Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 005 To Sway Future Subordinates

Er Liang put a piece of rabbit meat on his rice and added some sauce. He couldn’t even bother to talk, so busy stuffing the delicious food in his mouth. He thought as he ate, if young master was here he would definitely be reprimanded. 

“Why aren’t you both eating?” Er Liang discovered Si Niang and Gou zi only added cabbages to their rice, he said worriedly, “This is not right, how can you gain weight without eating any meat? Young master always complain that I am too skinny.” 

Er Liang said, pleased with himself, “In the past, only I was picked to be young master’s servant boy because I was the fattest of all of them!” 

A pity that after eight years old he had slimmed down, ai~

Si Niang chewed the rice in a cherishing manner. In her old home, even when the harvest was plentiful there was no rice as fine as this to eat. 

The most was some white rice mixed in with the bran and beans. And that was on the best of days. 

She put on a fawning smile: “I don’t like to eat meat.” 

Gou zi also piped up: “I also don’t like to eat meat.” 

Er Liang ate another piece of rabbit meat, thinking it the strangest thing ever: “In this world, other than monks, there are actually people who don’t like to eat meat. What a strange thing.” 

In Er Liang’s opinion, there was nothing more delicious than meat in this world. 

Si Niang asked in a small voice: “Er Liang, does the young master have any taboos? I am an uneducated person, I’m afraid I won’t be able to serve him well.” 

Er Liang spat out a bone: “My young master has the kindest heart, the heart of a Buddha. Just do what he asks of you, as long as it is part of your responsibilities, anything else you don’t need to worry about.” 

Gou zi swallowed discreetly, looking at the bits of meat still stuck to the bone Er Liang spat out, unwilling to shift his eyes. 

Unfortuanately, Er Liang did not catch the look. He only thought that this pair of mother and son were used to not having meat as part of their diet and perhaps as a result couldn’t eat meat. So he ate all the meat with a clear conscience. 

After finishing, Er Liang let out a rabbit meat scented burp. 

“Si Niang, your cooking skills are quite good.” Er Liang wiped at the oil on his lips, “generous with the oil, makes it taste better.” 

Si Niang still now felt a bit dizzy: “Wasted so much oil!” 

In her life she had yet to put this much oil in a single dish. That could not be considered pouring oil but pouring money instead. 

When she was eating the cabbages she could also taste the oil. Mixed with rice it was unspeakably tasty.  

Er Liang waved his hand: “As long as you do the work well for young master, young master will treat you well!”  

He thought to himself, once young master’s soybean oil was extracted, even drinking oil like water was possible. 

“Oh right, I bought a roll of cloth, it’s for you to make clothes for yourself and Gou zi.” Er Liang said, “it’s young master’s orders.” 

Si Niang gaped, saying frantically: “We, we do not deserve…..” 

Young master gave them shelter, a bed with blankets and food to eat. Compared to life at her old home where she lived in a grass hut that leaked on rainy days, the life now was much better. And not only that but also receiving new clothes! 

In farming families only men received new clothes. Only once they were worn old would the woman patch them up and wear them instead. Once the clothes were too ripped would the woman change them into smaller sizes and give them to the children. 

Since birth she had never once worn new clothes. They had always belonged to someone else first. 

“There’s no need for new clothes.” Si Niang said, followed by tears falling down. She often could not eat fully as the food must prioritize her husband and children first. Instead, she drank water to stave the hunger and on their way here relied on tree bark and grass roots as sustenance. 

She was as thin as a skeleton, skin weather-beaten and stretched thin, arms resembling the bare branches of trees. Her tears had none of the charms of raindrops on a pear blossom or tears on the face of a beauty. It only made people feel sad. 

Gou zi also said: “Brother Er Liang, my mama and I we don’t want any new clothes.” 

Er Liang looked surprised: “You aren’t cold?” 

Unlike them, Er Liang was a family servant, his parents having been the servants of the Lin family before he was born. They had no private property——they lived in the Lin family house, wore Lin family clothes. Their entire life from birth to death was spent at the Lin family. In the hearts of these family servants, they were members of the Lin family. 

Therefore, whatever the master gave them they would not have any qualms of receiving or think that they didn’t deserve it. 

So Er Liang could not understand the feelings of this pair of mother and son. 

Gou zi pulled the collar of his shirt and showed Er Liang the dry hay stuffed within, saying proudly: “I rubbed and stuffed them myself, it’s very warm.” 

Er Liang reached out a hand to touch it. The hay had been rubbed and softened, not prickly as expected, and because it was close to the skin it was warm just as Gou zi claimed. 

“I’ve never tried this before!” Er Liang looked interested, “later, help me to also make some hay stuffing.” 

He treated it as a game. 

Er Liang slept in the same bed as Lin Yuan. Since the space was not big he couldn’t have Er Liang make his bed on the floor. 

Er Liang was still a child with a small stature and didn’t take up much room. And besides two people sleeping was warmer. 

“I should go buy a tangpozi (TN: basically a hot water bottle put in the sheets to warm the bed) for young master.” Er Liang thought he was not attentive enough, feeling guilty, “I actually forgot something this important. If my dad hears this he will definitely scold me.” 

Lin Yuan flopped an arm on top of Er Liang, saying sleepily: “Sleep, your dad is not here.” 

Er Liang mumbled some more but Lin Yuan did not catch it, having fallen into sleep. 

Early the next morning, Si Niang finished preparing breakfast——steamed rolls, fried breadsticks, and even bought soy milk at the tofu shops. Gou zi also woke up early and began sweeping the yard. 

Si Niang still felt anxious, she felt that cooking was too light work. 

After eating breakfast, Lin Yuan had Er Liang stay to watch the house, going out himself to reserve a restuarant booth. The house still lacked people, specifically strong and physically intimidating people to scare away crooks. 

If only the original owner’s nanny brother was still here. That muscular body was practically a human weapon. 

The hunter he met awhile ago was also good, it’s too bad he wasn’t interested in temporary work much less permanent work of being a doorman/bodyguard. 

With the booth reserved, Lin Yuan visited Jiang Gui’s house. The place Jiang Gui rented was even smaller than Lin Yuan’s but not only was Jiang Gui and his wife and child living there but also his parents and parents-in-law. 

After finding out that his parents-in-law also lived with Jiang Gui and his family, Lin Yuan could not help but sigh. Although Jiang Gui was far from a gentleman, he also could not be considered a bad man. 

His parents-in-law grew older in age but their own sons were reluctant to support their living. Their daughter, wife of Jiang Gui was part of another family since marriage and did not dare to speak of looking after her elderly parents. Jiang Gui noticed his wife secretly crying several times and as a result made the decision to bring them over to his house and be responsible for their care. 

He was only one person but he must support six people not counting himself. Lin Yuan truly thought Jiang Gui could be considered a good and courageous man. 

