people are struggling to live, corrupt officials oppress the people, and the world has been suffering for a long time!”

“Only the King of the South takes the common people as his children and the world as his home, so that the old could be cared for, the young could have someone to depend on, and the people of the places under govern live and work in peace and contentment.”

“Today the world has settled, this official pleads with the King of the South, ascend to the throne as the emperor, and rectify the laws and discipline of the imperial court!”

The hundred officials echoed in agreement.

All kneeling down and pleading.

Lin Yuan spoke at this time: “Yuan is young, what virtue does Yuan have to be able to take on such a big responsibility? There are many people with lofty ideals and wisdom in the world, Yuan cannot.”

Song Shizhao began the second plea: “Although there are many warriors in the world, no one can bear the rise and fall of the world with just one’s own strength. Although the King of the South is young, he is able to unite the world. If the King of the South does not become emperor, this official shall die a ten thousand death!”

Hundred officials: “This official shall die a ten thousand death!”

Lin Yuan spoke again: “You are all the pillars of this country, and with your help, the ruler will surely win the hearts of the people, but Yuan is incompetent and unworthy of being an emperor.”

Song Shizhao pleaded a third time: “In today’s world, only the King of the South could turn the tide and save the people from flood and fire. The King of the South ascending the throne is what the people want. If my Lord does not accept the request of this official, this official can only apologize to the world with my death!”

“Since this is the case, Yuan can only accept your request.” Lin Yuan sighed, “Yuan asks you all to help me.”

The hundred officials spoke loudly: “We shall be loyal to the country and loyal to the monarch!”

The national music was played, its momentum high and mighty.

Lin Yuan: “Everyone, please rise and enter with Yuan.”

The door of the Daming Hall opened wide, welcoming its new master.

Lin Yuan walked up the steps step by step.

In the first year of Mingde, Emperor Yuan of Ming was enthroned, the official name of the nation was Ming.

Mingde, from the “Great Learning” (TN: one of the Four Books), its ancient meaning, if one wanted to make the world virtuous and bright, one should govern the nation first.

The new dragon chair symbolized its new owner. The armrests of this dragon chair were carved with dragon heads, and was made of red sandalwood aniseed, dyed black, and appeared solemn and imposing.

Lin Yuan stood with his back to the dragon chair. After the civil and military officials entered, he then sat on the dragon chair and took the imperial crown. The crown’s hanging decorations consisted of the Son of Heaven’s twelve tassels, the aura of the Son of Heaven appearing suddenly.

Lin Yuan sat on the dragon chair.

The officials shouted, “Long live my emperor! Long live!”

Lin Yuan stretched out his hand: “All ministers, rise.”

“As Zhen just ascended the throne, Zhen do not seek merits, but want no faults. Now, the people of Dadu are all still anxious. Do any of you have any good advice to assist Zhen?” Lin Yuan asked.

“This official has a memorial tablet.” Zheng Qingfeng stepped out.

All the officials looked at him.

Zheng Qingfeng was called over to Dadu by Song Shizhao, and at this moment he stepped forward with confidence.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Oh, Zheng qing (TN: term used by the emperor for his subjects), please speak.”

Zheng Qingfeng said: “Opening the market, accepting concubines to the harem, and offering sacrifices to the heavens, like this, Dadu will stabilize and the common people will be at ease.”

“Then according to what Zheng qing has said, open the market and offer sacrifices to the avens.” Lin Yuan, “As for the harem, at this time, the common people have just experienced war, how can we take away their children?”

Zheng Qingfeng didn’t insist either. It was indeed inappropriate to fill the harem as soon as the new emperor ascended the throne. He only just mentioned it as part of ritual.

Lin Yuan sighed and said, “After years of wars, the common people are miserable and suffering. If the people are strong, then the nation will be strong, and if the people are rich, then the nation will be rich.”

“Zhen pity the suffering of the common people, and shall exempt them from taxes for five years. What do Zhen’s officials think?”

Song Shizhao spoke first: “Your Majesty has the world in your heart and loves the common people. It is the blessing of the common people and the blessing of the world! In place of the common people, this official thanks Your Majesty!”

Song Shizhao said everything first, and the officials behind were so angry that they nearly vomited blood.

After the court assembly, Lin Yuan walked to the Yanchun Pavilion which was behind Daming Hall.

Song Shizhao and Zheng Qingfeng followed closely behind.

Lin Yuan invited the two to sit down.

“Zhen want to open a government school.” Lin Yuan said: “And allow all the children of the common people to be admitted to the school.”

“There is no need for tuition, one school to be built at each lane.”

“Starting from the capital.”

Song Shizhao pondered: “Your Majesty, this project will cost a lot, and Your Majesty has just exempted taxes for five years…..”

Lin Yuan: “Do not worry.”

Zheng Qingfeng said: “Your Majesty appears confident and must have a good plan, I beg Your Majesty to teach us.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “The aristocratic families from all over the empire, each family can feed an entire city.”

Song Shizhao said abruptly: “Your Majesty is wise! But the aristocratic families may not be willing to hand their wealth over with both hands. If something goes wrong, this plan will not only be useless, but harmful.”

Lin Yuan looked at Zheng Qingfeng: “Qing think so too?”

Zheng Qingfeng said: “Lord Song’s words are not incorrect, but in extraordinary times, extraordinary measures are needed.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Zheng qing knows what Zhen want, so Zhen will entrust this to qing at this time. Zhen has just ascended the throne, and there are very few people of use under Zhen’s hands. The world’s aristocratic families cultivate their descendants, and Zhen will naturally reward them with positions.”

Zheng Qingfeng cupped his hands and said, “This official has received the order.”


The aristocratic families had been frightened and worried for a few months, but they began to rejoice again.

The word had been leaked from the imperial court. His Majesty had just begun to govern the imperial court but was lacking in assistance, and therefore planned to select capable officials from the aristocratic families.

The aristocratic families were now discussing how to send their children to the palace.

The current head of the Zheng family was the eldest son of the Zheng family, Zheng Zihui. After he learned the news, he convened the children of the family for a meeting. His sons ranged of all ages. In a family, the most important thing was people, so besides his official wife, he also took several concubines. The Zheng family had kept a low profile the whole time, just multiplying their children behind closed doors.

The more children, the better, both male and female.

So there were six children of the Zheng family who were over the age of maturity, and eleven who were under the age of maturity.

Young children did not attend, but there were 14 people in total who still attended.

“Today, His Majesty wants to open a public literary gathering and elect officials to fill the court. Our Zheng family’s opportunity is just around the corner.” Zheng Zihui smiled, “Do you all understand the responsibility on your shoulders?”

The sons spoke loudly: “We understand, and will not lose the face of the Zheng family, having studied hard for many years, it is all for this moment.”

Zheng Zihui: “Very good! When writing articles, it must have compliments, and if making a proposal, it must not offend the ruler.”

“The pride and lofty ideals can only be displayed after you’ve become officials of the court. Remember, do not believe yourself to be infallible.”

“If you can get acquainted with the sons of the other aristocratic families, you can get close, but not intimate.” Zheng Zihui said again, “The future of the Zheng family depends on you all.”

“This son shall be loyal to the Lord! Strive to be the best for our Zheng family!” Zheng Zihui’s eldest son declared.

Zheng Zihui slapped the table: “Good ambition!”

“My son will definitely ride the wind and rise up!” Zheng Zihui laughed, “Go! The Zheng family relies on you all!”

The literary gathering was held on time, in the side hall of the palace banquet room.

All the sons of the noble families in the capital came.

This was their chance, they would show their abilities in front of the monarch, and then be conferred an official post.

After all, when the new dynasty was just established, there was no time to hold the imperial examinations to find talented people. Now was their biggest opportunity.

The literary gathering was simple, Lin Yuan asked a question and everyone answered.

There was no need to write, just speak orally.

Lin Yuan’s question was not difficult.

He asked, “Why are you all come today?”

Someone below replied: “To serve the country!”

“For the benefit of the country!”

“For the well-being of the people!”

Only one person said: “To be famous all over the world!”

Everyone’s eyes landed on this person, this person had skin as white as jade, a tall and straight physique, like the posture of a bamboo, but what he said was extremely arrogant.

Immediately, someone asked: “What ability do you have? To be so arrogant? All the people who came here today are those who are familiar with poetry and books.”

This person: “Everyone is familiar with poetry and books, but so what?”

Everyone glared angrily: “The sages spoke! The way to govern the country!”

This person said again: “Oh, then you are all amazing, you can learn from books and govern the country on paper.”

“You! Which family are you from? With such a prideful tone, you’re not afraid of biting your tongue!”

This person cupped his hands and said: “The surname of this untalented one is Zhou, Zhou Rong.”

“And I wondered who it was? It turned out to be the famous and talented Zhou Eldest. Known as a genius and became famous at a young age. It’s a pity that one might be a genius when young, but one might not necessarily be a genius when older. Does the talented Zhou Eldest have a nickname?”

Zhou Rong: “The nickname is not decent.”

“Then I’ll give you a nickname, what do you think of Zhong Yong?” (TN: different characters but same sound for the characters that mean ‘mediocre’)

When the words fell, everyone laughed.

Zhou Rong was not angry, but said: “I heard that the tongue could turn into a sword, hurting people invisibly. This humble one has finally seen it in person.”

“Are you hinting that we are all narrow-minded people?”

“Zhou Rong! This here is the literary gathering of the Son of Heaven, there is no place for your impudence!”

“We came here to serve the country, you are here for your own fame and fortune, if I were you, I would be ashamed at this time.”

Zhou Rong: “Having learned civil and martial arts, using one’s capabilities to serve the imperial family, what is there to be ashamed of? You are not here to be officials?”

Everyone was stunned.

Zhou Rong also said: “That His Majesty can conquer the world, proves that His Majesty is broad-minded, and can tolerate the people of the world, and therefore can tolerate such an arrogant person as this humble one.”

Lin Yuan said to Song Shizhao who was beside him, “This person is interesting.”

Song Shizhao chuckled: “It’s grandstanding, but for the chance to attract the monarch’s gaze. I’m afraid that he won’t live up to his name.”

Lin Yuan nodded: “Mister’s words are reasonable.”

“Call him to come forward.” Lin Yuan ordered.

The eunuch led Zhou Rong over.

Lin Yuan asked him with a smile, “Zhou gongzi, do you have any advice?”

Zhou Rong bowed first, and waited for Lin Yuan to excuse him before saying, “Caomin do not dare to speak of advice, but caomin came to relieve Your Majesty’s worries.”

Lin Yuan asked again, “What worries do Zhen have?”

Zhou Rong: “Your Majesty exempted the common people from paying taxes for five years, in order to stabilize the world and allow the common people to recuperate. Caomin is grateful for Your Majesty’s compassion for the people, so caomin would like to share Your Majesty’s worries.”

“The aristocratic families have become entrenched in all areas and have deep roots. When Your Majesty called the sons of the aristocratic families, it is with the lure of illusory titles.”

“The aristocratic families of the capital can be dealt with by this method, but how about the aristocratic families of farther regions?”

Lin Yuan became serious: “Zhou gongzi, please speak.”

Zhou Rong: “Caomin is willing to run errands for Your Majesty, and the Zhou family will gather all our strength to share the worries for Your Majesty!”

Lin Yuan: “What request does gongzi have?”

Zhou Rong’s eyes flickered with a clever light: “Does Your Majesty think caomin has the ability to take the seat of Minister of Ceremonies (TN: in imperial China, one of the Nine Ministers)?”

Song Shizhao: “Presumptuous!”

Lin Yuan waved his hand: “Mister, don’t be angry.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Zhou gongzi possess the ambition to be a great man, and Zhen must respond to it. If gongzi is successful, why not grant you the Glorious Grand Master (TN: honorific title during Tang and Qing times), let alone just the Minister of Ceremonies?”

“If you are not successful, then gongzi will have committed the crime of deceiving the emperor, and it will be difficult to guarantee the head on your shoulders.”

Zhou Rong immediately knelt down: “If caomin doesn’t succeed, caomin shall end one’s life personally!”

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 107 Yao Shengan’s Attack

“Shock! The founder and current chairman of Sheng’an Group, Yao Shengan, went to the Song family’s grave to worship on the morning of the first day of the new year, but was driven away with a stick!”

“The chairman of Sheng’an Group sincerely repents, but the Song family refuses to accept it!”

“There is a video and the truth. The founder of Sheng’an Group stood guard at the Song family’s ancestral tomb at four o’clock in the morning on the first day of the new year, and waited for more than two hours, but the heir of the Song family scolded and beat the other with a stick. Mr. Yao was forced to leave in embarrassment..…”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Clicking on the video, one could see Yao Shengan’s desolate figure supporting his old and sick self appearing alone at the end of the twelfth lunar month, which was full of New Year flavor, laughter and family reunion everywhere. However, Mr. Yao, who was in his old age, had to leave his warm and comfortable home and rush to the cold Beijing to fulfill his promise.

In the video, Mr. Yao arrived in the capital and checked into the hotel alone. After settling down, he first made a phone call to report his whereabouts to Tao Mu. He expressed his wish that if the Song family wanted to, he could even kneel before his teacher’s grave for a day and a night. Sure enough, Song Daozhen refused.

On the screen, one could clearly hear Song Daozhen on the phone telling Yao Shengan to go to the Song family grave at four o’clock in the morning on the first day of the new year. As a result, Yao Shengan came to the appointment. In the cold night, when thousands of households were enjoying the happiness and beauty of the festive reunion, a lone figure waited for more than two hours in the cold darkness. It wasn’t until the light of dawn appeared in the sky that the Song family finally arrived.

Of course, the edited video would not contain Song Daozhen’s rebuke of Yao Shengan’s dishonesty. Only Yao Shengan, who was coldly treated, kowtowing behind Song Daozhen and offering incense, expressing sincere shame and that he was willing to give the recipes he developed to the Song family to atone for his sins, only to be expelled by Song Daozhen with a cudgel and curses.

“Is it my illusion? Why do I think Mr. Yao in the video looks pitiful? He is already so old, yet can’t peacefully celebrate the New Year at home, and instead has to rush to the capital to apologize to the Song family. Only to encounter such an embarrassing situation.”

“Upstairs +1. I really think Mr. Song went too far. Although the Song family ended badly because of Yao Shengan’s report back then, but think about it carefully, Yao Shengan didn’t really do anything at the time. He just did what most people in that era would do. After all, he didn’t personally kill anyone. And he also regrets it now. Even if the Song family doesn’t want to forgive him, they don’t have to beat him with a stick and scold him so badly.”

“In any case, he’s in his 70s. Leaving his hometown on the first day of the new year to come to the capital all by himself to kowtow and make amends. And he was almost even injured by the Song family. Seeing Yao Shengan’s hurriedly leaving back, why do I feel so uncomfortable?!”

“Of course Yao Shengan was wrong back then. But he can give 20% of the shares of Sheng’an Group to the Song family, and he is willing to kowtow to the Song family’s grave on the first day of the new year to make amends. How can it be said that he is sincere? Even if the Song family doesn’t accept it, they shouldn’t treat Yao Shengan like this.”

“I watched the video and Mr. Tao was standing behind Mr. Song the whole time. Why couldn’t he persuade Mr. Song!”

“It’s too much.”

“Forget about Mr. Song. After all, the Song family was really hurt by Yao Shengan. I can understand his feelings. But I can’t understand why Tao Mu didn’t persuade Mr. Song. After all, Yao Shengan is in his seventies. He is also an old man of his grandfather’s generation. How can he watch Yao Shengan being driven away by Mr. Song with a stick. I really didn’t expect the person I like to be so vicious, I am so disappointed.”

“I’m very suspicious, are there really Tao Mu fans upstairs? Have you forgotten how the Yao family bribed the media and Tao Mu’s adoptive parents to discredit Tao Mu? Now they just want to whitewash themselves with this video. It’s so funny, right? Also, the netizens who said Yao Shengan has sincerity, don’t forget that Yao Shengan didn’t willingly apologize to the Song family. Clearly it was them who was forced by CEO Tao to a dead end, and that they would go bankrupt if they don’t make amends, and in the end had to admit defeat and make amends under the mediation of the Shanghai city officials, right? How come you say that this is Yao Shengan’s sincerity in making amends??”

“That’s right. Some people’s remarks are really inexplicable. When did losing and being forced to admit defeat become whitewashed into sincerity? It almost made me think I went insane. I thought that the big melon I was eating a few months ago was my memory loss!”

“And that video, anyone with a discerning eye would know that it was edited. I’m puzzled, if Yao Shengan really had the sincerity to kowtow and make amends, why did he have the extra mind to bring a cameraman over with him? The narrative perspective of watching this video is clearly from Yao Shengan’s standpoint, right? If Yao Shengan is not fishy at all, why doesn’t he dare to release the whole video? Who is he going to fool with such an edited video?”

“The people upstairs are Tao Mu’s fans, right? Your words don’t even make sense. Mr. Yao left Shanghai in the morning of New Year’s Eve and arrived at the Song family’s ancestral grave in the early morning of New Year’s Day to make amends. There were nearly a dozen hours in between. How can the video be uploaded without editing it? Of course, the key points must be extracted and released while the less important points are cut out. This is the case even when shooting TV dramas. It is impossible to upload all the material.”

“You also know that making TV is different from real life? But Yao Shengan really wants to turn his life into a TV series. If he loves acting so much, why didn’t he enter the entertainment industry as an actor?”


Not mentioning how Tao Mu’s fans refuted what some netizens said. In’s technical department, seeing that their boss was smeared by a group of unidentified netizens, the director of the technical department couldn’t help but suggest: “Mr. Tao. Many of these remarks are sent by proxy IPs. Shall we check it? At least ban a batch of puppet accounts?”

Tao Mu waved his hand: “Don’t pay attention to these remarks. You just need to identify which accounts are water army. Let them say whatever they want. Anyway, the more fun they have, the more heat they bring, the higher the website traffic. Why, they are also generating income for our! So don’t be too harsh on them.”

“But they are leading on the netizens and smearing your name, which is also very detrimental to’s image.” The public relations manager of frowned. Although he had long realized his own boss’s bloody storm attracting physique. But he never imagined that Tao Mu would make the headlines on the first day of the new year. Now half of the people on the entire network are criticizing Tao Mu. If it went on like this, he was afraid that only more netizens would be affected.

“Don’t worry. Controversy leads to traffic. Look at the lively discussions they have online, almost half of them say they hate me. But you look at the background data of Are there really people who deregister from because they hate me?”

The manager of the public relations department was taken aback for a moment. Of course no one deregistered and left. Not only that, there were more and more netizens registering on in the past two days.

“You see.” Tao Mu smiled slightly, and said calmly: “Young people, don’t be impatient. Besides, you clearly know that those people were hired by the Yao family to smear me. Yet at the juncture you choose to ban accounts. Aren’t you afraid that they will continue to set the rhythm and even attract the fire to”

Everyone was stunned when they heard these words.

Tao Mu crossed his arms across his chest and smiled at the soaring background data. It had to be said that Yao Shengan, that old fox, really understood the human hearts very well. First, he made such an ambiguous video clip and uploaded it to the Internet——and it was also on and created by Tao Mu himself. Putting on a frank and fearless look that stated they were not afraid that Tao Mu would delete the water army accounts on the two websites.

