Source of Calamity CH 037 Thorn In His Heart

Shen Zhen, who used to only serve as a wallflower, became the center presence at the party tonight. He was surrounded by people, all of whom spoke flattering words. There were both men and women, dressed finely and very educated, and if one was not observant, one would not even notice that they were flattering.

Su Yutong and Su Jinghan stood behind Shen Zhen. They were at a loss and didn’t know how to deal with these people.

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Shen Zhen was chatting with a young lady at this time. She was the only child of the Yang family. Her grandparents only had her mother, and her mother only had her. Since her mother’s generation, the inheritance rights of the family have been handed over to the only daughter, so she was basically the confirmed heir of the Yang family.

The young lady’s name was Yang Manxuan. She was in her early twenties, wearing a dark red evening dress, with her hair tied behind her head. She didn’t have much of a girly aura, instead she had the sophisticated feeling of a mature woman. She was leaning against the stage, holding a glass of champagne, talking and laughing in a low voice with Shen Zhen.

Su Yutong and Su Jinghan looked at her, feeling a little dazed. They never had contact with Yang Manxuan before. Yang Manxuan practically grew up abroad and received an elite education. She studied at the highest foreign institution and returned to China as soon as she graduated and had now begun to take over the family business.

If Shen Zhen didn’t come today, then this party would be Yang Manxuan’s home game.

“Who are these two?” Yang Manxuan seemed to have just noticed Su Yutong and Su Jinghan. There was a smile tugging up the corners of her mouth, neither too distant nor too friendly. It was a perfect formulaic smile, just right.

Shen Zhen introduced: “This is Su Yutong, and this is Su Jinghan.”

Su Yutong was about to reach out for a handshake, but Yang Manxuan picked up a glass of wine from the side and handed it to Su Yutong, saying with a smile, “Cheers.”

Su Yutong could only redirect his half-outstretched hand to take the glass of wine, and took a sip.

Yang Manxuan turned to Shen Zhen and said, “It’s my birthday in a few days, and I’ll send you an invitation card then, Young Master Shen must definitely come.”

Shen Zhen smiled: “Definitely.”

Su Yutong and Su Jinghan stood behind like two background boards, but they also thought it was normal, after all, they were lucky to be able to attend such a social gathering.

Yang Manxuan said to Su Yutong and Su Jinghan again: “Mr. Su and Miss Su, if you are free next Tuesday, please cme as well.”

Su Yutong and Su Jinghan were flattered: “Definitely, definitely.”

“Young Master Shen.” Someone called from the side, holding a glass of wine in his hand, with a smile on his face, “I thought I saw you, it’s rare to see you come out to play, have a drink?”

Shen Zhen didn’t refuse either, and more and more people flocked around. Su Yutong and Su Jinghan were slowly squeezed to the edge of the crowd.

“I’m so envious…..” Su Yutong whispered.

Su Jinghan patted her younger brother on the head: “Take it slowly, besides, we don’t have anything that would attract the favors of others.”

Su Yutong nodded and let out a melancholy sigh.

After Su Jinghan comforted her younger brother, she was about to go to the restroom, only to catch sight of Chu Haoyi who was also surrounded by people.

Chu Haoyi was different from Yang Manxuan, his life experience was very controversial. He was the illegitimate son of the Chu family, he had never lived in the Chu family manor as a child, and the Chu family was different from the Yang family, very old-fashioned and patriarchal. Chu Haoyi’s father was in his sixties this year, and he had only three legitimate daughters under his name. So for the sake of the family business, he recognized Chu Haoyi back to the Chu family.

As a result, Chu Haoyi transformed into the legitimate heir of the Chu family.

Su Jinghan glanced at him and quickly looked away.

Su Yutong: “Sister, don’t tell me you still think about him? It’s very likely that he only has one Su Shiqing in his eyes in this life.”

Su Jinghan sighed: “I haven’t thought of him in a long time.”

Chu Haoyi didn’t notice Su Yutong and Su Jinghan. He was chatting with the people around him. From his angle, he could just see Shen Zhen’s profile. Shen Zhen turned his head and said something to the people around him. He didn’t smile but his attitude was very genial, and it wouldn’t make people feel that he was too cold and indifferent.

Shen Zhen’s profile was very exquisite, his skin was as pale and flawless as jade, and his lips were very thin, making people think that he was a heartless character at a glance.

But it was very eye-catching. Wherever he went, he was the center of attention.

“Good-looking, right?” The person next to him said suddenly.

Chu Haoyi frowned: “What did you say?”

The friend chuckled lowly: “Stop pretending, who doesn’t know that you like men. I just think Shen Zhen is very good, in aura and mannerisms, don’t know how many times better than that Su Shiqing. He also has a good figure and good looks, and he is even Mr. Qin’s favorite junior. Instead of wasting energy on Su Shiqing, you might as well focus on him.”

Chu Haoyi’s expression turned cold: “There are many people like him, but there is only one Shi Qing.”

The friend was speechless: “I thought you were just being hoodwinked, but I didn’t expect you to be truly blind. Su Shiqing is already getting it on with Qin Yue yet you still think about him?”

Chu Haoyi didn’t speak.

He trusted that Su Shiqing was being forced by Qin Yue, so long as Su Shiqing was not voluntary, in his heart, Su Shiqing was still pure and innocent.

Shen Zhen noticed Chu Haoyi’s gaze. He tilted his head at the other from his spot not far away, raised an eyebrow at Chu Haoyi, then lifted his wine glass, making a gesture of toasting, and took a sip of wine slowly.

Friend: “What are you looking at? You look dazed?”

Chu Haoyi lowered his eyes: “It’s nothing.”

Seeing Chu Haoyi sinking into the quagmire, yet his friend had no way to save him. What’s more, Chu Haoyi himself didn’t feel that he was in the quagmire, so he had no choice but to mind his own business.

At the end of the party, Shen Zhen didn’t leave with the Su family siblings. He didn’t ride his motorbike either, after all, he had drunk alcohol, and riding a heavy motorbike while drinking was also drunk driving, so he waited outside the door for a cab.

It was just that it was too late at this time, and this place was far away from the city. After waiting for a while and only got a face full of the icy cold wind, Shen Zhen sneezed and felt that he had miscalculated. He should have asked Uncle Qin to borrow a car and a driver.

But Shen Zhen was a little embarrassed to call Uncle now.

“Get in.” A black car stopped in front of Shen Zhen, and the person sitting in the driver’s seat rolled down the window, revealing a handsome face. It was Chu Haoyi, “I saw you have been waiting here for a while, you didn’t drive here?”

Shen Zhen frowned: “I’ve been drinking.”

Chu Haoyi: “Where do you live, I’ll take you back.”

Shen Zhen shook his head and said, “No need, I won’t ride in your car if you drink and drive.”

Chu Haoyi: “…..”

“I didn’t drink.” Chu Haoyi said, “I still have something to do tonight, so I drank non-alcoholic drinks tonight.”

Shen Zhen didn’t believe it.

Seeing that Shen Zhen didn’t speak, Chu Haoyi didn’t get angry, and asked Shen Zhen, “Why don’t you come over and smell my mouth to see if there is any smell of alcohol in my mouth.”

Shen Zhen ignored him.

Chu Haoyi sighed: “I really didn’t drink, and you won’t be able to wait for a cab here. You should have gone with them just now. Their cars are parked underground, and they don’t pass through the gate.”

Shen Zhen, who was thinking of hitching a ride from his companions, felt that he had miscalculated.

There was no other better choice now, Shen Zhen: “Then I will trouble you.”

Shen Zhen sat in the back seat and fastened the seat belt.

Chu Haoyi looked at Shen Zhen through the rearview mirror, and said with amusement, “You are quite careful.”

Shen Zhen: “En, I haven’t lived enough.”

Chu Haoyi: “…..”

The car started, and Shen Zhen reported the address.

Chu Haoyi was a little puzzled: “You don’t live in the Shen family manor?”

After all, this person was giving him a ride back, so Shen Zhen’s attitude did not worsen. He said, “Let’s change the subject.”

Chu Haoyi understood.

The car drove through another section, Chu Haoyi asked: “Do you mind if I smoke?”

Shen Zhen: “Please feel free.”

Chu Haoyi rolled down the car window and lit a cigarette. The road at this point was congested. Chu Haoyi said to Shen Zhen, “You have a good relationship with the Su family siblings?”

Shen Zhen showed no expression. He looked out of the window and said calmly, “Business partnership.”

Chu Haoyi: “Do you know Su Shiqing?”

Shen Zhen nodded: “I do.”

Chu Haoyi looked at Shen Zhen’s face reflected in the rearview mirror, and felt that this person always gave him a strange feeling and his eyes would follow the other unconsciously. Chu Haoyi smiled inexplicably, feeling that he had probably been single too long, and now he had something wrong with him.

“Are you Shi Qing’s friend?” Chu Haoyi asked.

Shen Zhen said, “No.”

Chu Haoyi: “…..Can’t get along with him?”

Shen Zhen said indifferently: “I don’t like him.”

There was no helping this, people, it was impossible to please everyone. Chu Haoyi nodded and said: “How long have you known each other?”

Shen Zhen: “It’s been a long time. I brought him from the Su family to the Qin family.”

Chu Haoyi frowned: “Don’t you dislike him?”

Shen Zhen smiled: “Before he took away my sweetheart, I liked him quite a bit.”