“Uncle Jiang, I am a friend of brother Jiang here to send something over.” Lin Yuan called from outside the door. 

The door unlocking could be heard on the other side and an old man wearing a cotton coat appeared: “What is it?” 

Lin Yuan handed over a message card: “I forgot yesterday, I must trouble brother Jiang to send this invitation to brother Dao.” 

The old man could not read. Squinting his eyes at the card he only felt dizzy. He nodded his head: “Fine, you can be going now.” 

Lin Yuan: “Great, then I will be leaving first, uncle Jiang.”  

Uncle Jiang waved his hand expressing his understanding. 

Lunch was eaten at home. Si Niang cherished her current situation so despite her cooking skills being average at least she was generous with oil and salt which tasted better than the food from the food stalls outside. 

Lin Yuan took a nap after lunch and then left again by himself to walk around the city. 

20 workers was not enough but Lin Yuan had his own plans. 

Was that brother Dao fellow trustworthy? What were his subordinates like? Lin Yuan was completely in the dark so he gave Jiang Gui a percentage of future earnings. With shared interests Jiang Gui would treat the issue seriously. After seeing just how much money soybean oil could make he would be completely on his side. 

And with the ten percent of earnings there was no need to worry about betrayal. 

They were now on the same boat so no matter whether it was keeping from being registered as part of the merchant class or operating the business, Jiang Gui must take part. 

Money could shake a person’s will, especially in Jiang Gui’s case with a big family to feed. 

From now on they were grasshoppers on the same string. 

Only with intertwined interests could Lin Yuan cease his worries. He had been part of workplace scheming for too long and had no belief in brotherhood or friends. Only connections made through interests and benefits were unbreakable. 

Therefore, towards these 20 people, Lin Yuan planned to give them managerial duties on top of their own work. 

These people had experience mingling among the underworld so with them present, the rest would not dare make any trouble. 

As for himself, all he needed to do was to gain the support of the gang leader, brother Dao. 

How? Easy. Share another ten percent of the earnings. 

If everyone bound themselves in shared interests, then everyone would feel at ease. 

Lin Yuan waited early at the reserved booth, wearing a plain cotton shirt as he observed the restaurant’s customers. The business looked to be doing well with the crowds and flittering waiters. 

He could also see the manager doing calculations with an abacus, almost frantic at the busy pace. 

Lin Yuan’s booth was on the second floor with a view of downstairs so he soon saw Jiang Gui with a muscular man at his side. 

The muscular man was only wearing a thin shirt in the winter cold, his hair messy. Even still, he appeared to resemble a knight-errant of jianghu, free and untamed. On his waist hung a small sheathed knife, likely the most valuable thing he owned. 

 Lin Yuan waved his hand: “Brother Jiang, over here!” 

Jiang Gui also hollered: “Coming up!” 

Brother Dao had a bigger pace so he arrived first. Lin Yuan’s first impression could be considered quite good. He had a pair of eagle eyes, sharp dark brows, straight nose and sharply defined lips. Though he was a gang leader he had an air of righteousness. 

If one was to just look at his outer appearance, then it would be easy to become trustful of him. 

“Brother Dao.” Lin Yuan cupped his hands in greeting, “this little brother’s name is Lin Yuan.” 

Brother Dao retuned the greeting: “Just call me brother Dao.”  

It seemed he was unwilling to reveal his true name. 

Jiang Gui said: “What are you all standing for? Come sit quickly, we three brothers should drink alcohol and eat meat while we discuss important issues.” 

Lin Yuan was deeply familiar with swaying people in his favor. Before, when facing clients it was talk about this and that, now facing Jiang Gui and brother Dao it was even easier. 

“Brother Jiang, sit.” Lin Yuan poured their cups with wine and said with a smile, “first let’s talk about my business.” 

Jiang Gui and brother Dao looked at him in askance, wasn’t this about hiring? 

Lin Yuan spoke confidently, as if he had a card up his sleeve, thinking privately: if I don’t display a big piece of cake, how would I be able to attract any people? 

AN: Lin Yuan: “It has always been me who takes advantage of others.” 

Jiang Gui/brother Dao: “…..”

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 004 Fate? There’s No Fate!

A thing like soybeans, the actual bean could be cooked with rice and made into tofu. The soybean leaves could also be cooked as a vegetable dish. It was a necessary part of the the regular labor worker’s diet. But soybeans were cheap and didn’t taste that well. People who ate tofu numbered no small amount but as the saying went, life’s three bitter professions: boat rowing, metal forging, and tofu selling. There were only four tofu shops in the entire of Wu City. 

Lin Yuan grabbed a handful of beans that weren’t particularly plump but at least they weren’t shriveled either. 

“Young master.” Er Liang was not feeling confident, “I do hear of extracting oil from soybeans but if it was truly that profitable a business it would have long been occupied wouldn’t it?” 

Lin Yuan gave Er Liang a slap on the back of the head, not heavy but light and almost playful. He threw a few beans into his mouth and then looked towards the vendor: “How much do you have? I’ll take it all.” 

The vendor did not expect such a big customer, immediately saying: “We still have 300 stones more! It’s all this year’s harvest, fresh!” 

300 stones was equal to 3000 pounds, Lin Yuan nodded: “Cart them to the farmstead outside the city’s north gate. Is three days enough?” 

Vendor: “Definitely!” 

One oral agreement later and Lin Yuan had the materials for oil extraction. 

One pound for five coins, 3000 pounds of soybeans worth 300 guan or 30 taels. 

These days, farming was not easy. 

Lin Yuan sighed. A passerby laughed at him: “30 taels is enough for the vendor and his family to eat his fill for several years. You buy that much, if you went to the tofu shop it would have cost half as much.” 

Lin Yuan turned his head and saw a man dressed in rough clothes, his muscles filling them to the seams. In his hand was a live rabbit abd his shoes were made of fur. Most likely a hunter. 

“A fool with too much money.” The hunter grinned. 

Lin Yuan also smiled: “He needs to cart the beans which require renting a donkey cart, one tael is likely not enough. People must make a profit, making a living is not easy. 300 stones is likely gathered from an entire village’s supply.” 

The hunter paused, obviously having not thought of that. He saw Lin Yuan’s young age and assumed him to be a naive fool when in actuality he had his own calculations. He smiled: “I am in the wrong, little fellow, you have a good heart.” 

Lin Yuan flapped his hand. Looking at the live rabbit he couldn’t hep but feel hungry. He arrived in this time period for this long, but the only meat he had was pig meat. These days not a lot of people ate pig meat because of the strong smell. Not to mention, in order to raise a pig fully grown it took two to three years. 

Wealthy people disliked its foul smell and were unwilling to eat it. Poor people could not afford to eat it and neither did they have the time and means to raise it either. 

One bite of pig meat was enough to put you off. 

