After Becoming The Tyrant CH 098 The Long Night And The Dawn

In the fireplace, the burning firewood made crackling sounds, and emitted a warm yellow fire light that casted a halo on the person at the door. The phantom figure that appeared in front of the King when the bard plucked his strings was no longer blurred.

The best queen of Kriya, the Queen Dowager of Legrand.

His mother.

For more than ten years, the Duke of Buckingham kept a secret that could not be revealed. He guarded the mad queen in order to protect the Kong, as well as protect the queen dowager herself…..He was only waiting for the mad queen to become lucid, and able to be the King’s mother.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This was the last gift left to him by the Duke of Buckingham.

He did everything he could for the King.

The King was sitting on the ground with his head raised upwards. For a moment, he couldn’t tell whether everything was an illusion or reality. Bitter and breathless…..all the complicated and unspeakable emotions came like a surging tide.

Queen Eleanor with black hair and green eyes walked over, tears streaming down her thin face.

She half knelt down before the King, stretched out her hands and embraced him in her arms. She had lost the whole world, and now she had it all again, her child, her little Pureland.

Fate was too cruel to them.

Eleanor pressed her forehead against the King’s silver hair, and her hands that once picked up the bloodstained lance and sharpened a piece of iron into a sharp blade trembled at this moment. Her lips trembled, and she couldn’t say a word for a long time. When looking at the King in the Rose Palace, Eleanor once thought about what she would say when she saw her child.

She thought of so many things, but now she couldn’t say a word.

Fate was too unfair to this family.

Her child should have been the most noble and respected king in the world, but he was sitting on the ground by the desk, holding the letter, and was so filled with sorrow that he was just a child who had lost too much.

“My child, my little Pureland…..” Eleanor finally spoke, choking with sobs. She hugged him tightly and whispered, “I am here, I am here.”

Therefore, there was no need to suppress the sadness anymore, someone would wipe away your tears when you cry, hug you tightly, and prevent you from being attacked by the cold wind.

“He’s gone.”

The King said hoarsely.

Gone forever and never coming back.

His tears finally fell down.

A hug that was warm enough, a pair of trembling hands, a mother who was lost and found again…..After so many years, after struggling to survive in hatred and coldness, someone finally taught him how to let his tears flow when he was so filled with sorrow. At this moment, he was the same as all children who had lost their loved ones.

A pair of hands gently patted his back, as gentle as in those vague memories.

Queen Eleanor, her black hair falling over the King’s silver, held her child tightly.

Like holding a newborn baby, she hummed a familiar lullaby in a low and hoarse voice in the warm fireplace light. She once hummed this lullaby to lull the young King who wanted to see his father to sleep, and now she hummed this lullaby again, hoping to soothe the sadness in her child’s heart.

The night covered the land, and the crows flew up in surprise.

All partings, all encounters, all sorrows…..would pass through the long night.


Southeast of Legrand, the port of Koszoya.

Today’s Captain Hawkins was quieter than ever before, and the young sailors on the ship toast secretly to celebrate not having to suffer torment from their neurotic captain, but some older pirates were silent.

Captain Hawkins, wearing a black slanted hat, sat alone on the railing of the bow deck, the back of his figure looking like he was about to commit suicide by jumping into the sea. He was holding a wine bottle in his hand and was throwing his head back, trying to pour some more down his throat. After shaking it a few times, two drops of wine fell into Captain Hawkins’ mouth. With a “tsk”, he threw the bottle into the sea.

The Witch shrouded in a black dress looked at the captain who was rarely quiet without the first mate, and didn’t bother him.

Gulu, gulu.

A small wooden barrel rolled to the Witch’s feet and bounced slightly upward.

The Witch understood that it was Jenny who wanted to talk to her.

The contract she signed with Jenny was different from others, and she was the only one who could communicate directly with Jenny.

The Witch stretched out her hand and pressed it against the railing.

Jenny’s voice sounded in her mind: “Griselda, Griselda…..that bastard who almost burned my sail back then…..Duke Buckingham, can’t he come again?”

The Witch was slightly taken aback. Jenny had always been like a little girl, she didn’t expect that Jenny would feel this keenly.

“Just like William?”

The Witch looked up at Captain Hawkins who was drinking alone, and responded in a low voice.

The sails on the ship suddenly drooped listlessly, and no longer floated upwards.

The wind blew all night at sea, and Captain Hawkins sat on the rail and drank all night. When the eastern sky became lit by dawn, he stood up unsteadily on the railing, staggered from the railing and fell into the sea with a “plop”, splashing water high.

The pirates who came to clean the deck in the morning happened to see this and thought their captain had gone crazy again, jumping into the sea to wash his brain again.

The Witch smiled wryly and ordered for Captain Hawkins to be quickly picked up from the sea.


Rose Palace.

The sun had just risen, and the light fell on the spiers of the magnificent palace and castle. The King and Queen Dowager Eleanor stood together in the stone pavilion where the Duke of Buckingham rested when he took a walk with the King.

Winter had receded, and in the Rose Palace where the temperature was higher than outside, roses had begun to bloom again. The rose vines coiled around the stone pavilion had already begun to be decorated a little bit by new green buds. Wearing a scarlet cloak, the King stretched out his hand to hold on to the railing. He had already suppressed his emotions again.

Queen Eleanor looked at her child.

Time passed quickly, and in the years she wasn’t involved, her child had grown up to be as strong as his father.

Always remembering his responsibility as a monarch, and restraining himself from drowning in sorrow.

“Time flies, you’ve grown up.”

Queen Eleanor revealed a complicated smile.

According to the original secret spell, the King’s soul existed in two worlds at the same time. But the baptism of the Holy Court made the King’s soul carry the breath of the Holy Spirit, and coupled with the various illusions she saw at that time, this made her mistakenly believe that the secret spell failed and the King was replaced by the Holy Spirit.

Would her child have an easier and happier life if she hadn’t been crazy for so many years?

She failed to fulfill the responsibilities of a mother, she failed to shield her child from the wind and rain.

The King sensed the remorse hidden in the queen mother’s voice.

He turned his head and looked at his mother.

“No.” The King gave her a gentle hug. “You saved me, many times.”

In the last letter left by the Duke of Buckingham, he told the King the reason why Queen Eleanor had been insane for so many years——she had witnessed her child die time and time again in front of her own eyes.

When he saw this, the King understood everything.

When he was “Zhu Chi”, he would have nightmares again and again, but after waking up, he would forget what happened in the dream, leaving only a feeling of powerlessness and rage behind. When the Holy Court used the secret method of baptism to carry out an assassination, he got the answer from the Devil: that was the power of the secret method of baptism.

Yesterday he remembered everything.

All nightmares had the same content…..He would be in various dangers, and he faced death again and again.

“You saved me.”

The King repeated it again.

“Again and again.”

In those nightmares, he felt so weak and powerless, he felt that the whole world wanted to kill him, he was a person who was out of place and not tolerated by the world. But every time, there would be a voice, and a figure would hold him firmly in the darkness.

It was because of that voice and those hands that he didn’t lose himself in the constant cycle of nightmares and struggled to survive again and again.

Before, he forgot. Before, he didn’t know what it was.

Now he knew.

The one who protected him again and again in his dreams…..was his mother who was in pain and suffering under madness because of losing him.

In her painful illusions, she saw her child face danger time and time again, so she reached out her hand again and again trying to hold him. From a world apart, from such a long distance, her love traveled through time and space, like the wings of a goshawk, protecting her chick and allowing him to grow up safely.

The King finally understood why he wanted to survive by all means.

Because he was not hated by the world, he was also loved by someone.

He must come back, he must come back to Legrand.

Here was his family, this was his country, his land.

“Are you going back to Kriya?” The King asked his mother. “I met a bard. They still miss you. They will be glad to know that you are still alive.”

