Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 025 Cultivating Martial Arts Or Cultivating A “Gong”

“Take the clothes off.”

Nie Bufan obeyed, and then saw Li Yi also take off his shirt, revealing his strong bronzed muscles, which was in sharp contrast with his own miserably pale skin.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan grumbled with jealousy.

“Lie down.” Li Yi had him lay face down, lying straight on the bed with his hands spread out in a straight line.

Nie Bufan turned his head, blinked at Li Yi, and asked shyly, “Do you want me to spread my legs too?”

“……Close it up!”

Nie Bufan only wore a pair of short trousers. As soon as his legs were spread, the line of his buttocks was perfectly outlined, tight and muscled.

Li Yi tried to ignore it as much as possible, flipping the quilt aside, and shooing away the chickens who wanted to come up the bed as well.

Then, he knelt down beside Nie Bufan’s legs, stretched out two fingers to press on his lower backbone, and said, “Later, you will adjust your breathing as I move, and slowly feel the flow of Qi that I input in your body.”

Nie Bufan nodded obediently.

“Okay, now let’s begin the first step.” As his inner force circulated, Li Yi pushed his fingers upward along the spine, still not forgetting to tell him, “Pay attention to the breathing rhythm.”


Li Yi’s fingers had only made their way up halfway, when Nie Bufan laughed out loud.

“What’s the matter with you?” Li Yi scolded, “Be serious.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to be serious, it’s just that it’s really itchy.” Nie Bufan said coyly, “I’m the most afraid of tickling.”


“Okay, let’s do it again. Your thing moving around in my body, it’s quite interesting.”


Li Yi’s mouth twitched and started again. This time Nie Bufan did not laugh, but there was a strange noise coming from his mouth: “Nnn……wu……ah……”

The moan was as alluring as it could be, like a chicken claw, scratching at Li Yi’s heart and causing him to feel agitated.

There was a cold sweat on his forehead, and he endured with difficulty. Though, finally they had passed the first round.

Nie Bufan sighed, “It feels so good!”

Li Yi’s face was stiff, showing that he was not feeling good at all.

“What do you do next?” Nie Bufan took the “Secret Art of Muscle and Bone Transformation”, flipped through it, “En, this time it’s lying down face up.”

After saying that, without Li Yi’s reminder, he flipped over and made a posture of being at one’s mercy, and said tragically, “Come!”

Li Yi was silent for a while before spitting out two words: “Raise your leg.”

Nie Bufan lifted both legs immediately.

Li Yi slapped his right leg down, held his left ankle, and pointed his finger at the sole of his foot. He was just about to press down when he heard Nie Bufan thrashing and laughing: “Hahahaha, it tickles!”

“……I haven’t done anything yet!”

Nie Bufan laughed enough and replied, “Can’t I rehearse it first, so that you can be mentally prepared?”

Li Yi stopped on the spot, suddenly wondering if he should continue.

“Come on, I will not laugh later.”

“You are positive.”

En.” Nie Bufan nodded seriously.

Li Yi didn’t say much anymore, and pressed his fingers to the pressure points on the sole of his foot ——

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……”


Nie Bufan laughed and thumped his chest and feet, looking like he had been struck with madness.

The chickens around were so shocked that their feathers stood upright, and they retreated toward the corner.

Li Yi put down his feet and said lightly: “Skip this step.”

“Okay……” Nie Bufan didn’t insist.

Li Yi grabbed Nie Bufan’s left hand, two fingers slowly moved along his veins, and after one rotation, he raised his right hand……

Then, the range of movements gradually increased, bending his legs, raising his waist, and bowing. Li Yi meticulously helped Nie Bufan complete various movements, but his nerves became more and more tense. The reason was that this guy Nie Bufan’s expression was too alluring, and letting out ambiguous moans from time to time.

For the first time, Li Yi knew that a man’s body could also be so flexible. Those difficult movements were all completed very smoothly by Nie Bufan. With the muscles and bones gradually harmonizing, his body showed a peculiar beauty, like a snow leopard on a high mountain.

Li Yi’s eyes gradually misted over, and his movements became gentler. Although the two bodies were not in direct contact, they were very close, as if they could feel the heat of each other.

“Nn……” Nie Bufan bent his body and said unclearly, “Li Fourth, how long will it be?”

“Almost finished.” Li Yi replied in a hoarse voice, but his hands couldn’t help but to linger around his waist and legs, accompanied with a warm Qi, as if looking for something faintly.

“Wu……can you be faster?”

“You need to be cautious when cultivating martial arts, don’t move.” Li Yi exhaled in his ear, his body was close, their lower bodies almost intertwined.

“Li Fourth.”


“Are you really sure that the steps are correct?”

“Of course.”

“Do you need a man’s thing to practice martial arts?”


“Your thing keeps poking my waist.”

“……This move helps the Qi to move through the veins unimpeded.”

“……En, is that right? Then……does it need to be inserted inside?”

“How can I know if it is unimpeded if I don’t go in?”

“Does this also need to be specially tried? If it is obstructed, then doesn’t that mean I get constipation every day?”


“Is it unclogged enough?”

“It hasn’t officially started yet, the fingers are not strong enough.”

“Don’t you want to use that thing?”

“Why not? After passing this level, I guarantee you will be able to practice this skill.”

Li Yi bit Nie Bufan’s ear and wrapped around him with his whole body.

“Li, Li Fourth.” Nie Bufan swallowed, “I think my apititude is dull and stupid, utterly unable to be trained.”

“It’s too early to tell, you have to try to know.” Li Yi groped about at the base of his leg.

“Act-actually, let’s not try it. I’m afraid, I’m afraid of something going wrong and there will be a deviation in the Qi.” Nie Bufan clamped his legs tightly.

Li Yi said in a low voice, “Didn’t it feel good just now? You moaned so happily.”

“Wasn’t that just to cooperate with your hard work? If I don’t utter a sound, wouldn’t it be too shameful for you?”

“……” Li Yi simply blocked that vexing mouth and no longer gave him a chance to argue.

Seeing that his legs were separated, and the hard object was about to come forward.

Nie Bufan pulled out from the kiss and yelled, “It hurts to death!”

“This time again, are you mentally preparing me in advance?”

“No.” Nie Bufan said shyly, “Only two people practicing martial arts is too lonely, I want to call more people to observe and give some suggestions by the way.”

“……” Li Yi said fiercely, “Then I will make you unable to yell out a sound.”

Nie Bufan hurriedly covered his mouth and said in a muffled voice: “You can’t be so selfish. It’s not right for us to enjoy such a peerless martial arts manual alone.”

Li Yi lifted his left leg and was about to enter aggressively.

Nie Bufan hurriedly took his hand away and was about to yell, but was blocked again, lips becoming glued together.


A small section entered.

Nie Bufan widened his eyes, waving his hands vigorously at the chickens around him watching the show.

The chickens pondered for a long time before they determined that their owner needed help, so they all jumped onto the bed one after another excitedly, piling on them desperately.

Oh the tragedy, being pressed on by a pile of chickens another small section went inside as well.

Nie Bufan’s forehead bursted with an endless waterfall of sweat.