But other than pig meat there was only mutton. Although the smell was different but equally overpowering. 

Large scale cultivating of pigs actually started during the Ming dynasty. 

The pigs of now were small in size with not much flesh, completely different from the fat white pigs of modern times, every one of them black as charcoal. 

He reckoned Zhu Bajie (TN: character from Journey to the West) was also a black pig. 

“Big brother, how much is this rabbit?” Not only was Lin Yuan craving meat Er Liang was as well. But Er Liang didn’t dare to speak, only staring at the rabbit and swallowing profusely. 

Lin Yuan only just rented a farmstead for his oil extraction business at 500 coins a month, cheap because of its deserted location. He was quite aware of the need to save, master and servant only eating noodles to fill their bellies. 

Today also happened to be the day they would be picking up the pair of mother and son back to their temporary dwelling. They could cook a plate of rabbit meat for dinner. 

Lin Yuan’s drool was practically visible. 

The hunter held the rabbit by the ears, its limbs still moving wanting to escape. He said: “I normally sell to neighbors, most is 30 coins for one. This one is quite fat, I’ll sell for 35 coins.” 

Lin Yuan: “Deal!” 

Saying so he made to pay. 

With the exchange finished, Lin Yuan asked the hunter: “Big brother, nowadays is it good for business?” 

The hunter shook his head, eyebrows drawn: “There’s not much prey in the mountains now. Yesterday I spent the whole day in the mountains and only captured this one rabbit.” 

Lin Yuan: “Why not change to a different type of livelihood?”

The hunter sighed: “I only have physical strength, don’t recognize words, and a clumsy mouth. Find another livelihood, the most is be an unskilled labor worker.” 

The city’s unskilled labor work was paid by day, a day’s worth of hard physical labor was worth 3 to 4 coins, just enough for a grown man to buy coarse grains to fill his stomach. 

“Why, big brother, our meeting is fate. I have a job in need of workers.” Lin Yuan immediately advertised his oil plant, “Every month is paid 200 coins. If done well I can even give bonuses.” 

The hunter looked bewildered: “What is a bonus?” 

Lin Yuan: “It means if I make more than expected, I’ll share the profits with workers.” 

The hunter understood: “We are barely more than strangers…..” 

Lin Yuan: “If there is fate then even thousands of miles cannot stop our meeting!” 

Just look at this muscular physique, this kind of fellow was best for physical work! 

The hunter also noticed that the young person in front of him had been looking at his chest profusely. Looking down he discovered that his chest muscles were very obvious. Looking up once again at Lin Yuan, a strange expression couldn’t help but to cross over his face. He had heard that there were some rich young masters with peculiar interests such as finding strong able-bodied men like him to be bedmates. 

But this was something he had heard from a fellow villager who told this to him as a joke. 

The hunter’s facial expression became increasingly strange: “.….Fate? There’s no fate!” 

Saying so, he left in a hurry as if a feral dog was chasing after him. 

Lin Yuan looked after the other’s disappearing figure, looking confused: “He is that unwilling to do temporary work?” 

It looked like this person was likely one who was used to freedom. 

Er Liang carried the rabbit in one hand, his brain overtaken with the 18 ways to eat a rabbit, completely unaware of his young master’s bewilderment. 

The mother and son beggars passed these three days in a rare state of normalcy. Though they were only sleeping in a broken down temple but at least there was a roof which was better than sleeping on the streets. With the 10 coins, everyday they were able to buy bean curd cakes to eat. The ragged cotten blanket also protected them somewhat from the cold——even during the best of days they had never once used a cotten blanket before, worn and dirty though it was. 

Only the wealthy could afford it! 

When Lin Yuan came to pick them up, he discovered that the woman and boy both cleaned up somewhat though their clothes were still dirty with the lack of proper conditions to wash and change. 

“Quick, kowtow to the master.” The woman pulled the boy along, both kneeling down. 

Lin Yuan: “Get up, don’t kneel anymore.” 

The woman then anxiously pulled her son along as she stood up again. 

On the way back, Lin Yuan asked her: “Your son is called Gou zi (TN: literally doggy), what is your name?” 

The woman had no proper name, only a nickname. In her family she was the fourth child so before marriage everyone called her Si Ya (TN: literally translates to fourth girl). After marriage she was called wife of Tie Tou. 

 Lin Yuan: “I’ll call you Si Niang (TN: literally fourth mother).” Si Niang agreed immediately. 

“Everything is ready and prepared so you settle down first and then roast this rabbit for dinner.” Lin Yuan instructed, “don’t be unwilling to put oil.” 

The oil he bought was sesame oil, 30 coins per bottle, even more expensive than meat. 

No wonder the common people couldn’t afford it. 

“The both of you will be staying in the second bedroom.” They entered the house, “if you lack anything just speak with Er Liang.” 

After entering the second bedroom, both Si Niang and Gou zi remained stunned in place. The room was furnished with a table, two chairs, a bed, and a dresser. The bed was already made, the mattress stuffed with dry hay but the blanket was cotten, secondhand but it was enough. 

“Mama.” Gou zi didn’t dare to sit in the chairs, aware that his clothes were dirty so he squatted on the floor, looking around, “It’s like being in a dream.” 

Si Niang was no better off. She touched the blanket, then the mattress, large tears falling down: “Gou zi, we stumbled upon a living Buddha.” 

“Living Buddha” Lin Yuan was currently worrying over how to find workers. Should he just go advertise on the street? 

When hiring, if the person’s moral quality was lacking and brought trouble, what should he do? 

Thus, with a headache Lin Yuan had Er Liang go invite Jiang Gui over just before dinner. He also had Gou zi go buy two taels worth of rice wine. 

As for Si Niang she was busy at the stove. In her old home she had to farm, take care of children, cook, and do chores. Cooking was an essential skill so it posed no difficulty for her. Only on the matter of putting oil had her feeling distressed. 

 Such good quality oil. Back in her old home, two small bottles of oil lasted an entire year for her family of five. When harvest was bad, oil was not even used to cook their meals. 

Jiang Gui did not come empty handed, since hearing from Er Liang that they would be having rabbit meat he even specially brought over a pot of squash soup. 

“There’s no need for brother Jiang to be this courteous.” Lin Yuan welcomed him with a wide smile. 

Jiang Gui could already smell the delicious scents, his craving increased but he pretended to be nonchalant: “Give and take, this priniciple I do understand.” 

Lin Yuan and Jiang Gui ate in the main room while Er Liang and the rest ate in the second bedroom. Though only two chairs, at least the table was short enough for one to squat on the floor and still be able to reach it. 

Lin Yuan introduced his idea for oil extraction to Jiang Gui: “This is what I am thinking, I am unfamiliar with this area and need brother Jiang to look out for me. I can give you a ten percent of the earnings.” 

No need to do anything? Money for free? 