In fact, Tao Mu could guess darkly, maybe Yao Shengan was expecting him to do so. At that time, not only could the water army lead the rhythm of smearing the Song family and Tao Mu himself, but they could even slander and accuse the sight of disregarding human rights by refusing to let its competitors speak up; that Tao Mu in order to shield Song Daozhen, indicated to take an unfair position of blocking and banning differing views. The so-called raking grass and beating rabbits, they put on a pitiful act while pouring cold water on the super popular

Unfortunately, Yao Shengan also miscalculated Tao Mu’s tough skin. In his last life, he had had the experience of being rhythmically slandered by people all over the Internet. To him, this bit of rain was like summer drizzle. Other than reducing dryness, it was completely useless.

Was Tao Mu the kind of glass-hearted person who was afraid of being scolded by others? Obviously not. This dude had thick skin as thick as a city wall. Even if you point at his nose and scold him to his face, he could take it all with a smile so long as there was benefit in it, not to mention the words of strangers on the Internet that neither hurt or itch. Separated by a layer of computer screen, who knew whether you are a human or a beast?

Think about it from another angle. On the first day of the new year, they don’t play mahjong with their family, and instead act indignant on the Internet to fight injustice for the perpetrators. How miserable and pitiful they must be in real life. So long as you think about these objective conditions, even if those netizens genuinely hated Tao Mu and hated him from the bottom of their hearts, Tao Mu was too lazy to get angry with them at all.

You have the time to feel sorry for Yao Shengan? It’s likely that this group of keyboard warriors with goldfish brains had forgotten that Yao Shengan, no matter how pitiful, was worth several times more than these people could ever earn in a lifetime. Besides, the only way they could express their hate for Tao Mu was to sign up for a account and keep posting comments and contributing to traffic…..

With the facts in front of him, Tao Mu didn’t want to say anything superfluous.

The employees, who were originally angry and indignant, didn’t want to say anything superfluous either when they heard their boss’s words.

Okay. We actually had the time to sympathize with the boss and fight for the boss. How could we forget that no matter how pitiful the boss was, this dude created, the most influential social platform on the entire network. This dude was worth was at least hundreds of millions of dollars, which was a wealth that they couldn’t catch up to in their whole lives——oh, by the way, thanks to the whole network slandering their boss, these poor little fellows have to go back to the company to work overtime during the Chinese New Year. They didn’t even have the chance to squat with their family to play mahjong!

Not noticing that his words shattered several glass hearts on the ground, Tao Mu quietly waited for the video to ferment. As expected, after Yao Shengan tentatively posted a clipped video on the Internet and Tao Mu did not make any clarification, Yao Shengan seemed to become certain that Tao Mu did not take reporters to the Song family cemetery, so he also couldn’t provide strong evidence to refute his video. After that, Yao Shengan’s actions became indeed much more audacious. Not only did he buy the entertainment broadcast programs of major TV stations, but he even dared to accept interviews from major print media and entertainment magazines. And in front of the media, he packaged himself as a poor old man who was old but repentant, wanting to build the character image of “the prodigal son returned home is more precious than gold”. (TN: saying that means those who turn over a new leaf is rare and therefore deserve to be accepted with open arms)

——It must be said, Yao Shengan’s acting talent was really good. If he had not founded Sheng’an Group and immersed himself in the catering industry, but had entered the entertainment industry, with his acting skills, it should not be a problem to win himself a best actor award.

Anyway, for a while, the media and netizens who spoke and interceded for Yao Shengan sprang up like mushrooms after a rain. Tao Mu was sitting at home watching TV, and he could see the media’s follow-up reports on this incident on any random channel.

“Recently, the founder of Sheng’an Group went to Beijing to perform the contract. However, in reality, there was no laughing off and forgiving old grudges…..”

“The old grudge between Yao Shengan, founder of Sheng’an Group, and Song Ji in Beijing had always moved people’s hearts. Later, under the mediation of concerned people, the two reached a settlement. Song Ji requested that the founder of Sheng’an Group, Mr. Yao Shengan, worship and make amends to the Song family ancestors on the Chinese New Year. At four o’clock in the morning yesterday, Mr. Yao arrived as promised. However, after waiting for two hours, he was scolded and violently expelled by the Song family. Before that, the chairman of Sheng’an Group, in order to obtain the understanding of the Song family, once returned the private recipes that he had worked so hard on over many years, together with the Song family recipe book, back to the Song family…..”

“Mr. Yao was interviewed by this newspaper and said that he understood the feelings of the Song family very well…..”

With a “clack”, Mr. Song angrily turned off the TV and threw down the remote control. He asked Tao Mu with a stern face: “How long are we going to endure him? Didn’t you also record a video? Why don’t you release it to refute them? Instead, letting that Yao Shengan talk nonsense on TV and deceive all the netizens who don’t know the truth.”

Tao Mu cut the apple into pieces and poked one with a toothpick and handed it to the old man while comforting: “Don’t be angry. You just consider it as watching a big show. It is rare that Yao Shengan, the chairman of a group worth tens of billions of dollars, is willing to go to such an extent to put on a big show for you. You have to be happy and appreciate it to your heart’s content. It won’t be too late for us to deal with him later.”

“I’ve appreciated it enough now. Hurry up and use what trick you have up your sleeve. I don’t want to see him again. If it goes on like this, I won’t be able to have peace this year.”

“Okay.” Tao Mu nodded in agreement with a smile. Anyway, three days have passed, and everything was almost fermented. The first wave of enthusiasm from netizens was almost vented, and it was time to reverse the tide.

And Tao Mu’s method of reversing was actually very simple. It was so simple that it was practically boring——he just uploaded the video of the day they went to worship ancestors by a reporter from FlyNews Entertainment on

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When uploading the video, Tao Mu even felt a bit sorry for Yao Shengan. Say, this old man was in his seventies this year, even if his skin had become hard and thick after years of honing, and even every wrinkle revealed a trace of shamelessness. But in any case, this fellow was at least an old man in his seventies. After such big ups and downs, strong winds and waves, he hoped that Mr. Yao was healthy enough to not pass out after seeing the full version of the video.

They all say that Tao Mu didn’t know to have respect for the old and tenderness for the young. But Tao Mu was actually very sympathetic——but usually, his sympathy was not worth a penny _(:з)∠)_

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 149 Will Not Disappoint

“Zhao Eldest! You will die a sticky death!” The shoeless and messy haired Zheng family patriarch pointed at Zhao Rong’s nose, “Today you play the jackal to the tiger! In the future, will your Zhao family be able to retreat safely?”

Zhao Rong looked at Patriarch Zheng: “Since Patriarch Zheng knows that His Majesty is a fierce tiger going down the mountain, why did you refuse to see reason back then? Patriarch Zheng, have a look around, your wife and sons have bowed their heads, they are willing to be loyal to His Majesty, so why bother to block your family’s path to survival? Even if not for the Zheng family’s century-old reputation, it is also necessary to consider more for the future generations.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Patriarch Zheng looked up to the sky and laughed: “Zhao Eldest, you are laughable!”

“A man’s arm is cut off, and yet you want this man to serve it over with both hands. My Zheng family is willing to provide food and people, so what else is he dissatisfied with?!”

Zhao Rong: “It’s just a few servants.”

Patriarch Zheng scolded: “Just a few servants?”

“Your Zhao family is also a century-old clan! You actually don’t know whether this is just a few servants?”

“What is a servant? Old generational servants, my family’s shops, and your family’s shops, aren’t they all watched by servants?”

“Your family’s ancestral lands, my family’s ancestral lands, aren’t they all being looked after by the servants?”

Zhao Rong cupped his hands and said: “Patriarch Zheng, I respect you as an elder, and I have made my statements. His Majesty is benevolent and kind, but the sharpness of the slaughtering knife is rare in this world. If you remain stubborn, then it will not be Zhao who will come to persuade you with good words, but the sword and the axe, Patriarch Zheng, take care.”

Zhao Rong flicked his sleeves and turned around, leading the people away.

Every step of the way, he kicked up wind, and his momentum and aura was no longer that of the old Zhao family son.


After Zhao Rong left, Patriarch Zheng’s eldest son hurried to his father’s side. He wanted to support Patriarch Zheng, but Patriarch Zheng waved him away.

“You! You!” Patriarch Zheng pointed at his sons and wife, and at everyone, “Are you going to watch our Zheng family decline? Will the inheritance left by our ancestors be ruined today?”

The eldest son knelt on the ground with tears in his eyes: “Father, the emperor is a tyrant, a fierce tiger. Only by letting go of the past glory will our Zheng family have a chance to breathe, and in the future will we be able to send our children to the court.”

“Father.” The eldest son took a few steps on his knees and hugged Patriarch Zheng’s legs, “Our Zheng family has not gained an inch in a hundred years.”

Patriarch Zheng felt unsteady on his feet, and he sat on the chair: “You…..are willing to give up your ancestral inheritance in order to stand out in front of the new king?”

The eldest son raised his head: “Father.”

Patriarch Zheng looked at his sons and his grandchildren.

In addition to fear, their faces were filled with uncontrollable excitement and yearning.

They have acquired civil and military skills, but they couldn’t use it to serve the imperial family. At this time, the new king appeared, and even if the king was extremely vicious, they couldn’t wait to make use of their skills and abilities that they had learned.

They didn’t care whether the new king was strong or weak, traitorous or evil, so long as they could accomplish their ambitions, nothing else mattered.

Patriarch Zheng was defeated. He covered his eyes and said with trembling lips, “I can’t stop you, I have grown old, Zihui.”

The eldest son hurriedly said, “This son is here.”

Patriarch Zheng didn’t want to open his eyes to see his children and grandchildren again: “In the future, this family is now yours.”

The eldest son froze in place, and repeatedly said he dared not: “This son, the son is not as capable as father…..”

Patriarch Zheng: “Don’t say anymore! From now on, I won’t care about this family anymore!”

“In the future, success or failure, whether our Zheng family is the passing water of the east or the pagoda on the main mountain, it will depend on you all.”

The children of the Zheng family bowed their heads and knocked it to the ground.

The next day, the Zheng family dispersed the old servants, hired new servants, and returned the servants to the common people.

The aristocratic families, every one of them was in danger.

But there were those who followed the example of the Zheng family and cut off their arms for survival.

“Most of them are smart people.” Song Shizhao smiled at the booklet sent over by Zhao Rong.

The old servant was puzzled: “It’s just a matter of servants. Why do they all look like their parents and mothers have died?”

Song Shizhao smiled and shook his head: “You, you never use your brain.”

The old servant poured him a glass of wine: “More and more, I do not understand what my lord is saying now.”

At this time, Lin Yuan was instructing Luo Ben: “I am sending you this time in order to supervise the registration of households. What generational servants and family servants, they are all my citizens.”

Luo Ben promised: “What Your Majesty says is very true, under the Lord, there should be no one who coerces the people into slavery.”

Lin Yuan had a smile on his face: “I fully entrust this to Mister.”

Luo Ben cupped his hands and bowed at the waist: “This official will do my best.”

“Go.” Lin Yuan watched Luo Ben leave.

Luo Ben listened to the cries outside the governmental office.

The servants cried and sobbed, not wanting to be commoners.

“My father and my mother, my grandparents are all servants.” The man cried bitterly, “I don’t want to be a commoner!”

The common people have to pay taxes, but being slaves, the master was the one who paid for their food and shelter. They didn’t have to worry about their livelihood and the future. When they have children the master’s family would support them. All they had to do was to obediently do work.

But when they become common people, they have to make all the decisions on what to do.

And also pay taxes.

Why be part of the common people?

If there was no benefit, why do it?

“That’s right! Me too, my family are all servants!” Someone shouted, “Please, sir!”

Hearing this, Luo Ben raised his head and commanded sarcastically, “If that’s the case, then drag them out, impose castration, and send them to the palace as slaves.”

When the people outside heard this, they quickly shouted: “My lord! My mother only has this one son! My lord!”

Luo Ben looked at the people outside the door who kept kowtowing and crying, and said: “Being a slave or a servant is orriginally a last resort. The parents in the world all want their children to grow up healthily and earn food for their bellies with their own hands and feet. You, as the children of someone else, don’t think about improving yourselves, and instead are willing to be slaves, it is truly ridiculous and lamentable.”

“Today, I will point out a clear path for you all. The people of the world are all the citizens of His Majesty, and the slaves of the world are only the slaves of His Majesty. If you want to be a slave, you can enter the palace, and there is even ways to promotion. Perhaps you may even be able to honor your ancestors and become a famous eunuch?”

The people below didn’t dare to cry anymore.

They tucked in their heads for fear of being caught out and sent to the palace.

It was not that they couldn’t find a means to live anymore, so why go to the suffering of cutting off the roots of one’s descendants?

As a man, if he lost that object, then he was no different from a cripple.

“Is there anyone who still wants to be a slave?” Luo Ben asked loudly.

No one spoke outside the door.

Within half a month, Dadu no had slaves.

The servants received the money owed by the master’s family and found other means of making a livelihood, and it was not as difficult as they thought.

There is your own house that sheltered you from the wind and rain. As long as you are willing to work, you can get paid. The days passed slowly, and they no longer felt that there was anything wrong with being a commoner.

The child played in the alley, holding a grass cricket in his hand, and ran into his yard on short legs, watching his father chop wood.

“Father, why do you have to chop so much wood?” The little boy squatted on the side.

The man smiled and said, “To boil more water today, we’re all going to take a hot bath. Yesterday, I asked your second uncle to make a bathtub, and it will be finished today.”

The child jumped up excitedly: “Will I take a bath too?”

The man put down his axe and rubbed his son’s head: “Of course.”

The child giggled and said, “It’s a good thing to move out. Once we move out, we can take a hot bath.”

When they used to be servants, where was there a hot bath to take, if they could get a pot of hot water and wipe themselves, the. it would already be considered good luck.

The man smiled. He was different from others. When people asked them to leave the master’s house, he didn’t cry like others. He voluntarily took his wife and children out himself.

He didn’t want his son to be like him, to be a slave all his life, to be a slave from generation to generation, and for his descendants to be slaves, never able to make something of themselves.

He had to work hard, send his son to study, so that his son did not have to be like him, and his son’s son did not have to be like him.

“Go to your mother and see what delicious food she made for you today.” The man patted his son’s butt.

The child jumped up and ran to the house to find his mother.

“Mother!” The child put his hands by the stove, “What are we going to eat today?”

Woman: “We’re going to eat sweet potato rice today, what do you think?”

The child nodded again and again: “Okay! Eat sweet potato rice!”

The woman said, “With some side dishes as well?”

The child smiled sweetly: “Okay! Mother’s cooking is the most delicious.”

The woman leaned over and tugged at her son’s face: “Who’s mouth is covered with honey?”

The child laughed and threw himself into the woman’s embrace.

At the dinner table, the whole family ate sweet potato rice and wild vegetables, which was quite delicious. The woman said to her husband, “I heard that women can also work. If I can work, we can save the money earlier and send Da Niu to study.”

Da Niu was their son. He was born prematurely and they had been afraid of not being able to raise him up, so they gave him the nickname Da Niu (Big Ox).

The husband said, “Don’t go, I’m going to join the army. The monthly salary in the army is much higher than that of you and me working odd jobs, we can save up the money earlier.”

The woman’s chopsticks paused: “Join the army?”

The husband patted the head of the child who was eating diligently next to them and said, “Don’t be afraid, the military camp allows us to go home to visit relatives every month. Even if there is a war, only Haozhou and Anfeng are left. I won’t necessarily fight, but even if I go, we will not lose, your husband is strong and has things my heart will miss, I will definitely come back alive.”

The woman was frightened: “In war, the weapons have no eyes. If you can’t come back, Da Niu and I will become orphan and widow. Anyone can bully us. I’m just a woman. What can I do then?”

The husband held his wife’s hand: “I heard people say that the treatment in the military is very good. After being discharged from the army, we will get money, and the court will arrange work for us. If injured or disabled, we can get another sum of money. If we die on the battlefield, we will be known as martyrs, and you and Da Niu are the family of a martyr.”

“Families of martyrs can get a sum of money every month.”

“And will also be taken care of by the imperial court.”

The woman burst into tears: “Do you have to go?”

The husband nodded: “I have made up my mind.”

The woman stretched out her hand and wiped away her tears: “I’ll pack your things for you. I’ll take good care of Da Niu at home and serve my in-laws. You should also cherish yourself outside. Don’t let me become a widow and let Da Niu lose his father.”

Husband: “I am lucky to have a wife like you in this life.”

The woman forced out an ugly smile, having no appetite anymore, she hid in the bedroom.

Only the son raised his head: “Dad, are you going to join the army?”

The husband smiled at the child: “Does Da Niu like that?”

The child didn’t know the cruelty of war, but only knew the prestige of being a soldier: “Father, will you be a general in the future?”

Husband: “Dad will work hard.”

The child said happily, “Then I am the general’s son!”


Lin Yuan looked at the booklet written by Luo Ben, and after reading it, he walked up to Luo Ben: “Is qing willing to be the Senior Official?” (TN: qing = term used by the emperor for his subjects)

Luo Ben raised his head, and then knelt down three times and knocked his head on the ground nine times ceremoniously.

“I am willing to be loyal to Your Majesty, and I will not change in this life.”

This Senior Official was a new position Lin Yuan created.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

During the Song Dynasty, the senior official was of the third rank, headed by the Xuan Feng Senior Official and Zheng Feng Senior Official.

And Luo Ben’s Senior Official was the Imperial Censor Senior Official, of the second rank, who had the responsibility of inquiring and advising the government.

Lin Yuan helped Luo Ben up, and said with a smile, “If qing will not disappoint me, then I will not disappoint qing.”

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 106 Shamelessness & A Murder Case Caused By A Pair Of Cotton Leggings

In fact, old man Song didn’t sleep for long before Tao Mu carefully woke him up.

“Grandpa, we have to go to the grave.”

According to the rules of the Song family, the ancestors would be brought home on New Year’s Eve and then sent off on the first day of the new year. When sending off the ancestors it must be directly according to the auspicious times, and before sending off the ancestors, thirty-six dishes must be made by the Song family to pay tribute to the ancestors. In order to prove that the Song family line had been inherited continuously, so that the ancestors could go back with confidence.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

To make thirty-six dishes, it naturally took some time. Although before this, the basic preparatory work had been done. But it still took at least an hour or two on the stove alone. If it was before, when there were many children in the Song family, each person may only have to be responsible for one or two dishes, and it would be faster. But now there were only the old man and Tao Mu, and the old man had to cook twenty-eight dishes by himself. This was a big project.

When Song Daozhen was woken up, he felt a little dazed. After being dazed for a long time, he came back to his senses.

Tao Mu turned on the hot air conditioner, placed the jacket hanging on the radiator over the old man, and pulled out the cotton trousers covered by the quilt. When putting on shoes for the old man, he frowned and said, “Why is this room still so cold? Should we hire someone to set up floor heating?”

“Don’t bother with such an old house.” Song Daozhen waved his hand. This ancestral house of the Song family was handed down since from the Qing Dynasty. It was said to be an antique, and it indeed looked very impressive. But whoever lived in it knew what it was truly like. Cold in winter and hot in summer, and in addition the lighting was not good either. A few years ago, the water, electricity and heating was finally set up with difficulty, but over the years, the pipes had aged, and there were always problems.