Chu Haoyi: “…..Your sweetheart?”

Shen Zhen: “Not anymore, Qin Yue, do you know him?”

Chu Haoyi had a bitter taste in his mouth: “Are they…..really together?”

Shen Zhen: “Yes, Su Shiqing also begged me to give Qin Yue to him, and I did.”

“How could you let him go!” Chu Haoyi growled, “He told you to do it and you just did it?”

Shen Zhen calmly said, “If he could be snatched once, there will be a second and third time. If that’s the case, why shouldn’t I let him go?”

Chu Haoyi probably also realized that he had lost his composure. He looked at the congested vehicles in front of him and tapped his fingers on the steering wheel: “You hate Shi Qing?”

Shen Zhen didn’t speak, he didn’t bother to lie: “He makes me feel sick, it’s not a matter of hating or not, just like if there is a flea jumping around you, don’t you want to crush it to death?”

Chu Haoyi did not expect that Shen Zhen would have an enmity with Su Shiqing.

“But now Qin Yue has lost power.” Shen Zhen said suddenly, “Su Shiqing should have other plans, right?”

Chu Haoyi: “You mean, Shi Qing is a gold-digging power grabber?”

Shen Zhen looked up and at Chu Haoyi through the rearview mirror: “What do you think?”

The veins on Chu Haoyi’s hand holding the steering wheel bulged: “He is not this kind of person.”

Shen Zhen smiled: “Really?”

“I hope you can always think that way.”

Chu Haoyi gritted his teeth, the vehicle ahead moved forward, and he stepped on the accelerator.

He was going to see Su Shiqing tonight, and he was going to see just what kind of person Su Shiqing was.

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He hoped that Su Shiqing would leave Qin Yue and be with him.

But he also hoped that Su Shiqing would not leave Qin Yue.

Once Su Shiqing really left Qin Yue, how should he face himself, how should he face the simple and straightforward Su Shiqing in his heart?

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 272 First Life Part 4

The reason why the Shen family insisted on having Shen Er attend the birthday party was not only because Shen Er was the birthday star, but also because Chairman Shen was going to announce an important decision at the birthday party——that was, to transfer 7% of the shares of the Shen Group to Shen Er’s name, and announce that Shen Er would be an adult with full behavioral capacity from today on. However, for Shen Er himself, this operation had no practical effect——even if Chairman Shen transferred the shares to his name, Shen Er would still hand the shares to Shen Chen, and ask his elder brother to help take care of them.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Unlike Shen Chen who had devoted himself to being a qualified family heir since he was a child, Shen Er obviously preferred acting to managing the family business. He even felt that he should not have applied to Fudan University, but directly applied to a film academy. But fortunately, Shen Er didn’t do this at the beginning, because Chairman Shen and Shen Chen would never allow a man from the Shen family to apply for an acting school——unless Shen Er was really a hopeless case.

And the fact that Shen Er was able to be admitted to the Economics Department of Fudan University after starting school two years ahead of schedule, proved that he was at least not a hopeless case. So after the birthday party, Chairman Shen and Shen Chen asked Shen Er to join the company as an intern after school started, only for Shen Er to firmly refuse. And that night, he sneaked back to H Town while his family was asleep. This willful attitude also made the family unable to do anything about it.

Back in the crew, “Tao Mu” was too excited to sleep. He just had the happiest birthday in eighteen years. This feeling made him so ecstatic that he still couldn’t help but savor it into the middle of the night. When he walked into the crew the next morning while still floating on cloud nine, he was surprised to find that Shen Er was also there.

“Didn’t you go back to Shanghai?” Because of Shen Er’s generous contribution to help “Tao Mu” celebrate his birthday, “Tao Mu” was also grateful to Shen Er. So he dared to come over to strike up a conversation.

Shen Er didn’t sleep all night, and his energy was a little weak. He just gave “Tao Mu” a sleepy look, and let out a “huh”.

“Tao Mu” saw that Shen Er was particularly uncomfortable, thought for a while, and ran out to make a cup of honey for Shen Er. Shen Er raised his eyelids and looked at “Tao Mu”, and found that “Tao Mu” was wearing the necklace Shen Yan gave him around his neck, and praised with a smile: “It looks good.”

“Tao Mu” touched the emerald pendant on his neck unnaturally, and thanked in a low voice: “This is the first time I have received a birthday present, and it is also the first time I have celebrated my birthday.”

“Speaking of which, I haven’t given you a birthday present yet!” Shen Er forced himself to gather his thoughts and took a sip of the honey water: “What do you like?”

“Tao Mu” was taken aback for a moment, and stared blankly at Shen Er.

Shen Er said with a smile: “We two were born in the same year, the same month and the same day, so we can be considered to have an affinity.”

“Tao Mu” didn’t speak. Finally, Shen Er gave “Tao Mu” the latest Apple phone. He felt that “Tao Mu” had already started working, and it would be more convenient to have a mobile phone.

From this day on, “Tao Mu” became Shen Er’s little follower, following Fu Ran to busy back and forth every day. Then, when the film crew was wrapping up, he got a salary of 16,000 yuan from Shen Er.

“Tao Mu” looked at Shen Er anxiously, he actually wanted to be Shen Er’s assistant. But Shen Er was not a professional actor. The school term started, and Shen Er had to go back to study. He also had to meet the requirements of his father and elder brother, and go to the company for an internship on weekends and there wasn’t any need for an assistant at all. So “Tao Mu” could only enter other crews. But this time, “Tao Mu” not only worked as an assistant, but also worked part-time as a group extra. Because he saw from Shen Er his dedication to acting. It had to be said that although the circumstances of the two were very different, “Tao Mu” inexplicably saw Shen Er as his goal. At least at this moment, he wanted to get closer to Shen Er.

Tao Mu in the dream also watched all this with complicated emotions. Because of the various experiences before and after rebirth, Tao Mu didn’t have a good impression of Shen Yu. He just felt that Shen Yu’s brain circuit was abnormal, and he couldn’t be communicated with at all.

The dream was unfolded from the perspective of “Tao Mu”. When “Tao Mu” saw Shen Er again, it was already winter vacation. “Purple Cloud” starring Shen Er started broadcasting. Because of his handsome appearance and cool fighting scenes, the drama and the main actors in the play became an instant hit. As a result, Shen Er also got a chance to play the second male lead in the movie “Jianghu”.

Shen Er got acquainted with Yan Sheng because of this drama. Film king Yan also came from a wealthy family and loved acting. The two second generation rich kids sat together to discuss acting skills, and they had a lot of common language. And “Tao Mu” also happened to enter the crew of “Jianghu” and became a special actor.

Seeing Shen Er again, “Tao Mu” was actually very excited. He was eager to catch up with Shen Er, wanting to let Shen Er know what he had experienced in the past few months. But because he was always pestering Shen Er, he inadvertently offended an actress in the crew who wanted to get close to Shen Er, so the actress hinted to the props team to teach “Tao Mu” a lesson. So the prop master tampered with the wires and “Tao Mu” fell from the roof and broke his calf.

The crew of “Jianghu” paid for the medical expenses of “Tao Mu”, but “Tao Mu”‘s role was gone. “Tao Mu” who learned the truth, hated the actress deeply, and also spread his anger to Shen Er. However, his status was too low to quibble with anyone at all. The greatly emotionally stimulated “Tao Mu” decided to climb up to the top at all costs.

After he recovered, he found Shen Er and said that he had lost his special role in “Jianghu” because of Shen Er, and hoped that Shen Er could introduce other roles for him. Shen Er deeply sympathized with what happened to “Tao Mu”, not to mention that with his status, introducing a newcomer to play some unimportant role was not a problem at all.

“Tao Mu” relied on Shen Er’s connections to enter an idol drama as the fourth male lead. It must have finally been a turn of luck for him. After this idol drama aired, the ratings exploded. With this role, “Tao Mu” also became popular and was signed by a film and television company as a contracted actor.

“Tao Mu” used the company’s network resources to climb up by any means. However, whether one could be popular or not, sometimes it depended not only on behind the scenes support, but also on fate. “Tao Mu” thought that his fate was bad. So even if he signed a contract with a brokerage company and struggled for two years, he still failed to become a big hit. “Tao Mu”, who didn’t want to accept his fate, began to learn from some seniors in the circle——the methods of raising little ghosts and finding a master to change his fate.

And of the people “Tao Mu” knew, the person with the best fate was of course Shen Er. So “Tao Mu” was deceived by various quack warlocks, almost frittering all his savings away, yet still wanted to steal Shen Er’s fate and fortune.

Don’t know if those quack warlocks were really useful, or if his luck had finally arrived, after “Tao Mu” had struggled for several years he really became popular with an ancient costume idol drama and he soon became a hot and popular superstar. At the peak of his popularity, he even overtook Shen Er. This also made “Tao Mu” full of glee. He could finally stand shoulder to shoulder with Shen Er.

During this period, Shen Er also met Zhuo Yan at a financial dinner party——a handsome and promising financial manager. But no matter how young and promising he was, he would become ordinary when contrasted with a high society family like the Shen family.

But to everyone’s surprise, this seemingly ordinary financial person actually successfully pursued Shen Er. Of course, the love between the poor boy and rich young master was destined to be blocked by his family. What’s more, Shen Yan, who liked to hire private detectives to investigate the people around her silly little brother, had also found out Zhuo Yan’s true identity——it turned out that he was an enemy of the Shen family.