Jiang Gui put down the chopsticks: “Little brother Lin, you are looking down on Gege (TN: a close way of saying brother). I am not someone who likes to take advantage of others. If you need my help I won’t be courteous with you on payment but if you don’t then I won’t take a cent.” 

“Gege sees matters clearly.” Lin Yuan filled the other’s cup with wine, “the matter of hiring, I must trouble Gege with.” 

Now Jiang Gui understood, Lin Yuan was after all from another region and unfamiliar with the people of Wu City. The gains would not make up the losses of hiring a troublemaker. 

“This I can do.” Jiang Gui said, “how many people do you want?” 

Lin Yuan: “20 for now, strong and healthy would be preferred since it is all physical work.” 

Jiang Gui chuckled: “How about the gang leader I mentioned before. His subordinates are all strong and muscular. And with their leader there to manage them there won’t be a problem.” 

Lin Yuan: “..…I thought they were debt collectors?” 

Jiang Gui waved his hand: “Ai~, it’s not like there’s debt to collect everyday. It alone is not enough to feed all of them and their families.” 

It looked like the underworld of ancient times need to take side jobs. Life was truly not easy. 

“Then that’s fine. Brother, we can set a time to have a chat with the gang leader.” Lin Yuan said, “To prevent him from thinking this is a joke we can discuss the payment in person as well.” 

“That’s true, that gang leader is also called brother Dao (TN: literally brother knife). He has a bad temper but also a very straightforward character. Then let’s meet up tomorrow evening at a restaurant booth.” 

Both Lin Yuan and Jiang Gui, this pair of fake brothers, finished eating and drinking, both in a merry mood. 

Lin Yuan’s thoughts were on having finally found workers. 

Jiang Gui’s thoughts were on not only having done favors for both sides but also receiving a portion of the earnings. Nothing could be better. 

As for soybean oil being successful or not, he didn’t care too much. 

In any case he had no losses to worry about. 

When leaving, Jiang Gui was still thinking, why couldn’t he meet more people like little brother Lin, a fool with too much money and a soft heart? 

AN: Hunter: “This person’s eyes have a wicked glint! He must be coveting my body! 

Lin Yuan: “Excuse me?” (Original is also in English xD) 

Jiang Gui: “A wealthy fool with a soft heart. A treasure of Wu City.” 

Lin Yuan: “My rule is to not dig a hole for people I’ve only just met.” 

On the verge of stepping into a hole Jiang Gui: “…” 

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 003 Par Excellence

The business of selling and buying land fell under the jurisdiction of the regional governments. But in actuality the higher ups weren’t personally in charge of such small matters. Instead, it was managed by their subordinates who were minor officials. These minor officials were literate but had not read and studied any texts of sages and scholars. Their salary was low so they made extra to fill their wallets through exploitation of the common people. 

Buying land costed 100 taels with an extra 10 taels used to bribe the minor official in charge.

This minor official was an ethnic Han Chinese and spoke in Chinese as well. Although accented by southern dialects, Lin Yuan was still able to understand. 

“That stretch of land is good.” The minor official known as Jiang Gui, twitched his lips, “although it is uncultivated land but it is fertile. Since you genuinely want to do this business I recommend the best for you.” 

Lin Yuan was extremely quickwitted and flexible, handing the minor official a banknote worth 100 coins: “Is there any landlord families nearby?” 

Jiang Gui saw that Lin Yuan took the hint so his attitude became even better. In addition to Lin Yuan’s fairly young age and smiling face, his tone became friendlier in response: “I notice your young age so I selected land that is farther away from those families. Still, make sure to be careful and don’t get involved with quarrels.” 

“But the weather is currently cold, if you want to build a house I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until early spring otherwise the foundation won’t be deep enough.” Jiang Gui, “I normally don’t say this much to others but I see that you are not only young but also a straightforward fellow.” 

Lin Yuan cupped his hands in thanks: “Thank you, da ren (form of address for officials and aristocracy).” 

Jiang Gui flapped his hand: “I’m just a minor official, not deserving of being called such. Just call me brother Jiang. If you have any questions you can come find me at Tong Luo Alley, third house.” 

Lin Yuan readily accepted: “I dare not bother brother Jiang.” 

“Where are you currently staying?” Jiang Gui received ten silver taels and 100 copper coins worth of bribe so his mood was currently great. His monthly salary was only one guan but his interests included alcohol and meat which were rather expensive to indulge in daily. A pound of pig meat cost 20 coins, not to mention alcohol. These ten taels were enough for him to indulge for two to three months. 

Lin Yuan: “I’m currently staying at the Lai Ke Inn in the northern part of the city.” 

Jiang Gui said thoughtfully: “How about this, I have a neighbor who moved to Jiangnan just last year leaving only an old servant to watch the house. I’ll speak to his relative and you can rent it for a fee per month?” 

Lin Yuan hesitated: “I just bought land, not much is left…” 

“You call me brother, how could I cheat you?” Jiang Gui flapped his hand, “Monthly rent two guan, if it’s fine then go ahead. Besides there’s only three months till early spring.” 

Two guan was indeed not a lot. Lin Yuan, during the past few days, had inspected the price of living in Wu City. The price of two guan might be high for other places but Tong Luo Alley was a busy street with a lot of businesses. Living there would be very convenient in terms of buying necessities. 

“Then many thanks to brother Jiang. When do you think I should move over?” 

Jiang Gui: “Today is fine. I have the lease contract so I can take you there in a little while.” 

After finalizing the agreement, Lin Yuan did not give a tip and Jiang Gui did not ask. He could give it later after seeing the house anyway. As for Jiang Gui, he might be money hungry but he also knew to not cross boundaries so that relations could be maintained. 

Servant boy quickly packed their belongings after finding out that Lin Yuan found a temporary dwelling, saying excitedly: “I still need to shop for young master’s necessities. Calligraphy and scholarship equipment! I wonder if they provide plates and spittoons? If you ask me, young master should also buy a servant girl since some chores require delicate work.” 

“Don’t I already have one?” Lin Yuan spoke up, “The mother and son from before.” 

He had the mother and son temporarily stay at the abandoned temple. The ragged blanket was also given to them for use. Once he found a private dwelling he’ll then call them over. 

The boy could do what he could and the mother could clean the house as well as cook. 

Although Lin Yuan was not like the original owner who was waited on by servants since birth, but he grew up in the city and only used gas stoves. The stoves of ancient times he had no idea how to use and servant boy didn’t know how to cook. 

Lin Yuan was willing to buy them, feed them and clothe them, but he could not have his good deed result in them only taking and not giving. That was not called doing a good deed, that was called inviting your ancestor into your home. 

Only when people had work to do, and through hard work earn the means to support living, could people develop a sense of belonging. 

“Young master is indeed clever.” Servant boy slapped his forehead, “Why didn’t I think of it?” 