Eleanor straightened the King’s collar. She looked at her son, who she hadn’t been able to get a close look at yesterday. His blue eyes were the same as William III’s. His thoughtfulness was also exactly the same as his father’s. They were both not good at expressing themselves, nor good at dealing with soft emotions.

The queen mother understood that the King wanted to distract her from her guilt.

She shook her head: “I can’t go back now. In the eyes of the world, I have already died of illness. If I appear rashly, it will cause them trouble. Moreover, I will defend your kingdom in the shadows. You are the only monarch of Legrand.”

Her voice was gentle but firm.

The Master of the Households stopped at a distance from the mother and child who finally met. He looked at the former mistress of the palace, his eyes slightly moist, and he murmured in a low voice: “How wonderful.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

How wonderful, that at least not everyone had left.

“Come over.”

The King sensed his steward’s arrival.

The Master of the Households was here to report on the preparations for the Duke of Buckingham’s funeral.

It would be a funeral, and it would be a declaration of war.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 088 Never Give Up On Me

“Any sign?”

“No, the first team will go three kilometers to the west, the second team will go north, and the third team will go to the village to ask the villagers if they have seen any unfamiliar faces recently. The others will follow me upwards and continue to search!”

“Yes, sir!”

The bearded man walked in the front, and the young policeman followed behind him. While searching, he couldn’t help asking: “Boss, do you think the information from that child is true or not? We have been searching in the deep mountains and old forests for more than two hours. I don’t even see the van, let alone a shadow of that man, maybe he made a mistake…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Just keep searching.” The bearded man said without turning his head: “Also, he is not much younger than you, child, child, aren’t you a child as well?”

“Isn’t he still in school?” The young policeman said, “I’ve been out of school for two years, so of course he is a child to me.”

The bearded man pushed aside the weeds in front of him and stepped on the stones on the ground: “Okay, stop talking nonsense, and be careful.” The last part was spoken in a raised volume.

“Captain!” Someone shouted from behind: “There is blood here!”

The bearded man paused, then immediately turned and walked over there, followed by the young policeman.

“This bloodstain should have been left here for at least five hours.” The policeman squatting on the ground said: “The amount of bleeding is not small. Let’s look around. He shouldn’t be able to run very far.”

“Search!” The bearded man said loudly, “Don’t miss any trace!”

“Yes, sir!”

The policemen dispersed and began to search. The bearded man also bent over to search for traces carefully. The young policeman didn’t go far and shouted: “There are also bloodstains here!”

He pushed aside the grass that had clearly been crushed underfoot, and walked through a bush half a person’s height, when he suddenly heard the sound of water droplets falling on the ground. He quickened his pace, walked out into an open place, turned on the flashlight, and immediately rushed back:

“Found him! The suspect is in the cave!”

The scattered police quickly ran to this side, and the bearded man also jogged over quickly.

“Lead the way.”

The young policeman led a group of people through a small piece of bushes, revealed the cave covered by vines, turned on the flashlight and said, “In here.”

The bearded man stepped forward to check, frowned and said, “The man is dead, go and call the forensic doctor, and continue to send people to find the van.”

The young policeman looked around the corpse and said in a low voice, “Boss, did he die by himself or…..”

“Being able to escape so far is enough to prove his desire to survive. Let’s wait for the forensic doctor to come up with the specific situation.”

“But this person is dead, isn’t our trail of clues cut off?”

The bearded man said: “Who said the trail of clues is cut off? Isn’t there still Li De?”

“Li De?” The young policeman’s eyes lit up: “Do you also think that the suspect has accomplices inside Li De?”

“Not necessarily in Li De, but that person must have been in Li De that day.” The bearded man said in a deep voice, “This case is getting more and more difficult. You stay here and I will report the progress of the case first.”

“Yes, boss.”

The bearded man turned around and left the cave. Just after reporting the situation, a policeman came to meet him and said, “Boss, we found the van. It’s in an abandoned earthen house at the foot of the mountain.”

“Go, let’s go have a look.”

“Has the van driver been found?”

Jiang Chen handed the peeled orange to Yang Si, turned to old Mr. Xiang and said, “We found him, but the person is already dead.”

Old Mr. Xiang frowned: “Then the trail of clues is cut off?”

“Yesterday, Capt. Wang said that he was checking the internal monitoring of Li De that day, hoping to find the suspect’s accomplice.”

“What’s going on?” Yang Si took the orange and didn’t eat it, worried: “Why do they want to harm Chen Chen? The suspect is dead… the matter even more serious now? Will Chen Chen still be in danger in the future?”

Old Mr. Xiang exchanged looks with Jiang Chen, and then smiled kindly at Yang Si: “Xiao Yang, you have to believe that the police will find out the truth about this matter, and I assure you, there will be no more incidents involving Xiao Chen. We will send someone to protect him.”

“Mom…..” Jiang Chen grabbed Yang Si’s hand: “I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

Yang Si grasped Jiang Chen’s hand tightly, her eyes unable to hide her worry. Although she still didn’t know exactly what Jiang Chen was doing and researching, she was basically sure that what Jiang Chen was researching might be very important.

In the past few days, wave after wave of people came to visit the ward. Apart from the police officers who came over every day, there were also many important people who she had never thought of being able to meet face to face. Those people had a very good attitude towards Jiang Chen. If it was in the past, she would be proud of her son’s achievements, but now, she only hoped that Jiang Chen was just an ordinary teenager who could grow up safely.

“Mr. Xiang.” Yang Si shook her head: “It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I’m really scared. These past few days, I just needed to close my eyes and I would end up thinking of that day. I originally thought everything would be fine if we caught the suspect, but now the suspect is dead, the police are saying there is an accomplice. What if his accomplice still wants to hurt my son? I hope you can understand my worry as a mother. If I can’t make sure that he is really safe, now I will even feel fear if he just walks out of the ward…..”

“Of course I understand you.” Old Mr. Xiang put away his smile and said seriously, “So I solemnly assure you once again that we will absolutely guarantee Jiang Chen’s safety. Please believe me on this point.”

“I am unable yet to tell you what Jiang Chen is researching, but I hope you know that what your son is doing now is of great significance to the whole country and even the whole world, and you should be proud of him.”

Seeing Jiang Chen nodding on the side, Yang Si looked away helplessly, and said slowly, “My husband and I have never restrained our child from pursuing his interests since he was young. We would support him unconditionally in whatever he wanted to do, because we never thought about how to make him into an excellent person. We only hope that he will grow up safely and healthily. But what he is doing now puts him in danger…..Even if you say that he is making great contributions to the country and the world, for parents like us, these things are not as important as the safety of my child.”

Old Mr. Xiang nodded: “I know what you mean, but…..”

“Please listen to me.” Yang Si said: “But like I said before, my husband and I have always respected every decision of our child, and it is still the case now. I can see that Chen Chen likes what he is doing now, and I also see the efforts he has put into it. As a mother, no matter how worried I am, I will choose to support him.”

Old Mr. Xiang was stunned for a moment, and his expression softened: “Jiang Chen being able to grow into such an excellent individual is closely related to the family education you and your husband have given him. Thank you for raising such a talent for our country.”

Yang Si shook her head with a smile, and said to Jiang Chen, “Aren’t you going back to school today? Go, don’t be late.”

Jiang Chen nodded and left with old Mr. Xiang.

On the way to send Jiang Chen to Yan No. 1 High School, old Mr. Xiang sighed, put his hands on Jiang Chen’s shoulders, and said in a tone of self-reproach, “I didn’t think carefully…..I didn’t pay attention to concealing your identity when I brought you to the research institute that day. Causing you to have to face such danger the next day.”

Jiang Chen shook his head: “Professor, this matter has nothing to do with the Institute.”

Old Mr. Xiang was about to speak, but when he saw Jiang Chen’s firm expression, he frowned: “Do you know who is behind this incident?”