Zhuo Yan’s complicated family background, coupled with his family’s strong opposition, made Shen Er finally choose to break up. But it was too late. Zhuo Yan deliberately got close to Shen Er for revenge. During the duration of the two’s relationship, Zhuo Yan had already extracted many business secrets of the Shen Group from Shen Er’s mouth. And allying with the Shen family’s family friend——the Yao family, they arranged a lot of schemes in private. When everything was ready, they instigated a car accident which seriously injured Shen Shiyuan and Shen Chen. In the end, Shen Shiyuan died in the operating room while Shen Chen fell into a deep coma and became a vegetable. Due to internal and external troubles, the Shen Group also directly went bankrupt.

The bankruptcy of the Shen family was due to Shen Er letting the wolf into the house. Unable to bear the double blow of family bankruptcy and the loss of her husband and son, Mrs. Shen also fell into a deep illness. Shen Yan put all the responsibility on Shen Er and drove Shen Er out of the Shen family.

Once a wealthy young master fell down from his pedestal, it attracted more than just gossip after dinner. After all, Shen Er was too beautiful, like a proud phoenix forever soaring in the sky. People could only watch from a distance but dare not hold any blasphemous thoughts. Now that the phoenix landed, it naturally attracted countless greedy thoughts. However, Zhuo Yan and Yao Wenxiao, who had teamed up to betray Shen Er before, went crazy, retaliating against those who had made it difficult for Shen Er like mad dogs. They even turned the third son of the Lin family from Hong Kong into a eunuch.

“Tao Mu” who watched all this coldly also found it ridiculous. What was ridiculous was that Zhuo Yan, an idiot who approached Shen Er under the banner of revenge, actually fell in love with Shen Er in the process. In fact, after the Shen family went bankrupt and Shen Er was kicked out of the Shen family, he even went to find Shen Er several times in an attempt to reunite.

It was a pity that Shen Er, a person who would rather be a shattered jade than a whole tile, how could he turn his head back after learning Zhuo Yan’s true face?

What made “Tao Mu” feel even more uncomfortable was that even though Shen Er had fallen into such a dire situation, the people around him would never leave him. Not to mention the two idiots Zhuo Yan and Yao Wenxiao, even Yan Sheng defended Shen Er in every possible way. He even used the Yan family’s power to help the Shen family make a comeback. And Shen Er was indeed worthy of being the blood of the Shen family. He gave up acting and went into business, and he was actually able to make a splash in a short period of time. He even found a breakthrough in the dark history of the Yao family’s rise to fortune. He dug out a cook surnamed Song from nowhere and helped him to file a lawsuit, successfully snatching back the recipe book that was the core competitive advantage of the Sheng’an Group.

Don’t know if there truly existed two destinies being incompatible with each other, but as Shen Er’s prosperity in the business world rose, “Tao Mu”‘s prosperity in the entertainment industry plummeted. His unscrupulous past from back when he did everything to rise up was exposed by his opponent, and he was involved in many scandals, lost several endorsements and owed tens of millions of debts.

The despondent “Tao Mu” decided that it was because his fate could not suppress Shen Er’s. Once again, he had the delusional idea of stealing the other’s fate and fortune to change his own luck. Every day he would worship the gods and carry out superstitious rituals like a madman.

On the other side, Shen Er, who gave up acting and went into business, met CEO Li of Xiaoheng Capital at a business reception. This CEO Li was said to be Shen Er’s fan. After getting acquainted with Shen Er, he first tried out cooperating with the other several times. After that, he launched a passionate pursuit offensive against Shen Er. It was a pity that Shen Er had always been brooding about the fact that he lured wolves into the house, causing the Shen family to be ruined. He could only think of revenge and had no time for anything else.

So Li Xiaoheng made a deal with Shen Er that he would avenge Shen Er and bring Zhuo Yan to justice. Shen Er must then give him a chance after it was done. Shen Er agreed.

Li Xiaoheng did what he promised, and he indeed started to use Xiaoheng Capital and the influence of the Li family to suppress Zhuo Yan. At this time, Zhuo Yan had swallowed the Shen Group and became a nouveau riche in the business world. But there was no way to fight against Li Xiaoheng, who had a strong capital background and even a profound family background behind him. Zhuo Yan’s capital chain soon broke under Li Xiaoheng’s targeting, and the matter of hiring a hit on Chairman Shen and CEO Shen to cause a car accident before was also revealed. The evidence was conclusive, and Zhuo Yan faced prison.

Unwilling to accept such an ending, Zhuo Yan sneaked into Shen Chen’s ward in a fit of anger, and pulled out the oxygen tube. He also stabbed Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan who were nursing Shen Chen in the hospital to take revenge on Shen Er.

When Shen Er rushed to the hospital, Mrs. Shen had already died on the spot due to excessive blood loss. Under the protection of Mrs. Shen, Shen Yan was only slightly injured, but her mental stability was greatly stimulated. Losing control of her emotions, she yelled at Shen Er who rushed over.

“How could I have a brother like you?”

“It’s all your fault that the Shen family became what it is today.”

“Why won’t you just go to hell!”

“Why are you from the Shen family? It would be great if the Shen family never had you!”

Shen Yan wept blood with every word, and every sentence pierced into Shen Er’s heart like a knife. Shen Er also collapsed. He found Zhuo Yan and took Zhuo Yan down with him directly. Zhuo Yan knew that he was bound to die, and he didn’t want to let Shen Er go. Even if they couldn’t be together alive, it was also good to be together in death. When Li Xiaoheng finally found the two of them, Shen Er was collapsed in a pool of blood, beside Zhuo Yan who had already died.

Shen Er felt sorry for Li Xiaoheng. Because he broke their promise. He and Li Xiaoheng met too late and parted too early. If there was an afterlife, Shen Er only hoped that he could know Li Xiaoheng earlier.

After losing his beloved, Li Xiaoheng also went crazy. He refused to believe that Shen Er was dead, and began to frantically collect everything related to Shen Er. In this way, he accidentally learned the secret of “Tao Mu” using the method of stealing luck to change his own fate.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Li Xiaoheng didn’t believe in the supernatural, but in this case, Li Xiaoheng could only blame “Tao Mu”. It was too easy for a man with deep capital and a strong family background to take revenge on an ordinary person with no background. “Tao Mu”‘s end was very miserable, but even until his death, “Tao Mu” was still obsessed. He didn’t understand why Shen Er had such a good fate, even if he was already dead, so many people still couldn’t forget him.

“Tao Mu” committed suicide in the end. Don’t know where he learned the sorcery, but he carried out a ritual that defied the heavens and changed one’s fate. Trading life for life, Shen Er had become the obsession of “Tao Mu”. Even if he must sacrifice everything, “Tao Mu” still wanted to switch his life with Shen Er.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 036 Back Then

Jiang Chen and He Qianmin looked at Huo Bo at the same time, with the same expressions of surprise and confusion. Those brown pupils were clear and beautiful, and the dimple slightly sunken in the left corner of the mouth was also faintly visible on both.

Huo Bo’s gaze froze slightly, and what he was going to say was instantly forgotten. He finally knew why he kept getting a familiar and strange feeling after seeing He Qianmin.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The knuckles of He Qianmin’s fingers holding the bandage turned white, he let go of it quickly, curled his fingers into fists, and tensed his jaw: “Why do you think so?”

Huo Bo didn’t say a word, his eyes shuttled between Jiang Chen and He Qianmin. After going back and forth dozens of times, he suddenly got up, looked at Jiang Chen expressionlessly and said, “Come out with me.”

Jiang Chen sighed helplessly in his heart. Just when he saw Huo Bo looking back and forth between him and He Qianmin, he knew that Huo Bo must have guessed something, and sure enough.

Seeing Huo Bo’s eyes, He Qianmin somehow felt that what he wanted to say to Jiang Chen was very important, not only to Jiang Chen, but also to him. He wanted to get up as well, but was pressed down by Jiang Chen. He rubbed his head: “We’ll just be out for a bit to talk about something, you just sit here obediently.”

He Qianmin’s slightly opened mouth was pressed shut under Jiang Chen’s restraining eyes, and finally he could only frown, watching them go out.

As soon as Jiang Chen and Huo Bo left, Shen Xu came over with three sauce dishes. Seeing that He Qianmin was alone at the table, he asked strangely, “Where are the two of them?”

With a sullen face, He Qianmin leaned back: “Went out.”

“Went out?” Shen Xu glanced at the door, shrugged and said, “It must be to buy drinks, let’s eat first.”

He Qianmin looked in the direction of the exit with a tense expression: “No.”

Shen Xu was puzzled: “No what?”

“…..It’s nothing.” He Qianmin glanced at the direction the two left in again, then looked away and asked Shen Xu: “You, Huo Bo and my big brother, did the three of you grow up together?”

“Practically, yeah.” Shen Xu fished out the ingredients he ordered earlier, put them on their respective plates according to Jiang Chen’s and Huo Bo’s respective tastes, and left a portion for He Qianmin, and said while adding more: “I have known Jiang Chen since kindergarten, and Huo Bo since the first grade of elementary school, and the three of us have been together since then until now.”

“How did you guys meet?”