Lin Yuan laughed: “Then you would be the young master.” 

Although Lin Yuan was outwardly smiling, he was actually a little uncertain. He only had 200 taels, the past few days the cost totaled nearly two taels. And this was under the circumstance of having a strict budget. 

Buying land costed 100 taels, bribery costed eleven taels, leaving only 87 taels left. Renting for three months would also deduct his savings to 81 taels. 

To build a larger house would cost at least 50 taels. 

Tenant farmers could farm the land but it was up to him to provide seeds and tools….. 

He must find a source of income, otherwise even if he prepared seeds and tools what would the tenant farmers eat? Farming did not mean instant harvest. You could not expect everyone to live off on nothing? 

In these days, business brought in money the fastest but if labeled as part of the merchant class, that would only bring trouble. It was less an issue of not being able to take the civil examinations and more about the heavy taxes. In addition, the merchant class could not travel freely, must carry travel documents, register with the government and a bunch of other annoying matters. 

During the Yuan dynasty, being a landowner was the happiest career, second to none. 

Zhu Yuanzhang’s wife, Ma Bigfeet was born in a landowning family. It was thanks to her landowning father that Ming’s founding emperor could raise an army. Otherwise where would the money even come from? 

The common people go to work at 7am, a time originally used to describe officials attending morning court sessions with the emperor. It later spread to other types of professions. 

Lin Yuan and servant boy finished packing, returned the room key and waited at the front of the government office. 

“This house is quite clean. The old servant cleans daily but since you are here to see the place I had him leave for his relatives’ place.” Jiang Gui pushed the door open, “The entrance to the street has a well, you can get water from there.” 

Lin Yuan inspected the place with satisfaction. The place wasn’t big with just a living room, bedroom, storage room, cellar and an area carted off with a stove for cooking. 

The living room was partitioned in two, one side for receiving guests and dining, the other side for sleeping with a bed and other furniture. 

The second bedroom was smaller with a bed but not much else. 

Lin Yuan paid upfront for three months. 

Jiang Gui looked with satisfaction at the money, thinking of the recommendation fee he would get for introducing the place to a customer. 

“From now on we are neighbors, find me anytime.” Jiang Gui pocketed the money, beaming with sincerity. 

Lin Yuan quickly replied: “Brother Jiang, I actually have an issue I need to discuss with you! Come, let’s sit and talk. Er Liang, go pour two cups of water.” 

Servant boy was called Er Liang: “Be right back.” 

Jiang Gui sat down, puzzled: “What is it?” 

Lin Yuan’s manner was very polite: “Brother Jiang must know, I don’t have much left in my wallet. And in early spring I must build a house, too many things need to be bought but I have no source of income.” 

Jiang Gui heard this and sighed: “You ask the wrong person. If I had any ideas would I still be taking side jobs?” 

“Isn’t there a saying the strong dragon cannot overcome the regional snake?” Lin Yuan laid on the flattery, “Although civilians believe that upper officials are in charge but I am clear that the true managers are minor officials like brother Jiang. Is it not true the upper officials don’t know the hardships of the people and must rely on you to deal with the common people?” 

Jiang Gui felt the truth in this reasoning: “Cannot describe it like that, especially in public. We still work under the big officials.” 

Lin Yuan: “Here it’s only us two, what can not be said? Little brother is speaking from the heart, nothing perfunctory about it.” 

Jiang Gui: “I won’t hide it from you, I have been a minor official for many years. Compared with me, even those hoity toity upper officials have seen less types of people than me. There are some paying work I know of, if you dare.” 

Lin Yuan climbed the ladder offered: “Brother Jiang please give me directions.” 

Jiang Gui suddenly said seriously: “Can’t be regarded as directions. Do you know of the city’s gambling parlor? Know anything of usury?”  

Of course Lin Yuan knew. High interest loans. 

“Brother Jiang.” Lin Yuan pretended to hesitate, “The current times are not prosperous, giving out loans, can they even be collected?” 

Jiang Gui blinked his eyes at Lin Yuan: “If you trust me then I’ll lend you a hand. In the southern part of the city there’s a gang leader specializing in helping people collect debts. His subordinates are all capable, most are fierce fighters who have seen blood.” 

This Jiang Gui fellow, was practically a player of both the legal world and the underworld, if he was living in the modern times he would be one of the big fishes! 

He even knew to bring their relationahip closer, helping him with some small issue while receiving benefits at the same time. If this person was still alive when war broke out, it was quite possible he could make something of himself. 

Lin Yuan: “Brother Jiang, let me consider. If you pressure too much, I’m afraid that those gamblers would get violent. Look at me, I only have a servant boy as back up. I am timid and afraid of dying!” 

Jiang Gui laughed out loud: “Little brother Lin, only the daring are full to the point of bursting while the timid starves! Consider some more, if you want to participate look for me. I need to get back now, my woman has cooked dinner and is waiting for me.” 

Lin Yuan saw Jiang Gui out the door, making plans to kep in contact. 

After Jiang Gui left, servant boy Er Liang appeared hauling a pail of water. 

Lin Yuan only just realized that there was no water in the house, or a pot to boil water in….. 

It was winter, what work would bring in money? Being a loan shark was out of the question, it went against the virtues he developed living in the modern times. Though he knew there were huge profits in it but Lin Yuan reluctantly gave up the choice. 

Lin Yuan suddenly asked: “Er Liang, if you had some money in your pocket, what would you spend it on?” 

Er Liang was currently wiping the desk. He felt the old servant did not do a thorough enough job of cleaning. In response to Lin Yuan’s question he answered thoughtlessly: “Buy meat to eat, fat meat.” 

Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up! 


He had found his goal. 

Ancient people lacked oil. At this point, there were no place specializing in raising pigs nor was there pig feed so pig oil was used up fast. Although vegetable oil began being used during Song dynasty it had always been sesame oil that was par excellence. 

At that time, the method for producing oil did not work as well with soybeans as with sesame. Only until a new method was introduced was soybeans preferred over sesame. 

Currently, animal oil was too expensive and the price for sesame oil was also on the rise. 

Lin Yuan: “Is soybean expensive?” 

Er Liang had been in the marketplace: “Five coins per pound, cheap.” 

Alrighty, soybeans it was. 

Lin Yuan thought confidentally. Watch me earn heaps and piles. As for being registered as a merchant class, wasn’t there Jiang Gui the regional snake?

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 002 Good People have Good Fortune

While the servant boy left for the bank to exchange money, Lin Yuan stayed at the abandoned temple to pack up their belongings. Actually, there wasn’t much to pack but he had nothing better to do. 

His body was currently weak as when he first arrived in this body was when the fever was at its highest. The original owner could not presevere till the end, passing away. So when he occupied the body he had no choice but to continue to fight against the fever in the original owner’s place. Although he endured in the end, the surroundings and his situation was simply too harsh and hardly good for expediting his recovery. 