Last year, Tao Mu made money in H Town, and when he came back, he overhauled the pipelines of the orphanage and the Song family residence. In particular, the east and west wing rooms of the Song family residence. He also specially went to Liulichang Cultural Street to hire an engineering team that repaired cultural relics and historic sites. From the windows and walls to the interior decorations. At that time, the yard was full of chaos and noise, annoying Mr. Song terribly.

He survived that period with great difficulty, and he was not willing to suffer it a second time.

“But you don’t like the hot air conditioner.” Tao Mu squatted on the ground and put on the old man’s shoes for him: “Electric hot air is an open flame, which is too unsafe. And after a long time, you’ll feel dry in the mouth. We should at least find a way to warm up the house.”

“Blowing the air conditioner makes me sick.” Old man Song waved his hand. He was too old to enjoy the blessing of the air conditioner: “Besides, it’s quite warm in this room. I’ve been here for so many years, and I’m used to it. It’s all you young people, who look very strong and hotblooded, but in actuality are not resistant to the cold at all.”

As old man Song spoke, his eyes fell on Tao Mu’s long, slender and straight legs. Only a thin pair of jeans wrapped Tao Mu’s legs, giving him a shockingly out of place thin look. Old man Song frowned and found that things were not that simple: “You are not wearing cotton pants again?”

“We are taking the car when we go out, and there is heating in the house.” Tao Mu blinked, pointed to the basin of warm water on the washbasin rack, and said, “I’ve filled it up with wash water. I’m going out now——”

“Stinky boy, not wearing cotton leggings in winter, and it’s minus fifteen or sixteen degrees outside…..why don’t you freeze to death!”

Tao Mu hurriedly fled but still could not avoid the scolding. The loud scolding from Mr. Song standing at the door directly awakened the others in the courtyard. Everyone grinning and wrapped in down jackets and large cotton-padded jackets to stand on the veranda to watch the scene.

When the old man finished washing and entered the kitchen, Tao Mu was still squatting in front of the stove, silently guarding his dignity as an idol——resolutely refusing to wear cotton leggings.

“It’s minus fifteen degrees outside, and the northwest wind is blowing harshly. If you don’t wear cotton leggings today, we won’t send off the ancestors.” Old man Song angrily stood on the other side of the stove: “I imagine the old Song family ancestors also don’t want to see the direct disciple of the Song family freeze to death outside because of their stinky vanity.”

“We’re taking the car when we go out, and there is heating in the house…..” Tao Mu still said, “I don’t feel cold either.”

And besides, how could celebrities wear cotton leggings to keep warm? Do you still have the dignity of an idol? Especially when walking the red carpet or watching a fashion show, how could you put on a layer of cotton leggings because of the cold? Those female stars even bare their thighs and show their shoulders. Us men were already much better off, alright?

“And I have heat packets inside my jacket.” Tao Mu said cleverly, “It’s really not cold.”

“You know that old Liu at the entrance of the alley, who drank too much outside on the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, stumbled and slept by the street lamp, that drunkard?” Mr. Song gave an example to tell Tao Mu of the consequences of not wearing cotton leggings in the north: “When the street sweeper found him the next morning, he was already frozen to death, purple and blue all over. Frozen stiff and didn’t look good at all.”

“Also, Principle Yun came to Song Ji for dinner two days ago, and told me that some little girls are now learning to dress up like those in Korean dramas, wearing cotton clothes on top, no cotton leggings underneath, just bare legs and skirt. In the end freezing so bad they urinated blood…..”

Tao Mu was about to explain that he was different from them, only to look up and see old man Song’s firm gaze. Got it. Nothing to say now.

“I’m going to wear cotton leggings.” Tao Mu went back into his room gloomily, and pulled out a pair of thin cotton leggings. Old man Song followed and stared: “Wear thicker ones.”

Tao Mu was even more unhappy. When he put on thick cotton leggings with jeans, he felt very bloated. This time, old man Song was satisfied: “That’s right. In winter, you have to wear thick clothes that will make people feel warm just by looking at them.”

Despite his desperate struggles he still failed to keep his idol’s dignity of never wearing cotton leggings. Tao Mu turned on his phone gloomily. He had always been a person who liked to share his bad mood with others. This new year, he originally wanted to show kindness and turn a blind eye to the actions of a certain old bastard. But now…..this baby was not happy anymore, so what did he still care if the old bastard was happy or not?

Tao Mu harrumphed twice and messaged FlyNews Entertainment to send two reporters to squat outside the Song family’s ancestral tomb. By the way, he also had drother Da Hui go over in advance to make some preparations as well. Although it was New Year’s Day, the entertainment industry always celebrated the New Year when there was gossip, and not when there was no gossip. Therefore, entertainment reporters, gossip magazines and paparazzi were also the same as the special types of work in the country. They only have shifts and no holidays. Of course, as a CEO who was keen to go home for the New Year, Tao Mu treated those who couldn’t go home for the New Year, or who couldn’t rest during the New Year, such as the employees of FlyNews Entertainment who need to always devote themselves to the cause of gossip very well. The overtime pay for the New Year’s holiday, which was ten times the daily salary, and the luxury New Year’s Eve dinner delivery ordered from a five-star hotel were provided, and as a result the reporters of the FlyNews Entertainment Department nearly fought over who could take the New Year’s holiday shift——

So long as your family was by your side, you could celebrate the New Year every day. But ten times the overtime pay was only available for a few days of the year!

Not knowing that his grandson wanted to find someone to vent his annoyance, old man Song supervised as Tao Mu changed into the thick cotton leggings, and only then did he slip back to the kitchen to prepare dishes for ancestor worship in peace.

When the dishes were ready, one old and one young solemnly placed thirty-six Song family dishes one by one in front of the ancestral tablets, making three bows and nine kowtows, and then respectfully invited the ancestors to have a taste. After that was the journey to send the ancestors back to the ancestral grave.

Tao Mu noticed that old man Song also held a red sandalwood box containing the “Song Family Cookbook” and felt a little curious.

Facing Tao Mu’s curiosity, old man Song didn’t say anything. He sat in the back seat with a gloomy face, the shadows on both sides of the driveway flickering past and causing old man Song to look like he was about to melt into the darkness.

By the time Liu Yao and Meng Qi drove them to the Song family’s ancestral tomb, it was already more than six o’clock in the morning. There was a smear of white in the sky.

Yao Shengan, who arrived at the Song family’s ancestral tomb on time at four o’clock, waited in the car for more than two hours before seeing their car. Immediately, he got out of the car with a dark face: “Didn’t you say four o’clock?”

Old man Song held the ancestral tablet and glanced expressionlessly at Yao Shengan, who had a very ugly expression on his face: “Didn’t you say that you want to kneel in front of my father’s grave for a day and a night? I’m worried that your old bones won’t be able to stand it, so I prepared for you to kneel for two hours. Yet you didn’t kneel in the end at all.”

“Then why have you come here so early?” Song Daozhen looked at Yao Shengan with a puzzled expression.

Yao Shengan was almost angered to death by Song Daozhen’s remarks. He almost forgot, Song Daozhen had always been such a person who liked to make bogus accusations since he was young.

At that time, the Song family hadn’t fallen yet. The patriarch of the Song family accepted a total of two disciples, one was him, and the other was Wang Yipin. Song Daozhen was the only son of the old patriarch of the Song family, and the only heir of the Song family’s generation. His age was also young, so he was naturally spoiled by everyone. Therefore, Song Daozhen was also a hell child since childhood. He had a lively personality that did not allow him to sit still. He was always full of bad ideas and tricks, often angering the Song patriarch into using the family punishment on him, punishing him to kneel in the ancestral hall.

Later, after going through that special era, the whole Song family died out or scattered, and Song Daozhen was hit hard and unable to recover after many years.

Thinking of these past events, Yao Shengan couldn’t help but sigh: “I didn’t expect you to think so. If you explained it to me, I would naturally keel here willingly and ask my teacher for forgiveness.”

Song Daozhen sneered: “What I think is my business. It has nothing to do with your actions. If you truly have the heart, since you have arrived in front of the Song family’s grave, you should kneel and cry for forgiveness. It’s not like the ancestors of the Song family would jump out from their coffins to stop you. Why do you still need to ask for permission?”

Song Daozhen, when either speaking or doing things, never bothered to show face to others. Speaking whatever was on his mind: “You insist on kneeling in front of others to apologize, and have others watch you kowtow and offer incense. Whether you really have the heart to apologize or this is all just a pretense, you know it yourself.”

Song Daozhen said, looking coldly at the two reporters who got out of the Yao family’s car carrying cameras: “It seems like it is me who thought too highly of myself. Looks like it is not me you want to put on an act in front of.”

Song Daozhen placed the tablets of the ancestors of the Song family on the grave. In front of the ancestors, he returned the sandalwood box that Yao Shengan had sent back: “When I was sorting out the “Song Family Cookbook”, I found that there were more than ten extra recipes in the back, which should not belong to the Song family. Now what should be returned is returned to the rightful owner.”

At that time, when patriarch Song was still alive, Song Daozhen had not inherited Song Ji, so he was not qualified to read the ancestral recipes. Song Daozhen based it on the time——the day Yao Shengan took someone to seize and confiscate the Song family, stealing the ancestral recipe. From that day onwards, Mr. Song tore off all the dishes recorded in the “Song Family Cookbook” and returned it to Yao Shengan together with the sandalwood box.

“In the Song family’s teachings, what is not my Song family’s things, we must not be greedy and covet it. If there are descendants in the family who studied outside the art of culinary, and want to record the dishes they have learned in the “Song Family Cookbook”, they must obtain the consent of the other party. Either exchange recipes, or buy them with money, and if necessary, they could provide for the other party’s retirement. If in the future, the descendants of the person who gifted or taught them the recipe lost their ancestral recipes and asked the Song family for it, the Song family can’t shirk the request. They must not hold an overly sentimental attachment to it. They must remember their gratitude…..”

Song Daozhen stood in front of the Song family’s ancestral tomb and recited a paragraph of the Song family’s family motto. Then he looked at Yao Shengan with a blank expression: “Mr. Yao had betrayed his teacher to set up his own business. Since then, he is no longer a member of the Song family. The Song family also doesn’t want to have a good relationship with Mr. Yao, nor do we want to hold gratitude towards you for passing on your art. So I return to you everything that belongs to Yao Shengan. You can check it over yourself.”

Yao Shengan looked at Song Daozhen with a complicated look. This was the character of the Song family. Even if they had been ravaged by wind and rain, they would never veer off from its original intention.

“This is my kind regard. It is also my compensation to the Song family. I hope you can accept it.” Yao Shengan smiled in self-ridicule when he said this: “After all, I also learned this skill from the Song family.”

“I already said, so long as the Song family’s recipe collection is completely returned. Since it is complete, whether it is one dish missing or a dozen new dishes added, it will not be complete.” Song Daozhen’s mindset were very clear: “Although your cooking skills are learned from the Song family, you also betrayed your teacher and deceived the ancestors. Therefore, there is no longer any kindness between you and the Song family. If you want to mention the word relationship, then this relationship is that of enmity. “

“If you still have face and conscience, you should stop using the Song family recipes to benefit your Yao family. After all, you have established your own business. Instead of continuing to use Song family recipes like a thief, you might as well find a way to promote the Yao family cuisine, which can also be considered as proving your Yao family name.”

Song Daozhen lit three sticks of incense while talking: “Now, kowtow to make amends. After kowtowing, you can leave.”

Yao Shengan didn’t expect that Song Daozhen would actually respond like this before he could even find a chance to make scene. In just a few words, all his previous plans were shattered.

That was why he hated people like the Song family the most. No matter what the temperament of the family’s descendants was like, they all possessed such an old-fashioned and sour temperament down to their bones. Everything had to be according to the family rules. Please, what era is it now? Everyone paid attention to interests and profit first, yet Song Daozhen holding the “Song Family Cookbook” and guarding such a Song Ji that had fallen to disrepair, what kind of accomplishment could he even achieve?

After another ten or eight years, when Song Daozhen also died, the Song family would face the danger of losing the family art and the breaking of the family bloodline. Instead of watching these things get lost, why not let him use them instead. It could not only solve the crisis of the Sheng’an Group, but also promote the Song Ji brand.

What was more, Song Daozhen was now a major shareholder of Sheng’an Group. It was useless for him to guard an empty Song Ji, and it was better to leave it to the Sheng’an Group to take care of it instead. Else the brand of the Song family also completely declined with the end of the Song family bloodline.

Song Daozhen didn’t expect that Yao Shengan still had plans on Song Ji, and immediately became angry: “Get out of here!”

Song Daozhen picked up a stick and directly beat Yao Shengan and the bodyguard and reporter he brought with him out of the Song family’s ancestral tomb. Watching Yao Shengan hide pathetically behind the bodyguard.

“Think about it. Don’t be so impulsive when you are already at such an advanced age. Although you hate me, you don’t want Song Ji to disappear in your hands, do you? When the time comes, you will have no face to meet the ancestors of the Song family. How will you explain to the ancestors of the Song family!” Yao Shengan knew Song Daozhen’s weakness, and every word he spoke stabbrd at Song Daozhen’s heart.

Yao Shengan saw that Tao Mu didn’t bring reporters here, and the only two cameramen present were those he brought with him and were naturally on his side. So his speech and demeanor instantly relaxed a lot. In front of Song Daozhen, Tao Mu and the others, he brazenly said some harsh words, and then got into the car surrounded by bodyguards and drove away.

Song Daozhen clutched his chest angrily and cursed loudly. He had never seen such a brazenly shameless person. He ruined the Song family, and now he still had the nerve to covet Song Ji. Even if he brought the plaque of Song Ji into the coffin with him, he would never let Yao Shengan succeed.

“Grandpa, don’t be angry. That old bastard won’t succeed.” While Tao Mu comforted his old man, he looked at the two FlyNews Entertainment reporters who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, as well as brother Da Hui, who came to make arrangements ahead of time.

“Everything was filmed?”

The two reporters nodded viciously. Yao Shengan really was a shameless bastard. Even two onlooking outsiders like them couldn’t stand it any longer.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Da Hui walked behind the Song family’s ancestral tomb, and took out a few pinhole cameras hidden in the corners that had been secretly recording everything. The sky was still hazy, and it was dark everywhere. Yao Shengan and his people didn’t notice these “mechanisms” at all.

Tao Mu sneered. His days had been spent too happily, and he had been more willing to put on a kindly appearance, so it seemed some people forgot and really regarded him as a holy father.

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 148 New Method 

These days, Lin Yuan had been visiting most of the aristocratic families in the Yuan Dynasty. The fact that these families could leave their names on the history scroll, even if it was just the Haozhou family, the Li family, was enough to prove how powerful and influential they were.

Aristocratic families did not necessarily consist of high-ranking officials, but they must possess enough reputation in the local area. The local common people rely on them to live, and even officials sent by the imperial court had to curry favor with them.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After all, officials serve there for only a certain amount of years, but the aristocratic family in the area had remained unchanged for decades and centuries. As the saying went, it was difficult for a strong dragon to suppress the local snakes. The local snakes were intertwined in the local area, making it impossible for people to assert any outside influence.

Dadu also had such aristocratic families, but because it was Dadu, the place where the imperial power was most concentrated, most of the aristocratic families had shrunken, having long lost their position and ability from back then.

But that didn’t mean they had become lambs to the slaughter.

The fact they were able to survive in the hands of the emperors of the Yuan Dynasty, and having survived for so many generations, their tentacles have extended to the interior of the court of the Yuan Dynasty, and many officials were “funded” by them.

After all, the salary of an official was only so much, and there were so many officials and dignitaries in the imperial city. Even if they embezzled money, ordinary officials couldn’t embezzle as much money as one would think.

Putting them outside the imperial city, the fifth-rank officials were already considered high-ranking officials, but in Dadu, if a sign plaque was dropped on the road, it may smash to death several fifth-rank officials or royal relatives.

On the surface, officials were supported by them, but in fact they were actually the ones acting as checks and balances on officials.

They possess their own wisdom, spending money and using people were all to get more benefits.

Of course, these noble families were afraid of Lin Yuan, but their fear of Lin Yuan was not very deep.

To be precise, there were still some of them who thought that with the world having changed masters, their chance had finally come.

So they wanted to talk conditions with Lin Yuan.

They still have quite a few chips in their hands.

First, they have money and food.

Second, they have people, although they dare not be obvious and brazen, but they did have many servants, and even most people of the same surname were attached to them.

Third, they saw that what Lin Yuan was most anxious to do now was to stabilize Dadu.

This was their chance.

It was the opportunity for them to re-enter the court and regain speaking power.

Of course, if Lin Yuan wasn’t the South Bodhisattva and didn’t have such a good reputation, they wouldn’t dare to talk to Lin Yuan about conditions, and they might have fled long ago.

It was precisely because of Lin Yuan’s reputation that they thought that Lin Yuan was a person who valued ​​a good reputation. The more one valued reputation the easier it was to figure out their intentions.

“There are indeed a few smart people.” Lin Yuan looked at the letters of submission.

Song Shizhao also sighed: “It’s just that they did not use their smarts on the right path.”

Lin Yuan shook his head: “You can’t blame them either.”

In an aristocratic family, if there were no officials in it, it wouldn’t be long before they fell into decline, so even though they knew that they might anger Lin Yuan, they still had to risk their whole family’s lives on this gamble.

If a family wants to be strong and prosperous, it must be able to produce a person who could stand by the side of the emperor in every generation.

In the Yuan Dynasty, they couldn’t do it, they could only hole up in their turtle shells, so when Lin Yuan came out, they also came out.

They want to come out of their predicament to the point of going crazy.

Now was the best chance. Lin Yuan had just entered Dadu, and he was not familiar with Dadu. There must not be many people who he could use. After all, it was impossible to bring all his confidants with him. These people were temporarily immobilized as they must guard the other cities for him, so their opportunity had arrived.

You could send their children to Lin Yuan’s side.

Therefore, almost all the letters of submissions Lin Yuan received were all letters pledging loyalty by the aristocratic families, but how they expressed it was very artistic and euphemistic.

In essence——

“The world has been in chaos for so long, and finally a hero like you has appeared. Although we are foolish, we also know that capable people live in this world. Since you are now here, it must be the choice of the heavens, so we are willing to be at your beck and call, and help you pacify Dadu, but we are the common people after all, and we are not qualified to help you, so we have chosen the best descendants in the family, and we will send them to you as long as you are willing.”

Song Shizhao took the letter of submission from Lin Yuan. After reading it carefully, he smiled and said, “The person who wrote this article is a capable person.”

Articles like this were easy to appear weak and easy to bully or arrogant and domineering if the right degree was not grasped. There were very few that could be written just right like this letter was.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “There will be places that they could be used in the future.”

These children of aristocratic families have learned how to be an official since they were young, and they studied for the purpose of being an official.

It was impossible for Lin Yuan to not use them, because after several years of ups and downs, it was these people who were most needed.

But he was not going to let these noble families unreined, and would not allow them to have any power that did not belong to them.

Today, they gave up their net worth to rely on Lin Yuan, then in the future they would get more benefits from Lin Yuan. Today’s sacrifice was for tomorrow’s gain.

