After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 072 A Wave Of Face Slapping

Tao Mu went directly back to the headquarters of FlyNews and signaled the technical department to directly send screenshots of each contestant’s voting data to the official FlyNews of the National School Beauty School Hunk Selection Contest.

——Generally speaking, the organizer of contestant shows would never publicly disclose the detailed data of the backstage voting of the contestants. Because most of the contestant shows were definitely tampered with in the voting session, the officially supported contestants and the contestants supported by the investors would have their votes counted up to ensure that they would not be eliminated in the PK session. Or in other words, contestants who refused to sign with the show organizers must be voted out in the PK session to prevent these disobedient contestants from getting better results and squeezing away the resources of their own signed contestants.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But Tao Mu had no such demand. The fundamental purpose of his holding this contestant show was to promote FlyNews. What he cared about was the increase in the number of registered users on FlyNews during the entire competition. As for who would win the crown of National School Beauty and Hunk, Tao Mu did not care at all.

Therefore, as there was no desire on his part, naturally he could be as tough as he wanted. Tao Mu dared to directly send out the detailed voting data of the voting session because he dared to guarantee that FlyNews, the organizer, did not tamper with the results. As for whether certain contestants tampered with their own votes during the voting period, whether the background data made public by FlyNews would have any influence on them, that was not in Tao Mu’s consideration.

After making public the voting data on the official FlyNews account of the National School Beauty School Hunk Selection Contest, Tao Mu called DB Accounting Firm again. Early on Tao Mu had hired the DB audit team and people from Beijing Notary Office to do notarization for the National School Beauty School Hunk Contest.

The back-end data released by Tao Mu plus the triple clarifications by notaries and auditors could definitely prove the innocence of FlyNews to all netizens who were concerned about this matter.

However, Tao Mu was surprised that at the same time when he asked the technical department to call up the background voting data and upload screenshots to the official FlyNews account of the program crew, Shen Yu actually held a press conference on behalf of FlyNews.

“…..I don’t think Tao Mu will be the kind of person who takes advantage of the public for personal gain and uses power for personal gain. I also don’t believe that FlyNews will deliberately interfere with the voting process of the finals under Tao Mu’s order. And I think the one who won the national school hunk title, Contestant Gu Xun, is very good. Although Gu Xun is not as handsome as me, he has a lot of talents. He won the best actor award in the 2007 Golden Crow Awards. He is a senior I admire very much. I hope my fans won’t doubt that this excellent person has used any inappropriate means just because someone is better than me. After all, there are many better people in the world than me…..”

Shen Yu’s statement was as always subjective. However, it seemed that someone helped write the PR draft. Although this statement had a strong Shen Yu style throughout, there were not as many rant points. Irrelevant netizens would have nothing to complain about after hearing it, at most they would think Shen Yu was inexplicably self-confident, but Shen Yu being able to frankly express his self-confidence was also quite a cute quality.

Even after Gu Xun’s fans and movie fans saw this statement, they also felt that although Shen Yu spoke in a ridiculous way, he was at least sober when faced with major events. At least he was not the kind of person who maliciously speculated on others and didn’t like to see others do well for themselves so maliciously spread rumors.

Shen Yu’s press conference was held at nine o’clock in the morning. Tao Mu asked FlyNews’ technical department to call up a screenshot of the background data and send it to the front at 9:30 in the morning. Because there were as many as tens of millions of netizens participating in the voting session, it took more than six hours for FlyNews to upload all the data. The statement of the notary office and the audit office was posted at six o’clock in the afternoon. It happened to be the best time for students and office workers to eat melon as both groups got off school or work hours.

Many netizens who questioned the fairness of the program crew in the voting process were actually just questioning it by habit. After all, there have been so many Chinese talent shows in recent years, and almost every talent show would be questioned by netizens and fans during the voting session. But none of the program crews would stand up after the fact to face the doubts of netizens and fans and make any clarifications. Most of the time things would just be left as it is to fade away.

Netizens were also used to it. After all, this competition was held by others, and they could play however they wanted. As for fairness, unfairness, justness, and unjustness, in fact, outsiders didn’t really have any say. Other platforms put out real money to host shows, and naturally they want to support the people they want. Refusing to sign a contract with the platform and still accusing the platform of being unfair and not letting you play. How should one say this, if not for the platform, you wouldn’t even be able to have a place to show your face, right?

China’s people have been nurtured by the doctrine of the mean since they were young, and they were always accustomed to glossing things over in situations (TN: the Doctrine of the Mean, one of the Four Books). There were a lot of people who commented on anything with the attitude of people with more experience. At the end, they would sigh, “crows everywhere are equally black”, which in this way they seemed to think would prove that they were very wise (TN: an analogy that no matter where the exploiters and oppressors are, they are just as bad).

However, FlyNews did not follow the routine. Aren’t you questioning? Then I will face your doubts openly. I will directly post the background data for public view. Those who questioned should investigate by themselves. Don’t worry, just patiently count one by one, and use your IP data and mobile phone number to find your votes, and see if your votes are correct!

In order to let all netizens understand this part of the background data, the FlyNews Network Technology Department also very kindly uploaded an article, “Instructions for Verification”, on the official account of the program crew to teach netizens how to understand the background data.

No one thought that FlyNews would have such a tough attitude.

There was no deliberately digressing from the topic, no pretending to be deaf, and there was no settling the matter by leaving it unsettled. Instead they so brazenly shot back at the rumors. As a result, many netizens who wanted to show off their wisdom and prove once again that “crows everywhere are equally black” could only feel their faces echoing with “pa pa” sounds.

——It was all the sounds of slaps on the face.

This attitude was too damn tough!

Although they have not counted the voting data one by one, and could not even understand the background data all that clearly, many netizens who questioned FlyNews immediately dispelled their doubts and quickly completed the anti-to-fan and passerby-to-fan conversion process.

“Of all social platforms I am only convinced by FlyNews. Mr. Tao is too tough. As expected, he is a man I like.”

“Upstairs, please have some shame, CEO Tao belongs to all of us.”

“I want to ask! I want to ask! There are so many talent shows in China! Which one can achieve the level of FlyNews! Aren’t you all questioning me? I will directly upload the background data! Let you group of grandsons count them one by one! If you have the ability, you can count tens of millions of pieces of data one by one!”

“From the exclamation mark from upstairs, it can be concluded that you are a friendly army!”

The actions of FlyNews were like a drop of cold water falling into a hot oil pan, instantly stirring up waves. All netizens immediately boiled in excitement. They flooded into the official account of FlyNews, and all kinds of expressions of love were not enough to express their excitement at this moment.

There was an old saying in China “the youth is strong, the country is strong.” Don’t underestimate young people. Although today’s young people did not have the power to fight the world, every teenager with second year middle school syndrome had a heart to fight the world and change the world.

Although the coldness of reality would eventually chip away at the ambitions of these young people bit by bit. But certain ideals or dreams would always be hidden deep in the heart. Like volcanic magma covered in frost. Normally, it was fine but once it encountered some kind of turning point, it would explode out in a flagrant manner.

FlyNews so brazenly challenging the rumors was this turning point.

——I can’t be absolutely fair, and I don’t even dare to expect it. But someone did it, and to some extent, this person also represents “authority.” Then this person or this platform would undoubtedly become a hero in everyone’s mind.

People in the world admire the strong, if the party representing the “authority” could still be relatively fair, for the weak who hoped the strong would stand up for them, the effect was simply like exploding fire and lightning, a meteor hitting the earth.

On this day, don’t know how many people directly turned into diehard fans of FlyNews and Tao Mu. Teenage boys and girls were extremely prone to incitement. What was more, under this kind of rollercoasting emotions, the entire China Internet was about to blow up the roof.

The public was stirred up and excited, everyone was discussing this move by FlyNews. Fans were going around recruiting laborers to check the data, and the mindset to check the data was no longer out of questioning and suspicion. In fact, these people subconsciously believed in the absolute innocence of FlyNews.

And the reason why they continued to recruit people to count the data was just to transform themselves from witnesses of history to participants. Not only fans, but also many melon eating netizens also began to find ways to smooth the vast sea of numerous data.

Some engineering students of mathematics or computer science made various programs that could help filter the data of each contestant. There were also people who recommended themselves and applied for a job privately with the official account of FlyNews. There were even many teachers of marketing and crisis public relations who directly took this move of FlyNews to the classroom to explain and analyze.

All news media were discussing the behavior of FlyNews. Even the social section began to cite this matter to discuss the topic of “resources and fairness”.

Tao Mu’s casual act of self-evident innocence caused a social hot spot. This was something he didn’t even think of. As a result, the registered users on FlyNews started a blowout-like rise.

Advertisers who had hesitated because more than a dozen media broke the news about Tao Mu’s scandal before now swarmed over, waving banknotes and wanting to cooperate with and This time the party with speaking power became FlyNews. People who had possession over resources could naturally sit back and raise the price. Meng Qi simply held an advertising bidding meeting. In the end, the sponsorship fee for the sponsor title of was as high as 80 million. In the same year, the highest sponsorship fee paid for CCTV was only 300 million.

However, in addition to the fact that FlyNews’ actions have allowed it to gain higher praise in society, greater sensation, more registered users and 80 million worth of sponsorship fees, it also attracted some criticisms from its industry peers.

——Most of them were also the organizers of contestant shows. They felt that the high-profile behavior of FlyNews made it difficult for some peers.

You may have no desire, so you can put on a tough attitude and just publish the background voting data without fear. But we can’t do that. Now, fans of many contestants have come to their official websites to demand fairness and disclosure. Say, you tell me, what can be done now?

Causing all of us contestant shows to lose credibility. If a contestant show did not even have credibility, then what was the point in playing? Next year when they hold another talent show, would there even be any contestants signing up for it?

Meng Qi, who was in charge of FlyNews Entertainment, said shamelessly: This is actually easy to handle. You can also cooperate with FlyNews!

Live broadcast or rebroadcast your talent show on Let some netizens choose to vote online. I believe someone will watch it~

Peers who made accusations: “…..” I have seen shameless people, but I have never seen such shameless people before.

But what amused Tao Mu even more was that just when FlyNews received various praises and benefits for disclosing its back-end data, some netizens who had been immersed in straightening out the voting data spoke out.

Some netizens who specially made a software to screen each vote in order to smooth the voting data raised doubts that the voting data of some contestants was indeed a bit abnormal.

A large number of votes suddenly broke out in a certain period of time. Of all only proxy IPs were used. After tracking, it was shown that all proxy IPs belonged to the same region. The number of abnormal votes was probably between 100,000 and 200,000.

After a bit of verification, this netizen, who did not hesitate to make a software to smooth the data, said in a conclusive statement: Sure enough, someone tampered with the votes in the voting session.

However, the contestants who tampered with their votes were not Gu Xun and Chu Zi, who won the National School Hunk and Beauty respectively, nor was it Shen Yu who bounced around the most. It was the other two male contestants who entered the finals who hinted to reporters during interviews that FlyNews might be problematic.

As soon as this conclusion came out, the netizens who were still eating melon suddenly blew up——

“No wonder the two contestants spoke so convincingly. It turns out that they have their own problems!”

“Do they think they should win the championship after tampering with their votes? And if they don’t win, then there is a problem with the website?”

“Only adding a hundred or two hundred thousand votes, they really underestimated the power of the public.”

“I’m dying from laughter. If it weren’t for this group of people bouncing around, FlyNews would not directly upload the background data. If they didn’t upload the background data, no one would know their secret tampering with the votes. Now could this be counted as shooting themselves in the foot?”

“After tampering with the votes, and yet still didn’t win the championship, and couldn’t even overwhelm the votes of brain-disabled little prince Shen Yu. Does this mean that people who are too ugly cannot even be saved by RMB?”

“I want to know what these two contestants are feeling now.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Weren’t you bouncing around so happily before. Weren’t you quite willing to accept interviews. Won’t you accept one more~”

On the other side, Tao Mu, who was now feeling refreshed, received a call from Yao Shengan again.

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 114 Directing Troops

Ni Wenjun was in the back of the army. In front were the generals and soldiers who charged into battle. He was sitting on the chariot behind, stretching his neck to watch the battle in front of him. He gained his position from fighting wars and became a marshal by virtue of his military merits. But now, he was unwilling to step on the battlefield——that was the job of the general, not the emperor.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Since ancient times, when the imperial presence led the expedition, few emperors actually fought on the battlefield. They only needed to drink tea in a safe place, and then wait for the news of victory to come.

Now Ni Wenjun felt that his identity had changed, and naturally he could no longer be the same as before.

But what he didn’t expect was that the enemy he had thought would be easily defeated now showed an extremely tough side. Zhao Pusheng personally led his troops to the forefront, fought a blood-soaked struggle, and turned the original disadvantage into an evenly matched battle.

Ni Wenjun was so angry that he almost gritted cracks into his own teeth.

Wasn’t he more worthy of following than Xu Shouhui? Wasn’t he smarter and greater than Xu Shouhui?

Were these people blind?

When he won, Zhao Pusheng’s head must be cut off! Let everyone see that this would be the fate of resisting him!

Compared with Ni Wenjun, the situation on Lin Yuan’s side was much better.

Sun Deya’s general obviously didn’t expect to encounter obstacles. The general sent by Sun Deya was Zhao Junyong. He was originally the military commander of Xuzhou. Later, together with Peng Da, he led his soldiers and subordinates to follow under Guo Zixing. That Sun Deya could replace Guo Zixing and take over his power was in large part due to the two of them.

Both of them had their own strengths and their own shortcomings.

But there was one thing the two of them were similar in——both were full of ambition, and their hearts were loftier than the sky.

Peng Da was more calm and steady, while Zhao Junyong was more temperamental. In other words, he was very easy to be irritated, was prideful and arrogant, and couldn’t stand any doubt against him.

In the historical records absent of Lin Yuan’s presence, Zhao Junyong betrayed Guo Zixing by just a little urging from Sun Deya.

Then he and Peng Da became emperors when Guo Zixing and Sun Deya were still marshals.

It was just that this time the two of them were for some reason won over by Sun Deya, and they became generals under the latter’s command.

However, according to Lin Yuan’s experience, although they did not establish themselves as emperors, their personalities should still remain the same.

Lin Yuan said to Luo Ben: “I also need to ask the military strategist to go to the front.”

Luo Ben got up and bowed: “I will not disappoint.”

Lin Yuan reminded: “Zhao Junyong, this person, is proud and arrogant. It might be more appropriate to lure the enemy into a trap.”

Luo Ben was stunned. He looked at Lin Yuan, and suddenly felt that there was nothing in this world that Lin Yuan did not know, and there was no one who Lin Yuan did not understand. The gaze he looked at Lin Yuan with increased in respect that even he hadn’t even noticed.