“Jiang Chen and I? We were in the same class.” Thinking of something, Shen Xu suddenly let out a “pffft”, lowered his head and held back his laughter, saying in a low voice, “Don’t look at your big brother like this now, he was quite funny when he was young. The teachers in our kindergarten school loved to tease him. I don’t know who he learned from but he loves to reason with others. Even if a child snatched his toys, he never got angry. He would just move a small bench over and sit wherever the other kid was playing with the snatched toy, and he would seriously reason with the other hahahahahahaha……”

He Qianmin imagined that scene, and also couldn’t help but laugh out loud, but when he looked up and saw the scene of Shen Xu rubbing his stomach with laughter, he was a little unhappy, and said: “This proves that my big brother is more mature than you all since he was a child.”

“Indeed, from childhood to adulthood…..” Shen Xu put the freshly served crispy meat in front of He Qianmin: “Your big brother specially ordered it for you, try it——Huo Bo and I were responsible for causing trouble, and he was responsible for cleaning up the mess. Countless times he was the scapegoat for us, and the most amazing thing was that even though he took the blame on himself, those teachers would refuse to believe that he did it. But because he admitted to it, the teachers couldnt do anything to me and Huo Bo, so the two of us could get away with it every time.”

He Qianmin was eating the crispy meat, and thinking of something, his eyes dimmed. Seeing this, Shen Xu changed the subject: “Don’t you have an elder brother? Then you two grew up together, did you often fight?”


Outside the hotpot restaurant.

Huo Bo cut to the chase and said, “Who the hell is He Qianmin? He looks so similar to you, don’t say it’s a coincidence”

“My little brother.”

Huo Bo crossed his arms, furrowed his brows and said, “I remember that your only blood-related brother is Yang Shengmao.”

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth slightly curled up, “Now there is one more.”

Huo Bo: “One…..more?”

Jiang Chen suppressed his smile and said seriously: “I know you have many doubts, but before the truth is investigated, I can’t tell you a guess without evidence. Huo Bo, I know you are worried about me, but I can only deal with it myself, don’t intervene and don’t ask too much, when the time comes, you will know.”

Huo Bo stared at him quietly, and after a while, he said, “I just want to ask one question, does the Sun Zhi matter have anything to do with what you want to investigate?”

Jiang Chen: “Yes.”

Huo Bo’s eyes darkened: “If you encounter any possible danger, you must tell me.”

Jiang Chen chuckled, and the two knocked fists, tacit understanding in their hearts.


When Jiang Chen and Huo Bo went back, Shen Xu was waving his chopsticks to teach He Qianmin to fight: “…..if someone sneaks up on you from behind, just do it like this, elbow back first, and then lower your body, and while he isn’t paying attention, poke his eyes, use the eagle claws move, got it? Just like that! Never show mercy, and if…..”

Huo Bo and Jiang Chen looked at each other, rolled their eyes and suppressed a smile.

“You guys came back just in time. I’m teaching the secret manual of the Shen family. Little brother Min has good comprehension skills, but his attitude towards learning is a bit…..”

He Qianmin: “Shut up.”

Shen Xu shook his head and said, “The child can’t be taught”, then put away the chopsticks and asked them, “What were you two talking about, it’s been so long.”

Huo Bo: “Just chatting.”

“If it’s just chatting why go outside.” Shen Xu took the drinks they brought back, took out the milk, kept one for himself and handed the other to He Qianmin: “This is for you.”

He Qianmin’s eyes landed on the milk box for a second, then turned to look at Jiang Chen who had just sat down: “Big Brother, what did you guys do out there?”

“Buy drinks.” Jiang Chen helped him open the milk: “There is only beer here, so I bought a few bottles of milk.”

“But just now…..”

As soon as He Qianmin started talking, Jiang Chen’s cell phone rang. He glanced at the number, raised his hand to signal to the few people, got up and walked to a quiet place.

“D.” The other party’s voice was a little raspy and vague, with a hint of a smile: “The little favor you asked me to do yesterday has been completed, I wonder if you are satisfied?”

Jiang Chen stood by the window, watching the people coming and going outside on the streets, the smile on his face fading: “What happened on his side?”

“Nothing happened except trying to find out who beat him up, but I found something interesting.”

“What is it?”

“He Qianjian was in contact with a man recently and gave him a sum of money. The amount was not large. It seemed that he wanted to ask him to do something.”


“A man named Yang Tianci, I checked. He has no background and had no contact with He Qianjian before. Do you need me to find out how they met?”

“No, continue keeping watch on him, and let me know if there is any change.”

“Okay.” The man paused, and said, “There is one more thing, I wonder if you would like to hear it.”

“Please go ahead.”

The other laughed: “The person I found to do the deed might have been a little bit too rough. He Qianjian not only broke his right hand, but also suffered some injuries to his head. He passed out for a while and remained unconscious in the hospital. The doctor helped him do a brain examination, but unexpectedly they actually found that there indeed seemed to be some problem with his head. It just so happened that the He family arrived to see him, and the doctor suggested He Qianjian to have a comprehensive examination. Who knew that when his blood was drawn, he suddenly woke up.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed: “And then?”

“Refused to agree with it. Apparently, he almost hit the nurse who took his blood for this. The He family rushed to the ward in time to stop it.”

“Was his blood drawn?”

“No, he said that he had just had a blood test a few days ago, and there was no problem with the blood. The He family didn’t insist anymore, and there were no problems in other aspects, so he was discharged from the hospital. What’s interesting is that when the He family just walked out of the hospital gate, a Taoist priest walked by them. The Taoist priest shook his head when he saw He Qianjian. When the old madam of the He family asked, he said that He Qianjian had no fate with the He family, and that he could not see his future clearly because his fortune was messed up, entangled in the fortune of several people. He also persuaded He Qianjian to commit less crimes.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes flickered slightly: “Is that person really a fortune teller?”

“Not necessarily.” The other side said with a smile: “Perhaps it was someone who disliked the He family who came to try to upset the He family. He not only said He Qianjian had no fate with the He family, he also claimed that the He family had a heart that faced towards the benevolence and originally should have been protected by virtue for a hundred years, but because of strange powers they would meet with great danger, within three years there would be a catastrophe, and only one person could solve it. If this is not a curse then I don’t know what is, no wonder the old gentleman of the He family raised his cane.”

The other side obviously only regarded this incident as a joke, but Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes. He didn’t think that the appearance of the Taoist priest was a coincidence, and those words he said…..some of them were actually not wrong, but, he really wanted to know if the Taoist priest was a real Taoist priest or if there were other forces that he didn’t know were targeting the He family or He Qianjian. If there was another wave of people, he really wanted to know what the purpose of that person was.

“Go and check that Taoist priest.”

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Chen returned to his seat. Seeing that He Qianmin hadn’t moved his chopsticks, he couldn’t help asking, “You don’t want to eat?”

“No.” He Qianmin put down his chopsticks, sat upright and looked at Jiang Chen. He wanted to say something several times but couldn’t say it. After almost two minutes he finally said, “Just now I said that He Qianjian’s hand was broken. That I think it’s retribution. Do you think I’m…..cold-blooded and ruthless?”

Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “Of course not, why do you think so.”

“Because I’m jealous of him.” He Qianmin looked at Jiang Chen stubbornly, and enunciated word by word: “Because he is better than me in everything, because he dominates me in everything, because I am insensible and in a rebellious period, because…..a lot of people think so, why don’t you think so.”

“Why do we have to think like this?” Huo Bo raised his eyes and said lightly, “Of course I have eyes to see for myself.”

Jiang Chen sighed, rubbed He Qianmin’s head and said, “There is no unreasonable hatred in the world. If you don’t like him, it’s because he did something that upset you.” He said softly, “Before you said, it happened quite a few times like the last time you got cut by a fruit knife, you hating He Qianjian, it must have something to do with this.”

He Qianmin was stunned for a moment, and then hesitated for a while before saying: “…..How do you know?”

Jiang Chen didn’t answer, but continued to ask, “Didn’t you tell your parents?”

“I did once.” He Qianmin lowered his eyelashes: “They didn’t believe it, and I haven’t said it since then.”

Shen Xu couldn’t help but interject, “What fruit knife? You mean that your elder brother purposely caused your injury, then why didn’t you say it?”

“Who would believe something without evidence.” He Qianmin laughed self-deprecatingly at himself and said, “If I told you that I had a car accident when I was twelve years old, and I was sitting in the back seat with He Qianjian at the same time. He sat on the left and I on the right, but when the car in front hit us, I suddenly switched places with him out of thin air, would you believe it?”

Shen Xu was a little hesitant, looked at Jiang Chen and then at Huo Bo, unable to see what they were thinking, so he could only probe: “…..How to switch places out of thin air? Teleportation? Superpower? Could it be that back then you…..”

He Qianmin interrupted Shen Xu: “At that time, I was hurt too seriously, and it left a psychological shadow, especially when I was seriously injured to the point of being unable to move, I saw He Qianjian who was only slightly scratched, so I was stimulated and the dissatisfaction accumulated over my elder brother exploded all at once, but the accumulated negative emotions were not conducive to the recovery of the body, so my brain started to protect itself and fabricated that memory privately. Is that what you want to say?”

Shen Xu said dumbly: “I…..”

Jiang Chen: “I believe it.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Xu looked at Jiang Chen helplessly, and Huo Bo also raised his eyebrows in surprise.