Song Shizhao understood what Lin Yuan meant. Although he could be regarded as having come from a noble family, his family was too small after all. It was so small that they could only find a place to hide when the dynasties changed. He didn’t much identify himself with the aristocratic families. In some respects, like Lin Yuan, he felt that the aristocratic families got in the way and hindered imperial power.

If it wasn’t for Lin Yuan’s desire to use the descendants cultivated by the aristocratic family, Song Shizhao was even ready to propose that he should take this opportunity to wipe out the aristocratic families, lest they collude and cause trouble later.

“Ignore them alone for now.” Lin Yuan said, “Re-improve the employment system first.”

He wanted to make the servants of the aristocratic families become common people again, and have the common people create value, and these values did not belong to the aristocratic families, but to him.

Song Shizhao agreed, and he suddenly said: “This official has been busy these days, and I am afraid that my energy will be insufficient, so I can leave it to one person at this time.”

This was to recommend talents to Lin Yuan, Lin Yuan asked with a smile, “Who?”

Song Shizhao said: “This son is the son of the Zhao family. He is proficient in mathematics and his character is upright.”

Saying that this person was good at mathematics, but he was a bit rigid and didn’t know how to adapt.

Lin Yuan nodded and said, “Then call this person over.”

Not knowing to be flexible was a good thing in this case.

At this time, what he needed was someone who was not flexible.

In this way, even if the aristocratic families develop hatred, they would not hate him.

Although he was not afraid that the families would hate him, it was better to have less trouble, was it not?

So Zhao Jiazi took office. He was the only person of the Dadu aristocratic families who became an official after the imperial court changed hands. His parents couldn’t believe it when they received the decree from the eunuch. It was simply… was simply because they know their own son too well. Their son was fine with academics, but he only knew what was written in the books, whatever was written in the books he would take it to heart completely. When he was a child, his family thought he was too stubborn, and they tricked him into climbing to the roof to read every day, saying that he would get twice the result with half the effort.

One could not sit on the roof for too long, the butt would hurt after sitting there for a long time.

Not saying that he should sneak down the roof to study against his parents’ orders, he should at least find himself a plank or a cushion.

But the result was, he actually sat on the roof honestly and obediently. If it rained, he would use an umbrella because he was afraid that the books would get wet, and only covered the books from the rain.

The family members were really convinced by him, and they no longer paid attention to him, cultivating the second and third sons with all their heart instead.

After all, there was no shortage of sons, and one could always find a smart one among them.

The son of the Zhao family’s name was Zhao Rong, and he looked very tall and upright. After all, he was from an aristocratic background, and was not lacking in daring. After he received the verbal decree, he immediately reported to his post and took over the official affairs regarding the servants.

The first to fall under his knife was his own family.

It angered his father into cursing loudly at home: “These are aristocratic servants who have been serving our family for generations. Now letting them go, do you think your mother can cook, or your father can sweep the house?”

Zhao Rong was neither angry nor timid when his father scolded him. Instead, he said, “It’s hiring, it’s not that they’re not allowed to stay in our house.”

“It’s just that they now have a fixed salary and are not allowed to be beaten or killed at will, it’s the same as before.”

His father scolded again: “Where is there no difference!”

He hated himself for teaching his son to be a gentleman!

Why were slaves so loyal to them? If something went wrong at home, the slaves would save their master first even if they have to put their lives on the line.

Why? Was it because they were born servile?

No, it was because the lives of their family depended on the master, their wives and children, their relatives and friends, everything was entrusted to the master.

Once they find out, even if there was no master, they could live well by themselves, or if the master was not good to them, they could just change to a new master. Then towards the aristocratic families, it was the same as turning the world upside down.

Of course, noble families didn’t place much regard on slaves, but they have many places where they could use slaves. Outsiders could never make them feel at ease as their own people, but what if their own people also became outsiders?

“They will hate you and our family!” His father thumped his chest and stomped his feet in pain, “That Southern King is forcing our family to die!”

Zhao Rong said, “Father, as an official, loyalty is the first thing. Although this son is not talented, I know that we will have a bright future when being loyal to the Lord. If I retire today, there will always be someone else who wants to take over my job. If this son succeeds, our Zhao family will have a place in the new dynasty, and if I lose, father should not panic either, this son will use my life to compensate them, and should not implicate the whole family.”

“Father has sons, and this son also has sons. The Zhao family has no shortage of sons. Father, let this son go.” Zhao Rong knelt down in front of Father Zhao.

His two younger brothers also said, “Father, let eldest brother go.”

Father Zhao looked at his eldest son and finally said, “You…..go then.”

Zhao Rong went, and he turned the aristocratic families of Dadu upside down with just strength of himself.

Every moment there was someone cursing him to death.

At first, these people gave gifts to the Zhao family, tried to pull connections with the Zhao family, and even offered to give up their daughters to be Zhao Rong’s concubines, but the Zhao family did not agree.

They have already chosen their side and could not change it anymore.

So Zhao Rong didn’t dare to drink the alcohol outside, didn’t dare to eat the food outside. If his past friends invited him for gatherings, he mostly shied away.

After Lin Yuan found out, he said to Song Shizhao, “This person is indeed usable.”

Able to faithfully complete the tasks assigned, without holding anything back, even if he was not flexible and didn’t know how to adapt, he could still be called a loyal and virtuous official.

He must walk a new path, and what he needed were people who followed him wholeheartedly, there could not be two voices in his team.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Have someone protect him.” Lin Yuan added, “Even if I set a target, this target can not be touched by just anyone.”

Song Shizhao lowered his head.

Today the aristocratic families would hate Zhao Rong.

But in the future, they would find that it was because of Zhao Rong that they escaped complete ruin.

The South Bodhisattva’s methods have changed, he no longer relied on killing to intimidate and establish his power, he had learned new methods.

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 105 Yao Shengan Goes To Beijing & New Year’s Eve

Recently, Tao Mu had been living his days quite happily. So much so that when he received a call from Yao Shengan on New Year’s Eve, Tao Mu almost didn’t react at all.

“I’ve already arrived in Beijing.” On the phone, Yao Shengan’s voice was dry and heavy. He knew what he was going to face.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Today is New Year’s Eve. According to the old rules of the Song family, we have to go to the grave to invite the ancestors home for the New Year. And prepare dishes for ancestor worship. Should I go there today?”

At that time, Tao Mu was in Song Ji, and together with Mr. Song, he was preparing various incense candles and offerings that they would use when they went to the grave to worship the ancestors. Hearing these words, he frowned: “Didn’t I say to come over on the first day of the New Year?”

The Song family did have a rule of inviting their ancestors home for Chinese New Year on the New Year’s Eve. But the old man said that the ancestors of the Song family have been suffering for so many years and it was with much difficulty that they could raise their heads high so this New Year’s must be celebrated well. On the first day of the New Year, after the ancestors were sent back home, it would not be too late to let Yao Shengan, the bastard who betrayed his teachers and deceived his ancestors, kowtow to make amends.

Of course, Yao Shengan could also guess the old man’s thinking. If it had been a few months earlier, Yao Shengan would not be willing to come over——he cared about face the most in his life, but Tao Mu forcing him to kowtow in front of the Song family’s ancestral tomb was practically the same as completely tearing off Yao Shengan’s and even the Yao family’s face and stomping on it hard with his feet.

But the current situation of the Yao family was not the same as before.

Ever since Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng attacked Sheng’an Group in the stock market, forcing the Yao family to take out 20% of the shares for a settlement. The Yao family’s control over the board of directors of Sheng’an Group was not as good as before. Later, the media exposed the scandal that the son-in-law of the Yao family used waste oil to embezzle the procurement funds because he owed huge debts to loan sharks, which caused the reputation of Sheng’ann Group to plummet. The stock price fell sharply, and its vitality was greatly damaged.

The board of directors would naturally have the management level account for the damage. The first to bear the brunt was the Yao family who once held important positions in various important departments of the Sheng’an Group. After all, Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng attacked Sheng’an Group in the stock market because of old grudges between Yao Shengan and the Song family, and the party involved in the waste oil incident was the Yao family’s eldest son-in-law.

Some shareholders believed that the Yao family was to blame for the reason why Sheng’an Group had fallen into today’s situation. Some people wanted to hold the Yao family accountable, so they forced Yao Shengan to resign as chairman on the grounds that his virtue did not match his position. As for the eldest son-in-law of the Yao family who dared to embezzle public funds and use waste oil, he should be handed over to the relevant departments and be severely punished by the law.

Those who could make this kind of suggestion were naturally the victims who were forced by Yao Shengan into bankruptcy and left their hometowns by means of unfair competition. Because of Mr. Song’s decision, these people now also held 10% of the shares of Sheng’an Group. This was not a small amount, at least enough to initiate a shareholders meeting.

Karma is always paid back. When Yao Shengan drove these defeated losers out of Shanghai City, he probably never thought that these people would be able to come back, or even enter the Sheng’an Group, and sit grandly at the shareholders’ meeting.

However, winners take all, when Yao Shengan could no longer control the overall situation, the former losers and victims naturally want to step forward and take revenge.

They want Yao Shengan to be met with misfortune and the Yao family to be driven into decline. Therefore, whatever decision Yao Shengan insisted on, these people would definitely oppose it. Later, it was natural to join other shareholders to remove Yao Shengan as the chairman. And all the rest of the Yao family were kicked out of the management level.

As soon as the victims’ fortune changed for the better, they were naturally qualified to beat the wet dogs.

Many shareholders of Sheng’an Group were originally old friends of the Yao family. However, the attitude of the Yao family was really disappointing. Shares of Sheng’an Group fell sharply. The catering chains were empty of customers. The loss of business meant naturally the loss of interests of the shareholders. As the saying went, wealth shook people’s will. After several exchanges, some people were naturally persuaded by the new shareholders that Yao Sheng’an and the Yao family should indeed be responsible for the current state of the Sheng’an Group. They want Yao Shengan to take the blame and resign. Even a general meeting of shareholders was launched for this purpose.

At the critical moment, it was actually the Shen family who stood up and temporarily retained Yao Shengan’s seat——one had to admit that although the Shen family had ill intentions in the matter of the Sheng’an Group, they also knew Yao Shengan’s ability better than anyone. With the current situation of the Sheng’an Group, if there was no Yao Shengan to stabilize the situation, even if the Group did not fall apart, it was very likely that it would fall out of the ranks of the top food groups in Shanghai.

The father and son of the Shen family went to so much effort and made so many calculations to take 25% of the shares of Sheng’an Group. So they didn’t want to see their money being wasted. They had already suffered heavy losses because of Xiaoheng Capital’s sniping at Sheng’an Group’s stocks. The Shen family didn’t want to deal with any more trouble.

Therefore, Yao Shengan’s seat must be temporarily retained. At least until the Sheng’an Group re-consolidated its status as a Shanghai catering giant, Yao Shengan, the chairman and founder, could not leave. As for the idiot who embezzled public funds to pay usury, naturally no one would care about him.

However, while Yao Shengan’s chairman seat was temporarily retained, he also had to show his ability to the shareholders, turn the tide, and reassure the board of directors trust in him.

But Sheng’an Group’s reputation had become so bad, Yao Shengan couldn’t think of how to turn things around at all. He locked himself in the office for a long time. After thinking about it, the only way for the Sheng’an Group to find a means of survival depended on the Song family.

At this moment, Yao Shengan was very grateful to himself for his soft-hearted moment, inexplicably writing the recipes he had created over the many years into the “Song Family Cookbook”, and returning it together with the “Song Family Cookbook” to the Song family.

Back then, the old patriarch of the Song family taught his children to “do good deeds, don’t ask about the future”, Yao Shengan used to sneer and disapprove. Thinking about it at this moment, it really was true that there was always a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps the reason why the old grandfather of the Song family taught his children “do good deeds, don’t ask about the future” was to enjoy this moment of joy in finding a life-saving rope in a desperate situation.

Yao Shengan wanted to pin his hope of whitewashing the Yao family’s reputation on his journey to kowtow to the Song family’s grave to make amends.

Tao Mu was naturally aware of this kind of thinking. Although after his visit to Shanghai, Tao Mu seemed to no longer pay attention to the Sheng’an Group and the Yao family. But the victims who had received the kindness of old man Song had always been thinking about repaying Tao Mu and old man Song for their kindness——of course, as well as show good will to Li Xiaoheng who stood behind Tao Mu. Therefore, it was understandable that they would make calls from time to time to report the current situation of the Yao family.

Thus, Tao Mu also knew the current situation of the Yao family very well. Judging others with himself, he could think of why Yao Shengan was so active to make amends. If he was Yao Shengan, it was likely that he would not miss such a good opportunity to whitewash himself and gain sympathy from others.

He said before that the world admired the strong and pitied the weak. This was actually not necessarily a good thing. Tao Mu had used this human habit himself, but now that Yao Shengan met a similar situation, this old bastard would naturally not let go of such an opportunity. He was sure that there would always be some keyboard holy mothers on the Internet who did not know the truth but still always stood indiscriminately on the side of the weak.

For example, the Tao Haiguo couple who tried to force Tao Mu using the moral high ground at the beginning. Another example was Yao Shengan, who was now a ‘hero in his old age’.

He still remembered when the Sheng’an Group bullied Tao Mu and the Song family. At that time, the Sheng’an Group was one of the top catering giants in the country. Tao Mu and the Song family were in a disadvantaged position. So a group of people sympathized with Tao Mu and the Song family while scolding the Sheng’an Group.

Today, the Sheng’an Group’s vitality was nearly completely damaged and barely holding on. Yao Shengan was also an old man, dragging his white-haired and sickly body over thousands of miles from Shanghai to the capital, just to kowtow to the Song family’s grave to make amends. It was likely that if someone saw this scene, they would forget the many lives of the Song family who died tragically in the past, as well as Yao Shengan’s endless dirty methods. And then easily begin to sympathize with Yao Shengan’s difficulty in his old age.

What was more, even if no one came out to sympathize with Yao Shengan, the Yao family could hire a water army to lead the discussion online.

Tao Mu, who had fought against Yao Wenxiao countless times in his last life, could almost think of what Yao Shengan could do even with his eyes closed. He was afraid that Shen Yu’s brain-dead guess earlier might really come true. It was just that the person who brought a camera to film the scene of Yao Shengan kowtowing and making amends was Yao Shengan himself.

Sure enough, after hearing Tao Mu’s question, Yao Shengan was silent for a moment, and then said in a dry voice: “I just want to say, if Mr. Song can forgive me, I am willing to kneel before my teacher’s grave for a day and a night.”

In such low temperatures, yet you want to kneel in front of the Song family’s grave for a day and a night. What are you planning?

Going to such an extent in order to act out such a dramatic scene!

Even though Tao Mu was prepared, but at this moment he couldn’t help but laugh in anger: “Grandpa, Yao Shengan said that he want to kneel in front of the Song family’s ancestral tomb for a day and a night to express his repentance to the Song family?”

Because he was going to pay homage to his ancestors, Mr. Song was packing incense candles and offerings while discussing with everyone enthusiastically the New Year’s Eve dinner and the dishes to be sacrificed to his ancestors in the morning. Liu Yao, Meng Qi, dean Tao, Feng Yuan, Gou Rixin and his mother, Qin Miaoru and her brothers were all in the courtyard. The large group of people were busy packing up the things, and they were discussing how many tables of mahjong they would need while watching the Spring Festival Gala in the evening, only to hear such mood dampening words.

The atmosphere of the whole Song Ji sank slightly, and they all looked at the old man inadvertently.

In order to set off the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, everyone pasted new couplet blessings outside the door early in the morning, and hung all kinds of red lanterns in the restaurant. The old courtyard had high beams and deep eaves, and the lighting was not very good so Tao Mu asked people to light all the lanterns. The antique styled nine-grid palace lanterns swayed above their heads, and half of old man Song’s face was immersed in the red light, seemingly frozen for a while.

After a long silence, old man Song said slowly, “Have him go directly to the Song family’s ancestral tomb at four o’clock tomorrow morning.”

Tao Mu responded and conveyed the meaning of old man Song through the phone.

According to Yao Shengan’s thinking, he actually wanted to visit Song Ji with a camera. It would be even better to record the scene where he endured humiliation to plead for forgiveness only for the Song family to refuse to forgive. But he also knew that according to Song Daozhen’s temper, he would not accept his visit anyway. More importantly, Yao Shengan was not sure whether Tao Mu would let Song Daozhen fall into his calculations. Yao Shengan had a headache when he thought of that tough little bastard.

Now, the Yao family was already at risk and cornered from all sides. At this juncture, Yao Shengan was not afraid of being snubbed. But he also didn’t want unexpected troubles cropping up either.

So, after hearing Song Daozhen’s instruction, Yao Shengan waited obediently at the hotel, preparing to go to the Song family’s ancestral tomb early the next morning.

Because of this phone call, Mr. Song’s mood had dropped significantly. Just now he was telling everyone that he would also play two rounds of mahjong this New Years Eve. But now he did not speak a word, squatting in the kitchen and staring silently at his pots and pans instead. The fire on the stove was burning quietly, emitting a faint blue flame that illuminated people’s faces.

The large group of people looked at each other in dismay, and it was Tao Mu who went into the kitchen to coax the old man, and finally made the old man happy.

That’s right. Injustice would be revealed, and great hatred would be avenged. From now on one should live one’s days happily. There was no need to spoil one’s own New Year’s mood just because of a beast.

Whether he really thought it over or just didn’t want the youngsters to worry about him. Anyway, when Liu Yao took old man Song and Tao Mu to the grave to invite the ancestors, old man Song was very calm. When they came back for the New Year’s Eve dinner, the old man was also very happy. After playing mahjong, Tao Mu and his Yao Dad and Xiao Qi Dad joined hands and cooperated unabashedly to help the old man win.

In the end, the old man became embarrassed himself and no longer wanted to share a mahjong table with the three of them, insisting on a fair game. As a result, he went to Qin Miaoru and Gou Rixin’s table, only for the three young people who didn’t know how to respect the elderly win all his spare change.

But the old man was still very happy. Until the bell of the Spring Festival Gala rang, the old man barely even reacted. After being stunned for a while, he came back to his senses under the commotion of the group of youngsters making dumplings. It turned out that midnight had passed.

The old year was finally over and a new year was about to begin. In the room full of steaming delicious scent of dumplings, the old man silently drank two cups of warm wine.

This year had gone by so fast. The old man still remembered that in the summer, he and Tao Mu were angry with each other, this little bastard, worried that this kid was walking off the right path and would not have a good future. Who would have thought that the stinky boy came back from H Town, and not only started his own company, but also found two fathers for himself. Now, he had both a family and a career, and even got back the recipe book for the old Song family.

Why, it was like a dream.

When Mr. Song was helped by the youngsters to sleep on the bed in the main room, he was feeling a little tipsy. He remembered that at this time in previous years, he was alone in the empty courtyard with just the old TV as company, faced with the long night that would never end. On the TV, the whole family was reunited, year after year, but he was the only one left in the Song family, watching the New Year’s Eve dinner going from steaming hot dishes to cold dishes and cold bowls on the table.

The sound of falling snow rustled outside the window, the northwest wind whistled by, making howling sounds as it passed through the branches of the old locust tree, rolling the remaining snow on the branches, seeping into the old window cracks, to be swallowed along with the cold white wine down the stomach, causing the heart to also feel empty.