Perhaps…..there was a reason for the people to call Lin Yuan the South Bodhisattva.

At least Luo Ben had never seen someone like Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan watched Luo Ben leave on horseback. For scholars like Luo Ben, riding a horse was a form of torture.

After all, even if they could ride a horse, they didn’t ride it often. Once the skin on your thighs was rubbed bloody, that kind of feeling was very indescribable and could make a normal man waddle like a “duck”.

Lin Yuan thought to himself, if Luo Ben didn’t feel tortured riding a horse, then he would really be jealous of him.

After all, Lin Yuan also felt riding a horse was very handsome, but it was too painful to ride for a long time. If possible, he hoped that he could ride for a long time like Chen Baisong and Zhu Yuanzhang.

The scouts also went with Luo Ben as he had to continue to keep watch on the battle ahead, and then make reports to Lin Yuan.

In the woods ahead, it was rare for Chen Baisong to stand with Zhu Yuanzhang and Li Congrong on the same battlefield. Although the three of them were important generals, they were stationed in different places. Except for the first few years, there was basically no contact among them and they also had not collaborated much either.

It was Li Congrong who spoke first. He was born with this temper, and he didn’t become more steady when he became a general. He opened his mouth and said, “I will take people and close in from the south, Bai Song can take people and attack from the north and then pretend to be repelled. Lead them to the canyon to the north, where it will be up to Yuan Zhang.”

Li Congrong then asked Luo Ben after the allocation was completed: “Is this possible?”

Luo Ben looked at the expressions of Chen Baisong and Zhu Yuanzhang, and found that neither of them had any displeased expressions. Then he said, “General Li is wise and resourceful.”

Li Congrong proudly said: “Alright already, you don’t need to say something that everyone knows.”

The other three people: “…..”

However, Chen Baisong and Zhu Yuanzhang breathed a sigh of relief that he didn’t latch onto Luo Ben and insist on swearing brotherhood.

Li Congrong also sighed: “I have not seen second brother for a long time. It would be great if he could come this time as well.” (TN: second brother=Yang Zi’an

Did this person think of fighting wars as a spring outing?

Luo Ben was somewhat speechless.

However, Chen Baisong and Zhu Yuanzhang ignored him, and each went off to direct their troops.

Zhu Yuanzhang took away 50,000 people, Chen Baisong and Li Congrong each took 10,000 people. After all, their main task was to harass. Once Zhao Junyong’s fighting intent was provoked, their task would be completed. Besides, leading too many people would become a hassle when retreating,

Both Chen Baisong and Zhu Yuanzhang wore a full set of armor. They also wore a helmet that Lin Yuan had specially made for them. It was even uglier than the helmets worn by the soldiers and looked a bit like a medieval European helmet, but it didn’t cover the cheeks. It just covered the forehead, back of the head and the sides of the head, allowing the face to be exposed.

After wearing it, people would look a little humorous, and no matter how handsome the facial features, it would give one the appearance of a marinated egg head.

In private, many people call it a marinated egg hat.

Chen Bosong and Zhu Yuanzhang also called this strange helmet that way as well.

Although they have to admit that it was really effective, it was just a bit ugly.

Only Lin Yuan did not think it was ugly, in fact he felt that it was quite artistic as well as practical.

Of course, this helmet was heavier than the helmets worn by the soldiers. As soon as Chen Baisong put it on, he felt that his feet were even sinking a little into the mud.

Zhu Yuanzhang smiled at Chen Baisong next to him: “Your head looks like an overcooked tea egg.”

Li Congrong responded on the side, “Don’t mention him, do you think you look any better?”

Li Congrong put on his helmet and said, “This thing might be ugly, but I don’t know how many times it saved my life. Let me tell you, if we can give a marinated egg hat for every soldier in the future, maybe the casualties in battle can even be reduced by half.”

Chen Baisong said: “We can sell you to see if it will raise up enough money.”

Li Congrong laughed and said, “I am very popular now.”

Then Li Congrong said in a lower voice: “Don’t tell my wife.”

Li Congrong looked rough and careless, but after getting married, he became a severe hen-pecked husband. His wife was from a small modest household, but somehow she had a big temper. Lin Yuan had heard that he went to battle wine-drinking with others only to have the wine table be flipped over by his angry wife. He could also really put aside his dignity and plead and beg for mercy with his wife. After that, he only dared to hide from his wife or find someone to cover him whenever he wanted to go drinking.

When he got drunk, he would sleep over in someone else’s house, and only dared to go home when the smell of alcohol disappeared from his person.

It was Jiang Gui who was often the reluctant host of such sleepovers. Jiang Gui was nearly annoyed to death by him. He complained about it several times when he wrote private letters to Lin Yuan.

According to Jiang Gui, how could a grown man be controlled by women. Men manage outside affairs while women manage inside affairs. Each had their own place and shouldn’t overly interfere with each other’s affairs.

Li Congrong and Jiang Gui were two completely different models of men.

Jiang Gui completely ignored the internal house affairs, and his wife could manage it however she wanted.

But if his wife tried to manage his outside affairs, he would feel that his territory had been invaded. He had found respective places for himself and his wife and delineated their responsibilities and role.

So he hoped that his wife would be like him and would do things in the prescribed position, and don’t step over the boundary.

Lin Yuan didn’t know whether he should be called a male chauvinist or an excessively disciplined person.

Li Congrong was completely different. His wife could manage him, his money, his daily life, and his socializing outside. He didn’t consider it a pain, but instead took pleasure in it. He once wrote to Lin Yuan: “When she manages me, it gives me the feeling of a family and home.” Lin Yuan felt that this had something to do with their different family backgrounds.

Jiang Gui was born in a complete family structure. His parents were an old-fashioned husband and wife couple, so he would use his parents’ behavior with each other to demand the same of himself and his wife.

Li Congrong was a person whose parents passed when he was still young. He didn’t know what an ordinary husband and wife relationship was like, or what a husband and wife relationship that met the requirements of this era was like. He thought that it was enough if someone managed and cared about him, so his wife could do whatever and he would be tolerant and didn’t feel offended at all.

Lin Yuan once thought about whether he would be like Jiang Gui or Li Congrong if he married.

But he couldn’t imagine himself acting like either of them. After all, for ancient women, there should be a small number of women who dared to control someone in his position. If he happened to come across one, then given his status, this woman should also be a person with an extreme desire for power. This was not a good thing.

But if he married a wife who had no mind of her own, it might be difficult for him to even communicate with her. Getting married would then become nothing but an action just to continue the blood line, which was too boring. He couldn’t even find a place to rest and heal from a day’s hard work.

After Li Congrong finished speaking, the three of them drank a bowl of wine together. After drinking, Li Congrong said with a face of enjoyment: “When we win, let’s find time to drink a pot. I will get both of you drunk!”

Zhu Yuanzhang: “Just bluster away, you will fall down before you even reach ten bowls.”

Chen Baisong was expressionless: “You were drunk last time and vomited all over me.”

Li Congrong: “…..You are talking about four years ago, right? I am no longer that person!”

“You just wait!” Li Congrong mounted his horse, “After victory, I will get you both so drunk you won’t even be able to distinguish between day and night!”

Chen Baisong and Zhu Yuanzhang also mounted their horses one after another.

Zhu Yuanzhang chuckled and said: “If you have the ability then go get the South Bodhisattva drunk.”

Li Congrong cowered in a very righteous manner: “If you want to go, then you go, don’t think you will succeed by goading me.”

Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Baisong both laughed.

After that the three people led their respective troops in different directions.

Only Luo Ben was left alone in a cold sweat.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Why did he feel that after these generals got together, they all seemed so unreliable?

He felt that he might have to ask for forgiveness from the South Bodhisattva.

Luo Ben looked at the almost disappearing horse asses in the distance, his face smiling, but inside…..

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 113 Meeting Face To Face On A Narrow Path

The September of the seventeenth year of Yuan Shun.

Lin Yuan went out with the army. This was his first attack against an armed force aside from the imperial court. This was also a war of great significance for Lin Yuan. A total of three generals, including Chen Baisong, led the expedition.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Chen Baisong, Zhu Yuanzhang and Li Congrong.

Each of them led an army of 100,000, and this time a total of 300,000 soldiers went on the expedition.

Lin Yuan sat in a carriage——his thighs have not yet grown calluses and riding a horse would only make his thighs become bloody. So Lin Yuan chose the latter between “the dignity of a man” and “to not walk like a duck”.

Fortunately, according to his status now, no one would laugh at him.

The three generals must lead soldiers in front, and must ride horses. Song Shizhao and Luo Ben also sat in Lin Yuan’s carriage.

The dirt road was not smooth. Although the roads in the territories under Lin Yuan’s rule were all undergoing road construction, the road they were passing through had clearly yet to be included in the road plan as the manpower was still too limited.

Lin Yuan still remembered the propaganda “Many people meant great power”, so people desperately had children, and added to the fact that there was a traditional belief that more children was a sign of prosperity, the population began to explode. Because at that time there was a shortage of labor and many technical talents, but this also brought along a huge problem.

The problem was in fact these people who were born in the same era. Once they entered old age, society would passively enter an aging society.

The employment outlets for young people would decrease, and the pressures of life for the elderly would increase.

Therefore, encouraging population growth was a double-edged sword.

Lin Yuan sighed.

He had not found a solution yet.

“I wonder what’s the situation in Hanyang now.” Song Shizhao looked at the news that the spies passed back, saying that Ni Wenjun had rebelled, but what was specifically happening between Xu Shouhui and Ni Wenjun now was not clear to them.

Song Shizhao said: “Ni Wenjun should be able to get what he wants. Xu Shouhui does not have many people he can use, and he is not an outstanding emperor in any case.”

Luo Ben said at this time: “Although Xu Shouhui is not capable, he still has four great heavenly kings under his command, Taishi Zou Pusheng, and generals besides Ni Wenjun such as Zhao Pusheng and Fu Youde. These three are not idiots. Ni Wenjun rebelled openly so naturally these three people will fight back desperately, and it is not yet known who will win in the end.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Guanzhong’s statement makes sense.”

As Lin Yuan had spoken, Song Shizhao could only say obediently: “I am ill-informed and narrow-minded.”

Lin Yuan comforted him: “It cannot be blamed on Mister, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, if you can know the world, then you are not a mortal, but a god.”

Song Shizhao lowered his head, looking very ashamed.

After leaving Lin Yuan’s territory, the roadside scenery quickly changed.

All over was desolate land with no life to be seen. The people seemed to have never returned after abandoning their homes. There were still corpses dragged out by wild dogs laying on the roadside, and some even have only skeletons left.

Nowadays the world is like this. The big cities might fare better, at least there were armed soldiers in the city, and the big households would not let the bandits enter the city. In any case, they would be united at the time and the common people could also benefit from this.

But rural farmers did not have such conditions, no one would protect them, and the bandits paid the least price when attacking them, so they were more likely to be harmed.

Lin Yuan thought of the secret letter Jiang Guang sent to him, and knew that Jiang Guang had not tampered with food at this time. Therefore, Ni Wenjun was now strong in military power, and his spirit was at its best. If they go now to attack them, it was very possible Lin Yuan would be facing a situation of being attacked by the enemy on both the front and rear sides.

The best situation would be when they arrived in Hanyang, the soldiers and horses of Xu Shouhui and Ni Wenjun were already in the most exhausted state.

At that time, if they join in the fight, their own consumption would be reduced to a minimum.

They have been on the road for nearly two months.

In ancient times when there were no cars and highways, the cavalry had horses but more soldiers were infantry. They could only advance on their two legs. In addition to the infantry, there were logistics soldiers who had to transport food and grass rations, and behind them were the army doctors and nurses.

Being a nurse was a new occupation, but there were not many women who were willing to become nurses and receive training.

Because nurses meant that when there was war, they must be called up and go to the battlefield. Although they were in the rear, if their side lost, then they definitely won’t be able to escape. But if they could go back alive, they would be promoted and have their monthly salary increase.

Therefore, women who generally chose to become nurses were mostly alone or from extremely poor families.

Logistic troops were made up of more physically strong men. If they lacked troops on the battlefield, they would also pick up arms and step onto the battlefield.

The soldiers were all very tired. They had to march every day while wearing helmets made of heavy iron. Although it protected their vital points, it also brought more burdens to the soldiers. It was September, and the autumn sun was strong, especially at noon, so during the noon period, Lin Yuan was worried that the soldiers would become dehydrated. As a result, every time they stopped to set up camp, he would first send someone to find a source of water.

Lin Yuan jumped out of the carriage as soon as the carriage stopped. Once halted marching, the temperature inside the carriage was higher than that outside. After all, there was still some breeze to be had outside.

But Song Shizhao was reluctant to come down, saying that he was old and he was not afraid of heat.

Lin Yuan didn’t force the issue either. Sometimes he didn’t know what Song Shizhao was thinking.

Luo Ben told him: “He just sweated a lot, and the reason he doesn’t want to come down is probably that we will be able to smell it when the wind blows.”

Lin Yuan: “…..Wouldn’t the smell of sweat be stronger in the carriage?”

Luo Ben: “When people get older, sometimes they are a little bit…..”

Lin Yuan pondered for a while, and he suspected that Song Shizhao might get Alzheimer’s when he got even older.

It seemed that in the future, he should find more work for Song Shizhao to do. Perhaps maintaining frequent mental activities might be effective in preventing Alzheimer’s disease?

A soldier brought two wicker stools over for Lin Yuan and Luo Ben, and they could be sat on directly after being put down on the open space. The principle was similar to the portable stool carried around during fishing. The soldier looked at Lin Yuan with reverence and some fanaticism, but Lin Yuan could now take these looks in stride.

Luo Ben went out for a while and brought back two cups of tea. Lin Yuan also looked around. The soldiers all took off their helmets one after another and looked for a shaded area to rest in. There were some who had better energy and sat together to chat and drink and eat something. They were all assigned dried meat rations when they set off on the expedition which was very chewy, and the more they chewed, the more fragrant the meat became. Although it was not flavored with any spices, the taste of the meat was enough to conquer their stomachs.

As for Chen Baisong and the others, they rested in a position further ahead. The soldiers they led were cavalry and a small section of infantry with better physique. They had to distinguish the directions along the way, find an open space suitable for camping, and patrol the vicinity of the camps to check whether there were any common people or bandits around.

This was supposed to be the work of the scout, but this time because Lin Yuan personally went out on the expedition, their reaction was a little big.

Lin Yuan also persuaded them, but they insisted, so Lin Yuan didn’t waste his breath on this anymore.

Both Luo Ben and Lin Yuan sat on the wicker stools, and because the ground was uneven, it was a little shaky when they sat down.