He Qianmin trembled, and turned his head to stare closely at Jiang Chen’s eyes. After a few seconds, he turned his head and said, “Liar.”

“I saw it.” Jiang Chen said lightly, “I was the one who dragged you out of the car back then.”

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After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 271 First Life Part 3

The time node in the dream very soon arrived on July 7th. Imprisoned in the body of “Tao Mu”, Tao Mu, who observed the dream from the perspective of “Tao Mu”, once again saw the Shen family come to visit the crew.

“Stinky boy, why do you torment yourself like this?” In front of Tao Mu, Shen Yan, who never had a good expression, grabbed Shen Er’s arm and looked him over carefully: “You have become dark and thin, are you filming or working at a construction site moving bricks?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As Shen Yan spoke, she rushed towards the director aggressively: “Speak! Do you think my little brother is a fool with a lot of money and so you bully him on the set?”

Mrs. Shen’s expression was not very good either. She hugged Shen Er distressedly, and felt that her silly son had really suffered quite a lot. Only Chairman Shen and Shen Chen disagreed. Both father and son nodded with great satisfaction, and commented: “Not bad. Only by suffering through hardships can one become a superior person. The men of our Shen family should have the consciousness to work hard for their careers.”

At this point, Chairman Shen changed his tune and said lightly: “However, you must also take things in degrees. You are still young and your body has not yet fully matured. Don’t work too hard.”

Shen Chen also added calmly: “With your current situation, you should exercise your brain to improve your IQ, you don’t need to strengthen your body.”

Shen Yan said with a smile: “That’s right! Your physical fitness is already far superior to that of your peers!”

Being ridiculed by the whole family as an idiot with “well-developed limbs and a simple mind”, Shen Er exploded. Turning around, he complained to Mrs. Shen: “Mom! Elder Sister is bullying me again!”

Mrs. Shen patted Shen Er on the head, and hit Shen Yan in the arm casually: “Don’t always bully your little brother.”

Shen Yan was also “angry”: “When did I bully him? It’s obviously Dad and Elder Brother who started it, so you only think of your son!”

Saying that, Shen Yan hit Shen Er again: “You too, a brat who bullies the weak and is afraid of the tough. You only know how to tell on me! Why do I have such an unfilial little brother like you.”

“How old are you, who wants to be filial to you? You are so shameless!” Shen Er returned Shen Yan’s hit. Shen Yan was not one to suffer losses, so she returned the hit back. So the two siblings, in front of everyone, began to fight playfully. Shen Chen, who hated noise by nature, frowned, and pulled his silly little brother behind him. Sharp-eyed like him, he immediately noticed that Shen Er’s back was bruised purple.

Shen Chen furrowed his brows instantly: “What’s going on?”

Faced with the questioning from the big boss investor, the director dared not be negligent, and immediately said with a smile: “Second Young Master Shen is very serious when filming, and all wire scenes are done personally by him without any need of a stand-in. When exchanging practice moves with the stunt coordinator and stuntmen, occasionally if one is not careful there can be collisions.”

When the director said this, he immediately explained: “But don’t worry, our stunt teachers are all professional, and they have a sense of measure when controlling their strength, so we won’t really hurt Second Young Master Shen.”

“Aiya, Elder Brother, don’t worry, it’s nothing.” Shen Er waved his hands carelessly, continuing the director’s words: “Besides, I’ve always been like this, I’m just easily bruised even with just a little touch. It looks serious, but in fact it doesn’t hurt at all.”

“Just go and brag!” Shen Yan rolled her eyes, and unceremoniously exposed Shen Er’s lie: “You don’t hurt? Then why do you scream like a pig when you apply medicine at night? And you also don’t dare to let Fu Ran tell us?”

Shen Er’s phoenix eyes widened: “Are you spying on me?”

“I’m too lazy to bother with you!” Not to be outdone, Shen Yan glared at Shen Er tit for tat: “If it wasn’t because Mom and Dad were worried about you and forced me to call Fu Ran, do you think I would care about your business?”

“Sophistry!” Shen Er didn’t believe Shen Yan’s nonsense. It had been like this since childhood, Shen Yan always liked to follow behind him sneakily. She also liked to investigate the classmates who have a good relationship with him in private. Both boys and girls, there were no exception. Shen Er had quarreled with Shen Yan about this matter countless times!

“Isn’t it just because I’m afraid that you silly head would be deceived by others!” Shen Yan snorted: “You don’t know how snobbish the people outside are, seeing that you are the second son of the Shen family, there are so many people who want to take advantage of the Shen family through you. And also those girls who want to turn from a sparrow into a phoenix!”

When Shen Yan said this, she suddenly thought of something: “By the way, are there any female stars in your production crew who like to get close to you, and knock on your door at night with the excuse of discussing the script with you?”

As soon as these words came out, the director standing on the side and the main actors of the crew who surrounded them were a little embarrassed. Several actresses even stopped in their tracks with guilt.

Yes, this indeed happened but Shen Er didn’t pay attention to it, and naturally he didn’t want Shen Yan to know: “You are mental! You don’t need to mind my affairs. You can just take care of yourself. Find a boyfriend if you have nothing to do, don’t always have private detectives investigate the people around me everyday!”

“It’s for your own good! You ungrateful little wolf cub who doesn’t recognize a good heart!” Shen Yan slapped the back of Shen Er’s head.

The two siblings glared at each other and harrumphed endlessly.

On the other side, Shen Chen, who had just called their private doctor, patted his silly little brother on the back of the neck, and smiled warmly at the director: “My little brother is naive and stubborn, and he must have caused trouble for the director a lot…..”

The director didn’t wait for Shen Chen to finish speaking, and immediately replied with a smile: “No, no, Second Young Master Shen is very serious about filming, he is a good example for our crew.”

Going this far…..Even Shen Yan who was busy pinching Shen Er couldn’t help curling her lips.

The director also knew that his response just now was a bit too ingratiating. But he couldn’t help it either, the Shen Group was the biggest investor in this drama, not to mention that with the Shen family’s status they were not someone who a small director like him could afford to offend. The director would rather be overly courteous than to offend the Shen family by being careless.

Shen Chen was used to seeing this kind of people, so he didn’t care. With a calm face, he said: “Today is my little brother’s eighteenth birthday. According to the custom of our Shen family, we should hold a birthday party and invite all relatives and friends to my little brother’s coming-of-age ceremony. But my little brother has a stubborn personality, insisting that his filming task is heavy, and he can’t ask for leave. So our whole family came here in person, and I hope the director can give us a little face——”

“No, no, there is absolutely no such thing!” The director immediately panicked when he heard these words: “Although our crew’s filming progress is a little behind, but if Second Young Master Shen asks for leave, we would definitely——”

“Elder Brother, don’t make it difficult for our director!” Shen Er frowned, and said impatiently: “You know I don’t like to attend parties. Besides, you say that you are holding a birthday party for me, but the invitations are all for your business partners. I also don’t have anything to say, and can only smile until my face is stiff. I don’t like it.”

Chairman Shen frowned: “What are you talking about? Those uncles took the time to come to your birthday party, and you still have so many complaints? You——”

“Chairman Shen, CEO Shen, Mrs. Shen, Miss Shen, please drink some water.”

Chairman Shen’s words were interrupted, and he turned his head to see that it was a young man who was about the same age as his second son, who brought several bottles of mineral water on a tray.

“Tao Mu” smiled obediently at Chairman Shen, motioned for everyone to get water, and finally walked towards the director and Shen Er: “Director please drink some water, Second Young Master Shen please drink some water.”

Mrs. Shen didn’t like to hear her husband criticize her younger son, so she talked to “Tao Mu” with a smile: “This child is Fu Ran, right? Thank you for taking care of our family’s child these days——”

“Mom, he’s not Fu Ran!” Shen Er hurriedly interrupted Mrs. Shen: “He’s our crew’s assistant.”

“Second Young Master Shen is right.” “Tao Mu” nodded with a look of disappointment, and said sadly, “How could I be blessed to be a classmate of Second Young Master Shen. I am an orphan without a father or mother. I grew up in an orphanage and dropped out of school after graduating from junior high school. I have been working part-time out in society since.”

At this point, “Tao Mu” said timidly: “Actually, today is also my birthday. I am very envious of Second Young Master Shen having such a good family like yours. Second Young Master Shen, please don’t be difficult with your family. They have worked so hard helping you organize a birthday party, it is definitely because they really care about you.”

Mrs. Shen hurriedly said: “Look at this child, how good you are at talking. And you also know that it is not easy for us to be parents. As they say, the children of poor people are forced to grow up early. Look how sensible this child is.”

Shen Yan also answered with a smile: “That’s right.”

She pointed at “Tao Mu” and said to Shen Er: “Look at him, and then at yourself. How dare you complain about the birthday party that Mom and Dad took the trouble to organize. You really don’t know your blessings.”

Shen Er rolled his eyes. But he didn’t say anything. He just said to “Tao Mu”, “I didn’t know that today is your birthday. But it’s rare that two people born on the same day in the same year meet, and it’s also a kind of fate.”

Shen Er paused, and said to the director: “How about this. Since I have already asked for leave, our crew will also have a day off. I’ll ask Wen Xiao to book a few tables at the Sheng’an Hotel, as a celebration for this classmate’s birthday, everyone can come and have some fun.”