Save……Save me!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Maybe God heard his wailing, just when Li Yi was about to attack and occupy territory, the door of the room was suddenly kicked open, and then there was an extremely pissed off voice: “Nie Bufan, you actually ordered your chickens again……”

The sound stopped abruptly. The scene in front of him had the visitor become dazed like a wooden chicken.

Li Huai pointed at the two people crushed by the chickens and asked tremblingly, “You……what are you doing?”

Li Yi’s face was blue, he was stuck halfway, no room to advance or retreat.

Nie Bufan waved his hand desperately as if he was about to gain amnesty: “Huai Huai, come quickly, we are cultivating martial arts, you can join in.”

Li Yi swept the person under him with a look, reluctantly he withdrew and pulled away, lifting his pants up. Having not got any relief, his desire still stood upright unwillingly.

Nie Bufan hurriedly turned over and sat up, grabbed a few chickens to block the key parts, and smiled: “Huai Huai, you looking for me?”

Li Huai glanced at the two suspiciously. His vision was blocked by a bunch of chickens just now so he didn’t see very clearly, but that ambiguous posture was extremely suspicious.

“Why are you both naked?”

“Didn’t I just say it? Cultivating martial arts.” As he said so, he even took out the worn old ‘Secret Art of Muscle and Bone Transformation’ and shook it.

Li Huai walked over, snatched the book, and after a few glances, he immediately said with joy, “Could it be that this is the long-lost ‘Secret Art of Muscle and Bone Transformation’?”

Nie Bufan nodded pretending to be an expert, but he actually despised it in his heart: This is a damned erotic book!

“I didn’t expect that there really is such book!” Li Huai said to Li Yi in surprise, “Brother, how do you feel when you cultivatrd it just now?”

“Of the highest quality, but unfortunately missed a step.” Li Yi’s expression was twisted.

“The fire of Yang is too deep, too much to bear.” Nie Bufan sighed. (TN: Yang=male energy, Yin=female energy)

Li Huai was puzzled, then smiled again: “I will try too.”

“No.” Li Yi quickly tried to put a stop.

“Try it.” Nie Bufan said generously.

Li Yi glared at him, took the book over, and said, “This is the collection of village head Nie. We can’t covet others’ things.”

Nie Bufan was about to say something, but was pinched secretly by Li Yi, and instantly he felt so aggrieved, hanging his head and complained to himself.

Li Huai didn’t think so, but he didn’t dare to refute Li Yi. When he saw the chickens jumping on the bed, he immediately remembered his intentions, pointed at Nie Bufan and said angrily: “Nie Bufan, you have ordered your chickens to plot against me!”

“Me? No I didn’t.” Nie Bufan said innocently, “I have been cultivating with your brother all night.”

“Hmmph! If it weren’t for your instructions, how could those brutes come and attack me in the middle of the night?”

“Did you not see it?” Nie Bufan pointed around, “I also have a lot of chickens here. They will communicate with you only when they like you. Don’t always have such bitter and deep hatred. Our chickens are actually very cute, I sleep with them every day.”

“Do you think I am you?” Li Huai said irritably, “Who wants to sleep with a chicken?”

Nie Bufan glanced at him contemptuously: “Did you not find out? Your brother, prince Si, brother Chen, and the Tian Nu have all slept with a chicken.”


Why does this sound so weird?

“Little brother, be more calm, learn from your brother, embracing a harem of chickens without a change in expression, calm and relaxed, just like an expert master.”

“Who you calling little brother?” Li Huai turned to Li Yi with a shining expression, “Brother, I want to sleep here tonight.”

“Okay!” Nie Bufan enthusiastically moved over a space and said, “The bed is big enough, let’s sleep together.”

Li Huai pointed outside the door and said to him, “I’m sorry but can you change places.”

Nie Bufan rolled up the quilt and hugged a rooster, falling on the bed, spitting out two words: “I won’t.”

“You!” Li Huai was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Li Yi rubbed his forehead and said, “Let’s sleep together. If we keep arguing, the sky will have already lighten.”

Li Huai was indignant, looking around at the chickens eyeing him, he finally climbed onto the bed resignedly.

Nie Bufan nodded in satisfaction and said: “Close the door.”

Li Huai didn’t understand, but then he saw a chicken casually strolling to the door and closing it.

Li Huai pointed at the chicken and looked at Li Yi with his mouth open.

Li Yi lay down expressionlessly and grabbed a piece of quilt from Nie Bufan.

Seeing this, Li Huai had to pretend that he hadn’t seen it, and lay down in the quilt, surrendering to his fate of sleeping with the chickens.

In the darkness, Nie Bufan whispered to Li Yi: “Li Fourth, you still said that it was not an erotic book? It was too explicit, and it almost made me lose my chastity. I will resolutely not cultivate it in the future. You should also take care and be careful of dying from overindulgence.”

Li Yi kissed him fiercely, resenting him for pretending to be stupid and oblivious. They were already like this, and he still dared to deny their bromantic relationship!

Nie Bufan kicked him and motioned him to pay attention to his image. His little brother was sleeping right over there.

Only then did Li Yi sheepishly give up.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

That night, the three people with their own thoughts shared a bed but had different dreams. Of course, the heartless Nie Bufan soon fell asleep, the previous events not seeming to have left any psychological trauma on him. This bed had been slept on by five brothers one after another, and it can be considered to be an example of virtuous Gongs coming to their successful conclusion. (TN: author makes a play on idiom 功德圆满 by replacing it as 攻德圆满. It originally referred to virtuous achievements come to their successful conclusion but now hehe.)

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The Cruel Tyrant CH 019 The Aftermath

Everyone originally thought that the allied forces of the four rebel armies would definitely win the attack on the imperial city, but the result was a resounding slap in the face.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Those who had not paid any heed to the Crown Prince’s change at first paid a heavy price. Chen Wei did not actually rebel at all but was a trap set up by the Crown Prince. The purpose was to make all the rebels feel that the imperial city was isolated and helpless. Once they went to attack the imperial city, Chen Wei and Qin Kunyu would then launch a pincer attack, and they actually stupidly jumped into the trap themselves.

The Eastern Army, the Southeast Army and the Southwest Army were almost completely annihilated. Only the generals of the Eastern Army and the general of the Southwest Army, Shangguan Hao escaped. None of the generals in the Southeast Army survived.

After receiving the battle report, Tian Guohai’s eyes went red with anger. He slapped his hand on the table and roared: “Sixty thousand people, a full sixty thousand elite soldiers, yet only a few dozens of people came back, why don’t you die together! My Eastern Army total 120,000 yet you bastards cost me 60,000 people. You……you……what did you come back for!”

The generals below had just fled back and were currently covered in dust and hungry. A fiery tempered military officer instantly could not resist, his eyes widened and said coarsely: “Your Excellency, how could we have known Chen Wei was unexpectedly Su Mochi’s person. This Crown Prince is too insidious. He actually lured us into attacking the imperial city, and then cooperated inside and outside to wipe out our army.”

Having been able to claim himself as king for nearly ten years, Tian Guohai was not a reckless man. After venting his anger, he calmed down and said to the generals standing below: “Please sit down, everyone. This time we were too underestimating of the enemy. Unexpectedly……unexpectedly this useless Crown Prince would actually become smart, and even know to play this kind of trick. Very good……this old man will have to see just how capable you are.”