Lin Yuan felt like he was sitting on a rocking chair. He said to Luo Ben: “Who do you think will win, Xu Shouhui or Ni Wenjun?”

Luo Ben replied seriously: “Xu Shouhui.”

Lin Yuan smiled and asked, “Why?”

Luo Ben: “Ni Wenjun’s rebellion is not righteous, even the soldiers he has under his command might not obey him sincerely. In contrast, Xu Shouhui is the emperor and has righteousness on his side. Moreover, he has not committed any large mistakes since ascending the throne. Ni Wenjun is also not the only general underneath him. With Ni Wenjun gone, the others will be able to climb up the ladder. What’s more, the conceited troops will lose, while the troops burning with righteous indignation will win.”

It looked like Xu Shouhui was at a disadvantage. Ni Wenjun was strong with military power, and he also understood the distribution of forces in Xu Shouhui’s hands. He seemed to have a better chance of winning than Xu Shouhui.

Lin Yuan looked in the direction of Hanyang, and seemed to see Hanyang through numerous obstacles and the long distance.

He was already thinking about what to do after he captured Hanyang.

Just like what he did in Gaoyou and Taizhou, he first broke up the original political system, disrupted the official cliques and planted his own people.

What he was going to do next was even simpler.

Lin Yuan smiled and shook his head, he also felt like he had become a little conceited.

Luo Ben also saw Lin Yuan’s smile and said strangely: “My Lord, this is…..”

Lin Yuan: “I’m just thinking, maybe one day, I will become a person you can’t make sense of.”

Luo Ben: “Why does my Lord say this?”

Lin Yuan laughed self-deprecatingly: “It’s nothing.”

Sometimes he feels that he thinks too much. If he thought less, he would be more relaxed.

The soldiers lay on the ground with limbs sprawled, but even so, they all kept a hold of their weapons in their hands. This was a habit left to them by countless battles. Their sleep would not be very deep and if they felt a threat, even the eyes would not necessarily have to open, and instead just directly pierce their enemy with their weapons.

“Killing in a dream” was very possible on the battlefield. People’s minds were in a state of high tension especially when their consciousness was not awake enough. Instinct would take over the nerve response, and the survival instinct would control their behavior.

“There is a horse ahead!”

“There is a flag! It is our own soldier!”

A black horse was carrying a short man, and the man was holding a small flag to avoid accidental injury.

He jumped off his horse and ran to Lin Yuan in large strides: “Reporting to the South Bodhisattva! We have encountered a large army that is also heading to Hanyang! South Bodhisattva, please make a decision!”

Lin Yuan pursed his lips: “Whose army?”

Man: “The name Sun is written on the flag, it should be Sun Deya’s army.”

Lin Yuan: “How many soldiers?”

Man: “Roughly speaking, it should be 100,000.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nowadays Sun Deya had already replaced Guo Zixing and took over Guo Zixing’s power. His personality was completely different from Guo Zixing’s, so him coveting Hanyang was actually not all that surprising. He was a greedy person, and greedy people would never complain of the land and power in their hands having increased.

Lin Yuan: “Tell them to use Sun Deya’s soldiers for a training session, and reinforcements will be there soon so they must defeat them for me.”

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Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 102 Wang Fifth’s Strategy

Nie Bufan was taken screaming all the way to a small wooden house.

“We’re here.” Li Yi put him on the bed.

“Where is this?” Nie Bufan became calm when he saw that he had already entered the den of thieves.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Li Yi didn’t speak, just stared at him steadily.

“What are you looking at?” Nie Bufan straightened his back and said strongly, “I won’t submit no matter how much you look at me!”

It was a pity that in this dark place, his look of righteousness didn’t have the slightest deterrent effect.

“Bufan, do you know who your first man was?” Li Yi asked.

“Wang Fifth.” Nie Bufan answered without hesitation.

Li Yi’s face immediately went as gloomy as the lighting in the room.

He gritted his teeth and said: “You have amnesia now, so I forgive you.”

“What’s there to forgive? Are you really sure that I have amnesia?” Nie Bufan frowned and said, “I think I have remembered everything I should remember.”

“What do you mean by remembering everything you should remember?” Li Yi growled, “You have forgotten all the important things!”

He forgot about him, forgot about their encounters, forgot the bits and pieces of their lives together, and forgot his feelings for him.

Nie Bufan felt his fluctuating emotions and couldn’t help but step forward and pat him on the shoulder while comforting: “It’s okay, I have no other strengths, but I am definitely a person who acknowledges mistakes can be corrected, and is willing to be taught with an open mind. If I really forgot something, just say it and see if it can stimulate my memory and cause me to remember it.”

Daring to say “acknowledges mistakes can be corrected, and willing to be taught with an open mind”? I will thank God if you could just lie flat obediently.

“Don’t worry, I will remind you of it all.” Li Yi pressed him down on the bed, and skillfully helped him undress.

Nie Bufan struggled and said, “This can’t be done. I am a man of integrity. Although Wang Fifth is heartless, I still decide to remain loyal to him.”

“Loyal my ass!” Li Yi snorted coldly, “When I was your man, who even knows which corner reciting scriptures he was in!”

What was more, even if people all over the world had a thing like integrity, you, Nie Bufan, would not have it!

Nie Bufan’s upper half and lower half both became bare and naked, and only a few pieces of clothing were left hanging on his waist.

Li Yi pulled his own clothes while kissing the other. When he he was trying to take off his pants, Nie Bufan desperately held onto his pants, preventing him from taking out his murder weapon.

Li Yi used one hand to imprison his hands, and then used the other hand to continue pulling. So Nie Bufan hooked his feet under his waistband instead. But when his feet were also restricted, he could only watch the murder weapon eagerly pop out.

“Li, Li Fourth, let’s have a discussion?” Nie Bufan said tremblingly.

“On the bed, there is no room for discussion.” A smile appeared on the corner of Li Yi’s mouth, remembering the first time he had enjoyed making love with him.

“No, you see, I just did it with Wang Fifth just now, and now I am immediately doing it with you…..mmph…..”

Li Yi blocked his mouth and did not give him a chance to continue. Experience told him that letting a certain someone’s mouth run was to invite abuse for himself.

“Bufan, I’m going in…..” Li Yi said softly in his ear.

“Wait, wait, I’m not ready yet, let me brew some emotions…..ah!”

“It seems,” Li Yi said hoarsely, “There is no time for you to brew.”


“Bufan, I will never let you forget me, I want you to remember me for the rest of this life.” Li Yi moved vigorously, his tone firm.

“Isn’t a lifetime too long?” Nie Bufan gasped, “Why don’t you give a discount? How about half a lifetime? This way you still have a chance to marry and have a biological child.”

“Long-winded!” Li Yi snorted coldly, “Unless you can give birth, don’t tell me anything about marrying and having a child.”

“Are you sure? You don’t want a beautiful wife or an adorable child?”

“You are my wife, and your chickens are my children.”

Nie Bufan was silent for a while, seeming to be a little touched, before murmuring: “My chickens are your children? Isn’t that a bit too many children?”

“You can shut up.” Li Yi turned him over and thrusted fiercely with more strength.

“Lighter! Have you eaten too much chicken poop?”

Li Yi smiled and said, “Bufan, do you remember how you dealt with me the first time?”

“Why, how did I deal with you?” Nie Bufan’s consciousness was a little hazy, and his body temperature was becoming increasingly heated.

“You said…..” Li Yi whispered in his ear, “…..that you want to squeeze me to death.”

“…..What a great idea.”

“I think so too. So, come and squeeze tighter…..”


The night was long and without sleep.

On the other side, Wang Shichan packed up and returned to the village, and was immediately intercepted by Wei Di and the others.

Without waiting for them to question, Wang Shichan first opened his mouth and said: “It just so happens that I have something to say to you all, come with me.”

After finishing speaking, he walked slowly into Nie Bufan’s house.

Wei Di’s eyes flashed and he lifted his heel to follow after.

Si Chenyu, Li Huai, Tai Bai, Zhang Junshi, and Fan Luo looked at each other, and then followed as well. Unrelated people such as Shen Muran and Tiannu were blocked outside the door.

The several people talked for more than an hour. When they came out, their expressions were all different, and they each went back to their respective houses in silence.

When the next day arrived and Li Yi finally returned with the half-dead Nie Bufan, Wei Di and the others just came over for a visit, and actually didn’t break out into fights for the right to sleep with him at all.

Li Yi was very surprised, he thought he would meet some difficulties from the others after returning, but their reaction was so calm.

“What did you tell them?” Li Yi asked Wang Shichan.

Wang Shichan sat beside Nie Bufan’s bed, and replied mildly, “Why don’t you ask Junshi? The same thing, I won’t say it a second time.”

Li Yi looked at him, turned around and walked out.

“What did he say?” Zhang Junshi smiled gently, “I don’t dare to repeat what he said last night. But what is certain is that the Leader Wei, Prince Si, and the Teacher of the State will soon leave Chicken Nest Village.”

Li Yi was surprised: “Are they going to give up Bufan?”

“Whether to give up or not is not easy to say for the time being. However, they will not force Bufan to retrieve his memory of them for now.”

Li Yi was shocked, wondering to himself what Wang Shichan had said to them? Seeing him letting go of Bufan so easily last night, he had thought he was really so generous and was able to share Bufan with everyone calmly.

“So, what about you?” Li Yi looked at Zhang Junshi and asked, “Are you going?”

“Me?” Zhang Junshi whispered, “How can I go? Do you know that I have already told my father about Bufan’s existence.”

“What? You said already? How did your father react?”

Zhang Junshi smiled and said, “How do you think he reacted? Naturally, he gave me a painful beating.”

Li Yi fell silent. He did not expect that Zhang Junshi, who seemed to have such a gentle temperament, would have the courage to speak frankly to his family.

What about him? Did you have the courage?

He must take this step if he wanted to be with Bufan for a lifetime.

A touch of firmness flashed in Li Yi’s eyes, and he calmly said: “When Prince Si and the others go, I will go with them.”

After experiencing several separations, he was extremely sure of his feelings for Bufan. That being the case, what reason was there to hesitate?

Zhang Junshi smiled, patted him on the shoulder and said: “Then, Bufan will be with me tonight, you have no complaints, yes?”

Li Yi nodded, turned and left.

It was night and Nie Bufan was packed up and sent to Zhang Junshi’s bed. After a lingering round of lovemaking, he retrieved his memory of Zhang Junshi as well.

“Zhang Third, after not having seen you for so many days, I find that you have become more amiable.”

“Li Fourth, we’re eating dumplings today, you better quickly knead the dough.”

“Wang Fifth, Wang Fifth, Wang Fifth? Did you go off to hide and recite sutras again?”

Nie Bufan was like a happy penguin, playing around everywhere, completely different from his former self that lay sickly in bed.

But Wang Shichan and the others were not sure whether he really had no other problems except for his memory.

The divine doctor took the pulse for him every day, often with a sneaky expression on his face, completely engrossed with his research and ignored the inquiries of the group of people. When he was annoyed by the questions, he replied impatiently: “He won’t die.”

A few days later, Nie Bufan no longer fell asleep for no reason, no more sleepwalking, and life was as usual.

Si Chenyu and the others also received the imperial decree that ordered them to return to the capital. So they packed up and left Chicken Nest Village with the treasures.

Before leaving, Nie Bufan made a large table of dishes with hearty portions to see them off.

Looking at his smile, Si Chenyu and the others all felt a little bitter in their hearts because of his forgetting them.

Bufan, my leave does not mean that I want to abandon you! When I come back, I will never allow you to forget me! Wei Di’s eyes were deep and his expression was sharp and stern.

Si Chenyu looked back at the small mountain village at the foot of the mountain, his expression calm, his lips pressed tightly.

“Since you can’t bear it, don’t let it go easily.” Shen Muran said.

“This lord has my own measure.” He turned around and walked forward.

Li Huai asked Li Yi: “Brother, you are leaving too?”

Li Yi nodded: “I must go back and explain.”

“Have you really decided?”


Li Huai fell silent and looked into the distance with some melancholy. After a while, he said: “I understand, brother, I support you.”

“Thank you.”

Li Huai let out a sigh and then raised his chin and said: “In this case, the next patriarch of the Li family will be me.”

Li Yi looked at him and did not miss the reluctance and pretense at arrogance in his eyes.

Little brother, thank you. Your choice fulfilled my choice.

Among the few people, the one who left with the most worry free manner was Fan Luo. He was going back to solve his affairs. Although he was going to face the two mountains of the emperor and his family, he had long been thinking about it, and he had made all the necessary preparations for a successive retreat.

He was calm and patient, and the short separation was only for a lifetime of companionship.

Since he had already made the decision, he would not look back.

“Aren’t you leaving?” Zhang Junshi looked at the Tai uncle and nephew pair.

“I won’t go.” Tai Bai leaned on the chair and shrugged. “I like life here very much. Uncle, you can go now.”

Tai Yan hugged his chest and said, “I can go anytime, but I must take you with me.”


“If you don’t go back, your father will come catch you himself.”

“Let him come, then.” Tai Bai jumped off the chair, hugged Nie Bufan and said, “It will be the perfect opportunity to introduce him to my wife.”

Nie Bufan slapped his face away with a palm, and said in a bad tone: “Go die, if you want a wife, then go to the chicken coop to pick one.”

“Bufan, you are so heartless.” Tai Bai said while pretending to be sad. Several times he wanted to learn from Wang Shichan and the others and spend a spring night with a certain someone, in order to invoke the memory between them, but a certain someone was guarded too strictly, and he had no chance to make a move.

But it was to no avail, Tai Bai was forcibly dragged away by Tai Yan. In the end, only Wang Shichan and Zhang Junshi were left in Chicken Nest Village.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, leaving did not mean goodbye. It was basically impossible for the pitiful man who had been poisoned by Nie Bufan to return to the right path.

Soon, Chicken Nest Village would usher in new life…..

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Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 101 Forbidden Story

“Wang Fifth, it’s meal time.” Nie Bufan climbed on Wang Shichan’s back, and held two eggs in both hands up to his eyes.

Wang Shichan took a look and said mildly: “Today’s lunch is eggs? I don’t eat eggs.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Of course I know, this is my must-have side dish.” Bufan Nie chuckled, “You eat wild vegetables.”

Wang Shichan pulled him over in front of him and touched his head.

Nie Bufan rubbed against his hand a few times, then stepped back and instructed: “Remember to wash your hands.”

So Wang Shichan leisurely went to wash his hands.

A circle of people sat in the courtyard, all staring at Nie Bufan and Wang Shichan as they showed off their affection to one another. Seeing Wang Shichan’s calm and leisurely appearance, it was really an eye-sore.