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes coldly: “I guessed it to some extent.”

“Who is it?”

“There is no evidence currently.” Jiang Chen pursed his lips and said, “Besides, I still have some things to investigate, and I can’t tell you right now, so as not to startle the snake.”

Old Mr. Xiang disagreed: “What if that person wants to continue to hurt you? And you provided the direction so that the police could investigate better. No matter what you want to investigate, you must put your own safety first. Just now you also heard what your mother said, she is so worried about you, you can’t risk yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I can protect myself.” Jiang Chen chuckled lightly, “I even managed to come out with just a few scratches when a van rampaged after me.”

“Can you have such good luck every time?” Old Mr. Xiang glared at Jiang Chen, paused, and said earnestly: “I know your ability, plus that kid Shi Fengyue and the research and development project you are currently holding may indeed help you investigate some things, but this does not conflict with handing over the investigation to those professional police officers. The investigation progress can speed up if both sides participate, and the identification of the suspect can also ensure your safety.”

“Professor Xiang, the police won’t be able to find anything.” Jiang Chen said, “The matter I want to investigate is related to my future research and development projects. Trust me, I won’t mess around.”

Seeing his determination, old Mr. Xiang could only shake his head: “As you insist.”

The car stopped at the gate of Yan No. 1 High School. The bell for the first period in the afternoon had just rang, and there was no one at the gate.

Jiang Chen got out of the car and waved to old Mr. Xiang: “Professor Xiang, see you later.”

“Be safe.”

“I know!”

He family house.

Yang Yun changed her clothes again, came out of the walk-in closet, and said to He Yanfeng who was looking at the computer: “What do you think of my outfit?”

“Not bad.” He Yanfeng raised his head and smiled, “It makes you look very gentle.”

“Then do you think Xiao Chen will be more relaxed when he sees me dressed like this?”

Thinking of the news he had received in the past few days, and He Yanjun’s special reminder to him that the upper level attached great importance to Jiang Chen’s scientific research projects, He Yanfeng closed his laptop and said, “You just need to dress comfortably, Jiang Chen may not be nervous at all.”

“But what we’re going to talk to him about later might make him feel rejection towards us.” Yang Yun straightened her clothes and said, “I hope to look more approachable for him, maybe our talk will even go smoother.”

“Don’t worry.” He Yanfeng smiled: “Nothing will go wrong today.”

“I hope so…..” Yang Yun looked up at the door, then turned around and said, “Qian Jian had a fever last night, can we leave him at home alone today?”

“Isn’t there an auntie at home?” He Yanfeng stood up and said, “And he is a grown boy, how could he not know how to take care of himself well?”

Yang Yun nodded and looked away.

Since seeing the surveillance video of He Qianmin’s injury three days ago, even though the matter had not been investigated clearly, so long as she thought that he might have really done something to hurt He Qianmin, she would always get complicated emotions when seeing He Qianjian. It was now very difficult to look at him the same way she did before.

But no matter what, as her first child, He Qianjian, even if he was the wrong child, had a special meaning to her from He Qianmin and He Qianyu, because from the time she was pregnant with him to giving birth to him, it was during the most difficult time with He Yanfeng. Moreover before this, He Qianjian had always been the most sensible and well-behaved eldest son to her. Even if she knew that Jiang Chen and He Qianjian were switched, it was not as shocking to her as learning that He Qianjian might have hurt He Qianmin.

The two children were already adults, and while switching their identities back might have some impact on the two families, the children were still familiar to them. The whole thing could be taken as correcting a mistake, but it would not affect their relationship in the end. Yang Yun believed that it would be like once He Qianjian went to the Jiang family, the Jiangs would still recognize Jiang Chen as their son. Even if Jiang Chen came back to the He family, He Qianjian would still be their child.

But the latter was different. If He Qianjian had been deceiving them for so many years and had been hurting He Qianmin, then it meant that everything she had seen might be false. Not only was He Qianjian not the child she thought he was, but he might even be vicious, calculating and double-faced, his core somehow becoming rotten along the way.

The mistake of Jiang Chen and He Qianjian’s identity could be corrected, but if He Qianjian was not the child she knew at all, what about their relationship for so many years?

In the past three days, in order not to let herself think about these things, Yang Yun’s attention towards He Qianjian had been lowered again and again, so she didn’t even know that He Qianjian was drenched in the rain when he came home yesterday. So she couldn’t help but blame herself and worry when seeing him having a fever this morning.

If it was all just a misunderstanding, then she would do him a deeper injury by treating him this way.

“I’ll go to Qian Jian’s room to have a look.” Yang Yun was still worried, and said, “We’ll set off after seeing if his fever has subsided.”

He Yanfeng knew his wife’s character, and he was already quite surprised by her indifference to He Qianjian these days, so he just nodded after hearing her say that: “Go.”

Yang Yun knocked lightly on the door of He Qianjian’s room, but she didn’t get any response. After thinking about it, she opened the door carefully and walked in.

“It’s all over, do you know that! Don’t you know that if it’s found out, it’ll all be over!”

Yang Yun paused and looked up. The curtains of the room were all down, she could only vaguely see He Qianjian standing by the bed with his back to the door, slightly bowed and his tone hysterical.

[It is impossible for earthling police to follow the clues to find you here. I don’t know what you are worried about at all, and I reminded you from the beginning that that human is not a suitable partner for cooperation. It is not difficult to predict that he would fail.]

“Isn’t it because of you that I could only cooperate with him? If it wasn’t for your refusal to help, if it wasn’t for you insisting on abiding by that f**king rule, would I be in such a passive situation?”

[I must abide by the system’s rules, and your passive situation is also caused by you. I reminded you a long time ago, don’t waste time and energy targeting Jiang Chen, even if he is the real child of the He family, he is not a threat, but you? Fighting and scheming against him every chance you get, now that things have come to this point, you are to blame.]

“I am to blame?” He Qianjian growled, “If it wasn’t for your refusal to make a move! How could I target him all the time! Don’t you know if my…..”

“Qian Jian!” Seeing that He Qianjian was getting more and more excited, as if in the next moment he would hit the wall with his fist, Yang Yun hurriedly stopped him: “What’s wrong? Who are you talking to?”

“Mom?” He Qianjian shook and turned his head stiffly: “Why are you here?”

“I wanted to see if your fever had subsided.” Yang Yun suppressed the worries in her heart and said, “Qian Jian, Mom has noticed that you have been under a lot of pressure recently and your mood is not stable. How about going to see a psychiatrist in a few days?”

“I’m fine.” He Qianjian breathed a sigh of relief, but his tone was still a little stiff: “Mom, what you just heard are the lines of our school’s drama club, did it scare you?”

“Lines?” Yang Yun was taken aback: “Then you were also memorizing lines when you spoke in your room a few times before?”

“You heard me before?” He Qianjian suppressed the panic in his heart and hurriedly said, “What did you hear?”

“Not sure, but I heard you seem to be throwing a table once.”

“That’s because the table needed to be thrown in that scene.” He Qianjian twitched the corner of his mouth, lowered his head and said, “Although I quit the drama club in my third year of high school, I like to recite lines every time I’m stressed…..”

Yang Yun pursed her lips: “In the past six months you seem to be more and more stressed, and your mood has been very unstable. Can you talk to Mom about the reason?”

He Qianjian’s tone was low: “Probably because a talented competitor suddenly appeared. I have been the best among my peers since I was a child, but after he appeared, not only do his grades far surpasses mine, even Qian Min and Qian Yu…..I know that my relationship with Qian Min has always been very rigid, and I have been trying to change this situation for so many years. I thought there was still hope, but with him showing up…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Not only Qian Min, but even Qian Yu and Mom and Dad…..all like him so much.” He Qianjian smiled wryly: “Sometimes I wonder if I’m really inferior to him in everything, that’s why I have become like this. I am really afraid that one day I will lose everything…..”