But this year, the courtyard, which had always been lonely and deserted, was full of people. A large group of shameless lads squatted outside to throw snowballs and make snowmen. A large group of people gathered around the dinner table to make dumplings. In previous years, the New Year’s Eve dinner, which was set out on the table as steaming hot only to grow cold, was now almost not enough for everyone to eat this year. The originally long and lonely night passed quickly in the time it took to play two rounds of mahjong. Even the wine he drank every year was now warm and steaming.

Warming the heart and bringing on a sense of intoxication.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Old man Song was half lying on the carved wooden bed. Feeling the warm wet blankets rubbing gently on his face, neck and hands. A teardrop tumbled down and disappeared into the gray temples.

Truly, he had become old. Getting drunk with so little alcohol. So drunk that he never wanted to wake up from this dream.

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 104 Human Heart & Liar

TN: bonus chapter💕

Beijing Film stipulated that freshman and sophomore students were not allowed to go out to take acting jobs, which meant that they were not allowed to ask for leave from classes to film because Beijing Film implemented the attendance system and the classroom assessment system. The weight of attendance and in-class assessment was 50% of the final exam. That was to say, if a student’s attendance did not meet the standard, no matter how many points they scored in the professional course test at the end of the term, it would be considered a failed class.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But in fact, if students used weekends or winter and summer vacations to go out to film or take up other jobs, Beijing Film didn’t mind at all. Because the school had no way to restrict what students do in their spare time. Students were even encouraged to use their spare time to film. For a well-known reason——training one’s acting skills and camera sense.

As everyone knows, although theory and practice were equally important, they were never the same thing. What Beijing Film students learn in school was only theoretical knowledge, including the usual rehearsals and end of term drama performances. All their studies and practice was to prepare them for when they truly stood in front of the lens.

But camera sense was not something that could be learned by practice. Lighting, movement, drama feel, these subtle details that would be concentrated and magnified in front of the camera, all required the actors to hone their skills in front of the camera again and again to eventually reach the point where it was natural and perfect.

And this kind of opportunity could not be given by classroom rehearsals. Therefore, Beijing Film also hoped that students could find opportunities to act in their spare time——whether it was to join a crew or to act in stage dramas. They must experience and become familiar with what it was like to actually shoot a film or perform on stage.

It was just that in order to control the filming quality Beijing Film students received, students must report to the school after receiving the film offer. Some scripts that not only couldn’t hone their acting skills, but may also have a bad influence on the students——for example, some idiotic idol dramas, even if the students want to take it, the school would not agree.

But “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” was definitely not within the scope of the school’s rejection.

But even so, when Sun Yi, the head teacher of the 2008 class of Beijing Film, received the filming application from Tao Mu and Wen Bao, and learned that Tao Mu had been persuaded by Director Zhou Hong to invest 9 million yuan in order to act in such a role, he was still extremely incensed.

Sun Yi immediately called Zhou Hong and scolded the old guy for being immoral——putting aside that you cheated investment funds from a student of Beijing Film, in any case, this kid Tao Mu was quite rich now. But in order to attract investment, you actually shamelessly used such a role to lure in 9 million yuan in investment, just for such a traitorous character who was dislikeable and had limited screen time. Aren’t you being a bit of a bully?

Even if Tao Mu was an orphan, Beijing Film would not allow outsiders to bully their Beijing Film students like this.

Zhou Hong on the other end of the phone could only chuckle ingratiatingly. And he also repeated the words Screenwriter Fan used to persuade Tao Mu before (the role of Su Dingbang was very important, highlighting the depth of the script) to persuade Sun Yi.

However, Sun Yi was not as easy to fool as Tao Mu: “Stop talking nonsense with me. You could try to find an investor with your shabby script, and use the role you said was very important to fool others and see if other investors will even spare you a look?”

“I say, old Zhou, one must be kind. You can’t fool our child just because he is young. Although he is still young, 9 million yuan is quite a lot. With the 9 million yuan, even if he gathered a crew to support himself as the male lead, the funds are more than enough, let alone a crew like yours?”

Zhou Hong was lectured speechless by Sun Yi. After a long while, he said with embarrassment: “I say, old Sun, how did you learn this habit. Being an investor means supporting the male lead? But you have also read our script, the age of the male lead character is not young. Besides, we have already found the male protagonist, which is Zhan Bin. Old Fan and I went to great lengths to get him to agree to play the role. And just to support our crew, Mr. Zhan also reduced his salary. I say, old Sun, you should try to understand me too. This script is originally unpopular, and if we don’t find a male lead who has some influence, who would watch it when it airs?”

Of course Sun Yi knew what Zhou Hong was talking about. But he had to make it clear: “Then you can’t give us such a role for 9 million yuan. You also know that Tao Mu will be acting for the first time, and you let him play a traitor when he first came into contact with a TV series. After the TV series aired, the audience’s image of Tao Mu will be set. What if in the future it will only be this kind of role that will look for him. Aren’t you ruining this child’s acting career!”

“Aiyo, old Sun!” Zhou Hong chuckled exasperatedly: “Don’t tease me. Who is Tao Mu? You already said, he could come up with a nine million yuan investment for a script, even if there aren’t any good roles looking for him, he could also invest in himself to be the male lead. Towards this kind of thing you don’t have to worry about it, right?”

Sun Yi paused when he heard the words, and then he recalled that Tao Mu was also a CEO, at an investor level. He really didn’t have to worry about having no good filming jobs at all.

“But you still can’t deal with the investor like this.” Nine million yuan in investment in exchange for a cannon fodder traitor character.

“I want to give him another important role. I have seen his acting skills too. But don’t you have rules in Beijing Film? The winter vacation is only a few days, and after the New Year, you count how many days are left. If I give him a role with mire scenes even if he agrees, will Beijing Film agree?”

Back then in H Town, several brokerage companies were optimistic about Tao Mu and wanted to sign him to their label, but Tao Mu refused on the grounds that Beijing Film rules do not allow freshman and sophomore students to film during school. It was no secret in the entertainment circle. Especially after Tao Mu created and became famous. Everyone didn’t say it, but they knew that Tao Mu had ability, so he definitely wouldn’t put small brokerage companies in his sight, and instead create his own company and use all the resources on himself.

Furthermore, Tao Mu was so close to Longteng Entertainment and Summer Star Entertainment, especially as the three jointly held the “National School Beauty and Hunk Selection Competition”. Tao Mu had the ability to put contestants into the two companies. If he really wanted to film, he only needed to tell those two companies, and it was very likely that the two companies would be very happy to hand over good scripts for Tao Mu to choose. But Tao Mu made no movement at all, showing that he really wanted to abide by the school rules.

Indeed this was the case. When Tao Mu put forward this attitude at the beginning, one reason was to refuse those brokerage companies and agents, and the other was to aim at the big drama that Beijing Film would shoot two years later. In addition, Tao Mu had an unspeakable psychological shadow. He just wanted to use these two years of study time to reshape his acting skills, so that there was no trace of Yan Sheng anymore.

But people’s mindset would always change. With Tao Mu’s creation of and the accumulation of hundreds of millions of dollars in Xiaoheng Capital, his vision had not been limited to the original vision for a long time. Coupled with the conversation he had with Wen Bao——he didn’t dare to say that he could unravel the knot in his heart, but at least Tao Mu really wanted to try to step out of the shadows.

As Wen Bao said, his acting skills were also honed by himself bit by bit. It wasn’t that he stole from someone or robbed it from someone, so he didn’t need to hide it at all. It was displayed generously, and it should be acted how it should be acted. He just liked acting. If he had to worry so much about doing what he liked, if he didn’t even have the courage to stand in front of the camera because he was worried about other people’s evaluations, then why did he insist on acting?

Wasn’t it better to obediently be his domineering CEO!

Thinking of this, Tao Mu suddenly felt much more at ease. He filmed, not for others or for other things, but just because he liked it.

He really liked the role of Su Dingbang. He admitted that he was really fooled by Director Zhou and Screenwriter Fan, and wanted to try such a role that challenged humanistic characteristics. He also didn’t know if he could act out the complexity of the role, but he wanted to try.

Do what you want. Don’t consider whether the role of Su Dingbang was upright or not, whether it would affect his image in the eyes of the audience, and whether it would limit his future acting career——anyway, he did not rely on filming to support his livelihood. Just like young master Wen, wasn’t he also going to act as a traitor? When the time came, the two of them would be comrades, filming their scenes together and finishing filming their respective parts together, and also have company in each other.

But Tao Mu was also very grateful for Professor Sun’s kindness. He was an orphan since he was a child, and after finally recognizing his birth parents and returning to his birth family, he encountered such a mess in the Shen family. Therefore, his experience of being protected by others in his two lifetimes was very little. This also caused Tao Mu to be extremely grateful now.

Let’s not say that the grace of dripping water was reciprocated by the spring. But Tao Mu was still very happy to give back within his ability. Only through respectful exchanges could friendship last long.

So he took Professor Sun Yi’s cell phone and asked, “Director Zhou, I remember that in our crew, not all the roles are found, right?”

“Our crew didn’t even get all the funding for the filming before. Those actors were afraid that the filming would halt mid way, and no one dared to sign on. Just me and old Fan shamelessly persuaded the actors in the main roles, and this was also so that when we see the investors it would be better to talk business.” Zhou Hong heard Tao Mu’s words and thought that Tao Mu was also dissatisfied with the character, so he quickly said: “CEO Tao, you have also read the script. If you are dissatisfied with this role, and want to change, please speak freely.”

Nine million yuan! Zhou Hong was just simply that unprincipled. If you can come up with the money, then you are my father, my ancestor. Except for the male lead, even if you want the second male lead. I dare to bring the funds and old Fan to go and argue with the other investors. Just tell me your orders, sir.

Unexpectedly, Tao Mu didn’t want to change his role: “I think the role of Su Dingbang is very interesting. I don’t want to change, I just want to give you a suggestion. You see, the other characters in the script…..”

Tao Mu chose a few roles that he remembered deeply——and the good actors who played them and left an impression on the audience after the TV series aired. Tao Mu didn’t want to change actors, afraid that changing people would affect the feeling of the TV series, as for the remaining unimportant characters: “…..I hope you could choose the actors of Beijing Film. My senior brothers and sisters. They are all very professional and have very good acting skills. You could bring screenwriter Fan to Beijing Film and ask our school teachers to recommend some people, or you could directly audition, and you could choose whoever you like from among them.”

“Isn’t it said that investors could put people into the crew? I don’t want the protagonist role, I don’t want important roles, I just want these corner characters for my senior brothers and sisters, and classmates to have a chance to build experience, Director Zhou would not disagree with this suggestion, right?”

Of course Zhou Hong would not disagree, Zhou Hong was even overjoyed. Not mentioning the fact that the actors Tao Mu put forth for casting were the same as his. But just that Tao Mu wanted to put people in the crew who were all from Beijing Film. Those were students of Beijing Film after all, even if they have no fame, they at least were professionals and their acting skills would not be too bad. At least it was definitely better than some unreliable investors who like to stuff in their mistresses.

Zhou Hong originally thought to hand those roles over to the casting director, and even went to H Town to find a few special actors. Now it was even better, they could directly draw from Beijing Film.

It was practically like a mouse that fell into a rice jar. Zhou Hong on the other end of the phone was about to float happily up into the clouds.

Tao Mu returned the phone to Professor Sun and asked shyly, “Professor Sun, you don’t blame me for going ahead and making such a decision on my own, do you?”

Of course, Sun Yi wouldn’t blame Tao Mu for making the decision on his own. On the contrary, when Sun Yi looked at Tao Mu now, his heart was full of churning emotions. The reason why he called Zhou Hong was because he felt that Tao Mu was being taken advantage of. Even though he invested 9 million yuan, he was fooled into playing such an insignificant character with a bad image. It was simply bullying.

But he didn’t expect that even though Tao Mu knew that he suffered a loss, he didn’t fight for a better role for himself. Because Tao Mu also always kept in mind the school rule that filming should not delay his class time. Then he transferred his due benefits to Beijing Film’s senior brothers and sisters.

How could this child be so… adorable!

Sun Yi took a deep breath and looked at Tao Mu with a very kind expression: “Have you really decided?”

Tao Mu was a little puzzled, he had already explained everything. What else was there to do if he didn’t decide this? Besides, it was just some corner roles, it didn’t matter who was chosen. Pushing it all to Beijing Film could not only control the quality problems of some cast members, but also attract people’s goodwill on both sides of the crew and the school. He spent 9 million yuan, and made the most profit from it.

Besides, what their crew was handing over were small roles, that was for students who have never filmed much before. As for the senior brothers and sisters who already have some fame, it was estimated that they would not put these small roles in their sight. Therefore, the favors Tao Mu could do were limited.

But how do you say it, no matter how small a mosquito is, it is still meat. He had spent his money, and now he just wanted to maximize his profits.

“Alright then. I’ll thank you on behalf of your senior brothers and sisters.” Sun Yi looked at Tao Mu with a smile, and felt that this student was really endearing no matter how he looked at him. The appearance was good, the acting talent was not bad, able to make money, and if there were opportunities, he also knew to take care of his classmates.

Why was he so adorable!

Tao Mu and Wen Bao, who had little sense of existence the whole time, walked out of the office bathed in Professor Sun Yi’s loving gaze.

On the second day of the winter vacation, the fast-legged classmates returned to their hometown with their luggage. But now, after being notified by Professor Sun Yi with the phone book one by one to come back to audition for a role, wonder know what kind of mood they were in.

Wen Bao elbowed Tao Mu with a thievish look on his face: “Hey, do you think that Xiao Chuzi and Du Kang would call and scold us when they receive a notice from old Sun?”

Before he finished speaking, Tao Mu’s cell phone rang. Tao Mu glanced at the caller ID and handed the phone to Wen Bao: “You answer?”

“I refuse.” Wen Bao’s smile became more and more gloating.

Sun Yi also knew that the four people in dormitory 301 had a very good relationship. For the crew that Tao Mu found, even if Sun Yi wanted to notify the students to come back for the audition, the first people to notify would have to be the people in dormitory 301.

So Du Kang called Tao Mu to complain, and Wen Bao also received a call from Chu Sui’an——the line was busy when he called Tao Mu, so he immediately turned his complaints to Wen Bao. Anyway, these two people lived in the capital, so they must be together.

So without surprise Wen Bao became implicated by classmate Tao Mu, and the two were met with the crying of the other two dudes in the dormitory: “I just got home! More than ten hours on the train, two hours by car, and I just barely sat down at home. Then old Sun called me…..speak, how can there be people like you?”

The situation with Chu Sui’an was similar. He took the plane to Shanghai City. Two days after returning home, and before he could eat all the food in his hometown, he received a call from the head teacher who asked him if he had any intention to come back to film——Sun Yi didn’t say the word audition. Because he knew that with Tao Mu’s relationship, as long as Chu Sui’an and Du Kang were happy, they would definitely be able to join the crew and could choose any good role.

How could Du Kang and Chu Sui’an not be happy? The key was that the two of them just got home. Even if it was a good thing to have filming during the winter vacation of freshman year, the baby was reluctant to leave home.

“You two don’t have to worry, the Chinese New Year is coming soon. Even if the crew wants to start filming, they have to wait until after the New Year. You can stay at home in peace, and after the seventh day of the first lunar month, just join the crew then.” Sure enough, Tao Mu immediately promised.

In view of the fact that “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” had been re-aired many times in his previous life, although Tao Mu had not specially analyzed this TV series, he still had an impression of the characters in it. He was also familiar with Du Kang and Chu Sui’an’s future acting road and performance styles. So he directly read the script and set two roles for the two who very much echoed their image. Take the pen and circle it. On the other side, Zhou Hong and Screenwriter Fan would know what he meant.

The two giant babies who had already returned to their hometown turned their anger into joy. After being sappy with Tao Mu for a while, they promised to bring hometown souvenirs back to bribe Tao Mu after the New Year. Oh, and Wen Bao too.

On the other side, Tao Mu also asked Zhou Shenxing to sign an investment contract with the crew in the name of BulletScreen.

Before that, Zhou Hong was lulled into safety by Tao Mu, and really thought that Tao Mu was a pure white, innocent, soft-hearted, kind, easy-going, and rich——to put it simply, a white lotus flower that had a lot of money but was a complete airhead. He also expressed emotion with his old partner Screenwriter Fan. Only to encounter the weak, pitiful and helpless Lawyer Zhou, who was especially talented in managing his clients’ money. It really made the two old artists realize how terrifying a capitalist hired economic lawyer with an annual salary of tens of millions was.

After the signing of the contract, Zhou Hong hurriedly escaped while clutching the freshly released investment contract, as well as the 9 million cheque that seemed to be light but actually weighed more than 1,000 pounds. Inexplicably, he felt that both himself and the “Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” crew were fooled. For some reason he had the illusion of signing a slave contract.

“So it’s really an illusion, right?” Zhou Hong looked at his partner old Fan with the face of someone having a mental breakdown. Through so many years of filming, he had never seen such a ruthless and shameless investor!

“It’s really an illusion.” Screenwriter Fan also had an expression of mental collapse. He should have known, a young CEO who could create from scratch at the age of 18, and cooperate with Xiaoheng Capital to win tens of billions of dollars in the international futures market, turning from a stock market genius into a senior partner of another investment company, how could he be so pure and kind, flawless as a white lotus.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Sure enough, it was all lies! A big liar! Return their feelings! Also their tender emotions!

That night, Director Zhou Hong and Screenwriter Fan, whose minds were severely ravaged by Lawyer Zhou, hugged the script in their arms and let out a deafening roar to the sky.

Even the ceiling was about to shake and crumble down. ╮(╯_╰)╭

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 103 To Invest

TN: bonus chapter💕

The drama Wen Bao mentioned was called “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”. It was a mainstream drama set in the Republic of China that told the story of countless heroes and martyrs fighting on the front lines and behind enemy lines, building a Great Wall with flesh and blood to resist the invaders under extremely difficult conditions during the Anti-Japanese War.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Although the plot sounded very dry and looked very old-fashioned and orthodox, in terms of character image, “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” boldly adopted richer description methods no matter whether it was the male and female protagonists or supporting roles. The protagonist was no longer a stereotyped righteous hero, full of party constitution and discipline, and the supporting characters were no longer stereotyped 2D characters that come out of the same mold. For example, the role that the director wanted Tao Mu to audition for was Su Dingbang, an elite student who had studied abroad. This Su Dingbang was exposed to advanced ideas and knowledge while studying abroad. After returning to China, seeing his devastated motherland and the invaders who oppressed the people of China, he wanted to join the revolution and serve his motherland.

Unlike Wen Bao’s character, who was a traitor in the beginning who then turned to the side of the hero, the role Tao Mu was about to audition for first appeared as a progressive young man with a particularly positive image. He was handsome, dignified, and had an extraordinary family background. He was knowledgeable, possessed ideals and hot blood and was always ready to devote himself to his ideals. He even held several student demonstrations after returning to China to protest the inaction of the Nationalist government during the war. Because his father was the president of Shanghai Commercial Bank, Su Dingyuan also used his father’s relationship to secretly deliver medicine and supplies to the underground party and even acted as a cover for the underground party several times.

It was precisely because of this reason that Su Dingyuan later got acquainted with the second male lead in the drama and became the second male lead’s connection.