Nie Bufan now only treated them as ordinary residents. Although he was very enthusiastic towards them, compared with Wang Shichan’s treatment, the disparity was still very obvious. That kind of trust and intimacy from the bottom of the heart was completely beyond the reach of outsiders.

In the past, they didn’t notice anything special about the way the other treated them. But after actually being expelled from his circle, they now knew what it was like. The acidic bubbles in their hearts practically burst out like volcano eruptions.

That Nie Bufan could remember Wang Shichan, the only possibility was that something happened last night. And on this something, they could guess just from the vaguely visible hickey on his neck. Those who had gotten sick in Chicken Nest Village had a similar experience. A certain someone had a strange physique, and intercourse could solve many intractable diseases.

“It’s my turn tonight.” Wei Di said suddenly.

Si Chenyu snorted: “Leader Wei, there should be a first-come-first-serve for everything. You just jump over several levels at once, isn’t that a bit not in compliance with the rules?”

“Then,” Wei Di looked at him steadily and said in a lazy tone, “Who does the prince think should be the second one?”

“At least it won’t be you.” Si Chenyu took a sip from the wine cup.

Wei Di clenched his fists, looked around, and said coldly: “Who is my opponent here?”

“Does Leader Wei intend to use force as a solution?”

“Why not?”

The eyes of the two met in the air, and the murderous intent crackled.

Zhang Junshi rubbed his forehead, annoyance flashing in his eyes. As the first person to accompany Bufan in sleep, he actually missed the opportunity just like that! Tears were already flowing into a river in his heart.

Li Yi also had a calm face, without saying a word, but his whole body emitted a cold aura that was enough to freeze everything around him.

Li Huai observed the situation while eating rice.

Fan Luo stared at the food in his bowl, not knowing what he was thinking.

As a latecomer, Tai Bai had no say at all on such occasions.

As for Shen Muran, Tiannu, Tai Yan, and the divine doctor, they were all passers-by, silently making up the backdrop.

“According to the previous order, isn’t it the turn of Prince Si next?” Li Huai whispered to Shen Muran next to him.

Shen Muran smiled gracefully and did not answer, but shouted in his heart: Don’t ask me this kind of question! Don’t you see how terrifying Wei Di’s murderous aura is? I’m just a passerby, I don’t want to participate in your complicated bromance relationship!

A smile appeared at the corner of Si Chenyu’s mouth, and he glanced at Li Huai with praise.

Wei Di sneered: “Then we shall see the real winner when the time comes!”

Nie Bufan bit his chopsticks, looked at them strangely, and then asked Wang Shichan, “Wang Fifth, what are they talking about?”

“Oh, they are fighting for the priority to sleep in the chicken coop.” Wang Shichan replied calmly.

“Chicken coop?” Nie Bufan wondered: “Why sleep in the chicken coop instead of a perfectly good bed?”

“They are all people who love chickens.”

Nie Bufan was stunned, and exclaimed: “How really rare. Seeing them all well-dressed and coming from good birth, but they actually have such a loving heart?”

Hearing these words, the others all looked at him with aggrieved eyes.

Nie Bufan said generously: “Don’t fight, if you really like the chicken coop, I will set up a few more beds in it, and everyone can go to sleep together.”

“…..” Everyone had exasperated expressions.

Wang Shichan patted his head, and said earnestly: “The chicken coop is not big enough for so many people to sleep in, they won’t be able to squeeze in.”

“Why can’t they squeeze in?” Nie Bufan patted his chest and said, “With me here, I guarantee that there will be a place to squeeze all of you in.”

Wang Shichan turned his head and coughed slightly.

The others all had strange looks, expressions inexplicably weird.

Zhang Junshi sighed: “Bufan, you should taje it easy.”

“Take it easy? Is there anything wrong with me doing this?” Nie Bufan was puzzled.

“The only thing wrong is that they are going to sleep in the chicken coop with you.” Tiannu finally couldn’t help alerting him.

“With me?” Nie Bufan pointed to himself, “Why?”

“You’ll know after you sleep together.” Li Huai replied with a smirk.

Nie Bufan frowned, looked around at everyone, and then said to Wang Shichan, “Wang Fifth, do these friends of yours have any strange quirks?”

Wang Shichan replied softly: “En, maybe.”

“I don’t want to sleep with them.” Nie Bufan put a leg on Wang Shichan’s lap and harrumphed, “I am very loyal in love, I only sleep with you.”

Hearing this, everyone looked at him with a wooden expression.

Loyal in love? Are you trying to deceive a ghost?

A smile appeared at the corner of Wang Shichan’s mouth, and he picked up a piece of tofu and fed it in the other’s mouth.

Nie Bufan squinted his eyes and ate very fragrantly.

A terrible green light appeared in the eyes of the others.

With a “crack”, Li Yi stood up quickly and left the dining table angrily.

Wei Di also put down his chopsticks and flicked his sleeves as he left.

Si Chenyu chuckled sarcastically a few times, but remained unmoving.

Zhang Junshi, Fan Luo, Li Huai and the others also each had their own thoughts.

Tonight, who was the winner and who was the loser, it was to be determined!

The whole afternoon, Chicken Nest Village seemed very calm and tranquil.

Si Chenyu, Li Huai and the others had already registered the treasures and sent the list to the palace. Si Chenyu represented the royal family, and Emperor Ming also had a share, so he had a chance to look at it first and then make the distribution.

Emperor Ming didn’t know that “Wei Xiaobao” was really Nie Bufan, the village head of Chicken Nest Village, so naturally everyone would not tell him the truth, lest they attract a powerful opponent for no reason.

After dinner, Si Chenyu and the others neatly dressed, and in high fighting spirits, they approached Nie Bufan’s house, only to be dumbfounded——a certain someone had disappeared.

After searching for a long time, they realized that Wang Shichan, who appeared seemingly graceful and generous, had secretly taken the person away.

“Look for him!” Wei Di waved his hand, gritted his teeth and said, “Whoever finds him first gets to have him!”

Just when everyone was in a state of irritability, Wang Shichan had already taken Nie Bufan to the cave where they had once tied the knot on their bromance.

“Why did we come here?” Nie Bufan looked around, and was surprised to find that the cave had changed a lot. Not only was there a table, chairs, and a bed, but it was also deliberately decorated as well.

“I want to enjoy moon watching with you.” Wang Shichan pulled him into his arms and sat on the rug at the entrance of the cave together.

“It’s freezing outside, enjoy what moon watching?” Nie Bufan curled his lips, but he leaned back in the other’s arms and played with the Buddhist beads on his wrist.

“I won’t let you be cold.” Wang Shichan embraced him, placing his jaw lightly on the top of his head, and spoke softly.

“That’s true.” Nie Bufan was wrapped in a fluffy cloak, with only his head exposed, and looked like a snowball.

“It’s boring to just moon watch, shall we tell a story?” Nie Bufan suggested enthusiastically.

“You are the best story.” Wang Shichan lowered his head and rubbed the other’s neck with his lips, while saying softly, “I will be the storyteller…..”

“Haha, it tickles.” Nie Bufan pushed the other’s face away, tucked in his neck, and asked, “What kind of story am I?”

Wang Shichan smiled and enunciated: “A forbidden story.”

Wonderful and wanton, but couldn’t be passed on.

Nie Bufan turned his head, looked at Wang Shichan weirdly, and said, “Those who like to read forbidden stories are not any kind of gentlemen.”

Wang Shichan was noncommittal. He kissed his lips, and proved by practical actions that he was indeed not a gentleman.

“En…..weren’t you going to tell a story?” Nie Bufan was trapped in the cloak, unable to move.

“I’m now preparing to start storytelling.” Wang Shichan pressed him down and slipped his hands into the cloak.

“Don’t, it’s too cold.” His exposed skin couldn’t withstand the night wind.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t take off your clothes.” Just take off your pants.

“…En, huh?” When did the fingers get in? One and two…..and three!

Nie Bufan’s attention was all attracted by the feeling of his lower half. The flames ignited all over his body from bottom to top.

There was silence all around, and only the whistling cold wind could be heard.

But the two figures lingered in a fiery entangle.

Suddenly, Wang Shichan’s ears twitched, as if he heard something.

But he didn’t stop his movements. He slightly raised his hips, and drove straight in.

“Ngh…..” Nie Bufan grunted, feeling that a hot, hard object replacing fingers and filling his body.

Along with the repeated thrusting, the two gradually fit together, and ambiguous sounds danced with the wind.

“Bufan, you only belong to me.” Wang Shichan whispered hoarsely, increasing his strength a bit, his movements becoming fierce and swift.


“Heh, it’s so tight and yet you want them all to squeeze in.” Wang Shichan bit his ear, “Be careful of being eaten down to the bones.”

“What…..ah…..” Nie Bufan’s voice came in broken gasps and his speech was out of tune.

Sure came fast! Wang Shichan’s expression became restrained, and he pushed forward hard enough to make Nie Bufan shout loudly.

Thrusting hard a few times, Wang Shichan raised his head and let out a sigh, breathing heavily.

Nie Bufan felt a flow of heat inside, and his internal walls spasmed in response, the pleasure surging upwards.

“Brother Wang, eating alone seems a bit greedy, don’t you think?” A cold voice sounded.

Wang Shichan withdrew, straightened the pants for Nie Bufan and wrapped him in the cloak before turning and facing the new arrival.

“Brother Li, you came here really fast.”

Li Yi snorted coldly, and looked at Nie Bufan, whose head stuck out halfway from behind Wang Shichan, with an angry expression in his eyes. That alluring flushed appearance was really an eye-sore!

“Now, can you give him to me?” He said in an unquestionable tone.

Wang Shichan did not answer, but turned his head to look at Nie Bufan and asked, “Do you like him?”

Nie Bufan tilted his head and replied in puzzlement: “He looks like an assassin, but he isn’t hateful.”

Li Yi’s expression lightened. He remembered that when they first met, this guy took him for an assassin.

“Then are you willing to make love with him?” Wang Shichan asked again.

Not waiting for Nie Bufan’s answer, Li Yi already shouted lowly: “You know he doesn’t remember anything, so how can he answer?”

Wang Shichan just looked at Nie Bufan.

Nie Bufan looked confused, touched his head, and hesitated: “Why should I make love with him?”

“This can only be answered by doing it.” Wang Shichan replied indifferently.

Nie Bufan thought for a while, and looking at Li Yi’s eyes that seemed to contain a thousand words, his heart moved slightly.

“Did I know you before?” Nie Bufan speculated, touching his chin, “Did I forget something important?”

“That’s right!” Li Yi replied, “Although you have forgotten now, I will never allow you to abandon me after provoking me.”

“Abandon you after provoking you?” Nie Bufan asked incredulously, “We have that kind of relationship?”

“Yes.” Li Yi said in a heavy tone, “So, you must be responsible for me.”

Nie Bufan looked at Wang Shichan and asked carefully: “Wang Fifth, did I cheat on you?”

Wang Shichan nodded.

Nie Bufan exclaimed in surprise: “No way? Even if I want to cheat, I would find a gentle and considerate peerless beauty? Why would I find an ice lump?”

Li Yi’s entire face went completely black.

Wang Shichan said calmly: “It’s no surprise, your taste has always been peculiar.”

“That’s true.” Nie Bufan said frankly, “You are the best expression of my taste.”


“Alright, his time is now mine.” Li Yi jumped over to the two of them and pulled Nie Bufan into his arms.

“Ah, no!” Nie Bufan grabbed Wang Shichan’s cloak tightly and shouted, “Wang Fifth, save me!”

Wang Shichan sighed and said in a melancholy tone: “Bufan, I can’t save you.”

“What? You are just going to watch me being dragged away by another man like this?” Nie Bufan stared at Wang Shichan with the eyes of one looking at a heartless lover.

Wang Shichan took out the Buddhist beads and whispered: “I will pray for you.”

“No——” Nie Bufan let out a shrill cry.

With a tearing sound, the cloak was torn into two pieces.

Nie Bufan finally failed to withstand being dragged away by the evil forces and was carried away by Li Yi.

Wang Shichan watched them disappear into the night, folded his hands together, and said with compassion: “Amitabha Buddha.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: Village Head Nie’s super resilience is also a prerequisite for being an invincible shou, at least the chrysanthemum can quickly recover anew once again…..

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Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 100 New Changes

“Divine doctor, how is his condition?” Si Chenyu asked outside the door.

The divine doctor rubbed his beard and replied: “This is the first time this old man has seen an illness like his, and the root of the illness should be in his head.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Then your meaning?”

“Still have to carry out a craniotomy.”

Si Chenyu glanced at him contemptuously.

At this moment, the voices of Zhang Junshi and the others came from behind. Si Chenyu was startled and turned around to enter the room. Nie Bufan was leaning motionlessly on Zhang Junshi’s shoulder and didn’t respond even after several calls from Zhang Junshi. In the end, he let out a sigh, raised his head and smiled wryly at everyone: “He has fallen asleep again.”

Everyone looked at Nie Bufan silently, and the atmosphere was a bit heavy.

“So, like I said, we have to carry out a craniotomy.” At this moment, a discordant voice traveled in.

Everyone cast murderous glances at the source of the voice.

The divine doctor shrugged and calmly said: “This old man has good intentions.”

“Divine doctor, you should go and rest.” Wei Di enunciated word by word. This divine doctor was invited by him, but why didn’t he discover that he was such an unreliable person before?

Everyone was unwilling to take this risk. Although Nie Bufan fell into a coma again, he was in good physical condition. Today, he even talked to them in a state of seemingly awake and not awake. This might be a sign of improvement.

So, the chicken coop had to continue being slept in.

That night, Nie Bufan was sent back to the chicken coop again, and Wang Shichan lit three longevity incense as usual.

But early the next morning, Nie Bufan disappeared again. When everyone found him, they found him squatting under a tree, shaking.

As soon as Wang Shichan approached, he threw himself over as if he had sensed something, hugged him tightly, buried himself in his arms, and said in a muffled voice: “Wang Fifth, where have you all been? Why did I wake up and you all disappeared? Aren’t you all going to take me home?”

“Silly.” Wang Shichan said gently: “You have already come home.”

“Nonsense! My home is Chicken Nest Village, not this icy world.” Nie Bufan retorted, the arms hugging Wang Shichan increased force.

Wang Shichan looked at the other people, their eyes were all distressed and worried, and they didn’t know how long he had been out in the cold wind. Both his face and body seemed to be covered with a layer of frost.

How long would this situation last?

They brought Nie Bufan back to the house. Zhang Junshi had Tu Beng burn hot water for him to soak in a comfortable bath, and then fed him a meal.