In the Southeast Army, the sorry figure of Shangguan Hao knelt down and pleaded guilty. The old man in the high seat raised his hand and said: “Get up, you are not to blame for this. No one thought that Su Mochi would suddenly change so much.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” Shangguan Hao stood up, paused and said again: “Your Excellency, the current Crown Prince is different from the past. It may be dangerous for Feiyu to stay there, it might be best to have him get out as soon as possible.”

He shook his head and said: “Most of the spies in the imperial city have been secretly executed by the Crown Prince, and now we can’t get any news.”

“Then does that mean Feiyu is in deep danger?” Shangguan Hao frowned.

“Not necessarily, maybe it’s safe now. The Crown Prince before don’t even recognize his family when he killed, but now as long as Feiyu isn’t exposed, the Crown Prince wouldn’t do anything to him.” Although he said so, he was still worried. After all, that was the only child left of his most loved daughter.

The Prince’s main residence had been renovated, but the Croen Prince ordered everything to be simplified, so the Crown Prince’s main residence was not as luxurious as before, but appearing a bit more simple yet still beautiful.

Yun Feiyu held the scroll in his hand, but his mind was not on the scroll at all. The perfect profile of a youth under the stars appeared in his mind again. In just half a month, most of the countless spies in the imperial city were wiped out by the Crown Prince, and the Crown Prince even took the opportunity to kill many disloyal and unruly people.

Could this be the legendary it never rains but once it does it pours (TN: expression describing someone amazing the world with a single brilliant feat when before there was not a hint)? Yun Feiyu’s eyes deepened, and the corners of his mouth raised into a small smile.

Suddenly the little eunuch outside the door came to announce: “His Royal Highness is here.”

Yun Feiyu calmly put down the scroll in his hand and greeted Su Mu: “Paying respects to the Crown Prince.”

Su Mu had just finished morning assembly and had not changed his heavy court clothes yet, which emphasized his imposing and dignified aura.

“Rise, where is Qin Ye?” Su Mu asked.

Yun Feiyu got up and said gently: “In the room, Wei Gonggong please go to invite Qin Gongzi to come over.”

Su Mu looked at Yun Feiyu clad in a green robe. It was a pity that the talents of such a learned and peerless man would be buried in the palace like this. After a moment of contemplation, Su Mu suddenly said: “Would you like to be an official?”

Yun Feiyu was taken aback for a moment, looked at Su Mu unexpectedly, and said with a smile: “I thank Your Highness for the kindness, but I am afraid that there is no place for this caomin in the court.” Indeed, Yun Feiyu may not have been officially recorded in the royal jade disc (TN: royal family register), but he was already in the harem of the Crown Prince. In which dynasty and what generation had there ever been concubines who served as officials in court? Even if the imperial court officials were afraid of the Crown Prince and did not dare to openly oppose it, they would still make it difficult every step of the way.

All of this Su Mu understood but the amount of officials who were executed by him during the turmoil numbered in the dozens, and many positions were vacated. Su Mu must fill these vacancies as soon as possible, otherwise there would be problems when issuing and carrying out decrees.

“As long as you have real power in your hands, I would like to see who would dare to not show respect. Doesn’t Liu Xi have a post working in the Ministry of Rites. You can go to the Ministry of Justice, Chen Xurong will not be tactless.”

Su Mu had no reason to put great talents in front of him but don’t use them. He wanted to see who dared to make trouble for him.

Yun Feiyu smiled. The Crown Prince did not give him the right to refuse. Only the Crown Prince dared to blatantly do such things that would disturb the imperial court order. Not mentioning the fierce reputation that the Crown Prince had earned a long time ago, but just the fact that he killed hundreds of people not long ago, the court officials would not dare to openly trouble the Crown Prince. The scent of blood in the main market square of the imperial city had yet to diffuse.

Qin Ye walked in from the door expressionlessly, with naked hostility in his eyes. When he saw Su Mu, who was sitting in the high seat, he did not express anything, neither bowing or speaking.

Su Mu didn’t care either, but directly said: “General Zhenyuan wants to take you back to the general’s manor. You can go back anytime.”

Qin Ye looked at Su Mu with a mocking smile and said, “Go back, what would I be doing when I go back, let others scorn me? Does His Royal Highness feel that the humiliation I have received is not enough and wants to change to a new way of playing.”

Everyone knew that Qin Ye was the Crown Prince’s person. Even if he returned to the general’s manor, he would not have any foothold. What would others think of him, the world didn’t know that the Crown Prince was the one who was on the receiving end. After all, the Crown Prince was so brutal, who would believe he was on the bottom.

Moreover, he could not marry a wife in this life. When he returned to the general’s manor, he could only eat and wait to die. It was better to stay in the Crown Prince’s Palace. At least no one would dare to taunt and scorn him to his face. And he could also find trouble for the Crown Prince to vent his hatred. Besides, those brothers in his family were no simple pushovers.

Although it was Su Mochi who had wronged him, but Su Mu was not here to be a punching bag, and he said coldly: “The Crown Prince’s Palace does not lack a bite of food for you, so leave or stay at your convenience.” Su Mu left Feiyu Pavillion with a flap of his wide sleeves.

Qin Ye looked at the direction of Su Mu’s departure with a dark expression: “What does he mean, he is tired of playing so he is ready to throw it away! Does he want me to be grateful!”

“Don’t you want to go out of the palace?” Yun Feiyu said mildly as he stood by the window and looked up at a group of flying geese.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“What’s the use if I want to go out of the palace? What else can I do when I go out? Who doesn’t know that we are the Crown Prince’s……” Qin Ye gritted his teeth but in the end couldn’t utter the words male pet.

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After Becoming The Tyrant CH 002 The King Arrives

The cavalry leader saw a silver light flashing from the carriage. He realized the gravity of the situation, but it was too late.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Zhu Chi was simply a lunatic. He alone endured the pressure of the cavalry approaching, waiting until the distance between the two sides was reduced to within shooting range before he lifted the crossbow.

“Look out——”

The leader shouted.

Zhu Chi pulled the lever with hands covered in moleskin gloves. The axle in front slipped off the catch in the nut. The nut rolled and the bowstring was released (TN: not sure if I got the terms right). A flash of cold light shot out from the carriage like a meteor, and in a blink of an eye it came to the defenseless knights. The sharp arrow flew through the air, piercing the chain mail at the next moment.

Blood sprayed up, the leader’s grip on the rein loosened and he fell from the horse. The warhorses coming from behind trappled over his body.


The other knights were shocked and angry.

As we all know, the crossbow was called a “cursed object”.

With simple training, ordinary farmers could even use it to shoot down knights. Even the finest chain mail could not hold up against it. Therefore, as early as more than three hundred years ago, it was absolutely forbidden to be used in warfare.

The anger of the knights had no effect on Zhu Chi in the carriage.

His pale blue eyes seemed to freeze into ice.

The sharp metal arrows pierced through the air continuously.