Up to this time, Su Dingyuan’s image was very positive. Until the Japanese inadvertently found out the transportation channel of the Su family used to deliver medicine for the underground party when they were investigating the underground party. The Japanese became suspicious towards Su Dingbang. But they did not make a move, but continued to investigate the actions of the Su family, and finally caught everyone as Su Dingbang was arranging for the underground party to evacuate.

Su Dingbang was imprisoned in the base camp of the enemy. There, Su Dingbang witnessed how the brutal Japanese treated the underground party. Of the original tough and brave comrades-in-arms three of them were lost in less than half a day under the torture methods of the Japanese.

When it was Su Dingbang’s turn, Su Dingbang was very frightened. The hot-blooded devotion to the revolution was wiped out under witnessing the severe torture of the enemy. What was more, the Japanese also threatened Su Dingbang with the lives of the Su family.

Su Dingbang finally defected. Under the instruction of the Japanese, he sent intelligence to the second male lead who was not yet aware of what had happened, tricking the second male lead to come out for a meeting. And the meeting place was already set up by the Japanese with heavy manpower lying in ambush. As long as the second male lead came to the appointment, he would be surrounded by enemies.

In order to rescue the second male lead and the male protagonist, the chief of a police station in Shanghai, who had always been a cowardly character——the traitor played by Wen Bao wanted to inform the male protagonist and the second male lead before the Japanese succeeded in their plan. Only to be discovered by the Japanese dying tragically under the gun of the enemy.

But because of Wen Bao’s tip-off, the male lead and the second male lead managed to escape in the end. However, half of the comrades they brought with them died tragically under the guns of the Japanese, or were caught by the Japanese.

The male lead and the second male lead swear to avenge their comrades and kill the defector Su Dingbang.

They made a detailed and well-planned plan, sneaked into the base camp of the Japanese, and found the traitor Su Dingbang. But they were stunned to find that the originally handsome and dignified elite student now sported a disfigured face and ten fingers that were crippled.

Su Dingbang knelt under the gun of the male protagonist, crying bitterly that he didn’t want to be a betrayer, but he couldn’t stand it anymore. He didn’t want to die, and he didn’t want the Su family to be destroyed because of him.

But he didn’t know that the Japanese used his capture as an excuse to raid the entire Su family as early as the moment he was arrested. All the male members of the Su family were killed, and the female members were snatched into the military camp. The Su family, once famous all over the Huangpu River, had already disappeared.

Su Dingbang was instantly stunned, wailing heartbreakingly. In the end, he died tragically under the gun of the male protagonist.

He died a traitor.

“…..When writing this character, what I want to express is human nature and the cruelty of war.” When Tao Mu went to see the director and screenwriter of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” under Wen Bao’s persuasion, the director said: “Su Dingbang, a student studying abroad who possesses progressive thinking could be considered a moral and noble character. In our times now, he would be a college student in his prime. His character is actually very commendable. But at that time, he had to endure, he had to face far more cruelty than those of our time.”

“If the country perishes, how can the people enjoy freedom and independence? In that chaotic era, countless heroes and predecessors shed their blood for our stability today. Some of them were revolutionary martyrs, and they died heroes. But some people, for various reasons, defected mid way.” The director said: “I wrote such a character, not to whitewash anyone. I just want everyone to know the cruelty of war. An ordinary person when facing the cruelty of war, when dealing with a brutal aggressor, he may be weak and cowardly. But his weakness can only lead to a more tragic ending. Because the aggressor is not a human being. He is a beast. The more you are weak the more brutal they are. So the only thing that could save us from their brutality is to take up arms and fight. Thus this shows the value of heroes.”

“Heroes are precious, but the compromises and cowardice of ordinary people in the face of oppression can better reflect the complexity of human nature.”

“Yesterday, old Fan and I went to the end of term performance of the Beijing Film Academy. We were fortunate to see CEO Tao’s performance. We felt that the image of CEO Tao’s role of Wang Junqing actually matches very well to the Su Dingbang we wanted.”

Hearing this, Tao Mu’s face darkened. What do you mean? You can see the image of a traitor from Wang Junqing, who was full of sexy and handsome pheromones…..was this a sarcastic remark of his poor acting skills, or do you want to say that his image and aura were too bad? Too similar to a traitor?

This was simply a grievous wound to his pride.

“No, no, no, CEO Tao, please don’t misunderstand.” Screenwriter Fan, who had been sitting on the side and hadn’t said much, noticed Tao Mu’s expression and quickly said, “Old Zhou didn’t mean that. He just wanted to say that your Wang Junqing gives people a splendid and noble feeling, which is very in line with the impression that Su Dingbang’s role gave people at the beginning.”

“The so-called art is to destroy the most beautiful things for people to see. The better the initial impression, the more sad and profound the final tragedy. Su Dingbang is a key role in our script that represents our anti-war sentiments. The success of the character can directly affect the ideal of ​​the script…..” Screenwriter Fan laid it on thick, trying his best to make Tao Mu understand how important Su Dingbang was as a small cannon fodder who only appeared in less than three episodes.

Director Zhou also echoed continuously on the side. Tao Mu was a little surprised by their too serious attitude.

“I think I understand. Listening to Screenwriter Fan’s words, the role of Su Dingbang is indeed very important.” Tao Mu blinked and tentatively probed: “Director Zhou and Screenwriter Fan should just call me Tao Mu. I feel very embarrassed to be referred to as CEO Tao.”

“CEO Tao is really too polite. You became a CEO based on your ability, what is there to be embarrassed about?” Director Zhou chuckled dryly, looked at screenwriter Fan, and also tentatively probed: “CEO Tao, you just had a look at the script. What do you think of our script?”

“This script is very good.” Tao Mu said without hesitation. Tao Mu, who had memories of his previous life, even knew better than the two before him what kind of response this TV series would cause in the TV circle when it was released.

“Then…..” Director Zhou and Screenwriter Fan looked at each other again and asked cautiously, “I wonder if CEO Tao is interested in investing?”


Tao Mu was stunned for a moment. He suddenly thought of the ratings of this classic anti-Japanese war drama in his previous life. The highest ratings of the premiere drama exceeded 15%, and even the replay drama ratings broke 10%. A few years later, the ratings of the drama even after countless rounds of rebroadcasts still broke 1%. But such an impressive drama was rumored that there was a shortage of funds when it was first preparing to be filmed, and the conditions of the crew was particularly poor during the filming. At one point, they were so poor that there were only two horses used when shooting a cavalry company, and by the later stages of the filming their funds were not enough to continue filming, to the point that the male protagonist gave up his own salary for the crew to use in filming. 


Tao Mu’s dark and clear eyes landed thoughtfully on Director Zhou and Screenwriter Fan.

These two people not only wanted to trick him into playing a traitorous character that lasted less than three episodes, but also wanted to trick him into investing in the crew?


Noticing Tao Mu’s admiring expression, Director Zhou and Screenwriter Fan looked at each other a little embarrassedly. Director Zhou rubbed his hands together and explained very embarrassedly: “This script of ours, because the images of the characters are not quite the same as the previous Anti-Japanese War drama, so not many are optimistic about it. Originally, it was already not easy to attract investment for war dramas. Nowadays, those coal boss investors would rather invest in idol dramas than war dramas because they feel that war dramas are old fashioned and won’t attract viewers. But I really want to film this drama well. Old Fan and I have been working on this script for seven to eight years. Really, I just want to film a good war story. All the characters have flesh and blood, possess human traits, points of struggle…..”

“Of course, you may also not be optimistic about this subject, CEO Tao…..”

“How much?”

“…..But I really hope you can think about it…..ah?” Director Zhou said, suddenly realizing that Tao Mu had just said something, and raised his head in a daze.

“I’m saying I’m very optimistic about this drama. I also think the script is very well written.” Tao Mu also looked a little strange. He really didn’t expect that the money would fly over by themselves while he was just sitting at home.

“Tell me, how much investment do you want?”

Before Director Zhou even came back to his senses, Screenwriter Fan spoke quickly as if he was afraid that Tao Mu would regret it in the next moment: “I have done the math with old Zhou. About 300,000 yuan per episode is enough, and we’re planning to shoot 30 episodes which is less than nine million yuan in total. Now we have already brought in five million yuan of investment funds. CEO Tao, you only need——”

“I’ll give you nine million!” Tao Mu directly interrupted Screenwriter Fan’s words: “But I have a request. After the filming of the TV series, my will have exclusive network broadcasting rights——”

“No problem!” Without waiting for Tao Mu’s voice to fall, Director Zhou agreed directly. So eager he was that he couldn’t help but hiccup.

Tao Mu blinked: “Deal.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Wen Bao, who was sitting next to him and had watched from the beginning to the end had a dazed expression: What’s the situation? Didn’t we come to audition?

#The roommate who auditioned with me immediately became the biggest investor in our crew. What to do! Waiting online! Extremely urgent!#

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 102 Winter Vacation

After the end-of-term extravaganza was over,  winter vacation arrived. That night, Tao Mu led the group of classmates to play in Night until the second half of the night. Early the next morning, everyone staggered up from all corners of the private room. It was like a scene from “The Walking Dead”.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Brother Mu, you’re awake.” Everyone in Night knew about Tao Mu’s relationship with the two bosses. Last night, Tao Mu brought his classmates to play, and brother Yao made a special call to tell them to take good care of Tao Mu’s classmates.

So last night, after Tao Mu’s classmates let loose and were running around all over the place, it was the staff in Night who dug them out from various corners and sent them back to the private room opened by Tao Mu. Otherwise, the boys were fine, but the girls very likely might end up being “picked up”.

“Be careful in the future!”

Night’s staff were all old fried dough sticks (TN: slang for experienced, street smart), so it was natural to see that some of Tao Mu’s classmates, probably for the first time in their life, came to a nightclub to play, and they got so excited they threw all caution to wind. It was fine here, but if they went to another place, it was very possible to might get involved in an unfortunate circumstance and suffer a loss.

“There is no breakfast restaurant nearby. If you want to have breakfast, go to the kitchen to make it yourself. Or go back to school to eat. I won’t accompany you anymore.” The manager of Night who was talking to Tao Mu yawned. He hadn’t slept all night last night, and now it was time to go upstairs to rest.

“Thanks, brother Ting.”

Zhang Ting patted Tao Mu on the shoulder, so sleepy he couldn’t keep his eyes open. Sure enough, when people got older, their energy was not enough.

Tao Mu grabbed out two packs of sobering pills at the bar.

There were a total of twenty-five people in class 1 of Beijing Film’s 2008 class. Tao Mu called seven cars and sent them all back to school. They then had breakfast in the cafeteria. During this period, Tao Mu emphatically advised the girls who were running around after getting drunk last night, and almost entered other private rooms. He told them a few examples of girls who got raped in nightclubs and were taken advantage of and threatened with naked photos. This frightened the girls into turning a chalk-white paleness.

Tao Mu had a good memory and a careful observant mind. He still remembered how many glasses of wine each girl in the class had last night and counted the numbers in front of everyone. At the end, he said: “Remember your alcohol limit. In the future, if you go out for work meals or play with friends, keep it in check a bit. You are all people who want to be big stars. Don’t end up ruining yourselves with this kind of thing. It’s not worth it.”

Speaking of which, Tao Mu also told everyone a lot of examples of how men got girls drunk at wine gatherings, and even deliberately added drugs to the drinks. All in all, don’t drink anything that goes out of your sight for even a second. Don’t drink beverages or mineral water that have been twisted open by others.

“Don’t think that boys are just being considerate when twisting the bottle cap for you.” Tao Mu picked up a bottle of mineral water and took out the hangover medicine he had just brought with him from Night from his pocket. Then he unscrewed the bottle cap in front of everyone, and after he finished twisting it, he shook the bottle in front of everyone.

It was only then that everyone discovered that the hangover pill had fallen into the mineral water bottle at some point. Instantly everyone broke out in exclaims.

Tao Mu took a sip of mineral water mixed with hangover medicine: “So, girls should pay attention to safety.”

Glancing at the male compatriots who were shocked into a pile of startled huskies, he paused and added: “Of course, boys should also pay attention to safety.”

“How can one even pay attention to safety!” The group of children who had never seen the darkness of this world suddenly went crazy. With a look of “this baby is afraid”, they screeched: “The world is too sinister. I don’t even dare to go out to clubs in the future.”

Tao Mu chuckled: “If you don’t dare to, then go to Night. Report my name to the manager. Let them take care of everything. Of course, it can’t be guaranteed completely. The most important thing is to be careful yourself.”

After teaching safety knowledge to the group of boys and girls who were not yet deeply involved in the grown-up world, Tao Mu threw the rest of the hangover medicine in his pocket to everyone: “Have you finished your meal? Take the hangover medicine after breakfast. When you go back it is best to drink another glass of milk or honey water. Those who need to catch a train or a plane later should remember to buy motion sickness medicine. You may get motion sickness in the car after drinking too much.”

The group of people all looked at Tao Mu like chirping little baby birds that just flew out of the nest. After being comforted by Tao Mu’s head patting one by one, they each left and went back to their dorms to catch up on some sleep. After waking up, basically those who live out of town have to catch the train and the plane.

Tao Mu, whose hand was now covered in hair oil, didn’t go back to the dormitory. He still remembered his promise that “when reaching over 100 million registered users of he will dance in women’s clothes”. There were now more than 98 million registered users. Posts by netizens reminding him to fulfill his promise have also been posted on the homepage of

Tao Mu had no plan to ​​renege on his promises. So these days, in private, Tao Mu was also practicing his dance performance secretly.

But it was not the kind of dance everyone imagined, what Tao Mu would be dancing was not the kind of sexy, provocative or sizzling dance routine, but one of the traditional Chinese classical dances——water sleeves.

Just in time for the Chinese New Year, Tao Mu also specially ordered a bright red ancient costume dress. Because when Tao Mu was an extra in H Town before, he specially asked a dance teacher to teach the water sleeve dance. So he could be considered to have a solid foundation. In addition, he was a man and had a greater physical strength, so when making the water sleeves part of the costume, he directly had it made to a length of seven feet.

On the first day of the winter vacation, the originally lively dance studio was quiet and still. Only Tao Mu himself, wearing a bright red ancient costume dress and holding seven-foot long water sleeves, practiced diligently in front of the mirror for a whole day. Shaking the sleeves, tossing the sleeves, sweeping the sleeves, flinging the sleeves, throwing the sleeves…..hook, throw, dash, toss, sweep, strike, raise…..

Tao Mu was a very focused person. He could also be very ruthless towards himself and endure much hardship. Many people only pay attention to Tao Mu’s good appearance and good acting talent. Every time he made an appearance, whether it was interpreting a role or dancing and singing, people would be delighted by his above the standard performance. But in fact, not many people have paid attention to how long Tao Mu had actually been practicing in private.

Including this final performance drama, everyone only noticed that even though Tao Mu took a half-term leave, he didn’t fail at all to satisfy during the rehearsal of the big play. But in fact, few people paid attention to the fact that after each rehearsal, when everyone went back to the dormitory to rest and chat on the Internet, Tao Mu still stayed in the rehearsal room to practice alone.

Except for Tao Mu’s three roommates.

As Wen Bao said when teasing Tao Mu, a person with a heavy idol baggage was like a white swan floating on the water. You look at him and he appears quite easy and elegant, but you don’t see how diligently his two feet were paddling under the water.

Just like everyone only knew that Wen Bao led a yangko sensation at the end of the play, but no one cared that Wen Bao did not know how to dance yangko at all before the filming of the end-of-term drama performance. Just because Du Kang, the part-time director, made a casual remark——that dancing yangko echoed the character of Mama Ruan, and it could set off the atmosphere. So Wen Bao found a video and a teacher in private, practicing diligently for half a month. Only then on the official day of the performance did his yangko dance have the power to infect everyone.

There were so many talented people in this world. But what really made a difference was not just talent, but in addition to talent, it took ten times and a hundred times more effort than ordinary people put in.


The closed door of the dance studio was pushed open. Student Wen Bao, who was 1.75 meters tall, came in from the door, carrying the lunch he bought from the cafeteria in his hand. There were Tao Mu’s favorite mashed potatoes with roast lamb leg.

“Still practicing! Eat first.” Wen Bao walked barefooted to Tao Mu’s side and sat on the ground: “Du Kang and Xiao Chuzi just left. We wanted to call you out for lunch but were afraid of delaying your training, so we didn’t bear to call you. Anyway, it’s not that we won’t be able to see each other anymore.”

Between men, no matter how good the relationship was, it would not be too sappy. Wen Bao handed over Tao Mu’s lunch: “Do you have any plans for the winter vacation? I mean, do you want to film?”

“Someone looked for you to film?” Tao Mu detached the chopsticks and poured and mixed the mashed potatoes into the rice. He complained a little: “Why didn’t you add some coriander for me?”

“It’s in the pocket, packed alone. I’ve also put onions for you. There are no outsiders here. You can eat whatever you want. I won’t be disgusted by your eating preference.” Wen Bao saw that Tao Mu couldn’t find it after searching for a long time, so he got up and dug out the coriander pack himself and handed it to Tao Mu: “There is a crew, they invited me to act a small supporting role. It is estimated that the shooting time will not be long. It’s a war drama, I will play a traitor in it.”

As soon as Wen Bao said this, Tao Mu instantly remembered. It was indeed Wen Bao’s first drama. It was a particularly reliable war drama with big names gathered in it. Wen Bao played a small supporting role in which he appeared in less than three episodes. His scenes were mostly with the male lead and the second male lead.

The male lead was a well-known veteran actor in the industry, and the second male was a young actor supported by Longteng Entertainment. But the result was that, in the scenes, those between the male lead and Wen Bao were fine, the two actors with slick acting skills acted together, and had all the audiences excited when seeing it. But in the scene with the second male lead, Wen Bao’s acting skills overwhelmed the second male lead completely. The emotions acted were so natural, and all the audience immediately remembered the little traitor who appeared in less than three episodes.

Later, when the little traitor who was a natural coward was killed by the enemy in order to save the male protagonist, many audiences cried. When Tao Mu watched that scene for the first time, his eyes also felt a little wet. He finally understood what acting was.

“Actually, I think your acting skills are better than Yan Sheng, Wang Boyuan and the others.” But for various reasons, although Wen Bao won three best actor awards in his last life, his influence and remuneration were far less than the former.

Wen Bao grinned and said: “A thing like acting, I always think that it depends on the viewer. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether it is good or not, as long as it is enough to use. When acting, it mainly depends on the character. How the character should behave, we should just behave like so and that’s it. I found that you sometimes think too much, so you often go over the top when acting.”

When Tao Mu was acting, sometimes he would always worry that he was not acting good enough. But Wen Bao was not like that. His acting was acting, however the character needed to be performed he would perform, containing a certain degree of relaxation and freedom. He would not deliberately suppress others in the scene nor would he suppress himself on the count of others. On the contrary, when he acted, he liked to pull others into the scene itself. Therefore, when acting with Wen Bao, there was often a refreshing feeling of hearty pleasure.

Just like the final scene in the end of term performance drama, everyone was led and immersed into the scene by Wen Bao and had a lot of fun playing together.