Nie Bufan accepted the services of the group of people in a leisurely manner, satisfaction and happiness curving his eyebrows and mouth corners.

This guy was fated to be served by others it seemed!

This time his “sleepwalking” lasted longer than yesterday, at least he accompanied everyone for half the day.

During this period, Tai Bai tried to strengthen his sense of existence by trying to remind Nie Bufan of him, while Fan Luo silently observed everything in Chicken Nest Village. Seeing Zhang Junshi and the others taking care of Nie Bufan, he secretly made a decision——that was to put everything aside and stay with him until they grow old.

He just hoped that he would get better soon.

On the third day, Nie Bufan “sleepwalked” again, this time everyone was prepared, and stopped him before he left the chicken coop.

This time, Nie Bufan opened his eyes and looked at them with a smile.

When everyone was delighted and thought he was really awake this time, who knew that he actually said something that made everyone’s heart tremble: “Who are you all?”

“Bufan, what’s the matter with you?” Li Huai exclaimed.

“Huh? You know my name?” Nie Bufan tilted his head, scanning the crowd in front of him one by one, his eyes full of curiosity.

Everyone’s expression looked dim and they looked at him worriedly.

Did he forget everyone?

“I am Li Huai, and this is my brother Li Yi.” Li Huai introduced him to the people around in turn.

Nie Bufan listened attentively, and finally smiled brightly at them, “Welcome to Chicken Nest Village, do you want to stay here temporarily? Then 50 coins per person per day, the price is fair, and it deceives neither the young or old.”

Wtf, when he moved in, he was clearly charged for a hundred coins! This thought flashed in Si Chenyu’s head.

Then, after a lot of hard work of explaining, everyone still failed to convince Nie Bufan of their extraordinary bromantic relationship. He even thought they were trying to make a relationship out of thin air so as to save a few coins in accommodation fees.

“Looking at all of you so well-dressed, why do you still want to gang up and trick me into lowering the price?” Nie Bufan cast a contemptuous look at them.

Everyone was speechless, and temporarily gave up using words to persuade him, and obediently handed over the money.

Nie Bufan received the money and was satisfied. He waved his hand to let them choose a place to live, and then walked towards his house while counting the copper coins.

Everyone looked at each other, at a complete loss. The divine doctor watched happily from the side.

Li Huai stomped his feet and said in anger: “I don’t believe that he really forgot us all!”

Saying this, he rushed into Nie Bufan’s house.

Not long after, an exclamation sounded in the room, and everyone hurried to follow inside, only to see Nie Bufan lying half of his body on the bed, surrounded by scattered copper coins——he had fallen into a coma again.

“Ai, what should we do!” Zhang Junshi helped Nie Bufan onto the bed, his tone full of melancholy.

“I am also a person who has traveled all over, but I have never encountered such a situation.” Wei Di frowned deeply, his face solemn.

“It seems that someone must accompany him to sleep every night in order to prevent him from sleepwalking again, or forget everything.” Li Yi said solemnly.

Everyone agreed without objection.

When night arrived, the several people arranged the order of sleeping with each other in a harmonious way. The first one to accompany him in bed was Zhang Junshi, who met Nie Bufan first.

Before entering the chicken coop, Li Yi placed his hands on his shoulders and said seriously: “Hold on to yourself, don’t go into heat in this kind of situation.”

Zhang Junshi gave him a rare eyeroll, and then walked into the chicken coop.

The chickens didn’t stop Zhang Junshi, they just clucked lazily a few times as a greeting.

Zhang Junshi came to the bed in the middle of the chicken coop, took off his outer robe, got in under the quilt, and hugged Nie Bufan into his arms.

It was the middle of the night, and Zhang Junshi was in a half awake half dreaming state, when suddenly he felt something squirming in his arms.

He opened his eyes and saw that Nie Bufan had climbed onto him like a koala, nudging and rubbing against him constantly that all kinds of reactions instantly sprung out.

Zhang Junshi froze and secretly smiled bitterly. After waiting for a while, Nie Bufan still didn’t stop, and even started to move in more different ways. The clothes on his body were almost torn into cloth strips by the other.

As a last resort, he whispered: “Bufan, are you awake?”

Nie Bufan hummed a few times, and continued to move like he was having an epileptic fit, one leg rubbing up against his lower half and causing the fire to boil high.

“Don’t move.” Zhang Junshi said lowly, and imprisoned him with both arms and legs.

Nie Bufan couldn’t move his body, so he rubbed his face against Zhang Junshi’s neck.

Zhang Junshi could clearly feel his gradually rising body temperature and rapid breathing, as if he had gone into heat.

“This really…..tests one’s endurance.” Zhang Junshi nearly couldn’t bear it anymore, and kept reminding himself to hold back!

However, he obviously overestimated his control. The scorching breaths blowing against his neck and chest was too alluring, burning his blood like it had been lit aflame.

Zhang Junshi cursed, and while holding on to the back of Nie Bufan’s head, he bowed his own and kissed him.

This kiss was like a long drought suddenly relieved by nectar, causing one to not want to stop at all.

Zhang Junshi sighed, whispering Bufan’s name while gently stroking him.

Nie Bufan seemed to be comforted, and gradually calmed down. At the critical moment when Zhang Junshi finally decided to occupy the territory, he became completely unresponsive.

Zhang Junshi vigorously and energetically, cried tears of bitterness…..

At dawn, a certain Zhang walked out of the chicken coop haggardly with a pair of impressive panda eyes.

Li Huai exclaimed: “Brother Zhang, why do you seem to have your essence sucked away by a demon spirit?”

Zhang Junshi stared at him and said in as calm a tone as possible: “He didn’t sleepwalk, but he didn’t wake up either.”

Li Yi checked Nie Bufan’s situation and was relieved that he had not been inhumanely violated.

It was his turn to sleep with him tonight, and he hoped for a miracle to happen.

That night, Li Yi ate and drank fully, and lifted Nie Bufan into the chicken coop where they lay down together.

Same as yesterday, Nie Bufan went into heat in the middle of the night. Li Yi’s resistance to Nie Bufan was worse than Zhang Junshi’s. After several attempts, he finally turned into a beast. Kissing, stroking, rolling around…..Just as he was raring to go, Nie Bufan fell asleep again and didn’t respond no matter how Li Yi nudged him.

Li Yi finally knew why Zhang Junshi woke up in the morning so haggardly…..

On the third night, it was Wang Shichan’s turn, and Li Yi reminded: “Bufan will move around in the middle of the night, so take it easy.”

Wang Shichan didn’t take it to heart. When a certain someone went into heat once again in the middle of the night, his expression was calm and he did not dodge, instead he naturally cooperated with Nie Bufan’s movements and began to entangle with him.

The movements of the two were not very big, but they pressed closely together with skin rubbing skin.

Without realizing it, most of his clothes had been nudged off and Nie Bufan’s legs wrapped around Wang Shichan’s waist while the latter lifted him up and pushed in.

Nie Bufan moaned lowly and let Wang Shichan move as he liked.

In the quiet chicken coop, the charming springtime colors gradually began to permeate the place.

The two spent most of the night entangled. At the moment of climax, Nie Bufan actually opened his eyes. His eyes were misted over, and in the darkness flowed with a moving brilliance.

“Bufan.” Wang Shichan whispered hoarsely.

“Wang…..Fifth.” Nie Bufan sniffed around his neck, his mouth curling up.

“Are you awake?” Wang Shichan paused, still buried in his body, and watched him quietly.

“If you do this, can I still stay asleep?” Nie Bufan pouted, “My waist is sore.”

“I haven’t moved harder yet.” Wang Shichan said seriously.

“I know.” Nie Bufan moved his legs with difficulty and sighed, “I’m sore from being pressed down by your weight. Recently, did you grow some fat and get heavier?”

It’s you who got skinnier! Wang Shichan lowered his head and rubbed his face against the other’s, and said softly, “I hope you really wake up.”

Nie Bufan looked puzzled.

Early in the morning, Li Yi and the others waited outside the chicken coop early.

After waiting for a long time, Wang Shichan walked out of the chicken coop, a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Li Yi was about to ask, but was surprised to find that Nie Bufan walked out behind him vigorously and full of energy.

“You…..” His voice trembled, “You’re awake?”

There was surprised delight on everyone’s faces.

Nie Bufan looked at them with a smile, and replied: “Yes, I woke up. I didn’t expect so many people to greet me early in the morning, I’m really sorry.”

“You guy, you finally woke up!” Li Huai said in a bad mood, “You won’t fall asleep again, right?”

“I will definitely be sleeping.” Nie Bufan looked at them inexplicably, seemingly confused.

After a while, he suddenly said to Wang Shichan: “Wang Fifth, are they all your friends?”


As soon as he said this, everyone was struck by lightning, staring at him in astonishment.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: Everyone should be able to guess, Nie Bufan forgot everyone, and needs to remember everyone again through some lovemaking…..It is likely that Zhang Third and Li Fourth will regret very much in holding back. Who let them be gentlemen! Who let them resist it! Hahaha.

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The Cruel Tyrant CH 099 Wedding

Three days later, Shangguan Hao appeared in front of Su Mu with a haggard face and gritted teeth, saying: “I will lead the army, but there is one condition.”

Su Mu suppressed the joy in his heart, raised his eyebrows and said, “Make your request.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shangguan Hao angrily pointed to a blank faced Shi Yan and said: “Don’t let him appear before my eyes ever.”

“Fine.” Su Mu replied readily.

Shangguan Hao glared at Shi Yan with bloodshot eyes, practically wishing nothing more than to glare holes through him.

Su Mu stroked his smooth chin as he looked at Shangguan Hao’s back. He then said to the young man in the corner: “Follow him all the way, but remember not to appear in front of him, and report any situation at any time…..Though you can’t appear in front of him, in special cases you can still show up behind him, such as when he wants to escape or make trouble.”

“Yes.” The young man disappeared in the blink of an eye, faithfully performing his duties.

It was impossible for Su Mu to hand over the tens of thousands of troops to Shangguan Hao. Even if there was a supervising army official, Su Mu was not very at ease, and he still had to let Shi Yan keep a watch on the other.

After a while, a travel dusty Shi Nuo hurriedly walked in from the door, clasped his fists in both hands and said: “Paying respects to Your Highness.”

“What’s the matter?” Su Mu turned sideways and asked.

Shi Nuo took out a small piece of note paper from his sleeve and handed it to Su Mu while saying: “Your Highness, this is a letter from Ye Gongzi to you.”

“Ye Qingfeng?” Su Mu took the note and unfolded it with some confusion. On it, two words were written that could express both intimate feelings of longing and the urgency of an emergency.

Darling, help!

Couldn’t even write a letter seriously. Su Mu put the note away and asked Shi Nuo: “What happened to him?”

Shi Nuo’s eyes flickered and said: “Ye Gongzi, he…..”

“What’s wrong?” Su Mu was a little confused. He felt that the fact the other had the energy to write an extra word to flirt, the situation shouldn’t be a particularly dangerous one.

“Ye Gongzi is going to get married tomorrow.” Shi Nuo toughened his skin and finally elaborated only for the temperature in the room to drop several degrees as soon as the words fell. Shi Nuo carefully glanced at the Crown Prince above, and saw that his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. Shi Nuo quickly retracted his eyes and froze in the study room where even a needle could be heard if it was dropped to the floor. After a long while, the pressure in the room lifted a little, and Shi Nuo breathed a sigh of relief in silence.

Su Mu suppressed his anger and asked, “What is going on?”

Shi Nuo hesitated and said: “This…..this subordinate does not know. At that time, this subordinate was tracing the cause of the breach of contract by Wu and Yang. After coming back, this subordinate happened to pass by Jinglin and met Ye Gongzi. He hinted to this subordinate to bring this letter to Your Highness.”

The pressure around them lessened a little more, and Su Mu silently unfolded the crumpled note and asked, “What is Jinglin?”

Shi Nuo said: “It is a jianghu sect, known for its Qimen Dunjia technique. It is entrenched in the area of ​​Menghu Mountain in Qingyang County, and ordinary people are unable to enter.” (TN: Qimen Dunjia=ancient form of Chinese divination)

Su Mu frowned slightly and paced back and forth. He was preoccupied by the crisis of the Qing Kingdom border war. He was not required to make suggestions related to the movements of the army. Su Mu was just a layman in terms of fighting wars and did not even have a better understanding of military strategies than Yun Feiyu, Lin Siyuan and the others.

But just letting Ye Qingfeng get X by others he was also unwilling. Su Mu rubbed his thumb and index finger back and forth, then raised his eyes to Shi Nuo and asked, “How long will it take to reach Jinglin from the imperial city?”

Shi Nuo replied: “It takes a day and a night to go by fast horse.”

Su Mu sat down on a chair and said to Shi Nuo: “You can retreat. Have someone call Yun Feiyu over.”

Yun Feiyu walked into the Crown Prince’s study with confusion, looked at the Crown Prince who currently had a displeased expression, and said gently: “Paying respect to Your Highness.”

Su Mu raised his hand to signal the exemption of courtesy, and quickly said: “I have to leave for three days. You will discuss with Lin Siyuan and the others about handling the affairs of the imperial court. If there is an urgent matter I need to make a decision on, hand it to Shi Nuo to let him pass it on to me.”

Yun Feiyu was startled and asked: “Your Highness, where are you going? The war on the frontlines…..”

Su Mu raised his hand to stop him: “Shen Wei and Shangguan Hao are in charge of the war on the frontlines, and the imperial court has you and Lin Siyuan. You are all my right hands and left hands as well as the court’s talented pillars. I believe you can handle everything well.”

“Yes.” Yun Feiyu had no choice but to say so.

Su Mu sighed with a slight guilty conscience. Putting aside national affairs to save that flirty rogue. Su Mu vowed to sort the other out right and proper after seeing Ye Qingfeng.

Qingyang County, Jinglin.

Ye Qingfeng finally looked tidied up for once, his stiff and immobile body wearing red wedding robes and letting others fuss over him.

With a loving face, Madam Ye brushed the hair back on Ye Qingfeng, who had his pressure points sealed, and said softly: “Mother has waited for more than 20 years and finally waited until you little debt collector is going to get married. This time, let’s see how you can escape! Our next door’s Aunt Sun’s son is the same age as you, but his grandchildren are all old enough to run around, whereas I don’t even see a trace of my grandson’s shadow…..”

Ye Qingfeng tried to break through the seal on his pressure points for the 600th time and failed again. He listened helplessly to his mother’s nagging, and said with indignation: “You can go find eldest brother if you want to hold your grandson. Why is it my turn?”

“You dare to say this!” Madam Ye poked Ye Qingfeng’s head fiercely, and said: “If it weren’t for you, how could Qingchen fall in love with the pitiful girl Bai Yue, and as a result your sister-in-law has passed away for so long and he still refuses to marry again.”