The rest of the cavalry fell one after another. They mistakenly believed their master’s words and regarded the lone King as a prey to be captured and killed. But at this time, the lonely carriage was no longer an easily obtainable reward, but a terrifying devil.

The cavalry became frightened and began to want to retreat.

Suddenly, the carriage body shook violently. Zhu Chi was not so lucky this time, and his shoulder slammed into the wall of the carriage firmly and his lip was cut by a tooth. He stuck out his tongue and licked it, tasting a familiar rusty flavor.

Under the moonlight, the last cavalryman could see the face of the person holding the bow in the carriage.

The King, regarded as “cruel but worthless”, had a delicate and pale face, a trace of scarlet on his thin lips, and a cursed weapon in his hand, appearing as if he had come from hell.

The cavalryman shivered and lost the courage to fight alone, turning his horse around and rushing into the night.

At this time, the crazed steeds had already rushed towards the wooden fence at the entrance of the canyon, pulling the carriage with them.

The soldiers guarding behind the wooden fence were frightened by the out of control carriage, throwing themselves out of the way on either sides. The steeds with white steam blowing out from their mouths and noses looked like the devil’s mounts, driving through the fence with the carriage in tow.

Thanks to the King’s carriage being made of hard oak and metal, it escaped the fate of falling apart, but only just.

The canyon was neither long nor short, and they had quickly arrived to the end of the stretch.

“Your Majesty! The bridge has been cut off!”

As soon as they had rushed out of the canyon, the Master of the Households was shocked by the scene in front of him, his face going pale. He frantically pulled the reins backwards, trying to stop the horses, his voice even changing a little because of panic.

Out of the gorge was the winding Doma River. At this time, it was midwinter, and the river bank and the river surface were frozen over. The moonlight gleamed on the blue and white glacial river, and it was clear that the bridge that was originally erected on the river surface was cut in half, leaving only a few holes in place where a thin layer of ice had just formed.

“Go around it!”

There was no time for Zhu Chi to see the situation of the river with his own eyes, still he sternly made the order.

As soon as the last word fell, suddenly the sky seemed to spin.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At the last moment, the Master of the Households barely just managed to change the direction of the galloping horses. The carriage slid around the ice hole and across most of the river, leaving a long white mark on the smooth ice. But when approaching the river bank on the other side, the connection between the carriage and the front axle completely broke apart.

The carriage was thrown out and overturned on the ice.

The Master of the Households had followed William III on the battlefield, and his reaction was fairly rapid, jumping out onto the ice at the last minute without any damage.

But there was no time to rejoice for his luck, the Master of the Households rushed to the overturned carriage in horror.

“Your Majesty!”

His voice was sharp and anxious.

“Shut up.”

Zhu Chi climbed out of the carriage, pressing the ice with one hand and covering his head with the other. He was panting, and puffs of white mist came out from his mouth. His head had yet to recover from the vertigo.

Seeing that he was safe and sound, the Master of the Households knelt down on the ice with a “thud” and stretched out his hand to make a sign of the cross on his chest: “The Holy Lord bless, the Holy Lord bless.”

He cried with tears of joy.

“Get over here.”

Zhu Chi nearly laughed with anger at the other.

The Holy Lord could bless anyone except for someone like him who sold his soul to the devil.


The Master of the Households came back to himself and hurriedly went to help Zhu Chi up.

Fortunately, this place was already close to the river bank, and the ice layer was frozen hard. With the support of the Master of the Households, Zhu Chi stepped on the river bank.

The carriage had been damaged. One of the four horses pulling the carriage had broken its neck and one had broken its leg. The remaining two had some minor injuries and were currently stomping their hooves nervously on the river bank.

Zhu Chi ordered the Master of the Households to burn the carriage while he held his wrist and looked across the shore.

He saw fire had begun to appear in the canyon on the other side. Those people had finally reacted. They stopped by the river, not daring to cross the ice like Zhu Chi did. The water level in the Doma River was very deep, and the river was often turbulent under the ice layer. No one knew whether a step would break through an ice hole.

When the carriage was burned, the Master of the Households caught sight of the crossbow thrown on the ice.

His face changed but he dared not say anything.

There was a fire here, and torches also lit over there.

Zhu Chi watched for a while before sneering. He said to the Master of the Households: “We leave.”


Mohn Castle.

This was where the Doma River and the Naxi River meet, and Mohn Castle was the well fortified riverside fortress here.

Under normal circumstances, even if nobles were imprisoned, their life in prison would not be too bad, and it may even be rather decently luxurious. However, in the past month, the old Duke of Buckingham, as the King’s only uncle, was imprisoned in the notorious prison of Mohn Central Tower.

The Mohn Tower was full of torture, blackmail, biting cold temperatures, and an even more dirty environment.

The old Duke of Buckingham was the half-brother of William III and had followed William III on the battlefield for 30 years. He used to be a very radical military strategist, but during the years when he assisted his nephew in state affairs, the old duke gradually settled down and became extra cautious.

A month ago, his son was defeated in an expeditionary invasion against the Kingdom of Bressi. Not only did he lose three important towns, but he was also captured.

The ransom to be paid to the Kingdom of Bressi was 20,000 pounds, which was a jaw-dropping amount.

This defeat made the people very angry, and a rumor spread:

——The old Duke of Buckingham accepted a bribe from the enemy country and deliberately had his son lose the battle because he knew that the King would not give up his cousin.

Hearing this the King in the palace was extremely offended.

So the Duke of Buckingham was tightly imprisoned in Mohn Tower.

However, these were only superficial reasons.

“Have you shown him the execution order given by the King?”

The owner of Mohn Castle, Earl Walter, was responsible for guarding the old Duke of Buckingham.

“He has seen it.”

The earl’s butler replied.

“Did he agree to choose us?”


The old Duke of Buckingham only glanced at the command and threw it on the ground, closing his eyes without saying a word.

Earl Walter snorted coldly and cursed: “Then let him go to hell……”

“I don’t know why, my lord.”

The butler hesitated and spoke cautiously.

“I feel a little uneasy, as if something bad is about to happen.”

“The guillotine and executioner are all ready.”

Earl Walter said contemptuously.

The earl even had the leisure to make a cold joke.

“He can’t escape this catastrophe——unless the King arrives in person.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: The Legrand’s economic system is based on England around the 13th century: pound, shilling and penny are the units. 1 shilling = 12 pence, 1 pound sterling = 20 shillings. The only coins in circulation are silver pennies. 240 silver pennies equal the same pound. The average income of an aristocrat was about 200 pounds a year, and even a person with an annual income of 20 pounds was relatively rich. Therefore, the 20,000-pound ransom offered by the Kingdom of Bressi would be considered a sky-high price, which is jaw-dropping.


After Becoming The Tyrant CH 001 The Last Tyrant

The carriage rushed through the shadow of the dark forest in which dead trees stood in the night wind like the devil.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The horses pulling the carriage were already sweating and frothing at the mouths, but the whip waving in the air did not allow them to stop and rest.

“My beloved Majesty, it is impossible for us to arrive at Mohn Tower tomorrow morning.”

The person driving the carriage was even more tired than the horses. The coachman was actually a knight in armor and was currently sweating and panting in exhaustion. As he maneuvered the carriage and drove it into a flat area, he pleaded with the person inside the carriage.