“Mom, can you promise that you will never give up on me?”

Yang Yun paused, looked up to see He Qianjian’s pleading expression, and felt a tug in her heart. She concealed the emotions in her eyes, and said softly: “As long as you are always the kind and gentle child in Mom’s heart, Mom will never give up on you.”

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Source of Calamity CH 079 Nauseating Part 1

Feng Anyan was surrounded by a lot of people, and when he saw Liu Huan and Shen Zhen, he rushed over to greet them. Although he invited many people, only these two were the most important of his guests. Liu Huan originally had a high status, and Shen Zhen was his investor.

“I was worried that you wouldn’t come.” Feng Anyan pushed everyone away.

Liu Huan smiled and said, “Young Master Feng inviting me over is to give me face, so why not come?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The smile on Feng Anyan’s face was a bit awkward, he had finally met someone whose tongue was as acrimonious as his own.

Feng Anyan laughed twice: “Brother Liu is too polite.”

After finishing speaking, he turned his head to look at Shen Zhen: “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

Just as Shen Zhen was about to speak, there was a bald man next to him who probably thought that Shen Zhen didn’t look like a person in the business circle. Although he was dressed like that, judging by his good looks and flashy hairstyle, he appeared more like either a rich second generation or a young actor.

But this time Feng Anyan didn’t invite any rich second generation, so naturally he misunderstood.

The bald man smiled and said, “This is Young Master Feng’s…..”

Another person muttered in a low voice: “Isn’t it Mr. Liu’s? I just had a drink with them, could it be…..a threesome…..that’s quite wild.”

Feng Anyan was afraid that Shen Zhen would become angry, so he quickly said: “I forgot to introduce you, this is CEO Shen, Shen Zhen, you all know Huitong Real Estate and Huitong Information Network Company, right?”

The bald man reacted quickly, and said quickly: “I only knew that CEO Shen is young, but I didn’t expect CEO Shen to be so good-looking as well. I almost mistook CEO Shen for being a big celebrity.”

Shen Zhen still said politely: “It’s nothing.”

The bald man said ingratiatingly: “CEO Shen has achieved such success at such a young age, young people nowadays are quite amazing.”

Soon flattery and praises flowed from the people around them as if it didn’t cost money.

There were also people who had never heard of Shen Zhen, and asked in a low voice, “Who is this person? Do they have to go that far?”

“It’s normal that you don’t know. I also heard about it from a friend while chatting. A few years ago, the domestic economy was in a downturn, especially in real estate. Many real estate projects became abandoned, and there were still many places where no one was bidding. But last year, this person spent a large sum of money to take over the unfinished buildings and bidded on those wastelands.”

“When this year’s urban re-planning was announced, all prices on those lands increased. He sold a piece of land before, which was less than 100 million when he bought it but this year, he sold it for 1 billion.”

Many people’s faces changed: “Could he have inside information?”

“If there really was inside information would it have been left to him? None of the leading companies in the real estate industry bought the land, but he did. He has either foresight or luck.”

Now everyone looked at Shen Zhen with different expressions.

The young man in front of them was not just a simple rich second generation. He looked so outstanding, but who would have expected him to possess equally outstanding ability as well.

It was no exaggeration to call him a nouveau riche.

Feng Anyan asked Shen Zhen: “Having fun?”

Shen Zhen: “Somewhat, I met an acquaintance.”

Feng Anyan said strangely: “I didn’t invite anyone from this city except Brother Liu.”

Shen Zhen mouthed the name “Su Shiqing”.

Feng Anyan’s expression changed, pulled Shen Zhen aside, and whispered, “No way? Where did you see him?”

Shen Zhen: “Right here. He has entered the entertainment circle now. It seems to be your company? He has entered an idol group.”

Feng Anyan: “What’s the name of the group?”

Shen Zhen: “I don’t know either, I only know that there is a guy named Jefferson in the group, and the hair colors of the members are all different.”

Feng Anyan: “….That’s the same as not having said anything. Now that pretty boys are popular, they have to have colorful hair.”

Shen Zhen nodded, and he said, “Does your company want to co-produce an international movie?”

Feng Anyan smiled, quite proudly: “Yeah, it took me nearly a year to wrest the project over, and all the investment has already been in place. The main actors have all been decided, and I’m just waiting to make money.”

Shen Zhen: “Can I still introduce an extra into the cast?”

Feng Anyan: “Sure, it doesn’t matter if you insert one in, just a passer-by who has a line or two is fine.”

Shen Zhen nodded: “The one who is in the same group as Su Shiqing named Jefferson, with blond hair, don’t get it wrong.”

Feng Anyan’s expression was a little strange: “Are you okay? Su Shiqing is so annoying, yet you still want to help his group member?”

Shen Zhen shook his head: “He wants this opportunity himself, so I will give it to his group member. He likes to give favors, so I will help him out this time.”

Feng Anyan understood: “Just say that you are trying to annoy him.”

Shen Zhen: “It’s not to annoy him, it’s just that Jefferson looks a bit familiar.”

Not just familiar.

In his previous life, Jefferson was his coworker.

The two worked together on a construction site, but Jefferson wasn’t blond at that time, so he nearly didn’t recognize the other just now.

As for why Jefferson fell to such misfortunes, it had something to do with Su Shiqing.

In the previous life, Jefferson and Su Shiqing also knew each other from an idol group, and the group didn’t do very well, so they were taken to a party by their manager, in the hopes of attracting a financial backer. However, Jefferson was a straight man and it was out of no other choice that he chatted with Chu Haoyi briefly. And it was exactly because of this that he offended Su Shiqing.

When Su Shiqing felt aggrieved and threw a temper tantrum, once Chu Haoyi asked and found the reason, his heart ached.

Resulting in bad luck for Jefferson.

He could no longer be his little idol. Even though he was born in a well-to-do family, his father suddenly owed a huge amount of gambling debts, and his scandals also flooded the entire Internet practically overnight. Although he was originally not considered all that popular, he still managed to get by in the entertainment circle, but after this incident, he became extremely unlucky and couldn’t even find a job. He could only suffer misery together with Shen Zhen and work at a construction site.

At the construction site, he was the only one Shen Zhen could exchange a few words with.

At that time, his name was no longer Jefferson, going back to using his real name, Zhou Yu.

Now that everything had restarted over again, it was nothing to him to do the other a favor.

Feng Anyan said, “Which type do you like?”

Shen Zhen glanced at him: “You think I’m you?”

Feng Anyan rubbed his chin and smirked lasciviously: “Everyone has a love for beauty, I can understand you.”

Shen Zhen felt exasperation at Feng Anyan’s brain circuit, “You can think whatever you want.”

Feng Anyan: “It’s no problem to arrange a role. I’ll go back to the company and ask. The stage names of our company’s artists are all different. There shouldn’t be two Jeffersons.”

Shen Zhen: “Then I will trouble you.”

Where they couldn’t see, Su Shiqing was hiding behind a pillar watching Shen Zhen chatting with Feng Anyan.

Once upon a time, he was able to attend the banquets and parties that both Feng Anyan and Shen Zhen could be invited to, not as a small artist accompanying the guests, but as an equal to them. At that time, he was still Young Master Su, and no matter what the people who called him like that truly thought of him, but at least they still gave him face.

But now? He could only watch from a distance, not even qualified to say a word.

“What are you looking at?” A member of the group who was still angry said sarcastically, “You think you know him, but maybe he doesn’t even know you.”

“I heard from them just now that his name is Shen Zhen, and he is the boss of Huitong.”

“I just checked on the Internet, and his net worth is really impressive, at least tens of billions?”

Su Shiqing finally couldn’t bear it anymore and said: “I used to be friends with him, very good friends!”

“Then why is he a boss and a nouveau riche, while you’re still passing the days by with us? Without even any sign of debuting?”