Ye Qingfeng said innocently: “You can’t blame me for this.”

“I’m too lazy to talk to bicker with you.” Madam Ye wrapped the red band around Ye Qingfeng’s hair and inserted a jade hairpin. She stepped back and looked at her handsome and tall son, and said with some confusion: “Why is it that no matter what kind of fine clothes you have on they still always look…..indecent on you?”

The corner of Ye Qingfeng’s mouth twitched: “This is your son’s characteristic, aiya mother… should just let me go, I really don’t like Qin Xuesha.”

“When you were a kid, you said you wanted to marry her. The man must keep his promise. When the time is right, you better perform the baitang well.” Madam Ye joyfully had people carry Ye Qingfeng out to the wedding hall. (TN: baitang=ritual kneeling to heaven and earth by bride and groom in an old-fashioned wedding ceremony)

Outside Jinglin, Su Mu had his hair hanging down and loosely tied back, holding a folding fan, and dressed up like a jianghu gongzi. Looking seemingly at random around Jinglin, Su Mu was in truth a layman who knew nothing about Qimen Dunjia. He could only feel a sense of wrongness from this beautiful forest but couldn’t pinpoint where it was wrong.

The pure white boots stepped on the stone road covered with red firecracker papers and Su Mu’s eyes darkened. After a while, Su Mu followed the stone road and arrived outside the gate of Jinglin Manor where endless guests milled about. Su Mu pulled up the corner of his mouth and revealed a smile as he took out an invitation and an accompanying gift from his sleeve.

Naturally, the invitation was snatched, but the name and sect on it were changed. By the way, the accompanying gift was also snatched at random as well.

The bookkeeper, who was burying his head in recording down guests, suddenly saw a white and flawless hand appear in front of him. When he raised his head, the hand had already retracted, but he saw the owner of the hand. The flawless, beautifully handsome face was like the sun and made him squint his eyes reflexively. When he came back to his senses, the person had already disappeared. He lowered his head and opened the invitation card, wondering: “Baigui Sect, Hei Feng? Didn’t they say that Hei Feng had a peerlessly ugly appearance? Was it just a rumor?”

Su Mu walked to the main hall without hindrance, and as the newlyweds had not yet arrived, Su Mu was so idle he began to drink tea in the lively wedding hall.

“Clang”. A sturdy man placed his weapon in front of Su Mu. His large fan sized hand held up the teapot in front of Su Mu and poured it into his mouth. Su Mu silently shifted an angle with his teacup still raised to his mouth.

The big man put the teapot back on the table with a “bang” and instantly the teapot shattered into a pile of broken ceramic. The big man quickly explained to the vigilant servant on the side: “Excuse me, my hand slipped a bit, hehehehe…..” After the servant left, he very enthusiastically said to Su Mu: “Hey, little brother, I haven’t seen you before? You have to be careful when you are so handsome. There are too many bad guys out there. If you join my Heixiong Sect, this big brother will watch your back. Those who dare to touch you half a finger, I will cut him…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu dodged the flying speckles of saliva and ignored him, but this big man talked more vigorously and more enthusiastically. A big palm double the size of Su Mu’s slapped towards Su Mu’s shoulders. Su Mu’s face remained unmoved and like lightning he quickly blocked the big man’s arm before saying, “It’s not polite to pat someone on the shoulder casually.”

The big man’s eyes lit up, and completely didn’t notice the admonition, “I didn’t notice at all, little brother, you look so weak and delicate but your martial arts skills are quite high, which sect do you belong to?

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The Cruel Tyrant CH 098 Sorting Out

Shangguan Hao abruptly stood up from the stone bench, and without even bothering to say anything he immediately threw a punch.

Shi Yan calmly avoided, and once again said to the angry Shangguan Hao: “His Highness wants to ses you.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shangguan Hao ignored him and leaped at the other with a flying kick. Shi Yan stretched out his hand like lightning and grabbed his ankle, but Shangguan Hao turned over and broke free…..

Yun Feiyu watched the two people make a mess in the previously tidy courtyard, and had to step back and stay far away to avoid being hit by accident. But the Crown Prince being so forceful, how sure was he to convince Shangguan Hao?

After a long while, Shangguan Hao was captured. Shi Yan ignored Shangguan Hao’s fire-breathing expression, and after sealing his pressure points, quickly disappeared while carrying the temporarily immobile and mute Shangguan Hao.

Yun Feiyu looked at the messy garden in silence. Although the Crown Prince had become better now and knew how to govern the country, the overbearing and straight-forward style of acting had not changed at all.

In the imperial palace. Su Mu was dealing with issues related to the war on the border, and as soon as he saw that Shi Yan had carried the person over, he put down the letter in his hand.

Shi Yan put the immobile Shangguan Hao on the chair, and said to Su Mu solemnly: “Reporting to Your Highness, the person has been invited over.”

Shangguan Hao, who was trying to break through the seals on his pressure points countless times, glared at Shi Yan fiercely: “You call this a fucking invite?”

Su Mu nodded in satisfaction and said: “Retreat.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The figure disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Now only Su Mu and Shangguan Hao were left in the room. With a wave of his hand, the two doors slammed shut. Su Mu walked towards Shangguan Hao with a kind smile on his face.

“What do you want to do?” Shangguan Hao looked at Su Mu warily. This was the second time he saw Su Mu. Because Su Mu had given him too deep an impression last time they faced, as a result, Su Mu slowly walking near him caused all the hairs on his whole body to stand up at this time.

Su Mu held a stack of paper and shook it in front of Shangguan Hao, and said, “Wu Kingdom’s treasured military manual.” Then he reached out and unsealed his pressure points.

As soon as his pressure points were unsealed, Shangguan Hao stood up and grabbed the papers from Su Mu’s hand and looked at it one by one. But Su Mu’s handwriting was really not something that could be praised. Even if he made great progress, he still stayed at the elementary level. Shangguan Hao couldn’t help feeling disdain for Su Mu’s handwriting while being engrossed in the military manual at the same time. He had never seen the real military manual, but he still had a distinguishing ability. Even if the Crown Prince had practically changed into another person he was not very proficient in army matters let alone write a military strategy book. He didn’t believe that the Crown Prince could write this kind of military manual brilliant enough to be handed down the generations.

Su Mu looked at Shangguan Hao who shifted from excited to frowning and then back again and said, “This is only a small part. If you are willing to lead the fight against the foreign enemies, I can give you another part.”

Shangguan Hao abruptly squeezed the papers in his hand, struggling fiercely in his heart. He regarded fame and wealth as insignificant and had no problem giving them up. Only this military manual of the Wu Kingdom was something he had coveted for a long time, so the Crown Prince indeed truly scratched the right itch. But Shangguan Hao still gritted his teeth and said: “I won’t go.”

Su Mu secretly gritted his teeth and drew out the decorated sword hung on the stand.

Shangguan Hao turned around abruptly and looked at Su Mu vigilantly and mockingly: “Why, Your Highness is going to kill me?”

“Kill you, why use a sword.” Su Mu nearly angered Shangguan Hao half to death and then walked to the copper furnace with the sword and raised it before slashing it down neatly.

A piercing breaking metal “screech” sounded, and a corner of the copper furnace was neatly cut off. Su Mu calmly held the sword and turned to Shangguan Hao. But then Su Mu stiffened when he saw two nicks on the blade of the sword.

However, Shangguan Hao’s eyes lit up after seeing the sword. He could feel that the Crown Prince just now did not use internal force. He simply cut off the corner of the copper furnace with a little physical strength. Moreover, the sword itself was thin and the thickness was less than three centimeters while the width was that of only two fingers, yet it could easily cause such a large amount of damage.

The corner of Su Mu’s mouth twitched and he coughed slightly, “I accidentally put too much force. General Shangguan, please come with me and I will show you more good things.”

Anyway, he had no chance of winning in front of the Crown Prince. So Shangguan Hao could only follow Su Mu out of the room. Besides, his interest was already aroused by the sword. Su Mu took Shangguan Hao through nearly half the imperial palace to the imperial army’s martial arts training field. Before they walked in, they could already hear the sounds of clanging metal, obviously a duel was taking place. As soon as Su Mu appeared in the martial arts training field, everyone immediately stopped.

“Paying respects to Your Highness.”

“Continue.” Su Mu took Shangguan Hao to the side of the weapon rack, reached for a big broadsword and threw it at Shangguan Hao, saying, “Try it.”

Shangguan Hao took the big broadsword thrown by Su Mu and used his hand to test the weight. It was not too heavy. He took the big broadsword and walked to the wooden posts in the martial arts field and swung it down. The tree stump with a circumference of a wide bowl was immediately cut in half easily. Shangguan Hao frowned lightly and then went back to the weapon rack and replaced the broadsword with a spear. The sharp edge of the blade shone with cold light and Shangguan Hao viciously pierced it forward at another stake. The whole stake was easily pierced through like tofu (Shangguan Hao had high martial arts skills, but ordinary people cannot achieve this effect).

Then he tried all the weapons on the weapon racks one after another, and finally Shangguan Hao walked up to Su Mu with a sharp short sword and asked, “How many of these weapons do you have?”

Su Mu said: “A total of 100,000 troops can be equipped with various weapons.”

“But you don’t have an army of 100,000 people.” Shangguan Hao looked at Su Mu as he spoke this. In the Qing Kingdom, most of the young and middle-aged men had died after so many years of civil strife.

Su Mu sighed and said: “That’s why it is necessary for talents like General Shangguan to exert the greatest strength using the smallest advantage.”

Shangguan Hao struggled for a while, but still gritted his teeth and said, “I’m not going.”

Su Mu closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then opened his eyes again. He gritted his teeth and said loudly, “Shi Yan.”

The thin young man appeared behind Su Mu silently and said: “What is Your Highness’s command?”

Su Mu gritted his teeth and said: “Sort him out for me until he is obedient!”

Towards such a mulish and stubborn person who was neither afraid of death, moved by fame and fortune, nor indulgent in personal hobbies, Su Mu really did not know how to handle this fellow!

When Shi Yan heard this, a series of question marks appeared over his head. He was only a secret guard. Was he now also to work part-time as a torturer? But he had no choice but to toughen his skin and say: “Yes.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shangguan Hao stood vigilantly as Shi Yan prepared to make his move, and shouted angrily: “Su Mochi, you cruel tyrant!”

Just after the words fell, he was overwhelmed by Shi Yan, who quickly appeared before him. Shangguan Hao was a soldier, not a martial arts expert master, and naturally could not compare to Shi Yan.

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The Cruel Tyrant CH 097 Candidate

The cause of the war between the Jin and Qing Kingdom was only because two children were fighting over peaches, but then a series of chain reactions put a dozen surrounding countries in a state of war. In truth, the children were just a spark that accidentally lit the gunpowder that surrounded them, resulting in the whole world being filled with the smokes of war.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu raised his hand and handed the battle report to the eunuch beside him, then asked his subjects, “What do you all think?”

The Qing Kingdom won the war with Jin, but was forced back by Chen and Zheng, who later joined in to mooch off benefits. The reason was very simple. The two emperors of Chen and Zheng said that Shen Wei’s army had robbed them of their beauties and treasures. Yun Feiyu’s untenable excuse used to provoke the relationship between the Jin Kingdom and Chen and Zheng was now used on Su Mu. As for Wu and Yang, who were originally allies of the Qing Kingdom, were even more direct and didn’t even bother finding an excuse, directly starting a war against the Qing Kingdom. As for whether there had been any tampering in this, Su Mu had no time to think about it. The first thing to do was to withstand the siege of the four kingdoms.

At this time, verbal debates were no longer useful, and the war that had already occurred could only be solved with “fists”.

Lin Siyuan passed the letter to another person, looked at Su Mu and said: “We can only fight, there is no other way.”

Yun Feiyu immediately said: “Chen, Zheng, Wu, Yang, these four kingdoms have reached an agreement to jointly deal with our Qing Kingdom, and now there is no hope for change in the situation with their armies already approaching. We can only kill all the thieves and bandits in order to deter the neighboring tigers and wolves.”

Su Mu leaned back on the chair and pressed his forehead in frustration, “I of course want to just that, but there are few civil and military officials in the Qing Kingdom, and generals are even more rare. General Qin’s injury in the imperial city battle makes it not suitable for him to lead an expedition any longer. General Shen is fighting against Chen and Zheng on the border. Where can I find someone with the talent to command an army?” Su Mu put down his hand and looked at the group of people and asked, “If you know someone who is capable, you can recommend them.”

The group of people looked at each other and bowed their heads one after another. Most of the capable generals were usually unruly fellows and thorns in the sides of those in power. Your Highness has already cut off their heads a long time ago. It was already fortunate that General Qin and General Shen managed to survive until now.

Of course these words could only be thought of in the privacy of their minds.

Lin Siyuan stood next to Yun Feiyu and gestured at him with his eyes. Yun Feiyu remained unmoved. He knew what Lin Siyuan meant. Shangguan Hao was originally the old Prince of Wu’s subordinate and led the other’s army. Currently Shangguan Hao was still in the imperial city and he was indeed a very good candidate. But don’t forget that he was a key figure in the rebellion before. How could he be used? What if Shangguan Hao went out with the army but instead of fighting foreign enemies he led the army to attack the imperial city? After all, this person had a criminal record.

Yun Feiyu did not mention it, and Lin Siyuan did not dare to mention it. He was unfamiliar with Shangguan Hao and couldn’t guarantee that he would not rebel again. Just now he was just making an inquiry to Yun Feiyu.

Su Mu was even more depressed when he saw that the dozen people remained silent and without even saying a word. He racked his brains to search for feasible candidates and after a while, a thought finally flashed by. He said to Yun Feiyu: “Uh…..the one you asked me to let go last time. What’s his name again? The one who followed your grandfather.”

Yun Feiyu instantly looked up at the frowning Su Mu, was he looking for death? Or was he really that bold? Did he really dare to use a person convicted of rebellion? Although his thoughts and emotions were turbulent, he still said very calmly: “Your Highness, are you talking about Wu An or Shangguan Hao?”

“Yes, it’s Shangguan Hao.” Su Mu said: “The last time during the settling of the civil strife, he had caused a lot of trouble to the Wu Kingdom’s army and Ben Gong. Ben Gong even had to use secret guards to capture him. He is indeed a singular talent.”

Hu Yuan behind Lin Siyuan hurriedly bowed to Su Mu and said: “Your Highness, it’s not appropriate! How can a rebel leader be used, what if…..”

Su Mu put up his hand and interrupted him: “Do you have a better candidate? Besides, can you guarantee that the others are even loyal?”