“The horses need to rest.”


The King replied from inside the carriage.

“Then you may also sleep forever.”

The knight’s complexion became paler. He dared not speak any more, and continued to drive the horses on despite the exhaustion of driving for a day and night.

Because, sitting in the carriage was none other than the monarch of the Legrand Empire.

Pureland the First.

At this moment, the dark night shrouded the wilds, and the mountains appeared ominous like demons. Unexpectedly, this grandiose King did not bring along a large group of men and horses. He only rushed through the wilderness in a black flannel-covered carriage to a place called “Mohn”.

After intimidating the Master of the Households who was forced to act as a coachman, the King himself leaned on the wall of the carriage and lifted the curtain.

The moonlight that passed through the gap in the woods flashed across his face.

The red cloak worn by the King emphasized the cold and whiteness of his face. He was very young, with facial features still possessing a youthful look that was also a bit too refined. But the surliness that shrouded his features made him look particularly aggressive. In the moonlight, his pale blue eyes revealed a sharpness that could not be ignored.

The King looked at the trees that were constantly passing by outside the carriage, judging how far they were from Mohn at this time.

Of course he knew that both the horses and the coachman were already exhausted.

But he must rush to the small town of Mohn before the sun rises today.

Otherwise, his uncle, Duke of Buckingham, would be dead.


Two days ago.

Zhu Chi was only a young man who was seriously ill. He lay in a place of pale whiteness and watched as his muscles gradually atrophied, calculating in his heart when he would die.

No one wanted to die, including Zhu Chi.

Modern science and technology couldn’t save him, and the gods and Buddhas up in the heavens ignore him. So Zhu Chi did something preposterous. He opened the ancient scroll he had previously obtained by accident which was said to be able to summon the Devil.

As the blood dripped onto the complicated twisting patterns a black mist filled the room.

In response to his last hope made in despair, the Devil came.

The Devil was a businessman who dealt in souls, notorious for his insidiousness.

Zhu Chi sold his soul in exchange for a chance to be reborn in another world.

He asked for a young and healthy body. The Devil agreed and gave him a certain degree of favor when signing the contract, and even included a gift as a bonus.

The strange generosity of the Devil put Zhu Chi on alert.

But there was no alternative, he was already too desperate.

The contract was completed.

In the intensive care unit, the pale and weak youth closed his eyes, and the lines on the heart rate display screen gradually became balanced. At the same time, in a gorgeous palace of the empire located in another world, a pair of pale blue eyes flickered opened.

After processing the memories and receiving the original fate line gifted with the contract, Zhu Chi finally understood why the Devil was so generous.

He was reborn as the King-Emperor of the Legrand Empire in another world——

Pureland I.

[Less than a month after Pureland was born, his prominent father, King William, died of a serious illness.

Thanks to the loyal guardianship of his uncle, Duke of Buckingham, Pureland was able to grow up fairly well and was crowned King. Contrary to the expectations of the people, their young King was naturally ill-tempered, cold and arbitrary, and was an out-and-out tyrant.

At the end of his reign, he personally ordered the killing of his uncle, Duke of Buckingham, a man who was unfailingly loyal to him. This was the cruelest and most stupid thing ever done in Pureland’s short life.

Because it directly led to the subsequent coup in which the tyrant paid the price with his life.

——Pureland I, the last King]

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this time, it was only four months before the tyrant was overthrown.

Selling your soul for four months of a healthy new life?

Zhu Chi understood that he had been cheated by the Devil.

The wind in the middle of the night was strong, and brushed at his face with the cold sharpness of a knife.

Zhu Chi did not put down the carriage curtain. He needed the cold wind to suppress the anger in his heart, so as to maintain rational thinking.

After watching Pureland’s line of destiny, Zhu Chi realized where the important node of the tyrant’s fate was located——

Western Mainland, September 17, 1432.

——Which was tomorrow.

At dawn tomorrow morning, the Duke of Buckingham, his most loyal uncle, would be hanged.

Zhu Chi’s rebirth was two days late, and the wretched tyrant had already issued an order to execute the Duke of Buckingham. However, Zhu Chi thought about it carefully and confirmed that soon after the King had issued the order, he regretted it, and sent a fast horse to recover the order.

Zhu Chi’s fingers tapped the car railing lightly, his expression a bit cold.

The imperial messenger left the palace within half a day, and the fast horse sent by the King would have been able to intercept the messenger. However, the Duke of Buckingham was still executed.

Obviously, the King’s fast horse sent to recover the order was stopped by another party.

Someone wanted the King to lose his most important minister and relative.


The reins were suddenly tugged, and the Master of the Households stopped the rushing carriage. He put his hand on the hilt of the sword at his waist, his expression ugly.

The stallions that stopped abruptly were frightened, and raised their front feet, neighing high and shrill.

“Your Majesty, there is a situation.”

The Master of the Households lowered his voice, his tone a little uneasy.

When the carriage came to a sudden stop, Zhu Chi gripped down hard on the railing and leaned forward to avoid hitting the wall with his head. He looked calm, not surprised at all.

He had left the palace secretly.

Two days ago, after Zhu Chi had a tantrum at his court ministers in the Imperial Conference, he shut himself in the palace and kept himself behind closed doors. This was not the first time that Pureland had done this kind of thing.

None of the ministers could do anything about the irritable young King.

With this cover-up, Zhu Chi took his Master of Households and left the palace. In the original line of fate, this somewhat timid Master of Households sacrificed himself for his King. He was the most suitable and trustworthy person Zhu Chi thought of at the time.

The King’s fast horse could even be blocked off by others so the enemy must have a fine network of spies in the palace.

Zhu Chi knew very well that by the next afternoon, the people would find that the King was no longer in the castle.

He never thought he could hide it for too long. It was a surprise that the soldiers sent to intercept him had not caught up until now.

Currently they were out in the wilderness.

Behind them was a small piece of a black forest that they had just passed by. At this time, some shadows were walking through the forest, approaching them. In front of them was the entrance to the canyon passage, with faint light coming from torches. A small wooden fence that acted as a barricade could be seen under the moonlight.

They were flanked.

“Your Majesty, please stay in the carriage and don’t……”

The Master of the Households pulled the rein with one hand and the sword with the other.

“Charge forward.”

Zhu Chi interrupted him.

The Master of the Households was taken aback for a moment. From the voice of the young King, he heard a long forgotten familiarity——it was the toughness and inviolability passed down in the line of His Majesty King William.

Faintly, the Master of the Households seemed to hear the clicking sound of a machine.


Zhu Chi gave the order.

The Master of the Households loosened the tightly held rein, and the sword struck the head horse.

The head horse neighed in pain, and rushed out in a flash, causing the other horses to charge forward as well. The carriage seemed to be flying past the ground, making a disturbingly loud noise. The carriage moved at such a speed it seemed like it could fall apart at any time.

The cavalry behind them rushed out of the dark forest. The other party had traveled light and their speed was extremely fast, coming after them like a thick shadow.

Zhu Chi tore off the black flannel used to cover the back half of the carriage.

Under the pale moonlight, Zhu Chi could clearly see the cavalry that was catching up.