Lin Yuan actually felt quite glad this was the Yuan dynasty where cotton garments were already available otherwise he and his servant wouldn’t have presevered until finding this abandoned temple and instead freeze to death on the way. 

“Young master!” Servant boy had run back to their temporary shelter. He even redeemed their cotton coats at the pawn shop. 

After putting back on his cotton coat Lin Yuan finally dared to leave the ragged cotton blanket. They had been sleeping on the floor the past week and the blanket was already extremely dirty. It was only him and the servant boy, not even beggars were willing to stay in the abandoned temple, broken down as it was, it did not protect against the bitter cold winds. Thankfully, they could now leave the place and stay at an inn instead. Once he fully recovered, Lin Yuan planned to buy the most suitable property. 

200 taels was no small amount, the average three member family’s yearly budget was only two taels and that was already considered well off. 

To tell the truth, Lin Yuan felt lucky not to have arrived at the beginning of Yuan dynasty. That period was hell. Yuan dynasty officials at the time were completely illiterate, having just conquered center China on horseback. They had no knowledge of governance, ten year old children were able to receive governmental posts. As a result, minor officials were left to their own devices and corruption became rampant. 

Although the current time period was also difficult, but in comparison to the earlier years of Yuan, so much better off. 

“I already asked around, there is an inn located in the northern part of the city, said to be the cleanest.” The servant boy supported Lin Yuan as they walked, “the top rooms are 200 coins.” 

Lin Yuan shook his head: “Not the top rooms, how much are the lower rooms?” 

Servant boy: “80 coins.”

Lin Yuan: “Then one lower room, we can share.” 

In any case, the past week was much of the same, sharing a living space despite the crampness. 

The small city they were currently in was called Wu City, rather close to Jiangnan. Lin Yuan made plans to buy his property in the area after fully recovering his health. Jiangnan was off limits though, with it being the location of where Chen Youliang, Zhang Shicheng and Fang Guozhen were gathering their power. Jiangnan was the epicenter of many battles and for a small fish like him it’s better to stay away. 

The inn’s lower rooms weren’t very big but at least quite clean. The waiter even brought in a pail of water for them to clean up with. Lin Yuan ordered meal for two and tipped the waiter in return for his help buying two new change of clothes for them. 

“Leave it to me.” The waiter left smiling, the errand left some space for him to make a small profit, not a lot but it was still something. 

Their meal arrived in a timely fashion, a plate of greens and a plate of meat, both used pig oil to cook. Tasty enough but they must eat quickly, otherwise once it cooled the food would become oily lumps. 

Though only two plates, the amount was more than sufficient. With a side of rice Lin Yuan only stopped when completely stuffed. 

Servant boy went to buy some medicinal herbs for the inn to cook. Though illness comes upon you fast and furious as a landslide and leaves as slow as spinning silk, but with the proper necessities of warmth and food Lin Yuan recovered quite quickly, taking only three days at most. 

Wu City could not be considered large, its population only around 10 or 20 thousand. Street vendors were not a lot either, understandable with the weather cold as it was. Although he glimpsed manual labor workers and beggars on the street, shivering in the cold winds. 

Whether they could make it past the winter was unknown. 

“Customer, have a bowl of jellied tofu! Hot and steamy! Warm your stomach!” 

“Customer, our flat cakes are known to be the tastiest in Wu City, have a try.” 

The vendors with pasted on smiles, their cheeks chilled red but still continued hawking their wares. 

Lin Yuan walked with servant boy, looking rather out of place amidst the poor civilians around them. After all, the original owner was born into a landowner family and since birth never experienced poverty or harshness. And it was only during the earlier years when learning to read and write had he experienced any toil. His normal everyday life was staying indoors unsubjected to the sun rays or harsh wind, thus growing up into the appearance of a wealthy young master. 

As for servant boy, despite his servant origins, in actuality he began to serve at Lin Yuan’s side since the age of seven. Daily chores only included taking care of the young master’s needs. He never lacked for food and warm clothing and even recognized some words. Compared to some children of commoner families his situation was much better. 

Their appearance on the street was practically as obvious as carrying a sign labeled with the words “wealthy people.” 

“Young master!” 

Lin Yuan only just passed a block when his leg was gripped by a woman in rags. There was much to be said for her appearance, extremely dirty and smelly, hair covered in oil and dirt, and if looked closely the presence of lice could be seen. One hand gripping Lin Yuan’s leg, the other pulled a child forward. 

“Young master!” The woman cried, “Please buy him, buy him, for free!” 

“He is very capable! Will do all the work for you! He is strong!” 

Saying so, she began to kowtow, so thorough and not the least bit of pretense that Lin Yuan could hear the dull thuds of her forehead hitting the ground, hard enough that blood seeped out. All the while crying: “Young master, buy him, buy him!” 

The child, seeing his mother kneeling, followed as well, including kowtowing. 

Eight year old children were already aware of the world. His family had been tenant farmers, last year his dad made a mistake so the landowner took back the land alloted to his family. His dad had also been beaten to death. His mother escaped with him and his two older brothers. Unfortunately, they died on the way, one fron hunger, the other beaten to death for stealing from other villagers. 

He and his mother roamed as vagrants, finally arriving to this small city. They no longer had the strength to continue, becoming this city’s beggars instead. But his mother’s health deteriorated over time and the food he managed to beg for was only able to sustain their life, not enough to abstain from hunger pains. 

Originally, there had been an owner of a food store who would give them something to eat, but the store was now closed and their last hope was gone. 

Last night his mother told him: “Be good, mama is going to sell you to a good family, you’ll be able to eat your fill.” 

He asked: “Mama also, we can eat our fill together.” 

His mother only smiled. 

She was already this old and had given birth to three children. She was all rough hands and feet with no beauty to speak of. Wealthy families might buy home an eight year old child, but it was unlikely they would buy home an old female beggar not long for the world. She thought back to the time when she still had a home. Her husband was an honest man always ready to use his strength to finish work. Her oldest son resembled her husband, clumsy mouthed but the most obedient child. Her middle son was a little cleverer, always saying that when he grew older he would go do business in the city and take the whole family to live there and have a better life. 

A family, gone in an instant. 

If not for her youngest son, she didn’t believe she could have endured this long. During the most bitter period, she even thought of committing suicide with her son. Take a piece rock, first smash her son to death, and then end her own life by colliding with a hard surface. 

But looking at the eyes of her young son, she could not bear it, the only choice was to wipe away the tears and continue on. 

“Stop! No more!” Lin Yuan tried to block a few times, without success. 

Only then did the woman and child stopped. With a forehead dripping with blood, the woman’s eyes were full of despair: “Young master, he truly has strength, can do work, he doesn’t need money, I sell him to you, sign a slavery contract, you have him do whatever you want, young master, please buy him young master!” 