Hu Yuan said anxiously: “This…..but…..Your Highness…..”

“I know your concerns, and I have the same concerns, but I also have my own certainty.”

Hu Yuan had no choice but to retreat, but in his heart he still strongly disagreed with Shangguan Hao leading the army. If the other rebelled again, everyone would be in danger.

Su Mu glanced at the exasperated Hu Yuan, and then shifted his gaze to Yun Feiyu. He said: “Go and find Shangguan Hao, everyone should go back and rest. You have all worked hard.”


Lin Siyuan, who withdrew with everyone else, paused outside the door and said in incredulity: “Unexpectedly, His Highness himself proposed it. And I just only thought about the possibility. I really don’t know what His Highness is thinking in that head of his?”

After he finished speaking, he immediately noticed that he had spoken a gaffe and hurriedly covered his mouth and looked around vigilantly. Finally, he patted his chest: “Fortunately, no one heard that.”

Yun Feiyu walked forward on his own, as if there was no such person next to him.

At the same time, the only female teacher in the women’s college of the Imperial Classical Academy stood in front of the only female student and asked seriously, “You have thought it over?”

“Yes, teacher.” She raised her head and looked at Yun Feiyan earnestly: “Fame and fortune comes along with risks. This is a step we must take. If I die, my corpse will also become a cornerstone and pave the way for the newcomers. If I succeed, teacher, our sparks will become a prairie fire.”

Yun Feiyan looked at the young woman who had the same flame burning in her eyes, and said, “On this matter, I will do it.”

Xiao Wu shook his head and said, “You are the head of the women’s college and the cradle of hope. There are more people you need to teach and cultivate. You are also the only woman who can have an audience with the Crown Prince. This line cannot be snapped.”

Yun Feiyan clasped her hands tightly and said: “But you are just a weak woman.”

“But I have a strong heart.” Xiao Wu smiled and said, “Teacher, please take care.”

When Yun Feiyu arrived at Shangguan Hao’s residence, Xiao Wu also changed into a military uniform and arrived at the recruiting office.

“I want to sign up.” Xiao Wu said.

The man in the military uniform looked her up and down in confusion several times before he said: “The army does not accept women.”

Xiao Wu stretched out her hand and pointed while reciting the dispatch notice next to them: “Both men and women fifteen and older, forty and under. This is the will of the Crown Prince. Do you want to violate the Crown Prince’s will?”

The man reluctantly wrote down the name Xiao Wu.

After hearing Yun Feiyu’s intentions, Shangguan Hao, who was sitting on the stone bench, turned his head to the side unhappily and said, “I won’t go.”

Yun Feiyu looked at him and said: “Our kingdom faces a disaster on the national level, do you want to ignore it?”

Shangguan Hao angrily said: “He is the greatest disaster in the Qing Kingdom!”

“Ai…..” Yun Feiyu shook his head and stood up, saying: “In that case, the treasured military manual of the Wu Kingdom is destined not to be seen by you.”

Shangguan Hao, who was busy being angry, immediately stood up when he heard “treasured military manual of the Wu Kingdom”, widened his eyes and asked, “What did you say? The Wu Kingdom’s treasured military manual?”

Yun Feiyu nodded and said: “The Crown Prince was taught by an expert master, and he obtained the Wu Kingdom’s treasured military manual.”

Shangguan Hao sat down with a look of disgust: “Keep talking nonsense!”

However, at this moment, Shi Yan, dressed in black, suddenly appeared in front of the two. He said to Shangguan Hao with a blank face, “His Highness wants to see you.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

That’s right, Su Mu saw that Yun Feiyu hadn’t returned for a long time, so he guessed that Shangguan Hao was unwilling to enter the palace to see him. As a result, he sent Shi Yan, who had dealt with him in the past, to bring him over instead. Since he couldn’t be invited, he would be tied and carried over. Shi Yan had beat him before so naturally he could defeat him a second time.

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Some Announcements II

5 things to announce on the agenda^^

1) Updates for Bird Dude Nie Bufan will be finishing up by the end of October. (′ꈍ∀ꈍ‵)

2) Updates will be picking up for The Cruel Tyrant in order to finish up by the end of this year 2021. (′ꈍ∀ꈍ‵)

3) Updates will be picking up for Back To Ming starting November in order to finish by March 2022. (′ꈍ∀ꈍ‵)

3) Sect Leader will be going on a temporary hiatus in October, updates back to normal in November. After Becoming The Tyrant will be going on a long hiatus starting October, don’t know when updates will be back to normal. Sorry _(:3」∠)

4) Ko-fi Supporter posts and Member posts will be posting weekly with up to 6 advanced chapters for The Cruel Tyrant, Back To Ming, and Vicious Cannon Fodder starting October on Fridays (Thursdays being the public updates).ヽ(´▽`)/

5) Will be picking up 2 new BL novels to translate in 2022 so look out for polls on Discord. To know what poll options there are CHECK OUT: Recommendations & List Of Possible TL Projects I and Recommendations & List Of Possible TL Projects II ✧(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ *:・゚゚


Recommendations & List Of Possible TL Projects II


1) Clam Pearl-蚌珠儿
By OldGrassEatsTenderCow/老草吃嫩牛

Clam pearl, taken from the expression an old clam producing a pearl. This is a story of a modern, straightforward old man from the sea transmigrating over and living earnestly in the ancient times.

TN: an old clam producing a pearl is an expression for giving birth to a son at an old age.

TN: court intrigue, transmigration, aristocracy, strong couple, smart MC, beautiful ML, modern technology, romance

2) The Difficulties Of Being Reborn As A Princess-重生之公主难当
By HaiMiDongGua/海米冬瓜

Once reborn, he became a princess!

But what is this faint familiar feeling between the legs, this kind of slight heavy feeling is not lying to me! ! Li Chengming reached out and touched, wtf isn’t this a man’s thing? Why does a princess have such a thing~! ! ! Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

Even the Fù Mǎ has been selected for me. How do you want me to explain to the Fù Mǎ this thing three inches below the belly. Are you kidding me? Bastard!

The God of Rebirth, you come out right now, I promise not to kill you!

Fù Mǎ: Princess, looking at your pained expression, it seems that your body is feeling a little ill. Why not let this husband take your pulse.

Little Princess Li Chengming: Go die, you gay! 凸(艹皿艹 )

TN: Fù Mǎ refers to the emperor’s son-in-law, the husband of a princess

TN: humor, crossdressing, imperial court, jianghu, arranged marriage, rebirth, pregnancy

3) There Are Always Unruly People Who Want To Capture Zhen-总有刁民想攻略朕
By XinYun/昕韵

Gao Zixin was hit by a mysterious Golden Finger Plundering System, and since then…..

Pretentious Version: He embarked on a road of continuous plundering and imperial rise to power.

Realistic Version: He was exposed to modern culture and went farther and farther on a curved path.

The problem is that someone always wants to capture him!

Gao Zixin: I only want gold fingers!

Guó Shī: I am the golden finger~

TN: Guó Shī, title meaning Teacher of the State

TN: golden finger, system, imperial court, rebirth, transmigration, MC is a native who PKs transmigrators and reborn minor characters, black belly ML likes to tease MC

4) Not Even God Can Stop Me From Doing Infrastructure!-神也别想拦着我搞基建!
By GreenBambooLeaves/青竹叶

Deities: The weather’s getting cold, let the Taixi civilization disappear in the long river of history~
Yunze: Wait a minute! It can still be saved.

Jiang Yunze, who had fearfully disguised himself as an NPC for fifteen years in the game world, transmigrated, along with his skills set and a small treasury. When he opened his eyes, the house was made of mud, the clothes were made of sackcloth, the water was muddy and unclear, bread could kill people, and healing illnesses depended on the poerr of the mind.

After saving people, Jiang Yunze was identified as the Divine Son.

The Divine Son has worked hard. Don’t know what dreams you might have?
Jiang Yunze: After being a vegetarian for 15 years, now I have only one dream. I want to eat a real and proper meal of stir fried pork with rice.

Stir fried pork needs: improved pork belly, sugar, aged wine jars, rice wine, soy sauce, shallots, and ginger. White rice needs: rice. After further pondering, he needed to raise pigs scientifically, grow sugarcane and refine sugar, grow glutinous rice and brew wine, grow soybeans and brew soy sauce, grow seasonings, grow rice…..

The upstanding Divine Son, in order to eat he built infrastructure.

Book Transmigrator: You are my golden finger, and you are my stepping stone. How can you go to Taixi to be the Divine Son? !
Reborn Person: The Divine Son is the Divine son of Taixi, you blasphemer who abducted and killed the divine. In the name of God, I will bestow you with eternal night!
Yunze: You quasi-priest, please step aside thanks, don’t block me from building infrastructure.

Kind, but not innocent, Divine Son x gentle and considerate black belly Grand Priest

TN: transmigration, rebirth, book world, infrastructure, Western, sweet fluff


5) Rebirth of Su Luo’s Tsundere Life-重生之苏洛的傲娇生活
By PurpleWoodenHouse/紫色木屋

Su Luo believed that the happiest thing in the world was to have both power and wealth. Su Luo thought that the happiest thing in the world was to die.

Su Luo realized before he died, it turned out that there was a reason he lost everything, was despised, and even died tragically. It was a trap set by a person with motive long ago.

Su Luo was reborn. After losing everything, he was reborn eight years ago…..

TN: rebirth, wealthy families, revenge, family, age difference, ML with mysterious background, doting ML, tsundere MC, romance, drama

6) Hot-Selling Entrepreneurship-爆款创业 By SteamedBrothEssence/清蒸日华

By an accident of occurrences, Gou Dai needed to complete a vigorous and magnificent enough failed entrepreneurial venture.

In these years, it was difficult to succeed in starting a business, but wasn’t it a piece of cake to fail though?

One month later, an app that sparred with [Are You Hungry] appeared – [Aren’t You Hungry?]. The delivery staff were all idle elderly at home who were over 60 years old, and takeout had to be delivered by walking.

Everyone, including Gou Dai, found the project absurd.

But half a month later
Big News Network reported on the front page for four consecutive days——

“High praises for [Aren’t You Hungry?] for encouraging the elderly to go out and socialize! The empty nester reintegrates into the era”

“Out of curiousity I ordered takeout with [Aren’t You Hungry?] and the food delivery man was actually my own father. This white-collar worker bursted into tears on the spot”

“Young people praise [Aren’t You Hungry], parents finally annoyed other people’s children. The rate of urging marriage is greatly reduced”

“The spokesperson of the Ministry of Information highly praised [Aren’t You Hungry?] for providing ideas for solving the problem of re-employment of China’s aging population”

A few years later, the media interviewed Liang Junche, the head of the most successful venture capital institution in the era.

Reporter: When everyone thought that each project of Mr. Gou Dai was too ridiculous, what convinced President Liang to invest heavily in it again and again?

Liang Junche’s expression was calm: Vision and trust.

Reporter: As expected of the most discerning investor!

Assistant: Heh! One can actually describe such scheming motives in such an elegant way?

TN: business, tech companies, system, humor, unique plot, puppy-like ML, big oblivious flirt MC

7) Big Director-大导演
By WuYiyoyo/无衣yoyo

Zhu Zimo, a winner of life, traveled three hundred years into the past after being killed as a hostage.

Have TV, but no hologram?

There are movies, but no 10D?

Big Director Zhu says: These are not problems!

As a result, Chinese-language movies have finally risen and have a fierce sense of existence in Hollywood!

Thirty years later – A reporter: Director Zhu, why did you choose Film Emperor Shen as your main leading actor?

Director Zhu: Oh, because he looks like my inflatable doll.

Film Emperor Shen: …..

This is a criminally feel good biography of a legendary director in the entertainment industry. There is no thickest golden finger, only thicker golden thighs! Please pick up the morals and let us shout: Long live Director Zhu! !

TN: transmigration, future travel to modern, futuristic technology, showbiz, golden thighs, cute MC, bankroller MC, doting ML

8) Rebirth Of The Music Industry’s Superstar-重生之歌坛巨星
By GuGuaGu/呱瓜呱

Ye Ze is a music ghostwriter. He is currently the music ghostwriter of the most popular male singer-songwriter Lu Nan. Because Lu Nan’s producer Guo Peiwen is Ye Ze’s boyfriend.

Ye Ze is good-looking and talented, but he can’t stand on the stage because he has congenital heart disease. He had been a music ghostwriter for five or six years, until he saw Guo Peiwen and Lu Nan rolling in bed together…..

Ye Ze had a heart attack on the spot, but Guo Peiwen and Lu Nan not only didn’t help but even deliberately took his medicine away. The two watched Ye Ze die in pain with cold eyes.

When Ye Ze woke up, he found that he was in another body, a healthy body. I will collect my debt from all who owes me…..

This is a story of rebirth and revenge, a story of a little transparent who climbs up step by step and finally rises to the highest summit.

TN: showbiz, revenge, music, interesting ML, genius MC


9) Violent Crimson-暴殷

Ye Wuying, who was once a good young man in the new era under the banner of red, came to a conclusion: How do you survive in a perverted world surrounded by perverts——Only if oneself can become a [righteous person] ←Do you believe this?

This is a story about the protagonist’s [rebirth] and the road to….. while continuing a past destiny with a certain [^_^]

TN: strong couple, first transmigration then rebirth

10) Drinking Deer-酌鹿
By LuYeQianHe/绿野千鹤

The ancient books burned to ashes, the Dao fell into demise, when the glass deer appears the world prospers, contend, contend, contend.

Ten thousand withered bones, the emperor’s order, will live up to imperial favor but not imperial love, fate, fate, fate.

Lin Xin had been a butcher knife for the royal family for a lifetime. He was cruel and never regretted it. The only regret he had was that he didn’t manage to win Shen Lou’s heart even until he died. After being reborn, he decided to pretend to be good and obedient to coax Shen Lou into his hands.

Shen Lou had been a role model for the world for a lifetime. He was abstinent and without desire, and never stepped a foot out of bounds. The only time he overstepped was when he fell in love with the devil, Lin Xin. After being reborn, he decided to put aside the world and trick Lin Xin into marriage early.

Cruel drama king x Smiling schemer

TN: Cultivation, imperial court, dual rebirth, dual perspective, misunderstanding, doting from both sides

11) Rebirth Of Doomsday-末世之重生
By FuYi/伏翼

In the previous life, he hated him and despised him, but he lost his life for him. He didn’t understand what he had lost until he died. In this life, he will guard him well, even if he doesn’t love him anymore, he will help him find the one he loves and make him happy forever…..

Dog blood version:
Yi Ran died in the apocalypse, and was reborn the day before the start of doomsday. After being reborn, good luck also came, Space, supernatural abilities, food, and subordinates. Since he had everything, then he’ll take his Space and go off to find his gong! !