There were a total of seventeen cavalrymen, all riding black horses and wearing silver chain mail with no markings. The iron helmet covered their faces tightly, revealing only a gap, which was both a defense and identity cover.

They did not appear to be mercenaries.

Zhu Chi judged the situation calmly.

The sound of horses’ hoofs was rapid, and the black cavalry swept closer like a whirlwind. In an instant they had approached the carriage and even the white exhalations of the opponent’s horses could be vaguely seen. The distance was close enough, Zhu Chi no longer hesitated.

He lifted what he was holding in his hand.

——It was a crossbow, a construction prohibited by the Church.

Although Pureland was a tyrant, the military training he received since childhood had made him very physically superior. Thanks to this, Zhu Chi could hold the crossbow steadily on the galloping bumpy carriage.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Zhu Chi positioned the crossbow and aimed at the cavalry through the crossbow sight.

Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 024 What Book?

When Li Yi brought Li Huai to Chicken Nest Village, Nie Bufan just happened to be absent. They visited Si Chenyu and Tian Nu successively, but Chen Muran excused himself with being ill and did not see anyone.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After greeting everyone, the two returned to Li Yi’s original residence. Li Huai asked uncomfortably: “Brother, do you really plan to live here?”

En.” Li Yi replied absently while making the bed.

“Can’t we wait until it’s time and then come here?” Li Huai looked at everything in the house with disgust.

His impression of Chicken Nest Village was poor, filthy, and vulgar. When he traced Li Yi to here, he had also suffered a small humiliation, and even lost his beloved dog Langya. So unless he had to, he would not want to step into this kind of place in his entire life, let alone live here for a few months.

“Whatever you want.” Li Yi didn’t even give him a look.

Li Huai was dissatisfied, hesitating as he did not know how to choose.

Li Yi said again: “If you decide to stay, you can clean up an empty room by yourself. If you want to leave, you don’t have to alert me.”

As he said so he walked out of the house.

Li Huai hurriedly said: “Where are you going?”

“Taking a walk.”

……Li Huai watched Li Yi leave, and grit his teeth stubbornly.

Fine! I’ll stay!! Even someone as distinguished as Prince Si could live here, why couldn’t he do the same?

Thinking so, he led his servants to find a place to live.

There were not many houses in Chicken Nest Village, only a dozen or so. In the past, only Nie Bufan lived here so it appeared slightly empty. Now, there were a lot of idlers such as the Tian Nu and Si Chenyu, and so the village immediately became full.
As the head of the village, Nie Bufan lived in the largest house with two courtyards and was fully equipped. Unfortunately, he didn’t like to take care of it. Except for the main room, the master bedroom, the kitchen and the bathhouse, the other rooms were occupied by chickens. The courtyard was also filled with many traps, many dangerous elements hidden underground, most of whom liked to be active at night.

The closest to Nie Bufan was Li Yi. His house was smaller than Nie Bufan’s by half, but it was several times cleaner and tidier. The layout of the whole house was the same as his person, simple and neat and not at all luxurious. If not for his natural noble aura, it would be difficult to guess from the style and behavior that he came from a powerful aristocratic family.

Next to Li Yi was Zhang Junshi’s residence. He was a person who knew how to enjoy life very much. His many years of exile to rough and wild places have allowed him to adapt to the surroundings at a master level. Any simple and crude environment will become extremely comfortable under his transformation. No wonder Nie Bufan regarded him as a logistics officer. He was methodical and thorough, tasteful but casual. He could always create the best enjoyment with the smallest changes.

Tian Nu, Si Chenyu, Chen Muran and others who later settled in were in houses opposite theirs, occupying a small half of the Chicken Nest Village. After the initial disgust and irritability, they all began to adapt to the weird living environment of Chicken Nest Village. In fact, there was no place for them to be uncomfortable since here, the chickens were the boss, and anyone who was hostile will be ravaged inhumanly.

Li Huai didn’t know anything about all of this. In his opinion, this was an ordinary poverty stricken village. He didn’t even know that the village head, Nie Bufan, was Li Xiaoyao who he had avoided since their last unpleasant meeting.

Most of the houses in the middle were already occupied, and Li Huai could only choose a house slightly on the edges.

Although it had been renovated once last year, the house still looked shabby and poor. At least in Li Huai’s view, it was simply not a place for human dwelling.

“Shiyi, you take people to tidy up the house, and be sure that it is spotless.” Li Huai pointed to the yard, disgusted, “Also clean up all the weeds quickly, and repair the fence. I don’t want to see a single chicken let in.”

With his orders Shiyi lead two servants into the house.

Li Huai looked for a while, and thought to himself that this place could not be lived in today.

He was about to find Li Yi, when suddenly he heard a familiar voice exclaim joyfully: “Li Fourth, you are back, I missed you.”

Li Huai turned around and looked suspiciously, seeing a person hanging on Li Yi like a koala, and Li Yi who had always been cold and distant even hugged him back.

Li Huai opened his mouth slightly in a gape and walked over quickly.

When he arrived in front of them, the person also happen to separate from Li Yi and faced towards him.

“It’s you!” The two pointed at each other in surprise at the same time. Only one was truly surprised, while the other only feigned surprised.

Nie Bufan smiled and said, “You are here too, Huai Huai.” (TN: the word Huai here means ‘bad’, which is different from the Huai in Li Huai’s name)

“Huai, Huai Huai……” Li Huai trembled and asked, “Li Xiaoyao, why are you here?”

Seeing this person, he couldn’t help but think of the painful experience not long ago. It was really a thing too unbearable to look back.

“Huh? Brother Li didn’t tell you?” Nie Bufan blinked, “I am the village head of Chicken Nest Village, alias “Li Xiaoyao”, whose real name is “Nie Bufan”.”

“……” Li Huai pointed at him, standing on the spot dazed, with an expression of disbelief on his face.

Li Yi understood his brother’s current feelings very much at the moment, and said with a rare comforting tone: “The past is over. Let’s get along well in the future.”

Past? How can it be over? This guy embarrassed him in public many times, even shamelessly kissed him, and later got a group of chickens to attack him and trample him. All these numerous evils, it was outrageous! His existence was a stain that could never be erased in his memory. He once vowed not to have any interaction with him again but who would have thought he would meet him here again!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The so-called, enemies being extremely hostile when they meet, with new hatreds added onto old hatreds, Li Huai only felt anger burning in his chest, eyes like knives and killing intent practically leaking out.

“Brother, you have known him a long time ago, why didn’t you tell me?” Li Huai said in a sinister tone.

Li Yi did not answer, but Nie Bufan said: “He knows ‘Nie Bufan’, so why would he tell you about ‘Li Xiaoyao’?”

“Shut up!” Li Huai looked like a peacock with its feathers standing on end, looking gorgeous even when he was angry.

Nie Bufan completely ignored his anger, turned his head and said to Li Yi: “Little brother also wants to live here?”

Li Yi looked at Li Huai.

Li Huai gritted his teeth: “I’ll live here!”

Li Yi nodded to Nie Bufan.

“Welcome.” Nie Bufan spread out his hands with a smile, and said enthusiastically, “There is nothing else in our Chicken Nest Village, but there are many chickens. You can exchange friendly feelings in the future.”