“Yeah, after getting an opportunity, he even gave it to Jefferson.”

“Saying you gave the opportunity to Jefferson, don’t be ridiculous, are you so selfless?”

“I wanted to say it just now. If you had this idea, would Young Master Shen be silent for that long before speaking?”

Su Shiqing looked at them, his eyes red, and tears kept falling.

The group members who had originally disliked him rolled their eyes and said speechlessly: “Don’t cry, you always cry when you encounter problems, are we wrong? If we are wrong, you can just refute us.”

Su Shiqing bit his lower lip. He had lied wrongly once, and it didn’t matter if he lied a second time.

“I, I just got the opportunity for Jefferson. I, I hope that he will have a chance to succeed. In the group, Jefferson has always been the one to work the hardest. Do you dare to say that Jefferson is not working hard enough? His looks and condition are good, I just thought the chances of recommending him will be higher.”

“I have a very good relationship with Shen Zhen. Tell me what you want, and I will go to him when the time comes. He promised me this time, and he will do the same in the future.”

“Really?” The group members looked at Su Shiqing in disbelief, “You aren’t lying to us, are you?”

Su Shiqing carefully looked at the faces of the group members: “I never lie.”

The faces of the group members changed: “You should have said it earlier, we thought you only thought about yourself and Jefferson, sorry, we were a little emotional just now.”

However, some people said suspiciously: “Since you have such a good relationship with CEO Shen, then just go over and talk to him, and you can also get to know more people.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“CEO Shen and CEO Feng have a very good relationship. If you go over now, you can even talk to CEO Feng.”

“That’s right, it’s even better to have a good relationship with CEO Feng, so go over quickly.”


Su Shiqing had no choice but to walk over if he didn’t want his lie to be revealed.

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After Becoming The Tyrant CH 097 Uncle’s Letters

Longsword, gauntlet, defender.

The King drew his sword and put it on General Johan’s shoulder.

“In the name of Rose, you shall be my defender from now on.”

He gazed into General Johan’s eyes and announced.

General Johan knocked on his heart: “For the glory of Rose!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Behind the King, the Iron Rose knights were watching this scene. They drew out their long swords and held them up high: “For the glory of Rose!”

Dignity, glory, vows.

This was the knight!

The King mounted his horse, and General Johan rode at his side, just as the Duke of Buckingham had done when William III rode out to war.

The standing triumphant marched forward again.

The welcoming crowd cheered as the iron torrent passed through on the red carpet laid out inside the city gate. People on both sides threw flowers on the triumphant knights.

The return of Balboa and Newcastle to Legrand territory was an extraordinary victory.

When the news of the death of the Duke of Buckingham, the imperial lion, came back to the country, everyone was sorrowful and despairing, but immediately afterwards the King declared to the people with his victory: following Henry the Mad King, Charles the Lion King, and William III, Legrand once again had a monarch strong and powerful enough to guard the nation.

He had grown enough to take over the heavy responsibilities entrusted to him by his father and uncle and lead the people to victory.

After a thousand years of division and disintegration, all the Legrand people who longed for the previous prosperity were eager to see the unification of the empire under the Rose flag. Balboa and Newcastle were like a prologue, and they were currently witnessing the dawn of hope.

The citizens of Metzl Castle put on the red clothes symbolizing the Rose, and flooded the streets to meet the triumphant king and his knights, extending a warm welcome to the victorious knights. In the streets, people built huge and elaborate fake castles, and painted theater actors sang in the castles odes to generations of outstanding kings recorded in Legrandian history.

These plays were the congratulations of Castle Metzl to her sovereign, as well as the pleas of the people:

They pleaded with the King to continue leading his knights to guard the nation.

When the King and his knights arrived at the center of the castle city, some little boys and girls wearing rose garlands ran out of the crowd, their cheeks painted red. These boys and girls took off the wreaths on their heads and presented them to the brave knights. The King also bent down to receive this innocent and childlike gift from a little girl.

After laying the wreaths, the little girls and boys held hands and sang, leading the way for the King and his knights:

“Long live, flower of the world, brave Legrandian knights!”

A chronicler witnessed the scene where the King took the rose garland from the girl, and he wrote this down excitedly: “The excellent, strong and steadfast king, the loyal defender, the fearless knights, and the people who love them deeply…..such a Legrand, such a Rose family, who can say that we cannot witness the arrival of glory?

After a long period of disintegration, there will be a great and glorious unity.”

The whole city offered her gifts and cheers to the King and his knights.

Wearing a double-breasted coat, first mate Charles stood in the crowd. He watched the King walk into the Rose Palace surrounded by people, and General Johan accompanied him. Charles was slightly reassured. He raised his head and watched the play in the fake castles, which happened to be at the scene where William III commanded the thirty-six nations to bow their heads.

“Is the Rose family all like this? William.”

Charles asked softly.

Tenacious and silent, and no matter how heavy the burden was, they always walked forward step by step with a straight spine, making people feel that they were omnipotent. It wasn’t until the moment they died that people suddenly understood that they were also mortals and would die. William was like this, and so was the Duke of Buckingham.

They would always let people see only their power and strength, from beginning to end, like a knife, a sword, and a shield.

Charles’ voice was drowned in the cheers.

When he received the news of the Duke of Buckingham’s death, Charles was unable to put aside his worries after all, and rushed back from the southeast coast to assist General Johan in dealing with Legrand’s internal affairs. Before leaving, he asked Captain Hawkins if he wanted to come back too.

To at least, attend the Duke of Buckingham’s funeral.

Charles didn’t say this, but Hawkins must have understood.

The slightly cold sea breeze was blowing, and the ghost ship “Jenny” was gently rising and falling with the tide. Captain Hawkins, who was always flippant with a slanted hat, was sitting on the railing, shaking his wine flask: “I won’t go back, you can’t believe a single word the nobles say…..I’ll continue to be a laborer for him here.”

None of the words of the nobles could be believed. The one who once said he would step on the deck of the pirate ship died in the flames of war before seeing his old friends again.

Charles pulled up his collar, and he followed the crowd to the palace.


After completing the entire triumphant procession, the King came to the residence of the Duke of Buckingham.

The residence of the Duke of Buckingham was very close to the Rose Palace. It was given to the Duke of Buckingham by William III. The emblem of the Rose family was engraved on the main entrance of the mansion. But after walking in, one could feel that, as a duke’s mansion, its interior layout was a bit too shabby.

The sudden death of William III caused Legrand to fall into chaos. At that time, the Duke of Buckingham used almost all of his wealth to support the royal family’s expenses. But the Duke never mentioned it to him. After he became an adult, the Duke burned all those certificates of indebtedness.

When the King had just become lucid and wanted to collect 20,000 pounds to pay his cousin’s ransom, he once asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer about the Duke’s income. The answer he got at that time surprised him.

For so many years, the Duke of Buckingham, like an ascetic, did not value material pleasure. His only hobby was probably collecting weapons and armor.

The King walked along a long corridor where many armors were displayed.

He looked at a set of armors. These armors were not antiques, and even most of them were in quite dilapidated shape. General Johan told him in a low voice that some of these armors belonged to the Duke himself, and more were left by his soldiers. After every battle, the Duke of Buckingham always tried his best to collect the armor of his dead knights.

“He looks at these armors a lot.”

General Johan looked at the blood-stained armor.

The King looked around, as if he saw the white-haired old man walking alone through this corridor——he put his armors and the armors of the knights who sacrificed their lives together, was it because he felt that they would still accompany him in this way?

“He was always a good general.”

The King whispered.

That was why there were so many people who would charge into battle with him without hesitation when he drew his sword, why there were still so many people who forgot their fear on the battlefield and continued to fight on after his death, just to let his coffin step on the land he wanted to reclaim for Legrand.

They came to the end of the corridor, which was the Duke of Buckingham’s study.