Concise version:
A scumbag is reborn and becomes a loyal dog.

TN: apocalypse, zombies, supernatural, Space, action, survival, gary stu MC, older ML, gentle doting ML


12) God’s Lover-神的男人
By WanMieZhiShang/万灭之殇

Conquering the world begins with conquering me. If you can’t become God, you will become a man who controls God.

TN: magic, fantasy, three MLs (or 4 with one two souls), younger MLs, older MC

13) Flying Dust-飞尘
By CaramelWinterMelon/焦糖冬瓜

Yu Jin yelled: “I curse that all the women you like in this life don’t like you!”

“Hehehe,” Mo Feichen stood up leisurely, “Senior Brother, there are not only women in this world, but also men!”

At that time, Mo Feichen hadn’t expected that one of his jokes would become true. In this life he was fated to become “tossed about” by a few men.

TN: transmigration, wuxia, ancient times, three MLs, doting MLs

14) Before I Conquered The Divine Realm-在我攻下神界前
By SoupAndRoastPorkBun/灌汤叉烧包

“Do you want to have great strength, huge wealth, and live forever after transmigrating to the realm of cultivation?

Do you want to release a domineering aura and the enemy will become your minion in three seconds, and all kinds of goddesses will rush into your arms?
Boy, if you want, please bind with the Long Aotian System and start the journey to dominate the world.”

An otaku excitedly agreed to bind.
Unexpectedly, after being dumped into the realm of cultivation..…

“The host does not meet the system activation conditions and the system cannot be activated.
Activation conditions: Can’t be displayed?”

Until one day: “Bastard, the activation condition is actually to be pushed down by a man?”

“As soon as the domineering aura is released, it is not a goddess who is conquered? No, it is not a woman at all!”

“I want to return the goods.”

TN: transmigration, cultivation, runes and magic arrays, system, useless to strong

15) Burn The Empire-焚烧帝国
By Neal  

Li Tianzhen is a conscientious surgeon, but he was stabbed by a lunatic after getting off work. He traveled to the future empire thousands of years later and became a notorious cleaner assassin, surrounded suddenly by dangers.

An accidental discovery made him start looking for a way back to his own world, but for this, he must approach those extremely dangerous characters..…

Are you kidding me? ! He wanted to go back to his own home, not to the homes of those hungry wolves and tigers…..

Let’s see how Uncle Li overcomes all difficulties and finds his ‘way (place) back (of belonging)’~~

TN: transmigration, futuristic, assassins, diverse MLs, sweet

Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 043 Respecting Teachers And Morality, Virtue Since Ancient Times

The Dragons and Phoenix Selection started every October 15th, and by October, those families who had children of the right age would try their luck.

Some families even early on prepared a jar from the birth of a child, and deposited a copper coin every day, commonly known as “children’s money”, as a way to save up the expenses needed to participate in the Dragon and Phoenix Selection.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this time, it was the most prosperous period of time in various places, all kinds of businesses make a fortune, and many rural civilians also know that this was likely the only time in their lives they would enter the city.

This period of time was also a good time for the martial arts schools and the army to select talents.

There were always people who had already found their targets early on. Not mentioning those who were selected, but towards those who didn’t pass the Dragon and Phoenix Selection, they would rush over and make their pitch. After all, while Kun-Lai selected only the best, the rest that were left also contained some good seedlings.

And today was October 15th.

The day when the Dragon and Phoenix Selection officially started.

The city could no longer accommodate so many people. Therefore, aside from the residents of the capital city of the Da Xiao Kingdom, entry had become restricted. If they carried travel papers from another area, one must go out before another one could enter.

Simply put, the line of people had already stretched outside the city.

A tall girl squeezed into the crowd with an unhappy expression: “Why is there a limit to entry? What gives! Collecting taxes all day long and won’t even forgive a penny less in payment. But now that they have to give help, then there will be no one?”

The frail young man next to her tugged at the hem of her clothes: “Keep your voice down…..”

“Why should I whisper? Is there anything wrong with what I said?” The girl was currently angry and argued back directly.

“Of course it’s wrong!” A young soldier on the side gave her a sideways glance, “If we hadn’t started constructing at the beginning of the year, do you think the shack you lived in these few days could still be a place that’s even livable?”

The gathering of people outside the city once every twelve years was an inevitable occurrence. The capital of the kingdom was already familiar with the procedure, and the manpower, housing, and division of duties had been practiced countless times.

The shacks outside the city were the most dilapidated, but they all had stone pillars as the framework. They could provide shelter from wind and rain with just a couple layers of straw bundles on the roof. There were also various vendors from the city who would come out to sell grain, food, and water. Although the living conditions were uncomfortable and there were several people who had to squeeze in a single room, who hadn’t gone through this kind of tight living quarters before?

Before October, all of them had been paid double the salary, and it was stipulated that there should be no problem in carrying out the process, otherwise they would be dealt with from top to bottom. And it was only these young people who did not know good from bad and just complained everywhere.

The girl paused, snorted twice then bowed her head and stopped talking.

The sickly looking young man apologized and continued to wait on the long line.

From time to time, some people walked out of the city with a desolate face, all kinds of crying and sobbing, causing the young people on the line to become even more nervous and anxious.

Although they all knew that the Dragon and Phoenix Selection only selected the best, but how many did not want to soar into the sky?

Besides, there were far fewer people who succeeded through scholarship, martial arts, or doing business when compared to being selected to go to Kun-Lai.

After cultivating one’s life span becomes longer and indirectly or directly reflects prosperity to their clan and hometown. Even if after going to Kun-Lai they end up being eliminated, these students would still be able to come away with scholarly knowledge, martial arts skills, and broadened horizons. After returning, they were still talents that various countries fought over. Few did not live out the rest of their lives without success and completely faded into the masses.

For normal civilians, this was a direct path to soaring up into the sky.

The line moved extremely slowly, from day to night, but their position on the line only just went from outside the city to in front of the city gates, and the line was still extending.

Those were the children and adolescents from more remote places having finally arrived. They stood far away on the line, and it was early yet till they arrived at the front of the line, but they were still quite anxious and afraid.

After January, the Heart Asking Stone would close, and many people who were delayed on the road would lose their chances forever.

At this time, some rumors faintly began to spread.

“Have you heard?” Someone on the side whispered, “This time there is a problem with the sacred stone.”

“How could something go wrong, that is something set by the true god of Kun-Lai.” The listener and the speaker were both interested, and they soon exchanged words.

“I heard that many nobles colluded with the Teacher of the State and broke the sacred stone.” That person’s voice rose unconsciously, “A lot of nobles have entered prison.”

“I have also heard that the Kun-Lai immortals returned many of the kidnapped children, saying that they had their hearts plucked to make up for the deficiency in the children of noble families.”

“Those vicious beasts!”

“Then is it a fake this time? Those nobles broke the sacred stone, which is why there are so many people?”

“That’s right, that’s why I was not selected!”

“Wait a minute, maybe the sacred stone is repaired, there are still the Kun-Lai immortals!?”

“That’s a sacred stone created by the true god. It hasn’t been broken for hundreds of years. Can the immortals even fix it?”


Although the rumors caused a stir, the soldiers around them posed an intimidating deterrent, and the sharp blades in their hands were even more intimidating. It was just that many not yet resigned people lingered around and refused to leave, hoping to come across another chance.

The girl elbowed her companion: “Ah Lie, do you think what they are saying is true?”

The sickly looking young man was knocked back from the elbow. He stretched out his hand to rub at the ribs that might have become bruised now, and showed out a wry smile.

“Tell me.” The girl urged him. On the whole way, everything he predicted had become right. If it weren’t for this, they wouldn’t be able to escape here safe and sound.

The young man glanced around and seemed to hesitate, not knowing how to say.

“Hurry and tell me!” The girl pushed him.

The young man lowered his head, grabbed the girl’s hand, and drew two words on her hand.

Be careful.

The girl’s heart skipped a beat, and she instinctively grabbed the boy’s hand.

“It’s those few people who are spreading the rumors.” The young man continued to write on her hand. He could already see the intertwined lines of fortune on those people which were giving off a strong black energy, infecting the fortune of other people around them.

Generally, in his eyes, the luck and fortune of ordinary people appeared as white energy, and those who had thick lines were lucky while those who had thinner lines were less so.

The nobles had blue green energy, and there were also differences in thickness. An extremely noble person had purple energy, and he had only seen one with it.

But the black energy signalled death and decay, and once it stained you, you would end up hurt if not dead.

At this time, two people lined up at the back of the line, a boy and a girl.

Their appearances startled the people around.

The girl wore a veil over her face, but while it covered her facial features it could not cover her misty and ethereal aura. Between her graceful posture and every elegant gesture, she was like a fairy who descended from the heavens, unforgettable with just one glance.

However, the young man was 18 or 19 years old, with a tall stature and a very cold and handsome face. He stayed beside the girl in a guarding posture.

The people around couldn’t help but wonder, the two of them didn’t look like ordinary people so why didn’t they go inside the city to jump the line like the other nobles instead of enduring the hard work of queuing here.

One must know that they must stand in line for ten days to half a month. If there was no person you were familiar with, it would be a problem to even drink and eat.

At the end of January, there were many who would come down with serious illnesses.

The eyes of the sickly looking teenager named Ah Lie brightened, and he decisively pulled the girl and withdrew from the front of the line, lining up behind the pair of extraordinary looking boy and girl instead.

“What are you doing, we finally got to the front and we are about to enter the city!” The girl raised her hand to hit him.

“Sister Su, these two are not normal people with just a glance. Let’s breathe in some immortal energy.” Ah Lie hurried to appease her, and winked a few times. As soon as these two arrived, the black energy outside the city was instantly swept away. The aura of fortune over her head was massive and terrifying, and it was a hundred times more scary than the Kun-Lai cultivator who had rescued him before. Approaching such a person, so long as they were not hostile, would only benefit them.

Only then did the girl put down her hand and did not struggle any more.

She just looked at the two in front of them with scrutiny.

The girl in white robes who looked like an immortal fairy looked back at Ah Lie and let out a chuckle as she said, “This little brother has good vision, what’s your name?”

The voice was soft and gentle, with a hint of crispness, just listening to it was a pleasure.

“Thank you sister for the compliment, my name is Yuan Lie.” He replied respectfully.

“This name is domineering, it’s just that your physique is too weak and you have to cultivate hard to be worthy of the name. Then Xiao Lie, won’t you follow this sister, okay?” The white robed girl said with a smile, “My name is Mingyu, and I just happen to need a few companions who can go to Kun-Lai and cultivate together.”

Yuan Lie’s heart thumped. Although this girl was also surrounded with purple energy, she actually described Kun-Lai as one would describe their own home. There was likely a problem with her origin. If she was someone who was going to Kun-Lai to make trouble, he might also be implicated.

And her luck was so terrifying, would it cause trouble to the Kun-Lai Immortal Mountains?

However, he saw that the luck of an ordinary Kun-Lai disciple was so terrifying before. If there were ten or a hundred more of the same in Kun-Lai, this girl would definitely not be able to stir up trouble…..right?

“Mingyu, don’t fool around,” Ye Han said with a headache, “You have already collected dozens of ‘companions’ along the way…..”

“If you are a little bit stronger and could suppress Feng Qingxiu, why would I have to work so hard.” Ji Mingyu snorted, and did not listen to persuasion, determined to continue to go further and further on the path of seeking her father’s attention.

“If I am lucky enough to enter the Kun-Lai Immortal Mountains, naturally we can cultivate together.” Yuan Lie said sincerely, “Being able to accompany sister is also a wonderful opportunity for me.”

He was gentle, polite and sensible, and soon attracted the girl Mingyu’s interest in chatting with him, making the ‘Sister Su’ next to him very upset, turning to the side with an unhappy face.

However, after a while, the line did not make any progress.

The test takers around couldn’t help but become anxious.

Thinking of the previous rumors, the people’s hearts could not help but become unsettled.

Ji Mingyu was also puzzled: “Is there another problem? Didn’t he say that he can deal with it?”

She asked Ye Han.

“After all, it is the Heart Asking Stone. He only learned a few runes and he dared to say that he could make one. It is normal for a little problem to occur,” Ye Han was also very worried, “Should we go to Jiuxi City? The Heart Asking Stone there has no problem.”

Unlike Ji Mingyu, who had a powerful cultivator as a personal bodyguard, he was sincere in his desire to go to the lower gates to make up for his lack of knowledge, otherwise it would be difficult to make any progress in the future.

He couldn’t live off of Mingyu forever.

At the same time they were chatting, the surrounding situation faintly began to spiral out of control.

Rumors spread faster than anything. In almost an hour, the news of the destruction of the sacred stone spread throughout the city and there were turbulent accusations cropping up everywhere.

All kinds of people began to attack the imperial court and the Divine Temple. Although there were many soldiers, one couldn’t imagine how they would fare with massive crowds like mountains and seas.


In the Divine Temple, Feng Qingxiu looked at the huge stone that was glowing again, thinking hard.

“You said it’s fine, that this sacred stone can be used!” The emperor on one side looked solemn, “Give me a specific time, and I will go suppress the crowd outside.”

He had already explained the current situation to the other. As the monarch of a country, he always had to give his people an explanation.

And this explanation could only be given by the other.

“Shizun, what do you think?” Feng Qingxiu asked the paper man quietly.

“There is no way to restart it, it will take a day at least.” The paper man said lightly, “In the past, in order to be able to measure one’s talent for comprehension, the program created is quite complicated. It is normal that a bug showed up after you rewrote it.”

“But now the people outside are about to rise in revolt.” Feng Qingxiu did not dare to give a specific time to let the other go and suppress the civilians, “Shizun, is my authority in Kun-Lai very big?”

“Very big, you can even take all the people outside to Kun-Lai if you want.” The paper man touched his disciple and didn’t put pressure on him.

“No need!” Feng Qingxiu smiled slightly and turned to the emperor, “Pass the news that the sacred stone is damaged and is still being repaired. The test will now be held on our Kun-Lai flying peak.”

The emperor was overjoyed, this was the flying peak of the immortals, with this name, he no longer had to worry about the people suspecting that he was secretly tampering with the Selection.

No one would doubt Kun-Lai, or a celestial flying peak.

So he left immediately and spread the news to the outside world.

“The flying peak doesn’t have a Heart Asking Stone though?” The paper man asked strangely.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Just move this one over.” Feng Qingxiu said confidently, “The sacred stone on the flying peak has not been used before. If something goes wrong, then just let them wait longer and they won’t say anything. Please check it over quickly. Don’t let it crash anymore!”

“My disciple… attention to your attitude!”

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