Shen Er didn’t remember “Tao Mu”, he even forgot the conflict between Yao Wenxiao and “Tao Mu”. The director remembered it clearly, but at this juncture, he couldn’t say much. He could only apologize and said with a smile: “Second Young Master Shen is really considerate. You, hurry up and thank the Second Young Master Shen.”

“Tao Mu” really didn’t expect Shen Er to have such a response, and he was quite happy. He stood forward and said thank you obediently.

Seeing “Tao Mu”‘s obedient and clever appearance, Shen Yan liked it very much, so she took out an emerald pendant carved with a blessing for safe and sound that she bought when she just got off the plane, and gave it to “Tao Mu”: “Meeting is fate, I wish you a happy birthday. “

“Tao Mu” was instantly surprised, his eyes widened and he was at a loss.

Shen Er said: “It’s given to you so just accept it. It’s not worth much, just for auspiciousness.”

Shen Yan agreed casually: “Yeah, it’s only just 20,000 yuan. I bought it to play with. You can have it.”

“Tao Mu” had no choice but to take it over and say his thanks again.

Shen Yan patted “Tao Mu” on the head with a smile, and said, “Good boy.”

Then she turned to look at her silly little brother, and deliberately needled him: “If only I had such a well-behaved younger brother. Unlike you who only know to irritate me since you were a child!”

Shen Er rolled his eyes and didn’t bother to respond to Shen Yan.

While talking, Yao Wenxiao and Fu Ran hurried back sweating profusely. There were also a few plastic bags in their hands, which were filled with various frozen fruits and ice cream. They were all the things that Shen Er casually said he wanted to eat when he was filming just now. Yao Wenxiao also happened to feel that the set was boring, so he dragged Fu Ran to go shopping.

But he didn’t expect that when he came back, he would run into these members of the Shen family. Yao Wenxiao was a little surprised: “Uncle Shen, Aunt Shen, Elder Brother, Sister Yan, why are you all here?”

“It’s Wen Xiao! It’s so hot out, you have suffered!” Mrs. Shen nodded at Yao Wenxiao with a smile, and said, “We came to pick up Xiao Yu. This child, I don’t know whose child temper he takes after. Everything is all ready for the birthday party at home, so how could he, the birthday star, not go back?”

“Isn’t that right! You only know to cause trouble for your family!” Shen Yan snorted, and told Yao Wenxiao what happened just now with the intent to drag Yao Wenxiao to criticize Shen Er together.

Yao Wenxiao was very shrewd, and he also had a media company under him, so he knew very well how words could be played with. Hearing Shen Yan’s description, he couldn’t hold back, and directed his anger at “Tao Mu”: “You’re good, kid! Actually successfully sucking up to the Shen family? You can ingratiate all you want, but why do you have to step on Shen Er to curry favor with the Shen family——”

“Okay!” Shen Er frowned and interrupted Yao Wenxiao. What “Tao Mu” said just now, he really felt a little unhappy when he heard it. But he didn’t think it had reached the level that Yao Wenxiao accused him of. He was just a child with a poor background, and his thinking might be a little biased. Moreover, today was his birthday, and Shen Er didn’t want to make trouble on someone’s birthday.

Besides, what “Tao Mu” said just now had no real impact on him. He was too lazy to care about it.

Yao Wenxiao had always followed Shen Er’s lead. Seeing that Shen Er didn’t care about it, he didn’t say much anymore. He just gave “Tao Mu” a vicious look, and muttered under his breath: “What a manipulative schemer.”

“Tao Mu” didn’t expect that his kind persuasion would be taken in such a way by Yao Wenxiao, and his face flushed with embarrassment and anger. And even more he felt that even though the two of them were born in the same year, the same month and the same day, Shen Er could be superior with both parents and familial harmony, yet he had to rely on others’ charity to even celebrate one birthday. His heart was really upset.

What made him feel even more upset was that the Shen family who had been affectionate to him just now turned a deaf ear to Yao Wenxiao’s words, as if nothing happened. Shen Chen, who never paid attention to him from the beginning to the end, even patted Shen Er on the shoulder, and said in a gentle voice: “I called a private doctor, and we’ll go to the hospital to take a screening after we go back.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Er raised his eyebrows and rage quit: “I still have to go to the hospital when it’s my birthday? Isn’t that unlucky? I won’t go!”

Chairman Shen said in a deep voice: “Don’t lose your temper, listen to your elder brother.”

“Tao Mu” stood in place, watching the Shen family members walk out of the set with Shen Er in the middle, and Yao Wenxiao, who had just insulted him, was now busy coaxing Shen Er to eat fruit and ice cream, and felt even more embarrassed.

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Source of Calamity CH 036 Usefulness Value

“Am I seeing wrong?” Shen Li rubbed his eyes, suspecting that he was hallucinating.

If it was not a hallucination, how should this scene be explained?

Originally, Su Shiqing was sitting alone on the sofa. For some reason, he was now sitting next to Shen Yun and Shen Mu. Forget about Shen Yun. Shen Li knew what his second brother was like, that was simply a smiling character, but Shen Mu was not. Shen Mu was similar to himself, his emotions were written on his face.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Now Su Shiqing was sitting between the two of them, holding a teacup in his hand, and Shen Yun and Shen Mu were talking and laughing with him, the picture of harmony. Those who didn’t know better would have thought Su Shiqing was their younger brother.

Shen Li felt very uncomfortable, feeling as if his brothers had been snatched away.

“Anyway, it’s just because he is a guest.” Shen Li said stiffly.

Shen Zhen: “Oh, really? From now on, he will not be a guest.”

Shen Li glanced at Shen Zhen and felt that Shen Zhen did not have good intentions, but the scene in front of him was so disgusting to him, so Shen Li ignored Shen Zhen. He walked over swaggeringly, and sat down next to Shen Mu: “Third Brother , what are you talking about?”

Shen Mu smiled and said, “Shi Qing is talking about his past.”

Shen Li said sarcastically: “How long have you known each other? Now it’s Shi Qing? How very affectionate.”

Shen Zhen still sat alone on the other side, drinking tea with a smile, and when he looked up, he saw Shen Fu staring at him, so Shen Zhen stood up and walked to Shen Fu’s side.

“What I mean, you should understand, right?” Shen Zhen said gently.

Shen Fu said with a smile: “There is no one who knows the son like the father.”

Shen Zhen looked at Shen Li and the others, and chuckled lowly: “It is good if you understand what I mean.”

Shen Mu impatiently said to Shen Li: “What are you doing acting so crazy all of a sudden? Did Shi Qing offend you or provoke you? How old are you, yet you’re still as intolerant as a child?”

Shen Li was scolded and asked incredulously: “Third Brother, am I your younger brother or is he your younger brother?”

Shen Mu said coldly: “From today on, he is also my younger brother.”

Shen Li: “…..Say that again?”

“Don’t argue anymore.” Su Shiqing sat there, his neck tucked in, looking timid and frightened, and his body was even trembling slightly, like a little quail. “Please don’t quarrel over me.”

“Xiao Li.” Su Shiqing looked at Shen Li, his eyes full of sincerity, “If I did something wrong, I apologize to you, but don’t lose your temper at Ah Mu, what don’t you like about me? Could I change it?”

Shen Li scolded him in irritation: “Did I say you can talk? Can you shut up?”

“How do you talk?!” Shen Yun frowned, and he lectured Shen Li, “You bullied Shi Qing, yet Shi Qing apologized to you, what else do you want? Your temper is getting bigger and bigger. Do you even think that God is the boss and you’re the second-in-command? Apologize to Shi Qing!”

Shen Li pointed at his nose and asked incredulously, “Me? I apologize to him?”

“No, there’s no need to apologize.” Su Shiqing said quickly, “I must have done something wrong, so no need to apologize to me, Xiao Li, I apologize to you, I’m sorry, don’t be angry, okay?”

Shen Li laughed angrily.

Shen Mu: “Did you hear that? Why don’t you apologize quickly?”

Shen Yun: “You’re not very capable, but you have a big temper.”

“You are lecturing me because of him?” Shen Li pointed at Su Shiqing, “Do you still remember who your younger brother is?”

Shen Mu said impatiently: “You think we want you as a younger brother? I would rather Shi Qing be my younger brother.”

Shen Yun didn’t speak, but there was affirmation in his expression.

Shen Li suddenly felt that the sky was falling.

He turned his head to look at Su Shiqing.

This person had the face of a little white rabbit, but he had the abilities of a vixen. He gritted his teeth fiercely, wishing that Su Shiqing would die.

“I’ll be leaving first.” Shen Zhen put down the teacup.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Shen Zhen again, and Shen Zhen raised his eyebrows and said, “Su Shiqing will be left to you.”

“By the way.” Shen Zhen seemed to remember something, and added, “If there is any problem in regards to him, don’t come to me, I won’t take care of it.”

After saying this, Shen Zhen turned and left the Shen family.

With Su Shiqing around, it was enough to stir up the peace in the Shen family, but with Shen Fu and Shen Li around, Su Shiqing would not be able to live a good life in the Shen family.

As for Su Yutong and Su Jinghan, they were not ready to be used yet.

With a smile on the corner of Shen Zhen’s mouth, he felt that today’s foggy weather looked extraordinarily beautiful.

Letting Su Shiqing go to the Shen family, there would be no peace on both sides.