“I put the things on the desk.” General Johan looked at the King. “Every time he goes out, he would write a letter to me. If he failed to come back, it was to be given to you. If he came back, to just burn the letter. That’s the only thing I didn’t do that he asked me to do…..I’ve kept them all. I thought you’d want to see them all.”


The King put his hand on the doorknob, took a deep breath, and slowly pushed open the extremely heavy door.

Candles were burning in the study, the fireplace was also still burning as well, and many manuscripts were displayed on the floor-to-ceiling bookcase. The desk was placed by the window, and a chair with worn-out armrests was slightly pulled away from the desk. On the back of the chair was the red cloak gifted by the King to the Duke of Buckingham.

Everything looked as if the owner of the study had just left for a while and would be back soon.

The King looked at everything in the room quietly for a long time, then closed the door and walked in alone.

He looked around the study, walked to the desk, reached out and picked up the neat stack of letters.

Opening the first letter, the familiar strong and powerful handwriting came into view:

“Your Majesty:

Please allow me to apologize to you, when you read this letter, I will no longer able to walk on with you…..”

His vision suddenly became blurred, and the King slid down slowly against the desk, a stinging sensation surged up into his eyes, and he could no longer hold back.

The cold truth had never been so strong——

In the future, the Duke of Buckingham would no longer accompany him to deal with those tedious political affairs…..No one would read all the letters first and sort out the important ones for him. No one would ever say to him, go out with me for a walk.

In the overwhelming sense of coldness, the King raised his hands to cover his face, and he gasped in a low voice.

From now on, who else would give him a fatherly hug?

There was a thick stack of letters, each of which represented a battle of the Duke of Buckingham. After William III died of illness, what was left for the Duke of Buckingham was not only his infant nephew, but also a turbulent, war-torn Legrand…..Over the years, the Duke had been like this, with one battle after another, not knowing whether be would survive in the end or not, defended the Rose family’s territory.

Every time he went off into battle, he was ready to die on the battlefield.

The King read the letters.

In each letter, the Duke of Buckingham wrote a detailed analysis of the changes in the domestic situation after his death, from which nobleman’s character to what action which vassal state might take, who was loyal to the royal family…..

If he died in battle, the King could follow his advice to stabilize the political situation. If he won, the King would not know what kind of mindset his uncle had while preparing to go into battle.

So many letters, so many battles in which survival or death was unknown.

Everyone was afraid of the flames of war where human lives were worthless, and no matter how outstanding a knight was, it was possible to die in any unexpected incident in the war. What kind of person could prepare himself to die in battle time and time again?

He was indeed worthy and deserving of the title of the imperial lion.

The King read them one by one, as if seeing a chaotic political situation gradually calming down in the face of the Duke of Buckingham’s determination, and seeing himself growing up gradually through the years.

The tone in the Duke of Buckingham’s letters remained gentle but firm throughout.

He was a ruthless general, a brave and fearless knight, and a gentle uncle.

Finally, only the last letter remained, longer than all the previous ones.

“…..I’m very sorry, Your Majesty, for making you bear the entire fate of Legrand from birth.”

This letter was written before the settling of the Northland rebellion. At that time, he had already woken up from his madness, and the Rose family’s crazy gamble had won in the end. The Duke of Buckingham had never mentioned this matter in his previous letters, when he was still under the torment of madness. The Duke did not want to make him bear any more responsibility.

In the last letter, the Duke of Buckingham told him all about his and William’s choice back then.

“There is one last thing I couldn’t tell you before. I hope this will make you happy, my dear child.” The Duke of Buckingham’s tone finally revealed some lightness, as if a heavy stone that had weighed on his heart for a long time had finally been moved away, “About your mother…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The door was gently pushed open.

The King looked up, realizing that the Duke of Buckingham had left him one last gift.

In front of the door, a woman with long black hair and green eyes looked at him with tears in her eyes, trying her best to show a smile.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 087 Tracking Progress

Yan City Police Department

“Any sign of that car?”

“No.” The unshaven man took a sip of strong tea, rubbed his hair irritably, and said, “The suspect had planned it long ago, and the driving routes were all chosen places that are not monitored, and he disappeared as soon as he left the highway.”

“Boss, Capt. Wang, I think the suspect may have accomplices.”

Capt. Wang and the unshaven man turned their heads at the same time, “What do you mean?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The young policeman rolled his chair, slid between his two seniors, and spread out his notebook so that the two could clearly see the circuit diagram and timeline on it: “I checked the surveillance overnight yesterday and found that he doesn’t only know the victim’s routine and actions well. At 11:20 noon, he drove to the parking lot of the community near Chengyang Plaza, and 11:35 is when the victim came out of the Li De Building. He drove to the west side of the square, almost at the moment when the victim walked out of Li De, disguised as a car accidentally breaking through the guardrail to lower the victim’s vigilance, and carried out the crime.”

Capt. Wang and the man looked at each other and frowned at the same time.

The young policeman continued to elaborate on his conclusion: “So long as the suspect does not have eyes that can see through walls, it is impossible for him to count every step the victim would take so clearly. The victim usually leaves the Li De Building at twelve o’clock, and yesterday he left early because he received a call from his mother. The suspect could not have calculated this in advance, which only means that he must have accomplices, and they are inside Li De, so that he can accurately fake the murder scene as an accident.”

Capt. Wang nodded: “Then who do you think is the most suspect?”

“Everyone is suspect.” The young policeman said, “Everyone on the same floor as the victim who saw his movements, as well as Li De’s CEO Li Nanfeng, and even the victim’s mother, Yang Si, may be suspects——Boss, why did you hit me on the head?”

“They are all suspects?” The bearded man withdrew his hand: “You kiddo, why don’t you grow some brain cells first.”

“Aren’t they?” The young policeman said aggrievedly: “Don’t you think that Li Nanfeng’s appearance at that time was too coincidental? And he even found a good reason to go to the parking lot to clear himself of suspicion. And the victim’s mother. I didn’t say she is the suspect. I just think she is also suspicious. After all, she called the victim, and the victim came out. At that time, only the victim and the victim’s mother were on the phone. So the possibility of the victim’s mother informing the suspect of the exact time is the greatest, so there’s nothing wrong with my inference.”

“Nothing wrong! Nothing wrong, you say!” The bearded man slapped the young policeman on the head again: “What’s the motive for committing the crime? Let’s not talk about Li Nanfeng for now, what motive does the victim’s mother have?”

The young policeman pursed his lips and said stubbornly: “I just said that the victim’s mother might be suspect, not that it was her…..When I first entered the police, I saw a case that was only revealed after seventeen years. In the homicide case, the suspect’s accomplice was the victim’s best friend. At that time, didn’t everyone think that he had no motive for committing the crime? It took more than ten years to find out the truth, and it turned out that the victim always bullied him when he was in school. He planned the murder case because he wanted revenge. Since we all know that the suspect planned it beforehand, but the victim also said that he had never seen the suspect, maybe there is someone behind the scenes?”

“This trail of thought can be followed…..” Capt. Wang sat down, pointed to the young policeman and said, “Go to the hospital later and ask the victim whether he had conflicts with others at school or other places, or whether there had been any case of malicious competition, we’ll check again the victim’s…..”

Someone trotted over and said, “Capt. Wang, the chief’s call.”

Dui Wang nodded, got up and said, “You guys discuss it first, and we’ll have a meeting right away after I finish the call.”

“Yes, sir!”

When Capt. Wang left, the young policeman asked the bearded man in a low voice: “Boss, what do you think is the identity of the victim? It’s been less than 24 hours now, and the higher-ups have called three times. It’s probably the same this time, calling to urge progress.”

“In our investigation, except for his exceptional grades, he is just an ordinary high school student in terms of family and other aspects, but who would deliberately murder an ordinary high school student, and… is it that an ordinary high school student encountering an attempted murder on his life can make so many people on the top continuously pressuring us to close the case? The He family of the Tu Nan Group, the Li family of the Li De Group, and even the Shi family…..What special identity does he have? That he has alarmed so many bigwigs!”