She was not pleading with Lin Yuan to buy her son, she was pleading with him to give her son an opportunity to survive. 

“Stand up first.” Lin Yuan put a hand to his temple, saying with a building headache, “stand and talk.” 

The woman’s knees had frozen stiff, still she struggled to stand. The boy also stood at her side, not daring to look up at Lin Yuan.  

Lin Yuan asked: “What can you do?”

The woman’s eyes lit up, she immediately replied: “Gou zi can herd cows! Can farm the land! Can do heavy manual labor!” 

Lin Yuan asked again: “Is he literate?” 

The woman’s shoulders slumped: “Not, not literate…..” 

Lin Yuan honestly wanted to be a good person, but in his previous life he never had the chance. After college graduation, he entered a company of medium size that was full of fighting and scheming behind smiles. His earlier days were hard, as being a newbie and the bottom of the ladder he had to do a lot of work for his senior coworkers on top of his own responsibilities. 

Do the work well, his coworker and superior get praised and recieve bonus. 

Do the work bad, only he was criticized and had his wage lowered. 

He thought of changing jobs, but he could not find any better position. His college specialization was originally unpopular, his only choice was to stay. 

So he found an opportunity, when helping his senior gather data he specially inserted mistaken numbers and only listed his senior’s name. Later when discovered by the higher ups, senior wanted to shift the blame to him but because the company had always been familiar with the senior bullying him at work and his own resigned facade, no one believed the truth and the senior was fired. 

As for the superior, he first got him drunk and then used his cell phone to text the boss of a competing company of the business secrets of the project he was working on, leading to his downfall as well. 

As for himself, he was promoted from just a regular worker to the head of a department. 

In the workplace, Lin Yuan was like a fish in the water, winning over the support of subordinates, currying favor with the boss, and defeating his rivals. All of this could not be considered the actions of a good man. Even Lin Yuan thought that if he was a good man he would not be willing to be friends with someone like himself. 

“Do you know how to farm?” Lin Yuan asked the woman. 

The woman looked bewildered, but her son replied immediately: “Young master, my mama knows, she can farm! Please buy my mama as well!” 

“Only meals! No money! Young master! We’ll work for you as hard as cows and horses!” 

“Alright.” Lin Yuan signaled servant boy to take out ten coins, “Go buy something to eat. Three days later at noon wait for me here.” 

Both woman and child knelt down again. 

“Thank you young master, thank you young master.” 

Servant boy was already used to his young master’s kindness so the only thing he was curious about was: “Young master, why give them ten coins, what if they don’t come? Wouldn’t we then lose out.” 

Lin Yuan: “If they don’t come, then just think of the money as given to charity.” 

After all, the first step after owning property was to hire more workers. He and servant boy were only two people which was hardly enough. Once ancient people signed slave contracts they would belong to the master, unable to leave so there was no need to worry about any lack of obedience.

In addition, he hoped to accumulate good fortune for the original owner through virtuous deeds so that he could be reborn in the peace of modern times and become a good person. 

This was just for his own peace of mind and conscience.

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Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 001 To Survive

“Young master.” The round-nose boy servant held up a chipped bowl, tears and snot covering his face, shirt ridden with dirt and fingers red with the cold. He spoke in hiccuping sobs, “couldn’t, couldn’t get any, hic, no one would give me, hic…” 

Lin Yuan could see the little guy was about to cry himself sick, quickly saying: “Come sit, quickly.” 

Saying so, Lin Yuan lifted up an edge of the ragged blanket wrapped around him to admit the boy into its folds. The abandoned temple did not protect against the wind and cold, master and servant could only rely on the single ragged blanket to keep warm. 

It had been a week since he first arrived. The entire week’s duration he hardly moved, not for a lack of trying.  

The original owner of his new body was the son of a northern landowner who owned quite a lot of land and businesses. As a result, he was unable to leave easily and instead had his only son travel to the south in his place to start a business, buy a farmstead and some land. In the future, if the northern political situation worsened, the entire family would still have a place to retreat to and backup funds to start over. 

However, the old landowner could not have expected to miscalculate so badly. His only son and heir was a naive idiot. 

Truly a naive idiot, leaving with only a servant boy and a carriage driver. And even saying to his dad, taking more people would only create a larger target. Not only that, he convinced his dad that the north was not peaceful currently and thus required more people to stay and protect his family and their assets. 

Original owner had read and studied quite a lot, a pile of books by sages. His dad was completely convinced when he heard that these were justifications spoken by sages. What was left to do but listen? 

As a result, the original owner stepped onto a road of misfortune. 

The boy servant was only twelve, master and servant also lived in a sheltered environment since young. Every step on the road to the south was accompanied by the emptying of their wallets. 

Original owner could not refuse beggars on the side of the road but his actions only turned them into targets. 

The carriage driver had a strong physique and was willing to stay behind and hinder the hoodlums, in the end alive or dead no one knew. 

When Lin Yuan arrived in this body and time, original owner was already robbed of all his wealth. Because of guilt and regret, in addition to the cold weather and lack of proper shelter, he came down with a fever. 

Cold and fever during ancient times were common causes of death, not to mention in combination with lack of healer service and medicine. Therefore, original owner easily passed away. 

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but sigh, the original owner was also just a boy of only fourteen. The life expectancy during ancient times was short, the common boy of twelve was already considered a fully grown adult and ready for marriage. A fourteen year old child with a kind heart was a good thing originally, only pity was that the turbelent era did not allow for kindness and goodness.  

The servant boy used the back of his hand to wipe away tears and snot unsuccessfully, his small face looking dirtier than before the cleaning attempt. He sobbed: “Couldn’t get any medicine.” 

The child was originally a stubborn one, in addition to the fact that he grew up in the Lin family and educated with loyalty pledged to the master, he was completely brainwashed to be a loyal servant. 

“Then there’s no need.” Lin Yuan ruffled the boy’s hair, trying to make the best of the situation: “It’s fine, look at me, I’m almost recovered anyway.” 

It was a silver lining that the group of bandits were only desperate peasants who only took wealth and not lives. Or else, it was very likely they wouldn’t be alive now. 

During the last few days, Lin Yuan searched through his belongings, he didn’t believe the Lin family only gave silver ingots and banknotes. Back in the modern time of his previous life, he had a habit of hiding money in the inside layer of his shirts when traveling. Therefore, was it not possible that making backup plans would be the wise choice of action especially in this period of time fraught with danger and unrest? 

However, he had searched everything multiple times and came up with nothing. 

The servant boy’s sobs had stopped, his emotions calming enough to realize he was siting in his master’s embrace. Since misfortune hit them, master and servant escaped in a hurry, only snatching a blanket. He had originally planned to not touch the blanket but since his young master awoke they had been sharing it together. 

This thought caused him to break out into sobs again. His young master was such a good person, why must he face such misfortune! 