“Do you think this suit suits me?” Su Yutong was asking Su Jinghan. He was wearing a dark gray suit with a vest inside. It was very formal. He hadn’t dressed so formally for a long time.

Su Jinghan also changed into a black evening dress, showing her flawless back, and her hair was specially styled. She examined Su Yutong and said with a smile, “Very good.”

Su Yutong: “Damn, you look like a black widow.”

Su Jinghan threw a slap over: “Do you know how to talk? If you can’t talk, just shut up.”

Su Yutong touched the back of his head after being slapped, and grinned: “I didn’t expect that we still have today.”

It had been a long time since they entered a formal occasion. They had gone when they were young. Later, the Su family declined more and more, so they could only play with the children of the same status. The people they met were like that, and so their style was also lower and lower.

Su Yutong was so nervous he sprayed the wrong cologne, so he had to change out of his suit again, take another shower, and sprayed it again.

At the appointed time, Su Yutong went to get in the driver’s seat. Su Jinghan was talking to Father Su. Father Su was smiling and beaming with joy. He said to Su Jinghan, “Be careful when talking to people, don’t offend anyone.”

Su Jinghan: “Dad, I know.”

Father Su sighed: “Opportunities like this don’t come often, so we must seize them.”

Su Jinghan: “Anyway, as long as Su Shiqing gets out of this family, I will feel much better.”

She was very relaxed: “Dad, don’t help them, lest Young Master Shen find out, we can’t explain it.”

Father Su waved his hand: “Do you think your father has dementia? I know who is close and who isn’t.”

Su Yuan and Su Shiqing, these two were the leeches of the Su family. They have never made any contribution to the family. Apart from looking for trouble, they possessed no positive traits. They were simply walking trouble magnets.

In the past, Father Su was afraid of offending Qin Yue, but Qin Yue would not give any benefits to the Su family, only to Su Yuan.

Father Su was not a fool, Shen Zhen could help his children, but Qin Yue only wanted to lift up the social status of Su Yuan’s branch of the family, and now that Shen Zhen was following Qin Xing, Father Su knew how to choose.

The sky was getting dark, the whole city became brightly lit, neon lights flickering. There were crowds of people on the streets, and music was playing in the shops on the roadside. Only at this time could the office workers relax.

When Shen Zhen arrived at the hotel, he walked into the lobby and saw the Su family siblings sitting on the sofa waiting for him. They were dressed very grandly, a little too grandly. As soon as they saw Shen Zhen, they stood up quickly, with somewhat reserved expressions and behavior.

“Relax.” Shen Zhen took off his coat and handed it to the waiter, while saying to Su Yutong and Su Jinghan.

Su Jinghan said, “We won’t cause you any trouble, will we?”

Shen Zhen gave her a meaningful look: “Just don’t be like Su Shiqing.”

Su Jinghan shook her head like a rattle: “Of course not.”

Su Yutong curled his lips: “Whenever I see Su Shiqing I want nothing more than to could smash his dog head in.”

“Whose dog head are you going to smash?”

Shen Zhen turned around and looked at the source of the voice.

A man came out from behind the pillars in the hall. He was wearing a fine white suit. He appeared to be of mixed race, with black curly back, deep eyes, strong features, and a kind of wild beauty. He was tall and had long legs so when he walked over it brought a sense of oppression.

Su Yutong: “…..Chu Haoyi…..why are you back?”

Chu Haoyi sneered: “If I didn’t come back, how could I hear what you said? I was wondering why Shi Qing doesn’t live in the Su family’s house now, so it was your doing? You and your sister have been bullying him since childhood, and you can’t see Shi Qing live well. You have already grown so big, yet your mind is still so small.”

Su Jinghan was a little dazed the moment she saw this man, but she soon came back to her senses. She took a step forward, stood in front of her younger brother, and glared at Chu Haoyi angrily: “What did you come back for? To support your Shi Qing ? He doesn’t need your support, the eldest young master of the Qin family holds him in the palm of his hand, what? Do you have the guts to cuckold eldest young master Qin?”

Chu Haoyi’s expression became gloomy: “I will deal with the matter between him and Qin Yue, so I don’t need you to remind me.”

Su Jinghan smiled and said: “Do you think he is pure like a white lily? Did you think he had been waiting for you back at home? Chu Haoyi, why don’t you look in the mirror and see how ridiculous your expression is now? You just brainwash yourself, after some time, he will really be a pure white lily.”

“Shut up!” Chu Haoyi roared unbearably with veins popping up on his forehead.

This shout frightened Su Yutong and Su Jinghan, they didn’t want toget in a physical fight witu Chu Haoyi here——any they might not even be able to win it either.

Chu Haoyi calmed down. When he saw Shen Zhen, he said in a cold tone, “I advise you not to socialize with these two siblings. Their temperament is so bad that you don’t want to try it yourself.”

Shen Zhen: “Oh, really?”

Chu Haoyi: “It will benefit you to stay away from them.”

Shen Zhen shrugged: “Why should I listen to you?”

Shen Zhen’s eyes were in a half smile, sarcasm on his face. Chu Haoyi didn’t know how to answer these words, and also felt that what he said was inexplicable, they were strangers just meeting by chance, whether the other was unlucky or not, or who they chose to interact with, it was not his place to care.

Chu Haoyi didn’t speak any more, but before he left, he took a look at the Su family siblings.

Su Yutong complained: “Why are we so unlucky, he actually returned to China.”

Su Jinghan: “Who knows…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, Shen Zhen recalled the name Chu Haoyi, having some impression. He should be one of Su Shiqing’s many suitors. As for whether he caused trouble for Qin Yue, he couldn’t remember it. He couldn’t help it, Su Shiqing had too many suitors. When he read the book, he didn’t look too carefully, and everything that had nothing to do with him he just scanned briefly.

What kind of role did Chu Haoyi play in the book?

Was he a minor character, or a big one?

If he was an important character…..Shen Zhen rubbed his chin, maybe he was worth using.

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After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 035 He Qianjian Is Injured

When the school day was over, Jiang Chen received a call from He Qianmin.

He said with disappointment that something happened at home, and he couldn’t come to No. 1 High School today to find him. The dissatisfaction in his tone was obvious, and he was clearly not happy that family affairs had delayed his original plan.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen didn’t ask him what happened, he just said a few words to comfort him, waited until his little temper was appeased, and made an appointment for another time before hanging up the phone amidst the other’s reluctance.

Huo Bo was walking beside him, and seeing the smile in his eyes, he turned his head to look at Shen Xu, and asked silently, “Who is this?”

Shen Xu replied directly: “His little brother.”

“Yang Shengmao?” Huo Bo blurted out. In his memory, Jiang Chen only just had such a younger brother, but he also remembered that Jiang Chen didn’t like this younger brother very much. (TN: in China, cousins are referred to as brothers and sisters)

“No.” Shen Xu said: “A kid, he has nothing to do with Jiangzi, just always like to call him big brother.”

Seeing that Jiang Chen had hung up the phone, Huo Bo asked, “When did you get yourself a little brother?”

Jiang Chen said with a smile: “A long time ago. When he comes to No. 1 High School, you can meet him then.”

Hearing this, Huo Bo’s expression became even more astonished. Jiang Chen seemed aloof but was actually very easy to talk to, but being easy to talk  to didn’t mean it was easy to get close to him. He knew Jiang Chen very well. If Jiang Chen didn’t really treat the other as his little brother, he would never acquiesce to Shen Xu’s explanation of the identity of the person on the other end of the line. There was a set of old-fashioned and serious logic in Jiang Chen’s thinking. For example, for others appellations might be just a casual name to others, but to Jiang Chen, any appellation he recognized, all represent a kind of responsibility.

Huo Bo was surprised from the bottom of his heart. He was very curious about the reason why Jiang Chen got a little brother in the half a year he was gone, but he didn’t ask any more questions, he would just wait to see the other.

However, Huo Bo didn’t expect that he would meet him after school the next day.

Under the big tree at the gate of Yan No. 1 High School, He Qianmin was wearing the school uniform of Chenghua Junior High School, and was talking to a boy wearing the school uniform of Yan No. 1 High School with a cold face, seeming as if they were about to get in a fight.

Shen Xu glanced over and recognized He Qianmin at a glance. He grabbed Jiang Chen and said, “Jiangzi, it’s your little brother!”

Jiang Chen was talking to Huo Bo. Hearing this, he raised his eyes and saw He Qianmin. He Qianmin stopped after hearing Shen Xu’s voice. The boy next to him also glanced this way, then turned around and left.

“Big brother.” He Qianmin walked up to Jiang Chen in three big steps. After nodding to Shen Xu, he glanced at Huo Bo standing on the side.

“This is Huo Bo.” Jiang Chen hooked Huo Bo’s neck, and introduced to He Qianmin: “The other friend who grew up with me, you can also just call him brother.”

He Qianmin pursed his lips, obviously unwilling, but Jiang Chen looked at him, and still reluctantly he called out: “Brother Huo.”

Shen Xu was also unhappy: “When I met He Xiao Min before, why didn’t you tell him to call me brother! Why do you just tell him to call Huo Bo brother!”

He Qianmin rolled his eyes at him and didn’t speak, but the words “in your dreams” were clearly written on his face.

Shen Xu let out a “hey”, pointed at He Qianmin and said, “Jiangzi, look at your little brother, he actually looked down on me!”