“Why do you care so much?” The bearded man took a sip of tea and said, “Just do your own job well.”

“Isn’t this also for the investigation?” The young policeman said, “Only by finding out the interpersonal network behind the victim and figuring out who he is can we conduct a better investigation. If so many bigwigs has been disturbed, it proves that his existence holds a certain value, value involves interests, and interests trigger the motivation to commit crimes against him, isn’t this what you taught me, boss?”

“You’re good at logical deduction, aren’t you?”

“You got that right!”

“Why don’t you become the head of the criminal investigation team then?”

“That’s——no, no, no, how dare I?” The young policeman smiled ingratiatingly and rolled his chair back. But halfway through, he suddenly stood up: “Capt. Wang! You’re done with your call!”

Capt. Wang glanced at him and waved to the bearded man with a heavy expression: “Come to my office.”

The bearded man pointed a finger at the young policeman, turned around and followed him into the office.

“What’s the matter?” The bearded man held the cup of wolfberry chrysanthemum tea, closed the door and took a big sip: “Who is it this time?”

“The military department.”

“Pff——cough, cough——” The bearded man coughed and wiped his mouth while staring in disbelief, “Who?”

“The military department.” Capt. Wang handed him a few pieces of paper, frowning: “We must speed up the progress. The identity of the victim is not simple, and the motive of the suspect may not be simple either.”

“What do you mean?” The bearded man wiped his mouth clean and said, “Why is the military department involved?”

“The victim has a piece of software that he developed and designed on his own. They didn’t say what it is, but it is very important to national defense and security. More importantly, he just went to the 17th Research Institute of the Military Department the day before yesterday.” Capt. Wang looked serious, “You get my meaning?”

The bearded man stood up straight, frowned and said, “F**k…..such important news, why didn’t that kid say anything when we asked him about it?”

“What can he say?” Capt. Wang gave him an eyeroll, walked to the table and sat down, saying in a deep voice: “This matter was only confirmed as a national first-class secret yesterday. No more than ten people in the whole country know about it. I am guessing even his own parents don’t know how capable their son is, but his ability is indeed enough for the entire military research institute and even the whole country to pay attention to. In other words, Jiang Chen is very likely to become a high-level protected figure of the country in the future. We must thoroughly investigate this whole thing, and it has to be done fast!”

“If his identity is so…..then the scope of involvement is too wide.” The bearded man also frowned: “The difficulty of our investigation has also skyrocketed.”

“No matter how difficult it is.” Capt. Wang got up and said, “This matter must be cleared up as soon as possible.”

Jiang Chen sat at the desk, his eyes locked on the screens of the two computers. The computer on the left displayed a zoomed-out map, and a dotted circle slowly moved on it, while the computer directly in front displayed lines of code that moved up quickly. From time to time, photos of unfamiliar places flashed.

“Changjiang, report the tracking progress.”

The dotted circle on the map on the left computer screen stopped moving, fixed on one point and its range was slowly narrowed. The quickly moving code of the computer in front also slowed down, and several photos appeared on the screen one by one. From the mountains to the woods and then to a birds eye view of a forest and a village.

“Satellite monitoring shows that the target van is currently located at 112°32′-114°30′ east longitude and 39°02′-40°44′ north latitude. The position is located at the northernmost Naozi Village of Shao Province, which is adjacent to Yangfeng County in the autonomous region of Suo Province, and connected with Huamin City and Fusheng County in the southwest.”

“Naozi Village…..” Jiang Chen clicked on the photo, zoomed in manually bit by bit, and his eyebrows unfurrowed: “Are there still signs of any moving from the target?”

“From three hours ago to now, the van has made no signs of movement.”

“Does the photo capture the target person?”

“No.” Changjiang said: “Naozi Village is located in a remote area, located in the northern part of the Changnan Mountains, which has dense trees, and satellites cannot capture the target person.”

“Keep monitoring at all times.”

“Okay, Dylan.”

Jiang Chen stored the data in the mobile hard drive, and when the hard drive was pulled out, his phone rang.

Looking at the caller ID, Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and asked, “Didn’t you have surgery this morning?”

“I will be going to the operating room soon.” Shi Fengyue said in a lazy voice, “How is the investigation going?”

“I found the target, thanks to your high-coverage GPS system.” Jiang Chen stood up and stretched his body, and said, “But this kind of GPS connected to satellites needs to be reported even if it was used by the developer, why was it approved so quickly for my use?”

“The agreement I signed doesn’t have this condition.”

Jiang Chen chuckled lightly: “You can still make bargains when signing an agreement with the country?”

Shi Fengyue’s voice was low and amused: “I’ll teach you the tricks when you sign one yourself.”

“Then I will trouble you.”

“How’s your hand?”

“It’s almost as good as new.” Jiang Chen raised his hand, his eyes sweeping over the place where spots of blood had oozed out, and his voice paused: “I’ll go and see my mpm later, and reapply the medicine by the way.”

“What time?”

“Around ten o’clock.” Jiang Chen thought for a while and said, “Huo Bo and Shen Xu will come to see me for lunch at noon. If you are going to perform surgery at noon, do you want me to bring you some food and leave it in your office? You can eat it after you’re done.”

Shi Fengyue said lightly: “No need, I don’t eat reheated food.”

Jiang Chen had heard Li Nanfeng say that Shi Fengyue had a lot of picky habits, and this was the first time he felt it. He teased, “Didn’t you say you’re not picky?”

Shi Fengyue: “I just don’t eat reheated food.”

Hearing his righteous tone, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh. The next moment, Shi Fengyue said: “I called you to tell you that the He family may already know your identity.”

Jiang Chen’s smile faded a bit: “I guessed it.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Since yesterday, I have already become a person with full legal capacity for myself.”

Shi Fengyue was calm and composed: “So you don’t plan to go back to the He family?”

“Not now.”

“What about He Qianjian?”

Jiang Chen said lightly, “That’s the He family’s business.”

Shi Fengyue said unhurriedly: “It’s also a matter of the Jiang family.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen’s eyelashes flickered, and after a moment of silence, he lowered his eyes and said, “Not right now.”

Shi Fengyue: “He Yanfeng and his wife may act according to your wishes, but old Mr. He does things swiftly and decisively, and may not follow your wishes.”

Jiang Chen said lightly: “I will not let anyone disrupt my plan, let alone allow anyone to affect my parents.”

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After Becoming The Tyrant CH 096 The Triumphant

“She was Kriya’s best queen.”

The King repeated the words, and he raised his head, his eyes falling on the flames dancing in the hearth.

“Of course she was.”

The bard smiled with delight.

“Thank you,” said the King softly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The bard bowed deeply: “This is what we should do, and the people of Kriya are willing to aid you.”

He backed away gently, leaving room for the King to be alone.


February was soon to pass.

The bard was ordered by the King to sing an ancient ballad in the Northland. It was the ballad when the Rose family ruled the Northland. The soft ballad was used as the entry point to contrast with the harsh rule of the state royal family. The King used this method cleverly to divert the hatred of the people of the Northland and awaken the connection between the Northland and the Rose family.

The second step in the propaganda offensive was to reveal the system implemented by the Rose family when they ruled the Northland.

During that period, the Rose family treated the Northland equally, and the people of the Northland and Legrand enjoyed the same treatment.

On one side was the harsh labor feudal system, on the other side was pardon and equal preferential treatment.

As long as one was not a fool, it was not difficult to make the corresponding choice.

The sporadic and scattered rebels put down their weapons, and the turmoil in the Northland completely subsided. At this time, the King received an unexpected surprise: Under the leadership of a former mid-level rebel officer named “Wood”, a group of free people who had participated in the rebel movement jointly signed a letter to the King, requesting the King to remove them from the rule of the royal family of the state.