“Friendly feelings my foot!” Li Huai said angrily, “From tomorrow, I will eat a chicken every day! Steam, stir-fry, boil and stew, take it in turns.”

After saying this, Li Huai suddenly felt a chill run down his back inexplicably.

In truth, chicken was the most commonly eaten in Chicken Nest Village, but generally speaking this was not something to be spoken about out in the open. The chickens that were eaten have special breeding places, and the chickens that wander in the village were mostly the chickens that had undergone a special change. Not only possessing some intelligence but also fighting power that was quite high. And under Nie Bufan’s teaching, they have become even more lawless and extremely arrogant.

Li Huai offended the chicken bosses with just one sentence.

Nie Bufan cast a caring look at him, and said gently: “Whatever you like, I wish you good luck.”

“Hmmph!” Li Huai thought that the other was showing weakness, so he couldn’t help but lift his chin in arrogance.

Li Yi saw this and wanted to say something, but he kept silent under Nie Bufan’s innocent gaze.

Li Huai stopped paying attention to Nie Bufan, and said to Li Yi: “Brother, my house cannot live in today, I will squeeze in with you tonight.”

Li Yi quickly replied: “You can live at my place, and I’ll sleep with Bufan.”

“You are going to sleep with him?” Li Huai pointed at Nie Bufan in disbelief. “Don’t you know he likes men?”

“Not a problem.” He would rather be tormented by Nie Bufan than face the possible tragedy with Li Huai. The so-called brothers, they were used to sell at critical moments——this statement originally came from Nie Bufan.

Li Huai scanned the two of them back and forth, then pulled Li Yi aside and asked in a low voice, “Brother, you won’t be seduced by him?”

“How is that possible?” Could he say that this was exactly what he hoped for?

Li Huai didn’t know his thoughts, believing that he was firm in his conviction and won’t be seduced. So he said with peace of mind: “Well then, brother will have to bear the grievance tonight. With brother’s martial arts, I believe you won’t suffer any losses.”

Li Yi patted him on the shoulder. After a long conflict between his own safety and his brotherly affection, he finally managed to squeeze out a sentence: “You, take care.”

Li Huai heard this and felt confused, thinking that Li Yi actually showed him a rare concern, and felt quite pleased.

That night, when Nie Bufan returned to the room after washing up, Li Yi was lying on the bed and reading.

Seeing Nie Bufan coming in, Li Yi said, “Don’t go too far.”

“What are you talking about so inexplicably?” Nie Bufan replied indifferently as he climbed onto the bed.

“You understand.” Li Yi said lightly, “Although Li Huai is a little spoiled occasionally, he is not a bad person.”

En, I quite like him a lot.” Nie Bufan nodded seriously.

Then it was really his misfortune to be liked by you……

Li Yi closed the book and mourned for a certain someone in silence.

Nie Bufan noticed the book in his hand, and when he took it over, his expression immediately became weird.

“Why would you read this kind of book?” Wasn’t this the erotic book he put in the drawer?

“Why can’t I read this kind of book?” Li Yi was surprised and asked, “But you, where did you get this book?”

Nie Bufan said: “Don’t get me wrong, this was picked up somewhere, not something I deliberately collected.”

“What’s to misunderstand?” Li Yi opened the book again and nodded in praise, “Not bad.”

Nie Bufan looked at him with horror.

“What are you doing looking at me like this?”

Nie Bufan tutted: “I truly didn’t see it, you actually have such hidden depths? Reading such a book and yet not a change to your face or heartbeat, it really makes me full of admiration.”

Li Yi felt strange, and asked: “What’s wrong with such a book?”

“Hehe, nothing, I understand.” Nie Bufan smiled, lying on his side on the bed, he looked at him ambiguously. He said in an understanding tone, “Men always need some extra comfort.”

Li Yi was silent for a long time, and suddenly asked: “What book do you think this is?”

“Don’t pretend, what else can it be but erotica.”

“……” Li Yi’s hand holding the book trembled slightly, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

It took a while before he showed the cover to Nie Bufan and asked, “Do you know these words?”

Nie Bufan glanced at it and said casually: “I almost recognize it.”

Li Yi took a deep breath, and said: “This is the “Secret Art of Muscle and Bone Transformation.”

“Oh? Really?” Nie Bufan took it and glanced it over, saying suspiciously, “It’s obviously two men who are producing the clouds and rain.” (TN: euphemism for having sex)
Li Yi resisted the urge to pinch people, and patiently explained: ” The ‘Secret Art of Muscle and Bone Transformation’ is a secret martial arts manual of the master expert Fang Yousong from more than a hundred years ago. When it was revealed to the world, its whereabouts became unknown less than ten years later. But according to legend, with this manual one can transform their bones and muscles, so that people who have no talent for martial arts can have the muscles and bones suitable for learning martial arts. This is a miraculous book that can benefit all of the descendants. The postures of the two men in the pictures are physical exercises, with one assisting on the side and the other person tempering and honing the muscles and bones. In addition there is also included the circulation route of the network of blood vessels and pressure points with detailed text explanation. It is indeed a geniune and authentic work of a master.”

Nie Bufan looked like he was listening to the heavenly scriptures. In the era where he used to live, peerless martial arts only existed in legends, and people only understood some fighting skills, which were not as fantastic as in imagination. Now hearing what Li Yi said, he couldn’t help but doubt it.

“This is a martial arts masterpiece?” Nie Bufan squinted at him, “This isn’t a lie you made up to read obscene books with integrity?”

Do you think I am you? Li Yi snarled secretly.

“If you don’t believe me, let’s try it.” Li Yi said suddenly.

“Try it? Try what?”

Li Yi took the book and said expressionlessly: “I will help you practice the basics, and it so happens that you can take the chance to improve your weak bones.”

“Weak?” Nie Bufan sat up and said unhappily, “Where am I weak? I am clearly quite buff.” Saying so he even showed off his biceps.

Li Yi stretched out his arm without saying a word and rapidly dispatched him in seconds.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Okay.” Nie Bufan said sheepishly, “Then let’s try it.”

There was a slight smile showing up inadvertently at the corner of Li Yi’s mouth……

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The Cruel Tyrant CH 018 Purge

Su Mu had been lying on the bed for several days, but the wound had not healed for some reason, and his face became paler and paler.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Gu Yunzhou stood without expression in front of Su Mu’s bed, but his eyes were apologetic.

Ye Qingfeng watched Su Mu become more and more weak, frowning he said: “You must be poisoned. Have you found any suspicious people?”

Su Mu shook his head slightly. It was not that there were no suspicious people, but all were suspicious people.

Squeezing Su Mu’s thin wrist, watching the Crown Prince who had always been brazen and unbridled lying on the bed in such a weak and dying state, Ye Qingfeng suddenly could not bear it. He comforted: “Xuefeng Villa has stored a kind of miraculous medicine that can cure all kinds of poisons. Rest plenty while I go to fetch it.”

After Ye Qingfeng and Gu Yunzhou left, Su Mu lay on the bed and slowly adjusted his breathing. The poisoner was both vicious and insidious, and Su Mu didn’t even know when he became poisoned.