“Actually, I think you were in very good shape during the end of term quiz performance. Don’t think about those unrelated things. Say, you are already a big boss with such a wealth of money. Why do you insist on acting when you can just be a domineering CEO? Wen Bao threw an arm around Tao Mu’s shoulder and patted him: “I think it should be because you are the same as me. Because it’s fun. Since it’s fun, you should forget everything and enjoy having fun. Don’t be afraid that others will always compare you with others. Actually, when you think about it carefully, it can’t be compared all that much.”

Wen Bao had naturally heard rumors that Tao Mu’s performance style was similar to that of others. He really felt it didn’t matter: “So what if it is similar? It’s not like this kind of thing has a trademark. It doesn’t mean that just because you have a similar acting style, you have to give half of your filming salary to the other for the scenes you shoot.”

Tao Mu instantly laughed. After laughing, he asked Wen Bao: “Then don’t you think that when I act sometimes, I not only fail but end up doing a poor imitation as well?”

Tao Mu was referring to his previous life, no matter what he did, fans of Shen Yu and Yan Sheng scolded him like that. If in the beginning Tao Mu was humiliating himself just in order to attack Shen Yu, then in the end, he really couldn’t change it even if he wanted to.

Some things, some encounters, some subtle influences have been integrated into the blood. These things penetrated inside bit by bit. If you want to pull it out, you have to peel off the skin, and even change the blood flowing in the body in order to make a brand new change.

“Who said that?” Wen Bao solemnly looked at his roommate, and squeezed the arm around Tao Mu’s shoulder slightly: “We say your idol baggage is heavy yet you don’t admit it. No one says that, you are the only one who thinks this. And I really don’t think your acting style has any resemblance to that of Yan Sheng’s acting style. Especially the scene you performed for the end of term quiz…..Film emperor Yan had never acted as ugly as you did.” Of course he had also never acted so simple and natural as Tao Mu did.

“Piss off!” Tao Mu glared at Wen Bao in annoyance, did he really think he didn’t want his idol baggage?

“Okay! Then I’m going to piss off now. Go ahead and keep practicing.” Wen Bao packed up the plastic bags and lunch box that he had eaten, and before leaving, he didn’t forget to shoot Tao Mu an eyebrow wagging look: “Hey, don’t mention it, but you look good in women’s clothes. Do you also plan to put on makeup and wig on the day of the video recording?”

Tao Mu looked coldly at Wen Bao’s particularly maliciously amused grin.

Wen Bao gave him a thumbs up as he walked: “Nice, very nice.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Before he finished speaking, a coat flew towards his head. Tao Mu directly grabbed the down jacket on the ground and threw it on Wen Bao’s head. Wen Bao took off his coat and ran away. After running outside the door, he stuck his head in again: “I’m serious. About this script, should I accept it or not?”


After Tao Mu’s response, he heard Wen Bao continue to ask: “There is also another traitorous character who has returned to China from abroad. The director intends to choose you. But he is too embarrassed to call you. He wants me to ask you… you want to take it?”

Tao Mu: “…..” Why was it another traitor!

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 147 Going Home

Entering the imperial city, the first trouble Lin Yuan had to deal with was the arrested civil and military officials——they all followed Emperor Shun of Yuan and wanted to escape, and for convenience, most of them only brought their sons with them, while their wives and daughters were left behind. And whether or not they could survive or not, it didn’t matter to them at all.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

These people were now locked in the side hall.

There were both Han Chinese and Mongolians. The Mongolians were alright, most of them grit their teeth and refused to open their mouths.

While most of the Han officials were begging the soldiers.

“Soldier ye, I am a Han Chinese, we are of the same ancestors.” The official’s attitude was very servile, he had always looked down on these soldiers in the past, but now he had to beg these soldiers. He spoke ingratiatingly, “I am an official in this Yuan court, but that is because I have no other choice. Think about it, we Han people still have to twist into one rope, I am suffering patiently, but firmly resolved on revenge, please talk to the superior for me…..”

The soldier almost didn’t laugh out loud, he had seen shamelessness, but such shamelessness was still rare.

But of course he wouldn’t let this Han Chinese out.

When this person returned, he would inevitably be beaten up. As for whether he would be dead or alive after the beating, it was uncertain.

Lin Yuan didn’t have the mind to deal with this now, and left it all to Luo Ben. He only looked at the results, and the process was left to Lup Ben to carry out at will.

They could be executed, but they must be executed in a good way.

He himself was discussing with Song Shizhao about the common people.

The common people of Dadu were different from the common people in other places. The common people in the imperial city were all considerably well-off. Except for the poor on the edge of the city, those who could settle in the inner city were all wealthy folks with library collections and servants. Most of them were literate with ancestors who may not have been officials, but they definitely have had education.

Some of these people fled outwards——but most were stopped.

Dadu was a very inclusive place. Kublai Khan made a good start. He opened up business routes, and he was gentle with the common people. He lowered the land tax, and even many places did not have land tax. His eyes were not on the taxes of the common people, but on the merchants.

The Yuan Dynasty was once a dynasty that bloomed and flourished. It had its progressive and brilliant features. Otherwise, with a short history of less than a hundred years, why should it be included among the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties? There was also the Jin Dynasty in the front as well.

So Dadu not only consists of Han people, Mongolians, but also blond, blue-eyed, or red-haired barbarians.

This was already the period of Emperor Shun of Yuan, and it was not the most prosperous period of development of the Yuan Dynasty for a long time, but Dadu could still attract so many people to come here.

Food from all places, people from different regions, and different architectural styles.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when he entered the city.

If Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan knew about what their descendants had done, they would probably be so angry that they would come back to life and kill all their unworthy descendants.

Ancestors made a good start, but their successors didn’t manage to keep it. It was indeed really regretful.

After all, Lin Yuan was a modern man. He was educated in modern China. In his eyes, ethnic minorities were also compatriots.

He did not look at the Yuan Dynasty with hatred of the Mongols like others, but looked at it with a more rational eye.

The Yuan Dynasty naturally had their good qualities. Kind to the common people and benefited the common people, opened up trade routes, allowing the common people to migrate without travel papers. There was also the use of paper currency, a reform that was ahead of the times.

But the Yuan Dynasty also had bad points. To be precise, it was not bad, but going bad too early.

This was the case at the end of every dynasty. Corrupt officials making life difficult for the people. The people could only stand up and find a way to survive, but the Yuan Dynasty collapsed faster than a solution could be found.

There were too many changes in emperors, and each emperor had different ideas and issued different decrees.

Perhaps they died before they learned how to be a good emperor.

Lin Yuan said to Song Shizhao, “I can’t let them go. It doesn’t matter if the poor people on the edge of the city leave, but if the people in the inner city leave, the capital may take five years or more to regain its liveliness.”

As soon as Song Shizhao heard the term capital, he repeated it twice, and suddenly said: “The capital! This is a good name! The kingly aura is expressed completely!”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “You only heard this part?”

Song Shizhao then replied: “The people all chase profit, they want to leave now because they are afraid that after the capital got a new owner they would be killed, or they would be robbed of their wealth, and their wives and sisters would be insulted.”

“As long as they discover your generosity and kindness, they will naturally stay.”

“How about killing a group of corrupt officials who used to oppress them, so that they could feel at ease.”

The reasoning was simple, it was to tell the people: “You listened to the words of the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty due to being forced by these officials, so I won’t trouble you, I will only blame these officials. If these officials die, then you will be fine.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Mister kills officials without mercy.”

This also made Lin Yuan feel a little shocked.

After all, officials were the ruling class, and Song Shizhao was also part of the ruling class. Although the masters of their allegiance were different, the essence was the same.

So officials didn’t like to kill other officials, and they didn’t want to see someone suing officials——no one knew whether it would be them who would die next. If a colleague falls, would he also fall one day? The more you think about it, the more you would feel sympathy for the like-minded person in distress.

Officials protect each other, and sometimes it was not necessarily just because of getting benefits in exchange, but more about self-interest.

So the appearance of one Bao Qingtian (TN: Northern Song official renowned for his honesty) was enough for the common people to sing about for so many years.

Even though many of Bao Qingtian’s deeds were added later, the wishes and expectations of the common people could be clearly seen.

They were afraid of officials and hoped that the people above them could control these officials and not let officials bully them too much.

But they didn’t dare to resist themselves, so they could only hope for a Bao Qingtian, or an emperor who mingled with the common people incognito.

Song Shizhao quickly cupped his hands and said, “This official does not want to be like them.”

This was Song Shizhao’s first time referring to himself in such a way. Lin Yuan was not angry. The two looked at each other with smiles of clear understanding in their eyes.

“Since that’s the case, I leave this matter to Mister.”

Song Shizhao got up quickly, then knelt on his knees and performed the ritual bow.

Lin Yuan didn’t stop him.


“Mother, eat.” The little child, who barely reached an adult’s waist, held a piece of bread in his hand and moved it to the woman’s mouth.

The woman smiled at her son: “Mother is not hungry, you eat.”

The little child didn’t believe it, he insisted on watching the woman eat before putting down his hand.

The man on the side spoke, “Just eat it, or he will make a fuss for a long time.”

The woman just took a small bite of the bread: “Mother ate it.”

The little child was happy, and went to his father with the bread.

After the child fell asleep, the woman asked her husband, “When can we leave here? Those soldiers…..didn’t kill anyone, maybe they’ll let us go?”

Their family originally lived in the inner city. After the couple got married, they moved out of their parents’ home and had a small home of their own. Because the man was the youngest son, he was favored and had no obligation to support his parents. Such obligations were the eldest son’s duty.

The wife wove and spun at home, and the husband had a stall outside. The cloth woven by the wife was just enough to cover the tax on the husband’s business. The family could not be said to be very well-off, but it was not bad either. They build up savings very early to send their son to study with a teacher. If he could study well under the guidance of a good teacher, maybe he could become an official. If he couldn’t become an official, he could still do more profitable jobs.

Whether it was an accountant or a restaurant shopkeeper, they all made more money than ordinary labor workers.

But what they didn’t expect was that the world changed before the child even fully grew up. When the child was born, there were sounds of rebellion outside. Although Dadu was still full of song and dance, the common people were already panicking.

What if war reached Dadu one day?

After a few years, there were still wars outside, but Dadu had never been attacked, and the common people were relieved.

They thought that the rebels would not be able to reach them, and they could continue to live happily in Dadu.

Although taxes were getting higher and higher, and the lords were asking for more and more offerings, they could still live on. There was always food in the grain stores, and while the price was higher, they wouldn’t die of starvation.


Later, the price of food became higher and higher, and they heard that some people in the outer city had starved to death.

In winter, some families could not afford coal, the fire went out in the middle of the night, and the whole family froze to death.

Although it was a bit exaggerated to say that they froze to death, it was also true. At this time, coming down with a cold, and without enough clothes to keep out the cold, and in addition to not being able to afford medicine, there was almost no possibility of survival. It was the same as freezing to death.

People finally found out that Dadu was not as safe as they thought.

The merchants drove up the price of grain, and because it was profitable, the imperial court did not care about it. The lords above still demanded offerings, and the more they demanded, the more the common people could not survive.

This was Dadu! 

Even in Dadu, there were people selling their daughters!

Just for a mouthful of life saving ration, even one’s wife could be given away.

And then…..the soldiers of the Southern King arrived. They heard the sound of hooves and footsteps as loud as thunder, and saw countless soldiers marching down the streets. They looked so mighty, so strong, and so frightening.

They were afraid, afraid that these soldiers would burn their houses, snatch their wives and daughters, torture them and insult them.

So they fled, fled to a farther place where they could live without fear.

But when they tried to escape, they found that they couldn’t get out. The whole city was surrounded, and they were only allowed to go in, and not come out. But those soldiers just drove them back, they didn’t kill them, so many people settled on the edge of the city. They even built thatched huts and lived there.

But there were always various inconveniences, the water source was a problem, they were too far from the river.

So someone went to the soldier to beg for water——this man was too thirsty, and when he saw the soldier drinking water, he begged the soldier in a momentary loss of self-control, the people around him couldn’t even pull him back.

Surprisingly, he actually managed to get some water! A water flask! It was full of water and after drinking it, he shared it with relatives and friends, and then returned the water flask to the soldier. Later, he actually even became friends with the soldier.

A few days later, the man who asked for water appeared among the soldiers, he had also joined the army.

This mightily surprised the common people.

The wife said to her husband: “Or… about we go back, living in this thatched hut every day, it’s wet and damp, how can it compare to our own home? Didn’t father-in-law and mother-in-law also not leave the city? That South Bodhisattva, maybe he really is a good person? Those soldiers, they probably won’t come to kill and set fire, right?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The husband hesitated for a long time, so long his son fell asleep on his wife’s lap before he said softly, “Let’s go back in the middle of the night.”

They had run out with the neighbors. If they ran back with the neighbors looking, wouldn’t they be traitors?

It was better to avoid the eyes of outsiders.

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 146 Taking Over

The palace was beautiful, but it was not as beautiful as the Forbidden City that Lin Yuan once saw in Beijing. The imperial palace of the Yuan Dynasty was of course also lofty but the Forbidden Palace had a longer history and experienced more renovations. And in addition to the advanced technology of the modern times, it was of course more beautiful. Lin Yuan stopped on horseback at the Chongtian Gate, feeling like his past was a world away.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He didn’t expect that he would actually take over Dadu one day and walk into this palace.

The Chongtian Gate was equivalent to the Meridian Gate in the Qing Dynasty. The architectural style of the imperial palace was the legacy of the Song and Jin Dynasties. There were three imperial city watchtowers on both sides of the road, and the roof was double eave with a sweeping curvature.

Song Shizhao said behind Lin Yuan: “Boss, let’s go in.”

Lin Yuan spurred the horse forward, Song Shizhao and the others dismounted and followed.

Except for the emperor and his favored courtiers, no one could ride a horse on this road.

Song Shizhao felt the land with his feet. His expression was very pious, but it was not because of the original owner of this land, but because of the meaning of this land, the imperial throne, the supreme imperial power, and the position that has all people of the world bow their heads. His ancestors failed to enter the Song Dynasty imperial palace, but his feet were now standing on the land of the Yuan Dynasty imperial palace.

Starting today, he must be even more cautious, loyal to the Heavenly Son. He wanted his name to remain in the history books for the admiration of future generations!

He accomplished what his ancestors did not accomplish!

Zhu Yuanzhang, Chen Baisong and the others have already been waiting in front of the Da Ming Hall.

Seeing Lin Yuan riding over on a horse, they all knelt down.

The soldiers who were still in the palace also knelt down, and Song Shizhao and the others at the back especially so.

Lin Yuan was the only one riding on a horse, looking around all this, Da Ming Hall was right in front of his eyes, the imperial throne and jade seal were within reach, and Lin Yuan dismounted and got off the horse. His heart suddenly surged with pride, this world was now his world, he could change it according to his will, his enemies were either dead or curled up in a snail’s corner, and as for his officials, took his will as their will and his ideals as their ideals.

Whatever he said was correct, no one will say that he was wrong.

Of course, this had a chance to blind his eyes and make him become arbitrary.

But there was a bigger advantage that all problems were incomparable to, that was, the decrees and policies he issued would be implemented without any barriers.

Only when a country was united and twisted into one rope could the country be strong and prosperous.

Throughout the ages, all sage rulers have had a unified identity——arbitrariness, even if they would be courteous to virtuous talents, but that was just a way for them to cover up their ruthless methods.

Lin Yuan walked up the steps and then straight inside the Da Ming Hall.

The other people were still kneeling in place, and so long as Lin Yuan did not tell them to rise they would not do so.

The Da Ming Hall was the largest building in the imperial palace, and it was the most luxurious and bright. The hall could accommodate hundreds of courtiers. The columns were carved with dragon motifs. Standing at the door, one could see the layout of the hall at a glance, but the most attractive thing was the throne above the stepped platform.

Speaking of which, the throne was nothing more than a seat. Perhaps it was not even as comfortable as the soft chair that Lin Yuan preferred the most.

But this was not just a chair, it was a symbol of power, something that only the most powerful person in the world could sit in.

A chair that people with lofty ideals all over the world coveted.

Right now it was in front of Lin Yuan.

But Lin Yuan did not go up the steps. He just took a look and walked out of the front doors of Da Ming Hall.

If he was to ascend the throne, he must have everything new, a new throne, a new jade seal, and a new ritual system.

Since there was a need for reform, then it should start at this time.

Someone had already cleaned up the personal residence. This was the first place to be cleaned up, which was located right behind Da Ming Hall.

The two palaces were connected to each other with one in the front and one in the back. Lin Yuan first walked out of the hall and told everyone to rise. Then he called Song Shizhao, Yang Shaowei and Luo Ben to follow him into the personal residence palace. The generals had their own duties, they had to deal with the corpses and prisoners of war.

Look at the sky, there was still much to be busy over.

As for Emperor Yuan Shun, no one could think of him at all at this time.

Looking at the corpse, the soldiers had a headache, especially since the man was still wearing an imperial robe.

No one thought that the emperor would die with an eunuch in such a small hut. The soldier opened his mouth and took a look. Black liquid flowed out.

He had died of poisoning.

Don’t know if he ate it himself or was fed by someone else.

“There are no orders from above?” The soldier asked his squad leader.

The squad leader also had a headache, and said to him: “You wait, I’ll report it.”

The squad leader searched for a while before he found the battalion leader. The battalion leader didn’t know what to do, and went to the platoon leader. The platoon leader…..the platoon leader directly found Li Congrong.

However, Li Congrong had no experience at all in such matters, so he turned around and asked Zhu Yuanzhang.

After all, that was the last emperor of the Yuan Dynasty in any case, so the corpse should be cleaned up and buried?

Zhu Yuanzhang was taken aback by Li Congrong’s question, and he smiled and said: “Drag it out and bury it, the prodigal dog, do you really think he should be put in the mausoleum? Starting today, there is only one emperor in the world.”

Li Congrong turned his head and thought, it seemed that this was very reasonable.

So Emperor Yuan Shun’s body was thrown into the pile of corpses, but the soldiers responsible was cautious and stripped off his clothes.

Of course these clothes were also burned.

The eunuchs and maids and internal officials in the palace were kept in the side hall, guarded by soldiers.

They didn’t know whether they would die or live, so they dared not cry too loudly, only cry quietly.

Lin Yuan sat in the personal residence palace, and had Song Shizhao and the others sit. Er Liang had already served tea.

“Let’s talk about the imperial palace first.” Lin Yuan didn’t go around in circles, but looked directly at Yang Shaowei, and asked, “Are you able to do it?”

Yang Shaowei’s heart was beating hard in his chest, and he quickly said, “I wish to share the worries of my Lord!”

Lin Yuan nodded: “The things that should be changed should be changed, and the rules should also be changed as well.”

Yang Shaowei looked at his teacher, hoping that his teacher would help him to ask, but Song Shizhao was motionless, so Yang Shaowei had to toughen his skin and ask: “Don’t know what changes you intend?”

Lin Yuan: “The existing eunuchs in the palace can stay. As long as they are innocent then there is no problem, but there will be no more eunuchs in the future. This will be the last batch.”

Yang Shaowei lowered his head.

Why were there eunuchs in the palace? Because of the concubines in the harem.

There were too many concubines in the emperor’s harem, and they couldn’t all be managed, but the emperor was also afraid that the concubines would cuckold him, so eunuchs came into existence.