After reading the joint petition, the King looked up at the young officer who was standing in front of him a little nervously.

Officer Wood was in his early twenties, with a typical Northland red face. He was very tall, and his gray-blue eyes carried the vigor of a young man. He was somewhat similar to General Ayton, whose head was beheaded by the King some time ago. He was also of an ordinary farmer background, and he climbed up to the position of a middle-level officer in the army by relying on his courage and strength.

“I heard that you have given General Edmund a lot of trouble.”

The King closed the petition and looked at the officer before him.

“You came to see me in person, are you not worried?”

He was referring to when General Edmund was assisting Earl Henry in attacking Balboa, this young officer had predicted their marching route and set up an ambush in the valley. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were too small in number and Ingres’ soldiers were especially adapted to the mountainous terrain, then who knew what the outcome of that battle might be.

However, at that time, the young officer still managed to lead his elite troops to escape.

“Since Earl Henry could still be commissioned to command such a large army, then I don’t think I have anything to worry about.” Wood replied.

Earl Henry once chose the New Royalist Party in the “Rose Crisis”, and also attacked many Royalist Party castles. Even people like Earl Henry could be reused by the King in this counter-insurgency campaign. This was the source of Officer Wood’s daring this time——he felt that King Legrand was not as violent and bloody as the rumors say.

“You have a candid character.”

The King smiled slightly.

Officer Wood bowed to express his sincerity: “I think that you would rather hear some truths than grandiose speeches. Or could it be that you would reject the surrender of your subjects after repentance? Your Majesty.”

“Of course not.” The King pressed his fingertips together, “Who would refuse a young and talented general?”

“General?” Officer Wood caught the information in the King’s words, and his red face became redder with excitement, “You mean…..”

“When you had the courage to step in here, this already became yours.”

The King smiled.

He handed a letter of appointment to Officer Wood.

The King was originally planning to choose such a person in the first place.

After all the royal members of Balboa and Newcastle had been purged by the King, there became a power vacuum here. The formation of a new local government must take into account many things. There was no doubt that the vast majority of candidates for the two new governments must be members who had the Rose royal family’s trust, as this place here must be under the close control of the King.

However, the King did not intend to appoint only Legrandians to govern these places. Whether it was due to their familiarity with the specific local conditions or their acceptance by the Northlanders, that would not be a good idea.

It would be easy to cause turmoil to break out again in the land that was finally recovered.

In the process of Balboa and Newcastle’s complete integration with Legrand, the King must use some softer means to appease the local people.

He needed a Northlander for an important position.

This Northlander needed to be smart enough, possess a certain influence, and not be born within the noble class.

Officer Wood met those criteria, if not more.

Officer Wood was born as a peasant. Appointing him as one of the consuls would allow farmers in the Northland to see the hope of improving their status and rights. He was originally a member of the rebel army, but he became of use to the King which would allow those who participated in the rebellion to no longer be afraid. And to a certain extent, this could also dilute the impact of some of the King’s previous tough measures. Officer Wood could only have power and status with the support of the King, and the relationship of interests would prevent him from rebelling as easily as the local nobles.

And Officer Wood’s joint petition also reflected his political acumen.

He was the smart man the King needed.

“I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

The King said to Officer Wood, who knelt on one knee and swore the oath of allegiance.

“Of course, I looked up when I entered the city.” Officer Wood replied, he paused, and asked earnestly, “This might be a little presumptuous of me but may I ask…..will you make the Northland better? Will it be like in the song that is sung, peaceful and beautiful?”

“Yes, it will.”

The King answered.

Officer Wood raised his fist and knocked on his heart: “Then I’m reassured.”

He took his leave, finally with the weight off his mind.

Unbeknownst to Officer Wood, his last, somewhat impolite question got him past the final test by the King. The King didn’t dislike people who were ambitious and eager to gain power. But someone who was ambitious and wanted to make his hometown better would be even more suitable for that position.

Officer Wood left Bomari Castle with the good news, and the King began to issue a series of formal orders:

Legrand took back the rights that had been given to the royal family of Balboa and Newcastle. From then on, the royal family of Legrand directly ruled the two places, and Balboa and Newcastle were changed from country to county. The new county officials were appointed by the King himself.

All military castle deacons in both places were reappointed.

The fiefdom judicial courts of the two places were abolished, and the King established local fixed courts.

Balboa and Newcastle would have the right to freely elect city representatives to participate in the Legrand Imperial Council.


This series of decrees were called “Northern Old Regulations”, which meant that it did not establish a new system in the Northland, but restored its former rights when it was ruled by the Rose family.

When the governments of Balboa and Newcastle started to be formed, the conscription duration had already ended, and the King dismissed the assembled troops one after another, leaving only the Iron Rose Cavalry and the knights who would be rewarded.

End of February 1433.

The thick snow began to melt, the melted snow and ice converged into rivers, and new shoots began to sprout.

The King left behind the former subordinate of the Duke of Buckingham——the lieutenant-general to guard Bomari Castle, while he himself led the Iron Rose Cavalry and set off to return to the rose palace.

The lieutenant-general stood on the wall of Bomari Castle, watching the King lead the Iron Rose Cavalry away, and looked up at the tall tower in the center of the castle.

“Winter is over.”


Metzl Castle.

The news of the victory in the war in the North had been sent back to Legrand some time ago.

Everyone in the capital rejoiced. The victory of this war was beyond the people’s imagination, and the chroniclers did not hesitate to praise the King’s achievements in  tones of admiration. Today, the King would return in triumph, so a group of nobles, the mayor, all members of the city council, and hundreds of guild members waited quietly outside the city gate.

At the head of this group of people was General Johan.

In just a few months, General Johan became more steady and mature, even a bit stern. When some old nobles saw him, they almost thought they were seeing the young Duke of Buckingham. At this time, he was standing in front of the procession, sitting upright on his horse. But somewhat puzzlingly, General Johan was wearing a pair of iron gauntlets.

This did not seem to be in accordance with etiquette.

But no one dared to ask General Johan.

“Here there come! His Majesty is back!”

The crowd who had been looking forward to this moment suddenly broke out into noise.

Smoke and dust rose on the horizon, and the returning triumphant knights galloped in the bright sun. They held high the scarlet banners as they left, and the hundreds of Rose royal banners unfolded like a boiling sea of blood. Compared with when they left, the auras of these knights became even more intimidating.

From a long distance, one could feel the momentum that could overcome all obstacles.

Indomitable and indestructible.

The crowd was silent at first, and then cheered louder than before, and the cheers were full of pride——this was their King of Legrand! This was Legrand’s army! Their knights!

Legrand’s pride!

The triumphant cavalry gradually approached, and General Johan, who had been standing still, suddenly rode forward. General Johan’s disrespectful behavior caused the others to look at each other in blank dismay, and then they saw the knight at the head of the returning cavalry raise his whip, and the entire Iron Rose Cavalry stopped in unison.

The sound of galloping horses faded suddenly, and it seemed that there were only two horses and two knights looking at each other left in the world.

The King watched quietly as General Johan rode his horse over.

In front of the King, General Johan dismounted.

The King also dismounted. General Johan looked more like a young lion than he had ever remembered.

“I’m very sorry.”

The King whispered. The others were too far from them. Here stood only a pair of brothers, not a king and his general. The King didn’t say why he was sorry, but they both knew why.

“You don’t have to feel guilty.” General Johan stared into the King’s eyes. “He had already made such preparations. He left some things behind. I think you might want to take a look when you go back.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The King did not speak.

General Johan gave the King a hug and whispered, “He’s always been proud of you.”

Letting go of the King, General Johan took a step back, knelt down on one knee, raised his fist and struck his heart:

“I have prepared my long sword and iron gloves, Your Majesty, please allow me to be your defender!”

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