Jiang Chen had a smile on his lips, as if he didn’t hear what Shen Xu said, he walked up to He Qianmin and said, “You guys go back first, I’ll take him to go eat.”

He Qianmin proudly raised an eyebrow at Shen Xu.

Shen Xu squeezed in between the two of them, raised his eyebrows at He Qianmin’s glare, and said with a smile: “What are you going to eat, I’m going too, and it’s the first time since Huo Bo came back to meet little brother He, eating a meal together is the only right thing to do.”

He Qianmin was dissatisfied: “Don’t always call me nicknames.”

“Unhappy? He Xiao Min? Min Min?” Shen Xu even amused himself, covered his stomach and laughed, “Min Min, how cute! From now on this brother will call you Min Min.”

He Qianmin’s face was sullen, with a cold light in his eyes. Shen Xu hid behind Jiang Chen, and said confidently: “If you call me brother, brother will stop calling you Min Min, come on, call brother.”

“Enough.” Seeing He Qianmin’s face getting darker and darker, Jiang Chen pulled out Shen Xu and nudged him lightly: “Don’t bully him.”

“How did I bully him!” Shen Xu was extremely wronged, and complained aggrievedly: “He has been bullying me, okay? I say Jiangzi, since you have a little brother, you have been so partial and bias! Fortunately, He Xiao Min is not a girl, I can hardly imagine what you would be like if he became your little sister!”

Huo Bo withdrew his subtle scrutiny, and said casually after hearing the words: “How hard is it to imagine?”

“Towards a little brother he is already like this, towards a little sister he would practically spoil her up to the skies.” Shen Xu said with a chuckle, and said: “But if it’s Jiangzi’s little sister, then I also don’t have any other way. Who told me that I don’t have a little sister? Jiangzi’s little sister is my little sister. And one must dote on one’s little sister, right?”

The corner of Huo Bo’s mouth twitched, he turned to Jiang Chen and said, “If you have something to do, go ahead first, Shen Xu and I will go back by ourselves.”

Jiang Chen pondered for a moment, and asked for He Qianmin’s opinion: “How about the four of us have dinner together?”

He Qianmin looked at Huo Bo, then at Shen Xu, and nodded: “I want to eat hot pot.”

“It’s so hot——” Shen Xu met He Qianmin’s eyes, and his words turned a corner: “But it’s the perfect time to eat hot pot.”

The four of them entered the hot pot restaurant they went to last time. This was the place where Jiang Chen and his friends had eaten frequently since junior high school. He Qianmin could not feel too obviously the kind of tacit understanding that seemed to be born from not needing to verbalize anything or understand the other when it was just Shen Xu before. But now seeing the three of them ordering food, although their words and actions were very ordinary, they seem to have an aura that excluded others.

He Qianmin swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue. He pursed his lips slightly, lowered his eyelashes, and suppressed the sudden feeling of disappointment in his heart.

Don’t know why, but he always felt that he should be the person who have the closest and most tacit understanding with Jiang Chen, but the reality was that even though no one here rejected him, he was still invisibly rejected by the tacit understanding formed from a friendship of many years.

Shen Xu was the first to notice He Qianmin’s abnormality. He paused the hand that was checking the menu, and called Jiang Chen in a low voice.

Jiang Chen was talking to Huo Bo in a low voice as Shen Xu usually did the ordering. He was very familiar with his and Huo Bo’s tastes. Occasionally, when he encountered a new dish and was not sure whether he wanted to eat it, only then would he ask them. So hearing his voice, Jiang Chen subconsciously thought that he was struggling with which new dish, and Huo Bo was the same.

The two spoke almost simultaneously:

“Order it.”

“Order if you want to eat it.”

Shen Xu clicked his tongue and tilted his chin slightly to one side, motioning him to look at He Qianmin.

Jiang Chen turned his head puzzled, and saw that He Qianmin hung his head, not knowing what he was thinking. He froze for a moment, and then remembered that he was only talking to Huo Bo just now, and didn’t ask him what he wanted to eat: “Qian Min, what do you want to eat?”

He Qianmin raised his eyes, glanced at him, then lowered his eyes, and said casually, “Whatever’s fine with me.”

Jiang Chen didn’t think about it too much, he looked away and said to Shen Xu: “Order more beef, see if there is any sweet and sour crispy meat today, and order one dish too.”

“Okay.” Shen Xu beckoned to the waiter, and after ordering the crispy meat, seeing Jiang Chen continuing to talk to Huo Bo again, he sighed in his heart, got up and handed the menu to He Qianmin: “See if there is anything else you want to eat.”

He Qianmin scanned it over casually, and was a little surprised to find that he had ordered all the dishes he liked, and handed the menu back: “That’s enough.”

Shen Xu nodded, handed the menu to the waiter, turned around and saw that He Qianmin was still looking sullen, and so he struck up a conversation: “En… are in the third year of junior high school right, that means you are about to take the high school entrance examination. Are you under a lot of pressure?”

Facing such an official and polite topic, He Qianmin didn’t react much, and just said lightly: “It’s okay.”

Shen Xu laughed dryly, “Hahaha indeed, you are seventh in your year ranking, and you can go straight up to Chenghua’s high school division, so there is really no pressure.”

He Qianmin was silent for a few seconds, and then said in a slightly lower voice: “I’m not going to study in Chenghua.”

“Not in Chenghua?” Shen Xu was a little surprised, “Then where do you want to go for high school?”

He Qianmin glanced at Jiang Chen who was still talking with Huo Bo, pursed his lips, and said, “I haven’t decided.”

But Shen Xu became interested, and said enthusiastically: “I heard from Li Xiao before that your family doesn’t seem to be allowed to go abroad. It seems that it is indeed meaningless to study in Chenghua. You have been in a private school the whole time. You can try a public one. Our Yan No. 1 High School is not bad, and you can go to the same school as your big brother, how about it?”

After Jiang Chen and Huo Bo finished talking, they happened to hear Shen Xu’s words. He thought for a moment, looked at He Qianmin, and said seriously: “Shen Xu is right, if you don’t want to continue in Chenghua, come to Yan No. 1 High School.”

He Qianmin didn’t speak, and Shen Xu said: “Come to Yan No. 1. When the time comes, us brothers will cover you. And with your big brother Jiang Chen here, you don’t have to worry about your grades. There is also me and your brother Huo. I will take you to eat and play with you. And your brother Huo will let you walk sideways in Yan No. 1.” (TN: walk sideways: do whatever you want and don’t care about any rules or what others think)

He Qianmin quietly glanced at Jiang Chen whose gaze was on him, then looked away and said, “Do you want me to come to Yan No. 1 High School?”

Jiang Chen: “I do.”

The corners of He Qianmin’s mouth slightly raised, but he quickly suppressed it. He lifted his chin slightly and said, “Then I’ll come to Yan No. 1 High School.”

“Okay, when the time comes, us brothers will take you to play, and…..” Halfway through the conversation, the waiter brought over the hotpot soup base. Shen Xu got up and said, “I’ll make the sauce, what do you want to put, I’ll make it for you. “

“Coriander, garlic paste, sesame oil and hot sauce.”

Shen Xu glanced at Jiang Chen, then looked at He Qianmin, stroked his chin and said, “As expected of one who calls Jiangzi big brother, your tastes are the same, okay let me——”

“Change to another.” Jiang Chen interrupted him: “Your wound hasn’t healed yet.”

He Qianmin was stunned for a moment, and Shen Xu remembered that he still had bandages wrapped around his arm. He was afraid that the child would refuse, so before he could speak, he said, “Then I’ll make you a non-spicy one. Believe in this brother’s skill in making sauces, it’ll definitely be delicious.”

He Qianmin pursed his lips: “I want to eat spicy.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen finally noticed that He Qianmin’s mood had not been high all this time. He glanced at his left hand, which was lightly grasping the injured right arm, and guessed, “What’s the matter? Your hand is still uncomfortable? Or is there something else that is making you unhappy?”

He Qianmin’s eyelashes flickered slightly, pressed down the corners of his mouth that was about to rise, and shook his head: “No.”

Jiang Chen: “Because of what happened back home yesterday?”

He Qianmin pursed his lips: “No, it’s none of my business, why get unhappy.”

Shen Xu came over with a light sauce dish, and just happened to hear this sentence, and asked curiously: “What are guys talking about?”

The corner of He Qianmin’s mouth twitched. He looked at Jiang Chen and then at the bowl in front of him, after a while, he said, “It’s nothing.”

Jiang Chen was thoughtful, Huo Bo glanced at He Qianmin, and said to Jiang Chen while ordering the food: “You make up lessons on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights, and you have to help me make up lessons on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, will it be too much?”

“No.” Jiang Chen withdrew his gaze and looked at Huo Bo: “Helping you make up lessons is also a refresh of my knowledge, and…..”

“Big brother.” He Qianmin suddenly interrupted the conversation between the two, and when Jiang Chen looked over, he said, “He Qianjian’s right hand was broken by someone.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

His words had no beginning or end, it could be said that they came out of the blue, but Jiang Chen was not surprised at all, and calmly answered, “What do you think?”

He Qianmin’s left hand on his right arm curled, pinching the protruding bandage, lowered his eyes and said, “If I say it’s retribution, do you think I lack compassion and take pleasure in other’s misfortunes?”

Before Jiang Chen could speak, Huo Bo suddenly said, “He hurt your arm?”

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