“It’s my fault!” The servant boy started to blame himself, regretfully saying, “Old master told me to be careful but I’m such a fool, even implicating young master! Wu~, it’s all my fault! I don’t have any brains! A useless failure!” 

Following the rant, the servant boy was about to give himself a slap. 

Lin Yuan quickly grabbed his hand, patting his back in comfort: “It’s alright, we’re safe aren’t we?” 

The servant boy spoke through stuffy nasals: “It’s all my fault! Everything’s my fault!” 

“Let’s look again.” Lin Yuan once again prepared to search his clothes, undressing down to his pants he searched through the linings while shivering in the cold. 

The servant boy helped in the searching. Even though it was something they did everyday but they always worry they weren’t careful enough in the previous searches. 

Money for meals came from pawning Lin Yuan’s coat, the only valuable item left. 

His shoes were made of cloth but the soles were very thick and warm. It had took lady Lin quite a lot of time and spools of thread to make. 

The original owner’s birth mother was a servant girl, not even a concubine. In this day and age, giving birth was a life threatening business, and in addition to his mother being a frail fifteen year old girl, it was nearly a given that she passed away during childbirth. 

As a result, the original owner was given to the lady master who did not have children of her own to raise. She came from a literary family and had nothing in common with the landowning class. Therefore, there was no love lost between the old master Lin and lady Lin. However, she did treat the original owner well, teaching him to read and write from a young age. 

And because original owner could write and do maths, was an educated person, his father assumed that he could carry a greater responsibility. 

When Lin Yuan found this in his memory, he couldn’t help but feel speechless at old father Lin’s reasoning. 

It was at that moment, a lightbulb switched on. Taking off his shoes, thankfully the winter cold kept it from being smelly, he took the soles out. 

“Young master..…” Servant boy piped up uneasily, “Why are..…” 

He wanted to ask why his young master looked like on the verge of tears. 

But before he could finish, he saw Lin Yuan taking out a silver banknote. 

It was a silver banknote worth 200 taels. 

Exchanged to copper coins worth 200,000 guan. This was no small amount. Original owner’s father had given 500 taels in total and that was the limit, more and the Lin family businesses would not have enough funds to run on. 

He reckoned lady Lin must have taken out all her savings, afraid that the original owner might happen upon unexpected situations. 

The heart of a caring mother! 

As an orphan in his own time, Lin Yuan could only sigh wistfully.  

Looked like old father Lin’s task won’t be fulfilled in the near future. First things first was to find a proper shelter and fully recover his health. 

As for doing business, Lin Yuan didn’t dare to even think about it. Since he found out the current era was the Yuan dynasty, the emperor being Yuan Shun, he gave up on the whole idea. He at least knew of the story of Chen Wansan, a prominent business man nearly richer than a country who even supported the right person, Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of Ming. 

But the result? When Ming dynasty was established not long afterwards, his wealth was confiscated and he himself exiled. His wealth alone greatly richened the new dynasty. 

Later in the Qing dynasty, did emperor Qianlong not know He Shen accumulated great wealth through corruption? He knew, so all of his wealth eventually ended up in the emperor’s pockets. 

Therefore, Lin Yuan prepared to honestly follow old father Lin’s advice to buy some land——in a remote place away from the battlefield. Have a farmstead built so that once the Lin family came to the south they would have a place to stay. And of course stock up on food supplies. 

What was the most valuable commodity during turbelent times? Gold, silver, jewels? Wrong. It was food. 

Once war broke out, civilians would be unable to farm and produce crops. Less and less food to the point people were peeling tree bark and eating it to stave hunger. Foodstuff was the source of life, cheap during prosperous times and expensive during turbulent times. 

“Young master.” The servant boy chuckled, rather foolishly, “Let’s go exchange money.” 

Lin Yuan currently was too weak to get up and could only hand the banknote to the servant boy, reminding him: “Only exchange 50 taels, two guans of paper money, one paper money per guan.” 

“Tomorrow go, go early.” Lin Yuan looked at the darkening skies, “It’s not safe now.” 

Servant boy nodded: “I listen to the young master!” 

In the servant boy’s eyes, his young master was able to read and write, was smarter than him and understood everything. 

Before drifting away into sleep, Lin Yuan happily thought, once he had land and property he’ll be able to display his talents. Wasn’t there a saying, turbulent times create heroes? He’ll follow in the footsteps of his time travelling seniors and invent cannons, tanks, airplanes, etc in addition to gathering some followers, maybe even…maybe even…heihei

Lin Yuan at this point had yet to realize, he was a humanities major, his life till now, the closest he got to inventing technology was fixing his computer. And even that he had done so unsuccessfully. He ended up buying a new computer instead, almost spending all of his scholarship money on it. 

But as a person, we must have dreams and ambitions. 

The next day at the crack of dawn, the servant boy poked a small head out of the warm blankets, unwilling to leave. 

But the servant boy quickly pulled himself together as his young master cannot yet leave bedrest. 

Before leaving Lin Yuan reminded him, “If you are stopped by hoodlums, give them the paper money, you hear?” 

Servant boy didn’t understand: “No way! That’s young master’s money!” 

Lin Yuan explained: “If you don’t hand it over they will just take it by force. Can you win against them in a fight? Compared to the two guans, the 48 taels are worth more.” 

Servant boy looked down at his toes: “It’s my fault I’m so useless, if brother Chen was here, those people definitely won’t be able to win against brother Chen..…” 

The mention of brother Chen, the carriage driver willing to leave for the south with the original owner, caused Lin Yuan to feel downhearted. 

Brother Chen was the son of the original owner’s nanny and grew up together from a young age. He had a strong physique and loyal to a fault. Their relationship was close enough to even sleep together and compare each other’s ‘assets’. 

Brother Chen was older than original owner by five years, had no given name, only a pet name Niu Dan. He stayed behind to block the bandits and give them a chance to run. 

Dead or alive unknown. 

Lin Yuan sighed. People from the ancient times were simple and honest. Lin Yuan put himself in brother Chen’s shoes and honestly thought he could not do the same of sacrificing himself for another. 

Yuan dynasty supported trade and commerce, agriculture not as much. However, merchants were taxed the highest and farmers were taxed the least in comparison to other dynasties. 

But this did not mean that regional governments and officials accept low taxes. An official’s salary could not support a luxurious life so their only other source of income came from oppressing the civilians under their regional government. 

There were more and more exhorbitant taxes, oppression from the landlord class was also on the rise. As a result, the people had no means to make a living and support their livelihood, their only option was to become refugees and criminals. 

Those bandits that robbed them, perhaps had been honest farmers in the past and a full belly was enough to satisfy them and feel content about. 

In order to survive, they indirectly caused the death of a good person like the original owner. 

When your state of survival was in question, virtue and justice could be abandoned at any time.

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