Only by not allowing the concubines to see a normal man could he ensure that the concubines would give birth to his own children.

In addition to this, the eunuch was lacking and could not be an official, moreover their reputation was also damaged. Appointing and using eunuchs was not too dangerous.

But their Boss… seemed that so far, he didn’t even have a favored maidservant, let alone a wife. There was a concubine before, but turned out to be a spy, and couldn’t be more dead by now.

Yang Shaowei wanted to say that it was time to recruit beauties, but when he saw his teacher’s appearance, he closed his mouth again.

…..Just wait, when Lin Yuan had ascended the throne, they would then be able to admonish him on the grounds that the country could not be without a crown prince.

Besides, men were not like women. It was difficult for women to have children when they were older. But even if a man was in his 50s or 60s, he could still father children so long as he wanted to.

What was more, Lin Yuan didn’t indulge in beauty, and it was also a virtue to say this.

Lin Yuan also said: “I wonder if there are any good designers among the people who have followed over? The dragon chair, the jade seal and the crown must be reworked.”

Yang Shaowei said solemnly: “This is natural.”

Lin Yuan smiled at Yang Shaowei: “Then I will entrust it to Qingqing, don’t let me down.”

Yang Shaowei’s cheeks flushed when he heard what Lin Yuan said.

His response was full of vitality.

Then Yang Shaowei was sent off.

The expression on Yang Shaowei’s face became steadier as he walked out of the personal residence palace. He turned his head and looked back, pressing his lips lightly together.

He would not do these things all the time, he would let the South Bodhisattva see his abilities.

One day, he would climb up to the position of his teacher.

“How are the common people of Dadu?” Lin Yuan asked Luo Ben, “Is there a good strategy?”

Luo Ben said: “The people were all fleeing. Although a lot of them have been stopped, there were some fish that have slipped through the net.”

Lin Yuan: “You don’t have to worry about those who escape, just those who are still in the capital.”

“This capital city should also change its name.” Lin Yuan said suddenly.

Song Shizhao repeatedly echoed: “Naturally, it should have a new name now that there is a new master.”

Lin Yuan smiled at him: “Let us call it Beijing.”

“Good name!” Luo Ben was a step late earlier and rushed to praise at this time.

The history of Beijing as the capital began from the Yuan Dynasty. Later, Zhu Yuanzhang took over the capital of the Yuan Dynasty and changed the name to Beiping, which had a meaning of rooting out and treading flat. Later, Zhu Di took the throne from his nephew and moved the capital from Nanjing back to Beiping and changed the name to Beijing.

In the Ming Dynasty, Beijing was once called the capital of capitals.

The Qing Dynasty also used this name.

Later, the Republic of China was established, and the capital was set in Nanjing. It was said that because of fears that the warlords would regain their ambitions to establish a government, Beijing was changed back to Beiping, and it was only changed back to Beijing after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

So the name of Beijing had been present since the Ming Dynasty.

Lin Yuan was also used to it, and he didn’t plan on creating another one himself.

Anyway, starting from the Yuan Dynasty, the country’s capital had repeatedly jumped between Beijing and Nanjing.

Lin Yuan still had feelings for the place name of Beijing. He remembered that he once took a train to Beijing that lasted four days and three nights. He got up at two or three in the morning and waited to see the ascent of the flag. The roads on both sides were full of people. He wore a backpack and held a binocular to see the flag raising.

At the moment the national flag was raised, Lin Yuan also felt an inexplicable pride.

This was his country, even if it had been swayed by storms, it still stood tall.

He also went to see He Shen’s former residence and ate Peking duck.

Sitting in the personal residence palace at this moment, Lin Yuan had the illusion that time and space were reversed.

Song Shizhao said softly: “I have already asked people to calculate the auspicious time. The eighth day of the next month is a good day for ascending the throne.”

Lin Yuan closed his eyes: “Then set the eighth day of the next month.”

Song Shizhao and Luo Ben looked at each other and retreated.

Er Liang waited for Lin Yuan to lie down on the made bed, and then muttered, “The bed should be changed too!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Then change it.”

If the old did not go, then the new would not come.

He didn’t know what direction he would take this country to, but he would do his best to let the people live and work in peace and contentment during his lifetime, so that both the elderly and the young would have support.

Chatting and laughing with great scholars, and among my guests there is no unlearned common man. (TN: from poem “Inscription On The Crude House” by Liu Yuxi, Tang Dynasty poet)

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 101 Finals Drama Performance

In “Modern Version of Flowers as a Matchmaker” directed by Du Kang, the role of the male protagonist Wang Junqing was played by Tao Mu, and the role of the female protagonist Zhang Wuke was played by Jiang Cheng, the class beauty recognized by everyone in the class——and the one who announced during the military training that in the future she will keep Tao Mu once she made it big in the entertainment circle. As for the male protagonist’s cousin Jia Junying, after some selection, the role was snatched by Chu Sui’an. Female number two, Li Yue’e, was won by another girl in the class called Yuan Di. Du Kang himself played the father of Li Yue’e, Li Maolin, a comedic character.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

And because Wen Bao had ‘tormented’ Du Kang, who happened to be the director and screenwriter. In order to retaliate against Wen Bao, Director Du strongly requested Wen Bao to play the role of Mama Ruan. He also personally designed a tacky floral dress and Liu Hulan hairstyle with flower hairpin look for Mama Ruan. Except for Wen Bao himself, the whole class clapped and applauded, unanimously giving the costume look a passing score.

In the modern version of “Flowers as a Matchmaker”, the story background and the relationship between the characters had slightly changed due to the different time and setting. The male protagonist Wang Junqing, played by Tao Mu, was a rich second-generation who returned from studying abroad. After returning to China, he attended the 60th birthday of his father’s friend and fell in love at first sight with his childhood friend Li Yue’e at the birthday banquet. The two wanted to instantly marry each other after falling passionately in love, but the Li family disagreed with the marriage. Because the Li family was a scholarly family, and Li Yue’e’s father hated vulgar businessmen the most.

Since the Li family disagreed with the marriage, the Wang family would naturally not lower themselves to beg either. At the same time, the Zhang family, who along with the Wang family was also the two richest families in the city, wanted to form a business alliance through marriage with the Wang family, entrusting a matchmaker to set up a blind date for their daughter Zhang Wuke with Wang Junqing, the son of the Wang family. The matchmaker was the director of the local committee of the Women’s Federation when she was young, and even after retiring, was particularly enthusiastic about setting up young couples——Mama Ruan.

Wang Junqing, an elite who returned from studying abroad, certainly did not agree to something as outdated as blind dates. Besides, he only liked his childhood friend with all his heart, so it was even more unlikely that he would agree to a business marriage with Miss Zhang, who he had never met before. However, Wang Junqing’s parents put pressure on him so Wang Junqing had no choice but to ask Jia Junying to go on the blind date in his place. The best case would be to find a way to mess up the blind date and have Zhang Wuke dislike him and take the initiative to ask her parents not to agree to the marriage.

But what happened afterwards, Zhang Wuke and Jia Junying fell in love at first sight when they met on the blind date, both developing good feelings for each other. However, Jia Junying was from an ordinary family, and he did not have the courage to tell Zhang Wuke his true identity. He could only try his best to belittle the character of ‘Wang Junqing’ and tell Zhang Wuke that he was not worthy of her and that Zhang Wu deserved better.

Unfortunately, the more Jia Junying belittled ‘himself’, the more Zhang Wuke admired him for his humbleness and talent. So when Zhang Wuke went home, she told her parents that she was particularly satisfied with the Wang family’s son and did not oppose the marriage.

On the other side, Jia Junying returned home and heard his mother tell him that his mentor called his home in the morning and wanted to arrange a blind date for him and his mentor’s daughter. It turned out that Jia Junying’s mentor was Li Maolin. Li Maolin had always wanted a gentlemanly son-in-law. It happened that Jia Junying was also his proud disciple. So this blind date was arranged.

Jia Junying lost his father as a young boy and was raised by his widowed mother. When he was in college, he received the favor of his mentor, so he had no way to refuse the good intentions of these two elders. He could only go on a blind date with Li Yue’e. Li Yue’e didn’t like Jia Junying either, but she was a gentle and obedient girl since she was a child, and she didn’t dare to go against her parents. She could only make her grievances known to Jia Junying, her senior brother. Jia Junying learned that Li Yue’e, his junior sister, actually already liked her childhood friend, so he agreed to explain to his mentor and dispel his mentor’s idea of turning him into his son-in-law.

On the other side, Wang Junqing learned that Zhang Wuke was very satisfied by the blind date and actually agreed to the marriage alliance. Instantly, it was like a bolt of thunder hit him from out of the blue. However, both the Zhang family and the Wang family were rich and influential families in the city. Now that the happy news had been released to the public, marriage between the two families was imperative.

Learning that Wang Junqing was about to get married, Li Yue’e instantly fell ill. So Li Yue’e’s best friend came up with an idea, to crash the wedding. Arrive at the wedding wearing a wedding dress and ask: Wang Junqing, do you like me or not?

Li Yue’e had always been a rule follower since she was a child, and had never done anything that stepped out of the line. Now, in order to guard her love, she was willing to throw caution to the wind. On the wedding day, she really did wear a wedding dress to ask Wang Junqing that question. At this time Zhang Wuke also knew that the person she really liked was not the groom Wang Junqing, but the best man Jia Junying and refused to get married.

It happened that Li Yue’e also came to the wedding in a wedding dress. When the two brides met at the wedding, they sympathized with each other and developed a favorable impression of the other. So Zhang Wuke came up with the bold decision to have Li Yue’e marry Wang Junqing while she married Jia Junying. The best of both worlds and happiness for everyone.

Because the entire script was adapted from the Pingju comedy “Flowers as a Matchmaker”, the tone of the script had some absurd comedy in it. Du Kang captured the essence of Chinese opera during the writing of the script, and adapted the modern version of “Flowers as a Matchmaker” into a stage play with a hint of musical.

Tao Mu, the male protagonist, had a tango performance with Li Yue’e in the scene where  Wang Junqing fell in love at first sight, and hip-hop and jazz dancing during inner monologues. As for the lines sung while singing and dancing, they were adapted from popular current music.

The performance styles of other characters were also similar. The highlights included a dance between Wang Junqing and Li Yue’e when they fell in love at first sight, a dance between Jia Junying and Zhang Wuke during the blind date, and a dance between Zhang Wuke and Li Yue’e when they finally met at the wedding. These scenes were all performed through singing and dancing. Especially the final scene at the wedding, which was particularly lively.

Tao Mu was really emitting pheromones heartily when he was performing. Every time he appeared on stage, the girls below would all excitedly scream. However, after the whole performance was acted, the most brilliant role was actually Wen Bao, who played the aunt of the local committee.

This dude wore a wide and billowy floral old fashioned dress, a Liu Hulan hairstyle wig, and a pink Hello Kitty butterfly hairpin. Wide smile and squinty eyes, he could hold the entire atmosphere of the audience in just his first entrance scene.

Especially in the last big wedding scene, Wen Bao wore a big red skirt and danced a twisty Northeast Yangko (TN: popular rural folk dance) on the stage——and to the background music that was the kind of hot DJ club music. Wen Bao, this mad beat dancing demon, actually influenced all the actors to dance Yangko with him unconsciously.

That scene was simply just crazy. It was such a hit that it kept lingering in the mind after just watching it once, like 3D loop playback.

Anyway, after the whole performance, everyone was laughing crazily. Even Tao Mu, who was full of thoughts on other things, had a lot of fun. He really felt that it was a pleasure to perform with actors like Wen Bao.


After the end-of-term drama performance, the students in class 1 of the 2008 Beijing Film class were all brought to Wen Juxiang to eat Mongolian hot-pot by Wen Bao.

As one of the important members of class 1, Tao Mu certainly could not act the wet blanket. He originally wanted to take Mr. Song and the others to dinner and celebrate after the end of the term performance. But now he had to temporarily change the agenda.

Liu Yao and Meng Qi understood very well, and drove Mr. Song and dean Tao back to Houhai. Before leaving, they told Tao Mu to have a good time: “If you still didn’t have enough fun after eating, you can come to Night. At least there you don’t need to worry about safety issues.”

Tao Mu agreed with a smile. Watching his Yao Dad drive his family away before turning and apologizing to Li Xiaoheng: “…..I wanted to treat you to dinner. But I don’t have time today.”

“Don’t apologize to me.” Li Xiaoheng smiled slightly: “I am very happy today. I feel like I saw a different side of you on the stage.”

“It’s very different from the me you usually come into contact with, isn’t it?” Tao Mu twitched the corner of his mouth: “In fact, our circle is quite complicated. In the future, in order to film a movie, there may even be made up gossip and use of fake character images. You will see even more different faces of me. You may be disappointed then.”

“If I like the Tao Mu in my impression, then the changes you speak of may disappoint me. But if I like the real you, the more faces you show, I will only become more and more happy. Because I will be able to know a more complete Tao Mu.” Li Xiaoheng smiled warmly: “Completeness does not necessarily mean reality. If I like you, I will like the real side of you, and I will also feel that the false sides of you are also interesting. This lifetime can be very long, and we will have to get along for decades. If everything was the same, wouldn’t it be terrible?”

Tao Mu looked at Li Xiaoheng dumbly: “Did you study debate in university?”

“I studied finance.” Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu with warm eyes: “So I know that no stock in this world is set in stone. It will not rise forever, nor will it fall forever. The same is true for people.”

“It’s getting late. Your classmates are still waiting for you.” Li Xiaoheng urged softly: “It’s cold outside, go in.”

Tao Mu looked helplessly at Li Xiaoheng: “CEO Li studied finance. Then you should know that even if two companies merge successfully, they may still face various crises in the future. For example, operational crises, such as internal management struggles. Some conflicts cannot be resolved by adjusting the structure or business strategy. In the end, it is very likely that the internal conflict within the enterprise will lead to a situation where both sides suffer.”

“Perhaps.” Li Xiaoheng smiled: “But the situation you mentioned has never appeared in the M&A projects led by me. I think that if there is a failure in the process of corporate mergers and acquisitions, it must be because the work in advance had not been done well. Te interests and needs of both parties had not been communicated well. If we compare our relationship to mergers and acquisitions, then my need is you. So Xiao Mu, what are your needs and interests?”

Tao Mu: “My needs and interests are independent management.”

Li Xiaoheng lowered his head and chuckled, “Xiao Mu, I’m very curious. You say this, or the reason you insist on operating independently, is it because you have no confidence in me or in yourself?”

Tao Mu said: “I have no confidence in time.”

“Time?” Li Xiaoheng frowned slightly, then chuckled, “This is indeed a problem.”

As soon as Tao Mu was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he heard Li Xiaoheng continue to say: “But I will figure out a way.”

“The weather is too cold, go in first. Your classmates may be getting impatient.” Li Xiaoheng looked at his sweetheart standing two steps away from him. The night was cold, and the orange street lights highlighted his features more delicately and beautifully. This reminded Li Xiaoheng of the first time he saw Tao Mu.

If at that time Tao Mu was just a stranger who fit his aesthetics from head to toe. Now, Tao Mu was the one he, Li Xiaoheng, wanted to take home and spend the rest of his life together with.

They still had a lifetime to get along. So Li Xiaoheng was not in a hurry, nor did he want to force Tao Mu too much.

When Tao Mu returned to the private box, Du Kang was holding a glass of wine and complaining again and again: “…..Student Wen Bao, did you do it on purpose? When we rehearsed, we clearly agreed that we would dance that kind of sophisticated dance style, musical. But, as soon as you showed up, you started to dance Yangko with all your energy, which led everyone off track. Did you do that deliberately? You deliberately made it so that our entire class will have no image left, and therefore won’t be able to find a significant other in the future?”

“What does it have to do with me?” Wen Bao squinted his crescent eyes with a smile: “I was just acting my part seriously. It’s you guys who were willing to go off track, alright?”

“What! You did it on purpose!” The female classmate who played Zhang Wuke waved the beer bottle in her hand at Wen Bao: “Do you know how long this sister has practiced the last dance? It was so hard during the rehearsal but I survived it. But in the end the dance was not used at all. You have to make it up to me.”

“Aren’t I treating you to eat Mongolian hot-pot!” Wen Bao grinned, pointing to Tao Mu and said: “You don’t need to feel wronged. Look at Mr. Tao, the one with the most idol baggage in our class, even he didn’t say anything, right?”

“What can he say? Except for you, in this scene today, Mu Mu was the one who most enjoyed twisting about on the stage. When dancing Yangko, he was happier than when street dancing and tango dancing in the scenes before, yeah?” Chu Sui’an was so excited, his tone carried the dialect of his hometown when he spoke: “Are you really planning to lose your idol baggage?”

Tao Mu laughed very happily.

Du Kang sighed with emotion that Tao Mu was the happiest when he was acting: “This is all thanks to me. If it wasn’t for my script that liberated our brother Mu, he would still be solemnly curled up in his idol baggage. How boring is that?”

“That’s right.” Tao Mu had a drink with Du Kang. He chuckled lightly, his eyebrows rising, and he even joked with a smile in his voice: “How can I thank you?”

“How about with yourself!” Du Kang was also a dude with no gate on his mouth. As soon as this was said, the whole class immediately clapped their hands and hooted.

The female classmate who had already become slightly titzy stood up unconvinced: “Why give himself to you? This sister is still waiting to make it big in the future and keep our Mu Mu. You think you’re so awesome cause you’re tall! Go and wait in line!”

“Yohoo!!” The large group of students continued to clap and yell: “Fight!”

“Fight! Fight!”

It took more than two hours to eat this Mongolian hot-pot. After dinner, the large group of people still planned on going to sing karaoke.

After the finals performance drama was over, it was winter vacation. The classmates who live in Beijing had it easier. But those who live in other provinces must pack their luggage and go home for the New Year. It would be another month and a half before seeing each other again.

The group of 18 to 19-year-old boys and girls came from all parts of the country to Beijing to go to university. Having left their parents’ side for the first time, the closest relationship they had was with their classmates. So now about to be separated, they all felt a bit of reluctance.

But these feelings would gradually dilute as they grow up and encounter more and more gatherings and separations. After they graduated, moved to various places, jumped from film crews to film crews, their minds would be gradually occupied by fame and fortune or other things. Finally becoming more and more numb after being soaked in the big dyeing vat of the entertainment industry. The enthusiasm and righteousness of the past and once ideals may gradually fade under the pressure of life, gradually forgetting the original intention on the road to success, and only the troubles of making a livelihood were left.

A piece of white paper may be dyed in colorful and dazzling colors, or it may become completely black due to the complexity of the colors being mixed.

Tao Mu didn’t know how long this process would take. But at this moment, he still cherished these simple and lovely friendships. If possible, he hoped to do his best to make it so that this group of children could have it much easier.

After all, there were not many fond memories that he could look back to in his two lifetimes.

There were too many things in this world that could go bad. As a wealthy person, Tao Mu couldn’t do much, but hoped that he could protect them as long as possible before the things he owned deteriorated.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Because after those things had deteriorated, even if Tao Mu was regretful and reluctant to let go, he must still abandon it.

This was not a pleasant feeling. Even if in his previous life and this life Tao Mu was already used to making this choice, when this regret appeared again, he would still feel uncomfortable.

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