This kind of poison would not flare up in normal times, even when Su Mu used internal force, there was still no abnormality. Only when Su Mu was angry and in a life and death confrontation with others would the effects of the poison flare up slightly, allowing the enemy he was in a fight with an opportunity to land a fatal hit on him. In this way the poisoner could kill him without having to do it himself. After all, the assassinations on the Crown Prince was as common as eating and drinking. There would come one day when the Crown Prince would die because of a momentary mistake.

Ten days passed quickly. The allied forces of the four rebel armies had stationed outside the city and was proclaiming to kill the incapable ruler on behalf of the heavens. Because Su Mu’s people caused a lot of trouble to the rebel armies along the way, when these people arrived outside the imperial city, they were all already exhausted. The generals of the four parties ordered to rest on the spot, and blocked the main roads in and out of the city, planning to trap the people of the imperial city in it.

Su Mu who received the news sneered and summoned Qin Kunyu and several other generals.

“Chen pays respects to His Royal Highness.” Qin Kunyu and several other generals arrived before Su Mu’s bed and saluted.

Qin Kunyu naturally hated Su Mu very much, but he did not want this country to be destroyed. When the Crown Prince dies, the allied forces will inevitably fight for the throne. This would give other countries an opening to invade. Qin Kunyu originally planned to take refuge under a wise master, but the current Crown Prince gave him a glimmer of hope. And with his son still in Su Mu’s hands if he did something, Qin Ye would surely die.

Su Mu replied somewhat weakly: “Rise.”

“General Qin, what good strategy do you have against the rebels attacking the imperial city?” Su Mu asked.

Qin Kunyu stepped forward and replied: “Your Highness, the rebel armies have been exhausted from the long journey to the imperial city, so chen will prepare to attack all the rebel camps at night.”

Su Mu nodded and said: “Very good, it will be as General Qin said!” After a while, Su Mu said: “General Qin can divide the soldiers into small teams, whether day or night attack the rebels repeatedly.”

Qin Kunyu nodded. No matter what there should be soldiers stationed in the imperial city. Therefore not many people can be sent out so it would be difficult to have much effect through direct attacks. Such continuous harassment of the rebels would be a better method.

After midnight, Han Yang relayed the news that the allied forces of the rebel armies had all been attacked. Su Mu finally breathed a sigh of relief. To be honest, Su Mu was very afraid of Qin Kunyu betraying at this critical juncture, the consequences would be unthinkable. Fortunately, the heavens favored him this time.

The rebels were harassed repeatedly over the course of the day. They realized the enemy’s intention to drag them down and then annihilate them in one fell swoop, so they united and launched an attack in the morning. Even Su Mu who was lying on the bed vaguely heard the shouts and sounds of battle. Suddenly Su Mu’s expression shifted and felt something was wrong. The sound of killing was getting closer and closer, and within a moment it was clearly audible.

“The bounty for removing the head of the dog Emperor is 1,000 taels, and the bounty for removing the head of the Crown Prince is five hundred taels……”

Han Yang soon reported in a hurry, “Your Highness, Weiyuan General Liu Qi brought his cronies into the palace! Your Highness, I will help you escape……”

Su Mu raised his hand to stop Han Yang’s proposal and sneered: “This idiot is truly bold.”

Qin Kunyu brought all the soldiers to fight with the rebels outside the city, and the guards of the palace were less than one-tenth of the usual force, causing the eyes of those who covet the Emperor’s throne to become red with fervor. In less than a moment, Liu Qi, covered in blood, rushed into Su Mu’s room with his soldiers. He pointed the blood-stained sword at Su Mu, saying: “Su Mochi, you are utterly devoid of a conscience. This general will eliminate you on behalf of the heavens……”

The tone was righteous and even seem to have an awe-inspiring aura. Su Mu got up from the bed with a sneer, there was no panic on his face.

Liu Qi suddenly realized that something was wrong. Wasn’t the Crown Prince seriously ill in bed and dying? How come……

Before Liu Qi could react, he saw the Crown Prince reaching out to him with the smile of a devil. Liu Qi immediately waved the long knife in his hand, but Su Mu appeared in front of him in a blink of an eye like a ghost. Liu Qi who hadn’t even manage to react instantly felt a sharp pain in his heart, falling to the ground with his eyes wide open. In a matter of seconds the rest of the intruders fell to the ground as well.

Su Mu didn’t even bother to spare the people lying on the ground a second glance and walked out of the bedroom. Outside the door, there were shouts of killing. Like a tidal wave, as Su Mu walked by all were indiscriminately killed. All the places he passed became covered with corpses. With Liu Qi’s people a new group charged into the palace. A man with three or four parts resemblance to Su Mu arrived in front of Su Mu with a group of elite soldiers, expression triumphant.

Su Moqi looked at Su Mochi’s pale face, and with a happy smile on his face he said harshly: “Su Mochi, if you know what’s good for you then hurry up and kill yourself, otherwise this prince will have you hanged, drawn and quartered by five horses.”

Su Mu looked at him as if looking at a fool, and said, “Idiot.”

As Su Mu’s words fell, a general beside Su Moqi suddenly drew his sword fiercely. When everyone reacted, Su Moqi’s head had already fallen on the ground, and the person who drew the sword walked up to Su Mochi and said respectfully: “Tang Zheng of the imperial guard camp pays respects to His Royal Highness.”

Su Mu nodded and said: “Rise!”

Su Moqi was born at about the same time as Su Mochi. In the early years, the Emperor liked him very much and wanted to make him the Crown Prince. But then the Emperor listened to Changsheng’s words and made Su Mochi the Crown Prince. Thus, he always hated Su Mochi, but Su Mochi’s powerful martial arts and ruthless methods prevented him from daring to blatantly confront Su Mochi. Instead he secretly bribed the leader of the imperial guard camp Tang Zheng.

After finally getting the news that Su Mochi was seriously injured and dying, he was almost mad with joy. He hadn’t even considered that the imperial city was still being besieged by the rebels, eagerly leading his people to attack the imperial palace.

There was such a person with an old hatred for Su Mochi, so how could Su Mu leave himself unguarded? The first thing he did after transmigrating here was to secretly find Tang Zheng and bring him over to his side.

The shouts of killing outside the imperial city shook the sky, blood splattered like rain and life was cut like grass. But inside the imperial city it was just as turbulent and unpeaceful.

All those who intended to rebel, assassinate, and avenge were all brutally suppressed by the Crown Prince. Nearly six hundred people from dozens of families including the Liu family, Prince Cheng manor, and Zhao family were all killed by the Crown Prince. Su Mu purged the imperial city once again with a bloodbath.

At the same time, when the rebels outside the city were attacking the city with all their strength, they suddenly discovered that the Northern army, which had been their allies, turn their weapons on them instead. The three rebel armies from the East, Southeast, and Southwest all fled in disorder, uterrly defeated.

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Most of the rats hiding in the dark have emerged, so it should be quiet for a while! Su Mu lay on the recliner and closed his eyes as he thought. Although his beautiful and handsome face appeared a little tired, it was not at all the appearance of one on the verge of dying from the past few days.

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